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The Illustrated London News 1941

Events of this year in the Illustrated London News

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January 4th

'Marshal Petain Accompanied By General Huntiziger Receiving Flowers From a Lorraine Girl in National Costume'

'When Visiting Cerilly near Vichy,The Aged Marshal MEt an Older Veteran of Ninety Two Who Fought The Germans in the 1870 War'

'War Veterans of Two Wars Gathered at the Place Des Terreaux in Front of the City Hall at Lyons'

'With Young Refugees From Alsace Lorraine: At THe Monument to the Dead of 1870 Where Childrens Flowers Were Lad With The Wreath by Marshall Petain'

'TheChoir in the Thirteenth Century Cathedral At Lyons Marshal Petain and the Flag of an Alpine Chasseurs Regiment'

'French Children Greeting Marshal Petain at Montauban'

'Three Generations of a Silk Weaving Family: Marshal Petain Receiving Flowers Presented by a Workers Little Daughter at Lyons'

'The Bombing of the Middle Temple: An Exterior View of the Library Showing Damage Sustained in a Recent Raid' - - - 'The Wrecked Interior of the Middle Temple Library'

'In The Barbaric Attempt by Nazis to Destroy London by Fire, Grave Damage Was Done, But St Pauls Ringed With Flames Withstood The Onslaught' Full page of St Pauls shrouded in smoke

'A Diagrammatic Picture if the Historic Guildhall,Completely Destroyed During The Germans Attempt to Destroy London'

'The Great Hall of the Guildhall, The Famous Oak Roof of Sir CHristopher Wren Totally Destroyed By Fire'

'Carved By Caopt R.Saunders in 1708 This Uncouth Wooden Figure of Gog Destroyed'

'All that Remains of St Giles Cripplegate, Famous as the BurialPlace fo Miltn and Where Oliver Cromwell Was Married'

'Magog, The Other of the Two Classic Wooden Figures'

'The Burnt Out Shell of St lawrence Jewry Built By Wren Destroyed by The Luftwaffe, 1940'

'Looking up at the Spire, St Brides Church Completely Burnt Out'

'Inside The Shell of St Brides Church, The Cathedral of Fleet Street'

'The Guildhall a Ruin: Havoc of the Citys Historic Edifice' Full page of the ruins

'A Famous British Submarine Presumed Lost HMS Swordfish '

'A British Destroyer Sunk: HMS Acheron, (Lieut J. R. Wilson RN)'

'The Harbour of Bardis From the Mediterranean, Shelled by The British Fleet, Bombed By The RAF and Besieged by General Wavell'

'The Seaport of Bardia, In The Foreground is The Quay'

'Bardia, Italy Easternmost Libyan Port: Another View from Inland Looking towards the Sea, General Berti's HQ'

'Port Bardia - An Admiralty Chart'

'General Maxime Weygand, Supreme Commander of the French Armed Forces at The Time of the Fall of France with General Nogues on Their Arrival at Rabat'

'At Montevideo: The Damaged Bridge of the British Armed Merchant Cruiser Carnarvon Castle'

'Proceeding in to Montevideo Harbour for Repairs: Another Radioed Picture of the Carnarvon Castle'

'Britains Great War Leader: TheRight Hon. Winston Churchill MP' Full page Photograph by Cecil Beaton. With a blank reverse

Three Italian Generals Who Were Captured With Their Staffs, Photographed on their Arrival By Air At Cairo'

'The Italian Generals Made Prisoners at the Fall of Sidi Barrani on December11 Brought to Cairo by The RAF, Walking across the Aerodrome, Accompanied by BRitish Intelligence Officers'

'A Remarkable Picture Showing Masses of talian Troops Captured at Sidi Barrani on December 11 Being Marched Away to Willing Captivity' Double page

'Two Members of the Australian Imperial Force in the Middle East Examing Abandoned Italian Tanks After The Battle for Sidi Barrani '

'Part of the Immense Stores Which Fell into The Hands of General Wavell's Army: Captured ItalianLorries at Sidi Barrani'

'Italian Prisoners of War Marching Through The Dust of the Western Desert into Captivity'

'A Few of the 38000 Odd Prisoners Being Transported in One of their Own Lorries To a Prisoner of War Camp'

'AFter The Fall of Sidi Barrani: A British Commanding Officer With His Staff, seated Amid The Debris, Viewing The Scene'

'The Aftermath of the Battle for Sidi Barrani: An Italian Tank Left Abandoned on the Shor of the Mediterranean'

'italian Barracks at Sidi Barrani After They Were Made The Target of the British Fleet'

'A Striking Picture of Cheerful Looking Libyan Prisoners Resting After A Long March'

'Equipment Abandoned at Sidi Barrani'

'An Italian Naval Gun Mounted on a Lorry Left Behind at Sidi Barrani '

'A Squadron of Fast Infantry Tanks, Proceeding at Top Speed into Action Against The Enemy' Wonderful double page drawn by "Our Special Artist Captain Bryan De Grineau From Details Supplied By Tank Officers'

'British Soldiers and Airmen Being Carried Shoulder High Through the Streets of Athens'

'On Board The Battleship " Averoff ": the Patriarch Conducts a Service of Thanksgiving for The Greek Victory'

'A Regiment of Greek Infantry on the March'

'Wounded But Happy - Soldiers of the Victorious Greek Army are Welcomed Hoe by Wildly Cheering Crowds on their Return from the Pindus Front'

'Italian Engineers Working Desperately To Build A Temporary Bridge Across an Albanian Stream'

'Showing Italian Troops Fleeing From the Advancing Greeks and Frantically Urging on a Mule Drawn Wagon'

'Valona - An Aerial view of Italys Vital Albanian Port, Taken Just Prior to a heavy Raid by RAF Bombers'

'Valona, Italys Key Port in Albania, During a Hurricane of Bombs By The RAF'

'Hurdler and Air Ace - Squadron Leader D. O. Finley'

'Enthronement of the New Ruler of Mysore, His Highness JAyachamaraja Wadiyar'

'The Rev A. C. Don DD'

'Admiral Darlan French Minister of Marine'

'Sir Nevile Wilkinson Died In Dublin'

'Mr Churchill With Mrs Churchill, In the City After The Nazi Raid of December 29'

'Dr Risto Ryti, Elected President of Finland'

'M. Kyosti Kallio Died Suddenly at Helsinki'

'Sir R. Dorman-Smith MP Appointed Governor of Burma

'Mr C. D. Howe, Canadian Minister of Munitions and Supply with Mr E. P. Taylor, Joint Director and Other Survivors of the Torpedoed Western Prince '

'Mr William Knudsen Appointed Director of Production Management for Defence'

'..."Return at Dawn" Wellington Bombers of No. 75 (New Zealand) Bomber Squadron RAF Returning From Operations in the Early Hours of the Morning July 1940. A Presentation Paintin gby Charles Cundall ARA Which Marshal of the Royal /Air Force Sir Cyril Newall is Taking Out to New Zealand'

'The Douglas B19, The Most Colossal And Powerful Military Plane in the World Now Being Constructed for the US Army' - - - 'Another View of the Air Leviathan Looking Along its Port Wing to the Fuselage' Douglas B19. Full page

'The Dreadnought of The Air: The Douglas Super Bomber: Posed In Front is One of the Three Crews of Technicians, Working in Relays in the Final Assembly Hanger' Photo by courtesy of the Douglas Aircraft Company USA. Full page

'The Working of The German Lotfe 7B Bomb Sight: A Highly Complicated Piece of Mechanism Embodying Intricate Devices For Accuracy in Aiming and for The Automatic Release of Bombs' Full page

'Germanys Mechanical Bomb Sight: details of the Lotfe 7B' Full page

'Frontal Aspect of a Duck Billed Platypus Photographed After Surviving Captivty For a Year At Healesville nr Melbourne Australia - - - The Sockets in the Lower Jaw' - - - 'The Forepart of the Upper Jaw, The Beak etc'

'Decency - The Nuffield Organization'

'French Warships Cooperating With The Royal Navy Visited By The Leader of the free French Forces: General De Gaulle, Accompanied by Admiral Muselier'

'RAF Motor Transport Being Unloaded at A Greek Port with Heavy Calibre Bombs and Other War Material'

'Johnnie Walker Whiskey' Full page colour advert

'The Waifs and Strays Society' advert

Also articles (no pictures unless listed above) including :
'Our Note Book by Arthuyr Bryant'

Books of the Day by Charles E. Byles'

'The War With Nazi Germany: The Opening of a New Year by Cyril Falls'

'Captain Compton Mackenzies Sonnets From the Dodecanese. Aegean Memories by Compton Mackenzie. An Appreciation by Sir John Squire'

'The World of Science - the Duck Billed Platypus - A Patchwork of Past and Present by W. P. Pycraft FZS'

January 18th

' A Drawing Based on Latest Information Showing All American Battleships, Cruisers and Aircraft Carriers, Patrol and Auxiliary Vessels ' Double page "Specially Drawn for the Illustrated London News by Oscar parkes OBE "

