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The Illustrated London News 1959

Events of this year in the Illustrated London News


' Sir Harry Hylton-Foster QC Seen in His Library at Westminster - The New Speaker of the House of Commons ' in his gowns and wig - Full front page

' .

' Accquired by the Boston Museum of Fine Arts - Carved in Oak, A Life Sized Madonna and Child c1200, That May Be by One of the Sculptors of Chartres '

France - ' The River Orne in Normandy - The New Dam for Hydro Electric Power '

' Havana Cuba ' Angry Crowds Outside a Police Station After a "Drunken Man With a Knife" Had Been Arrested '

' Spanning a Gorge near Stalden Switzerland - The Wooden Framwork of a Future Bridge '

' A Young Female Jaguarondi, A South American Feline Acquired by the London Zoo '

' Miss Antoinette Sibley Who Took Over a Leading Ballet Role in Swan Lake at Covent Garden ...'

' A Home Made "Flying Saucer" at Princeton USA - Demonstrated by its Inventor Dr William Bertelson '

' A home Made Helicopter Introduced at A Golf Club in North Carolina, Flown by Mr Igor Bensen its Inventor ...'

' St Crispins Church Bermondsey - A Giant Pair Of Boots Being Hoisted to the Flagpole to Commemorate The Patron Saint of Shoemakers ...'

' RMS Aragon a New Passenger and Cargo Liner At Her LAunching in Belfast ...'

' The Smallest TV Set in The Miel World Built by Mr Charles Wilso of Luton, Put in a Dolls House ...'

' A The Opening of the New Tabernacle at The Elephant and Castle ....'

' Croydon Technical Collewg - The Newly Opened Library ...'

' Two of the Flexible Dracones Lying onShore Being Filled with Liquid Fuel During an Army Exercise at Milford Haven, by The RASC at ANgle Bay Milford Haven '

' A Helicopter Picking up a Pipeline from a DUKW in The Exercise " Soft Line " ...'

' Holland Park - the Completed LCC School ...' view of the new school and buildings showing pupils in the grounds

' Repairing the Astronomical Clock Installed by HEnry VIII at Hampton Court ' the clock repairer busy with parts of the clock .

'The Marriage of Home Secretary Mr R. A. Butler to Mrs Mollie Courtauld - Family Photograph '

' Prince Albert of Liege and Princess Paola Being Received by The Pope - Also The Ambassador to Rome Baron Joseph Van Der Elst '

' One of a Series of Cut Outs in Silhouette by Lotte Reiniger to Illustate Our Christmas Number "At the Field Mouses House" from Thumbelina of Hans Andersen

' A Riot Squad Dispersing a Crowd at Nairobi Kenya AFter African Members of the Legislative Council Appeard in Court ...'

' The Burial of General Marshall at Arlington National Cemetery Washijngton USA - Forces Pall Bearers Carring His Coffin '

' Concert Conducted by Heinz Wallberg at The Vatican for the Pope in the Hall of the Benedicition ...'

' Field Marshal Amer, President Nasser's Deputy in Syria, Talking to Syrian Soldiers in Damascus '

' San Antonio Texas USA - A Watch Being Kept on the Quintuplet Daughers of the Wife of a USAF Lieutenant...'

' The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum by The Late Frank Lloyd Wright at New York USA '

' Scene in Fields Near Llasa With The Potala Palace in the Background ' (far distance)

' The Last Hours Before the Tragic Anti Chinese Uprising - Thousands of Tibetan Women Silently Gathering Before the Potala palace in Protest Against Chinese Tyranny ' .

' The Flight of the God King Over a Snow Covered Himalayan Pass Towards India - Crossing the Karpo Pass on 28 Mar '

' Aided by Tibetan Decoy Parties - The Dalai Lama on A White Horse Flees Under Constant Threat of Chinese Attack '

' Disguised as a Servant Among His Faithful Guard of Khamba Warriors - the Dalai Lama in the Himalayas ...'

' Nashville USA - A Plastic Leg for a Maimed Pony - A Little Boy and His Pony Golden Boy With Its Artificial Limb Fitted by Mr Ronny Snell of the Snell Artificial Limb Co. ' - now Snell prosthetic and orthotic

' Copenhagen Denmark - An Enormous Curly Kale of 5.5ft - With a Young Boy Standing Next to It '

' Panama City Florida - Workmen Attempting to Inflate an 80ft High Nylon Covered Air Bubble Called a Pentadome ...'

' A Pyramid Shaped Lutheran Church Built on a Triangular Base on a Hairpin Bend in The OUtskirts of Zurich Switerland - Architects were Franz Steinbrucher and E. U. Kragel ...'

' Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland - The Kariba Dame Due to Be Opened by the Queen Mother - An Aerial View Taken 8500 ft Above the Lake Showing the Dam and the River Bed of the Zambesi ' a wonderful full page photograph with article

' General De Gaulle '

' The Expansion of the Universe is Inferred From These and Similar Observations - Photographs of Galaxies at Various Distances '

' A View of the Mount palomar Observatory in California ...'

' The 200 In. Hale Telescope at Mount Palomar - The Observer in The Cage at the Focus of the Circular Mirror Lower Down ...'

Two photographs of the Marmoset

Scenes at the 1959 Motor Show at Earls Court

' A Vast Throng on the Opening Day ...'

