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Illustrated London News 1952 - Queen Elizabeth II - Golden Jubilee Year 2002 - April to June

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(Page by page 12 inches by 10 inches)

Please Note: QUEEN ELIZABETH II was not crowned in 1952 it was 1953

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April 5

  • Front Cover adverts - Bulmers Pomagne Champagne Cider, The White House Portrush NI for Irish Tweeds, Chianti Ruffino, Drambuie, Apollinaris water, Hardens pure China tea, King Six cigars, Red Hackle Scotch whisky, United British InsuranceFront cover April 5th 1952

  • inside front cover FP colour ad =The Ferguson Tractor ----------- ads FP Senior Service
  • ads Goldsmith and Silversmiths company, Air france reminding travellers that they only had 25 each to spend, Mason Pearson Hair brush ----------------- ads Horrockeses Cottons, Bois des Isles Chanel, Courtaulds - Sanderson fabrics collection of Ancestral Fabrics
  • ads FP Cherry Heering - precious Moments by Fab ------------ frontispiece = full page picture of Christopher Davidge, the Oxford stroke
  • double page on March 29th (coldest day in March 1871) Oxford won the boatrace - rowed in snowstorm - CGV Davidge was the stroke, 5 pics
  • Our Notebook by Arthur Bryant about an english secretary in the torture cells of the gestapo + 1 pic "L'homme a l'Epee" by Fragonard -------------- The coronation stone restored to St Edwards Chapel Westminster after being removed by scottish students, Londons Regents Park Zoo - Rusty, Dumbo and Dicksi - move in new elephant paddock, Lord Noel Buxton walks across the river bed of the Thames to prove his point about a ford from House of Commons, England defeat Ireland 3 - 0 RU, Snow Drifts everywhere and even semi final of FA cup, between Arsenal and Chelsea postponed 6 pics
  • US Thunderjet and its weaponry, Launch of HMAS Voyager at Cockatoo Island, Sydney, RFD winged target aircraft, uss "Pompon" submarine being lengthened, captured Russian tanks from Korea become scrap 5 pics ---------------- British troops evacuate Imailia, 5 pics
  • new volcano comes out of the sea 70 miles west of Luzon, Philipines, s/L Terence Brennan leas 7 RAF volunteers on survival training in Borneo, protest meeting at Johannesburg city hall against Dr Malans government about the Seperate Representation of the Voters act, Van Riebeecks landing in 1652 re enacted, A parcel bomb sent to Dr Adenauer, west German Chancellor the expert opening it died 6 pics ---------------- the Bamangwato question decided Seretse Khama banned as tribal chief, Bechuanaland, 5 pics
  • double page Episode of a Big Naval operation of the Korean war, based on sketches by a naval officer: ships of the British Commonwealth Navies in the Battle of the Islands, 2 drawings
  • A Window on the World, "The infantry men of today" by Cyril Falls, Chichele Professor of the History of War , Oxford 2 pics ------------- Demanding the return of Trieste: Italian feeling expressed in rioting, 6 pics
  • In an English Garden, More about dwarfed Giants, a Bonzied Sequoia Sempervirens 2 pics ------------- The activities of 4 Kings : News items from Copenhagen, Ardennes and Benghazi, King Idris of Libya - The Kings of Denmark Belgium and Sweden, 6 pics
  • "Far Away and Long ago" A poet Laureate remembers - "So long to learn" by John Masefield an appreciation by Sir John Squire, 1 pic --------------- The primate of all England The most Rev. the Rt. Hon. Geoffrey Francis Fisher, the Archbishop of Cantebury, 1 FP colour pic
  • double pages Supplement to ILN:Gemstones a selection from the collections of the geological museum in Londongemstones

    1 pic in Colour

  • The restored Spencer Monuments, Great Brington Church, Northants , 4 pics in colour ------------ page for collectors "Major and Minor masters, The great Crozat collection (3 pics)
  • The world of science - The languange of intention -Movements, The Black headed gull(3 pics) -------------- The Swiss attempt on Mount Everest, equipment for using on Everest (2 pics)
  • Works of Art discovered at the sanctuary of Apollo at Kourion (Curium) on the island of Cyprus (3 pages and 15 pics)
  • The Royal Navies, "The Squid" a new anti submarine weapon of great power, 2 pics
  • The World of cinema - Mainly Non adult - "Rashomon" by Akira Kurasawa 3 pics ---------------- Personalities and events of the week including The RA selection committee, The swiss Everest expedition team, King Farouk of Egypt and His Queen Narriman gives birth etc etc (1 page 13 pics)
  • Sir Ralph Richardsons Stratford debut - "The Tempest" at the Memorial Theatre (1 page 5 pics) with Margaret Leighton and Michael Horden ------------- ads FP The watchmakers of Switzerland
  • Notes for the Novel reader - Fiction of the week, The Trouble at number seven by Gerald Bullett - Chess Notes by Baruch H Wood -Books of the Day - Remarkable people "Thomas Carlyle" --------------- full page ad DAKS town suits
  • ads Fly BEA, Ferodo Brake linings, Johnsons Car Plate, KLG spark plugs ----------- ads Plant Protection ltd, Wills Gold Flake, Black and White scotch whisky
  • ads Fly Swissair, Roses Limejuice, Gordons Gin (max price was 33/9 per bottle), Apry apricot Liqueur, Vapex ------------ ads Italian Tourist Board , Driway coats, Phillips Cycles, Highland Queen scotch whisky
  • ads The Connaught Rooms, Noilly Pratt, Gilbey Port (17/6 bottle), Interflora Flowers by Wire, Palace Hotel Torquay, Foyles Bookshop, Barling Pipes ----------------- ads Glayva Scotch Liqueur, Pel Furniture, Dr Barnardo's Homes, Banda Duplicators, Salignac Cognac
  • ads Williams and Humberts - Dry Sack Sherry, Silvifix Hair cream, Bermaline Bread, Macdonalds Export cigarettes, British seagull Outboard Motors, Milk of Magnesia Tablets, Mackinlays whisky (maximum price 35/- per bottle ---------- inside back cover colour FP Norwich Union ad (part of a series of Photographs of Norwich)
  • Outside back cover FP Colour Goodyear Golden Eagle Tyres ad (painting of a Golden Eagle in flight)

