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The Illustrated London News 1902



Events of this year in the Illustrated London News

Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter made his debut, at first she had difficulty in getting anyone to publish it.

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January 4th

price sixpence.

It features articles with prints from engravings, photogravures &c. including:

January 11th

twenty page issue , price sixpence.

It features articles with prints from engravings, photogravures &c. including


January 18th

twenty page issue price sixpence.

It features articles with prints from engravings, photogravures &c. including

January 25th

price sixpence.

It features articles with prints from engravings, photogravures &c. including


price sixpence.

It features articles with prints from engravings, photogravures etc. including

February 22nd

nineteen page issue - price sixpence

It features articles with prints from engravings, photogravures &c. including

March 1st

seventeen page issue price sixpence.

It features articles with prints from engravings, photogravures &c. including

March 22nd

A twelve page issue price sixpence.

It features articles with prints from engravings, photogravures &c. including

March 29th

price sixpence.

It features articles with prints from engravings, photogravures &c. including :

April 5th

A fifteen page issue price sixpence.

It features articles with prints from engravings, photogravures &c. including

April 12th

A twelve page issue 1902 price sixpence.

It features articles with prints from engravings, photogravures &c. including

April 19th

A twelve page issue, price sixpence.

It features articles with prints from engravings, photogravures &c. including

April 26th

A packed twenty page issue price sixpence.

It features articles with prints from engravings, photogravures &c. including

May 17th

A twenty page issue, price sixpence.

It features articles with prints from engravings, photogravures &c. including

May 31st

twenty page issue price sixpence.

It features articles with prints from engravings, photogravures &c. including

June 7th

A fourteen page issue price sixpence.

It features articles with prints from engravings, photogravures &c. including:

June 28th

A sixteen page issue, price sixpence.

It features articles with prints from engravings, photogravures &c. including

July 5th

' The Kings Illness: Sir Frederick Treves Leaving Buckingham Palace After The Operation '

' The Kings Illness: The Prince of Wales's Children Driving From Buckingham Palace After a Visit to His MAjesty '

' Remarkable Relics Sold at Stevens Auction Rooms on July 1 - Oliver Goldsmiths Loving Cup - George Stephenson Loving Cup - Admiral Brueys Wine Flagon - Wine Flagon incscirbed with a genial gibe at Samuel Johnson - Silver Cup Presented by Burns to Highland Mary - Robe Worn by King Edward VII as an Infant - An Early Portrait of the King ' ' The Transport " Bavarian " and The " Roslin Castle " with Colonials and Indians on Board, Passing Through the Lines of War Ships at Spithead ' Full page Drawn by C. De Lacy

' The Kings Illness: We Go To Pray - Representatives of the Indian Army Interceding for the King at Fulham Palace '

' The Postponed Coronation: The First Intimation - The Public Reading The First Bulletin During the Arrival of the Foreign Envoys for Their Official Reception ' Full page outside Buckingham Palace by G. Amato

' The Kings Illness: the Anxiety in London - Reading the Latest Bulletin For the Night at Buckingham Palace Ilst ' Full page by L. Sabattier

' The Kings Illness: The Anxiety in Germany - The Crowd Reading the Despatches in Unter Den Linden Berlin ' Full page by Edward Cuccuel

His MAjestys Medical Advisers - ' Sir Thomas Smith, Bart., Honorary Serjeant Surgeon to HM ' - - - ' Lord Lister PC., Serjeant Surgeon in Ordinary To HM ' - - - ' Sir Frederick Treves, Bart., Honorary Serjeant Surgeon to His Majesty ' - - - ' Dr Frederic W. Hewitt, Anaesthetist to His Majesty ' - - - ' Sir Francis H. Laking Bart., Physician In Ordinary and Surgeon Apothecary to HM ' Full page

' Coronation Day at Manchester: Procession of Foreign Consuls, Professors of Queens College and Civic Dignitaries '

' Bristol: the Civic Dignitaries Entering The Cathedral '

' Statue of Edward VII at Salisbury '

' Bristol and The Coronation: Broad St The Best Decorated Thoroughfare in the City '

' Coronation Day At Loughborough: The Assembly of 7500 Children In the Market Place '

' Coronation Day at Portsmouth: - The Open Air Intercessory Service in Front of the Town Hall '

' The Postponed Coronationn Festivities: Decorations on the Line of Procession - Parliament St - A House in Piccadilly - In Piccadilly - The Canadian Arch - A Shop in the Strand ' Full page by Will B Robinson

' Recipients of Coronation Honours: Mr J. Thornycroft NAval Architect, New Knight - - - Lord Milner New Viscount - - - Mr J. M'Dougall Chairman LCC New Knight - - - Colonel Sir E. Bradford Chief Commissioner of Police New Baronet - HRH The Duke of Connaught New Field MArshal - - - Sir Thomas Jackson Manager Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank New Baronet - - - Major General Bruce Hamilton Distinguished SA Commander New KCB - - - Sir Edward Poynter PRA New Baronet - - - The Earl of Hopetoun Governor General of Australia New Marquess - - - Sir Francis Knollys Private Secretary to the King New Peer - - - Mr Thomas Dewar Distiller New Knight - - - H. G. Howse Knight - - - W. E. Tomlinson Bart. - - - Sir Edward Grey PC - - - William Allan Knight - - - V. Horsley Knight - - - J. B. Balfour Peer - - - A. Smith-Barry Peer - - - C. B. M'Laren Bart ' Full page

Recipients of Coronation Honours: Right Hon Sir U. Kay-Shuttleworth New Peer - - - Mr A. Conan Doyle Author New Knight - - - Mr E. Barton Australian Federal Premier New GCMG - - - Mr G. Fleetwood Wilson Assist. Under Secretary of State for War New Knight - - - Sir Thomas Lipton Merchan New Baronet - - - General Sir Francis Grenfell Governor of Malta New Peer - - - Mr Ernest Waterlow ARA Artist New Knight - - - Mr F. C. Burnand Editor of Punch New Knight - - - Sir Joseph Dimsdale Lord Mayor of London NEw Baronet - - -Sir George Lewis Solicitor New Baronet - - - Sir Andrew Noble Artillery Expert New Baronet - - - Earl of Leven PC - - - Earl of Minto PC - - - Sir Alfred Lyall PC - - - Sir J. Dorington PC - - - R. B. Haldane PC - - - Sir Robert Bond PC - - - Sir H. MacDonnell PC - - - Arthur Jeffreys PC ' Full page

' The Bishop of London Announcing The Postponement of the Coronation at The Rehearsal in Westminster Abbey June 24 ' Double page by S. Begg

Deferred Festivities ' Westminster Bridge ' - - - ' The Empire Theatre ' - - - ' The Bank ' - - - ' London Bridge ' - - - The Royal Exchange '

' Officers of King Edwards 1st German Regiment of Dragoons of the Guard and of the 5th Regiment of Hussars Placing Wreaths on Their Former Colonels Tomb at Frogmore '

' London on Coronation Day: The Decorations in St James Street '

' The Coronation Fete to East End Children in Victoria Park June 24: Serving Out Good Cheer '

' A Coronation festivity Held By The Kings Wish - The Prince and Princess of Wales's Entertainment ot Children at Marlborough House Juen 27 ' Full page

' Chess Problem by F. Healey '

' Sunlight Soap ' 'Full page advert of woman and child hanging out washing with three dogs

Fashion ' Whit eLinen Gown for the River ' - - - ' Light Linen Gown Piped With Dark Linen '

' Mappin Brothers Court Jewellers, The Kings Silversmiths ' advert

' Heal & Sons Original Productions for Bedrooms ' advert showing bed design of the day

' The News of the Kings Illness in Scotland: Glasgow Citizens Reading the Latest Bulletins '

' Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Company Diamond Ornaments ' Advert showing eight designs of jewellery

' Nestor Egyptian Cigarettes, Nestor Gianaclis Cairo ' Advert

' Arrival in London of Colonial Troops fromn South africa June 26: The Veterans Passing Along Kensington High Street '

' Association of diamond Merchants Jewellers & Silversmiths Ltd 6 Grand Hotel Buildings Trafalgar Square ' Advert with various designs of rings necklaces Tie pins brooches etc

' Faulkner Diamonds ' Jewellery designs

' Negretti & Zambra's Telescopes and Binoculars '

' Piccadilly Illuminated ' London night time scene by Edward Read. Full page

' The Intercessory Service in St pauls Cathedral For King Edwards Restoration to Health ' Double page by G. Amato. The King had appendicitis

