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The Illustrated london News 1847

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1847 ardsley pit disaster

1847 Ardsley Pit disaster (nr. Barnsley)

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Events of 1847 in the Illustrated London News

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Royal Palace at Berlin The Meeting of the Prussian Diet In the White Hall front page there is a tear to this engraving

The New House of Lords:

The Corridor

The Peers Lobby - A Standard for a Gas Light

The Clerks Table

A Corridor .

The Peers Lobby

Peers Lobby - The Brass Gates

Art: .

Mussel Gatherers on the French Coast From a painting by J. J. Jenkins engraved by W. J. Linton info. entitled Muscle Gatherers

Cavans Well From a Painting by F. W. Topham engraved by W. Linton

Small Sketches for Everybodys Column by Albert Smith entitled Some Useful Fables - - - April - - - The Opera on Jenny Linds First Night Rieve - - - Jenny Lind Nigger Melodies (note. obviously the wording of the titles is not my work, and does not reflect in any way my thoughts or ideas).

The Royal Italian Opera, At covent Garden The Ceiling

The Wrecked Steamer " Grana Uile " - Taking off the Crew and Passengers

Memorial Tablet in the Military Chapel, Birdcage Walk to The Memory of Major Fitzroy Somerset

Princess Alice and Her King Charles Spaniel from a drawing by Raugniet

The New British Museum - Entrance Hall and Principal Staircase

Chess Problem

Words and Music to a Swedish Song Miel Composed and Sung by Madmoiselle Jenny Lind

The Prussian Diet info. parliamentary assembly, a Landtag

Foreign Intelligence includes:

Parisiana "From Our Own Correspondent" with ref. to The Count and Madame de St Aulaire M. Guizot


Spain The Queen


Prussia .

Cape of Good Hope

Imperial parliament includes The Government Education Measure - - - The Punishment of Transportation - - - The Factories Bill - - - And mention of Lord J. Russell Mister T. Duncombe Sir R. Inglis Mr Macaulay Earl Grey Lord Brougham Mr Seymer Mr Trelawny Sir William Clay etc

Country News includes:

Visit of Sir Robert Peel to Lancashire

The Trent Valley Railway

Windsor Improvements

Another Poisoning Case in Essex

Incendiarism in Essex, green Farm, Burnham Hall, Cherry Garden Farm etc

To Correspondents

Illustratd London News Editorial


Court and Haut Ton Royal Comings and Goings

Metropolitan News - The Health of Towns Bill

Scotland and the New Potato Crop Sunday Trains Early Fruits

The Death of Mrs J. Disraeli short announc.

Ireland includes - Serious Outrages at Cappamore - Tumults in the Provinces

Opening of the Prussian Diet Speech made by King Fredrick William

Law Intelligence includes Non Liability of Married Women

Obituary of Eminent Persons Recently Deceased:

The Hon. John Rodney died at Boulogne

Sir Walter Scott of Abbotsford

Sir Henry Vassall-Webster died from a wound inflicted by himself at the family residence in Brook Street, London

The Right Hon. Lady Susan Percy died at Rome, granddaughter of Hugh the Duke of Northumberland and daughter of Algernon Earl of Beverley 40wds

Baldwin Fulford Esq of Great Fulford in Devon

Death Announcement of Edward Francis Colston Esq of Roundway Pari in Wiltshire

The Potato Disease

Accidents and Offences:

Murder of Wife and Child, and Suicide James Young of High Street, Lower Norwood

Suicide of Sir Henry Vassal Webster

Woman Committed for Manslaughter Inquest Held at the Grand Maurice Pub in Whitechapel Road on William Bridge

Execution at Burt St Edmunds, convict Catherine Foster who poisoned her husband with a dumpling containing arsenic

Sudden Death of Major A. MArthur

Mlle Jenny Lind

The Highland Society of London A Dinner and Proposing a Toast to the Queen front page engraving from a drawing by George Thomas and engraved by H. Harrison

Prince Albert in His Robes as Chancellor of the University of Cambridge print from enraving from a picture by Henry Vizetelly .

