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The Illustrated London News 1898

Events of this year in the Illustrated London News

1898 0mdurman 21st lancers

This page
- (c) (copyright) 1995 - 2009 All of the text and images on this page are copyrighted - some of the text and images are copyrighted by a third party and appear here by their kind permission. Please do not reproduce any text or images without express permission.

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January 1st


'The German Cruiser "Gefion" Bound for Chinese Waters Undre Prince Henry of Prussia'

'The German Cruiser " Deutschland " Bound for Chinese Waters Under Prince Henry of Prussia'

'The Pantomimne "Dick Whittinghton and His Cat at The Grand Th eatre, Islington'

'The Pantomime Aladdin at The Grand Theatre, Fulham: The Market Palce, Pekin'

'Cinderella At The Garrick Theatre' Full page

'New Statue of The Queen At Brighton'

'Colonel John Haughton' - - 'Mr Dunbar Plunket Barton QC MP' - - 'The Late Mr Charles Harrison, MP' - - 'Dr Gerald H. Rendall'

The Indian Frontier Rising: Watching The Conveyance of The Dead, A Daily Occurence. Facsimile of a Sketch by our Special Artist, Mr Melton Prior' Full page

'The Stump Orator by Robert Morley' shows a group of amusing chicks

'The Washington Post drawn by Lucien Davis' Double page

'The Indian Frontier Rising: Headquarters Camp at Bagh, Protected Against The Enemys Fire in To Camp at Night from our Special Artist Mr Melton Prior'

'On The Way To Klondike. Skagway Town, From The Head of THe Lynn Canal, Showing The White Pass in October 1897'

'Mr Podgers Vow and Its Fulfilment' comic strip style sketches on fox hunting scenes. Full page

'Seeing The New Year In' Full page drawn by Arthur Hopkins Fashion 'A Puquant Jacket' - - 'A Dainty Dinner Gown'

'Decorations for the Maidstone Nurses' a medal

'Goldsmiths & Silversmiths' designs of Jewellery with prices of the time. Advert

'Hampton & Sons ltd Great Inaugural Sale, January 1898' Furniture company advert

J. V. Liebig Extract and a picture of a cow. Advert

'Pears Soap, Ready for the Tub' A little girl. Advert

Also articles (no engravings) including:
'Our Note Book by James Payn'

'The Playhouses includes Babes in The Wood at Drury Lane'

'Maritime Ports of Northern China'


'Home and Foreign News'

'Science Jotting by Dr ANdrew Wilson'

'Wills and Bequests includes Mr William James Amnderson of 34 Westbourne Terrace - - - Mr Williamn Mackenzie of the Priory, Bawdon, Chester - - - Lieutenant Colonel The Hon. Robert Anderson Ramsay of 24 Ryder Street, St James's - - - Major General Ralph Young RE of 17 Avenue Road, Regents park - - - Mrs Sarah Wood Stephens of 43 Holland park - - - Henry Francis, Marquis Conynghamn of Bifrons, Patrixbourne, Kent and Slane Castle, County Meath - - - Mr Thomas Firth of Seawood, Kents bank, Cartmel, Lancs - - - Mr George Masterman of Ashtead, Owner of the Grand National Winner Ilex - - - Mr Edward Walthall Delves Walthall JP DL of St Asaph, Flint - - - Mr Thomas Georgbe Tagg of the Island Hotel, East Molesey , well known boat builder

January 8th

price sixpence,

with a supplement on The Chinese Crisis.

'Messrs Barnum and Baileys Greates show on Earth at Olympia' Full page

'New Years Honours List ' includes Sir W. Wallace Hozier - Horace Farquhar - Lore Halsbury - Sir Paul Samuel - Sir Thoma sHughes - Sir Edwin Lawrence - Sir John Battt Tuke - Sir john William Maclure - Sir W. Brandfrod Griffith - Sir Robert Henry Symes - Sir Spencer Walpole - Sir Herbert Barnard - Sir John Struthers - Sir Thomas Johnstone Lipton - Sir John Charles Hlder - Sir Frederick Wigan - Sir Ernest clarke - Late Sir Edward A. Bond - Sir George Thomas Brown - Sir W. Tennant Gairdner ' portraits on one full page

'The Late General E. M. Boxer' - 'The Late Mr W. J. Linton' - 'The Late General Sir J. Talbot Airey'

The Accident to a Scotch Express 'Scene of The Collision Outside Dunbar Station' - 'One of The Wrecked Engines' - 'A Wrecked Carriage' - 'A Wrecked Carriage' Miss Isabella M'Alpine on her way to attend her fathers funeral at Stirling, was killed

'Pro Gloria Patrlae : Bodies of officers Killed in The Indian Frontier Campaign Taken Down Country For Burial Under Escort of Bengal Lancers' Full page

'Lonesome Anne by Algernon Gissing and Illustrated by F. H. Townsend'

'The Companys Favourite: For He's A Jolly Good Fellow!' Full page

'Hockey on The Ice in America: A Shot for Goal' Full page

'A Free Communist Colony in England: Sketches at Clousden Hill Farm, Forest Hall, Northumberland' Full page showing Stevensons Old Coal Pit, The Farm House, The Pond, Having Dinner, Cooking The Christmas Pudding.

'The Indian Frontier Rising: The Burning of A Native Village Outside The British Camp at Bagh' Double page with witness binding marks

'The Chinese Crisis: HMS Alacrity, Twin Screw Despatch Vessel, British Squadron, China Station'

'HMS Humber, Screw Store Ship, British Squadron, China Station'

'Entrance to Port Arthur, Occupied by The Russian Squadron'

'Prince Henry of Prussia, Representing the German Emperor in Chinese Waters'

'Victor emmanuel, Receiving Ship, British Squadron, China Station'

'A Chinese Gun boat'

'The Chinese Crisis: Positions of Port Arthur and Kiau Chiau, occupied By Russian and Germany' With Names of Treaty Ports and Town Underlined' Map

'The Lagos Dahomey Frontier Question: Scenes in The Disputed Hinterland District - Kosoko (headman) and His Wife - Gates of Ketu - Camp at Dopetu - Native Porter - Market Woman' Full page

'Ladies Page: A Cloth Redingote - A Smart Winter Frock'

'Liptons Tea - Map of Ceylon shewing Liptons Tea Estates' Advert

'Faulkner Diamonds and Orient Pearls' advert showing Diamond Fox Brooch - Any Name to order Brooch - Shoe Pin - Diamond Wheel Brooch - Diamond Star

'Hovis Bread' Advert

'Levesons Invalid Chairs & Carriages' Advert, also prams, beautiful designs

'The Chinese Crisis: Sir Claude M. Macdonald KCMG British Envoy at Peking'

'Admiral Sir E. H. Seymour DCB Commander in Chief on The China Station'

'Vice Admiral Sir Alexander Buler KCB Retiring Commander in Chief on The China Station'

'HMS Centurion, British Flag Ship on The China Station'

'Port Arthur, Occupied by The Russian Fleet: View of The Town from The West'

'Dock at Port Arthur'

'The British Squadron in Chinese Waters' Double page showing all the ships in the squadron, with class and weights

'The British Consulate Shanghai'

'The German Consulate Shanghai'

'The Fort on Talien Wan Bay, The Conjectured Destination of The British Squadron'

'Interior of Talien Wan Fort'

'Scene in Trafalgar Square on the Night of Oct 21' Full page highlighting Vinolia Soap, Bovril, Remington Typewriter
'Our Note Book by James Payn'

'The Playhouses includes Hans Anderson at Terrys'

'Home and Foreign News'

'Science Jotting by Dr ANdrew Wilson'

'Golden Key Presented to The Duchess of Fife'

'Wills and Bequests includes Mr Alfred Nobel of 59 Avenue Malakoff, Paris and Villa Nobel, SanRemo - Mr Thomas Blades JP of Watercroft, Penn, Bucks and 6 Henrietta Street, Cavendish Square - Mr Richard Benjamin Kemp of 18 Campden Square - Mr JAmes Heywood FRS JP of 26 Kensington Palace Gardens - Mr Joseph william Dunning of 4 Talbot Square, Hyde Park - Mrs Alicia Ellen Renton of 11 Queens Gardens, West Brighton - Mr John Bagnold Burgess RA of 60 Finchley Road - The Right Hon John Strange, Earl Roden of 27 Hill Street, Berkeley Square adn Tullymore Park, County Down - Captain Arthur William Cotton, Grenadier Guards of Forest Mere, Liphook died of Fever at Beira - Mr Charles Ratsey of West Cowes, Isle of Wight, The well known sailmaker of Cowes - Mr Joseph O'Neill Power JP of Power Hall, Snow Hill, Kilkenny - Dame Selina Rennie of 2 Chester Square'

'John Millais at Burlington House'

January 15th

price 6d

'The Late Henry Stacy Marks RA - An Odd Volume - A Learned Judge Tantalus Stork - Of Making Many Books There is no End, and Much Study is a Weariness of The Flesh'

Off To Egypt 'Captain Bernard - Lieutenant Tandy - Captain Gamble - Sergt Major Whitehorn, MEdical Staff Corps - Conductor Robertson'

'The Late Commander Henry James' - [' The Late Lieutenant Ewart' - 'The Late Hon. Sir Robert Meade' - 'Sir Edmund Bewley' - 'The Late Mr George L. Pilkington' - 'Sir Walter F. Mieville KCMG' - 'The Late MR ERnest Gart'

French Advance To The Upper Nile 'Lieutenant V. E. Largeau' - 'Captain J. B. MArchand' - 'Captain J. M. Germain' - 'Captain Baratier' - 'The Marchand Expedition at Loango' - 'Lieutenants Simon and Castellani of The Marchand Expedition, in the Mayombe Forest'

'The Wild Geese by L. McManus and Illustrated by Robert Sauber' Story

The Chinese Crisis - 'Mr McLeavy Brown, Advisor to The Corean Government' - 'Sir Robert Hart Director of Chinese Imperial Maritime Customs' - 'Relative Positions of The Island of Chusan Given Up by Great Britain in 1846 adn Kiao Chao Now Occupied by Germany'

'The Chusan Islands, Commanding The Yang Tsze Kiang Estuary and The Bay of Hang Chau with the Access to Shanghai' This page is torn

'The Indian Frontier Rising: The Kings Own Scottish Borderers Storming a Sangar Above the Camp at Datoi' Full page

' Full page

'Writers of the Day: Mr WWilliam Watson'

'The Soudan Advance, Scenes on the Nile - South of Toski - North of Toski - Battlefield of Toski - The Nile looking south from Korosko' Full page

'The Indian Frontier Rising: The Tribesmen Firing Into The British Camp at Bagh at Nightfall' Double page

' A Triple Alliance b y Lewis Cohen'

'The Angels Visit by Clara Walther ' Full page

'Monkey Brand, The Juggler' Full page advert

'The Playhouses'

'Home and Foreign News'

'Science Jotting by Dr Andrew Wilson'

'Wills and Bequests includ Sir John Gilbert RA of Ivy House Vanbrugh Park Road, Blackheath - Sir Thomas Percival Heywood, Bart of Doveleys, Denstone, Staffs - Mr David Trail Robertson of 18 The Boltons, South Kensington - The Right Hon. Margaret, Lady hatherton of 22 Rutland Gate - Mr Samuel Bentlif of Draycott House, Maidstone - The Rev. Beauchamp St John Tyrwhitt of Holden House, Southborough near Tunbridge Wells - Mr Swann Hurrell, JP of 5 Villa Road, St Leonards on Sea - Dr Thomas Bell Elcock Fletcher JP of 8 Clarendon Cres, Leamington - Sir Charles Edward Pollock - Sir William Cayley Worsley Bart JP of Hovingham Hall, York and The Carlton Club '

January 22nd

short Story by Louis Becke and Walter Jeffery entitled 'Officer and Man' with illustrations within the text

Fashion 'A Roman Satin Tea Gown'

'Mappin & Webbs Silver Plate'

'The Indian Frontier Rising: Wounded and Sick Officers and Men Arriving At Rawal Pindi From The Front' Full page.