' The Kings New Order Of Merit Instituted June 26: Mr Lecky - Historian - - - Lord Kelvin - Natural Philosopher - - - Sir W. Huggins - Man of Science - - - Admiral of the Fleet Sir H. Keppel - - - General Lord Kitchener - - - Field Marshal Lord Roberts - - - Field Marshal Lord Wolseley - - - Mr J. Morley - Author and Politician - - - Mr G. F. Watts - Painter - - - Lord Rayleigh - Man of Science - - - Admiral Sir E. H. Seymour ' Full page

Also articles (no engravings unless listed above) including :-
Our Notebook By L. F. Austin

The Kings Illness - Suffering from Perityphlitis

Science Jottings by Andrew Wilson

Ladies Page by Filomena

Wills and Bequests includes Mr Arthur Brathwaite Warre of 109 Onslow Square South Kensington and Westcliff House, Ramsgate - - - Mr David Cohen of 8 Pembridge Square W - - - The Rev. Prebendary William Poole of Homend near Ledbury Hereford - - - Mr Marcus Cuerton of 11 De Crespigny Park, Denmark Hill and The Stock Exchange - - - Mr Lucas Courtney Piggott of Park Road, Beckenham and Bishopsgate Street Without - - - TheRev the Hon. Archibald George Campbell of Marchfield House, Bracknell - - - Mrs Caroline Louisa Currie of Combe Warren, Kingston - - - Sir Robert Arthur Arnold JP DL LL.D formerly MP for Salford and Chairman of the London County Council

July 12th

' The Oriental in the West End: Strangers Within Our Gates - Coronation Visitors in the Park ' Full page by R. Caton Woodville

' The Coronation and Life Boat Procession at Leeds - Leaving Victoria Square '

' The Rhodes Memorial - The Panels Representing the Death of Wilsons Party '

' Mr Rhodes Memorial: Model Temporarily Erected at Chelsea '

' New Twopenny Stamp for British Grenada '

' The Queens Coronation Fan ' Queen Alexandras

' ThePeace Thanksgiving at Bloemfontein - The Scene in the Market Square During the Service '

' Peace Day at Adelaide June 2 0 Lord Tennyson announcing the Terms of peace from the Steps of the parliament House '

' The " Morning " Relief SHip of the South Polar Expeditionary Vessel " Discovery "...'

' Th eUnveiling by HRH Prince Christian of a Statue of Queen Victoria at Carlisle July 5 '

' The Moorish Enboy to the Coronation - His Excellency Kaid Abderrahman Ben Abder Sadek Governer of Fez and Suite '

The Royal Agricultural Societys Show at Carlisle - ' Judging the Short Horn Heifers '

The Royal Agricultural Societys Show at Carlisle - ' Judging the Polo Ponies '

' Henley Regatta - Th e1st Heat for the Grand Challenge Cup: ( Winner ) v. Kingston Rowing Club '

' Henley - The 3rd Heat for the Diamond Challenge Sculls: Titus of New York (Winner) v. Scholes of Toronto '

' The Return of theLover by Marcus Stone RA ' Full page

The Devils Cave by R. Murray Gilchrist and Illustrated by A. Forestier ' Full page

' West African Coronation Visitors: King Bai Farima of the Kawai Country and His Cousin Prince Pamayangba ' also Mr Edwin the secretary


The Fijian Troops on Guard at Holloway

' A Sergeant Major and Private of the Fijian Contingent '

' Princess Christian Arriving at Holloway to Visit the Dinner '

' The Fijian Contingent Leaving Holloway Station '

' The Colonial, Fijian and Indian Troops Lining the Route at Holloway ' full page of sketches by Allan Stewart ( Fiji )


The Kings Dinner to Half A Million London Poor: Scenes at Various Centres

' The Duke of Connaught Addressing The Guests - Indian Visitors - Music Added to th eFeast and Some Performers - The Kings Guests '

' The Floral Hall Covent Garden '

' The Gathering at Davies Street, Grosvenor Square '

' Stormont Hall Lavender Hill, Battersea '

' The Guests at Westminster Waited on by London Scottish Volunteers '


' The Archbishop of Canterbury Preaching to the Colonial Troops at the Alexandra palace Sunday Julyh 6 ' full page by H. C. Seppings Wright

Jockey on a Horse - Full page advert for Ellimans

' Laldies Page - Fete Dress in Crepe De Chine - - - Garden party Gown in Muslin '

' Enos Fruit Salt ' Advert

' Heal and Sons ' advert for beds

' The Kings Dinner - Guests at Marylebone '

' goldsmiths & Silversmiths Company ' advert showing eleven designs of jewellery including Tiara - Brooches - rings etc

' Monkey Brand ' wonderful full page advert showing the famous monkey polishing a crown with the "Wont Wash Clothes " Soap

' Alexander Clark Dressing Bag ' Advert

' Peter Robinsons Summer Sale ' menswear advert showing Bath Robe - Pyjamas - White shirt

'The Pianola - The Orchestrelle Company ' Advert

' Sir John Bennett Ltd Calendar Watches ' advert - a watch design

' Drew and Sons Luncheon Baskets ' advert

' Neaves Food ' advert

' Kodak Ltd ' advert

' Robinsons Barley Water ' advert > '

And adverts of the day

Also articles (no engravings unless listed above) including :-
'Our Notebook By L. F. Austin'

'Science Jottings by Andrew Wilson'

' With The pea Pickers '

' Ches Problem by W. A. Clark '

' Ladies page by Filomena '

' Ecclesiastical Notes '

'Wills and Bequests includes Colonel William Thomnas Spencer Sixth Earl Fitzwilliam KG of 4 Grosvenor Square and Wentworth Woodhouse Yorks - - - Mr Charles Gassiot of 37 Mark Lane and Elmwood House Upper Tooting - - - Sir William Roger Brown of Highfield, Trowbridge Wilts - - - Captain The Hon. James Sandilands of 48 Hertford Street Mayfair - - - William Miller Ord MD of The Dean, Hurstbourne Tarrant, Andover and 37 Upper Brook Street W

' Music ' with reference to Madame Melba and Signor Caruso - Miss Garden - Miss Alice Hollander - Herr Kubelik

July 19th

' The Late Mrs Alexander Popular Writer ' Annie Alexander Hector

' Sir Michael Hicks Beach In his Robes as Chancellor of the Exchequer '

' The Late Colonel John Davis Aide de Camp for Life to the King '

' The Late Admiral Pechell served in Baltick Expedition and at Sveaborg '

' The Fall of the Campanile of St Marks Cathedral Venice on July 14: The Famous Tower As It Stood for Ten Centuries '

' The Only Indian VC Risaldar Ram Elxander Rao 1st Bombay Lancers '

' Its Occupation Gone: A Blockhouse Miel in South Africa Decorated for the Coronation '

' The Abyssinian Coronation envoy H. E. Ras Makonnen Nor Returning Home '

' The Kings Journey: The ambulance Carriage Conveying His Majesty Entering Victoria Station July 15 '

' The Return of Lord Methued - The General Descending The Gangway of " The Assaye " at Southampton July 9th Ilst '

' Cleeve Court by "Q" Illustrated by F. H. Townsend '

' The Ex Prime Minister: The Marquess of Salisbury KG '

' The New Prime Minister: The Right Hon. A. J. Balfour '

' The Marquess of Salisbury Presiding at Commemoration '

' Lord Salisbury After His Installation as Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports, August 1896 '

' Lord Salisbury at the Congress of Bewrlin1878 '

' Lord Salisbury Presiding at a Cabinet Council November 1900 '

' Lord Salisbury Addressing The House of Lords March 1892 '

' MR Balfour at The Opening of Parliament, february 1892 '

' The Departure of Lord Kitchener from tHe West Station, Southampton for London ' also Generals Sir John French and Sir Ian Hamilton

' Lord Kitchener and Major General French at Southampton - - - The Decorated Train Which Conveyed Lord Kitchener to London '

' The Arrival in the Solent of the " Orotava " With Lord Kitchener on Board ' on his return from signing the Treaty of Vereeniging and an end to the Boer War

' HRH The Prince of Wales Greeting The Teturned General in The Name of the King July 12 ' Full page

' Lord Kitchener Passing the Wellington Statue agt Hyde Park Corner on His Return From South Africa July 12 ' Double page by R. Caton Woodville

' Balaeniceps Rec - the Whale Headed Stork ' Reproduced from The Uganda Protectorat by Permission of MEssrs Hutchinson and Co

' Chess Problem by J. Paul Taylor '

' Their Royal Highnesses The Prince and Princess of Wales Receiving the Guests in the Throne Room July 10 ' Royalty and the Colonial Visitors, Full page

' The Parisian Diamond Company - Pearl Designs ' Full page advert

' A NEw Vessel for THe Harwich Antwerp Service: The Great Eastern Railway Companys Passenger Steamer " Brussels "...'

