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The Illustrated London News 1919

Events of this year in the Illustrated London News.

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 January 4th

Vol. 154 No. 4159

Our Notebook / G.K. Chesterton

The New Countryside

The Vogue of War-French / E.B. Osborn

The Revival of the Flax Industry / S.L. Bensusan

The World of Flight, Civil Aerial Transport, III / C.G. Grey

Science Jottings, After-the-War Problems / W.P. Pycraft

Ladies news

The Playhouses

The Chronicle of the Car

New Novels


An interesting souvenir of the British naval raid on Ostend, Hindenburg and Admiral Von Scheer visiting the Vindictive / C.N.
The Italian heir-apparent in Paris, the Prince of Piedmont driving with M. Clemenceau / Rol
The British cruiser squadron in the Baltic, on and off duty / British Official
British Naval operations in the Baltic
For the first time since 1914, the hoisting of the Union Jack off Copenhagen
A German transport reporting by signals to a British war ship
Keeping fit, Officers and men of H.M.S. Caradoc doubling round the quarter deck at Libau
Off duty and in sporting kit
Part of the anti-mine gear in a British warship

President Wilson in England, Manchester and its ship canal / C.N. and Topical
In the Industrial Capital of England, President Wilson and the Lord Mayor of Manchester (Alderman Makeague)
The presidents wife, Mrs. Wilson at the ship canal
In a wonderful fur coat, President Wilson
President Wilson in England, a new citizen of Cottonopolis / Illustrations Bureau and C.N.
At home in Manchester, President Wilson speaking in the Free Trade Hall after receiving the freedom of the city
Manchesters hospitality to her famous guest from The Cotton States, President Wilson at the Lord Mayors luncheon
President Wilson in England, a historic landing at Dover / C.N., L.N.A. and Sport and General
At Dover, President Wilson, the Duke of Connaught, Mrs. Wilson and Admiral Sims
Dovers official welcome, President Wilson listening to the address being read by the recorder, Sir Archibald Bodkin
The first President of the United States to visit England in his official capacity, President Wilson coming ashore at Dover, up the gangway from the S.S. Brighton
Wearing the Stars and Stripes in President Wilsons honour
Inspecting the guard of honour on his arrival at Dover
President Wilson in England: a royal welcome to London / L.N.A., Farrington Photo Company, and Newspaper Illustrations
A successor of George Washington and a descendant of George III, President Wilson and the King leaving Charing Cross
On their way from Charing Cross to Buckingham Palace on Boxing Day, Mrs. Wilson and the Queen
The Stars and Stripes at Charing Cross, infantry marching out with the American colours
On the way to Downing Street, President Wilsons car leaving Buckingham Palace
Entering the Premiers official residence, President Wilson arriving at No. 10 Downing Street
President Wilson in England, the drive to Guildhall / L.N.A.
President Wilson in England, the City of London expresses The immense debt we owe to him / G.P.U.
President Wilson in England, a visit of filial piety / Topical
The memories that have come to me of the mother who was born here and very affecting, the house of the Woodrow family in Warwick Road, Carlisle
Where President Wilson delivered a moving address, the Congregational Church in Lowther Street, Carlisle
Greeting the only survivor of his grandfathers Sunday school, President Wilson with Mr. Thomas Watson, aged 90
Princess Patricia’s engagement, a highly popular alliance / Alexander Corbett and C.N.
A reminiscence of war-time aviation / Illustrations Bureau
Bombs in flight and bursting, remarkable air-war photographs / Illustrations Bureau
From an aeroplane in mid-air, an Italian bomb falling on Austrian positions
Bomb-dropping results photographed from the air
Before the capture of Trieste by the Italians and subsequent armistice
Not a naval mishap, a war-ship listed for gunnery purposes
Sea camouflage against U-boats, the art of dazzle-painting / Illustrations Bureau
A famous hush hush aeroplane ship painted with a dazzle design, H.M.S. Furious with her hull camouflaged
A sister ship of the Lusitania camouflaged, the great cunarder Mauretania painted with a dazzle design
Zebra stripes that bewilder the most experienced navigator
The starboard bow of the Aquitania with a bold dazzle
Suggestive of futurism or cubism
Dazzle-painting, a British art of camouflage become universal
With an intricate dazzle design on her hull and funnels, the Great White Star Liner Olympic camouflaged to deceive U-boats
Sea-camouflage invented by a British marine artist and now applied to almost every ship at sea
Giving her war paint, dazzling a British ship
Relics of carnival time, figures found at Douai by the Allies / French Official
On a main line in northern France, the explosion of a German booby trap / French Official
From munitions to motor cars, the last shell
Innocent victims of the crimes of their rulers, who began the war, Vienna children brought to the Karolinen Kinderspital half-starved and wrapped in newspaper / A. Forestier, Julius M. Price
Bringing in the Yule logs, with the H.A.C. at IMST, in Tyrol / S. Begg, Julius M. Price
On Austrian ground, a post of honour for the H.A.C. / S. Begg, Julius M. Price
A warm dress for chilly weather
Liberty & Company
Burrows Malvern Waters
Orient Line
Fry’s Cocoa
Ronuk Sanitary polishes
Royal Ediswan drawn wire lamps
Iron Jelloids
Kenric & Jefferson
Waring & Gillow Ltd., linens, china & glass
Robinson & Cleaver, Irish linen
Sir John Bennett, rings
Marshall & Snelgrove
Robinson & Cleaver
Floriline for the teeth
Debenham & Freebodys
Yellow Seal Virginia cigarettes
Prices night lights
Savory & Moores food
Lotus shoes
Hindes Hair tint
Formamint, the germ-killing throat tablet
Mothersills sea-sick remedy
Carters little liver pills
Spinet, the super cigarette
Clemak, safety razor
Ven-Yusa, the oxygen face cream
The Icy-Hot Bottle Company
The Austin Motor Company
Smiths starting & lighting system
Humber Limited
Wood-Milne Ltd., Tyre Manufacturers
The Langham Steel Company
Palmer Cord Tyres
Dr. Roberts Poormans Friend Ointment
Morny shampoo powders
Yardleys Eau de Cologne
Obayo real sardines
Foster Clark's Second Soups
Calders Yeast
Goddards Plate Powder
Gamages, rubber top boots
Bell's Three Nuns Tobacco
Zam-Buk, healing balm & skin cure
Tobacco Bloom
Cavander's Army Club cigarettes