'The British Columbian Gold Fields: The Cariboo road, Near Chapmans Bar, Upper Fraser River'

'The Indian Frontier Rising: Camping in The Khyber Pass' Double page. Damage to edges

'The Indian Frontier Rising: View of the Tor Ghar Range, From Fort Bara, Showing The Position of the Sapri ( Ghuzdarra ) Pass'

'The QueensCottage, Kew Gardens, Presented to The Public By Her Majesty' Damage to edges of print

'Kensington Palace' four illustrations including the Room in SWhich the Queen (Victoria) Was born. Damage to Lower half of page

'Popular Winter Amusement in Germany' Full page of people skating on sledges upright with long poles and also ice skating.

'The Shadow of a Crime!' amusing full page advert for Mellins Baby Food

Fashion 'A Grey Cloth Gown, Braided With Black'

'Quaker Oats' Advert

'Diamond Merchants, Jewellers and Silversmiths' Designs of jewelery. Advert

'Prince Bismarcks New Bath Chair'

And more adverts of the day

Also articles (no engravings) including:
Home and Foreign News'


'Science Jottings by Dr Andrew Wilson'

'Sir Herbert Kitchener KCB'

'Wills and Bequests includes Sir Henry Doulton of Lambeth, 10 Queens Gate Gardens and Woolpit, Ewhurst Surrey JP - - - Mr Edward Sampson JP DL of Henbury, Gloucester - - - Mr Georgbe Crompton, of Stanton Hall, Derby - - - Mr William Kerby of Wellington Road, Handsworth, Staffordshire - - - Mrs Catherine Isabella Campbell of 105 Eaton Square and formerly of Niddry Lodge, Campden Hill - - - Mr Richard Patrick Creagh of 6 Somers Place, Hyde Park - - - General SXir Arthur James Herbert KCB of 24 Thurloe Square - - - Mrs Rose Ethel Gow Steuart of 15 Sussex Square, Brighton - - - Mr Thomas Westmorland, JP of Penrith, Cumberland - - - The Right Hon,. Jane Countess of Cranbrook of Hemsted Park, - - - General William Harrison Askwith RA of 119 St Georges Square


January 29th

price sixpence.

'The Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone'

'Chateau Thorenc, Cannes, Where Mr Gladstone is Now Staying ass The Guest of Lord Rendel'

'The Soudan Advance: Departure of The 6th Royal Warwickshire Regiment fo the Front from Side Gaber Station, Ramleh' Full page

'Lieutenant Clifford and Moorhouse, Officers in Charge, and Non Commissioned Officers ofor Uganda'

'The Late Dean Liddell' - 'The Late Mr John Lair' - 'The Late Signor Nicolini' - 'The late Mr George Dixon MP' - 'The Late Mr H. E. Falk' - 'The Late M. ERnest Bazin' - 'The Lat Mr Thomas Ashton' - 'The Late Mr Augustus Prichard' - 'The Late Mr C. SMith, State Coachman to the queen' -

'The Eve of the Wedding by G. G. Kilburne RI'

'Brandon bridge by Yeend King RI'

'The Lepers Window by Arthur pask and Illustrated by A. Forestier' Story

'Trelawny of The Wells, Mr Pinero's New Play at The Court Theatre' Full page with Miss Irene Vanbrugh and Mr #James Erskine

' ulius Ceasar At her Majestys Theatre' with Mr Tree, Miss Lily Hanbury, Mr C. Fulton

'On The Way to Klondike: Scene Near The Landing Stage, Dyea' Double page

'The Question of The Giants Causeway in The Dublin Court of Appeal: View of The Disputed Ground' Full page

'The Recent Military Balloon Experiments in Germany: Infantry and Artillery Shooting at A Baloon at Interbogk' Full page

'Military Balooning a Century Ago: The French Victory At The Battle of Fleurus 1794'

'The Indian Frontier Rising, The Rifle Thief: A Night Scene Near Kohat

' Burial of The Late Sir Henry Havelock Allan: At The Graveside'

'Sir Henry Havelock Allan: Departure of The Funeral Procession'

'Monkey Brand - The Juggler' Full page advert

'Ladies Page: A Smart Gown of Cloth and Velvet - A Chic Opera Cape'

'Londons Gift to The King of Siam' A Casket

'Harlene For the Hair' Advert

'Goldsmiths a Silversmiths Company' Advert

'Challenge cup for The 3rd Volunteer Battalion, Bedfordshrie Regiment'

'Mr Samuel J. Waring, Junior'

'Messrs Warings premises in Oxford Street'

'Scrubbs Cloudy Ammonia, Refreshing as a Turkish Bath, Allays Irritation caused by Mosquito Bites, For the Hair etc' Advert

And many more adverts of the day

'Our Note Book by James Payn'

'The Playhouses'

'Home and Foreign News'

'Science Jotting by Dr Andrew Wilson'


Feb 5th

price sixpence.

It features articles with prints from engravings, photogravures &c. including

'The Indian Frontier Rising, Officers Killed in The British Reverse near Shin Kamar, Khyber Pass - Lieutenant Colonel John Haughton - Lieutenant Arthur H. Turing - Lieutenant Nalcolm R. Walker - Lieutenant Thomas Percy Dowdall'

'Indian Frontier Rising: View of The Scene of Operations Against The Bonerwals Under General Sir Bindon Blood, Illustrating The Main Passes into the District: (including) Tangi Pass - Pirsai Pass - Malindri Pass - Umbeyla Pass'

'The Cretan Question: Officers of The International forces Now at Canea' Cret4e

'The Plague in Bombay; The President of The Local Committee and An Indian Doctor on Their Daily Round in The Native Quarter by Our Special Artist, Mr Melton Prior' (full page)

'The Reinforcements for Uganda: Officers of The Army Service Corps Appointed to Undertake The Formation of a Bullock Transport System To Lake Victoria Nyanza'

Personal 'Mr J. H. Campbell QC MP - Mr george Aitchison RA - Mr Lionel Smythe ARA - The Late Lieutenant General Sir Frederick Middleton KCMG CB - The Late Mr William C. T. Dobson RA - The Late general Sir Daniel Lysons GCB - The late Lord Carlingford - The Late General Moberly - The Late Rev. Samuel Newth DD'

'The Opening of Parliament: The Movers and Seconders of the Address' in Reply to the Speech from The Throne - Lord Hardwickd, Mover of the Addressin the Lords - The Earl of Albemarle, Seconder of the Address in The Lords - Colonel Lockwood, Mover of the Address in the Commons - Viscount Milton, Seconder of the Address in the Commons'

'Arrest of Englishmen by The Moorish Government: The Shereefian Steam Ship Al Hassani and Her Crew' from a photograph suppleid by Mr. Budgett Meakin, formerly Editor of the Times of Morocco

'The Indian Frontier Rising, With the First Division Tirah Field Force: Bengal Sappers and Miners Fording The Mastura River'

'The Indian Frontier Rising: The Expedition into The Khyber Pand Bazar Valley - Major General Symons with the 1st Brigade under Brigadier General Hart and Divisional Troops Encamped at La La China, on the Khyber River,29 Dec 1897 - B urg, in the Bazar Valley with one of the Fortified Villages Demolished by the Divisional Troops - Fort Ali Musjid: Sketch taken from the Bed of the Khyber River looking up the Pass' From sketches by Lieutenant colonel H. H. Hart

'Indian Frontier Rising: Dargal Viewed From The Rocks From Which The companies of the Derbyshire Were Employed in Keeping Down The Enemy's Fire'

'Indian Frontier: Ground at The Head of The Mastura Valley, Showing Attach Made on Foraging Party under Command of Major Smith Dorrien, Derbyshire Regiment on Nov 13, 1897'

'Preparing For the Fancy Dress Ball - The Finishing Touches drawn by Lucien Davis' Double Page

Diplomatic Life in Peking 'Outside The Legation Wals' - 'A Group of Legation Officials' - 'Entrance to The British Legation' - 'A Court Leading To The British Ambassadors Residence'

'Coaling Men of Wat At Portsmouth, HMS Caesar, HMD Majestic, Coal Derricks and Lighters, HMD Prince George and Entrance to Portsmouth Harbour' Full page

'Reinforcements for Uganda, Arrival of An Indian Contingent at Mombasa - Part of the Camp of the 27th Bombay Infantry, Mombasa - Another View of the Camp - The Officers Camp, in the Background the Sports Club - Regimental Store on the Trolley Line from Kilindini to Mombasa - The departure Camp, Opposite Kilindini Railway Terminus' All on one full page

The Industrial Enterprise of '98, Mr Hooleys Hydraulic Joint 'Mr Charles T. Crowden, The Inventor' - 'Mr Crowdens Original Experimental Apparatus, Showing Jig Arranged For Bolting' - 'Travelling Portion of Jig and Press, with Cycle Frame in Position' - 'Experimental Mould or Jig for Cycle Frames' - 'Section of Cycle Frame Showing Joints Made Hydraulically' - 'Applying Hydraulic Pressure to The Frame' - 'Section Showing Joint Made by Hydraulic Pressure' - 'Frame Placed in Position in the Press Ready to Receive Hydraulic Pressure' - 'Mr Crowdens First Experimental Hydraulic Apparatus' What is it for? the object of this invention if for jointing articles of tubnular construction when made in large quantitiesw, cycle frames and the like

''Watched By The Moonlight by Owen Hall and Illustrated by G. Montbard' short story

. 'Ladies Page: A White Satin Evening Dress - A Cloth Walking Costume'

'Peek, Frean & Co, Biscuit and Cake Manufacturers' advert

'Maypole Soap' Dye, Picture of a black cat. Advert

'Ogdens Guinea Gold Cigarettes' Advert

'Bovril' Advert

and many more adverts of the day.
Also articles (no engravings) including 'Home and Foreign News'
'Our Note Book'


'Art Notes'

'The Art of Letter Writing'

'Anecdotal Europe, By The Author of An Englishman in Paris'

'Wills and Bequests includes Mr Gottlieb Friedric Eyssen of 80 Ladbroke Grove, Notting Hill - Very Rev. William Charles Lake formerly Dean of Durham and late of 8 eaton Place SW and Kanescombe, Torquay - The Right Hon. Hercules George Robert Baron Rosmead of 42 Princes Gardens SW and Rosmead, Westmeath and Tafelberg South AFrica - Mrs Georginiana Vincent of 2 Hyde Park Terrace - Sir Frank lLockwood QC of Cober Hill, Cloughton, Scarborough and 26 Lennox Gardens, Pont Street - Mrs JAne Ramsbotham widow of Crowborough Warren Crowborough of Sussex - Colonel George Chancellor Collyer of 88 Kensington Gardens Square - Lady Mary Ann Riddell of Kilcamb, Strontian Argyll - Mr Thomas Williams Angell Evans JP of Rumsey House, Kidwelly, Carmarthen - Captain George Stanley Williams of The Coppice, Queenborough, Leicester'

12th February

price sixpence.

