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February 24th 1923 Egypt Number cont...

left page = The World of Women

right page = full page advert Buchanan's "Black & White" scotch whisky

left page top left = Fashions and Fancies - The Egyptian influence, Distinctive country wear, A new departure in corsets, A soothing preparation -- adverts = Bols very old gin, A cutlery cabinet by Harrods 51 pieces £9.17.6

right page = adverts = Aquascutum field coats, Terms of subscription for Illustrated London News 12 months £2.18.9 including Christmas number, For sunshine in the winter go to England's sunny south - Bexhill - Worthing - Hastings etc, Cullerton's Heraldic office -pedigrees engrossed and emblazoned, Sphere braces- garters and suspenders, Chloride storage batteries, Goddard's Plate powder, Crane valves, Foot's Bath Cabinet, Green's lawn mowers and rollers

Left page = Science Jottings -concerning mummies + pic = The famous auld Brig of Ayr , advert = Christie, Manson & Woods Auctioneers

Right page = The Three Castles cigarettes (extolling the virtues of smoking)

Left page = Radio Notes + pic Directing a radio play broadcast from new York . - UK radio was broadcast each evening by the following stations between 5pm and 10.30pm London "2LO" 369 metres, Birmingham "5IT" 420 metres, Manchester "2ZY" 385 metres, Newcastle "5NO" 400 metres, Cardiff "5WA" 395 metres and the new station for Glasgow "5SC" 415 metres will be opened at an early date adverts = TMC wireless from £4.5.0, Telephone MFG Co. Ltd, Kenilworth cigarettes 1/6 for 20

Right page = advert = Dunlop Tyres

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