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The Illustrated London News 1943

Events of this year in the Illustrated London News

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January 9th










Jan 9th (usa version), Vol.112-No.2907.



23rd Jan (usa version), Vol.112-No.2909.

March 13th.


May 1st

'The Forcible Evacuation of 40,000 People From The Old Port Quarter of Marseilles, To Become a New U Boat Base: Rounding Up Men, Women And CHildren'

'Making and Filling of Land Mines is one of Palestines Most Important War Industries: Above is a Dump of Empty Mine Cases Awaiting Attention'

'Loading a Truck with Finished Mines at a Palestine Factory'

'Three British 25 Pounder Guns, /?M?ounted on ValentineTank Chassis on the Tunisian Front with Grendadier Hill in Background'

'Rear View of Self Fropelled 25 Pounders in Tunisia'

'Trio of Americas Latest Light Reconnaissance Tanks Photoraphed During Recent Manoeubres, Known as The M5 Model'

'An M5 Tank Proved Itself Capable of Tackling The Most Difficult Types of Country'

'Two Munificent National Gifts: Boarstall Tower, Donated to The National Trust by Mr E. E. Cook of Bath'

'Two Munificent National Gifts: A Second Chequers, Dorneywood, Buckinghamshire, Given To the Nation by Sir Courtauld Thomson as a Country Residence for Minister of the Crown'

'Flames Rising From the Dome of St Hedwigs Church, Berlin After an RAF Raid on MArch 1'

'Repairing The London Football Ground After a Direct Hit by a German Raider inTime For a Big Match on Easter Saturday'

'A New Type of German Mine Discovered by a Gunner in North Africa: Sappers at Work' - - - A Close Up Showing TheConical Ob ject and Three Mines as They Were Found' - - -'Lance Sergeant W. Spooner Holding The Conical Object So As To show the Hollow Base'

'The RAFs Tank Busters in tHe Middle East: One of the Hurricane 11 D Fitted with Two 40mm Guns, in Flight' - - - 'A Good View of the Two 40mm Guns Fuitted, One under Each Wing' - - - 'Four Tank Busters in Flight: They Were Designed primarily fr aTtacking Armoured Vehicles, The Squadron Using THem Prefer the Name Tin Openers'

'An Amphibious Jeep Plunges into THe Water' - - - 'A Front View, With The Passenger Manning The 30 Calibre Machine Gun Mounte don the Amphibian, IT Carries a Power Operated Niggerhead Capstan on the Bows' - -- The Amphibian, Having Crossed The Water, Takes to Dry Ground' - - - 'TheNew Jeep Needs no bridges to CrossRivers' - - -'Theis Soldier, Wounded in the Fighting in Central Tunisia was Rushed Fromthe Front lines to the Mobile Operating Theatre on One of the New Amphibious Jeeps' - - - 'A Back View of the Amphibian showing the Propeller'

'Hitlers Polyglot European Fortress, Cofvering a oastline Exceeding 14,000 Nukes - Denoted by Thick Outline, Now Threatened North, South, East and West By the Allies' Map

'General Leclerc Addressing Members of the Sacred Brigade, Attached to the Fighting French Forces Under his Command in North Africa' - - - 'A Member of the Greek Sacred Brigade Makes Morning Coffee in Tunisia' - - -'Theree Men of the Sacred Bragade Engaged In Camouflaging a Bren Gun, All the Units Members are Picked Men With High Qualifications' - - - 'The Sacred BNrigade has its Own Salvage Crane' - - -'Two Members of the Brigsade, Wearing The Distinctive Baddge Over The RIght Breast Pocket and parachutists Flash on the Shoulder' - - -' On the Look Out in TUnisia. The Uniform Worn By Members of the Brigadre' - - - 'A Typical Member of the Sacred Brigade Which is Composed Exclusively of Greek Officers Serving as privates'

' Erick Berry, Co Author with Herbert Best of Concertina Farm SItting Outside the Farmhouse of Logs They Built'

'Sidelights on the Allies Victorious Advance in Tunisia - A Ticklish Job is that of the RE's Bomb Dispersal Company, Doors and Windows are Easily Booby Trapped' - - - A Sapper Gingerly Enters The House, While his Comrade Has His Rifle Ready' - - - The Steadily Receding Axis Line in Tunisia, A Map of th ePositioy on April 26' - - - 'General Montgomery's Winning Bet With Abn American General Obtains Him a Flying Fortress, Complete With Crew' - - - French Chad Forcesw Enter Kairouan, Tunisia's Holy City' - - -'Kairouan Lost Not a Moment in Decorating Itself with The French Tricolour. A British Tommy Chats with a Smiling Arab'

Tunisia Operatios, Axis Prisoners etc 'The Advance Past Kairouan: The Crew of this 75 mm Gun Fired One Round and Then Surrendered near Sbikha' - - - The First Prisoners to Be Taken In The Joint Allied Attack on Pichon' - - - 'Covered by a Sherman Tank, German Prisoners Prepare to Move Off From The Plains of Kairouan' - - -'Axis Supply Ships, Sailing in Convoy are Sighted by US Army Air Force Flying Fortresses off Bizerta' - - - 'German Graves in The Area Captured by the Americans During Their Push on The Gafsa Gabes Road' - - - On The Central Tunisian Frobt: RE's Laying Matting and Wire Netting over a Sandy Wadi to Facilitate the Advance of Transport'

Tunisia Operatios, Axis Prisoners etc - 'Showing the Bad Mauling Given Some of the "Invincible" German Mark VI Tanks' - - - 'British Infantry Marching Through Pichon' - - - 'The Axis SHips areAttacked and One is Blown to Bits' - - -A Sherman Tank Crew of the First Army Hartily Greet an Armoured Car Crew of the Eighth Army Outside Kairouan' - - - ' On The Medjez El Bab-Oued Zarga Road' - - - 'Newly Captured Prisoners Marched Of To Our Rear, With The First Army'

'Our Artists Impression of the Convoy of Thirty One Huge Six Engined "Powered Gliders" Which, Flying Low over Tghe Water, Were Carrying Personnel and Vital Supplies to The Beleaguered Axis Forces in Tunisia' Wonderful double page by "Our Special Artist" G. H. Davis.

'Longchamp Racegoers Run for Safety As American Bombers Attacke the Renault Works, Paris

'Baron F. D'Erlanger' - - - ' Lieut Com. C. B. Crouch ' - - -'Sir Courtauld Thomson of Dorneywood, Bucks' - - - 'The Sixth Duke of Portland ie on April 26' - - - 'The Duke of Connaught' who died onthe 26 April in Ottawa

'Mr Thomas C. Dugdale RA' - - - 'Mr Steven Spurrier ARA' - - - 'Mr Algernon Newton RA'

'A New Aircraft Carrier for Convoys: HMS Tracker, Produced by Fitting a Flight Deck to a Hull of Merchant SHip Design'

'The Hawker Typhoon: The Fastest and Most Heavily Armed Fighter in THe World' Fou photos on one fullpage

' First Picture of the US Bomber Raid on japan A Year Ago, Now Released. General Doolittle in a Mitchell, First to Take off From the US Aircraft Carrier Hornet, 800 Miles From Tokyo' - - - 'The US Mitchell MEdium Bomber of Which 16 Took Off From The AIrcraftCarier Hornet, 800 Miles from Tokyo, A Daring Flight Orders Being Given to the Pilots to Escape Via China as Best They Could After THe operation' - - - 'The Aircraft Carrier Hornet, Undergoing Inspection by Colonel Knox,SWecretary of the US Navy. The Mitchells Took Off From the Flight Deck, 800 miles From their Objective, Instead of 400 Miles According to Schedule, As THe Hornet Was Seen by The Enemy and Could Warn Tokyo'

'Teh Painted Ray - Rais Microcellata' - - - 'The angler or Frog Fish - Lophius Piscatorius, Side View' - - -'The Monk or Angel Fish - Rhina Squatina'

Watchers of the Skies: The Eyries of the Royal Observer Corps - 'Typical of th Many Country Posts Manned By The Royal Observer Corps' - - - 'Plotting a Sneak Raider: Long Before the German Aircraft Comes in to View, Various ROC Posts Have Been Waiting for Him' - - -A Pilot Has Baled Out Over the Sea: His Position is Plotted From the Observation Post and the Air Sea Rescue Authorities are Advised' - - - 'A Night Raid on the Outskirts of London: Accurate Sound Readings on Every Aircraft, With Cross Bearings From the Other Posts are Relayed to the ROC Centres' Four drawings by Charles Raplin, I Think.

'Inside a British Submarine on Patrol: what Happens During The Hours of Darkness and in Daylight - Authentic Drawings Which Show How The Men Spend Their Time On And Off Duty While patrolling Enemy Waters' a Wonderful double page drawn by "Our Special Artist G. H. Davis From Dketches Made On Board a T Class Submarine"

The 1943 Royal Academy: Selected Works Now on Exhibiton - 'Bomber By Bow by CharlesCundall ARA' - - - 'London Triumphant in the Fourth Year of War: A View From The Dorchester Looking SW by C.R. W. Nevinson ARA' - - - 'The Sail Loft by Stanhopa A. Forbes RA' - - - 'Refreshing His MEmory by harles Spencelayh' - - - 'The Balloon Site By dame Laura Knight RA' - - - 'Christopher Harry Mckay Dowsett'

'Outstanding Portraits at The Royal Academy - 'The Painters Family By Henry Lamb ARA' - - - 'Field Marshal The Rt Hon. Jan Christian Smuts LL.D Prime Minister of the Union of South Africa by Frank O. Salisbury' - - - 'Souvenir by James Gunn' - - - 'Wren Zana Seale by T. C. Dugdale ARA ' - - - 'Profile for Victory A Portrait o the Prime Minister by a. E. Cooper' - - -'The Lord Leathers of Purfleet, Pc CH by James Gunn' - - - 'Lady Bedingfeld by David Jagger' - - - 'The Countess of Inchcape by David Jagger' - - - 'Pauline 1943 by James Gunn'

'New Discoveries in First Dynasty Egyptian Tombs Near Helwan' Eight photographs

'Schweppes Table Waters, Sinc eTh Batle of Valmy' Advert

'Steel Tubes Advisory Centre, Birmingham' advert

'Nothing Like Leather - Adver for ICI'

'creda Electirc Appliances' Advert

'The Rover Car' Advert

Also articles (no pictures unless listed above) including :
'Our Note Book by Arthuyr Bryant'

'The Great World War: The European Fortress by Cyril Falls '

'Back To The Land. Farming on Both Sides of the Atlantic. An Appreciation of Three Books by Sir John Squire'

'/The World of Science. The Marketable Fish by E.S. Grew'

'Books of the Day. TheRural Scene: Land Ownership; Agriculture; Sport by charles E. Byles'

July 3rd

News Items:

The King's visit to North Africa; He meets the men who won Victory;

The King visits Malta;

His Majesty at Tripoli;

Front Cover features King George VI on the bridge of the cruiser "Aurora".

August 21st

Sicily ' Infrantrymen of The Eighth Army Advancing to Take a German 88mm Gun'

Sicily ' A View of Randazo on The North Flanks of Mount Etna'

Sicily ' A Battery Command Post of 25 Pounders Recieving Orders

Sicily ' Canadian Armour Rumbles Through Regalbuto '

Sicily ' A Unit of the Eighth Army Proceeding Cautiously Through Catania's Streets Entered on August 5'

Sicily ' A Heinkel Bomber With A broken Back on Catania Airfield'

Sicily ' Battle for Catania. Bombs Bursting on the Seamy Slopes of Etna During an Atack by Boston Bombers, Note the Deep Chasms'

Sicily ' British Gunners Turen A Captured Italian Heavy Howitzer Against The Enemy During a Night Operation on the Catania Sector'

'One Hundred Years Ago Reproducitions and Quotations from The Illustrated London News of August 19 1843 "Model Frigate, Grenwich" and "Daguerreotype Process at Mr Beards Establishment, Parliamnet Street Westminster"...'