'T he Blackburn Botha in Flight - Britains LatestGeneral Reconnaissance Torpedo Carying Bomber Which Is Now in Use By The RAF '

' Three Blackburn Bothas in flying Formation '

' The Graceful Lines of the Botha Whose Wingspan is 59ft and Length 50ft 11ins '

' A Blackburn Botha About to Take off, Showing The Pilots Office and Behind it the Starbord Bay Observation window '

' General Wavell's Advance in Libya: A Contour Sketch Map Displaying the Roads West From Tobruk to Benghaze, The Capital of Cyrenaica '

' The Port of Tobruk - A Chart Showing the General Terrain, The Town, Airfield and Sea Depths in Fathoms '

' The Oasis of Jarabub: A View of the Town from Outside The Walls '

'A Characteristic Triumphal Parade of Mussolini at Benghazi on the Occasion of His Visit To Libya When He Proclaimed Himself The Protector of the Moslem World '

North Africa, Fall of Italy's Stronghold, Bardia - ' A Picture Taken in the Battle Zone Immediately Before the Fall of the Town '

Fall of Italy's Stronghold, Bardia - ' British Artillery in Front of Bardia '

Fall of Italy's Stronghold, Bardia - ' An Action Picture of a Camouflaged Howitzer at The Moment of Recoil '

Fall of Italy's Stronghold, Bardia - ' The Crew of a Tank Stop for Some Refreshments. The Western Desert is Not Always Sultry as This Picture Shows '

Fall of Italy's Stronghold, Bardia - ' Here Water is Being Sent Forward in Petrol Cans '

Action Pictures from Libya, Battle Comrades at The Capture of Bardia - ' Fort Capuzzo Falls to The British: Bren Gun Carriers Beside the Scarred Wall of the Italian Fortress '

Action Pictures from Libya, Battle Comrades at The Capture of Bardia - ' Bren Gun Carriers Inside the Shattered Buildings Inside Fort Capuzzo '

Action Pictures from Libya, Battle Comrades at The Capture of Bardia - ' British Sappers Repar a Road at Sollum ' plus two other photographs

Action Pictures from Libya, Battle Comrades at The Capture of Bardia - 'Free French Patrol in a British Pattern Infantry Truck Near Bardia '

Action Pictures from Libya, Battle Comrades at The Capture of Bardia - ' Free French Troops Holding A Machine Gun Position '

Action Pictures from Libya, Battle Comrades at The Capture of Bardia - ' Sollum Bay Which Fell to the Attacking Forces on December 16, The Free French Cooperated Successfully in General Wavell's Encircling Movement '

Action Pictures from Libya, Battle Comrades at The Capture of Bardia - ' A Small Motorised Unit of General De3 Gaulle's Free French Forces, Operating Near Bardia '

Action Pictures from Libya, Battle Comrades at The Capture of Bardia - ' Using A Captured Anti Aircraft Gun: Free French Soldiers Keep an Eye on the Sky for Enemy Aircraft '

' Royal Engineers in Action, Laying a Bangalore Torpedo in Front of the Enemy's Barbed Wire Obsturctions: A Sketch Made by Our Artist During Manoeuvres Showing a Sapper Joining Together Sections of the Torpedo Tube, Previously Brought By The RE in the Foreground, While a Second Dashes Forward with Another Section .....' a double page sketch " Specially Drawn For the Illustrated London News by Captain Bryan de Grineau "

' The Queen Elizabeth Shortly After Her Arrival at Cape Town '

'Enthusiastic Crowds Welcome The Battle Scarred " Carnarvon Castle " on Her Arrival At Montevideo After Her Fight With A German Raider '

' USA Factory Workers Present a New Bomber To Great Britain '

'The American Grumman Mid Wing Single Seater Monoplane: Britains New Fighting Plane From Overseas '

'The Prime Minister of The Union of South Africa Visiting His Army i Kenya: General Smuts '

' General Smuts During His Recent Visit to the South African Forces: Taking Breakfast with Lieut Gen Alan Cunningham New C in C East Africa @

'Greek Women Aiding The Valiant Soldiers of their Country By Helping To Clear Roads. Arctic Weather Conditions in Albania '

'Greek Troops Examing Some of the Booty Left by The Italians in Koritza '

' Despite Arctic Weather, The Greeks Continue Their Advance ' Greek soldiers on horse back and marching through the snow

'Athens on November 18 When The First Wounded Soldiers Of Greece Returned Maimed, But Triumphant '

' Amongst This Cheerful Group of greek Soldiers are Certain British and American Newspaper Correspondents. This Photograph was Taken on The Albanian Front '

' Bomb Damage to the Surrey Tavern at Kennington Oval, The Famous Surrey County Criciket Ground '

'Boy Scouts As Fire Spotters: a Squad Undergoing Training '

' King Haakon Chatting With Wounded Norwegian Sailors in a British Naval Hospital, Who Were Torpedoed ' The King and The Chief Matron chatting with an injured man

' the Election of Two Scottish Earls as Representative Peers of Scotland Being Held in the Picture Gallery of Hollyrood Palace - Presided Over by the Earl of Mar and Kellie, The Clerk of Session Mr William Mill Reading the Result '

' The Mobile Post Office Organises a Street Telegram Service in the Bombed City of London '

' A Hull ARP Warden Demonstrating a Snuffer For Extinguishing an Incendiary Bomb '

' Precautions on London Transport Vehicles Against Fire Bombs: A Bus Conductor Placing Sand i Position in Case of Need '

The Navy Relaxes: Scenes on a Warship by Sir Muirhead Bone - 'Peace Reigns for the Time Being in The Ward Room, A Draught Board and a Black Kitten Complete The Drowsy Atmosphere of the Evening ' the officers in the picture have signed the bottom of the sketch

Scenes on a Warship by Sir Muirhead Bone - ' Quiet in the Petty Officers Mess; Some Read, A Member of The Torpedo Party Irons His Jumper, Two Play Darts While The Torpedo Gunners Mate Seems Concentrated on Watching The Artist at Work ' again people in the picture have signed the bottom of the sketch. The warship is not named

' Wren Glories, Treasures of the Cultural World Before and After The Fire Attack on the City of London - St Brides, Fleet Street - - - Christ Church Newgate Street - - - St Mary, Aldermanbury - - - St Giles Cripplegate - - - St Lawrence Jewry - - - St Andrew By The Wardrobe - - - St Anne and St Agnes once Called St Anne Under The Willows - - - St Mary Abchurch - - - St Mary at Hill close to St Pauls - - - St Mary Le Bow, Cheapside or Bow Church - - - St Magnus The Martyr - - - All Hallows, The Hidden CHurch '

'Acting Corporal Joan Hearn-Avis Awarded Military MEdal '

' Captain H. J. Horsey Died on Active Service '

' The New American Ambassador To France, Admiral William D. Leahy, Accompanied By Mrs Leahy Leaving Norfolk VA en route to Vichy '

' Sir Frank Spencer Spriggs New Knight Bachelor of Hawker Siddeley Aircraft '

' The R. Hon. Sir Henry Steele, New Knight Bachelor '

' Mr James Joyce Died at Zurich '

' General Ubaldo Soddu Resigned Command of Italian Forces '

' Edward Colin Ryder Richardson Aged Eleven receives Commendation for Bravery When " City of Benares " was Torpedoed ' 17 Sept 1940

' Mr Frank Bridge Composer Died aged sixty one '

The Late ' Sir John Lavery RA Portrait Painter '

' Sir Archibald Sinclair's Momentou New National Scheme for Pre-entry Training of Schoolboys for the Royal Air Force - Captain H. H> Balfour - Sir Archibald Sinclair - Air Marshal A. G. R. Garrod - Wing Commander Lord Nigel Douglas-Hamilton - Mr J. F. Wolfenden - Air Commodor J. A. Chaimer '

' Lieut Gen. Alan Cunningham DSO '

'The Bee Orchis - Ophrys Apifera ' - - - Head of a Mothe Acontia luctuosa the proboscis ids Loade with No Fewer than Six Pairs of Pollinia from Orchis Pyramidalis ' - - - ' The Roots of the Birds Nest Orchis Lister nidus avis '

The Battle of Britain as Seen By a Polish Artist, Feliks Topolski - ' Enemy Aircraft Dropped Bombs Over Some London Suburbs Seen From Chiswick Mall ' - - - ' A November Night Scene in Piccadilly Circus ' - - - ' A Famous Metropolitan ByPass in October While a Raid is in Progress. The Lorry Hauling a Captured Messerschmitt ' - - - 'An Impression in the East end ' - - - ' Londons Fire Fighting Services, A Flaming Holocaust in Dockland '

