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The Illustrated London News 1854

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1854 newcastle fire

1854 Widespread Fires in Newcastle upon Tyne

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Events of this year in the Illustrated London News

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War on Danude 1854, Russian and Turkish.




Deputation of the Society of Friends to the Emperor of Russia At Saint Petersburg – front page (there is a small hole in the bottom border of this page, there is no material missing and it is easily repaired)

Exportation of Corn at Seville – near half page

Reception of the Duke of Saxe Coburg at Paris – near half page

Departure of the Ocean French Fleet from Brest – approximately 2/3 of a page, with the names of the principal vessels listed beneath the illustration, complete with horsepower, admirals names, and more

Vice Adml Sir Charles Napier Commander of the Baltic Fleet (from a daguerreotype by Mayall) – almost full page from a drawing by what looks like Marquoid

Armed Dervishes Accompanying Troops on a Skirmish

Wreck in Correjou Bay, on the Coast of Brittany – one 3rd of a page

Horticultural Fete at Colombo – one 3rd of a page

Farewell of the 1st Battalion of Scots Fusiliers Guards at Buckingham Palace – full page

– Illustrated London News Supplement –

Fruit – Painted by George Lance

Bust of Prof Graham – by P Park

Testimonial Presented to the Rev WC Fenton

Walker's Quartz Crushing Machinery

The Youthful Artist painted by J Sant – near half page

A Summer Evening in Wales – painted by T Danby

English Songs and Melodies – Poetry by Charles Mackay, The Symphonies and Accompaniments by Sir HR Bishop – half page illustrations followed by a half page, a full page, another full page, a half page, musical score complete with words – the song being RAISE HIGH THE FLAG, and the instructions in a very spirited and energetic manner air, Fortune My Foe – it is followed by a note by Sir HR Bishop, and an illustration of the fleet at sea (near half page)

The War Budget

Peace Deputation to the Czar (modern : Tsar)

Rumoured Retreat of the Russians

The French Expeditionary Force

the Czar's (modern : Tsar) Reply To the Emperor of France

The French Circular

The Summons to the Czar (modern : Tsar) para new Russian proposals

The Russian Fleet in the Baltic

The Russian Holy War

Wretched Condition of the Russian Army

The Greek Insurrection

Denmark – Sweden

Prussian preparations for war

Russian American Privateers

her Majesty's visit to the fleet

Portrait of Sir Charles Napier

Preparations for War, with a paragraph on each of the following: – the Baltic fleet, troops for the East, arrival of the guards at Malta, inspection of the Royal Artillery by Prince Albert

Exportation of Corn from Seville

Arrival of the Duke of Saxe Coburg at Paris

Departure of the Ocean French Fleet from Brest

A National Song for Sir Charles Napier and the Baltic fleet, by Charles Mackay

Banquet to Sir C Napier at the Reform Club

Vice Adml Sir Charles Napier Chief in Command of the Baltic Fleet

The War on the Danube (Kalafat)

The Czar's (modern : Tsar) Manifesto

House Of Commons, with an interesting little table showing the country's income to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, showing the amount of estimated income compared with actual receipts for Customs Excise stamps taxes income tax post office crown lands old stores miscellaneous

Obituary of Eminent Persons including: – Sir John Conroy of Arborsfield Hall near Reading Berks – Charles William Stewart Vane, Marquis of Londonderry – Baron de Rehausen

Escape from Assassination (from a correspondent in Peshawar)

Wreck on the Coast of Brittany

Horticultural Fete at Colombo

The British Institution – works of British artists

literature That with reviews of: – Illustrations of Ancient Art Selected from Objects Discovered at Pompeii and Herculaneum by the Rev Edward Trollope – The Bhilsa Topes etc by Brevet Maj Alexander Cunningham, Bengal engineers Smith elder and co-– a lady's visit to the goal diggings of Australia in 1852 – 3 by Mrs Charles Clacy – The Greyhound: a treaties on breeding rearing and training greyhounds for public running their diseases etc by Stonehenge

Bust of Prof Graham

The Beard and Moustache Movement (a letter to the editor from Imberbis)

Testimonial Presented to the Rev WC Fenton

Quartz Crushing Machinery for California




Muchaver pacha – Admiral Adolphus Slade of the Ottoman Navy ' front page

' The Nuzetieh – Admiral Slade's Flagship ' front page

' A Group of Russian Peasants '

' Near the Caspian - A Cossack Station '

' The Steppes of the Caspian ' the engraving shows pelicans in the foreground with a camel caravan in the distance – there is some bleedthrough of print from the preceeding page

' Widdin on the Danube ' an engraving showing the port From the opposite shaw with men pulling guns into position – info. Vidin

' Panoramic View of Sinope on the Black Sea ' two engravings stretching over the double half page – there is also a list of the Turkish Squadron of Frigates Destroyed in the Bay by the Russians, with a list of numbers of men killed, drowned and missing – Crimean War

' The Corvette Nedge Jesan ' the ship on its side

' Admiral Dunas Greeting General Baraguay D'Hilliers On Board Ship While Anchored in the Bosphorus '

' AT Chatham –

Chess Problem by W. Bigland Esq

' The Farewell Dinner to Admiral Sir James Stirling '

' The Royal Chapel at Madrid Spain - The Remains of the Infanta (baby) Lying in State '

' Silver Candelabrum by Hunt and Roskell – A testimonial to the Right Hon. George Bankes MP of Dorset '

' Prince Napoleon Bonaparte '

' Japanese Furniture – An Exhitigion I Pall Mall East Gallery '

' The MP For Norwich – Mr Edward Warner ' .

' The MP for Peterborough – Mr Thomson Hankey The Seconder of the Address In the House of Commons '

' MP for Cirencester – The Hon. A. G. J. Ponsonby ' – info. Ashley George John

' The HM Steam Ship Hannibal Being Launched at the Dockyard at Deptford '

Supplement to the Illustrated London News

' The Norman Porch, Houses of parliament – Queen Victoria Proceeding to the Robing Room Before Entering the House of Lords '

' Queen Victoria Ascending the Throne in the House of Lords ' dressed in her robes

' Bas Reliefs in the New Vestibule at Buckingham Palace – Peace and War ' two engravings

' The Exterior of St Stephens Porch at The New Houses of Parliament ' engraving showing the royal coach and people milling around

' St Stephens Porch – The Staircase '

' Queen Victoria Leaving Buckingham Palace ' full page print from engraving – shows the coach leaving the gates and guardsmen lined up

' Queen Victorias Royal Procession Passing Whitehall ' full age print from engraving

' The Reception of the Turkish Ambassador on Tuesday Last '

' The House of Lrods – The Refreshment Room ' men sitting reading etc

' Statues in St Stephens Hall and The Central Hall ' full page print fromengraving showing various Kings and Queens through the ages

The Queens Speech

Captain Adolphus Slade, Muchaver Pacha

Warlike Indications – The Russian Embassy

Foreign and colonial News includes:








The Black Sea – A Letter from an Officer of Admiral Dundas's Fleet on the Expeditom to Sinope, Trebizond etc

The War in Asia

War on the Danube


America, The United States



Cape of Good Hope

Illustrated London News Editorial – The Departure of the Russian Ambassador – This page is inked with the ILN One Penny Stamp

Metropolitan News includes - Meteorological Observations by James Glaisher

The Court – Royal Comings and Goings

Latest Intelligence includes – Merchant Shipping and Pilotage

Theatres – Drury Lane with ref. to Mr G. V. Brooke – M. Miel

Employers and Employed

The Wreck of the RMS " Tayleur " which was wrecked on Lambay Island off Dublin Ireland – Conclusion of the Inquest – with mention of Captain Noble

Obituary of Eminent Persons Includes:

Sir Ralph Lopes of Maristow Devon

Charles Rodney Morgan Esq MP aged 25

Charles John Tindal Esq died near Sydney in Australia

The Death of Jerome Adolphe Blanquie – Aine

Wills (short announcements) – Baron Mecklethwait – William Edwards of Bristol, Banker – William Knott of Surrey – Lady Winnington of Winterdyne, Worcs – Rev. William Bengo Collier of Chislehurst and Peckham .

