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The Illustrated London News 1930

Saturday Week Commencing April 26th

page 732

Where quarrying menaces our chief Roman monument: Fort Borcovicium (Housesteads) on Hadrian's Wall- A reconstruction of its original aspect some 1600 years ago.

The 1930 "Derby" of Pig sticking in India: The Kadir Cup competition, The best-known event of its kind, which dates from 1869

The first photograph of the Prince of Wales on Safari: H.R.H. in Kenya &

The signing of the Naval Treaty by the Five Powers : A Historic scene

Personalities of the week: People in the public eye -including

The FA Cup Finalists Huddersfield Town V Arsenal

Advert for The Morris ISIS Six from £385 ex works

Advert for Capstan cigarettes

Methods of the Masters : Famous drawings by great masters

How the Ancient Egyptians did the things we do today (Part VI Hieroglyphs) By SRK Glanville

Life in Ancient Egypt : Writing materials and picture-signs

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