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The Illustrated London News 1945

Events of this year in the Illustrated London News

Guinness Advert

They still sold posh cars and things - general adverts

Dated 1945 - A " Victory Issue " with a colour front and back cover

This first part of the description features a list of Images i.e. sketches, prints, photographs etc (these sometimes have descriptive articles but not always). They include :-

Full front page outer cover from a painting by Terence Cuneo - a parade of military, Navy, Army and Royal Air Force with flags carried by soldiers of the allied forces inc. USA, Russia etc and the Union Jack - a wonderful cover

' Guinness For Strength ' a wonderful full page colour advert from a drawing by the famous John Gilroy showing a motor mechanic picking up and fixing a car, with a bottle of Guinness at his side - Guinness ad. Number GE 1234

' Signing of the Unconditional Capitulation - Enemy Representatives at Allied HQ ' front page (inner)

' General Morgan Signing the Document ' with other officers standing behind

' Her Majest The Queen ( Elizabeth) - A Victory Year Portrait by Gerald Kelly RA '

' His Majesty King George VI - A Victory Year Portrait by Gerald Kelly ' full page

' Some of The Millions of German Prisoners ' two aerial photographs showing two camps in Germany

' The Germans at Montgomery's HQ on Luneberg Heath Asking for Terms of Surrender - Reps. of Admiral Doenitz and Field Marshal Keitel Salute Montgomery - General Admiral Von Friedeburg CinC German Navy - General Keinzel Chief of Staff to Field Marshal Busch - Rear Admiral Wagner ' photograph showing the five men approaching each other at the HQ in a field

' General Admiral Friedeburg Signing The Document of Unconditional Capitulation in Montgomery's Tent, Which Liberated Holland and Denmark and Surrendered Over One Million German Armed Forces to the Allies ' also in the drawing are FM Montgomery - General Kienzl - Colonel Pollek - Rear Admiral Wagner Major Freide and Photographers Present at the Signing - from a sketch "Drawn by Our War Artist Captain Brian De Grineau who Was Present at the Signing"

Hamburg and the Surrender

' Hamburg Surrendering Unconditionally - A German Staff Car Under a White Flag Brings Field MArshal Busch's Representative '

' The Devastated City Apparently Deserted - A Massive Flak Tower Stands Among the Ruins ' .

' The Dockyard of the Great Bloehm and Voss Shipyard - British Troops Examining U-Boats '

' Another View of the Dockyard Area - ON the Slipways a Munber of Unfinished U-Boats '

' Air Photograph Showing the Fearful Devastation Suffered by Germany's First Port ....'

' At The British Front - A German Colonel Bearing a Letter from Field Marshal Busch Offering to Surrender '

' At the Bloehm and Voss Shipyard at Hamburg - Submarines on the Stocks '

' After Entering the City After Its Surrender - Men and Tanks of the Guards Armoured Division of the Second Army Awaiting Orders '

' Towering Cranes of Hamburg Docks, Three Recce Cars of the 11th Hussars, Their Colonel Leading, Seen heading The British Entry into Germany's Port of Hamburg on the Day Following Berlins Surrender ' a drawing by Bryan de Grineau with hand written description on bottom of the sketch

' Graph - The Road to Victory in Europe ' a graph from the year 1939 to 1945 showing various events on the backdrop of dark clouds "How we have passed from the shades to the broad day"

British Statesmen

' First Lord of the Admiralty - Mr A. V. Alexander '

' Secretary of State for War - Sir james Grigg '

' Secretary of Sate for Air - Sir Archibald Sinclair '

' Minister of War Transport - Lord Leathers '

' Minister of Supply - Sir Andrew Duncan '

' Minister for Food - Colonel J. J. Llewellin '

' Prime Minister 1937-40 - The Late Mister Neville Chamberlain '

' Former Chancellor of the Exchequer - The Late Sir Kingsley Wood '

' Ambassador in Washington - The Earl of Halifax '

' MInister of Aircraft Production - Sir Stafford Cripps '

' Lord Privy Seal - Viscount Beaverbrook '

' Minister of Information - Mr Brendan Bracken '

' The War Cabinet with HM King George VI - Mr herbert Morrison - Lord Woolton - Sir John Anderson - Clement R. Attlee - Winston Churchill - Mr Anthony Eden - NMr Oliver Lyttelton - Mr Ernest Bevin '

Full page

Naval Figures of Empire -:

' Late Admiral of the Fleet Sir Dudley Pound ...'

' Vice Admiral Sir Edward N. Syfret ...'

' Sir John Tovey - Admiral of the Fleet ... '

' Admiral Sir B. Fraser ... '

' Rear Admiral Sir P. Vian of The Altmark Rescue '

' Admiral Sir J. Somerville - Commander H Force ... '

' Admiral Sir H. Harwood - Commanded Forces Against Graf Spee ..'

' Vice Admiral Sir Henry R. Moore ... '

' Admiral Lord Louis Mountbatten ... '

' Late Admiral Sir Bertram Ramsay ...'

' Vice Admiral Sir Harold Burrough ...'

' Admiral Sir John Cunningham ...'

' Adcmiral Sir Max Horton ...'

' Admiral of the Fleet Sir Andrew Cunningham ..'

' Blazing Wreck of the Raider " Graf Spee " Scuttling Herself off Montevideo ...' drawing

' Battle of Matapan - " Fiume " and Two Other Cruisers Sunk ...' drawing

' Last of the " Bismarck " Torpedoed by HMS Dorsetshire ...' drawing

Destruction of the Battleship " Scharnhorst " off North Cape ...' drawing

Full page

Military Figures -:

' Field Marshal Lord Wavell ...'

' Field Marshal Sir Alan Brooke ...'

' Lieutenant General Sir Oliver Leese ...'

' General Sir Frederick Pile ...'

' General Sir William Platt ....

' Lieutenant General Sir Alan Cunningham ...'

' The Late Field Marshal Sir John Dill ...'

' Field Marshal Sir H. Maitland Wilson ...'

' General Sir Thomas Blamey of Australia ...'

' Lieutenant General Sir Richard McCreery ...'

' Lieutenant General Sir William Dobbie - Governor of Malta ...'

' Lieutenant General F. A. Browning ...'

' Lieutenant General Sir Bernard Freyberg VC ...'

' Lieutenant General Sir Miles Dempsey ...'

' General H. d. G. Crerar of Canada ...'

' After Victory ofr Alamein - The Advance of the Tanks '

' D-Day on the Normandy Beaches ' drawing

' Battle of Falaise Gap France '

' Storming of the Reich - crossing of the Rhine ' drawing

Full page

RAF Leaders -:

' Sir Charles Portal - Marshal of the Royal Air Force '

' Air Chief Marshal Sir William Sholto Douglas .. '

' Air Marshal Sir R. Hill ...'

' Air Chief Marshal Sir Arthur Harris of Bomber Command ' .

' Air Marshal Sir Guy Garrod ...'

' Air Marshal Sir John Slessor ...'

' Air Chief Marshal Sir Trafford Leigh-Mallory ...'

' Air Marshal Sir K. Park ...'

' Air Marshal Sir Arthur Tedder ...'

' Marshal of the Royal Air Force Sir C. Newall ...'

' Air Vice Marshal Sir Hugh P. Lloyd ...'

' Air Commodore Finlay Crerar ...'

' Air Marshal Sir Arthur Coningham ...'

' Air Chief Marshal Lord Dowding ...'

' The Battle of Britain ... ' thirteen small photographs of German Aircraft shot down in the fields of SE England

' General of the Army Dwight D. Eisenhower - Supreme Commander of Victory ' full page colour photograph from a Kodachrome by J. C. A. Redhead FRPS AIBP

' The British Prime Minister Mr Winston Churchill - The Organiser of Victory ' a wonderful colour double page "Specially Painted for The Illustratred London News by Professor Arthur Pan "

' Field MArshal Sir Bernard Montgomery - British Commander of Victory ' full page colour photograph by Vandyk of London

' Field Marshal Sir Harold Alexander ' full page photograph portrait by Bertram Park .

Leaders of the USA -:

' General Mark Wayne Clark ...'

' Lieutenant General J. Doolittle ...'

' General H. H. Arnold ...'

' Admiral H. K. Hewitt ...'

' Fleet Admiral E. J. King ...'

' General Omar Bradley ...'

' Lieutenant General A. Patch ...'

' Lieutenant General W. Bedell Smith ...'

' General G. S. Marshall ...'

' Lieutenant General L. K> Truscott '

' The Late President F. D. Roosevelt ... '

' Lieutenant General Ira Eaker ...'

' Lieutenant General L. H. Brereton ... '

' Admiral H. R. Stark ...'

' General Carl S. Spaatz ...'

' General Jacob L. Devers ... '

' Lieutenant General L. T. Gerow ...'

' Major General N. F. Twining ...'

' Lieutenant General W. H. Simpson ...'

' General C. Hodges ...'

' General Goerge Patton ...'

Full page

Soviet LEaders -:

' Narshal Alexander Novikov ...'

' General Eremenko ..'

' Marshal Rokossovsky ...'

' Marshal Tolbukhin ...'

' Marshal Malinovsky ...'

' Marshal S. Timoshenko ...'

' M. V. Molotov ...'

' Marshal K. Voroshilov ...'

' Marshal of the Soviet Union Joseph Stalin ...'

' Marshal Zhu8kov ...'

' Marshal Koniev ...'

' Marshal Meretskov ...'

' General I. Bagramyan ...'

' The Late General Chernyakhovsky ...'

' Marshal A. M. Vassilevsky ...'

' The Late General N. F. Vatutin ...'

' Marshal N. Voronov ...'

Full page

Empire and Foreign Leaders Who Played a Great Part inthe War:

' Prime Minister of Canada - The Right Hon. W. L. Mackenzie King '

' HMQueen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands '

' HM King Haakon of Norway '

' Prime Minister of South Africa - Field Marshal the Right Hon. J. C. Smuts '

' General De Lattre De Tassigny ...'

' General De Larminat ...'

' General De Gaulle ...'

' General Leclerc ...'

' General Koenig - Hero of Bir Hakeim ...'

' The Late General SIkorski of Poland ...'

' Dr Eduard Benes of Czechoslovakia .. '

' Marshal Tito of Yugoslavia ...'

' Sir Firozkhan Noon of India ...'

' The Right Hon. Peter Fraser - PM of New Zealand '

' General A. Papagos of Greece ... '

' HM King Leopold of the Belgians '

' The Right Hon. John Curtin PM of Australia '

Full page

Protagonist of the Axis - German and Italian Leaders in The Great World War: .

' Reich Marshal Hermann Goring ...'

' The Duke of Aosta ...'

' Field Marshal Keitel ...'

' Field Marshal W. Von Brauschitsch ...'

' Field Marshal A Von Kesserlring ...'

' Field Marshal G. Von Rundstedt ...'

' Heinrich Himmler ...'

' Marshal Graziani ...'

' Admiral Raeder ...'

