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The Illustrated London News 1930

Events of this year in the Illustrated London News

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' South Africa Railways ' a beautiful colour full front page from a painting by C. E. Turner – a magnificent steam train speeding along with what looks like Table Mountain in the background

' The Right hon. General J. C. Smuts '

' The Prospective Cape to Cairo Railway – The "Union Express" Northward Bound from Cape Town to Johannesburg ' from a painting by C. E.Turner

' The Queen's Hotel – Sea Point – Cape Town ' front of the hotel with mountain backdrop of " Lions Head " – photograph marked Akker and Dyk of Cape Town – advert

' Prime Minister – General The hon. James B. M. Hertzog '

' Westnbrooke at Rondebosch near Cape Town – Official Country Residence of the Governor General of the Union of South Africa '

' The Mount Nelson Hotel Cape Town ' three photographs of the interior and exterior

' The Cheapest Rail Route Connecting Rhodesia and The Katanga with a First Class Port - The Beira and Mashonaland and Rhodesia Railways ' full page advert with drawings of Katanga and Northern Rhodesia Copper mines – Victoria Falls – Port of Beira

' Cecil John Rhodes '

' The Right hon. L. S. Amery PC MP '

' Cecil Rhodes Tells "B-P" His Plan for a Railway Line ' from a drawing by Lord Baden-Powell

' Lord and Lady Baden Powell '

Empire Builders of South Africa:

' Sir Otto Beit BT. KCMG – Director of thde British South Africa Co. and of Rhodesia Railways '

' Sir Abe Bailey BT KCMG – African Trans-Continental Telegraph Lines '

' The Late Sir Starr Jameson Bt CB – Rhodes Trustees '

' Founders of Rhodesia – The Right hon. Cecil John Rhodes and Mr Alfred Beit ' in a carriage

' The Late Hon Sir Lewis Michell KCMG the Executor of Rhodes's Will '

' Sir H. Birchenough BT KCMG – Pres. Of the British South Africa Co. '

' The Late Sir Charles Metcalfe BT – Chief Engineer of the Cape to Cairo Route '

Mining Magnates of South Africa:

' Sir R. Sothern Holland of the Central Mining and Investment Corp. Ltd '

' Mr Leopold Albu – London Managing Director of General Mining and Finance Corp. Ltd. '

' Sir henry Strakosch of The Union Corporation of South Africa '

' Sir Ernest Oppenheimer Chiarman of the De Beers Consolidated Diamond Mines and Anglo American Corp Reive of South Africa '

' Mr Jean Jadot – Pres. Union Miniere du Haut Katanga '

' Mr John Martin – Pres. Witwatersrand Chamber of Mines '

' Mr henry Lewis – Chair. Lewis and Marks Ltd '

' Mr Theodore Marks – Chair. Crown Diamonds and Director of Vereeniging Estates Ltd '

' Johannesburg Consolidated Investment Co. Ltd - Consolidated Building, Johannesburg ' full page showing the office block in Johannesburg

' The Late Sir Joseph Robinson – Magnate of the Diamond and Gold Industry '  .

' TheLate Mr Hermann Eckstein – Randt Gold Industry Pioneer '

' The Robinson Deep Mine Johannesburg '

' Surface Works at the Van Ryn Mine of East Rand '

'Sir Edmund Davis – Director of British South Africa Company and of South West Africa Co.

' Sir Robert Williams - Dir. Benguela Railway and VP Union Miniere du Haut Katanga '

' The Plant at the Wankie Coal Fields S. Rhodesia – No. One Colliery '

' The Victoria Falls – With the Railway Bridge '

'The Late Senator Hon. Samuel Marks Co Founder of Vereeniging Estates '

' The Hotel at Vereeniging '

' View of the Brick, POttery and Tile Works at Vereeniging '

' The union Steel Corporation at Vereeniging '

' Map Showing the Present Cape to Cairo Railway and River Route with Sir Abe Bailey's Suggested Trunk Road '

' Map of the Route from Mombasa to Lagos and the Niger '

' Rail Route Connecting the Atlantic Ocean with the Indian Ocean - Lourenco Marques Portuguese Miel East Africa Publicity Dept. ' full page advert in map style format showing various routes, Victoria Falls – Bulawayo – Messina – Pretoria – Mafeking – Johannesburg – Kimberley – Bloemfontein – De Aar – Cape Town – also with inset photographs of Victoria Falls – Town Hall in Johannesburg – American Tourist Landing from the SS Franconia at the Wharf at Lourenco Marques Harbour – Lourenco Marques – Cape Town

' The Main Wharf at Lourenco Marquen on Delagoa Bay ' – Maputo

' The Railway Station in the Health and Pleasure Resort in Lourenco marques '

Progressive Beira – Its Port and Hinterland:

' On the New Viaduct Built Across the Pungwe Swamps '

' His Excellency Commandant Carlos Pereira the Governor of Manica and Sofala '

' The New Deep Water Wharf at Beira – Some Large Cranes '

' Coconut Palms in Northern Mozambique '

' Mister Libert Oury FRGS the London Director of the Mozambique Company '

' The Pungwe Wharf at Beira '

' Map Showing the Benguela Railway in its Transcontinental Aspect and the Tonnage handled at Port Beira '

' The first Ocean Liner at the New Deep WAter Port of Beira '

' IN the Hinterland of Beira – A Big Game Hunters Paradise: A Tusker Bagged ' dead elephant

' Beira – The New Law Courts '

' The Offices of the Societe Generale De Belgique ' advert

' Sir Louis Franck GCVO – Governor of the National Bank of Belgium '

' Panda Mines – Works of the Union Miniere '

' Mr H. F.Varian M.I.C.E – Chief Resident Engineer of the Benguela Railway '

' The Angola Katanga Motor Service Pushing Through the Dense Forest in Belgian Congo '

' Ellerman and Bucknall Steamship Co. Ltd ' advert

The Great Animal Santuary – Prc National Albert:

' Map – The Parc National Albert at Kivu Ruanda '

' Rare Beast - A Gorilla of the Belgian Congo ' a stuffed specimen

' His Majesty King Albert of Belgium – Instrumental in Ensuring the Preservation of Wild Animal Life in the Belgian Congo '

' The Moth Aeroplane ( DH 60 ) – The De Havilland Aircraft Co. of Stag Lane Edgware ' full page advert – drawing by Partridge showing the aircraft ready to take on passengers, fashionable men and women, Chauffeur carrying bags to the plane

' Map – Lady Bailey's Transafrican Solo Flight '

' Map – Possibilities of Air Communication Between Europe and Africa '

' Zanzibar the Home of the Clove Industry ' full page showing photographs of A Clove Tree – HH The Sultan of Zanzibar - A Bunch of Cloves – Cloves Drying in the Sun – A Noew Port – Natives Separating Cloves from Stems '

' The new Harbour at Zanzibar '

' Ship - :;amgobbu Cast;e '

' Sjo[ - Union Castle Liner Llandovery Castle '

' View of Zanzibar '

' The Kisumu Terminus of the Kenya and Uganda Railway Lake Victoria '

' Brigadier General G. D. Rhodes '

' Extinct Volcano – Kilimanjaro '

' The new Railway HQ at Nairobi '

' Bishareen Arabs of the Nile Valley '

' Gellatly, Hankey and Co the Khartoum, Port Sudan, etc 'advert

' Sir Frederick Eckstein Chairman of the Sudan Plantations Syndicate '

' At Port Sudan – Government Buildings '

' Cotton Growing in the Sudan '

' Port Sudan – Coaling '

' Shell Servicer and Products ' full page advert showing a Map entitled From the Cape to Cairo

' Thothmes III – Bust From the British Museum '

' HM King of Egypt - King Fuad '

' Model of The Throne Room of the Palace of King Mer-En-Ptah at Memphis '

Lord Melchett's African Tour and Imperial Chemical Industries:

' Chairman o the Imperial Chemical Industries - The Right Hon Lord Melchett ' ICI

' ICI – The African Explosives And Industries Works At Modderfontein

' A View of Jealott's Hill - The Company Farm and Agricultural Research Buildings in Bucks '

' Imperiasl Chemical House at Millbank – London HQ of ICI '

' View of Port Sudan from the Public Gardens '

' View of the Palacr Gardens in Khartoum '

' King of Abyssinia - HM The Negus Tafari on His Throne During His Coronation '  .

' Addis Ababa – The Railway Station '

' Chairman of the RMS packet Co. White Star Line, Union Castle Line etc - Lord Kylsant '

' The New Graving Dock at Durban '

' Deep Water Wharf at Lobito Bay '

' Ocean Liners at the New Wharf at Kilindini '

' The Main Wharf at Lourenco Marques '

' Grain Elevators at Cape Town '

' The RMS Leopoldville Operating Between Antwerp and The Belgian Congo ' advert

' German African Lines ' advert

' Benguela Railway – Map and Insets of Kohemba Falls – Katanga Copper Mine – Motor Road in Angola – Villa at Huambo – Port of Lobito – A Garratt Engine Hauling The Mail Train ' full page colour drawings on a map background - drawn by G. H. Davis (back page) – small tear to edge of page

Union Castle Line ' full page advert

The Romance of the Cape to Cairo Route – by The Right hon General J. C. Smuts PC CH

South Africa – A Land of Promise by A. H. Tatlow FRGS

Cecil Rhodes's Dream – by the Right Hon. L. S. Amery PC MP

' The men Who Made Africa – by the Right Hon. Lord Baden Powell GCMG etc

Empire Builders of South Africa – Cecil Rhodes, Alfred Beit and Their Colleagues

' Central Mining Rand Mines Group – Incorporated ' full page showing Capital Figures – Share Prices – Directorate Names – Summarised Balance Sheet as at 31 Dec 1928

' Incorporated – Union Corporation Ltd - - - Modderfontein Deep Levels - - - Geduld Proprietary mines - - - East Geduld Mines Ltd ' full page showing Capital, Directors List – Share Prices – Previous Yearly Results etc

The Mineral Wealth of South Africa – by Willianm Ingram Lyon

General Mining and Finance Corporation Ltd – Incorporated I nthe Union of South Africa – as previous incorporation notices

Johannesburg Consolidated Investment Co. Ltd - as previous

Barclays Bank – adv.

The Sir Abe Bailey Control – South African Townships, mining and Finance Corporation Limited – Share prices – List of Directorate etc – full apge

' Mineral Milestones of the Cape to Cairo Railway in N. Rhodesia and Katanga – By Owen Letcher FRGS

London and Rhodesian Mining and Land Co. Ltd – authorised Capitalo – Issued Capital – Directors List etc

Rich Empire Tobaccos – advert

' Mosi-oa-Tunya – The Smoke that Thunders – by Emil Ludwig in "his Journet to Africa"

The Marvels of Rhodesia – by Colonel Marshal Hole CMG

About Vereeniging – The Sheffield of South Africa

The Great dntral African Highway by Captain Owen Tweedie FRGS  .

A Great Trunk Road From Cape to Cairo – By Sir Abe Bailey KCMG

Lourenco Marques Today – by Major W. R.Foran FRGS

TheCopper Watershed of Katanga, Union Miniere's Great Work in Southern Congo Belge – by Owen Letcher FRGS

' Belgian Congo – Problems and Progress by sir Louis Franck GCVO

Across Africa fro Lobito to Cairo via The Belgian Congo – by H. G. Varian FRGS

The Great Animal Sanctuary – The Parc National Albert In the Belgian Congo – By Baron de Cartier de Marchienne, Belgian Ambassador in London – info. Virunga National Park

African Air Communications by the Hon. Lady Bailey DBE FRGS – nee Mary Westenra

' FromCape Town to London Via the East Coast – By ajor W. R. Foran

Cotton Growing in the Sudan – by Sir Frederik Eckstein

The Pageant of Royal Egypt by Philip O'Farrell

' The Sudan, The Optimists Win – by Leonard E. Boxall

' Maritime Side Doors of the Cape To Cairo Route – by Captain G. H. Lepper




' The Greatest Disaster in the history of Aviation – Aerial View of the Wreck of the R101 Airship on a Hillside at Allonne near Beauvais in France ' full front page showing the tangled wreckage of the huge aircraft, lying half in trees and half in field

' Air Vice Marshal Sir W. Sefton Brancker KCB AFC Director of Civil Aviation Killed in the Disaster '

' Brigidier General Lord Thomson CBE DSO - Secretary of State For Air Killed in the Disaster ' – info. Christopher Birdwood Thomson

' The R101 in Pictorial Diagram – A Side View showing the Position of the Control Car, Passenger Quarters, Power Cars,etc – Section Cut Away to Show one of the Gas Bags ..' diagrammitacal drawing by G. H. Davis from a "Sketch Made at the Royal Ariship Works at Cardington by Permission of the Air Ministry"

' The R101 Airship as She Appeared the Day Before the Disaster – The Airship Swinging from the Mooring Mast at Cardington '

' R101 Airship As She Would Have Appeared to Observers on the Ground on the Night of Her Destruction – A nigh Photohgraph Taken by Searchlight '

Aboard ther R101 – Quarters for Passengers and Crew etc:

' The Smoking Room – Group of Passengers at a Table '

' One of the Passenger Sleeping Cabins ' diagram

' Lunch in the R101 – A Group including Several of the Lost Officers – Major Scott – Colonel Richmond – Major Colmore and others In the Dining Room ' photograph

' The Lounge Measuring 62ft x 33ft '

' Viewing Deck in One of the Promenades Next to the Lounge ' photograph of a woman in a deckchair with a man looking at the view

' Photograph Showing the Type of Sleeping Accomodation Provided for the Men (crew) '

' Incidents In the Navigation of the Airship including the Interior of a Power Car, and The Captains Bridge ' another wonderful, descriptive diagram on a full page showing – A Sectional view of One of the Five Power Cars being operated by a member of crew showing the 650hp Beardmore Diesel Engine, Variable Pitch Propeller and Spinner etc - - - One of the Fuel Tanks and Device for Quick Release of Fuel in Emergency - - - Mooring Arrangements and Passenger Gangway with man working on Port, Starboard and Bow Winches, Emergency Water Ballast Bag, Mooring Eye etc - - - Method of Warming and Ventilating Passenger Accomodation - - - The Captains Bridge wityh Chart Table, Navigating Instruments, Engine Room Telegraphs etc.

