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The Illustrated London News 1915

Events of this year in the Illustrated London News

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The The Illustrated London News February 13, 1915

The North Sea Victory, includes articles of "The British Naval Victory In The North Sea, War News By Photography,

The Bluchers End, A Remarkable Photograph Of The German Cruiser Going To Her Doom

Schools Underground, Lessons In A Cellar In Rheims

The Terrible Earthquake In Italy, Scenes Of The Devastation,

The North Sea Victory, British And Enemy Ships Engaged,

The Wild Beasts Of The Forest Germans Taken By French,

Dead On The Field Of Honour Officers Killed In Action

February 20th

April 3rd

May 29th

The collision of three trains at Quintinshill, nr. Gretna Green at 6.45 a.m.The most terrible disaster in the history of British Railways

227 people died 246 injured

By Denis R. Muir

June 26th

July 3rd

A sixteen (thirty two sides) page price sixpence.

It features prints, photographs, sketches etc (often with descriptive articles) including:

'English Nurses of Lady Paget's Typhus Hospita at Uskub' in unusual uniform

'A British Submarine Which Was Torpedoed by British Picket Boats After Falling into the Hands of the Turks: The E15 Standed on Kephez Point Being Examined by Turkish and German Officers, Including a Painstaking German with a Notebook and a Turkish Fez' Captian of the E15 Lieut. Commander Theodore Stuart Brodie along with three other persons were killed. Double page

'The Superb Gallantry of "Princess Pats" in Holding Their Trench' Princess Patricias Canadian Light Infantry Beating off an Attack on May 8. A wonderful double page

Storming of the Gallipoli Cliffs: 'Australian and New Zealand Bayonets Clearing the Way at Gaba Tepe, The Heroic Dash Which Made Good The Armys Footing' - - - 'Where The Defeated Turks Were Driven Headlong, The Steep Gorge Down which The Defenders of The Beach Finally Fled'

Dead on The Field of Honour: Officers Killed in Action - '2nd Lt O. M. Tennent, W. Yorks Regt - - - 2nd Lt R. W. Thornton, Royal Fusilers - - - 2nd Lt. A. B. P. McClenaghan, Wilts Regt - - - 2nd Lt J. B. Wilson, Cameronians - - - 2 Lt. C. J. D. Smith, Grenadier Guards - - - 2nd Lt G. C. sborn, Royal Engineers - - - Captain R. B. Macan, 28th LI Indian Army - - - Capt E. G. W. Bourke, Kings Royal Rifles - - - Major C. G. Massie Blomfield, Royal Warwicks Regt. - - - Capt Colin F. F. Campbell, Scots Guards - - - Capt. G. J. L. Smith, West Ontario Regt. - - - Lieut A. C. Hobson, 2nd Life Guards - - - Capt A. J. Hepburn, Manchester Regt'

Dead on The Field of Honour: Officers Killed in Action - 'Capt E. B. Amphlett, Worcestershire Regt. - - - Lt A. C. P. Biddle-Cope, K. Shropshire LI - - - Lieut E. A. Wright RAMC - - - Captain R. G. Edgar, Manchester Regt. - - - Lt Col. C. H. M. Doughty-Wylie CB CMG FVC Royal Welsh Fusiliers - - - Capt Amyas Leigh Radford, K. Liverpool Regt - - - Lieut C. M. Berlein, Oxford and Bucks LI - - - iuet Cautley Tatham, HAC INfty. - - - Lieut H. R. Savel 1st Surrey Regt - - - Major J. McLaren, 1st Canadian Contingent - - - Lt J. Dampier Hallifax, Yorkshire Regt. - - - Lieut S. O'Neill, Lancs Fusiliers - - - "nd Lt Charles Kirch, Bedfordshire Regt - - - 2nd Lt L. M. Powell, Gordon Highlanders - - - Major A. E. Kimmins, 1st Ontario Battalion - - - 2nd Lt R. W. Aynsley, N. Staffs Regt - - - 2nd Lt C. H. R. Thomas, S. Lancs Regt'

Underground Warfare: Mine and Countermine as They Are Used in the Great European Conflict: ['A Minre as it Would appear if the Ground Above were Removed: A Half Gallery with Three Branches, The Mine Chamber at the End of the Central Branch' - - - A Method of Frustrating an Enemy Countermine: Drilling a Bore Hole in the Direction of Sounds Heard, in order to Lay a Camouflet' - - - Mine Warfare as Seen From Above Ground: A French Attack by Sap and Mine on A German Point D'Appui - - - A mine As It Would appear if it Could Be Seen From The Side: A Section of the Half Gallery and Attacking Branch Shown in Illustration 1' - - - How The Bore Hole for a Camouflet is Made: Men Working a Mine Drill in a Gallery' - - - Listening for Sounds of the Enemys Countermining: Using A Microphone in an Attacking Branch of a Mine' - - - Blowing Down the Roof of the Enemys Countermine: The Effect of Exploding the Camouflet Laid by a Mine Drill as Shown in Illistration 4' Seven illustrations and photos on one double page

Fighting Underground: Mine Warfare - 'The Commencement of a Mine: A Gallery Entrance at the Bottom of a Firing Trench' - - - 'The Msking of a Half Gallery: French Sappers at Work Underground' - - - 'One of the Difficulties of Mine Warfare: The Removal of Earth From a Gallery By Barrow' - - - 'Engineer Officers in Charge of Mining Operations: In a Control station'

Colossal Impudence: protection Against English Gas Bombs! - 'Adding Insult to Inujury, A German Illustration of a German Red Cross Man Wearing Protection Against English Gas Bombs - A Face Mask and Oxygen Aparatus for Rendering Aid to the Asphyxiated' Full page

'superseding the Rifle, Making it Unnecessary: The Machine Gun' five Photos including 'Parts of Maxim Automatic Machine Gun with Tripod' all on one full page

'Smoke Screens in Naval Battles: How War Ships Make Cover' Full page

'Praxctically The Complete Possession of German South West Africa: Windhoek in General Bothas Hands - General Botha Arranging The Surrender of Windhoek with the Burgomaster' Double page

'Everything Depends on tghe Workshops of Britain: Scottish Girls Making Shells' A double page of a scene in a Munitions factory in Scotland

'British Soldiers Most Feared by The Germans: Highlanders - 'A Private of the Black Watch' - - - 'Not, In This Case, A Highlander: A Drummer of the Artists Rifles' - - - 'A Major of the Seaforth Highlanders' - - - A Private of the Seaforth Highlanders' - - - A Piper of the Black Watch' all on one full page

Street by Street, House by House: Neuville Saint Vaast: - 'A Barricade at The Corner of a House' - - - 'In the Grande Rue of Neuville Saint Vaast: Machine Guns Behind a Barricade' - - - Where the French had to Thbrust a Way Across: The Post of A Commander of a Section' - - - 'Under a Deadly Cross Fire for a Considerable Time: A Trench Through a Wrecked House' Full page

Scenes of French Victories in the Sector North of Arras: - 'The Lorette Position as Seen from The Ablain Cemetery: A Panorama Showing The Church of Alblain St Nazaire; The Plateau of Notre Dame DDe Lorette and The Great Spur; The Souchez Sugar Refinery; And The Woods of the Chateau of Carleul' - - - 'A Captured German Position on the Lrette Plateau: A Wrecked Mountain Gun in a Funnel' - - - 'A Scene of Desperate Fighting for Many Weeks: The Battlefield showing the Calonne in the Noulette Sector, North of Notre dame De Lorette, Dyke in the Centre' - - - 'All That is left of the Chapel of Notre Dame De Lorette: Havoc on the Summit of the Plateau' - - - 'Where the French Have Won Notable Sucesses: A Panorama Looking South From the Lorette Plateau, Showing Souchez Being Bombarded by French 150mm Guns; Ablain and Carency; Towers of Mont St. Eloi: And The Wood of La Haye' Double page

'Anti Typhoid Vaccination in the French Army: Working an Apparatus for the Strictly Aseptic Transfusion of Liquids' - - - 'Anti Typhoid Vaccination in The French Army: laboratory Wor4k, Filling Phials with Vaccine' - - - 'Anti Typhoid Vaccination in the French Army: Apparatus Employed, including Cister for Sterilising Instruments in Boilomg water, Bottle of Tincture of Iodine, Injection Syringe, Phial of Vaccine and Forceps'

'Testing Their Swimming Collars and Belts, "In Case they Get into The Ditch": British Naval Officers on an Island in the Aegean' - - - 'Shoire Leave during the Dardanelles Operations: A Happy Picnic Party of Young Naval Officers in Lemnos'

'Colgate's Ribbon Dental Cream' Advert

'Bulmers Champagne Cider' advert

' Burberry Summer Weatherproofs - The Urbitor Burberry' Ladies Topcoat and Weatherproof

'Debenham & Freebody's Sale' Shows four ladies dress and tea gown designs

'The Chronicle of the Car: A New Model 15hp Swift Cabriolet' - - - Army Servic eCorps Work at the front: Seventeen Fiat Four Ton Chassis'

'Soldiers Inspecting Two Notable Trophises at the Royal United Sservices Institution: A Minenwerfer and a German Maxim' - - - A Proud Moment for the Father of Sergeant O'Leary, VC: The Intrepid Irish Guardsman Showing Him The Bit o Bronze'

Fighting Underground: Mine Warfare

Science Jottings by FL

New Novels


Mysteries of a Primitive People ( Ibibios of Nigeria )

July 17th

Where the Kaiser Would be, In Other Company: French adn Birtish Ministers and Generals at Calais - 'The British and French Commanders in Chief: Sir John French and General Joffre in a Distinguished Group at Calais Station' - - - 'The First Lord of the Admiralty Interested in The Display at The Bookstall: Mr Balfour in the Station at Calais ' - - - 'Fighting Chiefs of the Allies at Calais: Sir John French With General Joffre and Other French Officers'

'Germanys Giant Machine Gunned Biplane: With Double Fuselage; Two Engines; and Central Armoured Car for Pilot And Machine Gunners - The Great Enemy Aeroplane Fought Recently By Our Airman' Wonderful double page drawn by John de G. Bryan. There are binding witness marks to the page

Where Bayonets Revenged Poison Gas: The Yperlee Battle - 'The German Front Line (The Horizontal White Belt Across Centre) Seen from The French Front Line: Before the Attack' - - - 'A Key Plan of the Battlefield' - - - 'The Storming of a German Trench on the Canal Bank Beyond The Yperlee River: The Zouaves in the Act of Delivering Their Attack and About to Charge' - - - 'The Massing of the French Along Their Second Trench Line Before The Attack: The Zouaves Assembled at 150 Yards From the Enemy' - - - After the Enemy Had Been Driven Back: Fallen Victors on the Canal Embankment - the Wounded and The Dead (fig 4 on the map)'