February 1st , price = one shilling

  Vol 154, No. 4163


May 31st price 1/-

Vol 154 No. 4180

Front Cover head line: The Battle of Jutland: Remarkable new photographs

Front Cover Ads: dinnefords Magnesia, Avon Tyres, Hedges & Butler, Ehrmanns Wine Merchants, Poulton & Noel's English Ox Tongues, Borwicks Baking Powder, Schoolbred's beds and bedding, Peter Dawson Scotch Whisky, Iron Jelloids 1/3

IFC: FPA Gibbs dentifrice p.2

p.773: FPA: Chas. Baker & Co.'s Stores Ltd - outfitters

p. 774: 1/4 page A: Dexter weatherproofs, BSA Motor Cycles, J.C. Vickery Jewellers, Carrington & Co Jewellers - Pearls

Frontispiece p. 775: FPP: Engines Caesar never knew! A Fiat tank charges a wall in the stadium at Rome

p. 776: Our Notebook by G.K. Chesterton and 1/4 page photo : The homecoming of the "Springboks" Cape Town En Fete to welcome the first South African troops from Europe marching up Adderley Street

p. 777: Empire day in Hyde Park: The King at a monster concert - a choir of 10,000 conducted by dr. Charles Harris - 2 x Photos






July 5th

Wimbledon - ' The Most Interesting Figure at the Tournament: Mlle Suzanne Lenglen The Famous Young French Player Whose First Appearance at Wimbledon Has Been a Brilliant Success ' six poses

' War Leaders of the Allies Receive the DCL - Walking In Procession in Oxford ' also with a list of names honoured

' Bearer of the First Air Mails to Canada: A British Airship - 'Flying Over The Fleet in the Firth of Forth: the R34 The First British Transatlantic Dirigible 'Drawn by Frank H. Mason From a Sketch by an Eye Witness. Nearly full page

' The Fortifications Shall Be Destroyed By German Labour: Heligoland Photographed From the Air - ' Heligoland - A General View From The North '

Heligoland 'To Be Destroyed By The Germans: A General View of the New German Harbour and Flying Station '

Heligoland - ' Another View of Part of the German Fortifications on Heligoland '

Heligoland - ' Showing the Seaplane Station '

Heligoland ' Showing The Islet of Dune - Heligoland from the North '

Heligoland - ' The German Barracks and Parade Ground With Some Gun Positions '

Heligoland - ' The South Side of Heligoland with a Gun Emplacement in the Foreground '

Heligoland - ' German Fortifications on Heligoland - To Be Destroyed at Germany's Expense '

Heligoland - ' The Smaller Island of Dune Close to Heligoland - Aerial View '

' Specially Constructed By The Germans for Testing Their Submarines - A Submarine Testing Dock Now At Harwich '

' Trafalgar Square on Peace Night: The Nelson Column With Its Victory Loan Decorations amid Searchlights and Fireworks ' Full page Drawn By "Our Special Artist, Joseph Simpson '

London Rejoices, Signing of the Treaty at Versailles - ' Acclaimed By The People: The King and Queen and Royal Family at Buckingham Palace ' - - - The Crowd Outside Buckingham palace Cheering the King and Queen After The Announcement '- - - ' Hoisting a Union Jack in Trafalgar Square ' ' The Signing of Peace - On Their Way to the Scene of the Ceremony: Mr Lloyd George - M. Clemenceau - President Wilson '