The Battle of Britain as Seen By a Polish Artist, Feliks Topolski - ' Londons War Troglodytes: a Midnight Impression in a Piccadilly Tube Station ' - - - 'In The Shelter of a West End Luxury Hotel, Wealthy Gurests Carrying Blankets for a Nights Rest Below ' - - - ' Safety Quarters for The Hoi Polloi - A Whimsical Impression By Topolski of Throngs in a Vast Warehouse Shelter in the East End ' - - - 'Mothers and Infants Being Entertained by an Amateur Concert Part at Camden Town Rest Centre, A Working Class Centre ' - - - ' A Sutdy of Members of the Royal Empire Society, Northumberland Avenue, Listening Intently to Mr Churchill's Momentous Broadcast of September 11 '

' HMS Ajax in Action at the Battle of the River Plate as ortrayed by E. B. Sansom in an Inspiring Picture '

'Even A Tube May Get Upset - Steel Tubes Advisory Centre ' Full page advert

' No 502 Ulster GR Squadron Unit Badge RAF Auxiliary Squadron' - - - ' 611 W. Lancashire Squadron Unit Badge RAF Auxiliary Air Force ' - - - ' 615 Co of Surrey Squadron Unit Badge RAF Auxiliary Squadron '

' 7 Ferry Road, Topshamn The House of Sir William Follett ' advert for Number 3 Cigarettes

' White Horse Whisky ' Full page advert

' Fly With The RAF - The WAAF Wants Women ' Recruiting advert

' Keep Warmer on Bovril ' full page advert of a lady looking at a fur coat etc

Also articles (no pictures unless listed above) including :
' Our Note Book by Arthuyr Bryant '

' Books of the Day by Charles E. Byles '

' The War With Nazi Germany: The Opening of a New Year by Cyril Falls '

' The War With Nazi Germany: The Victories in North Africa by Cyril Falls '

' An Appreciation by Sir John Squire '

' The World of Science - The Life Story of the Orchids by W. P. Pycraft FZS '

January 25th

April 19th

' Saved by The Lifebuyoys of the Air: The Way Our Airmen 'Parachute to Earth in Safety ' Full page

' A Contemporary Portrait of Sir James Lancaster '

' The Fight With The Carrack - An Illustration from the Contemporary Dutch Het Journael Van Joris Van Speilbergen of 1605 '

Italy's Defeat and Humiliation in Libya: The Nazis Take Over ' A German Motorised Unit Passing a Group of Nazi and Italian Officers in Tripoli '

' The Standard of the German Africa Corps Displayed on a Military Car of Nazi Officers in Front of an Italian Official Building ' Tripoli

' Successors of the Regia Aeronautica Driven Out of the African Skieds by The RAF: An Officer of the Luftwaffe Giving Instrucitions with Messerschmitt 110 Fighters '

' Picture Showing Nazi Drivers Wearing Their Desert Glasses '

' German Tank Crew in North Africa Wearing African Uniform and Sun Helmets '

' German ANd Italian Officers Discussing the Military Situation in Libya '

' The Greman Advance in North Africa: A Map of the Egyptian Coastline to Mersa Matruh, The British Military Base, Directly Connected with Alexandria by Rail and Moor Road and Strongley Fortified '

' A Relief Map Showing Germanys Sphere of Mediterranean Operations From the Balkans and Libya, Aimed At The Oil fields of Iraq and The Suez Canal ' Full page

' A Map of the Entire Balkan Theatre of War Where The Heroic Greek and Yugoslav Armies Are Making A Resolute Stand Against The Nazi Drive into Albania and Macedonia '

' Japans Foreign Minister In Berlin: Yosuke Matsuoka Arriving in the German Capital for a Conference; With Him is Marshal Keitel '

' When Yugoslavia Surrendered Her Freedom: The Scene Sret for One More Country Which Was Expected Would Fall a Victim to Axis Ambition '

' The Wolf of the North Atlantic in Captivity: Otto Kretschmer German U Boat Ace Coming Ashore '

' Marshals Keitel and Brauchitsch at the German Army War Film '

' Heil For Marshal Petain - War Veterans at Le Puy Salute Their Leader in the Nazi Style, A New Order of THings in France '

' Welcoming Smiles for Nazi Tanks: The Bulgarian Peasants, Ignorant of the Significance of German Ocupation, Welcome Them To Their Villages '

Germanys Hammer Blows in the Balkans Yugoslanvia and Greece
' Belgrade - A View of the Capital of Yugoslavia '

' The White Marble Palace of King Peter at Dedinge Near Belgrade ' entirely wrecked by Nazi Bombers on April 6 (pic. before the bombing)

' A Panorama Looking North into Yugoslavia: In the Backgrount the Rugged and Precipitous Belashitna Range, The Town of Doiran ......'

' Salonika: A General View of the Great Seaport, Capital of Macedonia Which Fell to the Advancing Germans on April 9, Having Been Evacuated Beforehand '

' Byzantine Walls in Salonika '

' A View of the Famous Rupel Pass in the Rhodope Mountains, The Road Seen Halfway up the Slope Beyond. Here the Greeks Mowed Down Nazi Tanks '

Where the River Struma Flows with the Rupel Pass in Background. The Town of Siderokastreon Scene of an Heroic Resistance by Our Allies '

' Monastir A Picturesque City of 33,000 People in Southern Serbia - It Fell on April 12, When The Enemy Came Through From Veles '

' Florina the Greek Town due South of Monastir. On April 11 The Greek Communique Admitted that the Enemy Threatened Florina ' All on one double page


' A Tempting Target for the Rear Gunner of a Lysander Machine With Enemy Forces Congesting a Road: A Sketch at Recent Army Exercises "Somewhere in England"..' A wonderful double page drawn by "Our Special Artist Captain Bryan De Grineau"


Sons of Hindustan: Victorious Troops in Eritreas Campaign

' Advancing Over Mountain Rocks in Eritrea. some of the Indian Troos Who Played so Important a Part in the East African Campaign '

' A Famous Sikh Battalion Equipped with Bren Gun Carriers '

' AN Indian AA Post at an Ammunition Supply Point in Eritrea, Carefully Camouflaged '

' In The Keren Mountains: An Indian Observation Post'

' Eritrea: A Section of the Famous Garwalis on a Mountain Ridge, Note the Kukri on the Soldiers Hip '

' aBefore the Capture of Keren: A Staff Officer With The Help of a Scale Model Made out of Sticks and Stones and Sand Demonstrates to Air Crews The Generla Plan '

' An Indian Mule Train Carrying Loads of Supplies Through a Pass in the Mountains '

All on two pages


' Maj. Gen.Carton De Wiart VC '

Lieut. Gen P. Neame VC '

Lieut Gen Sir R. O'Connor ' Fell into enemy hands in Libya

' Maj Gen M. D. Gambier-Parry ' Fell into enemy hands in Libya

' Lieut Gen Sir H. Maitland Wilson '

' Major Gen H. H. Arnold US Army '

' Mr Churchill CHancellor of Bristol University with Mr Menzies and Mr Winant Who Received Honorary Degrees '

' Mrs John G. Winant, Wife of US Ambassador to Britain '

' Queen Marie of Yugoslavia Mother of King Peter II Who Broadcast to Yugoslavia on April 9 '

' General Smuts, South African Prime Minister, Just Before His Departure from Cairo and General Sir Arcchibald Wavell '

' Gemeral Rommel Commander of the Nazi Forces in North Africa, Being Greeted by Hitler '

' At The Country House Where They Spent Easter: King Peters Brothers Prince Andrei and Prince Tomislav ' Yugoslav Princes

' Rashid Ali Gailani, New Prmier of Iraq '

' M. Laszlo De Bardossy New Primne Minister of Hungary After The Tragic Death of Count Teleki, In Conversation with Hitler '

' US Coastguard Cutters For England: The Cayuga '

' The Norwegian Torpedo Boat Sleipner - She Took Part in the Recent Successful Allied Raid on a North Norwegian Port '

' The Air Council in Session at the Air Ministry - Sir Harold G. Howitt - Air Marshal Sir Christopher L. Courtney - Air Marshal Sir P. Babington - Captain H. H. Balfour - the Rt. HonSir Archibald Sinclair - Air Chief Marshal Sir Charles F. A. Portal - Sir Arthur Street - Air Chief Marshal Sir Wilfred R. Freeman - Air Marshal A. G. R. Garrod '

' Hurled 200 Yards Through the Air: Part of a Car Came Through the Roof of a Bristol House '

' This One (car) At Coventry Lodged on a Top Balcony: Illustrating the Violence of the Bomb '

' The Crystal Palace North Tower to Go: Digging A Trench Preparatory to Crashint the 280 ft Tower '

Health Giving Rays 240 Times More Powerful than Sunshine, Help the War Workers - ' The Circular Handrail is 3ft Away From the Sun Ray Apparatus and Round This Twelve Persons May Be Treated Simultaneously ' - - - ' Showing The General Arrangement of the Apparatus and Four Workers Receiving Treatment ' - - - ' Maskes are Very Necessary, The Rays Being 240 Time More Powerful then Sunshine ' - - - ' In The Control Roomn of the Sun Ray Department, The Operator Sees To It That The Heat of the Room is Kep at 60 Deg. Fahr. '

'..." Under Protective Custody" Danish Ships In The USA Which Have Been Placed Under American Supervision in Case of Attempts at Sabotage ' together with German and Italian SHips.