France and Britain at The Dardanelles: Leaders at Sedd-ul Bahr - 'Two Days Before The French Commander Was Grievously Wounded: General Sir Ian Hamilton Visiting General Gouraud To Announce a Succes Near Krithia' Wonderful sepia photograph - Full page

'Revealed By Light Ball Pistols: A Turkish Attack by Night, Near Achi Baba Repulsed - 'A Turkish Column Annihilated by The Inniskillings at The Dardanelles' Extraordinary Double page drawn by A. C. Michael. There are binding witness marks to the page

'Shrapnel Shells as Used By Five Great powers: American, Russian, German, and British'

The Unworthy Method of Making War, German Poison Gas - 'Poison Gas by Land and Sea: Various Kinds of Apparatus Employed by The Germans - German Asphyxiating Gas Apparatus - - Liquid Fire Projector' ( with soldier wearing special helmet) - - - 'Metal Box Method ' - - - 'The German Naval Poison Gas MAchine' - - - 'The Tolite Tube'

The Effects of Shelling: Alsace - - '4.15pm: The German Trenches on the Summit and Slopes of the Braunkopf Under Bombardment by The French Artillery'

'Alsace - 4.30pm: The German Trenches Being Overwhelmed by The French Artillery a Few Moments Before the Assault on the Braunkopf'

'Alsace - 7.5pm: The Braunkopf Stormed and Taken; The Germans, Having Fired Metzeral, Cannonading Their Former Position'

'Alsace - Using The Enemys Weapons: French Gunners Firing a German Machine Gun From a Captured Trench - Metzeral on Fire Beyond'

The Winning of the First VC Awarde to a Territorial: An Heroic Exploit on Hill 60 - 'Captain G. H. Wooley of Queen Victorias Rifles, Holding His Trench on a Position Which Had Afforded The Enemy Excellent Observation' A Wonderful double page in sepia sytle drawn by R. Caton Woodville

The Surrender of German South West Africa: Botha's Campaign - 'Taken During a Victory Near Gibbon, Before The Capture of Windhoek: A German Gun' - - - 'On The March Through The Sand the Germans believed would Be Their Best Defence: Burghers Advancing'

Botha's Campaign - 'The Great Commander to Whom The German South West African Protectorate Surrencered: The Righ Hon. General Louis Botha, His Wife and Family' with facsimilie signatures' - - - 'Part of the Considerable Mineral Resources Now in British Hands: The Khan Copper Mine, Mill House' - - - 'Very Welcome to the Troops Fighting in an Almost Waterless Country: A Water Train'

The death Blow to Germany in South West Africal: The Campaign - 'The 1st Rhodesian Regiment Advancing in Open Trucks' - - - 'On The First Troop train on the REailway They Built Between Walfisch and Swakopmund: Men of The Rand Rifles ' - - - 'General Botha's Column Awaiting The Order to Enter Windhoek, The Capital of the Enemy Protectorate' - - - 'Captured By a Flying Column: German Machine Guns and Ammunition' - - - Map of Windhoek and the Advance - - - 'A German Gun'

A Dniester Action and The altic Naval Victory - 'How The HighExplosive Shell Obliterates Wire Entanglements and Other Defences: An Enemy Projectile Bursting NEar a russian Field Battery in Action on The Dniester ' - - - 'Russian Artillery' - - - 'The German Mine Layer Albatross Run Ashore on Gothland, With Her Flag Half Way Down' - - - 'After The " Albatross " Had Been Driven Ashore on Gothland in a Sinking Condition: German Wounded an Survivors Among Swedish Peasants and Soldiers' - - - 'Russia's Giant Commander in Chief: The Grand Duke Nicholas At An Inspection of Troops'

'An Instrument Used to Express Scriabine's " Prometheus "inColour: The Mechanism of the Colour Light Keyboard' - - - 'Scriabine's Music Expressed in Terms of Colour' (B&W)

'The Gallant Father And Son Who Saved The " Anglo-Californian " From a German Submarine: Captain Parslow Killed On His Bridge adn His Son Taking The Wheel Under Shell Fire' the AngloCalifornian reached Queenstown, Ireland on July 5, with Captain Archibald Parslow and eight men dead - Full page " Drawn by Charles Ppears from Material Supplied by a Witness " Captain Parslow was later awarded the VC

Dead On The Field of Honour: Officers Killed in Action - 'Lieut. J. M. Anderson , Royal Scots' - - - 'Captain R. S. Fletcher, Northumberland Fusiliers' - - - 'Captain W. H P. Richards, RMLE Royal NAval Division' - - - 'Lieut A. T. Railton, Seaforth Highlanders' - - -'Lieut. R. G. Crawford, Princess Patricias Light Infantry' - - - 'Captain W. H. C. Raley, Yorkshire Eegt.' - - - Captain J. D. D. Wickham, Lincolnshire Regt.' - - - 'Lieut L. R. Fowle, King Georges Own Sikhs' - - -'Major W. A. C. Fraser, Dorset Regt' - - - 'Brig. Gen. W. Scott-Montcrieff, 156th Infantry Brigade Scottish' - - - 'Major Richard Saker, Connaught Rangers' - - - 'Major J. F. S. Lloyd,. North Staffordshire Regiment' - - - '2nd Lieut. A. P. McCabe, Royal West Surrey Regt.' - - - - 'Capt. H. Brocklehurst Pilkington, Manchester Regiment' - - - 'Captain H. G. Bryant DSO., Shropshire Light Infantry' - - - 'Lieut. R. F. Morkill, Royal Flying Corps' - - - 'Lieut. Morgan H. Lewis, Royal Scots Fusiliers' - - - 'Capt G. O'D F. Thomas-O'Donel, Royal Fusileirs' - - - 'Captain B. McKinnell Liverpool Scottish' - - - 'Lieut G. N. B. Swinley, Kings Own Borderers'

'Buchanan's Scotch Whiskies Black & White' Full page advert of Terriers

'Mr Marconi As Chief of the Itlian Wireless Service: The Famous Inventor Leaving Headquarters for a Tour of Inspection'<-> 'Serbia's Foresight in Stock Breeding: Government Inspection of Serbian Cattle'

'Robinsons Patent Barley Water' Advert

'Merchant Service Heroism: The Anglo-Californian Which Defied a German Submarine for Four Hours and Reaced Port with Captain and Eight Men Killed' Owned by Teh Nitrate Producers SS Company

'A Ford Car on Tour' - - - 'An English Lady and her 20 hp Daimler Car in India'

'Burbery Summer Dress - The Reefer Gown' Advert

'War Souvenir Brooches - The Royal Fusilers - The Royal Flying Corps - The Royal Engineers''And more adverts of The Day

Also various articles including:
'The Great War by Charles Lowe'

'War Medals'

'The {oison Bullets of the Germans, A Review of Mr A. A. Roberts's "The Poison War"..'

'Our Note Book by G. K. Chesterton'

'Modern Munitions of War: Guns and Propellants by Professor Vivian B. Lewes'

'Science Jottings, The Saving of Meat imn War Time by FL'

Music Expressed in Colour: A New Instrument For Scriabine's Prometheus'

August 21st

'Sunk By a Submarine in the Aegean on August 14, While Carrying 32 Officers and 1350 Men, Besides the Crew of 220: The 11,117 Ton British Transport "Royal Edward"..'

'An Incident During The Visit of the Prime Minister and The Chancellor of the Exchequer to The Grand Fleet: Mr Asquith Speaking some Words of Congratulation'

'Do German Submarines Get Supplies Under Water? A Possibility - A Submarine Depot on the Sea Bed: How A U Boat Might Take in Fuel Despite Patrolling Destroyers' Full page. Drawn by H. W. Koekkoek From an Illustration to an Article by Simon Lake in the New York "Sun"

'How The God of Battles Aided The Russians: An Extraordinary Incident Seen By Our Special Artist' a double page. Drawn by S. Begg from a Skethc by H. C. Seppings_Wright Our Special War Artist with the Russians In the Field

With The Enemy in Poland: Vistula and Red Cross Scenes - 'How The Enemy Are Making USe of the Vistula: Austrian Soldiers Towing a Raft With Munitions' - - - 'An Army Chaplain Ministering To The Wounded: At An Austrian RedCross Ambulance Field Post'

'The Grave of a German Airman at The Point Nearest to Calais Reached By The Enemy' Full page

'Bomb Throwing Practice with Live Bombs! Jam Tin Grenades as Missiles in a Sham Fight' Double page drawn By Frederic Villiers, "Our Special Artist in the Western Theatre of War"

In Gallipoli - 'A Height on the Coast Officially Renamed to Commemorate Indian Heroism: Gurkha Bluff'

In Gallipoli - 'Preparing The Daily Ammunition Bread Ration for the Troops: At The Camp Bake Houses Just Before The Hour For Delivery'

In Gallipoli - 'The Quarters of The Assailants of Gurkha Bluff: The Regimental Dug Outs of the 6th Gurkha Rifles'

In Gallipoli - '..."High Street, Lancaster Terrace": A Typical Army Sand Bag House Constructed in Rear of the British Lines'

Ready For Shells and Submarines: Life at the Dardanelles - 'Underground! An Officers Mess House Dug Out in the Dardanelles, With Its Communication Trench'

Life at the Dardanelles - 'Showing a Sailor With Telephone Slung From His Head: Looking Out for Submarines, On Board a British Destroyer'

'Near Achi Baba - a Diversion in a Communication Trench - 'Attracting The Enemy, To Draw Their Attention From the Inniskilling Fusilers: A New Zealand Officer, Aided By An orderly, Hurling Jam Tin Bombs' at the Turks. Full page "Drawn by R. Caton Woodville From Material Supplied By One Who Took Part in the Action"

the Stricken Field of Carency: Havoc in Captured German Trenches and The Ruins of the Village - 'Where The French Carried A Labyrinth of Blockhouses and Trenches: The Remains of a German Trench On Hill 125, With Shattered Carency in the Background ' Double page

'The Emperor of Russia at The Front: His Majesty at A Coucil of Ministers and Generals at The Russian Headquarters'

Spraying Liquid Fire: The German Flammenwerfer in Action - 'How The Enemy Took Some British Trenches (since recaptured) at Hooge: a Flame Projector, One of the Diabolical Instruments Invented By German Chemical Science, In Use By a German Soldier' Full page. Drawn by A. Forestier 'Women and Soldiers at Work Together: A Busy Scnen at The Hay Press in a Forage Reserve Depot'