'A New Air Sea Rescue Service: Lifeboats dropped by Parachute' Four scenes, photographs with article with reference Group Captain E. F. Waring, recently carried out in the North Sea

'Josiah White's House in Mount Holly' New Jersey

'Almery Garth in York Where John Woolman Died' of smallpox in 1772

'Mrs Janet Payne Whitney Author of Johbn Woolman Quaker'

'A Page From Woolmans Primer or First Book for Children' the quaker

The Sicilian Campaign - 'A Siebel Ferry, Transport Type As Used by The Germans in Their Sicilian Dunkirk'

The Sicilian Campaign - 'The Natives of Misterbianco Help Eithth Army Men by Pointing Out The Position of Mines Laid by The Retreating Army'

The Sicilian Campaign - 'German Prisoners Taken in the First Few Hours of a Dawn Attack'

The Sicilian Campaign - 'Water Sports for British Troops Under The Nose of the Enemy. The Raft was Made by RE Men from Discarded RAF Fuel Tanks'

The Sicilian Campaign - 'As The British Enter Bronte - A Military OPoliceman Directs Armoured Traffic in the Town'

The Sicilian Campaign - 'An American Soldier Returns to His Home Town in Sicily. corporal Di Marco of the US Seventh Army is Welcomed in Mezzojusto'

The Sicilian Campaign Panoramas of the Catania Plain - ' A Panoramic View of the Plains of Catania, Through the Mist Can Be Seen Mount Etna From Which Heavily Armed Axis Troops Stubbornly Opposed Our Entry'

The Sicilian Campaign Panoramas of the Catania Plain - 'The Marshalling Yard at Catania, After the Eitghth ARmy Launched its Big Offensive'

The Sicilian Campaign Panoramas of the Catania Plain - 'A Much Damaged Cement Factory Beside THe Doganate Aerodrome near Catania'

The Sicilian Campaign Panoramas of the Catania Plain - 'British Troops Pass "Dead Horse Corner" A Wel Known Road Junciton on the Catania Front'

The Sicilian Campaign Panoramas of the Catania Plain - 'A Street Scene in Caania After The Occupatio of the Town by Eighth Army Troops, Trams Stand Abandoned'

The Sicilian Campaign 'Sicilian Town of Centuripe Falls to Men of the 78th Division'

The Sicilian Campaign ' British Infantry Passing Through The Streets of Centuripe: The Town Fell after Two Days of Very Heavy Fighting'

The Sicilian Campaign ' Men of the Famous Irish Royal Inniskilling Fusilers Who Were Among The First to Enter Centuripe' view of the town from above

Men of the Royal Inniskillings on Duty in the Streets of Centuripe'

The Sicilian Campaign ' The Drive on Centuripe - A Soldier Receives a Drink of Water at the Regimental Aid Post'

The Sicilian Campaign ' Entering Cewnturipe: Men of the 78th Division eith Their Vehicles enter The MountainTown. Civilians, People, Watch With Interest'

The Sicilian Campaign ' British Bren Carriers Rumble Through Captured Centuripe'

The Sicilian Campaign 'Bringing Supplies into The Town by Bren Carriers, Not e the Narrowness of the Road whtich WInds up the Mountain' at Centuripe

The Sicilian Campaign 'British Infantry Follow a Bren Carrier Through one of the Narrow Streets of Centuripe, Debris Litters the Roadway'

'The Russian Offensive Gathers Momnentum: A Map Showing The German Advanc Line on Dec 6 Last and the Russian Winter Advance on April 6' - - - The Russian Offensive today: Map Indicating The Soviet Threat to Three Vital Cities Smolensk - Briansk and Poltava'

The Great Russian summer Offensive: Scenes as Orel is Retaken: 'A German Armoured Unit Leaving a Russian Village, wHich They Set on Fire Before Retreating' - - - Russians Are Again i Orel: Blazing German Tanks as The Red Army Advanced on The Town' - - - 'Free Orel! The Liberated Population Crowd Round Major General Abramoff, of the Red Army Command' - - - Orel After The Germans Left: Citizens Walk past The Former German HQ' - - - 'German Prisoners Taken in The Orel Area' - - - ;Orel Battlefield, A Devastated Forest on the Orel Front'

One of The Greatest VC Feats of the War: The Heroism of Captain Lord Lyell at Djebel Bou Arada - 'A Very Gallannt Deed: Captain Lord Lyell VC Charging Single Handed The Crew of an 88mm Gun, Where He Fell, After KillingSeveral of the Enemy and Silencing the Gun' A wonderful double page print of a drawing from "Our Special Artist Captain Bryan De Grineau' from a description given by a Scots Guards Officer wounded in the same action. The staples have gone rusty but can probably be removed. Still a wonderful drawing.

'A Reunin in Canada of the Netherlands Royal Family: The Latest Picture to Be Taken of Queen Wilhelmina, Princess Juliana, Prince Bernhard and Their Children'

'Mr Churchill Arrives in Canada: The Prime Minister with Mr Mackenzie King in the Background is Mrs Churchill'

'Viscount Swinton CH Minister Resident in West Africa'

Air Vice Marshal C. E. H. Medhurst appointed Commandant of the RAF Staff College'

'The First {eer to Win the VC in the Present War: Captain The Lord Lyell' he was only 29.

'Lieut. Colonel E. A. Ewart ' Boyd Cable

'Sq. Ldr. G. C. Barwell '

'The Princesses Dig for Victory at Windsor. Proud of their Tomatoes Grown on their Own Allotments' Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret

'Mme. Chiang Kai Shek Leans over Her Husband to See The Legion of Merit Medal Presented to The Generalissimo by Lieut. General Stilwell'

'The Badoglio Government Proclaimed Rome an Open City - An Aerial View Showing the Tiber and Some Principal Ancient and Modern Sites' sites numbered

'An Air View of Vatican City and Its Environs' inlcudes Vatican - Castle of S. Angelo etc

'Willy Lott's Cottage, Flatford Suffolk'

'Flatford Mill Which With Willy Lotts Cottage Has Been Purchased by the National Trust. The Property is in the Middle of the Constable Country'

'The USS Lafayette Formerly The Normandie Reaches the 55 Degree Ange at The Hudson River Pier as She Rights Herself during Salvage Operations' - - - 'Water Pours From the "Lafayette" During a Stage in Her Salvage Operations'

'Pontoon Building: A General View of a Pontoon Building Shop, Staffed Almost Entirely By Women'

'Preparing for a Raid Over Hamburg or other Enemy Cities - Heavy Bombs Stacked in a Bomb Bank for Future Delivery'

Precision Bombing 'A Cluster of More Than 100 Bomb Dropped in Formation by Flying Fortresses, Rains Down on Mouserrato Airfield, Near Cagliari in Sardinia'

Precision Bombing 'a Concentration of bombs Burst on and Around the Aimning Point During A Frotress Raid on an Aircraft Works at Meaulte '

Precision Bombing 'A Closeley Packed Cluster fo Bomb Butrsts During a Precision Attack by Fortresses on the Heinkel Factory at Chateau Bougon near Nantes '

Precision Bombing 'On the U Boat Basin At La Pallice on the French Coast'

Precision Bombing 'The Deadly Team Work of the Flying Fortresses: Massed Prcision Bombing and Defence Gunnery - 'Flying in a Tight Formation Designed to Give the Closest Cooperation in Attack and Defence, A Group of Fortresses Drops its Boms on the Target' Double page sketch by G. H. Davies with the Cooperation of the US VIIIth Army Air Force

'How German FW 190 Pilots Manoeuvre Against Flying Fortresses' Full page

'Typical of Tens of THousands of Their Comrades in the British Merchant Navy: The Officers and Crew of The Canadian Built " Fort Dease Lake " Stand Beside the Ship They Sail, With Courage and Endurance Through the U Boat Lanes' wonderful photo of all the crew with a table showing all of their job descriptions

A Selection of New Pictures By War Artists: Now on Exhibition At The National Gallery - 'Portsmouth After The Air Raids With HMS Revenge Sailing Out'- - - 'Making Templates for Gliders by John Armstrong' - - - 'Here Lived Edmund Burke by Clifford Ellis - - - 'Assembling a Hawker Hurricani by Miss E. D. Hewland' - - - 'Mrs Marian Patterson GM By Robert Sivell ' - - - ' 8am Parade, RAF - by Alan Sorrell- All on one page

A Selection of New Pictures By War Artists: Now on Exhibition At The National Gallery - 'Machine Tools for Russia by Charles Ginner - - - 'River Police: Incident in the Batttle of Britain by John Platt'- - - 'Model Makers Shop. Directorate of Camouflage, Naval Section by Frank Mason'- - - 'A Ships Boat at Sea by Richard Eurich '- - - 'Training Dummies by F. H. Coventry '- - - 'Leading Seaman A. Beale in Loading Chambers by William Dring' all on one page

'Bird of Paradise' - - 'Great Amazon Egret' - - - 'Penguins'

'That Scorched Earth Policy - Tube Investments Ltd Aston Birmingham' Advert

'Enos Fruit Salts' - - Ferodo Brake Linings' Picture of Policeman - - Church of England Waifs & Strays Society' Adverts

'Please Leave Horlicks for Those Who Need It Most' War advert

'The Schermuly Pistol Rocket Apparatus Limited Surrey' shows lifeboat shooting aopparatus, advert

'Greys Cigarettes - Greys Appeal for Prisoners of War' Nemo me impune lacessit. Shows a full page colour picture of a guardsman
Articles include (no images unless listed above) :-
'OUr Note Book by Arthur Bryant'

'A Great Man and A Great Quaker - John Woolman By Janet Whitney - An Appreciation by Sir John Squire '

'The Great World War: Germanys Reserve Strength by Cyril Falls'

'The World of Science by E. S. grew'

'Books of the Day by Charles E. Byles'

October 16th


Aerial Photography Methods of the US Army Air Forces - Cameras and Devices For Mapping and Reconnaissance

' Triple Cameras Mounted in the Nose of a Flying Fortress ..... and Record Wide Areas with the Metrogon System '

' The Vertical and Oblique Prins made By The Tri Metrogon Cqamera being Joined Together '

' Model Showing How Aircraft Flying a Straight Course Take SimultaneoslyOne Vertical And Two Oblique Views ,,,'

' Experts Study Two Types of Aerial Photographs - A Continuous Strip Recording '

' A Continuous Strip Recording with a Camera with no Shutter '

' When the Base for a Master Map is Being Prepared, A Web of Templates Set Out and Intersectiosn Indicate the Location of Prominent Landmarks ' two lady plotters

' A Head on View of the Nose of a Photographic Flying Fortress Showing the Photographer in the Bombardiers Position Controlling His Tri Metrogon Cameras '

' Five Cameras Loaded into the Nose of a P38 Fighter ..'

' A Tent Dark Room Inside a Photographic Bomber '

Double page


' His Majesty King George VI's Gift to Heroic Stalingrad - The Sword in its Scabbard '

' The Hilt of the Sword: In Wrought Silver with A Pommel of Crystal '

' The Royal Arms Cypher on the Scabbard and Covered with Lamb Skin '

' The Sword of Honour - A Two Handed Fighting Sword '

' Mr Edward Thompson The Author '

' Collaborating with the Allies - Marshal Badoglio Prime Minister of Italys Military Government '

' Marshal Badoglio with Lieut General Sir Noel Mason Macfarlane Head of Anglo US Military Mission '

' Marshal Badolgli and Lt Gen Sir Noel Mason Macfarlane Talking Together '


The War In Italy

' Naples - Sunken Axis Supply Ships Lying Bweside Bomb Wrecked Warehouses in th Harbour '

' Fallen Cranes and A Huge Supply Ship Literally Blasted Ashore at Naples '

' A General View of the Commercial Harbour Of Italys Third Greatest City Revealing a Scene of Utter Devastation '

' Wrecked and Capsized Enemy Vessels on the Waterfront at Naples '

' The Main Railway Station of Naples Under Water When The Germans Destroyed Water Mains Before Retreating '


' Operations in The Dodecanese - Symi North West Rhodes, In British Hands '


Scenes as the Fifth Army Entered Naples

' US Troops Entering Naples at 8am on Oct I '

' Outside Naples Municipal Buildings - A Car is Full of Garlands and is Watched by an Expectant Crowd ']

'[ Cheering Crowds, Who Welcome the Men of the Fifth Army '

' General Mark Clark GOC Fifth Army Attended by His Staff, Walks Grimly Through teh Neapolitan Streets '

' Naples, An Area of Gaping Ruins - An American Soldier on Patrol Gazes on What Were Apartment Houses Near the Waterfront '

' Civilians in their Desperation Seek Water From Broken Sewer Mains '

Full page


War in Italy - British And American Troops in Action with the Fifth Army inthe Drive from Salerno Towards Naples

' A Vickers Machine Gun Tea,m Covering Ground Overlooking Cava North West of Salerno '

' British Troops of the Fifth Army Seen Just After They Had Crossed a New Bridge Built by The Field Company of the RE '

' Italian Soldiers Assisting Allie dTroops in Firing on German Snipers at Castellamare Gulf of Naples '

' US Rangers Bring Mortar Fire to Bear on a Hill Held by the Enemy. The Rangers Had Been Landed North of Salerno ...'