Double page of photographs and diagrams

The Wreckage at Allone:

' The Wreck of the Airship – Stern View '

' Tangled Debris of the Airship showing Girder Work of the Hull '

' An Aerial View Showing the Collapsed Midships Section with Quarters That Contained the Passengers' …'

' Showing the Enormous Length of the Wreck and The Search for Bodies in the Debris of Passenger Quarters Amidships '

Double page of photographs

Victims of the R101 Airship Disaster:

' Wing Commander R. B. B colmore Obe RAF – director of Airship Development '

' Mister M. A. Giblett M.Sc – Superintendent of Airship Div. Meteorological Office '

' Major P. Bishop OBE – Chief Inspector, Aeronautical Inspection Dept '

' Lieutenant Colonel V. C. Richmond – Asst. Dir. Of Airship Technical Development '

' Engineer A. H.Watkins '

' Engineer W. H. King '

' Engineer A. C. Hastings '

' Engineer C. Fergusson '

' Rigger H. Ford '

' Rigger A. J. Richardson '

' Rigger M. G. Rampton '

' Engineer W. Moule '

' Engineer S. E. Scott '

' Rigger A. W. Norcott '

' Engineer R. blake '

' Charge Hand Engineer T. Key '

' Rigger C. Taylor '

' Charge Hand Engineer G. Short '

' Group Photograph of the Aorsjo[s Crew – P. A. Foster – E. G. Rudd – C. A. Burton – G. Hunt – M. Littlekitt – S. T. Keeley – L. F. Oughton – W. R. Gent – Flying Officer M. Steff – Squadron Leader E. L. Johnston – Major G. H. Scott – Flight Lieutenant Irwin – Lieutenant Commander Atherstone – Chief Steward Savidge – C. mason – ALL LOST IN THE DISASTER WHILE THESE SURVIVED – S. Church – J. H. Binks – W. Radcliffe (died later of wounds) '

' A Photograph Taken Shortly Before the Start of the R101 – Squadron Leader E. L. Johnston – Sir Sefton Brancker – Lord Thomson – Lieutenant V. C. Richmond '

Full page

' The Coffins of Some of the Victims Covered with Flowers at Allonne '

' French Soldiers Arranging Coffins Containg Bodies of Victims Taken From the Debris at Allonne – Tangle Wreckage in the Background '

' Air Chief Marshal Sir John Salmond Seen With a French Air Officer of High Rank holding an Intact Watch and Chain Found Among the Debris '

' Three of the Seven Survivors Sitting Next to the Wreckage – Engineer A. V Bell – Foreman Engineer H. J. Leech – Engineer J. H. Binks '

' In Hospital Near the Scene of the R101 Crash – H. J. Leech – J. H. Binks '

' M. Laurent-Eynac The Air Minister Beside One of the Survivors '

Photographs of The Airship Before the Disaster:

' One of the Five Power Cars Containing the Experimental Beardmore Engine '

' Another of the Power Cars Seen Slung in the Engine Test Shed … '

' One of the Automatic Gas Valves – Man Fitting a Part ' ' The Bow of the Airship in its Shed …'

' Some of the 38 Main Fuel Tanks During Construction and One of the Great Gas Bags Whose Capacity was 5½ Million Cubic Feet of Hydrogen Gas …'

' The After End of the R101 Showing the Steering Rudders '

Full page

Six Photographs After the Crash to Compare with the Photographs Above – Full page

' The World of Cinema – An Imaginary New York in the Year of 1980, A Model Constructed of the Fox Musical All Talking Film " Just Imagine " ..' two photographs of the model for the film

New York Skyscrapers of 1930:

' Empire State Building - A New York Workman Waves To His Mates Whilst Perched 350 Yards Above the Street Level of Herald Square '

' Looking Towards Central park and the Hudson River - Like a Diver on A 1000ft Spring Board – A Workman on the New Empire State Building Silhouetted Against a panorama of new York '

' The Spire of the Chrysler Building Seen From the New Empire State Building – The East River in the Background '

Gas Mask Training for Both Sexes – a German Industrial Gas Mask Course of the German Gaslight Company:

' Training in a Gas Filled Room – A Reproduction of Conditions Following an Industrial Disaster '

' Three Girls Doing Deep Breathing Exercises in Gas Masks '…

' Obstacle Running I na Dar, gas Filled Passage '

' Pupils testing their Physical Ability While Wearing the Masks '

' Testing A Gas Mask '

Full page

' Clay Pigeon Shooting En Masse – An Aerial View of a Championship Meeting I Ohio USA with 26 Teams Firing Side by Side ' a full apge photograph

Bringing Home the Dead of R101 Airship:

' The Bodies Leaving Boulogne Aboard the Destroyer '

' The Bodies Arriving at Dover Draped in Union Jacks on the Gun Platform of HMS Tempest '

' At Victoria Station – Placing the coffins I RAF Tenders and An RAF Guard of Honour '

' Mourning the Loss of a Friend I L:ord Thomson - The Prime Minister Ramsay Macdonald with His Daughter at Victoria ' and others

' Crowds Outside Victoria Watch the RAF Tenders Leaving for Westminster Mortuary '

Personalities of the Week and People in the Public Eye:

' Mr Lenox Simpson Shot by Chinese but Escaped '

' Miss Eleanor J. Harrison Captured by Chinese Bandits in Fukien and Recently Reported to Have Been Shot '

' Miss Edith Nettleton Captured by Chinese Bandits, Reported to Have Been Shot '

' Sir Joseph Byrne Governor and CinC of Sierra Leone '

' Mister G. Woods Woolaston Former Norroy King of Arms etc '

' Lieutenant General Sir James McCay Dies aged 66 – Command of Australian Imperial force '

' Dr Lewis Evans Dies – Whos Photograph in a Previous Issue Was Incorrect '

' Mrs Victor Bruce Who Was Reproted to Have Crashed in Peris – Seen Shortly Before Starting On Her Solo Flight '

' Members of the Imperial Conference Assembled at Downing Street – Mr Guthrie of Canada – Mr Snowden Chancellor of Exchequer – Mr Wedgwood Benn – mr McGilligan of Ireland – Mr Forbes PM of New Zealand – Mr Bennett PM of Canada – Mr Ramay MacDonald PM of GB – Mr Scullin PM of Australia – General Hertzog PM of South Africa – Sir R. Squires PM of Newfoundland - Mr Henderson Sec. of State GB – T. Miel – Mr Maloney of Australia – H.H. The Maharajah of Bikanir – Mr Graham Pres. Of Board of Trade GB – Mr Hogan of Ireland – Mr Dupre of Canada – Mr Havenga of South Africa – Lord Passfield – Mr Stevens Minister of Trade for Canada – Mr Thomas Sec of State for Dominion Affairs – Sir T. Sidey Attorney Gen. New Zealand – M. Reive - Lord Sankey of Great Britain – Mr Fitzgerald of Ireland – Mr Fourie Minister of Mines for South Africa – Sir M. Shafi – Mr Carew – Mr Thomson – sir E. Harding – Mr Read – Sir M. Hankey – Mr Abbott – Sir H. Batterbee – dr Bodenstein – Mr Walshe – Mr Tottenham '

Full age

' Aeroplanes Laden with Objects Intended fo the Persian Art Exhibition in London About to Take off at Teheran '

' Major Burwash Standin Next to a Cairn Set Up by the Survivors of Sir John Franklins Crews ' and another man

' Cairn Set by Franklins Crew on King Williams Land '

' A Scene in King Williams Land – A Man with Relics of Franklin Expedition '

' A Post Office Van At Mount Pleasant Sorting Office Which Was Damaged by An Explosion in a Mail Bag '

' A Waterspout at Sea – Photograph Taken fronm the RMSP Atlantis in the Aegean '

The Magic of Ultra Violet Light:

' Specimens of Willemite,Fluorspar and Aragonite – As They Apear in Daylight '

' The Same Group of Minerals Made Fluorescent and Glowing with Colour – As They Appear Under Ultra Violet Rays '

Full page in Colour

' Table Mountain South Africa – A Cable Car Nearing the Upper Station on the Summit Overlooking Lion's Head and the Atlantic ' a wonderful colour print "Painted Specially for The Illustrated News By C. E. Turner " – Double page with description

' Capstan Medium Strength Navy Cut Cigarettes from W. D. and H. O. Wills ' full page colour advert

An Outburst of Militarism - The Stahlheimers on Parade at Koblenz in Germany:

' Wilhelm The Ex Crown Prince at a Military Parade '

' Herr Franz Seldte Founder and leader of the Stahlheinmers ( Steelhelmets) Surrounded with the Banners of the Militant Political Organisation '

' Hohenzollern Princes as "Steelhelmets" – Prince Oskar – Prince Eitel Friedrich – Sons of the Ex Kaiser '

' A Steelhelmet March Past at Koblenz '

' Stahlhein Colours Escorted by Reichswehr Troops at Wiesbaden '

' A Stahlheim Parade in Recently Evacuate Rhineland – Standard Bears at The " Goose-Step ".. '

Full page

' Mysterious Mine Explosion at The Grove Colliery Near Walsall in Staffordshire – Bringing Bodies to The Surface '

' A Rescue Party with Gas Masks and Breathing Apparatus Returning From the Pit '

' A Bust of Lord Northcliffe unveiled in Fleet Street by Lord Riddell '

Death of Lord Birkenhead – Frederick Edwin Smith aka F. E. Smith

' Edward Prince of Wales Leaving Westminster Abbey After the Memorial Service for Lord Birkenhead '

' Lord Birkenheads Funeral – His Butler Holding The Late Earls Cairn Terrier '

' The Chief Mourners at the Graveside During the Burial of Lord Birkenhead at Newbottle Churchyard near Banbury '

' A Floral Tribute Shaped Like a Mace Being Borne into the Churyard – A Reminder of Lordbirkenheads Tenur as Lord Chancellor '

Furniture, Fabric, Designs by Mr Frank Brangwyn – An Exhibition in London:

' A Dining Room with Furniture '

' A Brangwyn Sideboard, Carpet, Chairs and Pottery '

' Brangwyn Wardrobe, Table, Vase, Chair and Rug '

' Bedroom Furniture '

' A Brangwyn Lounge – taking Tea '

Full page

' Princess Giovanna of Savoy an Italian Princess to ber Queen of Bulgaria ' full page photograph by Sommariva with an inset of King Boris of Bulgaria – an announcement of their betrothal

Photographs from an Ornathological Expedition:

' A Pair of Ivory Gulls Guarding Their Young on Storo Island Near Kvito - Where Andree's Camp was Found '

' Ivory Gulls on Storo Island off KVito Island '

' A Nestling Ivory Gull '

Three Drawings by Alice Woodward of Aboriginal Australia:

' The Use of the Pointing Bone – an Aboriginal Method of Witchraft '

' An Aboriginal Folk Story – The Mischievous Crow and The Babies in a Tree '

' The Mischievous Crow – Abducting the Adders Wife '

Living Survivals of the Stone Age – Australian "Blacks" Still Palaeolithic -:

' The Ceremonially Decorated Pintos - The Climax of a Carpet Snake Corroboree '

' Pinto Warriors in Extraordinary Cross Shaped head Dresses Made of Grass and Feathers bound with Human Hair '

' A Pinto Warrior Seen Hurling a Spear by Means of the Woomera … '

' A Craftsman Making a Woomera with a Chisel and Stone – Member of the Pinto Tribe '


' A Pinto Warrior Making fire by Friction Between a Woomera and a Wooden Shield '

' Men of a Tribe Attired for a Corroboree - Decorated with Paint and Down Feathers ' – info. Pintupi –Yumu

Geographical Photographs of Australia Taken by the Mackay Aerial Survey Expedition -:

' James Range – Giant Tiers Formed by Displaced Strata …'

' Mount Olga ' – info. Kata Tjuta,

' Part of Ayers Rock – Showing Two Aeroplanes from the Survey '

' A Huge Cave at Ayres Rock – The Cave Dwarfed a Human Figure '

' Waterfall on Ayers Rock …'

A Great Art Discovery in America:

' The Madonna and Child with St John and An Angel – A Tondo Formerly in the Salting Collection and Later Identified as the Work of Sandro Botticelli '

' A Dtetail of the Above Picture - Head of the Virgin '

' The Head of the Angel '

Full page – the article makes ref. to John Levy Galleries New York – Mr E. W. Edwards of Cincinnati Ohio USA - Dr G. Fiocco and the detail of the big toe of the childs right foot, referring to Babinski's sign (or Koch's sign)

' TheVale of Aylesbury Steeplechase by F. C. turner ' from an old sporting print

' TheWarren Wall – From an Old Sporting Print by Henry Alken '

' 17hp Vauxhall Cadet ' full page advert

' The Bar-Lock Typewriter ' advert

' The Mall in London - A Hooper Rolls Royce ' advert

' New Evening Dresses Photographed in the Model Gown Salon at Gorringes '

' A View of The New Fabric Hall at Gorringes in Buckingham Plaace Road SW '

' The Handbag Section at Gorringes '

' Chauffeurs Livery at Moss Bros ' advert

' Mansion Polish – Mrs Bear and Mrs Leopard ' advert

' BP Petrol ' full page advert – a drawing by Ashley

' St ate Express Cigarettes ' full page advert

' The Benguela Railway – Lobito Bay Portuguese West Africa ' advert – map of Africa

' Thornycroft Motor Boats ' advert

' Aquascutum Overcoats ' advert

' Players No. 3 Cigarettes ' drawing by Hugh Pane or Bane

' Union Castle Cruises ' advert

' Egypt ' holiday travel advert – back page

' Fashions – Coats from Swan and Edgar ' advert

Our Note Bookl page by G. K. Chesterton

Books Reviewed by Charles E. Byles – The Hamwood Papers by The Ladies of Llangollen and Caroline Hamilton and Edited by mrs G. H. bell - - - Doctor Darwin by Hesketh Pearson - - - The Making of William Penn by Mabel Richmond Brailsford

Pycraft – The Ivory Gull and Expedition to Kvito (White Island) by Mr Mervyn Ingram – also mentioned in the article Mr Christopher Dalgety – Colonel Fielden

Symobloism and Black Magic in the Antipodes – Being an Appreciation of "Myths and Legends of the Australian Aboriginals" by W. Ramsay Smith – pages by LPH

The Mackay Aerial survey Expedition – wioth mention of Mr P. Crosbie Morrison

' Collectors Page – Steeplechasing Prints by and After Henry Alken – by Frank Davis


the Playhouses – "The Breadwinner" at the Vaudeville - - - "Leave it to Psmith" at the Shaftesbury - - - "Knave and Quean " at the Ambassadors - - - "It's a Boy" at the Strand

Car or Motoring Page by H. Thornton Rutter includes New ford Car Models - - - The New Chrysler - - - Six Speed Gear and Novel Transmission - - - A Reversing Record Test

Chess by Ernest Irving with ref. to Niemzowitch Corrals the Professor


May 10th

May 24th

40 6474


' The Grand National – "May Kings" Rider Getting Out of the Way After His Fall at Bechers Brook as Becher Himself Once Did ' full page photograph showing a horse and rider falling after the jump and a horse and G. Goswell (jockey) in the ditch with his horse May King on its back

' the Start of the Grand National – A race Where Only Six of the Forty One Completed the Course '

' The Grand National - At The Water Jump '

' Finish of The Grand National – "Shaun Goilin " Ridden By T. Cullinan Beating "Melleray's Belle ", With "Sir Lindsay" Third '

' Lady Morris and Child Painted by Romney for Forty Guineas – Bought by An American, colonel Carstairs, for £18000 '

The First Actual Photographs of the New Planet:

' A Photograph Taken at the Lowell Observatory on 2 Mar1930 - The New Planet Seen to the Left of Delta Geminorum '

' Photograph Taken at The Yerkes Observatory - The New Planet Seen to the Right of Delta Geminorum '

' Photograph Taken at Neubabelsberg Observatory in Berlin – Right of Delta Geminorum …'

' Taken at the Merate Observatory near Milan by Professors Bianchi, Cecchini and Pacella of the Royal Academy of Sciences of Brera '

' Photograph Taken at the Radcliffe Observatory in Oxford – To The Right of Delta …'

Science as Art

' The Leitz's Large Universal Microscope and Projector for Testing Pigment ..'