Spring Circuits of the Judges – Hon. Mr Justice's Erle – Martin - Talfourd – Crompton etc

The Beard and Moustache Movement

Wreck of the Screw Steamer Olinda on Harry Furlong Rocks – info. on Harry Furloughs rocks off Cemlyn Bay Anglesey

Monetary Transactions of the Week

The Markets – Prices of Wheat – Corn – Linseed – Bread – Tea - Sugar – Coffee – Tallow – Spirits – Potatoes – Coals, Carrs Hof Hartley, Gosforth, Hedley, Lambton, - Hops – Meat and Offle, Smithfield, Newgate and LEadenhall

The London Gazette with Notices of Bankrupts - - War Offic Appointments with list, Troop Corporal Major H. Hanly to Quartermaster – Major W. Unett – Lieut H. F. Massy – T. Reive – Ensign R. F. Eyre – and many more

Birtsh Marriages and Deaths

Parliament – The Movers and Seconders of the Address – Earl Ducie – Earl of Carnarvon - Viscoutn Castlerosse – Mr Thomson Hankey Jun. – Edward Warner – Hon. A. Ponsonby MP

Parliament - The Queens Speech etc – eight pages

Otho, King of Greece, and His Queen, and Suite, At Athens - half page on front page (6 cm or 2.5 inch tear to this engraving - doesn't really show too much - if of interest, please ask for a scan)

The Tiger Ashore off Odessa (also showing the Vesuvius and The Niger)

New room at the Royal Museum, at Naples, with the Giant Vases

Supposed Hunting Tiger on Vase

Antelope on Archaic vase

Terra Cotta Ribbed Archaic Vase

The Tombstone of Blusus

Station of the Trieste - Vienna Railway at Trieste - near half page

The Austrian Lloyd's New Arsenal at Trieste - half page (some of the ink from the previous page has 'bled' onto these two engravings due to probably being pressed closed tightly and weighted, too soon after printing - see scan)

The Crystal Palace at Sydenham as it will appear when completed - superb Double Page engraving

Front of the new Grand central railway station at Birmingha - small half page (some slight ink problems to this one too)

Poynton and Worth Colliers Library and Reading room

Rejoicing at Henllys, Beaumaris, to celebrate the majority of the Heir of Baron Hill - near half page

The Late James Montgomery, The Poet painted by R Smith

A Winter's Morning painted by E Duncan - half page

Pigmy Elephants at the Surrey Zoological Gardens drawn by H Weir

Lion Cubs in the Gardens of the Zoological society Regent's Park

Mincemeat - The winner of the Oaks - half page

Opening of the Crystal Palace in the Royal Old Wells Gardens, Cheltenham - half page

The Magellan and The Sidon attacking Kustengeh on the Black Sea

Exterior of Barracks at Scutari

Officers Quarters at the Turkish Barracks, Scutari

The Dragon shelling fort Gustavusvarn, Hango

The Magicienne attacking the Russian Forts in Hango Bay

Drawing of the shattered Funnel of the Hecla steam ship

Plan of HMS Arrogant and Hecla taking a merchant ship from the port of Eckness in the Gulf of Finland after passing and destroying the defences May 20 1854

The Amusements of the people (on the Crystal Palace)

Greece - French Occupation - Otho and His Queen

The Investment of Silistria

The advance of the allied troops

The Allied Fleets in the Black Sea

The King of Portugal at Southampton

The new room in the Royal Museo Borbonico

The Trieste Vienna railway

The Greek insurrection in Turkey

The Rumoured advance of the Russians

A Guide to the crystal palace

The Opening of the Crystal Palace

The Poynton and Worth Colliers Library and newsroom

The Grand central station at Birmingham

Festivities in Anglesea (Anglesey)

The Late James Montgomery

A Winters morning by E Duncan

New attempt to guide a parachute

Regents Park Zoological gardens

Lion cubs and dog

The winners of the Derby and The Oaks

The Crystal palace at Cheltenham

The present condition of the army

A German on our soldiers dress

The Siege of Silistria

The Turkish commander of Silistria

A new war projectile (Grenades Gyges)

The English Troops at Scutari

Experiments on Gustavusvarn

A Gallant cutting out affair

Captain Hall of the Hecla

Her Majesty's New Castle Of Balmoral, From The North East - Front page half page

John King Of Saxony

Opening Of The First Cape Parliament, In The Stateroom, Cape Town - Half Page

The Doncaster Race Plate 1854

Inauguration Of Marochetti's Statue Of Her Majesty At Glasgow - half page

Meeting Of Prince Albert and The Emperor Of The French At Boulogne - full page

Prince Albert, The Emperor Of The French, And Staff, At The Review At Marquise - Full Page

Visit Of The Emperor Of The French To The Royal Yacht, At Boulogne - Half Page

Fraternization Of The British Horse Guards And The French Cent Gardes, At Boulogne - near half page

The Monument Of Lorenzo De Medici, By Michael Angelo in the Italian Court At The Crystal Palace - Large Half page

The Liebig Testimonial

Monument To The Late Rev Dr Butler, In Harrow Church

Surrender Of The Tower Of Prasto, Bomarsund - Half page

The Kuleieh Barracks, Constantinople; The Royal Artillery Disembarking From 'The Jason'

Panoramic half page view of Bridge Across The Cauvery At Trichinopoly

Panoramic half page view : Shanghae (shanghai) from an original sketch

Japanese Copper coin

Chess problem by C M Ingleby of Birmingham

A series of 6 sketches over two pages apparently by H G Hine, Illustrating scenes from 'A Long Vacation Vigil' by Cuthbert Brede

2 sketches ' The Mediaeval game Of Shatranj' and ' Diagram of The Ancient Hindu Chess Board' - both sketches accompanying a good long article entitled ' Some Observations on the origins of chess by Dr Duncan Forbes(Chapter v - so just an instalment)

The Expedition to the Crimea


A Noble Portuguese Fortune Hunter (Duke of Saldanha)

The Health Of The Fleet At Baltschik Bay

Destruction of Fortifications At Aland

The Allied Fleets In The Baltic

The King Of Saxony

The Russian Retreat, Spirited conduct Of Wallachian Militia

Opening Of The Cape parliament

Staue of The Queen

The Doncaster Race Plate

Obituaries including :- Sir John Ashburnham of Bromham - Sir Henry Boynton of Burton Agnes York - Philip Barker Webb esq died of Cholera in Paris - Francis Hutchinson Synge esq of Weston Lodge Weston Super Mare

Norwich Music Festival

The Theatre : Mrs Fitzwilliam

Experiments on how to stop a train

Spanish robbers on the road from Madrid to Saragossa

The Cholera in The Vatican

Steam Between Liverpool and France

Bill Johnson The American Smuggler

Lorenzo De Medici monument

Monument to Dr Butler

Doncaster Races

The Surrender Of Prasto

The Kuleieh Barracks

Hong Kong and Shanghae

Bridge across the Cauvery

Notes of a rambler : Aberdeen Stage coaches

The Long Vacation Vigil by Cuthbert Bede

A Peep Into Sebastopol

Bread Riots in Brussels

Average Illness among the labouring Classes


Wreck of an Egyptian vessel of war between Constantinople and Varna - Large Half Page

Matacong on the west coast of Africa The pier warehouses etc - Half Page

Skull and horns of a wild buffalo shot in central Assam

Fort Fillmore new mexico .

The Bromborough Pool Candle works - from the Mersey - Half Page

Interior view under three spans of roof - Small Half Page

Zouaves .

French infantry of the line

The Battle of Inkerman - Repulse of the Russians - Half Page

The Trafalgar and Retributionat the siege of Sebastopol from a sketch by Lt Montagu o'Reilly - Full Page (small tear to RH border)

New church built by sir Benjamin Hall at Abercarn south wales

The font in which Edward the Confessor was baptised at Islip

Welsh Peasant woman .