' Field Marshal E. Rommel ...'

' General Von Arnim ...'

' Admiral Doenitz ...'

' General Halder ...'

' General Milch ...'

' Field Marshal Von MAnstein ...'

' Colonel General Heinz Guderian ...'

' Adolf Hitler ...'

Full page

The Fall of Munich -p:

' An Endless Column of German Prisoners Marching Through the Battered City, the Cradle of Nazism ...'

' The Ruined National Theatre, With German Pushing Their Bicycles, Coming in To Surrender ..'

' The Two Great Lions of the Sieges-Tor inthe Ludwigstrasse, Blasted Fromtheir Perches by Allied Bombing '

' The Entrance to the Burger-Brau Keller The Historic Cradle of Nazism and The Scene of the Bomb Attempt on Hitlers Life - Allied Soldiers Marching Past ..'

' All That Remains of the Munich Braunhaus - Hitlers HQ ...'

Full page

The Fall of Berlin:

' A Long Column of Soviet Tnaks Concentrating in a Berlin Street ...'

' The Red Flag Flying From the Tower of the Reichstag - A Photograph Taken at 3pm on 2 May at the Moment of the Surrender of The German Garrison '

' Columns of German Prisoners Marching Out Fromthe Centre of Berlin Between Ranks of Soviet Armour and Transport ...'

' A Picture Taken in the Final Stages of the Battle for Berlin - Short Mortar Crews Seen in Action ...'

' Wreckage in the Frankfurterstrasse ....'

' A Soviet Tank Borne Patrol at the Brandenburg Gate ... '

Full page

' Victory in NW Germany 0 Field MArshal Montgomery's Victory Salvo, AA Guns Firing the Salvo of 21 Rounds to Celebrate the German Surrender to the Twenty First Army Group - Guns of Miel the 168th and 169th Batteries of the 60th City of London Regt. '

' A Photograph of the Instrument of Surrender of All German Armed Forces in Holland, In NW Germany inc All Islands and In Denmark ' shows signatures

' Scene at a Hotel at Wageningen near Arnhem - Lieutenant General Foulkes Reading the Surrender Instructions to General Blaskowitz - With Prince Bernhard Present ' and many others

' Rangoon Burma - A General View Showing the Sule Pagoda ...'

' Bremen Docks Cleared by the 52nd Lowland Division - Showing a Scottish Soldier Looking at a Group of partially Completed U Boats '

Coventry Cathedral:

' The Ruins of the Cathedral - From a Drawing by Sir Muirhead Bone '

' A Drawing Showing Sir Giles Gilbert Scott 's Design for The Interior of the New Cathedral ...'

' Four Panels by Giovanni Di Paolo Representing Incidents from the Life of St John the Baptist ...' at the National Gallery Exhibition

Full page of adverts including ' KLG Sparking Plugs '

Full page of Adverts including " Vita Weat Crispbread from Peek Freans ' - - - Schweppes Table Waters ' - - - ' Ilford Makers of Selo Films ' shows an RAF Gunner - - - ' Viyella Service Shirts '

Full page of adverts inc. ' Valstar Raincoats ' - - - ' Barling Pipe ' - - - ' Sundour Fabrics ' Sketch of a flower by John Farleigh - - - ' Wardonia Blades ' - - - ' Fernandez Fino Sherry ' - - - ' Brisith Consols Export Macdonalds Virginia Cigarettes ' .

A Wonderful full page colour print from a painting by Clive Uptton showing loggers on a river sorting tree trunks - advert for Johnnie Walker Whisky

This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include :-

Our Note Book by Arthur Bryant

The Great World War - From the Shades to the Broad Day - by Cyril Falls

A Tract for the Times - " World War: Its Cause and Cure " By Lionel Curtis - An Appreciation by Sir John Squire

This page
- (c) (copyright) 1995 - 2009 All of the text and images on this page are copyrighted - some of the text and images are copyrighted by a third party and appear here by their kind permission. Please do not reproduce any text or images without express permission.

Thank You

26 8255

Lieutenant General George S. Patton ' full front page

The ILN One Hundred Years Ago :

' Boat Built By Messrs Searle of Stangate – An Eight Oared Cutter ' two small engravings

' The New Life Buoy Patented by Mr T. D. Armitage of Louth – The Yarborough Life Buoy '

Remagen on the River Rhine - The Collapsed Ludendorff Bridge:

A Few Minutes After The Collapse on 17 March …'

' US Troops Among The Remains of the Easter Span of the Bridge '

' US Engineers Rescueing a Comrade from the Remains of the Bridge …'

' The Submerged Central Span – From the West Bank of the Rhine '

Full page

The US Third Army Troops In Action at the Storming of Koblenz -:

' Troops Running Across an Open Stretch of Land '

' An Unfinished Concrete Shelter at Coblenz '

' Herz Jesu Kirch – One of the Churches at Coblenz '

' The Ruined Main Shopping Street at Koblenz '

' Some Citizens of Coblenz Making Their Way Through The Ruins '

' Surrendering to US Troops - German Medical Officers Carrying a Large Red Cross Flag '

' Some Of the Inhabitants of a Coblenz Shelter In Which They Were Living '

' US Troops Firing Down a Street During a Battle '

' US Soldiers Among the Ruins of a Street …'

' Herz Jesu Kirch – A Wrecked Street Car in Front of the Cathedral '

' US Infantryment on a Tank Advancing Along A Street During the Battle '

' The Ruins in the Once Beautiful Centre ' troops passing a shop possibly named ISer 's

Double page

' Miss Christina Hole Author of Witchcraft in England '

Four wonderful illustrations drawn by Mervyn Peake for "Witchcraft in England"

Saarbrucken and Worms -:

' The Wrecekd City of Saarbrucken After Its Capture by the US 7th Army '

' Searching for Snipers In Saarbrucken – Infantrymen of the US Seventh Army '

' US Troops Marching Down One of Sarrbrucken's Main Streets '

' German Civilians Removing Their Belongings from Bombed Out Homes '

' Surrender Flags Hang From Every House in a Street in Durenbach '

' Civilians Leaving The Ruined City of Worms After Its Capture by the 3rd US Army '

' General Dempsey GOC British Second Army Field Headquarters at a Chateau – Mobile Caravans Parked In Front of the House ' a double page drawn "By Our War Artist Captain Bryan De Grineau "

The Allied Armies on the Rhine:

' Wrecked Barges Lying on the East Bank of the River '

' Remagen - The Ludendorff Bridge Before It Collapsed '

' Erpel – Convoys And Troops Moving through the Ruins '

' Bitburg – A Scene in the Heavily Bomb Damaged Town '

' Allied Troops Awaiting Transportation Across the Rhine '

' Gundershoffen – US Seventh Army Infantrymen Passing a Small Destroyed Bridge '

' The US Third Army Front – Troops Before a Destroyed Farmhouse '

Full page

' In 938 The Scene of the Hitler Chamberlain Meeting – The Hotel Dreesen at Bad Godesberg Now the Scene of the German Surrender '

' Hitlers HQ Near Rodert Germany – Demolished by the Retreating Enemy '

' Troops of General Patton's Third Army Crossing the Mosel River Prior to Storming Coblenz '

' German Prisoners Taken in the Bridgehead '

' One of the Huge Searchlights '

' Cleve Cathedral Destroyed '

Full page

' Smoke Screening on the Rhine Between Waal and Duisburg ' three photographs

' Weissenthurm – Part of the Equipment Abandoned by the Germans '

' US Soldier (s) Adding To Stacks of Enemy Weapons ' two photographs

The New 20 Ton Bomb Designed by Mr B. N. Wallis of Vicers Armstrongs -:

' The ew 22,000lb Bomb Compared with a 12,000 Pounder '

' Workers in a Filling Factory Packing Explosive into One of the New Bombs '

' The Bomb Filled With Explosive Being Manoeuvred by Pulleys '

' A Crater Left By the Bomb at an Experimental Establishment '

Full page – info. Barnes Neville Wallis – the caption makes ref. to the Bielefeld Railway Viaduct bombing

Montgomery and the 21st Army Crossing the Rhine -:

' British Second Army – A Raft Carrying Anti Aircraft Gun Crossing the River '  .

' The Massed Airborn Troops Landing in the Rees Wesel Area '

' The US Ninth Army Crossing the Rhine – An Alligator (vehicle) Taking to the Water '

' The PM Mister Winston Churchill with Field Marshal Montgomery and General Simpson Crossing the River in an American LCVP ' and others

Map Showing the Pacific Theatre of War – Drawn by C. F. Morrell FRGS FRAS '

The South West Pacific - With the Australinas on Bougainville Island -:

' Advance patrol of Australian Infantry Passing Graves of Their Comrades in the Swamp Jungle in the South of Bougainville '

' Drawing Water From a Well in the Marawaka District – Australian Soldier '

' Jeeps Negotiatin a Flooded Road near the Tevera River '

' Signallers Laying a Cable in the Swamps in The Adele River Area '

' Patrol Wading Reive Shoulder Deep Through a Swamp in SW of the Island '

' A Rifleman Seen Covering the Advanc of his Colleagues Over a Log Bridge Across a River '

Full page

Mandalay – British and Indian troops I Action:

' British Troops Advancing Along the Road to Mandalay Past Dead Japanese Soldiers '

' Parachutes On the Road to Mandalay Which Carried the First Airborne Supplies '

' British Troops with Automatic Weapons in Action Near Pagodas on Mandalay Hill '

' British Advancing Along a Road in aMandalay Suburb '

' Ruins of a Burning Village Near Mandalay – british Troops Advancing '

' The 19th Indian ( Dagger ) Division Firing on Japanese Positions, with A Bren Gun, on Mandalay Hill '

' Reconnaissance phot Taken During the Battle for Mandalay '

' British patrol on the Banks of the Irrawaddy River '

' This Radioed Picture Shows British Troops Carrying British Weapons Which, Taken by the Japanese at Singapore, Were Recaptured by Our Men I Mandalay '

' Indian Troops Firing on Japanes Positions on Mandalay Hill '

' Two British Troops Taking Cover Behind a Tree and Jeep '

' General Rees the Commander of the 19th Indian Division Handing Cigarettes to Gurkha Troops ' – info. Thomas Wynford Rees " Pete "

Personalities of the Week Page:

Fusilier Dennis Donnini – Posthumously Awarded the VC '

' Princess Elizabeth Inspecting Guards Cadets at a Passing Out Parade at Caterham '

' Marshal Vasilevsky of The Third White Russian Front '

' Queen Wilhelmina on Her Recent Visit to Holland – At the Town of Eindhoven '

' A Group of Allied War Correspondents Attending The Burial of Mister Peter Lawless The Daily Telegraph Special Correspondent '

' Jockey Steve Donoghue Dies Aged 60 '  .