Portsmouth - Presentation of New Colours to the 43rd Regiment by the Hon. Lady Pakenham nee Hon Emily Stapleton wife of Lieutenant General the Hon. Sir Hercules Robert Pakenham ( who is also prob. in the engraving)

Andrea Del Sarto Painting the Fresco of the Madonna del Sacco From the Painting by Baron

Spanish Beggars Painted Reive by Leleux

Partial Eclipse of the Moon small engraving .

The National Fast Designed by William Harvey full page print from engraving engraved by W. J. Linton

Westminster Abbey the Bishop of St Asaph Preaching Miel the Fast Day Sermon

Chess Problem by Mr E. Clare

The Opening of the Rouen and Havre Railway in France:

Rouen View of the Bridge and River

St Catherines Tunnel two small engravings

The Malaunay Viaduct showing an early steam train passing over workmen watch from below

The Barentin Viaduct wonderful engraving showing the viaduct and surrounding area

The Station at Harfleur - Gare dHarfleur

The Benediction of the Railway at Havre

Holyrood Palace Edinburgh Election of a Scottish Peer print from engraving showing the Ceremony in the Picture Gallery during the ceremony -from a sketch by Mister A. A Ritchie of Edinburgh

Paris Fashions Ball Dresses

Enlistment in the Army with mention of Mister Fox Maule

Foreign Intelligence includes:


France with mention of M. Leon de Malleville M. Delangle Fire at Cherbourg Dock Yard, La Garniture

Spain with mention of M. Pacheco M. Malrtinez de la Rosa M. Gonzales Bravo M. Arrazola etc


Cape of Good Hope

United States of America and Mixico

The Overland Mail with mention. to India Punjaub Lord Hardinge Lord Gough

Murder in Beligium by The Young Count de Liederkeke

Murder in Shoreditch, William Gobart an Umbrella Maker of Hare Alley

Imperial Parliament:

Lord Broughams Bankruptcy and Insolvency Bill

Enlistment in the Army Mr F.Maule

the Poor Relief Ireland Bill with mentionof Lord J. Russell Mr J. OConnell Mr S. OBrien Mr Labouchere

The Spanish Bondholders with mention of Lord Brougham Earl of Clarendon

Assize Intelligence:

Murder and Mutilation at Chesterfield Of George Collis in the Butchers Shambles

Recovery of Deposit Money by an Allottee at Exeter

National Sports Tattersalls etc

The Illustrated London News Editorial

the Weather

Court and Haut Ton Royal Comings and Goings

Answers to Correspondents

Ireland The Progress o fFamine and Fever with ref. to M. Soyers Soup Kitchen at Dublin - - - The Repeal Association

Metropolitan News includes The New house of Lords - - - Recuction in the Price of Bread - - - The Bank of England etc

Accidents and Offences includes:

Fatal Accident at the London and North Western Railway at Camden Station at the Premises of Messrs Pickford Railway Carriers .

Fall of a Viaduct on the Liverpool and Bury Railway

Fatal Boiler Explosion at Burradon Colliery killing Three, a man, woman and boy

Cruelty to a Child A Captain of Rugby who thurst his sons hand into the fire until the sinews were burnt

Country News Serious Fire at howbury Hall, Bedfordshire

Obituary of Eminent Persons Recently Deceased:

The Right Hon. Sir Harford Jones Brydges former Envoy at Bagdad

Sir Alexander Wood KCMG

Lieutenant General Thomas Marriott died at His Seat Avonbank near Pershore Worcestershire

Music The Royal Italian Opera, and Concerts of the Week with mention of Mlle Alboni Miss Dinah Farmer Mr W. Sterndale Bennett MR Boleyne Reeves The Brahams Mlle Rosalie Themor etc

Opening of the Rouen and Havre Railway with mention of Messrs (William) Mackenzie And (Thomas) Brassey Mr Locke the Engineer - M. Charles Lafitte Count dAlton Shee M. Theophile Gautier Mr Alphonse Karr etc

Mademoiselle Mars Who Died at Paris

The Markets Prices of Wheat Bread Sugar Coffee Rice Tallow Hay Coals from Hastings Hartley, Holywell, Tanfield, Wylkam, Belmont, Lambton Hops Meat etc

Monetary Transactions of the Week

The London Gazette New Commissions - - War Office Appointments - - Bankrupts Births Marriages and Deaths


The Stock Exchange - Interior

East Anglian Railway

The Port of Lynn and The Harbour Branch of the Railway Kings Lynn

Viaduct Across The Ouse

Ely From The Railway

The Station at Ely

Her Royal Highness The Princess Helen Miel in the Park at Windsor ...