Launch of the vittorio Emanuele - Iron screw steamer at Blackwall - Small Half Page(small stain in the sky on this one)

Paris Fashions for December - Half Page

Scene from the new farce of 'The Slow man' at the Adelphi theatre - Half Page

The late Mr J G Lockhart

The late viscount Chewton

The late professor Edward Forbes

Publication of a war gazette extraordinary at the office St Martin's Lane - Small Half Page

This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include :-

The meeting of parliament The Siege of Sebastopol

Matacong west coast of Africa

The Czar and the four points .

Price's patent candle company

Obituary of eminent persons including :

Countess of Strathmore and Kinghorn at Florence : Lady Emily Pusey of Pusey Berkshire : Robert edward king Viscount Lorton of Roscommon : Lt Gen Richard Egerton of Eaton Banks cheshire : Lt Gen Richard Whish of Clifton : Sir Hugh Stewart of Tyrone : Sir William Gordon Cumming of Altyre and Gordonstown : Sir Michael H Hicks-Beach of Williamstrip park : Sir Gilbert Affleck of Dalham hall Suffolk : Sir Arthur Brinsley Brooke of Cole Brooke Fermanagh : General George Hunter of Dundee

Anniversary of the Polish Insurrection

Mr Albert Smith's ascent of Mont Blanc


Generals in 1854

Vol. XXIV (24), January to June, Vol. XXV (25), July to December,

Two Volumes, covering 52 weeks of the year 1854, each volume containing 26 weekly issues and the supplements.

some events of this year in the Illustrated London News:


some of the other Engravings in the 2 Volumes: of 1854


There are advertisements


Explosion at a Powder mill

Trivia Viuneyard advert


Plan of the Battle of Kalafat and the Retreat of the Russians to Krajova ’ front page engraving – a map showing Kalafat – the River Danube – Road to Krajova etc

‘ At Widdin - Distant View of Kalafat From the Court Yard of the pacha’s Residence ’ front page

‘ The Himalaya Screw Steam Ship of The Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigaton Company ’

‘ Iron Coaling Station for Steamers at Cape Town’

‘ The Fleet – Sketched Near Hampstead’ a stream or small river

‘ Repair of the Fleet Sewers ’ men working in underground sewers

‘ Sir Robert Harry Inglis Late MP for the University of Oxford ’


‘ The Sultan Proceeding to Mosque at Constantinople ‘ full page print from engraving

‘ The Emperor Nicholas - The Grand Duke Alexander and Staff Miel at St Petersburg ’ full page print from engraving

‘Opening of the Canada Great Western Railway – London Station ’

‘ The Bread Riot at Exeter ’

‘ In Kilndown Church - The Funeral of Viscount Beresford ’

‘ Islington - The New Church of St Andrew, Thornhill square Caledonian Road ’

‘ New Campanile at Trinity College Dublin ’ from an architects drawing by Mr C. Lanyon of Belfast’

‘ The Late M. Ennius-Quirinus Visconti – The Architerct of the Louvre’

‘ Scene from the New Drama of “ The Hope of the Family” at the Haymarket Theatre ’

Objects from The Museum of Ornamental Art:

‘ German Tankard Engraved with the Arms of the City of Nuremberg ’

‘ Venetian Glass ’

‘ The Chinese Bronze Belonging to Queen Victoria ’

‘ John Wesley’s Teapot ’

‘ Two Italian Carved Panels ’

‘ Chess Problem’

The Prince Consort – Prince Albert

The Battles of Kalafat and Citale – The Glorious Defeat of the Russians

the War on The Danube – “From Our Special Correspondent – Widden 30 Dec 1853”

Prince Albert – A Letter by Mr C. C. Greville Clerk of the Privy Council, to the Times explaining why the Prince may not Legally be a Privy Councillor

The Slanders Against Prince Albert – Letter in The Daily News fro J. A. Roebuck

Provincial Intelligence includes The Annual Political Gathering at Manchester - - - The Preston Strike etc

The Extraordinary High Price of Coal – small 115 wrds

Foreign and Colonial News includes:

France with mention to M. de Kisseleff and the ball at the Tuileries





TheWar in Asia



America – USA

The Emperor Nicholas and The House of Romanoff

The Duchrss of Orleans and The Fusionists – a letter from Helene Duchsse D’Orleans to The Duke de Nemours dated Eisenach 10 Dec 1853

Cotton in India

Bread Riots at Exeter

Wills include:

Right Hon. Countess of Newburgh late of Hassop all, Derby

Sir Richard Kellet of Mespil parade, Dublin

Miss Margaret Creak late of Norwich

Mr William Maltby, Librarian to the London Institution – small announcement

Pulteney Mein Esq Surgeon – small

Obituary of Eminent Persons includes:

The Earl of Portsmouth – formerly Mr Newton Fellowes

The Hon. James Hope-Wallace of Featherstone Castle, Northumberland

Major General Taylor of Ogwell, Devon and Governor of The Royal Military College Sandhurst

Paris Plays and Play Goers

The Corporation Commission

Soldiers Female Orphans – Letter to the Editor

A Still in Euxton Church in the Neighbourhood of Preston

Religious Worship – Census Tables

the City Corporation – Its Markets

The Markets – Prices of Wheat – Linseed – bread – Sugar – Tea – Tallow – Hay and Straw – Hops – Coals – Meat – etc

the London Gazette – Bankrupts - - War Office Appointments


Births Marriages and Deaths, short announcements – Deaths mention - A. G. W. Biddulph of Burton Park - John Bolton at Micklegate York – Henry Braddell at The Hotel, Mallow – David Burton at Cherry Burton – Rear Admiral G. T. Falcon – Lwis Pattison Legge of The Grove, Houghton le Spring – Major General Oliver at Clifton – W. Rickford at Aylesbury – Rev. C. Thorold at Bakewell - - - Marriages inc. Cathcart to Payne – Dupuis to Greene – Malden to Walker – Reive – Mangin to Fountaine – Mildmay to Grenville – Underwood to Fowell – York to Wheler - - - Births inc. The Princess Santa Croce – A. Hastie MP of a daughter - etc




HMS Miranda and her prizes in Litscha bay Russian Lapland

The Norwegian trunk railway - Eidsvold station - HP

Collation at the opening of the Norwegian trunk railway - HP

Firing the Tower guns for the great victory in the Crimea - HP

Firing the park guns for the great victory in the Crimea - HP

The Lord Mayor proclaiming at the royal exchange the Victory on the Alma - HP

The Lord mayor reading the news of the victory on the Alma at the sheriff's inauguration dinner at the London Tavern - HP

The Lower Canadian agricultural exhibition - HP

Anglo saxon Fibula

Large anglo saxon fibula

another anglo saxon fibula

Anglo saxon buckles and beads

anglo saxon pottery

anglo saxon glass - all the above from ' antiquities from the Faussett collection at Liverpool '

Presentation of colours to the cambridge militia at Ely - LHP

Stoney Middleton the seat of the late lord Denman

The late Mr Henry Fourdrinier, the patentee of the paper making machine

Captain M'Clure in his arctic dress from a photograph by captain Inglefield - SHP

Eupatoria - Landing of the Crimean expedition featuring the Caradoc , Boat with staff landing, Mosque - SHP

Varna Bay - The allied expedition fleet getting under way for the Crimea - FP

Plan of the relative positions of the russians and of the allies ( on their landing in the Crimea ) - SHP

The war with Russia : Landing of the allied expedition in Kalamita bay - Double Page consisting of 23 panoramic views featuring : Transports, English steamers English landing place , Agamemnon - Flagship of Admiral Lyons , The Terrible , French Landing place - Rodney , French Liners and transports, Britannia - Flagship of Admiral Dundas , London , The Caradoc with Lord Raglan on board & The rifles and detachments of troops (there are a few printing creases across this double page