' Jeeps Flanked by American Reinforcements on Foot Advancing Through a Shelled Street of Avellino Half Way between Salerno and Benevento '

' A Camouflaged Gun Stands Deserted Outside The door of a Restaurant as American Troops Enter a Square in Acerno a town in the Mountains near Salerno '

' The Italian Flag Flies Above a Rubble Strewn Street of Resina as The Miel Towns Inhabitants Watch The Arrival of Allied Transport Vehicles '

' US Ranger Force Scrambling up a Hillside '

' British Snipers Open Fire Through a Smashed Door Panel in a Farmhouse Near Camerelle '

Another British Soldier Int he Same Farmhouse Does Sniping Through A Window '

' A Patrol of British Troops with the Fifth Army, Entering the Village of Pugliano On the Heels of the Retreating Germans '

Double page


The War in Italy - The Fifth Army Hews its Way Towards Naples

' A British Anti Tank Gun Crew in Action Near Torre Annunziata near Vesuvius '

' Three War Correspondents Shortly Afterwards Killed, Watching German Prisoners at Scafati - They Were William Munday - Stewart Sale (hidden) - A. B. Austin '

' Self Propelled Bishops Moving Forward to Clean up Enemy Machine gun Nests Near Cava - A Cheerful Young British Soldier '

' A Bishop in Action Near Cava '

' German Mark IV's Destroyed by allied Mortar Fire at Vietri '

' A Long Column of Sherman Tanks Halted Before Entering Cava north West of Salerno While The Road is Being Swept for Mines '

Full page


' The War in Italy - Advance Over Mountain Fastnesses to Naples

' The Former Tobgacco Factory in Battipaglia ...'

' All That Is Left of Foggia 's Railway Station ...'

' British Troops Near Fortina Moving Through Mountainous Country ...'

' US Rangers The Ewuivalent of British Commandos Proceeding Warily Along a Mountain Path ...'

' An Advance Dressing Statiopn in the Hills Above Salerno ... '

Full page


' A Liberator Bomber Takes off at Dawn From an American Airfield in Britain ' a wonderful double page drawing in sepia style "Painted by Our Special Artist C. E. Turner With the Cooperation of the US Army Eighth Air Force"


Before The Attack: Tirpitz Lying at Anchorage in Alten Fiord (or Fjord )

' The German Battleship " Tirpitz " Safe at Her Anchorage in Alten Fiord Norway, 1000 Miles From the Nearest British Base ' a wonderful aerial photograph

' A Sketch Map Showing the Position of the 'Tirpitz on Sept 22 When She Was Attacked '

' A Close Up of the Damaged Battleship - Thick Oil Can Be Seen Covering the Vicinity of Her Anchorage anc Extending for Over Two Miles from Her Berth ' aerial photograph

' After Tje Attack - A General View of alten Fiord Showing the Position of the Tirpitz and Other Ships in the Fiord ' full page


War items from MAny Fronts: Land Sea and Air News

' TheItalian Battleship Vittoria Veneto with The 'Cruiser Duca D'Aosta and A Destroyer (in the Distance_ on Their Way to Alexandria '

' More Italian Ships Reach Malta - The Seaplane Carrieg Gieseppe Mairaglia With Submarines and a Destoryer Lying Alongside '

' Hospital Landing Craft - A British Naval Ambulance Launch. A Bow View Showing Patients on Board '

' The " Ameri-can The Petrol Can Used By American Forces and Made imn Britian - General John Lee Inspects the Can '

' The Eighth Army Frees Political Prisoners From a Large Fascist Concentration Camp: A Family of Anti Fascists Leaves The Camp ' at the small town of St Di Barraccano

' An ( RAF )Aeroplane Crashes on to a Cricket pavilion in Regents Park - Flames Riusing From the Damaged Building '

' General Eisenhower meets Marshal Badoglio: After the Conference on Board HM Battleship Nelson '


The Guns of an L.C. (F) - The Navys Landing Craft ( Flak ) '

' The Landing Craft ( Flak ) Tied up Alongside a Quay '

' Artillery Spotter with Wings: A British Army Auster Monoplane Takes Off ...'

' Fighting French Airmen Attack a Transformer Station near Paris - By Bostons of the Lorraine Squadron '

' Brindisi - The Italian Seaplane Base, Showing the Training Ships " Amerigo Vespucci " and " Christoforo Colombo "..'

' Knole Estate Sevenoaks for The Nation: Property of Lord Sackville to be Handed Over to The National Trust ...'


Personalities and Events of the Week

' The New Soviet Ambassador M. Feodor Gusev '

' Trebitsch Lincoln A Hungarian Jew, a Spy - Once Liberal MP for Darlington ..A Buddhist Monk ...'

' Cpount Carlo Sforza '

' Count Calvi Di Bergolo '

' General Mario Roatta '

' Field Marshal Smuts in London with Him is His Son Jacob Daniel Smuts '

'The Queen of Tonga - Queen Salote Tubou '

' Lord Meston died on October 7'

' Dr Garbett Archbishop of York, PHotographed with His Holiness The Patriarch Sergie in Moscow ' photograph shows TheMetropolitan Alexis of Leningrad - The Archbishop of York - The Patriarch Sergei - Metropolitan Nicolai of Kiev - The Archbishop of Gorki - The Rev F. H. House - The Rev H. M. Waddams - The Archbishop of Riazan and Dean Nicolai

' Vice Admiral Sir H. M. Burrough '

' Rear Admiral L. H. K. Hamilton '

' Lieut General Ira C. Eaker '

' Admiral of the Fleet Sir Andrew Cunningham '

' Major General H. B. Klopper of the South African 2nd Division '


' China's New President Generalissimo Chiang Kai-Shek Who Has Devoted Mor Than Thirty Years to th eTask of Uniting a Nation of 450,000,000 People and Leading it to Ultimate Freedom ' full page sepia style photograph

' Sporting Pictures By British Artist on Exhibition ' Full page

' The Forerunner of the Modern Destroyer: the First Torpedo Boats ' six photographs on a full page


' The Jubilee Year of the Destroyer: The Birth and Evolution of Her Design Over a Period of Fifty Years ' a wonderful double page showing the individual destroyers, their weights etc from 1893 till 1943 - Drawn by C. W. E. Richardson



' Original Photographs by Edweard Muybridge of his First Attempts to Portray the Movements of a Cantering Horse '

' The Kodatron Speen Lamp '

' A ~Remarkable Example of High Speed Photography ...'

' Caught by High Speed Photography: An Electric Lamp Bulb at Exact Moment of Fracture '

' GEC - Tanks Cant Run on Toasters ' advert telling of why toasters are temporarily unobtainable

' 7,500,000 Needles - Accles & Pollock Steel Tube Manipulators of Hypodermic needles ' advert

' Johnnie Walker Whisky ' full page colour advert


Also articles (no pictures unless listed above) including :
'Our Note Book by Arthuyr Bryant'

' A Great Problem Discussed "The Making of the Indian princes" by Edward Thompson - An Appreciation by Sir John Squire

The Great World War: The Allies in the Mediterranean by Cyril Falls

The World of Science - High Speed Photography by E. S. Grew

Books of the Day by Charles E. Byles

August 28th

' The King on the Bridge of the Flotilla Leader HMS Onslow ...'

' Th e King Inspecting the Sailors on HMS Belfast ...'

' On Board The Depot Ship HMS Tyne - The King Inspecting Detachments From Five Destrolyers '

' In The Engine Room - The King Watches a Petty Officer at The Controls ...'

' The Church Service in The Home Fleet Cinema Ashore - The King Attends and the Congregation includes a Detachment of WRENS ...'

' The King Leaving the Cheering Battleship Malaya Which He Servied On In the Last War '

' His Majesty - - Rear Admiral L. H. K. Hamilton - - Captain Frend on the Bridge of HM Cruiser Phoebe '

' The Royal Standard on Board The Godavari the Indian SLoop '

' The King on the Quarter Deck of "Duke of York" with Admiral Sir Bruce Fraser - The Crew Bids His Majesty Farewell '

Double page


A Full page of photographs showing Amphibious DUKW Lorries nicknamed The Ducks '

' Miss Hilda Roderick Ellis Author of The Road to Hel '

' Our Oldest Ironclad Ironclad As She Appeared in 1861 and An Impression of Her as a Depot Ship '


Personalities and Events of the Week

' Mr John Curtin of The Socialist Government of Australia '

' Brig. General Clayton Bissell of The US Air Force '

' M. Feodor Gusev former Soviet Appointed Ambassador to Great Britain '

' M. Andrei Gromyko Russian Ambassador to the US '

' M. Maxim Litvinov Ambassador '

' Sir William Irvine Lt Governor of Victoria Australia Dies ...'

' Dr W. L. Phelps Lit. D. the American Author and Critic dies aged 78...'

' Lance Corporal Kenneally The Latest VC of the Irish Guards '

' Sir Adrian Pollock dies aged 15 ...'

' Colonel General H. Jeschonnek The Luftwaffe Chief of Staff Dies Suddenly ...'

' Major Le patourel VC at Huntington in Yorkshire, Receives an Illuminated Address From Local Council Chairman Mr Macaulay ...'

' Mr R. C. S. Stevenson The Ambassador to Yugoslavia with King Peter at The Yugoslav Embassy London ...'

Full page


' Irish Guardsman Lance Corporal Kenneally Charging Single Handed Downhill, Firing His Bren Gun from the Hip and Btreaking up a German Formation ... At BouArada, wins the VC ...' a double page drawing from a sketch by "Our Special Artist Capt. Bryan de Grineau " depicting the scene at Bou Arada by an Officer who was present

' The Quebec Conference on The Terrace with the Hotel Chateau Frontenac in the Distance - President Roosevelt - - Mr Churchill - - mr Mackenzie King - - General Arnold US - - Air Chief Marshal Sir Charles Portal - - General Sir Alan Brooke - - Admiral King - - Field Marshal Sir John Dill - - General Marshal - - Admiral Sir Dudley Pound - Admiral Leahy '

' Map Showing Distances from the Operational Centre of England for Allied Bomber City Targets '


The Sicilian Campaign

' American Infantrymen Enter The Battle Scarred Town of Messina Before its Capture ...'

' Lieutenant General patton Rides Through Messina ...'

' The Devastation of the Wharves of MEssina by Allied Bombers ...'

' The Duce in Name Alone Looks Down on Messina - Letters on a Building Above the Town ...'

' The Citizens Coming Out of The Tunnel Shelter After Allied Bombing in Messina ...'

' Troops of the American 7th Army Pass Through Messina - A Badly Damaged Street ...'

Full page


The Sicilian Campagn - Scenes Prior to the Allied Conquest

' British Troops Entering Adrano '

' A British Regiment patrols the Streets of Captured Adrano West of Mount Etna ...'

' Sherman Tanks of the Royal Tank Regiment Advance Through the Centre of Acireale ...'

' Troops Passing Through Belpasso ...'

' Scene of Some Fierce Fighting - A Bulldozer Clearing Wreckage During the Advance on Catania ..'

' An Infantry Patrol Being Welcomed in the Streets by Crowds in Catania ...'

' A Bridge over The Diettano River Deliberately Damaged by the Enemy ...'

' A Great Welcome for British Troops in Fleri in the Allied Advance ' a photographs showing men women and children clapping the troops

' The Town of Bronte South West of Etna - Local People Returning Home ...'

' Eighth Army Troops Entering Paterno on August 5 '

' The Ruins of Paterno - The Eighth Army Passing Through '

' Double page in sepia style


' The American Flying Fortress "The Eagles Wrath" in Action During a Daylght Operation ' a wonderful double page drawn by "Our Special Artist C. E. Turner with The Cooperation of the 8th Army Air Force"

British and Canadians in the Capture of the Sicilian Key Town of Regalbuto

' Sappers Sweeping the Roads for Mines Before Traffic Enters the Town '

' A Bulldozer at Work in Regalbuto Repairing a Large Bomb Crater in the Road '

' A Canadian Sherman Tank En Route in teh Damaged Town '

' Thje Main Square of Regalbuto After its Capture - The Devon and Dorset Regiments '

' Interior of the Bombed Fascist HP After the British Infantry Assaults and Air Bombardments ...'

' A Front View of the Fascist Headquarters in the Main Square ...'

Full page Sepia style


The Former Fascist HQ in Catania

' One of the Large Assembly Rooms in the University ...'

' The Flag Room of the HQ With the Flag of Each Part in Place ...'

' Prioro to the Allied occupation How the Anti Fascist Rioters Dealt with A Portrait of Mussolini ..'

' Two Italian Prisoners and Former Fascists Rest in the Party HQ During the Round Ups of Prisoners ...'

' Fascist Propaganeda papers and Films Now Litter The Rooms at Catania HQ ..'

' The Party Flags Trampled Underfoot in the HQ '

Full page Sepia style


' ... Two B26 Marauder 's on their Way To Perform Daylight Operations over Targets on the Continent '

' The Oil Port of Balikpapau in Borneo ...'

' Kiska Harbour - The Last Stronghold Lost By The Japanese and Driven from the Aleutian Islands '

' Demolishing the Temporary Waterloo Bridge in London - Four Workmen with Pneumatic Drills '

' The Arch of Constantine Protected by Sanbags in Rome ...'

Full page


' Duck Shooting on The Kuban Front in S. Russia - Red Army Sharpshooters in Rubber Rafts in the Swamps Nivubg /through The Swamps Ready to Attack ...'

' A Detachment of Riflemen With Automatic Guns Dislodging ERmans From a Strong Point During the Battle of Kharkov ...'