' Part of a "Virgin" by Lucas Cranach - A Painting Scientifically Tested '

' A Radiograph of the Landscape I nthe Left Lower Corner of the Above Section of Cranach's Painting '

' An Anatomical and Microchemical Study of a Modern Wood Artificially Patinated '

' Scientific Proof of the Age of an Italian "Primitive": A Photomicrograph of a Fragment of Wood From Pictures ' from A Madonna by Piero Della Francesca

' A "Madonna" By Piero Della Francesca Proved by Scientific Tests to be Old but Resotred '

' Scientific Evidencd Revealing Modern Restoration in the Above – Photograph Taken by Ultra Violet Light '

' A Photomicrograph of a Tiny Fragment of Matter Taken From a Portrait of Madame henriette de France by Nattier '

' A Ring Sent to Bernadotte by Napoleon '

' Desiree Clary Married to General Bernadotte ..'

' Jean Baptiste Bernadotte ' From seven small paintings

' The Moving Picture Makers – A Famous Dance Hall of paris The Moulin Rouge Reconstructed and Seen as View From Aloft During the Making of a Film ' a full page photograph taken in the Studio des Ballancourt during the making of the film "Paname" – A lighting technician sitting in the rafters looking down on the scene

Revealed by Bending Pages of Books! – Fore Edge Paintings:

' A Hunting Scene – the Death of the Fox From Strutts Sports and Pastimes …'

' From Hounds in Full Cry …'

' The Fore Edge Painting Revealed by Bending Down the Pages of a Book of " Poems " by S. Rogers – A View of the Interior of th First Quadrangle, Knole, Kent '

' Revealed in Reeve's Edition of the Bible …' .

Plus five other examples of the paintings includes in a sale at Messrs Sotheby's

A Cypriote's Tomb In Ancient Egypt – In the Great Mastabah at Meydum:

' Coffin of Kagemesh or Gemesh with Objects Found Neat It …' sketch

' The Tomb of Gemesh at Meydum …' fro a sketch

' Objects Found in the Coffin of Gemesh …' from a sketch

' Slender Spindle Pots of the Late Bronze Age of Cyprus Found Reive in His Coffin – Indicating Gemesh was a Cypriote ' photograph

' The coffin of Gemesh with Vignettes – The Right Side Showing the Sacred etc ..'

' Containing Two Mummies Laid Back to Back – The Coffin of Gamesh …'

' Guardian Goddesses – Nephthys and Isis Portrayed on the Ends of the Coffin ..'

Finds at Meydum in Egypt:

A Wooden Head Rest for a Mummy Found in the Mastabah At Meydum '

' Three Gold Pendants …'

' Samll Alabaster Cosmetic Pot Covered with a Cloth …'

' A Juglet Wrapped in a Dish Cloth …'

' Odds and Ends from a Tomb …'

' A Jug ..'

' Toilet Articles From a Tomb – A Monkey Shaped Eyee Paint Pot and Box ..'

' A Small Basket Which Contained Cosmetic Pot etc '

' A Honeycomb of Intrusive Tombs in the Meydum Mastabah …'

' Another Childs Grave Containg a Dish on the Coffin Lid and A Jar at the End '

' Sloping entrance to an Underground Masonry Lined Tomb …'

' Still Encircled with the Rope Used for Lowering it into the Grave – A Mummy Encased in a Mat Made of the Stems of palm Tree Fonds …'

the World of theatre:

' Georges Carpentier The Famous French Boxer as a Star of the Screen In "Show of Shows" .. ' dancing along with a row of girls

' The Super Revue Talkie at the Tivoli,The famous Dog Film Actor - Rin-Tin-Tin '

' A Huge Bath Figures in a comedy in The Show of Shows '

' Emily Bertie by George Romney ' full apge colour print

' The Temple of Sobek and Haroeris at Kom Ombo on the Nile ' full page colour print by William Walcot dated 1928

The Grand National Fall Analysed by Cine Camera – theBeginning of a Fall at Bechers and Its End with Horse and Rier in the Ditch ' from the patheton Weekly News – ten sequential shots

Art Treasures:

' Model of a Napoleonic Ship Yard With a Ship "The Murat" on a Slipway '

' A Medallion Inscribed "Made by Savagnac at Dartmoor" ..'

' A Diamond Necklace – Napoleons Gift to Marie Louise ..'

' Cosimo De medici II and His Wife – Wax Portraits by Guillaume Dupre '

' A Side View of the Murat Model by French Prisoner During the Napoleonic Wars '

' A 15c Ship Model in Silver Gilt – To Be Auctioned at Sotheby's '

' With a Figure of a Mouse at Each Corner and Surmounted by a Mouse Trap – A Silver cheese Dish 1804 '

News Items of Topical Interest:

' the new Charing Cross Bridge Scheme – Model Showing the new Bridge with Waterloo Bridge Beyond '

' Charing Cross Model from The Middx Side '

' TheStart of Gandhi's Civil Disobedience March inIndia – A Large Crowd of His Followers Crossing the River Subermati After Leaving Ahmedabad '

' India's Spectacular Agitator – Mahatma Gandhi with His New Lieutenant Manilal Kothari '

' Queen Mary at the New Chapel of the Dockland Settlement – Chapel of St George and St Helena in Canning Town '

' Westminster Abbey – The Plaque to Lord Milner Recently Unveiled in Henry VII's Chapel '

' Calcutta India – The Jain Temple of Badri Das ' full page photograph

' Athens – The Ruins of the Propylaea and the Little Temple of Wingless Victory on the Acropolis – An Unusual View ' full page photograph

' The Grand Internatioinal – The Race as forecast by Derso, "Tipper" and " Napper" ..' a comical sketch by "The Traveller Cartoonist of the International Conferences" – a skit on the Grand National with a funny description of the sketch with includes references and some caricatures of various famous people incl. Alexander– Grandi and Mussolini– Briand – Stimson – Dwight Morrow – Macdonald - Wakatsuki – info. Derso as in Alois Derso the caricaturist and illustrator – Full page

Chinese Costume From the T'ang Period to the Republic – A Pageant in Peking by Ladies of Old Chinese Families:

' TheManchu Dynasty – The Mother and Father in a Reconstruction of a Manchu Bridal Scene '

' Ming Dynasty – Miss Katherine Hsu as the Beauty Lin Tai Yue '

' Manchu Dynasty – Manchu Empress ( Miss Effong Lo ) and Court Ladies ( Miss Ganyor mei – Miss nora Sze Niece of the Chinese Minister top London) '

' Manchu Dynasty – the Bride and Bridegroom Scene '

' Sung Dynasty – Miss Stella King Wearing a Theatrical Costume '

' T'ang Dynasty – Miss Lily Yuan as Yang Kuei Fei the Famous Concubine of Emperor Ming Huang '

' The Republic – Miss Bett Ma as the Modern Chinese Flapper '

Full page of photographs

Personalities and Events of the Week:

' Dr Bruning of the Centre Party – The New German Chancellor '

' Brigadier General E. C. Walthall with His 52lb Salmon Caught in Ireland at Careysville Fermoy '

' TheLate Professor J. O. Arnold FRS – An Eminent Metallurgist '

' A Unique Rowing Event o the Thames - the River Championship '

' A Scrapped Submarine Ashore o nthe Cornish – The LI on the Rocks near Cape Cornwall ' group of people watching the unmanned submarine off shore

' Gliding – A Glider of the London Gliding Club Taking Off From a Hill in Hertfordshire ' .

' Anglo Egyptian Conference – The Locarno Room at the Foreign Office with Nahas pasha and Mr Arthur Henderson

The Passenger Pigeon -:

' The Passenger Pigeon – Immature, Nale and Female Birds ' after a painting by Louis Fuertes

' One of the Last of Its Kind – An Adult Male Passneger Pigeon from Life '

' An Immature Passenger Pigeon Distinguished by White Edges to the Covert Feathers of the Wing '

Gardens at the Ideal Home Exhibition at Olympia -:

' Garden with Sundial etc Designed by Mr R. Crewdson-Day of Mill Hill '

' Designed by a Picture by Tom Mostyn – Terrace with Arched Trellis … Designed by messrs J. Cheal and Sons of Crawley '

' Garden Design Based on the Painting by Yeend King – Designed by Carters Tested Seeds '

' Inspired by Yeend Kings Picture of an old English Cottage Garden – Carters Tested Seeds '

' Inspired by a Picture by John Kirkpatrick – A Rock Garden in Cheddar Stone – by Messrs Baker of Codsall near Wolverhampton ' ' Garden After a Painting by Geoege Sheringham – by Messrs L. R. Russell of Richmond Surrey '

Double pag

' Rings for Collectors – The Darnley Ring 1565 - - - 17c Double Hoop Gold ring - - - Anglo Saxon Prototype of 18c Marquise Ring - - - 13c Stirrup shaped Ring - - - 14c Venetian silver Gilt Stirrup Ring - - - German Early 27c Gold Gimmel Ring - - - A Charm Against Cramp – A 15c English Cent Gold Ring - - - Religius Ring - - - Charm Against the Plague - - - 14c Religious Ring - - - Amulet of the Magi - - - Charm Against Toothache and Tempests 14c - - - Amulet Against Epilepsy '

Statue of Pope Pius XI -:

' Signing of the Vatican Treaty by Cardinal Gasparri and signor Mussolini – A Plaque for a Panel of the Monument to be Erected at Desio '

' A Model of the Whold Monument to the Pope fith The Four Corner Figures Symbolic of the Cardinal Virtues '

' Colossal Statue of Pope Pius XI Wearing Glasses To Be Unveiled at Desio near Milan '

' Sculpture for the Plinth – Cardinal Virtues of Justice etc '

' The Sculptor Albert Dressler at work on the Head of the Statue '

' Electric Light as a Decorative Medium ' full page showing five photographs

' The Daily Mail Ideal Home Exhibition at Olympia ' full apge advert

' the Devon Fire Place ' advert

' Greens Mowers – The Supreme Lawnmower - - - The Greens Griffin Rollers ' advert

' Castell Pencils ' advert

' Gloss Combinol Paint ' advert

A Petrol Power Lawn Mower by Thomas Green and Son of Leeds and London '

' Motoring on the Riviera – the New Morris Oxford Six Cylinder Car Between Nice and Monte Carlo '

' Zephyr Racquet Press ' tennis racket advert

' BP Puts New Life into Your Car ' advert

' The Riley Car ' advert

' the Atco All British Motor Mower – From 21 Guineas ' lawn mower advert – photograph showing the Lawns at Batttle Abbey and the Mower

' William Murray First Earl of Mansfield – From a Painted by J. S. Copley RA '


' The Advent of the Baby Barge Cruiser ' sketch plan of the boat

' Thornycroft Motor Boats ' advert

' Players Tobacco and Cigarettes ' full page advert showing a man in a cap smoking a pipe – NCC 828a

' Signing the Peace River Block and Railway Lands Agreement at Victoria BC Canada – The Hon. Dr. S. F. Tolmie – Hon. F. P. Burden – Oscar Bass Attorney Gen. – Harry Cathcart – Hon. William Atkinson – Hon. R. L. Maitland – Hon. W. A. McKenzie – Hon. Joshua Hinchliffe – Hon. S. L. Howe – M. Miel – Hon R. H. Pooley – Hon. W. C. Shelley – Hon. N. S. Lougheed '

' Courtaulds Fabrics ' full page advert showing a dress design sketched by Barbara, a fashionable lady sitting on a chair

' Waging War o Germs – Wrights Coal Tar Soap ' advert showing two men in a lab

' The LNER Holiday ' advert

' The Bystander Rover Saloon ' advert

' Easter at Deauville – La Plage Fleurie ' advert

' The SWwan Pen ' advert

' Gamages Chauffeurs Outfit ' advert

' Carr's of Carlisle Biscuits ' advert

' Henry Heath Hats – the Coddington ' advert

' Schweppes Giner Ale ' full page advert

Our Note book by G. K. Chesterton

The New Planet – An Explanatory Note by Dr A. C. D. Crommelin President of the Royal Astronomical Society with mention of – Dr C. O. Lampland – Dr G. Struve – Professor G. van Biesbroeck .

