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The Illustrated London News 1953

Events of this year in the Illustrated London News

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A special commemorative issue was printed with 16 coloured plates including the Coronation coach and 594 portraits and illustrations in photogravure; together with articles dealing with every aspect of the Coronation of our Gracious Queen, the story of her life, and that of her Consort, H.R.H. The Duke of Edinburgh. (size is approx. 14.50 x 10.50 in)

January 10th

 7595 29JW

' The Golden Hind ' full front page colour from a painting by C. E. turner – this is the outer cover

' HMS Surprise At Spithead During the Coronation Review of the Fleet By Queen Elizabeth II ' full front page photograph (inner) also showing other ships in the Fleet

' Leaving Buckingham Palace, For the Queen Birthday Parade, in an Open Landau (carriage) - Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother – Princess Margaret – Princess Anne – The Duke of Cornwall (Prince Charles) '

' HMS Vanguard Seen From the US Cruiser Baltimore During a Flypast ' full page photograph showing the deck of the US ship crowded with American sailors watching the flypast over HMS Vanguard during the Review of the Fleet

' HMS Surprise Acting as The Royal Yacht – The Italian Training Ship Amerigo Vespucci With Cadets Manning the Yards ' double page photograph

' The Fly Past at Spithead: HMS Redpole – Cruisers Dido and Cleopatra – Leading Aircraft, Dragonfly Helicopters, of the Fleet Air Arm, Passing Over '

' Royal Yacht HMS Surprise Passing Between USS Baltimore and HMS Vanguard '

' HMS Surprise Passing the French Cruiser Montcalm '

' The Russian Ship Sverdlov Fires a Salute as the Royal Yacht Enters Spithead – In the Foreground Men on The Deck of HMS Implacable '

The Fleet Illuminations and Fireworks After the Fleet Review – Full page

' The Russian Warship the Cruiser Sverdlov '  .

' The new Russian Cruiser Sverdlov at Spithead '

' Sectional Drawing of HMS Vanguard Battleship ' drawn by G. H. Davis with a key (numbering 117) to the various parts of the ship showing e.g. Bofors Guns – Bofors Battery – Admirals Sleeping Cabin, Dining Room, Staff Office – Surgeons Room – Boys Schoolroom, Bathrooms, Recreation – Fitters Shop – Air Compressors – Anchor Cables and Capstans etc – and much more

' Sectional Diagram of Ocean Minesweeper of the Algerine Class ' drawn by G. H. Davis with a key (numbering 44) e.g Cabin – Bathroom – Wardroom Pantry – Boiler Rooms – 40mm Anti Aircraft Guns – Stokers – Minesweeping Store and Winch – Messes – Galley – and much more

HMS Pluto a Minesweeper of the Royal Navy Which Took Park in the Naval Review '

' HM Battleship Vanguard thd Flagship of Sir George Creasy '

' At Anchor at Spithead - Warships of the British and Commonwealth ' a wonderful double page aerial photograph – names msntioned in the caption include Reear Admiral N. V. Dickinson, Indian Fleet – R. Reive - Rear Admiral R. E. S. Bidwell, Canadian Fleet – Rear Admiral W. G. A. Robson – Rear Admiral C. F. W. Norris Mediterranean Fleet – Admiral the Earl of Mountbatten of Burma CinC Medit. Fleet – Vice Admiral J. A. S. Eccles – Vice Admiral J. F. Stevens – Sir George Creasy – Vice Admrial J. Hughes-Hallett

Spithead Review – "100 Years Ago", From Old Engravings:

' Royal Yacht with Battle Ships Duke of Wellington and Agememnon – And Vessels of the Screw fleet and Paddle Wheel Squadron '

' The Royal Barge Lowered With Queen Victoria, Prince Albert and Young Princes '

' Frigates and Line of Battle Ships – Nerbudda – Sidon – Comus – Prince Regent – Leopard – Odin – Agememnon '