' After the Ceremony - A Joyful Moment - M. Clemenceau - President Wilson - Mr Lloyd George ' ' The Inkstand Use at the Signing of the Treaty ' ' Mr Lloyd George MEt By the King on His Return From Versailles '

' American Mystery Ships: INgenious Anti Submarine Devices '

' Headed by The Trumpeters Who Blew a Fanfare on The Signing of Peace: french Cavalry Officers and Non Commissioned officers at Olympia ' Full page Drawn by A. Forestier

'Buckingham Palace, With The Royal Party on the Balcony: Searchlights and a Huge Cheering Crowd ' Double page Drawn by H. W. Koekkoek

'Tanks in the Attack at Olympia: realism in the Naval Military and Air Force Tournament ' Double page drawn by R. Caton Woodville

'The Abyssinian Mission - Envoys from the Empress of Abyssinia - Dejazmatch Nado Chief of the Mission - Kantibar Gabru - Ato Herui ' Full page

'Allied Statesmen at Versailles Preparing For the Peace Signature Ceremony - President Wilson - M. Clemenceau - Mr Balfour - Baron Sonnino '

' Lieut Colonel Malone MP ' with a letter to the Directors of the Pelman Institute

' Kenilworth Cigarettes ' a Full page advert showing a lady in a rowing boat in bathing attire

' The Prince of Wales in His Own Principality: An Interested Visitor at The Royal Agricultural Show Cardiff '

' Ensign Photography - a Film Camera for You Little Girl 17/6 ' advert

' The Winners of the Golf Tournament at St Andrews - Abe Mitchell - George Duncan - Harry Vardon '

' Two Youthful Dance Frocks '

' Wright Coal Tar Soap '

' A Dazzle Advertisement of a Dazzling Discovery '

' Waterman's Ideal Fountain Pen ' advert

' Chess Problem by A. M. Sparke '

' Burberry Silk Top Coats ' advert

' New Cars at A Historic Palace: Angus Sandersons at Holyrood '

'Aitchisons Prism Binoculars ' aDvert

' Swan Fountpens 'advert

Mr William Letts CBE at the Wheel o his Latest 25-30 hp RFC model Crossley Motor Car '

And more adverts of The Day
Also various articles including:
Matters of Moment - Victory Bonds & Death Duties - Flags of Londons Soldiers - The Abyssinian Mission - by Edward E. Long

Our Note Book by G. K. Chesterton

The World of Flight - More About a Territorial Air Force by C. G. Grey Editor of The Aeroplane

About a Number of Things. A Chat on Science by Sir Ray Lankester KCB FRS - Compulsory Greek at Oxford

Science Jottings - The Passing of the South African Elephant by W. P. Pycraft

Ladies News by AEL

The Chronicle of the Car by W. W.

July 19th

' President Wilson's Return to the United States: A Great Popular Welcome in New York'

A Dirigible - The R34 Across The Atlantic: The Landing on Long Island USA - ' Major Pritchard's Parachute Descent From The R34: The First Man to Land in America From The Air '

' Just Come to Earth in Roosevelt Field, Mineola, Long Island - A View of the R34 From Below '

' As Seen From an American Blimp: An Aerial View of The R34 Landing at Mineola '

' Showing The Rent in the Cover: Damage to the R34 By The Tearing Away f the Mooring Ring at Mineola '

' Music in the Air to Promote The Victory Loan: a Band Playing on Board The R33 During Her Northern Tour '

' Sleep in the Air: Members of the Crew of the R33 Snatching A Few Hours Rest Between Watches,s on the Mess Deck '

' Guiding The R34 Across The Atlantic By Wireless Instructions From London: Officers at Work at The Air Ministry in the Hotel Cecil ' Full page drawn by A. Forestier

' Running To Grasp a Mooring Rope Thrown Out From the R34 on her Return From America: Men of the Landing Parties on the Ground at Pulham Aerodrome near Norwich '

' Ready To Receive The R34 Circling Overhead: The Great Hangar at Pulham with the R33 Inside '

' A Sudden Ejection of Water Ballast From the R34 '

' The Official British Observer on the R34: General Maitland at the Window '

' In Their Transatlantic Kit: Men of th R34's Crew '

' The Captain of the R34 Major G. H. Scott At His Cabin Window as THe Airship Descended '

' Showing Details of Her Construction and Armament: The Battle Cruiser " Tiger " One of Admiral Beatty's Squadron at The Battle of Jutland '

The New British Navy Revealed, War Time Dreadnoughts - ' Royal Sovereign Class HMS Revenge laid Down at the Yards of Messrs Vickers at Barrow in Dc 1913 and Completed in 1916 '

' Showing a Girder Construction For an Aeroplane Landing Platform: HMS Royal Oak '

' The Light Cruiser: HMS Royalist of the Arethusa Class '

' HMS Repulse - The Last Word in Battle Cruisers '

' The Unique Aeroplane Carrier Argus '

' With Two Sopwith Camel Aeroplanes and a Sopwith Seaplane on Her Forward Flight Deck: HMS Furious Before Her After Mas Was Removed '

' Drawing to Scale of th Upper Arm Bone or Humerus of Man, The Elephant and Great Reptile of Tendagoroo '

' Showing Her " Blister " with Rails for Fending Off Electrically Controlled Boats: The Great Monitor General Wolfe

' The Monitor " Gorgon "..'