It features articles with prints from engravings, photogravures &c. including

February 26th

price sixpence.

'The Feench Agression in West Africa: Types of French and Native Soldiery Engaged in The Advance - French Sergeant of Soudanese Tiralleurs and His Servant with a West African Native Officer of Artillery - A French Sergeant of Marine Infantry'

'The Chinese Questoin: HMS Centurion and Hms Iphigenia Joining The British Squadron off Port Hamilton, Christmas Day, 1897, Signal by Semaphore "The Admiral Wishes Officers and Men a Mrry Christmas' a view of Port Hamilton

French Agression in W Africa, Scenes in The Royal Niger Company's Territory: - 'View of Lokoja' - 'A Street in Lokoja' - 'Wharf at Lokoja' - 'prominent Natives in Front of The House of The King of Lokoja' - 'Mission Houses at Ouitsha, The Headquarters of The Church Missionary Society on The Niger' - 'Marketting at A Mission House on The Niger' - 'Medical Work on The Niger Under the Church Missionary Society' - 'Industrial Work on The Niger Under The Church Missionary Society' all on one full page

Greyhound 'Wild Night, Winner of The Waterloo Cup'

'Mr F. Lowe MP' - 'M. Hanotaux, French Minister' - 'The Earl of Shrewsbury' - 'Major Northcott, Commandin Birtish FRorces, Gold Coast, Hinterland' - 'The Late Miss Frances E. Willard' - 'Major Lowry Cole' - 'The Late Bishop of Bedfrord' - 'The Late sir James Stansfeld' - 'The Late Major Spitty'

'The March of The Men of Harlech - The Welsh Choir Singing Before The Queen At Windsor' Full page

'An Open Moment by Richard Pryce and Illustrated by Robert Sauber' Short Story

'Figure Skating at The National Skating Palace' Wonderful full page by Seppings Wright

'The United States War Ship " Maine " Blown Up in Havana Harbour '

'the Indian Frontier Rising, Occupation of The Khyber: View At The Lower End of Ali Musjid Gorge From a siketch by Lieutenant Col. H. H. Hart 1st Division Tirah Field Force'

'Commander A. Marix of The Vermnt, One of THe Board of Inquiry into the Disaster to The MAine of WHich He Was Formerly Executive Officer'

'The National Memorial t Sir Gerald Portal and His Brother Captain Melville Raymond Portal in Winchester Cathedral'

'English Freemasons at Jerusalem'

'Writers of The Day, Mr Stanley J. Weyman '

The New Government Railway from Sierra Leone Towards The Interior: Scenes Along The Line - 'A Trolley at Wellington' - 'Five Chain Curve Between Chinetown and Kissey;' - 'Portrait Group taken After the Public Inspection of The New Line' - 'Sierra Leone, Viewed from Mount Oriel' - 'Orogue Viaduct' - 'Welligntron Viaduct' - 'Hastings Brook thirteen miles from Freetown' All on one full page

' English Homes, Alton Towers; View From The Privat Gardens - Chinese Fountain in the Gardens - The Stables - Distant View From The Grounds

' Alton Towers : The Old Castle ' Full page

'Alton Towers Staffordshire, The Seat of The Earl of Shrewsbury and Talbot' Double page by Montbard

' Alton Towers, View From The Terrace' Full page

Humber Cycles 'Mr Thomas Humber, The Founder of The Company' - 'The First Cycle Built By Mr Humber' - 'A Wayside Halt, A Lady Cyclist' - 'Mr Henry Moore, General Manager Humber Extension' - 'Front of The Humber Catalogue 1898' - A Neat Machine, Lady on cycle'

'The Humber Works in 1874' - 'A Tricycle Made At coventry, Ridden By The Shahzada' - 'The Novelty of The Season: Aluminium Bicycle' - 'A Beeston Tricycle, Top Bar Detachable for Ladies Use' - The New Duplex Chain Stay' - 'A Combination Tandem, Made at Beeston' - 'A Beeston Ladys Bicycle' - 'Where The Humber Companuy Builds Its Beeston Machines'

'Fraser River in British Columbia'

'Lytton, British Colombia'

'Smelter At Trail, British Columbia' Gold

'Plan of The Associated Gold Mines of British Columbia'

'Ladies Page - A Princesse Dress - An Opera Wrap'

'Neave's Food' Advert

'Maypole Soap, A Cat' Advert

' Geraudels Pastilles including Sarah Bernhardt, Lily Langtry etc' Advert

'Monkey Brand Soap' Full page advert

'Liptons Extract of Beef' Advert

'Application for Shares for Salsadella Lithographic Stone Quarry Ltd'

'The Convocation of Canterbury at The Church House, Westminster: Bishop of Worcester Speaking in The Upper House' Doble page with Blank reverse

And more advert of the day

'Our Note Book by James Payn'

'The Playhouses'

'Home and Foreign News'

'Science Jotting by Dr Andrew Wilson'

And more.

March 5th

'Ye Compleat Angler by Lucien Davis RI' a lovely picture of a lady with a fishing rod

'The Seizure of Arms off The Persian Coast: Muscat Harbour at the Entrance to Which The " Baluchistan " Was Stopped'

'HMS Lapwing Firing a Gun Across The Bows of the Steam Ship Baluchistan One of the Vesels Engaged In The Traffic in Arms From Europe to the Persian Gulf'

'The Right Hon. Professor Frederick Max MUller LL.D DCL' Writer

The Trial of M. Zola - 'M. Zola' - - - 'President Delegorgue' - - - 'Major Esterhazy' - - - 'M. Labori, Counsel for M. Zola' - - -'Advocate General Van Cassel'

'The Fancy Dress Ball drawn by Lucien Davis RI' Double page

'Chess b W. Biddle'

'The Hermitage Club House of the Surrey Golf Club, Destroyed By Fire' Norbury

'Fresco By Ghirlandajo Discovered in the Church of the Ognissanti, Florence'

'Forest House The Residence of Mr Gladstone During His Stay at Bournemouth'

some Leading Men of the Royal Niger Company's Territory - 'Lieutenant A. H. Festing secon in command Royal Niger Troop' - - - 'Major A. J. Arnold DSO' - - - 'Lieutant J. A. Burdon' - - - 'Mr W. Watts Executive of Nupe and Borgu Regions' - - - 'Mr William Wallace CMG Agent General of the Niger Territories' - - - 'Chief Justice Moore' - - - 'Mr W. P. Hewby Chief of Executive of Benue Regions'

The West African Question: Scenes in the Royal Niger Companys Territory - 'Midday Halt at Sandbank on River Ogun' - - - 'The Factory of the Royal Niger Company, Busutu Where Troops Disembark for the Niger' - - - 'Church Missionary Societys Dispensary, Abeokuta, Yoruba' - - - 'Interior of Mission Church at Lokoja'

'The West African Question: Eguns or Sacred Beings Supposed to Have Risen Fromn The Dead, Passing Along a Road in Abeokuta, The Capital of the Egba Kingdom, Yoruba country'

'The Unveiling By The Princess of wales of a Portrait of Lord Colville of Culros at the Hon. Artillery Companys Headquarters, Finsbury: Lord Colville Returning Thanks'

'Ladies Page - Cloth Dress Piped With Amethyst Velvet' - - - 'An Evening Frock of Spider Web Tulle '

'Presentation to Mr J. A. Spreckley CMG'

And many adverts of the day'
Also articles (no engravings unless previously mentioned ) including :
'Our Note Book by L. F. Austin'

'Home and Foreign News'


'A Question of Conscience by E. Nesbit Illustrated by Arthur J. Buckland' Their is a tear across the centre of this page

'Science Jottings by Dr ANdrew Wilson'

'Ecclesiastical Notes'

'Ladies Page by Sybil '

'Wills and Bequests includes :- Charles Andrew third Baron Huntingfield JP of Heveningham Hall, Yoxford Suffolk - - - the Very Rev. Henry George Liddell DD of Ascot Wood House,Ascot late Dean of Christ Church Oxford - - - Sir Thomas Dawson Brodie, Bart of Idvies, Forfar and 9 Ainslie Place, Edinburgh - - - Mr George Hall of 72 Addison Road, Kensington - - - Major General Edward Mounrier Boxer FRS of Upton Isle of Wight - - - Mr Henry Graham Lloyd JP of West Felton Grange, Salop - - - Mr Robert Townley Woodman DL JP of Maescelyn, near Crick Howell, Brecon - - - Admiral Sir Augustus Phillimore KCB of Shedfield House, Southampton - - - Mr Herman Eugene Falk father of the salt trade of Catslough near Winsford Chester - - - Mr Charles Augustus Tervelyan Perceval of Chichester Villa,Woodsland Road, Hassocks, and formerly of 25 Grand Parade, Brighton - - - Mrs Constance Farquharson of eastbury park, near Blandford Dorset'


March 12th

'The Japanese Headquarters at Wei Hai Wei'

'White As The Snow' a snowy street scene with children by Fritz Bergen, Full page

'Non Commissioned Officers for West Africa: Cpl Sheely RHA - - Sergt. Hill, 2nd Devon - - Corporal Gale, 1st Leinster - - Corporal Hubbard, 2nd Stafford - - Sergt. M'Allister RHA - - Sergt Miles, 2nd Somerset - - Corp. Symons, 2nd Devon - - Corp. Galpin RHA - - Sert Major Framjee, RGA - - Sergt Webb RA - - Sergt Major Bell RA in Charge - - Sergt Trivett RA - - Sergt Heffernson RA'