The Victory in the Crimea

The diversion in Bessarabia

The Crisis in Denmark

The camps at Boulogne

Expected attack on Cronstadt

The overland mail - India and china

The revolution in spain

Ominous symptoms on the Austrian frontier

The white sea squadron

Norwegian grand trunk railway featuring the consultancy of Mr Robert Stephenson

Queen Anne's Farthing

The Austrians in Wallachia

Obituary of eminent persons - John Butler Marquis of Ormonde of Kilkenny Castle : George Leith Roupell of Welbeck street physician to St Bartholomew's hospital : Mr George Field of Sion Hill park near Brentford : Mr John Moore the publisher of St Martin's lane

The theatres : The Kings Rival at St James's by Taylor and Reade -

The Faussett collection of antiquities

Nooks and corners of Old England : Stoney Middleton, Derbyshire

A Little meeting at Ruthin and the Caledonian Hunt

Half yearly report of the Central association in aid of the wives and families, widows and orphans of soldiers ordered on active service

The Arctic expedition aboard the phoenix

2.5 pages of description and troop movements in the events in the Crimea

The Late Mr Henry Fourdrinier




' the Admiral Receiving King Ducimo on Board The Penelope off Lagos '

' SHeers and Repairing Quay Southampton Dock '

' Marble Statue of Lord De Saumares Recently Placed in Greenwich Hospital '

' Military Memorial Lately Erected at Hong Kong '

' New Years Reception by The Emperor and Empress of the French at The Tuileries '

' Juvenile Evening party at Paris '

' Obelisk at Constantinople '

' Map of The Black Sea and The Seat of War in the East '

' The Tower of Galata at Constantinople '

' Burgas on The Black Sea ' or Bourgas

' Residence of Prince Gortschakoff near Bucharest '

' Fortress of Semendria '

' Servian Village '

' Servian Inn'

' Servian Shop '

' Servian Peasant ' - - ' Servian Ox Waggon ' - - - ' Servian Priest '

' A London Street Scene During the Late Frost '

' Railway Train in The Snow '

' The Thames Below Bridge, During The Late Frost '

' Wrecks on The Coast at Tynemouth ' the Schooner Eliza

' Testimonial To Mr Alderman Matthews Mayor and Master Cutler, Sheffield '


' Prizes at the Metropolitan Poultry Show - Red Turbits - Black Nuns - Pouters - Almond Tumblers - Dun Cock Carrier - White Fantails ' Pigeons

' Prizes at the Metropolitan Poultry Show - Gold Laced Bantams - Game Cock - White Bantams - Golden Spangled Hamburg '

' Prizes at the Metropolitan Poultry Show -Spanish Fowls - White Cochin China '

' Prizes at the Metropolitan Poultry Show - First Prize Turkey - Rouen Ducks - Geese '

Four prints from engravings on a full page


' Snowballing Upon the Liverpool Exchange ' a snowball fight between the cotton brokers and the share brokers. Age yellowing to this engraving

Also articles (no engravings) including
' The Allied Fleets in the Euxine ' Black Sea

' The Manifesto to the French Government Addressed by M. Drouyn de Lluys '

' Shameful Treatment of Englishmen by Russia

'Foreign and Colonial News' includes The Turkish Insurrection - - The War on The Danube - - America with reference to the fire in New York. Also riotous demonstrations in Cincinnati against Signor Bedini The Popes Nuncio. - - Australia Melbourne and reference to the gang of mounted highwaymen including John Frances a ticket of leave convict from Sheffield, who robbed the McIvor Gold Escort

' The Arctic Search ' with reference to Captain Maguire at Point Barrow and trouble with the native Esquimaux ( eskimo ) settlement

' Provincial Intelligence ' includes The Bread Riots in Devonshire with reference to Crediton and Exeter - - Mysterious and Fatal Catastrophe, Thomas Longbottom of Huhnslet Road Near Leeds

' The Theatres ' including The Drury Lane and reference to Mr Mark Lemon, Mr T. Mead, Mrs E. Lewis and others

' The Black Sea '

' The Late Snow Storm '

' Wreck of a Steamer ' The Yorkshireman, at Donaghadee

' Obituary of Eminent Persons ' includes The Viscount William Carr Beresford died at his seat Bedgebury Park near Goudhurst Kent. Shows coat of arms - - - William Conyngham, Lord Plunket died at his seat Old Connaught, Wicklow. Shows coat of arms - - - Sir Richard Godin Simeon died at Swainston Isle of Wight. Shows coat of arms

' Wills ' include the Right Hon. Valentine Browne, Viscount Castlerosse and Earl of Kenmare - - - General Sir Augustus De Butts KCH

' Suspected Hocussing And Murder ' an old female miser named Mary Anne Allan of Brookes Market, Leather lane

' The London Corporation - The City Police and Thieves Sanctuary

' Metropolitan News ' includes Results of Meteorological observations - - - Health of London with number of deaths from Zynotic diseases etc - - - City Corporation Commission




News items referring to House of Lords, music, theatre, and latest intelligence.

Page 92 & 93, double page, has engravings titled " Panorama of Sinope Bay", " Nedge Jessan frigate " and " Reception of General Baraguay D' Hilliers by Admiral Dundas "

Page 96 has engravings titled " Remains of the infanta at Madrid and Wreck of Steamship 'Olinda' ".

Page 97 has 3 engravings titled " Testimaonial", "Prince Napoleon Bonaparte" and " The Japanese Exhibition" "

Page 100 has engravings " Mr Warnes, M.P. for Norwich ", " Mr Thomas Hankey, M.P. for Peterborough ", and " The Hon. A. G. J. Ponsonby, M.P. for Cirencester ".

The supplement edition contains a full page engraving of "The opening of Parliament", report on Her Majesties speech and address, engraving of Her Majesty ascending the throne in the House of Lords, the new Houses of Parliament - St Stephens porch. Two full page engravings showing the opening of parliament, the reception for the Turkish Ambassador, statues in St Stephens Hall and the Central Hall.


the front article is called


all of the illustrations:





all of the illustrations:





Marriage of the Emperor of Austria. in Vienna.

The Queen's Visit to the French Embassy.


Exhibition of the Royal Botanic Society at Regents Park.

Saint Marks Church Tollington Park

The Ball at the French Embassy

The Sulineh mouth of the dance".

"Bombardment of Odessa".

H.M Ships "Hedda" and "Leopard".

H.M.S "Amphion" and crusier capturing two russian vessels off Riga.

"Funeral in the Baltic Fleet".

"Mein Voglein (my pretty bird) by H. Warren.

"A Tyrolkse composer" - painted by Carl Haag.

"Home Revisited" by A. Hankley.

"Scene from Faust" by H.O Neil.

"Royal Thames Yacht Club Match".

"Embankment of the 11th Hussars at Kingstown".

"Exebition of the Royal Botanic society regents park".

"New Church of St Mark Tollington park..

Paris Fashions for June.


Page 504 has engraving titled " Parade at Wycombe Abbey, ".

Page 505 has a full page engraving titled " Grand Central Railway Station, Birmingham".

Pages 508 & 509 2 page engravings titled " Sebastopol and Adjacent Coast"

Page 511 has engraving titled " Andover, Derby winner"

Page 512 has a full page engraving " Epsom races"

Page 513 contains engravings of "French lugger sailing into Calais and A Cabin in the Vineyard painted by Unwin".

The supplement contains engraving of "A Bashi-Bozouk - from a drawing by J Robertson of Constantinople". Pictures of Crondstadt and the Steamship HMS Tiger, The Baltic Fleet at anchor in Elgsnabben Bay. A double page engraving of Sebastopol and its fortifications, The first landing of The Royal Horse Artillery in the Bosphorus, a full page engraving of the bombardment of Odessa, an engraving of Circassians, two full page plates of The Royal Regiment of Artillery.