'Cornstalks helping To Get in English Corn: Wounded Australians Assist in Harvest Work'

Taken From the Air - 'Marching In Fours Through a Village Near St Dié: German prisoners Captured at La Fontenelle as Seen From the Sky' - - - 'Photographed By a Famous French Airman Flying Low: The german Prisoners, Under a Guard of French Cavalry, emerging from the Village'

The Roll of Honour: Officers Killed in Action - '2nd Lieut. A. C. challoner, Duke of Cornwalls LI - - - Lt J. O. Pritchard-Barret, Yorkshire Regt - - - 2nd Lieut. Hon. G. W. Grenfell, Rifle Brigade - - - Lt Gerald C. Moran, Royal Dublin Fusilers - - - 2nd Lieut. Alan Godsal, Rifle Brigade - - - Capt R. W. Braithwaite, Durham LI - - - Captain Guy W. HOpton, Royal Berkshire Regt - - - Major J. UJ. B. Jones-Parry, Duke of Cornwalls LI - - - Captain M. Staniland, Lincolnshire Regt - - - captain R. T.Vachell, Northumberland Fus andRFC - - - Lieut H. C. Amos, Royal Naval Division - - - Lieut Comr. G. W. Wellburn, Royal Naval Reserve - - - Brev. Lt. Col. A. F. Sargeaunt, Royal Engineers - - - Major G. R. Fielding, Sherwood Foresters - - - Lieut J. W. Harris, LincsRegt - - - Captain Geoffrey Dowling, Kings Royal Rifle Corps - - - Captain S. Jones, Royal Welsh Fulilers - - - Captain N. B. Challenor, Royal Berks Regt - - -Capt and Adjt. W. J. Davis, 60th Rifles - - - Capt. Paul E. M. Simmons, Hampshire Regt - - - 2nd Lt. N. McD. Hathorn, 76th Punjabis - - - Lt P. B. G. Henriques, Kings R. Rifle Corps - - - Lt Hon. Kenneth R. Dundas, RNVR Anson Battn. - - - Lieut P. A. Kelsey, East Kent Regt - - - 2nd Lieut. T. P. A. Ritchie, Rifle Brigade' with some relevant family information under the photographs

'Sand Bagged and Boarded Glories: The Neptune Fountain At Bologna, on the Piazza Del Nettuno' - - - 'The Neptune Fountain Built in with Wood, to Defend it From the Attacks of Aviators' - - - 'In Peacetime The Interior of Dantes Tomb At Ravenna' - - - 'Dantes Tomb, Covered Up With Sand Bags'

A Curious Railway Accident: The Disaster to the Irish Mail: - 'Partly Telescoped and Badly Smashed: The Dining Saloon of the Unfortunate Holyhead Express' - - - 'An Upturned Coach' - - - 'After an Accident Thought to Have Been Due to The Breaking of a Conncting Rod of the Engine of a Passing train: The Wreckage of the Irish Mail from Euston, Between Weedon and Blisworth' - - - 'After The Disaster in Which Nine Lost THeir Lives and Twenty One Were Injured: Telescoped Carriages of the Irish Mail' - - - 'A Tangled Mass: Wreckage After the Disaster to The Holyhead Express from Euston'

'Tootal Broadhurst Lee Col Ltd Manchester' Full page advert including the factory or mills

'Fashion of the Moment: Coat and Skirt of Gabardine'

'Icy Hot Vacuum Flasks' adverts

'Formerly One of th e Chassis Test Shops at The Wolseley Works: Now Transformed into a Shell Factory'

'Bells Three Nuns Tobacco' advert

'the Return of the Conqueror of German South West Africa: General Botha Acknowledges The Salute of The Naval Guard of Honour on Landing at Cape Town'

And more adverts of The Day

Also various articles including:
'Scenes of War: The Zone of Paris by Arnold Bennett '

'Our Note Book by G. K. Chesterton'

'Science Jottings, War on Midges by W. P. Pycraft'

'Ladies Page by Filomena'

'The Chronicle of the Car by W. W.

September 4th

'Queen Alexandra and The Gallant Dead: Bluejackets Removingt Wreaths Sent by Her Majesty and Other Sympathisers' - - - 'A Last Tribute: The Final Ceremony in Paragon Station Yard'

'With Her Captain on Board to The Last: The Crew of the E13 Taking to The Water, After The Order to Abnadon Ship, Under Fire from German Shrapnel' Full page drawn by Christian Boga

'Behind Iron plates Covered With Painted Canvas and Tufts of Grass: French Infantry Sheltered by Imitation Trenches'

'A Wrecked Masterpiece of Centuries: The Apse of Rheims Cathedral Viewed From the Interior of a House Bombarded and Burned Out' Full page

'a Species Threatened with Extinction by The German Occupation of Lithuania: A Twelve Year Old European Bison' - - - 'Some of The Only Survivors of the Typical Bison Leeft in Europe: Animals Taken From Russia To Germany and Photographed onthe Estates of the prince of Pless'

'The Only Survivors of the Typical Bison (Bos Bonasus) Left in Europe: A Shell Bursting Among a Herd in the Great Forest of Bialowieska' Wonderful full page drawn by Antoni Kamienski 'Another French Monoplane of the parasol Type Flying at Full Speed Above Nancy Towards Saint Nicolas Du Port'

'Made into a French Stronghold in a Day: A German Trendch Immediately After Being Blown Up by a Mine' Full page

'From Mine Crater to Fortified Position: A Blown Up German Trench Made a French Stronghold in a Day' Six photographs on a double page

'British Soldiers Crawling Towards The German Trenches on a Dark Night, To Hear Whether The Enemy Is Engaged in Sapping Operations - A British Listening Patrol Between The Trenches' double page drawn by Frederic De Haenen

The Airman Who Won The VC Achieving The Incredible: Captain John Aidan Liddell, After His Wounds Were Dressed'

'The War in the Alps: An Entrenched Italian Post on a Mountain Spur; With a Chapel Painted So That It May Be Invisible and In Use As Barracks' full page drawn by H. W. Koekkoek From a Sketch by Julius M. Price "Our Special Artist With The Italian Army

'French Trench Guns: Crapouillot - Taupia and Arbalist ' full page of three photographs

'Air Torpedoes and Air Mines; And The Weapons That Fire Them - 58mm Trench Gun - - - A Magazine of Air Torpedoes - - - An 80mm Mountain Gun' full page of three photographs

'Homes and Their Names at The Front: Near The Firing Line'

'Th German Idol: An Invader of Russia - Marshall Von Hindenburg' full page photograph with facsimilie signature and message "May The Spirit of 1914/15 Remain With Us! von Hindenburg"

War and The Neutral United States: A Study - '..."The Munition Works": An Exhibit at The Royal Photographic Societys Show' a wonderful full opage photograph of a US factory with a row of houses in the foreground. Photgraph is by Mr Alvin Langdon Coburn FRPS

The Italian River War: Scenes on the Isonzo Front - 'Buildings at Sagrado, on the Lower Isonzo, Some Miles South West of Gorizia' - - - 'The Famous Italian Sharpshooters i Action: Bersagliera Advancing Under Cover Against The Enemy' - - - 'With The Italian Army in Austrian Territory on The Isonzo Front: Houses in a Village in the Province of Gorizia Which Have Been Destroyed ByArtillery Fire'

'Dead on the Field of Honour: Officers Killed in Action - Major C. W. Crofton, Worcestershire Regt. - - - Lieut G. E. Grundy, R. Warwickshire Regt - - - Lieut J. M. S. Kennedy, Seaforth Highlanders - - - Capt. J. D. Boswall, seaforth Highlanders - - - Capt. T. B. Chatteris, Sherwood Foresters - - - capt. H. N. Le Marchant, Dorset Regt - - - Lieut Harry S. Trevor, Royal Engineers - - - Captain E. W. Lloyd Jones, Royal Welsh Fusiliers - - -Colonel MacLaurin, 1st Infantry Brigade NSW Australia - - - Lieut M. D. Sankie, 14th KGO Sikhs - - - Capt. R. S. Durnford, Kings Royal Rifle Corps - - - Capt and Adjt. H. P. L. Heyworth, N. Staffs Regt - - - Major W. Sandback, Royal Lancaster Regt - - - Brig. Gen. A. H. Baldwin, 38th Inf. Brig. Med. Exp. Force - - - Colonel A. R. Cole Hamilton, East Lancs Regt - - -Captain T. L. Mills Middx Regt - - - Captain W. Lloyd,Royal Welsh Fusiliers - - - Major A. G. Sharp, Royal Warwicks Regt - - - Lieut Col. F. M. Rowell, £rd Horse, Austrialian Imperial Force - - - Lieut L. C. Billington, Lancs Fusiliers - - - 2ne Lieut E. G. Stearns, Royal Fusiliers - - - Captain John Miles, HMS Diomed - - - Lieut Col B. E. Philips, Royal Welsh Regt - - - Captain J. W. Garnier, Royal West Surrey Regt - - - Captain A. A.C. Taylor, Royal Dublin Fusiliers - - - Captain M. P. Andrews, Duke Of Wellingtons Regt - - - Lieut H. N. L. Renton, Kings Royal Rifle Corps - - - Major R.G. Shuttleworth, 110th Mahrattas (attd 9th Warwicks) - - - 2nd Lieut. Robin Hook, Lancs Rusiliers - - - Captain C. P. Gwyer, Welsh Regt'

'The Belgian Army Takes to British Sports: An Inter Regimental Football Match at The Front'

'An Interesting Motor Cycle Meet in the Midlands: Harley Davidsons at Shakespeare's Birthplace'

Fashion 'A Picturesque Frock of Pink Organdi and White Ninon' not colour

'Urodonal Dissolves Uric Acid' Advert

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Also various articles including:
'Scenes of War: Ruins by Arnold Bennett '

'Science Jottings, - Bison 'Sir Charles Tupper'

'The Chronicle of the Car'

'Ladies Page by Filomena


September 11th

' The Belgian Monarch Decorating a Distinguished French Commander: King Albert Conferring Honour Upon General D'Urbal '

' Saluting The Flags - A Group Including General Joffre - King Albert and M. Poincare '

'The Party Leaving a French Chateau: King Albert With President Poincare - General Joffre '

' General Joffre - M. Millerand - King Albert and M. Poincare '

' General Joffre Talking to King Albert '

' King Albert and General Joffre Chatting With the Foreign Attaches at a Review: a Group including Representatives of the Russian, Serbian, Japanese and Italian Armies '

' German Scientific Thoroughness Applied to the Construction and rotection of Their Extraordinarily Deep Trenches: Various Obstacles The Allies Infantry Have to Surmount in Attacking ' Full page diagram

