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The Illustrated London News 1911

Events of this year in the Illustrated London News


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January 7th

1911 battle for Sidney st

Jan 14th

Humperdinck's Second Fairy Opera: Miss Geraldine Farrar as the Goose Girl, with "The Best-Trained Geese Ever Seen on Opera Boards

1911 humperdinck opera

Jan 21st

Sympathetic Magic: Killing an Unfaithful Wife in Effigy, in Australia

1911 jan 21

Jan 28

The Passenger-Train and Mineral-Train Collision in South Wales: The Wreckage—A General View - Taff Vale Railway, Pontypridd

1911 train crash

Feb 4

Defending the King's Honour against an Infamous Suggestion: His Majesty's Libel Action against Edward F. Mylius— about a supposed morganatic marriage in Malta! - Sketches in Court

1911 feb 4 morganatic

Feb 11

"I, George, Do Solemnly … Declare That I Am a Faithful Protestant": The King Reciting the Terms of the Accesion Declaration

1911 the king

Feb 18

Ill with Measles: Their Royal Highnesses the Prince of Wales and Prince Albert—With Prince Alexander of Teck

1911 royal measles

Feb 25

The British Naval Air-Ship No 1: The First Dirigible Built for Our Navy - 512 feet long

1911 navy dirigible

March 4

Sir Wilfrid Laurier, Premier of Canada, Who Recently Sanctioned and Approved a Speech Declaring Canada's Absolute Loyalty to the Motherland—An Unconventional Portrait

1911 canada premier


April 1st

1911 scott and amundsen



September 2nd

The making of the ILN how the paper is produced each week


Xmas edition

Goblin Market Frank Craig Not Shown.

The Path to Home... Charles Crombie

Steel Against the Mistletoe... Lawson Wood

I Trowe That Countence Cannot Lie,.... Szankowski Not shown

On with the Dance.... Howard Sommerville Not shown

The Christmas Dinner Taken Captive Tony Sarg 2 page centerfold.(my Favorite)

Spilled Milk.... Harry Rountree

Christmas Under the Northern Skies S Baghot De La Bere

L'Allee Edmund Dulac

Fantoches Edmund Dulac

Beauty and the Beast Cecil Aldin(Very rare)

Alice in Wonderland Cecil Aldin(Very Rare)

Harmony.... G Bouy Not shown

Sitting to Partners S berg 2 pages. (Not shown) B+W

Advertisments Full page B+W unless noted

Enos Fruit Salt

James Buchanan Scotch Whisky Distillers Black & White Brand Ill Walter Kepoke?

Beechams Pills

Pears Soapmakers Back Cover not Shown by GWE


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