' The Women of Orel Cheering Men of the Red Army as They March Through the Streets ...'

' A Mother And Her Children Seek Refuge While a Battle Takes Place ...'

' Soviet Anti Aircraft Gunners Examining A Luftwaffe Heinkel III ...'

Full page


Final Stages in Sicily

' Germans Loading Shells into a Six Barrel Gun '

' A Smoke Screen Across a Battlefront After Firing of one of the German Six Barrel Guns ...'

' The New German Six Barrel Gun - A Photograph Claimed to Have Been Taken on the Russian Front ...'

' Britains 5.5 Howitzer Gun - A Medium Regimnent of the Royal Artillery at a practice Shoot ...'

' The Calabrian Coast Looking Across the Straits of Messina ...'

' A View of Lipari Island Which With Stromboli Surrendered to US Naval Forces - It was a Prison for Anti Fascists ..'

Full page


' Superimposed on this Night Photograph of Muzzle Flames From Anti Aircraft Guns at Genoa are Dayight Reconnaissance Photogrtaphs of the Gun Positions Revealed by the Flashes ...'

' Night Photograph Taken During a Raid on Munich Shows a Blazing Gasholder ...'

' Terrific Flame from an Exploding 4000lb Bomb in Kiel ...'

Full page


Artists at Work - An Exhibition of Drawings and Paintings - Seven pictures including those of W. Parrott - J. C. Engleheart - M. Miel - Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema - J. F. Herring - J. Zoffany - Kirsch - Sir David Wilkie '

Full page


' TehSabre Toothed Tiger '

' The Manchurian or Siberian Tiger '

' Burmese or Malayan Tiger '

' A Pair of Bengal Tigers ...'


Poisonous Fungi - Types to Beware

' Amanita Phalloides - - Amanita Muscaria - - Amanita Pantherina - - Entoloma Sinuatum - - Entoloma Lividium - - Russula Emetica - - Russula Fellea - - Lactarius Torminosus - - Lactarius Rufus - - Lactarius Chrysoddheus - - Hebeloma Crustuliniforme - - Hypholoma Fasciculare ' a full page with descriptions of each mushroom or Fungi


Edible Fungi With Various Toadstools for Human Consumption

' Lepiota Procera The Parasol Mushroom - - Amanitopsis Fulva - - Lactarius Deliciosus Saffron Milk Cap - - Psalliota Arvensis Horse Mushroom - - Cantharellus Cibarius Chanterelle - - Boletus Edulis Cep - - Boletus Scaber - - Hydnum Repandum - - Sparassis Crispa - - Lycoperdon Giganteum Giant Puff Ball - - Morchella Esculenta Morel - - Helvella Crispa ' another full page with explanation for each mushroom or toadstool


' Their Majesties With princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret Walking Through a Partly Harvested Field of Barley at Sandringham ...'

Crittall windows When You Rebuild ..' advert

' That Plastic Age - B.I.P. British Industrial Plastics ' advert

' Steelwork by Wright Anderson Co Ltd of Gateshead on Tyne .. '

' Vitabuoy Products ' advert

' Kolster Brandes Ltd Radio and Television of Foots Cray Kent ' advert

' Votrix Vermouth ' advert

' Daimler Car ' a spitfire I think on a test flight, with an RAF officer, a workman and a Civilian next to the bonnet of a Daimler car - a wonderful full page colour advert

' KLG Plugs "Corundite"..' advert

Plus other adverts of the day

Also articles (no pictures unless listed above) including :
'Our Note Book by Arthuyr Bryant'

Ideas About the Fate of Man After Death - "The Road to Hel " by Hilda Roderick Ellis - An Appreciation by Sir John Squire

'The Great World War:Sicily and the Next Step by Cyril Falls

The World of Science - The Asiatic Tiger by E. S. Grew

Notes for the Novel Reader - Fiction of the Month - Reviews of books by K. John including " The Citadel " and " Spencer Brade MD " by Frank J. Slaughter - - - The Track by Arturo Barea - - - Oliver Wiswell by Kenneth Roberts - - - Hostages by Stefan Heyms or Heym - - - Colour Scheme by Ngaio Marsh

Books of the Day - Reactions to Aggression in Europe and America - Book Reviews by Charles E. Byles includes " The Nazi Octopus in South America " by Hugo Fernandez Artucio - - - " Appeasements Child " the Franco Regime in Spain by Thomas J. Hamilton - - - Meet the Americans by a Man in the Street - - - Russia at War by Ilya Ehrenburg - - - Hitler Divided France by G and W. Fortune


October 23rd


US Precision Bombing: The Focke Wulf Factory at Marienburg

' Fortresses Turning Homewards in Their Long Round Flight of 1800 Miles ' aerial view of the factory in smoke

' The Plant of Over 100 Acres - Taken During The Run up ' aerial photograph before the bombs fell

' Recorded By Reconnaissance - The Most Impressive Testimony To US Daylight precision Bombing Yet Published ' aerial showing the bomb craters after the raid

The article makes reference to 2nd Lieut Gordon H. Wharton


A British Admiralty Chart or Map Showing The Azores with Inset Photographs Bearing on the Anglo Portuguese Arrangement - titled " An Ocean Outpost - Bases in the Azores for Britain Due to a Pact Made By Edward III "

' The Town of Fayal on the Sout Eastern Shore of the Island of Sao Miguel Azores '

' A Birds Eye View of Santa Cruz on the Eastern Side of the Island of Flores, Azores '

' A view of the Town and Harbour of Horta on the Island of Fayal '

' The Port of Ponta Delgada on Sal Miguel Island: A Suitable Base for Certain Classes of Warship '

' The Island of Pico, As Seen from That of Fayal ' view of the volcano

' A MP of the Atlantic Ocean Showing the Position of the Azores ...'

' Representing the Foreign Secretry During the Negotiations in Lisbon: Sir Ronald Campbell '

' Dr Salazar Portuguese prime Minister '

The chart showing the islands of Corvo - Flores Graciosa - Terceira - San Joprge - Fayal - Pico - San Miguel - Formigas and Dollabarat - Sta Maria

Wonderful Double page


' Professor Sir Geoffrey callender Who Edited "Sea Passages" ..'

' The Home Fleets Norway Raid - Rear Admiral R. L. Burnett Joins with Crew of HMS Belfast in Cheering the US Carrier '


The French Recovery of Corsica - Landing Scenes and Bastia 's Fall

' Fighting Goumiers, North African Native Troops, March Through Ajaccio on the Miel Landing of a French Army in Corsica on September 20 '

' Germans Fleeing From Bastia, When Cornered, Destroyed Their Military Equipment Wholesale Before Abandoning Corsica '

' US Liberator of the North West African Air Force Bombing Bastia, The German Stronhold ...'

' French Troops, Heavily Equipped, Land At Ajaccio From a French Destroyer '

' A Close Up of Fighting Goumiers Moving Up the Teghime Mountain Pass ..'

Full page


Italian Scrapbook: Scenes of General Interest

' The Volturno river - British Troops of th eFifth Army Bring German Prisoners Back Across the River for Interrogation '

' The Volturno River - British Troops Remove Tank Obstacles From the Road ...'

' Thousands of Enemy Parachute Containers Were Abandoned on One of Foggia's Airfields ant eh Italian peasants Carried Of the Silk Umbrellas for Clothes '

' A Sovoia Bomber as a Background for the Altar Used in an RAF Church Service in Ital - A Fiddler Plays Hymn Tunes '

' Allied Troops Enter Capua, Town on the Volturno River ...'

' King Victor Emmanuel of Italy Decorates Archbishop Francesco Petrenelli with The Silver Medal of Merit for offering His Life for 250 Hostages in German Hands '

' Awaiting the Chance to Return to Their Homes, Anxious Refugees Who Had Fled to the Mountains Study the Plain of Naples, Spread Below, as The Germans Retreat Beford Allied Assualts ' wonderful full page view of the " Foothills Around Vesuvius "


Various Scenes in and Around Naples

' The First Allied convoy Enters Naples Harbour ... '

' A Steel And Concrete Building Stripped to Its Girders ' dockside

' A Crumpled Gantry Crane in a Water Filled Crater at the Quayside ..'

' An Undamaged Naples Street ...'

' Men of the RAF Styudy the Effects of Their Bombers ona Capsized Merchant Ship ..'

' Anti Aircraft Gunners Breakfast on the Wing of a Wrecked Dornier Bomber on Capodichino Airfield near naples ..'

' An Air Raid Shelter of unusual Shape and of Solid Concrete .... In the Harbour Area '

' The Neapolitan First Problem - Water, A Scramble for Supplies at One of the Few Places ..'

' An Incident in the City: A German Sniper Caught By Civilians and Now Being Searched '

' Wrecked Buildings Beside a Bomb Damaged Railroad Track at Macato Itico, Naples - Every House Here is More or Less Gutted '

' The Vestiges of What Had Been Not Long Since Commercial Buildings on the Naples Waterfront ..'

' Not an Italian Peasant But Lieut Douglas Neilson of Minneapolis - Shot Down Over Enemy Lines, He Disguised Himself and Escaped '

Double page


Friends in Action: Danes Rescue patriots and Overturn a Prison Van

' Having Stopped a Van on its Way to Gaol and Rescued patriot Prisoners .....'

' ..... Citizens of Odense Ignoring a Policeman, Give a Concerted Heave .....'

....And Succeed in Overturning The Van, While a Crowd Gathers in the Distance, and Other Policemen run Towards Them '

' TYhe Demonstrators Disperse Quickly But One of them Has Been Seized....'

'....By The Original Policeman, Who Grips Him While Reinforcements Arrive '

Full page


' Water Sprays Operating to Provide a Cooling Screen Over one of the New Steel Lifeboats Designed for Oil Tankers ..'

' Within This Raging Inferno of flames is One of the New Steel Lifeboats Under Test '

' The Occupants of the Lifeboat Emergin, Unpreturbed, After Their Ordeal by Fire, The Asbestos Canopy, Which Covers the Cockpit, Has Been Slid Back '


The Schweinfurt Factory Raid

' Bomb Bursts Coverg th eFour Main Factories producing Ball Bearing and Aircraft components at Schweinfurt - Kugelfischer Werke - VKF Werke No. 11 - WKP Werke No 1 - Fichtes and Sachs '

' The Factory Area With in the City of Schwinfurt Covered With a pall of Smoke from Fires and Bursting Bombs ..'


' One of the Green Conical Floats Used by the Enemy to Prevent Minesweeping and About Which the Admiralty Have Issued a Warning Notice '


' A Spacious Hangar in HMS INdomitable With A Seafire Fighter, An Albacore, Torpedo, and Bomber planes Ready at a Moments Notice to Be Raised to the Flight Deck ' a wonderful double page sketch "Drawn by Our Special Artist C. E. Turner"


Map ' Bridgeheads Over the Dnieper '

' The Advance in Italy: A Map Showing the Approximate Front on october 18. From Campobasso, The Eighth Army Were Nearing Isernia and the Germans Preparing to Withdraw From the Volturno '


Captured War Trophies on Exhibition in Moscow

' A focke Wulf 200 '

' A 75mm Gun Carrier '

' An 88mm Anti Aircraft Gun, Sound Detector etc '

' A Quadrupled Anti Aircraft Installation Captured '

' A Heavy 105mm Anti Aircraft Gun with the Shells it 'Fires in the Foreground '

' Mobile Armourdd Machine Gun Posts Captured Near Staritza '

' Three 211mm Howitzers at the Moscow Exhibition '


The Great Soviet Summer Offensive of 1943

' Red Army Tanks Take up Battle Positions '

' Closing in on Kharkov A Red Army Gun in Action ...'

' Types of German Prisoners Taken During the Summer Offensive ...'

' Sappers of the Red Army: An Enemy machine Gun Post Which They Captured as They Cleared the Way for the Great Soviet Offensive '

' Red Army Sappers under Cover of Artillery Fire, Clear Mines from a Section of the German Defences ...'

' Lida Gagarina The Distinguished Stretcher Bearer and Decorated with TheFor Valour Medal, Checks the Contents of a Tanks Medicine Chest in the Front Line '

' The Commander of the Tank Unit Issues His Orders '

' Soviet Naval Airman Captain Dmitriev Decorated with the Order of Lenin, Has Brought down a Number of Planes..' photograph of the airman standing next to his plane

' Soviet Decorations and Medals ...'

' Advancing on the Leningrad Front Red Army Troops and Tanks Go into Action at the Northern End of the Russian Front Line ..'

' Submarine Commander Hero of the Soviet Union, Captain I. Fissanovich ...'

Double page


Personalities and Events of the Week

' The Boys Brigade Juibilee: The King Accompanied by the Queen and Princess Elizabeth, Inspects the Boys at Windsor Castle '

' Her Majesty the Queen Takes the Salute at the Fifth Birthday Parade of the ATS of which 200 Women Took Part..'

