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The Illustrated London News 1908

Events of this year in the Illustrated London News

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3628 Vol. 133 Price 6d

Front Cover head line: With special supplement: The fatal Journey of Mylius Erichsen

front cover

Front Cover Ads:

Hedges & Butler Wine Merchants

Orient- Royal Mail Line to Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania, Fortnightly sailings

Ferocal - Squires chemical food for quickly growing and delicate children - in bottles from 1/9

Hamiltons Irish Homespuns - from 1/9 per yard - Port Rush Ireland

Hildebrand's - Chocolate Bonbons and finest table deserts

Continental Tyres in the " Four - inch" race - "Continental tyres behaved splendidly on Metallurgique car - Oscar Cupper

John Jameson's Three Star Whiskey

Jacob & Co's Veda Oatmeal Biscuits

Adams's Furniture Polish - "The Queen" says we feel no hesitation in reccomending its use to all housewives, Victoria Park Works, Sheffield

IFC: 1/8 page Aspinall's Enamel, Anderson's Three Star Scotch Whisky, Jewsbury & Brown's oriental Tooth Paste pots 1/6, Tubes 1/-

1/16 page Bassano Ltd - Royal Photographers

1/32 page Jeffery's Hammerless Guns Plainfinish Non Ejectors £8,8.0

1/64 page Hindes Real Hair Savers, The London Electrotype Agency (sole agents for the Ilustrated London news)

1/4 page Buchanan's "Black & White", Mappin and Webb - Thr Newmarket crocodile suitcase fitted with every requirement for a gentleman - in solid sterling silver £45


Frontispiece p. 589: FPP: A fighting-top that shells cannot destroy: The "Haystack" fighting top on an american war-ship (Idaho)


p. 590: Adverts :

Harwich Route, Brighton in 60 minutes by Pullman, Eastbourne Sundays from Victoria, Bexhill and Hastings by rail from Victoria Sunday fare 10/6, Weekend tickets to the seaside, The new Pullman Express the "Southern Belle" comm. November 1st daily to Brighton from Victoria 11 a.m. return day fare 12/-, The Royal Mail Steam Packet Company Special Tours November - march Winter in the West Indies 60 days £65, The Aberdeen direct line Special African Tours to Victoria falls and Capetown first class return £74, The Tah Mahal Hotel Bombay India, Canary Islands - Las Palmas The Santa Catalina Hotel electric light throughout - English physician english nurse and English Church, St Moritz Upper Engadine - Hotel Steffani Pension Fr 9 - Fr 12, The Dietetic cure for obesity by Dr Yorke-Davies, His Majesty's Theatre every evening Mr Tree in Faust, Shaftesbury Theatre Mr H. B. Irving & Miss Dorothea Baird in The Sergeant of Hussars, London Hippodrome Mirth Mystery and sensation Aquaticstage and Equestrian spectacle, Swedish Gymnastics for ladies and children Miss S. Bergman - private lessons or classes. The Illustrated London News terms of subscription (inc Christmas Number) 12 months inland £1 9s 3d Canada £1 11s 6d Elswhere abroad £2



"Ragging" on the Stock Exchange

Talks with Tom Bingley M.P. by G. S. Street

p. 591: Our Notebook by G.K. Chesterton and 1/4 page photo : A revolutionary move at the Paris Opera "Die Gotterdamerung" played without "cuts" - A scene from the third act of "Le Crepuscule des Dieux"

p.592: Portraits and World news : Pictures of : Sir Frank Lascelles decorated with the Order of the Black Eagle, Mr. Edwin Thomas Hall architect of the new Manchester Infirmary, The late Mr. A. J. M. Jephson one of the Emin Pasha relief expedition, The late Sir Charles M. Kennedy formerly of the foreign office, The late Mr Joseph C. Parkinson one of Dicken's contributors, The late Cardinal Mathieu member of the French Academy, The German Imperial wedding Prince and Princess August Wilhelm of Prussia, The Abruzzi - Elkins engagement romance Miss Katherine Elkins and the Duke of Abruzzi