' Captain Julian Tennyson Killed In Action – Grandson of the Poet '

' Field Marshal A Von Kesserlring Former German CinC in Italy '

' Field Marshal G. Von Rundstedt '

' Dr Subasitch at the Swearing In of the Yugoslav Regents – Dr Manditch – Dr Budisavljevitch – M. Sernec ' and others

Full page

'The XB 19a or R-19 The Worlds Largest Aricraft '

' Kano in West Africa – Emir of Kano – Captain Balfour - M. Miel – Emir of Katsina Leaving an Aircraft '

' The Temporary Home of Two of the Inhabitants of Kantokeeno, Finnmark Which Was Destroyed by Retreating Germans '

' Evacuees From KLantokeeno and the Earth Huts in Which They Lived Sinced The Forced Evacuation by The Germans '

' Rommel's Hp At Beda Littoria in Libya – The Scene of the Action Which Earned the Late Lieutenant Colonel Keyes His VC '

' Interior of Rommel's HQ at Beda Littoria – The Doorway Through Which Colonel Keyes Raiding Pary Entered '

Art: Exhibition ofPaintings at The Arcade Gallery 28 Bond Street London:

' Sir Charles and Lady holme by Johann Zoffany '

' Archduke Ferdinand of Austria by Jakob Seisenegger '

' Portrait of a Nobleman by Joos van Cleve '

' Eleventh Earl of Northumberland by Sir Peter Lely '

' Portrait of a Lady by Angiolo Bronzino '

' Johannes I of Saxony by Lucas Cranach '

' Portrait of a Girl wi a Dog by Francis verwilt '

' Adolf Von Cleve by the Master of The Magdalen Legend '

Rainbow Corner in Shaftesbury Avenue – For American Servicemen:

' First Aid I Dunkers Den – A red Cross Nurse Attending to An American serviceman '

' Elsie Celli ARC, The Programme Director, Fixing A Date with The " Gremlin " Dance Band Leader: And A Soldier sketching in Dabblers Den '

' TheWeekly BBC Broadcast Fron Dunkers Den '

' A Rainbow Conrer Photographer at Work – A V-Mail Picture Being Taken '

' the Quiet Room '

' Three US Servicemen in the Arts and Hobbies Room '

' The JKuke Box in Dunkers Den '

' Main Lobby in the Rainbow Club '

' A Wrestling Bout Between Sgt. Tony Mancelli RAF and Chick Knight USA '

' The Penny Arcade Room – Games Room ' servicemen playing pinball machines and pool

Wonderful sketches made at Red Cross Club by Terence Cuneo – info. Elsie Celli came from Boston MA USA

Tobacco Virus:  .

' Ringspot Viruses on Tobacco Leaf '

' Electoron Micrograph of the Virus of Tobacco Necrosis '

' Effect of Tobacco Mosaic Virus on Tomato Leaf ' photogrqaphs by Dr Kenneth Smith FRS

' Village Blacksmiths Shrinking a Tyre on to a Wooden Wheel ' advert for the British Oxygen Company Ltd '

' Champion Spark Plug ' advert

' Burberry Ladies Herringbone Overcoat ' advert

' Wandalit Adjustable Table Lamp ' anglepoise style lamp – advert

' Tek Toothbrush ' advert

' MG Car ' advert

' Celanese Lingerie ' advert

' Viyella Service shirts ' advert

' A Taylorcraft auster III Light Monoplane Landing at an RAF Battlefron HQ ' a colour painting showing the aeroplane landing in a clearing in woods with vehicles standing by – full page advert for the British Aircraft Industry entitled "Maids of Air Work" with text – it is on the back page which is a little grubby

' A Native Dancer of Ceylon Taking part in a 2000 Year Old Ceremonial Dance ' photograph - full page colour advert for Kodak Film with text

Our Note Book Page by Arthur Bryant

The Belief In, and Attractions of, Magic – "Witchcraft in England" By Christina Hole – An Appreciation by Sir John Squire

The Great World War – The Campaigns in the Far East, Japan etc., by Cyril Falls

Rainbow Corner – The Red Cross Club for US Servicemen in London

The World of Science –by E. s. Grew  .

Books of the Day by W. R. Calvert


January 13th

January 20th

January 27th

April 7th

' An American Bridge Across The Rhine: A Pontoon Bridge of the Type Built by US Engineers Across Various Reaches of the Rhine. Constructed in the Record Time of 6.5 Hours...'

' US First Army Supplies Crossing an American Pontoon Bridge Which Replaced The Collapsed Ludendorff Railway Bridge at Remagen ' full page aerial photograph

' Sir Osbert Sitwell Author of "Left Hand Right Hand" The Book Reviewed on This Page '

' osbert Sitwell at the Age of Three '

' The South Front, Renishaw by fromt he picture by John Piper '

anne Countess of Mornington after the Painting by Her grandaughter Lady Burghersh '


Montgomery Discussing Details of the Grat Allied Asault

' Field Marshal With General Dempsey and General Crerar GOC Canadian First Army on the Rhine ']

' Monty Talking to Men of the Black Watch Shortly Before The Launching of the Great Rhine Crossing '

' Montgomery Discussing the Offensive with Major General Ridgewayc Com. Eighteenth U S Airborne - General Dempsey and General Simpson '

' The Prime Minister at the Rhine Accompanied By FM Montgomery, Churchhill Congratulating Men of the 79th Armoured '

' Montgomery with General Eisenhower during a Visit by THe Field Marshal to the Supreme Commander on the Day Following The Launching of 21st Army Groups Rhine Assault '

' A Roadside Conference Shortly Before the Opening of the Battle of the Rhine - Montgomery with General B. G. Horrocks CO of the 13th Corps '

' Montgomery Studying a Map with General Eisenhower and General Bradley on theEve of the Battle of the Rhine '

Full page


With the Second Army in its Advance East: Up To and Over The Rhine

' Men of the Gordon Highlanders Advancing Over th Flood Bank of the Rhine '

' British Troops Dug in Under Cover of the West Bank of the Rhine Awainting The Order to Cross '

' Men of the Kings own Scottish Borderers Moving Forward Through Wooded Contry After Crossin to th eEast Bank of the Rhine '

' British Troops Bringing in a Party of German Prisoners Through the Streets of the Shattered Town of Rees '

' British Commandos of theFirst Commando Brigade, Manning Machine Guns in the Major town of Wesel '

' British Commandos Among the Ruins of Wesel, Mounting Guard Agaisnt Possible German Rearguard Actions '

' Troops of the Fifteenth Scottish Divisin Moving Up the Line, Pass a Column of Prisoners Being Marched Back towards Allied Rear '

' British Troops, Advnacing From the Bridgehead East of the Rhine Can Be Seen Moving Forward Along a Road Littered With German Dead '

' A Few of the 350 German Prisoners Captured by British Commandos at Wesel Sitting in a Bomb Crater Whilst Awaiting Transport '

' Men of the Cheshire Regiment who Crossed The Rhine in Support of the First Commando Brigade at Wesel, Landing From Buffaloes '

' British Reinforcements Moving Up Through The Badly Damaged Town of rees in the Advance East of the Rhine '

' A narrow Street in Captured Rees Jammed with British Troops an Equipment Assmebled after the Battle Which Gave the Town to the Gordon Highlanders '

Double page


' The Two Fronts - east and West ' Germany


British Airborne Ttroops in the Biggest Air Landing To date

' British Airborne of the Famous 6th Division Advnacing Through Hamminkeln '

' British Airborne Advancing Over a Field After Landing: Others Can be Seen Taking cover Among the Wreckage of the Glider '

' A Bren Gun Carrier with a Load of British Airborne Troops Passing Through the Captured Town of Hamminkeln '

' Gliders of th e6th Airborne Division Grounded in a field Near Hamminkeln Station between and East of Rees and Wesel '

' Part of the Scene Immediately After Landing of the 6tgh Airborne, Showing Troops Advnacing and An Early Prisoner '

' The Sidings of Hamminkeln Station, Captured on MArch 25, Showing a Crashed Glider and A Group of Rounded Up German Prisoners '

' British Glider Troops of the 6th Airborn e Division Digging in on the Banks of the river Issel Immediately After Landing '

Full page


' Some of the Many Thousands of German prisoners Captured i the Battle of the Rhine '

' A Few of the 11000 German Troops Rounded up Near Kaiserlautern in the Saar Sector '

' Some Glum, Some Angry, Some Cheerful - Another Batch from the Whipped German Armies '

' A Section of the Seemingly Endless Stream of Prisoners Heading for Allied Prisoner of War Cages from the Area Behind General Pattons Roving Armoured Columns Where German Troops Threw in the Towel on a Huge Scale '

' Captured By the British Second Army East of the Rhine, These Germans Were Utterly Exhausted '

' German Troops Crossing the Rhine From east to west, As Prisoners in a Ferry boat '

' Many prisoners Taken East of the Rhine, Like These, Were Too Exhausted for Anything but Sleep '

Double page


' Commando Troops of the 21st Army Group in Amphibious Buffaloes Crossing the Rhine By Moonlight to Storm Wesel The German Strong Point, and to Establish a Vital Bridgehead ' a wonderful double page "Drawn by Our War Artist, Captain Bryan De Grineau With The Attacking British Army Advnacing into Germany" in sepia style

' The Scene of the Heaviest Resistance to Montgomerys Offensive: Wasp Flame Throwers Hosing Fanatical German Troops into Submission Among The Ruins of Emmerich The Key Town to Northern Holland ' another double page by Captain Bryan de Grineau with the 21st Army Group. The sketch also shown hand written obvservations by the artist and signed March 30th Emmerich 1945 Bryan de Grineau

' Bonn, Famed for Its University, Was Heavily Damaged: The Entrance to the University '

' Wesel, Captured by British Commando Troops on March 23, A Vital German Strong Point, Was Utterly Destroyed in the British Forcing of the Rhine '

' The Important And Ancient City of Mainz Fell to General Pattons Troops - A fiew of the Damaged City and its Destroyed Bridge '

' The Great City of Coblenz, A Mass of Rubble: The Kaiser Wilhelm OI Monument '

' Mr Churchill on Mrch 25, With Montgomery, Crossed to the East Bank of the Rhine '

' A stretch of the Magnificent Autobahn Highway, near Agidienbert, Which Leads Directly to Berlin via Hanover '

' An Aerial View of the Ruhr Frankfort Autobahn Another Fine Thoroughfare for Fast Transport, Controlled By General Hodges Forces '

' Lieut General Dempsey, Commanding The Second Army, Taking Cover From Enemy Shelling of th eBritish Bridgehead at Xanten Across the Rhine '

' Landing Craft Brought by the RASC By Road From Antwerp for the River Crossings of the Rhine, Effectually Miel MAde on March 23 '

' One of Four Giant German Hunter Tanks Destroyed by US Thunderbolds '

' A British Amphibious Buffalo Crossing the Rhine on MArch 24, Heading Eastward '

' US Troops Examing the Prefabricated Forward Section of a U Boat at a Factory for Submarine Parts at Rheinbrohl Captured by General Hodges Troops '

Double page


' British Troops Laying Part of the Vast Smoke Screen Which Masked Preparations for th Final Heave '