    April 12

  • Front Cover adverts - King Six Cigars, Imperial Leather Toilet soaps, British Seagull Outboard Motors, Greys cigs, McVitie & Price biscuits, Gaymer's Cyder, Ronuk polishes, Bass beer, Car & General Insurance
  • inside front cover ads Valstar raincoats, Solignum wood preserve, John Cotton cigs, Lembar drink ------------- ads The Singer 1500 car, AC spark plugs, Avon Tyres
  • ads Thornycroft pleasure craft, Is it real leather, Laycock de Normanville overdrive, Ransomes lawnmowers ------------ ads Land Rover collects the milk, Haig scotch whisky, Medway packaging, Jack Barclay Car sales
  • ads Spink & Son, Airwork to Sudan, British Insurance Companies ---------------- Frontispiece A man of Destiny, General Eisenhower, 1 FP pic
  • Our Notebook by Arthur Bryant + 1 pic President Trueman ----------------- The Duke of Edinburgh with the Miners in Lancashire Pits, 5 pics
  • double page The Grand National, won by "Teal", 3 pics
  • people and events of the week - British figure skating champion Miss Valda Osborn, Mr Dudley Senanayake Prime Minister of Ceylon, etc etc 15 pics ---------------- News from Home and abroad - Marshall Stalin attending a meeting, A new carpet for Altar of Rochester Cathedral, Home after 30 years overseas The 1st batt The Royal Fusiliers etc 5 pics
  • "Hugh Walpole : A Biography ; by Rupert Hart - Davis, an appreciation by Sir John Squire, 4 pics ------------ 3 page article - Celebrating its 150th Anniversary; Ampleforth College in Yorkshire 16 pics
  • A Window on the World - The Overmastering Anxiety by Cyril Falls (The Chicele Professor of History of War, Oxford ------------ The Squid anti submarine device being tested on the destroyer HMS Daring, 3 pics
  • In an English Garden - Butcher's Broom, 1 drawing ------------------- Malaya's Home Guard, 5 pics
  • double page - Street fighting in Trieste, 1 pic
  • double page - Television as an aid for underwater salvage work at great depths 6 drawings by GH Davies, SMA
  • A Page for Collectors - Books and Writing , 3 pics ------------ On Parade again after thirteen years, The silver kettle drums of the 3rd Hussars, 5 pics
  • double page - A friendly affectionate young Walrus "Herbert" in the New York Zoo, 6 pics
  • The World of Science - Britain's unobtrusive mammals - harvest mice, stoats etc, 3 pics ------------------- The Funeral of Dr. Senanayake, Late prime minister of Ceylon, 3 pics, Open to the Public - Palace House, Beaulieu, 2 pics
  • Double page - A Miscellany of recent events - The recentley opened Southampton University Zoo, A Centurion Tank being tested, cooking cabbage by solar cooker, New series of Atomic tests in Vevada, putting an aluminium dome over Eastbourne Reservoir at Paradise Plantation etc etc 12 pics
  • The World of the Theatre - by JC Trewin - Magic Circles, Uncle Vanya and Vaudeville, 3 pics --------------- drama about Tudor girlhood "The Young Elizabeth" with Mary Morris, Peggy thorpe Bates, Margareta Scott, Joseph o'Conor, 8 pics
  • Ireland, Scotland and England - news of Land and Sea in pictures - SS Kenya Castle leaves for its maiden voyage - An election in HolyroodHouse - Kissing the Blarney Stone 5 pics --------------- "Bonne Bouche" a New Ballet by Arthur Oldham by Sadler's Wells at Covent Garden , 9 pics
  • Notes for the Novel reader - Fiction of the week, The Man on a Donkey by HFM Prescott - Chess Notes by Baruch H Wood -Books of the Day - The Humanist approach --------------- full page ad ICI "Lead" part of series
  • ads Henley Tyres, Macfarlane Lang Biscuits, Frigidaire, Turnberry Hotel - Ayrshire, Gieves -tailors ------------ ads Olivetti Typwriters, Rootes Car Hire, KLM airlines (low cost airfares (Rome 59)
  • ads Bag Boy Golf Carts, Embassy cigars, Alka Seltzer, Imperial Cancer Research, Harrogate Tourism, The Children's Society, The Hotel Majestic - Harrogate ---------------- inside back page FP colour ad The Austin Sheerline
  • outside back cover FP colour ad Schweppshire Post by Stephen potter and Lewitt- Him (part of series by Schweppes)

    April 19

  • Front Cover adverts - McVitie & Price, Grants standfast scotch whisky, Tennent's Lager, Greys cigs, Bronnley Soaps, Jacqmar fabrics, Jaeger, Ruffino, Motor Union Insurance
  • inside front cover FP colour Dunlop British cathedrals - Wells (ad part of Series a painting by RT Cowern) ----------- ads Moss Bros, Dewars White Label,
  • ads Ford motor Company, Champion Spark plugs, Marfak lubritection ----------------- ads British leather upholstery, Godfrey Davis, AEI
  • ads Hercules Cycles, Benedictine Liqueur, Rolls Royce Aero engines, Renault 750 --------------- ads Energol Motor Oils, Highland Queen Whisky, Burnetts White Satin Gin
  • ads Mappin and Webb, Hoover, Italy Tourist office ------------------ frontispiece Van Riebeck sails again a reconstruction of his flagship "Drommedaris" entering Table Bay on the Tercentenary of his 1652 landing at the Cape, 1 pic
  • Our Notebook - The worlds first photograph by Niecephore Niepce 1926 rediscovered, 1 pic --------------- The South African Tercentenary Celebrations at Cape Town, 6 pics
  • The Dutch Royal visit to the United States - Queen Juliana at Washington and Kingston NY, 6 pics -------------- Queen Elizabeth II first public engagement since her accession, distributing Royal Maundy at Westminster Abbey, 2 pics
  • New discoveries made in the ruins of St Bride's - mediaeval and Wren crypts, 6 pics ---------------- Items anccient and modern - The removal of a windmill at Kampen in the Netherlands - 3000 year old dug out canoe discovered at Short Ferry, Lincoln - Houses tilting as landslide threatens the village of Jackfield, nr. Ironbridge, Shropshire etc etc 6 pics
  • Reminiscences of an Irish QC - "The last serjeant" memoirs of Serjeant Sullivan QC, 5 pics --------------- The USS submarine "Pickerel" surfacing at speed, 1 pic
  • double page - The six highest unconquered peaks in the world - Everest, Cho Oyu, Lhotse, Kanchenjunga, Makalu and K2
  • double page - Precautions taken against terrorist attacks against planters in Malaya, 7 pics
  • A window on the World - The Place of Military history + 1 pic of 3rd anniversary of signing NATO ----------- 3 page spread Sydney's weekend one way traffic to Manly beach - including centre pages of drawing by Bryan de Grineau of Shark Alarm on Manly beach
  • 4 pages - Folk Music of India with indian drums, cymbals and bells, flutes and soft recorders, Jews harp and Kingri 28 pics
  • The World of Science - The Mystery of Preening, 3 pics ---------------- The U.S. north polar expedition, 2 pics - Britains first veteran car Museum at Beaulieu, 3 pics
  • a page for collectors - Unusual tea caddies, 2 pics ---------------- Personalities and occasions of the week - Winner of RAC Rally Mr AC Imhof in his Allard J.2 , General Van Fleets' son missing in Korea, etc etc 12 pics
  • The World of the Cinema - Crudity and Finesse - Viva Zapata with Marlon Brando and Five Fingers with James Mason -------- The essence of Edwardian Kensington and darkest Africa, some of Osbert lancaster's drawings for the John Cranko ballet "Bonne-Bouche" at Covent garden
  • double page A five year plan for excavations at Pompeii, 5 pics
  • In an English Garden - The Pasque flower, 2 pics ----------------- The London Cairn terrier show, Captain Knight sharing his table in a New York hotel with a tame Golden eagle called "Mr Ramshaw" and Monkey hill at London zoo after 240 monkeys from Calcutta had moved in, 5 pics
  • Notes for the Novel reader - Fiction of the week, Excellent Women by Barbara Pym - Chess Notes by Baruch H Wood -Books of the Day - Lost Generation , A soldier looks back by Derek Patmore --------------- full page ad Reed Paper Group
  • ads BMK mothproof carpets, Air France, Baby belling cookers, --------------- ads White Horse scotch whisky, Imperial Leather soap
  • ads Ind Coope's Allsopp's Lager, Players cigs, Cointreau liqueur, British Seagull outboard motors ---------- ads TM Lewin and Sons Ties, Bernard Weatherill travelling tailor, Braemar underwear for men, Dry Monopole Champagne
  • ads Laing construction, Hennessy Cognac, EH Mundy travel Agent, Conway Stewart pens, M Hayes and Son , Andy garden gloves, Wrights Coal tar Soap, Trilox tricycles
  • inside back cover FP colour ad English Electric - family refrigerator
  • back cover FP colour ad Hawker Siddeley Group and the Gloster GA.5 britains first operational Delta fighter