Science as Art – by M. Edmond Bayle the Famous French Detective and M. Augustin Mache

' Marshal of France and King of Sweden – An Appreciation of "The Amazing Career of Bernadotte" by the Right hon. Sir Dunbar Plunket Barton

Books of the Day

A Link between Ancient Egypt and Cyprus – A Cypriote's Tomb at The Great Mastabah at Meydum – By Alan Rowe the field Director of the Egypt Expedition from the Museum of The University of Pennsylvania

The World of Theatre by J. T. Grein

The World of Science – Is the Passenger Pigeon Extinct? The March of Extermination – by W. P. Pycraft

A Page for Collectors by Frank Davis

The Playhouses

The Chronicle of the Car by H. Thornton Rutter .

mnarine Caravanning by Commander G. C. E. Hampden RN

Chess Conducted by Ernest Irving

37 3494

' Floods in Southern France – An Aerial Photograph of Montauban ' full front page - the photograph shows the devastation caused to the buildings and houses

' Lansdowne Marble – a Wounded Amazon in Pentelic Marble Sold at Christies to Brummer of Paris for 27,000 Guineas '

James II's Travelling Organ:

' The False Front with Dummy Pipes and The Painted Indian Scenes '

' Side Panel Showing Indian Scenes ' x2

' Upper Part of the Organ with False Front Removed …'

' The Sleeping Nymph by Antopnio Canova At the Sale of the Lansdowne Marbles – Bought for the Victoria and Albert Museum '

Ngorongoro ( Tanzania ) in Africa:

' The Crater of Ngorongoro ' full page photograph by T. Alexander Barns the Famous Traveller and Naturalist taken through euphorbia trees – with a caption announcing his death in Chicago

' Rich Pasture Land in the Crater ..'

' A Photograph by Mr T. A. Barns – "The GreatCrater of Ngorongoro as I First Saw It" ..'

' Volcano - Oldonyo-Lengai The Sacred Mountain of the Masai '

' Sketch of the Great Crater – A Sketch by Mister T. Alexander Barns ' Barnes

' Masai Lion hunters with Their Bag '

The Ancient Egyptians:

' Remains of a Wooden Boat at Saqqara '

' An Ancient Egyptian Model of a Nile Boat ' two photographs by The Keeper of the Ashmolean Museum

' Boat Building Methods in Ancient Egypt – Papyrus Boat - - - Egyptian Shipwrights at Work - - - Business and Pleasure Boats of Ancient Egypt c1400BC - - - Method Steering - - - Large Seagoing Boat c2500BC - - - Chisel Blade - - - Adze ' and other drawings – Full page drawn by G. H. Davis from Material Supplied by Mr S. R. K. Glanville of the British Museum

' Africa's Last Empire – Burial Place of aGalla '

' A Cunama Dance at Bosciosca '

' Hunting in Ethiopia - Lion Spearing and Elephant Shooting etc ' two drawings by the Native Artist Ato Belatchehou – small

Floods at Reynies and Moissac I France:

' An Aerial Photograph of Reynies After The Disaster '

' Moissac – An Aerial View of the Devastation '

' A Stret Cleaning Water Cart at Albi – Supplying Clean Water '

' The Funeral of M. Poult at Montauban - The Burial of a Flood Hero '

' At Montauban People Leaving Their Homes – A Man Carrying a Bird In a Cage '

' Montauban – Scene of Devastation Looking Like Reive the Effects of Shell Fire '

' Montauban - A Pet Dog Guarding a Home Amidst the Wreckage '

' Montauban – Two Men removing Removing Property From Their Damaged house '

' Montauban – French Soldiers Dragging a Pontoon Through a Street ' boat

' The French Preston M. Doumergue Talking to Monsieur Gaston Rey of Reynies Who Rescued Many People '

' At Moissac – A House Which Collapsed under the Force of Flood Waters '

' Montbaun – A Ruined Home Where a Streets of Small Brick Houses Collapsed ' a man and policeman searching in the ruins

Man Mad " Thunder Storms " – Experiments at the Metropolitan Vickers Electrical Company at Trafford Park Manchester -:

' The Discharge When Electrical Pressure of Over Half a Million Volts Occurs Between an Insulated Sphere and an Earthed Plate '

' A Tye of Discharge Seen From the Experiment in the Photograph Above'

' The Huge Conducting Plates of The Condenser …'

' A Lightning Flash Produced by a Million Volts – A Copper Ball and a Metal Earth Below '

' A Million Volt Flash in the Laboratory ' full page photograph

The World of Kinema -:

' One of the Marionette Burlesques Being Made at the Associated Sound Film Industries Studios at Wembley – Clive Brook as Sherlock holmes Rescues Anna May Wong in a Chinese Dope Den ' a scene showing puppets

' A Marionette Burlesque – Tom Mix Rounds Up Indians With the Help of Tony '

' An Amusing Encounter Between Charlie Chaplin and Douglas Firbanks in the Wembley Studios Associate Sound Film Industries – Marionettes of the Two Men, with DF on a Horse '

Interiors of British Warships (The Naval Conference):

' HMS Renown – A Sectional Diagrammatic Drawing to Scale of the interior '

' Interior of A British Submarine As It Appears When Diving – A Sectional Diagram Showing the Officers and Men at Their Diving Stations '

'A British Light Cruiser – Sectional Diagram with Deck Structures Inc. a Flying Off Platform for Aeroplanes '

' British Super Destroyer or Flotilla Leader – A Detailed Sectional Diagram of the Interior and Deck ' curiously the seventeen words from the caption at the bottom of this diagram is blanked out, obviously due to censorship of sensitive information

Wonderful Four Page Pull-out - A Panoramic Drawing with a Sectional Diagrammatical View to Show the Very Detailed Interior:

' One of the Two Great British Battle Ships Built Under the Limitations of the Washington Treaty – HMS " Nelson " The Flagship of the Atlantic Fleet which Cost Over £7,000,000 ' this is a wonderfully detailed drawing "Drawn for The ILN by Our Special Artist G. H. Davis by Kind Permission of the Admiralty" it shows areas of the ship including Admirals Quarters and CaptainQuarters - - Officers Quarters - - Steering Gear Comparments - - Turret Support - - Bathrooms - - Main Wireless Room - - Receiving Room - - Chronometer Room - - Gun Room an Wine Store - - Warrant Officers Cabins and Galley - - Bakery and Bread Cooling Room - - Gyro Adjusting Room - - Action Room - - Admrials Chart Room - - Admirals Sea Cabin - - Admirals Bridge etc - - Projector Platform - - Barbers Shop - - Boilers and Boiler Rooms - - Gear Box - - Turbines - - Stokers Drying Room - - Seamens Cloakroom - - Uptakes (stairs) - - Lobbies - - Marines Reading Room - - Sgts Mess - - Marines Mess - - Engine Room Artificers Mess - - P.O.'s Wash Place and Seamens Washplace - - Wireless Office - - Lower Conning Tower - - Turret Support - - Sipwrights Ordnance and Electrical Artificers Mess - - Soda Fountain - - Boys Oilskins - - Armature Room - - Gyro Room - - Medical Room and Store - - Petty Officers Mess And Reading Room - - Isolation Hospital - - Operating Theatre - - Sipwrights Working Space - - Capstan Seamens Mess Deck - - Flour Store - - Band Room - - Tobacco and Soap Store - - Torpedo Body Room - - Refrigerating Room - - Cable Room - - Sand and Lime - - Paint Room and Store - - etc.

Upper Decks – 16 inch Calibre Guns - - A & B Turrets - - X. Turret - - Conning Tower - - Searchlights - - Director Tower - - Track Wire - - Fire Control - - Boat hoists - - Sounding Signal Guns - - Range Finders - - 4.7 inch Chur - - Beef Store - - Pinnace - - Searchlight Manipulating Hut - - Signal Yard - - Helm Signal Indicator - - Life Boats - - etc

' Models of Old 15c Ship – From the Town of Mataro on the Coast of Catalonia in Spain found in the Reinhardt Galleries New York ' five photographs of the model on a full page

Models of Ships:

' HM Submarine Osiris …'

' The Nelson Period - A Bone Model Made by French Prisoners of War in Napoleonic Times, A 46 Gun Frigate of 1800 '

' The Flagship of Collingwood at Trafalgar - A Model of the 100 Gun "Royal Sovereign" ..'

' HMS Queen Elizabeth, A Modern Battleship – Lord Beatty's Flag Ship During the War ' – referring to the First world war

Full page

' The African Civet ' - - - ' South American Jaguar ' - - - ' The Cheetah ' - - - ' The Leopard '

Mediaval Illustrations or Illuminated Manuscrips - The Luttrell Psalter and the Bedford Book of Hours:

' Luttrell Psalter - A Joust '

' Luttrell - Ship with Soldiers in Mail and Archers '

' Luttrell – Sheep Shearing '

' Luttrell - A Hen Wife '

' Luttrell - Two Men Ploughing with Oxen '

' Luttrell - Men Towing a Boat '

' From Five of Many Initials Containg Small Heads … the Bedford Horae '

The House of Lords Wall Decoration Controversy – Frank Brangwyn Designs at the Royal Gallery:

' Part of a Procession of Figures …'

' Examples of a Series With Fruits, Flowers and Wild Life ' two photographs

' Some of Mr Brangwyn's Paintings at The House of Lords for Inspection '

Double page with article – info. known as the British Empire Panels

Items of Topical Interest Page:

' A Shark Proof Net at a Beach near Sydney – Protection from Sharks for Australian Bathers '

' How the Shark Proof Net is Carried – Bathers Carrying the Nets and Showing the Glass Air Balls that Float the Nets '

' A Work Table I nLouis XV MArqueterie by Roussel ' >

' Louis XV MArqueterie – Miel A Bonheur De Jour by Boudin '

' L. E. Windolph – M. C. Martin – Al Thompson Testing Motor Boats – Stationary Motor Boats with Engines Running in a Swimming Pool at Los Angeles '

' A Boat Load of Survivors From the Greek Stamer " Fofo " Picked up By HMS Nelson – One Man in a Bowler Hat '

' The Fofo's Lifeboats Alongside the HMS Nelson with One Of Nelsons Boats and Crew in the Foregournd ' – the ship sank off Oran after an explosion

Personalities of the Week Page:

' At the Ruins of Karnak - Princess Ileana of Rumania With Her Mother Queen Marie ' FONT color=#ffffff> .

' Boxing - Phil Scott the British Heavy Weight v. Jackson Sharkey of Boston – Scott Down After a Disputed Blow '

' Mr Vallabhai patel– Mr Gandhi's Chief Lieutenant is Arrested '

' Mr Thomas Alexander Barns The Well Known Arfrican Traveller and Naturalist Dies in Chicago After Being Run Down tby a Taxi Cab '

' Grand Admiral Von Tirpits Dies at Ebenhausen near Munich …'

' Lord Gladstone Dies aged 76 …'

' Mr William Howard Taft Former President of the United States, Dies aged 72 '

' The Memorial to Mrs Emmeline Pankhurst Leader of the Womens Suffrage Movement at Westminster …'

' Chinese Soapstone Carvings – The God of War ' five photographs of various statues – Kwan Ti – Kwan P'ing – Chow Ts'ang – Kwan Ti in Military Aspect – Kwan Ti in Scholarly Aspect

Modern Aids to Cleaning:

' A Rubber panelled and Floored Bath Room with Rubberised Shower Curtain '

' A Rubber Topped Kitchen Table and Sink Drainer '

' The Drykleen Method of Window Cleaning – 1/11½d at Gamages '

' The new O'Cedar Mop with Tin of Soap …'

' The Wonderful Electric Vacuum Sweeper for Carpets and Curtains ' two photographs showing a lady using the vacuum cleaner

' Rubber Gloves and Apron '

' The Nippy Mop For Scrubbing the Floor '

' The Ingenious Nippy Mop for Wringing OUth the Water After Mopping '

' The Nippy Mop After Scrubbing '

' Football in the Mall – Guinness is Good for You ' full apge advert showing an old print of men playing football – CE 68a

' The Daily Chronicle In Its New Form – Front page '

' Mrs Gladys Frazin (Mrs Monty Banks ) ' full page advert for Ovaltine showing a photograph of the lady by Manell

' A Ford Tudor Saloon Car near Eaton hall I Cheshire '

' TheAustin Twenty Ranelagh Limousine '

' Morris oxford Six Saloon at Rheims Cathedral '

' Austin Sixteen Burnham ' full page car advert showing a wonderful dry point drawing of the car by Ian MacKinnon

' A hooper Body With De Ville Extension on a Rolls Royce Chasis '

' Outside the Old Curiosity Shop off Kingsway – Miss Rene Mallory in a Vauxhall Hurlingham Sports Roadster Car '

' Rover Beats the Blue Train Using Castrol AA ' advert with a drawing showing the car, a Rover light Six and train – drawn by Reg ?

' Vauxhall Velox Fabric Saloon Car ' full page advert

' A Barker Sedanca De Ville with Rolls Royce Phantom II Chassis – Winner of the Cannes Concours D'elegance '

' The Minerva Limousine ' car

' Marmom Cars from pass and Joyce ' full page advert

' An Eccles Caravan by the Waterside '

' Eccles Trailer Caravan ' car pulling a caravan – advert

' Bols Liqueurs ' advert sketched by Fouet or Jouet

Rolls Royce Phantom II ' advert

' The Standard Six Cylinder Envoy Saloon '

' The Mall in London - A Hooper and Co. Rolls Royce ' advert

' C Type Coach Built Straight Eight Stutz Car on American Chassis '

' A Humber Snipe Car at thye Entrance to the Castle at Cape town '

' Green's Two Stroke Air Cooled Lawn Mower ' advert with prices

' Tricoline Shirts Collars and Pyjamas ' advert showing a man on an old fashioned telephone

' Ford Lincoln Car ' full page advert – fashionable lady in the car

' A Dart 26ft Motor Boat at Hendon '

' Boots White Heather Eau de Cologne ' advert

' Golfing Kit by Moss Bros ' man in a tailored plus four suit – advert

His Masters Voice Radio Gramophone – Peter Dawson Says …' full page advert showing Mr Dawson the Australian Bass-baritone singer with the radiogram in oak

' Britannia and Eve Magazine ' full page advert

' State Express 555 Cigarettes ' full page advert

' Players No 3 Cigarettes ' advert

' Grosvenor House Hotel park Lane in London – Tariff ' advert

' Wrights Coal Tar Soap ' advert

[' King George IV Whisky ' full page advert

' Highland Queen Whisky ' advert

' Burberry Raincoat ' advert ' Standard Cars ' advert

TGrants Scotch Whisky ' adverft

Your Holiday Passport – LNER ' advert

' Nell Gwynn Candles ' advert

Our note Book Page by G. K. Chesterton

Books Page by C. E. B

The Ngorongoro Crater by Mr Thomas Alexander Barns

The Ancient Egyptians by S. R. K. Glanville of the Dept of Egyptian and Assyrian Antiquities at the British Museum

Where Reigns the Seed of Solomon – An Appreciationn of "AFricas Last Empire" by Hermann Norden – by L. P. H.

