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John Weedy's Page of "LINKS TO OTHER WEBSITES" THAT HAVE "Illustrated London News" content

I try to keep these links up to date but apologies if some links have expired and/or have been removed by their owners back to My Illustrated London News

  1. Cengage Illustrated London News archive online
  2. The Victorian Society
  3. History of Wood Engraving
  4. Photography on to Wood
  5. MAPCO : Map And Plan Collection Online
  6. The Great Sheffield Flood 1864
  7. Images of the Arctic
  8. Garibaldi
  9. G.K. Chesterton
  10. Victorian studies
  11. The Civil War in America as seen through the Illustrated London News
  12. Pyramids
  13. Nebraska man
  14. ILN History of Victorian railways
  15. HMVS "Cerberus"
  16. Tide of Emigration
  17. Emigration to canada
  18. The Mosque of Wazir Ali Khan, Lahore, 1857 and 1994
  19. Jose Segrelles Illustrator to the ILN 1930s
  20. Engraver for the Illustrated London news and daughter -Kate Greenaway
  21. Battles and Bombardments 1914
  22. Festival of Britain
  23. Tom Sawyer (reviewed)1876
  24. Sir John Franklin 1849
  25. Harry Rountree (Book Illustrator)19th/20th century
  26. Eskimo on Display 19th century
  27. George Gissing
  28. Antique Baseball prints
  29. Egyptian Stuff
  30. Ape-man or Modern Man -Piltdown 1913
  31. The Cambrige History of English and American Literature -Vol XIV The Victorian Age
  32. The American library of Congress "John Bull and Uncle Sam"
  33. The Most Ancient Inhabitant of England
  34. The "Turkish Bath" Visits Europe and North America
  35. Racing on the Thames in 1880
  36. Thomas Nast and the Van Gogh connection
  37. Donald Campbell & Bluebird
  38. The CONFEDERATE Account of the NAVAL FIGHT in HAMPTON ROADS 1862?
  39. Jack the Ripper - Victorian London
  40. Australian Emigration Jan to Jun 1849
  41. Excellent Old Prints
  42. Charles Lucy
  43. History of 20th Century Timeline
  44. Boer War articles
  45. Victorian London
  46. Victorian Albums
  47. Genealogy, Local & Family History in London, England