    April 26

  • Front cover adverts Bulmers Pomagne Cider, Abdulla cigs, Wetherall Sportsclothes, McVitie and Price, Bass beer, Apollinaris Water, Courvoisier Cognac, King Six Cigars, United British Insurance
  • inside front cover FP colour ad Hooper touring limousine - Rolls Royce Siver Wraith -------------- ads Joblings of Sunderland - Pyrex, BP - Anglo Iranian Oil Company
  • ads Good Year Eagle Tyres, Esso happy motoring (Wales series) --------------- ads Riley 21/2 litre saloon, Rootes car hire, Lucas Car batteries
  • ads Albright & Wilson, Delaforce Racing Port, Is it REAL Leather?, ---------------- Olivetti Typwriters, Bernard Weatherill Tailors, Marques del Real Tesoro Sherry
  • ads FP Rolex (series - The Professor of Milan) --------------- frontispiece Five Dogs found marooned by the Missouri Flood waters, 1 pic
  • double page - Flood water disaster in the mid western states of USA by the Missouri river 12 pics
  • Our Notebook + a pic of the late Sir Stafford Cripps ----------------- Her Majesty's last inspection of the Grenadier Guards at Windsor Castle, 1 pic
  • The BOAC Comet service between London and Johannesburg starts, 5 pics ---------------- A model of Mount Everest being made for the British Industries fair in London, 2 pics
  • The secret of the author of Cranford - " Elizabeth Gaskell, her life and Work" by AB Hopkins (An appreciation by Sir John Squire) 5 pics ----------------- The floating market of Bangkok and the gilded reclining Buddha 2 drawings by Bryan de Grineau
  • double page - The West court of the Wat Po - Bangkoks largest temple , 1 drawing
  • A Window on the World - General Eisenhower resigns, 1 pic -------------- The RAF regiment in air and ground operations in Malaya , 7 pics
  • double page - some of the first photographs to be taken in England of the Avocet on Havergate island, Suffolk, 8 pics
  • double page - The tragedy of a French Alpine Village, Tignes sinks beneath a newly made lake by the waters of the Isere, 1 pic
  • In an English Garden - Crown Imperials, 3 pics ----------------- The Duke of Edinburgh tours the Road research Laboratory, Harmondsworth, 4 pics
  • The King of Saudi Arabia and his court move by air, 1500 persons and luggage, 2 pics -------------- Anti sub,arine attack with the "Squid" testing on the frigate HMS "Loch Craggie" in the Med, 2 pics
  • double page - Landscape art of the Low countries, Interiors and Flowers by Netherland painters, Van Ruisdale, Van Goyen, Cuyp, der Heyden etc etc on view in London, 13 pics
  • The World of Science - Perennial Story of Thrush and Blackbird - ------------------------ The seabed as a film studio : underwater photography with a new admiralty camera, 2 drawings
  • A Page for collectors - new acquisitions at Temple Newsam, 4 pics ----------------- Personalities and events of the week - Amr Pasha the Egyptian Ambassador in London, Senator Tom Connally not seeking re election to the senate, Singing in London MME Kirsten Flagstad, David Bottomley and Tony Martin held captive by the chinese communists for 10 weeks etc etc 14 pics
  • The World of the Theatre - Crowned Heads - Montserrat at the Lyric, Winter Journey at the St James, 3 pics ----------- Other world items - the first game fish weighing more than a ton caught by rod and line anywhere 2352 lbs a white pointer shark caught by Mr A Dean at Streaky Bay, South Australia, A memorial service on a submarine HMS Alliance for the Affray and the 75 officers and men who died, The new Bolivian president taking the oath Senor Paz Estenssoro after the revolution, etc 5 pics
  • Sport outdoor and indoor - motherwell welcomes the scottish cup for the first time in the clubs history, David Bronstein (russian grand master) against Keith Stanley at the British Czechoslovak friendship league in london, Workington Town with the Rugby league cup for the first time in the clubs history, etc 7 pics ---------------- mans skill legal and illegal Alexander Crawford the scottish counterfeiter and his equipment, The opening of the tunnel under Lyon, Now restored as a permanent memorial to Leonardo da Vinci - the house on the slopes of Monte Albano, Anchiano etc etc 6 pics
  • Notes for the Novel reader - Fiction of the week, The Brotherhood of fear by Robert Ardrey - Chess Notes by Baruch H Wood MSc. -Books of the Day - Printing house square to Blenheim , The history of the Times --------------- ads Switzerland tourism full board from 1 per day, Dry Fly Sherry, Fly BOAC - New York overnight on the Monarch a double decked stratocruiser - every passenger receives an overnight bag and the Ladies an Elizabeth Arden Beauty kit
  • ads Sandeman Sherry, Sobranie cigs, Ryvita, Air France Flying Holidays, have a German spa recuperation ------------- ads Bowater paper, Gieves the tailors, VAT 69 scotch whisky
  • ads Barclays Bank, Dubonnet does not affect the liver, Bells scotch whisky, Aertex underwear, Export cigs, Will R Rose film developing ----------------- Medway paper sacks, Eno's Fruit salts, Banda duplicators, Dry Sack Sherry
  • ads Gilbey's Gin, Grand Marnier Liqueur, Suchard chocolate, The Imperial - Torquay, Pintail Sherry, Oyler - the car tailors, King George IV scotch whisky --------------- inside back cover FP colour ad Walpamur Paint
  • outside back cover FP colour ad Whitbread Light Ale from the Grocer - Off licence or Pub (no supermarkets then)

    May 3

  • Front cover adverts John Jameson Irish Whiskey, Drambuie, Paripan Enamel, Greys cigs, Jacqmar, Gaymers Cyder, Grants Standfast Scotch Whisky, Cointreau, Motor Union
  • inside front cover FP colour ad Kodak - Mt. Everest and X ray photos --------------- Capstan cigs May Poem!
  • ads Vauxhall square engines, Conveyancer Fork Lift Trucks, Air France ----------------- Havoline motor oil, KLG spark plugs, Pass and Joyce - used cars
  • ads Dunlopillo Mattress, Vale Nylons, Minton China ----------- Fly BEA, The Hoover Cleaner (14.14/- + 7.7/- tax), The Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Company
  • FP ad Plessey - making doodles work! ------------- frontispiece Mr Winston Churchill's watercolor "On the Var"
  • Our Notebook by Arthur Bryant + a Churchill painting pic "Sunset over Jerusalem" ------------ The Royal academy 1952 4 portraits on view by Halliday, Kelly, Lawrence and Gunn
  • 4 pages The Royal Academy - Landscape, Portraiture and Still life by Spencer, Weight, Taylor, Hepple, Hodgkin, Munnings, Elwell etc etc
  • A British Agent in German hands - "The White Rabbit" - the story of Wing commander FFE Yeo-Thomas GC MC by Bruce Marshall, 4 pics --------------- New Colours for the Gloucesters, 3 pics, The Queens Scouts at Windsor, 3 Pics
  • In an English Garden - In praise of Nettles by Clarence Elliott VMH , 2 pics --------------- Disasters in Canada, Kent and France - The war against sand hoppers on Worthing beach, Landslide in Menton, French Riviera, US Thunderjet crashes in to a St Peter's in Thanet village, Vancouver dock Fire 6 pics
  • A Page for Collectors - English Porcelain tradition, 4 pics ----------------- FP General Matthew B Ridgway to become Supreme allied commander Europe
  • A Window on the World - The Staff College Camberley , Today 2 pics, ---------------- National and Ecclesiastical interest , The readornment of Bedford Cathedral, The testing tank at the Physical laboratory, In memory of british dead in Greece etc 6 pics
  • double page Centurion tanks firing practice at night in Germany 1 pic
  • The World of the Cinema - Tis Music makes the world go around - " With a song in my heart" " Singin in the rain" --------- The road voyage of a 96 ton hull, the Countess of Breadalbane to Loch Fyne 3 pics, The Funeral of Sir Stafford Cripps 2 pics
  • double page - Gangster Films style rebellions in 2 American prisons, Jackson state Goal and Rahway, New Jersey 12 pics
  • The World of Science - Herons change guard 3 pics -------------- Inside the Comet airliner 7 pics
  • people and events of the week - Mr Joshua Nkomo and Mr Jasper Savanhu, Captain CB Fry RNR , The late Elisabeth Schuman, Mrs Phyllis Holman Richards awarded the Binney medal for bravery etc 15 pics
  • 3 pages - Recent excavations in South west Greenland a Benedictine nunnery before Columbus, Unartoq, runes
  • double page - The Queen At Badminton Horse trials at the end of the three day event Captain AQ Darley winner
  • double page - America's biggest atomic explosion witnessed fromonly 3 miles at Yucca flat , Nevada 5 pics
  • Notes for the Novel reader - Fiction of the week, Barrabas by Par Lagerkvist etc - Chess Notes by Baruch H Wood MSc. -Books of the Day - Dear old Anarchist , Chiaroscuro by Augustus John etc --------------- FP ad ICI Mercury (part of series of Elements)
  • ads French railway news, Canadian Pacific railways, Frederick hotels ---------------- ads Spink and Son Ltd, The Riviera dei Fiori, Midland Bank - May
  • ads Olivetti typewriters, EH Mundy travel agents, Salignac Cognac, Mackinlays scotch whisky -------------- Gordons Gin (max price 33/9 per bottle), Connaught Rooms, Smiths 15 jewel watches 7.15s
  • ads Silvifix hair cream, Valstar raincoats, Barling pipes, Apry liqueur, Foyles Books, British seagull outboard motors, JA Davis - prismatic binoculars 14 guineas -------------- inside back cover FP colour ad GEC for all home appliances
  • back cover FP colour ad Wolseley Cars 450 and 680

