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The Illustrated London News 1946 - The Week ending January 5th


Price one shilling and sixpence

Personalities of the week: (mid left) Mme. Suzi Pinel a brave French woman who played a great part in the resistance against the Japanese, (middle) 500 children spending an interesting afternoon at the Royal Institution learning about wireless from Sir Robert Watson-Watt etc etc..

"Of Old Sat Freedom" by C.K. Allen M.A. J.P.

Halls of world decisions, war's surplus, Palestine police patrols

(middle) masses of vehicles built for the invasion of Japan now parked in the grounds of The Golden Gate Turf Club on the east shore of San Fransisco Bay awaiting for breakup gangs (bottom right) Coastal police patrol by water in Haifa to prevent illegal landings in Palestine

A drawing by Captain Bryan de Grineau of The Royal Pavillion, Brighton, viewed from the east- designed by John Nash for the Prince Regent built between 1784 and 1830

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