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The Illustrated London News 1920 - The Week ending October 16th

Number 4252 Vol. 157

Page - 604 Bolshevism by Dr. L. Haden Guest, M.C. L.C.C.

picture of Rulers in Russia: A typical Soviet Council of Nijini Novogorod

Page 605 - Bolshevism and Russia: Damaged Railways; Food Rations

Page 606 to 607 - Bolshevism and Russia: Domestic life under a regime that regards liberty as "Bourgeois Superstition."

Private life under Bolshevist rule: All the residents of a block of flats in Petrograd compelled to join in cleaning the courtyard.

Page 608 - Bolshevism and Russia: Lenin " A Central Asiatic Mahomed"

Addressing a meeting on the place Ouritzsky, Petrograd: Lenin bareheaded on the left

Page 609 - Bolshevism and Russia: The head of the Red Army

"Tremendously Popular" in Russia: Trotsky, People's commissar for war

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