    May 10

  • front cover ads McVitie & Price, Bass beer, Abdulla cigs, Charles Heidsieck Champagne, Lillet Aperitif, Gaymer's Cyder, Apollinaris water, King Six cigars, Car & General Insurance
  • inside front cover FP colour ad Sanderson Wallpapers and Fabrics -------------- ads Burberrys, Chanel No. 5, Lembar, Mayfair Toffees of Sunderland
  • ads Essolube motor oil, British Insurance ccompanies, Is it real leather?, ----------------- ads Firestone Tyres, Land Rover (52 BHP engine), Thames Board Mills
  • ads The MG Midget, Bag Boy Golf Bags, Hawker Hunter "the finest fighting aircraft in the world", ---------------- Loddge Spark Plugs, Havoline Motor Oil, Phillips Cycles
  • ads Harrods, Swissair, Frigidaire -------------- frontispiece General Eisenhower bids farewell to the troops in Germany at Frankfurt stadium
  • Our Notebook + 1 pic Mark Clark the new c in c Korea ------------ A French airliner attacked by Soviet jet fighters during a routine flight from Frankfurt to Berlin 5 pics
  • double page British civil aircraft 15 drawings
  • double page London to Sydney by Air in 4½ by BOAC Constellation 12 drawings
  • The Critic of Cricket - " Cricket all the year by Neville Cardus 4 pics ---------------- Personalities and events of the week, The Queen visits the Severn Wild fowl trust with Peter Scott , Princess margaret visits the pianist Mr Franz Osborn at a concert at home, The coming into force of the Japanese Peace treaty etc etc 10 pics
  • The FA Cup Final Newcastle beat Arsenal 1 - 0 Robledo scores and Joe Harvey receives the cup from Winston Churchill 3 pics ---------------- The Comet's cockpit with photo and numbered key of the controls
  • Topical events at Home and abroad - The sinking of the US destroyer Hobson, Thunderhead II wins the 2000 guineas, riots in Japan, The indian cricket touring team etc etc ----------------- Southampton University granted a charter by the Queen 6 pics
  • A Window on the World - General Weygand in the second world war - 3 pics ---------------- the effect of Atomic blast on military equipment in Nevada 7 pics
  • double page A birthday gift of a floral map of the Netherlands laid out by Dutch children before Soestdijk Palace to greet Queen Juliana
  • In an English garden - Clivias - 2 pics ---------------- pictorial curiosities, 2 sham house fronts 23 / 24 Leinster gardens, Bayswater Road, Model of an atomic bomb burst used on a map of Ottowa, demolition of a foot bridge by the Royal Festival Hall, 5 pics
  • double page more excavations at Old Paphos in Cyprus by TB Mitford 11 pics
  • Lever House New York opened, before and after of an Atomic attack on Birmingham, women manning pill boxes in Portsmouth watching for mine laying etc 8 pics --------------- sunk with a loss of 174 lives the US destroyer Hobson, Broadmoor institute from the air, Fountains abbey and model on the river Skell, Yorks 5 pics
  • The World of Science - Excitement in the reptile house an Iguana and a Nile Monster 2 pics ----------------- a model of the New Coventry Cathedral by Basil Spence OBE 5 pics
  • A page for collectors - Fire marks, 6 pics ---------------- French paintings in Bruton Street galleries by Boudin, Courbet,Forain etc 6 pics
  • Portrait caricatures of today by David Low with poems by Helen Spalding and LAG Strong - Alec Guinness, Aneurin Bevan, Graham Sutherland, Anthony Eden, Dennis Compton and Mr Eccles 6 pics ----------- conversation caricatures of Yesterday by Max Beerbohm - Augustus John with some models, Alfred de Rothschild, Roger Fry etc etc 5 pics
  • The World of the Theatre - Wolves ants and Frogs, Under the Sycamore tree wwith Alec Guinness and Eric Porter ---------- A sealion at feeding time in London Zoo with children watching 1 pic
  • Notes for the Novel reader - Fiction of the week, Shameful Harvest by AG Street - Chess Notes by Baruch H Wood MSc. -Books of the Day - Slave Horrors and quiet british Joys , Conspiracy of Silence by Alex Weissberg --------------- FP ad DAKS trousers
  • ads Olivetti typwriters, Three Castles cigs, Blackwood Hodge earthmoving equipment ------------------- Medway packaging, Solignum wood preservative, Health brand Shoes - Crockett & Jones
  • ads Imperial Leather Soap, German Tourist Information for heart and circulation problems!, The Imperial Hotel Torquay, Trilox - petrol tricycles, Sportex hard wearing cloth, Export cigs ----------------- ads Lloyds Bank Private safe deposits, Lindt Chocolate, Alka Seltzer, Burnett's White Satin Gin
  • ads Euthymol toothpaste, Rootes Car Hire, The British Home for Incurables, PEL chairs, Vantella shirts, Patons shoelaces ---------------- inside back cover FP ccolour ad Senior Service cigs
  • back cover FP colour ad Th Triumph Mayflower car with a view of Leblon, Rio de Janeiro