No picture - On Saturday last at Bow Street, mr,. Curtis Bennett sentenced Mrs Emmeline Pankhurst and Mrs. Flora Drummond to three months' and Miss Pankhurst to ten weeks' imprisonment, in default of their undetaking to keep the peace. It will be remembered that these ladies were charged with inciting the public to breach of the peace, and inviting them to "rush the House of Commons" etc etc

p. 593: 2 x HP pictures : The Palace of Immortality: Germany's Walhalla (built by Ludwig I of Bavaria) photographs by Laifle

1. The temple of fame at Donaustauf, Ratisbon, in which a bust of Bismarck has just been placed

2. The interior of the Temple of Fame, showing the busts of Great Germans

portraits and world news

p. 594: 5 x small pictures: Portraits and World news (cont.)

1. The bust of Bismarck that has been placed in the German Walhalla

2. giving man eyes in the back of his head: The new reflecting spectacles of the Paris police

3. A French policeman in spectacles that enable him to see what is going on behind his back

4. The wedding of the Kaiser's most studious son: The state entry of the bride, Princess Alexandria Victoria of Schleswig - Holstein - Sonderburg - Glucksburg, into Berlin

5. Olympic games at Prince's: Competitors in the great skating events

Mulai Hafid's Harem

p. 595: 8 x pictures A Harem that is a sign of sovereignty: beauties who may be sold to Mulai Hafid - Ladies of Abd - el - Aziz's harem. photographed by the fugitive sultan himself

1. A Beauty of the harem

2. A Cycle race before ladies of the harem

3. An Odalisque

4. A harem critic of Abd - el - Aziz's work

5. Typical ladies of the imperial harem

6. In violation of the Koran's ruling: Abd - el - Aziz photographing ladies of his harem

7. Beauties of the harem taking the air in an old Paris omnibus

8. "A harem beauty": three-colour work by Abd - el - Aziz

ragging scenes in the stock exchange

p. 596: 1 x FP of various drawings by S. Begg - The livliest place of business in the world - "ragging" scenes in the Stock Exchange

Mirth in the House

p. 597: 1 x FP of drawing - Mirth in the House throwing the tape (business is slack in the Kaffir Circus)


p. 598: 6 x small pictures: Literature

1. Miss Helen Mather whose recently published nove "Gay Lawless" contains much that will prove of interest to all familiar with the world of sport

2. Lady Randolph Churchill - The drawing by John S. Sargent which is one of the illustrations in Mr. George Cornwallis-West's book of reminisences

3. " The three misses Jerome" from " The reminisences of Lady Randolph Churchill"

4. The Princess de Lamballe

5. Mr H. G. Wells whose novel "War in the air" which has just been published

6. Marie Therese Louise de Savoie-Carignan appears in the book by Mr B. C. Hardy

News from all Quarters

p.599: News from all Quarters : 7 x photographs

1. Mr John Burns making his great speech on the unemployed question, on the occasion of the cutting of the first sod of the new island barn reservoir a Molesley.

2. Americas tribute to Edmund Burke: Mr Whitelaw Reid unveiling a tablet to the great statesman and orator at 11 North Parade, Bath

3. A new and terrible engine of war: Shrapnel grenades that can be fired from a service rifle

4. The Grenade showing the pin yhay renders it harmless

5. The Grenade in position on a service rifle

6. Discharging quit- rent services: a quaint ceremony in the law courts by cutting one faggot with a hatchet and another with a bill- hook and handing over to the court six horshoes and sixty one nails

7. The Zoo fire at Southport: the remains of the burnt out house - thirty animals including two elephants, a bison, zebra and dromedary and a camel the damage is £2500

The Mylius Erichsen expedition to Greenland)

p. 600: 3 x small photos and 1/4 page map -A full page about " A land that is lonlier than ruin" (The Mylius Erichsen expedition to Greenland)