' Frigates and Battleships - Banshee – Duke of Wellington – Hogue – Edinburgh – Imperieuse – Highflyer – London – Blenheim – Ajax – Amphion – Encounter '

' Sectional Drawing of a British Aircraft Carrier Showing Arrangements Between Decks ' double page pullout "Drawn by Our Special Artist G. H. Davis SMA" – with a key (70 items)_ incl. Catapult (a new innovation) – Crane – Superstructure or Island – Bridges – Arrester Wires – Stowage – Messes – Boiler Rooms – Airing and Drying Rooms – Port Shaft Tunnel – Port Turbine Room – Wardroom Pantry etc – Bilge Keel – Church – Pay Office – etc. Also insets showing the Angled Flight Deck Diagram (new innovation) - - - Steam Catapult diagram - - - Simple Explanation of Working of the Catapult Fitted to HM Perseus - - - Deck Landing Control Signals From Batsman to Pilot

' The Royal Navy of 1953 Showing all The Principal Fighting Craft, Auxiliaries, A Display Showing Changes of Composition ' four page pullout showing many of the classes of ships of the RN – drawn by G. H. Davis

' Ships Developed to Meet the Conditions of Modern Warfare ' double page pull-out showing Cruisers – Diving Vessel – Frigates – Aircraft Carriers - Motor Torpedo Boats - Submarine – Midget Sub – Human Torpedo – Minesweepers – etc

' The Queens Birthday Parade – Queen Elizabeth Mounted on Police Horse Winston on her Way to Horse Guards '

' Trooping The Colour on Horse Guards Parade ' full page

' HM Queen, Mounted and Wearing the Uniform of Colonel in Chief Grenadier Guards, Turns to Look at the Duke of Edinburgh ' full page

Coronation Drives in the London Area:

' Children Cheer the Queen Through Battersea '

' Dulwich – Queen Receiving Flowers from a Small Boy near Kings College Hospital '

' Deptford High Street in SE London '

' St Thomas's Hospital – A Child Patient Presents Flowers to the Queen '

' The Royal Tournament at Earls Court:

' RAF Maintenance Command Miel and a Hurricane Fighter in the Arena '

' Combined Womens Services Display Forming the Royal Cipher '

' The Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Musical Ride '

' Men of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines – the Window Ladder and Rope Climbing Disploay '

' The Queen Accompanied by Major General J. A. Gascoigne and Duke of Edinburgh '

' The Queen At Guildhall for the Coronation Banquet:  .

' Royal Procession Halts at Temple Bar – HM Queen Touching the Pearl Sword Presented by Sir Rupert De LA Bere the Lord Mayor '

' The High Table – Duke of Gloucester – Queen Mother – Sir Rupert Fe La Bere – Queen - Duke of Edinburgh – Lady De La Bere – Princess Margaret – Duchess of Gloucester ' and others

Collectors Page:

' A Lambeth Delft Dish – Charles II and Queen Catherine of Braganza c1662 '

' Bristol Delft Dish c1685 – Queen Mary of Modena Wife of James II '

' Polychrome Lambeth Delft – Charles II Inscribed DC2 1660 …Courtesy of Mr Geoffrey Howard '

' A Blue Fash Charger – King William III '

' The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh Sailing up the Thames, in the Port of London Authority. Launch Nore, from Tower Pier to Westminster '

' At Eton College - HM Queen Elizabeth Inspecting a Guard of Honour of the Combined Cadet Corps '

' Cheered on by Eton Boys – The Queen and Prince Philip in a Landau Leaving Agar's Plough '

' The Giant New Oil Tanker "British Sailor" of The Anglo Iranian Oil Company ' full page showing a drawing of the ship by Pierce – advert for BP Anglo-Iranian Oil Co. Ltd

' Mister Accles and Mister Pollock ' comical sketch and verse in old english – advert for the Metal Tube Company of Oldbury Birmingham or TI Group