' Sir Thomas Artemus Jones County Judge for N Wales Dies '

' Lord Suirdale '

' Prof. W. M. Tattersall died Oct 5 ..'

' Wanted Dead or Alive - 1000,000 German Marks for the Capture of General Mihailovich and General Tito ' copy of a poster

' The Queen of th eNetherlands Receives an Honorary Degree at Oxford University '

' Lieutenant John Winant Son of the US Ambassador to London, Is Missing ' photograph of the young man in uniform

' Sir Michael Sadler Past Master of University College Oxford died October 14 '

' Sir Guy Granet GBE Director of The Times Publishing Company died October 11 '

' Lord Wavell Now in India, Leaves To Take Up His Appointment as Viceroy - With Him Are Lady Wavell and Miss Felicity Wavell '


Underwater Pioneers: early Ancestors of Our Midget Submarines - Some Seventeenth to Twentieth Century Designs ' showing De Sons Submarine 1653 - - - Bushnells Turtle 1776 - - - Fultons Three Man Nautilus 1801- - - Holland's One Man Submarine 1875 - - - Lake's Argonaut Junior 1895 - - - Templo's Aquapede 1896 - - - Russian Three Man Submarine 1904 - - - Two Man and One Man Power Diven Submarines Invented and Patented by R. H. Davis in 1915

A wonderful full page in sepia style "Drawn by Our Special Artist G. H. Davis"



A Piece of Ground Thickly Covered with the White Dead Nettle and The Taller Stinging Nettle '

' Groundsel A Weed Common to Most Gardens ..'

' The Sow Thistle '

' The Large Type Bindweed Growing on a Holly Bush '


' Pictures by British Artists From Hogarth to Crome - - Rochester Castle and Bridge by Francis Wheatley RA - - - The Rainbow by P. J. De Loughebourg RA - - - British Men of War in a Calm by L. D. Man - - - The Brothers Clarke of Swakeleys Taking Wind by Gawen Hamilton - - - Captain Joseph Sabine by William Hogarth Recently Discovered - - - Heath Scene: Sun After Storm by John Crome Lost for Many Years and Recently Discovered ' Full page


Dilbert The Vacuos Fool of a Series of Cartoons Which Take the Dullness of of "Dont's"in the Training of US NAvy Airman - They Call Operational Errors " Dillies " hence Dilbert - Dilbert is the Creation of Richard Osborn a Navy Lieutenant

Thirteen cartoons on a double page in sepia style - A wonderful page


' A Species of the Australian Jerboa Pouched Mouse Antechinomys Spenceri '

' Antechinomys Laniger - Jerboa '

' Schweppes Table Waters ' advert

' Haig Whisky ' advert

' Please Leave Horlicks for Those Who Need it Most ' Advert

' Greys Cigarettes ' a wonderful full page colour advert showing a member of the 2nd Dragoons Royal Scots Greys - a picture by A. L. Grace - Back Dust Cover

' White Horse Whisky ' full page colour advert on front inside dustcover

Plus other adverts of the day


Also articles (no pictures unless listed above) including :
'Our Note Book by Arthuyr Bryant'

' A Naval Anthology. " Sea Passages " Edited by Geoffrey Callender - An Appreciation by Sir John Squire

The Great World War: Bridgeheads Over The Dnieper by Cyril Falls

The World of Science - The Liquidation of Weeds - Column by E. S. Grew

Books of the Day by Charles E. Byles

November 13th


Life on Board a British Troopship During the Long Trip Home

' Life On Board a British Troopship: The Grand National Race Meeting - A Large and Enthusiastic Crowd Follows the Fortunes of the Various Horses on Board The Troop Ship ' the race course chalked out on the deck of the ship and the "horses" in various positions - A full page sepia style photograph of the crowded deck

' An Open Air Concert Party Put on by The Boys, Draws a Large And Appreciative Audience ..'

' Horses and Jockeys ar Lined Up for the Start of the Grand National '

' Corporal Harcourt Returning Home after Seven and a Half Years in India, Spends His Leisure Moments Knitting a Jumper for His Fiancee '

' Crossing The Line: A Ceremony Which is Rarely Omitted Whenever British Servicemen - Not To Mention Civilians - Cross The Equator ' - there are two ladies in this picture (real ones)

' A Serious Game Occupies These Two Infantrymen on Board the Troopship: A Chess Duel Carefully Watched by an Onlooker '

' Two British Soldiers, Barbers in Civil Life, Carry on Their Trade on Board Ship, a Haircut Costs Each man Twopence '

' The Officer Commaning Troops, Wing Commander Hornsby Smith and Ships Officers Take Time Off for a Game of Deck Croquet '

' Boxing Matches Are Always Popular: A Tournament in Progress in a Built Up Ring '

' A Trooper Passes Away His Time Making Wool Rugs for His Home ..'

Another wonderful double page in sepia style


' Mr Jack Belden Author of " Retreat With Stilwell "..'

' The National Gallery Picture of the Month: Christina of Denmark Duchess of Milan by Holbein '


The Fleet Air Arms Splendid Work

' The Last Word in Aircraft Carriers - Indomitable and Eagle on Convoy Duty to Malta with a Swordfish (aeroplane) Taking off From Indomitable '

' Escort Carriers at Work: The Carriers Avenger (Lost in the Algerian Operations ) and " Biter " in Stormy Weather - Note the Fighters on Their Flight Decks '


Map ' The Bombing Area of Germany and Her Satellites With Foggia Air Base The Focus Point '

' General Alexander, in Command of Allied Forces in Italy, Discussed His Plan of Campaign with Members of the Press ' nine photographs on a full page


From the Italian War Fronts

' Political Prisoners of the Fascist Regime Are Released By the Allied Military Government: The Appalling conditions Under Which They Lived Are Shown Here '

' American Soldiers Repair Naples Public Utilities Destroyed By The Germans - Troops Working on Water and Gas Mains '

' A German Mine, Planted in a Naples Post Office, Explodes, Causing Considerable Casualties Among Civilians '

' The Heavy Barrage Laid Down by the Allies Prior to the Capture of Sessa Arunca '

' Supplies Carried Over 2000 ft up to a Fifth Army unit in the Hills Near Rochetta '

' British Infantrymen Loading Up With Two Gallon Water Cans by the Village Pump at Fontella for The Trek up the Mountain '

' British 17 Pounder Anti Tank Guns in Action in A Narrow Street of Scafati '

' Capture of a Village NW of Capua - After Two days of Artillery, British Troops Enter Sparanise '

' After The Capture of Termoli - General Montgomery Inspects the Royal Marine Commando Troops Who, With Members of the Special Air Service, Carried Out The Daring Amphibious OPeration in The Taking of Termoli '


Hardships Faced and Conquered By Australian Soldiers in New Guinea

' An Australian Outpost in New Guinea Jungle '

' A "Flying Fox" One of Many Devices of Australian Engineers to Solve Problem of Getting Supplies to Troops in Forward Areas '

' One Type of Log SuspendedBridge by Means of Which Australian Tropps are Crossing a Jungle River '

' Troops Ploughing Their Way Through Thick Mud '

' A Forward Observation Post in New Guinea ...'

' Australian Troops Advancing Through Jungle ...'

' An Australian Patrol Moving Forward for An Assault on a Japanese Position in the Jungle - The Troops are Wearing Miel Canvas Gaiters, Protection Against Mosquitoes, and Brown Slouch Hats '

' The Pony Express Makin its Way Through Almost Impassable Jungle ..'

' Wounded Australians Receiving First Aid Treatment Before Transfer To Dressing Stations - Near Jap Positions '

' Australians Manhandling Dismantled 25 Pounder Guns in the Heart of the Jungle ..'

' A 25 Pounder Barrel in Transit - The Australians Worked Like Slaves Under Dreadful Conditions ...'

Double page


' The De Havilland All Wooden Mosquito, The Fastest Aeroplane in the World ' a striking double page showing the aeroplane in flight "Painted by Our pecial Artist C. E. Turner " in canvas style


Propellers for Britians Warplanes

' A Profile Copying Cutter Machining a Blade From an Aluminium Alloy Forging ... ' from a drawing by Terence Cuneo

' The Edge Milling Process, Fixed Rotary Cutters Mill the Leading and Trailing Edges of the Blade, Faithfully Reproducing the Plan Form ...' from a sketch by Terence Cuneo

' A Multiple Boring Machine at Work on Variable Pitch Propellers - Simultaneosly Boring Five Blades, this Costley Machine Releases Ten Men for Other SKilled Work ' a full page drawn by Terence Cuneo the Famous British Artist 1907-1996

' On Their Way Home: Repatriated Prisoners, German and British, Pass Each Other on the Docks at Barcelona '

' The Italian Submarine " Ammiraglio Cagni " Flying the Glack Flag of Surrender, Arrives in Durban Harbour After 83 Days at Sea '

' Britians Latest Tank Killer The 17 Pounder Gun Kicks up Sand in the Desert, In action Against the Enemy '


The End of a Japanese River Convoy

' A Bombers View of Japanese Power Launches Towing 200ft long "Flats" Laden With Supplies, Up The Irrawaddy River in Burma ..'

' Quick Action has Scored a Direct Hit on one of the Towing Craft, With Other Bombs Plunging Towards Their Target - Precision Bombing in Burma '

' The Plunging Bombs Have Reached Their Destinations: Smoke Rises From Three Freight Carriers ...'


People in the Public Eye

' Captain C. P. Clarke - The Man Behind The Anti U Boat Campaign ..'

' Air Commodore D. C. T. Bennett Commanding The pathfinder Force ..'

' Air Commodore W. Helmore MP - First to Experiment with Searchlights in Aircraft for Night Operations ..'

' General Carl Spaatz IC Mediterranean Air Force ..'

' Lt. Gen. Herbert Lumsden '

' Lt. Gen. Carton De Wiart '

' The Italian Marshal Badoglio Arrinving on the Airfield in Naples '

' The Three Power Conferenc in Session at Moscow, Where complete Accord Was Reached - M. Molotov - Marshal K. E. Voroshilov - Lt Gen. Sir Hastings Ismay - Sir Archibald Clark Kerr - Mr Anthony Eden - Mr William Strang - Major Gen. John R. Deane - Mr James Dunn (not visible) - Mr Averell Harriman - Mr Cordell Hull - Mr Green Hackworth - M. Litvinov - M. A. Y. Vyshinski '

' The Regent of Iraq Emir Abdul Illah Arrived in England Recently In Order To Study us at War ' also in the photograph is the Duke of Gloucester

' Flight Sergeant A. L. Aaron VC Posthumousley Awarded '

' General Vatutin '


Scenes From the Russian Front

' Thousands of Citizens Who Had Been In Hiding Returning to Their Homes, They Are Smilin, Despite Their Sufferings '

' A German Pontoon Ferry Crossing The Dnieper With Supplies '

' Smolensk an Enemy Base Was Stormed by the Russians ..'

' A Radio Picture From an Enemy Source Shows Their Troops and Equipment Crossing The Kerch Straits into the Crimea - The Ferry Admit the Germans Made 2000 Trips '

' A View of Kiev Looking Towards The Modern Industrial City - A Favourite Vantage Point for Visitor in Pr War Days '

' A Panoramic View of Modern Kiev With the Mile Wide Dnieper in the Distance '

' The Dnieper at Kiev, Showing a Residential Suburb Set Amid Trees and Beyond The Flat Marshy Land By Which RThe Russian Troops advanced '

' German Supply Difficulties in Russia - Have to Rope Walk along Narrow Wooden Rails Through Swampy Areas with Supplies ..'

' More Supply Difficulties - ~Slush and Thick Mud Beset Transport ...'

' The Enemy in Retreat, Congestion Occur on the Roads and The Surface is Churned Up ..'

' A German Sob Story - This Enemy Photograph Affects to Describe How "Kind" German Soldiers are Assisting Russian Refugees Who "Joined" Them in A Retreat '

Double page


The Perekop Isthmus Gateway To The Crimea - The Tartar Dyke

' At Low Tide Infantry Can Traverse The Isthmus of Perekop Along The Beach ...'

Troops crossing the Isthmus

' A German Impression of the Ancient Tartar Dyke, Gateway to the Crimea ' from a drawing by a german war artist signed but unable to make out <>p> ' An Aerial View of the Tartar Dyke ( Perekop ) For Centuries th Bastion of The Crimea Tartars - the Dyke is Indicated by Arrows '


Great Portraits by Old Masters from the J.P. Morgan Collection - Four portraits

' One of the Most Importan Art Sales Ever Held in the United States - Paintings From The Morgan Collection ' double page showing fifteen paintings

' A drawing of The Fresco on the Wall of Nefermati's Tomb at Meidum - A Grey Lag Goose with a Pair of White Fronted Geese and Two Red Fronted Geese Survbeying a Grey Lag Goose ' not colour

' A Group Consisting of a Grey Lag, A Red Fronted and a Lesser White Fronted Goose ' from drawings by W. H. Riddell

' The 'Matriarch: The Grey Lag Goose Now Only Breeds in the Hebrides and NW Scotland ...'