1. The fatal Journey of Mylius Erichsen : the map of the routes yaken by the explorers

2. The most northerly cache of Koldewey's expedition

3. The late The Mylius Erichsen leader of the expedition

4. Mr Acton Friis of the expedition at work




Delsartian school

p. 601: ! x FP photograph - The latest exponent of the Delsartian school: Miss Ruth St Denis, a young american dancer appearing at Scala, as Radha, wife of Krishna, the eighth incarnation of Vishnu

"At the sign of St Pauls"

p. 602: 2 x small photographs, 3 1/8 page paintings: "At the sign of St Pauls" - Andrew Lang on Novelists, their work, and other work

1. Mr. E. F. Benson, whose new book, " The climber" hast just been published

2. Mr. Ivan Chen, who has translated " The book of Filial duty" for the " Wisdom of the east" series

3. Kaa, The Python - illustrations from the Jungle Book illustrationsby M and E Detmold

4. Shere Khan in the Jungle

5. Mowgli leaving the Jungle

Royalty's happy hours

p. 603: 6 x small and 2 x 1/8 page photographs: Royalty's happy hours

1. The Imperial hunt in full cry, with the German Emperor, the crown prince and the crown princess well to the fore

2. The future Kaiser, prince Wilhelm, and his pet dog

3. Learning to ride at an early age, Prince Wilhelm on his pony, with a nurse in attendance

4. Prince Wilhelm tests the virtues of football

5. Prince Wilhelm as worker in the garden

6. The Kaiser and the crown princess in the hunting field.

7. opening a road

8. Prince Wilhelm exploring the banks of a pond

Razed by a wall of water: Hyderabad

p 604 - p 605 Double page 2 x double page pictures: Razed by a wall of water: Hyderabad. flourishing and forlorn photo by Raja Deen Daval

1. The Afzal bridge and district as they appeared when the Prince of Wales was in India

2. The Afzal bridge and district as they appeared immediately after the recent great flood - 60,000 homes wrecked and 50,000 people drowned

"A land that is lonelier than ruin"

Supplement p 1. - 2 x 1/2 pages photographs "A land that is lonelier than ruin" Mylius Erichsen expedtion to Greenland

Wrought by the arctic seas: the great ice cavern (over two kilometres in length and twenty metres in height)

1. The entrance of the great ice cavern

2. The interior of the great ice cavern

The fatal journey of Mylius Erichsen

p.2 - 3 Double page - 11 x small photographs and 1 x 1/2 page photograph "A land that is lonelier than ruin" The fatal journey of Mylius Erichsen

1. "The first shadowing of death": The Danmark's harbour shrouded in fog

2. Science in the solitudes: The meteorologist sending up his balloon

3. Leaders on dangerous journeys: dogs drawing a sledge

4. On the icy road to fame: making a sledge-journey to the north

5. In the glory of the setting sun a fiord landscape

6. Rejoicing before an epedition that led to death: the first members of Erichsen's party landing in Greeland

7. The white desolation: Autumn in "Danmark's" harbour

8. Held in the grip of ice: The "Danmark" in winter

9. On the verge of eternal ice: sea-ice packing rapidly

10. Nature the victor over man: one of the epedition's motor-cars brought to a standstill

11. In the dominion of the Snow King: mounds of ice near "Danmark's" harbour

12. Cleft by the hand of time: explorers on the edge of a crevasse in the inland ice.

"A land that is lonelier than ruin"

P. 4 - 7 x small photographs "A land that is lonelier than ruin" The fatal journey of Mylius Erichsen

1. A floating kennel

2. Map making

3. Seaman returning from a hunt

4. dogs resting around a sledge

5. Sport - Lieutentant Bistrup with a dead musk ox

6. A remarkable formation of ice

7. The "Danmark"

Science jottings about starvation

p. 606 - 7 x small photographs : Science & Natural History - Science jottings about starvation

