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The Illustrated London News 1932

Events of this year in the Illustrated London News

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Venice – The Motor Launch Carrrying the Prince of Wales and Prince George on their Tour of The Canals ' front page – later Edward VIII

' Venice – The Prince of Wales and Prince George Crossing the Piazza of St Marks, In Straw Hats and Smoked Glasses ' front page

' The Ottawa Conference in Canada: Sir Henry Starkosch of India – Mr L. E. Emerson of Newfoundland – Mr P. G. W. Grobler of South Africa – Mr H. S. Gullett of Australia – Sir George Perley of Canada – Sir Atul C. Chatterjee of India – Mr Sean T. O'Kelly of Irish Free State – Mr J. G. Coates of New Zealand – Mr ( Stanley ) Baldwin – Mr Bennett – Mr Bruce – Mr N. C. Havenga of South Africa – Mr Alderdice of Newfoundland – Mr H. U. Moffat of Southern Rhodesia – Mr Neville Chamberlain – Mr W. Downie-stewart of new Zealand – Mr Sean Lemass of Irish Free State – Mr P. D. L. Flynn of S. Rhodesia – Mr J. H. Thomas – Mr W. A. Gordon of Canada – Mr A. Duranleau of Canada – Mr C. H. Cahan of Canada – Mr E. B. Ryckman of Canada – Sahibzada Abdul Samad Khan of India – Mr R J. Manion of Canada – Mr Walter Runciman of GB – Sir padamjee Ginwala of India – Dr J. Ryan Irish Free State – Mr A. P> J. P. Fourie of South Africa – Sir George Schuster of India – Mr hugh Guthrie of Canada – Viscount Hailsham of GB – Sir George Rainy of India – Mr Edgar N. Rhodes of Canada – Sir Philip Cunliffe-Lister of GB – Mr . H. Stevens of Canada – Mr Shanmukham Chetty of India – Sir John Gilmour GB – Haji Abdoola Haroon of India – Mr Arthur Sauve of Canada – Mr Robert Weir of Canada ' group photograph outside the Parliament Buildings on Parliament Hill

' Victors of the Tenth Olympic Games at Los Angeles – Thomas or Tommy Hampson of England 800 Metres - - Robert Tisdall of Ireland 400m Hurdles - - J. Anderson of USA Discus - - Stella Walsh of Poland 100m Race (and others) - -Final of the Womens 4x100 Relay Wond by USA – Mildred Didrickson USA Javelin - - W. Miller of USA Pole Jump - - Thomas Green of England 50,000m Walking with others – Dr P. O'Callaghan of Ireland Hammer – Lillian Copeland of USA Discus - - L. Sexton USA - - Union Jack Hoisted in Honour of T. Hampson's Victory ' full page

' An Aerial Map of the Many Tourist Attractions in London ' double page – relief style map drawn by "Our Special Artist G. H. Davis from OInformation Supplied by Dame Beatrix Lyall DBE VC of the London County Council " – it features places on map or key i.e. Golders Hill – Hampstead Heath – Seven Sister Rd – Parliament hill – Haverstock Hill – Old Street – East India Dock Rd - Ken Wood – Waterlow Park – Sell St. Common – Hackney Marsh – Geffrye's Museum – Grove Hall Park - Kingsland Rd. -Shoreditch – Bethnal Green – Tottenham Court Rd – Old Ford Rd. Bow – Eel Brook Common –Peckham Rye – Horniman Gardens – Battersea Park – Clapham Common – Tooley St – Old Kent Rd –Garratt Lane – Lordship Lane – Wandsworth Common - Stepney Churchyard – Wormwood Scrubbs – Abbey Wood – Plumstead Common – Finsbury Park – LNER – Hackney Downs or Trams – Clapton or Trams – London Fields LNER – Lincolns Inn – Somerset House "Cheshire Cheese" – St Pauls – Record Office Museum – Soane Museum - Dr Johnsons House – Brompton Oratory – Cavell Memorial – 10 Downing – Memorial to Prince Consort – and much more with key

The Recent Heat Wave in London -:

' Stea,ers amd Pleasure Boats at Westminster Pier '

' The Piccadilly Lido! – Bathing Pool erected on the Roof of the Piccadilly Hotel '

' A Park Keeper Ordering Childrn Out of the Round Pond in Kensington Gardens '

' Hornsey Open Air Baths Crowded with Bathers '

King Edward Memorial park at Shadwell Patronised by East Enders '

' The Hyde Park "Lido" – Londoners Sun Bathing Beside the Serpentine '

' The New Open Air Swimming Baths at Enfield – Packed '

Personalities at home and Abroad Page:

' Miami – A British Airman Captain Lancaster Accused of Murder and Questioned by His Counsel Mr J. M. Carson '

' The Late Miss Vere Stuart Hutchinson Noted Novelist Who Died Aged Forty One '

' Rin-Tin-Tin the Alsatian Who Earned £400 per Week, Dies in Hollywood '

' Senator Marconi and his New Wireless Apparatus with Ultra Short Wave Length ' with another man

' A winged Arm-Chair c1700 '

' Frau Klara Zetkin A Woman to Preside for An Hour in the Reichstag - With an Lenin's Widow ' – info. Nadezhda Konstantinovna or Nadya Krupskaya Lenin – aka Clara Zetkin

' TheNew American Liner The Manhattan o Her Maiden Voyalge '

' The British Chess Congress – Sir John Simon the Foreign Secretary, Watching a Match Between Sultan Khan and Mr T.H. Taylor at The Empire Social Chess Club at Bayswater '

Professor J. W. Gregory 's Death in The Andean Rapids in Peru -:

' Near to the Scene of the Disaster - A Canoe Passing Through a Bad Rapid in the Pongo de Mainique on the Upper Urubamba River '

' A Few Yards Fromthe Scen of His Death – Empty Canoe Filling With Water '

' Canoe Full of Water Hauled to The Bank by Men '

' The Ill FatedCanoe – Indians Bailing Out the Canoe, Which Shortly Afterwards Capsized Below this Point with Dr Gregory, Miss McKinnon Wood and Mr Coverley-Price on Board ' info. John Walter Gregory a British geologist and explorer

' The Lilienthal Monument – Memorial to a German Flying Pioneer Otto Lilienthal at East Lichterfelde, Berlin '

' Top of the Mound at the Lilienthal Monument – A Silver Glove on a Basalt Block '

Italy and Revival of Mediaeval Sport –:

' The Joust of the Saracen at Arezzo '

' Winning Pair in the Joust – Of the Santo Spirito Quarter of Arezzo '

' Tilting at the Saracen '

' Afghanistan – The Motor Car as a State Vehicle in a Procession Through Kabul '

' Afghanistan – King Nadir Shah Presiding at a Meeting Held to Consider a New University Scheme '

' King Nadir Sha Saluting His Subjects on His Return from a Mosque '

Discoveries in Southern India – Finds at Nagarjunakonda or Nagarjuna's Hill -:

' Plan of the Great Stupa – Structure in the Form of a Wheel with Cross Marking Where The Buddhist Relics Were Found '

' Bas Relief At Nagarjunakonda Representing a Buddhist Stupa or Tomb 3rd C AD '

' Carved Slab of Limestone '

' Buddha Relics as They Were Found '

' Buddha Relics After Cleaning '

' The Great Stupa After Excvation '

' Restoration of the Great Stupa – Massive Hemispherical Structure ...'

' Infant Princ Represented by a Royal Umbrella and Two Flying Whisks '

' Bas Reliefs From a Smaller Stupa '

' The Late Mister Ronald Mackenzie Author of Musical Chairs at the Criterion Who Was Killed in a Motor Accident '

' Mister Phillip Leaver Author of "Tomorrow Will Be Friday" etc at The Haymarket '

' Mr John Van Druten Author of "Behold We Live" at St James's '

' Mr Ivor Novello Author of "Party" at the Strand '

' Mr Noel Coward Author of "Cavalcade" at Drury Lane '

' Mr J. B. Priestley Author of "Dangerous Corner" at the Lyric '

' Mr Ian Hay Co-Author of "Orders ar Orders" at the Shaftesbury '

' Mr Edward Knoblock Co-Author of "EVensong" at the Queens '

' Mr Beverley Nichols Co-Author Miel of "Evensong" at the Queens '

Octocentenary of Fountains Abbey -:

' Fountains Abbey By Day '

' Flood Lit at Night'

' United Anglican and Nonconformist Ceremony in the Roofless Nave

' The Duchess of York Followed by the Duke o fYork Arriving at the Abbey ' later George VI and Queen Elizabeth

'' Fountains Abbey Aerial View Showing the Crowds at the Entrance etc '

The Two Cities of Ghardaia – Algeria -:

' The Winter City at Ghardaia '

' Men in The Market of the Winter City '

' The Summer City in the Shadow Reive of the Oasis – View of the Palm Sheltered Quarters ...'

' house in the Summer City '

' A Corner of the Summer City '

' After A Fall of Rain Which Happens Once Every Four or Five Years '

' A Palm Growing Through a Special Hole in the Roof of a House ...'

' An Orchard – Troughs and Dams Which Bring Water Drawn From Undergournd '

' A Photograph of the Desert '

' An Outpost Line Against the Shifting Sands Around Ghardaia 'Keenlyside.

' The Upper Storey of the Central Court or Atrium of a House in Ghardaia With The Palm Springing Through the Roof '

' Interior of a house Showing Vines etc '

' A Photographic Study by Armand Console – "This Blessed Plot, This Earth, This Realm, This England" ...' wonderful double centre page photograph showing workers getting in a harvest, three horses pulling an implement, the "Lord and Lady of the Manor" looking on

The Problem of the Planet Venus:

' Drawing by M. Lucien Rudaux of Venus as She Appears When Between The Earth and Sun ...'

' Midsummer Photograph of Upper Regions of the Earth's Atmosphere Lit by the Sun '

' A Reconstruction of the Configurations o fthe Surface of Venus on the Half of the Globe Lit Up by the Sun '

' Diagram Showing the Successive Apparent Positions of Venus in Relation to the Sun .....' ' Telescopic Aspects of Venus – Drawings whowing the Fixed Spots on the Surface etc ...'

' The Italian Training Ship " SMerigo Vespucci" Built in 1930 – A Sailing Ship with Auxiliary Motors '

' The Italian Vessel for Training Naval Cadets – The "Cristoforo Colombo " – Sailing Ship Driven by Diesel Motors '

' Crowds at The Tempelhofer Feld Watching the Flying While Enjoying Tea and Beer in the Garden ' full page photograph showing crowded scene at the Air field

The German Political Situation -:

' The Minister of the Interior, Baron von Gayl Speaking at The Celebrations of the Thirteenth Anniversary of the Weimar Constitution '

' A Reichswehr Bodyguard March Past Doing the Goose Step '

' Berlin Mounted Police Marching Past on Horses '

A "Hardluck Town" in New York – A Settlement of Huts in the Heart of the City Built By Unemployed '

Self Help By The German Unemployed in the Neighbourhood of Berlin -:

' Homes Built by the Workless for Themselves ' ' A Settlers Family inthe Garden Which Partly Supports Them '

' The Whole Family Helping to Lay Electric Cable To their House '

' An Unemployed Workman Helping to Build Himself a house with Material Supplied by the Government '

' An Unemployed Stonecutter Laying a Pavement in One of the New Prussian Unemployed Settlements – His Wife Helping '

' A Kitchen in aHouse Built By the Unemployed ' a mother and her little daughter in the kitchen

' A Workless Man and His Family Listen to the Wireless in Their New Parlour ' .

' Science Page: An Adult Male Glow Worm Lampyris Noctiluca - - - Female Glow Worm the Real Fairy Lantern of the Story Books - - - glow Worm of South America (drawings) - - - under Side of the Female Glow-worm '

' Westminster Abbey with a Central Spire and Spire Capped Western Towers – From a Rare Painting of the Abbey Propesed by Wren and Hawksmoor and The Prebendal houses Which Then Stood ...'

' An Architects Wooden Model of a Central Spire Designed for Westminster Abbey '

The Failed Revolution in Spain – Madrid and Seville -:

' The Captured Seville Leader Being Conveyed to Madrid by Car – General Sanjurjo near Talavera ' photograph of two cars

' General Sanjurjo Leaves the Car Which Brought Him From Huelva to Enter The One That Took Him to Madrid ' ' Spanish Troops Outside the Station at Seville ...'

' A Great Crowd Demonstrating passing the Ministry 9of War In Madrid '

' Seville – general Sanjurjo's HQ Burnt After His Departure – The Villa Casablanca on Fire '

Note Book Page by G. K. Chesterton

Books of the Day by Charles E. Byles

The Great Chaitya and a Corporeal Relic of B uddha – Discoveries in Southern India – By A. H. Longhurst

the Disarmament Conference – by Signor Guglielmo Ferrero

Gardening page by Clarence Elliott VMH

Science Page by W. P. Pycraft

Motoring Page by H. Thornton Rutter



TheFrench Liner " Georges Philippar " – The Doomed Ship on Fire and Listing to Port ' full front page taken by a photographer, Mr. K. Ohtsuki on board the Japanese Steamer " Hakone Maru "

Near View of the Burning Liner Two Hours After Being Abandoned '

' A Photograph Taken rom the Blue Funnel Steamer " Calchas " ...'

' Listing Heavily to Port with Smoke Billowing Out '

' Survivors – A Man And Woman '

' Two Young Children Rescued by the British Steamer " Contractor " .. '

' The Burning Liner As Seen fromthe Japanese Stamer Hadone Maru ' passengers watching from the deck of the Hakone Maru

' A Typical Barcan in the Oasis of Kharga near Beucra in Egypt '

' The War Office Experimental Convoy on a Journey from Cairo to Southern Sudan ' ten photographs of the different vehicles inc. Commer Lorry - Crossley Lorry – Morris Commercial – Riley etc – Captain D. K. Paris MC

The New Rock Pool at London Zoo Aquarium -:

' Diagram: Details of the Apparatus which Causes the Ebb and Flow of the "Tide" in the Rock Pool – The Supply of Sea Water And Valves to Regulate the Rise And Fall ' drawn by G. H. Davis from information fro mMr E. G. Boulenger The Director of the Aquarium

' Diagram: Showing The View of the Tank in A Cross Section ...' drawn by G. H. Davis

' High Tide in the Rock Pool Aquarium ...'

' Low Tide ...'


Three Scenes from "Devils Lottery", Reconstructed in Hollywood – The film starred Elissa Landi and Victor McLaglen

' The Royal Tournament at Olympia – Despatch Riders of the Royal Signals ' full page sketches "By Our Special Artist Bryan de Grineau "

' Stoneware Figure of Lydia Dwight – Possibly Modelled by Grinling Gibbons '

' From Thomas Carlyle's Photograph Album – Mrs Carlyle with her Dog "Nero"..'

Personalities of the Week Page:

' Late Inspector General of the Chinese Maritime Customs – Sir Francis Aglen Dies '

' Elected Chairman of the Southern Railway Company – Mr Gerald Loder '

' Appointed First Woman Officer of the Trades Union congress – Miss Nancy Adams '

' The Lawyer Mr E. F. Spence died aged 71 '

' The Well Known French Airman Killed in an Aeroplane Crash in Italy – M. Goulette '

' Major General Carey Died aged 78 '

' J. E. Lovelock Crossing the line Reive at Oxford ' – info. John " Jack " Edward Lovelock a New Zealand athlete

' J. De Forest with E. Fiddian – At The Amateur Golf Championship at Muirfield ' and others

' Prince August Wilhelm " Auwi " Entering the Prussian Diet as a Nazi Member '

' Admiral Hipper Who Commanded the German Battle Cruiser Squadron at Jutland Dies '

' Appointed Governor of Cyprus - Sir Reginald Stubbs '

' Mister Shigemitsu One of The Victims of the Shanghai Bomb Outrage – Signs the Sino Japanese Armistice in Hospital '

' General Assembly of the Church of Scotland – The Rev. Alastair Campbell of Glamis – - T. Miel - Rev. Alan C. Don – Lieutenant Colonel Norman McLeod – Captain E. D. Stevenson – Lieutenant Colonel Archibald Stirling of Garden – Dr Marshall Lang – Colonel E. C. T. Warner – Rev. Archibald Fleming – Sir Charles Ferguson –Lord Nigel Douglas Hamilton – Mr Wilson Paterson – Miss Ann Charteris – Lady Ruth Balfour – Sir Iain Colquhoun – Lady Colquhoun – The Archbishop of Canterbury – Duchess of Rutland – Miss E. Elphinstone – and others not named '

Murder and Pillage in Bombay in Hundu Moslem Riots -:

A Wrecked Bombay Garry Lying in a Street '

' Fire Brigade Fighting The Flames '

' The Governor of Bombay Sir Frderick Sykes Talking to a Native Police Officer and The Commissioner of Police '

' A Rioter Shot While Pillaging Shops '

' Rioters Looting Shops '

' A Hindu Stabbed by Rioters Carried into an Ambulance '

Full page

Skull Discovered in Java -:

' A Profile of the Newly Discovered Solo Skull – Diagram of a Pithecanthropus Superimposed ' drawn by Sir Arthur Keith FRS

' Skull of Peking Man Sinanthropus as Delineated by Professor Davidson Black ...'

Plus six more photographs of the Discovery by Dr W. F. F. Oppenoorth the Dutch Geologist – Also a small map of Java

' Armour – Suit of Gothic German Armour Front and Back Views – Parts names '

' Side Hoops of an 18c Costume '

The Garibaldi Annviersary:

' Sketch of Garibaldi in Rome in 1849 '

' Garibaldi Embarking at Genoa 1860 '

' Entry of Vittorio Emmanuele King of Italy into Naples – Garibaldi at His Side 1860 '

Garibaldi's Visit to England – Meeting Tennyson at Faringford House in the Isle of Wight 1864 '

' The Death of Garibaldi – Lying i State on Caprera off Sardinia 1882 '

Authors -:

' Miss Hilda Vaughan '

' The Earl of Cottenham '

' Mr Jacob Wassermann '

' Mr Richard Aldington '

' The Hon. R. Gathorne-Hardy '

' Colonel Dennis O'Kelly an 18c Turf Celebrity – From a Portrait by Johann Zoffany ' full page colour

' Portrait of " Eclipse" – by George Stubbs ' colour print

' King George V - Lord Roseberry – Lord Lonsdale Arriving at the Racecourse for The Derby '

' the Royal Box at the Derby – Prince Henry Duke of Gloucester – Prince George Duke of York – Elizabeth Duchess of York – George V – Queen Mary – Mary the Princess Royal '

' The Finish of The Derby – Mr Tom Walls's April the Fifth (F. Lane up) First Past the Post – Aga Khan's Dastur (M. Beary up) – Lord Rosebery's Miracle (H. Wragg up) – Mr E. Esmond's Royal Dancer (S. Wragg up) – Aga Khan's Firdaussi (S. Donoghue up) ' and others – double page photograph

lTraffic Control by Air at the Derby – the Cierva Autogiro Used to Notify the Police Below of Trafffic Congestion '

' Mr Tom Walls the Winning Owner Walking in with His Horse '

' A Hybrid Laburnum woith Yellow and Purple :Blooms in a Kentish Garden ' two colour photographs

' John Haig Whisky ' full page advert

' The Prussian Diet – Nazia Shouting at the Communist Leader '

' After the Free Fight Between Nazis and Communist in tyhe Prussian Diet (Parliament) '

' Classical Dancers Among Temple Ruins at Paestum - Prelude to Cassandra's Dance of Despair '

' Dr Bruning the First German Chancellor to Resign ...'

' President Von Hindenburg Arriving in Berlin During the Political Crisis '

' Marriage of the Crown Prince of Ethiopia – The Bridal Pair Leaving the Church '

' King Albert of Belgium with Professor Piccard Inspecting the New Balloon Nacelle '

' Science – The Sea Mouse Aphrodite Aculeata '

' A Sea Mouse Underside '

' The Walking Feet of the Sea Mouse '

The Zuider Zee – Closing The Last Gap in the Dyke -:

' An Aerial Photograpn Showing the Work During Its Final Stage '

' Aerial Photograph Showing the Strong Current and Clay Depositing Cranes ' .

' Section of the 18½ Mile Embankment '

' Cranes Depositing The Last Of the Clay '

' After the Gap was Closed – Men on the Wall of Clay '

Floods in England –:

' At Bentley-with-Arskey – Man in A Rowing Boat to the Rescue of a Woman And Child From their home '

' A Free Supply of Disinfectant for Eaton Residents Returning to Their Muddied homes ...'

' The Bentley District near Doncaster – A Family Moving Household Goods by Boat '

' A Householder at the Door of his Flooded Home '

' Nottingham – Goods Engine Ploughing through the Waters at the Flooded LMS Station '

' The Opening of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland – Sir Iain Colquhoun Behind the Moderator at the Ceremony i the Assembly Hall Edinburgh '

' Aldeburgh – Prince George at the Ceremony of Naming The " Abdy Beauclerk " the First Motor Lifeboat of Her Class '

' Prince of Wales'sVisit to the Bath and West Show – receiving a Gift of Gloves fro the Mayor of Yeovil '

' Wellington New Zealand – Wellington War Memorial Carillon Opened on Anzac Day '

' The Removal of the Merchsant Taylors School to Sandy Lodge near Rickmansworth – State of the New Buildings '

' International Congress of Trans-Oceanic Airmen at Rome – General Balbo with the other Airmen '

' Portsmouth – The Historic Figure head "The Warrior" at the Docks – Now Housed-in From the Weather '

' The Duchess of York – Princess Elizabeth and The Hon. Gerald Lascelles at the Royal Box at OLympia '

' An Old Healing Well at Barnet Reopened – One of the Sumps '

Window on the World page:

' The Magdalen Crew at the Winning Post int he Oxford Summer Eights ' rowing event

' The Natural History Museum at Kensington – The African Group of Game Animals in the Whale Room '

' General of The Durbar at Belchistan – The Installation of the New Khan of Kalat Mir Azam Jang Khan '

' The Tragic Death of two Survivors of the Ship "Georges Philippar" – the Wrecked Aeroplane near Rome '

' The New Khan of Kalat – H.E. The Viceroy, Marquess of Willington (Freeman Freeman-Thomas ) – Lady Willington – Mr A. N.L. Cater '

' Collectors Page – Early Engravings by Albrecht Durer ' four

' Whiteway's Cydrax ' full page advert

' Georgette and Lace Dress with Crepe de Chine Slip – From Marshall and Snelgrove '

' The Empress of Australia Ship – Norway Cruising by Canadian Pacific' advert

' Llandrindod Wells – The Park Pump Rooms and Orchestra Hall '

' Famous Devonshire Cyder Apple Orchards – The Scene as Lord Carrington Presented the Whiteway Cups at a Field Day ' aerial view

Note Book page by G. K. Chesterton

Kinema Page by Michael Orme

Book Reviews – By Charles E. Byles

Our New Ancestor – Solo Man " by sir Arthur Keith FRS .