Floods at Teyniues and Moissac

The House of Lords and Mister Frank Brangwyn FONT color=#ffffff> .

Collectors Page by Frank Davis

Music page by W. J. Turner

Marine Caravanning by Commander G. C. E. Hampden RN



The Amateur Athletics Association Meeting at Stamford Bridge ' full front page

' Naval Searchlight Tattoo Rehearsal – George III and Queen Charlotte Visiting Erl How on His Flag Ship '

' A 4.7 Gun at Whale Island During Rehearsal of South African War naval Artillery in Mimic Warfare '

' Miss Winifred S. Borwn With Her Navigator Mr E. R. Adams – First Woman to Win the Kiungs Cup Air Race '

' Miss Winifred Brown Receiving The Kings Cup From Sir Philip Sassoon at Hanworth '

Mrs A. S. Butler Who Came Fourth in the King's Cup Air Race '

' The Amateur Athletic Association Mett at Stamford Bridge – C. Berger of Holland Winning the Hundred Yards ' and others

' T. Hampson of the Achilles Club in the half Mile Final '

' Lord Burghley Beating L. Facelli of Italy I nteh Final of the Quarter Mile Hurdles …'

' Henley Regatta - The Finish of the Final of the Grand Challenge Cup '

' Henley – J. S. Guest of Don Rowing Club Toronto Canada, Beating G. Boetzelen of Berliner Ruder Club Germany '

Wimbledon Tennis -:

' Miss Sarah palfrey of USA and Miss E. Cross of USA in the Finals of ther Ladies Doubles '

' Miss Ryan USA and Mrs Helen Wills-Moody in the Final of the Ladies Doubles '

' J. Van Ryn in Play '

' W. Allison of the USA in the Mens Singles '

' W. T> Tilden in the Mans Singles '

The Theatre:

Scene from "The Way to Treat a Woman" – Miss Cathleen Nesbitt – Mister C. Aubrey Smith – Miss Marion Lorne

> Scene from " Sons O'Guns" – Mr Bobby Howas – Mlle Mireille Perrey

' Captain Kingsford Smith's Machine "Southern Cross" at harbour Grace, Newfoundland after the Second Aerial Crossing of the Atlantic '

' The "Southern Cross" Above The Skyscrapers of New York ' an aerial view of the aeroplane over the city taken from above

' Weymouth – The Duke of York Crossing the New Bridge Liniking Weymouth with Melcombe Regis After the Opening ' future King George VI

' Middlesborough – The Prince of Wales at the Opening of the Constantine Technical College ' and others

' Castleford Yorkshire – The Scene of the Explosion Which Killed Thirteen ' scene showing a fireman with hose in the mangled wreckage of Messrs Hickson and Partners

' Another View of the Scene of the Explosion at Castleford '

' The "Official Record" of Captain Kidd's Treasure Entrusted to John Gardiner …'

' Gold Objects From the Sacdred Lake Guatavita In Columbia '

' The Kanchenjunga Glacier – Camp II of the Climbing Expedition with Proters Approaching It ' full page photograph – info. in the Himalaya Mountains on the India Nepal Border

Germany and The Evacuation of the Last Zone of the Rhineland Occupied by the Allies Under the Versailles Treaty:

' Troops Evacuating Mainz Crossing the Rhine …'

' Mountefd German Police Rid Into Mainz After the Evacuation by the French ..'

' General GTuillaumat IC French Army Kissing the Lowered Tricolor '

' Rejocing In Berlin – A Battery Firing a Salute Before the Cathedral in the Lustgarten '

' Crowds Watching the Artillery Regiment Riding Down Unter Den Linden After the "Freeing" of the Rhineland '

' Konigliche Schloss – The Reichsbanner Schwarz-Rot-Gold Taking part in the Celebrations in the Lustgarten Berlin '

' The Two Spans of the Sydney Harbour Bridge Being Advanced fro Either Side ' a wonderful full page showing the span still incomplete

' The Bedford Book of Hours – Portrait Heads from The World Famous Horae '

' The Bedord Book of Hours Which May Be Lost to Britain – The First page of the Horae ' full page

Sarcophagi Found in the Catacombs of St Pretestato in Rome -:

' Working Tools as Decoration for a Coffin – The Tympanum …'

' TheWild Beast Hunt in the Cemetery of St Pretastato '

' A Young Woman with Ringletted Hair on a Sarcophagus '

' Tritons Embracing Nereids with a Portrait of the Deceased '

' Christian Cofffin Illustrating Miracles Worked by Christ …'

' The Museum of the Catacombs of St Pretestato '

' A Architectural Sarcophagus '

Sculptures in White Soap:

' Sea Race by Camille K. Castaing of New York '

' Drei Damen by Eugen Mayer of Vienna '

' Study of a Torso by Marie Beder of Brooklyn New York '

' Womans Figure by M. Schilkin of Helsingfors '

' The Beggar by Frederick Holschuh of Philadelphia PA. '

' Leda by R. L. Huntington of New York '

University Match Teams

' Oxford Eleven – D. N. Moore the Nawab of Pataudi – I. A. R. Peebles – A. Melville – W. H. Bradshaw – J. F. N. Mayhew – T. Reive - W. Russell – N. M. ford – C. K. Hill-Wood – P. G. T. Kingsley (capt) – A. M. Crawley – H. M. Garland-Wells ' group photograph  .

' Cambridge Eleven – A. Ratcliffe – A. G. Hazlerigg – R. C. Rought-Rought – F. R. Brown – R. H. C. Human – H. E. Carris – G. C. Grant – G. D. Kemp-Welch – J. T. Morgan (capt) – E. T. Killick – A. H. Fabian ' group photograph

The Eton and Harrow Match:

' Eton Eleven – N. E. W. Baker – J. N. Hogg – T. F. Hanbury – J. H. L. Aubrey-Fletcher – R. Page – M. S. Gosling – C. E. W. Sheepshanks – A. M. Baerlein – J. C. Atkinson-Clark – K. F. H. Hale (capt) – A. W. Allen – A. G. Pelham '

' The Harrow Eleven – A. R. Tarwell – F. E. Covington – J. M. Stow – E. J. de Las Casas – H. A. G. Torrens – R. D. Stewart-Brown – M. Miel – W. M. Welch – A. S. Lawrence (capt) – T. M. Rattigan – D. E. Yarrow '

' Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Dies Aged 71 '

' Sir Joseph Warf Dies Aged 74 '

' Members of the First Imperial Press Conference – Sir Roderick Jones Chairman of Reuter's – Sir Robert Donald Vice Chairman of Empire Press Union – Hon. Theodore Fink Chairman Australian Delegation – Sir Harry Brittain CMG Organiser for the First Conference – Lieutenant Colonel E. B. Walton of South Africa – Sir Stanley Reed of India '

' The George Bennie Railplane Erected at Milngavie near Glasgow '

' The Interior of the Railplane Coaches – Mr G. Bennie in the Carriage with Others '

' Stalin – The Communist Dictator '

' The Plain of Thingvellir Iceland – The Speaker Addressing a Large Crowd ' showing thousands of people, a church and houses in the distance and a tented town beyond – info. Þingvellir

' At The Millenary of the Icelandic parliament – the Prime Minister M. Tryggvi Thorhallson Making a Speech ' many people listening to the speech

' Linking lAke Erie with Lake Ontario – View of the Welland Ship Canal Nearing Completion ' aerial view

' A Section of the Welland Ship Canal – Four Single Locks and Three Twin Locks …' aerial view

' Captain Robert Scott 's Last Letter to Mrs Wilson '

' Sir Douglas Mawson 's Half Sledge at the British Polar Exhibition '

' King Carol of Roumania Explaining Something to His Son Michael '

' Italy: The Palio at Siena – Dangerous Parts of the Course Covered in Matresses '

' The Historic Punch Table With The Initials of Many Famous Writers and Artists Carved on Its Surface ' the caption names some of the artists/writers inc. Phil May – George du Maurier etc

' Kenneth Hunter on the Catwalk of his Aeroplane the "City of Chicago" Trying to Fix an Oil Gauge ….' Two photographs of him outside the cockpit, thousands of feet above Chicago

' The Bougival Steam Train, The Doyen of French Railway Engines, at St Lazare – A Top Hatted Mechanic and A Driver ' photograph shows the old steam locomotive which first ran in 1837

' The holy Trinity of The Black Prince's Tomb in Canterbury Cathedral – After The Copy of the Original as Restored Under the Direction of Professor E. W. Tristram ' full page colour print with text

Colour Prints - see pictures in description:

Transatlantic Airscapes "Drawn in Colour by Our Special Artist G. H. Davis Under the Supervision of Miss Amelia Earhart ":

' A Seaplane's Shadow in a Circle, On A Fogbank ' a beautiful full page colour from a painting by G. H. Davis dated 1928

' A Seaplane in Flight Above the Atlantic - A Star Encrusted Sky Above a Fogbank ' another beautiful full page colour, as above

' Dewars White Label Whisky ' full page colour advert drawn by Ashley

' Archbishop of Canterbury in Procession at St pauls Cathedral for the Opening of the Lambeth Conference ' William Cosmo Gordon Lang and others

' Prince Takamatsu of Japan On Board the Victory Ship at Portsmouth ' with others

' York – The Entrance to the Treasurers House '

' At Dinant Belgium – A Procession, The " Bayard " with the Four Sons of Aymon on His Back ' a festival showing a huge effigy of a horse – a stead presented to Renaud by Charlemagne

' The Leaning Tower of Pisa – The Danger Caused by the Water at the Base of the Tower '

' Demolition Work Near the Theatre of Marcellus Rome – An Old Roman Temple Brought to Light '

' Rome – The Old Roman Temple nr The Theatre of Marcellus Showing the Podium and Bases of Fallen Columns '

Old Belgium in The Antwerp Exhibition "La Vieille Belgique" Reconstructions:

' The Belfry and Cloth Hall of Ancient Bridge Across the Lake '

' The Lake and Tower a Representation from 1398 Built by G. D'Audenarde '

' Lady Standing at The Door of the Diamond Merchant '

' A Windmill '

' The Liege Perron - Place Des Gildes '

' The House Of Rubens – A Pavilion '

' Courtyard of The House of Rubens '

' A Rubens That Came to Light in a Store Room – Margaret of Austria Wife of Philip III of Spain ' full page with text – the discovery made by Dr Gustave Gluck of the Austrian National Gallery

India House Aldwych:

' Opening of India House at Aldwych – King George V and Queen Mary Arriving at the New Headquarters '

' King George V and Queen Mary Being Greeted Outside the Indian Rosewood Doors of India House '

' The Entrance Hall of India House Designed by Architect Sir Herbert Baker '

' First Floor Lobby '

' A Burma Oil Field – A Panorama Designed for the Opening of India House '

' A Display of Postage Stamps at the British Museum of Natural History by Courtesy of Messrs Stanley Gibbons of 391 Strand, - A Philatelist's Zoo ' wonderful full page showing stamps of different countries with various animals, forty six in all, incl. Polar Bear, Norway – African Elephant, Belgian Congo – Kangaroo, New South Wales Australia 1888 – Plantain Eater, Liberia 1906 – Kiwi, New Zealand 1898 – Moose or Caribou, Newfoundland 1919 – Domesticated Pigeon, Japan 1919 – Cassowary, North Borneo 1909 – Bommi Fish, Liberia 1918 – and many more, actual size

' Kingfishers – The Hook Billed Kingfisher Melidora Eating a Centipede '

' The Shoe Billed Kingfisher Clytoceyx Rex ' a pair

' The Belted Kingfisher Ceryle Rudis '

Finds at Beth-Pelet (modern Telfara ), Palestine Found uNder the Direction of Professor Sir Flinders Petrie – An Exhibition at University College in Gower Street:

' The Governors Bed Room 1200BC – An Arab Sleping in the Bed Recess '

' An Inlaid Bronze Dagger and Chain, Bronze SpearHead c1250BC '

' Rock Tombs Excavated '

Finds at Ur ( Iraq ) – Exhibition at the British Museum:

' Skeleton of One Who Lived at Ur of the Chaldees After The Biblicsal Flood '

' Skeletal Remains and Earth Table Covered with paraffin Wax from the Cauldron …' a man working on the remains

' The Remains and Earth Having the Supporting Earth Cut Away …' two men working on the remains

' An Irrawaddy Night Scene – A Riverside Village Scene ' from a beautiful drypoint etched by Charles W. Cain

Full page

' The Old Stager and the Young 'un at The Berkeley ' full page advert for Martell's Cordon Bleu Brandy

' French Medals – The Ivasion of England Medal - - - Commemorating the Marriage of Napoleon and Marie Louise of Austria - - - The Son of Napoleon and Marie Louise - - - Napoleon Medal Showing the Head by the Paris Mint - - - Medal Showing Column of Place Venfome, Colonne de la Grande Armee 1805 - - - Triumphal Arch of the Place du Carrousel - - - Retraite de l'Armee dated 1812 '

' Medals of the Great War - Canadian Soldier Prise de Vimy - - - Lord Kitchener Medal - - - Late M. Clemenceau at Moment of Triumph, Le Jour de Gloire est Arrive 1918 '

Bargains for the Housewife -:

' Printed Crepe de Chine Dress from Gorringes of Buckingham Palace Road London … ' <0p> ' Sports Suit at Gorringes '

' Summer Frock of Printed Jap Silk, £5 19s 6d. from Gorringes '

' Boudoir Wrap of Georgette Lined with Silk from Woollands of Knightsbridge London … '

' The Hedgerow Tea Service in Stafford Ware from Waring and Gillows 13s 6d. '  .