    May 17

  • front cover ads McVitie and Price, Apollinaris Water, Jacqmar Fabrics, Greys cigs, Gaymer's Cyder, Bronnley Soap, Martell Cognac, Tanzaro fruit squash, Motor Union Insurance
  • FP colour Guinness Toucan ad --------------- FP ad The Watchmakers of Switzerland
  • ads Ford cars, National Benzole Petrol, Grants Standfst Scotch whisky ----------------- ads FP Plessey - making doodles woek
  • ads BMK mothproof carpets, Gieves, The Chelsea Flower show, Carters invalid furniture, Messrs. How (of Edinburgh) Ltd
  • ads Barker & Dobson, Highland Queen scotch whisky, Old Bleach Furnishing fabric
  • ads FP Reed Paper Group ----------------- frontispiece FP The Queen arriving at Olympia, The British Industries Fair 1 pic
  • Our Notebook + 1 pic of United States Supreme Court Justices ---------------- The Coronation Commission's first meeting 6 pics, HM Queen Mary out for a drive , The Queen and mother in the royal car 2 pics
  • Britain triumphs at Silverstone - Mr Macklin won the Daily Express Trophy driving a HWM car ,3 pics The USS "Wasp" limps home after collision with the USS "Boston" 3 pics ----------------- Items from home and abroad - A strange musical instrument a Pyrophone, Stalin embracing a Moscow child, members of the British Cho Oyu expedition, Stirling Moss at Silverstone etc etc 6 pics
  • double page - Land Sea and Air in three continents, The New HQ of the RAF yacht club at Hamble in Hampshire, The Horse "Winston" that the Queen will ride in trooping the colour, Malayan communists wreck a Tin mine, The Italian cruiser "Raimondo Montecuccoli" enters malta, The London season opens at Grosvenor House - 250 debutantes curtsy etc etc 9 pics
  • A scientist in the West Indian ocean - " The shoals of Capriccorn" by FD Ommanney an appreciation by Sir John Squire 3 pics ----------------- Lake Eyre, South Australia that is fast becoming a desert 2 pics
  • 4 pages - The recently completed Amsterdam - Rhine Canal 10 drawings
  • A Window on the World - Churchill versus Tirpitz 2 pics ------------------- FP Map of Rhodesia with Nyasaland
  • double page - The Roman city of Bath 1800 years ago from adrawing by Alan Sorrell
  • In an English Garden - The Judas Tree 2 pics --------------- The Duke of Edinburgh in South Wales 6 pics
  • double page - The Royal visitors to Olympia 10 assorted pictures
  • The World of Science - The enemies within our gates - Commenalism 2 pics ------------ Aquarium pics of rare fish Polyprion Amercanus, A Boarfish and a Redband fish 3 pics
  • A page for Collectors - The Van Eycks , founders of Flemish painting, 3 pics --------------- 2 pics exhibited at the RA landscapes by Lord Alexander of Tunis
  • The World of the Cinema - " Cry the beloved country" with Canada lee and Charles Carson 3 pics ----------- The Royal Danish visit to England 4 pics
  • People and events in the news - Churchill and Dr Figl, Dr Maria Montessori died, etc etc 15 pics (9 heads) ---------- Australia's possible atomic test sites 3 pics, the new Kirkuk-banias oil pipeline, Northern Iraq 3 pics
  • Notes for the Novel reader - Fiction of the week, "Madeleine grown up" by Mrs Robert Henrey - Chess Notes by Baruch H Wood MSc. - Books of the Day - A collection for the art lover , Fransisco de Goya by Jose Lopez-Rey etc --------------- Amphibious and cliff assaults demonstrations by staff from the commando school on Isle of Wight 5 pics
  • ads Avon Tyres, Rolls Royce Aero Engines, Hennessy Cognac -------------- FP ad The Hillman Minx
  • ads The Morris Minor, AC Spark plugs, Energol Motor Oil, ---------------- Mappin and Webb, Air France Holidays, Airwork limited
  • ads Fiberite packing cases, Henlys used cars, Dr Barnardo's Homes, Dry Sack Sherry, Will R Rose film developing, Wrights Coal tar soap ------------------- Booths Gin, Trans Canada Air Lines, AEI
  • ads Sobranie cigs, Eno's fruit salts, M. Hayes & Sons jewellery buyers, British Seagull outboard motors, Conway stewart Fountain pens, The Children's Society, The East End Mission --------------- inside back cover FP colour ad Daimler -"Chelsea Flower Show" painted by Victor Galliano
  • outside back cover FP colour ad Hawker Siddeley Group (number 5 in a series)

    May 24

  • front cover ads Bulmer's Cider Pomagne Champagne, Red Hackle scotch whisky, Greys cigs, McVitie & Price, Bass beer, Royal Exchange Assurance, Jacqmar scarves, King Six cigars, Car & General Insurance
  • inside front cover ads The Vanden Plas Princess II, Godfrey davis Car Hire, Car Plate polish, Jack Barclay Limited for Rolls Royce ---------------- FP ad Monsanto Chemicals (colloidal silica)
  • ads BP Anglo Iranian Oil Company, Babcock & Wilcox Ltd, Laing construction (building HOlme Moss for the BBC ---------------- Medway paper sacks, Sankey of Wellington, Fly BOAC
  • ads FP The Jaguar Mark VII saloon -------------------- The Queen visiting the Chelsea Flower Show and admiring the Spanish garden 1 pic
  • Our Notebook + General and Mrs Eisenhower on a visit to Lunccheon with the Queen 1 pic ----------- Asia, France and England : Events military and Silvicultural - Tanks lined up in the main street of Rheims, New for the National Trust Wintworth gardens, Godalming, Surrey - Questionnaires being completed in Malaya, The Koje POW camp incident in Korea 6 pics
  • double page - The Queen visiting the Chelsea Flower Show 10 pics
  • A draughtsmans impression of the "Orsova" being built for the Orient line fleet, the safest vessel afloat "United States", The US air force expedition to the North Pole 6 pics ---------------- The US carrier "Wasp" in drydock repair New York 5 pics
  • A Cause Celebre of James I's by William McElwee an appreciation by Sir John Squire 5 pics ------------ aboard a british Midget submarine at sea off Portsmouth 5 pics
  • double page drawing by Bryan de Grineau "beef on the Hoof and on the Wing" in Australia (Air Beef ltd)
  • A Window on the World - The End of a Mission , the British depart from Greece after 7 years -------------- The Queen Mother sees off the 1st Bn. The Black Watch to Korea 5 pics
  • ILN centre pages photo of the Masthead of The Illustrated London News with a drawing and Legend of the skyline 1842 compared with 1952
  • In an English garden - Cliff dwelling alpines 2 pics -------------- FP 1 colour pic maize seedligs mutations after exposure to an Atomic explosion that fluoresce unearthly blue under ultra violet
  • double page in colour The Super Enkomi cup with gold and niello 3000 year old artifacts found in Cyprus 4 pics
  • FP colour The cactii and succulents at the Chelsea flower show --------------- 3 page article Silver and Gold masterpieces found in excavations in Enkomi-Alasia the 14th century capital of Cyprus 16 pics
  • The World of the Theatre - Rattling the Skeletons " The Mortimer Touch" by Eric Linklater 3 pics ------------- FP passing the mail at high speed between two Royal Navy ships HMS Euryalus and HMS Vigo 1 pic
  • A Page for Collectors - Austerely beautiful early chinese wares by Frank Davis 4 pics ---------------- extra ordinary prices at auction for French Masters from the great cognac collection 7 pics
  • The World of Science - The Moorhens Story 1 pic -------------- Personalities and events of the week - The Queens Champion Capt. JLM Dymore, 14 pics
  • The current scene in England - A Raiway camping coach, Kent Windmills to be preserved, 800th Anniversary of Kirkstall Abbey, Leeds, Mrs Ann Davison lone yachtswoman sets sail across the atlantic in "Felicity Ann" etc etc 8 pics ------------ Notable events in the Art World - Nigeria's first Museum, Cezannes "Apples and Biscuits" sell for 33,000 to MMe J Walter, "Salisbury Cathedral" by John Constable sells for 20,500 guineas etc etc 6 pics
  • Notes for the Novel reader - Fiction of the week, "The little Misery" by Eyre and Spottiswoode - Chess Notes by Baruch H Wood MSc. - Books of the Day - Gods and the Arts , Masterpieces of Egyptian Art etc --------------- FP ad The David Brown Companies Aston Martins
  • ads Esso in the Highlands, Moss Bros, Thames Board Mills ----------- ads India Tyres, VAT 69 scotch whisky
  • ads Olivetti Typewriters, Cinzano 16/6 a bottle, Stratton Fonopad, Pintail Sherry, Egerton Wove Notepaper ------------ ads Spink and Son, Delaforce Racing Port, Italian Tourist office
  • ads The Riviera dei Fiori, is it Real Leather? , Bells scotch whisky, Interflora, Ezee Kitchens LTd, Rheumatism and the German Tourist office ----------------ads The Bowater Paper Corporation Limited, JP Super Mowers, Martell Cognac
  • ads Witch hairpins, National Provincial bank, Gieves, Aertex, Rowlands Macassar Oil, Suchard chocolate ------------ inside back cover ads Smiths Radiomobile, Valstar Sportswear, John Cotton cigs, Dry Fly Sherry
  • outside back cover ads Gordon's Gin, Rootes car Hire, Churchman No 1 cigs