' The First Photograph to be Recieved in this Country of the Seizure of Italian Ships By The US Authorities '

' An Example of the Kind of Action WHich Necessitated Drastic Measures Being Taken By The American Authorities Against Sabotage ' damage done to the engine room by the Italian crew of SS Alberta in Port Newark New Jersey

' The Historic Railway Carriage in Which Was Staged The Final Humiliation of France and Now on Public Exhibition in Berlin '

' A Famous Bridge and a Famous Ship: Sydney Harbour Bridge and HMAS Sydney Watched by Enthusiastic Crowds on Her Victorious Return '

' A Smile of Victory as one of the Crew of HMAS Sydney Surveys a Section of the Ships Battered Funnel 'after her fight with Bartolomeo Colleoni

From the USA ' Catalinas (flying boat) Are Being Flown Across the Atlantic for Service With The RAF Coastal command, The Blister Gun Turrets Are Noteworthy and The Small Figure of the Gunner in the Port Turret Gives An Indication of The Machines Size '

' An Air Gunner In One of the Carefully Stream Lined Blister Gun Turrets of a Catalina '

' A Close View of the Port Float of a Catalina '

' A Catalina on the Water '

' The Cover of" British Air Forces " A Magnificent New Book in Panoramic Form '

' Two of the Pages From Our New Publication "British Air Forces" ...'


Faces of the Fighter Pilot - Victors of the Battle Of Britain - Sketched Portraits by Captain Cuthbert Orde

' Sergeant A. McDowall DFM 602 Squadron '

' Flight Lieut R. F. Boyd DFC and Bar 602 Squadron '

' Squadron Leader T. F. Dalton-Morgan DFC 43 Squadron '

' Flight Lieut J. W. Villa DFC 72 Squadron '

' Squadron Leader J. A. Kent DFC AFC KW '

' Flight Lieut Billy Clyde DFC 601 Squadron '

' Flight Lieut F. J. Howell DFC 609 Squadron '

' Squadron Leader M. Robinson DFC 609 Squadron '

' Flight Lieut E. Holden DFC 501 Squadron ' All on the same full page


Some of Those Who Won The Fight Against The Winged Invaders - Sketched Portraits by Captain Cuthbert Orde

' Flight Lieut G. Allard DFC DFM and Bar 85 Squadron '

' Squadron Leader A. G. Malan DSO DFC 74 Squadron '

' Flight Lieut J. Cunningham 604 Squadron '

' Pilot Officer H. M. Stephen DSO DSC 74 Squadron '

' Wing Com. Victor Beamish DSO DFC AFC '

' Sergeant J. H. Lacey DFM 501 Squadron '

' Wing Com. J. O. W. Oliver DSO DFC 85 Squadron '

' Flight Lt R. R. Stanford-Tuck DFC 277 Squadron '

' Flight Lt J. C. Mungo-Park DFC 74 Squadron ' All on the same full page. Wonderful sketches


Fish ' The Bichir of The Rivers of Tropical Africa ' - - - ' The Earliest Ancestor of the Sturgeons - Palaeoniscus Macropus ' - - - ' The Shovel Nosed Sturgeon - Scaphirhynchus ' - - - ' The Sturgeon, The Bony Armature of whose Scalwes are Quite Unlike Any Other Fish '

' Accles and Pollock Ltd Steel Tubes ' full page advert showing a steel tube talking to a pom pom chicken

' A Bentley The Silent Sports Car '

' Dunlopillo Sleeping Bag '

' The Rootes Group of Companies ' advert

' Ferranti Radiant Electric Fire ' advert

' Antler Travel Goods '

' Austin Reed Uniforms ' advert

' Schweppes Indian Tonic Water ' Full page advert on dust sheet

Also articles (no pictures unless listed above) including :
'Our Note Book by Arthuyr Bryant'

' the Voyages of Sir James Lancaster to Brazil and The East Indies 1591-1603 - An Appreciation by Sir John squire '

' The War With Nazi Germany - The Peril in the Near East by Cyril Falls '

' Books of the Day By Charles E. Byles '

' The World of Science, The Sturgeon and Its Ancestors by w. P. Pycraft FZS '

May 31st

June 7th

June 21st

' Meeting of the Vichy Government after TheDarlan Hitler Talks - General Huntziger - M. Joseph Barthelemy - Marshal Petain - M. Henri Moysset - Admiral Darlan - M. Yves Bouthillier '

' After the Vichy Sell-Out - Admiral Darlan Conversing with General Huntziger and M. Yves Bouthillier '

' A Panoramic Relief Diagram (in sepia style) of the CIty and Seaport of Alexandria - The Chief Naval Base of the Mediterranean Fleet ' a wonderful double page diagrammatical map by G. H. Davis showing much detail including Ptolemaic palace - Promenade Reine Nazli - Eastern Harbour - Fort Kait Bey - TLazaret - European Cemetery - Stadium - British Consutlate and Hospital - Fort Kom-ed-Rik - Railway station - Miel - Arab Cemetery - Place Mohamed Ali - Rue Bab el Akhday - Central Quay - Arsenal Basin and Quay - Marine Airport - Mahroussa Jetty - Lighthouse - Ras el Tin Palace - Kom Fort - Rue Du Nil - El Mahmudiya Quay - Inner Harbour - Gabbari Quarantine Station - Railway Marshalling Yards - OUter Harbour - Outer Breakwater - Fort ElMallalia - Kamaria Signal Tower - Oil Docks and Storage Tanks - Timber Yards - Lake Maryut - and much more .

' Polish Army Going into Action in Norway '

' Polish Troops on Board The Chenonceau Liner - On Their Way To Norway '

' Polish Soldiers Wearing Lifebelts with Their Mascot ( a dog ) ..'

Allied Advance in Syria - Damascus - Tyre - Sidon

' A View of Damascus '

' An Aerial View of the City of Damascus '

' A Map of the Environs of Damascus including Kiswe - El Kisweh ...'

' View of Tyre '

' A General View of Sidon Captured on 15 June '

The Bismarcks Last Moments Portrayed by a Midshipman on HMS Dorsetshire - Drawings by Midshipman J. Brooks .

' TheLast Torpedo Launched From HM Cruiser Dorsetshire ...'

' TheDuel Between theBismarck, Broadside On, HM Battleship Rodney and HMS Dorsetshire - Shells in the Sea Send Up Water Spouts ...'

' Bismarck Survivors Struggling in the Heavy Swell - Dorsetshire Crew Have Lowered Ropes to Pull ABoard survivors ...'

' Just Before The Final Plunge - On Fire Amidships, Her Fire Turrets Guns Cocked Up Out of Control - Men Jum into the Sea as She Disappears under The Waters '

Double page with article and reference made to Midshipman J.Brooks - his brother Sammy and Sister Jean

' A Relief Map of the Lebanon From Beirut to Tyre - The Allied Advance into Syria from palestine and Transjordania '

' The Meeting of Allied Statesmen at St James's palace on 12 June - Speakers included Winston Churchill - General Sikorski - M. Lie of Norway - Dr Gerbrandy - M. Pierlot - M. Dupong - Professor Cassin - M. Masaryk - M. Simopoulos - M. Soubbotitch - Mr Eden - etc

The Home Guard on Excercise - Four Sketches '"Drawn by Our Special War Artist Captain Bryan De Grineau

' Forward Gunner and Sapper Officers of an Invading Enemy in a Two Day Battle in theNorth .....Attacking Infantry Reaching a Riverbank ...'

' A Motor Cycle Reccy Unit ( Special Reconnaissance Troops of Armoured Force ) of the Invading Army Reports ..... '

' Captrued Enemy Patrols and Suspects Under Arrezst Being Searched and Interrogated at a Home Guard HQ .....'

' Halting all Cars or Vehicles to Search for Fifth Columnists ....'

Double page in sepia style

' A Mobile HQ of an Army Air Intelligence Liaison Officer - The AILO Taking Army Instructions and Receiving Reports from Pilots ....' a double page sketch by Bryan De Grineau - with motor bike despatcher - mobil caravans - Lysander aircraft - etc

German Paratroops Landing in Crete While Flying Troop Carriers Crash

' A German Troop Carrier Crashes over Crete During the Attack on Heraklion Aerodrome '

' The Above Plane Has Crashed ....'

' Another Twin Engined Troop Carrier palne Crashes on theBeleaguered Island - Paratroops being Dropped Off ...'#

' A German Plane Hit Unloads it parachute Cargoe '

' British Troops on their Safe Arrival inEgypt Haste to Send Reassuring Messages Home '

' One of the Courageous CivilianInhabitants of Crete Comes Ashore with British Troops on their Arrival on Egyptian Soil '

' German paratroops Descending Near Candia ...'