' Hercules Cycles ' advert showing man and woman on bike with sketches

' Here is a Gold Brick (made of clay) - Morgan Refractories, Tel. Neston 1406 ' full page advert for the Morgan Crucible Co. Ltd of Neston, Wirral in Cheshire

Full page of adverts incl. Black and White Whisky showing a sketch of the two Scottish and highland terriers on a golf course - - - Venice Lido (Italian Touristis Office ad) - - - Valstar Weathercoats - - - Robinson Squash

' Precious Moments - Cherry Heering Liqueur ' full page advert

Full page of adverts incl. Cast Steel Water End by the David Brown Companies - - - Bristol 403 2 Litre Saloon Car - - - Staybrite Steel Firth Vickers

' People Prefer Wrapped Bread – Powell Lane Waxed Papers of Albert E. Reed Division Paper Group ' full page colour advert showing a baker delivering a housewife a loaf of bread

' The Hillman Minx 21st Anniversary ' full page colour advert showing the car, with text

' The SS British Sailor Oil Tanker BP Energol ' full page advert showing the ship sailing in an arc

Full page of adverts incl. - Westons Biscuits - - - Nigel Patrick and Curtis Gin - - - Dry Fly Sherry

' Full page of adverts incl. Verdone, Plant Protection Ltd of Yalding Kent - - - Renault 750 Car - - - Burberry Coat of Diagonal Ribbed Double Toned Fleece with Shaqwl Collar and Bishop Sleeves

Double page of adverts incl. Regent TT Petrol - - - H. A. Fox Co. Ltd of 3-5 Burlington Gardens, Old Bond St WI Tel. Regent 7687 - - - A. C. Cars Ltd of Thames Ditton in Surrey - - - Simpson of Piccadilly, Shoes and Thatch Hat - - - Vat 69 Whisky

Double page of adverts incl. Cricket and Rose's Lime Juice - - - Gordons Gin - - - Sandeman Sherry - - - Wolseley Car - - - Hans Galleries of 40 Duke St St James's London - - - Palace Hotel Torquay - - - Whitbread Ligh Ales

' Ilford Colour Film D ' Full page of colour advert

' Eagles Through the Ages, An Arms Argent - Goodyear Tyres ' full page colour advert – back page

' Gilbey's Spey Royal Scotch Whisky ' full page colour advert – inner front cover

' Babcock Marine Boilers ' full page advert of nautical content

' HMS Dainty – J. Samuel White Co. Ltd. Shipbuilders of Cowes Isle of Wight ' advert

' Fork Lift Trucks – Coventry Climas Engines of Coventry England ' advert

' J. Stone and Co (Charlton) Ltd Oceanic house 1a Cockspur Street London ' full page advert

Full page of advert incl. Cossor Marine Radar - - - John I. Thornycroft and Co Ltd of London And Southampton - - - The British Seagull Co. Ltd of Poole Dorset (yachts)

' Westland Helicopters and Aircraft Ltd – Westland Wyvern Strike Fighter Aircraft – Westland S51 and 555 Helicopters ' full page advert showing three aircraft for Westland of Yeovil Somerset

Full page of adverts incl. Vosper Ltd of Portsmouth and HMS Bold Pathfinder High Speed Gas Turbine MTB and HMS Gay Bombadier - - - Marine Propulsion and Radar Equipment from Brithsh Thomson-Houston Ltd of Rugby - - - British Insulated Callender's Cables of 21 Bloomsbury St London - - - Sperry Naval Fire Control Systems of Sperry Gyroscope Co. Ltd of Brentford

' Senior Service Cigarettes ' full apge advert

' Spink and Son Ltd of King St. St James's – Medals, Officers Medfal for Camperdown – Heligoland Bight and Dogger Bank – Nelson victory at Trafalgar Medal – Naval Award – Armada 1588 '

' Kensitas Cigarettes ' full page colour advert showing young lady, and man under the bonnet of his car, etc

' Daimler Conquest Car ' full page colour advert

Our Note Book by Arthur Bryant

Mr Amery's Life: the First Phase – An Appreciation by Sir John Squire ( Right Hon. L. S. Amery )

The Great World War – by Cyril

Science Page, Nightjars Need the Stars – by Maurice Burton

Gardening Column by Clarence Elliott VMH

Theatre Column by J. C. Trewin

Cinema Column By Alan Dent

Fleet of Two Naval reviews by Cyril Falls  .

