For Presentation-Protection, Storage, etc.

Boxes and their usage

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Boxes are individually made, either to given measurements or to fit articles such as books or ephemeral and form protection to delicate material. They can be made in any colour or mix of colours and can be lettered for identification in the same way as a book (or to match a set of volumes).


Unbindable books due to brittle paper, can be kept and used in the box tray reducing the possibility of loss of material.

Boxes have two trays which interlock on the contents sealing them in, they are protection against atmospheric pollutants, insect infestation (Bookworm), and act as a buffer against temperature changes.

Newspaper Storage:-
Newspapers (old and new) because of their large format have storage problems. In a box they can be stored flat, this prevents unnecessary folding and the edge damage associated with storing loose newspapers. Spine lettering and colour choice on the box also helps with the identification, cataloguing and retrieval of newspapers.

Presentation Boxes:-
Used for presentation to individuals, establishments etc. for awards where the presentation item can be protected and personalised, an inscription can be lettered on the spine and/or front board.

Materials used in making boxes are of the same quality as Library style books.

Boxes are priced the same as Full Librarystyle Bindings for equivalent size.

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