Some of the engravings for July to Decembe.:-

(full page or 2-page size unless noted) are: Great Indian Peninsula Railway, Town and Fortress of Silistria, Guilia Crisi, Bombardment of Bomarsund, Circassian Prisoners (half), Archeological Institute at Cambridge, Reconnoitring at Cronstadt (half), Embarkation of Cattle at Trieste, Review of the Division Under Prince Napoleon, Bombardment of Odessa by the English and French Squadron/Odessa and the Adjacent Camp (2 page), Persian Soldiers in the Pay of Russia (half), Interior of the Fort of Chanek Kalesi (half), Cronstadt From the Narrow Part of the Channel, The 4 th French Regiment fo the Line Embarking on Board (half), Meeting of the Royal Agricultural Society at Lincoln, Allied Fleets and Armies at Varna/View From the Camp of Alldyn/Sappers Repairing the Road Between Schumia and Varna, Catastrophe at a Ship Launch at Hull (half), Crystal Palace at Sydenham Egyptian Avenue, Embarkation of French Troops in English Vessels at Calais for the Baltic, Turkish Dervishes (half), Prize Cattle From the Exhibition of the Royal Agricultural Society, North Devon Railway, Paris Fashions for August (half), Shipping Artillery Horses at Calais (half), Arab Tabia Silestria, Insurrection in Madrid Conflict in the Plaza Mayor (half), The Volcano Steam Sloop Fitted as a Floating Factory (half), Steam Ships of the Allied Fleet Searching for Infernal Machines off Cronstadt, Crystal Palace Egyptian Court, Scene From the Drama ‘The Old Chateau’ at the Haymarket (half), New Houses of Parliament Library of House of Commons (half), Funeral of Captain Parker at Pera (half), Female Hippopotamus at the Zoological Society’s Gardens (half), The Cataraque Coming Down the Rapids Montreal (half), HMS Driver and Yachts Gondola and Esmeralda Off Cronstadt/Cronstadt and the Russian Fleet From the Sea (2 page), Highgate Model Yacht Club (half), Public Entry of Espartero into Madrid (half), Insurrection in Spain (half), Map of the Ottoman Empire Kingdom of Greece and the Russian Provinces on the Black Sea (2 page), Cavalry of the French Imperial Guard, Infantry of the French Imperial Guard, Laying Down the Mediterranean Electric Telegraph Cable at Spezzia (half), Destruction of Sulineh (half), Cricket Match on the Goodwin Sands (half), Asiatic Turkey, Paris Fashions for September (half), The Peak of Derbyshire, Conflagration at Varna (half), Recently Discovered Remains of the Alexandrian Library (half), Panoramic View of Varna and the Adjacent Coast (2 page), Greek Court at Crystal Palace (half), French Agriculture, Abo Capital of Russian Finland (half), Sketches at Constantinople, Marriage of the Sultan’s Daughter, English Militia and Yeomanry Cavalry, Fort Nottich Bomarsund, The Grand Military at the Camp at Honvault, Her Majesty’s New Castle at Balmoral (half), Meeting of Prince Albert and the Emperor of the French, Prince Albert and the Emperor of the French and Staff at the Review at Marquise, Surrender of the Tower of Prasto Bomarsund (half), The Hulbish Barracks Constantinople (half), Shanghai From an Original Sketch (half), Interior of the Grand Opera House at Paris (half), Russian Prisoners at Sheerness, Interior of St. George Hall Liverpool, Her Majesty’s Despatch Gunboats, Crimea Expedition, The Doncaster Winners (half), Photograph of the Moon Exhibited at the British Association at Liverpool by Mr. Hartnup (2 page), Transport Fleet Embarking the Troops at Varna, Sebastopol, Embarkation of French and English Troops, Oltenitza From Turtukal, Lower Canadian Agricultural Exhibition, Captain McClure in His Arctic Dress (half), Varna Bay - the Allied Expedition Fleet, War with Russia - Landing the Allied Expedition in Kalamita Bay (2 page), The Late Marshall St. Arnaud (half), Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Gateshead During the Recent Conflagration (2 page), The Great Fires at Newcastle and Gateshead, Official List of Killed and Wounded Battle of the Alma, The Battle of the Alma (several), The Vintage in France (several), British Troops on the Heights of Alma (2 page), Her Majesty’s Visit to Hull and Grimsby (several), Ship Building at Blackwall, Sketches at Balaclava, Kensington Gardens, Funeral of Marshall St. Arnaud at Paris, Plan of the Battle of the Alma (half), The Franklin Relics, Sunken Ships at the Mouth of the Harbour of Sebastopol, A Monster Cylinder, Siege at Sebastopol, Arctic Foxes and Birds Just Received by the Zoological Society, Allegorical Picture by Absolon and Fenton Painted for the Inauguration Dinner, Siege of Sebastopol (many including small maps), A Picturesque Map of the Seat of War in the Danubian Provinces Turkey Asia Minor Southern Russia and the Crimea (2 page), Her Majesty’s Gunpowder Mills at Waltham Abbey, Battle of the Alma, Siege of Sebastopol Explosion of a Powder Magazine, Views in the Crimea, Victoria Street Westminster, The Barrage of the Nile, Siege of Sebastopol General View, Action at Balaclava, H.M. Screw Line of Battle Ship Caesar, Action at Balaclava, Sortie of the Russians From Sebastopol, Battle of Balaclava Attack of the Scots Greys (2 page), The Trafalgar and Retribution at the Siege of Sebastopol, Paris Fashions for December (half), Panoramic View of the Coast of Crimea From Eupatoria to the Alma (2 page), Wreck at Balaclava (half), Siege of Sebastopol General View Sketched From the Heights (2 page), Fire in the Strand, Sebastopol and Balaklava, Smithfield Club Prize Cattle Show, Battle of Inkerham Final Effort of the Russians and Joint Charge of the French and English Troops (2 page), Parliamentary Portraits, The New Houses of Parliament, Steam Sewing Machines (half), Sandbag Battery Defended by the Guards, His Imperial Majesty Napoleon III Emperor of the French, Gigantic Christmas Tree at the Crystal Palace, Birmingham Christmas Poultry Show, Sea Anemones in the Gardens of the Zoological Society (half), Bank Note Paper Mill/Bank Note Printing Room, Charge of Light Cavalry at Balaclava (2 page).


price sixpence.

It features articles with prints from engravings including:

Boat attack at the Sulineh mouth of the Danube

Honours paid to the remains of Capy Hyde Parker, By the English, French and Turkish troops from a sketch b y Lt Bredin - S

The Volcano steam sloop fitted as a floating factory fro the Baltic -

Band of the 3rd French Regiment Playing in HM Naval yard at Deal -

Steam ships of the allied fleet searching for infernal machines off Cronstadt - From a sketch by W OBrierly - FP

His Highnes Said Pacha, the new Viceroy of Egypt -

Vessels passing the bar at the Rosetta mouth of the Nile - S

The Crystal palace- entrance to the Egyptian court from the nave by the avenue of Lions -

The Crystal palace- the Egyptian court Entrance to the tomb of Beni Hassan -

Testimonial presented to colonel Maberly

removal of a gigantic palm tree from Messrs Loddiges at Hackney to the Crystal palace

Scene from the new drama - The old chateau : at the Haymarket : with Miss Reynolds, Mr Howe and Mr H Farren -

Madame Marie Cabel by Baugniet

New uniforms for the light infantry and cavalry

Wreck of the Douro steam shoip on the Paracels in the China sea -

Opeining of a new bridge at Travancore - The Rajah's state procession - S

The Ganges canal at Roorkee -

The chateau at Pau - S<->Cradle of Henry 1v atb the chateau pau

Eaux Bonnes, Pyrenees -

House in Pau in which Bernadotte was born

Summit of the pic Du Midi D'Osseau, Pyrenees - S

Eaux Chaudes, Pyrenees -
Also articles, no engravings, including:
' The Spanish Revolution

The war on the Danube

The bombardment of Bomarsund

The insurrection in Madrid

The Retreat of the Russians

The funeral of Capt Parker

Fraternisation of the English and French at Deal

House of Lords

House of Commons

'Obituary of Eminent Persons including :

John Hay Forbes Lord Medwyn of Perth

Thomas Maynell of Kilvington hall York

Richard Murray dean of Ardagh

The Tipperary abduction case - Trial of Mr John Carden

a one and three quarter page list of the Occupations of the British people ( A - Z ) and the numbers in that employ in the census of 1851 - for example there were 512 cemetery and burial ground servants and only 2 artists Models!!!

