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February 24th 1923 Egypt Number cont...

left page = Mycenæ in Tutankhamen's day: "finds" that included scarabs

right page = Greek art in Tutankhamen's time: New British "finds" at Mycenæ

left page = As in Tutankhamen's tomb: Shrines; oars; a Jackal Anubis

right page = The "Kafir" and Iraq : A warning to hold on - "The ins and outs of Mesopotamia" by Thomas Lyell" picture of - An unhealthy sponge - A holy city of Mesopotamia: Najaf ; showing part of its walls and the golden dome of the shrine of Ali

Left page = The World of Science - How plants meet the winter by J. Arthur Thomson MA LLD Regius professor of Natural History in the University of Aberdeen

Right page = Life proceeding from death: The germinating Osiris

Left page = The World of the Theatre by JT Grein - The return of George Moore - our inferior films

Right page = Prologued by Lord Curzon in 1885 : The O.U.D.S. "King Henry IV"

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