' preparing a Mechinical Smoke Generator for Use In the Laying of the Screen along the Rhine ' shows two troops probably of the Pioneer Corps

' Smoke Pouring Out of the Jets of a Mechinical Generator to Add to a Screen Nearly 70 miles Long '

' The British Gloster Jet Plane: Front View Showing the Nose Air Intake of the Worlds First Turbine Jet Aircraft to Fly '

' The Gloster Jet plane Taking Off From an Airfield '

' Men of the 7th US Army Passing Through A Brteach in the Famous Dragons Teeth of the Siegfried Line on their Way To Karlsruhe '

' The Repatriation of Allied War prisoners: British POWs Liberated by the Red Army, Waiting in Odessa for Repatriation '


Personalities of the Week and People in the Public Eye

' Cmdr R. A. Brabner - Air Marshal Sir P. Drummond - Sir John Abraham ' missing after an aircraft crash

' Marshal Boris Shaposhnikov died aged 63 '

' Sir Napier Shaw FRS distinguished meteorologist died aged 91 '

' Gen Sir Frederick Pile appointed Director General in Production of Houses '

' Squadron Leader Robert A. M. Palmer VC ' Lancaster pilot missing over Cologne last December

' A Book on a Great General presentd to a Great General - Mr Churchill - General Eisenhower - Field MArshal Sir A. Brooke ' Churchill presented to General Eisenhower a signed copy of his own book on his acestor Marlborough

' Corporal Kenneth Horsfield GC Manchester Regiment ' a posthumous award after being killed in Brindisi

' Air Vice Marshall V. E. Groom - general Louis Brereton - Air Marshal Sir Argthur Coningham ... as Airborne fleets passed over to attack in the crossing of the Rhine '

' General Eisenhower and Lieut. General George S. Paton Ilst '

' Lieut. General Jacob A. Devers and Major General E. Dahlquist '

Full page


' The Planetary Nebulai Andromeda '

' The Central Portion of the Great Nebula in Orion '

' Graving Glass Circles With Lines for A Theodolite '

' A Modern Theodolite Capable of Discerning a Halfpenny Three Miles Away '

' Earl Lloyd George Who Died Peacefully on March 26 Last ...aged 82 ' full page photograph


New Zealand Troops at war - As Seen By a New Zealand Artist

' Sister Marguerite King - A NZ Army Nurse '

' Mr Churchill at El Alamein .. In His GFamous Boilr Suit '

' New Zealand WAACs ...Club Helpers Known as Tuis '

' The Bombing of the Monastery at Cassino .. Castle Hill Stormed by The New Zealanders can Be Seen in the Centre '

' The RUins of Cassino '

' The Batttle of the Rubble ...New Zealanders in the runis of Cassino '

' The Wounded Infantryman...A New Zealand Soldier Seen Assisting a Wounded Comrade at Casino '

Seven war paintings by Captain Peter McIntyre at an exhibition at the New Zealand Fernleaf Club Lowndes Square London SW1


The Polish Underground Army Rose Heroically Against The Germans Last August and Captured The Power Station Above, Later Destroyed '

' The First British Weapons To Reach the Polish Home Army on August 12 Dropped By RAF Planes ..'

' One of Warsaw's Communicating Corridors: Subterranean Tunnels Leading from Cellar to Cellar, Enabling The Poles to Assemble '

' After Severe Street Fighting with Inadequate Weapons, The Poles Captured the German Gestapo. Later The Church Beyond Was Destroyed '

' The First Day of th Uprising of the Polish underground Army When Street Barricades Were Built as Seen Above '

' The Secret Headquarters of One of the Polish Units Many Being Young Boys With Some Brave Women Helpers. The Uprising Proved, Unfortunately, Premature '

Full page


' The National Gallery Picture of the Month: Les parapluies by Renoir '

' Harrods ' Tie advert

' Belling Electric Cooker ' advert

And many more adverts of the day

Also articles (no pictures unless listed above) including :
'Our Note Book by Arthur Bryant'

' A picture of a Home, A Family, and An Epoch. Left Hand, Right Hand!: By Osbert Sitwell. An Appreciation by Sir John Squire '

'The Great World War: Allied Passage of the Rhine by Cyril Falls'

' The World of Science - Revelations of an Instrument by E. S. Grew ' The Theodolite

' Notes for the Novel Reader by K. John '

' Books of the Day - the Elements and the English by W. R. Calvert '


' He Started His Journal "Oopolo D'Italia " In Malan ' photograph in his early years

' In 1922 As Head of the Fascist Party He Had Formed, He Led The Fascist March Through Rome '

' Mussolini Addressing a Roman Audience: His Theatrical Gestures '

' Mussolini As The Duce in Another Theatrical Pose, Greeting War Veterans at Bolzano '

' His Visit To London in 1922 For the Four Power Conference: Poincare - Bonar Law - Mussolini - Theunis '

' Il Duce Radiating Self Confidence Making an Impromptu Ourdoor Speech to a Cheering Mob '

' At Tripoli in 1937 Arab Chiefs Presented Him with The Two Handed Sword of Islam He Is Arrogantly Holding '

' A Studio Portrait of the Duce in His Zenith, First of the Modern Dictators '

' After His Decline and Fall in 1943: Escaping From the Allies, Hitler Was Greetin Him at Nazi Headquarters '


' The Collapse of Germany: A Map Showing the Vestiges of theThird Reich ' etc


US Victories In Germany: Scenes In Nurembert, Leipzig and Munich

' Raising The Stars and Stripes Over the Nazi Swastika at Hitlers Stadium in Nuremberg '

' Celebrating Hitlers Birthday! Troops of the Seventh Army Saluting the Stars and Stripes as it Was Raised on the Adolf Hitler Platz, Nuremberg '

' Wrecked Nuremberg: A General View of the Once Beautiful Old Town, Practically Razed to the Ground, Owing to German Fanaticsm '

' ANother View of the Ruins of Nuremberg, Showing the Kaiser Wilhelm Statue Still Undamaged and The Spires of the Cathedral '

' In Leipzig - german Citizens Surrounding an American Tank After The Citys Fall '

' Munich, Bavarian Capital and Birthplace of Nazism, Entered By the Seventh Army on April 29 ' ariel photograph

' Th e Leipzig Memorial of the Defeat of Napoleon in 1813 Used as a Nazi Stronghold '

' An Ironic Prohecey of Victory, Made by Hitler in Feb Last, Pasted on a Nuremberg Shed '


Pictures From Occupied Germany etc

' Soviet and American Officers Having a Friendly Chat Over the Bonnet of a Jeep After The First Contact of US and Russian Troops at 4.40 pm on April 25 '

' A US Infantryman Resting in Goerings Lodge at Neuhaus ..'

' Troops of a US Third Army Cavalry Formation Hugging The walls of Buildings in Asch in Czechoslovakia During a Hunt for Snipers '

' American Infantry Crossing The River Danube in Assault Boats in the Area of Berg '

' Troops of the US Ninth Army Examining Part of the Barel of A 380mm Mortar Mounted on One of the Latest German Tanks '

' An Enormous German Gun Found By US First Army Troops at Auerswald near Chemnitz Mounted on a Series of Railway Trucks '

' AN American Soldier Measuring The Breech of the Great 800mm German Gun Captured at Auerswalde '

' A Major of the US Ninth Army Directing German Citizens of Stendal Who in Obedience to Allied Orders, Are Surrendering Nazi Uniforms '

' AN Allied Firing Squad Executing a German Spy After Sentence Had Been passed On Him By the Military Commission of the US Seventh Army '

' The Burgomeister of Leipzig and His Wife and Daughter Found Dead in the City Hall Where They Had Committed Suicide '

' A German Woman Giving Evidence at A US Army Court Martial in Germany at Which American Soldiers Were on Trial For Raping Two German Women '


Bremen Captured

' Bremen Captured: The Ruins of a Large Works, Part of WHich Was the Main Power Station, Wrecked By Allied Bombs '

' During The Battle for Bremen: Men of the KOSBS Firing at the Enemy, Whilst a Huge Crowd of Civilians Forms in the Background '

' The Wreckage that Was Once Bremens Main Power Station: A;;oed Troops Passing the Mass of Twisted Steel and Falen Masonry '

' British Troops, Entering Bremen for th eFinal Street Battles, Passing Burning Buildings Left Alight After Earlier Engagements '

' Lieut General B. G. Horrocks GOC 30th Corps in Command of the Attack on Bremen, Talking to Some of His Men in the Dock Area '

' The Final Phase of the Battle of Bremen: the 52nd Division assaulting the Dock area Where the Enemy Held Out to the Last, With The Kings Own Scottish Borderers and Cameronians Attacking Along the Railway Embankment ' ...."Drawn by Our War Artist Captain Bryan De Grineau with the British Second Army Troops in Bremen"

' A Grim Action in a Suburb of Bremen, With The Enemy Disputing Every yard: The 3rd and 52nd Divisions Fighting Their Way, House by House, Along Roads Heavily Mined With 500lb Bombs One of Which Has Destroyad A Crocodile Flame Thrower ' drawn by Captain Bryan de Grineau

'The Spearhead of the Victorious Second Army Sweeping Through the City - British Tanks of the 4th Armoured Brigade Passing Through the Heart of Bremen After Its Surrender: Liberated Slave Workers Cheer While Germans Stolidly Gaze ' a double page drawn by "Our War Artist Captain Bryan De Grineau" with notes to the drawing which include "Hilarious Inebriated Slave Workers Celebrating Arrival of British" and more. In sepia style


' Turin Where Patriots and Citizens United to Chase Out the Nazi facists: A General View Fromth e Monte Dei Cappuccini '

' Venice Engtered by tyhe 56th London Division, Headed by the 169th Queens Brigade: A View of thre Grand Canal '

' Padua About Midway Between Vicenza and Venice, Liberated: A General View From the Obserbvatory '

' Milan - An Aerial View Showing the Cathedral '

' April at the Italian Front: Floods Turned This MAin Road Into a Narrow Causeway, Making it Difficult to Birng ujp Suplies '

' In Liberated Bologna: An United States Tank Destroyer Surrounded by Italians, Int he Centre of the City Which Fell on April 21 '

' In Liberated Bologna: The US a34th Division Resting in Republic Square After City Had Fallen To the Forces of theFIfth and Eighth Armies '

' Field MArshal Alexander CinC Middle East, Greeted by General Clark CinC Allied Armies, Italy at 15th army Group HQ '

' British Infantrymen of the Eighth Army Crossing the Po Di Volana Canal In Ferrara During Their Assault on the Town on April 24 '

' In Portomaggiore Captured by British Troops of the Eighth Army: Red Cross Stretcher Bearers Passing a Tank '

' The Eighth Armys Advance on Ferrara: A 25Pounder Gun Moving past Resting Men to Take up a Position of Close Support '

' Churchill Tanks Crossing The Reno River Bed, Alongside Th Destroyed Railway Bridge North of Argenta '