' The Harlequin Lemonade Set at Waring and Gillows …'

' The Blue Bird Tea Set from Waring and Gillows …'

' A Useful Divan for Unexpected Visitors from Hamptons of pall Mall East …'

' Set of Five Mahogany Tea Tables from Hamptons …'

' Schweppe Original Soda Water ' full page advert

' Luxury Cruises – The Lounge of the Duchess of Bedford Canadian Pacific Liner '

' Carpet from Turkey – Advert for Hamptons '

' Sotheby and Col of 34-35 New Bond Street London WI – Forthcoming Sales by Auction ' full page advert listing sales mentioning various clients eg. Hamilton Clements Esq – Sir John Cotton – James H. Ismay – S. Coltson – John E. Hannigan of Boston Mass. USA – Duke of Leeds – A. Douglas Ainslie Esq of Delgaty Castle – Hon. Mrs Henniker Major – Major Chase Meredith - H. H. Joseph Esq – Arthur Severn Esq

' The Illustrated London News Trophy for Motor Cruising – Silver Gilt Enamel Model of Tutaqnkhamens Boat '

' Mr F. T. Bersey Winner of the ILN Trophy '

' Cruise on the Stella Polaris ' advert showing a photograph of the boat

' Sanatogen ' advert

' Austin Reed Tailoring ' full page advert showing a wonderful sketch by Tom Purvis showing a man in a suit - info. Tom Purvis was a British painter and commercial poster artist, also famous for his work for the LNER (rail company)

' Rolls Royce Phantom II Belonging to Mr A. H. Pass of Pass and Joyce Ltd ' photograph

' Austin Seven Saloon ' photograph

' Boulton and Paul Glasshouses ' advert

' Surbiton Court Residential Flats ' advert for Osborns Estates

' Barclay's London Lager ' full page advert

' A Chinese Paintin of Dead Game – Fronm an Exhbition at the Gill and Reigate Galleries Hanover Square of Pictures on Glass '

' Grosvenor House Hotel of park Lane ' advert

' Mansion Polish ' advert

' BP Anglo Persian Oil Co. Ltd - £2,000 Cash Prizes Competition ' full page advert

' Chess Problem by J. Nield of Rhyl '

' The Sketch Magazine ' full page advert

' Mens Tennis - Wills Gold Flake Cigarettes ' full page advert showing two men singles players shaking hands over the net – drawn by Septimus E. Scott

1930's Fashionable Woman on a Deckchair – from a drawing by Gordon Conway – advert for Britannia and Eve

' Durham - LNER ' advert

' Blue Star Cruises – " Arandora Star " ..' advert

' Tourist Board for South Africa ' full page advert inc. a photograph of a little girl or boy on a beach

Note Book page by G. K. Chesterton

Theatre page by J. T. Grein – About Molnar, Fashionable Acting a la parisienne

New Books by Charles E. Byles

Sarcophagi, Pagan and Christian – St Pretastato by Professor Francesco Fornari Director of Works of the Pontifical Commission of Sacred Archaeology

Science page – Kingfishers by W. P. Pycraft  .

Collectors Page – Napoleonic Medals and Others by Frank Davis

Boatin Page by G. C. E. Hampden RN

Motoring page by Thornton Rutter

Ches by Ernest Irving



December 6th :

4574 48JW

' Miss Amy Johnson Overhauling Her Gipsy Moth Aeroplane ' full front page photograph – "The First woman pilot to fly alone to Australia, an dth eonly woman Ground Engineer Certificated by The Air Ministry…"

' The Late Archbishop Lord Davidson with Lady Davidson '

' The Prince of Wales Arriving at a Proposed Municipal Aerodrome at Cardiff from London '

' Edward Prince of Wales at the Opening of the Tatem Chemical and Physical Laboratories of The university College of South Wales and Monmouthshire '

' An Extraordinary Incident in the Cricket Field in a Hampshire v. Notts Match – Players Taking to the Field in Their Ordinary Clothes '

' The King and Queen In the Gardens of the Royal Hospital at Chelsea The Day Before the Royal Horticultural Society Show '

' Miss Ishbel Macdonald Flies From London To Edinburgh With Her Father the Prime Minister – Mister Ramsay Macdonald and His Daughter on the Steps of the Plane '

Photographs Taken By Prince Arthur of Connaught -:

' Geisha Dance at Nagoga '

' In Baron Fujita's Garden at Osaka '

' Blasting Operations I the Premier Diamond Mine in South Africa '

' Taken by Princess Arthur - Prince Arthur with Tiger Shot by Him at Gwalior '

' the Earl of Macduff on his Horse '

' My Hunting Dog –Taken by Princess Arthur '

Photogrtaphs Taken by The Duke of York and Princess Mary -:

' Glamis The Duchess's Ancestral Home – Taken by the Duke of York '

' Her Majesty the Queen Taken by the Duke of York '

' Temple of Abu Lebona on theNile – Taken by Princess Mary'

' Princes Elizabeth in a Garden with Lilies (aged about 3 or 4) – Taken By the Duke of York ' – taken at St Paul’s Walden Bury, in Hertfordshire. the duke of York being the later King George VI and Princess Elizabeth, later Queen Elizabeth II

' Hermione Reader In Classics – Portrait on Linen '

Aldershott Tatoo Pageantry – six photographs of various re-enactments

' The General Assembly of The Church of Scotland in Edinburgh – Miss Peggie Brown – Miss Inch Maid of Honour – Hon Victoria Bruce Maid of Honour - Lord High Commissioner Mr James Brown MP ex Miner from Ayrshire – Mrs James Brown – The Marchioness of Ailsa (Lady inWaiting) – Lady Flora Poore – Miss Wallace Williamson – The Mace Bearer – The Marquess of Clydesdale – Mr J. C. Cooper MVO the Purse Bearer – Captain Stevenson Asst Purse Bearer – Captain Fairfax-Lucy ADC – the Rev. George A . Johnston (chaplain) – Mr John Brown ' group photograph probably taken at Holyrood


' The Empire Day Pageantry in Hyde park – A Group with Kangaroo Emblems '

' A Contingent Bearing Buffalo Emblems in the Hyde park Empire Day Festival '

' A Baby Baboon Recently Born at the "Zoo" ..' London Zoo I presume

' A Baby Pigmy Hippopotamus Born at the Zoo – "May" and Her Mother Joan '

' Sir Thomas Liptons New Challenger Yacht for the America's Cup – Shamrock V in Racing and Transatlantic Rig ' a wonderful full page diagrammatical drawing of the yacht by G. H. Davis, correctly drawn to scale, Courtesy of Mr Charles Nicholson the Designer

' Shamrock V Shown in Sections – View of the Saloon Looking Forward - - - Sectional View of Shamrock V Fitted out for Racing in Home Waters - - - A State Room Looking Aft - - - The Spinnaker and Jib Topsail Halliards Emerge from the Hollow Mast on the Upper Deck - - - Method of Hoisting and Lowering the Mainsail From Inside the Boat (also a chef peeking out from the crews quarters) - - - Gear For Handling the Centre Board - - - How the Luff of The Mainsail Fits into a Slot in Mast - - - Cross Section Amidships - - - Sectional View Showing How She Will Be Stripped for the Americas Cup Races - - - Section of the hollow Streamlined Mast Made of Spruce ' another wonderful diagrammatical drawing on a double page by G. H. Davis showing some of the technical details of the yacht

' Treasures from a Lombard Chieftains Grave circa 600 AD – Set o fnine Gold Plates from A Belt - - - Two Gold Mounted Daggers - - - Gold Mount of a Horse Collar and a Pair of Gold Horse Trappings - - - Heavy Gold Spur and A Gold Buckle - - - Gold Mounted Helmet - - - A Solar Symbol Allied to the Swastika on a Hemispherical Gold Shield Boss - - - Weapons - - - Gold Collar of Hinged Oblong Plates ' double page from photographs from Messrs Durlacher Brothers

' A Picture Sold for £80 and Now Declared to Be a Titian Worth £30,000 ' – info. bought by Dr W. R. Valentiner for the Detroit Institute of Arts for 400 dollars the sitter said to be Doge Girolomo Pruiri

A Warship in a Poets Garden:

' Presented by the Italian Government to Signor Gabriele d'Annunzio and Set Up in His Garden – The Light Cruiser " Puglia " with a Figure of Victory by Renato Brozzi '

' A Quartet Playing Aboard His Warship – The Poet Listening to the Musicians '

' Gabriele D'Annunzio – Signor Giancarlo Maroni the Architect and others Aboard the Warship '

' The Deck During a Quartet Costume '

' The King and Queen at the Command Variety Performance at the London Palladium – Watching a Film Showing the Queen. Duchess of York and Princess Elizabeth, While the Maestro Singers Sang …'

' King and Queen at the Command Viriety Perfomance – In the Royal Box with The Duke of Gloucester '

Amy Johnson's Flight:

' Amy Johnson Working The Controls of Her Plane While an Officer Swings the Propelloer – Photograph Taken Before She Left Jhansi in India '

' A Similar De Havilland 100HP Gipsy One Engine '

' Where She Touched Down,The Landing Ground at Fanny Bay, Port Darwin – The Monument Making the Landing Place of Sir Ross and Sir Keith Smith in 1919 '

' A Map of Miss Johnson's Course …'

' A General View of Port Darwin Australia …'

' Miss Amy Johnson's Home In Hull – The House of Her Parents '

Disturbances in India:

' An Effigy Made of Foreign Cloth Goods, About to Be Burnt by Boycotters '

' The Boycott of Foreign Cloth – Women Pickets in Bombay Persuading Passers By Not To Buy British '

' Inspector Chelladorai Injured During the Rioting in Madra '

' Protesting Against the Arrest of Mahatma Gandhi – Marching in Bombay '

' Demonstrators at the Great Gathering in Connection with the Breaking of the Salt Act '

' The Hasting Chowk at Pehawar – British Forces patrolling '

' A Picket of the 4th 11th Sikhs o nDuty in the Andar Shahar Bazar Road …'

' Mahatma Gandhi Addresing a Meeting of Women Near Surat A Few House Before His Arrest '

' Mr V. J. Patel Former President of the Legislative Assembly Welcomed in Bombay '

' Passive Resistance Both By Mrs Naidu the Indian Poetess and The Police – Sitting in a Chair …'

' The Police Guard and Mrs Naidu and Her Volunteers Refusing to Budge on the March Towards the Dharasana Salt Depot '

' Mahatma Gandhi n the Eve of His Arrest '

Old Prints of Lawn Tennis in the 15 and 16th Centuries:

' A German Court c., 1540 '

' A Small Enclosure Shown in the 16c Painting '

' A 16c Tennis Match in an Open Air Court '

' Archery as a Summer Pastime in the 16c '

' The Yachting Season – Fitting Out in the Cornish Port of Looe ' a wonderful full page, from a colour painting by C. E. Turner

' Tennis in the 16th Century: Summer Sports at a Royal Castle Including a Tennis Court, Archery Butts, Swimming Pool, and a Kind of Bowling Green – From a Painting Entitled "A King Receiving a Deputation In the Gardens of a Royal Palace" by the Master of the Brunswick Monogram ' a beautiful double page colour print produced by courtesu pf Mr W. H. Jervis Wegg – info. Jan Sanders aka Van Hemessen or Heemsen

' Wills Golf Flake Satisfy ' a wonderful full page glossy advert showing a night scene, a modern building, department store


' Edward The Prince of Wales Golfing at Le Touquet with Colonel R. E. Myddelton – And Two Young Girl Caddies '

' Her Excellency Senora E. Villegas Wife of the Chilean Ambassador '

' Senor Enrique Villegas '

' The Former Speaker of the Cape House of Assembly, Sir Henry Juta Dies aged 72 '

' Signor Beniamino Gigli the Famous Italian Tenor '

' H.H. The Maharana of Udaipur Dies …'

' Mister Arnold Lupton Dies aged 83 …'

' Major C. R. Attlee Appointed Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster ' – info. Clement Richard Attlee

'Herr Alexander Moissi the Famous German Italian Actor, and Frau Moissi '

' Lord Muir Mackenzie Dies age 84 …'

' Sir Oswald Mosley Who Has Resigned the Office of Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster with his Wife Lady Cynthia Mosely MP (nee Curzon ) '

' Lord Strickland – Head of the Ministry of Malta '

' The French Liner " Asia " Before the Fire Which Cost the Lives of One Hundred and Ten Pilgrims Returning From Mecca '

' Demolishing the "Wembley" of the North – The Flames Roaring About The Palace of Engineering During the Dismantling of the North East Coast Exhibition on The Town Moor at Newcastle on Tyne '

' The Fire at Bergen - Buildings Ablaze at Noestet '

' Near Oslo - The Fire at Skougum, The Wooden Manor House Residence of the Crown Prince and Princess of Norway '

' A Private Aeroplane Caught in a Tree on the Bank of the River at Chalon-sur-Saone '

' An Aerial view of the Exhibition of Swedish Arts and Crafts at Stockholm '

The Earthquake and Fire in Burma -:

' The Shwe Dagon Pagoda Reive at Rangoon Which was Damaged ' before the damage

' The Shwehmawdaw Pagoda After The Earthquake '

' The Wrecked Myochite Cinema in Pegu Where Fifty People Perished '

' The Wrecked Municipal Offices at Rangoon '

' The Shwehmawdaw pagoda – The Entrance to the Famous Shrine After The Earthquake '

' The Government High School '

' Shamrock V Amid Historic Naval Surroundings, in Dry Dock at Portsmouth – With HMS Victor and HMS Warspite in the Background '

' A Tank Crossing a Pontoon Bridge During Rehearsals at The Royal Tournament '

Plus two other photographs showing re-enactments at the Royal Tournament

' Admiral Sir Ernle Chatfield Leaving HMS "Nelson" on Relinquishing the Atlantic command '

' Leaving Malta - HMS Warspite passing the Breakwater '

' Sir Frederick Field Bidding Goodbye to The chief Officers in Malta including Lady Strickland Whose Husband Was Lately Shot at '

' The New CinC of the Atlantic Fleet Admiral Sir Michael Hodges '

The Chelsea Flower Show:

' A Sunken Gaden by Horsecombe Quarries of Bath '

' A Formal Garden By W. H. Gaze of Kingston '

' Sunken Garden by the En-Tout-Cas Company '

' A Grass and Pool Court with Topiary by James MacDonald of Harpenden '

' Sandstone Rock Garden by Captain B. H. B. Symons-Jeune of Old Windsor ;

' A Rock Garden by G. G. Whitelegg of Chislehurst '

Full page

' World of Science – Giant Stork Heade Pteranodon ' from a drawing

' A Pterodactyle in Flight – a Restoration Drawing '

' Pterodactylu Spectabilis Embedded in a Slab of Rock in Bavaria '

Locusts and Their Egg Laying Habits:

' A Cylinder or Cartridge of Locust Eggs Deposited by a Mother Locust in the Sand '

' A Cylinder of Locust Eggs '

' A Photohgraphers Box Covered with a Swarm of Insects …'

' A Motor Car Half Submerged in a Sudden Torrent Caused by aheavy Fall of Rain I a Wadi Bed '

' How the Locust Armies in the Hopping Stage Are Trapped '

' Mechanised Warfare Against Locusts – A Swarm Scorchec to Death by Flame Throwers '

' Chemical Warfare Against Locusts – Mixing Bran with Sodium Arsenite and Molasses at Beersheba '

' A Death Hole for Locusts '


' Boats on the Beach at Saintes-Maries – by Vincent Van Gogh '

' Self Portrait by Vincent Van Gogh '

' The Sea at Saintes Maries – by Vincent Van Gogh '

' Gauguin's Armchair by Vincent Van Gogh '


' View In Italy by Richard Wilson RA ' full page advert for Spink and Son

Midsummer Fashions:

' Hat – A Version of the "Cache-Cou" from Emile of 24 Conduit Street '

' Head Dress Inspired by a Botticelli Cap by Emile '

' Hat from Woollands in Blud Bangkok ' not col.