A Short History of Costume and Armour – Being An Appreciation by Francis M. Kelly and Randolph Schwabe

Science Page – Sea Mice by W. P. Pycraft

Collectors Page by Frank Davies

Music Column by W. J Turner

Motoring page by H. Thornton Rutter



Franklin Delano Roosevelt To Be The Thirty Second President of the USA ' full page photograph

' Mr Franklin D. Roosevelt the Governor of New York and Democratic Candidate for The Presidency '

' President Herbert Clark Hoover – the Republican Candidate '

'The Blouse Returns with New Designs by Debenhams - Debenham and Freebody ' advert showing three styles of blouse

' Robinson and Cleaver Irish Linen '

' Crawford's Liqueur Scotch Whisky ' advert

' The Esse Stove from Smith and Wellstood of Bonnybridge in Scotland ' advert

' Stanley Gibbons Ltd – Postage Stamps '

' The Art of the Postage Stamp – Austria Charity Stamp – Gaboon with a Pahquine Woman on Stamp - - - Germany Commemorating Von Hindenburg - - - Latvia and New Air Mail Stamp - - - Russia Commemorating Maxim Gorky - - - Sweden Commemorating the Tercentenary of Gustavus II Adolphus ' shows the six stamps

' Solignum Wood Preservative ' advert

Passchendaele West Flanders - Then and Now:

' The Tyne Cot Cemetery at Passchendaele Showing Row after Row of Graves '

'1914-18 War – A Long Line of Men Moving Through the Area '

'1914-18 – Men Entrenched at Passchendaele with Pools of Muddy Water Surrounding Them '

' The Battle in the Trenches '

' A Silhouette of Seven Men Carrying Their Rifles at Dusk or Daybreak '

Full page – info. Zonnebeke near Passendale

' The Admiral Robert Peary Monument on the Summit of Cape York, Greenland '

' Mrs Muriel Pawley 's Letter to the Japanese Kobayashi That She Wrote During Her Captivity in the Hands of Manchurian Bandits '

' The Opening of the Foro Mussolini a Facist Sports Ground – The Monolith of Carrara Marble '

' Gustaf Adolf Crown Prince of Sweden Speaking Reive at the Tercentenary of the Death of Gustavus Adolphus – the Memorial at Lutzen near Leipzig '

' Speaking at The Mansion House London – Edward The Prince of Wales As First Master of the Honourable Company of Master Mariners '

' Mounted Police at Euston Railway Station London – Hundreds of Marchers Waiting For Special Trains to Lancashire and Scotland '

' Andy The Walrus of London Zoo, Dies '

The Fascist Decennary in Rome – Mostra della Rivoluzione Fascista :

' Commemorative Stamps – Twenty Stamps Each Bearomg a Different Design Symbolising Some Particulart Phase of Fascist Activity '

' Huge Fasces or Lictor's Rods of Aluminium and Cobalt '

' The Origin of The Blackshirts – A Historic Tie Worn by the Patriot P. F. Calvi ...'

' Il Duce in Sculpture – Head of Mussolini '

' Vorticist Style – A Hall With a "Fourth Dimensional Atmosphere" and Inscriptions Leaning Towards the Abolition of Class Warfare '

' Modernism – The Hall of 1914 '

The Theatre:

Two Scenes from "Service" at Wyndhams – Ann Todd – Joyce Kennedy – Leslie Banks – J. H. Roberts – Jack Hawkins

Personalities of the Week Page:

' The Oxford University Air Squadron a The New Aerodrome at Abingdon – Vice Chancellor the Rev. F. J. Lys Greeted by Sir Geofffrey Salmond ' and another man in uniform

' Mr Winston Churchill's Daughter Engaged – Mr John Milner Bailey and Miss Diana Churchill '

' The Right Rev. Frederick Cyril Nugent Hicks – The New Bishop of Lincoln '

' Lord Cullen, the Former Deputy Governor of the Bank of England, Dies aged 68 ' info. Brien Cokayne

' Mr Compton Mackenzie ' with ref. to the Summons against him for "Greek Memories" contrary to the Official Secrets Act

' At The Oxford Union Unveiling of the Bust of First Lord Birkenhead – Sir John Simon – Sir Austen Chamberlain – Lord Birkenhead '

' The Crown Prince and Princess of Sweden Arrive at Liverpool Street Station London '

' Herr Von Hoesch The New German Ambassador To St James's Arrives at Victoria Station ' with others. Also mentioned in the caption is Count Bernstorff - Mr J. B. Monck – info. Leopold von Hoesch

' Fraulein Bindernagel with Her husband and Child ' - info. Gertrud Bindernagel the German opera singer dies after being shot by her husband banker Wilhelm Hintze

' Miss Betty Gow The Lindbergh Baby's Nurse on her Return to New York '

' Miss Neligan of Salle Bertrand Winner of the Alfred hutton Fencing Cup '

Germany – Transport Strike and Elections:

' The " Deutschland " at Kiel - The First of Germanys Pocket Battleships '

' Berlin - TheTransport Strike, Tram lines Barred by Communists '

' Police Searching Members of the Public for Weapons After The Rioting in the transport Strike '

' Police Cars Guarding a Tram in Berlin '

' Herr Franz Von Papen Walking to the Polling Booth with His Family ' – with his wife (nee Martha von Boch-Galhau ) and two daughters

' German President Marshal Paul von Hindenburg Filling in His Ballot Paper '

' Thanksgiving Service for the Restoration of Lincoln Cathedral – the Duke and Duchess of York ' full page photograph showing the Duke (later George VI ) and Duchess ( Elizabeth ). The caption also mentions Lord Yarborough – Mr Albert Farwell Bemis of Boston Massachusetts – Dr Swayne the Bishop of Lincoln – Very Rev. R. A. Mitchell – Dean Fry – Sir Francis Fox – Sir Charles Nicholson – Mr Robert Godfrey

The Photographs by Lady Broughton in The Belgian Congo -:

' Head of a Young Male Gorilla Killed by Natives on the Alumbongo Mountains '

' A Gorilla Battue by Natives Who Slaughtered Seven Animals '

' An Ituri Forest Woman and Her Baby Showing Its Head Tightly Corded with Wire or Cord to Produce an Admired Elongation of the Skull ...'

' Colonel ashton and M. Hemelers Seated Beside the Wreckage of a Collaped Rest House at Campi Tschampi After The Posts Had Been Eaten Away by White Ants ' – info. Vera Edyth Griffith-Boscawen

' Three Buffalo Bulls on the Ruindi Plains '

' White Rhinoceros near Rhino Camp in Uganda '

' School of Hippopotamus in the Rutchuru River '

' In the Eastern Congo - A Female Gorilla Climbs a Tree to Investigate ' full page photograph

Lord Grey of Fallodon in his Bird Sanctuary in Northumberland:

' A Pond at Fallodon – House inthe Distance '

' Lrod Grey Feeding Brazilian Teal '

' Lord Grey Feeding a Female Canvabacke from his Hand '

' A Chinese Mandarin Drake Perched on Lord Greys Hat '

' A Male Dorstep Mandarin Feeding from Lord Greys And a Female Waiting Her Turn ' outside his house

' At the Seat near the Larger Pond - Lord Grey Feeding a Male Canvasback '

Photographs by Frank M. Chapman Curator of the Natural History Museum in New York

Armistice – Battles in the Air During the Great War:

' 1918 – Shot Down in Flames by Captain Bryan de Grineau ' from a painting showing a German Albatross Aeroplane shot down in flames

' 1914-18 - A German Pilot Falling Through the Air After Jumping From his Burning Albatross Aeroplane ' an evoking photograph from "The Cockburn Lange Collection" showing an aerial combat action – a double page pull-out

' A German Aeroplane Photographed as It was Trying to Shoot at A British Fighter ' full page photograph

' Air Fighting – "Rex and a Fokker " – A Machine Who's Pilot Shot Four neat holes in the Fuselage of the British Plane ' full page photograph showing the british and german planes in combat

Theses photographs come with articles with excerpts from the diary of one of the pilots taking the photographs, mentioning the exploits of "Jock" his colleague

' The Cenotaph ' full page colour photograph showing the wreaths placed around the Cenotaph in Whitehall – photograph by A. Console using the Spicer Dufey Process

' Painting by Van Minderhout - The Famous Dutch Flag Ship " Eendraght " and Dutch East Indiamen ' a double page colour print – damage to centre

' Madeira – The Island of Eternal Spring – Reids Hotel Under the Control of L. Gandolfo ' full page colour travel advert for Parsons and Birkett, and Thomas Cook – a colour drawing of the hotel, terraces, Swimming pools, cliff face etc with prices, referring to various liners, Blue Star, Avila Star, Andalucia Star etc from British ports

Double Page Pullout entitled "Never Again, We Trust" referring to Memories of 1914-18 War:

' Troops Landing From the Ship "The River Clyde" at Sedd-ul Bahr Gallipoli '

' Survivors of the Former Cunarder "Ivernia" Torpedoed in the Mediterranean – The Men in Heavy Miel Seas and in Lifeboats '

' Battle of the Falkland Islands - Men of the German Cruiser "Gneisenau" In the Water Waiting to By Picked by Boats from HMS Inflexible and Invincible '

' The Summit of Mount Kaymaktchalan After a Serbian Victory – The Ground Strewn with Corpses '

' The Battlefield of Loos After The British Advance '

' Wreckage of the Zeppelin L15 in the Thames Estuary '

' A Party of Survivors from the Torpedoed Transport Ship Ivernia – Men on a Life Raft '

' A German Gas Attack on Russians in 1915 – Photograph Taken froma Russian Aeroplane '

' A Shell Bursting on Rheims Cathedral '

' A Great War Ship – the German Cruiser "Blucher" Turning Over and Sinking With Survivors of Her Crew Scrambling Over The Sides '

' The Bombed Restaurant of the Grand Hotel at Scarborough ' in 1914 '

' The Shooting of a German Spy by a British Firing Party in Belgium '

Double page Pull-out of Photographs entitled "Never Again We Trust":

' Visitors from Paris at Fort Vaux at Verdun '

' Verdun – German Guns Which Were Left Behind from Fort Douaumont '

' A Relic of the Great War near Rheims – a German Tank Abandoned Near the Fort de la Pompelle '

' Dug Outs Preserved Along the Western Front '

' A Trench on Hill 304 As It Now Appears in 1932 '

' Interior of the Fort de la Pompelle near Rheims '

' Mouth of a Long Underground Tunnel '

' With Posts of Barbed Wire Entanglements Still Preserved – Fort de la Pompelle '

' A pathetic Souvenir of War – A Soldiers Boot '

' A Typical Piece of Derelict Barbed Wire '

' The Famous hill 304 As It Is Now in 1932 '

' An Old Military Stretcher Once Used to Carry Wounded Men, Now Abandoned on a Battlefield '

Treasures from a Burnt Building of 4000 Years Ago – Tepe Hissar near Damghan in Persia ( Iran ):

' A Reconstruction of the Burnt Building '

' The Northern End of the Burnt Building '

' Ornaments of a Dancing Girl Found Buried in the Burn Building – Miniature Rams, Heads of Lapis, Turtles etc '

' Copper Daggers '

' A Cache Buried Deep i the Debris of Earlier Cultures with Skeletons Visible Above ' .

' A Reconstruction of a Woman of Hissar III '

' Translucent and Banded Miniature Colomns and Discs of Alabaster ...'

' A Moufflon Head of Sheet gold with Curved Horns '

' Alabaster Jar with Long Spout '

' A Gold Cup '

' A Copper Plate Representing a Buffalo Felled by a Lion '

Photographs by Dr Erich Schmidt of the Museum of the Unviersity of Pennsylvania

Collectors page:

' A Grey Chinese Tile circa 300BC '

' Chinese Pottery Dog of the T'ang Period with The Appearance of a Greyhound '

' Chinese Sculpture – A Human Head of Forbidding Appearance on A Pillar '

' A T'ang Period Figure of a Woman on A Galloping Horse '

' Austin Reed Tail Coat and Dinner Jacket etc ' full age advert


' Travelling Coat and Luggage by Aquascutum ' photograph by Wallace Heaton

' Top Coat of Nigger and Beige Check from Shetland Industries of Baker St ' photograph by Wallace Heaton

' Perfect Travelling Companion – The Revelation Suit Case ' photograph by Wallace Heaton

' The Italian Line – Round The World Cruise on " Augustus" ...' travel ad.

' Carrs Water Biscuits ' advert

' Mansion Polish ' advert – little girl sketch by Trever Evans

' P & O West Indies Cruise etc ' half page travel advert showing a cruise liner

' Australia Cruise ' travel ad showing Koala bears

' Cunard – Cruise on the "Berengaria" to Madeira ' travel advert showing a photograph of holiday makers participating in activities on board the ship

Photograph for The Travel Pages:

' Madeira – A View of Funchal Harbour From the Grounds of Reid's Palace Hotel '

' Egypt – A Street in Cairo ' as above

' Barcelona – Looking Down on One of the Ramblas ' street scene

' Fishing – A Catch of Pirarucu Fresh Water Fish o the Banks of The Amazon '

' Durban – A Zulu Rickshaw Boy '

' The Picturesque Sudan – Buying and Selling Grain at the Omdurman Market '

' Switzerland – A Skier Jumping at Flims, Grisons ' .

' Switzerland – View of the Arosa Ski Resort in the Grisons '

' Royal Mail Lines – Christmas ruise on the Liner Atlantis or Asturias ' travel advert showing a Santa straddled over the two liners

' Author Mr Arthur Bryant '

' Author Mr Maurice Richardson '

' Highland Queen Scotch Whisky ' full page advert

' Vapex for Colds ' advert

' Morgan And Ball Golf Mitts ' advert

Our Note Book Page by G. K. Chesterton

Theatre Page by J. T Grein – with ref. to Mister Cyril Maude - - The Lonsdale Manner

The Mountain Gorilla in Its Natural Haunts – Article by Lady Broughton on Beasts and Natives in the Congo – info. nee. Vera Edyth Griffith-Boscawen

' Lord Grey of Fallodon – Sir Edward Grey

Science page – by W. P. Pycraft

British and German Aeroplanes of the Great War – with exerpts from a pilot photographers diary

Book Reviews by Charles E. Byles – Rome of Renaissance and Today by Sir Rennell Rodd - - - Episodes of a Varied Life by Lord Conway of Allington (Sir Martin Conway) - - - Modern Money by Lord Melchett - - - Vestal Virgins of Rome by Sir Thomas Cato Worsfold - - - Early Beliefs and Their Social Influence by Edward Westermarck .

Collectors page by Frank Davis

Travel Pages by Charles W. Domville Fife and others

Winter Sports – Ski-ing etc

The Bookseller Page

Music Page – BelshazZars Feast and Mr William Walton - - Beethoven Sonatas

Theatre – Mr Somerset Maughams Play

The Postage Stamp by Fred J. Melville – Philately

Motoring Page by H. Thornton Rutter – Car Wireless - - The Commercial Motor Show at Olympia and The Scottish Motor Show at Kelvin Hall etc

The Playhouses



The Lawn Tennis Championships at Wimbledon – H. Ellsworth Vines of the USA in Play ' full front page photograph

The Fateful Lausanne Conference

' Opening at the Hall of the Beau Rivage Hotel ' the crowded conference room

' Signor Grandi the Italian Minister '

' M. Herriot the French Prime Minister Drinking Coffee with Colleagues '

' Sir John Simon the Secretary of State for Foreignb Affairs '

' M. Herriot the French PM – Herr Von Papen German Chancellor – Mr Neville Chamberlain Chancellor of Exchequer – A tEase After the First Meeting '

' Sir Herbert Samuel Home Sec. – Herr Von Papen – Mr Ramsay Macdonald – Mr Walter Runciman Pres. Of the Board of Trade '

' On His Way to the Conference - M. Herriot with Portfolio in Hand '

' M. Herriot Accepts a Light for His Cigarette fro Herr Von Papen, With The French Minister of Finance (Monsieur Louis Germain-Martin) Looks On '

' Herr Von Papen and the German Journalist Dr Baer '

The Ex Kaiser on Holiday – On The Beach at Zandvoort with his Wife ' – info. Princess Hermine Reuss of Greiz

' The New Nazi Uniform '

' The New RAF Flying Boat with Three Rolls Royce Buazzard Engines '

' The RAF Gloster Bomber Transport Plane '

' TheFairey Night Bomber '

' The Monument to Claude Debussy in Paris '

' Lewisham – The New Town Hall Recently Opened by the Duke of York '

' Treasure Recovered from the Sunken Ship Egypt – Drying Rupee Notes on Board the Salvage Ship "Artiglio" ..'

' Lee On Solent - The Fire on the Pier '

' Great Bridgeford Near Stafford – The Derailed LMS Express Train '

' The Engine of the Derailed Train Buried in an Embankment ' a row of men women and children looking at the secen fron behind a fence

' The Prudential Assurance Company in High Holborn, London – The Fire Brigade Fighting the Fire '

Periodical Herding in Ceylon -:

' Buffalo on the Plains of Ceylon '

' Indian Elephants in a Ceylon Jungle '

' Herd of Wild Buffalo '

' Herd of Wild Pig at a Jungle Pool '

' Spotted Deer at a Drinking Place '

Fish – ' Trout and An Example of a Pyramid Rise Form ' - - - ' A Rise n Slow Clear Water to a Spent Spinner ' - - - ' Classifying the Trouts Reactions to the Fly After a Rise '

The Olympia Horse Show:

' The Parade of a Pack of Hounds in the Arena with The Huntsman and Whips '

' Parade of Grand National Winners including "Grakle".. '

' The Lord Mayor of London Drives in His Coach in the Arena '

Science Page: ' A Malayan Pangolin Resting ' - - - ' Skull of the Malayan Pangolin ' - - - ' A Pet Pangolin Holding on to Its Owners Thumb '

The Royal Air Force Display at Hendon – The Comic Side of a Fun Day:

' In the Air - An Autogiro Camouflaged For It Fight with Invading Monsters '

' In the Air -An Aeroplane Disguised as a Pterodactyl – Balloon Bursting '

' Inverted Flying by the Central Flying School '

' On the Ground – The Snout of the Camouflaged Pterodactyl – Children Gazing Apprehensively at the Aeroplane '

' Pilot Rehearsing for the Air Show – "The Crazy Huntsman"... '

A Celebration of Gustave Dore the 19c Illustrator:

' Self Portrait of Gustave Dore '

' La Comedie Francais – An Example of Dore's Caricatures '

' L'Odeon – Seats in a Theatre by Dore '

' His work for the Illustrated London News – The Crimean War and The Battle of the Tchernaya 1855 '

' ILN Work – Crimea and The Fall of Sebastopol and Capture of Malakoff Tower 1855 '

' La Cour Des Miracles '

' The Neophyte – Painting by Dore

Infra Red Photography:

' Photograph Taken From South West of Wast Water in Cumberland, Forty Miles Away: – A Panoramic View of the Isle of Man Taken by Infra Red Plate and Filter and a Long Focus Lens ' half double page panoramic view – shows inthe distance Snaefell – North Barrule – South Barrule with the Irish Sea in between

' Taken From the Wallace Monument at Stirling at a Point Twenty Nine Miles Away – Panoramic View of the Gateway to the Highlands Taken with the Aid of Infra Red Rays ' as above - – shows the peaks of Ben A'n above the Troswsachs – Ben Ledi – Ben Vane – Stobinian – Ben More – Callander in the centre of the picture

Double page


Scene from Twelfth Night the Black and White Shakesperean Production at the New Theatre – Arthur Wontner – Jean Forbes-Robertson – Clare harris – Phyllis Neilson-Terry

Scene from the Comedy "Tell Her the Truth" at the Saville – Alfred Drayton – Peter Haddon – Bobby Howes – Jack Lambert

"Fanfare" the Revue at the Prince Edward – June Loraine

Lawn Tennis Championships at Wimbledon -:

' J. Borotra of France in a Singles Match '

' H. W. Austin of Great Britain Falls During a Match '

' E. D. Andrews of New Zealand in a Singles Match '

' Mrs F. S. Moody USA '

' Mme Mathieu of France '

' Fraulein H. Krahwinkel of Germany '

' Mrs E. O. F. Whittingstall of Great Britain '

' Miss H. Jacobs of USA '

' Miss B. Nuthall of GB '

' Mlle L. Payot of Switzerland '

' Miss D. E. Round of GB '

' H. Cochet of France '

' H. E. Vines of USA '

' F. X. Shields of USA '

' F. H. Perry of GB '

' S. B. Wood of USA '

' H. W. Austin of GB '

' J. Borotra of France '

' J. Crawford of Australia '

Full page

Air War in Mountainous Kurdistan -:

' Village of Sheikh Ahmed the Kurd Rebel Leader ' – info. Ahmed Barzani possibly

' Aerial Photograph of an Army Patrol Entering Hafnadaka '

' An Iraqi Column Climbing Towards The Camp at Zhazhok Before It Was Attacked '

' Perleberg – The4 German Ex Crown Princ Inspecting Stahlhelmers or Steel Helmets on Parade ' – info. Stahlhelm, Bund der Frontsoldaten

' New South Wales – The Recent Political Crisis, Officials Transferring Money from the Treasury to the Banks, Some of the Money Withdrawn by Mr Lang the Dismissd Premier '

' London Zoo – A Baby Sea Lion and Its Mother '

Personalities of the Week Page:

' After Receiving Her Honorary Degree of Doctor of Law at Glasgow - Miss Helen Keller the Blind and Deaf American '

' The Vanishing India Exhibition at the Imperial Institute – Mr Hubert Stowitts – The US Ambassador Andrew William Mellon '

' Cricket – The Yorkshire Batsmen Sutcliffe and Holmes After Breaking the Record Against Essex at Leyton '

' Appointed Director of Aviation in Egypt - Wing Commander Sir Quintin Brand '

' Lord Wenlock The Former Sir Arthur Lawley Dies aged Seventy One '

' Appointed First Sea Lord – Sir E. Chatfield ' – info. Alfred Ernle Montacute Chatfield

' Sir Donald Maclean MP Dies aged 68 '

' Awarded Gold Medal of the Royal Asiatic Society – Sir Aurel Stein '

' Admiral Sir A. Bethell Dies aged Seventy Six ' – info. Alexander Edward Bethell

' Members of the Expedition in Search for the Lost Explorer Colonel P. H. Fawcett Lost in Brazil – Mr W. C. Blunt-Mackenzie – Mr Roger Pettiward – Colonel P. R. Churchward – Mr Peter Fleming – Mr I. De Shoredyke Churchward – Mr Arthur Humphreys – Mr N. E. V. Skeffington-Smyth and Captain Vernon of the "Andalucia Star" ..' the group of men on board a ship with a dog

' Baron E. Von Schleich The German War Air Ace in England – Being Entertained By a Former Opponent he Brought Down, Mr Reece With the President of Hanworth Airpark Mr C. R. Fairey '

' Prince Gustav of Sweden andPrincess Sibylle of Saxe Coburg Photographed After Their Betrothal at Coburg '

' Full page

The Pageant of Leicester -:

' Outside the Walls of Leicester in 918 AD – The Coming of the Danes '

' The Romans – Men of the Ninth Legion March on a Village of Mud huts on the Bank of the River Soar ' .