'Reverting To One of the Most Primitive Methods of war in the Days of Modern Artillery: An Austrian Device for Rolling Rocks and Boulders Down The Mountains on to Italian Troops ' in the Alps. Full page

German Flame Projectors iun Use: French Testing Flammenwerfer Captured From the Enemy - ' Operating The Nozzle and Watching Results Through a Hyposcope, French Soldiers Testing a German Flammenwerfer ' - - - Showing Cuylinders Containg the Inflammable Liquid and Beyond, Men Ejecting It Fromn the Nozzle ' - - - ' The Operation is Accompanied ByDense Clouds of Black Smoke: A Mode of Chemical Attack Which British Troops Recently Experienced At Hooge '

' Russias Giant War Plane For Eight: the Sikorsky Biplane Starting on a Flight '

' With The Inventor at the Wheel: M. Sikorsky In the Great Biplane That He Designed '

' Weighing Three and a Half Tons and Able to Carry sixteen Poeple: The Sikorsky Biplane, Showing The Cabin and Two of the Engines and Propellers '

The New Gallipoli Battlefield: After the Landing at Suvla Bay - ' The Bombardment of Anafarta Across The Salt Lake '

' Lala Baba Hill '

' Red Cross Wagons Waiting At The Edge of the Salt Lake at Suvla Bay

'Part of the Great Force Landed Last Month at Suvla Bay Four Miles North of Gaba Tepe: Troops Assembled on Shore ' - - - ' Stretcher Bearers Bringing Wounded to the Beach '

' The Landing at Suvla Bay - Long Lines of British Advancing Across Salt Lake to Attack Anafarta ' Wonderful double page photograph by Alfieri

' An Enemy Observation Post of the Air - A German Captive-Balloon Which Has Advantages Over The Spherical Balloon ' Double page

' William and Francis Joseph: Vultures Captured By French Marines at Sedd Ul Bahr '

' The Fall of Novo-Georgievsk: In the Captured Russian Fortress - ' The Germans Marching in yto Occupy The Fortifications: Tramping Through The Outworks of the Citadel Entry into Novo Georgievsk '

' Triumphal Music to Celebrate Teh Event: An Enemy Regiment on the Way Tio Its Quarters in Novo Georgievsk '

' The Surviving Russian Rear Guard Troops Removed as Prisoners After A Gallant Defence Enabling the Main Force to Get Away '

' An Example of the Completeness of the Russians Destruction of the Works: german Officers inspecting the Blown Up Citadel '

' The German Guard at The Vistula Birdge Head '

' Captured on the Line of MArch: A Russian Dragoon Questioning Three Prisoners '

' A Russian Officer Preparing His Poison Gas Mask '

'Searching German Prisoners and Removing Their Ammunition '

' A Fate of a Polish Village Between The Armies '

' A Russian Field Gun Screened Against Prying German Airmen '

' Taking the Enemys Range with a Hyposcope - A Masked Russian Officer at His Trench Post '

' An Italian Advanced Outpost Against TheAustrians in the High Alps ' Wonderful Double Sepia style page "Drawn by Alfred Bastien from a Sketch By Julius M. Price Our Special Artist With the Italian ARmy "

' Germany Making Munitions for The Turks: Germans and Turks at the Opening of a New Ammunition Factory in Constantiniple ' The Krupps factory '

' Making The Great Wooden Statue of Field Marshal Von Hindenburg, Which Has Just Been Unveiled '

' A Portrait of Dirty Dick ( The Kaiser ) In Place of a German Flag: The Contemptuous Picture Set Up By The British Soldiers Who Took Down The Enemy Colour ' in the trenches. Full page drawn by A. Forestier From a Sketch From the Front

' Officers Killed in Action ' showing a photograph of each man
Major De L.Ww. Passy, 25th Punjabis

Major Bernard Head - Royal Welsh Fusiliers

Lieut Col. A. H. Daukes - S. Staffordshire Regt

Major W. S. Hern - Wilts Regt

Commr. F. H. Cole RN - HMS Lynx

Lieut Col. A. S. Vanrenen - Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

Major F. C. Marsh - Border Regt

Major A. H. Wheeler - Royal Welsh Fusiliers

Major F. T. C. Hill - York and Lancast. Regt

' A Conspicuously Gallant Battalion Which Has Suffered Great Losses: Officers of the 5th Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers ' a group photograph of 24 men

Major H. C. Bates - Manchester Regt

Major R. S. M. Harrison - 51st Sikhs

Major W. F. Walter - Lancs. Fus. Gen. Staff

Captain H. R.Clayton - Lancs. Fusiliers

Capt B. C. Cumberland - bedfords Regt

Major E. E. Williams DSO - Northumberland Fusiliers

Lieut. W. G. Tennant - Lord Strathcona's Horse

Major C. H. Tippet - Royal Dublin Fusiliers

Capt. D. V. F. Anderson - R. Dublin Fusiliers

Major Darcy Mackenzie Fraser - Lincs Regt

' Black & White Whisky ' Full page advert showing a retriever dog with carrying some kind of game in his mouth

' Sunk Without Warning Bya German Submarine - The Hesperian '

' Burberry Autumn Dress - Top Coat - A Gown ' Advert

' Lotus ' Shoe Advert

' Miss Gladys Huxley With Her 1915 Bedford Buick 15-18 hp Arcadian Cabriolet '

' A Damiler

' Mellins Food ' advert

Lea & Perrins Sauce 5/- - Appetizing Meals in the Trenches ' advert


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Also various articles including:Science Jottings, New Aircraft in War by F. L
Our Note Book by G. K. Chesterton

The Playhouses - The New Pinero lay at The St James's

The Chronicle of the Car by W. W.

September 18th

'Screening and Fencing Against The Enemy Near The Aisne: French Troops Protecting Sections of Road. Using Globe Hammers to Drive in Stakes for Wire Entanglements' Double drawn page by Frederic Villiers

'The E13 Salved By The Danish Navy: The Wrecked British Submarine Hanging in Steel Cables Between Two Pontoons' - - - 'Betwixt Odin and Thor onthe Way to her Valhalla: The Wrecked E13 Being Towed to Copenhagen'

The Star Shell 'Lighting Up the Sea With Dazzling Radiance, Yet Remaing Invisible: An Aircraft at Work off The Coast At Dark' Full page

'A Hero Who threw Bombs For 41 Hours: Lt. W. T. Forshaw VC' - - - 'Director of Air Services: Rear Admiral C. L. Vaughan-Lee' - 0- - -'To Defend London From Aircraft Admiral Sir Percy Scott BT' - - - 'Superintendent of Aircraft Construction: Commodor M. F. Sueter'

'Archaeology in the Trenches: Ancient Greek Vases Unearthed While Digging Positions in the Gallipoli Peninsula'

'The Result of a Franco German Air Duel: The Wreckage of Von Bulow's Aviatik Brought Down By a French Airmen'

'A Message to Which The French Replied By Csapturing, Next Day, The German Trench Containing It: A Notice Announcing The Fall of Brest Litovsk Displayed By The Germans'

'Set Up in Berlin To Help German War Funds: The Big Statue of Field Marshal von Hindenburg Unveiled in the Prussian Capital' Full page

'a Russian Fish That May Turn The Scsale at Three Tons: Weighing Sturgeon at Astrachan on the Caspian, At The Mouth of the Volga' - - - 'The Genesis of Caviare: Preparing The Roe of a Large Sturgeon ( Beluga ) By Rubbing It Through a Sieve to Separate the Eggs, At Astrachan'

'Wearing Black Masks That The Natives Might Not Recognise Them as Friends: Guides of the Advancing Enemy As Captured by The Russians' Full page "Sketch by H. C. Seppigns Wright Our Special Artist with The Russians"

'A Zeppelin Anchored on the Waters Surface in Calm Weather'

'The Immense Length of an Average Zeppelin: Diagram Comparing its Length With A Section of Piccadilly'

'A Zeppelin Passing Between heavy Clouds'

The Stability Planes and Ruddders for Horizontal Steering and Climbing to High Altitudes'

'A Mid Air Photograph from a Zeppelin: With Its Tell Tale SHadow'

'Showing The Cloud of Vapour fromn THe Exhaust Petrol Given off By The Engines' Zeppelin

'The Interior Construction of the Hull and Buoyancy Methods'

'A Photograph Capable of Various Interpretations: Returning to Land at Early Morning After an All Night Flight Over Water'

'Legitimate Aerial Warfare: The Destruction of the German Air Ship Shed at Evere, With A Zeppelin Inside, By Bmbs From Two British Aeroplanes' Double page Drawn by Alfred Bastein. Tear to bottom of page

'Cossacks in Action: A Charge by Those Warriors Who Are More Dreaded Than Any Other Russian Fighting Men' - Wonderful double page. An Untouched Photograph from a Snapshot Taken With a No 3a Folding Pocket Kodak

In An Army Veterinary Corps Camp at the Front in France - 'Corrugated iron Horse Stalls; and a Drinking Trough' - - - Horses Being Treated for Colic in a Special Quarter of the Camp' - - - 'An Operating Shed in the Open at The Army Veterinary Corps Camp' - - - 'Exercising Convalescents' Horses - - - 'Showing The Kraal System ; And Mens Huts: A General View of the Camp' - - - Immediately AfterTheir Arrival From the Front: Examining andTreating Wounded Horses' - - - 'Horses Clothed Against The Rigours of the Dark Hours' - - - 'A Garden in the Army Veterinary Corps Camp' all on a double page. There is a tear on this page

'Daylight: German Tins Containing Poison Gas, Deposited At Night Outside French Wire Entanglements, Hit By Enemy Rifle Fire, So As To Release The Asphyxiating Fumes' Full page drawn by Frederick Villiers "Our Special Artist in The Western Theatre of War"

' Darkness: A German Soldier Who Has Crept up To The French Lines to Place Poison Gas Tins in Position Caught Red Handed by French Soldiers' Full page by Frederic Villers

General Joffre's Surprise Visit: The French Generalissimo in Italy - 'The French Commander in Chief and the Italian Sovereign: General Joffre and King Victor Emmanuel' - - - Il Re: Italys Cheerful and Energetic King on Active Service' - - - 'An Exchange of Views on The Military Situation General Joffre Talking to Two Italian Generals' - - - 'On The Italian Front: General Joffre - General Cadorna - Colonel Gomelin adn General Porro ' - - - 'A Visit to The Duke of Aosta at His Villa: General Joffre Leaving The House With The Duke and Generals Cadorna and Porro Behind'

The Changes in Russian Command - 'The Supreme Commander of His Forces; And The New Caucasian Viceroy: The Emperor; and The Grand Duke' Full page drawn by A. C. Michael