' Sixty per Cent of the Paratroops Killed Before Reaching The Ground ....' the paratroops descending onto a built up area of houses and roads

Personalities of the Week

' Air Chief Marshal Sir Philip Joubert de la Ferte AOC Coastal Command '

' General Le Gentilhomme Free French General Wounded '

' The Escape of the King of Greece - Wing Commander Kinatos - M. Tsouderos - Prince Peter - Major D. N. Levidis CVO - 2nd Lieut Ryan - Princess Marie - Prince George - King George of the Hellenes - Colonel Blunt - In a Garden in Egypt ' .

' Rt. Hon Sir Malcolm Robertson GCMG MP for Mitcham '

' Com. Sir Charles Craven APpointed Controller of Aircraft Production '

' The Rev. W. Pennington-Bickford of St Clement Danes Dies aged 66 '

' Sir Stafford Cripps Returns From Moscow '

' Midshipman J. Brooks of HMS Dorsetshire making a Model Ship On Leave in Suffolk ' - info Joseph or Joe Brooks

' Mr Reginald Eves RA Dies aged 65 '

' The Right Hon. R. B. Bennett Former PM of Canada now Viscount '

' TheRt Hon. Sir W. A. Greene now Baron '

' Professor F. A.Lindemann FRS now Baron '

' TheRight Hon. Sir R. Vansittart now Baron '

' TheRight Hon. A. V. Alexnader Companion of Honour '

' Sir Miles W. LampsonGCMG '

' The Hon. Vincent Massey '

' Miss Myra Hess CBE Dame of the British Empire for Services to MUsic '

' Francis D'Arcy Cooper Esq now Baronet '

' The Right Hon. R. H. Cross MP now Baronet '

Full page

' HMS Ladybird Famous River Gunboat Sinks ...'

' The" North Carolina " LeavesNew York Harbour ...'

' HMS Terror the Famous Monitor Sinks off Libya ...'

' The" Tigre " Scuttle off Saudi Arabia - RAF Picture Shows the Sunk ItalianDestroyer '

' The Scuttle Destroyer " Pantera " in Shallow Water '

' Flying White Horse Survives Nazi Bombing - The Famous Carving at Entrance to INner Temple Hall '

' A Bristol Boeing Flying Boat '

' Norway Honours Unknown British Pilot - The Grave Covered with Flowers and A Nowegian Flag Deep in Snow '

The British Garrison in Iceland

' A Sergeant of a British Unit Showing a Young Icelander How to Use a Pick Axe ...'

' A Six inch Naval Gun Guarding theCoast o fIceland ...'

' A 25 Pounder Field Guns in Position of A Field Battery RA '

' Troops of a WellKnown British Infantry Regiment Engaged on Cliff Scaling Exercises ...'

' A British Tommy on the Look Out - A Hot Spring Spouts at a Geyser .....'

' Taken on Board theCruiser HMS Sheffield - A Walrus Amphibian About to Be Hosted Aboard after A Flight ...'

' TheWalrus Lifte Up By TheDerrick .....'

' A Bombing Attack Being Delivered on aWarship by Enemy Aircraft in teh Mediterranean ...'

' One Destroyer Communicates With Another onthe H8igh Seas By Shooting A Line To Which Will Be Attached a Special Message Bag ...'

' The Line Secured Between the Two Ships and The Bag Hauled Across '

' A Prophetic Drawing Published in "The Illustrated London News of Sept 1928 - In WHich The Precise Character of Air Borne Invasion in a Future War was Accurately Forcast - By G. H. Davis '

Wren City Churches - Bombed Masterpieces - four drawings by Dennis Flanders

' St Mary TheVirgin Aldermanbury '

' St James at Garlickhithe Slightly Damaged ...'

' Raid Damage at St Stphens in Coleman Street ....'

' The Guildhall Church at St Lawrence Jewry ...'

Baalbek Temples

' Roman Acropolis of Baalbek - Scale Model Restoration by M. Jean Debs ...'

' Part of theTemple of Bacchus - Men Standing on the Portico ...'

' TheLargest Siungle Megalith Ever Cut - Gigantic Block left at the Quarry near Baalbek .....'

' TheTemple of Jupiter at Baalbek near Damascus - Fragment of Carved Entablature ...'

' Temple of Bacchus Showing the Stone Stairway leading to the Gods Sanctuary ' .

' Temple of Jipiter - Part of theColonnade of the Great Court ...' near full page

' Larval Stages of theCaterpillar Tribe - four examples - Privet Hawk Moth - Puss Moth Caterpillar - Lobster Moth Caterpillar - The Syssphinx Molina '

' Dunlop Serves Mining ' full page advert showing a conveyor down a mine

' Solignum for Wood ' advert

' Austin Reed for Uniforms ' advert

Champion Sparking Plugs ' advert

' Uniform by Burberry ' advert

' Johnnie Walker Whisky ' full page colour advert promoting Defence Bonds - a series of adverts to promote the war effort

' St Mary TheVirgin Aldermanbury

This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include :-

Our Note Book by Arthuyr Bryant

The War with Nazi Germany - Planning for Victory by Cyril Falls

Books of the Day - by Charles E. Byles ' W. P. Pycraft FZS

June 28th

price 1/6

' Mr R. A. Watson Watt CB FRS etc Scientific Adviser on Telecommunications '

' The Bristol Beaufort in Flight '

' Front and Rear VIews of the Bristol Beaufort '

' Testing Aircraft Stability in Artificial 118 mph Gales By Wind Tunnels: Giant Vanes Which Direct Air Currents at Langley Field Aeronautic Laboratories USA ' Full page showing the size of the wind tunnels

'In a Subterranean Operations Room of the FIghter Command, Senior Officers in the Gallery Watch Intently The Movements of aircraft Over The Map Spread Below Them. Wearing Headphones the WAAF Girl Plotters '

These WAAF's Are Plotting The Movement of German Raiders ' A Soviet Tank and Gas Masked Troops Advancing Under Cover of A Smoke Screen During Training '

' The Greatest Double Cross in History - Hitler Invades Russian in Comtempt of a Non Aggression Pact of Friendship: A Map Showing The Entire Length of the New 1800 Mile Front from the Karelian Isthmus to the Black Sea ' Full page

' Types of Ships and Submarines of the Russian Navy '

' The Russian Battleship Marat Originally named The Petropavlovsk '

' Students of the Frunze Red Banner Naval School on Parade '

' A Commissar Delivering a Speech on the Deck of the Battleship " October Revolution "..'

' The Mighty Guns of the Battleship Parizhskaya Kommuna - A Picture Taken During Soviet Celebrations in the Black Sea '

' A Glimpse of the Coast Road From Palestine into Syria Running From Haifa to Beirut and Passing by Tyre and Sidon - the Ladder of Tyre '

' Two Members of the French Circassian Troops, With Their Vehicle MArked ith The Legions Crest, Who Crossed into Palestine From Syria with Colonel Collet '

' A british Officer Conversing With The Circassian Troops of Colonel Collet '

' A General View of Mersa Matruh, British Defence Outpost in the Western Desert '

' Near the Paraetonium of Ancient Times: San Dunes at Mers Matruh '

The Oasis of Siwa '

' A Fast Armoured Tank Column on the Move Showing The Armoured Command HQ Car The Dorchester, Housing The Brigadier and His STaff. A Despatch Rider Delivering a Message at Full Speed to an Operator Receiving It In His Landing Net ' Drawn by Captain Bryan de Grineau

Through the Skylight Signals Are Sent Out By The Armoured Command Vehicle to an Approaching Fast Tank ' Drawn by Captain Bryan de Grineau

'Interior of the Mobile Headquarters of a Fast Tank Division - A Drawing of a Dorchester Armoured Command Vehicle with The Brigadier And His Staff Directing An Operational Movement ' Wonderful double pag drawn by "Our Special Artist Captain Bryan De Grineau "

' Sir Mark Aitchison Young KCMG Governor and Commander in Chief of Hong Kong '

' Major General Freyberg VC The Allied Comander in Crete '

' Sir Wilfrid E. F. Jackson KCMG Governor and Commander in Chief of Tanganyika '

' First Woman Atlantic Ferry Pilot: Miss Jacqueline Cochran (in private life Mrs Floyd Odlum of New York) with Miss Pauline Gower '

' Brigadier L. M. Ingles MC of The New Zealand Expeditionary Force '

The late ' Hon. Lord Cullen KC '

' Maj. Gen V. Majendie DSO '

' Don Agustin Edwards The Chilean Ambassador in London '

' Mr Ronald Ian Campbell Britains Former Minister in Beldgrad and Sir Stafford Cripps '

' The Young King of Yugoslavia in Britain: King Peter with General Simovitch and His Court Minister M. Knezevitch '

'The New Zealand Prime Minister In London : Mr Peter Fraser with Mr W. J. Jordan '

' The Duke of Aosta and His Generals Surrender at Amba Alagi - The Duke Surrenders: An Official Photograph of the Duke Accompanied by British Officers Walking Down From the Mountain Cave Where He Lived at Amba Alagi '

' The Entrance to the Cave Now Guarded by British and Indian Troops, Where the Duke of aosta Lived on he Mountain Side At Amba Alagi '