Collectors Page by Frank Davis – Part I

Chess Notes by Baruch H. Wood

Books of the Day by E. D. Obrien

Novels – reviewed by K. John


8595 30

' The Conquest of Everest – E. P. Hillary and Tensing Bhutia ' full front page photograph – info. Tenzing Norgay

'At Thyangboche Monastery on Their Way to Katmandu - Edmund Hillary and Tensing Bhutia '

' Edmund Hillary as a Bee Keeper on His Farm near Auckland in New Zealand '

' Edmund Hillary '  .

' Mr and Mrs E. P. Hillary Reading a Message of Congratulation – His Parents at Their Home in Auckland New Zealand '

' Edmund Hillary as He Was When He Reached the Summit … '

' Mt. Cook – Mount Tasman in the New Zealand Alps Where Hillary Learnt His Mountaineering Skills '

' Colonel John Hunt The Leader of the Expedition – At Katmandu Describing the Hardships Endured on the Expedition '

' The Lhotse Face Reconnaissance - John Hunt with Members of the Party Eating a Meal on the Heights of Mount Everest '

' Mister Christopher Summerhays Ambassador to Nepal –John Hunt – Tom Bourdillon '

' Colonel John Hunt – Mr Tom Bourdillon – Mr A. Gregory – Reading Congratulatory Telegrams '

' Mrs Hunt Greeting Her Husband on Her Arrival at Katmandu ' '

' Mrs John Hunt with Her Husband, Soon To Be Sir …'

' Mr Syngman Rhee The South Korean President Who Ordered the Release of Anti Communist Prisoners from UN Camps …'

Royal Trains:

' The Sleeping Coach Made for Queen Victoria with Beds for Her and The Princess Victoria '

' Lord Jopwitt – Mr J. H. Scholes – Lord Leathers – In Queen Alexandra's Sleeping Carriage '

' The Coronation Robes on Display – The Queens Robe and Super Tunica – Pallum Regale and Gold and Silver Canopy '

' The Purple Robe of State Worn by Queen Elizabeth II ' not col.

The East Berlin Riots:

' Potsdamer Platz – Demonstrators Running From the People's Police as Shots Were Fired '

' Potsdamer Platz – Berliners Rioting …'

' A quadroon of Russian T34 Tanks Pressing the Workers Back on to The Pavements near the Government Building …'

' German Youths Bombarding Russian Tank Crews with Bricks '

' Major General Dibrova Commander of the Russian Garrison Laughing at Demonstrator From the Top of His Tank '

' Columbus House a Soviet Warehouse, Sacked and Set on Fire by the East Berlin Strikers '

' West Sector Berliners Crowding the Boundary Line to Encourage the Rioters at a Communist Propaganda Booth in Flames '

' The Brandenburg Gate – Two Demonstrators Removing the Red Flag Which Flew On Top of The Gate '

' East German Police Besieged in a State Owned Department Store Throw Out Their Uniforms as a Sign of Surrender '

' Map – Verrazano's Image of north America and Canada '

' Map of North America and The Gulf of Mexico - in Mr Bernard Devoto's Book '


Ascot and The Hunt Cup:

' The Duchess of Kent – Queen Elizabeth – and The Queen Mother – In the Royal Box as HM's Colt Choir Boy Wins the Royal Hunt Cup '

' After The Race – The Queen and Princess Margaret with " Choir Boy " WhichWon the Royal Hunt Cup '

' In the Crowded Paddock - Princess Margaret Waring a Cherry and White Print Silk Dress and White Hat ' not col.