' Leicester Castle – Catherine of Valois, Mother of Henry VI Arriving ' – Catherine of Valois represented by Viscountess Feilding

' The Castle in 1201 – Barons on horseback '

' Boy King Henry VI After Being Knighted REive by the Duke of Bedford '

King Peada Receives the Cross from Alfleda '

' Abbey Park - Players in the Arena at the Finale '

' Players Leaving the Arena '

Double page

' Dublin Greets the Papal Legate Cardinal Lauri to the Eucharistic Congress -:

' Aeroplanes of the Irish Free State in Formation of a Cross Over Kingstown Harbour – The Steamer " Cambria " Below '

' Captain D. J. Collins With General M. Brennan the Chief of Staff – The Cavalry Escort (with Hussars Uniforms) Provided for the Legate '

' College Green Dublin – A Replica of an Ancient Round Tower '

' A Gathering of Children Around a Street Altar Erected Outside the Corporation Buildings '

' Alderman Alfred Byrne The Lord Mayor of Dubling Greets Cardinal Lauri the Paal Legate '

' Cardinal Lauri Followed by a Group Including Miel Mr De Valera Approaching the Pro-Cathedral in Dublin '

' The Procession with the Cardinals Car and Hussar Escort Approaching Merrion on the Old City Boundary of Dublin '

' The Cardinal Replying to the Address of Welcome – Lord Mayor – Mister De Valera And Others '

' Shrewsbury School – The School buildings Overlooking the River Severn '

' Shrewsbury School – The School Wall Carved with the names of Generations of Salopians '

' A Tragedy on Mount McKinley – A Derelict Camp of Allen Carpe and Theodore Koven Members of the Cosmic Ray Expedition ' found by the Lindley Party Keenlyside

' Victoria and Albert Museum – mogul Painting of an Aged Dervish by Farrukh Beg c1605-27 '

' Annual Meeting of the Royal Geographical Society – Mr H. G. Watkins the Young Explorer Honoured ' for his work in the Arctic regions

' Oxford - The Lewis Carroll Pagenat in the Porvosts Garden at Worcester College ' women in fancy dress

' An Exhibition of Diamonds at Selfridge's – Behind a Steel Tank, Armour Plate Glass '

The Bonus Bill in the USA -:

' Father James R. Cox in chaplain's Uniform the Leader of Unemployed Marchers from Pittsburgh, AddressingWar Veterans '

' The bonus Bragade Encampment in Washington – A Group of Verans fromthe Hat Center of the World, Danbury, Connecticut '

' Bonus City Veterans Camp in Washington – Ex Soldiers from Detroit Asleep in a Shack Labelled Hotel Chicago '

The Legend of the Brocken in the Harz Mountains Noted for Its Spectre -:

' Preparing a Test of Witchcraft -A Group in the Magic Circle – Mister Harry Price – Professor Joad – Fraulein Urta Bohn and a Goat '

' Mr Price with the Magic Formula – Fraulein Urta Bohn (daughter of on e of the Professors taking part) The Maiden Pure in Heart, and the Virgin He Goat For Transformation into a Beautiful Youth '

' The Magic Spell Fails – Mr Price and Professor Joad '

An Experiment Carried Out by The National Laboroatory ofPsychical Research to expose the fallacy of Black Magic

' A Recent Gift to the British Museum – Pistrucci's Original Wax Model for his Design of St George and the Dragon on The First English Sovereign Minted in 1817 '

' English Sovereign of 1817 Bearing George and Dragon Design by Pistrucci '

' The 1821 Sovereign with Slightly Altered Design '

A Luxury Liner as a Resort:

' On the Cunard Liner "Carinthia" during a Cruise to Lisbon and Vigo - The Open Air Swimming Pool on Deck '

' On the Cunard Liner "Carinthia" - Deck Games, Blind Folded Participants in an Animal Guessing Contest '

' On the Cunard Liner "Carinthia" - Washing the Baby Game '

' On Board the Cunarder " Aquitania " – Boxing Match '

' On the Cunard Liner Aquitania – A Beffet During a Cruise to Gibraltar '

Full page

The Ancient Agora at Athens -:

' Relics of the Jury System – Bronze Qualification Ticket and Bronze Voting Disc in Voting for Conviction 4BC '

' The Publick Square or Market Place on the Site of the Agora – Excavators at Work ' showing the Temple of Theseus above

' Modelled Bronze Head ' x2

' Colossal Marble Statue of Hadrian '

' Statue in Parian Marble '

' Piece of Hellenistic Potter Plate '

' Funerary Offerings from the Grave of a Young Child – Miniature Vases – Toy Leg – etc '

' Terra Cotta Figures of Chickens and a Dog '

' Megarian Type Mould Mae Bowl showing Figures of Leaping Goats etc '

' Child Buried with a Pet Animal and Funerary Offerings (as above) '

' A Funerary Amphora c1000BC Which Contained Charred Bones with Two Brooches and Stick Pins etc '

' Fourth to Third Century BC - Amphora with Linear Designs etc '

Collectors Page:

' Fruit Trencher or Roundel of Elizabeth I TimeBearing a Motto on the Back '

' Pipe Case of Boxwood dated 1758 Carved in Sporting Subjects '

' Charles Wassail Bowl with Dippers c1640 '

' Pearwood Cup in Turned Wood dated 1620 '

' Three English 18c Pipe Stoppers – Squirrel x2 and Figure of Shakespeare '

' Auction at Messrs Christie, Manson and Woods at 8 King St. St James's Square London SWI ' advert

' Mallet of 40 New Bond St. London WI – Exhibition of Furniture – Charles II Lacquer Cabinet on Gilt Stand ' advert

' Models Representing Types of Napoleon Soldiers 16 Inches High Sold By the Dealer Mr Michael Lewis of New Bond Street – Made by French Prisoner Charles Sandre Confined in Dartmoor During the Napoleonic Wars '

' Model Soldiers – Napoleon Himself - - An Oubrier D'Administration of the Imperial Guard - - Sapper of Grenadiers of French Imperial Guard - - A Drummer '

' Framlingham College Suffolk ' advert

' Aquascutum Mens Rain Coat - of 100 Regent St London WI ' advert

' Players Airman Navy Cut De luxe Tobacco ' advert

' Revelation of 170 Piccadilly - Fitted Dressing Case ' advert

' The Distillers Sports Club Meeting – Mr William Harrison – Lord and Lady Forteviot – Mr and Mrs T. Wilkinson '

' New Arctic Cruises – Seen From the Ice Breaker " Malygin " – A White Bear '

' Tourists On Board The Malygin Ice-Breaker Ship – Cleaning Weapons in Preparation for a Days Sport on Novaya Zemlya '

' USSR The New Travel Land ' travel advert

' Rolls Royce ' advert

' Crawford's Liqueur Scotch Whisky ' advert showing a drawing of a golf clubhouse scene

' Boulton and Paul Bungalow for £100 Carriage Paid ' advert

' Cunard Cruises ' travel advert

Note Book Page by G. K. Chesterton

The Mystery of Periodical herding by W .G. Adam the Hon Warden of Horton Plains hunting Country in Ceylon

Dry Fly Fishing - An Appreciation of "Side Lines, Side Lights and Reflections" by G. E. M. Skues .

Science Page by W. P. Pycraft – the Pangolin of Scaly Ant Eater

Debts by Signor Guglielmo Ferrero the Italian Philosophical Historian

Theatre Page by J. T. Grein

Tennis at Wimbledon

Books Reviewed – Charles E. Byles

Diggings at the Agora at Athens by Theodore Leslie Shear Director of the Agora Excavations for the American School of Classical Studies at Athens

Collectors Page by Frank Davis

Motoring by H. Thornton Rutter

Music Page by W. J. Turner – with mention of Regatta a Sailor Ballet by Gavin Gordon and Choreography by Frederick Ashton - - - TheOrigin of Design with music arranged by Sir Thomas Beecham

Playhouses – "Tell Her the Truth" at the Saville Theatre - - - "The Secret Woman" at the Duchess - - - "Out of the Bottle" at the London Hippodrome




 Brazil – One Thousand Million lb. In Weight Of Coffee Destroyed – Two Workers up to Their Waists in Unwanted Beans ' full page

' Coffee Beans into Fuel Bricks - Device Used for Spraying Surplus Brazilian Coffee with Creosote Oil to Render it Unpalatable '

' For Use as Fuel in Locomotives – British Machinery in Brazil Used to Stablise Prices by Turning it Into Fuel '

' Coffee in Brick Form to Be Used as Fuel '  .

' Mixing a Mountain of Coffee Beans with Tar to Make it Unpalatable and Not Worth Stealing '

' Four Workers Mixing Tar with the Beans to Make It Valueless in the World Market and Useless To Theives '

' Jettisoning a Cargo of Coffee Beans into The Atlantic From A Ship '

Photographs of the Coffe Bean Crisis by Dorien Leigh-Munkacsi

' Portrait of Queen Elizabeth After the Death of Her Vavourite, Leicester – by Marc Gheerardts the Younger, Acquired for the National Maritime Museum at Greenwich '

' Photograph Showing the Crystal Palace Taken from a Roof Top in the Strand By Means of a Long Focus Lens and Infra Red Plate and Filter '

' Photograph Taken From the Same Roof Top in the Strand Using an Ordinary Lens and Plate '

At Lourdes -Vanishing Types of Architecture in Model Form, A Pyrenean Village:

' Model of a Basque Farm House with Water Pool, A Type Popularised by Rostand's Arnaga '

' Model of Farmstead at Campan in the Valley of Bigorre, Pyrenees '

' Model of the Prison at Sort '

' Model of a Farm in Leon in Spain Showing a View of The Granary '

' Model of Houses at Salies de Bearn in the Basque Country '

' A Complete Aragonese Viullage in Model Form '  .

' Mme Le Bopndidier The Architect of the Models, At Work on the Aragonese Villag '

' The Pyrenean Village on the Old Castle Terrace at Lourdes '

' A Model House in the Aragonese Village '

' Model of the Fortified Church of Templars at Luz ...'

' The Skull of a Bloodhound ant the Large Olfactory Cavity '

' Section of a Human Skull Showing the Comparatively Great Size of the Respiratory Chambers and The Smalloer Olfactory Chamber '

' Skull of a Leopard Seal and the Nasal Cavity '

' Ottawa – An Aerial View Showing the Parliament In Which the Imperial Economic conference is to Be Held, The Chateau Laurier and The Rideau Canal ...'

' Ottawa Canada – Aerial View Showing the Chsteau Laurier and The New Confederation Building Under Construction '

Full page – photographs by the Royal Canadian Air Force

The Fisheries of the Hadramaut -:

' A Fisherman Winding in the Line Rapidly Round His Head While Hauling It In '

' A hadramaut Native Collecting a Pile of Sun-dried Sardine in a Bag for Use on Caravan Expeditions '

' A HAdramaut Fisherman Bringing home His Sardines in a Bag '

' Dwellings of Plaited Straws Inhabited by Red Sea Fishermen on the Yemen Coast '

' A View from Inside a Fishermans Hut – Boats with Decorated Sterns Pulled Up on the Beach '

' A Beduin Who has Bought Some the Sardine Scattered on the Sand to Dry '

' Strings of Fish Hung Fro a Yoke Carried by a Hadramaut Fisherman '

' A Big shark Caught With a hook '

' Million of Small Sardine Like Fish Spread on the Sand to Dry and Decompose – Food for Human and Camel Consumption '

' Piles into Whih the Fish Are Collected on the Beach ...'

' Camels Feeding from the Dried Fish '

Double page – photographs by Herr Hans Helfrit supplied by Akademia of Berlin

Three Scenes from "The Road to Life" at the Cambridge Theatre

Ancient Nubian Art:

' Bronze Standard Lamp '

' Ancient Nubian Decorative Harness and Trappings '

' Silver Ear-Rings Set with Amethyst and Coral Fopund in a Leather Bag Beside a Sacrificed Slave Girl '

' Figure of the Goddess Isis on a Silver Saddle Pommel '

' AnIron Knife with Ivory Handle in the Form of the God Bes '

The French Navy:

' The First Aircraft Carrying Cruiser War Ship – " Comandant Teste " .. ' fro a drawing by Albert Sebille

' French Submarine " Henri Poincare " – The Crew Assembled on Deck with Seaplane Overhead '

' Patches of Oil From the Sunken Franch Submarine " Promethee " ...' aerial view

' A Buoy Marking The Spot Where the Promethee Sank During Trials Off Cherbourg '

' Commander of the Promethee – Lieutenant Commander Gouespil Du Mesnil, Who Survived '

Naval Reductions Proposed in Britains Disarmament Gesture:

' Smaller Ships, Lower Gun Calibre – The British Pland and Previous Numericla Reductions ' a full page of pictorial drawings of ships etc. by G. H. Davis

' The Nazi Movement in Germany – The Masses Swearing Fidelity to Hitler in the Berchtesgarten at Berlin '

' The Royal Yacht "Victoria and Albert" In Weymouth Bay in King George V Review of the Home Fleet ' the yacht steaming down the lines of war-ships including an aircraft carrier

' In Honour of the Kings Visit – searchlights of Ships of the Home Fleet Weaving Patern in the Sky Over The Bay ' as seen from the front at Weymouth

Home News:

' Haileybury – The Duke and Duchess of York at The Opening of the War Memorial hall and Memorial Tablet ' view of the ceremony

' At Rievaulx Abbey – Pontifical High Mass Being Celebrated '

' The Runnymede Outrage – The Memorial Gates Sprayed with Creosote Just Before the Unveiling by the Prince of Wales '

' Fish Pollution in the River Trent Ner Derby ' children playing with the dead fish at the rivers edge

' The Miniature Railway Accident at Scarborough – One of the Trains and carriages Before the Accident '

' The Miniature Railway Accident at Scarborough – The Wrecked Trains, After Colliding Head On, in Which One of the Drivers Was Killed ' the accident occurred on the loop near North Bay Station

Personalities of the Week Page:

' The English Explorer The Late Mr Reginald Livesey '

' The Co-Inventor of the Gillette Safety Razor Dies – Mr K. C. Gillette '

' Author of The Wind in the Willows Dies – Mr Kenneth Grahame '

' The Czechoslovakian Shoe Magnate Killed Near Zlin – Mr Thomas Bata '

' Mr James McNeill – Governor General of the Irish Free State ...'

' Kapitan Hashagen and Commander N. Lewis of The Cancelled " Hazard" Broadcast by The BBC '

' The Kings Cup Air Race – A Fox Moth Aeroplane and Captain W. L. Hope (inset) '  .

' The American Attempt at a Record World Flight – Mr Mattern and Mr Griffin Welcomed Miel at Berlin by Captain Coehl ' – info. James " Jimmie" Mattern - Bennett Hill Griffin

' British Olympic Runners at Stamford Bridge – Miss V. Webb – Miss N. Halstead – Miss Porter – Miss E. Johnson – Miss E. Hiscock '

' Sir Richard Threlfall Dies – Developer of the Smoke Screen and Tracer Bullet '

' Winners of the Ashburton Shield – Kings College School, Wimbledon ' eight pupils of the school – the chalk board which they are holding lists their names, Fitch – Barrus – Powell – Lloyd – Granger – the others I can't make out

The Heat Wave in London:

' Horses Allowed a Cool Walk in the IN The River Thames at Low Tide, Near Lambeth Bridge ' two horse and carts with their owners

' Thousands of Bathers at The Lansbury Lido by the Serpentine '

' Toddler Outside Lords Being Offered a Sunshade ...'

' Two Young Children Sunbathing Amongst the Pigeons in Trafalgar Square '

' Beach suits and Bathing Dresses Reive in hyde Park '

' Lido Bathers in Swimming Costumes in Hyde Park Envied by the Less Enterprising Onlookers, Who Nevertheless Gives them a Smile '

' Swimmers Enjoying a Cooling Drink at the Open Air Bath at hornsey '

' A Beach Suit onthe Thames Embankment ' a fashionable lady in her outfit with sunhat

' A Young Boy Asking a Policeman the Way to a Cool Spot" '

' A Policeman Calling a Young Woman and Her Children Out of a Fountain in Trafalgar Square '

' A Rehearsal At York – the March Past of the Massed Bands for the northern Command Tattoo '

' A Battle Scene by Searchlight at the Northern Command Tattoo at York'

' A henry VII Table Desk Sold at Christies ...'

' Elizabethan Pageant on Plymouth Hoe '

' The Panel of Embroidered Silk in the Victoria and Albert Museum '

' Solario The Racehorse Sold for a Record Price ...'

' An Albino Python From Singapore At London Zoo '

' His Return from Lausanne - The Prime Minister Ramsey Macdonald - Mr Baldwin – Mr Neville Chamberlain – Miss Ishbel Macdonald – At Victoria Railway Station '

' A New Electric Train for the Reigate and Three Bridges Extension Railway '

' Procession of The New Archdruid of Wales Proclaimed at Wrexham '

' The Belgian Mining Strikes - Women Banner Bearers at Cuesmes '

' Intimidation During The Belgian Strikes – The House of a Non Striker Daubed With Tar '

' The Belgian Strikes – Armoured Cars in Charleroi '

' The First Diving Bell for Public Use Aboard the "John Smith" off The Coast of California '

' The New RAF Short Biplane Flying Boat Taking Off on the Medway '

The Lausanne Conference Cancelling Reparations - the Beau Rivage Hotel, Ouchy -:

' German Hats on a Lobby Table Outside Ramsay Macdonalds Room – Count Schwerin von Krosigk the Finance Minister – Herr Von Papen The Chancellor – Baron Von Neurath Foreign Minister ' during private talks with Ramsay Macdonald

' French Hats on a Lobby Table – Monsieur Germain-Martin Finance Minister – M. Herriot Premier and Minister of Foreign Affairs – M. Bonnet Former Minister ' during private talks with Ramsay Macdonald

' In Mister Ramsay Macdonald's Room inthe Hotel Beau Rivage – Count Schwerin von Krosigk – M. Jules Rnekin Belgian Premier – Signor Dino Grandi Italian Foreign Minister – Baron von Neurath – Herr von Papen – M. Herriot French Premier – Mr E. D. Sandys British embassy Berlin – M. Georges Bonnet French Ex Minister – Mr Ramsay MacDonald – Sir Maurice Hankey – An Interpreter – M. Germain-Martin – M. Francquie Belgian Minister of State ' sitting around the table smoking cigars

' Watching From a Balcony in the Hotel – Miss Ishbel Macdonald – Mr Butler Private Sec. – Ramsay Macdonald '

' Conversation Between Germany and France in a Quiet Corner – Monsieur Herriot – Herr Von Papen ' – info. Franz von Papen – Edouard Herriot

' The Hall of the Beau Rivage Hotel – Herr Von Papen Signs the Convention Bearing the Seal of a 16c Treaty of Fraternity ' all the delegates around large table and many others standing behind

' Ramsay Macdonald Making a Speech at the Final Session of the Conference ' shows many of the other delegates etc

' New Discoveries at Nineveh -:

' A Stone Mace Head of KAdashman Enlil a Kassite ing of Ashnunnak Found int he Temple of Ishtar '

' Disc of Baked Painted Clay Inscribed in Cuneiform '

' Dangerous Diggings in a Pit 90ft Deep ...'

' Pavements in The Temple of Ishtar '

' The Prism of Esarhaddon King of Assyria – A record of Events After the Murder of Sennacherib '

' Cuneform Prism with Records of Sennacherib '

' Records of Ashurbanipal – Piece of Cuneiform Prism '

' Hittite Hieroglyphic Texts of the Ninth-Seventh Centur4ies BC ...'

' Stone Hittite Record Found at Nineveh Probably Brought fron Carchemish ...'

' The So-called "Bone Age" Specimens of Mnikow Poland, The Work of Forgers '

' Specimens of Iconoliths Forged Fossils Which Decieved Professor Huber in 1725 '

' Relics of "Flint Jack" a Yorkshire Forger of the 19th Century '

Anniversary of the Bombardment of Alexandria 1882:

' Armoured Train Mounted with Nordenfeldt Gun – From a Sketch by Our Special Artist in 1882 '

' Naval Armoured Train Outside Alexandria in July 1882 ' photograph

' Interior of the Lighthouse Fort at Alexandria After The Bombardment – Sketch '

' Photograph of Ras-el-Tin Fort After the Bombardment '

' Bombardment Viewed fron the Sea with British Ships in Action – HMS Alexandra – HMS Sultan – HmS Superb ' drawing from an ILN of 1882

' Five British Ships Seen From Ras-el-Tin on 11 Jul 1882 ' photograph

The Oak Parlour at Sulgrave Manor in Northmaptonshire – Geroge Washington Bicentennial:

' Room in the Elizabethan Home of George Washington's Ancestors '

The Hitchcock Spinet in the Oak parlour '

' Queen Anne Chair in Black Lacquer '

' The Memorial Orchard at Sulgrave '

'Queen Anne Walnut Settee '

' Queen Anne Mirror '

' Queen Anne Clock of Kingwood '

' Spinet by Thomas Hitchcock '

' Seventeenth Century Picture Board Dummy – Little Boy '

'Marble Bust of Nelson Presented to The Society for Nautical Research Greenwich '

' Sir Francis Drake – Portrait By Marc Gheerardts the Elder '

' Cravan A Cigarettes ' full page advert showing a cricket match at Lords and a sketch of the Arcadia Works

' Geives of 21 Old Bond Street - Poplin Shirts ' advert

' Silver King Golf Ball ' advert

' Grants Scotch Whisky ' advert

' Players Airman Navy Cut De Luxe Tobacco ' advert

' Rowlands Macassar Oil ' advert

' Sanatogen Conquer Nerve Troubles – Nerve Cell Magnigied 600 Times ' advert

' Lucas CAV Rotax Battery Service ' advert

' Van Heusen Semi Stiff Collars for Shirts ' advert

' The Great Eight Reading Room in Berlin ' advert

' Castrol .... Campbell Chose It ' full page advert for Castrol Oil shows a picture of a man sitting on a fence, smoking a pipe, watching cars go by – Campbell in the ad. refers to Malcolm Campbell

' Bell Howell Filmo Cine Camera ' advert

Aertex Health Belts fro Boots ' advert

' Lady Lavery in Her Black and Ivory Armstrong Siddeley '

' The Standard "Little Twelve" Six Cylinder Model '

' Captain T. Yates Benyon with The HYillman Minx In Which He Is Attempting the Overland Journey fron London To Calcutta '

The Coffee Crisis

Note Book Page by G. K. Chesterton

Science Page by W. P. Pycraft

The World of Kinema Page – Cinema includes a Russian Sound Film "The Road to Life" by Nicolai Ekk  .

Discoveries in Nubia by Egyptian Government Archaeological Society under Mr Walter B. Emery

Quo Vadis Germania ? – info. Article by Signor Ferrero dealing with the politics and the rise of the Nazi Movement, National Socialism, and Hitler etc

Lausanne Conference – info. An agreement to suspend WWI reparations payments imposed on defeated countries by the Treaty of Versailles

The Diggings at Nineveh – by R. Campbell Thompson Direct. Of the British Museum Excavations

Les Fraudes en Archeologie Prehistorique by A. Vayson De Pradenne

Book Review Page by Charles E. Byles – Filibusters in Barbary by Wyndham Lewis - - - Winters of Content by Osbert Sitwell - - - Sicily by Gabriel Faure - - - Trivial Adventures in the Spanish Highlands by Michael H. Mason - - - Three Lands on Three Wheels by Jan and Cora Gordon - - - Cape Town to Clyde by Richard Humble – etc

Collectors Page by Frank Davis

Music Column by W. J. Turner

Car or Motoring Page by H. Thornton Rutter – with ref. To The Alvis Speed Four Seater - - etc


7684 18JW

' The Woolwich Garrison Searchlight Tattoo – 28th Foot in 1801 Winning Back Their Badge ' full front page photograph showing the 1st Baqttalion Gloucestershire Regt.

' Berlin – The Police Commandant Under Arrest After The Reich Governments Coup D'Etat in Prussia – Colonel Heimannsberg As He Enters a Reichwehr Car ' a street scene showing bus passing going to Arnswalder Platx with Odol ad on side

' Signor Mussolini Addresses a Meeting of Fascists ' a full page of twelve sequential photographs of him, seen with Signor Dino Grandi, entitled "Studies in Vehement Speech and Vigorous Gesticulation "

Paintings of The Canadian Wilds by Mr Arthur Hemming -:

' Moonlight Drama ' study of a wolf stalking an ermiine (stoat)

' Canadian White Water Men ' man in a canoe  .