Personal Page Portraits 'The Late Rev. Father Eyre' - - - 'Georgios Karditzis, Who Fired on The King of Greece' - - - 'The Late Sir George Russell' - - - 'The Late Mr Tattersall' - - - 'The Late Miss Florence Morgan, Nurse' - - - 'The Late Lieutenant De Kantzoa' - - - the Late Colonel Malleson' - - - 'The Late Lord Holm Patrick' - - - 'The Late Sir B. A. Dobson'

'On The Way to Klondike: Near the Summi, Skagway Trail - - Packing across White Pass - - Pitchfork Falls, From Skagway pass - - Skagway River, From First Bridge - - Crossing the Skagwayt River: Temporary Work - - The Six Month Old Town of Skagway now Containing a Population of Three Thousand' Alaska. All on a full page

'How Justice Works by Ernest G. Henham' Illustrated by Warwick Goble within the text. Short story

'New Members of the London County Council: Lord Wolverton, Fulham - - Mr P. J. Rutland, Central Finsbury - - Mr B. S. Strauss, Mile End - - Mr J. Peppercorn, Greenwich - - Mr R. W. Granville Smith, Westminster - - Mr W. C. Johnson, Whitechapel - - Mr F. Purchese, East St Pancras - - Mr G. Lampard, North Hackney - - Mr R. C. Phillimore, Deptford - = Mr H. T. Sawell, Hoxton - - Mr R. S. Jackson, Greenwich - - Mr C. Barratt, St Georges in the East' All on one full page with small descriptions of each member under the portrait

New Members of the London County Council: Mr J. Benson, East Finsbury -- Mr J. Jeffery, Chelsea - - Mr D. S. Waterlow, North St Pancras - - The Duke of Leeds, The City - - Mr F. Verney, Peckham - - Mr G. E. S. Fryer, North Kensington - - Mr E. G. Easton, Fulham - - Mr E. Browne, South Hackney - - Mr C. Balian, St Georges in The East - - Sir J. Dickson Poynder MP, Holborn - - Mr J. Poggott, West Newington - - Mr E. J. Horniman, Chelsea - - Mr G. E. Dodson, Lewisham - - Mr J. D. Gilbert, West Newington - - Mr Frank Smith, North Lambeth - - Mr J. H. Williams, South Islington'

'Sir Charles Gavan Duffy'

'Gordon Castle, Banffshire, The Seat of tyhe Duke of Richmond and Gordon'

'Eglinton Castle Ayrshire, The Seat of the Earl of Eglinton and Winton'

'Castle Newe, Aberdeenshire, The Seat of Sir Charles Stewart Forbes, Bart'

'Lochinch Castle, Wigtown, The Seat of the Earl of Stair'

'Stirling Castle, Military Garrison'

'Stornoway Castle, Ross Shire'

'Armadale Castle, Skye, The Seat of Lord Macdonald'

'Tulloch Castle, Ross Shire, The Seat of Mr Duncan Davidson'

'Edinburgh Castle(Military Garrison), From Grassmarket' shows rows of shops

'Cluny Castle, Aberdeenshire, The Seat of Sir Reginald Cathcart, Bart '

'Brodick Castle, Isle of Arran, The Seat of the Duke of Hamilton and Brandon'

'Castle Leod, Strathpeffer, Cromartyshire'

'Culzean Castle, Ayrshire, The Seat of the Marquis of Ailsa'

'Drumlanrig Castle, Dumfries, The Seat of the Duke of Buccleuch'

'Aboyne Castle, Aberdeenshire, The Seat of the Marquis of Huntly'

'Peter Robinsons Corset Tailleur, The Most Famous Corset in The World' Advert

Fashion 'A Tea Gown'

'Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co.' Jewellery designs and prices

'An Evening Frock'

'Mappin & Webb, Watches' Advert

'Swan Fountain Pen' Advert

'Hitchings Baby Stores' Advert

And many more adverts of the day

Also articles (no engravings) including:
'Our Note Book by LFA ( L. F. Austin)'

'The Playhouses, 22a Curzon Street at The Garrick'

'Home and Foreign News'

'Science Jotting by Dr Andrew Wilson'

'Ladies Page'

'Wills And Bequests includes Sir Isaac Holden, Bart of Oakworth House, Keighley, Yorkshire - - - The Hon. Emmeline Rosabella Canning, of 50 Belgrave Road - - - Mr Henry William Freeman JP FRCS of 24 The Circus, Bath - - - Mr Charles Worters of Thoresby, Bromley Road, Shortlands, sugar merchant - - - Mr John Coryton, sometime Judge of the Maritime Court, Calcutta and Recorder of Rangoon and Moulmein of 1, Essex Court, Temple - - - Sir John Smith of Park Field, Derby - - - Mr Francis Turner Palgrave of 15 Cranley Place - - - General Eyre Challoner Henry Massey, fourth Baron Clarina of Elm Park, Clarina Limerick died at 59 Albert Bridge Road, Battersea - - - Major General Francis John Moberley RE, London School Board, of 50 Sutherland Avenue, Maida Vale - - - Mr Thomas Brewis of 33 Howard Place, edinburgh and formerly of Eshott Hall, Felton Northumberland - - - Hon. Charles Powys of 85 St Georges Road, Pimlico - - - Mr Augustus Henry Lemonins of stoneleigh, Grassendale, Liverpool - - - Mr Thomas John Dennis JP of Bradiford House, Barnstaple and Croyde Georgeham, Devon'

March 19th

Cimiez 'Arranging The Platform for Her Majesty To Alight'

Cimiez 'Guards of Honour in The Avenue Victoria'

Cimiez 'Arrival of the Royal Carriage'

'Fire at The Modykhana Plague Hospital: Nurses Saving The Native Patients' An article also names some of the Nurses involved - Miss Winscombe, Miss Wood, Mrs Campbell, Miss Campbell, Miss Snowdon, Miss Brown, Miss Fry and Miss Buckley

With The British Expedition From Accra to The Gold Coast Hinterland: 'Refugeess From Bona at Dekrupe'

With The British Expedition From Accra to The Gold Coast Hinterland: Halt for Breakfast at The Nante River, on The Ukoranza Kintampo Road' From Photographs by Lieutenant F. Henderson DSO in Command of the Mission

Lions at The Zoo'

'Personal Page Portraits 'Mr T. McKinnon Wood, Chairman, London County Council' - - - 'Lord Welby, Vice Chairman, London CC' - - Mr H. Percy Harris, Deputy Chairman, LCC' - - - The Late Signor Cavallotti ' - - - 'The Late Mr George Muller' - - - 'The Late Earl of Bradford' - - - 'M. Witti, The Russian Minister of Finance' - - - 'The Late Mr Woolf Joel' - - - The Late Sir Richard Quain, Bart FRS'

'British Troops in Korea: With The Marines at Seoul' Sketch by Surgeon T. T. Jeans RN HMS Immortalite, Full page. Small tear to bottom border

'My Lady's Pets By Arthur Wardle' Three King Charles Spaniels

With The British Expedition From Accra to The Gold Coast Hinterland ' Building The Hausa Lines at WA, 120 Yards From Fort: First Stages' - - - 'Building The Hausa Lines At WA: Huts Nearly Completed'

British Expedition: 'The Hausa Lines at Kumasi, on The Bantama Road' - - - 'A Mo Hut, Amansara'

British Expedition: 'Entance to Chiefs Compound at Nasa, Dagarti' - - - 'Lieutenant Hendersons Camp at Malue on The Road to Buale'

British Expedition: Abu Bukari Demba's Sofa Escort at Buale: Rifles Piled' - - - 'A Fetish House at Jeima, on The Ukoranza Kintampo Road'

With The British Expedition From Accra to The Gold Coast Hinterland: 'Palaver With Abu Bukari Demba, The sSon of Samory's Priest, Sent to Buale as a Messenger (The white figure is Abu)'

With The British Expedition From Accra to The Gold Coast Hinterland: 'Barbatu Being Told He Must Not Raid Gurunsi ( Barbatu is Right Hand Figure at Bottom of Tree)'

'Writers of The Day: Mrs Campbell Praed ' ( Rose Caroline Praed )

'Coasting in New England on Double Runners' Sledging winter scene. Full page by H. Burgess

'Action Exercise on Board HMS Australia' Full page by W. H. Overend

'Proposed New Bridge at Vauxhall as Designed by Sir Alexander Binnie'

'The Far East: Sketches in Korea' by W. G. Littlejohns RN and F. J. Roskruge RN

On The Way To Klondike from Photographs by Colonel Domville ''General Bracket and Colonel Domville Examing Rock Cutting Railway near Summit of White Pass - - - Temporary Bridge Work, White Pass Railway: Colonel Domville Suggesting Improvements - - - Wharves at Skagway - - - General Bracket and Col. Domville at the Mens House Six Miles from the Start of White Pass Railway - - - The Wharves at Skagway - - - Approaching Skagway' All on one full page

'Dr J. K. Ingram, Trinity College Dublin' - - - 'Mr W. C. Steadman MP' - - - 'The Late Sir George Lawson' - - - 'The Late Lieutenant Colonel D. H. Osborn'

'Arrival of The Prince of Wales to Lay The Foundation Stone of a New Pier at Cannes'

Fashion 'A Stylish Cloth Gown - - - Cloth Visite With Black Chiffon Frills'

'Royhal MArine Rifle Association Challenge Cup'

The Lipton Share Conversion 'The Managers Office, National Bank of Scotland'

'A Pat of The Transfer Office, Lipton, Limited'

'Association of Diamon Merchants' advert includes designs of Brooches, Ostirch Feather Fan and other jewellery

'Maypole Soap' Advert, black cat designHarlene for The Hair' Advert

And many more adverts of the day

Also articles (no engravings) including:
'Our Note Book'

'The Playhouses'

'Home and Foreign News'

'Science Jotting by Dr Andrew Wilson'

'Literature: New Books'

Ladies Page'

' £1 for4 Every Man a\nd Woman in the Kingdom Subscribedc. The Lipton Conversion' Buying of shares in the company

'Wills and Bequests includes Mr John Thomas Nickels of Chenotrie, Noctorum, near Birkenhead - - - Mr John Laird of the Firm of Messrs Laird Brothers, Birkenhead, shipbuilders - - - The Right Hon. Henry Richard, Baron Berwick of Attingham Park, Near Shrewsbury - - - Mr Samuel George Claydon Sansom of Leigham Holme, Leigham Court Rd, Streatham - - - Mr Charles Harrison MP for Plymouth and VC of the London County Council fo 29 Lennox Gardens, South Kensington and 19 Bedford Row - - - Mr William Roberts, of Elmfield House, Rotherham - - - Nr George GHellman of Tacna, Peru and 18 Cornwall Road, Bayswater - - - Colonel Samuel Cotter Kyle RA of the Army and Navy Club Pall Mall - - - Mr Joseph Fessey of Kidbrook Villa, Radford Road, Leamington - - - Mr Robert Richardson Gardner DL of Ensbury Manor, Kinson, Wimb orne and 4 Ladbroke Square W died at Monte Carlo - - - Lieutenant Colonel Charles parke Ibbetson of 34 Chester Terrace, Regents park - - - Miss Leonora Lindo of 50 Clifton Gardens, Maida Vale'

April 2nd

price sixpence.

