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The Illustrated London News 1920 - The Week ending October 16th

Number 4252 Vol. 157

Page 596 Men and occasions of the week: Memories and Portraits

General Lyautey, Sir W. Graham Greene (ex permanent secretary for Munitions), Rev. EJ Hardy (author of "How to be happy though married"), Sir Michael Culme-Seymour, Bt

Old Garibaldians

Mr. Frederic Wise MP for Ilford, A Border Pennon presented to Earl Haig at St. Boswell's Green, General Sir William Birdwood

page 597 - The premier's (Lloyd George) fighting speech on Ireland: at Carnarvon

Page 598 - Books of the Day by E. B. Osborn

mr CN Williamson "My friend the chauffeur", Mr Hugh Walpole "The Captives", Mr William Heinemann (publisher)

Page 599 - Elected in the first year of the war: His Holiness Pope Benedict XV

Page 600 - Art in the sale rooms An event of high interest to the Numismatist: forthcoming sale of the Peck Collection of English and Colonial coins

Page 601 - Monkey-Fur and variety: The keynotes of present-day fashion.

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