' The Fragrant Weed - Tobacco Smoking ' an advert for ICI

' Accles and Pollock Steel Tube Manipulators ' Advert showing an army of hypodermic needles

' Black and White Scotch Whisky ' advert showing two highland terriers black and white

' Its Pukka Gen - Four Square Cigarettes ' advert

' Harris Tweed ' - a man operating a loom - Advert inside front dust cover

' Daimler Goes to War - Victory Parade Tunis, May 20 1943 ' a wonderful full page colour print showing a tank squadron outside the city walls - advert

Plus other adverts of the day
Also articles (no pictures unless listed above) including :
'Our Note Book by Arthuyr Bryant'

' the Story of the Burma Campaign - Retreat With Stilwell by Jack Belden - An Appreciation by Sir John Squire

The Great World War: Our Stiff Struggle in Italy by Cyril Falls

The World of Science - The Antiquity of the Goose - Column by E. S. Grew

Books of the Day by Charles E. Byles

November 20th

' A Front View of the Hercules Power Egg '

' Ilst The Back Plate of the Engine, Plugs in to The Aircraft, Forming a Fireproof Bulkhead '

' Devastation in the Centre of Kassel After a Heavy Night Attack By Bomber Command in October ' Full page aerial photograph with reference to what was actually bombed including Werk I of Henschel u. Sophn - Federstahl and Co - Karl Gleissner Sieve and Riddle Makers - Seeger and Co Precision Instrument Makers - Beck and Henkel AG and more

Special Equipment For Britains Airborne Troops, Lightweight Designs for Parachute Invasions - ' An Airborne Soldier Lifts a Collapsible Motor Scooter From the Container in Which It Parachuted Down, WHile ANother Man Rides One Nearby '

' A Close View of the Collapsible Motor Scooter Ready For Use '

' A Portable Man Pack Wireless Pack as Worn by Certain Classes of Airborne Troops '

' The Special Bicycle Shown Ready For Use '

' The Folding Bicycle Which Forems part of Special Equipment Designed for Our Airborne Troops '

' A German FW 190 Carrying a Rocket Under Each Wing - Hitlers Latest "Secret Weapon" As Seen From the Sights of a US P47 Over Holland '

' The Same FW 190 a Moment Later aftera 50 Calibre Machine Gun Bullet has Hit and Exploded its Right Rocket '

' The Great Ex French Liner Normandie Now THe US Lafayette, Second Largest Luxury Liner in the World, Refloated in New York HArbour, In The Background Stand New Yorks Skyscrapers '

' A bren Gun Carrier Undergoing THe Water Proofing Test Before Being Passed Out From the Factory '

' General De Gaulle Now Sole President of the French Provisional Consultative Assembly, Addressing the Members on Nov 9 at Algiers '

' An American Aero Laboratory: A Plastic "Man" As a Male Mannequin, Fitted with Flying JAckets, Adaptable for Varying Physiques '

' Russia's Regained Territory From February 3 to November 15 With A Map of Great Britain Superimposed on the Same Scale '

The Crisis in Lebanon with Leading Figures Miel and Topographical Pictures - ' General Catroux with General Sir Henry Maitland Wlison and Lieut General Laverack on the Balcony of Governmetn House Beirut When Allied Troops Entered in 1941 '

' M. Riad El Solh Prime Minister of Lebanon Arrested on the Orders of M. Helleu '

' General E. L. Spears the British Minister Who Protested To the French on M. Helleu's Action '

' M. Emile Edde Called Upon by M. Helleu to Carry on the Administration of Lebanon '

' A General View of Beirut, Seat of the Lebanese Government '

' A French Map of Lebanon in Syria, With Surrounding Countries '

' The Great Welcome Given to British Troops Who Marched into Beirut '

' M. Bichara El Khoury, The Lebanese President to Whom King Farouk Sent a Message of Sympathy '

' In Liberated Kiev - Burning Houses Set Ablaze by The Retreating Germans '

' Houses in the Suburbs of Kiev Liberated by the Red Army on November 6 '

' Soviet Tanks Passing Through Kreshchatik Street Kiev. Kiev is the Capital of the Ukraine '

' german Vengeance Does Not Even Spare Sacred Buildings, The Ruins of Pechersk Abbey '

' A View of Kiev From the East Bank of the River Knieper ' ' Men of the Fifth Army Coming Down A Hillside Above Teano

' One Soldier Aims the Bazooka while Another Loads the Rocket Projectile '

' RASC Troops Salvaging The Track of a Knocked Out German Tank '

' A View of the Harbour at Termoli, Taken From the Ancient Watch Tower '

' One Of The British Monitors Which Have Played a Great Part in the Allied Drive in the Mediterranean HMS Roberts '

' The Grave in the Military Cemetery at Mersa Matruh of The Newcastle VC Private Adam Herbert Wakenshaw of the Durham Light Infantry '

' 51st Highland Division Presents the First Italian Gun Captured in the Sicilian Campaign to the People of Valetta '

' Huge Clouds of Smoke Cover The Wiener Neustadt Aircraft Works Near Vienna After The Successful Raid By US Liberators ' Flying Fortresses of the Eighth Air Force Penetrating Deep Over Enemy Occupied Territory '

' A Nazi Objective: Rescue Workers Search Among The Debris of a Bombed Dance Hall and Milk Bar in the London Area '

' A General View Showing Debris Being Cleared From the Bombed Dance Hall and Milk Bar Where Many People Were Killed '

' THe British Legion Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall '

' The Queen Mary Ship, The Most Famous of all British Transatlantic Liners, Carries allied Troops to the Battlefronts

' Royalty at the British Legion Festival - The Regent of Iraq is on the Queens Left and The New Governor General of Australia, The Duke of Gloucester, The Duchess of Gloucester and The Duchess of Kent '

' Lord Mayors Day: The Pikemans Guard of Honour, With Sir Frank Newson-Smith '

' Colonel J. J. Llewellin New Minister of Food '

' Capt Stuart Minto Russell MP for the Darwen Division Has Died on Active Service in Sicily age 34 '

' The Viceroy and Lady Wavell at a Free Kitchen in Calcutta (in the Rotary Clubs KIitchen ) Where they Saw Famine Stricken Children Eating a Hearty Mea - Lady Wavell - Mr E. M. Jenkins - Sir Thomas Rutherford - Lord Wavell - Mr J. K. Biswas '

' Lord Woolton Minister of Reconstruction '

' Sir George Thomson Appointed Scientific Adviser to the Air Ministry '

' Armistice Day at The Cenotaph - Admiral Sir Andrew Cunningham Places a Wreath '

' Brig. Harvie Watt, Parly. Private Secretary To the Prime Minister by Maurice Codner RP '

' F.O Pamela Barton Former Womens Famous Golf Champion, is Killed in an Air Crash '

' Hitler and His Party Leaders in the Munich Beer Cellar on November: Listening to an Address of welcome from Party Leader Geisler '

' Marshal stalin's Anniversary Speech to the Peoples of Soviet Russia with M. Kalinin '

' A View of Leros The Dodecanese Island on Which a Bitter Struggle Raged Between The Defenders and Invading German Forces '

' An Admiralty Chart of the Island of Leros Marking The Position of Sta. Marina ( Leros Town ) '

' A General View of the Principal Town and Port of Leros, Santa Marina or Leros on the East Coast of the Island Held by Our Forces on November 15 '

' Port Laki a Deep Bay on the Western Side of the Southern Half of the Island of Leros '

The BBC Comes of Age, Some Early Memories of Broadcasting - 'Bedtime Fairy Stories from a Trumpet Shaped Loudspeaker, one of the Earliest BBC Features ' - - - ' The Uncles of Innumerable Nieces and Nephews - Captain C. A. Lewis asUncle Caractacus - Mr Arthur Burrows as Uncle Arthur - Mr Stanton Jefferies as Uncle Jeff

' The BBC's First Studio Specially Constructed For Broadcasting: A Scene at No. 2 Savoy Hill, in 1923, Showing THe Performer, Accompanist, Announcer, The Controller Behind a Sound Proof Window, The Microphone Cabinet and Blanketed Walls to {revent Transmission Being Impaired by Echoes ' - - - ' Hospital Patients Listening to Broadcast Entertainment in 1923 ' - - - 'The Late Lord Curzon Speaking by Radio Telephony in 1923 From His Private House to a Vast Audienc in Their Own Homes '

' AN Interesting Holbein Exhibition at the Victoria And Albert ' Full page

' Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough From the Painting by Sir Godfrey Kneller '

' Diana Duchess of Bedford From the Painting Attributed to Thomas Hudson '

' Miss Gladys Scott Thomson Who Edited "Letters of a Grandmother"...'

' A Pedigree Showing The Common Descent of George Washington and Winston Spencer Churchill ' Wonderful full page entitled "Key Pedigree Shewing the common descent from Robert Kytson of George Washington and Winston Spencer Churchill"

' Digitalis Lanata, The New Drug Digoxin is Prepared ' - - - ' The Trunk of the Horse Chestnut Tree From Which Aesculin is Prepared ' - - - A Seedling of the Cinchona Tree, the Producer of Quinine '

' Firth Brown Special Alloy Steels ' advert

' Greys Cigarettes ' full page colour advert

' White Horse Whisky ' Full page colour advert '
Also articles (no pictures unless listed above) including :
Our Note Book by Arthuyr Bryant

The Great World War: Russia's Winter Offensive by Cyril Falls

Letters of a Grandmother Edited by Gladys Scott Thomson An Appreciation By Sir John Squire

The World of Science - Drugs in Wartime by E. S. Grew

Books of the Day - By Sea, Air And land: The Fighting Services in Wartime by Charles E. Byles



December 11th

'Avila, in The Province of Old Castile, The Birthplace of St Teresa, The Great Mystic and Ptron Saint of Spain'

'Les Buissonnets, Lisieux, Home of St Therese From The Age of About Five Until Her prise D'Habit at The Age of Sixteen'

'Toledo in a Storm by El Greco

'The Hon. V. Sackville-West, Author of the Eagle and The Dove, Book Reviewes on this Page '

Personalities and Events of the Week: People in the Public Eye - 'the Rev A. G. partridge MBE' - - 'The Archbishop of Nova Scotia Most Rev John Hackenley' = = 'His Honour Sir Edward parry' - - 'Mrs A. P. Dashwood, E. M. Delafield' - - 'Mr Lowell Bennett, American Journalist, reported missing' - - 'Captain Richard Allen'

'Mr Churchill visits The Dockyard Area of Malta: The Premier Touring the George Cross Island with the Governor F. - M. Viscount Gord '

'The Premier on his Way to North Africa for His Meeting With Mr Roosevelt: A Group on the Quarter deck' shows Section Officer Mrs Oliver WAAFR, formerly Miss Sarah Churchill - Mr churchill - Major Desmond Morton - Sir Andrew Cunningham - Lord Moran

'Mr Churchill and Madame Chiang Kai-Shek '

'Returning a Visit paid to China Last Year by British parliamentarians: The Chinese Goodwill Mission to Britain' Dr Wang Shih Chieh - Mr Wang Yun Wu - Mr Hu Lin - Mr Han Li Wu - Dr Wen Yuan Ning and Dr Li Wei Kuo

'Mr Churchills Personal Representative With General Chiang Kai Shek: General Carton De Wiart VC '

'One of the Four Great World Leaders: Mr Winston Churchill ' A wonderful full page portrait by Morris J. Kallem. This and the other four measure 300 x 250mm ( 12x9.75 " )

'One of the Four Great World Leaders: President Franklin Delano Roosevelt ' A stunning full page portrait by Morris J. Kallem

'One of the Four Great World Leaders: Marshal Chiang Kai Shek ' Wonderful full page by Morris J. Kallem

' 'One of the Four Great World Leaders: Marshal Joseph Stalin ' Another great full page by Morris J. Kallem

'U Boats Sunk in Atlantic Battle' three photos

Blasting Germans From the Air - 'Toulon, German U Boat Base in France Blasted by Flying Fortresses' - - - 'The Entire Target Area, Toulon Harbour is Aflame from Over 400 tons of High Explosive' - - - 'Marauders of the 12th US Army Air Forces Score a Direct Hit on The Railway Bridge at Fano, Italy'

'The Capture of finschafen New GTuinea, Landing Craft Operating: Landing Craft Approaching The Japanese held Finschafen, With Troops and Supplies for Jungle Fighting'

'Finschafen: After Landin its Cargo the Capacious Craft is converted into an Emergency Ward' shows wounded waiting to be transferred to a base hospital

'Evidence of the Tenacity of US Marines and The Japanese Defenders in The Fighting for Tarawa Atoll - The Great Pile of Enemy Dead is Viewed by Two of the Marines seen Left' Double page