< p> ' TheCapture of 500 Enemy " WRENS " at The German North Sea Naval Station at Buxtehude - The "WRENS" Marching to Their Barracks '
' The Apparatus and food, As Used in Holland, For Restoring The Victims of Starvation to Health in Liberated Europe '

' The Famous Promenade De Anglais, Nice - Today A Litter of Broken Glass and Barbed Wire '

' On Duty in Vienna: A Russian Military Policewoman on Traffic Control NEar The Opera House in the Recently Captured Capital of Austria '

' Corrieshalloch Gorge, Presented to the National Trust For Scotland By Mr Calder of Ardargie '

? ' The Worst V" Incident - New Cross - The Scene After the Disaster, With Civil Defence Services Hard At work Digging Out Trapped People '

' The Third Worst V2 Incident - Farringdon Market - The Scene of Devastation Where 110 Persons Lost Their Lives and 123 Were Seriously Injured '


Hitlers Mountain Home and Refuge Blasted - Berchtesgaden Bombed

' Hitlers Estate in the Mountains Outside Berchtesgaden - An Aerial View Taken Before the Bombing by RAF Lancasters on April 25. The Main Barracks Can Be Seen Forming A Square '

' Hitlers Chalet at Berchtesgaden Before Bombing, With the Position, Marked by an Arrow, of The Eagles Nest - the Refuge Five Miles Away '

' The Same View of Hitlers Berchtresgaden Estate Immediately After The Bombing Attack '

' A Close Up of Hitlers Chalet After The Bombing, Showing Clearlyt One of the Three Direct Hits obtained on the CHalet '


Landmarks of Pre-War Berlin

' The Broadcasting Building Berlin - The HQ of Dr Goebbel's Propaganda Network '

' The Hotel Kaiserhof in the Wilhelmplatz Berlin, A Street Containing Many Official Buildings '

' The Great Karstadt Store, Berlin in The Helmanplatz '

' The Brandenburger Tor, Berlin '

' THe Great Mosaic Hall of the Reichschancellery '

' The Tempelhof Airport, Berlin, Germanys Largest Airport - Once the Magnificently Appointed Terminal of The Lufthansa '

' The Unter Den Linden, tHe Former Centre of Fashionable Berlin '

' The Charlottenburger Chaussee, Berlin, Leads Across the Tiergarten Showing the Column of Victory '

' Map of Berlin, Showing the Main Stations, The Course of the River Spree, The Tempelhof Airport, The Parks and th Chief Official Buildings and Industrial Areas '


The Battle for Berlin - Scenes from the Dying Reich Capital

' Soviet Tanks, Carrying Red Army Shock Troops, Driving Through The Wreckage of Berlin Towards the Heart of The Reich Capital '

' A Long Column of Soviet Tanks Rumbling Along a Cobbled Street in Berlin '

' Another Sort of Column: German officers and Troops Captured in Berlin Marching to Captivity Past Wrecked Buildings of the Capital '

' The Commander of a Red Army Tank Column Which Has Fought from Stalingrad to Berlin Hoisting the Red Flag on a Building in the Reich Capital '

' Covered by a Tank, Red Army Infantrytmen Are Seen Firing on German SNipers as They Fight Their Way Through The Rubble '

' Red Army Troops Crossing TheRiver Spree in Berlin Over THe Collapsed Remains of a Bridge Blown Up By The Defeated Germans '

' The Caption on This Picture Radioed From Switzerland Describes Von Ribbentrop At The Oder Front from A Trench Outside Berlin '


Personalities and Events of the Week: People in the Public Eye

' Princess Mafalda of Hesse Daughter of the King of Italy ' Injured in an allied air raid at Buchenwald concentration camp and died six days later

' Mr J. Woodford RA '

' Mr George Belcher ARA '

' Mr Alfred Thomson ARA '

' Mr John Wheatley ARA '

' Sir Frank Short RA '

' Captain Edwin Swales VC Posthumous Award of the S African Air Force '

' Achilel Starace - Marshal Graziani - Roberto Farinacci - Executed '

' Heinrich Himmler '

' Wing Commander E. R. Millington '

' General Kurt Dittmar Surrendering to a US Officer His Sixteen Year Old Son, Behrend is in the Left Foreground '

' Count Folke Bernadotte '

' Marshal Stalin Signing The Treaty of Friendship and Collaboration Between The Soviet Union and The Polish Republic '

' Marshal Petain and His Wife Entering Switzerland Near St Margrethen, On His Way To Submit Himself to the French Authorities '


' Field Marshal Sir Bernard Montgomery Briefing His Liason Officers Before Sending Them Out on Their Missions in Germany '

' Field Marshal Montgomery and His Team of Liaison Officers - Major Sharp - Major Brisk - The Late Major Poston - Major Frary - Major Sweeney - Major Harden - Field Marshall Montgomery - Major Earle - M Miel - Major Howarth '

' Northern Italy - A Map Showing The Position of Various Important Towns Taken in the Current Allied Advance '

' Parma on th Historic Via Emilia Captured by Fifth Army Troops, A Panorama of the City '

' Mantua - A Panorama of the City '

' Verona - A Vie wShowing the Ponte di Castel Vecchio, A Picturesque Medaeval bridge over the River Adige '

' Ferrara - A General View '

' Spezia - A Birds Eye View of the Arsenal ANd Docks '

' An ME 262 Twin Motored Squirt Plane Captured by the US Seventh Army on an Enemy Airfield at Giebelstadt '

' One of Germanys Latest Secret Jet Designs the Arado AR 234 Was Sceured Intact by the US Ninth Army '

' The Jet Units of This ME 262 Have Been Removed And the Photograph Clearly Shows THe Position of the Fuel Tanks in the Centre Section of the Wings '

' One of the Power Units of an ME 262 Showing the Position of the Compressor Casing, the Fuel and Lubrication Piping and the Electric Pumps '

' A Diagrammatic Drawing oif the Messerschmitt ME 262 Squirt Plane Explaining its Construction and Method of Propulsion ' Drawn by "Our Special Artist G. H. Davis"

' The Schermuly Pistol Rocket Apparatus Ltd Newdigate Surrey ' advert

' J. Samuel White Co Ltd Cowes Isle of Wight - MOtor Yacht Braemar Twin Screw Schooner ' by Robert E. Groves - Advert

' Phurnacit The Smokeless Fuel ' Advert

And More adverts of the day

Also articles (no pictures unless listed above) including :
'Our Note Book by Arthuyr Bryant'

' A Story of amazing Success and Occasional Tragedy. Maquis by George Millar - An Appreciation by Sir John Squire - Book Review '


'The Great World War: Breakdown of German Resistance by Cyril Falls'

' Fiction of the Month by K. John '

' Books of the Day ' by W. R. Calvert



Victory Number~ May 12 No. 5534 - Volume 206,

measures 10 1/4" x 14 3/4",


' The King an Queens Visit to South London - A View ot the Royal Car Passing Bomb Shattered Buildings in Deptford '

' The Royal Family on the SIte of a V 2 Incident at Lewisham MArket '

' THe King and Queen Appear to Be Enjoying a Good Joke with Their Subjects '

' Chatting to School children During One of the Many Stops They Made in Their Victory Tour of South London '

' A Young Inhabitant of Deptford Taking Great Interest in the Queens Flowers as Her Majesty Stops to Talk with The Mother '

' Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret With a Lewisham WVS Worker '

' Their Majesties Drive to the Thanksgiving Service at St Pauls ' Full page five photographs

' Queen Mary's First Appearance on a Ceremonial Occasion in London Since The War With The Lord Mayor '

' The Prime Minister With Mrs Churchill, Leaving After the Service at St Pauls '

' The King and Queen Followed by Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret Ascending the STeps of St Pauls Cathedral '

'A Delightful Picture of The Royal Family leaving St Pauls '

' The Duchess of KEnt With The Young Duke and Princess Alexandra Leaving After the Ceremony '

' Princess Juliana of ht eNetherlands Who Was Among The Many Distinguished Personagees at St Pauls '

' Field Marshal Mongomerys Meeting With Marshal Rokossovsky at Wismar After Miel Their Respective Armies had Joined Hands - the Two Commanders Conferring at the HQ of the Sixth Airborne Division At Which Our War ARtist Captain Grineau Was present When The News of the Capitulation of Germany Was Announced '

' TheGerman 6000 Ton Cruiser Nurnberg in Copenhagen Harbour After Her Surrender to the Royal Navy '

' The 10,000 Ton Prinz Eugen Under Danish Guard '

'Prinz Eugen After Her Surrender '

' The German Crew of the U 249 The First U Boat to Give Herself Up in Home Waters Lined up for the Surrender at Portland Watched by British Sailors '

' Commander H. J. Wier RN Who Accepted The Surrender of the U 249 AGiving Orders to Her Commanding Officer Oberleutnant Koch on Board The U Boat '


The Unconditional German Surrender Signed At Rheims

' General Eisenhowers Advanced HQ in Rheims WIth THe Three Representatives of Germany and Those of the Allied Nations including - General Sevee - General Bedell Smith and General Susloparov '

' The Man Who Signed The Acto oof Unconditional surrender At Rheims: General Gustaf Jodl Nazi Chief of Staff on His Way to the Operations Room at Shaef HQ '

' Waiting to Sign General Jodl and Admiral Von Friedeburg '

' TheTerms of Unconditional Surrender Imposed on the Beaten Wehrmacht Being Signed by General Jodl at Shaef HQ, Rheims '

' General Eisenhower with Air Chief Marshal Sir Arthur Tedder and Lieut General Walter Bedell Smith Handing Out Pemns for thre Signing of the Act of Surrender '

' Marshal G. Zhukov Signing on Behalf of the Russian Army '

' Marshal Zhukov Deptuy CinC of All soviet Forces with the Shaef Emblem Flag '

' Air Chief Marshal Sir A Tedder Deputy Supreme Commander AEF Signing at the Ratification of the Unconditional surrender Terms '

' Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel Chief of the German High Command Signing the Document Which Confirmed Thre Act of Surrender '

' After THe Signing - Col. Gen. P. F. Stumpf Chief of Luftwaffe - F. M. Keitel and Adml. H. G. Friedeburg CinC German Navy '

' Teh Tense Moment Before the Signing at Red Army HQ in Berlin - The Three German Representatives of The Three Armed Forces '

' The Toast - The Signing of The Unconditional Surrender - Air Chief Marshal Sir A Tedder - Marshall Zhukov and Gen Spaatz '

' The Scene of the Ratification: The Former German Army Engineering School at Karlshorst One of the Few Undamaged Buildings in Berlin '


' Liberation of Holland: In Utrecht Showing Dutch Persons Riding on British Armoured Vehicles While Patriots are Firing on German Snipers '

' Rotterdam After Five years of Misery: Delighted Crowds Running to Greet a Canadian Column Bringing Food to the Starving People '

' Rotterdam on the SIte Where The Luftwaffe, With Dive Bombing, Deliberately Massacred Thouseand sof Dutch People: A Crowd Welcoming the Canadians '