The Piorun Finds the Bismarck - ' Commander Eugen Plawski, Captain of the " Piorun " The Polish Destroyer Which First Contaced the Bismarck '

The Piorun Finds the Bismarck - ' The Polish Quartermaster Piping an Order in British Fashion With an English Bosuns Pipe '

The Piorun Finds the Bismarck - 'Lieut. Com. Ludwig Lichodziejewski, The First Lieutenant of the Piorun '

The Piorun Finds the Bismarck - ' After Torpedo Practice One of the Tin Fishes Fromn the Piorun is Picked Up and Brought Aboard '

The Piorun Finds the Bismarck - ' A Torpedo Being Fired From the Destroyer Which Was Presented to The Piorun Poland After the Sinking of the Grom '

' The Foreigners Mess Aboard The Piorun Are some British Ratings Who Are Seen Here Whiling Away A Little of their Spare Time '

The Piorun Finds the Bismarck - ' ' Polish Officers Off Watch, The Captain is Seated Furthest Fromn the Camera '

The Piorun Finds the Bismarck - 'Looking Aft From the Bridge of the Destroyer as She patrols The Sea Near Nightfall '

' An Official Admiralty Photograph Showing HM Aircraft Carrier Illustrious Diring On e fo the Six Dive Bombing Attacks Launched on Her During The Day of Jan 10 '

'A Bomb Hits The Illustrious, ANother Makes aNear Miss During THe Series of attacks Which Lasted Seven Hours '

' The Splash of a Heavy Bomb Rises Alongside The Illustrious But the Man At His Action Station Remains Quiet Unperturbed '

' An ML Patrols The Shores of Britain '

' USS Washington Sister Ship THe North Carolina Completed at a Cost of £17,500,000 '

' Cross Channel stamer Bombed: The St Patrick Sunk By German Dive Bombers near Fishguard. There Were 66 Survivors out of 89 '

' One of Germany's Newest Fighters Falls to the RAF - An ME 109f Whihc Crashed Near Dover '

' Bombed and Sunk in the Mediterranean - A Bomb Exploding on an Italian Motor Vessel - the Attack Made by Blenheims '

' The Train Fro Addis Ababa Entering The Station at Jibuti, French Somaliland '

' An Anti Aircraft Post Manned By Natives on the Border of Abyssinia and French Somaliland '

' Jibuti ' The Harbour which is Land Locked and Capacious '

' The European Quarter of Jibuti Which is Built on a Horse Shoe Shaped Peninsula '

' Swimming In Battle Dress and Ful Kit: Strenuous Army Training ' six photographs

' Whitehall Showing Holbeins Gate '

' A Diamond Necklet With Sapphire an Diamond Pendant '

' On The Compass Platform of a Min elayer: A Study by Sir Muirhead Bone ' A wonderful full page drawing in sepia style

' Another Study By Sir Muirhead Bone - The Commander Navigating For His Mine Laying Squadron ' another great full page from a drawing by this eminent war artist

' The Curlew ' - - - ' Eggs ' of the curlew ' - - - A Nestling Curlew '

'Firth Brown Alloy Steels Ltd Sheffield ' full page advert

' The Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund ' advert

' Nicolls of 120 Regent St W1 ' two designs of Service Greatcoats. Advert

' Your Schweppes Sir! ' Full page advert

' Vat 69 Sanderson Luxury Blend Scotch Whisky ' Full page advert

' State Express 555 Cigarettes ' advert

' Tek Toothbrush Designed by Dentists 2/- ' advert

' Austin Reed Summit Shirts ' Advert

Also articles (no pictures unless listed above) including :

The War With Nazi Germany: Tank Fighting by Cyril Falls

The Cradle and Immemorial Battleground of Mankingl. " Middle East " by H. V. Morton. An Appreciation by Sir John Squire

Books of the Day by Charles E. Byles

The World of Science - The Curlew and Its Haunts by W. P. Pycraft FZS

August 2nd

August 16th

' A Striking Picture Taken at 4am in a Norwegian Fjord - A Beaufort has hit a German Tanker on the Foredeck and is About to Sink '

' Named By Lord Beaverbrook The Covenanter - Two Mark V Cruiser Tanks on Manoeuvres '

' A Near Broadside View of the New Covenanter Tank '

' A View of the Inside of One of the New Deep Double Deck Shelters Now B eing Tunnelled near London Tube Stations '

' The Two Way Airscrew, Constructed of Two Three Blade Airscrews Which Provides Increased Speed and Power '

' US Forces Landing in Iceland - American Troops Stepping from the Launch That Brought Them Ashore at Reykjavik '

' Where Vital Decisions for America Are Being Taken - The Presidential Yacht Potomac in Which Mr Roosevelt Left for A Fishing Holidayoff The Atlantic Coast on Aug 3 '

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The Winged Power of Russia - Aeroplanes of The Red Air Fleet

' The L 760 A Mighty Six Engined Russian Heavy Bomber '

' The L760 '

' The I 15b Chato '

TheI 16B Rata '

The I-17 CKB 19 '

The 2PA Amphibian '

The R5 Reconnaissance '

' The DI-6 Fighter '

' The R-10 Attack Bomber '

the SB-1 ( ANT-39 ) Bomber '

The CKB 26 Bomber '

The DB 3a Bomber '

The TB 3b Bomber '

The TB 6b Bomber '

' The L 760 Bomber Transport '

' The Red Spitfire Fighter '

Full page

' Scottish Vigilance Defeats a Night Attempt to Land German Secret Service Agents off the Banffshire Coast - The Collapsible Rubber Boat in Which The Spies Drueke and Waelti Came Ashore ' ( both executed at Wandsworth on August 6)

' RAF Team Work - Special Drawings Which Show The work of Those Who, While Remaining on The Ground, Have Done So Much To Win The Mastery of the Air ' a Wonderful double page of drawings in sepia style by G. H. Davis at a RAF Fighter Station showing refueling, The Rigger, The Wireless Expert, Re Charging of Oxygen Bottles, An Engine Fitter, and ofcourse the pilot and others

' Miss Virginia Cowles The Author of Looking for Trouble '

' TheRoyal Navy's Latest Aircraft Carrier HMS Formidable '

' Aircraft Carrier HMS Victorious at Anchor '

' Marshal Timoshenko Who Succeeded Voroshilov as Defence Commissar in Oct 1940 '

' Marshal Voroshilov - One of Russias Big Five '

' Marshal Budenny The Third of the Trio of Soviet Marshals Who Have Held The Violent German Attacks, A Cossack '

Nazi Army and Air Force Commanders on the Russian Front

' Field marshal Von Bock ' sketch

' Field Marshal Kesselring Commanding German Air Force Units on the Central Russian Front '

' General Von Keuchler in Command of an Army in Esthonia '

' Field Marshal Von Runstedt Commander on the Southern Front ' sketch

' Field Marshal Ritter Von Leeb in the Northern Latvian Soviet Sector ' sketch

' General Lohr Commanding The German Air Force Units in the S. Sector '

' Field Marshal Von Kluge One of the Commanders on The Central Smolensk Sector '

' Field Marshal Von Reichenau Commanding in the Southern Sector '

' A Map Showing the Entire Length of the Russian Front From the Karelian Isthmus to The Soviet " Verdun " Smolensk and to Kiev and Odessa in the South '

Full page

- © (copyright) - Sleekburn Prints 2004 - 2007

Japans Menace to Thailand, The Highway to Burma and Malay States - a Map Showing Airfields i n Thailand, Indo China and Burma '

' Bruno Mussoline KIlled in a Flying Accident at Pisa on August 7 ' Seen in the photograph with his elder brother Vittorio

' The British GOC Malaya: Lieutenant General A. E. Percival DSO OBE MC '

' Lord Halifax Chalking a Message to the Prime Minister on a Liberator Bomber '

' Sir Alan Anderson GBE New Chairman of Railway Executive Committee ']

' Sir Rabindranath Tagore The Famous Indian Thinker, Poet, Novelist and Prophet died on August 7 '

' Mr Gilbert S. Szlumper CBE '

' TheGovernor of Gobraltar's Official Call at Algeriras - Lord Gort with the Spanish Governor Don Fernando Barron y Orriz '

' the New Netherlands Government in London: TheDutch Premier and Minister of Justice Professor Dr P. S. Gerbrandy with the Members of His Cabinet - Mr H. Van Boeyen - Mr G. Bolkestein - Dr M. P. L. Van Steenberghe - Mr C. J. Welter - Dr Gerbrandy - Dr E. N. Van Kleffens - Dr J. Van Den Tempel - Jr. J. W. Albarda - Miel - Vice Admiral J. T. Furstner '

On The Russo-German War Front - The Conflict as Shown From Both Sources

' A Column of German Transport Vehicles Passing Through a Gutted Russian Town Along the Minsk Moscow Route - Another Example of th Thorough Way Stalins Scorched Earth Order Has Been Fulfilled '

' Scheduled to Bomb Moscow But One of Many Shot Down on the Way - The Wreckage Being Examined By Foreign Journalists wiith The Soviet Army '