    May 31

  • outside front cover ads King Six cigars, Grants Standfast scotch whisky, Paripan enamel, Drambuie, McVitie & Price, Tennent's lager, John Jameson irish whiskey, United British Insurance
  • inside front cover FP colour ad Abdulla No 7 cigs (golf) ---------------- FP ad GKN (snail)
  • ads Good year Tyres, Thornycroft Goods vehicles, Firth Vickers - heat resisting steels ---------------- FP ad Shell BP (Churton Hall Farm, Chester)
  • ads Rolls Royce, Marfak chassis lubritection, Fiberite packing cases ----------------- Austin Reed suits from 16 guin. Joblings of Sunderland - Pyrex
  • ads The Austin Somerset (0-30 = 7.2 secs) --------------- frontispiece The 1st Bn. Black Watch leave from Southampton in "George Orwell" transport ship 1 pic
  • Our Notebook + 2 pics models of Gog and Magog for the Guildhall which were destroyed in 1940 blitz ------------ The 200,000 London mail van Robbery 5 pics
  • double page The communist front and French troops fighting against Viet Minh rebels in Vietnam 4 pics
  • En Route for Everest, Photos from the Swiss expedition 5 pics ---------------- The "Stalin" of China Mao Tse Tung 6 pics
  • A Pilgrimage in search of plants - "Plant hunter in Manipur" by F. Kingdon. Ward. appreciation by Sir John Squire ------------ Queen Juliana opens the new Amsterdam Rhine canal 2 pics
  • from far and near The new commandant of Koje POW camp - Brigadier-general Haydon Lemaire Boatner, The Duke and Duches of Chatsworth, Princess Margaret's first flight on a Jet airliner Comet etc etc 7 pics -------------- Photo portrait of Queen Mary (May) who was 85 on May 26 1 pic
  • A Window on the World - Tis the Voice of the neutral - 3 pics of Eisenhower ------------ Occupation ended in Germany and sovreignty is restored to Federal republic of West Germany 1 pic the signing at Bonn
  • At Home and abroad - The closing of the Cantebury - Whitstable line, Herr Zehe "Gargantua" (8 feet tall weighs 50 stone) the champion German wrestler at Victoria to wrestle Jack Doyle etc etc ---------------- The turbulent Koje island where the Shropshire light infantry have arrived to reinforce this POW camp 5 pics
  • double page some modern Russian fighters, night interceptors and bombers aircraft 11 plane drawings
  • probably the the most remarkable bird in the World "Hoatzin" whose nestlings have characteristics of Archaeopteryx by Iris Darnton 4 pics ------------------- The reopening of the Battersea Festival gardens 5 pics
  • In an English Garden - garden Ranunculus 2 pics --------------- A naval achievment and items agricutural, maritime and sporting - The Blair Atholl New Zealand girls Marching team at the Caledonian Games, White City, Anti foot and mouth precautions at the Shropshire show, Wasp sails again, Hitlers Berchtesgaden is now a Youth Hostel 6 pics
  • The World of Cinema - Believe it or not by Alan Dent, "Emergency Call" with Earl Cameron, Sid James and Eric Pohlman 3 pics ----------------- Some personalities and occasions of the week - Sir Kenneth Clarke appointed Chairman of the Arts Council, Mr Menzies and wife arriving in London, Dr JC Gregory non playing capt. of the Davis Cup team etc etc 10 pics
  • The World of Science - We like Sheep - Sheeps brains 4 pics -------------- Historic clocks watches and chronometers - the first and fourth marine chronometers mad by John Harrison etc etc 9 pics
  • 3 page3 - Achaean and sea people cultures revealed at Alasia, Cyprus and bronze age Enkomi finds 19 pics
  • Birthday celebrations at Whipsnade Zoo 6 pics
  • A Page for collectors - "Treasons, stratagems and spoils" chinese forgeries of china ----------- on view at Chatsworth Devonshire art treasures , The Greek bronze head of Apollo etc etc 9 pics
  • Notes for the Novel reader - Fiction of the week, "Melvyn Goodwin, USA" by John P Marquand etc- Chess Notes by Baruch H Wood MSc. - Books of the Day - Tempura (and Taste) Mutantur , The records and collections of the College of Arms by Anthony Richard Wagner etc --------------- FP ad Plessey - making Doodles work
  • ads White Horse whisky, Ask is it real leather?, Roses Lime Juice -------------Fp ad Rolex (A letter from Brazil - series)
  • ads Albright and Wilson, Baby belling cookers, Gstaad, Petter engines ------------- ads Haig scotch whisky, Air France Holidays, Venice Lido events calendar
  • ads Pimm's No 1, Old Angus scotch whisky, Ryvita, British Seagull, Oyler, Barling pipes, Export cigs ------------ inside back cover FP colour ad Robinsons Barley Waters
  • outside back cover FP colour ad Cussons Apple Blossom Toilet Luxuries