' Green Hemp Straw Hat from Woollands of Knightsbridge ' not col.

' Ascot Hat from Woollands '

' Printed Chiffon Ensemble fro mHarvey Nichols of Knightsbridge '

' Evening Dress of Taffeta Print by Louise Boulanger '

' An Ascot Ensemble – Of Romaine in the New Lelong Blue ' not col.

' Courtaulds Fabrics ' full page advert, shows a fashionable lady on the telephone – sketched by Barbsara in an art deco style

' Gieves Mens Outfitters ' advert

' The Pathescope Motocamera from Wallace Heaton of 119 New Bond St ' camera advert

' Johnnie Walker Whisky – The Swift Walker or Velocipede ' full page advert drawn by Alan Macnab

' View fron the Club House of the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club '

' Crossing the GFinishing Line in Front of the Pier at Englih Bay Vancouver '

' Owned by Mr John Gilbert the Moving Picture Star – "Mabel Dell " ' formerly the property of Mr J. W. Hobbs

' Visit Japan and China – Canadian pacific ' advert

' Yachting In British Columbia ' advert

' Allen-Liversidge – Dissolved Acetylene for Cooking on your Boat ' advert

' Five 14ft Dinghie of the Henley Sailing Club – the Clubhors in the Background '

' Thornytcroft Steam or Motor Yachts – The 400 Ton Twin Screw Motor Yacht Rosa for Count Ramon Godo of Barcelona ' picture of the boat – advert

' James A. Silver of Rosneath Scotland – Boat Builder ' advert

' P and O Cruises ' advert

' The new Standard 35ft Motor Cruiser Built by The Bergius Co. of Glasgow cosintg £885 ' drawing plan of the boat

' Bon Partout – A 48ft Cruising Hydropland by Messrs Thornycroft fo Major John Coats ' photograph

' Scott Moncrieff Ltd - Yacht ' advert

' British Power Boat Co. of Hythe Southampton ' advert

' Gleniffer Marine Engines of Anniesland Glasgow ' advert

' Miss Amy Johnson's Lone Flight To Australia – Summer Shell Petrol ' full apge advert

' Bratt Colbran and Co and The Heaped Fire Co. Ltd ' advert

' Blue Star Line Sunshine Cruises ' advert

' The Bay at La Baule ' sandy beach

' Deauville – Party of Bathers on the Sands '

' The Hermitage Hotel at La Baule Brittany ' advert

' Hotel Normandy, Hotel Des Bains, New Miel Casino and Golf ' creation of "Partout Publicite" - advert

'A General View of Brides Les Bains '

' The New Casino Du Lac at Bagnoles de L'Orne '


' Golf at Deauville la Plage Fleurie ; advert drawn by HAvas showing a golfer and the various hotels, Le Normandy Hotel – Le Royal or Royat Hotel - hotel du Golf

' Spa Belgium ' advert

' For Weight Reduction – Hotel des Thermes Royal Grand Hotel at Brides les Bains ' advert

' Silken Acceleration – Marmon Eight Cylinder Car ' advert for pass and Joyce of Orchard Street WI

' Riley Monaco Saloon ' advert

' Carrs of Carlisle Assorted Biscuits ' advert

' Hot Water on Tap – Gas The Fuel of the Future ' advert

' The Imperial Table at Schonbrunn – The Exhibition Commemorating the 150th Anniversary of the Death of Maria Theresa, Queen of Hungary and Bohemia and Wife of the Holy Roman Emperor Francis I '

' New Swimming Suit and Beach Wrap from Harvey Nichols of Knightsbridge ' advert

' Izal Toilet Roll 6d. ' advert

' Duggie Virtually Places the Tote in Every Telegraph Office ' full page advert for Douglas Stuart Ltd of Shaftesbury Avenue London – back page

' Harrogate ' advert

' Hotel Majestic at Harrogate ' advert

' Grand Hotel Harrogate ' advert

' Cane Furniture form Marshall and Snelgrove ' advert

' Switzerland – Holidays ' full apge advert for the Swiss Federal Railways

' The 7hp Motor Car ' full page advert

' Woollands Fashions of Knightsbridge – Fifi Short Coat for Evening Wear - - - The Gem Evening Coat in Ermine - - - norah Three Quarter Coat '

' Silver Fox Furs From Debenham and Freebody ' advert

' Schweppes Soda Water ' ful apge advert

Our Note Book Page by G. K. Chesterton.

From Cave to Catacomb – Being An Appreciation of "Ancient painting" by Mary Hamilton Swindler – review by L. P. H.

Books of the Day by Charles E. Byles

Theatre World by J. T. Grein

The Protype of Lawn Tennis by A. Wallis Myers

Science page – Dragons of the Air by W. P. Pycraft

Collectors page – Vincent Van Gogh by Frank Davis

Motoring – Chronicle of the Car by H. Thornton Rutter

Yachting In British Columbia Waters – with ref. to Captain George Vancouver - - The Royal Vancouver yacht Club

Marine Caravanning – Boating Page by Commander G. C. E Hampden RN

Travel Pages by A. T. H.

The Jubilee of the Guildhall School of Music


Othello at the Savoy – Mr F. J. Nettlefold's Production

The Art of Dining by Jessie J. Williams MCA – with a recipe for Asparagus Omlet - - - summer Cakes and Beverages


December 20th,

06 1099 JW

The Duchess of York With Princess Elizabeth as a Baby ' a beautiful full front page from a portrait by Mister John St Helier Lander

Glamis Castle – The Ancestral Home of the Earls of Strathmore and Kinghorne -:

' Glamis Castle - Where the Duchess of York is in Residence '

' A Four Poster Bed '

' A Corner of a Formal Garden …'

' TheNorth Gate '

' The Duchess of York with Her Mother the Countess of Strathmore Looking at the Sundial …'

' A Bedroom That Belonged to the Duchess of York nee Elizabeth Bowes Lyon

The DrawingRoom '

' The Chapel '

' The Dining Room '

Portraits and Photographs of the Royal Family - Comparisons

' A Portrait of the Duke of York at Age Two '

' Princess Elizabeth Aged Eight Months '

' The Duke of York as a Baby in1896 ' – Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon

' The Duchess of York aged Nine with her Brother David – In Fancy Dress '

' The Duchess of York aged Four and Her Younger Brother David ' from a drawing

' The Duchess of York aged Six '

' Princess Elizabeth – Nearly Four '

' Princess Elizabeth with Her Parents '

The Civil War im China -:

' Liuho In East Honan – the HQ of General Chiang Kai-shek Reive – Military Trains '

' An Abandoned Trench at Kweiteh …'

' General Kai-Shek's American Car '

' General Chiang Kai-Shek Leader of the Nanking Gov ernment Armies Being Interviewed at Liuho '

' Nationalist Troops at Hsuchowfu '

' A British Journalist With Two Nationalist Solodiers Guarding Rifles at Kweiteh – On Friendly Terms '

The Revolution in Bolivia South America:

' A Strategic Point in a Street '

' At Oruro the Tin Trade Centre – A Troop Train '

' The Announcement of the Surrender of the Capital '

' A Group of Students Gathered Round the Statue of General Sucre in La paz …'

' Cadets of the Military College In La Paz '  .

' A Wrecked Office – President Siles Desk and Chair '

' Portrait of a Gentleman by Rembrandt Before it Was Cleaned '

' Portrait Of A Gentleman by Rembrandt – Sold for £18,500 ' full page showing the portrait after it was cleaned


Three Scenes from " The W. Plan" – Brian Aherne – Gordon Harker – and others

' Armour Auctioned at Sothebys – Ceremonial Cane - - - Wheel-Lock by Claude Thomas of Epinal - - - Flintlock Pistols Lazarino Cominazzo and Brescian 17c - - - Saddle with Stirrups 16c - - - A Rare Brigandine Vest of Elks Hide and Steel Corselet - - - Rare Brigandine '

Discoveries at Corinth -:

' A Grave with Cover In Position and Without ' two photographs

' Vase from the Helladic Grave '

' A Sandstone Pillow in a Grave '

' A Crater Bowl Used for An Infants Burial '

' A Geometric Amphora – Vase '

' The Base of a Corintian Cylix or Vase '

' The Uncovering of Stone Miel Sarcophagi …'

' A Childs Grave with a Bronze Cauldron, Helmet and Vase '

' Found In a Grave - An Imported Attic Black Figured Bowl '

' Corinthian Bronze Helmet a Type Worn by Athena – Found in The Childs Grave '

' A Toy – A Baby's Rattle in the Form of a Crouching Negro Boy '

' A Little Horse of Terra Cotta Found in a Childs Grave '

' A Sunfish – The Opah Lampris Luna '

' The Sail Bearer Velifer Hypselopterus – a Fish '

' Psettus Sebae Fish '

' A Royal yacht of 1674 Owned by Charles II ' a full page in colour drawn by G. H. Davis A Diagrammatical Reconstruction Painting

' Mrs Gerald F. Kelly – Another Jane Painted by Gerald F. Kelly RA Who Becomes an RA ' a full page in colour of his wife nee Lilian Ryan

The Highland Exhibition -:

'Letter and Notebook from Simon Lord Lovat to His Cousin Miss Anne Stewart 1741 '

' Letter FromPrince Charles to Macleod of Raasay 1744 '

' Christening Apron of Bonnie Prince Charlie – With Basket Box '

' Part of the Culloden Tree - - The Blacksmith of Moys Anvil - - Chair and Cooking Pot Used by Prince Charles I the Cave at Glenmoriston '

' TheBlacksmiths Anvil and Sword – Donald Fraser of Moy '

' Old Highland Weapons Held at Inverness Sais to Have Been Used at Culloden '

Aboard the Airship R100 That Flew from England to Montreal -:

' The Observation Lounge '

' Breakfast in the Saloon with Passengers Seated at Tables – Stairs in the Background '

' In the Control Cabin – Two Helmsmen at the Wheels '

' The Kitchen with a Maid Cooking '

' An Officer in the Control Cabin with Another Giving Orders Through a Megaphone '

Cowes Week -:

' … " Candida " - Mr C. Nicholson at the Wheel During a Race - With " Britannia " on the Right '

' On Board Candida – Close hauled at Great Speed With Mr C. Nicholson at the Wheel …'

Homecoming of Amy Johnson from her Solo Flight to Australia -:

' A Photographers Impression of Her Gipsy Moth Crossing the Turbulent Java Sea '

' Home At Last – Speaking into a Microphone at Croydon Aerodrome ' with others whilst addressing the crowds

' Miss Johnson at the Government Residency at Port Darwin After Her Arrival '

' Miss Amy Johnson and the Morris Car That Was Presented to Her – Her Hand on the Replica of the Jason '

' The Scene at Croydon Aerodrome Shortly After Her Arrival on 4 August '

' At Loos in Northern France - Sir Nevil Macready Unveiling the Memorial to British War Dead Who Had No Gtraves '

' TheMemorial at Vis en Artois Unveiled by General Sir Walter Braithwaite in the Presence of Rudyard Kipling and Maj. Gen. Sir Fabian Ware …'

' St Olaf's Cathedral at Trondjhem After its Restoration '

' The Tower of Bec-Hellouin Abbey in Normandy '

' King Albert – Queen Elisabeth and The Prince of Wales Prince Edward – In the Rain '

' King George V and Queen Mary at Cowes – Chatting to Their Guests '

' Edward Prince of Wales Outside the House of Rubens During His Visit – With Lord Granville and Others '

' Cairo – Damage to the Streets After Disturbances '

' Mounted Police in Alexandria Wearing a Kind of Fencing Helmet for Protection '

' The " Victory " Replica at Portsmouth '

' A Ship in Full Sail – Model of the " Kent " at Chatham '

' At the Battle of the Flowers at Jersey – A Floral Float of a Steamer '

' The New Mercy Bullet – To Render Animals Helpless So they Can Be Taken Alive from the Jungle'

Personalities and Events of the Week:

' Mr H. L. O. GFlecker Headmaster of The Boys School, Christ's Hospital, Horsham …'

' Sir Francis Champneys The Eminent Obstetric Physician Dies …'

' The Rev. Dr J. R. Magrath Dies …'

' Herr Siegfried Wagner Dies at Bayreuth …'

' Captai Barnard with His Wife Who Travelled to Malta and Back in Two Days …' standing next to their plane a Puss Moth

' the German Cricketers Whose Request for Complimentary Seats at the Oval Was Refused ' group of young men

' Miss Katherine Trevelyan in Canada - Daughter of sir Charles Trevelyan '

' The New Prime Minister of Canada – The Hon. R.B.Bennett '

' TheLambeth Conference – The Archbishop of Canterbury Speaking '

' The Right Rev. Martin Linton-Smith DD Bishop of Rochester '

Photographs Taken at the Amsterdam Aquarium:

' A Conger Eel Catching a Small Fish – Photograph Taken in the Amsterdam Aquarium ' full page

' A Trio of Marine Witches – A Perch – Albino Pike – Sturgeon '

' A Group of Sea Horses '

' Thornback Ray Raia Clavata – Gunard – Cod – Dogfish Scylliorhinus '

' A Group of Turtles from the East Indies '

' Living Specimens of the Stone Crab Lithodes Maia with a Turbot ' full page – photographs by W. Davis

' Stamps for the Archaeologist Philatelist – Egypt Tock Temples of Abu Simbel – Algeria Ruins Timgad – Armenia Sculpture at Ani – Pylon of Karnak – Luxor – Pyramids of Gizeh - Monastry of Assisi – Winged Cherub at Babylon Iraq – Lebanon – Lebanon and Baalbek – Umm Haram Mosque of Tekke – Mexico – Guatemala – etc – full page

Collectors Page:

' Miniature - Henry VIII by Henry Bone '  .