The will of the Duke of Portland William henry Cavendish Scott Bentinck



price sixpence.

Selim Pasha Muschir - Commander in Chief of The Turkish Army of Batoum ' Front page - info. Batumi

' Nicaragua - The Burning of Greytown ' by the United States Corvett, Cyane - the engraving shows three american war or sailing ships with other places named on the print as Post Office and AMosquito Flag Staff - - Hanseatic Consulate - - Lyons Hotel - - American Consulate - - British Consulate - - House Containing The Powder

' Mister Patric Park 's Bust of The Emperor of the French ' .

' Biaritz ' a view from the top of a hill shoiwing a bay below with a row of beach huts - with cliffs and houses beyond

' The Crystal palace at Sydenham - The English Medieval Court '

' Munich - The Industrial Exhibition Buildings ' ' Cavalry of the French Imperial Guard - Cuirassier - - The Hundred Guards Escort Uniform - - Artillery - - Cuirassier - - Guide - - The Hundred Guards Palace Uniform ' a wonderful full page print fro mengraving showing men in the various uniforms

' Infantry of the French imperial Guard - Officer of Mie lthe Foot Chasseurs - - Voltigeur - - Grenadier - - Engineers - - Foot Chasseur ' full page print from engraving

' Chess Problem '

' Fine Arts: The Launch by G. Smith ' A group of " urchins " playing with toy boats whilst one launches himself in a washing tub

' An Old English Homestead painted by R. Redgrave RA '

' Harwich ' from the sea - an engraving showing various sailing and steam sailing shipa or packets with a view of the harbour in the background showing various buildings including a church

' The Turkish Exhibition and Museum at Hyde Park Corner - A turkish Dinner Party'

' HM Screw Gun Vessel "Wrangler" Built For The Baltic '

' Steam Ships Reconnoitring at Sveaborg, in The Gulf of Finland '

' Sveaborg - The Gulf of Finland '

' Passage of The Ship "Medway" Through Icebergs on Her Homeward Voyage from Melbourne '

' Marble Bust of The Late Sir Robert Peel by A. Monro '

' Remains of the National School at Capel Near Ipswich Which was Struck By Lightning '

' Some Observations on The Origin of Chess '

'The Fete at Paris - Representation of The Siege of Silistria, in The Champ de Mars, Flotilla of Balloons ' .

' Laying Down The Mediterranean Electric Telegraph Cable at Spezzia ' there is a tear to across the centre of the engraving, from one side to the other

' Destruction of Sulineh, At the Mouth of The Danube '

'Baltschik, on The Coast of Bulgaria, From a Sketch By Lieut. Montagu O'Reilly RN'

Full page - again this page has a tear across the middle from top to bottom - tape to end of tear

This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include :-

The Second Stage of The War - "The Retreat of the Russians from The Danubian provinces is confirmed"

Foreign and Colonial News includes the Spanish Revolution

Agricultural Notes includes Lincolnshire Farming

The War on the Danube .

The War - the Aland Expedition

Napoleon and The Empress Eugenie at Biaritz

Metropolitan News includes Results of Meteorological Observations - - Health of London - - - Great Fire at Cubitts Factory at Pimlico

Town and Table Talk on Literature, Art etc

National Sports

Illustrated London News Editorial

The French Imperial Guard

The Prorogation of parliament includes The Queens speech

Obituary of Eminent Persons includes Frederick Augustus King of Saxony died at Innsbruck - - - Charlotte Sophia The Duchess Dowager of Beaufort died at Westbrook Hall Near Berkhampstead - - - Robert TheViscount Jocelyn MP died From Asiatic Cholera at the Residence of Viscount Palmerston in Carlto Gardens

Literature includes review of The Dramatic Works of Mary Russell Mitford

Catastrophe From Lightning - Village of Capel St Mary nr Ipswich

Perilous Situation of the Ship " Medway " Among Icebergs in the Jouney from Melbourne Australia by W. B .Wilmot MD - with ref. to The Falklands - Cape Horn - Captain Rose


"Giving an Order by J. H. Mole. A Dog and it's mistress."

"The City of Erzeroom in Asiatic Turkey".

"The City of Kars in Asiatic Turkey".

"Field Marshal Baron Von Hess, Generalissimo of the Austrian Army of the East".

"The British Steamer, Bengal, Bringing a Supposed Russian Prize into Madras Harbour".

"Fortifications of Bomarsund" Map.

"Plan of the Attack on Bomarsund" Map.

"Fire at Cubitts Building Works, Thames Bank".

"Billingate New Market".

"Opening of the Central Somerset Railway, Procession in the Abbey Ground at Glastonbury".

"New Public Schools at Yarmouth, Isle of Wight' small".

"The Abbots Kitchen, Glastonbury".

"Paris Fashions for September".

"Foot Guards at Squad Drill,st John's Wood Barracks".

"Sveaborg, from Helsingfors' - Partriot song of the Finlandsers".

Music. Bottom Right Corner Damaged.

"Chess Problem by Mr. W. Grimshaw".

The Peak of Derbyshire: "Peveril Castle and Entrance to the Peak Caver".

"Buxton, The Cresent, New Baths,etc" Bottom Right Corner Damaged.

"Crystallised Carvern in the Blue John Mine".

"Haddon Hall From The Bakewell Road". Bottom Right Corner Damaged.

"Rustchuck, Bridge of Boats in Course of Construction".

"Discussing The War in a Coffee House at Copenhagen by E.T Dolby.



price sixpence.

It features prints from engravings (some with articles) including:

Launch of HM gunboat Pelter and the Portuguese steam ship Dom Pedro Secondo at Northfleet - small

Lancaster's oval cannon

HMS Antelope at Fernando Po - Election of a new sovereign - small

with 3 panoramas : entitled Panoramic view of Varna and the adjacent coast

Mr E Davenport from a daguerrotype by Mayall

another of Mr J B Gough

Dr Wylde ( founder of the new philharmonic society

An Indian railway station (on the Bombay and Tannah railway -

remains of Caldicott castle

The union work house at King's Lynn

St Ninians Cathedral Perth

Marshall O'Donnell the Spanish minister of war

The greek court at the Crystal palace SWydenham -

Procession to the laying of the foundation stone of the new church of st Thomas Newport Isle of Wight -

The Oldham Lyceum educational and industrial exhibition - The baronial Hall -

French agriculture - 2 half page prints : Ploughing in France, and Harvest home custom in France

Pediment of the great western Royal hotel Paddington -

The Beaufoy Shakespearian medal - ftont and reverse

Model for a marble figure of Alice Evelyn Tupper by J Durham

Articles (no engravings unless previously mentioned) including:

Free trade in France

The surrender of Bomarsund

Great alarm at Odessa

Turkish reverses in Asia

The revolution in spain

The Austrian occupation of Wallachia

Hms Antelope in the Bonny river

Obituaries of eminent persons including : Ralph Anthony Thicknesse of Harrogate and Wigan - Randall McDonnell esq of Glenriff county Antrim - Ralph Bernal esq of Lincoln - Lt Col Lauderdale Maule MP of Forfarshire - Brevet major Levinge of Knockdrin castle County westmeath - Major General Bush of Sloane street - Francis Morley of Marrick park yorkshire - Chevalier Melloni of Parma

The attempted revolution in Granada

Sadlers wells new theatrical season

New military uniforms

The Oldham industrial and educational exhibition

The general courts martial at windsor


Paris Lady's Fashions for October.

A Separate supplement is included called:

War with Russia, History of the First campaign.

There are engravings of Grenadier Guards Regiment in Constantinople.