Historic Teheran Meeting - 'Marshal Stalin, President Roosevelt and Mr Churchill. Also Mr A. Eden Mr Churchills Daughter, Mrs Oliver'

Historic Teheran Meeting - 'Three Leaders, Seated in the Same Order with Military, Naval and Air Force Advisers'

Historic Teheran Meeting - 'Handing Over of The Stalingrad Sword of Honour: Tghe Scene in The Russian Embassy'

Historic Teheran Meeting - 'Marshal Stalin, President Roosevelt and Mr Churchill Enjoy a Joke'

Historic Teheran Meeting - 'Marshall Voroshilov Shows the Stalingrad Sword of Honour to President Roosevelt while the Prime Minister and Stalin Look On'

Historic Teheran Meeting - 'Mr Churchills Sixty Ninth Birthday Dinner Party in Teheran, President Roosevelt, Mr Churchill and Marshal Stalin'

'Fifth and Eighth Armiies Fight Germans and Mud in Italy' Full page, five scenes

'The New German Track Wrecker, Captured by Commandos in Termoli: The Large Hook at The Rear withch Rips up The Sleepers' with two other photos

' A Relief Map Showing the Country of Central Italy with Communications Converging on Rome, Including Roads, Railways and Towns Along The Line of the Allied Advance' Full page

'Battle of The Sangro River: The Ridge , Later Captured and a Demolished Bridge of Nineteen Arches' - - - 'A Mule Train Crossing a Mountain Height' - - - 'A Forward Artillery Post in Operation' - - - 'British Infantry Toiling Up Hill 1230 From Cerro' - - - 'A British Sentry Outside a Farm on the Northern slopes' - - - 'A Trooper Guarding a Post' - - - 'Men and Mules, Sangro Country' - - - 'General View of The Country From The South Bank of the Sangro' - - - 'General Montgomery and Mud: Inspecting his Front, He Passes a Bopgged sherman Tank and Stops to Present Cigarettes to his Men' - - - 'A Bridge Demolished by The Enemy Outside Casalbordino, North West of Vasto' - - - 'Eighth Army Men in a Forward Observation Post Creep Behind Friendly Farm Buildings' - - - ' A 25 Pounder in Action North of Rionero' All on one double page

'Students of Oslo University, Norway, Before the Latest Nazi Outrage: All Male Students Have Now Been Rounded Up For Deportation to Germany'

'The Richelieu, 35,000 Ton French Battleship is now Serving with The Allies is Seen Arriving at oran'

'A New Weapon for Bombers: a B 25 Mitchell bomber Equipped with the Powerful 75mm Gun'

'A Specimen of an Australian Pouched Mouse Recently Found in That Country by a Schoolgirl'

'This U Boat Surrendered to The Attacking Aircraft Without Firing a Single Shot' taken from the "Baby Flat top" Uss Card

'Flying Fortresses Attack Recco Viaduct Italy: A Picture Taken Before The Attack Showing thr Sweeping Curve of This Important Viaduct'

'During The Attack on The Recco Viaduct, Located on the Genoa Spezia Road'

'Convoyed By a flotilla of Tugas, The Former French Luxury Liner " Normandie " Now Renamed Lafayette by the US Government, Her New owners, Proceeds Slowly to The New York Navy Yard, Her Progress Watched by Thousands from Th eCitys Skyscrapers' a great photo shot showing as well as the liner, the wonderful harbour front and skyscrapers of war time New York

'An Aerial View of the Lafayette, The Worlds Second largest Liner'

'Pouched Flying Squirrels, Marsupials from Australia - - The Flying Mouse, Acrobates pygmaeus - - - Giant Black and White Flying Squirrel x 2- - - The Lesser flying Squirrel, Petaurus Breviceps - - - Another Photograph of the Lesser flying Squirrel'

From the Land of the Marsupials: Pouched Mammals of Australia - - 'Australian Fat Tailed pouched Mouse - - - The Brush Tailed Phascogale, Phascogale penicillata - - - A Rare Species of Pouched Mouse, Phascogale, From Cape York Peninsula, North Queensland - - - A Northern or cape York, Native Cat, Dabyurus hallucatus - - - Head on View of The Pouched Mouse'

'Science - 'Particles of Molybdenum Trioxide: Magnified Seventy Times - - - Stannic Oxide Dust: Magnified 690 times - - - An electrostatic Air Cleaner: The Switchboard and Rectifier of a Small Sturtevant precipitator Installation - - - Dust From the Emery Grinding of Iron - - - Dust from Surface Grinding of Steel'

'Tanks Cant Run on Toaster - GEC Household Electric Appliances' Advert

The Kitchen Front - ICI Imperial Chemical Industries' AdvertPrisoners of War Royal Navy Hm Forces Overseas - Including India but Excluding POW in Japanese Hands - Duty Free Cigarettes and Tobacco' Advert

'Dr Barnardo's Homes' Advert showing smal girl

'Johnnie Walker Whisky' Wonderful full page colour advert

Those articles without images (unless listed above) including :-
'Our Note Book by Arthur Bryant'

'Two Famous Saints: The Great and The Little. The Eagle and The Dove by V. Sackville West, An Appreciation by Sir John Squire'

'The World of Science by E. S. Grew '

'Books of the Day. War Artists: An Isthmus Period; Britains Third Chance by Charles E. Byles'

December 18th

' After Fighting Their Way Ashore i the Face of Insuperable Difficulties, US Marines Pause Before Following The Enemy into The Interior. There The Japanese Fought Until The Last Man Was Exterminated'

' Mute Evidence of the Fierce Fighting On The Tarawa Airfield: An American Tank Battered and Burnt OUt, Tips Sideways and Amid Shattered Oil Drums'

' One of the Few Japanese Survivors of the Terrific Fighting for Tarawa Atoll: A Scantily Clad Prisoner is Marched in'

Full page

Junkers 188 'Germanys Latest Bomber: A Development of the Successful JU 88 The New Bomber Can Carry a Slightly Increased Bomb Load' Full page diagrammatical drawing by G. H. Davis

' Mr Vilhjalmur Stefansson, The Author of Greenland '

' A Fleet of Eskimo Kayaks; Early Icelandic Voyagers to the North American Mainland, Labrador, Recorded The Same Memorable Sight in Their Sagas'

' Ancient Norse Church Ruins near Kakortok. Often Such Ruins Show The Influence of Irish Church Architecture'

' A Kayak Somersault; Watertight Boat and Suit are Lashed Into One Piece'

' A general View of a Royal Observer Corps Centre: Round The Table are The Plotters and Above The Tellers Who Pass on Information to The RAF Ack Ack Etc' Full page

Watchers of the Skies: The Royal Observer Corps at Work

' Chief Observer W. H. Smith comes on Duty for a Night Shift'

' Observer F. S. B. Sutton in Action at a Substation'

' Rocket Signalling '

' Day Shift: At Work in this Post are observers Sylvester and Croneen, The ROC Has Always Been a Corps of Civilians, But Its Commandant is an RAF Officer '

' Observer R. H. Keen on the SIghting Instrument '

' At A Post in the Outskirts of London: Observer Croneen and Observer Sylvester '

' Chief Observer Marston and Observer G. F. Ackland Johnson Whilst Observer R. H. Keen has a Hot Drink '

' A Typical Woman Member of the ROC Mrs Garden, Wife of a Fighter Pilot Serving Overseas, is a Plotter at an ROC Center '

' Putting a Whole Town under The Alert: Chief Observer N. E. Marston Takes Steps for the Sounding of the Sirens'

' Colonel Byrne at His Post With Glasses Never Far From His Eyes '

' Chief Observer Marston Pulls Over a Switch to Fire Off The Rocket Seen in Centre Background '

' Observers Gaseltine and Locket on Night Duty '

Double page

Map ' The Balkans and The Recent Conference Between President Roosevelt, Mr Churchill and M. Inonu: A Map Giving 100 Mile Distances in Concentric Circles From Istambul as a Potential Bombing Base Covering the Balkan States and the Black Sea Area of The Balkans

' Tracing a Converging Pattern of Vapour Trails Through Icy Skies, Flying Fortresses Stream Towards Their Daylight Target in Germany '

' A Beautiful Night Raid Pattern Etched on the Plate of an RAF Camera by Tracer fire as The Aircraft Crossed The Target Area'

Operations on the Fifth and Eighth Army Fronts, War Amid Appalling Conditions of Mud and Terrain

' The Eighth Army Stormed The Sangro River Barrier, Enemy Shells Exploding Ahead As Sherman Tanks and Carriers Advnace '

' Fifth Army Battle for Monte Camino. Infantry with Mortar Support Companies passing Through Shell Scarred S. Clementi towards Camino '

' American Outposts are perched High in the Mountains and Here the Mules Prove invaluable '

' Mules Carry The Wounded,HNo Machine on Wheels can Travel These paths, and Mules are of Priceless Worth '

' General Montgomery Has A Love for Canaries and Love Birds From Sicily and Italy. This Cage Stands Outside His Caravan '

' With The Eight Army: A Batch of German Prisoners march to Their Cage. Some of Them Wear Ribbons for Service in Russia'

With The Fifth and Eighth Army - 'With Eighth Army at The Sangro: A Sherman Tank Crew in the Sangro River Bed Watching An RAF Raid on S. Maria'

' Sherman Tanks on the Banks of the Sangro. Approaching the Crossing Under Enemy Fire'

With The Eighth Army At the Sangro, Where Lorries Become Bogged in the Mud. Mule Transport Again is the Only Certain Means of Conveying Supplies'

' A Friend in Need! An Italian Boy on the Sangro Front Gingerly Handles Mortar Bombs for Mr Tommy Atkins '

' A Notable Report Sign Board At Vinchiatyro Set Up By The Eighth Army For Officers and Men Escaping Through The Enemy Lines - A Woman and Child Crossing the Road '

' With The Fifth Army: First Armoured Group Italians Moving 105mm Howitzers to Gun Emplacements in the Mignano Sector '

Double page

' Hotting Up For a Raid on Berlin: Gunners of a Lancaster preparing for A High Altitude Flight - Fitting The Gunners into Their Electrically Heated Atitude Suits ' - A fantastic double page "Drawn by Our War Artist Captain Bryan De Grimneau at a Bomber Squadron Station"

' Special Clothing for High Flying Bomber Crews and Airborne Troops - Electrically Heated Elements in Flying Suit Linings Trace the Main Arteries and Ensure Overall Miel Warmth: Outer Clothing is Buoyant. Other Types of Coverings Designed for Air ' A wonderful Double page showing sketches of designs of suits, socks, the protection of the wounded, The Casualty Bags and more - Drawn by Capt. Bryan De Grineau>hr>

' Part of the Canvas Diary Kept by Ships Carpenter Kenneth Cooke GM ' - He Survived Fifty Days on a Raft along with A.B. Colin Herbert Armitage, after Their Ship SS Lulworth Hill was Torpedoed by The Iitalian Submarine Leonardo da Vinci in The South Atlantic

' Ships Carpenter Kenneth Cooke After His Fifty Day Ordeal in the S. Atlantic ' Photograph of the smiling man

' ..."The Greatest Day of All My Life" - Photograph of the Two Men Being Rescued from their flimsy raft

' The Western Most Traffic Light in America - Dutch Harbour Area of Alaska - Studying the Light is Corporal Earl Shalin - Private Thomas E. Haas - Corporal Basil T. Keedens - Staff Sergeant Raymond J. Kinkel - Private Paul Kaplan - Sergeant George W. Albright - All MArines ...'

' HMS Indomitable - One of Britains Newest Aircraft Carriers Travelling at Speed ...'

' Fortresses Attack a Railway Viaduct near Cannes - Aerial Photograph ...'

' A Floating Zebra - A Camouflaged Hull of an American Submarine Chaser - Heavily Armed PT Boat with Zig Zag Lines on the Hull ...'

' HMS Broadway Formerly The USS Hunt Operating on Atlantic Convoys '

Personalities of the Week

' Sir J. Maynard KCIE CSI Dies ...'

' Professor Alfred Vogt Died ...'

' Mr Winston Churchill - President Roosevelt - President Ismet Inonu of Turkey Mr Anthony Eden - And Others - During Their Fruitful Talks at Mena Near Cairo ...'

' Lt. Col. Sir John A. Herbert GCIE died at Calcutta ...'

' Mrs Margaret Hope Maberly Gordon BEM ... ' Australian widow who after losing her husband spent fifty two days in an open Boat after being torpedoed

' Air Marshal Sir R. Brooke-Popham GCVO KCB ...'

' M. Vyshinsky Soviet Vice Commissar ...'

' admiral Cunningham and Sir John Dill ...'

' The New Australian Cabinet With His Excellency The Governor General at Government House Canberra - Mr H. P. Lazzarini - Mr E. J. Holloway - Senator Ashley - Mr E. J. Ward - Mr A. S. Drakeford - Senator Cameron - Mr J. J. Dedman - Mr W. J. Scully - Senator Frost - Senator Fraser - Mr A. A. Calwell - Mr N. J. O. Makin - Mr J. A. Beasley - Mr J. B. Chifley - Mr John Curtin PM - Lord Gowrie - Mister F. M. Forde - Dr H. V. Evatt - Senator Collings - Senator Keane '

' General Montgomery 's Punch ...'