The Surrender at Kilo 500 - 'The Final Scene of General Botha's Victorious Campaign in German South West Africa: The German Commander, Leiut. Colonel Francke Reading The Terms of the Surrender' - 'Victor and Vanquished Face to Face at the Same Table: General Botha Sitting Opposite Lieut. Colonel Francke at the Signing of the Surrender'

'Officers Killed in Action - Captain L. E. P. Jones, Yorkshire Regt - - - 2nd Lieut. Leslie Newall, London Regt - - - Lieut. H. R. W. Meager, 3rd Infty Australian Imperial Force - - - Captain Pige-Leschallas, Royal Dublin Fusiliers - - - Captain H. C. Marten, South Staffordshire Regt - - - Major R. L. Carnegy, Kings Own Royal Lancaster Regt. - - - Major A. C. Henson, Northamptonshire Regt - - - Captain C. E. Granville Vernon, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers - - - Lieut Col. G. F. Broadrick, Border Regt. - - -Lt Col. Sir John P. Milbanke VC Notts Sherwood Rangers Ymry. - - - Major A. Roberts, yorks Regt. - - - Brig. Gen. P. A Kenna VC DSO Mediterranean Exped. Force - - - Captain A. F. Maclean, 33rd Punjabis Attd 14th Sikhs - - - Capt and Brig. Major R. D. Baker, East Lancs Regt. - - - Captain J. H. Rymer, Manchester Regt. - - - Captain G. P. Leach, Royal Field Artillery - - - Captain R. W. Robinson,Royal Inniskilling Fusilers - - - Lieut H. C. Bates, Royal Engineers - - -2nd Lieut. Donald J. Grubb, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers - - - Captain P. H. Hickman, Royal Dublin Fusiliers' Full page. There is a write up underneath with more details of some of the men and names of parents and addresses

'Pullman Luxury Plus Economy: The New London, Birghton and South Coast Third Class Cars - Interior' - - - Pullman Cars for THird Class Passengers: The New London, Brighton and South Coast Cars - Exterior'

'Three Nuns Tobacco' Advert

'Johnnie Walker Scotch Whisky' Full page by Leo Cheney

'An Autumn Frock For the Country'

'Peter Robinsons Corsets' Advert

'Swan Fountain Pen' Advert

'Childrens Smocks - Robinson & Cleaver Advert

'A Luxurious Car: A 35 hp Six Cylinder Vauxhall Newmarket Car with Tubular Body'

'An Auditorium Transformed into a Dormitory: The Empress Theatre at Earls Cour As It Appears Today - Uses as a Home for Refugees from The Continent'

'Urodonal Prevents Arterio Sclerosis - The Sign of Temporal Artery' Advert

And more adverts of The Day

Also various articles including:
'Our Note Book by G. K. Chesterton'

'Science Jottings, Caviare and Kultur by W. P. Pycraft''

'Ladies Page: Early Autumn Fashions by Filomena'

'The Chronicle of the Car'

September 25th

price sevenpence (it was 6d for 60 years).

' FItted With Instruments for Gauging The Height, Distance and Speed of Approaching Aircraft: An Observation Post '

' One of the Eyes of the Defenders of Paris Against Attack by Hostile Aircraft: A Giant Searchlight '

' Dismounted Cavalrymen in a Splendid Exploit: Englands Yeomen Storming The Ridge of Burnt Hill near Suvla Bay - The Hill Top Victoriously Surmounted ' Double page drawn by R. Caton Woodville

' Two French Generals Who Have Made a Great Reputation In The War, General Foch and General D'Urbal '

British Officers Decorated by General Joffre - ' The General Officer Commanding The London District: Major General Lloyd with General Monro After Being Decorated '

' A Group of Distinguished British Officers Receiving Decorations from General Joffre: Military Honours From the French to the British - General Monro - General The Earl of Cavan - Lieut Colonel Radcliffe - Major Deedes ' and others

' Getting Ready to Leave the Front! - Business as Usual ' Full page by S Begg "swallows are seen Quietly Perched on war telegraph wires before migrating as though the turmoil of battle was a thousand miles away" The birds perched on the wires amongst ruined buildings

' A French Example London Might Imitate: A Captured German Taube as a War Trophy at the Invalides in Paris ' from a water colour by Henry Cheffer

' A British Island Which a German Professor Identified With The Sumerian paridise: Mound Tombs in Bahrein '

' The Sumerian Story of the Flood and Fall: The Obverse of the Tablet with the Fragment Containing the Legend in the Right Hand Top Corner '

' WIth The Triangular Fragment Containing The Legend in the Right Hand Lower Corner: The Reverse of the Sumerian Tablet '

' The Right Hon David Lloyd George - The First British Minister For Munitions; and an Orator Whos eWords Carry Exceptional Weight ' Full page sepia

' The Prime Minister Who is Regarded as Indispensable by the Nation and By all Parties: The Right Hon. H. H. Asquith ' Full page sepia

' Battered for Eleven Days By The Heaviest German Guns and Repeatedly Assaulted by Storming Columns: The Battle Front of One of the Kovno Forts Whose Capture Cost the Enemy An Enormous Number of Lives ' From a facsimile sketch by " H. C. Seppings Wright Special AArtist Correpspondent with the Russian Army" a double page showing the battlefield wiht bodies lying thickly over the space and some in the tangles of the network of barbed wire

' The Battel by the Lone Pine on 400 Plateau near ANzac: A Great Australian Feat - Attacking the Hidden Turks Through Scout Holes Cut in the Enemys Roofed Trench, The First Australian Brigade in an Extraordinary Action ' Wonderful double page drawn by "S. Begg from Material Supplied by One Who took Part in the Action"

'How the Enemy Makes Himself Comfortable in His Tr4enches: Luxurious Quarters for German Officers - ' In the Vosges: A Spacious German Trench'

' German Officers at a Bungalow Built by Their Men on a Hill Side Near St Mihiel '

' Decorated With Portraits of the Kaiser and The Crown Princ, A German Officers Quarters in the Vosges '

' A Bedroom in German Officers Quarters in the East '

' Including a Sitting room (with Piano Sofa and Armchirs), Dining Room and Bedroom: A Ground Plan of a German Officers Dug Out Near Rheims '

' Standing in its Own Grounds - An Ornate Bungalow Built By German Soldiers in Northern France for a Regimental Commander '

' With All The Ornaments, Including the Lamp made by Geraman Soldiers a Dining Room in German Officers Quarters '

' With Rustic Woodwork - A Thoroughfare Constructed by German Soldiers Within Half a Mile of the Firing Line '

' Fitted with Electric Light and a Cooking Range: a Cave Dwelling in Northern France Comfortably Furnished for A German Commander '

' The Interior of the Bungalow Shown in the Adjoining Photograph '

' Landscape Gardening in the German Lines: A Structure of Rustic Woodwork in a Trench Somewhere in France '

' The Italian Royal Palace As A Military Hospital: A Ball Game in a Courtyard of the Quirinal'

' The Grand Ball Room of the Quirinal As It Is Today: The King of Italys Palace at Rome Turned into a Hospital for Wounded Soldiers '

' Lighting the Fuse of a Batter of Four " Crapouillots ": French Infantry Bombardiers About to Fire Their Home Mad Trench Mortars '

' The Firing of French Trench Mortars Made of the Cases of Unexploded German Shells '

' The Gateway of theTrentino - Italian Troops Resting at a Beutiful Spot in the Adige Valley. Where Austrian And Italian Guns Answer Each Other: An Important Position ccupied by the Italian Troops During Their Advance into The Trentino ' a beautiful double page "Drawn by Alfreed Bastein from a Sketch by Julius M. Price Special Artist with the Italian Army. Because of censorship the various points or villages could not be named

' Officers Killed in Action - Lieut E. Watkin Colver W Riding Field Co R. Engineers - - - Lieut J. A. Moore S. Stafgfs - - - Lieut R. P. Gillbanks Border Regt - - - Lieut Norman J. Cox Royal Sussex - - - Lieut A. W. Hadrill Lincs Regt. 1st R. Mun Fus. - - - Capt A. W. Scot-Skirving Royal Irish Fusiliers - - - Captain Walter K. Meakin, Bedfordshire Regt - - - Lieut Col I. A. Bosanquet Sherwood Foresters - - - Captain W. G. M. Eagar Royal Munster Fusiliers - - - Capt. R. C. W. Alston Highland Light Infty - - - Capt A. Swinton Hog Connaught Rangers - - -Major J. G. Blackburne Sherwood Foresters - - - Major J. N. Jephson Royal Munster Fusiliers - - - Major J. Russell Scots Fusiliers - - - Captain W. T. Kedie Royal Highlanders - - - Capt Ronald F. B. Dickinson Liverpool Scottish - - - Captain N. D. Pringle E. Yorkshire Regt. - - - Captain W. C. Adamson Royal Flying Corps 0- - - Captain B. J. L. C. Constable Royal Sussex Regt - - - Captain R. Maxwell Pike Royal Flying Corps - - - Lieut Bennet Burleigh Lancashire Fusiliers - - - Lieut W. F. J. Maxwell KO Scottish Borderers - - - Lt. Wilfred Smyth-Osbourne Worcestershire Regt - - - Lieut P. J. C. Wilson QO Comeron Highlanders - - - Lt. N. De Vere Beauclerk Essex Regt '

' The Nail Driving Craze in Germany: One of the printed Cards Issued for Nailing the Image of The Smith of Essen '

' Another German Idol For Knocking Nails into! Captain Von Muller of the Emden as a Mail Clad Knight '

' Bird Custard ' Advert

' Freeman Hardy and Willis Footwear ' Advert

' The Public Trustees Future Headquarters: The New Offices Erected in Kingsway '

' Pears Soap For Her Boy at The Front ' Full page advert

' A New Briscoe Five Seater Car: A Luxurious But Inexpensive Model '

' Wounded Soldiers Entertained at Bath - Listening to The Band of the Dragoon Guards '

' Burberry Topcoats - The Wedge Burberry - The Burberry - Burberry Dust and Rain Coat ' Advert with three designs of coats for ladies

' Chess Problem by W. A. Clark '

Woodwards Gripe Water '

And more adverts of The Day

Also various articles including:
' TheEconomy of Food in War Time '

' Some Books of Today '

'Our Note Book by G. K. Chesterton'<

'Science Jottings, The Protection Agianst Air Raids by F. L.'

'The Chronicle of the Car by W. W.