It features articles with prints from engravings, photogravures &c. including

April 9th

'Installation of The New Constable of The Tower, General Sir Frederick C. A. Stephenson, GCB: The Ceremony on Tower Green'

'Ushering in The Jewish Sabbath - "shortly before sunset on Friday evening the Jewish housewife ushers in the Sabbath by the kindling of its particular lights"...' Full page drawn by Isaac Snowman

'The P. & O. Steam Ship China '

'The Late Earl of Suffolk and Berkshire, Viscount Andover and Baron Howard of Charlton' - - - 'General Sir Frederick C. A. Stephenson GCB New Constable of the Tower' - - - The late Rev. George T. Stokes DD Professor of Ecclesiastical History, Dublin' - - - 'The Late Arthur Orton, The Tichborne Claimant ' - - - 'The Rev Canon A. F. Kirkpatrick DD, New Master of Selwyn' - - - 'The Layte Trumpeter John Browne, Trumpeter to the 17th Lancers at Balaclava ' - - - 'The Late Trumpet Major Henry Joy, Who Sounded The Charge of the Light Brigade' - - - 'The Late Mr T. Calder, Jockey '

'The Soudan Advance: "Hey ! Ho! Saladin!" A Marching Song of the Soudanese' Full page drawn by H. C. Seppings Wright

'Velvet Paws' by Fannie Moody. Full page kittens and a dog

'A Dancing Lesson by C. Mciver Grierson'

'ir James Dick KCB Ex Director General of The Navy Medical Dept' - - - 'Sir Henry F. Norbury, KCB New Director General, Navy Medical Dept' - - - 'Mr Fleetwood Wilson, New Assistant Under Secretary for War' - - - 'The Late Surgeon General Samuel Currie CB Honorary Physician to the Queen'

'The German Occupation of Kiao Chau - Paying Chinese Wheelbarrow Men at Tsingtan '

'HMS Centurion Passing Talien Wan Bay, Now Occupied by Russia' fram a Sketch by Mr B. MEadows Taylor HMS Centurion. This print has a tear right across upper part of sky area, easily repaired

'The Chinese Question: Conveying Stores From The Shore to Tsingtan, The Seaport of Kiao Chau' from special correspondent and artist Melton Prior

'Our Special Artist, Mr Melton prior, Posting His First Set of Sketches from Tsingtan' again this print is torn but easily repaired

'The German Occupation of Kiao Chau: Bay to The East of Tsingtan to be Made a Seaside Resort' by Melton Prior. Now also known as Qingdao and Tsingtau

'The German Occupation of Kiao Chau: German Flagstaff Erected in Front of the Government House, Tsingtan ( Tsingtau )


'The King of Denmarks Rooms in The Fredensborg Palace' - - - 'A royal Group at Copenhagen' - - - 'The King of Denmarks Library in The Amalienborg Palace'

'The Pribnce of Wales Firing a Maxim Gun: Mr Maxim Standing By'

'With The Tirah Expeditionary Force: A Typical Gurkha' sketched from Life by Lieutenant Col. C. Pulley, Gurkha Rifles

'Return of Troops from The Indian Frontier Campaign: Landing From The Steam Ship Nubia at Southampton'

'Mr H. Maconochie, Managing Director' Kronthal Mineral Water - - - 'The Kronthal Springs' Germany 'Liptons Teas, Map of Ceylon shewing Liptons Tea Estates' Advert

'Scrubbs Cloudy Fluid Ammonia'

'A New Baking Powder, Peek Frean & Co Biscuits' Advert

'Carter Invalid Carraiges' Advert

'The Swan Fountain Pen from 10/6'

And many more adverts of the day

Also articles (no engravings) including:
'Our Note Book by L. F. Austin' taking over from the late Mr James Payn

'The Late James Payn by Henry James'

'Anecdotal Europe. The King of Denmarks Eightieth Birthday. By The Author of An Englishman in Paris'

'Home and Foreign News'

'Science Jotting by Dr Andrew Wilson'

'Wills and Bequests includesx Mr H. Leopold Beddington of 3 Cornwall Terrace NW - - - the Right Hon. Charles Pelham Villiers PC MP for Wolverhampton of 50 Cadogan Place, Chelsea - - - MNr MAyow Wynell Adams JP of The Old House, Sydenham - - - Mr Thomas penrice DL JP of Kilvrough House, Park Mill, Swansea - - - Admiral Samuel Hoskins Derriman CB f 52 Queens Gate, South Kensington - - - The Right Hon. Frances Anna Maria, Countess Russell widow of Lord John Russell of Pembroke Lodge, Richmond - - - Mr John Mortimer Hunt of Bellevue, Holmwood, Dorking and 4 Airlie Gardens, Kensington - - - Mr John Albert Copland of Chelmsford, Essex - - - Mr Stephen Grant, the Celebrated Gunmaker of 67a St James's Street SW and Riverside, Twickenham - - - The Ven. George Henry Greville Anson of Birch Rectory, Birch, Lancashire formerly Archdeacon of Manchester - - - Major William Cooper Cooper FSA JP DL of Toddington Manor, Bedford - - - The Hon Samuel Swire Plues of Risplith Weybridge - - - Mr Samuel Smallwood Walley of 5 Waterloo Rd, Birkdale Southport and 66 Dale Street, Manchester, a merchant'


April 16th

'Captain Truppel The New Governor of Kiao Chau in His Office in The Chinese Yamen or Governmentt House, at Tsingtan'

'The Confirmation of Princess Alice of Albany at St Georges Church, Cannes: The Queen Leaving the Church After The Ceremony'

Portraits 'the Late Rev. Samuel Davidson DD LLD' - 'Captain N. c. Maclachlan, Wounded in the Atbara Fight' - 'The late Marquis of Exeter' - 'The Late General Sir Henry J. Warre, KCB' - 'The Late Mr Hamar Alfred Bass MP' - 'The Late MAjor General G. F. Gildea CB' - 'The Late Major General Thomas Clerk' - 'The Late Subadar Major Muklis Ali Khan'

'The Chinese Question, The German Occupation of Kiao Chau: DSunday Afternoon in the Yamen, or Government House, Tsingtan'

'Officers and Military Assistant Surgeons Who served in the No. 1 British General Hospital During The Recent Indian Frontier Campaign'

'His Cheap Bravo by W. Pettt Ridge and Illustrated by Gunning King'

'The Chinese Question: Wei Hai Wei, The Naval Port Lessed To great Britian With The Island of Liu Kung Tau at The Entrance to Its Harbour' Full page

The Chinese Question: 'The Tsung Li Yemen, The Chinese Imperial Chancery and Foreign Office, Peking - Entrance - Interior - In The Courtyard'

'Chinese Temple at Chefoo Where Li Hung Chang Signed The Last Birtish Treaty'

'British Officers Viewing a Dismounted Gun After The Action at Wei Hai Wei in 1895'

'Upper Deck Gun of HMS Aeolus While Cruising Off Wei Hai Wei in the Winter of 1895'

'Parade Ground of the Fort on Itan Island, After Admiral Tings Last Stand Against The Japanese in 1895'

'A Trio by edgar Bundy' three ladies playing instruments

'Easter Holiday Sketches at Brighton' Full page

'With An Easter Marching Detachment' Full page

'With An Easter Marching Detachment: The End of the Fray' Full page

'The Soudan Advance: Commander The Hon. C. Keppel DSO on His Gun Boat the Zaffir Reconnoitring Osman Dignas Position at Shendy'

'Rounding Up Wolves in Texas' Full page

'A Stolen Glance by A. Forestier' Two Arab Ladies in traditional dress. Full page

'The best of Friends by Lilian Cheviot' A Bulldog and two kittens

'Relics of Ancient Durham' Full page


'Peerless Erasmic Herb Soap' Full page Advert, childrens bath time

'Liptons Teas' Advert

'The Pattisson Hygienic Cycle Saddle, Humber & Co Ltd' Advert

'Harlene for The Hair' Advert

Gordon & Dilworths Tomato Catsup ( ketchup )' advert


And many more adverts of the day

'Our Note Book by L. F. Austin'

' 'Chess'

'The Playhouses'

'Home and Foreign News'

'Science Jotting by Dr Andrew Wilson'

'Perrywinkle Market'

'Anecdotal Europe, By The Author of An Englishman in Paris'

''Wills and Bequests include Mr John Dawson of Northbrooke Park, Exeter - Hon. William Gisborne of Allestree Hall, near Derby and Lingen, near Presteigne, Hereford - Lady Harriet Leslie Melville of Woodleigh, Southborough, Kent - Colonel Frederick St John Newdegate Barne, JP of Sotterley Hall, wangford, Suffolk - Sir William HHenry Wyatt DL JP of 88 Regents Park Road - Hon Sir Robert Meade GCB of Englemere, Berks, Under Secretary of the Colonies - Sir Joseph Terry JP Lord Mayor of York of Hawthorne Villa York - Mr Marcus Brown Westhead of Lea Castle, Kidderminster - Mrs Alicia Jane Townshend of 26 Hyde Park Gate widow of Captian Townshend of Wincham Hall, Cheshire - Mr Thomas walker of 53 Addison Road Kensington formerly editor of the Daily News and London Gazette - Mr John Henderson of Eastlands, Walmer Kent - Mr Francis Anderson MD of 25 Landsdowne Cres, Notting Hill - Right Rev Robert Claudius Billing, Bishop of Bedford of The Firs, Englefield Green'

April 23rd

'Highgate Archway to Be Demolished'

'Silver Paten Found in The Tomb of Walter de Cantelupe, Bishop of Worcester, 1236'

'Dressing Ponies for Protection Against The Tsetse Fly'

Portraits 'The Late General Henry Man' - 'The Right Rev. J. MacArthur, Bishop of Bombay'

'Mr William Ogilvie' - 'The Late Rev. Edward Jones Brewster LLde'

'The lLate Major General W. P. Collingwood' - 'The Late Mr Edward Kennedy, Secretary of The Early Closing Association'