Their Royal Highnesses The Prince of Wales and The Princess Royal At Windsor

Mosquitia - A Family of Woolwa Indians on the Bluefields River children and adults - Mosquitia commonly known as Mosquito Shore northeastern part of Honduras

The King of Mosquitia in Council with Others

Chess Problem

Country Scene

A Tapir Presented by Her Majesty to THe Zoological Society

Zoological Society - Great Bustards in the Gardens ..

Sutton Courtney Church

The Abbey - Sutton Courtney

Opening of a Railway Chapel At Gatcombe on the South Wales Railway Line

New Church at Fretherne Gloucestershire

Lilliputian Locomotive Engine which completed a journey from London to Cambridge in one and threequarter hours at 43 miles an hour

Paris Fashions for November - Three Designs

The Aurora Borealis at 10H on Sunday 24 October 1847

The Gutta Percha Plant


This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include :-

The Coming Session

Obituary of Eminent Persons Recently Deceased includes Robert Smythe Esq of Methven Castle Co. Perth - - - Sir Henry Bromley Hinrich A Knight Residing at Bisham Cottage near Marlow Bucks - - - Major General Thomas Staunton St Clair died at His Residence Gloucester Road Hyde park

Foreign and Colonial News - Parisiana - Spain - Portugal - Switzerland - Turkey and Greece - New Zealand - and more

Central Criminal Court includes Attempted Murder in Mark Lane

Middlesex Sessions

Police includes Edward Probert Secretary to the Silk Hatters Trade Society for Stealing a Societys Box - - Extraordinary Attempt to Upset Railway Trains namely Mister William Jameson or William Ashcroft between Leyton and Stratford

Accidents and Offences includes Fatal Boiler Explosion at New Hay near Two Bridges, Rochdale kills four persons - - - Fatal Fight at Pitts Hea Portland between Thomas Henry Bermingham and Good

The Weather


The Illustrated London News Editorial

Country News includes Murder of Four Children by Their Mother

Court and Haut Ton at Windsor etc

Metropolitan News includes Proposed Asylum for Idiots at Hanwell - - - Marylebone Vestry - - - Court of Sewers - - - Charge against a Chemist

Postage Regulations

The Cholera

Opening of theCheltenham and Great Western Double Gaugh Railway

The Winter Fashions Column

Murder in the Streets of Paris

Ireland - Suicide of Professor MCullagh at Dublin University - - - Tenant Right Meeting - - - Murder in Longford named Quigley by his brother

The Markets

London Gazette includes War Office Appointments - Bankrupts - Births Marriages and Deaths

Commercial Adverts of the Day

(Volume 10 is Jan to June)


An eight page issue price sixpence. It features articles with prints from engravings including



Very lamentable accounts are given from various parts of the county of Cork. From gantry, Skibbereen, Crookhaven, Castletown, and Tracton, the reports present the same gloomy features. The intelligence from these scenes of misery is summed up by the Cork Examiner as follows:--

"SKIBBEREEN.--In the parish of Kilmoe, fourteen died on Sunday; three of these were buried in coffins, eleven were buried without other covering than the rags they wore when alive. And one gentleman, a good and charitable man, speaking of this case, says--The distress is so appalling, that we must throw away all feelings of delicacy; and another says--I would rather give 1s. to a starving man than 4s. 6d. for a coffin. One hundred and forty have died in the Skibbereen Workhouse in one month; eight have died in one day! And Mr. MCarthy Downing states that they came into the house merely and solely for the purpose of getting a coffin. The Rev. Mr. Clancy visits a farm, and there, in one house, he administered the last rites of religion to six person. On a subsequent occasion, he prepared for death a father and a daughter lying in the same bed. Dr. Donovan solemnly assures a public meeting that the people are dropping in dozens about them. Mr. Marmion says that work on the public road is even more destructive than fever; for the unfed wretches have not energy enough to keep their blood in circulation, and they drop down from the united effects of cold and hunger--never to rise again.