October 2nd

price sixpence (still)

Includes news of the Great War, World War 1, and other stories of the day. It features many sepia photographs, prints and sketches etc (often with descriptive articles) including:

'French Troops Massing In The Fire Trenches For the Advance: Soldiers to Lead in Storming The German Lines Stealing Forward Along The Communication Trenches to Their Posts, With Artillery in The Rear' Double page Drawn by Frederic Villiers "Our Special Artist in The Western Theatre of War". Mention of La Bassee and Souchez and Champagne

'In Artois : Ground Captured by the French Simultaneously With The Great Offensive in Champagne Showing The Village of Souchez and The Woods Surrounding The Chateau of Carleul'

'In Champagne: A Typical Part of The Barren Ground on which The French MAde THeir Victorious Advance - The Corner of a Little Wood Near Les Hurlus, After a Battle'

The Pigeon Express: Winged Messengers of War 'With Converted Motor Bus as Cote: Carrier Pigeons on Active Service With The French Army' Full page

'The Russian Leader Who Took 70,000 Prisoners and is Said To Have Recaptured Lutzk: General Ivanoff '

Taking Down The Ikon - The Saddest Task of Russian Refugees 'The Last Object to Be Removed From The Old Home: The Sacred Ikon, When a Family of Polish Peasants Flee' Full page drawn by Frederic De Haenen from a Sketch by H. C. Seppings Wright "Our Special Artrist With The Russians"

'From The Commander in Chiefs Headquarters to The Soldier Fighting in the Trench: The Radiating Lines of Communication by Means of Which orders are Transmitted to Divisions, Brigades, Battalions and Company Units Fronting The Enemy' Wonderful double page of The Army Signal Headquarter Offices etc

'The British Minister for Munitions in His Office: Mr Lloyd George at Work' Double page by S. Begg

'The White Comrade After The Picture by G. Hillyard Swinstead RI' Wonderful double page

' Highly Electirfied Wire Fencing Barring The Belgium Dutch Frontier: A Man Who Sought To Pass Through The Wires Electrocuted'

Electric Fences 'About to Examine a Victim of The Wires: Using An Insulated Hook to Move the Body of a Cat Electrocuted by The Fence'

Heavy Shell Fire: Trenches Before and After Bombardment 'Still Intact: A Section of Trenches, Such As That Shown Below, As It Would Appear Before Being Hit By Heavy Shells'

'A Trench Demolished By Heavy SHell Fire'

'Sea Birds Affected by War: Guillemots Many of Whose Species Were Killed by Oil From a Torpedoed Ship'

'A Species That Has Suffered From German Submarines: Puffins Akin to Those That Perished Through The Sinking of an Oil Cargo Ship' - - - 'Akin To Those Deprived of Their Powers of Fligjt and Diving By Oil From a Torpedoed Ship: Guillemots, With Eggs and Young'

The MArk Of The Dardanelles, Where Dead and Wounded Rest 'Off Anzac Cove, The Arrival of Wounded Australians and New Zealanders Alongside a Hospital Ship' - - - 'Rest after Toil: Wounded on The Deck of a Temporary Hospital Carrier SHip'

'A Cemetery For Australian Officers Killed in Gallipoli, With Gaba Tepe in The Distance'

The Campaign in The Gallipoli Peninsula, Photographs That Illustrate Sir Ian Hamiltons Great Despatch - 'A Turkish Cemetery in Gully Ravine, Captured Recently' - - - 'An Abandoned Turkish Trench, With Equipment Left Behind' - - - 'Natural Strongholds Gallipoli: Achi Baba Seen Between Two Trees' - - - 'The Trenches: A Periscope Rifle at Quinns Post' - - - 'The Grave of Major Quinn Whose Heroism Gave The Name to "Quinns Post"..'

The Campaign in The Gallipoli Peninsula, Photographs That Illustrate Sir ian Hamiltons Great Despatch - 'Gurkhas in their Fire Trenches' - - - 'The Scene of a Brilliant Exploit by The Gurkhas and Named After its Captors: Gurkha Bluff ' - - - Named After Colonel Bruce Outside The Gurkha officers Mess: Bruces Ravine' - - - 'Gurkha Firing Line: Some of the Hardy Hillmen in Their Trenches'

The Campaign in The Gallipoli Peninsula, Photographs That Illustrate Sir ian Hamiltons Great Despatch - 'Near The French Camp in Gallipoli' - - - 'Our Naked Army in Gallipoli: A Soldier With Only His Identity Disx on This Back' - - - 'A View From The Headquarters Camp of The RND: A Characteristic Landscape in The Gallipoli Peninsula' - - - 'On Sentry Go In southern Gallipoli' - - - 'A Typical Stony Road'

Balkan Mobilisations - 'Bulgarian Linesmen With Their Machine Gun Sections' - - - 'A Bulgarian Infantry Battalion Halted For A Rest' - - - 'The Royal Bulgarian Sphinx: King Ferdinand' - - - 'consort of The Bulgarian King: Queen Eleonora' - - - Bulgarian Artillery' - - - 'Types of Bulgarian Artillerymen' - - - 'Typical Greek Cavalrymen' - - - 'King and Queen of Greece' - - - Grek Infantrymen Inspected by a French Officer' - - - 'A Group of Greek Artillerymen and THeir Gun'

Officers Killed in Action 'Dead on The Field of Honour - Captain G. Fortescue, Rifle Brigade - - - Capt. W. H. Chapman, Yorks Regt - - - Major A. W. Young, Sherwood Foresters - - - Major H. P. J. Cowell, Royal Field Artillery - - - Captain T. P. Black, Sherwood Foresters - - - Capt. G. G. Duggan, Royal Fusiliers - - - Captain R. Lupton, W. Yorks Regt - - - Fl. Sub Lt. M. Keith-Johnston RN RFC and Fl. Lt. D. Keith-Johnston RN RFC sons of mr and Mrs R. Keith-Johnston of Bushey Heath, Herts - - - Fl. Sub. Lt D. Hay, RN RFC - - - Captain J. C. Holmes, 9th Qn. Victorias Rifles - - - Capt. Frank Povah, Royal Scotds - - - Capt. E. E. Hanewinkel, London Regt. - - - Major The Rev. Hugh Speke, Lancashire Fusiliers - - - Capt. John MacDonald, Highland Light Infantry - - - Capt. J. F. S. Grainger, Black Watch ATT. KOSB - - - 2nd Lt. Raymond Lodge, S. Lancs Regt. - - - Lieut. R. C. H. Bewes, K. Liverpool RT ATT. RFC - - - 2nde Lieut C. F. H. Calvert RE - - - Capt P. L. Browne, Lincolnshire Regt - - - Lieut J. S. Rich, Kings Liverpool Regt - - - Lieut. W. E. Stockdale, Notts Sher. Rangers - - - 2nd Lieut. A. C. Vernor Miles, Welsh Regt - - - Lieut. B. S. Laurence, Westminster Dragoons - - - ueyt E. L. W. Leake, Lancs Fusiliers - - - Lieut. G. G. Downes, Lincs Regt - - - Lieut. R. H. W. Cobbold, Rifle Brigade - - - Lieut. A. N. Milne - - - Lieut. Henry Greene 92nd Punj. - - - Lieut. Arthur G. Wills, Sherwood Foresters'

'A Kings Home Bombed By Way of Reprisal: Stuttgart, From The Friedrichshohe' - - - 'Bombed By Airmen: Courtyard of The Old Royal Palace, Stuttgart, Showing The Graf Eberhard Memorial'

Fashion 'A Striking Evening Cloak'

' White Fox Furs, Debenham & Freebody' Advert

And more adverts of The Day

Also various articles including:
'Our Note Book by G. K. Chesterton'

'Science Jottings by W. P. Pycraft'

'Ladies page by Filomena'

'New Novels'

October 9th

'The British Advance in the West: Victorious charge by The Infantry - 'Following up the Initial Success Between La Bassee and Lens - The Capture of the Wood Covering the Chalk Pits Near Hulluch on September 28' Double page drawn by Frederic de Haenen from material Supplied By an Officer at The Action'

The Soul of Anzac - 'Lieut General Sir William R. Birdwood Commanding the Australian And New Zealand Army Corps in The Gallipoli Peninsula, Outside His Dug Out' Full page

'Sent an Ultimatum By RussiaL Ferdinand I King of the Bulgarians, Duke of Saxony, Prince of Coburg and Gotha l' Full page

'After It Had Been Hit by a Bomb Dropped By An Italian Airman: An Austrian Train

'In What is Described by The Enemy As A French Torpedo Mine: A German Soldier in a Projectile'

'The Making of the Deadly Obstacle With Which Artillery Alone Deals Satisfactorily: In The Store Room of a Barbed Wire Factory'

'An Untouched Photograph ofr a Zeppelin Raiding The London District - As Thousands of People Saw It: A Remarkable Snapshot of an Enemy Dirigible During Its Visit on the Night of September 8'

France 'A British Listening Party Telephoning Information Back to The Artillery on The Night Before The Attack at Loos ' Wonderful double page drawn by A. Forestier. It Shows four British scouts watching over the scene including the great iron structure, a part of the mining machinery, known to the British Army as The Tower Bridge. Loos was a mining district

'The British Advance At Hooge: 'A Sand BaggedTrench in Our Lines' - - - A Scene near Hooge' - - - 'Aircraft Hunting: A Machine Gune Used Against Aeroplanes' - - - 'At Hooge: Some of the Defences' - - - 'In A Sand Bagged Trench' - - - 'Showing a Soldier in the Defences'

'In Our Hands by 7am on Saturday, september 25: The Lofty Iron Structure at Loos, A Landmark For Miles Round, Which was A Guiding Point to the British Central Attack' The mining village of Loos. Full page

'With Bombers Leading The Way: British Troops Swarming Over The German First Line and Dashing on Towards Loos, The "Tower Bridge" and Hill 70' Doujble page Drawn by s. Begg from Material Supplied By An Officer present at The Action

'The Advance in the West: The Storming of Loos With Its Tower Bridge, By The British Infantry' Double page showing the ruins of the village with the Tower Bridge or Crystal Palace and slag heaps in the background. From a sketch by Frederic Villiers "Our Special in the Western Theatre of War". The Article makes reference to Sir John French - Mr John Buchan - General Sir Douglas Haig and the scene of the battle as the British stormed the village

