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Robert Burns Centenary CD 1859

You can have it posted to you by using the "Buy Now" button below by paying £9 + £2 P&P or send a cheque or postal order payable to John Weedy and send to 10 Sibsey Street, Lancaster LA1 5DF

This is to British mainland addresses and will be sent in a padded envelope by Royal Mail first class post. Allow up to 10 days.

I will post to any other country in the world , price on application (fill in the form on the home page) or email j.weedy at

State in your payment message if you require .jpg (jpeg) format or .pdf , considered easier for printing and reading, use Adobe Reader or any other .pdf reader - any queries please email me.

Returns are acceptable if the images and articles are not significantly as described. Please remember the original documents are 150 years old.

The CD disk and it’s contents are copyright and all images are electronically marked, they may be printed for your own personal use The images of text and pictures are suitable for printing at their original full size, approximately A3 size per page but may not be reproduced for distribution without permission.

This is what is on the disk 25 wood engraved images and 34 articles

Engravings and articles (it is an engraving if not marked as an Article in italics)

1. "Alloway's auld haunted kirk" - half page approx 16cm x 25cm (plus article The Burns Centenary and it's meaning)

2. " (continuation of article The Burns Centenary and it's meaning)

3. Article " Town and table talk on Literature - just discussing Burns"

4. "Large scan nearly A2 of a double page engraving showing Burns in a field writing a poem surrounded by scenes from various other poems"

5. " Full Page scan of the above engraving which is half the full engraving"

6. "Full page - the other half of the full engraving above" (A2 is too big to scan)

7. Article "The Burns Centenary Festivals about what is happening in London, Bradford, Huddersfield, Manchester, Newcastle upon Tyne, Rochdale, Bristol, Southampton, Isle of Wight, Dumfries, Edinburgh and Glasgow - including an Ode on the Centenary of Burns"

8. Article "Burns prize Ode and about Miss Craig"

9. Article Advert "read Robert Burns in the Leisure Hour with portrait and engraving"

10. Article "Burns visit to Neil Gow"

11. Article poem "At ther grave of Robert Burns" by Charles Mackay

12. Article "Ayr and the birthplace of the poet"

13. "Burns visit to Neil Gow in August 1787" a group in sculpture by Anderson of Perth - Third of a page

14. "Burns cottage at Ayr" small

15. "Tam O' Shanter Tavern" small

16. "The room in which Burns was born" Third of a page

17. Article - continuation of "Ayr and the birthplace of the poet"

18. "Twa brigs of Ayr" - half page

19. "The auld Brig of Doon, with Burn's monument and a glimpse of Alloway kirk in the distance" half page

20. "The room in which Burns died at Dumfries"- quarter page

21. "Lincluden Abbey near Dumfries"- half page

22. Article "Isa Craig and the prize poem on Burns"

23. Article "The Burns Centenary at Dumfries"

24. "The Burn's mausoleum at Dumfries" - Half page (and continuation of the article "The Burns Centenary at Dumfries")

25. "Burns farm at Ellisland, on the river Nith, near Dumfries" Third of a page

26. " The Burns centenary festival: The procession in the high street, Dumfries" Full page landscape 39cm x 26cm

27. Article " Town and table talk on Literature concerning Burns pistols"

28. "Burns' house in Dumfries" small 10cm x 6cm approx

29. "Toothache" from a figure in stone by Mr. Anderson medium 8cm x 15cm approx

30. "The Globe Tavern, Dumfries" small

31. "The procession at Dumfries: triple arch in the High Street" Third of a page

32. Article continuation of the article "The Burns Centenary at Dumfries") on p128

33. "Festival at rhe Crystal Palace, Sydenham to Celebrate Burns Centenary" half page

34. Article "Festival at rhe Crystal Palace, Sydenham to Celebrate Burns Centenary"

35. "Room in the Globe Tavern, Dumfries, used by Burns" medium size

36. Article "The citizens banquet in the Corn Exchange, Edinburgh,in the Dunedin Hall

37. "The citizens banquet in the Corn Exchange, Edinburgh,in the Dunedin Hall" Full Page

38. Article " A sketch in the neighbourhood of Ayr" accompanies engraving see...

39. "A sketch near Ayr taken from the south side of the Doon" medium size

40. Article "the Burns celebrations at Aberdeen"

41. Article "the Burns celebrations at Birmingham"

42. Article "the Burns celebrations at Carlisle"

43. .Article "the Burns celebrations at Cheltenham"

44. Article "the Burns celebrations at Derby"

45. Article "the Burns celebrations at Bury"

46. Article "the Burns celebrations at Bolton"

47. Article "the Burns celebrations at Dublin"

48. Article "the Burns celebrations at Dundee"

49. Article "the Burns celebrations at Montrose"

50. Article "the Burns celebrations at Greenock"

51. Article "the Burns celebrations at Nottingham"

52. Article "the Burns celebrations at Oldham"

53. Article "the Burns celebrations at Paisley"

54. Article "the Burns celebrations at Perth"

55. Article "the letter of Burns to James Clarke"

56. "The Burns Press Chair" small

57. Article "The Burns Press Chair"

58. "The Burns banquet at Montreal" Full page

59. Article "The Burns Centenary Festivals in Canada"


Here are 2 samples of the High resolution engravings and articles, 300 dpi, you will get (see below them for some low resolution pictures and text)



Examples of Low Resolution Images to give an idea of the size of the archive

( Here are 10 out of 25 which are on the CD in High Resolution, see images above this, 300 dpi scan is available as .jpg or .pdf format)

Robert Burns - Alloways auld haunted barn

Robert Burns

Robert Burns




Robert Burns - To a mountain daisy

This nearly A2 engraving shows various vignettes from his writings: Tam O'Shanter's Ride, The Cotter's Saturday Night, TWA Dogs, John Anderson and My Jo, Auld Maggie. Illustrated by Harrison Weir and Fred Smyth. The picture has been scanned in two parts plus an extra page centred on Burns

Robert Burns

Robert Burns

Robert Burns

Burns visit to Neil Gow and the celebrations at Ayr

Robert Burns cottage at Ayr

There are another 15 full size pages approx A3 , making 25 pages in all on the CD at the same resolution as this below

If you are more interested in a fully printed presentation document of all the images, please send an email to j.weedy at or fill in the form on the home page stating your interest.

This data CD, is the first in a series of “Illustrated Historic Events” and comprises of 25 High Resolution .pdf documents or .jpg, you choose (scanned images, 300 dpi) of the reported Centenary events commemorating the birth of Robert Burns in 1859, which first appeared in various editions of the Illustrated London News of that year.

In addition you will also get the benefit of the other historical texts and images which were on the same pages as the Burns articles / images including a full page of classified advertisements which contains an advert about Robert Burns.

There is also another CD available of The Burns Festival of 1844 click here

Thank You

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