' The Association of Diamond Merchants Jewellers & Silversmiths Ltd ' Advert with many designs

' Pears Soap '

' The Return of Lord Kitchener to England: Procession Through Hyde park '

' The Procession at The Achilles Statue '

' The Imperial Coronation Bazaar at The Royal Botanic Gardens: The Opening Ceremony By Queen Alexandra July 10 ' Double page

' Scene From The Second Act of La Princesse Osra' Full page

And adverts of the day
Also articles (no engravings unless listed above) including :-
'Our Notebook By L. F. Austin'

'Science Jottings by Andrew Wilson'

'Wills and Bequests includes:- Mr William Taylor Hewitt JP of Weelsby Old Hall Grimsby - - - Mr George Bowes of 40 Brunswick Square Hove and formerley of 38 Threadneedle Street EC - - - Mr James Shand of Parkholme, Elm Park Gardens Chelsea late member of the firm of Shand Mason ad Co - - - Mr Francis Wall MAckenzie Ravenscroft of Birbeck Lodge Springfield Road St Johns Wood - - - Mr Joseph Brown KC CB - - - Lieutenant Colonel Lionel Marshall of 63 Harrington Gardens South Kensington - - - Mr John Francis Taylor of Holly Bank House Holgate Road, York - - - Mr HArry Freckleton Gadsby of Derwent Bank, Derby, Town Clerk of Derby who drowned while fishing - - - Mr Herbert George Henry Norman of 5 Southwell Gardens, South Kensington - - - Colonel The Rt. Hon. William Brownlow Forde PC of Seaforde, County Down

July 26th

' The Late Mr C. Kegan Paul - Publisher '

' The Rev. John Shaw Banks President Wesleyan Conference '

' Seyyid Ali Bin Hamoud The New Sultan of Zanzibar '

' The Late Sir H. St John-Mildmay Formerly High Sherriff for Hants '

' The Hon. Sir Arthur Lawley Lt Governor of the Transvaal '

' The Late Mr W. Johnston MP for South Belfast '


Fashoda of Today ( formerly Fashoda lying on the banks of the White Nile within the modern day borders of Sudan - it was the last serious colonial dispute between Britain and France )

' Part of the Market Place '

' A Review of Dinkas by the Sirdar at Khor-Adar '

' The New Government Building in Course of Erection at Fashoda '

' Marchand's Garden '


' The Prince of Wales, Princess Victoria, Princess Maud, and prince Charles of Denmark Shopping at Cowes ' - - - ' Ruins of the Campanile '

' The Kings Convalescence: The Night Scene at Cowes - His Majestys Guard ' a wonderful full page night timne scene in Cowes Harbour showing it lit up, Drawn by Fred T. Jane

' A Royal Visitor at Cowes: the King of the Belgians Going on Board The " Victoria and Albert " to Call on King Edward July 19 ' Full page from a sketch facsimile by Melton Prior

' Sunlight Soap ' a lovely full page advert showing a lady and a boy hanging out the washing in a cottage garden, with dogs in the foreground

Fashion - 'A Pretty Muslin Dress with Tassels ' - - - ' A Garden Party Gown Trimmed With Lace '

' A Coronation Yachting Cup '

' The Slieve Donard Hotel Newcastle, County Down ' small advert

' Elkington & Co Ltd Jewellers ' showing the Obverse and Reverse of the Peace Medal designed by M. Emil Fuchs

' A Coronation Cup for Rifle Shooting '

' A Testimonial To Mr Seddon by His Native Borough of St Helens '

' A Striking Illumination - Messrs Dewars Tower Between Blackfriars and Waterloo Bridge ' small photograph

' Fox's patent Spiral Puttees of Wellington Somerset ' advert

' J. W. Benson Ltd - A Bank Watch - £15 'advert

' The Alexandra Gardens Windsor - Opened By Princess Christian July 15 '

' The Fallen Campanile of St Marks Venice - The Debris in the Piazza and the Damaged Corner of the Palazzo Reale '

And more adverts of the day

Also articles (no engravings unless listed above) including :-
'Our Notebook By L. F. Austin'

' Parliament '

' The Playhouses ' includes Betsy Revived at Wyndhams and Les Deux Ecoles at the Garrick

' Great Northern Railway ' and other timetable etc

' Personal ' Column

' Cleeve Court by "Q" ' with illustrations by F. H. Townsend - continueing story

' The Fallen Campanile ' at Venice

' Ladies Page ' by Filomena

'Wills and Bequests includes Mr Charles Eley of 59 Finchley Road Chairman of Eley Brothers Ltd Powder Manufacturers - - - Mr George Philip of 32 Fleet Street and Huntley House at Fairfield Liverpool, a publisher - - - Mr Henry Story Perrin of 31 St John's Wood Park Hampstead - - - Mr Thomas Wallace Barker of Messrs Barclay and Co. Bankers of Newcastle on Tyne - - - Captain Charles Gustavus Whittaker Edwardes Edwardes of Sealyham, Wolfscastle Pembroke - - - Mr Henry Willan JP of Albion Lodge, Hanley Castle, Worcester - - - Lieutenant Colonel George Thomas Miller JP of Folliott House, Chester

August 9th

' The Duke of Connaught Taking Leave on the Lawn of The Royal Yacht Squadron Cowes August 4 ' full page

' Two New Dutch East Indiees Surcharges and Five New Values, Also a Maltese Surcharged Provisional Penny Stamp ' Malta

' The Completion of the Assouan Dam: View From the North West Showing The Finished Dam with The Navigation Canal'

' THe Kings Departure From Cowes: The Japanese Squadron Saluting His Majesty ' Full page

' The Earl of Elgin Chairman of the South African War Commission '

' The Late Lord Gerard ADC to General Buller in Natal '

' Lieutenand Colonel Sir E. P. C. Girouard New Director General of Railways for South Africa '

' The Late Sir Edward Hertslet Ex Librarian at the Foreign Office '

Mr Rowland Barran New MP for North Leeds '

' MR Steyn Receiving the Boer Delegates, Messrs Wessels and Fischer in His State Room on Boarde The Carisbrooke Castle August 2 ' Full page

Coronation Services: Manors Conferring Special Privileges - ' The Isle of Man Conferring Office of Falconer Ilst ' a picture of Peel Castle

' Addington Manor Surrey to Present Dillegrout '

' Wymondley Manor Herts, Chief Cup Bearer '

' Worksop Manor Notts, Conferring Right to Present Glove '

' Kettlebaston Hall Suffolk, Conferring Right to Carry The Rod Withe The Dove '

' Scivelsby Manor, Lincolnshire, Kings Champion '

' Shipton Moyne Manor, Gloucester Formerly Claiming Lardinership '

' Bilsington MAnor Kent ( St Augustine's Priory) To Present Maple Cups '

' Sport in The Asiatic Highlands: Stalking The Ovis Ammon in Chinese Turkestan - Sighting The Quarry ' Full page by R Caton Woodville

' Oriental ANd Colonial Guests at Warwick Castle ' Full page

' The Religious Agitation in Paris: The Closing of the Convent Schools - Demonstration in Front of the Sisters School at Lavallois Perret near Paris ( Ecole Paroissiale ) ' Full page

' Cowes Regatta: Yachts Setting Sail for THe Start of a Race ' Full page

' The New Thames Tunnel Between Greenwich and Millwall - The Greenwich Entrance and The Interior of the Tunnel ' Full page

' Holbein's Attempt to Swim The Channel '

' The Approach of THe Twelfth of August: Before The Twelfth - A Contravention of the Game Laws, Hawk Killing a Grouse ' Wonderful full page by G. E. Lodge

' Practising for the Coronation at Hong Kong - A Living Device on HMS Terrible ' Full page by Charles J. de Lacy

' Chess Problem by F. Healey '

' Neaves Food ' Advert for baby food ' Fox's Patent Spiral Puttees ' advert

' Force Breakfast Food ' advert

' The Coronation Ceremony: A Historical Account '

'Science Jottings by Andrew Wilson'

' The Education of Officers by Wyndham '

'Wills and Bequests includes:- Miss Clara Squire of 160 Gloucester Terr Hyde Park - - - Mr Joseph Friend Bell of Broom Villa Fulham SW - - - Mr Walter Charles Parker of The Steyne Bournemouth and formerly of The Stock Exchange - - - Mrs Mary Ann Naylor-Leyland of Nantclwyd, Ruthin - - - Mr Vincent Stuckey JP of Hill House, Langport, Somerset - - - Mr CHarles Ackerley Winnifred Chichester of Milton Lodge, Gillingham Dorset - - - Mr John Wardlaw JP of 43 Dover Street Piccadilly - - - The Hon. Emily Mary, Dowager Marchioness of Hertford of Brooklands, Westcott Dorking