' The Monitor " Prince Eugene " ...'

' Showing The Monitor " Erebus " With Her Blisters Plainly Visible on Both Sides: A Group f Ships Including The Battle Cruiser " Repulse " Two R Destroyers and a Submarine' not sure where the shipyard is

' A Wonderful submersible Craft Mounted With A Heavy 12 inch Gun: The M1 - An Experimental Submarine Monitor of Unique Design '

' Flying The Australian Flag: The Large Ocean Going Submarine J3 Leaving Portsmouth '

' Under Water Submarine Chasers: one of The R Class, With Raised Bows. Like Italian Balilla '

' One of the Only Type of Submarine Steam Driven on the Surface with Funnels That Can Be House For Diving: The K16 '

' HMS Woolston One of the :latest Type of Torpedo Boat Destroyers Added DUring the Last Months of the War '

' The Horizontal Screen Below the Upper 4inch Guns To Protect the Crews Below: HM Destroyer Vanoc one of a Class Built in 1917-18 '

' The New British Navy: The Veil of Secrecy Lifted From One of Our War time Dreadnoughts - ' Distinguished By The Single Funnel Just Abaft The Tripod Mast and The Funnel Shaped Directing Tower Aft: HMS Ramillies ' Wonderful Double page

The Heir Apparent ' Taking Up The Burden of Royalty: The Prince of wales Who Has Recently Set Up House in St James's Palace - His Latest Portrait ' Full page photograph by Vandyk

'A Picturesque Frock '

' Bracelet Watches - Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Company Ltd '

' A Dazzling Discovery Emerges from a Dazzling Advertisement ' a puzzle advert for Friths Stainless Steel, I think

'Sir Samuel Waring BT and The Girl Guides Movement: An Inspection at Foots Cray Place,Kent

' Ostend Reverts to Its Pre War Activities ' Advert

' Bengers Food ' advert

' Craven Mixture Carreras ' Advert

'Firework Queues in South LOndon: Run on the Pyrotechnic Trade in Preparation for Peace Displays '

' An Ancient City Custom: Sweeping The Street Before The Master and Wardens of the Vintners Company at their Installation '

' Cameron Safety Self Filler - the Guinea Pen 15/- ' with various designs and nibs. Advert

' Glaxo Builds Bonnie Babies. 155-57 Great Portland Street London ' Full page advert ' From the War Memorials Exhibition at The Victoria and Albert Museum: A Memorial Tower Designed By W. JU. Palmer-Jones '

' A Memorial group Designed adn Executed by Mary K. Watts-Jones '

' Wright's Coal Tar Soap ' advert

' Rowlands Macassar Oil ' Advert

' The Kings Cup at Henley ' ' Smiths 4 Jet Carburetter ' advert

' Globeol The Ideal Tonic '

' Jewel Pen Co Ltd ' Advert

' Chess Problem by J. Paul taylor '

' Burberry Suits for Golf - A1140 ' advert

' C. Brandauer & Co Circular Pointed Pens ' Advert

' a Trophy for Ireland: a Handsome Rose Bowl Motor Cycling and THe Palmer Tyre Co

' An Interesting Picture: A Tower Wagon on a Daimler 2-3 ton Chassis, Recently Taken in to Service by The Coventry Corporation Tramways ' ' Crossley 25 30 hp RFC Model ' advert

' Vauxhall The Car Superexcellent - 25hp Touring Car advert

And more adverts of The Day

Also various articles (no pictures unless listed above) including:
Our Note Book by G. K. Chesterton

The World of Flight - On Amphibious Aeroplanes by C. G. Grey Editor of The Aeroplane

The New British Navy: Lifting the Veil of Secrecy by Archibald Hurd

About a Number of Things. A Chat on Science by Sir Ray Lankester KCB FRS - The Biggest Beast

Science Jottings - Holiday Horrors by W. P. Pycraft

Ladies News by AEL

The Chronicle of the Car by W. W.

another July 19th?