"In Tracton, deaths, it appears, are occurring too. Mr. Corkoran, P.P., in a letter to Mr. Redington says: Over sixteen deaths occurred in my parishes for the last ten days. I am morally certain that each and every one of them was occasioned and accelerated by want of food and fire. Buckley, of Ballyvorane, and Sullivan, of Oysterhaven, died suddenly. Buckley dropped dead on the works, after a journey of three miles before day. His wife will make affidavit, that he had not sufficient food the night before he died, and that she and the rest of her family lived thirty-six hours on wild weeds to spare a bit of the cake for him. (In this case, a Coroners verdict was given without sight of the body.) This horrifying economy is practiced by scores of families in this district. Similar effects must be expected from similar causes. I fear we must bury the dead coffinless in future. My God! what a revolting idea! Without food when alive, without a coffin when dead."

The Rev. Robert Traill, chairman of the Schule Relief Committee, county Cork, states that 15,000 persons in that wide district are destitute; of this 5000 are entirely dependent on casual charity; fifty deaths have resulted from famine and "hundreds" are so reduced that not food or medicine can restore them! The deaths, he adds, now average 25 daily!!

Ten additional deaths by starvation have occurred in the barony of gantry. The Jury at the inquests at Bantry handed in the following remonstrance, by their foreman, Mr. E. OSullivan:-- "That we feel it our duty to state, under the correction of the Court, that it is our opinion that, if the Government of the country shall persevere in its determination of refusing to use the means available to it for the purpose of lowering the price of food, so as to place it within the reach of the labouring poor, the result will be a sacrifice of human life from starvation to a frightful extent, and endangerment of property and of the public peace . . .

The Illustration shows a benevolent attempt to mitigate the suffering in the city of Cork, viz., the Society of Friends Soup House. There are many similar establishments in operation through the county; but, we prefer the annexed because the idea originated with the Society of Friends. The funds for its support are chiefly raised among this charitable class; and we are happy to state that the establishment is now in a position to supply 1500 gallons of Soup daily, at a loss, or rather cost, of from £120 to £150 per month to the supporters of the design. The present calls are for from 150 to 180 gallons daily, requiring 120 pounds of good beef, 27 pounds of rice, 27 pounds of oatmeal, 27 pounds of split peas, and 14 ounces of spices, with a quantity of vegetables. Tickets, at one penny each, are unsparingly distributed, on presenting one of which, each poor person receives one quart of soup, with half a small loaf of bread; and both are of good quality.

In the making of the Soup, the greatest possible cleanliness is observed; attention is paid to the poor, who throng the place daily, for their cheap supply of food; as well as to the visitors, who go to see the soup made, and who are requested to test its quality, and suggest any improvement. The vats, which are shown in the Sketch, are worked by a steamengine, in an adjoining house; and, to ensure cleanliness, as well as sweetness, they are used alternately. Too much credit cannot be given to this establishment, and to the exertions of the Society of Friends in general; for, not content with originating these Soup Establishments, they have also raised a sum of money for distribution in the west, so as the more effectually to relieve the poor in distant districts. http://tinyurl.com/qderf

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Newton Abbot Agricultural Societys Ploughing Team at Buckland Barton in the parish of Coombeinteignhead

Commencement of The Ipswich and Bury St Edmund Railway at Norwich

The Cambridge Chancellorship Election: Exterior of The Senate House During The Election

Cambridge Chancellorship Election: Interior of The Senate house, The Election

The Cambridge Chancellorship Election: The Railway Station at Cambridge, Arrival of Voters

The Cambridge Chancellorship Election: Gateway of st Johns College

The Cambridge Chancellorship Election: St Johns Colelge, Earl Powiss, From The Garden

March - Heads of The Month drawn by Kenny Meadows

Herry Fishery, Isle of Man

Scene From Wallaces New Opera of Matilda of Hungary at Drury Lane Theatre

New Branch Bank of England, At Manchester

Saint George The Martyr, Southwark

Ancient Crosses at Sandbach, Cheshire

Chess Problem

Also articles (no engravings unless listed above) including:
Government Expenditure