August 16th

'Coronation Day: The Fijian Troops in Whitehall'

'The Hong Kong Troops in Whitehall'

'The West African Troops and Long Robed Artillery Bearers in WHitehall'

'The Train of the Queens Coronation Mantle'

'The Kings Sceptre with The Cross' - - - 'The Queens Sceptre with The Cross'

'A Feudal Coronation Emblem: The Worksop Glove '

'The King and Queen Entering The Abbey By The Annexe at the West Entrance' Full page sketch by Melton Prior

'The Aides De Camp to The King Entering The Horse Guards Parade'

'The Honorary Aides De Camp to The King Passing The Banqueting House, Whitehall'

'In Attendance on Their Emperor: The Escort of Picked Indian Cavalry Crossing The Horse Guards Parade, With The Kings State Coach In the Distance' Full page by R. Caton Woodville

'The Prince and Princess of Wales, In Their State Carriage, Entering Broad Sanctuary on Their Way to The Abbey'

'The Indian and Colonial Escort OPassing Through The Cabnadian Arch in Whitehall on Their Way to the Abbey'

'The State Procession Passing The Colonial Office on its Way To the Abbey

'The Kings Procession to the Abbey: Their Majesties State Coach Viewed From The Canadian Arch'

'The West African Troops Posted in Whitehall'

'The Colonial Escort at The Abbey: Preparing for The Return Procession'

'Earl Roberts, Followed By The Kings Marshalmen, Coming Down Constitution Hill on the Return From The Abbey' Full page

'Lord Kitchener, Sir Edward Seymour, And General Gaselee Passing The Wellington Arch' Full page drawn by H. W. Koekkoek

'Coronation Night Illuminatiosn in London: The Scene in Cockspur Street, Looking Towards Trafalgar Square' Double page drawn by Edward Read

'The Clergy Bearing the Regalia From The Jerusalem Chamber to The Abbey Before The Coronation'

'The Kings Indian Escort Arriving At the Abbey

'Coronation Night at Portsmouth: The Navys Triumphal Arch of Searchlights' drawn by F. T. Jane ..."the destroyers lying at Fountain Lake in the dockyard flung their searchlights skyward until they met those of the ships at Spithead, thus forming a ggigantic arch of light over the dockyard and town..."

'The Naval and Military Club Illuminated' - - - 'The Illuminatiosn Viewed From Blackfriars Bridge, Looking West'' - - -A Humble Auxiliary To The Fleet Illuminations at Portsmouth

The Illuminations in The West End: Marlborough House and Pall Mall From St James's Street' Full page by Holland Tringham

'A Rejoicing City: London Illuminated, As Seen From The Campanile of the New Roman Catholic Cathedral At Westminster' Wonderful full page from a sketch by H. C. Seppings Wright

Fashion 'Seaside Gown of Linen, Trimmed Lace' - - - 'Smart Linen Costume, Braided'

'The Parisian Diamond Co of 143 Regent Street - 85 New Bondstreet - Burlington Arcade' full page advert showing designs of pearl jewellery

'Ostend in The Season'

'Cape Towns Gift to Lord Kitchener, A Sword of Honour'

'The Ever Ready Electric Torch' advert

Also articles (no engravings unless listed above) including :-
'Our Note Book by L. F. Austin'

'Ladies Page'

'Wills and Bequests includes Mr Robert Alexander McAndrew JP of Wickham House, West Wickham, Kent - - - Commander Sebastian Gassiot, RN of 2 Queens Gate, SW - - - MR Richard Smith of 28 Cadogan Square SW - - - Lieutenant Colonel Arthur Bailey of Breightmet Hill, Bolton - - - The Right Hon. Julian, Baron Pauncefote GCB etc Ambassador to the United States of America, of 19 Chesham Place - - - Mr Spencer John Weston of 50 Egerton Cres SW - - - Mr Henry Laycock of Eastcott, Kenley and of New Broad Street EC and China - - - Captain Sir Samuel Hercules Hayes of Drumbo Castle, Donegal'

August 23rd

price sixpence.

'The Fleet Under Way Off St Helens: The Vessels Passing His Majesty's Yacht'

'Hampden Park, Eastbourne, Opened by Lord Rosebery, August 12: The Drive by The lake'

'Coronation decorations i Flora Street, Plymouth

'Swanscombe Parish Church, Near Gravesend, Destroyed by Lightning and Fire on August 14'

'The Knight Hon. The Earl of Dudley, New Lord Lieutenant of Ireland'

'Arrival of The Shah at Dover, August17: Prince Arthur of Connaught (in Hussar Uniform) Receiving His Majesty'

'Arrival of the Shah in London on August 18: The Royal Carriage in Buckingham Palace Road'

'The King and Queen Leaving London For Cowes on Thursday, August 14: Their Majesties Passin Up Constitution Hill'

The Coronation Naval Review, August 16: 'The Kings Care For His Bluejackets: His Majesty Signalling "Unman Ship"..' Wonderful Full page

'Generals Botha, Delarey and De Wet Disembarking From The Union Castle Liner "Saxon"...' Full Page

First Preliminary To The Naval Review: The Beginning of The Kings Sea Trip: 'His Majestys First Sea Trip Since His Coronation: The King on Board The Victoria and Albert Leaving Portsmouth for cowes, August 14' Wonderful full page

'Coronation Naval Review Before King Edward at Spithead: Visitors Passing Down The Lines' Full page

'The Royal Salute on The Approach of His Majestys Yacht' Full page

'The Coming of The ing: The Firing of The Royal Salute as Seen From The Japanese Flag Ship Asama' Full page

'A Contest of The Elements: The Illuminated War Ships As Seen Through The Rain Storm at Spithead' Night Time, Full Page

'The Last Act, The Midnight Salute' Spithead, Full page

'His Mjestys Yacht, "The Victoria and Albert", With The King on Board, Passing Through The Lines' Beautiful Double Page by Charles de Lacy

'The Most Popular Site in London: Westminster Abbey as Arranged For The Coronation, Showing The Royal Box and Peers Gallery'

'The Conference of Colonial Prime Ministers With Mr Chamberlain At The Colonial Office - Sir Alfred Bateman, Sir Francis Hopwood, Mr W. S. Fielding, Sir M. Ommanney, Mr T. W. Holderness, Sir Johbn Anderson, Sir John Forrest, Sir W. Mulock, Lord Onslow, Mr W. Paterson, Rear Admiral Custance, LordSelborne, Mr G. W. Balfour, Sir R. Bond, Mr R. J. Seddon, Sir W. Laurier, Mr Chamberlain, Sir E. Barton, Sir A. Hime, Mr T Fuller representing Mr Gordon Sprigg'

'Ladies Fashion includes Demi Toilette of Pleated Chiffon - Casino Gown in Printed Muslin'

'The Guildhall Casket Presented to Lord Roberts'

'Scots Fusiliers Inter Company Football Shield'

And many adverts of the day
'Our Note Book by L. F. Austin'

'The Playhouses'

'Home and Foreign News'

'Science Jottings by Dr Andrew Wilson'

'The Fair Sex on The Quarter Deck by The Author of An Englishman in Paris'


'Wills and Bequests includes Mr John Oakley Maund of 31 Curzon, Mayfair and Briggins Park, Herts - Mr John Walter Morrice JP DL of Hungerford Park, Hungerford Berks - Mr Alexander Peter McMullen of The Castle, Hertford - Mr Frederick Lambert of 93 Cadogan Gardens and Garratts Hall, Banstead - Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Holme Parker JP of Warwick Hall, Cumberland and 36 Baker Street, Reading - The Right Hon. Sir Richard Temple of The Nash, Kempsey Worcs and Heath Brow, Hampstead - Mr Frederick Smart of 4 Gisela Strasse, Vienna and 25 Jermyn Street - Mr George Edwin Wells of Mosborough Hall, Eckington Derby - Mr William Roope Ilbert of Bowringsleigh, West Alvington, Devon - Mr William Sparks JP of Crewkerne, Somerset and Langton Herring Dorset['

August 30th

price sixpence.