' On the Roof of the Royal Box - Duke of Gloucester – Princess Royal – Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother – HM Queen Elizabeth – Princess Margaret '

' In the Paddock – HM Queen Elizabeth – Duke of Edinburgh – Mary Princess Royal – Duchess of Gloucester '

' The Carriage Procession at Ascot – HM Queen – Duke of Edinburgh '

' Traditional Carriage Procession up thye Course – The Queen and Other Members of the Royal Party on Gold Cup Day '

' Driving to the Royal Enclosure - HM Queen – Duke of Edinburgh – Duke of Gloucester – Duke of Beaufort '

' A Diagram from the Booklet "The Queen's Commission" – Steps to a Regular Commission in the Army ' table from the book noting the WOCB or War Office Commission Board – Officer Cadet School OCS – WOSB or War Office Selection board – RCB Regular Commission Board etc


' The Then Unconquered Peak of Everest Photographed from the South Summit on 26 May ' full page photograph taken by the climbers Tom Bourdillon and R. C. Evans – with descriptive caption

' Two Sherpas on the Approach to South Col '

' Two Men Looking Down the South Col Towards the Cwm …'

' A High Altitude Camp Made by Support parties on the South Col '

' Bourdillon and Evans Returning to Camp After Their Assault on 26 May Wearing the Closed Circuit Oxygen Outfit '

' Edmund Hillary and Another Man Leaving South Col to Establish Camp No. Eight on a Ridge Below South Summit – Carrying Their Packs and Spare Oxygen Cylinders '

'High Altitude Exhaustion - Tom Bourdillon and Charles Evans After Having Climbed The South Summit, Exhausted and Still Wearing Their Oxygen Masks ' – Thomas Duncan Bourdillon – Robert Charles Evans

' Photograph Taken From the Top of Everest - Probably The Peak of Makalu '

' View of the Surrounding Mountains – Photograph Taken By Hillary From the Top of Everest '

' Tenzing on The Summit Holding a String of Flags of Great Britain – Nepal – India and UN ' full page photograph taken by Hillary on the summit of Everest

' Five Men – Hillary – Tensing – And Three Of Their Comrades Escorting Them Over the West Cwm on Their Triumphant Return ' a wonderful full page photograph

' A Band of Sherpas Congratulating Them – A Scene When Tenzing and Hillary Returned to Camp Four '

' Hillary and Tensing Enjoying a Drink on Their Return '


' The Chelsea Show – The Bigeneric hybrid Venidio-arctotis "Suttons Triumph" ..' a daisy style flower

' Chelsea – Close-up Flowers of the New Plant Venidio-arctotis '

Tenzing at Home in Darjeeling -:

' With His Tibetan Dogs and Pups – Tensing with his Dog Called Khangar '

' Tenzing – His Wife Anglahmu – Daughters Nimna and Pem-Pem – and Khangar the Dog '

' Tenzing Saying Good-bye to his Wife in Darjeeling ' getting into a car

' Darjeeling - A Crowd Outside a Local Photographers Shop Where Photogaphs of Tensing Were Being Displayed

' Tensing Bhutia the Conqueror of Everest Wearing the Nepalese Decoration – Nepal-Pratap-Bardhak ' – info. aka Nepal Pratap Vardak

Wimbledon L.T.A. Championships – Tennis:

' Miss Angela Mortimer of GB '

' Mrs Dorothy Knode nee Head of USA '

' Miss Doris Hart of USA '

' Miss Maureen Connolly of USA ' aka Little Mo

' Miss Shirley Fry of USA '

' Miss Helen M. Fletcher of GB '

' Mrs Philippe Chatrier (former Susan Partridge ) of France '

' Mrs N. Adamson of France ' info. Nellie

' K. R. Rosewall of Australia ' – Ken Rosewall

' Gardnar Mulloy of USA '

' Jaroslav Drobny of Egypt '

' Vic Seixas of the USA '

' L. A. Hoad of Australia ' Lewis Alan or Lew

' Art Larsen of USA '

' Enrique Morea of Argrentina '

' Mervyn G. Rose of Australia '

Full page showing a photograph of each player and where they were seeded

' Robber Crabs – One Climnbing a Tree ' two photographs

Personalities and Events Page:

' Miss Margaret Bondfield - The First Woman Member of Cabines Dies aged 80 …'

' King Norodom Sihanouk of Cambodia …Goes into Voluntary Exile in Siam ..'