  • front cover ads McVitie & Price, Bronnley Soap, Bass beer, Abdulla cigs, Moet & Chandon, Wilkinson Sword, Jaeger, Ronuk polishes, Car & General Insurance
  • inside front cover FP colour ad Good Year Tyres "Sea Eagle" (painting series of eagles) ----------- FP ad DAKS suits
  • ads Medway packaging, Havoline motor oil, Silvifix, Dry Sack sherry -------------- ads Ferodo brake linings, KLG spark plugs, Avon tyres
  • ads Plant Protection Ltd, Rayner's lembar, Salignac cognac, Henley Tyres --------------- ads Spink & Son, Thames Board Mills, Saunders Roe Ltd
  • ads Mappin and Webb, Olivetti Typewriters -------------- frontispiece Her Majesty the Queen on holiday in Scotland fishing for salmon on the River Dee
  • Our Notebook + 1 pic of Mr Menzies and Winston at Number 10 ------------- FP pic The Queens official birthday photograph with the Duke of Edinburgh by Baron
  • double page The finishing line of the Derby: Tulyar, C. Smirke up with Gay Time and Faubourg II
  • The first Eucharistic conference for 14 years at the Montjuich stadium Barcelona 1 pic --------------- new appointments eccelesiastical and military 5 pics
  • 4 pages - A Western women's travels in the Soviet Union - "Mirror to Russia" by marie Noele Kelly 24 pics with the views of Moscow just released by the Russians
  • double page Aspects of life on the new Amsterdam-Rhine canal 8 drawings by GH Davis
  • A Window on the World - The intentions of the Soviet Union 3 pics -------------- signing of the EDC treaty 3 pics
  • 6 pages - Cambridge's oldest quadrangle : The old court of Corpus Christi College which celebrates the sixth century of its foundation on June 12th, the old gallery and library etc etc 6 drawings by Bryan de Grineau
  • A page for collectors - An eye for an animal 3 pics ---------------- French romantic art: The current Delacroix exhibition at Wildenstein's gallery New Bond street 7 pics
  • double page The World of Science - Ruffs at Court 8 pics
  • In an English Garden - Chelsea 1952 2 pics --------------- Riots in Korea and Johannesburg, Crathes Castle, Deeside handed over to the National Trust, An American 600 in radio telescope 7 pics
  • double page - The discovery of a new step pyramid: Third Dynasty find at Sakkara 7 pics
  • double page - Personalities and occasions of the week, opening of the Gwendoline E Davies bequest at the National museum of Wales, The Aga Khan's fifth Derby winner Tulyar with C. Smirke up, repairs to a drained canal in Venice, trouble at KOJE POW camp Korea, A floating ice island (Fletcher's Island)near the North Pole 18 pics
  • The World of the Theatre - Using the Stage -The Trial of Mr Pickwick by Stanley Young - Sweet Madness by Peter Jones and Trelawny of the Wells ------------ Did they wear dentures (false teeth) in the 17th century? " Elizabeth of Bohemia being dressed by her maids" shows the evidence 2 pics
  • Notes for the Novel reader - Fiction of the week, "Patrice Periot" by Georges Duhamel etc- Chess Notes by Baruch H Wood MSc. - Books of the Day - Last Candles of the Regency, Count D'Orsay by Mr Willard Connely --------------- ads Venice Lido, KLM holidays, Moss Bros, London & Lancashire Insurance Co Ltd
  • FP ad ICI (Bromine a series about the elements) -------------- ads Burberrys, Horrockses Cotton, Hunt and Roskell/ JW Benson Jewellers, Chanel - Bois des Iles, Wrights Coaltar Soap, Export cigs
  • ads Black & White Scotch whisky, Bag Boy golf carts, Eno's Fruit salts -------------- ads Cherry Heering (fishing series of drawings), Gstaad, Foyles Bookshop, Noilly Pratt French vermouth, German Tourist Bureau
  • ads Dubonnet (does not affect the Liver), Glayva liqueur, Imperial Hotel Torquay, The Antique Dealers fair Jun 11 - 16 at Grosvenor House hotel, Will R Rose films developed, Milk of Magnesia tablets, Andy garden gloves
  • inside back cover FP colour ad Ilford Film (photos from 1951 Mt Everest Expedition) under the leadership of Eric Shipton
  • outside back page FP colour ad Norwich Union (overlooking the market place, Series)


  • front cover ads Bulmers Pomagne Champagne Cider, Jacqmar Fabrics, Apollinaris Water, McVitie & Price, Greys cigs, Tanzaro Fruit Squash (jewsbury and Brown, Manchester), Lillet Vermouth, Motor Union Insurance
  • inside droct cover FP colour ad Dunlop Tyres British cathedrals series "York Minster" by Felix Kelly --------------- FP ad Hawker Siddeley Group - No 6 in series "The Sapphire Engine"
  • ads Airwork Ltd (supplying jungle sites by air), Rolls Royce (33rd Anniversary of the first Atlantic Flight), Fiberite, AC sspark plugs ----------------- ads Land Rover (52 BHP engine), Energol Motor Oil, AEI
  • ads Frigidaire, Chartreuse Liqueur, Bernard Weatherill clothes, British Seagull outboard Motors ------------- FP colour AD Gold Flake cigs (The Shakespeare Theatre Stratford)
  • FP colour ad The Hillman Minx ------------- frontispiece Queen Elizabeth II mounted taking the salute during her Birthday parade June 5th 1 pic
  • Our Notebook + 1 pic on Birthday Parade --------------- The proclamation of " her Majesty's pleasure touching her royal coronation and the solemnity thereof" raffirmimg that the coronation will be June 2 1953 2 pics
  • double page of an ordeal by sun and sand when a BOAC Hermes crash landed in the Sahara desert 1 person died and 17 survived 11 pics -view1, view2, view3, view4, view5
  • sealing off Berlins communist Radio HQ 3 pics, British troops on Koje "The Kings shropshire light infantry" ------------- Features of 1952 royal tournament at Earl's Court 5 pics
  • A not so innocent abroad - " Boswell in Holland, 1763 - 1764 edited by Frederick A Pottle 3 pics ------------ The crowds in the Mall celebrating the Queens Birthday parade 1 pic
  • double page Trooping the colour 2 pics
  • A window on the World - Two editors + 1 pic of Queen mum and Princess Margaret ---------- the premier of Australia Mr menzies at the Guildhall and Mansion House
  • double page Nigerias newest unconventional Anglican Cathedral, the Lady Chapel of Onitsha 10 pics
  • 4 pages drawing of Bedford School celebrating its Quatercentenary
  • In an English Garden - Clematis Macropetala 2 pics ----------------- The Louis Braille centenary, activities of the Blind and aids for the blind 7 pics
  • A Page for Collectors - Horology Displayed (clocks by Thomas Tompion, David Ramsay and Edward East 4 pics --------------- paintings in the Lefevre Gallery , Bruton st, Exhibition French 19th and 20th century masters 6 pics
  • The World of the Cinema - Woe betide Electra -"Mourning becomes Electra" with Raymond Massey and Rosalind Russell, Leo Genn, Michael Redgrave, Kirk Douglas 3 pics ----------------- General Sir Gerald Templer and Lady Templer driving through the Malayan countryside in an armoured car 1 pic
  • Personalities of the week and some birthday honours - F. Trueman was given leave by the RAF to play ffor England against India he took 7 wickets for 116 runs, British Amateur golf champion Harvie Ward, Mr Compton Mackenzie and Mr Carol Reed were Knighted, etc etc 26 pics ----------------- A british Golf victory by The Curtis cup team , The Duchess of Kent and Princess margaret on royal engagements 7 pics
  • The World of Science - Tigons and Ligers (Hybrids) 2 pics ----------------- News from overseas - The Volga Don canal now finsihed, HMS Perch on an arctic training cruise, Memorial to No 4 commando at Flushing, The Canadian Dionne Quintuplets after graduation from Villa Notre Dame 6 pics
  • double page The London Antique dealers Fair, 4 million pounds on display 16 pics
  • Notes for the Novel reader - Fiction of the week, "I thought of a daisy" by Edmund Wilson etc - Chess Notes by Baruch H Wood MSc. - Books of the Day - When the Gods walked Kensington , "Victorian Olympus" by William Gaunt etc --------------- FP colour ad Reed Paper Group
  • FP colour ad Jacob & Co Water Biscuits ---------------- ads Venice Lido, Swan & Edgar (poplin Pyjamas 44/6) The Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Company Ltd
  • ads The Italian tourist office (considerable reduction in price of petrol for tourists), Macfarlane Lang Biscuits, M. Hayes and Sons, Gieves Tailors, Dr Barnardo's Homes, Conway stewart pens (No 58 was 31/6) Alka- Seltzer --------------- ads Valstar, Grassphalte, Ualais Switzerland Holidays, Burnett's White Satin Gin
  • ads Hennessy Cognac, carters Invalid furniture, Suchard Chocolate, "HMS Conway" cadet school ship, Dry Monopole Champagne, Aertex clothing for children --------------- inside back cover FP colour The standard vanguard car (a photo in Delcarlia , Sweden)
  • outside back cover FP colour ad Dewars White Label Scotch whisky


