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The Illustrated London News 1948

Events of this year in the Illustrated London News

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9765 JW 43


' US Air Force at Goose Bay on Labrador – A Team of Huskies Being Dropped from a C-47 Transport Aircraft by Parachute ' front page photograph – info. the aim of the operation is to use teams of huskie dogs in the rescue of victims in disaster situations, developed by a Colonel Paul A. Zartman Commandant of the airbase at Goose Bay

' The Dogs with Their Handlers Inside the Aircraft On the Way to a Mock Disaster Exercise – The Dogs Wearing the Parachute Harneses ' front page

' The Annexation of Marion Island in the South Indian Ocean – The Ceremony at Which the Flag of the Union of South Africa is Raised …'

' Reading the Proclamation on Prince Edward Island in the South Indian Ocean – Lieutenant Commander P. Dryden-Dymond the Commander of HMSAS Natal '

' An Aerial Photograph of a View of the House of Commons showing the Structual Steelwork of the New House ' full page showing the Houses of Parliament and surrounding areas – info. the part of the building showing the steelwork was destroyed by enemy action in 1941

The New Weather Station for South Africa - Prince Edward and Marion Islands:

' An Albatross Egg on Marion Island - Being Held by One of the Occupation party '

' Prince Edward Island Seen From the Sea '

' Marion Island From the Sea '

' Ths Skua Gull '

' A Sea Elephant in the Foreground with Naval Personnel Departing After the Annexation Ceremony '

' A View of Prince Edward Island From HMSAS Transvaal ' two sailors in the foreground

' Prince Edward Island – A Naval Party Coming Ashore '

' Gunners Point on Marion Island – A Tarpaulin Shelter Where the The Occupation Party from HMSAS Transvaal Spent Fifteen Days – HMSAS Natal and SS Gamtoos at sea in the background

' …" Natal " and The Storeship Gamtoos Entering into Transvaal Cove at Marion Island …'

' Lieutenant B. Grindley Offering The King Penguins His Glass of Champagne …' a group of penguins and the Lieutenant with a sailor in the background

Double page

' Mister Thomas Balston The Author of "John Martin 1789-1854" ..'

' A Crayon Portrait of John Martin on His Deathbed by Charles Martin, His Son '

' The Deluge – Picture by John Martin '

' The Fall of Babylon by John Martin '

Heard Island in the Antarctic – Australia's New Weather Station:

' Summit of Heard Islands Emperor William Peak as Seen From the Sea '

' A Rock Hopper Penguin Held by an Australian Geologist '

' Meteorologists, Radio Operators and an Engineer at the Start of a Fifteen Month Tour of Duty '

' Cape Lauren – The Glacier Topped Cliffs Seen from the Sea '

' Rogers head – A 600ft Striated Pinnacle with Penguins Dotted around the Base '

The Cremation of Mahatma Gandhi -:

' Mourners at New Delhi – The Governor General, Earl Mountbatten and Countess Mountbatten with Mr Patel and Crowds of People '

' The Ghat Where The Body of Gandhi was Cremated '

' The Amphibian Craft, Entering the Waters of the Sangam, Bearing the Ashes of Gandhi '

' The Journey to Allahabad - The Flower Decked Compartment of the Train Which Transported The Ashes of Gandhi '

' The Funeral Amphibian Showing the Urn to Be Consigned to the Waters of the Juma and The Ganges at Allahabad '

Ceylon -:

' The Assembly Hall at Colombo – The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester at the Ceremony to Open the New Dominion Parliament '

' Queens House Colombo After TheCeremony – Mr D. S. Senanayake Prime Minister – Governor General of Ceylor Sir Henry Moore – Sir John howard – An Other Members of the Cabinet '

' Map Of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans Showing the Proposed United States Naval Bases …'

' Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz of the US Navy '

Indonesia -:

' A Dutch Soldier Examining a Rifle Handed in By a An Member After the Demobilisation of the Indonesian Republican Army '

' Indonesians Being Led By Dutch Soldiers with Republicans Wainting in an Enclosure Before Handing in Arms

' General Djatikoesoema and A Dutch Air Force Officer – The General Explaing Evacuation Procedures ' with others

' The Governor General Dr Van Mook – Dr Mohamed Hatta – Mister L. Neher '

' The Dutch HQ – Major General Baay of the Netherlands Greeting Miel General Djatikoesoema on His Arrival '

