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The Illustrated London News 1950

Events of this year in the Illustrated London News

April 22nd

April 29th

7775 32

' At Tigne Point In Malta - Princess Elizabeth the Duchess of Edinburgh Waving Goodbye to Her Husband in the Destroyer " Chequers " - With Countess Mountbatten and Lady Pamela Mountbatten ' Full front page photograph

' A Notable Acquisition for the Fitzwilliam Museum - 14c Arab Glass Mosque Lamp Made for the Emir Saichu A Cup Bearer to the Sultan ' a glass lamp

' Passing the Tigne Point From Which Princess Elizabeth Waved and Receifved a Message Flashed Back From Her Husband - HMS Chequers with The Duke of Edinburgh Aboard Sailing From Malta '

' HMS CHequers Floodlit as She Lay in Valletta Grand Harbour in Malta '

' Israeli parliament Meets in Jerusalem - Mr Joseph Sprinzak The Speaker Opening the Session '

' Queen Elizabeth Steeplechase at Hurst Park - Monaveen with Tony grantham Up Jumping a Fence ' owned by The Queen and Princess Elizabeth

' Princess Elizabeth Patting Monaveen the WInner at Hurst park '

' New Year Celebrations in Piccadilly Circus - Out You Go 46 ...'

' About 10,000 New Years Revellers Thronging Trafalgar Square - Around the Christmas Tree '

' Midnight at the Chelsea Arts Ball - The Scene in the Royal Albert Hall as Thousands of Balloons Floated Down '

' The Weathercock Centerpiece - Pre New Years Eve in the Royal Albert Hall ...'

Reconsidering The Verdict:

' Sir Patrick Hastings Author of " Cases in Court " ..'

' Mr Edgar Lustgarten Author Miel of " Verdict in Dispute " ..'

' A Princess's Libel Action AGainst MGM - The Prince and Princess Youssupoff at the Time of the Trial '

' Mrs Florence Maybrick Sentenced to be Hanged but LAter Reprieved ' (1889) .

' Hanged for a Murder in Which She had Struck no Blow - Mrs Edith Thompson With Her Husband Percy Thompson '

' The African Plant Which Holds OUt New Hope for Arthritis Sufferers - The Tropical Climber Strophanthus Sarmentosus The Extract From Whose Sees Will Simplify and Speed up the Production of the New Anti Arthritis Drug Cortison Compound E ' full page drawing

Bativia and The United States of Indonesia Inaugurated:

' Signing the Protocol- Sultan Hamengku Buwono and Dr Lovink of The Netherlands '

' The New Minister of Defence Bids Farewell to the Last Netherlands Governor General - Sultan Buwono with Dr Lovink '

' Hoisting The Red and White Flag of the United States of Indonesia Over the Palace at Djakarta ( Batavia ) - Dutch Troops Presenting Arms '

' Arrival of the First President of Indonesia in Djakarta -Dr Soekarno Acknowledging the Crowds ...'

'The First Family of Indonesia - Dr Soekarno With his Wife, Son and Daughter at their Home '

' Professor Einstein Whose New Gravity Theory Was Disclosed on the Eve of The New Half Century ' wonderful full page photograph an "Exclusive Portrait Study by Karsh of Ottawa "

Afforestation of the Culbin Sands in Scotland:

' Hauling Brushwood for Thatching the Sand to a Planting Area ...'

' Illustrating the Depth of San on the Shifting Desert hills of Culbin - A mansion with Sixteen Crofts and FArms is Buried under the Sand '

' A View of the Cublin Sands Before Afforestation '

' The Work of Thatching with Birch Branches Before Planting ...'

' After the Thatching Forsters Planting Young Corsican Pine on the Dunes ...'

' Showing Some of the Trees Successfully Planted - a View on the Edge of the Culbin Foreest '

' A Map Showing the Planted Area in 1948 '

' Planted in 1923 - Young Lodgepole Pines ...'

Double page

The United Stats Budget Picture - Charts Illustrating America's Economic Position ' three small charts

' Crowds Assembled on the Dam (the Great Square ) During the Ceremony of Transferring of Sovereignty to Indonesa at Amsterdam ...'

