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The Illustrated London News 1933

Events of this year in the Illustrated London News

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January 7th

The Wonders of the Tutankhamen Shrines Revealed
Photo of Mr Tielman Roos
Picture story of lions in Transvaal, Kruger National Park
Difficulites of Australian Sheep-Farming
Flight in the Himalayas: R.A.F. Day Bombers under command of Flight-Lieutenant F. H. Isaac; Harts with Kestrel engines
Professor Teschner of Vienna Puppet Show
Photo of construction of Mettur Dam in South India
The Snow Owl by W P Pycraft
Anti-airbomb Architecture: safety Building and Time Planning
"Sound Detectors" in Japan - Aero-detectors resemble 4 huge trumpets
The MCC - cricket in Australia
VIPs the New Year List - Hobday, Maclagan, Stenson Cooke, Alcock, Clayton, Rennell Rodd, Sir Walter and Lady Runciman, Horder et al
Living "fossils" from Lake Ohrid
The Carlton House Terrace Dispute
Chinese and Japanese Centres in Manchukua
Miniature Model Hospital for King Edward's Hospital Fund 3/4 inch to one foot
Sir William Orpen - The Holy Well
A Casanova Mystery
Collectors: Urn Tables
Art of the Postage Stamp
Chronicle of the Car - the Lastest 16-60-H.P. Humber saloon


February 11th
No 2390 Vol 92 - about 40pages
Articles - Photos Include:
Prof Claude Schaeffer - Ras Shamra in Syria
Breathing Apparatus for Climbing Mt Everest
Good Boom in South Africa
The Irish Railway Strike
Concerning Woodcock

Personalities of the week;

Flyer PGT Rodd, Hitler Cabinet, Herr Fustav Lilienthal pioneer of flying, General Sandino , Ernst Herzfeld,
Old-Time Chinese Theatre - colour photos
Color Centerfold - TIGER SHOOTING from painting by F T Daws
Color Aristocrats
War Film ""Morgenrot" - U-boat vs "Q"-ship
Southern Cross to Pole Star by horseback Mr AF Tschifferely, Mancha and Gato
photos of the Fairey Monoplane, Royal Society Mond Laboratory, crash of Commander Rodd in St Moritz, "De Zeven Provincien" battlechip, explosion at Ranualt Motor Car workds
The Japanese in Shanhaikwan
Tallulah Bankhear and Robert Montgomery
D iggings at Persepolis

February 18th

Some other features in this issue, also generously illustrated:

* The record non-stop Royal Air Force flight from England to South Africa, over 5,300 miles, in a Fairey-Napier monoplane

* Austria's first mail-carrying glider

* A massive gas container explosion at Neunkirchen, Germany devastates the town

* British Boer War scenes reconstructed in Hollywood for the film "Cavalcade"

* The "Cock Pit" -- oldest house in Eton, England, where Charles II enjoyed watching cock-fights

* The three French Reigns Exhibition: masterpieces on display at Park Lane

* Sabre-tooth and lion-like cats: skeletons found in Los Angeles asphalt

* The 'aristocrats' of dogs and the 'champion of champions'

March 11th

Vol. 182, No. 4899

44 pages

GENERAL TANG YU-LIN [Chinese Governor of Jehol]
The late ROBERT RADFORD [Bass singer]
The Late SOLOMONI KA DINIZULU [Titular King of the Zulus]
THE KING visiting the New Victoria Theatre
SIR IAN HAMILTON [Rector of Edinburgh University]
CAPTAIN ANTHONY EDEN [Under Secretary for Foreign Affairs]
C. BOETTCHER [kidnapped, then released in Denver]
LADY LINDSAY [wife of New York British Ambassador]
A.R. DYER [London Fire Brigade]
L.C.B. BOWKER [City Remembrancer and ex-footballer]
FRANCES PERKINS [Secretary of Labour in U.S. Cabinet]
Adverts = Douglas Stuart Bookmaker - full colour page
Haig whisky - full page
Castrol Oil - full page

August 5th

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