' Batavia – Dr Mohamed Hatta Saluting as He Walks Through a Crowd After The Resignation of Dr Sjarifuddin's Cabinet …'

' The Implacable – The Last French Vessel to Surrender to the British After The The Battle of Trafalgar ' photograph of the ship at Portsmouth

' Delta, The 200 Ton Dutch Motor Vessel Damaged After Hitting Battersea Bridge, The Master Hendrikus Oosting InJured ' photograph of the vessel

' A View of the USS Pomodon – A New Look for Submarines …'

' The US Battleship New Jersey to be Laid Up '

' The Russian Ship Baku in Millwall Docks London – The First Ship to Bring in Grain under the Anglo Soviet Trade Agreement '

' The Yugoslav Ship Bihac at Manchester Docks Being Unloaded of a Cargo of Timber '

Sketches by "Our Special Artist Captain Bryan de Grineau Aboard Reive HM Submarine Ambush at Rothesay:

' The Submarine " Ambush " in Arctic Waters – At Periscope Depth During The Testing of The "Snort " Apparatus '

Full page sketch – an artists impression – the Snort or Snorkel was an extension to the periscope to enable the sub. to remain under water longer

' A View in the Submarine – the Exhaust Manifold in the Engine Room Leading to the Snort Mast '

' The Engine Room – Showing the Air Intake Pipe with Escape Hatch Above …'

' The Control Room of the Ambush ' shows three men in the control room beneath the conning tower

' The Galley – Cold Air From the Snort Circulates Inside the Submarine ' men two cooks and men collecting their meals

' A New paint Which Prevents Fire – A Demonstration Showing a Burning Building ' - in the United States

' Hammersmith Hospital – A nurse in the New Premature Babies Unit Giving a Baby Oxygen '

' A Man Using a Metal Detector on Trees – Timber Imported From Germany Being Examined for Bullets or Shrapnel Which Could Turn the Edges of Saws '

' A Man in a Railway Carriage – Using an Automatic Dry Shaving Apparatus '

' Mid Air Refuelling – A Lancaser Air Tanker and a BOAC Liberator, Above the Atlantic ' a photograph taken from a Lancaster Air Tanker

' The Ice Covered SS Drottningholm on Her Arriva at New York After an Atlantic Crossing ' the ship covered in ice with a lady waving from a window

' At A Californian Test Station – A Ram Jet on a Launching Rack During Experiments for the US Navy ' experiments for their Guided Missile Programme

' An Electric Motor Callled the Electrotor – Smaller than a Jewel in a Ring, 3/16ths of an Inch in Length '

' The Bathyscope in Which Professor Piccard and Dr Cosyns (seen in photo) Hope to Descend– With Some of the Floaters Which Will be Attached ' this is a spherical cabin designed to dive in depths of 2½ Miles in the Gulf of Guinea – two photographs – info. Bathyscaphe a diving bell

' California USA - A Fog Dispersal Experiment by Mr E. R. Pleasants of San Francisco ' two photographs

' Swinton near Ripon in Yorkshire – For Use as a Conservative College '

' Pitt House – A Mansion in Hampstead Associated with William Pitt, Just Sold '

' A Sale Catalogue of Marie Antoinette's Pictures dated 1798 Auctioned by Mr H. Phillips and Son at St Clouds Paris '

' A Sale Catalogue of The Property of Sir Joshua Reymolds Auctionefd by Mr H. Phillips and Son at His Great Room 67 New Bond Street London '

' a 16c Fresco Discovered at Tandridge Hall near Oxted '

Paintings on View at Whitechapel – Given by Lord Bearsted to the National Trust:  .

' Night – by William Hogarth ' - - - ' Morning – by William Hogarth '

' Martin Ruze – A Portrait by Frans Pourbus the Younger '

' A Young Man – a Portrait by parmigianino ( F. Mazzuola ) '

' A Young Gentleman – a Portrait by Rogier Van Der Weyden '

' Fete InVenice at the Camp Santi Giovanni e Paolo, Pope Pius VI – by Francesco Guardi '

' Presentation of the Virgin – by Giovanni de paolo '

Full page

Personalities and Events of the Week:

' General Omar Bradley The US Chief of Staff – President Truman – General Eisenhower '

' Mr Thomas Raymond Kelly GC – An Able Seaman in the " Empire Plover " – George Cross Awarded Posthumously ..'