' Honouring the Memory of Their Heroic Comrade: Men of the Mercantile Marine in the Procession '

' The Front of the Procession: Bluejackets and the Gun Carriage on Ludgate Hill '

' The Rear of the Procession: The Gun Carriage Followed by Mourners on the Embankment '

' Chief Mourners: Capt. Fryatt's Brother and Sister in Law Entering St pauls Followed by Lord Claud Hamilton (Chairman of the GER)'

' Borne by Bluejackets and Accompanied By Master mariners as Pall-Bearers: The Coffin Leaving St Pauls After the Service '


Londons Welcome to her own Troops: A Triumphal March From Budkingham palace to Tower Hill

' Place Aux Dames: Nurses at the Head of the Procession Passing the King and Queen '

' The Royal Garrison Artillerys First Appearance in a London Military Procession: 60 Pounders Drawn by Hairies Passing the King and Queen at Buckingham Palace '

' The Royal Engineers in the City Passing the Mansion House '

' In the Heart of th eCity: London Infantry Passing the Mansion House (not shown) and Royal Exchange '

' The King Saluting Colours in the Procession: Outside Buckingham Palace with Their Majesties and Queen Alexandra and Mr Churchill Secretary for War '

' In The Heart of theWest End - London Infantry passing Through Trafalgar Square into the Strand '

' The Skirl of the Pipes: The London Scottish Coming Through the Admiralty Arch into Trafalgar Square '

' Cavalry in the Procession: The City of London Yeomanry ( Rough Riders ) Passing Between Buckingham palace and te great Concourse Round the Victoria Memorial '

' In Khaki With His Badge of Office: The Lord Mayor Sir Horace Marshall and Sheriffs at the Mansion House '


The Treaty of Peace: British American and French Signatures

' With Their Seals: Signatures of the American and British Delegates Following The Concluding Words of the Treaty ' half page

' Containing The Signatures of the Canadian, Australian, South African, New Zealand, Indian and French Delegates: The Next Two Pages of the Document ' half page

' Without Reservation: German Signatures on the Treaty - The First To Sign But on the Last Page of the Document: The Signatures of Herr Muller and Dr Bell on the Treaty of Peace ' Full page


' The Thanksgiving Service at St Pauls on Sunday July 6: The King and Queen With The Archbishop of Canterbury and The Bishop of London, on the Steps of the Cathedral During the Open Air Ceremony '


The Queenship of the Tennis Court: Lenglen - Chambers

' The Homeric Contest for th eLadies Singles Lawn Tennis Championship: Mlle Lenglen Winning the Great4est of Her Triumphs, Over Mrs Lambert Chambers at Wimbledon '

' Under Royal Eyes: Mlle. Lenglen Defeating Mrs Lambert Chambers Holder of the Championship '

' With The King and Queen As Spectators: Mrs Lambert Chambers in Her Great Struggle Against Mlle. Lenglen ' Suzanne Lenglen France

' The Oxford and Cambridge Cricket Mtch: The Oxford Team includes - Messrs M. Howell - D. J. Knight - F. C. G. Naumann - F. A. Waldock - H. P. Ward - F. W. Gilligan - G. V. Pearce - - R. L. Holdsworth - V. R. Price - P. W. Rucker - G. F. Bell - and C. H. L. Skeet '

' The Cambridge Team inlcudes Messrs J. S. F. Morrison - G. E. C. Wood - Hon. F. S. G. Calthorpe - G. A. Fairbairn - J. H. Naumann - A. E. R. Giligan - C. P. Johnstone - G. Wilson - G. Ashton - G. A. Rotheram - G. P. Brooke-Taylor '

' The Finish of the Race for the Kings Cup at Henley Regatta: The Australians Beating Oxford By a Length ' photograph taken from above

' As In London So In Paris: The Hopeless Quest of the Taxi. Paris Like London, Suffering From Transport Troubles: A Typical Street Incident Where The Race for Taxis is to The Strong and Unencumbered ' a full page drawing by L. Sabattier of a young woman with her cases patiently waiting

' King and People, in Fresh Dedication of Ourselves as a Mantion: Their Majesties Listening to the Archbishop of Canterburys Sermon in St Pauls ' Double page sketch by A. Forestier in sepia style

' The Return from Exile: Bells of Alsace Which Were Held Hostage in Germany '


Proclaiming The Peace: Heraldic Ceremonial in London

' The First Ceremony of the Series: Garter King of Arms Sir Henry Burke Reading the Proclamation in Friary Court St James's Palace '

' Reading the Proclamation at Charing Cross: York Herald Mr G. A. De Lisle Lee '

' With Drum in Mediaeval Trappings: A Drummer at St James's Palace '

' Approaching the Barrier of Crimson Cord at Temple Bar - Richmond Herald And His Retinue Come to Demand Admission to the City '

' At Temple Bar - The City Marshal Informing the Lord Mayor of the Heralds Demand For Admission '

' The proclamation From the Steps of the Royal Exchange: Trumpeters Blowing A Preliminary Fanfare '

Full page


Before the Days of the Transatlantic Dirigible - A Great German Liner As An American Transport

' In 1914: The Library on Board The Hamburg Amerika Liner Vaterland Before The War '

' In 1918 - The Vaterlands Library as the Office of the Leviathans Chief Executive Officer '

' In 1914 - The Main Dining Room of Former Days on Board the Liner Vaterland '

' In 1918 - The DIning Room as a Picture Theatre and Recreation Hall in the Leviathan '

' In 1914 - The Greenhouse Which Furnished Fresh Flowers For The Dining Tables of the " Vaterland "..'