' The Azores The Portuguese Military Governor Brigadier J. Tamagnini Barbosa Greeted by Air Vice Marshal G. R. Bromet ar RAF HQ with Commodore R. V. Holt - Wing Commander Carew - Lt. Col. Charles '

' Dr Benes The Czechoslovakian President Arriving in Moscow To Sign TYreaty - M. Lozovsky - M. Molotov - Marshal Voroshilov '

Full page

' HMS Belfast on Winter Duty in Northern Waters - Entire Ship Covered in Snow and Ice - Hooded figure in the foreground '

' A View of Teheran - the Three Power Conference City and Capital of Persia '

' St Augustine's Oaken Chair Restored To Its Original Home in a Herefordshire Church ..'

' One of Six Aerodromes in Britain Dedicated to the USAAF - US Engineers Lined Up During a Ceremony ..'

' Near the Town of Agira - A Memorial to Canadians Killed in Sicily ERected by Italian Craftsmen '

' Escort Carrier Ace - The USS Card Awarded a Presidential Citation ...'

' The New Chin Turret fo rLAtest Models of Flying Fortresses - with Three American Airmen looking on '

' The Proposed Chapel in Memory of the Battle of Britain Dead - The Eastern Apsidal Chapel in the Chapel of Henry VII Westminster Abbey ' Full page including a Small Plan of The Abbey

8400 Guineas For Two Racing Pictures by G. Stubbs - 'The Gimcrack Stakes; By G Stubbs ARA The Famous Horse Gimcrack with Trainer, Jockey and Groom. Painted About 1770 Sold for £4410' - - -'a Portrait of the Eighteenth Century Racehorse " Turf " With jockey Up; By G Stubbs ARA Sold for 4200 Guineas'

' Making Spiders Help in The War, At a R.E.M.E. Workshop:

' Hunting For Spiders: S/Sergt F. Hill of The REME Captuires a Specimen'

' Placeing a Spider in a Box: He is Carefully detached From His Silken Thread'

' Sorting Spiders at a REME Workshop: They Eat Each Other if Herded Together'

' Painting a Fram With Shellac Before a Web is Wound On: An ATS Auxiliary at Work'

' Winding A web on to a Frame: The Spider Can Be Seen Hanging Between The Hands

' Storing The Frames in Spefdcial Boxes After The Web Has Been Attached To Them'

' Corporal Rogers Strips A Theodolite Prior To Fitting a Fresh Web to The Didphragm'

' A Delicate Manoeuvre: Fitting The New Web To A Thodolite Diaphragm'

' After The Diaphragm Has Been Repaired With Spiders Web, an Officer Checks The Instrument' Full page

' Venomous Black Widow Spider is Used in The Making of Precision Instruments in The United States' a double page of photos includes

' A Spiders Foot With Comb Like Claws'

' Spinning Machinery of a Spider : a Spinneret'

' Black Widow Begins Her Spinning'

' The Spider is induced to Wind its Web on a Coat Hanger Frame'

' The Black widow Spiders Webbing: It is Evely Spun and is Teh Right Colour for use as Cross Hairs of Insturments'

' The Web is Unwound From the Wire Spindle' '

' The Spider is Lured Out of a Coffee Jar by The DIrector of the US Army Quartermaster Corps' Spider-Web Production Shop, Ohio '

' The Thread is Cleaned of Dust Particles '

' The Spider's Threads, As Cross Hairs, Mounted on a Diaphragm Ready For Fitting in a Surveyor's Transit Instrument'

' A New Zealand Sheep Farm'

' Grading Canadian Apples'

' A british Government Refrigerated Store'

' Harris Tweed ' - Advert shows two lady crofters spinning

'Creda Electric Appliances - The Simplex Electric Co Ltd Oldbury Birmingham' Advert showing a Cooker

Please Leave Horlicks for Those Who Need It Most' Advert

Full page colour advert for Daimler Cars - In a series of war scenes - A Naval Officer with plans spread out on the bonnet of a daimler car with a high speed patrol vessel in the distance

This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include :-

Our Note Book by Arthur Bryant

The Largest of Islands or Smallest of Continents - Greenland By Vilhjalmur Stefansson, An Appreciation by Sir John Squire

The Great World War: Teheran Conference and The Future by Cyril Falls

World of Science - Refrigeration by E. S. Grew

' Books of the Day Reviews by Charles E. Byles include British Women Go to War by J. B. Priestley - - Freedom of the Seas By Warren Armstrong - - American Journey By Bernard Newman - - The Word of an Englishman by Tom Clarke - - Greece and Britain by Stanley Casson - - Greek Fire By Andre Michalapoulos - - TheStory of Ireland By SeanO'Faolain - - British Clubs by Bernard Darwin - - Opera Nights by Ernest Newman - - The National Ballet by Arnold L.Haskell

December 25th

'A Bosun in The Sea Rangers: Princess Elizabeth in Her Uniform'

Blasting Out Japanese in Savage Jungle Warfare i New Georgia, Solomons - 'A Company Aid Man Gives a Wounded Man A Cigarette' - - - 'American Infantry on The Alert WHile Crossing a Stream Behind Japenese Lines' - - - 'A Captured Enemy 77mm Gun is Being Examined By a Gunnery Expert in the Solomons' - - - 'An AmericanSergeant of the US Chemical Warfare Service Removing a Japanese Flame Thrower Captured at Munda on New Georgia' - - - 'A US Naval 155mm Gun Hauled into position on Rendova Island, Where The Enemy Defended Desperately' - - - 'A Powerful Jap Machine Gun Emplacement on Kolombangara. Here the Enemuy Were By Passed and Starved Out When The Allies Took Vella Lavella' 'Mr Thomas Burke, Author of travel in England'

'A Revolution in Aerial Map Making: Perspective Maps for Airmen, An Aid to Air Navigators and Air Bombers in Precision Bombing' Full page of drawings by "Our Special Artist G. H. Davis"

'Perspective Target Mapping For Bombers in a US Day Operation: An Imaginary Coastline, Nondescript for Reasons of Security, Giving The Coastal contour and Inland Features as Viewed from 5 miles up' Full page of Drawings by G. H. Davis, Maps By Courtesty of the US Army Air Force'

'The Technique ofr an RAF Night Bombr Map Shows Defined Objects in Different Colourings, With One Mile Circles Leading To The Central Target, On Which it Looks Straight Down - Kiel Harbour'

'A Chart of New Britain on Which a Landing in Force Accomplished on Dec 16' Papua New Guinea - - - 'A Straytegical Map, With New Britain The Hub of Bomber Range'

'The Amphibious Armoured Vehicle, The Alligator; Seen Here Patrolling the Beach After US Marines Began the Invasion of Bougainville Island in the Solomons against The Japanese'

'An Alligator Goes Ashore at Guadalcanal, in the Solomons'

'Mr Edward Mauffe ARA' - - - 'Professor Alexander Fleming' - - - 'Professor H. W. Florey ' - - - Professor E. C. Dodds '

'Flight Lieut. William Reid VC' - - - 'Flying Officer L. A. Trigg VC' - - - 'M. Riad El Solh Prime Minister of the Lebanon' - - - 'Miss Dorothy Tangney, Australias First Woman Senator'

'Air Marshal Sir Leslie Gossage AOC Balloon Command' - - - Brigadier F. H. R. Maclean MP'

'Generalissimo and MMe Chiang Kai-Shek and Lord Louis Mountbatten Leaving a Training Centre For Chinese Troops in India'

'President Roosevelt in Sicily: The President at Castelvetrano Airfield, With General Dwight Eisenhower and Colonel Clayton Stiles'

'The New 3 inch Mitchell Bomber Gun - The HEaviest Aeroplane Gun Yet: A Striking Addition To The B25's Already Formidable Armament' Full page drawn by "Our Special Artist, G. H. Davis with The Cooperation of the US Army Air Force'

'Mr Churchill - A Characteristic Poretrait of the Prime Minister from a Painting By Professor Arthur Pan' Double page

Mr Churchills Activities in Egypt - 'Mr CHurchill Within SIght of the Pyramids, Inspecyted His Old Regiment the 4th-11th Hussars of Which He is Colonel: Taking The Salute' - - - Here beneath The Regimental Flag with His Daughter, Sarah' - - - Outside The Embasy in Cairo - Nahas Pasha 0- Mr Churchill - Lady Killearn - Hussanein Pasha - Mr Eden - Generals Marshall - Sir Alan Brooke - Lord Killearn' - - - Addressing His Own Hussars' - - - 'The Colonel in Ch9ief Lustily Cheered'

Italy 'An Aerila View of San Pietro, A Peaceful Mountain Village: The Germans on Retreating Deliberately Destroyed Every Habitation'

'Another View of San Pietro - Not a Single Allied Bomb Was Dropped Here'

'before The Sangro Battle: Two Signallers Creeping Out Preparatory to the Barrrage on Enemy Positions'

'General Montgomery Talking t Press Correspondents Before The Eights Crossin of the Sangro'

'British Troops at The Top of the Mountain Track Leading to The Summit of Mount Camino' - - - 'on the Sangro Front: Gurkhas, Who Fought Valiantly Digging in Against Enemy Shellfire'

'A Panoramic View of the Gariglianoriver Captured by The Fifth Army and On The Left is the Important Road Junction to sessa autrunca and on the Right the Town of Castelforte' - - - 'The Goat Track Up Which Mules Carried Supplies to Mount Camino Described B y Alexander Clifford as The Bitter Path' - - - 'A View of the Terrain in the Sangro River Area Where the Eighth Army Fought Violent Battles on Nov 25 to Dec I: In Centre is a Demolished Bridge and to wards Right is a Bombing Attacik on Sta. Maria' - - - The Sangro River Battle: A View From the Escarpment into The River Plain - Violent Fighting Occurred in theis Area' - - - The Sangro River Barrier - A Pontoon is Being Laid Across The River by Sappers' - - - 'Panoramic View of the Sangro River Area, Medium Bombers are Pounding the Area Between Fossagesia and Sta. Maria' - - - 'At Night Putting up a Barrage on Mt Camino, Dec 2'

'A Strong Force of Flying Fortresses Attack Submarine Pens in the Harbour of Marseilles'

'An Opportunity To Show Your Gratitude to Those Whod Saved These Islands in the Battle of Britain: A Close Up View of the Eastern 'Apsidal Chapel Westminster Abbey which is The Subject of an Appeal'

In Russia: Battle Scenes and Stalingrads Reconstruction - 'Thousands of Fresh Red ARmy Troops Relieve Their Weary Comrades in The Front Line' - - - 'As The Germans Retreat Before The Victorious RedArmy: But All Villages are Burnt Before They Retreat' - - - 'The Foundry oif the Stalingrad Tractor plant is still Roofless, But Working' - - - 'Stalingrad: The Renovated Shops of the Tractor plant, With Tanks Ready to Leave for the Front' - - -'German Prisoners in Russia: A Group of Nazi Soldiers Captured During a Period of Fighting Somewhere on the Eastern Front' - - - 'The Red Army Hero Who Captured Kiev: General General Nikolai Vatutin is Shbown at An Observation Post on the Bank of the Dnieper'

'Blotting Out an Airfield in Nazi Held Greece: Bombs From Flying Fortresses at the Airport at Kalanaki, South of Athens'

'Another of Hitlers Secret Weapons on Longer a Secret: The Newest German Rocket Gun in Action'

'The Place Des Canons, Beirut, When The Lebanese President and Prime Minister Were Released'

'Italians in Action with The FIfth Army on Mt Lungo NE of Mignano'

'Part of The Load Carried by an ME323 German Transport Plane' - - - ' A Field Gun Goes on Board an ME 323 Transport Plane'

'Vaguely Suggestive of a Prehistoric Monster With Wings, An ME 323 Six Engined German Transport in Flight The FIrst to Be Published of the Powered Glider' - - - ' ME 323 Flying Low Over Buildings' - - - 'Inside The Spacious Fuselage of the ME 323' - - - 'The Nose of The ME 323 Opens In The Shape of Two Grteat Doors in this Case to Permit the Easy Unloading of Wounded Men on Stretchers'

'In Westminster Abbey: Great Men Who Have Made British History' Double page

'The John Dory Fish' - - - 'The North American Toad Fish' - - - 'A Trigger Fish'

'The Rover Car' Advert

'Greys Cigarettes' Full page colour advert of a Guardsman by A. L. Grace'

And more adverts of the day

Also articles (no pictures unless listed above) including :
'Our Note Book by Arthur Bryant'

'The Great World War: Problems of th ePacific War by Cyril Falls'

'The World of Science. Talking Fish by E. S. Grew'

'Books of the Day by Charles E. Byles'

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