' Scene in the Royal Palace at Amsterdam - Documents Being Countersigned by Queen Juliana and the Netherlands and Indonesian ministers '

' New Methods of Presentation at the Victoria and Albert Museum ' six photographs on a full page

' New Stamps Issued by the Republic of Indonesia Depicting Indonesian Leaders with Portraits of Famous Americans Inset '

' Dr Soekarno Taking the Oath of Office at Jogjakarta '

' A State Ball in The Palace at Valetta - HRH Princess Elizabeth - Governor of Malta - Lady Creasy - Duke of Edinburgh Watching a Dance '

' Leaving Christiansborg Castle - Mrs Eugenie Andersson the New United States ambassador to Copenhagen with the Court Chamberlain '

' The Duke and Duchess of Windsor with Their Dog - Leaving Paris on 21 Dec to Board the Queen Elizabeth at Cherbourg '

' Gardening - Polyanthus ' three photographs in various settings

Kuala Lumpur in Malaya -:

' The Beautiful Caves of Batu near Kuala Lumpur Malaya ' full page photograph

' ThrLake Gardens of Kuala Lumpur Now Restored ...'

' Looking Over the Roofs of Kuala Lumpur '

' A Native Street Traders '

' Chinese Woman Selling Vegetables ...'

' Petaling Street - The Gay Paper Lanterns Hanging in the Chinese Quarter ...'

' Mountbatten Road - The Main Street in the European Shopping Centre '

' A Tin Dredger a tWork inthe State of Selangor '

' The Post Office of Kuala Lumpur ...'

' Palm Fringed Waterway and Modern Houses with The Oriental Building in the Background '

' Kuala Lumpur's Station and RAilway Hotel '

' The Domes and Campanile Which Form Part of the Facade of teh Government in Kuala Lumpur '

Pope Pius XII in St Peters at the Inauguration of the Holy Year on Christmas Eve

' The Pope Enters the Great Basilica of St Peter Through the Holy Door ...'

' The Pope Wearing His Mitre Knocks on the Holy Door with a Silver and Ivory Hammer ...'

' Making His Inaugural Address in St Peters ...'

' Photograph Shows the Mechanism by Means of Which the Holy Door was Lowered Backward and Removed AFter the Pope ad Knocked '

' Showing the Bornze Door Which has Been Erected Temporarily to Close the Holy Door at Night - a Group of Student Priests Waiting to Enter '

' Celebrating Midnight Mass in the Basilica of St Peter on Christmas Eve '

Double pag

' The "Fiery Cross " at London Airport - A Diagrammatic Explanation of the Line and Bar" Approach Lighting System Installed for Use in Conditions of Poor Visibility ' double page drawing by "Our Special Artist G. H. Davis SMA at London Airport "

The World of Cinema:

Three Scenes from the film " The Rocking Horse Winner " - John Mills - John Howard Davies - Valerie Hobson

'Southampton - The Cunard White Star Ocean Terminal Nearing Completion and Due to Open ...'

' London Zoo's Giant panda Taken Seriously Ill - Lien Ho Eating Bamboo Shoots '

' A Monster Whale Shark Measuring 41ft Caught in Karachi Waters '

' The Flag of the President of the Republic of India ...'

' Supplementary Petrol Coupons for Private Users - The Old E and The New A/B Coupons ...'

The Stoa of Attalos in Greece

' A Reconstruction Drawing ...'

' A Reconstruction Drawing of a Pilaster Capital Built by Peisianax Uncle of Alcibiades '

' A Shattered Pilaster Capital ...'

' The Stoa of Attalos as It is Today ...'

' An Ancient Column Capital of Pergamene Type ...'

' Reconstruction by the Skilled Marble Workers of Modern Athens - Column Capital '

' A Wall Block from the Painted Porch '

TheFirst of Six Christmas Lectures at the Royal Institution Showing Dr Dunsheath Aided by a "Fairy" Examining The Electrical Gadgets in a Model of a Modern house ' full page photograph

' Fossils - Squid from Christian malford Wilts - - - Herring Type Fish from Mount Lebanon Syria '

' Humanity's Brief Span in the Worlds History Represented bgy a Few Seconds on a Clock Face - A Chart Illustrating the Succession of Life and Some Geological Systems ' a wonderful double page drawn by F. Pattisson showing Age of Trilobits - Cambrian Period - Cephalaspis - Bothriolepsis - Labyrinthodont - Diplodocus - Arsinoitherium - Hyenodon and the Present Day etc

' A 12c Reliquary - An Example of Mediaeval Cloisonne Enemelling '

' A Standing Ram in Chinese Cloisonne Enamel fromthe Reign of the Emperor K'Ang Hsi '