' In 1918 - The Greenhouse on Board the Transport Leviathan Filled With The Flower of the US Navy '

' In 1914 - The Enclosed Promenade Deck of the Vaterland as it Was in the Old Days '

' In 1918 - The Promenade Deck of the Troop Ship Leviathan Fitted With Folding Bunks '

' In 1914 - The Old Swimming Pool on Board the Hamburg-Amerika Liner " Vaterland "..'

' In 1918 - The Swimming Pool Floored Over and Filled With Bunks on Board the Leviathan '

' In 1914 - The First Class Passengers of the Vaterland Sitting Round The Great Open Fireplace in the Smoking Room '

' In 1918 - A Group of American Sailors on Board The Leviathan By The Old First Class Smoking Room Fire '

Double page


' With Little Orphans Under Her Care at the Palace in Bucharest - Queen Marie of Roumania '

' Queen MArie of Roumania as a Lover of Animals - Feeding Her Dogs in the Palace Garden at Bucharest '

' With King Ferdinand During Their Transylvanian Tour: A Village Deputation '

' The Horns of Elfland? Transylvanian Girls With Mountain Horns '

' Mother And Daughter: Queen Marie And Princess Ileana of Roumania '

' Queen Marie As A Nurse: Her Majesty in a Ward of a Typhus Hospital in Roumania '

' A Peasant Dance in Which The King and Queen Joined, With Ministers and Officers: Queen Marie in a Ring '

Full page

Colour ' In Defeated Germany ' A beautiful village untouched by the war - Full page colour from the Painting by Walter Tyndale the Property of Mr J. C. Colvill


' The " Britannia " of the Air: The First Transatlantic Air Liner - The Great British Airship R 34. The Pioneer of the Air Liners of th Future: The R34 - Her Construction, Internal Arrangements and Motive Power, Illustrated in a Diagram ' a wonderful double page "Drawn by Our Special Artist W. B. Robinson After a Personal Visit of Inspection of the Airship ..."

' White City Cigarettes ' a beautiful full page colour advert by Neville Penny

' Prosperity - Victory Loan ' A full page advert drawn by Septimus E. Scott

' Where Elaborate Preparations Were Made by the American Authorities for the Arrival of the R34: The Roosevelt Field at Mineola Flying Staiton Long ISland Photographed From an Aeroplane '

' Smiling in Anticipation of a Trip Across the Atlantic by Air: Officers and Crew of the British Airship R34 Commanded By Major Scott ' Fashion ' The Vogue for Foulard ' a sketch of the latest dress and hat design " frock of dark blue foulard embroidered with white and cerise beads" not colour

' The Tielocken ' a car coat by Burberry of London

' A Bride to Be: Miss Marjorie Pretyman ' to marry Lieut Valentine Wyndham Quin

' Presented at the First Garden Party: Lady Sheelah King-Tenison ' ' Oranges and Lemons on the Bells of St Clements: The Archdeacon of London Blessing The Bells Before Their Re-hanging '

' A Flying Ambulance: Lifiting a Patient into the Aeroplane '

' A Flying Ambulance: The Patient Covered up ready for the Flight to Hospital '

' The Richmond Horse Show: Major Faudel-Phillips As You Were - Winner of th Novice Class '

' The Richmond Horse Show: Mr Walter Winans and His pair in the Dirving Marathon - second '

' Richmond Horse Show: Miss Putnam u0p on Mrs Putmans Beauty Winner of theClass For Ponies Under 14 Hands ..'

' Lotus ' Shoe advert

' A Valuable Aide in the War: A fiat Ambulance of th American Red Cross in the Higher Italian Alps '

' For Ireland: An Up to Date Char a Banc '

' Triumph ' motor cycle advert

' Over Her Camouflaged Shed: The R31 Airship '


And more adverts of The Day (one of the adverts has a small square cut out, maybe a coupon removed )

Also various articles (no pictures unless listed above) including:
Our Note Book by G. K. Chesterton

' Matters of Moment ' include Lawn Tennis at Wimbledon - Henley Regatta

' About a Number of Things. A Chat on Science by Sir Ray Lankester KCB FRS - Instinct '

' The world of Flight - More About a Territorial Air Force II By C. G. Grey '

' Ladies News by AEL '

Science Jottings - Microbes Made Poisonless '


August 23rd

Vol. 155 No. 4192

September 6th

'A First Prize Winner: Mr James McNally's Thoroughbred Yearling Filly'