Encampment of the Rifle Brigade at Constantinople.

British Infantry at Gallipoli.

The Transport Fleet embarking at Varna.

The Port of Sebastopol.

French and English troops at Varna Bay.

Oltenitza from Turtukal showing Embarkation.

Also another Supplement showing:

literary Miscellanies including :

School of Poetry, John Brown,Shylock and Jessica,The Haunted House.

An interesting illustrated Story called

My Cruise with an Eccentric Gentleman.



The field of Alma after the battle, sketched by an officer of the 21st N B Fusiliers - HP

The vintage in France - ( two and a half pages on this )

The City of Bordeaux - HP

The chateau Lafitte, Medoc near Bordeaux - SHP

The vintage in Medoc near Bordeaux (scene in the vineyards) - HP

Wine making at the Chateau Margaux

The cellars of the Chateau Margaux near Bordeaux - SHP

Wine Cellar of Messrs Cruse and Hirschfeld at Bordeaux

Grand charge of the British troops up the heights of Alma - DP

Lt Montagu O'Reilly explaining his sketch of Sebastopol to the Sultan - HP

Decoration of the Mejidie

Monte Rosa from the North - Mont Blanc, distant 45 miles showing : Zumstein Spitze Hochste Spitze & Nord end

' The arctic ' steam ship - HP

New church of St Fagan, Heol-Y-Vellin , Aberdare

Solan Gannet shot near Boston ( Lincs )

Presentation of address to her majesty at the station Hotel Hull - HP

The Queen at the station hotel at Hull ( outside view) - HP

Arch in whitefriars at the wilberforce column Hull - HP

Embarkation of her majesty at Hull (nibbled corner) - HP

' The Fairy ' steamer entering Grimsby dock - HP

Her Majesty landing at Grimsby ( nibbled corner) - HP

The Patriotic fund

The field of battle

The siege of Sebastopol

Orders to the army before commencing siege operations

Prince Menschikoff's despatches

The war in Asia

Bordeaux and the claret districts

Margaux and Lafitte

Professor Airey's experiments in a coal pit

The charge up the heights at Alma

Official list of Killed and wounded at the Battle of the Alma

Obituary of eminent persons: Montagu Earl of Abingdon at Wytham Abbey - Gen Sir Gordon Drummond of Norfolk street Park Lane : Hugo Malveysin Chadwick of New Hall co. at Bath - Lt Col Harry George Chester at Alma late of Royston County Cambridge - William Dent esq of Sudeley castle county Gloucestershire

Martial law at Yerba Buena California

Private audience with the Sultan ( at his palace on the Bosphorus )

New church at Aberdare

The wreck of the arctic

Gannet shot in Lincolnshire near the roman bank Skeldyke

The arctic expedition - Court Martial on the Officers

Female Nurses for the East ( to accompany Mrs Nightingale to Scutari )

Recent ascent of Monte Rosa ( By Mr Bird , Mr Smyth Smyth and Smyth of Lincolnshire and a young waiter from the hotel on the Ryffelberg )

The Queen's visit to Hull and Grimsby


The Franklin Relics: 'Franklins Guelphic Badge' - 'Medalic Portrait of Sir J. Franklin by David' - 'Franklins Guelphic Badge' - 'Part of Flannel Shirt - Piece of Plate - Part of Compass - Certificate Case - Buttons, Linked with Cord' - 'Cooks Knife - Knife Handle - Button - Gold Lace Band - Seamans Knife'

'The Sunken Ships at The Mouth of the Harbour of Sebastopol, Sketched By Lieut. Montagu O'Reilly, HMS Retribution'

'Camp of The 21st Fusiliers on The Heights of Sebastopol'

Crimea 'Sebastopol, Sketched from Fort Constantine'

'Casting a Monster Cylinder at Messrs Scott Russell and Co's Building Yard, Millwall'

'Iron Ship Fitting at The Royal Dockyard, Woolwich'

'The Spanish Dancers at The Haymarket Theatre'

'The Sunderland Clipper Barque "Flying Dragon"..'

'the Grand Military Trophy, At The Crystal Palace'

'Fete at The Crystal Palace, onSaturday Last'

'Testimonial Presented to the Rev. Robert Whiston'

South Shields Pendulum Experiments by The Astronomer Royal 'Mouth of The Harton Coal Pit, South Shields'

'Pendulum Room at The Bottom of The Harton Coal Pit' south Shields

'Gold Watch Presented to Dr Armstrong of The Investigator' Artic Explorer

'Boulogne Fishwomen Carrying The Luggage of the Nurses for The East' The article makes reference to Miss Nightingale

'Siege of Sebastopol, Dr SMiths New Ambulance Waggon

'The Road to Sebastopol, Commissariat Waggons, Conveyance of Fascines Etc'

'Siege of Sebastopol, reparing a Train for The Trenchers'


Also articles (no engravings) including
International Courtesies, Visit of the Emperor of the French to England'

'The Greek Exodus from Balaclava'

'The Patriotic Fund'

'Foreign and Colonial News'

'Obituary of Eminent Persons includes The Countess of Stamford and Warrignton died at Brighton after an attack of fever - William Frederick, Viscount Chewton form the effects of wounds he received at the Battle of The Alma and died at Scutari - Captain Hylton Jollieffe of the Coldstream Guards died on the heights before Sebastopol - Rear Admiral John Leith died at Blackford, Aberdeenshire - Henry Stuart Esq MP age 50 - The Right Honourable James Grattan at his seat, Tinnahinch Cuonty Wicklow - Mr Geach MP for Coventry'

'The Court'

'Lord Palmerston on The War'

'Criminal Statistics'

'Telegraphic despatches'

The Latest Russian Manifesto'

'Reinforcements ofr The Crimea and What the Fleet has Done'



Cannon Revolver, Exhibited in The Marine Museum at Paris ' front page

' The Late Captian Lewis Edward Nolan, 15th Hussars ' died at Balaclava

' Charge of The Chasseurs D'Afrique on 25 October '

'The Battle of Inkerman: The Allied Troops Preparing to Silence Inkerman '

' Vale Leading to Inkerman '

' The Action at Balaclava - Charge of the Scots Greys on 25 October ' full page print from engraving showing a battle scene

' Sortie of The Russians From Sebastopol on 26 October' full page print from engraving showing a battle scene

' Naval Attack on The Russian Fort of Petropaulovski ' - info. Kamshatka

'Plate Presented to The Rev Alfred Williams ' .

'Statue of The Poet Wordsworth Just Placed in Westminster Abbey '

Equestrian Statue of Charles XIV ( Bernadotte ) Just Inaugurated Miel at Stockholm '

' Ball at Guildhall in Aid of The Patriotic Fund '

'Islip Church, Northamptonshire, Restored' - 'Denshanger Church,'

' Lieut. General Sir John Fox Burgoyne, From a Daguerreotype by Victor Plumier '

' General Canrobert, Commander in Chief of The French Troops in The Crimea '

' Sortie of THe Russians From Sebastopol with General Sir De Lacy Evans and Staff on 26 October'

' Eupatoria - Custom House, Quarters of Captain Paynes Detachment of Marines ' - - - 'Eupatoria - Residence of Captain Brock ' - - - 'Eupatoria - Jews Synagogue and Schools ' - - - ' Eupatoria - The Promenade ' - - - 'The French Headquarters at Eupatoria' - info. also Evpatoria Yevpatoria

' The Battle of Balaclava - Attack of The Scots Greys ' a wonderful double page print from engraving - from a descripton from a survivor of the battle - engraved by W. Thomas

This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include :-

Articles (no engravings) include:

'The Duties of The Allies to Themselves and To Europe'

'Foreign and Colonial Intelligence'

' The Battle of Inkerman From our Special Correspondent - - - General Canroberts Account of The Battle - Prince Menschikoffs Account of The Battle' four columns

' Battle of Inkerman, Official Despatches - Lord Raglands Despatch etc '

'The Court'

'The Death of General Strangways'

Obituary of Eminent Persons includes Lord Dudley Coutts Stuart at Stockholm from a Cold Caught After a Severe Attack of Typhoid Cholera - - - Professor Edward Forbes died at his Residence at Wardie near Edinburgh .