' Canadian Logging Trail '

' Voyagers Crossing the Rockies '

' Their First Meeting ' two Foxes

' Raftsmen in the Calumet '

' The Old Pacific Expres ' large canoe

' The Whisky Smuggler '

' Canadian Pioneers ' men in canoe or kayak

' The Poachers ' two men with traps on the water

' Autumn Reflections ' two deer

' An Unexpected Meeting ' a moose and two men in a canoe

Pottery and Sculpture from Rhodes and Calchi:

' Javelin Throwing on Horseback – Illustration on an Epinetron '

' A Scene on an Attic Epinetron Used for Carding Wool - A Lady at Her Toilette Attended by Winged Figures of Eros '

' From the Necropolis of Rhodes – A Mothers Farewell to Her Dead Daughter '

' Statue of Venus Excavated at Rhodes '

' A Rhodian Geometric Crater Bowl 8c Discovered at Camirus '

' A Rhodian Cup Found at Camirus '

' An Attic Prototype of the Toby Jug – Silenus With Pigs Ears '

' Found at Camirus – Pear of Bearded Heads in Filigree and Mesh Gold '

' Goldsmiths Works - Rings, Amulet and Cylinder Seal Found at Rhodes '

' Gold Work – Brooches and Rings in Gold etc '

' Archaic Goldsmiths Work from the Geometric Period …'

' A Funerary Garkabd Found at Rhodes - A Delicate Hellenistic Chaplet Representing Sprays of Flowers in Gold Leaf and Enamel '

' Row of Plaques with Identical Heads Found at Camirus '

' Entablature from a Temple of Apollo near Rhodes '

' Treasures of Ancient Cereamic Art Discovered in Rhodes – Pottery Vessels incl Rhodian, Corinthian, Attic, Laconian., Phoenician Vases and Statuettes etc '

Photographs by the Fert Institute of Rhodes

The Rating of A Yacht:

' Calculations That Determine a yachts Rating ' - a full page of diagrammatical drawings by "Our Special Artist G. H. Davis With The Assistance of The 'Yachting World' and 'Yacht Racing' by Major Heckstall Smith, Sec. of YRA"

' The Ginko Tree – A Plum Like Fruit in Appearance …' from a drawing

' A Leaf of the Gingko Tree ' Part of a Branch of the Gingko Tree '

' Animals Born in Regents Park Zoo ' full page of photographs of Antelope – Penguin Chick – Capuchin Monkey – Llama – Californian Sea Lions – Yak Calf – Cow Anoa Calf – Lechwe Water Buck – Canadian Big Horn Lamb

' Aeroplane Safety Seats with Parachutes Attached During Tests at Los Angeles ' two women strapped into seats on the side of an aeroplane

' The Seats and passangers Dropping After Release …'

' The Unveiling of a German War Memorial to Horses at Tannenberg '

' Chicago Skyscraper Fire – The Steuben Club on the 28 Storyey Roof ' view from another building

' French Precautions Against Gas Attacks by Air – Shelter in paris '

' Model of Mobile Gas Concrete helter of The Invalides – Colonel Bruere with General Mariaux and Two Boys '

' French Shelter Lab to Test the Atmosphere Outside '

Memorials to The Empire's Million Dead:

' To Be Unveiled by Lrod Trenchard of the Royal Air Force – the Memorial of The Missing AT Arras '

' To Be Unveiled by the Prince of Wales – The Memorial For the Missing at Thiepval '

' Overlooking the Somme Battlefield – The Thiepval Monument, A View Through the Arches '

' The New North Bay Open Air Theatre at Scarborough '

' Scarboroughs New Bridge Spanning the Peasholm Glen '

' The Ancient Bridge Over the Monnow at Monmouth '

' The Gateway of the Old Monnow Bridge, Now Too Small for Traffic '

' Pair of Chelsea Procelain Groups Sold by Auction for 680 Guinea at Christies '

' Dedicating the Floating "Palace" of the Bishop of Melanesia at Greenwich Pier '

' Trick Riding Reive Display by the 16-5th Lancers at The Tidworth Tattoo on Salisbury Plain '

' After Twenty Years Restoration Work – The Opening of the Castle of Eilean Donan, Ross-shire '

' The Clan Macrae Memorial - Lord Lovat After Performing the Unveiling with Lieutenant Colonel and Mrs Macrae-Giltrap '

' The RNVR Association Reunion at Crystal Palace '

' The Prince of Wales' General Hospital at Tottenham – HRH Prince Edward Opening the Hospital '

' The Projected New Cathedral at Guildford - The Winning Designed by Mr Edward Maufe FRIBA ' drawing

' Enthronement of the Bishop of Southwark – Dr Godfrey Leading the Procession Outside The Cathedral '

Scenes from The Greates Military Hoax as a Film "Der Hauptmann von Koepenick" -:

' Wilhelm Voight, The Cobbler, As the Bogus Prussian Captain ' from a drawing 1906

' Wilhelm Voigt as the Prussian Captain ' photograph taken at the time of the hoax in 1906

' Wilhelm Voigt as Represented in the Film – Max Adalbert as the Cobbler '

' The Captain – From the Film '

' Drawing Published in the ILN at the Time of the Hoax in Miel Oct 1906 – The Bogus Captain Arresting the Burgomeister of Koepenick …'

' An Incident in the Film – The Town Hall of Koepenick '

' A Drawing From the ILN – The Arrested Burgomaster About to Be Driven From the Town Hall, Accompanied by His Suspicous Wife '

Prussia Under a Reich Dictatorship:

' Dr Bruning Ex Chancellor at A Munich Gathering '

' At Grunewald Racecourse in Berlin - Herr Von Papen the Chancellor With General Von Schleicher the Reichswehr Minister '  .

' Colonel Heimannsberg Being Taken to the Moabit Police Barracks in a Lorry (horse and cart) After Being Arrested '

' Members of the Reichswehr on Guard Outside the Residence of Gerr Von Papen the Chancellor '

' IN a Berlin Restaurant – The Social Democratic party Meeting Where a Flag Was Presented by Miss Wilkinson on Behalf of the British Labour '

' State Court Room at Leipzig – A Session Before the Application For An Injunction Against The Reich Government's Proceedings '

Full page

' A Great Cable Tower of the Central Electricity Board Rising at Dagenham ' a wonderful double page drawing by Frank Mason showing many pylons being erected at Dagenham, workers assembling steel girders etc, climbing the pylons hauling them up - other items of interest in the large drawing are the big Dagenham Tower in course of erection – IN the foreground the 362 Barking Creek Tower – Part of the Thames, Halfway Reach etc., and surrounding countryside

The World of Kinema (Cinema) -:

Scene from the MGM Film "The Wet Parade" about Prohibition in the US

Scene from "Any Old Port" – Stanley Laurel – Oliver Hardy plus another actor

The Set of "The Rome Express" – a full page showing how they put together scenes with the steam train at the Gaumont British Studio in Shepherds Bush

' The Olympic Games – An Aerial View of the "Rose Bowl" at Pasadena near Los Angeles '

' The Instruments on a Wing Brace of an Aeroplane Designed to Fly Fifteen Miles Above the Earth Buyilt by the Farman Company '

' The Elephant Shrew Newly Arrived at the Zoo in Regents park '

' Denmark - A Bridge Being Built to Connect Fyen with Jutland ' two photographs

' Commodore Gar Wood and his Mechanic in " Miss America X " Deprived of the Worlds Water Speed Record on the St Clair River Michigan '

' The Marne Monument – America's Gift to France '

Personalities of the Week:

' Professor Winifred Cullis '

' Sir Geoffrey Salmond Appointed Chief of the Air Staff '

' Captain William Coldstream, A Surgeon, Murdered by a Moslem Ward Orderley In Peshawar Hospital '

' Sir Henry Dickens – Retires As Common Serjeant of the City of London '

' Sir Francis Acland Liberal MP for North Conrwall '

' His Excellency Mehmet Munir Bey The New Turkish Ambassador '

' Sir John Simon at Croydon Airport After Flying From Le Bourget on his Return From Geneva – With Mister and Mrs brian Manning ' had been attending the British Delegation ot the Disarmament Conference

' Mister Arthur Henderson The President of the Diarmament Conference is Greeted at Victoria Staion on His Arrival ' two little girls, his family and others

' Monsieur Santos-Dumont the Pioneer of the Dirigible Balloon, Died aged 59 '

' Captain Von Gronau Accomplished his Third Flight From Europe to America '

' Herr Gunther Groenhoff a Glider Pilot – Killed While Fly9ing on the Wasserkuppe, Rhon Hills '

' Senor Don Alberto Macarenas – The New Mexican Minister in London '

' Monsieur Rene Bazin the French Novelist Dies Aged 78 '

' Sir Henry Thornton Resigne as President of the Canadian National Railway '

' Lord Chelmsford Elected Warden of All Souls, Oxford '

Basking on the Rooftops of Berlin:

' A Roof Top Café – The Lofty Garden Where Customers and Employees Enjoy Meal and Drinks '

' Work Girls Taking a Lunch Time Breac in Deck Chairs on a Factory Roof '

' The Roof Promenade of a Large Facktory Works '

' Mixed Sun Bathing on Real Sand '

' ON the Top of a Bathing Etablihment – Canvas Sunbeds '

' An Apiarist On a Berlin House Roof ' a man bee keeping

' The Great Fire at Coney Island USA:

' An Aerial View of the Fire at the Pleasure Establishment …'

' The Blaze at Its Height …'

' The Ruins of the New York Playground Bordering the Famou Boardwalk '

' Bonus Marchers at Washington USA:

' The Bonus Army Besieging the Capitol – An AllNight Vigil '

' A Demonstration of Bonus Marchers Mounting Steps of the Capitol Building to Appeal to Congrtessmen for Bonus paymenmts '

Discoveries in Guatemala in Central America:

' A Ceremonial Altar at Piedras Negras '

' Section of a Stela ' two photographs

' Prehistoric Temple at Piedras Negras Found by the Eldridge R. Johnson, Pennsylvania University Museum Archaeological Expedition '

' An Altar Supported by Carved Heads at Piedras Negras '

other names mentioned in the small article include Dr t. T. Waterman of the National Museum of Guatemala

' Tea Tasting in Mincing Lane London – Expert Teas Tasters and Assistants ' full page photograph

' Treasure of the Week at the Victoria and Albert Museum – Horse in Green Chinese Marble 6c '

Hamlet In Soviet Russia at the Vakhtangov Theatre, Moscow – The Akimoff Production – Five Scenes on a full page

' A Socketted Knife of Bronze Age Found at Lyonshall in Herefordshire '

' A Food Vessel from a Bronze Age Burial in the Olchon Vlaley in Herefordshire '

' Mr James Smith the Owner of the Farm on Which The Bronze Age Burial Was Discovered in Herefordshire – The Stone '

' Part of One of the Main Drains of Roman Colchester '

' Guinness's Hood for You – With Apologies to Thomas Hood ' a full page Guinness is Good for You ad. Showing a poem and illustrations – GE 258a

Collectors Page – Clocks:

' Clock of The "Ballon " Type by Peter Toscaler c1775 '

' George I Bracket Clock with Movement by Willianm Jackson c1725 '

' Marquetry Clock - A Table Timepiece c 1685 – Only Ten Known '

' A Queen Anne Red Shell Clock with Movement by George Etherington ' not col.

' Timepiece in Ebony with Silver Mounts by Daniel Quare '

' Kinmel School Abergele, Denbighshire ' advert

' LNER from Kings Cross to Edinburgh Non Stop ' advert

' Special 1933 16hp Standard Motor Car '

' The Free Cancer Hospital on Fulham Ropad ' appeal advert

' Aertex Abdominal Health Belts from Boots the Chemists ' advert

' Jig Saw Puzzles – Trooping the Colour – by A. V. N. Jones of Fore St London ' advert

' The Hardy Altex Stationary Drum Casting Reel – from Hardy Bros of Alnwick, by Royal Appointment ' advert showing a fishing reel

' The Britannia and Eve Magazine ' full page advert for the magazine with a signed photograph of Tallulah Bankhead (within text on back page)

' Larola Protects the Complexion ' advert

' Players Country Life Smoking Mixture ' advert

' Cerebos Salt ' advert

Note Book Page by G. K. Chesterton

Signor Mussolini

Archaeology in Rhodes – by Dr Giulio Jacopi Superintendent of Monuments and Excavations in the Italian Islands of the Aegean and Sec. of the Fert Historical Institute at Rhodes

Science Page by W. P. Pycraft – The Ginko or Maiden Hair Tree

Kinema page – by Michael Orme includes – The Sheperds Bush - - Rome Express – Laurel and Hardy

Books by Charles E. Byles

Battling Carson – Being AN Appreciation of "The Life of Lord Carson" by Edward Marjoribanks – Review by CKA  .

Collectors Page by Frank Davis


5784 17JW

 Royal Albert Hall - Dr Scott Lidgett The First President of the United Church at the Signing of the Deed of Union Between Three Methodist Churches ' full front page photograph showing HRH the Duke of York – Mister Walter Runciman Bishop of London – Rev Dr J. Scott Lidgett at the union of Wesleyan, Primitive and United

' The Late Sir Ronald Ross KCMG FRS etc – Discoverer of the Exact Reltions Between Human Malaria and Mosquitoes '

Relics of John Wesley the Founder of Methodism -:

' Portrait of John Wesley by Nathaniel Hone ' small inset

' His Spectacles, Shoe Buckles, Spurs and Candlestick '

' His Gown, Hat and Shoes at the Wesleys House Museum, city Road London EC '

' Grandfather Clock '

' Famous Teapot Presented to Wesley by Josiah Wedgwood '

' A Cockfighters Chair '

' Where He Was Born – Epworth in Lincolnshire '

' The Chapel in City Road in 1779 with His Residence – from an Old Engraving '

' Danish Troops Marching to the Music of an Amplified Record with Speakers mounted on a Bus '

' The German Ex-Crown Prince Inspecting Members of the " Stahlhelm " at Potsdam ' – inspecting members of a military organisation wearing the typical german style helmets - info. Stahlhelm, Bund der Frontsoldaten

' Potsdam - The German Ex-Crown Princess Chatting with Women Members of the Stahlhelm '

' The Ex Kaiser on a Visit to Zandvoort in Holland '

' Copenhagen - The British Exhibition at The Tivoli Pleasure Grounds '

' Copenhagen – The Old English Inn in The Tivoli '

' The New Atalanta Aeroplane of Imperial Airways in Which the Prince of Wales Flew to Copenhagen '

' Rome - Erecting a Marble Obelisk at the Entrance of the Forum Mussolini '

' The Kidnapping of Mrs K. H. Pawley – A Photograph of Her With Her Husband '

' The Crashed French Air Liner in Selsdon park Croydon '

' Wedding - Dr Joan Macdonald Daughter of the PM and Dr Alastair McKinnon Being Piped from the Church at Wendover '

' Birkenhead – The Unemployed Riots, Smashed Shop Windows '

' Readville Massachusetts – A Six Racing Car Pile Up and Fire '

' Train Crash in Algeria – Wreckage of the French Foreign Legion Troop Train with Over 120 Dead '

' Wembley - Speedway Test Match at The Empire Stadium '

The Rival Captains of the Speedway Test Match – J. Parker of England sand Frank Arthur of Australia '

' Paris – Football Played by Motor Cyclists at The Elizabeth Stadium '

' Candelabra Presented by the King to the New Houses of Parliament of Northern Ireland at Stormont '

' A Dress Dating from the 18c at The Victoria and Albert Museum '

' Brighton – The Start of the Brighton and Hove Motor Club Meeting o9n the Sea Front '

' The MCC Cricket Team Off to Australia for the Ashes – Mr Plum Warner Greeted by the Captain of the Ship Orontes – Mr D. R. Jardine England Capt. And Others '

The Walter Scott Centenary:

' Abbotsford – The Residence of Sir Walter Scott '

' The Library at Abbotsford '

' Conisbrough Castle in Yorkshire '

' The Old Tolbooth Door at Abbotsford '

' Dryburgh Abbey Where Scott is Buried '

Personalities of the Week Page:

' Well Known Financier Mr Leopold Hirsch Dies Aged 75 '

' Mr E. Powys Mathers - Maker of the Observer Crossword Puzzles ... '

' Miss Pauline Doran Winner of the Girls Golf Championship Reive '

' Herr Von Hoesch Proposed for the London Embassy ...'

' Captain Cyril Unwins Breaks the Words Altitude Record '

' Lord Ashcombe Handing Over the Charter to Councillor Firmston in the New Borough of Barnes '

' Mr Ulbrich – Dr Pisculli – Miss Newcomer - The Missing Transatlantic Flyers in the Aeroplane "American Nurse" ..'

' The Rev Dr. J. Scott Lidgett '

' The Late Mr George Shelton in Peter Pan '

' Dagenham Tower - Hoisting a Cable From the Lighter (boat) to The Top of The Cross Ness Pylon ' a wonderful full page drawing by "Our Special Artist Bryan de Grineau " from Details Supplied by Callenders Cable and Construction Co. Ltd – a river scene showing a view from the pylon, a men climbing within the pylon, the river and boats, and a pylon on the other side of the river

A Unique Discovery in Cyprus -:

' A Terra Cotta Congregation ofArchaic Votibe Statues Unearthed at the Village of Ajia Irini ' double page photograph by Dr Einar Gjerstad

' Scene of the Discovery '

' Life Size Terra Cotta Statue Next to a Cypriote of Average Height '

' A Back View Miel of the Statues '

' A Warrior Wearing Conical Helmet '

' Head of One of the Life Size Warrior Statues '

' A Terra Cotta Statue Worshipping '

' A Negro Sculptured in Stone '

' A Life Size Helmeted Figure '

' Terra Cotta Figure of The Later Style '

' The Altar With Cult Object '

' A Chariot With Warriors '

' A Minotaur in Terra Cotta '

' Richmond Palace – Fron an Old Print by David Vinckenboons '

Science Page – The Tulip Tree ' three photographs

' Cinema – Scene From "The Lodger " as a Talkie – Ivor Novello ' and others

' ..."Igloo" the Eskimo Screen Play at the Empire – Chee-Ak as The Native Hunter '

' Scene Fromthe Lodger – Elizabeth Allan - Ivor Novello '

The Aurora Borealis and Cosmic Rays A Curtain Type Aurora at Korsnes in Sweden '

' A Third Ascent by Professor Piccard in the Neighbourhood of the Magnetic Pole '

' The Aurora Reproduced in the Lab '

M. Dauvillier's Hypothesis – In the Laboratory '

' The End of the Aurora '

' Diagram Giving on M. Dauvilliers theory – An Explanation of th Aurora Borealis and Cosmic Rays '

Photographs of a Blenny Fish by Douglas P. Wilson of the Marine Biological Association of the UD of 35 Russell Square London:

' A Male Butterfly Blenny Guarding Eggs in a Milk Bottle in a Nursery Trawled near Plymouth '

' Guarding Eggs Laid in a Bovril Bottle in the Plymouth Aquarium ' two photographs

' The London Zoo – Komodo Dragons, Sumba and Sumbawa ' full page photograph by W. S. Pitt

' In the Bodleian at Oxford – Sir Kenelm Digby's horoscope '

' Venetia, Lady Digby After Death – Painting by Vandyck 1633 '

' Sir Kenelm Digby – Engraving by Vandyck '

Ostrich Racing In France – Four sketches by Andre Galland -:

' Ostrichrs with Their Jockeys at Speed '

' Bridling an Ostrich '

' A Jockey Harnessing His Ostrich for the Races at Montrouge near Paris '

Wonderful full page

' A Woman Pharmacist of the 18c – Countess Francisca von Thurheim ' from a painting

' Schloss Weinberg in Upper Austria '

' The Pharmacy in the Schloss Weinberg '

' The Laughing Boy – A Marble by Desiderio da Settignano ' full page

Our Wonderful World Page:

' Strange Plant Protected y the Government in SW Africa – Welwitschia Mirabilis ' three men sitting next to the plant named after Friedrich Welwitsch

' A Close View of a Female Welwitschia mirabilis '

' A Pest to Farmers - A News of Emu Eggs near Brewarrina in New South Wales Australia '

' A Waterspout off St Raphael in the Mediterranean '  .

' The Trout at Rotorua in New Zealand Being Fed by Visitors '

' Topiarian Art – Set of Old Fashioned Chessmen at Hever Castle in Kent '

' The Malay Peninsular Railway Protected by a Deep Ditch from Elephant Attacks – A Coolies Dwelling '

Collectors Page – ' An Etui or Bodkin Case – Chelsea ' - - - Chelsea Figure 1765 - - - Chelsea Etui 1765 - - - A Bodkin Case – Chelsea Etui '

' Callenders Cable – The North Suspension Tower at Dagenham - - Two Men Preparing to String Conductors onteyh North Suspension Tower - - Barge Carrying the Cable for the Thames Crossing ' full page advert for Callender Cable Construction Co Ltd

' The New Rover 1933 Ten Special '

' Castrol ' advert showing sketches of fashionable ladies and a car

' The Sword Swallower - BP Plus ' full page advert

' Union Castle Line to Soth Africa ' travel Advert

' Lady's Dressing Case by Mappin and Webb ' advert

' Stetson Hats at 70 New Bond Street London WI ' advert

' Brandauer Glengarry Pen (nib) ' advert

Vat 69 Scotch Whisky ' advert

' It Pays to Advertise – Institute of Incorporated Practitioners in Advertising of 3-4 Clements Inn London WC2 ' full apge advert

' Monty's Streak of Lightning – Doglas Stuart of Stuart House, Shaftesbury Ave London ' full apge advert

' Matson Line to Sydney and Auckland ' travel Ad.

OPur Note Book Page by G. K. Chesterton

' A Cypriote Mystere – A Unique Discovery at Ajia Irini Cyprus – By Dr Einar Gjerstad Leader of the Swedish Archaeological Expedition in Cyprus

Book Reviews by Charles E. Byles

Science Page – The Tulip Tree by W. P. Pycraft  .

World of the Kinema by Michael Orme – Cinema page

A Great Dilettante – Being An Appreciation of " Sir Kenelm Digby and His Venetia" by E. W. Bligh

Collectors Page by Frank Davis

Motoring Page by H. Thornton Rutter – includes the New Hillman Wizard Model - The Ford V8

Music Page




45 6332

A Parachutist - The Pilot Chute Opens and Drawing the Main Chute Away from the Airman Before it Opens Fully ' a wonderful photograph of an Irvin Air Chute in the process of opening over Melbourne Aerodrome - The parachutist was a LIeutenant J. Reece - Full front page

' Lord Privy Seal - Viscount Snowden of National LAbour '

' Home Secretary - Sir Herbert Samuel of Liberal Party '

' Secretary for Scotland - Sir Archibald Sinclair of The Liberals '

' Minister of Education - Sir Donald MacLean of the Liberals '

' A JAvanese Insect Lit Flash Light or Burglars Lantern ' - - - ' A hollow Cane for Carrying Refills of Living Insects '

' A Three Storeyed West Indian Lantern with the Ligh Supplied by Living Fireflies '

' A Pixie Lantern of the West indies - A Hollow Gourd for Fireflies ...'

Timber Felling in Russia -:

' A Worker With an Axe ...'

' Felling Trees in Siberia by means of A otor Driven Saw ...'

' A Spring Saw in Action ...'

' A Tree Felled by Means of a Motor Saw Close to the Ground and Will Never Grow Again '

' Showing the Engine and a Section of the Saw Blade '

' Reaforrestation in Russia - an Air View showing the Trees Planted in Straight Lines ...'

' A MAchine which Drags Lumber out of the River ...'

' A River of Solid Timber Floating Down Miel the White River a TRibutary of the Great Angara River ...'

' Workers Catching the Timber ...'

' Logs Unfastened Floating Fereely Dopwn a Swift Torrent - A Scene i Karelia ...'

Slulptures of the Pharao and Queen Khamerernebty -:

' Mycerinus Son of Chephren Builder of the Sphinx - Hatohor and The Hare Nome - One of Four Slate Triads Found in a Corridor of the Valley Temple now in Boston '

' Slate Pair Statue of Mycerinus and his Queen Khamerernebty II now i Boston ' .

' Slate Triads Looking Down into the Excavated Corridor of the Valley '

' The Slate Pair Exlposed to View in the Plunderers Excavation '

' Detail of the head of a Life Size Alabaster Statue of Mycerinus in the Cairo Museum ...' x2

' Head of Mycerinus i the Cairo Museum ' another view

' Head of the Figure of Mycerinus of the Triad Wearing the White Crown and Royal Beard ...'

' The Tomb of Mycerinus - the Third Pyramid ' aerial view

Double page

' Father Poidebard Chief of the Air Surbey of Archaeological Sites in Syria - In His Aeroplane '

' Father Poidebard and Som of his Collaborators in Syria - Chief Adjutant Caton - aptain de Castets - Pilot - Chief Adjutants Dehez and Baron ' photograph taken by Commandant de Boysson

' Elizabeth of Austria Queen of France and Wife of Charles IX i 1570 ' a full page in colour entitled "A Famous Sixteenth C Royal Portrait at Burlington House"

Works at the French Art Exhibition - Contrasts in Brush-work:

' Le Canal De Zaandam Painted by Claude Monet 1871 '

' Le Beffroi de Douai Painted by jean Baptiste in 1871 '

' Te Rerioa Painted in Tahiti by Paul Gauguin in 1897 '

' Le Pont de Courbevoie A Bridge on the Seine by Georges Seurat '

' Two Tahitian Women With Mangoes by Paul Gauguin 1899 '

Full page in colour

The Japanese in Chinchow China -:

' Infantry Getting Off a Train and Lining Up at Chinchow Railway Station '

' Japamese infantry in Winter Kit Marching into the City '

' Infantry Souti8ng " Banzai " on a tower of theAncient Fortifications of the City '

' A Japanese Armoure Truck on Rails near Chinchow '

' Japanese Cavalry Entering Kowpangtze - Showing mediaeval Looking Horse Cloths which Serve as Camouflage inthe Snow and Also When LAid onthe Ground, As Recognition Marks for Aircraft '

' Japanese Infantrymen in a Genial Mood at a Government Building at Chinchow '

Full page

' A Human Ear Showing Darwins Point ... '

' A Feature Corresponding to Darwins Pint inthe Ear of AMcaque or Organ Grinders Monkey ... '

' The Ear of A Chimpanzee Showing Darwins Point ...'