1. Great men of science No. XX Mr. Dugald Clerk, inventor and investigator in internal combustion engine

2. Great men of science No. XXI Dr. John Joly, Professor of Geoloogy and Mineraology at Trinity College, Dublin

3. The "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" bird of the aviary - The Carbird

4. The bird of many names and many voices: a quartet of young Flickers (american name for the gold winged woodpeckers)

5. At his morning bath: The Kildeer Plover

6. A cousin of the crane: An African Trumpeter

7. A private aviary on a country estate: In Sefton Aviary at San Diego (California)

Sipping honey while in flight: "The tiniest soul in feathers" - The Rufus humming bird at home

p. 607 - 9 x small photographs - Sipping honey while in flight: "The tiniest soul in feathers" - The Rufus humming bird at home

1. A humming-bird's nest on the lowest branch of a small fir

2. A young humming-bird sunning himself on a clothes-line

3. Young humming-birds in the nest.

4. Nestlings beginning to show the tiny black horns that turn into down

5. Sipping honey while in flight: a humming-bird sucking the nectar from a flower

6. A hurried meal: a humming-bird, poised in mid-air, taking food from Geraniums

7. A humming-bird at home

8. A humming-bird about to brood young

9. A humming-bird injecting honey into her babies

Art, Music and Drama

p. 608 6 x small photographs - Art, Music and Drama

1. Mme. Melba who is making her last appearance in London until 1910 at the Albert Hall on November 7

2. Mr. George Graves as The Marquis de St. Gautier

3. Mr. George Graves as The Marquis de St. Gautier in The Belle of Brittany with his postillions

4. Mr GP Huntley as the "The Hon'ble Phil" at the Hicks

5. Shaw on Tour: Mr. Granville Barker and Mrs. Frances Dillon in "Man and Superman"

6. The Belle of Brittany at the Queens, Miss Maudi Darrell as Toinette and Mr Walter Passmore as Boubillon, in the goat song

Water as man's workman: Victoria Falls that will be harnessed to supply power to the Rand

p. 609 1 x FP photograph - Water as man's workman: Victoria Falls that will be harnessed to supply power to the Rand

1. Greater than Niagra: The devil's cataract of the famous Victoria Falls

The chronicle of the car + 3 adverts

p. 610 1 x 1/4 page photo - The chronicle of the car + 3 adverts

1. Photo - Carrying smoke from the exhaust of a car into the open air: A new invention to prevent smoke in the garage

1. Advert - Antipon for the disease of corpulence 2/6 a bottle

2. Advert - Vin Desiles Tonic Wine 4s a bottle

3. Advert - 9d. per tin Plasmon Cocoa , 6d per packet Plasmon Oats

2 x HP adverts

p. 611 - 2 x HP adverts

1. Michelin Air Cylinder £3 : 6 : 0 enough to inflate 3 to 10 tyres

2. Pianola Piano (Weber or Steck ) from the Orchestrelle Company Aeolian Hall

a double page advert

p. 612 - 613 a double page advert

1. shop at Jas. Schoolbred & CoTottenham House, Tottenham Court Road (deparment Store)

Ladies Page

p. 614 - 1 x drawing - Ladies Page + 1 x 1/2 p advert

1. A Handsome empire gown

2. Advert: Hudsons soap for washing up

4 x 1/4 p adverts

p. 615 - 4 x 1/4 p adverts

1. Sanatogen (The Voice of the people)

2. Lemco Baby food

3. Elliman's Embrocation

4. The Association of Diamond Merchants

The Playhouses + 3 adverts

p. 616 - 4 x small photographs : The Playhouses + 3 adverts

1. The lady who maybe mayor of Aldeburgh : Mrs Elizabeth Garrett Anderson M.D.

2. Mr Imre Kiralfy - Director general of the Franco- British Exhibition

3. The Lady who maybe the mayor of High Wycombe: Mis Dove , Head mistress of Wycombe Abbey school for girls

4. The sporting King of Spain shooting

5. Advert Calox the Oxygen tooth powder - in dainty bottles 1/1 1/2

6. Foots adjustable chair from 55/-

7. Wilkinson's "Sword steel" razors automatic stropping machine also for Gilette blades

Victoria Falls Power Co - Presidents speech at the first general meeting + 5 adverts

p. 617 - Victoria Falls Power Co - Presidents speech at the first general meeting + 5 adverts