' GBerman Panzer Units Passing Through a Blazing Russian Village Set Alight By The Inhabitants Before They Evacuated '

' The Retreating Soviet Forces Have Smashed Up bridges All Along the Route Holding Up the Motor Vehicles of a Panzer Division '

' German Prisoners of War Receiving Their Ration of Bread From Soviet Soldiers '

' A Sinister Cloud of Dust in the Distance Tells a Story: A German Transport Column Carrying Supplies to the Eastern Front - A German Picture that Does Not Mention the Region '

' Homeless Russian Regugees in Western Russia Seeking Such Security and Shelter in a Ditch in the Open Country Fleeing From the Nazi Troops '

' This German Photograph Supposed to Represent a Russian SNiper in Civilian Clothes Being Taken to a Prison Camp By Two Soldiers - The Undestroyed Cornfield and the "Snipers" Calm Attitude Suggest Propaganda '

'...." The End of a Sniper" is the Nazi Title of This Companion Picture to That on the Left. The Feet of the Man Seen Through The Growing Rye May Be As Alleged But The Poses Are peculiar '

' A Russian Brigade Commander of a Tank unit Points Out The Operations They Are To Undertake Against The Nazia - Note the Forest Land Background '

' Loading Bombs on a Fast Soviet Single Seater Biplane '

Double page

' The Victoria Cross Won Two And Half Miles Above the Sea: The Heroic Feat of Sergeant J. A. Ward - The FIrst New Zealand VC of the War, Sergeant J. A. Ward Climbs out on to The Burning Wing of a Wellington Bombre and So Saves the Aeroplane and Its Crew ' a wonderful double page drawing by "Our Special Artist C. E. Turner After a Personal Interview with Sergt. Ward VC "

British, Australian and IndianForces Defending Malaya Against Japanese Chess Moves in the Pacific

' Members of a Famous Indian Regt. Marhcing Througha Typical Malayan Village '

'Famous nNdian Regt. Resting By The Roadside '

' The Royal Australian Air Force Undergoing War Training In American Built Aircraft and Flying Lockheed Hudson Coastal Command Planes '

' Crews of Anti Aircraft Guns Detailed From the Hong Kong and Singapore Regiment of The Royal Artillery at Anti Aircraft Practice '

' A Platoon of a Malay Infantry Regtiment Conducting an Attack with Bren Guns During a Mock Battle '

' Locally Born Dispatch Riders Advancing Through Rough Country in Malaya '

' An Advance Party of Pioneers Belonging to a Famous Scottish Regiment On Service in Malaya Crossing Swampy Country to Fix a Safety Line Over A River '

' Members of the Australian Imperial Force in Malaya '

' Burly Members of the A. I. F. in Jubilant Mood on Their Arrival at Singapore Straits '

' Instruction in Signalling by Lamp Being Given to Local Effectives of Malaya's Own Navy '

' British And Asiatic Mechanics Assembling American Built Brewster Buffalo Single Seater Fighters Which Have Recently Arrived at Singapore '

Double page

The Threat to Hollands Empire - The Dutch East Indies Prepared

' A Pontoon Bridge Built By Native Pioneers of the Dutch East Indies, A Determined Resistance to Japanese Aggression ...' ' A Scene inside an Arsenal in Batavia Showing Native Munition Workers '

' An Army Ordnance Shop at Bandoeng Java '

' ARP in the Netherlands Indies: Natives Entering an Original Type of Bomb Shelter During Practice '

' An Anti Tanik unit During Manoeuvres '

' Tanks of the Royal Dutch Army Garrisoning the Islands of the Dutch East Indies Negotiating Swampy Country during Manoeubres '

' A Searchlight Mounted on a Truck in the Dutch E I '

' Dutch Destroyers Guarding the Entrance to a Harbour in the Netherlands Indies Which Expects Attack When Japan Has Consolidated Indo China '

' One of the Dutch Submarines Which Escaped From the Nazi Invasion '

' A Fine Picture of the Dutch East Indies Fleet at War Practice off Java wih The Island Air Force '

' A Mixed Native and Dutch Gun Crew Loading a Big Naval Gun on Board A Destroyer i the Netherlands Indies '

' Members of Landing party From a Dutch Destroyer '

Double page

The Boeing Flying Fortress

' The Nose of the Flying Fortress - TheHeight of Each of the Boings Four Engines From the Ground May Well be Gauged By The Two Airmen '

' Inside A Boeing Flying Fortress The Giant American Bombing plane - An Air Gunner on the Alert '

' A View of the Gunners Perch Taken From the Revers Angle '

' A Flying Fortress Forms the Centre of a Circle of Royal Air Force Admirers '

' The Commander and Crew of a Boeing Which Has Already Seen Much Active Service ' a photograph of the seven RAF air crew

' Another Picture Which By Comparison, With The RAF Sergeant Emphasises the Size of the Flying Fortress '

Double page

' The Members of the ATS TRaining for Radiolocation Work - Discussing Notes on secret Apparatus During Open Air practice ' photograph of six ladies

' An ATS Girl at Action Station on a Locator While Under Training Somewhere in the West of England '

the First Woman to Climb Difficult Mount Bertha in Alaska - Mr Henry Bradford Washburn and Mrs Barbara Washburn of Boston Massachusetts, and three friends.

' The First Woman to Climb to the Summit of a Virgin Alaskan Peak for Nearly Thirty years: Mrs Washburn Rounding a Steep Ridge '

' Scaling Mount Bertha - A Dangerously Steep Declivity 1000ft Above the Final Camp '

' Mrs Washburn Handing out Supplies From Her Snow Cache Opposite the Tent in Which Four Men (including her Husband) and Herself Camped '

' A Little Oasis of Alpine Flowers Flourishing amid A Desolation of Ice - A Patch of Heather And Blue Lupin on Mount Bertha ' showing Mrs Washburn and a male companion

' East Ridge of Mt. Bertha Seen From 8900 ft ...' photograph shows three of the party below

' The Explorers Reach a Snow Plateua at 9500 Ft Completely Cut of from the Brady Glacier 6000 ft Below....' Shows four of the party including Mrs Washburn

' A Wonderful Panorama of the Vast Alaskan Wilderness of Snow...Viewed From the Summit of Mount Bertha ' Mrs washburn in the foreground looking over the view

Seven wonderful photographs in sepia style

' Two Species of the Brazilian Butterfly Callicore Clymena '

' Under Surface of The Morpho Papirus of Peru '

' Under Surface of the Wing of the Peacock Butterfly Vanessa IO '

' Under Surface of The Closed Wings of the Swallow Tail Butterfly Papilio Machaon '

' Dunlop Serves Shipbuilding ' Full page advert

' Champion Sparking Plugs ' advert

' Tube Investments Ltd - Steel Tubes Advisory Centre Astn Birmingham ' full page advert

' Sparklets Refillable Syphon ' advert

' North British Golf Balls - The North British Rubber Co Ltd ' Full page colour advert showing a golf ball

' Johnnie Walker Whisky ' Full page colour advert

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Also articles (no pictures unless listed above) including :

'Our Note Book by Arthuyr Bryant'

' A US Correspondents Wise Fascinating and Gallant Book - Looking For Trouble By Virginia Cowles. An Appreciation by Sir John Squire'

'The War With Nazi Germany: A New Stage of The World Struggle by Cyril Falls'

Books of the Day by Charles E. Byles'

'The World of Science - Coloration and Markings of Butterflies Wings by W. P. Pycraft FZS'

August 23rd

August 30th

' Ministry of Home Security Laboratories - Testing Civilian Steel Helmets Being For the Use By Fire Guards '

' Ministry of Home Security - Scientist Testing The Effects of Bomb Blast '

Russian And Britain Enter Iran

' Tariz in Iran '

' The Great Western Road that Links Up Tehran Tabriz and the IRaq Frontier near Baghdad '

' General Wavell IC of the Operation '

' Sir Reader Bullard The British Minister in Teheran ...'

' Admiral Sir Geoffrey Arbuthnot CinC Conducting Naval Operations ...'

' Teheran - A Recent Aerial View Including the Huge Barrack Square ...'

' Iranian Troops Being Officially Inspected ...'

Full page

Winston Churchill in Iceland

' Churchill Inspecting US Marines ' with Walter H. Thompson in the background amongst others

' Churchill Inspecting a line of US Marines Followed by Franklin Roosevelt Jr The Presidents Son ...'

' The Entire Ships Company of HMS Prince of Wales - Prime Minister and Staff Officers in The Centre ...' a wonderful photograph of the ships crew - sadly only a few months later she was sunk by Japanese planes off the coast of Kuantan Pahang in Malaya, on its return to Singapore

' Churchill Passing by the Men of the Royal Australian Air Force RAAF at Reykjavik ...'

' The People of Iceland, Old and Young, Greeting the Prime Minister in the Square of the Althing Parliament House ...'

Full page

' Churchill on His Return from His Visit to the President of the United States, Gives The Famous V Sign ...'