The Chinese Question: Scenes in the Yangtse Kiang District - 'Wuhu' - 'A Criminals Head Exposed in a Wooden Cage' - 'The Little Orphan in The Yangtse Kiang, covered with Joss Houses' - 'The Bund, Hankow' - 'Kowloon Viewed from hong Kong' - 'Life Boat Junk Before the Wind'

'The Sergeant of The Guard by P. Y. Black and Illustrated by G. Montbard' Short Story

'The Spanish American Crisis: Reading The Latest News At A Street Corner in Seville' a Group of Madrilines discussing the crisis in the Calle de Sevilla in Madrid

'Meadow Sweet by Yeend King RI' Full page, Two ladies gathering flowers on the riverside

'The Chinese Question: Germans Landing Stores at Tsingtan For Kiao Chau ' Wonderful full page sketch by Melton Prior. (I think the place names are actually spelt Kiaochow and Tsingtau )

Leaders of spanish Opinion, Portraits 'Senor Alejandro Groizard, Minister of Justice' - - 'Senor Primo de Rivera, Governor of the Philippine Islands' - - 'General Borbon y Castelvi' - - 'Senor Segismundo Moret, Minister of Colonies' - - 'Senor Praxedes Mateo Sagasta, Prime Minister' - - 'Senor Antonio Maura, Leader of Reforms in Cuba' - - 'Count xiquena, Minister of Public Works' - - 'Senor Alberto Aguilera, Civil Governor of Madrid' - - 'Senor Emilio Castelar, Republican Leader' - - 'Senor Pio Gullon, Minister of Foreign Affairs'

'The Spanish American Crisis: Prominent Officers of The United States Army and Navy: - Commodor Schley - -Commodore Dewey - Major General Miles - Commodore McNair - Captain Sampson, Commander in Chief North Atantic Station - Rear ADmiral Sicard - Brigadier General Graham - Major General Wesley Merritt - Commodore Howell' Full page

The Barrage on The Nile: - 'Site of Projected Dam and Locks, Cataract at Assouan' - 'Dam As It Wil Appear When Completed' - 'Site of rojected Dam from The East Bank' - 'Sir W. Garstin KCMG, Under Secretary of State for Public Works, Egypt Originator of the Project' Full page

Barrage of The Nile: - 'Taking Sleepers to the New Railway (by boat)' - 'Conveying Limestone (by Camel)' - 'Loading Boats at Lehawa Quarries' - 'Towing Cargos' - 'Kasr el Ibrim, South of First Cataract' - 'Site of Barrage Looking East, a little South of Assiout' - 'Loading Camels With Limestona at Assiout Quarries' - 'Mr W. Willcocks, Late Director General of Reservoirs, Egypt' Full page

'Jan Szczepanik and His Marvellous Invention, The Transmitter adn The Reciever' The Telelectroscope

'The Last Surviving Galapagan Tortois, Presented to the Zoological Gardens by The Hon. Walter Rothschild'

'HMS Crescent To Be Commanded by The Duke of York'

'The Spanish American War Preparations: The American Liner St Paul, One of The Vessels Chartered By The United States Government'

'Mr Paul Potters Play, The Conquerors at The St James's Theatre' Full page


'Pattisons Whiskey Competition - Who Are They Nearly Every figure depicted in this crowded Court is a portrait of some celebrity in Society, Law, Politics, Art or the Theatrical world' Full page

'Monkey Brand Soap' Chinese Monkey Series, Full page

'Peter Robinsons Corset Tailleur' Advert

And many more adverts of the day

Also articles (no engravings) including:
'Our Note Book by L. F. Austin'

'The Newest Thackeray by Austin Dobson'


'The Playhouses'

'Home and Foreign News'

'Science Jotting by Dr Andrew Wilson'

'Wills and Bequests include Mr Alfred Morrison DL JP of Fonthill House, Wilts and 16 Carlton House Terrace - Mr Thomas Palfrey Broadmead DL JP of Enmore Park, Somerset - Mr Ferdinand Unna of 12 Lancaster Gate, Hyde Park - Mr Henry Barkworth of tranby House, Hessle, Yorkshire - Mr George Eskholme JP of Beech en Hurst, Rotherham - Sir Henry Francis Howard GCB of 52 Briennerstrasse, Munich, Bavaria - Colonel Charles Denison Pedder JP ofr Kilburne Hall, derby - The Right Hon. Juliana Cavendish, Countess of Camperdown of Weston House, Warwick - Mr Edward Tierney Gillkrist Darell of 5 St George's Place, Hyde Park and 76 Grosvenor Street - Colonel John Heyward Heyward of Crosswood, Guilsfield near Welshpool - Mr Henry Simmons of Bearwood Farm, Wokingham - Miss Elizabeth Reed, of Langford House, Lechlade, Gloucester'

April 30th

'The Prince of Wales Opening The Royal Photographic Societys International Exhibition At the Crystal Palace'

'The British Expedition Against Havana in 1762: The Fleet Under Sir George Pocock, Entering the Harbour to Take Possession' View of Morro Castle to the east of the town, lovely engraving

'The Spanish American War: Types of SXpanish Troops in Field Uniform - Cazador - Captain - Major - Commandant of Artillery - Staff Trumpeter of Artillery - Officer of Cavalry - General - Commandant Priest of Infantry - Infantry'

'Spanish American War: Map Illustrating the Relative Positions of the Two Countries

'The Steam Ship "New York" Acquired by The American Government'

'The Late Colonel Sir Vivian Majendie' - - - Prebendary C. H. Turner' - - - 'The Late Viscount Oxenbridge' - -- 'The Late Mr Maneckji Barjorji, Indian Journalist' - - - 'The Late Mr Alfred Cock QC' - - - 'The Late Captain Ellis' - - - 'The Late Rev. W. J. Humphrey'

'Christina, Queen Regent of Spain and Her Son, Alfonso XIII., King of Spain ' Full page, from a photograph by Valentin, Madrid

'It Was The Nightingale by Amelia Pain and Illustrated By Wallace Allingham' Story

'The Chinese AQuestion: Amoor Cossacks on the March Through Manchuria to Port Arthur' this page is torn not affecting the print

'The Spanish American War - Preparing For Action on an American Man of War: Filling Gun and Division Tubs for The Sponges' Full page. Small tear to right side of print

'The Spnish American War: Officers and Men of the United States Navy - Officer - Sailors Working Quick Firing Gun - Marines - Cutlass Exercise' Full page

'spanish American War: Views of Key West, The American Naval station Nearest to Cuba - Old Fort at Entrance to the HArbour - - - The Harbour - - - Main Street - - - BanyanTree in the American Barrack Square - - - The Fortifications - - - Shipping Turtle: Sponge Fishing Skiff in the Foreground - - - An American Residence'

'Spanish American War: Military Types in Spain and Cuba'The Entrance to the Port of Cathagena'

'Spanish Men of War off Cadiz'

'Alfonso XIII, King of Spain, Born 1886'

'The P{ort of Barcelona, With The Fortifications on The Cliff'

'General View of Porto Rico '

'Spanish American War, Spanish War Ships: 'Vizcaya, First Class Belted Cruiser' - - - 'Infanta Maria Teresa, First Class Belted Cruiser' - - - 'Columbia, Hamburg Amreican Liner, Purchased by Spain' - - - Marques De La Ensenada, Third Class Cruiser' - - - 'Spree' - -- 'Geralda'

Spanish American War, United states War Ships adn The Liner Paris: 'New York, Twin Screw Armoured Cruiser; Flag Ship off havana' - - - 'Columbia, Triple Screw Cruiser' - -- 'Brooklyn, Twin Screw ArmouredCruiser' - -- 'San Francisco, Twin Screw Cruiser' - - - 'Marblehead, Twin Screw Cruiser' - - - Paris, Steam Ship'

'The Epsom Spring Meeting: Sketches on The City and Suburban Day' Full page 'The Destruction of spurgeon's Tabernacle: The Remains of the Supper Preparations in The Lecture Hall' Newington Butts

' Lee Metford Cartidge: - Lee Clip, loaded With Lee Metford Cartridges - Parkhurst Clip - Parkhurst Clip, loaded with Lee Metford Cartridges'

'Lee Metford Rifle ' Three examples

Fashion 'Elegant costume for Early Summer' - - 'Visite of Grey and White Cloth'

'United Kigdom Tea Companys Delicious Teas' Full page Advert

'Goldsmiths' & Silversmiths' Company' designs of jewellery, Advert

'Sunlighy Soap' Advert

' Robert Plott LL.D ' - - - 'Dr Robert Plotts House, Sutton Baron, Borden, Kent'

'Roses Lime Juice Cordial' Advert

'Hitchings Gold MEdal Baby Stores - The San Remo Baby Car' Advert

And many more adverts of the day

Also articles (no engravings) including:
'Our Note Book by James Payn' portion missing of first ten lines or so

'The Playhouses'

'Home and Foreign News'

'Science Jotting by Dr Andrew Wilson'

'Our Station Master by W. Pett Ridge '

Ladies Page by Florence Fenwick Miller'

'Wills and Bequests includes Mr John Rylands JP of The Grange, Thelwall, Cheshire - - - Sir Windham Charles James Carmichael Anstruther, Bart of Carmichael House, Thankerton, NB - - - Miss Maria Hulse of 56 Eaton Square - - - Mr John Collinge of Spring Hill, Burnley, Lancs - - - Mr William Wadham of14 Park Lane W - - - Mr James Robert Laing of 27 Earls Court Square, South Kensington - - - Seymour John Grey, Earl of Wilton, of Heaton Park, Manchester - - - Captain Francis Fortescue DL JP Scots Guards, of 75 Eaton Place - - - Mr John Ramdsen Redman JP of Haworth, Bradford, Worsted Manufacturer - - - Mr James payn of 43 Warrignton Crescent - - - Miss EllenNussey of Moor Lane, Birkenshaw, Yorkshire - - - Mr Arthur Raby of 11 Catherine Place, Bath Late HBM Consul at Riga - - - Mrs Sarah Anne Moxon of 8 Hanver Terrace, Regents Park'

May 7th

It features prints from engravings (often with descriptive articles) including:

Spanish AmericanWar, Views in The Philippine Islands: 'Breidge of Ayala near Manila' - - - 'Street Scene during the Inundatio of San Fernando' - - - The Governor General Passing Through La Escolta, principal street in Manila' - - - 'Inundations at San Fernando' - - - 'La Luneta Promenade, Facing Manila Bay'

'The Emir Mahmud Now in Prison at Halfa' - - 'The Hole in Which The Emir Was Found in Hiding'

'The Late Mr Philip H. Calderon RA'

'The Late Mr Charles Green RI'

'The Late Mr Caleb Wright'

'The3 Late Sir Frederick Milbank, Bart'

'Brigadier General H. MacDonald CB DSO'

'The Late Second Lieutenant paul A. Gore'

'The Late Rev J. H. Rose'

'Mr George Robertson'

'Senor Segismundo Bermejo, Spanish Minister of Marine'

'The Soudan Advance: the Seaforth Highlanders Forcing Mahmuds Zareba in The Battle of Atbara' From a Sketch by Captain Sir Henry S. Rawlinson, Bart Deputy Assistant Adjutant General to The Sirdar. Full page

'The Spanish American War: General View of Mindello, The Only Town in The Island of St Vincent Cape Verde; Also the Only Anchorage or Harbour of the Island'

'The Brazilian Submarine Telegraph Companys Station on the Island of St Vincent, Cape Verde'

'The Spanish Flotilla at Anchor off St Vincent, Cape Verdre'

'Spanish Outposts inCUba: Wire Defences in Use By The Spanish Troops, Ruins f a Sugar Factory and plaqntation in the Background'

'The Steam Ship " Buenaventura " Captured off Key West by The AmericanGun Boat " Nashville "..'