' IN Utreht - A Delighted Excited Crowd Lifting a Laughing British Officer From His Jeep '

' In Norway - British troops on Their Entry in Oslo Laughing As They MArch Through the City Streets Crowded With Cheering Norwegians '

' Immense Crowds Waving Norwegian Flags Delirious With Delight As th British First Arrived - The German Soldiers, Linking Hands, Did Not Interfere '

' The FIrst Liberators of Oslo Were Nine Brieish and Two Danes Flying From Copenhagen: A Vast Crowd Suddnely Realised they Were British '

' The Birst British Landing on Oslo Aerodrome: Air Commodore Darvell is Received Politely By Major Sp[inder the German Airport Commandant '

' IN Denmark: A Section of the Disarmed German Army of Occupation in Copenhagen Watched by Silent Danes as They Depart From the City '

' Brussels: Allied Soldiers and Civilians Dancing Merrily To the American Band, Revel in the Grand Place, Scene of Historic Fetes '

' Victory Celebrations in Brussels: Flags, Paper Hats Were Everywhere - At the Bon Marche Store Was a Huge picture of King Leopold '

' Crowds Applaud King Christian And Queen Alexandrine Driving From the Rikstag Ater Opening The Danish Parliament '

' Soviet Troops Planting the Red Flag on the German Quadriga of Victory on the Brandenbug Gae '

' Soviet Troops in the Frankfurtallee in Berlin After the Fall of the German Capital '

' The Shattered Friedrichstrasse Scene of the Last Furious Battle in Berlin '

' Soviet Self Propelled Guns Passing Through a War Wrecked Berlin Square '

' An Air of Complete Desolation Characterises theis Picture of Battered Kiel '

' French Mene ANd Women, Politacal Prisoners in Their Striped Prison Garments, Setting Out Cheerfully from Berlin on The Lon Homeward Trek '

' Three Germans, Enemies of the Nazi Regime Who Had Spent Ten Years in Concentration Camps, Walking With Their Belongings Along a Road to Liberty '

' A Column of German prisoners Passing The Famous Holsten Tor a Mediaeval Fortified Gateway in Lubeck On their Way To A POW Cage '

' Field Marshal Montgomery Standing in His Car, Salutes The Wildly Cheering Crowds Who Welcomed Him onhis Visit to Copenhagen After Denmarks Liberation '

' AN American Soldier of the US First Army Studying a partly Assembled V2 Rocket Bomb at Nordhausen '

' Glum German Faces in The Crowded Market Square at Luneburg As The Terms of Surrender Are Read Out to the Townspeople by Officials '

' Berchtesgaden In Flames as an American Soldier of the US Seventh Army Apoproaches Hitlers Home in the Bavarian Mountains '


' The Death Mask of Field Marshal Rommel Former Commander of the German Armies in Libya etc - He Died in Ocober 1944 '

' Field Marshal Von Runstedt Former German Commander in the West, And His Son After Their Capture by The Seventh Army '

' Seyss Inquart German Commissioner of the Netherlands Who Was Captured in Hamburg by the Royal Welch Fusiliers '


The Channel Islands Liberated - Scenes of Surrender and Rejoicing

' A Junior German Officer, Captain Lieutenant Zimmermann Who Displayed Stupid Obstinacy During the Surrender Negitiations for the Channel Islands Being Sent Back to His CinC in a Rubber Dinghy '

' The First Surrener Conference on Board The Destroyer " Bulldog " - The Germand Representative Zimmermann Receiving his order From Brigadier Snow Chief British Embassy '

' Channel Islanders Giving Vent to Their Pent up Emotions on theArrifval of British Troops in Guernsey. The First Liberators Were Twenty Two Royal Artillerymen Who Landed At St Peter Port on May 9 '

' Vice Adm. Huffmeier LateGerman CinC of theChannel Islands and Maj. Gen Wolfe LateMilitary Governor, receiving orders From TheGarrison Commander on Their Arrival at Plymouth as prisoners '

' The Scene in Royal Square on Saturday Evening May 13 When The Kings proclamation, Referring to the Restoratio of their Ancient Eights and privileges Was Read to The Islanders From the Steps of Elizabeth College '

' Brigadier A. E. Snow Who Received The Surrender of the German Garrison - reading The King s Proclamation From the Steps of Elizabeth College Used By The Germans as Their Administrative HQ '


' Princess Elizabeth Talking to RSM J. Baker, 5th Grenadier Guards '

' Major Charles Sweeny MC Photographed in the Group of Field MArshal Montgomerys Team, After the Surreneder of NW Germany, Has Been Killed In a Car Accident While Escorting a German Admiral Back to Keil '

' Sir Basil Brooke '

The Late ' Mr Ingleby Oddie ' London Coroner

' Wing Com. A. E. Saunders '

' Jemadar parkash Singh VC Posthumously '

' Count Schwerin Von Krosigk to Succeed Ribbentrop as Foreign Minister '

' Their Majesties During Their Visit to the Eighth US Army Air Force HQ at High Wycombe With Lieut General J. Doolittle '

' The Queen Shaking Hands With Lieut Gen James Doolittle With The King Looking on During their Farewell Visit to the Eighth Air Force HQ '

' The Crown Prince and Princess of Denmark Talking To Squadron Leader Barley One of the First to Visit Copenhagen After The Liberation '

' Field Marshal Montgomery Shaking Hands with The Famous Fighter Pilot, Group Captain Johnny Johnson After Arriving in Copenhagen '


Times Revenges: Pictures of Nazis Captured and Anti Nazis Freed

' Kurt Von Schuschnig, Former Austrian Chancellor, Who Defied Hitler, After His Recent Release '

' M. Leon Blum The Former French Premier and Leader of the Popular Front, With His Wife, After Their Release by the Fifth Army Fromthe Prager Wildsee prison Camp '

' Pastor Niemoller, The German Protestant pastor Whose Anti Nazi Sermons Led To His Arrest, After His Liberation '

' Goring, After His Surrender To the US Seventh Army at Radstadt, in the Salzburg Dstrict, Being Interviewed By Allied War Correspondents '

' Field Marshal Kesselring On the Sun Terrace of the Berchtesgaden Hof with Major General M. D. Taylor To Whom he Surrendered '

' ThFirst of the Top Ranking Nazis to Fall into Allied Hands: Four Studies of Field Marshal Goring, Without His Medals, After His Personal Surrender to the US Seventh Army, Together With His Wife and Child and Members of His Staff '


' The Latest type of British Tank, Which Led Our Advance Across Germany: The Comet '

' Hamburg Radio Station, Made Famous By Haw Haw Now Operated By the British - A View of Haw Haws Desk and Microphone '

' HTeRed Army Honours Lieut General Simpson Ninth US Army at a VE Day Bnaquet, The American General Being Chaired '

' The Stand Down Parade of the Volunteer Dispatch Rider Force: Sir W. Brown, Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Home Security Inspecting the Riders '

' Dunkirk; free After Five Years - A General View of the Town Showing POW Signs Painted ont he Roofs of Buildings '

' Evidenc of the Penetrating Power of Bomber commands 22,000 lb Bombs '

' The Crowd In the Place De L'Opera Facing The Opera House '

' Int he RUe Royale Witth The Madeleine Facing '

' Serried MAsses in One of the Boulevards '

' General De Gaulle in the Midst of a huge Throng, Singing The Marseillaise at th Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at the Arc De Triomph '

' A View of the Champs Elysees Packed End to End '

' TheChamps Elysees '

' German Troops and Women of Their Armed Forces Marching Through Copenhagen, En Rout to germany, After British Troops Had Liberated Denmark '

' Germans Crowded on a Miniature Tank and Trailer in Copenhagen on their Way to Surrender to British Troops of the Armies of Liberation '

' Two Danish Women Collaborators Being Marched Down a copenhagen Street - They Were Arrested by the Resistance Movement '

' A British Soldier Acknowledging hte Cheers of the Crowds in Copenhagen '

' A British Paratrooper Explaining the Mechanism of his Rifle to one of the Picturesquely Uniformed Royal Palace Guards in Copenhagen '

' A Lorry load of British Troops in Copenhagen '


Distinguished Prisoners Released by the US Seventh Army ' General Bor-Komorowski and His Chief of Staff General Pelczynski With a US Soldier After Their Release by TheUS Seventh '

' The Master of Elphinstone and Lord Lascelles with an American Officer '

' General Gamelin CinC of the French Army at the Outbreak of War Talking with General MCauliffe OC US 103rd Infantry Division '

' Colonel De La Rocque Leader of the Croix De Feu, French Right Wing organisation, After His Release by the Americans '

' M. Jean Borotra The Tennis Star and Former Vichy Minister with M. Michel Clemenceau Son of the Great Statesman, After Their Release '

' M. Daladier Freed From Captivity, Makes Friends With General Mcauliffe's Dog. In the Centre Can Be Seen General Weygand '


' The Making of Soap: Oils, Fats and the Caustic Lye Pour inthrough OLverhead Pipes '

' The Boiling Mixture of Oil and Caustic - Soap '

' THe Steel Frames in Which The Soap Hardens '

' MG Cars ' Advert

' Burberrys ' Advert

' Rover Cars ' Advert

' aptian

And More adverts of the day

Also articles (no pictures unless listed above) including :
'Our Note Book by Arthuyr Bryant'

' A Politicians Handbook to Success - Political Characters of Shakespeare by John Palmer - An Appreciation by Sir John Squire - Book Review '

'The Great World War: Field Marshal Montgomery As A Soldier by Cyril Falls'

' The World of Science - Fats Food and Soap by E. S. Grew

' Books of the Day ' by W. R. Calvert

Historic photographs throughout this issue include - Lights of London on Victory Night - VE Day celebrations -

  • Captive German Cruisers at Copenhagen -
  • Surrender at Rheims -
  • Victory Celebrations in Holland, Denmark, Belgium and Norway -
  • Post war scenes from a Continent at peace -
  • photo of an American Soldier as US Seventh Army approaches Hitlerís Home in flames. -
  • an American Soldier of the US First Army studying a partly assembled V2 Rocket Bomb at Nordhausen -
  • Field Marshal Montgomery salutes crowds in Copenhagen -
  • Death mask of Field Marshal Rommel -
  • Channel Islands liberated -
  • photos of Kurt Van Schuschnigg - Goring - Kesselring -
  • General view of Dunkirk from the air -
  • VE Day in Paris -
  • Liberation in Denmark -
  • Distinguished Prisoners released by US 7th Army at the end of WWII

    June 2nd

    July 14th (Price 1/6 note: it was 6d in 1914)

  • This issue features a full page of photos of The BERLIN CHANCELLERY where at the time it was thought that HITLER died there.
  • There are pictures of the balcony where HITLER addressed the crowds from, the RECEPTION HALL, THE GREAT DINING ROOM, HITLERS OFFICE where it was thought that HITLER and EVA BRAUN perished, EVA BRAUN's room and HITLER'S BEDROOM.
  • pictures of BERLIN and some of the images that greeted the British Troops.
  • sinking of HMS BARHAM by a German U Boat. This was the only British Battleship to be sunk at sea by a German U boat.
  • Germany's secret weapons found by the allied troops which Germany was still working on right up until her defeat.
  • JAPAN's long-range paper balloon bombs which were aimed to strike at America.