' Mrs Ann Davison, Who Sailed the Atlantic Alone in Her Ketch " Felicity Ann", on Her Arrival at Nassau '

' Admiral Sir Alexander C. G. Madden the New CinC Plymouth '

' Lieutenant Colonel F. R. St. Pierre Bunbury Awarded Bar to DSO in Korea … '

' The Rev. Arthur Stretton Reeve to Be Bishop of Lichfield …'

' Right Rev. John. L. Wilson to be Bishop of Birmingham … '

' Dr Scott Lidgett a Methodist Leader … Dies age 98 …'

' Dr Richard Downey RC Archbishop of Liverpool Dies aged 72 …'

' Justice William Orville Douglas Of the US Supreme Court, Grants a Stay of Execution For Julius and Ethel Rosenberg …'

' D. Hamilton and A. Rolt with Bill Lyons MD of the Jaguar Car Company After the Twenty Four Hour Grand Prix D'Endurance at Le Mans '

' Lieutenant Commander W. D. S. Scott RN – Commander of the Submarine Andrew '

Cinema Page:

Three Scenes from The Beggars Opera – Laurence Olivier - Dorothy Tutin – Daphne Anderson – Stanley Holloway – George Devine – Athene Seyler

' Queen Elizabeth at Cowdray Park near Bepton – Presenting Awards to the Argentine Polo Team '

' Mister R. G. Menzies the PM of Australia Switching on the Power at the Inauguration of the Gaur Hydro Electric Scheme in Perthshire Scotland '

' Portland - The Crew of the British Submarine Andrew Which Made Naval History ' the crew all lining the deck after completing a 2500 mile Atlantic crossing

' Submarine HMS Andrew '

' A Ceremonial Standing Salt Presented to Ford Motor Company in United States '

' A Duck and Her Brood at Buckingham palace - A Policeman Shepherding the Group Back Across the Road ' amused onlookers watching

' The US Air Force Globemaster Aeroplane Which Crashed Near Tokyo …'

' Singapore Celebrations – The Sea Dragon Which Swam Across the Harbour in Honour of the Coronation ' a 450ft long decoration

' Singapore - TheElectric Light Bulbs Which Illuminated The "Sea Dragon" ..'

' A Tornado – One of the Six Which Crossed Parts of North Ohio and SW Michigan in The US '

' Crowds in a New York Street Listening to Speeches Condemning the Death Sentence on the Rosenbergs … '

' Crowds in Cairo - General Neguib Being Acclaimed The New President of the New Egyptian Republic '

' After The Coup - General Neguib with The Former Mufti of Jerusalem at Prayer in Cairo ' crowds of men praying

' South Korean Wounded Lying Down in the Street in Pusan … '

' General Rojas Pinilla The New President of Colombia Waving Miel to Crowds from a Balcony ' with others

Art: St Helens Fort off Bembridge Isle of Wight - by Norman Wilkinson '

' Art: Liverpool From the Mersey - By Norman Wilkinson '

Theatre:  .