It features articles with prints from engravings, photogravures &c. including

September 13th

'The Holder of The Worlds Record for Gunnery Practice: HM Battle Ship, Ocean'

'The Death of Professor Virchow: The Famous Scientist in His Laboratory at The Pathologicl Insitute, Berlin

King Edwards Youngest Niece 'HH Princess Victoria Eugenie of Battenberg' Ful page

The Great Rainstorm in Ireland: Belfast Under Water: 'Glengall Street and The Grand Opera House' - 'Great Victoria Street and The Great Northern Railway Station' - 'Oxford Street and St Georges Market' - 'Howard Street and Grosvenor Road' - ' Albert Street' All on one

The Celebration of The Coronation in Central Africa: ' Coronation Sports at Mpika, The Tug of War, Mpika v. Kilonga'


'Levesons Invalid chairs' and Prams. Advert


And many adverts of the day

'Our Note Book by L. F. Austin'

'The Playhouses'

'Science Jottings by Dr Andrew Wilson'

'Wills and Bequests includes Mr Joseph Pyke of Devonshire Place House, Marylebone Road - Mr Wilfred Hans Loder JP of 49 Cadogan Square and High Beeches, Sussex - Mr Cadwallader John Bates of Langley Castle, Northumberland - Mr Charles Murless of West Hatch, Chigwell - Mr patrick Fleming Evans of 54 Longridge Road, Earls Court and The Temple, Recorder of Newcastle under Lyme - Mr William Walter nell of The Grange, Wenvoe, Monmouth, a brewer - Mr George Augustus Church of Bournhurst, Horley - The Right Hon Marion Aitchison Denman, Baroness Denman'

September 20th

'The State Visit of The Lord Mayor of London to Bath: The Univeiling of the Queen Charlotte Tabley in Sydney Place'

'The New Corps of Automobile Volunteers: Motor Cars Offered for Military Service'

'The Fatal Colliery Explosion at Mount Kembla, New South Wales: General View of Thre Wreckage'

'A Zebra Hybrid presented to The Zoological Gardens by The King'.

'The First Submarine for The German Navy'

'New Issues of Colonial stamps '

'The Abyssinian Envoy, Ras Makonnen and His Suite, In Their National Costume

'The German Army Manoeuvres: Infantry Resisting a Cavalry Charge'

'The Boer Generals in Holland: The Reception of Generals Delarey, De Wet, and Botha at The Station, Amsterdam, September 11'

'The German ARmy Manoeuvres: A Communication From Headquarters ot The Divisional commanders by Means of Wireless Telegraphy' wonderful full page

'The German Empror in The Field: A Consultation with the Umpires' Full page

'Christopherson by George Gissing and Illustrated by F. H. Townsend' Story

The Developement in The Construction of Submarines: 'A Trial Trip in The Latest Built Submarine - The Look Out Box Used While Running on the Surface - The Compartment and Tap for Regulating the Water Ballast - Preparing to Launch a Torpedo From a Submerged Submarine' Full page

The Developement in The Construction of Submarines II ''A Trial Trip in The Latest Built Submarine - Steering By The Aid of The Periscope While Submerged - Watching The Manometers While Running Submerged - The Diver At Work and The Outlet of The divers Will' Full page

'The Braemar Gathering: Their Majesties Witnessing The Highland Dancing' Double page

'Picturesque France: Chateaux of Touraine - Chinon - Montbazon - Luynes - Portes des Coprdeliers, Loches - Chaumont' Full page

'Ladies Page: A Coat - Coat with Cord Trimmings passed through slits'

'Fox's Spiral Puttees' Advert

'French Army Manoeubres: The Pumoping Section of The Baloon Section - The Prince of Asturias Witnessing the Manoeubres - Artillery at Work on a country Road - Inflating the Black Ball of the Signal Balloon - A Military Motor Car in The Field

'The German Army Manoeuvres: The Emperor Directing The Cavalry Charge,September 11' Double page drawn by R. Caton Woodville

And many adverts of the day

'Our Note Book by L. F. Austin'

'The Playhouses'

'Science Jottings by Dr Andrew Wilson'

'Wills and Bequests includes Mr Oswald Augustus SMith of 1 Lombard Street EC - Mr John Robinson JP of Westwood Hall, Leek Staffordshire - Mr Andrew Yule of Braeside, Fountain Road, Norwood founder of the firm of Andrew Yule and Co Londonand Calcutta - Mr John William Carr Ayre of Brigroyd, Ripponden, Yorkshire - Mr David Kemp of The Towers, Blackpool - Mr Joshua Crompton of High Crompton near Oldham - Mr Francis John Trewhitt of 12 Claremont Terrace, Sunderland - Major David Gow Irvine of West Hartlepool managing director of rvines Shipbuilding and Dry Dock - Mr Alexander Michie of the Hotel Cecil and 10 Adam Street, Strand'

October 18th

A eleven (22 sides) page issue (twenty sides) price sixpence. It features prints from engravings, sketches, photographs and photogravures etc (often with descriptive articles) including:

Small engraving 'Pheasants by Thorburn '

'The New Bishop of Manchester: The Right Rev. E. A. Knox'

'The Duke of Devonshire's Successor as Lord President of the Council: The Marqess of Londonderry'

'The New Home of a Famous Military nstitution: The Site For The Duke of Yorks School near Dover'

'The Emperor of The Sahara: M. jacques Lebaudy '

A Plea for Acquisition by The Nation: Historic Relics of early English Architecture - 'A 13th Century House, Martyr's House, Mancetter, Near Atherstone, the Home of Robert Glover, Martyred at Coventry 1555'

'An Eleventh Century Church in Kent: Grayne Church, Near Rochester '

'A Little Known Historic Relic Near London: The Banqueting Hall of King Johns palace, Eltham'

'Old Bristol - The Dutch House at The Corner of Wine Street, Threatened with Demolition'

The Bristol Church Congress: Interesting \Points of Pilgrimage in The Gtreat City of the West - 'Bristol Cathedral and Queens Statue'

'The Clifton Suspension Bridge over The Avon ' 'Norman Gateway of Bristol Cathedral'

'The Chapter Room, Bristol Cathedral'

'A New Railway Tramcar: The Great Western Automobile '

'The Great Rainfall of October 11 - 12: The Casellas Gauge Record From 9am to 9am jon the Two Days'

'The English Air Ship Pronounced The Most Perfect Yet Made: Dr Bartons Design, with Aeroplanes Partially Raised To Enable The Vessel to Descend'

'The Probable Record Rainfall of 1903, Measuring the Downpour of October 11 - - - Types of Gauges in General Use - - - Dr H. R. Mill of the British Rainfall Organisation - - - Observer Measuring Rainfall - - - A German Gauge, with Alternate Receptacles for Day and Night - - - Casellas Gauge: The Works of the Automatic Rain Recording Apparatus - - - The Old Float Gauge - - - The Works of the Old Float Gauge - - - The Snow Gauge - - - Casella's Gauge Shut and Open' All on one full page with explanation

The Sensational Race for The Duke of York Stakes at Kempton Park, October 10: - - 'Mr W. Bass's Sceptre Wins By a Head' - - - 'After The Race: Sceptre, The Winner'

'A Study in Barnacles - The "Kaiser Friedrich" in Dry Dock After a Voyage'

'The Kaisers NEwly Acquired Hunting Lodge'

'A Peaceful Invasion of Germany by French Balloons: The Archduke Leopold Salvator and The Count de la Vaulx Ready to Start in The Centaur '

'To Calais By Kite: The Launch of Mr S. F. Cody's Kite Drawn Boat From Dover Beach October 10 ' Cody

'The Inauguration of Hornsey as a Municipal Borough, October 8: The Civic Procession'

'A Result of The Electrification of the South London Tramways: Derelict Horse Cars'

'The Way it Really Happened by Lloyd Osbourne - Illurstrated by F. H. Townsend' Story part II with illustrations.

' Iron From Sand: A Method That Promises The Pig Iron Trade to The Colonies at Martins Foundry: - Demonstrating The Principle of the Process - - - Mr Rouse The Inventor - - - The Machinery Employed - - - the Mould in Various Forms of Briquettes and Pig-Iron Bars' Full page

'Mr Chamberlain at a Centre of The Sugar Refining Industry: The Greenock Meeting, October 7' Full page

'Fashion 'A Seasonable Cloth Coaty' - - - 'An Evening Toilette'

'Mr A. W. Pinero's New Play at the Duke of Yorks Theatre - Scenes and Characters From "Letty" Produced October 8' includes Mr C. Troode - - Mr Dion Boucicault - Mr Robertshaw - Miss Nance Price - Miss Irene Vanbrugh - Mr H. B. Irving - Mr Fred Kerr - Miss Sarah Brooke - Mr D. Grimston - Miss B. Forbes Robertson. drawn by Ralph Cleaver

'chess Problem by Mr H. M. Prideaux '

The Macedonian Rising: Scnees in The Disturbed Districts - - 'A Bulgarian Threshing Ground' - - - 'The Demir Kapou Defile, 78 Miles From Salonika, Recently Occupied by Macedonian Insurgents' - - - 'Band of Insurgents: Rhodope Mountains, Raslog District' - - - 'A Demonstration in Favour of The Macedonian Movement' - - - 'A Child Victim of The Turks: A Scene in Hospital' - - - The Centre of the Macedonian Agitation: General View of Kenprulu' - - - 'A Scene in The Rilo Mountains'