1. Victoria Falls Power Co - Presidents speech

2. advert - Marcella Cigars 3d each or 5 for a shilling

3. Smoke Smith's Glasgow Mixture 9d. per 2 oz

4. Negretti and Zambra's Thermometers

5. Floriline tooth Powder 2s 6d per bottle

6. Watson's No. 10 scotch Whisky .

Chess - Ecclesiastical Notes + 2 Adverts

p. 618 - Chess - Ecclesiastical Notes + 2 Adverts

1. Chess column and problem

2. Ecclesiastical Notes

3. advert - Antexema cream 1s 1 1/2d

4. Argyll Cars (in liquidation) 14-16 HP Model de Luxe side entrance car £375

12 adverts

p. 619 - 12 adverts

1. State Express Cigarettes 6/- per hundred

2. Culleton's heraldic Office#

3. Fox's umbrellas Paragon and Laurus

4. Rowland's Odonto for the teeth

5. Pasta Mack sparkling perfumed tablets for the bath 2/6 and 1/-

6. Neave's health diet in tins 1/3

7. Beetham's "Larola" skin cream bottles 1/- , 1/9 and 2/6

8. Clark's Pyramid food warmer from 2/6 to 6/- and night lights

9. Lloyd's Euxesis for easy shaving in tubes 1/6 and 3s

10. Foot's adapta bed table from £1 7s 6d

11. Heering's Cherry brandy - Copenhagen

12. Glass cloches and handlights

Wills and bequests and 1 x photograph + 14 adverts

p. 620 - Wills and bequests and 1 x photograph + 14 adverts

1. Photograph The London fire Brigade's new petrol-motor escape-van and "First -aid" engine


1. Cuticura skin ointment

2. Hovenden's easy Hair Curler 6d per box

3. Robinson and Cleaver Irish collars , cuffs and shirts, Belfast

4. Poudre d'amour 1/- a box

5. Oakney's knife polish from 3d

6. Carters adjustable couches from 35/- for relief of pain

7. The Mexican hair renewer 3s 6d per large bottle

8. Brown's Bronchial Troches 1 / 1 1/2 per box

9. Drew's blade sharpener for The Gilette safety razor 5/-

10. Dr. J. Collis Browne's remedy (for nearly everything) from 1s 1 1/2d

11. Hinde's hair wavers

12. Merryweather's portable "Valiant" steam pump and estate fire-engine

13. Himrod's cure for Asthma as reccomended by Gen. Sherman, Oliver Wendell Holmes etc etc

14. Dr. Laville's Liquor for Gout and rheumatism 9d ? per bottle

inside back cover 8 x adverts

p.3 inside back cover 8 x adverts

1. Beecham's pills - worth a guinea a box

2. Waterman's ideal fountain pen from 10/6

3. The hercules Meat Juice press

4. The London Electrotype agency Ltd

5. W. Cooper for glasshouses etc

6. "The gun of the period" from G. E. Lewis & sons from 12 Guineas

7. E. Brown & Son's Meltonian Blacking and other shoe polishes

8. Glen Alva Whisky 3/- per bottle

9. Photo post cards from The "Sketch" PPC dept - Bird series 6 cards 1/- post free

Back cover 5 x Adverts

Back cover 5 x Adverts

1. Fry's malted Cocoa

2. Godfrey Phillips & Sons BDV cigarettes and tobacco

3. Shem-el-nessim perfume from J. Grossmith & Sons from 2/6 a dainty bottle

4. Dinneford's Magnesia

5. Fine Art Plates from Photogravure dept of The Illustrated London news and Sketch from 3 guineas







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