    Pride That Has Had a Fall: The Ruins of The Interior of the Reichstag After its Occupation by The Russians ' Full Front page

    ' The Empire Loses One of Her Foremost and Most Able Statesmen - The Right Hon. John Curtin Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Australia Died on Thursday July 5 '


    The Destruction of Germanys Capital - Famou Ruined Sites In Berlin

    ' Where Hitler Stayed: The Ruins of the Well Known Kaiserhof Hotel in the Wilhelm Platz, Standing Amid A Mass of Rubble '

    ' A View of Potsdamer Platz T%he Piccadilly Circus of Central Berlin, Formerly a Busy Centre , Todsay Mainly an Area of Wreckage '

    ' The Much Damaged Brandenburg Gate Looking Towards Unter den Linden - The Russian Inscription Reads "Glory to the Soviet Troops For Raising the Flag of Victory over Berlin"...'

    ' Inside The Shattered Reichstag - It Was Set on Fire in 1933 But Restored by Hitler '

    ' The Wrecked Adlon Hotel, Resort of Kings and Famous Visitors - A Huge Portrait of Stalin Occupies The Entrance to Unter Den Linden '


    How A Great Prisoner of War Escape Was Planned By RAF Officers

    ' RAF Officer Prisoners at Work Half Way Along The Shored Up Tunnel Which They Built Beneath Stalag Luft III - The Famous Project Succeeded But THat Fifty Officers Were Recaptured and Shot by The Germans '

    ' An Officer Hauling Back a Box of Sand From the Working Face to The Entrance. In an Adjoining Chamber The Operator of the Air Conditioning Pump '

    ' Sand Being Shovelled into A Truck Just Behind the Working Face. These Trucks Hauled By ropes Were Used for Transporting Both Sand and Workers '

    ' The Workshop, in Which Specialists Carried Out All the Wood adn Metal Work Including Tool Making, The Tin Above the Workers HEad is a Warning Signal Operated From Ground LEvel '

    ' An Officer Chipping Away at the Working Face '

    ' The Homne Made Air Conditioning Pump of the Great Escape Tunnel Sketchefd by an RAF Officer Prisoner While the Work Was in Progress. The Conspirators Burrowed For Fifteen Months Beneath The Feet of the German Guards ' Wonderful full page drawing

    The sketches were by Flight. Lieut. Ley Kenyon DFC who shared in the escape project


    ' John Tyndall in 1864 '

    ' Tyndall and Mrs Tyndall at the Time of Their Marriage in 1876 '

    ' John Tyndall and Mrs Tyndall in the Library, Hinghead House circa 1887 '


    The Australian Landings in Borneo - Veterans of Tobruk

    ' A Transport Waiting Off Labuan Island Which Was Undergoing Severe Inshore Bombardment Before Landing Australian Troops '

    ' Pre Invasion Naval and Air Bombardment Left a Good Deal of Labuan Island ,Lying Six Miles off Borneo, In Ruins '

    ' Raids on Brunei on the Mainland, Preceded a Four Point Landing When Japaese Quarters Were Attacked '

    ' Matilda Tanks Moving Forward To Attack Enemy Positions in Labuan While Foot Slogging Australian Infantry, Veterans of Tobruk and El Alamein, Prepared to Root Out The Lurking Japanese '

    ' One Japanese Soldier The Less! Australians Cautiously Advancing Through a Gateway of a Property Belonging to a British Settler in Labuan Where The Enemy Was Hiding in Strength '

    ' General MaCarthur CinC Land Forces in the Pacific, Congratulating Brigadier Windeyer on Results '

    Full page


    ' Good Bye to The RAF in Brussels - WAAF Band Marching in the Farewell Parade, During Which The City Presented a Flag to The RAF '

    ' The Royal Navy in Great Oslo - Men From HMS Bellona Being Welcomed With Flowers by a Small Norwegin Girl '

    ' Dutch Art Treasures Safe; Drums Holding Large Paintings: The Canvases Were Rolled on Drums Such as These And The Latter Rotated Half a Turn Each Day ' ' Boulogne Harbour Today: As Can Be Seen, The Dock Installations and Other Buildings Have Suffered Badly '

    ' The Admiralty Pneumatic Wave Controller '

    ' During the Air Rescue From The Hidden Valley in New Guinea: Sergeant Decker one of the Survivors with The Chief Rescuer Captain Walters ' in the Loranje mountain range

    ' The Tented Camp in a Hidden Valley in New Guinea Where a WAC and TWO American Soldiers Lived For Six Weeks '

    ' Typical Native Inhabitants of the Remote Valley From Which The Three Survivors of a US Air Crash Were Rescued By Glider Pick Up '

    The End of HMS Barham - ' Immediately After Being Hit By a Salvo of Torpedoes: HMS Barham Heavily Listing To Port November 25 1941 '

    ' THe Violent Explosion of the After Magazine Which Followed Four Minutes After The BArham Was Hit By The Salvo of Torpedoes '

    ' A Thick opall of Smoke All That Remained of HMS Barham the Only British Battle Ship to be Sunk by a U Boat at Sea '


    Secret Weapons - Germany's Intentions Revealed

    ' 400 Ft lron Jointed Tube Dug into the Cliffs South of the Channel is Another German Secret Weapon intended To Bombard London '

    ' General View of the 400 Ft Long TubeDesigned to Fire a 92 inch Long Projectile at London '

    ' A V2 Rocket With Its Tip Up Trailer in A Vertical Position Ready For Launching ' ' The Travelling Position of the V2 Tip Up Trailer '

    ' The Hydraulically Operated Tip Up Trailer of a V2 Rocket in Vertical Position '

    ' A Rocket Propelled Guided Missile Designed Almost Like a Giant Dart '

    ' ANother View of the Rocket Propelled Missile Probably Designed For Firing From Aircraft at Aircraft - Said to bi in an Experimental Stage '

    ' A 6000 German 21cm Mortar Found in an Experimental Stage '

    ' This German a38cm Rocket Projector Fires a Projectile Weighing 726 lbs '

    ' A Huge 120 Ton German Self Propelled Mortar Which Fires a Projectiole Weighing Over A Ton '

    ' A Breech End View of an Outsize German Railway Gun '

    ' A Muzzle View of the Outsize German Railway Gun Discovered in Holland '


    ' The British Zone in the Tripartite Control of Berlin: A Map of the Capital and Environs Giving an Approximate Outline of the British Command Sphere '


    Berlin - The Entry of British Troops

    ' Grenadier Guards Marching Away From the Ceremony of Unfurling The Union Jace at the German Column of Victoryh in the Konigsplatz Berlin on July 6 '

    ' Major General L. O. Lyne Commander of the Desert Rats and OC British Troops Berlin Area, Taking the Salute as the 11th Hussars BHeaded the Drive into Berlin '

    ' Company Sergeant Major Eric Cole a Guards Warrant Officer and Veteran of Miel Dunkirk, Breaking the Union Jack From Its Masthead in the Konigsplatz '

    ' The HQ of the First British Troops in Berlin, The Famous Desert Rats Whose Entry Was The End of an Odyssey Begun at Alamein '

    ' At The Unfurling of the Union Jack - Lt Gen. Weeks (Montgomerys Deputy in Berlin ) - Maj. Gen. F. L. Parks US Berlin Commander - Maj Gen Baranov Soviet Berlin Commander - Brig Gen De Beauchensne Representing France - Maj Gen L. O. Lyne British Berlin Commander '

    ' The Union Jack Flying From its Masthead at the Foot of the German Column of Victory in the Konigsplatz When The Famous Desert Rats Took Part in the Ceremony: A General View of the Ceremony in the Tiergarten ' Double page



    ' The Shattered Shell of the Frederick William university on the North Side of the Kaiser Franz Joseph Platz '

    ' All That Is Left of thre Impressive Reichstag Building with a Gun Still Standing in Front in the Konigsplatz '

    ' Homeless German Women Trudging Past The Huge Saluting Base Erected by the Russians in the Unter Den Linden '

    ' A Long Queue of Berliners Waiting For a Bus Beneath The Wreckaage of the Furstenhof Hotel in the Potsdamer Platz near the Potsdam Station ' ' This Scramble for One of Berlins Few and Far Between Buses is the Type of Scene to which British Troops are Becoming Accustomed '

    ' A Private Car Adapted For Carrying Additonal Passengers Beside one of Berlins Long Bus Queues Among the Ruins of the Reich Capital '

    ' Where Hitler Used To Address Berlin - British Soldiers on the Balcony at the Chancellery '

    ' The Great Reception Hall at the Chancellery Berolin Now Gutted and Full of Rubble '

    ' Hitlers Grave? An American Watched By Russians Examining The Grave NEar Hitlers Shelter '

    ' The Great Dining Room at the Berlin Chancellery, Note that the Great Chandeliers Have Been Lowered Presumably For Safety '

    ' Thought to be The Scene of the Death of Hitler and Eva Braun - The Office in Hitlers Shelter in the Chancellery '

    ' Probably Eva Braun's Room. Obviously a Womans Room in Hitlers Shelter at the Chancellery, Note the Pommery Champagne Bottle '

    ' Hitlers Own Bedroom in the Chancellery Shelter. Note the Safe Has Been Cut Open '


    Isle of Man

    ' The King and Queen on their First Visit to the Isle of Man Received a Great Ovation: Reception in Ramsey '

    ' The King presidein at th Meeting of Tynwald The MAnx Parliament - The First Visit in History of the King of England to Tynwald Hill '

    ' The Parade from Tynwald Hill to the Chapel '

    ' The Interior of St Johns Chapel Where their Majesties Sat at A Long Table Facing th eNave With the Sword of State Behind '

    ' The King Assisting The Queen Over The Ancient Stepping Stones Leading to Tynwald Hill for The Formal Ceremony of Proclamation Ilst '

    ' The Royal Visit to Castle Rushen Castletown - Formerly The Residence of The Lords of Man: Their Majesties Crossing the Drawbridge '


    ' Pre War Colour and Gaiety at Henley Regatta: The High Spot was The Length Victory of Imperial College "A" From the Australian Air Force "A" in the Open Eights '

    ' The Race for the Royal Hunt Cup at Ascot Before a Vast Crowd: Battle Hymn 20-1 Against, Early Leading TheField, Won Easily '

    Personalities and Events of the Week

    ' Sepoy Ali Haidar VC 13th Frontier Force Rifles, Indian Army For copmspicuous Gallantry in Italy During Crossin gof the Senio River '

    The Late ' Sir Peter Chalmers Mitchell '

    The Late ' Mr J. B. Manson ' Direxctor Tate Gallery

    The Late ' Sir Harry Goschen '