Foreign Intelligencre

The Russo Dutch Loan

Accidents and offences

Law Intelligence, Persecution of Miss Burdett Coutts by Mr Dunn

Assize Intelligence, Trials for Murder

Police, Asault Upon Mr Urquhart by a Polish Refugee

The Court and Haut Ton, Buckingham Palace etc

Obituary of Eminent Persons Recently deceased includes Denis Arthur Bingham, Lord Clanmorris died at Rugby aged 39 - - - Palafox, Duke of Saragossa, Don Joseph palafox - - - TME Rev Edward South Thurlow


24th April

price sixpence.

May 29th

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St Stephens Church Westminster - Miss Angela Burdett Coutts Laying the Foundation Stone of the Church

Miss Burdett Coutts

St. Stephens Church at Westminster founded by Miss Angela Burdett Coutts

Warwick - Meeting of the British Archaeological Association:

Warwick Castle FroM the Avon

Guys Cliff view through an avenue of trees

Beauchamp Chapel and Tomb

Statue of Guy

Guys Tower

Guys Cliff .

Warwick Castle

Beauchamp Chapel - The Confessional

The Planet Saturn small engraving

Chess Problem

Northampton - Royal Agricultural Society of England Meeting

Northampton from the Danes Camp plus text surrounded with an engraved border - Full page

Northampton - The Railway Station

Interior of St Sepulchres Round Church

Northampton Cross

Remains of northampton Castle

St Johns Hospital

Blight on the Wheat, Pea, Bean and Potato Crops

Tare plant

Wheat plant

Bean plant

Potato plant

Loughs Marble Statue of Prince Albert in the Royal Exchange

Wimbledon Park - An Oak Struck By Lightning .

Faversham - Scene of the Late Gun Cotton Explosion

This second part of the description features a list of news articles etc. but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include :-

The Dissolution ( of Parliament )

Foreign and Colonial News

A Woman named Mary Hughes Tried for Hanging Three of Her children, Sarah Mary and Evan - at Carmarthen at a cottage at the foot of the Klanbyther Mountain ( probably Llanybyther or Llanbyther )

Triple Murders at Mirfield in Yorkshire - The Tiral of Patrick Reid

A Woman Convicted of Poisoning - Mary Anne Miller Poisoned Her Mother in Law Mary Miller and Sister In Law Hannah Jickels at Barnetby le wold in Lincolnshire

Death of a Wife from Brutal Treatment - Hercules Lovell Blewitt Indicted for the Murder of Wife at Dudley

Imperial Parliament with mention of:

The Manchester Bishopric .

Lord Brougham and the Business of the Session

The Marquis of Lansdowne

Lord G. Bentink referring to Sir Robert Peels Address to The Electors of Tamworth

Education - Lord Stanley - Marquis Lansdowne - Lord Beaumont

Poor Law Administration Bill

The Late James Wood of Gloucester

Mr Alderman Gibbs and His Accounts

DEath of the Rev. Dr shepherd - - - death of the OConor Don MP for Roscommon - small

The Late Chief Justice of Bombay Sir David Pollock .

Illustrated London News Editorial

The Weather

The Court and Haut Ton - Royal Comings and Goings

Metropolitan News includes: -

Election for the City of London

the Lambeth Election

The Marylebone Election

tower Hamlets Election

Country News includes:

Sir Robert Peel and the Electors of Tamworth

Also Electio news from Bath - Cambridge - Cheltenham - Liverpool - Sunderland - Windsor - etc

Opening of the South Devon Railway from Newton to Totnes

Accidents and Offences includes:

Death of MR Walton the Miel Actor from an Overdose of Laudanum and Opium - inquest held at TheFeathers in Warren St., Fitzroy Square

Fatal Accident on the Blackwall Railway - Inquest Held at the Railway Tavern at Blackwall on John Collyer who was killed at the West India Docks

Fatal Accident on the Eastern Counties Railway at Shoreditch in London of William Caldwell of York

Accident on the South Western Railway at Moreton Heasth

Curious Case of Somnambulism - Son of Mr Charles Stuart Voules of Park Street Windsor

Wife Charged with Poisoning Her Husband at North Shields - Margaret Lennox

The Thesatres with mention of Carlotta Grisi - - - Royal - - - The Haymarket - - - Lyceum - Italian Opera .