The Dublin Horse Show - 'Winner of the First Prize for Four in Hands: Miss Brocklebank ' - - - Driving Her Team of Shetland Ponies: Lady Powerscourt ' - - - In The Light Weight Hunters Class: Two Lady Competitors' - - - With The Viceroy, Lord French: A Group of Irish Notabilities - Marquess of Londonderry - Marchioness of Headfort - Viscount French - Marchioness of Londonderry - Viscount Chaplin '

'How the Pound Sterling Has Fluctuated in Value Since The War Began: Official Statistics Regarding Eighteen Countries Shown in Diagram ' Full page diagram drawn by W. B. Robinson

The Late General Botha - 'In His British Generals Uniform'

'As A Boer Leader in the South African War: General Botha '

'Reported to Have Succeeded General Botha as Premier: General Smuts '

'On His Return to Cape Town: General Botha's Procession in The City'

'On His Farewell to England: General and Mrs Botha on Board The Llanstephen Castle'

'A Conference in the Field: Generals Botha and Smuts '

General Botha 'In German SW - Where he Received The Surrender'

'Reconnoitring With His Staff: General Botha in South West Africa '

'Welcomed in Pretoria on His Return From The Campaign: General Botha Addressing The Crowd'

Partridge Shooting in Bokhara: Stalking Chukar With Screens - 'A device That Holds The Birds Still With Fear or Curiosity: Partridge Shooting as Practised By the Natives of Central Asia. ' Full page drawn by Frederic de Haenen from Material Supplied By Mr Douglas Carruthers

Camera Notes from Abroad - Echoes of the War - 'Said to Have Been Acquired by the Kaiser: The Castle of Doorn ' near Utrecht, the Netherlands - - - 'Doorn Castle: Its Fourteenth Century Tower' - - - 'Doorn Castle: The Front of the House, The Moat, and Bridge'

'Salved and P{robably Coming To England: Capt. Fryatt's Ship, " The Brussels " at Heyst '

'Commemorating Victims of German Butchery in Belgium: Cardinal Mercier Speaking at Aerschot '

'In Profile: Nurse Cavell's Alleged Betrayer ( Georges Quien )'

'The Quien Trial in Paris: The Prisoner Seated in the docik Before The Court Martial'

'Accused of Betraying Nurse Cavell - Georges Quien '

'Emulating The Arc De Triomphe Feat: An Aeroplane Passing Under The Var Bridge at Nice '

'The First Aeroplane to Fly Over The Rockies: Capt. E. Hoy DFC in His Curtiss Biplane '

Natural History at The Seaside - 'A Study That Adds InterestoTo A Seaside Holiday: Denizens of the Sea Shore Seen at Most of Our Watering Places - Shrimp - Squide - Octopus - Ship Barnacles - Sea Urchin - Mask Crab - Weever - Father Lasher - Acheus cranchii - Egg Capsules of The Common Whelk - Spotted Goby - Star Fish About to Devour a Mussel ' Full page drawn by W. B. Robinson

'The Davis Cup Lawn Tennis Tournament at Deauville: Mr Turnbull and Mr Roper-Barrett '

'Winners of the Doubles in The Davis Cup Tournament: MM. Gobert and Laurentz '

'Rail Mounted For Land Work: A Huge 14 inch US Navy Gun '

'On The Latest Type of Rail Mount, Enabling It To Fire in Any Direction: A Side VFiew of the 14 inch US Navy Gun'

'One of Mr A. W. Gattie's Suggestions for Improving British Transport: A Lift for Barges in France '

'A Hydraulic Lift as Already used in France: Barges on a French Canal Entering The Elevator'

'Camouflaged By The Enemy With Foliage to Conceal Its WHitness: The Chateau De Bove As It Was When The Germans Held It'

'As It Was Before The Wa: The South GFacade of the Chateau De Bove in The Aisne' France

'After Its Destruction By French Artillery Under Its Owners Direction: Ruins of the Chateau' Chateau De Bove

Chateau De Bove - 'The Park, and The Wooden Bungalow Where The Owner Now Lives'

'The Patriotic Owner of the Chateau: Captain Rillart de Verneuil and His Wife Before Their Present Abode'

The Air Flight De Luxe: Showing The INterior of a Handley-Page Paris To Brussels Car '

'Showing The Exterior of the Passengers Car on an Air Flight De Luxe: A London Paris Brussels Handley Page Commercial Aeroplane '

'Saluted By The Chief of The French Military Mission: Colonel Corbel Greeting General Denikin' a Russian

'InThe Roadway Beneath The Cathedral at Ekaterinodar: General Denikin ' 'Listening to The Archbishops Speech: General Denikin and His Staff'

'Where Our Premier and His Wife Have Gone For Their Holiday: A Gathering of Visitors At Deauville The Famous French Resort' Double page

'..."Hope You Are OK. We Are Making A Good Crossing and Quite Enjoying It" The Passengers Message to the Pilio on the Journey Fromn Paris to London, in Facsimile ' - - - '..."I am Having Hell, But We'll Get There OK" A Facsimile of the Pilots Reply to The passengers on the Return Flight From Paris To Hounslow'