The Secret of the Dummy German Tanks Revealed - Before the Parade:

'German Tanks on Parade - Baby Tanks of the German ARmy During Manoeubres Devised for the Reichswehr ' full page photograph

' Before the Parade - Assembling a Reichswehr Tank - A Motor Car with A Special Seat etc with Three Soldiers Holding TheCaterpillar And ARmoured Sides etc '

' A Tank That is Not a Contravention of the Military Restrictions Imposed on Germany - A Reicswehr Motor Car Whith Sheet Ironand Pasteboard Being Pullef by a Horse '

' A single Mechanic Pushing a Mimic Tank '

' Training a Tank corps With Only Dummy Tanks ...'

' A Reichswehr Armouredf Car in Reality a Dummy ...'

' A Close Up Photograph Showing The Rough construction of the Sheet Iron Sideds of a Geman" Tank" ...'


The Missing HMS M2 Submarine off Portland Harbour -:

' The Missing Submarine Which Dived off Portland at Abour 10.30 on 26 Jan and Ceased Communication - Showing Her Seaplane in Flight and On Her Deck ' two photographs on a full page

The Mutiny at Dartmoor Convict Prison at Princetown -:

' One of the Warders at Dartmoor Prison with His Head Bandaged as a Result of Attacks on 24 Jan '

' Mister S. N Roberts The Governor of Dartmoor Prison ...'

' One of the Warders Re-entering Dartmoor Priso nwith His Head Bandaged '

' Sir Herbert Samuel Home Secretary - Colonel Turner Prison Comissioner and Others OUtside the Clocktower '

' Mr Herbert Du Parcq KC To Hold an Inquiry into the Mutiny '

' Dartmoor Warders Carrying Milk fromthe Prison Farm to The Prison Itself After TheMutiny ...'

' TheRev. E. F. P. Scholes of Dartmoor Prison Who Was Attacke ...'

' Mr Alexander Paterson THe head of Prison Commissioner Talking to Journalists at Dartmoor Prison ...'

' Dartmoor Prison on the Day of the Convicts Mutiny - An Aerial View Shwoing the Office Block Ablaze After it Had Been Fired ' a view of The Prison as a whole including the boundary wall

'The Office Block of Dartmoor Prison - An Air View Showing the Gutted Building and Firemen putting the Fire out ...'

' Convicts Clearing Away Debris of the Gutted Building and The Remains of the Famous Clock Tower '

' A Warder ON Guard on aRood Near the Main Gae of the Prison After the Mutiny '

' Warder injured Leaving the Prison by Motor Car to Be Treaterd '

' Police Constables Who Had Been Rushed to the Scene ...'

Scene from "Around the World in Eighty Minutes Minutes - Showing Douglas Fairbanks

Scene from " The Yellow Passport " with Elissa Landi - Lionel Barrymore

Scene from " The Rise of Helga " - with Greta Garbo and Clark Gable

' Scene from " Frail Women " - with Edmund Gwenn - Mary Newcomb

' Red hot Lava fro Mauna Loa Flowing into the Sea - A Series of Cine Photographs Showing the Steam Clouds etc ' five photographs

' SMoke from Kilauea Which ....'

' Dense Smoke Rising from the Lava Lake of Kilauea ...'

' Palms Falling UNder the Attack of the Lava From the Crater of Mauna-Loa ' .

' Boiling Lava in the World Famous 2000 Ft Wide Crater Lake of Kilauea ...'

' Red Hot Boulders Thrown out by Mauna Loa Rolling Down and Encountering a Gate of A home ...' a series of five photographs

Full page

' Sonja Henie the Pavola of the Ice - The Woman Ice Skating Amateur Champion of the World a Favourite for the Olympic Winter Games at Lake Placid NY ' a wonderful double page of thirty sequential photographs showing a figure skating routine

Excavations at Olynthus in Greece

' A Plan of the So Called HJose of the Comedian at Olynthus ' excavati

' A General View Showing the Ancient Road on the South Hill in the Business District of the Ancient City '

' Greek Door Knocker in Bronze From An Olynthian House 5c BC '

' 4thc BC Figurine of a Dancing Girl From the Riverside Cemetery in Terra Cotta ...'

' A Modern Cast from a Mould of a Horse - A Terra Cota Plaque '

' The Chief Living Room of the Luxurious House of the Comedian - Pebble Mosaic about 400 BV '

' A Bronxe Reptilian Stylus with Point for Writing etc - - - A Childs Rattle froma Grave '

' Terra Cotta Lady From a Grave - Figurine 5c BC ...'

Water Jar Found Filled with Bones in the Riverside Cemetery - A Relic of Cremation Burial '

' A Possible Representation of Zeus 5c BC Head in Terra Cotta ...'

Full page of photographs

Personalities of the Week:

' The First Air Mail to Cape Town - Passengers Standing on the Stepos of the Plane - Air Vice Marshal Sir Vyell Vyvyan with LAdy Vyvyan - Lieutenant Colonel J. Barrett-Lennard - Sir George Beharrell - Major E. Scott Grogan '

' Inventor of the Brennan Dirigible Torpedo - Mr Louis Brennan with His Monorail Model ' photograph of hin and a little girl sitting i the model

' The Investiture of the Nawab of Pataudi - An INdian Prince and a Famous Oxford Cricketer The Nawab - Sir Geoffrey de Montmorency ' and others

' Mr Leo Maxse the Owner of " National Review " Died on 22 JAn ... '

' Dame Bertha Newall Mistress of Girton College Cambridge Died 20 Jan ...'

' the French Airmen Mm. Codfos and Robida ...' standing next to their plane at Le Bourget

' Sir Alfred Yarrow The Distinguished Marine Engineer and Shipbuilder Died 24 JAn ... '

' Mr Leonard Rees Editor of the " Sunday Tines " Died on 19 Jan ... '

' Mr Lytton Strachey Died aged 51 on 21 Jan ...'

' Dr Marion Phillips died on 23 Jan ...'

' Mr Freke Palmer Died 20 Jan ...' well known solicitor

' Sir Herbert Hambling - Deputy Chairman of Barclays Banc Died 19 Jan '

Attribution Problems of the Organisers of the French Art Exhibition at Burlington House:

' The Wilton Diptych Representing Richard II - Beside St EDmund, Edward the Confessor and John the Baptist Kneeling Befor the Virgin '

' The Westminster Abey Portrait of Richard II '

Full page colour with text

' Dunlop Reinforced Tyre - In a Class by Itself ' a wonderful full page colour advert (see scan) with a gold background. CFH 1265 - There is some bleedthrough of print from the facing page on the background colour

' The Treasure of the Week at the Victoria and Albert Museum - Portrait of Madame De Pompadour by Francois Boucher '

Satan in Art - "Infernal" Details of the "Triptych of Aix" - thirteen painteings on a double page including St Wolfgang and the Devil by Michael Pacher

' The Virgin and Child with Angels by Foucquet '

' The Coronatiuon of the Virgin by Jehan Foucquet '

' Jouvenel Des Ursins, Chancellor of King Charles Vii Of France by Foucquet '

The Age of Charles II - Exhibition in Grosvenor Place:

' A Carved Chair '

' A Stool lent by Nigel Stopford-Sackville '

' Chair in Black and Silver '

' TjeTabard pf a Garter Lomg pf Ar,s :emt Bu W.F. S. Dugdale '

' Table Lent By Nigel Stopford-Sackville '

' An Arquebusiers Badge Lent by the Archaeological Society of Bruges '

' Self Portrait of Sir Peter Lely Lent by Hugh M. Lely '

' charles II And Sir John Cotton on Newmarket Heath Lent by J. J. Antrobus '

' The Arrival of Charles II at Dover by William Van De Velde Lent by Major E. Christie-Miller ' .

' Bust of Charles II By Grinling Gibbons Lent by Sir Buckston Browne '

Full page

' The Benguela Railway - Motor Road '

' The Benguela Railway - Copper ingots fro Katanga Awaiting Shipment at Lobito Bay '

' A Motor Car Towing a Caravan in the Monte Carlo Rally - Mr D. H. Nobles Hillman Wizard with an Eccles Caravan '

' An Englishman Driving His Rolls Royce Down the Main Street of a Little Village in One of the Italian Cantons '

' Castrol ' advert

' ..."Woggles" - by Cecil Aldin ' full page advert for The Sketch - a dog asleep on a bed

' Algeciras and Environs in Spain ' full page travel advert showing thirteen photographs of the area

This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include :-

Our Note Book by G. K. Chesterton

Insect Lit Lamps for Enterprising Burglars and Gay Dancers! - with Extracts from an article by Louis E. Reichard

Books of the Day by Charles E. Byles

The World of Science - by W. P. Pycraft

The World of Kinema by Michael Orme with ref to Doglas Fairbanks - Rouben mamoulian

New Treasure from the City of Demosthenes " Olynthiacs - Discoveries at Olynthus - By David M. Robinson Professor of Archaeology in the Johns Hopkins University, baltimore Md. .

The Man of Feeling - Rousseau - Being an Appreciation of " Jean-Jacques Rousseau " By Matthew Josephson

A Page for Collectors by Frank Davis

Chronicle of the Car by H. Thornton Rutter

The World of Music




 The First Woman to Fly the Atlantic Alond - Miss Amelia Earhart ( Mrs G. P. Putnam ) and Her Plane at Culmore near Londonderry in Ireland ' full front page – crowds of people around her and the aeroplane, a Lockheed Vega 5b

'At Their Home - Miss Amelia Earhart and Her Husband Mr G. Palmer Putnam '

' British ocean Liners – Protection From Fire at Sea in Modern British Passenger Ships ' a full page diagrammatical drawing showing a cross section drawing by G. H. Davis – Location of Various Fire Extinguishers - - Hose Locations and Stop Cocks - - - Fire Proof Doors and Bulkheads Fitted with Isolating Blocks in a State Room - - - Fire Alarm Indicators on the Bridge - - - Regular Fire patrol - - - Smoke Helmets - - - Complete Asbestos Suits - - - etc

A Great Passenger Ship Destroyed by a Fire at Sea – The French "Georges Philippar " – Photographs by Chevojon Freres

' The Ship Before the Disaster '

' The Interior of an Old World Frence Residence – The first Class dining Saloon on the Ship '

' The Childrens Play Room '

' A De Luxe Cabin – A State Room '

' Balcony of a De Luxe Apartment '

' A Modern Cabin - Bed etc '

' The Swimming Pool of Cassis Stone '

' De Luxe Cabin in the Style of Louis XVI '

' First Class Smoking Room '

' The Interior Construction of the Lost Liner – Diagram Showing the Arrangement of Decks, Cabins, Machinery, engines etc ' diagrammatical split section of the ship

' the Victoria and Albert Museum – An Oliphant from the 10 or 11th Century '

The British v. USA Women Golf Tournament:

' The Us Team – Miss Maureen Orcutt – Mrs O. S. Hill – Mrs Glenna Collett Vare –Miss Marion Hollins - Reive – Miss Virginia van Wie – Miss Helen Hicks – Mrs H. Higbee – Mrs L. P. Cheney '

' British Team – Miss Diana Fishwick – Miss Enid Wilson – Miss Wanda Morgan – Miss Joyce Wethered (capt) – Miss Elsie Corlett – Mrs J. B .Watson – Miss Doris park – Miss Molly Gourlay '

' Miss Joyce Wethered Putting During the Match on The Wentworth Course at Virginia Water ' the crowd watching

' Stalin as a Young Man – when He Was Known as Comrace Koba '

' Staling With Cap in Hand at the Sixteenth Party Congress with Ordjonikidze and Others '

The Bombing of Japanese Leaders at Shanghai -:

' Few Minutes Before The Bomb Explosion on the Dias in Hongkew Park – Mr Murai and Others '

' A Few Minutes After the Bomb Explosion – Soldiers Seized th Perpetrator '

' The Actual Moment When the Group of Distinguished Japanese Leaders Were Falling Wounded or Beginning to Descend the steps '

' Removing One of the Injured Leaders – Mr Murai the Japanese Consul General at Shanghai Wounded in the Legs Being Carried on a Mans Back '

' A Party of Soldiers With the Young Korean Who Had Placed the Bomb on the Front of the Dias '

A Ballet School in Soviet Russia in Moscow:

' A Pupil at her Daily Work in a Machine Shop '

' Pupils Caught Young – A Master Rehearsing With a Boy and Girl Aged Seven and Eight '

' The Costume of the Ballet Master in the Technicum Room '

' Pupils of the Moscow Ballet School Practising in Bathing Dress '

' Young Girls at the mirror in the Dancing Room '

' Developing Young Pupils with Gymastic Devices and Mirrors '

' Girls Being Put Through a Strenuous Cours of Acrobatics '

' …"The Death of the Doll" – A Dance Suggesting the Imperial Ballet's World Famous Death of the Swan - Rehearsing Girls in the Ballet Technicum in Moscow ' full page photograph

Discoveries at The Church of St Martin at Angers in France - The Madonna of Angers etc:

' Ceiling Paintings from the 12c '

' Vaulting of the Crossing Tower '

' The Crossing Tower With Stair Tourelle '

' A Trench in the North Transept – Shows Late Carolingian Wall (10c) Resting on Earlier Foundations, Which in turn Rest on Roman Remains …'

' A Capitalin the Crossing Tower Probably Constructed by Fulk III, Nerra …'

' Detail of Grape Vine circa 11c in the Crossing Tower '

' Trench in the South Transpet – a Merovingian Sarcophagi and The Secret Chamber Where the Madonna Statue was Foundc …'

' The Archeologists Looking into the Secret Chamber Where the Madonna Was Found ' amongst them Professor W. A Campbell of Wellesley College and possibly Professor George H Forsyth jun. of Princeton University and others

Four photographs of the Madonna – one in situ in the secret chamber

Double page

A Chimpanzee in Captivity as a Domestic Pet – double page of photographs of " Meshie " owned by Mr. H. C. Raven a Curator at the American Museum of Natural History New York

Theatre: - Two scenes from " The Dubarry" at His Majesty's Theatre – Clarice Hardwicke – Charles Heslop – Lawrence Anderson – Anny Ahlers

Personalities of the Week Page:

' King George V and Queen Mary at the Chelsea Flower Show ' with others

' Brigadier General Sadleir Jackson Killedf in a Motoring Accident '

' Metropolitan Police Magistrate for Westminster Mr Arthur Gill Dies aged 68 …'

' Lady Gregory the Irish Playwright and Poet Dies aged 73 '

' Dr Goddard Orpen Dies aged 80 '

' Mr R. Storry Deans Appt. New Recorder of Newcastle on Tyne '

' Sir N. P. Jodrell MP for NW Norfolk Dies aged 73 '

' Chairman of P. and O. and British India Steam Nav. Co., Lord Inchcape Dies aged 79 '

' The New Japanese Premier – Admiralatsky – Herr Erik CharellSaito '

' Statue of Richard Trevithick the Cornishman Who Invented the Steam Engine '

' …" Casanova " at the Coliseum Produced by Sir Oswald Stoll ' double page photograph by A. Console showing a scene with Casanova, The Empress Marie Therese, Alexandrina and the Principal Ballerina – names mention in the caption incude Mister Arthur Fear – Mister Fernando Autori – Miss Dorothy Dickson – Miss Margaret Carlisle – Miss Grete Natzler – Miss Marianne Winkelstern (principal ballerina) – M. Miel – Hans Mueller - Captain harry Graham – Johann Strauss Jun. – Ralph Benatsky – Herr Erik Charell

' The Royal Tournament Pageant at Olympia: Edward I with Queen Eleanor Presenting His Infant Son to the Welsh Chieftains at Carnarvon Castle 1284 – Showing Posts at the Top of the Steps Containing Broadcasting Microphones ' double page from a drawing "By Our Special Artist C. E. Turner "

The Floods I Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Warwickshire and Gloucestershire:

' Tewkesbury – Crafts At Anchor Over What is Usually Meadow and Fields ' two boats

' Wath in Yorkshire – Marooned Railway Trucks ' the trucks have " Manvers " written on the ide

' Stratford on Avon – The New Shakespeare Theatre, Now an Island ' aerial view showing the theatre asnd surrounding area

' Nuneaton in Warwickshire – Modern Flood Defences Failed to Protect the Town ' aerial view of a main street of shops and houses etc

' ' The Derwent Valley Yorkshire – Houses Surrounded by Water at Stamford Bridge '

' Derby – A Wrecked Branch of H. Samuel the Jewellers at the Corn Market in Derby After Flood Water Caused An Explosion of A Gas Main '

Full page

A US Naval Dirigible, Dramatic Photographs of an Airship Mooring Tragedy and Rescue at Camp Kearney in San Diego USA:

' One of the Ground Crew, Robert H. Edfall Falling 300ft From the Rope of the " Akron " Airship, While Two Sailors Remain Hanging to the Rope ' a second man alo fell, Nigel Henton also fell

' A Third Man Still Dangling on the Rope at 2000ft Before He Was Rescued '

' Robert "Bud" Cowart of the Ground Crew at a Height of 3000ft being Hauled Aboard the Airship After Nearly Two Hours ' three photographs

Full page

' Riots in Auckland New Zealand – Police Take Up Their Posts at The Police Station '

' The Memorial Statue to M. Clemenceau Unveiled on The Champs Elysees ….'

' A Design by Franz Zulow and Made by the Vienna Gobelin Factory of the Wall Tapestry Ordered for the Palace of Kemal Pasha at Constantinople '

' Members of the Frostbite Yacht Club at The New Rochelle yacht Club, New York – Dinghies Sails Painted with Anti-Probhibition Signs – "Cracked Ice With Mine" - - "We Want Beer" – "I Am Thirsty" etc

' Hoisting a Light Ship from the Deck of a Specially Built Steamer at The Mouth of the Rangoon river '

' Opened by the Governor of Nigeria Sir Donald Cameron – The Benue Bridge, The Longest in Africa ' photograph of the bridge only

' W. De Brailes 13c Illumination – The Wheel of Fortune Presented to the Fitzwilliam Museum ' full page with article

' A Stone Laying Ceremony at Olympia – The Duke of Connaught, the Provincial Grand Master for Surrey – The Duke of York, The Prov. Grand Master for Middx – Prince Arthur of Connaught Prov. Grand Master For Berks – Prince George Master of the Navy Lodge No. 2612 - at The Dedication Ceremony for the New Freemasons Hospital and Nursing Home ' double page photograph

' Five Royal Masons (above) Each Bearing the Vessels of Consecration ' the dedication stone in the foreground. The ceremony was synchronised with the laying of the actual stone on the hospital site at Ravenscourt park

The Lindbergh Baby Tragedy:

' The Cot in the Nursery at Colonel Lindbergh's House From Which His Baby Son was Stolen ..'

' Where the Child's Body was Found – An Aerial View Showing the Lindbergh's House and the Town of Hopewell – An x Marks the spot in the Distance … '

' The Discoverer of the Body - William Allen, A Negro, With His Companion. Orville Wilson, With Whom He Was Working at the Time '

' Newspaper Men and Members of the Public at the Roadside Near the Scene of the Discovery '

' Onlookers Watching the Undertakers Premises at Trenton New Jersey to Which the Body was Removed '

' A Hearse Containing the Body of th Colonel Lindbergh's Little Son Leaving The Undertakers at Trenton '

Full page

' Birds Eggs – Egg of the Guillemot (Natural Size) '

' Birds Egg – Egg of the American Guira Cuckoo Guira Piririgua (Natural Size) '

' Birds Egg – Another Type of Guillemot's Egg (Natural Size) '

' The May Fly and Duffers Fortnight – An Enlarged Photograph at the Climax of the Chrysalis Stage, When the Thorax Swells and Splits …'

' The May Fly Much Enlarged '

Full page

Collectors Page:

' Rare Engravings by Martin Schongauer – Foolish Virgins '

' Engraving By Martin Schongauer – The Madonna in the Courtyard '

' The Fall of Man by E. S. '

' Sotheby and Co. Forthcoming Sales by Auction – Portrait of Catherine De Vaois and St Louis - - - The Coat of Arms with a Skull by A. Durer - - - Louis XV Bureau A Cylindre Signed Riesener - - - Coast Scene By A Van De Velde - - - Drawing By CVhardin ' full page advert

' And They Wont Be Home Till Morning – Crawfords Whisky ' advert from a drawing by A. Brooke or Booke

' Morocco Revelation Dressing Case ' advert

' Sterling Silver Tea Set from Goldsmiths and Silversmiths ' advert

' Carrs of Carlisle – Water Biscuit and Celery Biscuit ' advert

' Tailored Coats from Woolands of Knightsbridge SWI ' advert showing two models of coat and hat "Unice" and "Mona"

' Linen From Hamptons ' advert

' Larola Crème – Beetham and Son of Cheltenham ' advert

' A Car Being Carried across a River on Poles in East Africa – A 14hp Armstrong Siddeley '

' The 14hp Car Ready to Be Taken Across River '

' Hardy's of Alnwick – The May Fly ' small fishing or angling advert

' Greens Lawn Mowers ' small advert showing two mowers

Our Note Book Page by G. K. Chesterton

The Two Europes by Signor Guglielmo Ferrero

The Man of Steel – Being an Appreciation of "Stalin The Career of a Fanatic" by Esad Bey

Soviet Russia's State Ballet

' Discoverie at Angers in France – Professor George H. Forsyth of Dept of Art and Archaeology of Princeton University USA

Theatre by J. T. Grein

Books by C.E.B. – Charles E. Byles

Science Page – Birds Eggs – by W. P. Pycraft

Collectors page by Frank Davis

Music by W. J. Turner

Chronicle of the Car - Motoring Page by H Thornton Rutter




January 2nd

49 0432

The Japanese Naval Force in Action in Shanghai Supported by an Armoured Car - The North Station ' Full front page photograph showing Japanese troops

' General Uyeda - The Commander of Japanese Forces at Shanghai '

' The Japanese Bomb Shanghai - A Bomb at the Odeon While The Japenes Man the Sand Bagged Position s inthe Street ...' full page photograph street scene showing japanese troops and a cinema on fire

The Shanghai Battle Ground - An Aierial View of the Terrain To the North of Shanghai Looking Towards Kiangwan wit The River Whangpu in ghe Foreground ' with a handrwritten notation "Shanghai College" on the photograph

' An Aerial View with The Buildings of Shanghai College and The River Whangpu and the Mouth of the River Yangtze in the Background '

' The Foreign Settlement at Shanghai - Aerial View Looking Across the Whangpu Showing the Bund, Racecours and Entrance to Soochow Creek '

' The International Settlement at Shanghai - Aerial View of the Racecourse and the Polo Ground '

Japanese Naval Men Leaving HQ for the Fighting Area '

' REsults of Japanese Bombing - Wreckage at the north Railway Station at Shanghai ...'

' Japanese Casualties After the First Fighting at Shanghai - Bringing Wounded to a Field Hospital '

' The Arrest of Chinese Partisans Being Taken to The HQ at Shanghai '

' A Sandbagged Post Prepared for Actio nby Japanese Forces '

' Refugees inthe Chinese District of Chapei Which Was heavily Bombed Pouring into the International Settlement at Shanghai - A Street Packef with Rickshaws and Pedestrians ...'

' Men of the Japanese Naval Brigade in a Sandbagged Pisition ...'

' Columbus's Voyage of Discovery Repeated i a Replica ' four photographs of the New " Santa Maria " Lying at Huelva

' A LEvantine Copy of Columbus's Chart of America and The Atlantic Done in 1523 - Piri Reis's Map '

' A Chart With Considerable Claims to Have BEen the Very One Usd by Columbus in the Discovery of America ...'

The Chinese " SAve the Nation ARmy" near Harbin -:

' The New Kirin Government Forces Assisted by Japanese Aeroplanes in Action against the " Save the Nation ARmy " (SNA ) ...'

' The Rearguard of the " Save the Nation " Army Retreating to Harbin '

' TAking Up the Second Lind of Defence by the Save the Nation ARmy...'

' Dismounted Cavalry of the SNA covering a Retreat into Harbin ...'

' A Banner MAn and Some Troopers of the SNA - A Force Consisting of Old Kirin Government Soldiers and Ex Bandits '

' An AMbulance Cart of the SNA ...'