'The Deadly Palmetto Swanps of Cuba '

Spanish American War: 'The Queen Regent of Spain Reading the Speech From The Throne to The Cortes '

'The War Fever in Spain: "Down with The American Eagle!"

Spanish AmericanWar 'Gun Practice on Board a Spanish Torpedo Boat Destroyer'

'Americas New Armoured Torpedo Boat, " Holland "..'

'Spanish American War: The Common Crier, Colonel Burnaby, Reading The Proclamation of Great Britains Neutrality Outside The Royal Exchange'

Pictures from The Royal Academy 'Worcester by Stuart Lloyd'

'Memories by Arthur Hacker ARA'

'And Hop O My Thumb Guided His Brothers Safely Through The Wood by Elizabeth Forbes'

'Imogen by Elizabeth Forbes'

'Morning on the Isle of Arran by J. Macwhirter RA'

'When The Heart is Young by JM. E. Jacobs'

'October, Stanhope by A. Forbes ARA' Stanhope Church

'The Road to Camelot: From The Lady of Shalott by George H. Boughton RA'

'Arlington Row, Gloucestershire'

'An Episode of The Civil War by Ernest Crofts RA'

Charles II at Whiteladies After The Battle of Worcester by Ernest Crofts RA'

'James II at La Hogue, May 1692 by Eyre Crowe'

'Gordons and Greys to The Front: An Incident at Waterloo, by Stanley Berkeley'

'Bringing Home The Bracken by Colin Hunter RA'

'Through The Forest by C. E. Johnson'

'A Dalesmans Clipping (sheep), Westmorland by Frank Bramley ARA'

'William The conqueror Granting a Charter To The Citizens of London by Seymour Lucas'

'Trevose head, Cornwall by John Brett ARA '

'Landscape: A Lock b y R. Onslow Ford'

'Memories by Henriette Ronner'

'Driving Home The Geese: An Egyptian Village on The Banks of The Nile by Frederick Goodal RA'

'The Queen in the Rivoera: Her Majesty Reviewing The Troops of the Garrison of Nice' Full page

'Montserrat Lime Fruit Juice - Tennis Scene' Advert

'Fashion: Afternoon Gown of Apple Green Cloth' not col. - - - The Latest Style in Hats'

'Maypole Soap' gaiety style girls on a maypole. Advert

'The Humber Trade Mark. Humber & Co, Beeston. Wolverhampton.Coventry' Advert

'Guys Digestion Chart'

' Carter Invalid Comforts' Carriages chairs etc

'The Soudan Advance: th Battle of Atbara, The Sirdars Great Victory over The Dervishes' Double page with a blank reverse

Also articles (no engravings unless listed above) including:
'Our Note Book by L. F. Austin'

'Home and Foreign News'


'Science Jottings by Dr Andrew Wilson'

'Ladies Page by Florence Fenwick Miller'

'Wills and Bequests includes Mr Thomas Aashton of Hyde, Chester and Ford Bank, Didsbury, Lancashire - - - Mr James Whitehead Haigh of The oaks, Ledsham, Chester - - - Mr Cotterill Scholefield of 7 Gledhow Gardens, South Kensington - - - Mr William Sharp of 29 Albert Gate, Hyde park - - - Mr Henry Sylvester Samuel of 80 Onslow Gardens - - - Mr Hugh Mackay Matheson of Heathlands, Hampstead and 3 Lombard Street - - - Dr Waldegrave Rock Thompson of 9 Riverscourt Road, Hammersmith - - - Admiral Robert Coote of Arden College Road, Dulwich and formerly of Shales, Bitterne, Hants - - - Miss Elizbeth Graham Fyffe of 61 Cambridge Terrace, Hyde park - - - mr Acton Frederick Griffith of Elmsfield, Hertford'

May 14th

'Spanish American War: Native Troops of The Philippines'

'The Spanish American War: The United States 13th Infantry Passing Through Tampa, on The Coast of Florida, Where Troops Are Now Assembling'

'Scenes in The Camp At Tampa, Where the American Troops Have Been Assembling For the Advance On Cuba' Full page Sketches by Mr H. C. Seppings Wright

'His Highness Seyyid Ali, Son of The Sultan of Zanzibar'

'The Late Private Robert Cross (from Malton in Yorkshire )' - 'The Late Earl of Caledon' - 'Surgeon Captain B. H, Scott' - 'The Rev. W. H. Barlow DD, New Prebendary of st Pauls' - 'The Rev . C. Hoare, New Bishop of Victoria, Hong Kong' - 'Mr W. Astor Chanler' - 'The Late Mr J. S. Hyland Phd, FGS' - 'Prince Albert of Monaco '

'The Rising in Sierra Leone 'Government House, Bonthe on Sherbro Island'

Rising in Sierra Leone 'Sulymah'

Rising in Sierra Leone 'A View of Freetown

Rising in Sierra Leone 'Sierra Leone Frontier Police' - 'A Good Specimen of The Taxed Hut'

The Spanish American War: Views of Matanzas, Cuba 'Country Residence Outside The Town of Matanzas' - 'Sugar Factory Near The Town' - 'Near The Quay' - 'The Public Gardens and A General View of The Town'

'The Spanish American War in Cuba 'One of The Principal Streets in Matanzas'

'the 10th Dragoons, Coloured Regiment of The United States Regular Army, Now Despatched to Serve in Cuba onThe Landin of Troops: Skirmishing As Practised in Indian Warfare'

'The Spanish American War: Views of Key West, The American Naval Base NEarest to Cuba - 'Naval Department and Government Storage for War Rations' - - 'Fort Taylor With Large Sand Battery in Front For Storing Torpedoes' - - 'Fort Jefferson, Tortugas, Lately Connected With Key West By Cable' - - 'The American Marine Hospital To Which Those Injured in The Maine Disaster Were Taken' - - 'General View of Key West'

Pictures From The Royal Academy 'Trevone Bay: NOrth Westerley Showers by John Brett ARA' - - 'Surrey Sheep Pastures by B. W. Leader RA'

'Taking Home The Flocks across The Ancient Causeway Leading To The Pyramids by Frederick Goodall RA' - - 'Changing Pasture by Colin Hunter ARA' - - 'The Hills of Skye, From Loch Duich by Colin Hunter ARA' - - 'The Story by Frank Brangwyn' - - 'Trouble by Hon. John Collier'

'Adrian by Louisa Starr Canziani' - - 'Mrs Mackinnon by Madame Louisa Starr Canziani'

'Old Shoreham by David Murray ARA'

Pictures From the Royal Academy 'The Return of The Dove by P. R. Morris ARA' - - 'On The Threshold of The City, Junee 22, 1897 by Solomon J. Solomon ARA' - - 'Trafalgar by the Late W. H. Overend' - - 'A Gilded Cage by Frederick Goodall RA' - - 'Phyllis is My Only Joy by Seymour Lucas' - - 'Children of The Chapel, Chapel Royal, St James's Palace by W. F. Yeames RA' - - 'The Letter by Stanhope A. Forbes ARA'

'A Summer Day By David Murray ARA' - 'Still Evening by Colin Hunter ARA' - - 'Love Triumphant by G. F. Watts RA' - - 'The Ash Grove by G. D. Lesley RA' - - 'The Harbour Bar by W. L. Wyllie ARA'


'Fashion includes a Charming Visite and A New Race Coat'

'The Aldershot Cup'

'The New Game: The Miniature Derby'

'Mellins Food: Alfred Thomas Kitchen aged 8 months of Redditch Road, Kings Norton, Birmingham' Advert

'Mark Twain on The Complexion' Advert for Pears Soap'

'The Soudan Advance, Entry of The Captive Emir Mahmud into Berber After The Battle of Atbara: The Procession Passing The Sirdar and His Staff' Double page with a blank reverse by R. Caton Woodville. Sudan

Also articles (no engravings) including:
'Our Note Book by L. F. Austin'

'The Playhouses'

'Home and Foreign News'

'Science Jotting by Dr Andrew Wilson'

'Wills and Bequests include Mr Wakefield Christie Miller of 21 St James Place SW and Britwell Court, Bucks and Craigentinny Midlothian - - Mr John Findlay of Sefton Park, Liverpool, Ironfounder - - Mr Thomas Baxter of The Roses, Salway Hill, Woodford Green, Essex - - Mr Herbert Robert Arkwright JP of Knuston Hall, near Wellingborough, Northampton - - Mr Williamn Bradley Watkins JP of Tyn y Coed, Llandaff - - General Sir Henry James Warre KCB of 35 Cadogen Place - - Mr Thomas Richardson Trueman of 3 Tha Barons, Twickenham - - Mr William Charles Thomas Dobson RA of Gentils, Lodsworth Sussex who deid at Ventnor - - General Charles Batchelor of The Manor of Crackington, Cornwall and The East United Services Club - - Mr Charles Louis St John HB&M, Consul at New Orleans'

The Playhouses, The Medicine Man at The Lyceum'

June 4th

price sixpence.

