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The Illustrated London News - Killing an Elephant for Food in the Jardin Des Plantes Paris,- 1871

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1871 elephant being shot

1871 Killing an Elephant for Food in the Jardin Des Plantes Paris

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The Illustrated London News 1871

Events of this year in the Illustrated London News

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The Franco Prussian War - The First German Soldier To Enter Paris ' front page engraving - Franco German War.

' The Germans in Paris at the Palais de L'Industrie ' full page print from engraving - between the River Seine and the Champs-Élysées

' Place de la Bastille - Paris Republicans at the Colonne de Juillet ' full page engraving - Column of July

' The Champs Elysees ' a double page print from engraving showing the Germans entering Paris

' Distribution of the English Gift at the Maison du Grand Conde, Rue de Seine ' full apge print from engraving - The Relief of Paris

' A Mob of Paris Rioters Drowning a Police Agent '

' Bordeaux - Convalescent Soldiers at the Protestant Ambulance '

' The Mob of Paris Carryig off theuns of National Guards ' full page print fro engraving

' Dealers in Provisions from St Denis at the Prussian Advanced Post on the Canal Bridge ' full page

' Mr C. B. Darwin - Author of " The Origin of Species " ..' full page print from engraving of Charles Robert Darwin

' Spearing Flounders - From a Painting by H. Maccallum ' a full page print from engraving shwoing two older fishermen and a little boy - method of catching flat fish

' Pontoise near Paris - A Break in the Railway Line ' half page engraving - a scene showing workmen reparing a bridge, whil people use a temporary bridge across the river

' The Arrival of a Vessel in the Seine with Provisions from London '

' TheMess Table Ornament for Officers of the 45th Regiment '

' Casket Presented to Prince Christian by the Corporation of Windsor '

' Rossall School Baths at Fleetwood Lancashire '

' Eastbourne College in Sussex '

' Map - The New French German Frontier ' a full page map by J. T. Balcomb - it shows Boundary Line of French Speaking populations - Boundary Line of German speaking populations - localities where the two languages ar intermingled - The new German Frontier Line - Boundary of France -= French Provinces and Departments - the map stretches from Hillesheim, Prum Daun inthe North downn through Diekirch Thionville - Ligny - Baden - Gengenbach - Down to Sackingen - Brugg - Rioz - Rougemont - Mont eliard - Delle - Gray - Champlitte - Longeau - Bau7m Les Dames - Porrentruv etc

Our Treaty Liabilities - with mention of Marquis of Salisbury - the continental Powers - etc
France - with mention of the German Legions Occupying the City - M. Ernest Picard - Montremart - Menilmontant - La Chapelle - TheCentral Committee of the National Guard - General d'Aurelle de Paladines - Mont Valerien = M. Joly of the Corps Legislatif - M. Felix Pyat - M. Louis Blanc - M. Delescluze - M. Milliere

 "" Germany - with mentionof the telegram sen from the Emperor King to the Empress Queen - Count Bismarc

Austro Hungary

America with mention of James G. Blaine

Births Marriages and Deaths

Weekly Return of Births and Deaths in London and Large Towns in the United Kingdom

Metropolitan news - with mention of Lord Houghton of the Philanthropic Society - Royal United Service Institution - Lord Lawrence - London School Board - Mr W. H. Smith MP - Newgate Market - Chemical Society and Professor Williamson FRS Dr Gladstone - Fire at the House of Mr Halley the Fruiterer and Greengrocer in Chapel St.Edgware Rd killing three children - Fire at Crouch end at the house of Mr Gardiner killing three children

Law and Police:

Westminster Police Court ith mention of Mr Arnold - - - Robbert at the House of Mr Blyth the King's Arms, Glasshouse St. Regent St.

At the Middlesex Sessions - Traveller named William Hatton for Embezzlement of Mr J. A> Archer a Tobacconist in the Strand

Bow Street - John White a Seaman of House Breaking at Mr Steward Jeweller in the Strand and Mr Albert a Dealer of @Oxford St.