' Soldiers of the SNA South of Harbin on the Look Out for Enemy Stragglers '

Full page of photographs

The Japanese Occupying harbin -:

' Chinese Who Stuck to their Posts After The Japanese Had Entered Harbin - Police on Point Duty Wearing White Armlets ...'

' Japanese Motor Cyclists With Side Cars Resting Near a park at Harbin - With Interested Russian Civilians Looking on '

The Japanese in a Suburb of Harbin ...'

' Japanese Tanks in Harbin - A Scene Outside the Former HQ of the Chinese General Staff ...'

' After A Bomb Explosion Which Killed Some Fifty INquisitive Onlookers - The Burnt OUt Wreck of the Aeroplane Whose Pilot was Murdered by Chinese Cavalrymen - An Unexploded Bomb in the Foreground '

Full page of photographs

' The Afforestation of the Breckland in East Anglia - Great Bustards Once Found All Over England ' from a drawing by Professor Allen William Seaby

' The Dotterel InHabitant of the Breckland in the Stone AGe and Still Found There ...' from a drawing by Professor Allen William Seaby

' The Norfolk Plover Still Found in the Breckland ...' from a drawing by Professor Allen William Seaby

' The Scene of the Giza Discovery - An Aerial View of the New Pyramid Showint the Site of the Discovery and the Second Third Pyramids, and the Sphinx '

Small Map Showing the Position of the Newly Found Queens Pyramid ...'

Guarding a Diamond Mine in South Africa -:

' A Sectional Drawing Showing A Diamind Mine and The Laager The Nativ Workers May Not LEave Until They Have Been Searched ...'

' X-Rays used to Search a Native Miner Suspected of having Swallowed a Stolen diamon - A Sciagraph Revealing the Stone near The Spine'

' Native Mine-workers Content in Their Quarters ...'

' The Native Compound - A General View Showing the Workers Huts Walling-in Area Out of Which the Entrance to the Mine Opens ...'

' A Diamond Mine Protected by the Glare of Powerful Searchlights ...'

' Electrically charged Barbed Wire Surrounding a Mine ...'

' TheKennels of Some of the SIxty Eight Police Dogs Which Patrol ...'

' ADministering a Dose of Castor Oil - A Quarantine precaution Taken Three Days Before Any Native Worker Leaves the Mine Compound '

' Workers Receiving their Pay in " Safety " Coins Which Cannot be Used Outside the Compound '

' Letters Examined Before threy Are Posted ...'

' The Big Disinfectant Scattering Gun of a Native Compound ...'

' In the Rose Garden of the Compound Which the Workers Cultivate ...'

' Native Mine workers Strolling in Kimberley - Who Have Been paid Off After the Term for Which They Signed on '

' Native Mine Workers Enjoying a Dance in the Compound '

A Double page of photographs by Dr Joachim von Heimburg

A Diamond Field Becomes a Wilderness of Gravel and Scrap Iron - The Lichtenburg Diggings -:

' In the Worked Out Putfontein Area of the Lichtenburg Diamond Diggings - A Corrugated Iron Shed " Putfontein Cafe "..'

' At the Buying Market at Lichtenburg Diggings ...'

' A Profitable Diamond Pothole Discovered inthe Veld off the Main Run of Lichtenburg Workings '

' A Primitive Diamond Washing Machine ...'

' A Native Hut MAde of Sheets of Corrugated Iron and Bits of Sacking ...'

' Mister Aldous Huxley with His Wife and Son - Author of "Brave New World" ..'

' Author of " The Fountain" - Mr Charles Mrogan '

' Mrs Agatha Christie - Author of " Peril at the End House " ..'

' Author of " Sargasso Sea " - Mr Donn Byrne '

The Ingenuity of an Orangutan and a CHimpanzee ' ten photographs by Dephot-Sojuskino on two double pages, of the Suchum Soviet Government Monlkey Park

At The Marseilles SCientific Police Laboratories:

' The Five Fundamental Types of Finger Prints as Classified by Scientists '

' The Expert Method of Taking Finger Prints - A Demonstration in a Room Containing Records Classified Under Names Spelt Phonetically '

' The Bertillon Box Containing All the Instruments necessary for a Rapid Investigation ...'

The Art of Restoring Antiquities by Dr H. J. Plenderleith - Ten photographs showing various antiquities which have been restored with different treatments - before and after treatments

Scene from " Tonight or Never" - Gloria Swanson - Melvyn Doglas and Others

' Rene Clair - Rench Film Producer '

' Miss Marie Dressler in a New Film as The Housekeeper in " Emma" '

Personalities of the Week -:

' Mrs Chiang Kai Shek and Mrs Chang-Hsueh Liang - Two Wives of Famous MArshals '

' Hsuan-Chung The Ex Emperor of China '

' The Ex King of Saxony Dies ...'

' Sir LEslie Wilson Appointed Governor of Queensland ...'

' Sir Maurice De Bunsen '

' Mr M. G. A. Scally Who Crashed in Southern France - An Irish Airman Killed on a Secret Mission '

' Lord and Lady Bessborough at The Opening of the Canadian Parliament - With Their Pages in Ceremonial Dress '

' The Wife of the Heir Presumptive of Sarawak Received into Islam in the Air - The Dayan Muda with Dr Khalid Sheldrake '

' Mr Herbert Du Parcq Appointed Justice of the High Court Kings Bench ...'

' The Rev H. K. Luce Headnaster of King Edward VI School at Southampton now Head of Durham School ...'

' General Justo President of Argentina '

' Sir Edgar Speyer Died 16 Feb ...'

Full page

' The Price Paid for the Modern Motor Highway - The Watford Road Between Sudbury and Harrow As It Was three Years Ago and As It Is Today '

'Arrival of the " City of KArachi" at Cape Town - The First Air Mail From London To the Cape '

' Sir Malcolm Campbell in " Blue Bird" on Daytona Beach ...'

' King Charles II's IOU for £200 ...'

'..." Flowers " by Fantin-Latour at the Victoria and ALbert Museum ...'

' A Napoleon UNiform for Irish Sweepstake Counterfoil Mixers '

' Queen Mary Visiting The Bechuanaland Stand in The British Industries Fair - Examing a Rug ...'

' Unearthed at Athens Greece - The Supposed Statue of Nike Apteros '

' Ford Motor Exhibition at Albert Hall - The 8hp Saloon ...'

' The Union Jack Hoisted at the Municiple Buildings at Battersea '

' The Seymour Charles II Salt ' - A piece of plate corresponding to a piece seen by Pepys in 1662

' Document Exhibited at the Age of Walnut Exhibition Bearing a Number of Signatures - Authority Given too Mr Francis Gwyn to Sign Orders AFter James II Had Fled ...'

' A Queen Anne Cabinet at the Age of Walnut Exhibition at 25 Park Lane ...'

' Players No 3 Cigarettes ' advert

' King George IV Scotch Whisky ' advert

' Threaded Rubber Batteries by CAV ' advert

'A 40-50 Phantom II Rolls Royce with Coupe Bofy ...'

' A 16hp Sunbeam 6 Cylinder for The Use of HH Tunku Mohamud of Kedah '

' A Wolseley Hornet and Viper i Cape Town at the Van Reibeck Statue ...'

' The New SInger Saloon ...'

' Austin Sixteen Burnham de Luxe Saloon ' full page car advert - tear to centre edge of page

' The Players New Cigarette Factory at Nottingham '

' C. Brandauer Pens ' nib advert

' ..."Woggles" - by Cecil Aldin ' full page advert for The Sketch - a dog asleep on a bed

' Vapex Inhalant ' advert

' Gas Fires - The British Commercial Gas Association of 28 Grosvenor Gardens London SW1 ' advert

' Oxo with Hot Milk ' advert

This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include :-

Our Note Book by G. K. Chesterton

Observation with Extensife View - Being an Appreciation of "The Work, Wealth and Happiness of Manking" by H. G. Wells - page by CKA

The Japanese Occupyig Harbin in China

The World of Science - The Afforestation of the Breckland - by W. P. Pycraft

Notes for the Novel Reader - with ref to Aldous Huxley - Helen Simpson - Agatha Christie - Donn Byrne - Netta Syrett - etc .

The Debt of the Police to Detective Fiction by H. Ashton Wolfe Assistant Investigator under Dr Georges Beroud Director of Marseilles Scientific Poloice Labs

The World of Kinema by Michael Orme with ref to Marie Dressler - Erich Pommer

Books of the Day by Charles E. Byles

The World of the Theatre by J. T. Grein

A Page for Collectors by Frank Davis - The "Age of Walnut " in Park Lane

Chronicle of the Car by H. Thornton Rutter

The World of Music -

52 9897

Political Prisoners Released by President Eamon de Valera's Government Arriving at College Green in Dublin ' Full front page photograph showing crowds of people surrounding the taxi

' The " Swedish Match King " - The Late M. Ivar Kreuger in a Friends Garden In Surrey ' - the swedish international financier who shot himself in Paris .

' The Kidnapped Lindbergh Baby - A Cause of World Wide Indignation ' - SIxteen photographs of Charles Augustus Lindbergh jnr, one with his scottish nurse Betty Gow and another on his first birthday - others of him in his pram and playpen

' Scenes from an Ice Hockey Match ' a double page showing sketches of various moves during a match - Drawings by Paul Ordner

Sydney Harbour Bridge "To Be Opened Today" -:

' A View From Below of Steelwork Supporting the Southern Approach .... Symmetry fo Steel Girders ...'

' A Photograph Taken From Road Level of The Main Arch Made of Silicon Steel ....'

' Sydney Bridge By Day - Taken fRom the Pretty Roof Garden of the Public Works Building - A Man Pointing Out the Bridge to a Lady ...'

' The Sydney Bridge By Night - A View Taken During an Evening on Which Lighting Tests Were Being Made ..... White Streaks Representing The Lights of Passing Ships ...'

' the German Commerce Raider " Konigsberg " in Hiding ...' plus two other photographs

Discoveries at Ur - Near Modern-day Tell el-Mukayyar in Iraq

' The OUter Court of a Temple on the NCF Site ...'

' Sumerian Animal Sculpture - An Alabaster Bull '

' Small Animal Carving in Alabaster ...'

' A Copper Head of a Bull ...'

' A Statue Head in Limestone Discovered on the "NCF" Site at Ur-of-the-chaldees ...'

Two scenes from Hamlet from the Marlowe Societys Production at Cambridge

Hamlt in Tragical Comical Dress in Russa - From the Vakhtangov Theatre Moscow - Seven sketches of costumes plus one of the setting for the opening scene of the play

' At The Victoria and Albert Museum - The Gloucester Candlestick about 12c ' .

' Bali - Rejoicings at a Balinese Funeral ' from a beautiful colour painting by Professor Franz Kienmayer - on a full pag with a descriptive article

' The Steelhead Trout Jumps ' another beautiful colour print from a picture by Bruce Horsfall - full page with description

Excavations at Tell el Amarna - el-Amarna Egypt

' The Castle of the Disc at Tell el AMarna - A Plan of the Small Temple, Hat Aten - - The Priests Quarters - - And the Kings House ...'

' An inscribed Head of a Princess ...'

' A Painting Outfit Which MAy Have Belonged to the Heretic Pharaoh - Brushes - Fish Bones used as Drawing Quills - Lumps of Raw paint '

' Series of Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic Signs ...'

' Sculptors Trial Piece Found in the MAgazines of the Kings House ...'

' Face of a Princess unfinished ...'

' TheHeretic Pharaoh Portrayed with a Scrubby Beard ...'

' A SCulptors Trial Piece in the repulsive Style ....'

The War in the Far East - Japan and China - Scenes at Shanghai

' Pontoons Bridge Built by the Japanese Over the Woosung Creek '

' Chinese Guns in the Woosung Fort ...'

' Chinese Soldier Well Equipped and in Neat Uniforms '

' Chinese Refugees Leaving from Chapei After the Japanese Attack '

' Chinese Soldiers Carrying a Mine Slung From a Pole ...'

' An Explosion near the Chapei Boundary ...'

' A Chinese Gun inthe Woosung Forts ...'

' A Peculiar Trench Construction Built by ther Chinese nr Shanghai '

' British Bluejackets ( sailors ) at Shanghai Preventing Chinese Refugees FromOvercrowding a British Vessel Bound for Ningpo ...'

' Two Sisters of Mercy Under the Re Cross Flag with a Volunteer Escort, Search for Chinese Civilians Amongst the Ruins of Their Homes ...'

' A War SHip, Next to A River Wharf, Firing its Guns ...'

' A Night Scene over Shanghai ...'

' Portrait of Lady Harriet Stanhope by Sir William Beechey RA '

' Oxford and Cambridge in Action - Boat Race ' eighteen sequential photographs

' The Oxford Crew - G. A. Ellison - G. M. L. Smith - J. de R. Kent - C. M. Johnston - W. D. C. Erskine-Crum - R. A. J. Poole - W. H. Migotti - C. A. Chadwyck-Healey - T. E. Prichard (cox) ' an action photograph on the river

' Cambridge Crew - D. Haig-Thomas - K. M. Payne - T. G. Askwith - W. A. T. Sambell - C. J. S. Sergel - H. R. N. Rickett - D. H. E. McCowen - L. Luxton - J. M. Ranking (cox) ' action photograph on the river


' Russian Art - Ikon painters Having adapted their Style Showing a Tractor and Harvesters '

' Britannia Seated Between Four Symbolic Figures - A New Group on The Corner of the National Provincial Bank on Pr8inces Street London EC '

' The Royal Hawaiian Feather Mantle and Helmet Recently Stolen from Gottingen University '

' A Replica of the Kudara Kwannon Purchased by the British Museum '

' The House of Lords War Memorial Designed by Mr John Tweed '

' The Devis Which Sold at Christies - The Love Song '

' Dunkeld Cathedral - Ab Early Wall Painting "The Judgment of Solomon" Revealed by a Preservation Scheme '

Full page

The German PResidential Election -:

' One of the Numerous Modern Methods Adopted During the Electio nCampaign - An Aeropland With " Hindenburg " Painted on its Lower Wing Which Dropped Pamphlets '

' A patient in a Berlin Hospital Voting in the Election ...'

' A Great Gathering in Favour of Herr Hitler TheNational Socialist Nazi Leader Who Was Second to Field Marshal Von Hindenburg in the Voting ... In The Lustgarten, the Day in Which the Nazis Were Warned Against Force '

' Streamers in the Prenzlauer Avenue Berlin ...'

' A Streamer Over the Brandenburg Gate Berlin ...'

' TheLast of the Meetings at Which Dr Bruning Made Fighting Speeches in the Sportpalast Berlin When the German Chancellor Pleaded for Stability '

' The Riot at the Ford Works at Dearborn Michigan - a Communist Crowd of hunger MArchers Advancing on the Ford Plant '

' Police Retreating Before the Demonstrators at the Communist Riot at the Ford Works at Dearborn Near Detroit ...'

' Testing the New Sydney Harbour Bridge Using Old Railway Engines Strung Together in a Dead Weight Test ...'

' The Return of the Speed King - Sir Malcolm Campbell and LAdy Campbell with the Mayor of Southampton at his Arrival at Southampton ...' and others

' Aristide Briand 's State Funeral - The Catafalque and Monsieur Tardieu The Prime Minister Delivering the Funeral Oration Outside the Foreign Ministry '

' A Fatal Accident at Monte Carlo - The Tangled Wreck of the La Turbie Funicular Which Crashed for a Distance of 1000 Yards ...'

The Huge Irish Hospitals Sweep in Dublin:

' Drawing the Counterfoils from "Portholes" in the Plaza Ball Room - Nurses OLfficiating Handing a Counterfoil to General O'Duffy Policde Commissioner of the Irish Free State '

' Grils Working at Speed to Dispatch the LAst Receipts and To Acknowledge Applications for Tickets ...'

' Girls Carrying Boxes of Counterfoils into the Plaza ...'

' TheMixing of the Seven Million Counterfoils - Operating Mechanicla Mixers ...'

' Girls Emptying Counterfoils into the Drum for the Draw '

full page

' Penguins - Tw Gentoo Penguins Pygoscelis Taeniata - - - Skeleton of a Penguin - The Scapula - - - Two Rock Hopper Penguins ...'

Drugs Smuggled into Egypt:

' A Camel With Hashish Hidden Beneath the "Wig" on Its Back ...'

' The Camel After the Wig o fHashish Had Been Removed From Its Back ...'

Personalities of the Week:

' Cambridge University Sports Team - C. A. Emerson - C. Whithead - W.H. L. Thring - W S. Karran - V. Munroe - Alec Nelson - H. a. Bradley - G. S. de Freitas - G. S. Churchill - J. O. Fielding - E. G. Perry - A. J. MartinJ. J. D. Groves - A. K. Pardhy - E. Davis - J. D. Wade - A. Munroe - J. St L. Thornton - F. T. Horan - r. K. Brown - M. Miel - J. E.Robins W. D. Behnker - E. W. Denison - C. W. Benson - I. S. Ivanovic (not in Photgr. but mentioned) '

' Oxford University Sports Team - C. A. Lee-Steere - H. B .St L. Cazrter - D. B. Fraser - K. S. Duncan - J. W. Follows - J. Byles - C. D. O. Gowan - C. W. Lowry - J. E. Lovelock - J. P. Scott - S. H. Skinner - W. L. Lang - S. M. B. Wansey - J. F. Cornes - C. J. Mabey - L. F. York - J. G. Barnes - R. B. peacock - G. A. MacLean - J. C. MAhoney - S. K. Kurtz - H. T. Hammond - F. Goodbody (not in group but mentioned) '

' Dr J. A. Venn Bursar of Queens College Cambridge ...'

' Mister E. J. Forsdyke Keeper of the Dept. of Greek and Roman Antiquities at The British Museum ...'

' Mrs Hsuan-Tung Wife of the Regent of the New MAnchurian Republic - Manchukuo ..' .

' Mister Angus Scott Chairman of the LCC ' London City Council

' President de Valera and Other Members of the New Irish Free State Cabinet - Mr F. Aiken - Mr P. J. Ruttledge - Mr Eamon de Valera - Dr J. Ryan - Mr T. Derrig - Mr James Geoghegan - Mr Sean McEntee - Mr S. T. O'Kelly - Senator Conolly - Mr Sean Lemass - Mr Gerald Boland - Frank Aiken '

' Mr Bernadotte ( Prince Lennart of Sweden ) and Mrs Bernadotte After Their Wedding at Ther Register Office in Prince's Row ' nee Miss Karin Nissvandt

' Mr George Eastman of Kodak Camera and Film Fame Shot Himself on 14 Mar ...'

' Mr Stuart Bevan Appointed Recorder of Bristol '

' Mr Frank Fahy New Speaker in the Dail Eireann of Ireland '

' M. Rachmaninov Presented with the Royal Philharmonic Societys Gold Medal ...'

' MR E. Edwards Secretary of the Miners Federation of Great Britain ...'

' IN A Class By Itself ' a beautiful full apge colour advert showing the Oxford and Cambridge boat race seen from a car on the edge of the river - an advert for Dunlop tyres in gold bordered with oars with the main picture in gold and other colours - CFH 1329

' Golf BAll - Mesh or Dimple' full page advert showing a sketch of a golfer smoking a pipe, and a golf ball - advert for the North British Golf Ball and Rubbre Co. - artist unknown

' A Daffodil Clump - 1917 to 1932 ' a full page showing sixteen sequential photographs of the same clump of daffodills from each year between 1917 to 1932

' A STuart panel of Rich EMbroidery of Realistic Animals '

' A Stuart Mirror with Embroidered Design '

' A Charles II Travelling Mirror With Embroidered Design and Enclosed Doors '

' The New Atco Motor Mower De Luxe ' lawn mower advert - half page

' Carrs Tabel Water Biscuits ' advert

' Children Playing int he Grounds of a Dr Barnardo's Home ' photograph of five small children with a nurse

' Dr Barnardo's Hones Appeal '

' The Cancer Hospital Appeal - Fulham Road London '

' New York Traffic Congestion as Seen From an Aeroplane - At An Entrance to the Holland Tunnel '

' Firestone Tyres ' full page advert

' Greens Mowers ' shows two lawnmower - advert


This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include :-

Our Note Book by G. K. Chesterton

The Indestructible Ship - Being an Appreciation of "The Konigsberg Adventure" by E. Keble Chatterton - page by CKA

The World of the Theatre by J. T. Grein

The Russian Revolution and The Sp0anish Revolution by Signor Guglielmo Ferrero .

The Castle of the Disc at Tell El Amarna in Egypt by J. D. S. Pendlebury Leader of the Eghpt Exloration Societys Expedition

Books of the Day by Charles E. Byles

The World of Science - Penguins and TheGare Fowl - by W. P. Pycraft

A Page for Collectors by Frank Davis - English Needlework at the " Age of Walnut " EXhibition

Chronicle of the Car by H. Thornton Rutter

The World of Music - Rachmaninov Receives the Philharmonic Gold Medal - - - Verdi's Requiem - - - Bax. Tchaikovsky and Berlioz - page by W. J. Turner

An Easter Appeal - Dr Barnodos and NSPC



February 13th

April 2nd

April 23

June 4th

JW 02

At Changchun - ' Hsuan Tung Ex Emperor of China - Japanese General Honjo – Count Uchida ' full front page with others at the installation of the former " Boy Emperor " of China as head of the new State in Manchuria – info. Pu Yi

' Bicentenary of The Birth of Haydn – Josef Haydn from a Drawing by George Dance RA '

' The Skull of Josef Haydn Which Was Stolen From His Grave at Vienna '

At A Conference of Rhabdomancy -:

' Signorina Del Pia A Dowser Who Works Without Rod … ' and others

' A Deviner Monsieur M. A. Streeg a Belgian Engineer Holding a Rod …'

' The Italian " Geophysicist " Dr Bellnigi A Successful Diviner with a Geo Electrical Apparatus …'

' Field Word at The Verona Conference of Diviners – Two Dowsers With Hazel Twigs …'

' The Diviner Isaiano Parma with a Hazel Rod, Talking to Dr Bellnigi '

Full page

Egypt - The Meydum Treasure:

' A horus Hawk with Crown – A Panel in the Canopy of Seneferu Found at Giza ' photograph - info. Sneferu Snefru Snofru

' Figure of King Seneferu with Crown – a Relief in Sinai – from a Drawing in Gardiner and Peet ' engraving

' Discovered at Meydum the First Known Contemporary Portrait on Stone of Sneferu '

' Cosmetic Appliances used by Egyptian Woman Over 3000Years Ago – Faience Eye paint Pot '

' An Eye paint Pot '

' Ankh Emblem of Life on a Lamp '

' An Egyptian Schoolboys Exercise Written 1500 Years Ago '

' Hoard of Byzantine Coins '

' Agricultural Implememt Bearing its Owners Mark – A Wooden Winnowing Fan '

' Mother and Child Mummies '

' Slipper Shaped Potter Coffin '

Plus fifteen other photographs of finds at the site – Photographs supplied by Mr Alan Rowe Field Director, Eckley B. Cox Jun. of Pennsylvania Museum

The World of Kinema – Cinema Page:

Scene from " Good Night Vienna" Directed by Herbert Wilcox – Showing Jack Buchanan – Anna Neagle and others

MGM Film by Frederick Lonsdale – Scene from "Lovers Courageous" showing – Robert Montgomery – Madge Evans

Scene from Samuel Goldwyn's Film " Arrowsmith " showing – Ronald Colman – A. E. Anson

Sceme fron "Tomorrow and Tomorrow" showing Ruth Chatterton Paul Lukas – and others, man and little boy

Desert Air Trip from Paris to Timbuctoo by Mr William B. Seabrook American Adventure Writer - Mrs Marjorie Worthington American Novelist and Captain Vauthier French Airman and Archaeologist:

' Closed Wells in the Reggan Oasis Seen From the Air – Brought Water I underground Tunnels ( Foggaras ) fro the Hoggar Mountains '

' Bidon 5 A Remote Desert Outpost – The Most Remote Petrol Station Reive in the world ' the travellers standing next to a pump

' Reggan – An Air View of the French Trans-Saharan Station '

' An Aerial View of the Ancient Pre-Moslem Castle in the Foot Hills of the Hoggar Mountains '

' An Unusual View of Timbuctoo From The Air '

' At Timbuctoo – Father Yacouba – William Seabrook – M. Dubos the French Governor '