'The Life History of a Splash: Effect of The Fall of a Rough Steel Sphere into water and Milk' Photographic process on a full page

'Honouring The Pope in His Native City: The Inauguration of a Memorial Tablet onThe Wall of the Birthplace of Pius X at Venice'

'Britian and Russia At The Marriage of Prince Andrew of Greece and princess Alice of Battenbert: Queen Alexandra and The Czar leaving The Greek Chuch, Darmstadt'

'The Cross Descends, Thy Minarets Arise: Turkish Troops Reoccupying a Macedonian Village After The Rout of The Insurgents' Double page by R. Caton Woodville

The Reconstruction of the Ministrt: The New Lord Privy Seal and Other Successors to Vacant Posts. - - 'Lord Balcarres, Junior Lord Treasury' - - - 'Mr Victor Cavendish, Financial Secretary Treasury' - - - 'Mr W. Bromley Davenport, Financial secretary War Office' - - - 'Mr E. G. Pretyman, Secretary to the Admiralty' - - - 'The Marquess of Salisbury, Lord Privy Seal' - - - 'The Marquess of Hamilton, Treasurer of the Household' - - - 'Mr A. H. Lee, Civil Lord of the Admiralty' - - - 'Earl Percy, Under Secretary of State for foreign Affairs'

The Great Eruption of the Waimangu Geyser in New Zealand August 30. - - 'Spot Where the Victims Stood, the Edge Overlooking the Geyser' - - - A Scnene in the Neighbourhood of the Great Waimangu, (Black Water ) Geyser' - - - 'Gibraltar Rock, Showing the Hut Where the Victims Were Overwhelmed' - - - 'The Gulch Through Which Four Victims of the Eruption Were Swept Towards The Boiling Lake Rotomahana' - - - 'The Great Waimangu Geyser Playing to a Height of 1500 Feet'

The Opening of the East Coast Herring Fidhing Season, Scenes at Lowestoft - - - 'A Scotch Boat, Drying Nets' - - - 'A Good Catch: Herrings on the Quay' - - - 'The Annual CaledonianInvasion: Scotch Packers at Work' - - - 'A Steam Herring Drifter Bringing in Cargo' - - - 'Bringing Boats out With The Sweeps' - - - Scotch Boats, Sunday Rest' - - - 'Scotch Girls Kippering Herring at Lowestoft'

' Mallard Going Down Wind ' by G. E. Lodge. Wonderful full page engraving of the ducks in flight

'An Unlooked For Return by A. Forestier' Full page

'A House That Can Follow The Sunshine - - Position of the House at 11am - - Position of the House at 5pm. by Parisian architect M,. Eugene Petit'

'Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Company' advert showing designs of jewellery including Brooches - Necklaces - Rings - etc

'Hancocks & Co' Jewellery advert

'State Express Cigarettes' sizes and prices

'Comfortease by Peter Robinson' beautiful Corset design. Advert

' A Historic Relic at Alencon Saved by Public Spirit: La Maison D'Oze'

'Another Beautiful Bovril Gravure, The Leopard Skin' Advert

'Fox's Spiral Puttees' advert showing two designs for ladies and men

'Crosse & Blackwells Soups in Glasses, Tins and Tablets' Advert

'Bile Beans for Biliousness' advert

Plus more adverts of the day

Also articles (no engravings unless listed above) including:
'Our Note Book by L. F. Austin'

'Lord Rosebery's Reply to Mr Chamberlain'

'Music' - with reference to Madame Clara Butt - Mr Kennerley Rumford - Dr Elgar with a list of songs performed by various artists

'The Worlds News' includes The King and Queen - - The Czr and taly - - The H.A.C. in Canada - - New Ministerial Appointments - - Manchuria - - Recording Rainfall - - The Removal of Kings College Hospital - - Mr Chamberlain, Mr Rithchie and Mr Asquith - - The Congo State - - Macedonia - - The New Commander on The China Station - - America and Bribery - - The Australian Federal Capital

' A Reviewers Miscellany' includes The Life of Benvenuto Celline, Thackerays Prose Works etc

' Bismarck and De Blowitz '

' Ladies page by Filomena'

'Personal Page'

'Science Jottings by Dr Andrew Wilson The Beginnings of Nerves'

'Personality in Politics: The Demand for Business Ministers'

'Wills and Bequests includes Mrs Madeline Georgina Llewellyn of Baglan Hal, Briton Ferry, Glamorgan - - - Mr Joseph Lambert, JP of Westfield House, Cottingham, York - - - The Rev. Rowland German Buckston MA of Sutton on the Hill, Derby - - - Mr George Gilbert of 11 Vanburgh park Road West, Blackheath - - - Mr Peter Bourne Drinkwater JP of Lyncombe, Torquay - - - Mr Horatio Lucas Micholls of 6 Kensington Gardens Terrace, Hyde Park - - - Mrs Sarah Stopford of 73 Onslow Square, South Kensington - - - Mrs Alexandra Orr of 112 Kensington Park Gardens - - - Mr Philip William May ( Phil May ) of Medina Place, St Johns Wood '

October 25th

price sixpence

Small portraits of : Lt Col E J E Swayne, Lt Col A S Cobbe, Major G E Phillips, Rev G F Maclear, Capt J N Angus, Sir Antony P MacDonnell

a consisting 7 views on the subject of Somaliland inc Trackers, scouts Mullah recruits, Representatives of the British force, etc

new issues of stamps for Guatemala, Labuan, Danish and Cayman Islands

Trafalgar day in London Nelsons column decoraions

Half page with 4 pictures on the subject of The new treaty between France and Siam - The post at Chantaboun

half page with 4 pictures on : The revolutionary troubles in Colombia : the United states occupation of Panama

: Lord Kitchener giving evidence before the commisssion on the South African war - includes also Sir Frederick Darley and Lord Strathcona

half page drawing to accompany the fiction entitled The Renegade - illustrated by R Caton Woodville

Fire drill : engines playing on a supposed burning building - with an inset of the new motor fire engine - Part of the annual display of the metropolitan Fire Brigade - From a drawing by Allan Stewart

small cock fighting scene - taken from an original by Chas D Ward and reproduced from 'no other way' by permission of Messrs Chato and Windus

Half page with 6 pictures relating to The Kennel club show at Crystal Palace - some of the prize winners

half page 4 pictures related to the recent Coal strike in the United States : scenes of the military occupation of the strike district

2 half page scenes : general title - The Boer Generals on the continent including : Generals Botha, Delarey & De Wet in Paris and : The arrival of the afore mentioned 3 at Berlin

a further divided into 2 half page views of the Boer Generals visit to Berlin

double page spread on the Reassembling of parliament with many small portraits of MP's and a large central view of Mt Balfour entering the house- sketches by S Begg and Ralph Cleaver- some of the MP's include : Lloyd George, W Redmond, Mr O Donnell, Sir A Acland hood, Mr Swift MacNeill, John Gorst

of 5 views showing different aspects of the completion of the Uganda Railway - The last hundred miles and featuring : Panoramas at mile 511, 523, Between Mohoroni and Kibigori with 2 views of Stony river bridge and A temporary Girder bridge

: Torpedo boats sending up flying dragons - by Fred T Jane : Main title is The kite in the Russian Navy


Gordon & Dilworths Tomato Catsup and soup

Robinsons Provost Oats

Lazenby's sauce

U V the choice Uam - Var Scotch whisky

Three Nuns tobacco

Swan Fountain pens

Cuticura soap

Also articles (no engravings) including 'Our Note Book', 'Personal',

Haiti - Land of the revolutions

'Wills and Bequests including Mr.Percival White Bushby of Torwood Torquay and Bothel Cumberland

Mr Robert George Joyce of Clareville

Miss Mary Georgina Duckworth of Knightleys near Exeter

Mr Frank James of Canynge rd Bristol

Mr A Kennedy of Clements Inn and Highridge Epsom

Joseph Glover of Kilby HouseLeamington

Dame Jessie Matilda Shakerley of Hayling Grove Penkridge stafford

Rear Admiral Henry Matthew Miller of Fernside Sevenoaks common

Francis Gledstanes Waugh of Portland Place

November 1st

'The Grenadier Guards' Banquet at the Hotel Metropole, October 27 - Commemorating Their Comrades Who Fell in The South Africa Compaign' Full page

'A Beautiful Strand Decoration For The Royal Progress: The Office of The " Graphic "..'