The LOndon Paris Daily Air Service: INcidents of the Journey - 'The Starting Machine Establishing Contact' - - - 'A CP Van Delivering At Hounslow Aerodrome ' - - - 'The Modern Channel Crossing: Planes That pass In The Air - the Outward and The Homeward Bound' - - - Squalls All The Way: The Airco K130 Approaching Hounslow Aerodrome After a Stormy Return Flight' Drawn by Bryan De Grineau From Skethces By "Our Special Representative Captain Bruce Ingram MC "

'The New Way of Crossing The Channel: What An Aeroplane Passenger Sees Between London and Paris - ' Folkestone - An Air View of The Town ' - - - 'The Old Way of Crossing the Channel: A Steamer Seen From the Air' - - - 'Boulogne - Harbour and Docks' aerial view - - - A Distance Accomplished by Air in 2 Hours 20 Minutes: the Route of the Daily Aeroplane Service Between London and Paris ' - - - Abbeville from an Airco Aeroplane ' - - - 'Clouds - A Storm Over France ' - - - A Big Factory Fire on the Outskirts of Beauvais ' Wonderful double page. Photos taken from an Airco 16. Small tear to b ottom of page

'The Latest Addition to the British Navy: The Cruiser Calcutta'

' J. C. Vickery Beautiful Silver Ware ' Advert

'Funchal Madeira, From the New Motor Road '

'The Angus Sanderson 14 hp Standard Four Seater £450 - Sir Wm. Angus, Sanderson & Co Newcastle on Tyne ' Car advert

Fashion 'Two Tailor Made Models For Country Wear - Two Tweed Coats and Skirts'

'New Sports Jumpers - Debenham & Freebody

'Teagowns - Marshall & Snelgrove ' Advert

'Burberry Completed Shooting Kit ' three design examples

'A Bride of The Week: Sir Arthur Nicholson's Daughter - Miss Christine Mary Nicholson to Mr Peter L. Kiek, Was Fixed For September 4th' Photo of the lady

'Lady Moira Godolphin Osborne' engaged to Captain Oliver Lyttleton

'Johnnie Walker Whiskey' Full page advert

'Homeward Bound With Troops Returning to England: The British Transport " Cornishman " Passing Down The Dvina Towards The White Sea'

'Where a Battalion of Highland Light Infantry Recently Arrived: Archangel, the Town Hall and British GHQ 'Russia

'Captured by The Japanese at Port Arthur, But Restored to Russia When War Began in 1914: The Russian Battleship " Chesma " off Archangel '

'Wana Ranee The Perfume of Ceylon ' Advert

' Zam Buk Ointment ' Advert

'Lotus Shoes' Advert

'Crescent Gardens, Harrogate '

'Distinguished in Gallipoli and Franc: The Colours of the Anson Battalion RNR Deposited in Glasgow Cathedral '

'Brown and Polsons Corn Flour Advert

' Swan Fountain Pen ' Advert

'Bengefrs Food' advert

'Berkeleys Ltd 125 Victoria Street London SW1 - Civil, Naval & Military Tailors' Advert. Small corner of page missing, probably a coupon cut out

'Expected Shortley in England: Viscount Allenby in a Group Taken at The Residence of the Emir Feisul at Damascus

'Smiths Allies Watch ' Advert

'Carters Spinal Carriages - the Southsea ' Advert

' Perrys Tested Pens' Advert

In Constant Use in Australia for Six Years: A Much Travelled DDaimler Near Lake Clifton' Shows the Hon. R. T. Robinson Minister for Industries in W. Australia

'Prince Alberts New Lancia '

'Champion Dependable Spark Plugs' Advert

'Sizaire Berwick Automobiles - Park Royal London NW10, Telephone 2499 Willesden ' Full p;age advert

'The New Austin Twenty as a Landaulette of Distinctive Appearance'

'Wolseley Cars' Advert

'Michelin Tyres' Full page of the now famous Michelin Man smoking a cigar - BI 11

' Karo Syrup The Spread for Bread - Corn Products Co Ltd ' Full page advert And more adverts of The Day
Also various articles including:
'Our Note Book by G. K. Chesterton'

' The World of Flight - Joy Riding and Commercial Aviation by C. G. Grey '

'To Paris in Tow Hours and Twenty Minutes - An Account By Our Special Representative of the First Flight of the Regular London To Paris Air Service by Bruce Ingram '

'Books of the Day by E. B. Osborn '

'How I Made £1000 - Pelmanists Sensational Success' Advert

'Science Jottings- Airships and Helium by F. L.'

'Ladies News by A. E. L.'

'From Natures Story Book: A Seaside Chapter by W. P. Pycraft '

'The Chronicle of the Car'

It measures 400x275mm (16x10.75").



December 20th

Vol. 155, No. 4209

52 pages

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Venus pencils
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Grey's cigarettes



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