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Images from The Illustrated london News - 1908 Olympic Games


1. 1908 olympics the medal diploma designs

The modern crown of wild olive:The medal and diploma design for the 1908 Olympic games in London


2. 1908 olympics stadium


The White City stadium where the games were held, it was the biggest stadium in the world at the time


3. 8 olympics opening ceremony

The beginning of the fourth modern Olympiad: The King opening the Olympic Games


4. 1908 olympics marathon trophy

The prize for the marathon race:The messenger bearing the news of the victory at Marathon


5. 1908 Olympics some of the teams

The United Kingdom team, the Australasian team, the Canadian team

Physical drill by Danish girls

The Swedish team, the South African team and the French team


6. 1908 Olympics competitors

A votive vase of modern Olympic competitors


7. 1908 Olympics ancient greek games site

The real Olympia: Relics of the great Greek Athletic games


8. 1908 olympics the original site

The actual scene of the original Olympic Games

Olympia the temple of Hera within the Altis or sacred enclosure


9. 1908 olympics part of the marathon course 1908 olympics the other part of the marathon course

Marks for the Marathon runners:

The Mile-Posts in the 26 mile course from Windsor to the Stadium in Sheperds Bush


10. 1908 olympics - shooting winners

The Olympic Bisley: Winners of the Gold medals for shooting the USA topped the medals


11. 1908 Olympics - danish Dianas

The drill that makes woman physically perfect

Danish Dianas: The sensation of the Olympic Games


12. 1908 olympics marathon presentation of prizes

On the left J.J. Hayes the american dry goods clerk who technically won the Marathon

on the right The Queen rewards the plucky marathon runner Dorando

13. 1908 Olympics - victors

Olympic Victors: Fifty-One World's winners


14. 1908 Olympics chief trophies

The Olympic prizes: The chief trophies


15. 1908 Olympics The marathon

Vanquished victor and runners up in the marathon.

On this page appear the portraits of the first ten runners who

reached the stadium. Dorando (Italy) after a determined struggle against exhaustion,

breasted the tape first, but was disqualified, and Hayes (U.S.A.)was proclaimed victor.

Her majesty's sympathy was so much aroused by Dorando's pluck that she herself presented him

with a gold cup in memory of his wonderful attempt

Dorando Pietri - the Queens own prize winner



16. 1908 olympics marathon struggle1908 olympics marathon struggle 2

Dorando Pietri down for the third time: The Italian competitor's futile struggle towards the tape


17. 1908 Olympics dorando crossing the line

The royal children's interest in the great run: The marathon race from Windsor to the stadium

and it's sensational finish!

(left is Dorando being helped across the line and right is Hayes the winner)


18. 1908 Olympics - Dorando at home in Carpi

Dorando Pietri the confectioner hero back home in Carpi, Italy


19. 1908 olympics ice skating

Olympic games at the Prince's: Competitors in the great skating events



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