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1842 first iln

"The Illustrated London News" 14th May 1842

The very first illustrated newspaper in the world which was published for 161 years from 1842–2003

It is the finest pictorial example and historic social record of British and world events upto the early 21st Century


There are over 750 "long pages" of articles and images on this site

a small fraction of the ¼ of a million pages in more than 7,000 issues which

c ontained over 1,500,000 images


FOR SALE - 10 Different fine Victorian engravings of Lancaster - £3.50 GBP + P&P

These are a beautiful set of postcards printed on premium glossy A6 card 350 gsm

Click on any of the small images or text below to see a large image with the full article

which appeared in the 19th Century Illustrated London News.



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