Desert Railway Building on the Projected £20,000,000 Trans-Saharan Line:

' A Car Trying to Cut through Deep Sand and Ruts '

' A Desert Track '

' Part of the Sahara With its Shifting Dunes '

' Shovelling Sand FRon a Rail Line Already Completed – Row of Workmen with Spades '

' Plantations of Grass on Desert Dunes to Prevent Shifting, Thus Stabilising the Sand '

' Showing the Shifting Sand Encroaching on a Railway Line – The Sleepers Almost covered '

' Train Engine Ploughing Its Way On a Clogged Line '

' Another View of The Engine, Front On '

Typical passengers on the Sahara Line With Hoods and Mouth Protection Against the Sand Storms '

' A Native passenger Wearing a Mouth Band as Protection '

' Contrasts in Costume at the Gate of the Station '

' An Arab Railway Passenger Wearing Goggles and Mouth Band with Hood '

' Typical Native Passenger Leaning Out of a Carriage Window '

Double page

Olympia and The Daily Mail Ideal Home Exhibition – The Gardens of the Novelists:

' Rock Garden From " Rest Harrow" …'

' Garden Based on John Galsworth's " In Chancery "

' Perdita's Garden Based on E. F. Benson's "Mapp and Lucia" …'

' Perdita's Garden '

' Garden Based on Thomas Burke's "The Flower of life" …'

' Garden Based on J. B. Priestley's "The Good Comp0anions" …'

Full page

Recent Events:

' Villa Santefano Between Rome and Naples Italy, Partly Subsides into A Cavern '

' The Ruins at Villa San Stefano '

' The Hawaiian Murder Trial – E. Lord and A. Jones (the two sailors accused) – Mr Robert Bell the Brother of Mrs Granville Fortescue – Mrs Granville Fortescue – Mrs Massie the Alleged Victim of an Assault by The Dead Kahahawai – Lieutenant Massie ' – info. The Massie Trial – Thalia and Thomas Massie – Grace Hubbard Fortescue – Albert Jones – Edward Lord

' Mister Clarence Darrow The Celebrated US Crinibal Lawyer – Counsel for the Defenc in the Massie Murder Trial '

' The Parthenon Flood lit on Greek Independence Day ' two photographs

Inaugural Scenes of China's Ex Emperor in Manchuria

' Hsuan Tung with His Wife Starting for Changchun ' with others

' Sisters of the Ex Emperor '

' Performing Religious rites on the Day of His Inauguration '

' Cheng Hsiao-Hsu, the President of the Manchurian State Council, Reading the Oath of Allegiance '

' Celebrations at the New Capital of Manchuria Now Named Manchowkuo – Triumphal Arch at Changchun '

' A White Plumed Military Band '

The German Presidential Election – Hitler and The former Crown Prince:

' The Former Crown Prince Interested in the Stahlhelm: Taking the Salute at a Rally at Breslau – With Marshal Von Mackensen – General Von Seect '

' The Great Crowd in the Lustgarten Giving the Fascist Salute and Shouting Heil …'

' A General View Showing The Nazi Leader Hitler at the Microphone Facing a Huge Crowd and Men of the Storm Detachment ( SA ) '

' Herr Hitler Speaking in the Lustgarten – at the Microphone '

Full page

Personalities of the Week Page:

' Canon Ellershaw Dies Aged 69 … '

' Mr C. H. Collins Baker The Retiring Keeper of the National Gallery … '

' Dr F. E. Brightman The Great Liturgiologist Dies aged75 …'

' Lieutenant Colonel C. W. Birkin the Well Know Racehorse Owner Dies aged 67 …'

' the New High Court Judge – Mr Justice Goddard ' – info. Rayner Goddard

' French Ministers Visit to Downing Street London – Mr W. Runciman -= Mr Neville Chamberlain – Monsieur Tardieu French PM – Mr Ramsay Macdonald – M. Flandin – M. Fleuriau – Sir John Simon ' in the garden at Downing Street

' TheMaharajah of Nawanagar – Jam Sahib '

' The Late Mr Edward Marjoribanks ' a photograph of him and his dog

' Mr norman McKinnel Dies Aged 62 ' actor

' Madame Boucher by Francois Boucher ' – half page colour print with hp article

' Le Jeu de la Main Chaude (Touch Wood) by Jean h. Fragonard ' a wonderful full page colour print

Native Art and Culture of New Guinea:

' Beaks of the Horn bill Worn by a Chief of Morobe in Decorative Head-dress – Coveted Insignia for homicide … '

' Initiation Ceremonial Instruments Which Women Are Forbidden to See – Sacred Flutes at Asmungua Village on the The Sepik River '

' Native Anti Mosquito Protection – A Matting Covered Sleeping Bag For Several Ocupants at Korigo Village '

' A Native of the Kunai Country of the Aitape with an Ornament Piercing His Nostril and Long Cylinder Through The Lobe of His Ear '

' Wood Carving at Angerman Village With Native Man '

' Used in Sacrificial Rites – Mound of Earth Outside a Ceremonial House in parumpai Village '

' Ancient Standing Stones at Angerman '

' Monument in Alluvial Country – A Standing Stone Represents a human Figure at Angerman '

' A Sacred Seat From a Tambaran At the Village of Parumpai '

' Enclosed Mound at parumpai Village '

' Old Carved House Poles at parumpai '

' Ornate Masks With Wild Boar Tusks Worn By Two Men From Morobe '

' Heart Shaped Gabel Ornament at Angerman '

' A Face With Conical Eyes and Protruding Tongue, at Parumpai – A Parallel to Maori Carvings '

' The Inauguraqtion of the New Railway into Papal Territory in Rome – Train Engine '

' A Starting Gate Used in Athletics – the Start of the Quarter Mile at Stamford Bridge in The Public Schools Sports '

' A Gigantic Cookery Competition in Progress a the Innkeepers Fair at Berlin '

' A Chippendale Armchair Sold at Chesterfield house ' by Messrs Sotheby '

' Treasure of the Week at Victoria and Albert Museum Miel - Landscape with River and Cattle by John Sell Cotman '

Postage Stamps Representing Musical Subjects:

Austria 1922 and Mozart

Austria 1926 and Nibelung Series - Gunehers Journey to Iceland

Austria 1922 and Schubert

Austria 1926 and Nibelung Series Hagen and the Rhine Maidens

Austria and Beethoven 1922

Ukraine 1921 and Peasant Musician

Irish Free State 1922 – Harp

Germany 1926 and J. S. Bach

Poland 192 and Chopin

Germany 1926 and Beethoven

Uruguay 1895 and The Opera house

Spanish Guinea 1931 and Native Drum

Austria 1926 and Nibelung Series, Quarrel Between Kriemhilde and Brunnhilde

And many more on the full page by Courtesy by Messrs Stanley Gibbons of 391 Strand WC2

' Skull 9of the Crab EatingSeal Lobodon Carcinophagus '

' Skull of the Great Grey Seal Halichaerus Grypus '

' The Tornado in Northport Alabama – The Wreckage of a House '

' The Hurrican in Alabama – Aerial View Showing the Trees Flattened '

' A Wrecked House in Hamilton Ohio in Which Six People Were Trapped '

' A Plane Launching a Torpedo '

' Showing How the Whitehead Torpedo Is Carried on the Vickers Vildebeest for the Royal Air Force '

Richard Sickert " English Echoes" Engravings by Sir John Gilbert – From an Exhibition at the Beaux Arts Gallery in Bruton Place London – Over full page

' Mr Andrew Mellon US Ambassador to the Court of St James's – From a painting by P. A. De Laszlo ' full page – info. born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, an American Banker, industrialist etc

' Golf, At The nineteenth – Haig Whisky ' full page advert

Collectors Page – Types of Shield

' Shield – A Scottish Target Studded with Brass Nails in a Thistle Design, of the Type Carried by Highlanders '

' Shield – 16c Circular Buckler of Wood and Iron, Typical of Shields Carried by Foot Soldiers '

' Shield – A Pageant ( possib. Pison ) Shield From Italy c1580 – Once Part of the Russian Imperial Collection at the Hermitage '

' 16c Shield of an Army Commander '

' BP Plus the Blue Petrol ' full page advert showing three clown type men playing musical instruments

' The Kropp All British Straight Handled Razor ' advert

' The Vi Spring Mattress and Vibase Mattress Support ' advert

' Players No. 3 Cigarettes ' advert

Our Note Book Page by G. K. Chesterton

Discoveries at Meydum in Egypt – by Alan Rowe Field Director, Eckley B. Coxe Jr of the Egyptian Exp. Of the University of Pennsylvania Museum

Cinema Page by Michael Orme

German Presidential Election – Hitler and the Ex Crown Prince – small article 160 wds

New Guinea - An Appreciation of "Across new Guinea from the Fly to the Sepik" by Ivan F. Champion

Science Page – the Great Grey Seal by W. P. Pycraft

Book Page by Charles E. Bayliss

Collectors Page by Frank Davis

Motoring Page by H. Thornton Rutter



1784 22

A Bongo Antelope Captured in KEnya ' full front page photograph by Colonel Percy-Smith

' A Mounted Speciman of A Bongo Antelope Boocercus eurycerus in the Natural History Museum Kensington '

' Colonel Percy Smith with His Captive Bong Suckled by a Cow '

' Detail of the Thick Ridge of Hair Along the Spine of the Bongo '

' The Young Female Bongo '

' 15c Chinese Painting at the Victoria and Albert Museum – Polo As Played by Mongols on Tartar Ponies '

The First Solo East to West Atlantic Flight:

' Line Drawing of the 120hp De Havilland Puss Moth Aeroplane Owned by Mr J. A Mollison '

' Mr Mollison Shaking Hands with His Wife Miss Amy Johnson Just Before He Left ' and others at Portmarnock Strand in County Dublin

' Mr Mollisons Aeroplane Moving Down the Runway at Portmarnock Strand

' Mr Mollison in His Aeroplane Leaving Portmarnock Strand in County Dublin, for America '

' The De Havilland Puss Moth "The Hearts Content" with 120 hp Engine '

' Sectional Diagram of the Aeroplane '

Balloon Ascent by Professor Piccard of Brussels University:

' Comparative Diagrams Showing The Heights Achieved by Piccard in His Last Ascent – The Height of Mount Everest – Greatest Height Ever Reached in Aeroplane – The Great Cold Belt – The Heaviside Layer – Strata Up to Sixty Two Miles '

' Drawings Showing The Altitudes To Which Prof Piccard and Dr. Cosyns Rose in the Stratosphere – the Great Cold Belt – Various Types of Clouds at Differing Levels – Respective Altitudes of Mount Everest and Blanc '

' Diagram Showing Why Professor Piccards Ballon was Only partley Inflates at the Start, The Gradual Expansion of the Hydrogen at Varying Heights ...'

Full page of diagrams drawn by G. H. Davis

Balloon Ascent of Professor Piccard:

' The Balloons Descent – The Gondola in a Field Eight Miles South of Lake Garda in Lombardy '

' The Aeronauts Overcome By the Change from Freezing Cold to Sweltering Heat – Lying in the Shade of the Gondola ' crowds and officials looking on

' Professor Piccard Recovering From the Variations in Temperature Soon ReiveAfter His Landing ' with children and spectators looking on

' Professor Piccard Looking Out of the Gondola Before Leaving the Earth '

' The Balloon Semi Inflated Leaving at Dawn '

Full page of Photographs

' The Pigmy Hippopotamus Choeropsis liberiensis at London Zoo '

' Jaw Bone of a Typical Hippopotamus '

' Head of the Typical Hippopotamus '

' The New Robot "Alpha" on View at the Radio Exhibition at Olympia London ' full page photograph by William Davis – a wonderful photograph of the shiny robot with view of inside chest with what looks like a motor with wires attached etc

' A Brazilian Colibri Humming Bird Being Fed with Honey From a Bottle at Berlin Zoo '

' London Zoo – Pair of Eight Year Old Gorillas '

' The Donnington Hall Tunnel – Group of Visitors at the Former German Prisoner of War Camp at Donnington Hall near Derby ' looking into the tunnel in front of the house

' The New Water Tower at Great Yarmouth Under Construction '

The RAC Tourist Trophy at Ards Circuit Co. Down ' Mr C. R. Whitcroft - His Mechanic – And Mr G. E. T. Eyston '

The RAC Tourist Trophy at Ards - ' Mr F. W. Dixon and His Mechanic in a Riley Car, Leap the Bank at Quarry Corner '

Ards Circuit Co. Down – ' Accident in the TT Race – Major Gardner Receiving Firs Aid, His Wrecked MG Midget in the Foreground '

A Record Heat Wave:

' London Zoo – Polar Bear in the Water '

' Walrus Fed With Ice by a Keeper '

' Lions at Whipsnade Overcome with Heat ..'

' Record Temperatures of 95'5degrees Being Recorded at Messrs Negretti and Zambra's ' man with towel on his head taking readings

' Children Enjoying Paddling and Bathing Almost In Sight of Buckingham Palace '

' Midnight Bathing at Hastings on a Floodlight Beach '

' Herr Hitler Before His Rise to Power in Germany – In Rain Coat and Old Felt Hat ' photograph taken at Munich c1922

' Herr Hitler Saluted By Members of the Nazi Party and Presented with Bouquets ' leaving an office circa Jul 1932

' A Record Monster Tunny Fish Caught by Mister L. Mitchell Henry Being Unloaded at Whitby ' full page with text showing the fishing boat alongside the jetty and crowds watching as it is hoisted ashore – the fishing boat is registered as WY 16

Aerial Views of Africa's Highest Peaks:

' The Crater of Kibo on the Western Summit of Kilimanjaro ' snow capped summit ' The Summit and Crater of Elanairobi with Secondary Crater '

' The Crater of Lengai Photographed at 10.400ft '

' Crater of Longonot 40 Miles NW of Nairobi '

' Mount Kenya '

' Closer View of Mount Kenya ' double page of photographs by Walter Mittelholzer

' Belgian Expedition to Ruwenzori in Africa - A Giant Groundsel Planted as a Land Mark '

' Belgian Expedition in the Ruwenzori Region – Twin Summits of Alexandra and Margherita '

Comparisons of Family Likeness in Royal Childhood:

' Prince of Wales in 1895 ' – info. Later Edward VIII

' The Duke of York in 1896 ' – info. Later King George VI

' Princess Elizabeth at Fifteen Months in 1927 ' info. later Queen Elizabeth II

' Princess Margaret Rose Aged One in 1931 '

' Prince of Wales Aged Two in 1896 '

' Duke of York aged Two in 1897 '

' Princess Elizabeth aged Two in 1928 '

' Prncess Margaret aged Two This Month (1932) '

' Prince of Wales Aged Six '

' Duke of York Aged Six in 1901 '

' Duchess of York Aged Six in 1906 ' info. Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon later Queen Consort of George VI

' Princess Elizabeth Aged Six Taken Last April (1931)'

Full page

The Princes with The Mediterranean Fleet:

' Prince George with His Pilot on Board the " Glorious " ...'

' The Prince of Wales Inspects Crew and Airmen on the Landing Deck of The Aircraft Carrier Glorious '

' Prince of Wales Looking through Telescope on Board The "Queen Elizabeth" with Lord Louis Mountbatten ' and another

' The Prince of Wales Going Up in a Fairy IIIF Aeroplane from the Deck of The Glorious '

Double page

Personalities of the Week Page:

' Appointed New Governor of Burma – Sir H. L. Stephenson ' – info. Hugh Lansdown Stephenson

' Former Chancellor of Austria Dies – Dr Johann Schober '

' Slade Professor of Fine Art Dies – Professor E. S. Prior ARA ' – info. Edward Schroeder Prior

' Former Lord Mayor and Member of Sheffield City Council Dies – Sir William Clegg '

' Commandant of Imperial Defence College – Vice Admiral L. G. Preston ' info. Lionel George Preston

' Commander of HGerman Battle Cruiser at Jutland – Admrial Zenker Dies '

' The Italian Crew Who Rowed From Pavia to England Arriving Off Gravesend '

' A yacht That Crossed the Atlantic – The Ahto with Her Three Young Esthonian Owners ' – Estonian

' An Irish Celebration – Laying Wreaths on the Graves of Michael Collins, Arthur Griffith and Kevin O'Higgins at Glasnevin '

' After his Stay in Prison, Villagers and Tenants Dragging Lord Kylsant in His Car Up to His House at Coomb in Carmarthenshire '

' Princess Margaret Rose and Princess Elizabeth at Ballater Station ' accompanied by three ladies

Window on the World Page:

' The Raising of the German Training Ship "Niobe " ..'

' The Niobe Partially Raised '

' Whitehall in Shrewsbury Bought by the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings ' – info. Mansion on Monkmoor

' The New Welland Canal Linking Lakes Erie and Ontario – The Grain Carrying Ship Lemoyne Passing Miel Through '

' Outside Canterbury Cathedral – The Buffs East Kent Regiment and Colour Party in Foreground '

' King George V Visit to Scotland – The King and Queen Greeting Magistrates of Aberdeen at the Station '

Training With the Reichswehr in Germany – Cardboard and Wooden Devices:

' Wooden Tank '

' Anti Aircraft Machine Gun - Firing at a Moving Model on a Wire Over the Barrack Yard '

' A Reichswehr Man Holding a Bunch of Toy Ballons During Range Finding Practice '

' Loading a Wooden Anti Tank Gun ...'

' The Regimental Carpenter Putting Together a Wooden Gun '

Scene from "Sally Bishop" Being Made near Beaconsfield – Miss Joan Barry – Mr Anthony Bushell with The Dirctor and Staff in Foreground '

Scene from "Victory" a Naval Action Film on Board Victory at Portsmouth

Tomb of Queen Meryet Amun at Thebes -:

' The Head Carving on the Coffin of Queen Maryet-Amun of Egypt ' full page photograph from a book by H. E. Winlock

' A Basket Which Contained the False hair fro Meryet Amuns Tomb '

' False Hair Found in the Tomb '

' Jewellery Designs Preserved by Mumification '

' The Site of the Tomb '  .

' Impressions of Chaplets Found o the Mummy's Forehead '

' Linen Label for a Jar of Resin ...'

' Method of Marking Linen in Ancient Egypt '

' Linen Sheets Possibly Used in the Ritual of Emblaming the Queens Body '

' A Large Pottery Amphora and Rope Sling Found in the Tomb Containing Sediment of Beer Yeast '

' How The Beer Jar Was Carried in A Rope Sling ' diagram

' The Back of the Head of the Mummified Queen Showing the False Hair '

Collectors Page:

' Three Old Chinese Seals, One from the Han Dynasty '

' Seal Used by Chinese merchants for Trade Marking Textiles ' three seals

' Two Chinese Seals in Soapstone from the Sung Period '

' John Haig Scoth Whisky ' full page advert

' Framlingham College Suffolk ' advert

' Vienna – Travel Advert '

' BP ' full page advert

' A Shell Petrol Pump in a Rhodesian Desert Near the Grave of Livingstone '

' Aertex Abdominal Healt Belts from Boots ' small advert

Full page of adverts including: Highland Queen Whisky - - - The Hardy Wanless Casting Rods from Hardy Bros of Alnwick - - - Cuticura Soap - - - etc

' Britannia and Eve Magazine ' full page advert

Full page of adverts including: Matson Line from Pickford Travel Service - - - Cerebos Salt - - - Players Airman Navy Cut Tobacco - - - C. Brandauer Circular Pointed Pens - - - The Cancer Hospital Appeal

The Quest for the Bongo Antelope – with ref. To Colonel E. Percy-Smith

Page by G. K. Chesterton

Professor Piccard's Balloon Ascent - with mention of Dr Max Cosyns – Dr F. J. W. Whipple – .

Science Page – The Pigmy Hippopotamus by W. P. Pycraft

One of Our Conquerors – Being An Appreciation of " Hitler " By Emil Lengyel – a full page article by "CKA" reviewing a book by Lengyel, and also giving a small insight into "our" attitude to him at the time ...."It is disillusioning to think that a man with a Charlie Chaplin moustache can sway the destinies of a nation... ...but when passion, prejudice and sentiment are let loose, almost anybody or anything is good enough as a popular symbol..... ... that Hitler the man, is as empty as his absurd Swastika"

Book Review Page by Charles E. Byles

Cinema Page by Michael Orme

Collectors Page by Frank Davis

Motoring Column by H. Thornton Rutter



5332 44

' Bellerophon on the Winged Pegasus Slaying the Chimaera - A Newly Discoverfed Mosaic From Olynthus ' Full front page photograph with two insets

' Anient Greek Town Planning - Plan of Olynthus Showing The Main Street and Houses etc ...'

New Treasure from Olynthus Greece:

' A Pebble Mopsaic From the Floor of a house ...'

' From the House of the Comedian - Multi Coloured Pebble Mosaic about 400bc '

' A Cobble paved Court of a House with an ncient Terracotta Drain Pipe ...'

' Greek Caricature Unearthed at Olnthus ...'

' Specimans of Chalcidic Coins ...'

' A Terra Cotta Figurine of an Actor '

A Marble Dating From roman Imperial Times Unearthed at Anzio ...'

Separation from India - Burma

' An Anyein Pwe - Burmese Equivalent of a Revue with Men and Women Dancers ...'

' A Typical Talaing Village Headman ...'

' A Village Headman With the SIlver Embossed Dah Presented to Him for Bravery in Two Dacoity cases '

' A Quartet of Hpoongyis - A HEad Monk with His Disciples '

' Hairdressing Which Indicates the Unmarried State - Young Burman Girls Beofre they Have Undergone the Ear Boring Ceremony ...'

' A Buddhist Nun '

' The Funeral of a Burman Priest - A Nat or Good Spirit Guarding the Building in Which the Coffin lies '

' Celebrating the Flight of a Hpoongyi's Spirit to Neik Ban - Frail Buildings Erected for the Funeral of a Monk ... '

' A Bamboo and Paper Structur Holding the Coffin Which Has the Hti, The Umbrella of Office, Open Above It ...'

' An Effigy of a YHermit with an Effigy of thre Burman General Bandula - To Celebrate a Monks Attainment of Neik Ban ...'

' A Fine Panel of Mortlake Tapestry Shwoing a Design

' A Pair of Faience Figures Made at Niderviller in Lorraine 1780 '

' A Section of the Great Wall of China in the Nankow Pass - A Near View Showing the Character of the Masonry and Brick Work ...'

' Showing How the Great Wall Winds up Hill and Down Dale - A View of the Section Across the Nankow pass in the Province of Chih-Li ...'

' The Great Wall of China Beyond which The Chinchow Garrison Recently Withdrew After A Japanese Ultimatum - Near Shanhaikwan ' full page aerial photograph

' An Ancient Fort o nthe Great Wall ' full page

' Silesian miners Saved Alive After Having Been Entombed for Six Day at the Karsten Zentrum Colliery near Beuthen in Silesia - In Hospital '

Window on the World Page:

' Hawaii - Lieutenant Cocke 's Glider " Night Hawk " in Which He Remained in the Air for Twenty One House '

' The British EMpire Building in Rockefeller New York '

' Cox's Army of Workless Bivouac at Washington it eh National Armoury ...'

' The French Railway Accident at Saint Just near Clermont '

' The Alchemist Who Failed to Satisfy the Police - M. Dunikowski With His Apparatus '

Personalities of the Week Page:

' Prince Nicholas of Roumania Accompanied by Mme Dumitrescu at Paris '

' The Hon. Vicary Gibbs - BAnker and Antiquary Dies ...'

' Mrs Hattie Carsaway First US Woman Senator Elected at Arkansas ...'

' Sir C. S. C. Harrison - Chief Engineer '

' Sir Sidney Low - Distinguished Author and Journalist Dies ...'

' Mister Arthur Collins of the Drury Lane Theatre Dies ...'

' Mr Thomas Cobb Well Known Novelist Dies ...'

' Mr Halliwell Sutcliffe - Novelist Dies ...'

' Prince of Wales Shaking Hands With the Wales Rugby Team at Swansea ' later Edward VIII

' Bishop Gore of Worcester Dies ...'

' Mr H. G. Watkins - Leader of the Proposed New British Exploration Expedition to the Antarctic ...' .

' Sir Leonard Lyle - Lawn Tennis Player and Chairman of the LTA '

' The Bishop of Burnley The Rev. E. Priestley Swain ...'