    ' Sir William Malkin ' Missing over the Atlantic

    ' Lieut Karamjeet Singh Judge VC Posthumously Awarded of 15th Punjab Regiment Indian Army in Burma

    ' M. Molotov and Mr T. V. Soong, Chinese Foreign Minister at th eCentral Aerodrome After Mr Soong REcent Arrival at Moscow '

    ' Marshal Choibalsan Premier of The Mongolian People's Republic With MM. Molotov and Lozovsky in Moscow '

    ' Mr F. M. Forde New Premier of Australia '

    ' W.A.C. Corporal Margaret Hastings Recently Rescued From a "Hidden Valley" in New Guinea 150 Miles SSW of Hollandia '

    Japanese Long Range Paper Balloon Bombs Aimed at North America

    ' One of the Japanese Long Range paper Balloon Bombs Whhich Fell in An Isolated District of Western Canada '

    ' Aneroid Barometers Mounted in One of the Paper Baloons and Which are Said to Actuate a Bomb Release Mechanism '

    ' Two Types of Bombs, Anti Personnel and Incendiary Carried By the Paper Balloons Which Are Reported to Travel From Japan on Air Currents at A Speed of About 80 mph '

    ' One of the Paper Balloons Floating Earthward Over North America '


    Scars of War in Budapest

    ' A Street Scene i Budapest Showing A Battered Church and Wrecked Transport Arranged For Disposal '

    ' A Shell Torn Building in Budapest - In the Foreground an Ornate Fountain And A Hungarian Traffic Signal '

    ' Demolished by the Germans After Their Withdrawal From Pest to Buda - the Ruins of One of the Three Suspension Bridges Over the Danube '

    ' Destroyed by the Germans, Reconstructed by The Russians - One of the B ridges Which Cross Th Danube and Linki Buda with Pest '

    ' The Parliament House in Pest Looking Across the Danube Towards Buda '

    ' Two off the Russian Women Police Who Control Traffic in Budapest '


    An All Cotman Exhibition a tNorwich Castle Museum

    ' Greta Bridge '

    ' Storm on Yarmouth Beach '

    ' The Waterfall '

    ' Trentham Church '

    ' Via Mala '

    ' After The Storm '

    ' St Benets Abbey Norfolk '

    Full page


    ' One of the Finest and Best Preserved Mosaic Pavements Found - The Luxurious Pleasure Room in the Bathing Establishment Attached to the Eighth Century palace in the Jordan Valley: The Tree is Thought to Be a Pomegranate Tree While the Lower Pavement is an Imitation Persian Rug ' excavations at Khirbet el Mefjer

    ' A Dust Storm in Iran Photographed at a Distance of 25 Miles By The Director of The Iraq Meteorological Service '

    ' The Destruction at Kowloon by the Typhoon of Septemgber 1874 A Vie w of the City '

    ' Six Waterspouts Seen in Process of Formatio From a Pall of Black Cloud Over the Sulu Sea Between North Borneo and Philippines '

    ' Edwin Maiden - ICI Advert ' drawn by William Dring ARA

    ' Edinburgh USe Guys - Part of a Fleet of Guy Buses ' advert

    ' Kelvinator Fridge ' advert

    Also articles (no pictures unless listed above) including :
    ' Our Note Book by Arthur Bryant

    ' A Full Length Biography of a Great Scientist. Life And Work of John Tyndall By Professor A. S. Eve FRS and C. H. Creasey OBE - An Appreciation by Sir John Squire ' Full page

    'The Great World War - Future of the British Army by Cyril Falls'

    ' The World of Science - The Weather Round the World by E. S. Grew

    ' Books of the Day by W. R. Calvert '


    ' A Storm in the pacific: War Ships Wallowing in Mountainous Seas - A US Destroyer in a Deep Trough between Waves '

    ' A US Aircraft Carrier of The Essex Class Rolling Sharply in the Pounding Seas of a Pacific Storm '


    The City of the Dead : Berlin, The Modern Pompeii - Aerial Views

    ' This View of the Dead Buildings of Berlin Shows the Famous Wilhelmstrasse - Now it is a Street of Ruins '

    ' Taken Over the Dead Capital of the Reich and Stangely Reminiscent of the Wrecked Buildings of Pompeii, The Area Shown is between the Anhalter station and The Potsdamer Platz '

    ' The Smashed Remnants of the Gleisdreieck Centre of Berlins Under Ground Railway System '

    ' The Utter Devastation Surrounding The Potsdamer Platz '

    ' The Dominating Ruin in ythis Scene of Ruin Represents What is Left of The Anhalter Station ONe of Berlins Main Railway Termini '

    ' A Close Up View of the Ruined Area Around The Wilhelmstrasse with the Battered German Chancellery '


    ' A Map Showing The Respective Zones of Occupation in Germany '

    ' British Troops in the Recent Berlin Parade: Men of the 1-5 Queens Regiment Marching Down The Charlottenburg Chaussee '

    ' Men of theNavy Parading Through Hitlers Former Capital '

    ' A General View of the Tanks of the Famous Desert Rats parading Down th Charlottenburg Chaussee From Berlins Victory Column Seen In the Distance '

    ' The Grenadier Guards Colour Party in the Parade Ilst '

    ' Drawings and Diagrams Showing a Few of the Many Weapons, Devices and Tactics, Both Offensive and Defensive With Great Britain First Contered The Enemy and Later Drove Home the Grand Assault ' Double page "Drawn by Our Special Artist G. H. Davis "

    ' The Action That Earned A VC - The 1345 Ton Destroyer Glowworm Ramming The 10,000 Ton German Cruiser Hipper After a Single Handed Duel at Point Blank Range ' a wonderful double page "From a Painting by Our Special Artist C. E. Turner Under TheSupervision of Able Seaman Merritt of HMS Glowworm " in sepia style


    Potsdam - The Big Three Conference

    ' The Stadt Schloss - The Royal Berlin Suburb Chosen as The Venue of the Latest Big Three Conference '

    ' The Marble Palace one of many Imposing Buildings in THeGardens of Potsdam '

    ' Mr Churchill Giving His Famous Victory Sign While on Holiday Before He eft for The Vital Conference at Potsdam '

    ' The Historic Windmill in the Grounds of Schloss Sanssouci Miel in the Allied Conference Zone '

    ' Mr Anthony Eden at the RAF Transport Command Station From Which He Flew to Take Part at Potsdam '

    ' The LAke And Grand Staircase Leading Up to Schloss Sanssouci, The Rococo One Story Palace of Frederick the Great in the Conference Zone '

    ' The Neues Palais to the West of the Park of Sanssouci Built by Frederick The Great ub 1763-69 And Used as a Summer Residence by Emperor William II '


    Personalities and Events of the Week

    ' Major General Claire L. Chennault of the US Fourttnth Air Force in China, Recently Resigned '

    ' Signor Parri New Italian Premier '

    ' General Slim Commander of the Fourteenth Army in Burma Driving Through The Crowds on His Way to Speak at The Guildhall '

    ' Mr J. B. Chifley ' Who will be new Prime Minister In Australia

    ' Lt Col. Sir Francis Shelmerdine Died on July 9 '

    ' Lieut Commander G. B. Roope VC Posthumously - Captain of HMS Glowworm '

    ' The Regent of Iraq Photographed With Their Majesties the King and Queen in the Gounds of Budkingham Palace on July 11 '

    ' Corporal E. T. Chapman VC Monmouthshire Regiment for his advance at The Teutoberger Wald '

    ' At The Top Table Major General Parks for US - Col. Gen. Gorbatov USSR - Maj Gen Lyn for UK - Maj. Gen De Beauchesne for France ' at the Louisenstrasse

    ' Marshal Rokossovsky and Marshal Zhukov Wearing the Insignia of KCB and GCB Respectively After Investiture By F. M. Montgomery '


    ' The US Cruiser Augusta With President Truman on Board Steaming Through the English Channel Escorted by British Warships '

    ' AN Antwerp Crowd Cheering President Trumanas He Drove Away To Brussels '

    ' British Troops in Paris During the First Bastille Day Celebration for Six Years '

    ' French Liberated Prisoners Carrying a Wooden Crucifix Memorial To Victims of Brutality '

    ' An Interior View of Goering's Private Aeroplane, Now in Paris To Be Used to Cure Sick Children '

    ' The Little Schoolhouse at Rheims, Scene of Germanys Unconditional Surrender to the Allies, Now to Be Preserved As An Historic Building '

    ' AN Exterior View of the Aircraft Once The Property of Goering Which Is To Be Used For the Benefit of Sick French Children '

    ' Dunkirk Fromn the Air, Showing the Docks and Town, A Photograph Taken Shortly After The German Surrender '

    ' The Beaches of Dunkirk - The Scene of the Great Evacuation Now Deserted and peaceful Under Quiet Skies '

    ' Another Air View of hte Dunkirk Beaches '

    ' The Gloster Meteor on the Ground, Showing the Two Gas Jet Turbine Units and the Tricycle Under Carriage '

    ' The Gloster Meteor in Flight Seen From Below; The Only Allied Jet Fighter To be Used In Action to Date '

    ' ANother View of the Gloster Meteor in Flight, Developed From the Prototype '

    ' English Silver and Chinese Porcelain of Great Price ' Full page

    ' The Remarkable Helicopter: Queing Up for Tea. The Pilot of One of a Number of Helicopters Used in an RAF Training Couse Receiving His Cup from A Mobile Canteen Girl, While Other Machines Can Be Seen Hovering Near to Take Their Turn '

    ' An Historic Gift to the Nation: The Lacock Abbey Copy of Henry III's Third Re Issue of Magna Carta with Seal '

    ' The Great Thunderstorm of Saturday to Sunday July 14-15: A Remarkable Photograph Taken Soon After Midnight of Forked Lightning Over London '

    ' A General View of the Alaca Hutuk Excavations Taken From Inside One of the Hittite Temples '

    ' Light Upon the Pre Hittite Civilisation in Turkey - The Possessions of a Lady of High Rank ' Full page

    ' Pre Hittite Anatolia - Gold Plate and Head Dresses ' Full page

    ' Proof of the High Level of Civilisation 3500 Years Ago ' Full page

    ' An Exterior View of a Distillation unit - Distillation of Crude Oil '

    ' An Interior View of an Hydrogenation Unit '

    ' Johnnie Walker ' Full page colour advert of a harvest

    And many more adverts of the day

    Also articles (no pictures unless listed above) including :
    ' Our Note Book by Arthur Bryant '

    ' Th Mother of Parliaments Portrayed by Hans Wild and James Pope-Hennessy - An Appreciation by Sir John Squire ' Full page

    'The Great World War - The British Soldier in Germany by Cyril Falls'

    ' A Great Discovery - By Dr Hamit Zubeyr Kosay Director of Antiquities and Museums in Turkey '

    ' The World of Science - British Production of the Airmans Octane Fuel by E. S. Grew

    ' Books of the Day by W. R. Calvert '