Chess Enigmas

Irleand includes:

The Elections

Address to the Lord Lieutenant etc

Frightful Murder in County Limerick - A man named Hayes near the Village of Toomavara

Food From America - apprx 50 words

The Repeal Association - apprx 70 words

Obituary of Eminent Persons Recently Deceased includes:

Hubert Kelly Esq MD died at Parsonstown Kings County in Ireland

Mister T. J. Walton the Stage Manager of the Princess Theatre

Musical Review

National Sports

The Markets - List showing prices of Wheat - Linseed - Bread - Sugar - Rice - Tallow - Rum - Hay and Straw - Hops - etc

Monetary Transactions for the Week from the City Correspondent

The London Gazette shows War Office APpointments - - Bankrupts

Births Marriages and Deaths


The New Palace at Westminster

Singular Mode of Punishment at Arnheim in Holland of a Catholic Priest Named Gepkens

A Corageous Woman on a ship named Minerve from Konigsberg to Riga - a Madame Hesser

Great Loss of Life i na Belgian Coal Mine - the Marihaye Coal Works near Seraing


September 18th

A special edition following the announcement of the sale of Shakespeares house.

The extraordinary interest manifested throughout the country by the announcement of the sale of Shakespeares house, at Stratford-upon-Avon, assured us that we should gratify our Readers in presenting to them a series of New and Original Pictures of the Localities in and around Stratford, which are associated with our immortal Poet. The present Number of our Journal will show how far we have succeeded in this object. The Pictures have been drawn upon the spot, by Mr. E Duncan; and the accompanying descriptive memoir is authenticated by a careful investigation of various sources of valuable information, placed at the disposal of the Author and Artist, during their recent visit to Stratford."

Other interesting articles in this newspaper include; a page of fascinating advertisements, a chess problem (with diagram), news of an attempted murder in Mark-Lane, the loss of the ship, Shanunga, and news of the situation between the USA and Mexico.

December 18th

price 6d

The civic guard house at Rome -

The commercial travellers school at Wanstead

Mr John Reynolds MP for Dublin

Indian Lock

American vessel on fire off Weymouth

Royal academy prizes : Sculpture by mr George G Adams - Murder of the innocents -

Painting by mr John E Millais - The young men of the destroyed tribe of Benjamin siezing their destined brides in the vineyards -

The Hussite sermon painted by C F Lessing -

The lady Kennaway in tow of the Danish vessels Industrie and Nayaden drawn by Condy -

The late Mr Robert Liston

The late Purtaub Singh, Rajah of Sattara

Cod fishing off the doggerbank or Dogger bank - drawn by Duncan -

The late sir charles Dalbiac

Soyers miniature kitchen & Moveable balance grating

Pierret and Morels rotary steam engine - 2 views named : Interior and simply Rotary steam engine

The St Georges brewery, Whitechapel

The new museum at Ipswich

The revolution house at Whittington


House of Lords, House of commons

Central criminal court - curious gambling case Charles Brewer Rolphs and Andrew William Barr having conspired to cheat and defraud a gentleman named Kerie

Lord William Vane Powlett of curzon street Mayfair charged with having stolen 2 embroidered slippers value 12 shillings from the shop of Mr Emmanuel Stahl burlington arcade.

Highway robberies and attempted murders in the neighbourhood of Neath Swansea and Abravon


Italy ( letters from Naples)

Parliamentary portraits - Mr John Reynolds MP for Dublin

Dr Hampden - protest of Bishops

News from Ireland

Obituary of eminent persons recently deceased - Sir John Leman Rogers Bart of Wisdome co Devon

Judge Burton senior judge of the court of Queens Bench in Ireland

Thomas Duncombe esq of Copgrove Co York

Lady Gardiner of Kinmel park St Asaph

Lady Montfort of Lower Eaton street

The Rajah of Sattara at Benares

The Professors lady by Berthold Auerbach author of Village tales of the black forest - translated by Mary Howitt

The society of British Musicians


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