Scene from "Twelfth Night" in the Open Air at Regents park Theatre – Peggy Simpson – Trefor Jones – Robert Atkins – Aubrey Woods

Two Scenes from "The Seven Year Itch" at the Aldwych – Rosemary Harris – Brian Reece – Margot Stevenson

Antique Dealers Fair at Grosvenor House:

' Regency Clock Made by Weekes and Later The Property of Lord Byron '

' c1400 Wooden Casket of Sheepskin Parchment …'

' Chinese Sculpture of Kuan-yin The Goddess of Mercy andReive Maternity – Ming Dynasty '

' Dressing Table with Chinese Scenes formerly the Property of David Garrick '

' c1750 English Commode Formerly at harewood House '

' Commode 18c Identical with a Set at Windsor '

English Porcelaine:

' Charles II in Coronation Robes - A Blue Dash Charger of Lambeth Delft – By Courtesy of William Rockhill Nelson Gallery of Kanas City: '

' Charles II Being Crowned – Staffordshire Slipware - By Courtesy of William Rockhill Nelson Gallery of Kanas City '

' King William III Represented with "Nursery Lack of Respect" Staffordshire Slipware Dish by Ralph Simpson – In Victoria and Albert Museum '

' George I in Staffordshire Slipware by Ralph Simpson – Courtesy of V and A Museum '

The Ashburnham Collection Sale:

' A River Landscape by Aelbert Cuyp '

' The Grand Canal and Riva Delgli Schiavone Towards the Bacino by Anton Canale aka Canaletto '

A Panorama of Venice by Francesco Guardi '

A Miracle of St Bernardino by Sano Di Pietro – A Drowned Boy Being Resecued by a Man '

' A Still Life by Frans Snyders 1646 '

' Madonna and Child by Giovanni del Biondo

' Self Portrait by Sophonisba Anguisciola 1558 '  .

' Madonna and Child with Saints by the Mater of the Straus Madonna 15c '

' Smiths De Luxe Watches – Colonel Hunt Leader of the British Everest Expedition ….' Full page advert showing four example of watches with prices and a sketch of two mountain climbers – emphasising that the expedition used Smiths equipment inc. the Oxygen Gauges, altimeters etc

' South America - Fly BOAC ' advert

' Coalite Smokelesds Coal ' advert showing man taking a bath

' India Tyres ' advert

' Booths Dry Gin ' advert

Robinsons Squash ' advert

' Barling Smoking Pipe ' small advert

' Aertex Shirts ' advert

' Pimm's No. 1 and Cancer the Crab ' with a drawing by Lobban

' Simpson of Piccadilly ' full page colour advert for a gentlemens outfitters

' The Rover Seventy Five Car ' full page colour advert

' Guinness Guide to River Fish – Guinness is Good for You ' a wonderful full page colour advert showing drawings of Salmon – Grayling – Trout – Perch – Chard – Carp – Eels – And glasses of Guinness

' Ford Consul Car for the Lady Doctor and The Test Pilot ' full page advert

' Avon Tyres ' a witch flying on a tyre – advert

' Shell Petrol ' advert

' MG Saloon Car BMC ' advert

' Oxygen Breathing Assault Set with Alloy Cylinders, – By Normalair Ltd of Yeovil England' advert congratulating the Everest Expedition

' Jack Barclay of Berkeley Square for Rolls Royce and Bentley – Tel. Mayfair 7444 ' advert

' Milk of Magnesia Tablets ' small advert

' Albright and Wilson of 49 Park Lane London WI ' a young girl fixing a puncture on her bike – advert

' Venice Lido – Italian State Tourist Office ' advert

' Ilford and Everest – Ilford Colour Film D –Ilford HP3 Film - Ilford Advocate Camera ' full page advert

Our Note Book by Arthur Bryant

The Story of The Exploration of North America "Westward the Course of Empire" by Bernard Devoto – An Appreciation by Sir John Squire

The Queens Commission – by Cyril Falls

Gardening Page by Clarence Elliott – Chelsea

Science Page –by Maurice Burton

Cinema page by Alan Dent Theatre Page by J. C. Trewin

Collectors page by Frank Davis

Books reviewed by K. John and E. D. O'Brien  .

Books of the Day by W. R.Calvert


March 14th

The 1953 Christmas Number