It features articles with prints from engravings, photogravures &c. including

June 11th

The Spanish American War: 'Launches of The United States Cruiser Marblehead and Gunboat Nashville, Cutting The Cable at Cienfuegos' Full page

'The Queens Memorial Window to The Duke of Clarence in Crathie Church'

'Lieutenant J. M. C. Colvin VC' - 'Lieutenant H. S. Pennell VC' - 'Lieutenant T. C. Watson VC' - 'Sir Nicholas O'Connor, Our New Ambassador at Constantinople' - 'The Late Lieutenant Frederick T. Parker who died of Enteric Fever' - 'The Late Lieutenant Beauchamp St John Bellairs while in command of HMS Jackdaw on the Niger River'

'The Silver Challenge Cup'

'Spanish American War: The Attempted Landing of The Gussie Expedition in Cuba' Fullpage

On the Look Out for Spanish Cruisers Off The American Coast'

Portraits 'The Late Judge Meadows White' - 'The Late Sir John Gilbert' - 'The Late Mr S. Plimsoll' - 'The Late Mr Eric MAckay' - 'The Late Mr Abel Smith MP' - 'The Late Lord Playfair' - 'The Late Sir R. Rawlinson' - 'The Late Sir T. Dyke Acland, Bart'

'The Spanish American War: The United States Signal station at Sandy Hook'

'The Travellers Club' - 'The Carlton Terrace Front'

'A General Meeting of The Travellers Club' Double page with a key naming members

'The Travellers Club, The Library and A Glimpse From the Library Window' - 'The Favourite Chair' with the members signatures

'The Travellers Club: The Morning Room, The Billiard Room'

'Travellers Club: The Dining Room - The Kitchen - The Scullery - The Larder'

'Officers of the Regiment RecentlyRaised in India for Service in Uganda' All named

'Fashion, A Gown and a Silk Lawn Costume'


Adverts of the Day

'Our Note Book by L. F. Austin'

'The Playhouses'

'Home and Foreign News'

'Science Jotting by Dr Andrew Wilson'

'Wills and Bequests include Mr Henry Golding Palmer of Holme Park, Sonning Berks - - Mr henry Crooke of the Oriental Club, St James's - - Mr William Groves of Framfield, Blackheath Park - - Mr Charles Hoare of Hackwood House, Basingstoke - - Borwnlow Henry George, Marquis of Exeter of Burghley House Stamford and 114 Ashley Gardens - - Beauchamp Henry John, Earl of Clonmell of eathorpe Hall, Warwick - - Philip Hermogenes Calderon RA of Burlington House, Piccadilly, Keeper of the Royal Academy - - William Amelius Aubrey de Vere, Duke of St Albans of Bestwood Lodge, Notts and Redbourne, Lincoln - - Sir William Brandford Griffith of Windsor , Barbadoes - - Miss Charlotte Raggett of Gloucester Terrace, Hyde Park'


June 18th price sixpence.

It features articles with prints from engravings, photogravures &c. including

'Personal Page with small portraits including 'Admiral Sir Michael Culme-Seymour, Commander in Chief at Portsmouth' - Rear Admiral Rice, Superintendant of Portsmouth Dorckyard' - Mr H. Kimber, Mayor of Portsmouth' - 'General Sir John Davis, Commanding Southern Division, Portsmouth' - 'Professor William Ramsay' - The Late Mr. Henry Lee' - The Late Major General Sir William Davies' - The Late General Alexander Fraser'

'Visit of The Prince and Princess of Wales To Wantage, Guests of Lord and Lady Wantage at Lockinge House'

'The Spanish American War: In Camp at Tampa, American Officers Discussing The Cuban Question'

Her Graces Revenge by H. A. Hinkson' short story with illustrations

'Spanish American War, The Rainy Season in Cuba sketches'

'The Rainy Season in Cuba: In Town' (full page)

'Spanish American War: Rainy Season in Cuba, In The Country' (full page)

'Spanish American War: Our Special Artist in Cuba' (full page)

'A Halt in The Cuban Wilderness - Mr Scovell, Special Correspondent of the New York World and Mr H. C. Seppings Wright, Special Artists of The Illustrated London News on their march with Despatches to General Gomez, the Cuban Insurgent Leader' (full page)

'Spanish American War: With The United States Artillery at Tampa, Firing The Royal Salute on Queen Victoria's Birthday from a sketch by Mr H. C. Seppings Wright' "In the evening the bnads played English and American National Airs, the idea of an Anglo American Alliance being very popular here"... (Double page)

'Spanish American War: The American Mobilisation at Tampa, 'General Julia Sanguliy' - 'Cavalry Horses Taking Their Morning Bath' - 'Examining The Soldiers after Vaccination' - Batteries C and F 3rd Artillery Unloading at Port Tampa' - General Le Crete, Who Has Seen Constant Service in Cuba for The Last Two Years' - 'In The Paymasters Tent: Soldiers Drawing Pay' - 'Transports in The Slip'

' Spanish American War: With The Cavalry on Picket Duty at Tampa' (full page)

'Arabian or Sacred Baboon, Recently Brought to This country'

'Burmese Baby Elephant, Forty Three inches High, The Smallest ever Brought to England'

'A Rustic Proposal by H. Watson Foster'(full page)

'A Greek Slave, The New Musical Comedy at Daly's Theatre showing Mr Rutland Barrington - Miss Marie Tempest - Miss Letty Lind - Miss Moody Mr C. Hayden Coppin - Mr Huntley Wright' (full page)

'The Royal Botanic Society's Fete in Regents Park, The Childrens Parade: Double Mail Cart Exhibited by Mrs G. Kemp'

'The Childrens Parade: Pony Cart Exhibited By Mrs Garford'

'The Chinese Question: The Harbour of Hong Kong, Showing The Strip of Territory Acquired by The British Government'

'British, American, German and Russian War Vessels at Hong Kong'

'British Kowloon, From Hong Kong'

'Ladies Page'

'Motors in London: e Dion Twelve Seated Omnibus - Omnibus Running From Oxford Circus to Ealing, Property of the British Motor Company'

'Slieve Donard Hotel, Newcastle, Co. Down to be opened for visitors on June 24, 1898' (advert by James Pinion General Manager)


Also articles (no engravings) including 'Home and Foreign News'
'Our Note Book by L. F. Austin'

'Home and Foreign News'

'Parliament with reference to Mr Chamberlains famous Long Spoon Speech at Birmingham'

'Science Jottings by Dr Andrew Wilson includes recent remarks on chewing gum by Dr Seaman of the Howard University Washington'

'Wills and Bequests including Mr Thomas Gaisford JP of Offington - The Right Hon. George Henry Charles, Earl of Strafford of 5 St James Square and Wrotham Park Barnet - Sir Spencer Maryon Maryon-Wilson Bart of Charlton House, Kent, Searles Sussex - Major William Dransfield of Moordale, Ranmoor, Sheffield, Railway Contractor - Mr John thompson JP of The Lindens, Peterborough, Builder and contractor - Mr Henry weldonk, of 73 Priory Road, West Hampstead - Mr Frederick Pontifex MA of Coomrith, Bodorgan Road, Bournemouth - Right Hon, Henry Charles, Earl of Suffolk and Berkshire of Charlton park, near Malmesbury Wilts - Colin George Barrett of Newmarket, the well known jockey - Captain Henry Thomas Thornton Salvin JP of Croxdale Hall, Durham - Major General Arthur Godolph9in Yeatman of Simla, India who died at Peshawar - Elizabeth Lucy, Dowager Countess of Desart of Hampton Court Palace - Mr Alfred Cock QC FRS of 8 Kensington Park Gardens and 3 Elm Court, Temple'

June 25th

'Lord Charles Beresfords Party at Portsmouth: Members of Parliament Boarding The " Magnet " En Route for Whale Island' ( at some time someone has drawn a pencil line through part of this image - it has rubbed out mostly, but is still slightly visible)

'Lord Wolseley Inspecting The London Rifle Brigade, Under The Command of Lord Cholmondeley, In Hyde Park'

'Convalescent: A Sketch at The London Hospital' full page

'The launch of HMS Albion: The Vessel on The Slip at Blackwall' upwards of thirty people drowned, mainly women and childred from Plaistow and Canning Town area

'Sir David P. Chalmers'

'Mr R. W. H. T. Hudson, The Senior Wrangler - - - mr J. F. Cameron, Second Wrangler (equal) - - - Mr J. H. Jeans, Second Wrangler (equal)

'Mr T. B. H. Cochrane, The New Deputy Governor of the Isle of Wight and Lady Adela Chochrane

'Speech Day at Wellington College: Distinguished Visitors' Duke of Wellington - - Archbishop of Canterbury - - Duke of Connaught - - Prince of Wales - - Lord Rosebery - - Duke of Cambridge - - P{prince Christian - - Bishop of Oxford

'The Duke of York and His Officers on Board the " Crescent "..'

The Seventh Man by Q '

'The Spanish American War: Manila Harbour: Sunken Schooners Blocking The river'

'Spanish American War: The United States Mobilisation at Tampa, Picket Line and Wagon Train'

'Spanish American War: Loading The United States Transports at Tampa Bay, on Board the Miami, No 1, Transport' full page sketch by Mr H. C. Seppings Wright 'Spanish American War - The Sandoval Encampment in The vicinity of Guantanamo '

'The United States Mobilisation at Tampa: Negroes Shipping The Wagon Train at Night' 'Spanish Outposts inCuba: A Natural Stockade'

'Cup Day at Ascot' Double page

'The Late sir Edward Burne-Jones

'Hope by The late Sir E. Burne Jones'

'the Star of Bethlehem by the Late Sir E. Burne Jones'

'M. Paul Deschanel, The Newly Elected President of the French Chamber' 'Chess'

'The Spanish American War - Scenes at Manila: Outer Moat, Manila' - - - 'Outside Th North Wall of Manila - - - Bacoor, suburb of Manila' - - - 'Santa Mesa, Manila'

' Love Song by Henry Ryland' full page

'The Bicycle in Germany: A Ring Taking Contest' Wonderful full page

'Fashion: Dress of White Lawn Trimmed with Black Velvet' - - 'Costume of Satin Faced Foulard'

'The New Castle Line Mail steam Ship " Carisbrook Castle "..'

'The Association of Diamond Merchants, Jewellers & Silversmiths' advert showing various designs of jewellery

'Ceratodus Fosterii - A Curious Queensland Fish' Plus more adverts of the day

This second part of the description features items of news but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include :-
'Our Note Book by L. F. Austin'

'Old Whitehall by Austin Dobson'


'Anecdotal Europe. By The Author of An Englishman in Paris

'Science Jottings by Dr Andrew Wilson'

'Wills and Bequests includes Charles Henry Baron Hillingdon of Hillingdon, Middlesex, Camelford House, Park Lane and Wildernesse Park, Sevenoaks, Kent - - - Mr Joseph Gurney Barclay of the firm of Messrs Barclay and Co Bankers late of Lombard Street , of Higham Suffolk, Knotts Green, Leyton and Exton House, Brighton - - - Major Goodrich Holmsdale Allfrey of Wokefield Park, Berks - - - Colonel Henry Clement Swinnerton Dyer of Appleby Lodge, Rusholme, Manchester a director of the Elswick Works Newcastle - - - Mr Francis Beaumont Ellison of Hazelcroft York - - - The Right Hon. John Frederick Vaughan, Earl Cawdor of Stackpole Court, Pembroke and Cawdor Castle, Nairn - - - Mr Edward Sulley of 65 Forest Road, Nottingham'

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