The French Advance in Champagne - 'German Prisoners in The Caps They Wear in the First Line Trenches: French Soldiers in Shrapnel Proof SSteel Helmets: Wounded French Soldiers on Stretchers in a Farm After The Advance' - - - 'A German Prisoner Wearing His Pickelhaube Drawing a French Ambulance Car: The Arrival of French Wounded at a Farm' - - - 'All in Steel Helmets: french Infantry Enjoying a Short Rest in an Interval of the Great Advance in Champagne' - - - 'During The Champagne Fighting: A French Staff Officer ; With A Russian Military Attache' - - - Congratulating Cavalry After A Charge: General De Villaret Addressing Troopers' - - - ' French Infantry Enjoying a Short Rest in an Interval of the Great Advance in Champagne' - - - 'French Soldier in the Foreground: Soldiers Woundd in the Great Advnace' - - - 'One Wearing a Pickelhaube; The Others, Caps: Muddy German Prisoners Taken By The French' The Advance Towards Bagdad - 'A British Boat Bridge Across The Tigris and A Gun Boat on Guard. Photographed From an Aeroplane'

'British Trenches Protecting a Camp Amid PalmGroves and Swamps: The Flooded Tigris Riverside in the Rainy Season'

'Brought From Many Parts of Russia That The Invading Enemy Might Not Use Their Metal to Make Shells: Russian Church Bells, Each Labelled'

'Placed Together For Safety in the Nikolsky Monastry near Moscow: Some of the 300 Bells Removed by The Russians from their Churches

'Dead on the Field of Honour: Officers Killed in Action - Major W. H. Dickins, Sherwood Foresters - - - Captain F. A. James, Man. Rgt - - - Captain T. A. Higginson, Shropshire Light Infty. - - - Capt C. W. Hayes-Newington, Cheshire Regt - - - Captain C. B. Williams Royal Irish Rifles - - - Major E. S. Gooch, Berks Yeomanry - - - Lieut. T. R. Mills, Manchester Regt. - - - Captain E. L. Brown, Suffolk Regt. - - - Capt. C. C. R. Black-Hawkins, Hampshire Rgt - - - Lieut J. H. Fosdick, Rifle Brigade - - - 2nd Lieut F. Gowan Taylor, York and Lancs Regt - - - Captain S. J. Sankey, S. Staffs Regt. - - - Major Gen Sir Thomson Capper DSO Commanding 7th Division - - - Captain D. Morrison Royal Lancaster Regt' - - - Lieut C. J. S. Vyner, Oxon and Bucks Light Infty. - - - 2nd Lieut. H. K. Hoyle, Lancs. Fusiliers - - - 2nd Lieut J. S. G. Burrell, CHeshire Regt. - - - 2nd Lieut. L. Treharne, Welsh Regt - - - 2nd Lieut. G. Dixon, Royal Engineers - - - Captain H. T. Cawley MP Manchester Regt - - - Lieut. H. F. B. Stevens, Royal West Kent Regt - - - 2nd Lieut. H. F. Segnitz, London Regt - - - 2nd Lieut R. W. Orr, London Irish Rifles - - - Lieut. H. A. C. Topham, Welsh Regt - - - Captain Hon. T. C. R. Agar Robartes MP Coldstream Gds'

'Dead on the Field of Honour: Officers Killed in Action - Lieut Col. A. g. W. Grant Devonshire Regt - - - Lieut A. W. B. Carless, Middx Regt - - - Lieut C. H. N. Scholey, Rifle Brigade - - - Lieut A. J. Smith, London Regt - - - Lieut R. H. G. Trotter Royal Berks Regt - - - Lt Col H. D. Collison Morley, London Regt - - - Lieut A. N. V. H. Ommundsen, Hon. Artillery Company - - - Captain R. L. g. Heath, Queens RW Sur. Regt - - - Capt Douglas Carmichael, Rifle Brigade - - - 2nd Lieut. J. H. Miles, Royal Fusiliers - - - 2nd Lt. C. G. Weitzmann, S. Staffordshire Regt - - - Lieut Lord Petre, Coldstream Guards - - - Major Gen G. H. Thesiger CB CMG Rifle Brigade - - - Lieut K. E. O'Duffy, Royal Munster Fusiliers - - - Lieut. W. A. Lock, Wilts Regt - - - 2nd Lieut E. J. Weld RFA - - - 2nd Lieut F. B. O'Carroll, Royal Dublin Fusiliers - - - 2nd Lieut Dudley Hurst- Brown RFA - - - 2nd Lt Cecil Hurst-Brown, Oxon and Bucks L. Infantry - - - 2nd Lieut E. Carington Adams, London Regt - - - 2nd Lieut Oliver Emanuel, Wiltshire Regt - - - Lieut Col. W. T. Gaisfore, Seaforth Highlanders - - - Captain A. C. Gathorne-Hardy, Scottish Rifles - - - Captain James Reid, Highland Light Infantry - - - Major F. R. A. N. Knollys, City of London Yeomanry '

'Johnnie Walker Scotch Whisky' Full page advert

'The Chief of the French Army of the Vosges and Officers of the Famous Chasseurs Alpins: General Maud'Huy Explaining The Construction of a Redoubt With Machine Guns'

'Carron Range Cooker' Advert

'Burberrys Ladies Coats' Advert

'Lotus Shoes' Advert

'For Postal Work With The Russian Army in the Field: 15-20 hp Talbots for the Russian Government' 'Childrens Smocks by Robinson and Cleaver' advert

'Send Him Soap - Wrights Coal Tar Soap' advert

'Chess Problem by O. H. Labone'

nd more adverts of The Day

Also various articles including:
'The British Lines By Arnold Bennett '

' 'Our Note Book by G. K. Chesterton'

'Science Jottings, Science at The War by F. L.'

October 23rd

' The Wrecked Cathedral and dead Horses at Ypres ..'

' Market Square Ypres '

' Ypres The Market Square and Dead Horses ..'


The Zeppelin Raids Ovre London of 13 October

' A Street Where Eight Houses Were Damaged ..'

' In The Back Garden of Wrecked Houses ..'

' The Back View of Wrecked Houses ..'

' A Suburban House Where Two Children in Bed Were Killed - Also Injured The Mother Father and Another Child '

' A Bombed Block of Flats '

' The Top Part of a Bombed House '

' Where a Bomb Fell That Wrecked Four Houses ...'

Double page

' Gas Clouds - British Gas Attack on the Hohenzoller Redoubt ' two pictures on a full page



' General Sir Ian Hamilton Returning to England to make A Report - Cheering With French Officers '

' Brig. General H. T. Lukin Commanding S. African Regiments ..'

' General Sir C. C. Monro Command of Mediterranean Forces ..'

' Sir Edward Carson Who Has Resigned from the Cabinet '

' Australian 2nd Lieutenant Hugo Vivian Hope Throssell - An Anzac Winner of the VC '

' 2nd Lieutenant B. H. Geary of the East Surreys - Winner of VC '

' General Sir W. R. Birdwood The Commander at the Dardanelles ..'

Full page


' A Map of the Balkan Campaign - From Neusatz in the North Down to Valona and Salonica in the South ' Full page

' An Italian 305mm Siege Gun Shelling a Trentino Mountain Fort ...' full page

' Modern Aeronautical Device - Filling a French Captive Balloon with Hydrogen from Cylinders ...'

' Zeppelin - One of the Fleet of Hostile Airships of 13 October Over London - With Anti Aircraft Shells Burstin Around It ' Full page sepia style


Details of Zeppelins, German Dirigibles Which Raided the London area

' Showing the Great Size of a German Zeppelin - The Corridor '

' The Zeppelin that Descended at Luneville - French Officers Entering the Corridor '

' German Airship Hansa in Flight ..'

' The Cars Along the Corridor of the Zeppelin with the Propellers ...'

' A Zeppelin Showing the Entrance to the Corridor ...'

' The Interior of the Rear Gondola of Z16 Which Descended at Luneville on 1 April 1913 '

Double Page


' The French Preparing for The Great Offensive - French Troops in a Mine Crater ...'

' A Light Railway Constructed for Transporting Aerial Torpedoes and Other Munitions ...'

Double page of the French Front at Champagne - Sepia style

' A First Line Trench in Champagne - Defence Works and Dug Out Shelters ' a magnificent double page


' General at The Monument of Montmirail .. with Colonel Pns and Captain Thouzellier '

' A Man of the French Infantry Advancing Over Open Ground - Digging Himself In ..'

' Dejeuner in the Field with General Joffre and Others ...'

' A French Artillery Observer on the Look Out in a Tree ..'

' Notre Dame de Lorette - A French Chaplain Praying at the Remains of the Building ...'

' General Maud'Huy Talking to Two French Miel Soldiers in Alsace - They Look Like Twins ..'

Double page sepia style


' The Battle in Champagne - French Infantry in Trenches With the Second German Line Preparing to Advance ' a wonderful double page photograph of the battleground

' M. Viviani The Premier of France ..'

' M. Delcasse Who Has Resigned ..'

' The Chief Recruiter - The Earl of Derby ' full page


Officers Killed in Action

' Brigadier General F. Wormald 5th Cavalry Brigade ' - - - ' Captain G. C. Cartwright R. Warwicks Regt ' - - - ' Captain James H. A. Ryan Liverpool Regt ' - - - Major Philip Granville Mason DSO Dragoon Guards '

' Captain H. B. Stevenson QVO RAjput LI ' - - - ' Capt. C. E. King-Church London regt. ' - - - ' Capt. C. F. Kirkpatrick Carfrae Oxford and Bucks LI ' - - - ' Major Arthur J. N. Tremearne Seaforth Highlanders ' - - - ' Captain E. Greaves M'Dougall QO Cameron Highlanders '

' Lieut D. I. B. Lloyd 5th Gurkhas ' - Brothers - ' Captain G. LL. Lloyd ' sons of Mr and Mrs Charles Lloyd of Wannifor in Cardiganshire

' Capt. James Harvey Liverpool Regt ' - Brothers - ' 2nd Lieutenant W. HArvey Liverpool Regt. ' sons of Mr James E. HArvey of Liverpool

' 2nd Lieutenant Alastair Chisholm Royal Scots ' - - - ' Lieut N. H. Craggt RN ' - - - ' Lieutenant T. H. B. Vade-Walpole Gordon Highlanders '

' Lieutenant J. Harley Wrocs. Regt ' - - - ' Lieutenant Guy Napier 35th Sikhs ' - - - ' 2nd Lieutenand W. R. M. Woolf BA LL.B Border Regt. - - - Lieutenant A. J. B. Shaw-Hellier S. Staffs Regt ' - - - ' 2nd Lieutenant J. B. M. Walch Royal W. Surrey Regt. '

Full page of photographs of each man


' Johnnie Walker Scotch Whisky ' full page advert from a sketch by Leo Cheney

Fashion - Fur Coat

' The Hindenburg Bridge over Railway Lines at Berlin ..'

' Burberry Proofs - Ladies Raincoat and Cape ' <[p> ' Driving Through Melted Snow near Houts Bay In South AFrica '

' Chess Problem

Plus adverts of the Day

Also various articles including:
The Unique City of Ypres by Arnold Bennett

'Our Note Book by G. K. Chesterton'

'Science Jottings, New Developments in Aeronautics by F. L.'