Oxford Assizes - Charles Smith in the Service of the Post ~Office fo Stealing Letters

Mr William Hempson Denham a Homoepathic Doctor of Upper house Farm, Wonersh and of Southsea hants

John Barrona a Butcher of Leicester for the Mruder of Jonathan Benfold

John Chapman charged at hertford for the murder of Benjamin Snow of Bennington nr Stevenage

At The Armagh Assizes - Mr JUustice Fitzgerald and the Breach of Promise Case of Miss Mary Mayes and The Rev. William Livingstone

The Belleisle Assault Case against the Rev. Mr Porter on Captain Poynter

Chief Justice Monahan at County of Westmeath

Lawrene Bray at the Westmeath Assizes fo Attempt to Murder Constable Supple at Raharney near Killucan

Murder at Ramelton in Co. Donegal of Mr Alexander Stewart a farmer by M' Bride

Illustrated London News Editorial

The Court - Royal Comings and Goings - the Approachign Marriage of Princess Louise to the Marquis of Lorne

The Church - Preferments and Appointments

Universities and Public Svchools

Parliament - with mention of Marquis of Salisbury - Lord Dufferin - Earl of Carnarvon - Mr R. Fowler - on South Africa - Sir Robert Peel - Lord Lyons - Mr G.Duff - Mr Julian Goldsmit - Colonel Loyd Lindsay - Mr Gladstone - Mr Disraeli - Mr Muntz - Mr Headlam - Mr Eustace Smith = Mr Stansfeld - Mr W. E> forster -

Lifeboat Services with mention of Mr Thomas Chapman - Mr Richard Lewis

Mrs Millis aged 98 died at Putney - former wife of Bow Street Officer named SMithers shot by the Cato Street conspirators - short

John Wesley and Medical Galvanism


Annual Report of the Postmaster General

Royal Institution Lectures - Professor Odling on Electro Chemistry - -- Captain Noble FRS on Pressure of Fired Gunpowder - - - Rev. B. Jowett on the Teaching of Socrates

Vital Statistics of Scotland

Mr Kay Shuttleworth MP Presided at aq Meeting o fTeachers

Mr Darwin FRS - full page

The Irish Registrar Generals Report

National Rifle Association with mention of The Duke of Cambridge - Prince the Rajah of Corapore - The'Ontario Rifle Association - Martini Henri Rifles

The Steamship John Elder



' At Wimbledon Camp - The Belgian Gardes Civiques - "The Vin D'Honneur" .. ' Front page

' Saved Fromthe Flood - From a Painting by F. W. Topham ' full page print from engraving showing a young woman rescueing a lamb - a stormy mountain scene

' Isaac Watts ' print from engraving after the painting by Sir Godfrey Keller - near full page with text

' Mister J. A. Froude the Historian ' a wonderful full page print from engraving - info. James Anthony Froude .

' Beejapoor in India - The Tomb of King Ibrahim ' wonderful print from engraving - info. Bijapur Ibrahim Rauza

' Beejapore in India - Palace of Justice ' print from engraving

' Shaftesbury - Westminster Memorial Cottage Hospital '

' Gold Casket Presented to Prince Arthur with the Freedom Mirl of the City of London '

' The Martini Henry Rifle ' a wonderful engraving showing a plan of many of the various parts of the rifle, all numbered and named

This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include :-

The Eltham Murder Trial - the Trial of Edmund Walter Pook for the murder of Jane Marie Clouson

Foreign and Colonial News

Births Marriages and Deaths with mention of The Rev. Henry Parker Died at Bank House Newbiggen by the Sea Morpeth - - - Marriage of Edward Pettit Esq of Canton, China to Maria Daughter of John Pullman of Greek Street Soho etc - - -At Riding Mill on Tyne Northunmberland, Wife of C. F. Skinner the Birth of a Daughter - - - At Belize British Honduras of B. Cramer of a Daughter (short announcements)

The Court - Royal Comings and Goings

Dr Isaac Watts

Illustrated London News Editorial

Parliament with mention of Earl Russell - Marquis of Huntley - Duke of Cleveland - Earl Granville - Mr Gladstone - Mr DIsraeli - Mr W. O. Gore - Teh Contagious Diseases Acts - Mr Bentinck - Sir H. Selwin-Ibbotson - Sir George Grey - and others

The Farm

Music and The Opera Season

The Theatres

Law and Police includes:

Berdoe v. Smeeton in the Probate Court

Verdict on Edmund Walter Pook .