Despatches, Return List of Casualties of Officers and Men and Return of Prisoners Taken By the Russians'

'Obituary of Officers in The Crimea includes Lieutenant Colonel Charles Carsan Alexander at Sebastopol of Apoplexy - - - Lieutenant General The Hon. Sir George Cathcart KCB at Sebastopol - - - The Hon. Walter Charteris Aide de Camp to Earl of Lucan - - - Cptain S. P. J. Childers Royal Artillery - - - Viscount Fitzgibbon age 25 - - -John Maitland Forster Midshipman on Board HMS Bellerophan aged fifteen - - - Brigadier General George Leigh Goldie at Sebastopol - - - Firsst Lieutenant George Herbert Harris Greathed of HMS Britannia of UDDens House Dorset - - - Major J. T.D. Halkett - - - Colonel The Hon,. Francis Gorsvenor Hood - - - Midshipman Charles Madan of HMS Sanspareil age 18 - - - Captain J. A. Oldham 13th Light Dragoons - - - Major Powell of the 49th - - - Captain Albert Evelyn Rowley TGrenadier Guards of Wootton i nSurrey - - - Lieutenant The Hon. Charles Bradstreet Hore Ruthven of HMS London - - - Lieutenant H. A. Sparke 4th Dragoons - - - Brigadier General Thomas Fox Strangways Royal Artillery - - - Lieutenang J. H. Thompson 17th Lancers - - - Lieutenant Harry George Teesdale Royal Engineers - - - MAjor Saltren Willett at Balaclava - -= - Captain John Pratt Winter of Agher, Meath - - - Lieutenant T. W. Wollocombe at Scutari from Wounds Received at the Alma - - - Sir George John Young Lieutenant of Cholera before Sebastopol age 19 ' .

Notes on Sieges and Siege Operations - Mining - - The Question Between Ships and Shore Batteries

'Spiking Guns'


' Launch of the " Napoleon III " at Ardrossan '

' Effects of a Shell Bursting in the Side of HMS Agamemnon Whilst Attacking Fort Constantine Sebastopol ' small

' The Siege of Sebastopol - Part of Captain Wodehouse's Battery '

' The Siege of Sebastopol - Portion of Redoubt, Occupied and Evacuated by the Russians '

' The Siege of Sebastopol - General iew ' A Wonderful print from engraving on a full page

' Chess Problem by Mr F. Healey '

' Painted Window Presented to the king of Denmark by Mr peto MP '

' Nice From the West '

' Marble Statue of the Late Sir Robert Peel ( Noble Sculptor ) Recently Placed imn St Georges Hall Liverpool '

' Chrysanthemums in the Inner Temple Garden '

' The Bacon Cup '

' The London and Westminster Bank Holborn Branch '

' The Late Charles Kemble from a Marble Bust By Timothy Butler '

' New Bridge Over The Severn at Upton '

Also articles (no engravings unless listed above) including :-
' The Battle of Balaclava '

' Foreign and Colonial News

' The War in the Crimea - The Battle on the 5th November '

' English and French Reinforcements for the Crimea '

' The Battle of Balaclava - General Canrobert's Despatch '

' The Missing Desp;atches '

' Return of Killed and Wounded From the 13th to 17th October 1854 Inclusive '

' Nominal Return of Casualties Fron the 13th to 17th Inclusive '

' The Westminster Improvements - Victoria Street '

' The Illustrated London News (editorial) - The Victory Before Sebastopol '

'The Court at Windsor etc '

'Metropolitan News'

' The Siege of Sebastopol '

' Obituary of Eminent Persons includes:- The Countess of Kenmare died at Farrance's Hotel Upper Belgrave Street - - - Harriet, Viscountess Boyne at Belgrave Square - - - Lieutenant General Ewart CB of Beechgrove Sunninghill Berkshire - - - TheRev James Hume Spry DD Rector of Marlebone and Prebendary of Canterbury died at his Residence 13 Devonshire Place - - - Thomas Christopher Banks at Greenwich Baronet of Nova Scotia - - - Count de Sainte-Aulaire at his Hotel 61 Rue Saint Dominique Saint Germain in Paris '

' Nice Maritime '

' National Sports '

' Monetary Transactions of the Week '

' The Markets '

' Births Marriages and Deaths '

' The Late Mr Charles Kemble ' actor


Skull and horns of a wild buffalo shot in central Assam

Fort Fillmore new mexico

The Bromborough Pool Candle works - from the Mersey - HP

Interior view under three spans of roof - SHP


French infantry of the line

The Battle of Inkerman - Repulse of the Russians - HP

The Trafalgar and Retributionat the siege of Sebastopol from a sketch by Lt Montagu o'Reilly - FP (small tear to RH border)

New church built by sir Benjamin Hall at Abercarn south wales

The font in which Edward the Confessor was baptised at Islip

Welsh Peasant woman

Launch of the vittorio Emanuele - Iron screw steamer at Blackwall - SHP (small stain in the sky on this one)

Paris Fashions for December - HP

Scene from the new farce of 'The Slow man' at the Adelphi theatre - HP

The late Mr J G Lockhart

The late viscount Chewton

The late professor Edward Forbes

Publication of a war gazette extraordinary at the office St Martin's Lane - SHP
The meeting of parliamentThe Siege of Sebastopol

Matacong west coast of Africa

The Czar and the four points

Price's patent candle company

Obituary of eminent persons including :

Countess of Strathmore and Kinghorn at Florence : Lady Emily Pusey of Pusey Berkshire : Robert edward king Viscount Lorton of Roscommon : Lt Gen Richard Egerton of Eaton Banks cheshire : Lt Gen Richard Whish of Clifton : Sir Hugh Stewart of Tyrone : Sir William Gordon Cumming of Altyre and Gordonstown : Sir Michael H Hicks-Beach of Williamstrip park : Sir Gilbert Affleck of Dalham hall Suffolk : Sir Arthur Brinsley Brooke of Cole Brooke Fermanagh : General George Hunter of Dundee

Anniversary of the Polish Insurrection

Mr Albert Smith's ascent of Mont Blanc


Wrecks at Balaclava - LHP

Wrecks off the Katscha - HP

Dejeuner to the 89th regiment in the town hall at Waterford previous to their departure for the crimea - HP

The seige of Sebastopol - General view - sketched from the heights.

Fire in the strand - site of Arundel house - 4 engravings approximatly a quarter page each and individually entitled: North view of Arundel house in 1646: View of London from the roof of an Arundel house: South view of Arundel house: Ground plot of Arundel house and gardens (the dark line encloses the premises)

The remains of the Wittington club after the fire - HP

Wellington monument, wellington somerset.

Map of Sebastopol and Balaclava showing the position of the Allide forces - FP

Stag Hunting in the region of George 2nd - from a painting by Frederick Tayler - HP

Fox Hunting - HP

The Smithfield clubs prize cattle shows 2 half page prints - one showing cattle and sheep - the second showing cattle and pigs each with animals names and prizes beneath.

Also articles (no engravings) including:

The Nationalities and their influence on the war.

The riflemen in the trenches.

Spiking cannon.

News from France, America.

Messrs Peto brassey and Betts and the railway from Balaclava and Sebastopol.

Naval and militay intelligence.

The hurricane in the Black sea.

The treaty of alliance.

The theatres - Lyceum, Mr Albert Smith's Mont Blanc.

The fire in the strand.

Anarchis Alsinastrum.

A full page detailing relief given to the windows and orphans of the sailors and marines who have died on active service since March - A full list of names and amounts given.

Position of the Allied forces before Sebastopol.

The battle of Inkerman - Corps de seige.

A minute gun from the Black sea.


Agricultural implements and machinery.

Results of the Astronomer Royal's recent pendulum experiment.

Publications of the Arundel society.


price one shilling.


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