'The Chronicle of the Car by W. W.

December 11th

' Inhabitants of a Country Enduring the Horrors of a German And Bulgarian Invasion: Serbian Peasants near Doiran Station '

' At A Point Which Formed One Part of Our Position in Serbia: British Tents Near Doiran '

' Now Uner General Joffre's Orders: General Sarrail, Commanding The French Forces in Serbia, At Salonika Leaving His HQ '

' British Reinforcements Arriving i the Strumnitza District: A Mule Transport Column Passing Some French Soldiers '

' Field Ambulance Work at Balandovo - A British Soldier Carrying a Wounded Comrade by The Firemans Lift '

' With Canvas level With The Ground Over an Excavation: A French Shelter Tent Within Range of Snipers '

' French Soldiers in Good Spirits: A Smiling Welcome to the Camera Man on The Heights Miel Near Strumnitza '

' New British Forces Arriving on the Serbo Bulgarian Front: A Column on the March, With Shells Bursting On the Hills Beyond '

' Taking a Wounded Soldier To a French Dressing Station: Field Ambulance Work Near Strumnitza '


' An Official Certificate For Subscribers to the French Loan of Victory '

' How French Art Promotes "The Loan of Victory" : A Poster by Poulbot '


Dead on The Field of Honour: Officers Killed in Action ( photographs of each man below )

Major H. J. Riddell 48th Pioneers - - - 2nd Lieut. E. P. Gordon 104th Wellesleys Rfls - - - Captain C. D. Frost 110th Mahratta I.I. - - - Captain F. S. Bowring 22nd Punjabis - - - Captain Wilton S. Oldham 48th Pioneers

' Captain O. J. Mortimor Devonshire Regiment - - - Captain R. S. M. Hare Essex Regt - - - Captain C. C. Stewart 20th Punjabis - - - Major R. W. P. Campbell Royal Garrison Artillery - - - Captain R. C. Fippard W. Yorkshire Regt

Lieut J. G. Drummond Royal Engineers - - - Major J. L. Davies Essex Regt - - - Flight Sub Lieut J. H. Rose RNAS - - - 2nd Lieut F. C. Walker Suffolk Regt - - -Major Ralph C. Smythe R. Garrison Artillery

Lieut J. E. D. Lambert Northants Regt - - - Lieut G. A. W. Flyn Scottish Rifles - - - 2nd Lieut S. J. K. Thomson Royal Scots Fusiliers - - - Captain H. D. MacCall 33rd Punjabis - - - Captain G. B. Johnson Norfolk Regiment

2nd Lieut C. F. B. Hodgins Wilts Regt - - - Leiut F. H. Wharton Loyal N. Lancs Regt - - - Lt G. A Hattersley Smith Royal Navy - - - Captain J. Jenkinson Staffs Regt - - - Captain P. J. Stanger London Regt

There is an article about the men at the bototm of the page

' The Firing Line: In a British Firing Line Trench '

' a King Whos eGovernment Has Agreed With The Other Allied Powers That There Shall Be No Separate Peace: The King of Italy - Victor Emmanuell III ' Full page

' Sport of the Ancient Kings of Assyria Which British Officers May Enjoy in Mesopotamia: Ashur Bani Pal Pouring a Libation Over Four Lions Slain in the Hunt '

Lord Kitchener at Anzac: The War Minister on the Gallipoli Peninsula - ' On the Sea Shore: Lord Kithcener Returning From a Visit to The Firing Line '

' Out of Every Dug Out on the Hillside: Anzac Welcoming Lord Kitchener '

' A german Field Marshal And a German Colonel: King Constantine and Queen Sophia of Greece at the Religious and Military Fete at Athens to Commemorate The Anniversary of the Taking of Salonika '


A Day at Sea With The Motor Boat Reserve

' To The Depot Ship for Orders: The Motor Boat Reserve a New Branch of the Royal Navy '

' At Moorings, Reveille 5am: the Days Work Begins in The Motor Boat Reserve '

' Full Speed Ahead: Craft of the Motor Boat Reserve on active Service '

' Form Information Received: we Sighted a Submarine an Hour Ago Heading...'

' In Attendance on Transports: A Duty Occasionally Performed By the Motor Boat Reserve '

' The Old Navy and The New: Vessels of the Motor Boat Reserve Passing an Old Three Decker '

Double page sketches with "Quotations Below from Mr Rudyard Kipling and his article on Partols..."


Curiously Unlike Our Own Coronation Pictures! Japanese Illustrations of the Imperial Enthronement :-

' With The Peacock Umbrella Above It: A Feast Prepared for the Imperial Ancestors ' drawing

' Culitivated Specially for The Enthronement at Kyoto - Chrysanthemums ' Photograph

' In the National Manner: An Imperial Feast For Enthronement ' Photograph

' Used at the Enthronement of the Emperor of Japan - Imperial Banzai Banners and Drums ' drawing

' Immediately After the Enthnronement: Banzai Dancers Before the Emperor ' drawing

' In The Hall of Coronation at Kyoto - The IMperial Throne ' photograph

' TheCeremony Reproduced Exactly in Model Form: An Enthronement Scene ' Photograph

' After The Enthronement Ceremony: The Sacred Dance by Girls of Noble Birth ' drawing

' In Her Dress for the Engthronement Ceremony: A Lady of Japanese Court ' drawing

' In Archers Dress of Olden Days: High Officials in One of the Processions ' drawing

' Performers Before the Emperor: Women Banzai Dancers for the Enthronement ' drawing

' In The Dress of Other Days: A High Official In His Uniform For the Enthronement '

Double page "Most of our illustrations are from Japanese prints; the rest are photographs of models prepared by the Imperial Coronation Commission"


' Her Majesty Inspecting Troops in Training in the Aldershot Area - With a Motor Lorry as Saluting Base: The Queen Accompanied by Princess Mary and Prince Albert, Watching Irish Cavalry March Past ' double page


Saved From Massacre: Armenian Refugees Rescued From Turks :-

' The Massacre of 800,000 Armenians: A Refugee Saved By The French '

' Saved From a Terrible Death at the Hands of the Turks: armenian Women And Children Rescued by a French Cruiser '

' Sabed By the French Cruisder an Old Armenian Woman, Spinning '

' Some of The 4000 at Port Said: Armenian Men Women and Children Saved by The French '

' Awainting a Distribution of Boots: Armenian Refugee Girls '

' Awaiting a Distribution of Food: Armenian Refugee Children '

' Britian and France Fraternising ont he Field of Agincourt - the Commander of a Battalion of Chasseurs A Pied Narrating the Story of the Battle to English Officers '

' Honouring the Gallant Dead of Both England and Franc on the Field of Agincourt: Staff Officers of the British Army Attneding the Celebration of the FIfth Centenary of the Battle '

' A Remarkable Drawing of Ruyssians on the March - Where Camels and Buffaloes Are Used For Transport, And the Young Kids (goats) Skip AMong The Mountains: a Picturesque and Old World Scene on the Russian Line of March in the Caucasus ' Wonderful double page from a "Facsimile Drawing By H. C. Seppigns Wright Our Special Artist With The Russian Army it he Caucasus" with hand written explanations within the sketch

' Russia's Most Dreaded Cavalry - Cossacks on Duty in the Snow '

' Of All The Soldiers of Our Allies Most Used to Such SWeather Conditions: cossacks on Duty in the Snow '

' Johnnie Walker Whisky ' Full page advert

' On the Anniversary of the Taking of Salonika by the Greeks: the Military and Religious Fete at Athens - King Constantine Standing Before The Tent '

' Horlicks Malted Mik Tablets ' advert

' Players Navy Cut Cigarettes ' Advert

' Onoto THE Pen - Thomas De La Rue & Co Ltd ' full page advert for fountain pens

' Where It Is Always Summer: Society at Monte Carlo The Favourite Beauty Spot of the Riviera '

' Dewars Whisky ' Full page of a scotsman in a kilt

' A Simple Dinner Frock ' dress design

Picture and signature of Sarah Bernhardt endorsing Urodonal Tonic

' Carron Range With Patent Blacktoun Fire ' kitchen range advert

' Mellins Food ' baby food advert

' Debenham & Freebody Furs '

Christmas Gifts - ' A Dainty Handerchief from Messrs Hamiliton and Co ' - - - ' the Mappin Bracelet Watch ' - - - AnArtistick Diamon and Moonstone Bracelet or Neckband messrs Mappin and Webb ' - - - The Royal Engineers andRoyal field Artillery Badge Brooches by Messrs J. W. Benson Ltd of Bond st '

' Turkish Baths at Home ' advert

' Lea & Perrins Sauce ' advert

' Swan Fount Pen '

' A Light Car as Handy as it is Smart: The New11.9 HP Saxon Two Seater Car '

' A Wolseley Car on the Babnks of the Severn near Bewdley '

' Bells Three Nuns Tobacco '

' A Call to N. E. R. Men - Non Commissioned Officers of the 17th ( Service ) Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers - North Eastern Railway Pioneers ' a group photograph

And more adverts of The Day

Also various articles (no engravings etc unless listed above) including:
A letter from Piper D. Laidlaw VC pointing out an error in the picture of him, in the last edition of the ILN

' Our Note Book by G. K. Chesterton'

' The Section Commander: A Psychological Study by W. Douglas Newton ' full page article

' Science Jottings, Bagdad as a Aporting Centre by W. P. Pycraft '

' Ladies Page by Filomena'

' Kipling on Patrols '

' Lord Redesdale's Memories '

' Monte Carlo '

' The Chronicle of the Car by W. W.

December 18th

'Dead on the Field of Honour: Officers Killed in Action
- Captain A.W. Balders
- 2nd Lt. Basil P. Cuxson
- Lt. Col. H.J. Madocks
- Maj. C.O.N. Williams
- Capt. J.H. Courtis
- Capt. H. Leonard Watts
- Capt. John Nicholson
- 2nd Lt. A.S. MacDonell
- Flight Sub Lt. B.F.M. Hughes
- Capt. A.D.L. Campbell
- Capt. Cyril Tuke
- 2nd Lt. H. Gordon Simpson
- Lt. T.W. Caslon
- Lt. C.R. Le Blanc Smiths Watches
- Maj. Hugh C.L. Cock
- 2nd Lt. J.S. Pressly
- Lt. J.B. Clibborn
- Lt. R.A. Ritchie
- Lt. William Cameron
- 2nd Lt. E.C. Midgley

December 25th

This is issue 4001

Illustrated articles include:-



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