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The Illustrated London News 1935

Events of this year in the Illustrated London News

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January 5th

January 26th

April 27th

May 25th

the second cover page showing The Italo-Abyssinian dispute:Military activity in Addis Ababa - uniformed but barefooted soldiers, seated on boxes of ammunition..

Some of the many highlights in pictures and words are:

1. A record consignment of munitions to Abyssinia; and its transport to the base by porterage.

2. Cave art of some 30,000 years ago: A wonderful discovery in Spain. Human beings and fishes in 30,000 year old drawings: A unique find.

3. "Fifty years of Portraits": Academicians and Fauves at the Leicester Galleries.

4. 6 pages of Dragons. Komodo Island.

5. How the Atlantic was crossed single-handed in a small boat. "Winibelle II". 2 water colour pictures and article.

6. coloured picture of "Diana and Actaeon".

7. Royal occasions in London and Edinburgh. Celebrating the Royal Jubilee.

8. The Home Fleet comes to the Thames for the third time in 26 years: A Jubilee Visit.

9. The world of science: snake, eels and sea snakes.

10. The Burmese Scene: A colourful land and its people. 3 water colours by Captain Livesey.

11. The Tower of London Pageant for the betterment of Tower Hill.

12. 19th Century masterpieces: A great exhibition of French art in London.

13. Paris stages an air raid: The dramatic side of gas drill.

Much more.

Full page ads for Douglas Stuart, Cine-Kodac and Ford V-8 Saloon De Luxe

July 20th


Full page ads for Black & White, Britannia and Eve, Ford, Whitbread's Pale Ale, Seager's Gin, Vauxhall Loght Six Coupe (245 pounds!), Esso, Austin. Many


July 27th

November 23rd

4. Tappind a new archaeological source in North Syria.

5. In the Wellsian world of 2054 A.D. "Things to Come": the "Space gun insurrection.

6. double page. The General Election: Facts amd figures of the new house, compared with Parliaments of the past.

7. double page. The election: Members of the new parliament whose records and personalities claim special attention.

8. The anti-British riots in Cairo.

9. The fall of Makale: Ras Gugas, the deserter, hoists Italy's flag.

10. Pages 945-948 missing.

11. The R.S.P.P. Exhibition: Notable examples of comtemporary British portraiture.

12. Of Interest to Women: ski fashions.

13. Where to go for winter sports. .

Much more.

Full page ads for Black & White, Christie Manson & Woods, Harrods and "Reality Tours. Many smaller ads


December 24th

Number 2696 - Volume 103

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