' Miniatures - Prince Consort and Queen Victoria by Simpson after Winterhalter '

' Miniature - Henry VII in Enamel By Henry Bone '

' Miniature Painting in Enamel – Marquess of hertford by Bone - - - Napoleon by Lienard - - - George IV by Bone - - - William Pitt by Muss - - - Benjamin West by Bone '

' The Sun is Life – South Afric Touris Board ' full page advert including a sketch by what looks like EGW

' A Centre of Modern Luxur in the Heart of London – An Aerial View of Grosvenor House '

' Grosvenor House Hotel – The Marble Halls '

' Wills's Gold Flake Satisfy ' full page cigarette advert showing a young lady smoking drawn by Kay Edmunds

' Exhibition Yard of Old Trafford nr Manchester ' from an engraving of 1869

' Manchester - The Bailey Exhibit at the Royal Agricultural Show '

' Canadian Pacific ' advert

' The Masters Choice – King George IV the Finest Whisky on Record ' a full page advert – a play on His Masters Voice

' A Thornycroft Cruiser Boat on the Thames '

' John I Thornycroft – - Motor Yacht Rosa – Shamrock I – Steam Yacht Thetios ' advert

' Highland Queen Whisky ' advert

' Mediterranean Cruises by Blue Star Line - The Arandora Star ' advert

Our Note Book by G. K.Chesterton – Full page

Imbecile In Conception and Ill Judged in Execution - Being An Appreciation of "Towards Disaster" By Prince Andrew of Greece

The Theatre by GFH .

New Spoils from " The Wealthy City of the Double Sea" Further Discoveries at Corinth by Theodore Leslie Shear Professor of Classical Archaeology at Princeton University

Science by W. P. Pycraft

Books Reviewd by Charles E. Byles – Fights and Flights by Air Commodor Charles Rumney Samson - -- Parachute by Charles J. V. Murphy - - - Naval Genius by Brian Tunstall - - - English Seamen and The Colonisiation of America by E. Keble Chatterton - - - The Sea Devils Fo'c'sle by Lowell Thomas - - - Journal of a Slave Dealer by Nicholas Owen - - - the Romance of the Submarine by G. Gibbard Jackson

Marine Caravanning – Boating by Commander G. C. E. Hampden RN

A letter written by Clough Williams Ellis President of The Design and Industries Association to Shell Mex Ltd – Full page

BP Advert  .

Advert for Kutnows Powder

Car Column by H. ThorntonRutter – with ref. to Road Straightening - - - No Tail Lamps on Hay Carts - - - Carry Spare Lamp Bulbs - - - New Fashion in Coachwork


4474 JW

' Excavations at Meydum – A Long Passage Leading to a Pharaoh's Tomb ' a full front page photograph

The Pyrimid Builders in Egypt – The Expedition led by Alan Rowe of the University of Pennsylvania -:

' Map Showing Northern and Middle Egypt with Meydum and Other Pyrimid Sites '

' The Meydum Pyramid – Artists Impression '

' Meydum Site – A Ground Plan and Sectional Diagram '

' Before the Excavation – The Great Mastabah at Meydum …' Photograph

' After Excaation at the North End of the Great Mastabah '

' The North Wall of the Mastabah '

' A Stairway Made to Mislead Tomb Robgers …'

' Ancient Levelling Marks on the Tomb – 6 Cubits etc '

' Mouth of a Tunnel Designed to Mislead Tomb Robbers '

' A Chapel or Offering Niche '

' A Diagram of the Construction of the Tomb '

' Model of the Pyramid ' two views

' The Pyramid Today '

' Diagrams Showing the Stages in its Construction After Borchardt's Entstehung Der Pyramid 1928 '

' An Inscription Referring to One of the Gangs of Workmen '

' A Hiweratic Inscription …'

' Inscription by Ancient Egyptian Quarrymen …'

' The Sarcophagus Chamber …'

' A Man Posted in the Entrance Handing Out a Broken Stone for Removal ….'

' Northern Ante Chamber …'

' A Great Spanish Patriot - The Late General Primo de Rivera Marques de Estella Dies I Paris '

Red Thursday in New York USA:

' Union Square – A Prohibited Communist Unemployment Parade Broken Up by Mounted Police '

' A Rioter Trying to Grab a Mounted Policemans Truncheon '

Full page

' The French Frigate Insurgent (Capt. Barreaut ) Striking Her Flag to the American Frigate Constellation – From a Painting by Charles Robert Patterson of New York '

How the Bodies of Lieutenant Eielson and Mr Earl Borland Were Found – Photograph at ANguem River in Siberia '

' The Adams Air Mail Pick Up and Delivery Device in Operation at Hoover Field USA '

' Dr Lytle S. Adams of Seattle Washington Demonstrating the Operations to Mr Clarence M. Young and Mr Warren Irving Glover of The US Post Office and Dept of Commerce '

' An Air Milestone at Karachi on the Indian Air Mail Rloute '

' Aircraft Carrier HMS Glorious Leaving Devonport for Her Trials …'

' A Remarkable Photograph of a Tiger Emerging from Jungle in India ' full page – by Colonel A. E. Stewart probably

' The Tiger Garden in Mysore in Reive the Ground of the Maharajah's Palace ' photograph by Alice Schalek

' A Tiger and partly Hidden Cub Taking a Siesta '

The Theatre:

' Scene from "A Night Like This" by Ben Travers at the Aldwych – Mr Gordon james – Mr Tom Walls – Mr Louis Bradfield – Mr Ralph Lynn '

' Miss Mary Brough in A Night Like This '

' Mr Ralph Lynn and Tom Walls – A Cab Scene '

Cochran's 1930 Revue :–

' Piccadilly in 1830 with Alice Nikitina and Serge Lifar '

' Madame Tussauds Scene – Waxworks of Edgar Wallae – Tallulah Bankhead – Lady Astor and a Live George Bernard Shaw '

' The School for Husbands Scene – Roy Royston – Douglas Byng – Barry Fitzgerald – W. M. Cavanagh '

' Singing the Wind in the Willows Scene – Roy Royston – Mr Cochrans Young Ladies

' The Lancashire Cotton Scene – The Young Ladies in Frocks '

' Singing Mary – Miss Ada May '

Full apge

' Perch with Two Dorsal Fins '

' Haddock with Three Dorsal Fins '

' Roach …'

' The Bream …'

' How An Ice Rink Works ' full page drawn by "Our Special Artist G. H. Davis From Sketches Made at the Richmond in Surrey Ice Rink"

' One of the Six Gates of Richelieu'

' All That Remains of the Chateau de Richelieu ' .

' Edward The Prince of Wales ' full page colour portrait "By the New Finlay Process" – photograph of the Prince Edward (later Edward VIII) in a fashionable sporting jacket etc

' The Italian Art Exhibition – Pesellino Panels ' full page in colour showing two panels with related text – Two Scenes from the Life of St Sylvester by Francesco Pesellino

' The Late Lord Balfour Who Died on 19 March – A Portrait Taken on His Eightieth Birthday ' full page photograph

News Abroad Page:

' Walking Up Table Mountain in South Africa - Earl of Athlone The Governor General of South Africa – Princess Alice – Lady May Cambridge ' and others

' A House under Construction With a Placard Bearing the Name of Ex King Amanullah '

' German Fugitives from Russia Emigrate - Refugees at Hamburg Embarking for South America Aboard the SS Monte Sarmiento '

' A Party of Kulaki (Comparatively Prosperous Peasants Miel) Being Deported from their Village in Russia During the Policy of Collectivisation of Farming '

' Germany Mourning for Her Two Million Dead in the War – The Memorial Service in the Reichstag on 16 March '

' A Mdoel for the Proposed Monument to Claude Debussy Designed by Monsieur Jan Martel '

' Star Map – P)lanet X Found After Many Years Search – Showing the Position of the New Plant as Found, Near Delta Geminorum and the Position Computed (incorrectly) in the Constellation Cancer in 1928 ' drawn by Scriven Bolton FRAS

' A Model of a Proposed 200 Inch Telescope by Warner ans Swasey Co. Cleveland Ohio '

' The Smoke Screen – Destroyers Masking Manoeuvres During the Strategical Exercises of the Mediterranean and Atlantic Fleets ' double page photograph

The H. O. Havemeyer Collection of Art at New York Metropolitan Museum:

' City on a Rock by Goya '

' Destruction of Sodom by Corot '

' Saint Cecilia by Peter paul Rubens '

' Portrait of a Young Man by Agnolo Bronzino '

' The Rehearsal on the Stage by Edgard Degas

' The Third Class Carriage by Honore Daumier '

' George Moore by Manet '

' Cardinal Don Fernando Momp de Gievara by El Greco '

' The Visit by Pieter de Hooch '

' The Gilder Herman Doomer by Rembrandt '

Double Page – small piece missing from the top corner border of the page

Personalities of the Week Page:

' Princess Mary The Countess of Harewood Taking the Salute – The Princess Presents Shamrock at the Tower of London '

' The Late Earl and Countess of Coventry ' he died on the 13 March and she on the 16th – info. nee Lady Blanche Craven – George William

' Mr Edward Clodd Dies Aged 89 ' – banker and writer

' Sir Archibald Bodkin KCB Retires From the Office of Director of Public Prosecutions ..'

' Mr E. H. Tindal Atkinson New Director of Public Prosecutions '

' Sir Robert Harbey Pioneer of British Industry in Chile Dies '

' Lieutenant Colonel W. G. Barker VC Killed in a Flying Accident at Ottawa …'

' American Ambassador His Excellency General Charles Gates Dawes – Painting by John St Helier '

' Monsieur Tardieu the French Prime Minister – M. Briand – Mr A. V. Alexander First Lord of the Admiralty – Mr Arthur Henderson – Mr R. L. Craigie

' South Africa ' full page travel advert

' A Bachelors Den by Sir James Barrie ' full page colour advert for Craven Mixture Tobacco

' On Board HMS Lupin – Sir R. Brooke-Popham RAF – King Ibn Saud of Nejid – King Feisal of Iraq – Sir Francis Humphrys British High Commisioner of Iraq – at a Banquet on Board the Ship '

' Author - Miss Nan Shepherd

' Author – Claude houghton '

' Author - Mrs Leonora Eyles '

' Author – Mr Vernon Bartlett '

' Author – Mr C. E Bechofer Roberts ( Ephesian ) '

' Lady Eleanor smith – As St George '

' Hurdle Event in the Oxford and Cambride Sports – Mister R. M. N. Tisdall ' and others

' Mister C. E. S. Gordon The Oxford President Winning The High Jump '

Rugby and The Calcutta Cup:

' England v. Scotland Match: Law 15 – J. B. Nelson (S) and Others '

' England v. Scotland - R. S. Spong and Others '

' A Critical Moment for Scotland …'

' The Break Up of a Scrum '

Picture Frames:

' The Van Dyck Frame and Two Other Early Types '

' 18c Chippendale Frame and a 17c curiosity '

' Romneys Self Designed Frame Plus 18c Examples '

' A Leonardo Once Cut Up and Partly Used as a Box Lid - St Jerome by Leonardo da Vinci ' full apge

' Castell Pencil ' advert

' Hooper Daimler Limousine de Ville on 25hp Chasis ' full page advert

Modern Nurseries:

' Room with Windows of Vita Glass and Walls ON Which to Chalk '

' A School Boys Bedroom '

' The Portable Treasure Cot '

' Nursery Sideboard Decorated with Nursery Rhyme Folk '

' Lloyd Loom Garden Furniture in a Childs Size '

' A Small Combined Wardrobe and Chest of Painted Wood With Decorated Doors '

' Schweppes Ginger Ale ' full page advert

' Mr R. C. Sherriff and His 16hp Austin with Magnet Sports Coupe Weymann Body '

' The Hillman Straight Eight Car '

' Lanchester 30hp Straight Eight Car ' advert

' Swift Tens Car ' advert

' Fipay Morh 2 Seater Light Aeroplane ' full page advert showing the plane in flight and also back at it hangar

' Riley Cars ' advert

' TheConvivial Bargee – A Dry Point by S. Van Abbe '

' The Miniature Golf Course In the Grounds of the Palace Hotel at Torquay '

' Austin Sixteen Burnham Saloon ' full page advert

' The Atco All British Motor Mower from Charles h. Pugh of Tilton Road Birmingham ' lawn mower advert showing a scene outside Crystal Palace, a man mowing the lawn and a closer view of the model

' BP – Anglo Persian Oil Col Ltd ' advert

' Union Castle Line ' advert

' Courtaulds Fabrics ' full page advert with an art deco style drawing of a fashionable lady on the telephone drawn by "Barbara"

' The 16ft Puppy Dog Speed Boat '

' Theornycroft Seahawk Speed Boat ' advert

' Carrs ofr Carlisle ' b iscuit advert

' Wills's Gold Flake Satisfy ' full page advert by – a football match drawn by what looks like Sep E. Scott

' Lim Chin Tsong 's Palace At Kokine, Rangoon in Burma - Solignum Wood Preservative ' advert

' C. Brandauer Circular Pointed Pens ' advert

' Allenburys Infant Feeding Bottle and Milk ' advert

' Bouldto and Paul Revolving Garden Shelters ' advert

' The Coddington Hat from Henry Heath of Oxford St London W. '

' Moments of Misery – The Lecture ' full page funny advert for Abdullah Cigarettes drawn by Fougasse – info. Cyril Kenneth Bird


This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include :-


The Meydum Pyramids by Alan Rowe of the Egypt Expedition from the Museum of the The University of Pennsylvania

Our Ntoe Book Page by G. K. Chesterton .

Book Reviews

Theatre Page by J. T. Grein

Science Page – Fish by W. P. Pycraft

A Disciple of Hazlitt in the Far East – Being An Appreciation of "The Gentleman in the Parlour" by W. Somerset Maugham – by LPH .

Planets – by A. C. D. Crommelin D.Sc President of the Royal Astronomical Society

The Transfiguration of Leberty by Signor Guglielmo Ferrero

Novels and Fiction of the Month

Collectors Page by Frank Davis – Picture Frames

Motoring Page by H. Thornton Rutter

Gramaphone Notes


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