'A Beautiful Strand Decoration for The Royal Progress: The Office of The Daily Graphic '

'The Royal Progress: The King and Queen in King William Street, City'

'The Royal Progress Through The City and South London, October 25 - Their Majesties Passing The Mansion House' Full page "Our sketch was made from the Union Bank of London, by the courtesy of the Manager" by H. C. Seppings Wright

'A Friendly Salute to a Former Foe: General Botha's Recognition of Lord Roberts' Full page

'The Welcome of the Metropolis: Sir John M'Dougall, Chairman of the London County Council, Presenting The Councils Address' Full page "Drawn by Melton prior, Our special Artist in Trafalgar Square"

Photographs: Their Majesties at Various Points of the Route -'The Lord Mayor Presenting the Civic Sword at Tempe Bar' - - - 'The Return From South London: The King And Queen, With Their escort, Crossing Westminster Bridge'

'Their Majesties at Various Points of the Route - The King and Queen Passing Through Marlborough Gate'

'Their Majesties at Various Points of the Route - 'The King and Queen Passing Through Parliament Square'

Their Majesties at Various Points of the Route - 'The King andQueen Entering South London'

The King and Queen Passing The National Gallery'

'The King and Queen Passing The Mansion House'

'The King and Queen Passing Through the Strand'

'The Headquarters Staff and Royal Carriage Procession in the Strand'

'The Second Halt of the Procession: The Presentation of the Addresses of the Northern Boroughs at Norfolk Street' photographs showing people watching from the windows of the various offices including the Alliance Company, Lady's Pictorial, Great Northern Railway Ticket Office

'The Royal Progress Through The City and South London, October 25 - The Reception At Temple Bar: Lord Mayor Presenting The Civic Sword' Full page "Drawn by A. forestier, Our Special Artist at Temple Bar....Our Drawing was made from the windos of MEssrs, Newton, The Opticians, by kind permission of that firm"

' Method of Regulatin the Procession: A Military Signaller at Work Neaqr CHaring Cross'

'The Lord Mayor, on Horseback, passing Under The Canopy at Ludgate Circus on His Way To Meet the King'

'The King an Quyeen at The Guildhall: The Lord Mayor Presenting The Loyal address From The City' Full page

'Chess Problem by Philip H. Williams'

' Former Royal Guildhall Banquets and A Thanksgiving at St Pauls - - - ' George III Giving Thanks at St Pauls for His Recovery April 2 1789' - - - The Thaksgiving of George III' - - - 'Guildhall banquet to the Prince Regent, The Czar and The king of Prussia, June 18 1814' the cost was £25,000 - - - 'Queen Victorias FirstBanquet at Guildhall, November 9 1837' - - - 'The Banquet to William IV and Queen Adelaide at Guildhall, November 9, 1830' - - - Queen Victorias First Civic Reception at Temple Bar, November 9 1837' - - - 'Queen Victorias First Visit to the City: Her Majesxty Passing St Pauls'

'the Royal Horse Artillery in The Procession: The Scene at The South Side of London Bridge'

'Lord Roberts in the Procession at The South Side of London Bridge'

'The Mayor of Southwark Presenting The Address From The South London Boroughs To The King at Southwark Town Hall' Full page "Drawn by Allan Stewart, Our Special Aritist in Southwark"

'King Edwards First Reception By The City of London Since His Accession: The Toast of His Majestys Health at The Guildhall Banquet, October 25' Double page "From a Drawing by T. Walter Wilson RI, Our Special Artist at the Guildhall"

The Kings Thanksgiving For His Recovery: The Dirve to St Pauls - 'The Halt at the City Boundary on the Embankment;The Lord Mayor Presenting The Civic Sword to His Majesty' Full pae by Ralph Cleaver

'The Kings Thanksgiving At St Pauls For His Recovery, October 26: His Majesty Alighting at the West Door of the Cathedral' Full page - "Sketch (facsimile) by Melton Prior, Our Special Artist at St pauls" womnderful sketch showing photographers etc lining up to see the king arrive

'The Kings Thanksgiving at St Pauls for His Recovery: Thanksgiving for a Life a Second time Given Back, The Bishop of Londons Sermon Before The King and Queen' Full page Sketch

'The Royal Progress: Distinguished Naval Spectators - The Crew of HMS Terrible Passing The Nelson Column on Their Way to View the Procession' Full page sketch "Drawn by H. W. Koekkoek, Or Special Artist on the Line of Route"

'Where in St James Park' by Edward Arnold, London Birds

'The Centenary of the Edinburgh Review, Sydney Smith, The First Editor'

'The Naval and Marine Aides De Camp To the King Crossing London Bridge'

'The Head of the Procession: The Naval Gun Detachment in The Strand'

'The Kings Visit to The City: A Welcome From The Tower - Royal Field Artillery Firing a Salute of Sixty Two Guns as His Majesty Entered The City' Full page "Drawn by Ralph Cleaver, Our Special artist at the Tower"

And adverts of the day

Also articles (no engravings unless listed above) including :-
'Our Notebook By L. F. Austin'

'Science Jottings by Andrew Wilson'

'Wills and Bequests includes Mr William Pomfret Pomfret of Mystole, Canterbury and Morghew, Tenterden' - - - The Rev. John Stanley Chesshire MA of Battenhall, Worcester - - - Mr James Loxham Foster, of Clifton place, Hyde park and the Inner Temple - - - Mr William Fickus, of St Helena, Tunbridge Wells - - - the Right Hon. Robert Bourke, Lord Connemara PC of 43 Grosvenor Street - - - MR George Pepler, Senior Deptury of the Court of Common Council of Broomham House, Sutton - - - Mrs Elizabeth Ann Eade of 21 Sussex Gardens, Hyde Park'


November 8th

'The Completion of the All british pacific Cable From Australasia to Vancouver, October 31: Chart of the Telegraphic Link Between The Mother Country and The Colonies'

'New Golf Links at St Leonards on Sea: A Natural Bunker'

'The Completion of the All British Cable from Australia To Vancouver: One of the Cable layers, The Colonia' - - - The New Zealand Terminus - - - Murphys Grapnel - - - The Canadian Terminus, Vancouver - - - The Mid Pacific Station, Fanning Island - - - The Australian Terminus, Southport - - - The Cable Station, Norfolk island - - - The Point of Completion, Suva Fij' Views on one a full page

'The Late Lady Biddulph '

'Sir Marcus Samuel, New Mayor of London'

'Lady Samuel, New Lady Mayoress of London'

'Mr G. W. Truscott, New Sherriff of the City of London'

'Mr Melton Prior Special Artis of the Illustrated London News' 'Mr T. H. Brooke Hitching, New Sheriff of the City of London'

'The Late MR Lennox Browne, Specialist on Throat Diseases'

'Sir W. Lee-Warner KCSI, New Member of the Council of India'

'Mr J. M. Barries New Play at The Duke of Yorks Theatre, November 4 - The Admirable Crichton' Full page

'A Depreciated Relic of the Napoleonic Wars, HMS Hibernia Sold at Malta for £1100'

'Submarine and Torpedo Boat Trials in Stokes Bay'

'The Memorial at Ayr to Fallen Royal Scots Fusiliers

'The Scottish Antarctic Expedition: The Scotia'

'A New Life Saving Apparatus, Tested at Dover' invented by Captain Donvig

The New Game of Vigoro Played Recently Between Middlesex and Surrey at Lords' a sort of Cricket played with racquets instead of bats. five scenes showing E. Miles - F. L. Rawson amongst others

'The Maltese Cross, A Mystery of the Suez Canal by Edward Noble Illustrat4ed by A. Forestier'

'Recent Archaeological Discoveries in England:Remains of a Roman Villa at Bath and Sepulchral Relics at Enfield' Full page

The Smallest State in Europe, The Republic of San Marino in the Apennines: 'View of Monte Titanoon Which The Capital is Situated, The Town Below, The Government Palace and the Cathedral on the Summit' - - - 'The Annual Election of Captains Regent: Drawing Lots at the High Altar of the Cathedral' - - - 'State Procession of the Captains Regent Proceeding From The Government Palace to Mass at The Cathedral' - - - 'The Transmission of Office in the Grand Hall of the Council: The Retiring Captains Regent Investin Their Successors with The Insignia of the Supreme Magistracy' Full page

'Furs for The European Market, The Hudson Bay Companys Trappers at Work: YThe Headquarters of the Fur Industry, Fort Chipewyan - Trappers Returning From The Winter Campaign - Trappers Delivering Pelts at Headquarters' Full page

'A Brescian Herdsman'

'The Emperor William SHooting Wild Boar in The Hartz Mountains' Full page

'Mr Chamberlains Forthcoming Visit to South Africa: HMS Good Hope on Which The Colonial Secretary Will Sail'

'The Rectorial Election at Aberdeen University: The FIght For the Standard in the Quadrangle of Marischal College '