' A CDhinese Cloisonne Incense Burner of the Ming Dynasty '

' Enamelled Chinese Cloisonne Jardiniere of the Ming Dynasty '

People and Events of the Week and New Year Honours

' Mister A. V. Alexander the Minister of Defence - Viscount '

' Sir Steven Bilsland the Commissioner for Western District of scotland- Baron '

' Mister John wilmot the Minister of Supply - Baron '

' Dr L. Haden Guest - Baron '

' Mr T. w. Burden the MP Park Div. Sheffield - Baron '

' Mr Joseph Henderson of the Treasury - Baron

' Mr Philip Hendy the Director of National Gallery - Knight Bachelor '

' The Oni of Ife in Nigeria - KBE '

' Mr H. V. Tewson the GEneral Secretary of Trades union Congress - Knight Bachelor '

' Miss J. M. Woollcombe the Director of Womens Royal Naval Service - DBE '

' Mme Adeline Genee for Services to Ballet - DBE '

' Dr O. A. Wheeler Professor - DBE '

' Major General N. C. D. Brownjohn to Be Vice Chief of the Imperial General Staff War Office '

' Mr Hervey Allen American Author Dies at Miami '

' Lieutenant General G. W. R. Templer ...'

' Sir henry McMahon Died 29 Dec ...'

' Sir Montague Eddy Died on 22 Dec ...'

' Dr John E. Lovelock Killed in Brooklyn - Former World Record Holder of the Mile ...'

' ..."The Sketch" Choices of ther Year - Award Winners at thr Savoy - Mr Carleton Hobbs - Miss Annette Mills - Miss Berta Ruck (deputising for her husband Mr Oliver Onions ) - Miss Peggy Ashcroft - Mr Carol Reed - Miss C. A. Lejeune '  .

' Engineer Rear Admiral Sir Sydney O. Frew Retires ...'

' Admiral R. A. Hopwood Died 28 Dec ...'

' Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother of Belgium at the Christmas Eve Holy Door Ceremony in Rome '

' Mr W. McChesney Martin Appointed by President Truman as US Director of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development ...'

' Senior Superintendent F. S. Philip .....The Nigerian Disorders ...'

' Chess Problems by Baruch H. Wood '

' A Photograph of the United States Submarine Amberjack TAken During Recednt Naval Tests - Breaking the Surface liked a Hooked Marlin '

' IN Shadwell Basin - Royal Research Ship William Scoresby to Be Used for Oceanic Survey and Research ...'

' The Beautiful Crib Installed in St pauls Cathedral During Christmas Week '

' Photograph - What Happened in a 2,000,000th of a Second to a Glass of Water ' taken by a GEC high speed photolight

' The Entrance to a Sicilian Brigands Den '

' Mister Stalins 70th Birthday - the Dictator receiving Flowers from Children '

' Chanel No 5 Perfume ' advert

' A. S. Jenkinson Caravans ' advert

' Bonsoir Pyjamas ' advert

' Allen Motor Scythe ' advert

' Dr Barnardo's Homes ' advert

' Noilly Prat French Vermouth ' advert

' The Pye Entertainment ' advert

' The New Velocette LE ' motor bike advert

' Swan Last Drop Ink ' advert

' Booths Dry Gin ' advert

' Burlington Cigars ' advert

This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include :-

Our Note Book by Arthur Bryant

Reconsidering the Verdict - Cases in Court by sir Patrick Hastings - - - Verdict in Dispute by Edgar Lustgarten - An appreciation by Sir John Squire

A Window on the World - How to Vote a French Budget by Cyril Falls

The World of Cinema by Alan dent

The World of Science - Time and The Earth by MAurice Burton

Books of the Day by E. D. O'Brien and K. John

Gardening Column - by Clarence Elliott




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November 25th

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During the 1950s the Illustrated London News marked a series of memorable events; the Festival of Britain (1951 vol. 218) being followed nine months later by the death and funeral of King George VI and then by the new Queen’s coronation (1953 vol. 222). However, by the early 1960s the press in Britain had reached its full potential in terms of attracting new readers and the competition had turned inwards for a larger share of the existing market. The advent of television after the War also re channelled a lot of advertisement revenue away from newspapers at a time of rising production costs. Before the War there had been seven successful weekly magazines, but by the end of the decade only the Illustrated London News remained.

Christmas Number 1950 No. 3316A, Vol. 127,