Alderman Sir Benjamin Phillips Sends Five Boys to The East London Industrisal School, The South London School and others remanded

A Governess of an Infant School a Bow Common Sentenced to 14 days hard labour for beating a little boy

A Conviction and Fine of £2 for Selling Unwholesome Fish - etc

The Alexandra Palace and Muswell Hill Estate Tontine

Many adverts of the day


. The Illustrated London News was to England what Harper's Weekly was to America. A reflection of culture, society, politics, and the world beyond...it was the 19th century television. Each 6 month volume contains literally hundreds of wood engravings from hand carved blocks, depicting a multitude of subject matter (maritime, royalty, war, ethnographic, sport, industry, maps, amusement , science, art and literature) and often full and double page or fold out size.

The news was printed 2 pages of text followed by 2 pages of illustration so wood cuts are never back to back.

The overwhelming theme of this volume is the


 The Statute Holiday - Margate Jetty ' full front page print from engraving showing crowds of holiday makers

'The Sir Walter Scott Centenary Banquet in The Corn Exchange, Grassmarket, Edinburgh ' a full pag eprint from engraving

' The Scott Centenary - Scene from Rob Roy at The Theatre Miel Royal in Edinburgh ' a full pag eprint from engraving

' The Twin Screw Steam Launch - The Ladybird ' built by Messrs Hedley and Farrow of Poplar - a beautiful print from engraving by E. Weedon

' The Camp at Shoeburyness - The Competition for The Army Prizes '

' President of The Wesleyan Methodist Conference - The Rev. John H. James DD. '

'The Communist Trials at Versailles - Interrogating The Prisoners in The Orangery '

' Scene at the Cafe des Princes on The Boulevard Montmartre in Paris - Une Folle ' - full page print from engraving - The Centre figure in a crowd, a wife of a journalist, rendered insane by the news of her husbands death - a man drinking absinthe

' In The Highlands ' full page print from engraving - a steamer taking holiday makers to Scotland

' Loss of the Megaera - The Island of St. Paul from the Sea ' - info. Île Saint-Paul of the French Southern and Antarctic Lands in the Indian Ocean  .

'The Island of St. Paul - The Crater '

'The Presentation of Colours to The 93rd Sutherland Highlanders in The Queens Park at Edinburgh '

' Pony Fair in The New Forest - Lyndhurst Fair ' full page print from engraving

' The Statute Holiday - The Zoological Societys Gardens, Regents Park ' full page showing crowds watching feeding time at the zoo

' The Earl of Dalkeith - Preisdent of The Scott Centenary Festival at Edinburgh ' print from engraving by R. Taylor

' Hopetoun House - Visited by The British Association '

This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include :-

Foreign and Colonial News includes:

France - with ref. to M. Thiers



Austro hungary



The Scott Centenary Festival

Illustrated London News Editoria

The Court - Royal Comings and Goings

The Church - Preferments and Appointments

Trial of the Communists in France

Fatal Explosion of Gun-Cotton at Stowmarket

The Farm

Wills and Bequests include:

Rear Admiral Reginald Yorke RN late of Cagebrook near Hereford

Colonel Sir William West Turner KCSI who died at Naples

Daniel Sutton Esq of 25 Earls Terrace Kensington

Rev W. F. Hamilton of Springfield Chelmsford

Weekly Return of Births and Deaths

Chess Match by Telegraph Between Sydney New South Wales and Adelaide in South Australia

Pony Fair in The New Forest - Lyndhurst  .

IMperial Parliament

Metropolitan News includes:

Meeting of the London School Board

The Marquis of Westminster

Annual Concert of the Tonic Sol Fa Association at Crystal Palace

Royal Botanic Society Meeting

The First Statute Holiday of the First Monday in August under the Bank holidays Act ...