' How a Whitley Night Bomber Is Assembled in Sections ...' a magnificent double page diagramatical drawing by G. H. Davis "Our Special Artist" in sepia style

Three Photographs relating to the book " Kabloona " by Gontran De Poncins which is examined on this page

' Tutannuak Waiting at One of the Ice Holes Hunting for the Great Seal '

' Tatannuak After Killing the Seal, Pulls it Out of the Ice Hole '

' An Igloo Interior '

Kabloona also qallunaaq and in some western dialects qablunaaq - Poncins studied the Eskimo of King William Land in the Arctic Circle, for over a year

' Winston Churchill's Battleship HMS Princ of Wales Ovretakes a Convoy in Mid Atlantic ...'

' Another View of the Convoy from The Prince of Wales '

' A Map Indicating Iran and Her Frontiers ...'

' The Dnieperstroi Dam in the Ukrain Which is Reported to Have Been Dynamited ... ' Dnieprostroi

German Advance' Map of the Leningrad Battle Area showing Kingisepp and Novogrod ...'

' The Beresina River a Tributary of the Dnieper - The Germans on the Push to Smolensk - Also Showing Burning in the Background a Village Left by the Retreating Russians, The Scorched Earth Policy ...'

Russia and Poland

' Women Returning to their Homes in Smolensk - The Cathedral in the Background ...'

' A German Tank Halts on the OUtskirts of a Blazing Town ...'

' A Bridge over The Dneiper at Smolensk Destroyed by the Russians ...'

' Smolensk Ablaze Watched by The Advancing German Troops ...'

' Minsk in Poland - A Gutted City ' aerial photograph

' Smolensk - The Marshalling Yard Destroyed by the Retreating Red army ...'

' The Devastation of Smolensk by The Russians ...' Devastated streets and buildings

' A View of Minsk After German Air Raids Claims the Nazi Source... '

' Minsk - An Aerial View of the Damage Caused by Repeated Air Attacks ...'

' A Railway Bridge Which Was Blown up by the Russians in Their Retreat Eastwards '

' Axle Deep in Mud - A German Gun on Mountings Moves Towareds the Forward Line ofn the Eastern Front '

' German Vehicle Driving through Deep Mud in a Village in Russia '

' Group of German Soldiers Captured by the Red Army ...'

' Nazi Infantrymen About to Attack from Fox Holes in Which They Sought Cover '

' Weeping Russian Women Identify the Bodies of Their Menfolk Ruthlessly Executed by the Germans '

' The German Invaders Put up Many Signposts in a Russian Town But in the Night Guerillas Made a Dump of Them '

' German Soldiers Being Fitted With Mosquito Nets in The Ukrainian Swamps ...'

' The First Assembly Stages of The Beaufighter Night Fighers ' Full page - Drawings by "Our Special Artist" Capt. Bryan De Grineau

' The Beaufighter Night Fighters Undergoing the Final Inspection on The Assembly Line ' shows one of the fighters being towed off to the " Dope Shed " - Wonderful double page sketch by Grineau

' The Tattered Wing of the Wellington Saved from Destruction by Sgt. J. A. Ward VC ...'

' Four Lewis Guns on a Single Mounting ...'

' Covenanters or Mark V Cruiser Tanks on Manoeuvres '

' Two Thousand 3.7 inch Anti Aircraft Shell Cartridges Seen at a British Factory - Men and Women Stacking the Shells ..'

' Women Members of Thirteen Different Services on Parade Outside Harrod's Stores London ... Organised by the Ministry of Labour '

' An Aerial Photograph of Brest Harbour - Where the Germans Tried to Camouflage the Disappearance of Scharnhorst - An aeriel View Showing - The Prinz Eugen - A Tanker Pretending To Be Scharnhorst - Gneisenau '

' The Distguise Tanker in Brest Harbour ' aerial view

' .. " Gneisenau " in Dry Dock '

' .. " Prinz Eugen " in Dock '

Military Mascots

' A Hedgehog and Her Three Children Adopted by S African Troops in the Western Desert '

' Myrtle The Magpie - The Pet of an Australian Regiment ...'

' A Dog Being Carried in His Masters Pack ...'

' One of the Two Baboon Mascots Brought from Kenya by a South African Regiment '

' An Ingenious Still for Purifying Water Designed by Lieut J. Blair-Yuill - For The Defenders of Tobruk '

' The Sign of the Victory V in Special Anti Glare Paint on the Windscreen of a Lorry '


' A Member of the Tobruk Garrison With Dummy Rifles Which Children Used to Drill at the Scuola Benito Mussolini '

' Tobruk - Troops Enjoying an Entertainment Given by The RAF and The Australians In the Theatre '

' British Troops Resting Among the Ruins of the Town '

' A British Infantryman of the Indomitable Garrison Has His Mascot, A Bathing Belle Named Vera, Painted on his Steel Helmet '

' The Battered Italian Cruiser " San Girgio " Sunk in Tobruk Harbour '

' HMS Ladybird Which was Sunk in the HArbour, But Fights With Its Gun Still Above the Water Line '

Full page

At Fuhrers HQ - Hitler

' With Hitler - Colonel Molders - Goering Walking Alongside Others '

' The Fuhrer in Conversation with The CinC of the Army General Field Marshal Keitel - At the Russian HQ '

' The Face of the Fuhrer - The Red Crayon Drawing by Konrad Hommel ...'

' Marshal Kwaternik Visiting the Fuhrers HQ - Kwaternik a Croat Quisling Next to Von Ribbentrop and Keitel with the Fuhrer '

' Colonel Schmundt Reports to the Fuhrer '

' Fuhrer Receives Report From a Lieutenant of a Tank Company - Colonel Schmundt - The Fuhrer = General Bodenschatz - General Field Marshal Keitel - General of the Artillery Jodl ..'

' The Rescue of a U Boat Crew in the Atlantic By a British Warship ' crew in the water

' After Sinking a U Boat Attacking British Convoy, Survivors Being Rescued ...'

' Another Sea Pirate Cornered - The Commander of the Sunken German Submarine, Lohmeyer Shaking Hands with his Men on the Deck of the British Warship '

Personalities and Events

' Mr Churchill The Prime Minister in Iceland Being Greeted by their PM M. Hermann Jonasson at Reykjavik '

' Captain Elliott Roosevelt The Presidents Second Son _____ in London on Military Business ' one of the words on the description has been blanked out obviously by the censor

' General De Gaulle in Syria with General Catroux - Reviewing Troops in Beirut '

' Lord Halifax Flies Home, Met by Lady Halifax at the Airport '

' The King Visits the Ministry of Information to See a Film of Churchills and the Presidents Meeting - Sir CHarles Portal - Mr Brendan Bracken - HM King - Sir Walter Monckton '

' Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands Training to Become a Fighter Pilot '

' Lord Louis Mountbatten New in Command of HMS Aircraft Carrier Illustrious '

' Viscount Stonehaven GCMG Who Died 20 Aug '

' Canadas Prime Minister Mr Mackenzie King and Mr Churchill at 10 Downing Street '

' Mr Fraser Prmier of New Zealand Saying Goodbye to Winston Churchill on the Steps of Downing Street '

' Major F. W. Jackson Appointed Chief Commander Of The London Fire Brigade ' in helmet

' Professor Stanislaw Kot Polish Ambassador to Moscow '

' Protecting Crews of Tankers from Burning Oil ' a full page of diagramatical drawns by "Our Special Artist" G. H. Davis showing the protective smocks with drawings of a tanker and lifeboat

' Princess Elizabeth Smiles As She Tends her Garden ...'

' Princess Elizabeth with Princess Margaret and Their Pet Chameleon in the Garden '

Bombed Wren City Churches

' St Dunstans in the East '

' Bow Church Burnt Out '

' Damaged Interior of St Stephens Walbrook '

' Roofless Interior of St Bride's Church Fleet Street ...'

Full page of drawings by Dennis Flanders

' Rare Roman Nettle Urtica Pilulifera '

' Common Stinging Nettle Urtica Dioca '

' common Nettle and Pink Dead Nettle '

' Dunlop Rubber Company ' Full page advert showing a ship being loaded at dockside

' Bentley Silent Sports Car ' advert

' Horne Brothers Uniforms ' advert

' Viyella Service Shirts ' advert

' Schweppes Indian Quinine Tonic ...' Full page advert

' Sanatogen Nerve Tonic '

' Austin Reed Shirts ' advert

' Champion Sparking Plugs ' advert

' Johnnie Walker Scotch Whisky ' full page colour advert

' Waterways of Hollandby John Aitken ' on a full page showing a dutch waterway with windmills and boats - advert for the BSA Group

Also articles (no pictures unless listed above) including :

Our Note Book by Arthuyr Bryant

Books of the Day by Charles E. Byles

'With the Untrammelled Seal Eskimos of King William Land - " Kabloona " by Gontran De Poncins - With An Introduction by Eric Linklater - An Appreciation by Sir John Squire'

'The World of Science - A Disquisition on Stinging Nettles by W. P. Pycraft FZS'

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