  • front cover ads McVitie & Price, Paripan enamel, Bass beer, Greys cigs, Jacqmar, Royal Exchange Assurance, Gaymer's Cyder, Ronuk polishes, Car & General Insurance
  • inside front cover ads Riley Cars, Godfrey Davis hire cars, British leather ------------- Firestone Tyres, James Young for Rolls Royce, Highland Queen scotch whisky
  • ads Olivetti Typwriters, Spink and Son Ltd ---------------- FP ad Humber 8 seater Pullman Limousine (1600 + plus purchase tax)
  • ads BMK mothproof carpets, Venice Lido Events calendar, Caron Perfumes from 3 13s ------------- frontispiece The battle of Compound 76 on Khoje Island: communist prisoners fighting US paratroopers 1 pic
  • double page The battle of Compound 76 on Khoje Island: communist prisoners fighting US paratroopers 11 pics
  • Our Notebook - + 1 pic of "the Musicians" by Caravaggio ------------------ The best Night fighter in the World - The Gloster GA 5 1 pic
  • The Universal man - "The mind of Leonardo da Vinci" by Edward MacCurdy 4 pics ------------ The Earl marshall and officers of the College of Arms 5 pics
  • double page Princess Margaret at Bedford school for the 400th anniversary celebrations 6 pics
  • A window on the World - "A state of observation 2 pics of Lancing College Chapel -------------- drawings of techniques used crossing an ice 16 ft crevasse by the Swiss expedition on Mt Everest 5 pics
  • double page - The Richmond Royal Horse show winners and our Olympic team 12 pics
  • In an English garden - Of water and watering 3 pics ----------------- "Young Magpie" 1 colour pic of 16th century drawing in body colour by an unknown old master?
  • double page A tree top Eyrie in Banffshire A hen Golden eagle feeding chicks ------- rocky Eyrie on the edge iof the Cairngorms Hen eagle spreading her wings over the chicks for protection from the sun 2 colour pics
  • The Hindu Mylapore temple, Gopura or gate pyramid 2 pics colour & Black and White -------------- The World of Science - Creative fantasies in animals 2 pics
  • Athletic training JM Peters who broke the world marathon record, Miss Oliver mile record and the Wightman cup 3 pics ----------------- Building a road under an airport the 2000ft tunnel under runway 1 at London airport 1 pic
  • misc news a french priest diving from a 128 ft high tower to raise money, stabbed to death in London hotel Mrs Christine Granville, the new Canadian ice breaker HMCS Labrador etc etc 6 pics ----------- misc news midget submarine XE.IX on the forth and Clyde canal, The Ardrossan steamer Baron Douglas beached at Hastings after a collision etc etc 6 pics
  • The World of the Theatre - Speaking their minds ------------ personalities and occasions of the week death of Cardinal Paulhaber archbishop of Munich , King Talal of Jordan, survivors of a channel Consul airplane crash Mr BH Bowring and Mr DI Chisholm etc etc 12 pics
  • A page for collectors - A place in which to browse 4 pics ----------------- a Bottle nosed dolphin called Flippy , doing tricks in Marineland Florida Aquarium 4 pics
  • double page - Clasic Dutch paintings of flower from 17th and 18th century 15 pics
  • Notes for the Novel reader - Fiction of the week, "Chosen Country" by John Dos Passos etc - Chess Notes by Baruch H Wood MSc. - Books of the Day - Vanished Grace and oddity , "Durham" by Sir Timothy Eden etc --------------- hatching time for flamingo on Floridas Hialeah racetrack Flamingo island 3 pics
  • ads Ind coop and Allsopp beers, South African Airways, The History of the Times newspaper vol IV and final ------------- ads Joblings Glass of Sunderland, Martell Cognac
  • ads Marfak lubritection, Laing, Cinzano, Vantella shirts, Apry liqueur, Pintail Sherry, Export cigs ------------- ads Simpson Tailors, VAT 69 scotch whisky
  • ads Embassy cigars, Dry Fly sherry, Bermaline bread, Egerton wove notepaper, Medway paper sacks, Rowlands Macassar Oil, Will R Rose film developing --------------- inside back cover Pimm's No. 1, Car plate polish, Renault 750, Benedictine liqueur
  • outside back cover Sobranie cigs, Lloyds Bank, Gordons Gin


  • outside front cover ads King Six cigars 1/9, Moet & Chandon, McVitie & Price,Drambuie, Jacqmar, Gaymer's Cyder, Tennent's British lager, Grants Standfast scotch whisky, Motor Union Insurance
  • ad FP colour - The Guinness Lion -------------- FP ad Rolex series "Four Years buried"
  • ads Albright & Wilson, Jack Barclay Ltd, Interflora, Cointreau --------------- ads Good year Tyres, Esso for Happy motoring (Lancashire)
  • ads Mappin and Webb, Ridgways teas, Hoover Limited --------------- frontispiece The first photoograph taken inside the Western CWM of Mount Everest looking towards Lhotse, Swiss expedition advanced camp III
  • Our Notebook 2 pics of "Pierre" sculpture of a poodle by Herbert Haseltine ------------ Royal Fashions at Ascot the Queen and Princess Margaret 4 pics
  • double page The first Royal Ascot of Queen Elizabeth's reign, the course and royal enclosure etc 4 pics
  • "Over the Sticks" with an intrepid manner - "Sport from within" (racing): by Frank Atherton Brown 3 pics --------------- The Swiss assault on Everest 4 pics
  • A page for Collectors - Three Hundred years of watercolours - 4 pics --------------- British Railway's Latest and Largest car ferry "Lord Warden" - 6 pics (including cutaway drawing)
  • A Window on the World - Ten years ago at El alamein + 3 pics Argyll and Sutherland highlanders -------- A Russo - Swedish incident the Swedish Catalina shot down by MIG - 15s in the Baltic 5 pics
  • 4 page article Excavations at Nippur the 4400 year old holy city of Sumeria and Babylonia 21 pics
  • double page start of Wimbeldon LTA Championships Sedgman , Drobny, Hart, Connolly etc 21 pics
  • double page The Golden eagle in Scotland 9 pics
  • In an English garden - Saxifraga, Lingulata, Lantoscana 2 pics -------------- The Shrewsbury School 400 year charter anniversary a drawing by Stephen Bone
  • double page round the art galleries : london exhibitions of English and French Paintings and a Bristol display of Stuart drawings 12 pics
  • The World of Cinema - Home-thoughts from the Lido - Italian films "Bellissima" " The little world of Don camillo" " Il Cammino della speranza" 4 pics ---------------- Occasions Royal Sporting and Maritime - Evan's 100th wicket in test cricket, The Oil Tanker "Rose Mary", The Queen at the AAA championships 6 pics
  • People in the public eye and events of note, Some personalities and occasions of the week - winner of the British womens golf Moira Paterson, The first swan feast of the Vintners company for 13 years etc etc 12 pics ------------ The first match on the centre court at Wimbledon to open the championships - Richard Savitt against Narish Kumar 1 pic
  • The World of Science - The local museum makes history - The Dorchester county museum 4 pics -------- The growth and progress of a new volcano Didicas rises from the Philippine seas 2 pics
  • Lord Alexander sees for himself: The minister of Defence in Korea 6 pics ---------------- Koje Island: the restoration of order Brigadier - General Boatner's operation 6 pics
  • Notes for the Novel reader - Fiction of the week, "The Abbot sisters" by Mary Carter Roberts etc - Chess Notes by Baruch H Wood MSc. - Books of the Day - The familiar , the incredible and the odd, "Life on other worlds" by Sir Harold Spencer Jones etc --------------- FP ad The David Brown Companies (The aston Martin Lagonda)
  • ads Booths Gin (The tennis menaces), Sandeman Apitiv dry sherry, Ryvita, Thor washing machines, Petter chaff engines, Bell's scotch whisky -------------- ads Italy in the Dolomites, Gieves , Oyler, The Bowater paper corporation limited
  • ads Players cigs, Eno's fruit salts, Rednutt ancient browne sherry, British Seagull engines, King George IV scotch whisky, Barling pipes, Trilox invalid carriages ---------- inside back cover FP colour ad Nuffield Organisation (sandstorm at Cowley cars)
  • outside back cover FP ad BOAC Comet airliner now in service

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