' Captain R. R. henderson MP for Henley Dies ...'

' The Queen Mother of Greece Dies ...' - info. Princess Sophie of Prussia a grandaughter of Queen Victoria

' Mrs Westenra and Captai Macintosh at Stag Lane Hendon After Their 23,000 Mile Flight to the Cape and Back '

Full page

River Pollution:

' Limnias Annulatus in Two Positions Found in Kent ' drawing

' A Typical Rotifer - Brachionus Rubens ...' drawing

' Rotifger Tardus A Type of Which No Male Has Ever Been Found ...' drawing

' A Rescue party Listening for Any Movement Made by the Men Buried in a German Colliery - The Karsten Zentrum Colliery near Beuthen ' full page photograph by Dephot-Umbo-Koester - the instrument they are using is called a Geophone

Apparatus for the Blind Invented by M. and Mme Thomas of Paris-:

' M. Thomas of Paris Turning The Wheel of His Apparatus '

' A Photo Electrograph Apparatus Which Enables the Blind to Discard Braille and Read Ordinary Print and Typescript '

' The Thomas Apparatus Fitted to a Desk...'

' ..."Toinycraft " i Mosaic painting - a 20 Inch Ceiling for Titania Like an Early Byzantine Mosaic Made by Miel Sir Nevile Wilkinson ' colour

The Festival of The Incwala of the Swazia in South Africa -:

' Thousands of Chanting Warriors - A Great Gathering of the Bantus of Swaziland at the Queen Mothers Kraal During the Incwala Ceremony ' panoramic photograph on a half double page

' The Keeper of the Shield - A Picaninny Too Young to Participate inthe Incwala, Guards the Shields of Warriors ...' a little boy

' Young Swazi Braves Arriving at the Queen Mothers Kraal with Branches of the Sekwane Tree with Each Youth Under Penalty of Being Casdt Out if His Branch Has Wilted ...'

' Young Swazi Braves Donning Their Full War paint ...'

Colour photographs

' Morris Major 6 Car - A Street Scene ' a wonderful full page colour advert from the artwork of CWB an artist of the day

The First Regular London to Cape Town Air Service :

' A Heracles Class Aeroplane at the Airport ...'

' Flying Boat of the Scipio Class Taking Off From Brindisi ...'

' Piraeus the Seaport of Athens as it will be Seen from the Scipio Flying Boat During th Journey from Brindisi to Alexandria '

' An Aeroplane of the Argos Class Will Fly Between Cairo and KIhartoum ...'

' A Flying boat of the Calcutta Class Between Khartoum and Kisuma '

' Wadi Halfa Which thye Argost Aeroplane Reaches on the Fourth Day After LEaving London '

' Khartoum Where Passengers LEave the ARgosy and Board thed Calcutta Flying Boat for Kisuma ./..'

' Malakal Where the Calcutta Flying Boat Makes a Brief Halt Fronm Khartoum to Kisuma '

The Hercules Aeroplane in Which They Fly on the Last Stage from Kisuma to Cape Town '

' Cape Town Where Passengers in the Hercules Arrive on the Eleventh Day after Departing from London

' The Land at Tilbury on Which Mr Thomas Bata The Czecho-slovakian Millionnaire Boot Manufacturer Proposes to Construct an Industrial City ...'

' Conference to Develop trade with the Irish Free State - Mr Runciman - Mr Dulanty of the Irish Free State - Mr Hogan - Mr McGillan '

' The New Willingdon Bridge Across the Hooghly River at Bally About Four Miles North of Calcutta ...'

' A Discovery at Saltdean - a Smugglers Cave Disclosed by the Gale '

' A Gruesome Relic Dredged from the Thames at Execution Dock - The Grace of Wapping ' method of execution at Wapping New Stairs London in the 18c (1700's) '

' Eros Damaged on New Years Eve in Piccadilly Circus - Fitted with a New Bow String at Thames Ditton '

' The Springboks Rugby Tour - An Attempt to Break Through the Sottish Defence at Murrayfield '

' A Class for Association Football Referees at ther London Association of Referees Training Centre '

' A Finely Tusiked Elephant for the Jardin Des Plantes - Rex the Elephant in a paris Street '

' An Albino Plover Added to the Exhibits at the Zoo - Found in Norfolk '

' Before Their Separation at Whipsnade Zoo - Dixie and Rosie of Bostocks Travelling Menagerie o Their Arrival at Dunstable Station From Glasgow '

' A Flat Fish - A North Sea Halibut Weighing Over 280lb Caught in the North Sea '

' The Tax Paid for Pet Dogs of the Poor - Mongels Outside the Regal Cinema Marble Arch Where the Fifty Most Like the Screen Mongrel "Queenie" will Be Given Free Licences '


' A Scene from "The Gay Adventure" with the Stage set to Represent Two Storeys in a Restaurant - mr Seymour Hiciks - Mr Charles Quartermaine - Miss Nora Swinburne - Miss Marion Lorne - Miss Christine Barry '

Musical Relics on Exhibition at the London Museum at Lancaster House:

' Haydn's Clavichord ...'

' Stage Jewellery of Mme Patti ...'

' A Guitar Owned and Played by George III IN Its Original Case ...'

' A Brtonze Cast of the Foot of Anna pavola ...'

' A Keyed Guitar That Belonged to Emma Lady Hamilton ...'

' The Violin Which the Painter Romney Carved in 1750 '

' An Early 17c Trumpet in Copper and Silver Made by William Bull of London ...' .

' The Violin Owned by Jeremy Bentham Whose Skeleton Is Kept in University College ...'

' The Dress That Mme Pavola Wore for the Dying Swan Dance '

Gandhi on His Return Fromthe India Round Table Conference:

' Mister Gandhi at the Close of Day of Silence - Ther Mahatma at the Microphone Addressing th Great Crown onm The Maidan At Bombay '

' The Femine Side of Gandhi's Audience - Women in the huge Crowd at Maidan ....'

' A General View of th Immense Gathering aAddressed by the Mahatma ...' panoramic photograph on a half double page

' The Earl of Willingdon Viceroy and Governor General of India, and Countess of Willingdon ' photograph by Lenare

Unusual Photographs Taken by Lucien Rudaux -:

' A Stone Temple of a Forgotten African Civilisation Carved with Realistic Human Figures in Bas Relief - IN Reality A Much Enlarged Photogaph fo an Ordinary Sea Shell Corroded by time ' full page photograph by Lucien Rudaux

' Limestone Crags Erode by the Weathering of Centuries - In Reality a Much Enlarged Photograph of the End of a Little Fragment of Old Worm Eaten Wood '

' A SChool of Queer Shaped Tropical Fish Swimming in Reeds - In Reality Dew-drops Three Milimetres in Diameter ...'

' TheSurface of a Glacier - In Reality a Few Square Centimetres of an Old Oyster Shell ...'

' Decoration by Bakst for an Under Water Ballet - In Reality a Simple Group of Sea Shells ...'

' Le Lit De Justice D'Argentelles - A Carved Canopy Part of the Famous Foulc Collection of the Pennsylvania Museum ...'

' You Can Be Sure of Shell - Fro mMiss Rosy Rapture The Film Star ' advert

' Chess Problem Conducted by Ernest Irving '

' Debretts Peerage ' advert

' ..."Woggles" - by Cecil Aldin ' full page advert for The Sketch - a dog asleep on a bed

' Carrs of Carlisle - Table Water Biscuits and Celery Biscuits ' advert

' Country Life SMoking Mixture ' advert

This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include :-

Treasure from the ity of Olynthus - by David M. Robinson Professor of Archaeology at the John Hopkins University Baltimore MD USA

Our Note Book by G. K. Chesterton

The Burmese - Their Habits and Customs by M. L. Byron

Books of the Day by Charles E. Byles

The Quenched Spark - Being An Appreciation of "The Murder of Edgar Allan Poe" by J. A. T. Lloyd - Published by Stanley Paul

The World of Science - River Pollution and Its Problems - by W. P. Pycraft .

The World of the Theatre by J. T. Grein

A Page for Collectors by Frank Davis

Chronicle of the Car by H. Thornton Rutter

JW 51

' The Kidnapping of the Lindbergh Baby – Baby Charles Lindburgh with His Mother, Grandmother and Great-grandmother ' full front page

' Scene of the Crime – The Lindberghs Home near Hopewell New Jersey from Where the Baby was Taken from His Cot '

' Mrs Lindbergh - Whose Baby Was the Latest Victim of a Racket in Which 2000 Adults and Children in the US have Been Kidnapped ...'

' AN Aerial View of the House Under Construction o a Site Selected Because of Its Seclusion '

' Betty Gow the Trusted Scottish Nurse of the Baby With The Childs Pet Dog '

' Colonel Lindbergh the Father '

' A Bust of Apollo by Nicolas Fouquay at the Victoria and Albert Museum '

' Anne Hyde –By Peter Lely '

Street Fighting in Shanghai -:

' A Chinese Prisoner Firmly Handled by His Japanese Captors '

' Summary Justice – A Chinese Soldier Interrogating a Compatrio0t Who Confessed to Taking Japanese Bribes in Chapei ...'

' A Chinese Civilian Tied to a Post While His Fate Was Decided by Japanese Officers '

' Chapai – Japanese Marines Advancing at the Double Past Burning Buildings '

' A Street of Blackened Ruins in Chapei a Quarter of Shanghai – Japanese Forces Stand Guard '

' The North Railway Station At Shanghai – Japanese at A Sandbag Barricade '

' The Remains of North Station at Shanghai – Japanese Naval Men Erecting a Barbed Wire Barricade '

' Japanese Troops Going into Action in the Chapei Quarter opf Shanghai – The Dead Still Where they Fell '

' Scene of Devastation After Heavy Fighting Between Japanese and Chinese in Chapei – The Dead Among Wrecked Buildings etc '

' Japanese Aeroplane After Dropping Bombs on the North Station '

' The North Station Twenty Minutes After It Had Been Set on Fire by a Bomb '

' The Japanese School Uses as HQ by Japanese Naval Forces '

' Attack on Woosung Positions – Japanese Advancing ' crawling along railway lines

' Japanese Civilians Filling Sand Bags to Prepare Defences in Shanghai '

' Japanese Crossing the Creek in Canvas Boats Advancing Against the Woosung Positions '

' Japanese Watching Aerial Fight During the Operations '

' Chinese Soldiers Digging Trenches '

' Chinese Soldier Taking a Shot at Japanese '

' The Kiangwan Area – Chinese Artillery Showing the Gunners Straw Rain Hats Hung on their Backs '

' Chinese Soldiers Screened by Sand Bags Ready to Oppose the Japanese Advance '

' Chinese Advance in the Chapei District – Soldiers with Bayonets Fixed '

' Shanghai – Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders Forming Up on the their Arrival at Shanghai Where the Chinese Welcomed Them '

' Trenches and Dugouts on the Chinese Front '

' Wreckage of a Japanese Aeroplane Shot Down by An Anti Aircraft Gun '

' Burnt Out Chinese Train at Shanghai '

' Chinese Soldiers of the 19th army -0 A Bomb Thrower with Swastika Marked Grenades '

' The Chinese GHQ '

In the Arabian Desert:

' An Eagle's Nest With Eggs '

' A New Species of Fox or Egyptian Fennec '

' Slave Dance in Dhufar of Negro Women in the Dance that Celebrates Pagan Rites Abhorent to Arab Masters '

Relics from Ras Shamra in Northern Syria -:

' Bronze Pins and Figurine '

'; Bronze Spear Points Found in a Tomb '

' Necklace of gold Pendants '

' Stautette of Queen Chnoumit Nofr Wife of Pharaoh Senousrit II '

' Pottery from the Ras Shamra Cemetery '

' A Vase Packed with Gold and Silver Jewels '

' Phoenician Literary Work – Half of a Three Column Tablet 13c BC '

' Part of the Epic Poem of Several Hundred Lines – Fragment of aTablet '

' Newly Found Tablets in Situ '

' Part of the Library of Ras Shamra '

' TheRas Shamra Library and Its School of Scribes – Some of the Subterranean Chambers '

' Skeleton at the Ras Shamra Cemetery '

' First Layer of Bones and Skulls in a Collective Grave '

' A View Showing Men Removing Skeletons from a Necropolis of 20C BC ' Keenlyside

Photographs by Professor F. A. C. Shaeffer

Art For Sale from Lambton Castle -:

' Louisa Countess of Durham and Mother of the Red Boy – By Sir Thomas Lawrence PRA '

' Mary Elizabeth Countess Grey – By Lawrence '

' General Lambton – Major General, Colonel of the 68th Foot and MP for Durham – by George Romney '

' Lady Anne Barbara Lambton and Children – John George (Earl of Durham in 1833) – William Henry – Hedworth – Frances Susan – By John Hoppner RA '

' Hina Matsuri – The Japanese Feast of Dolls ' panoramic photograph of family heirlooms of historic value in the possession of a Japanese nobleman Baron Kumakichi Nakashima – half double page showing the unusual bespoke dolls etc

' A Great French Statesman - The Late M. Aristide Briand '

' The USN's Akron Damaged After Bouncing Twenty Feet and Hitting the Ground – A Dirigible '

' Sir Malcolm Campbell Setting a New Land Speed Record – The Blue Bird on Daytona Beach in Florida '

' The United States Celebrating the Bicentenary of the Birth of George Washington – President Hoover Making His First Appearance Before a Joint Session of Congress and Broadcasting a Tribute

' Alexandria Virginia – President Hoover and Governor Pollard Reviewing a Pageant '

' Celebrations at Washington in North Carolina Which Claims to be the First City Named After the First President of the USA – A Huge Birthday Cake ' Keenlyside

' Cutting the Log Ribbon – Mister W. H. Lenbke of Vancouver British Columbia and Governor R. H. Hartley of Wasington Sawing Through a Barrier to Open Seattle's New Washington Memorial Bridge '

' Science Page – TheCape Hunting Dog Lycaon Pictus - - - The Coyote or Prairie Wolf Canis Latrans - - - The Maned Wolf Canis Jubata '

Trying to Hypnotise Chimpanzees -:

' First Stage – Dr Leopold Thoma and The Chimp in a Suggestive Mode '

' The Successful Result of the Experiment in Telepathy ... '

' Dr Thoma Holding the Wrist of a Female Champanzee from the Berlin Wintergartee While his Hypnotic Gaze Takes Effect '

' The Chimpanzee now Completely Hypnotized '

' Dr Thoma Experimenting on a Recumbent Chimpanzee '

' Mass Suggestion – three Chimps '

' An Experiment on a Chimpanzee – Placing them Suddenly in an Abnormal Position '

' The Work on Putney Bridge – Which Has Changed the Course of the Boat Race '

' The New Victoria – the London Motor Coach Terminus Restaurant and Dance Hall '

' Closing Event of the RAC Motor Rally at Torquay '

' A Field Marshal's Presentation Sword with Gold Scabbard with Jewels '

' Applied Psychology to Direct Pedestrians – Painting Oblique White Floor Lines at the Mansion House Underground Station to Lead Passenger to the Lift ' .

' Attack on The Armada - A Dramatic Panorama of Ship Models in the Royal United Service Museum '

' Charles II – Pastel Portrait by Unknown Artist ' full page colour print

Wonders of Fish coloration in the Canary Islands – An Artists Sutdies of Strange and Brilliant Species from the Water Colours by Nestor -:

' The Rascasse - Scorpion Fish or Lion Fish of the Canary Islands – Scorpaena Scrofa (Linn) '

'Given by the Canary Islanders The Sobriqet of Palometa (Little Dove) – Lichia Glauca (linn) '

' Called by the Spanish Name of Pez-Perro (Dog Fish ) – the Sea Bream Sparus Bertheloti (Valenc.)'

' Pescadilla The Little Fish in the Canary Islands – Known to Ichthyologists as parapristipoma viridense (Cuv. And Val) '

' Known as Cabrilla, The Little Goat, Among the Canary Islander – the Se Perch Serranus Cabrilla (linn) '

' Nicknamed Gallo, the Cock, by the Canary Islanders – The File Fish or Leather Jacket Monacanthus Hispidus '

' A Curiously Coloured Fish Called Guelde in the Canary Islands – The Swallow Tailed Wrasse Julis pavo (hasselquist) '

Double page showing beautiful colour fish painted by Nestor Martin Fernandez de la Torre of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria – some of the prints are signed plus MCMXXVIII -1928 and 1927 etc

' The Humber Snipe Saloon with Triplex Glass Throughout ' a beautiful full page colour car advert showing a street scene painted by P. Klaffe

The German Presidential Election – Mass Demonstration by the Iron Front Organisation in the Lustgarten Berlin '

' Marshal Hindenburg On Parade at Eighty Four '

' The ueens Pyramid at Giza – Carved Relief on Granite Door Jambe Representing Queen Khent Kawes and Son '

' Spain – The Ultra Modern Church Architecture of the New Church at Pamplona '

' Interior of the Church at Pamplona '

' Dr Selim Hassan The Distinguished Egyptologist Who Miel Identified the Queens Pyramid '

' Famous Collelction of Photographs Which Sir Robert and Lady Witt Are Bequeathing to the Courtauld Institute '

Windjammers for the British Navy:

' Boys Going up Aloft To Take in The Sails – The C. B. Pedersen of Sweden '

' Furling Sails Aloft '

' Running Before a Strong Breeze – C. B. Pedersen Making About Twelve Knots '

' Shipping a Big Sea Off Cape Horn ' full page

Personalities of the Week Page:

' Scientist and Professor of Experimental Philosophy at university College South Wales - Dr E. H. Griffiths Dies '

' Lieutenant Colonel J. H.Reynolds VC Late RAMC Died aged 88 '

' Mr Eugen D'Albert Well Known Operatic Composer and Pianist Dies '

' Miss Lilian Davies Well Known Musical Comedy Actress Dies Aged 37 '

' The National Socialist Candidate in the German Presidential Election – Herr Adolf Hitler '

' The Candidate Supported by the Hugenberg Bloc and the Stahlhelm – Lieutenant Colonel Dusterberg '

' Herr Winter A "Freak" Candidate Still in Prison '

' Herr Ernst Thalmann Transport Worker – The Communist Candidate for the Presidency '

' Appointed Chief Economic Adviser to The Government - Sir Frederick Leith-Ross '

' Chairman of the Bar Council Mr E. Mitchell-Innes KC Dies aged 68 '

' the Prominent Japanese Financier and General Director o the Mitsui Firm - Baron Takuma Dan Who Was Assassinated '

' Prime Minister of Norway M. Kolstad Dies aged 54 '

' The Import Duties Advisory Committee – Sir Sydney Chapman – Sir George May – Sir Allan Powell – Sir Alfred Hurst – Mr Ashley '

Full page

' Field Marshal paul Von Hindenburg The Most Famous of the Five Candidates for the German Presidency ' full page showing eight photographs


' Two Scenes from the Film "Arsene Lupin" – Lionel Barrymore – John Barrymore

Scene from "Delicious" – Janet Gaynor – Manya Roberti

' Scene From Delicious Written by George Gershwin – Janet Gaynor and Charles Farrell

' Dr Livingstone, I Presume? – Stanleys Famous Meeting with Livingstone as It Was Picutred at the Time – Engraving Fromthe Illustrated London News of 1872 – Signed by Stanley '

' A Reconstruction at the Scene of the Event for the Cinematrograph Film "Livingstone" ..' photograph

' Buchanans Scotch Whisky ' full page advert

Collectors page:

' Lambeth Delft Candlestick from the A. S. Marsden Smedley Collection '

' A Plate - William III on Horseback from the Sidney M. Taylor Collection '

' Lambeth Delft – Charger with Portrait of William III – Stoner and Evans Collection '

' Early Piece of Lambeth Delft – Mug Charles II Portrait dated 1660 – Geoffrey E. Howar Collection '

' Caricature of King and Queen Charles II and Catherine of Braganza on Staffordshire Slipware by Thomas Toft '

' P and O Cruises ' advert

' Vauxhall Cadet Car ' advert

' TheVi Spring Mattress ' advert

' Chess Problem by Reginald B. Cooke of Portland, Maine '

The Art of the Postage Stamp :

' Antigua – English Harbour and Dockyard '

' Antigua – Nelsons Last Visit to Antigua 1805 '

' Switzerland – The Spirit of Peace in the Disarmament Series '

' Switzerland – Spirit of Progress in the Disarmament Conference Air Mail Stamp '

' Jamaica – Priestman's River o na New Stamp 6d. '

' Spain – Joaquin Costa on a New Republican Stamp '

' Famous British Boxer at theVauxhall Motor Works at Luton – Reggie Meen Choosing a Vauxhall '

' Driving a Ford Cabriolet in the Surrey Pines '

' Hillman Wizard Judge a Car – TheHon. Mrs Victor Bruce a Judge '

' Miss Mireille Perrey in the New Talbot Car Supplied by Messrs Pass and Joyce Ltd '

' Lanchester Car ' full page advert

' The New Lanchester 15-18hp Car – Body by a Mulliner of Northampton '

' Sir James Sifton The New Governor of Bihar and Orissa Leaving for Buckingham Palace in a Humber Pullman Car '

' Miss Binnie Hale and The Austin Sixteen Burnham De Luxe Saloon ' full page car advert

' Mansion Polish – Big Bills to Face ' bird sketch by Harry Rountree

' Greens Mowers ' lawnmower advert

' On Ninety Mile Beach in New Zealand – Wizard Smith The Great Racing Motorist '

' A Mulliner Close Coupled Saloon Fitted on Standard Big Nine '

' Cuticura Soap ' advert

' Rolls Royce 14-15 Conduit St London Telephone Mayfair 6201 ' advert

' A Hooper Rolls Royce – 54 St James's Street Piccadilly London SWI ' advert

' Solving the Problem of a Fire Extinguisher – A Diagrammatic Drawing Showing the Essex Fire Extinguisher with Featherspray Connection to the Carburetter on a Model Standard Big Nine '

' Wolseley 21/60 County Model De Luxe ' advert


Tis second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include :-


The Lindbergh Kidnapping – other names mentioned in the article include Salvi Spitale – Irving G. Bitz

Our Note Book Page by G. K. Chesterton

The Fighting In Shanghai between the Japanese and Chinese

Araby - Being an Appreciation of "Arabia Felix" by Bertram Thomas

New Chapter in Ancient History – Ras Shamra in Northern Syria – By rofessor F. A. C. Schaeffer The Director of the French Archaeological Mission and curator of the Museum at Strasburg

Hinamatsuri the Japanese Festival of Dolls – by Arthemise Goertz

Books Reviewed – by Charles E. Byles

Science – Wild Dogs – by W. P. Pycraft

Wonders of Fish Coloration in the Canary Islands, An Artist Studies of Strange and Brilliant Species – by M. Victor Forbin

Windjammers Keenlyside

World of the Kinema – Cinema Page by Michael ORme – with ref. to Mr G. W Pabst - - - Lionel Barrymore and mention of his brother John

Collectors Page by Frank Davis – English Delft

Music – by W. J. Turner - with mention of The Camargo Society – Lydia Lopokova – Constant lambert – Edwin Evans – Tennyson Ballet – Gordon Jacob - M. Reive – Diana Gould – Maud Lloyd – Ninette de Valois – Mme Karsavina –Frederick Ashton – John Armstrong

The Stage:

"The Cat and The Fiddle" at the Palace Theatre – with mention of Otto Harbach – Mr Jerome Kern - Francis Lederer – Peggy Wood – Alice Delysia – Martin Walker .

"Important People" at the Vaudeville – with mention of Henry Edwards – Marie Lohr – Mr George Relph – Miss Mercia Swinburne

" Paulette" at the Savoy – with mention of Peter Haddon – Dick Francis – Paul England – Mireille Perrey

"The Man I Killed" at the Apollo Theatre – Mr Emlyn Williams – M. Maurice Rostand

Postage Stamp Column by Fred J. Melville – info. Frederick John Melville was a British philatelist, author etc

Motoring Column by H. Thornton Rutter -:

' Rolls Royce Cars are Swifter

Silent Thirds Mislead Drivers – to do with changing gear

Wolseley Cars Increased Sales

Cars With Radio Sets – an added of cost of £45!

Austin Range for New Season

Fluid Flywheel Easiest to Drive

The New "Nine" Singer Car

Popular Standard and New Models

Morris Motors Improved Bodies


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