'The Forthcoming Somaliland Expedition, Native Warfare: A Charge of Somali Horsemen' Full page

Somaliland Expedition; - 'Near Hergaisa, Watering Ponies and Donkeys' - - - Somali Woman Making a Camel Mat' - - - A' A Typical Street Scene in Berbera, A Camel For Sale' - -- - A Temporay Native Village or Currier' - - - 'A Typical Ant Hill in the Haud' - - - 'A Relic of Gordons Administration, The Reservoir at Berbera' - - - 'Hergaisa One of the Few Permanent Settlements in Somaliland' - - - 'The Mosque at Berbera, Officers Tents inT The Foreground' - - - 'A Camp Scene North of the Haud, or Waterless Plain' - - - 'Refuge from Lions and Elephants, A Type of the Platforms Built by Natives in Trees in the Haud' - - - 'At Berbra Fort, Loading Camels for a March Up Country' All on a double page

The French Sphere of Somaliland: Methods of Transport - 'Donkeys Carrying Paraffin Tins Filled With Water' - - - 'Camels Drawing A Barrel Water Cart' - - - 'The Carriage of Arms and Ammunition into the Interior: Thge Station at Jibutil, The Only Inland Railway in the Country' - - - ' A Depot for Arms and Ammunition for the Interior: The Comptoir de Djiboutil in the Place de Menelik, Jibutil' - - - Part of the Native Town and Market, Jibutil' - - -'Shiping in the Port of Jibutil' - - -'A Well in a Somali Village: Women Drawing Water' - - - 'The Somali Meat and Fish Market in Jibutil, Showing Coral fronm Which Most o fthe Houses and stores are Built'

'An Event in The History of Submarines: Submarine No 3 in Dry Dock at Portsmouth' Full page drawn by F. T. Jane

Plus adverts of the day

Also articles (no engravings, prints etc unless listed above) including:
'Our Note Book by L. F. Austin'

'Personal Page'

'Science Jottings by Dr Andrew Wilson' with reference to solanine, caffein, theine etc

'Wills and Bequests includes Colonel James Thorpe, of Coddington Hall, Newark and Ardbrecknish, Loch Awe, Argyll - - - Captain Henry Rodolph D'Anyers Willis of Halsnead park, Prescot - - - Mr Frederick Machin of Ismeer, Oatlands Chase, Weybridge and Broad Street, Ratcliff E - - - William Meriton, Baron Cheylesmore of 16 Princes Gate - - - Mr Samuel Hough JP of Liverpool, Shipowner - - - Mr Joseph Arthur Railton of Harewood Lodge, Whalley Range, Manchester'

November 15th

price sixpence.

'The Kings Birthday Honours, Prominent Recipients - Major General Sir Henry Trotter - Sir Sydney H. Waterlow, Bart - Mr Henry Hobhouse MP Prominent Educationalist - Colonel W. T. Makins Deputy Chairman great Easter Railway - Col Sir R. N. Fitz-Hardinge Kingscote, KCB Extra Equerry To The King - Admiral Lord Charles Montagu-Douglas -Scott Commander in chief, Devonport - Lord Farquhar, Master of the Kings Household - Lieut. Col. J. Hanbury-Williams, Private Secretary of State for War - Mr Samuel Chisholm, Ex Lord Provost of glasgow - Sir J. J. Trevor Lawrence, Bart President Royal Horticultural Society - Mr W. J. Crump Presented Mayors Address to King - G. C. Bartley - R. Hendersonn - Sir G. Martin - Col E. Hughes

Kings Birthday Honours - Major General Viscount Downe, - Mr Donald W. Stewart, Chief Commissioner of Ashanti - Mr J. G. Nutting, Irish Railway Pioneer - Baron Hermann von Eckhardstein, Councillor to the German Embassy - His Exellency Count Matsugata, Formerly Prime Minister of Japan - Admiral Sir Robert H.M. Molyneux Supt Devonport Dockyard - Mr Augustus Prevost, Governor of the Bank of England - The Earl of Dunraven Yachtsman - Mr Henry Austin Lee, Secretary to Embassy at Paris - Mr H. Seton-Karr MP, Represents St. Helens, Lancs - Mr Max L. Waechter, High Sherriff of Surrey - A. H. Brown - Col Murray - W. T. Dupree - W. J. Howell

'An English Sewing Machine, Made About1842 By Charles Kyte of Snowhill, near Evesham'

'The First English Locomotive, Constructed in 1784 at Redruth by William Murdock'

'A Central African Menu, With Native Dishes'

'The Assize Procession at Chester: The Javelin Men in Their New Beefeaters Costume'

'An Exhibit at The Restored Cloth Hall, Newbury, A Coat Made from Raw Wool Between Sunrise ande Sunset, June 25, 1811'

'The Kaiser's Visit: Lowther Catle, Where Lord Lonsdale is Entertaining His Imperial Majesty'

'The Fire at The Chateau D'Eu: The Duke of Orleans' Historic Residence Viewed From The Park'

The Central African Railway Connecting The Great Natural Waterways: 'An Evidence of Progress in Central Africa: The Church at Blantyre, Eighty Miles up the First Link of Railway' - Map Showing The Projected Line of Railway in Its Relation to The Chain of Waterways' - 'The Point Where The Southern Link of Railway Touches Lake Nyassa: A Scene at Fort Johnston' - 'A Method Which The Railway Will Supersede: Transport by Bearers, As Now Practised Between Katungas and Lake Nyassa' - 'The Coast Terminus of the Route: Chinde, The Free Port at The Mouth of the Zambesi' - 'The Southern Terminus of The Railway: Chiromo, With The Companys Stern Wheel Steamer, Scorpion'

'The Lord Mayors Show, 1902: Humours of The Annual Civic Pageant'

'he Sale of Pictures by Mr. Frederick Goodall RA: 'A Finished Cartoon For The Picture Hagar and Ishmael' - 'A Finished Cartoon for the Picture Sarah and Isaac' - 'A Study of Christ for The Picture of The Woman of Samaria' - 'The Flight into Egypt' - 'The Snake Charmer' - Holy Childhood, A Finished Cartoon' - A Finished Cartoon for The Picture Jochebed' - 'Hannah and Samuel, A Finished Cartoon' All on one

'King Edwards Regiments in The kaisers Army: King Edwards 1st Dragoon Guards, An Officer in Field Service Order'

ing Edwards 5th Pomeranian (Prince Blucher von Wahlstadt) Hussars, A Trumpeter in Review Order'

'The Kaisers Yacht, Hohenzollern, With His Imperial Majesty on Board, Approaching Port Victoria' Sheerness,

'The Review by The Kaiser of His Regiment, The 1st Royal Dragoons, At Shorncliffe, November 8; His Imperial Majesty Greeting Lord Basing, The Colonel Commanding The Regiment'

'The German Emperor Reviewing His British Regiment, The 1st Royal Dragoons, At Shorncliffe, November 8, The March Past' Double Page

Former Visits of The German Emperor to England 'In 1890: The Emperor Landing at Eastney, near Portsmouth Aug 6' - '1892: The Emperor Received by The Prince of Wales on Board the Victoria and Albert, August 1' - '1899: The Emperor Received by The Prince of Wales at Windsor, Nov 20' - '1891: Emperors Visit to The city of London, The Procession in Cheapside, July 10' - '1895: The Emperors visit in August ot The Engish Lakes, Embarking at the Old Engand Landing Stage, Bowness' - '1901: The Kaiser and King Edard at Queen Victorias Funeral, Feb 2'

'The Trouble in the Balkans, Military Operations: Turkish Artillery on The March to The Albanian Frontier'

Recent Wrecks on The East Coast 'The Wreck of The Fishing Boat Defender at Lowestoft on Nov 4' - 'Wreck of The Magie Williams at Gorleston on November 4'

'The Dual Between The Marquis De Dion, The Famous Motorist, and M. Gerault-Richards, The Socialist at Neuilly on November 1'

' Two Years After, The Present State of The Site of The Paris Exhibition'

The Forthcoming Somaliland Expedition:Campaigning Scenes on The Line of Operations - 'Natives at Artillery Practice - Somalis in The Firing Line - Wadamagoa Camp - The British Post Now Watched by The Mullah's Spies, The Zareba at Bohotle - The Fort of Bohotle in Progress of Construction'

'A Centrepiece, The Mess of the 6th Battalion of The Lancashire Fusiliers'

'The Great Non Party Banquet at Birmingha to Wish Mr Chamberlain Godspeed on His Tour: The Colonial secretary Addressing Teh Gathering inThe Town Hall, November 17' Double page with a blank reverse .

Also articles (no engravings) including 'Our Note Book'
'Science Jottings by Dr Andrew Wilson'


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