Law and Police

Mr Simons Report on the Public Health


January 28th ‘Killing an elephant for food in the Jardin des Plantes, Paris’

February 11th

No. 1636 Vol. LVIII



Volume of July to December contains


July 15th

price sixpence.

'The Waverley Ball, at Willis's Rooms' (full page)

Sketches in Epping Forest includes Fairmead Lodge - Chingford Church - The Roebuck, Buckhurst Hill - View from Highbeech - Ambresbury Banks, an Ancient British Camp - Old Hornbeams, Snaresbrook - Queen Elizabeth's Hunting Lodge, - Epping Old Church' (full page)

'The Patient by P. E. Frere in The International Exhibition' full page shows a child administering medicine to her doll

Evening at The Volunteer Camp, Wimbledon' (double page)

Amusements In The Camp of The London Scottish, Wimbledon' (full page)

HMS Agincourt Aground on the Pearl Rock, Gibraltar Bay' (full page)

'A Saturday Half Holiday' (full page)

Wilton House, near Salisbury The Seat of The Earl of Pembroke'

Arrival of The Earl of Pembroke at Wilton'

Also articles (no engravings) including Foreign and Colonial News'
Thunderstorms over East Riding and other Places

Imperial Parliament'

Metropolitan News'

'The Church'

Wills and Bequests'

Life Boat Services'

Archaeology of The Month'

'Obituary of Eminent Persons includes The Righ Hon. Henry William Wilson, Lord Berners - The Right Hon. Joseph Thaddeus, Lord Dormer at his seat near Warwick - Colonel Charles Powell Leslie MP of Castlelesley - Sir Richard Tufton, Bart of Appleby Castle in Westmorland died at his residence 30 Place St Georges Paris - Mr Serjeant Woolrych, Humphry William Woolrych of Croxley House Herts JP - Colonel John Henry Poole CB who died at Clifton'

Imperial Parliament'

National Sports'

Weekly Return of Births and Deaths

'Law and Police'


August 5th

A twelve page issue price fivepence.

It features articles with prints from engravings including

August 12th

A twelve page issue price fivepence.

It features articles with prints from engravings including

August 19th

August 26th

Complete list of the illustrations:

October 28

Complete list of the illustrations:

November 11th

'Lady Burdett Coutts Delivering Columbia Market to The Lord Mayor'

'Opening Queen Victoria Street, City'

'Ruins of Chacago, Looking East Towards The Lake' Half page panorama

'Chatham Siege Operations: Explosion of Mines Under The Medway'

'Chatham Siege Operations: Blowing up Rafts on The Medway'

'chess by Mr F. H. Bennett'

'paris Fashions: Head Dresses and Mantles'

'Scene From "Partners for Life" at The Globe Theatre'

Also articles (no engravings unless listed above) including:
'Foreign and Colonial News'

'The Burning of Chicago'

'Mewtropolitan News'

'The Farm'

'The Court' The Royal Family at Balmoral

' New Books'

'Law and Police' with reference to Tichborne v. Lushington'

'The Royal Instutution of Great Britain' with reference to Professor Tyndall and more

'Members Out of Parliament'


'The Theatres'

'Wills and Bequests' includes The Rev Richard William Jelf DD Canon of Christ Church, Oxford - - - Dame sarah Paxton of Chatsworth Dervy - - - Thomas George Gosline Esq of 48 Portland Place - - - Lieutenant General Henry George Teesdale, RA'

'Obituary of Eminent Persons includes Sir Peregrine Palmer Fuller Palmer Acland of Fairfield Somerset at his seat near Bridgwater - - - Lady ktherine Margaret Frankland at her sons residence Stokesley, Co. York - - - Henry James Ramsden Esq of Oxton Hall, Tadcaster - - - William Rashleigh Esq of Menabilly, Cornwall JP and DL died at St Leonards hill, Windsor - - - Thomas Greenwood Esq MA Camb FRSL'

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