' The world Table Tennis Championship at Wembley – Mr R. Bergmann of England – Miss G. Farkas of Hungary – Shaking Hands '

' Squadron Leader Robert Kronfeld Killed in an Experimental Flying Accident at Alton Hants '

' Air Vice Marshal D. C. T. Bennett – Liberal Candidate for North Croydon … '

' Sir Oliver Franks – The New British Ambassador to the United States of America ..'

' Captain Roy Farran DSO …Acquitted by a Palestine Court Martial … '

' Major General Charles Himilton Boucher To Command the British Gurkha Division '

' Sir Isaac Isaacs Dies at Melbourne …'

' Mr Henry Ford with the First Car to Be Exported from Dagenham to the US ….'

' Admiral Lord Bruce Fraser – First Sea Lord …'

Full page

Photo-Engraving – The Fairchild Camera and Instrument Corporation:

' A New US Engraving Apparatus Being Demonstrated at Hackensack New Jersey '

' Mr George Washington Jnr. With His finished Double Column Engraving ' with two other men

' The Engraving Reading for Printing in The Bergen Evening Record …'

The Wright Brothers " Kitty Hawk "

' The Kitty Hawk in the Science Museum at South Kensington - To Be Returned to the US in Accordance with the Late Orville Wrights Wishes '

' Men at Work on the Replica of the Kitty Hawk – Fitting the Wing Struts at the De Havilland Training School ..'

' Survivors of the Antarctic Fauna of Carboniferous Times – A Bug Peloridiidae ' sketch .

' A Mountain Scene in Tasmania Where The Flora of Antarctic Are Found ' photograph

An Adult Antarctic Bug ' sketch

' A Light Weight Inflatable Exposure Suit Under Test for the RAF at Farnborough ' full page showing four photographs

' The Olney Shrove Tuesday Pancake Race I nBuckinghamshire – Fifteen Housewives '

' The Winner Mrs Nellie Bosworth About to Overtake Miss Dorothy Pipes ' and others watching on

' The Winner Mrs Nellie Bosworth of Neartown Olney with her Frying Pan and Pancake '

' Mr Mynard the Bellringer Gives Mrs Bosworth a Kiss While Mrs Barnes and Miss D. Pipes Watch On '

' Pancakes and Frying Pans Lay by the Font in the Church '

Full page – the article mentions the Rev. R. Collins

High Speed Photography – A Chameleons Tongue Frozen by High Speed Photography ' two photographs

A Natter Jack Toad Catching Its Prey ' two photographs

A Diagram Illustrating the Electric Circuit Used for the Photographs …'

Theatre – Scene from "The Mastersingers" from Wagners Opera '

' A Scene from the Magic Flute – David Franklin and others '

' Crookes Halibut Oil ' advert

' du Maurie Cigarettes ' advert

' British Rope Ltd – Coal by Rope ' advert showing an open cast mine

' Midland Bank Ltd – February Scene ' advert

' Brylcreem ' advert

' Kumfees by Holmes ' - Shoe advert

' Chance Glassware – The Spiderweb Bowl by R. Y. Goodden ' advert

The GEC AC Model BC 4750 – 22½ Guineas ' advert for a radio

' Mackeson Stout ' advert

' Jacobs Cream Crackers ' advert

' Avon Tyres ' advert

' Jack Barclay Rolls Royce and Bentley ' advert

' Samuel White of Cowes – Standard 37 Footer ' boat cruiser advert

' Escudo Cigarettes ' advert

Our Note Book by Arthur Bryant

The Biography of a Long Neglected Artist – "John Martin" by Thomas Balston – An Appreciation by Sir John Squire

The Aftermath of War –by Cyril Falls

Science column – by E. s. Grew  .

Fiction of The Week – Reviews column by K. John

Theatre by J. C. Trewin

Books – What the Scientists Say of the Atom – books reviewed inc. Meet the Atoms by O. R. Frisch - - - Atom and its Energy by Prof. E. N. da C. Andrade - - - Atomic Challenge by Professors J. D. Cockcroft etc - - - The Electron Microscope by V. E. Cosslett - - - etc – Column by W. R. Calvert


January 3rd





June Vol. 212, no.5694







Xmas Childrens table games from history - Dunlop cities "Chester" - Imperial Leather.. tropical fish.. Barbels

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