' The Prime Minister Mr Harold Macmillan ... Making a Speech '

' The Prime Minister On His Tour of the New Models at Earls Court - Looking at a New Morris Mini Minor '

' ..."The Most Impressive Monument to Roman Purposefulness.. STill To Be Seen" - Hadrians Wall As It Was in the First Phase of Its Development near Chesters in Northumberland ' a wonderful double page from a sketch "Specially drawn for The Illustrated London News by Alan Sorrell " in sepia style, with facsimilie signature

Art - For Auction at Sothebys 19 & 20 Century Masterpieces

' Famille D'Arlequin by Pablo Pacasso ...'

' Paysan en Blouse Bleue by Paul Cezanne ...'

' Danseuse Vue de Face by Edgar Degas ...'

' Le Pont Sur la Seine a Asnieres by Vincent Van Gogh ...'

' L'Eglise De Pourville, Temps de Neige by Claude Monet ...'

' Te Tiai na Ve I Te Rata (I Await the Letter ) By Paul Gauguin ...'

' La Mort D'Orphelia by Eugene Delacroix '

Full page

Art: For Auction at Christies - The Fison Collection

' A Wooded Lanscape by John Constable ' .

' The Vale of Dedham Seen From a Wooded Hill By Constable '

' A View of Stonehenge by Constable '

' Cape Colonna by J. M. W. Turner Showing the Temple of Minerva at Sunium '

' A View Near Bath By Thomas Gainsborough '

' Peasants Horses and a Cart on the Road by George Morland '

Full page


' The Draughtsman and His Model by Sir William Orpen '

' En Canot - Etude Pour "Les Canotiers" by Andre Dunoyer de Segonzac '

' All Saints Chapel at Bath by John Piper '

Benenden School Cranbrook in Kent

' Girls in the Parklands of the School Estate ...'

' A View of the Main Building of the School Built in 1862 by The First Earl of Cranbrook ...' cattle in the foreground

' A Scene in the Schools Fine Outdoor Swimming Pool - Diving '

' At Lunch in the Dining Hall ...'

' TheSchool Fencing Team Practising with Fois in the Gymnasium '

' Under The Instruction of Miss A. Cridland - Girls Practising Their Backhand Strokes on the Tennis Courts '

' An Art Class in the " Garret " - drawing From Life with a Fellow Pupil as Model ' girls and the art mistress

' Playing Badminton in the Gymnasium ...'

' Form VC Putting the Finishing Touches to Some Delicacies While Mrs Scripps Looks On - A Cookery Test '

' Miss E. B. Clarke the Headmistress, Reading to A Young Group of Girls in the Panelled Sittingroom in School House '

' Sister Hooper Seeing theat Some of the Younger Girls Get Off to Bed on Time - The Dormitories '

' Part of the School Orchestra at Pracrtice in the School Hall ' girls and two mistresses

' Girls Enjoying themselves on Roller Skates ' .

' The Foundations of Haute Couture - A Scene in the Handwork Room with One Girl Putting the Finishing Touches to a Smart Creation '

' A View of New House WHich Contains the Two Houses Marshall and Medway '

' Some of the Girls Strolling Past the Old Stables and The ITalian Sundial ...'

' TheHeadmistress Miss E. B. VClarke, Taking Prayers in the Main School Hall '

' Miss Cridland One of the House Mistresses, Taking House Order After Lunch in the Main Entrance Hall '

' Private Study in the Library ...'

' Members of the VIth Form in a Chemistry Class ' sixth form

' TheCrown of an English Queen - of Diamonds and Pearls Brought to Heidelberg by Princess Blanca, Daughter of Henry IV for Her Marriage to Ludwig III of the Palatinate ' Colour photograph

' A Crystal Cup Mounted in Gold Which Once Belonged to Henry VIII Example of Art of Hans Holbein the Younger Applied to Venetian Work '

Desert Reclamation in Libya: How Grass Fixes the Dunes and Makes Possible the Growth of Trees

' A View o fDune Land in Libya in Which The Drifting Sand Has Been Fixed .....'

' Into Each Square of Protection Formed by the Crossing Lines of Grass A Tree Seedling, Usually Acacia or Eucalyptus, is Planted '

' TheEdge of A Fixed Area .....'

' A Large Plantation of Olvie Trees Set OUt in Quincunx Formation - From the Air '

' A Nursery Close Up - Tiny Tree Seedlings i empty Beer Cans ....'

Full page in colour

' A Key to Grape Sizes As Grown in the Open Air inKent ...'

' Saxon Vine Dressers Pruning Vies - from an 11th C Anglo Saxon Ms. in the British Museum '

Personalities of the Week .

' The Late Sir Albert Braithwaite - Conservative Member for Harrow West '

' The Late Mr John Joseph Cahill- Premier of New South Wales '

' Major General John B. Medaris - retiring from the US Army Missile Command '

' Sir Anthony Hawke Elected Recorder of London by the Court of Aldermen '

' Lieutenant D. N. Hall RN Awarded THe Stanhope Gold Medal For Saving the Son of the Governor of Malta Sir Robert LAycock '

' Mr J. Nixon Browne Minister of State in The Scottish Office '

' Captain Athelstan Popkess Chief Constable of Nottingham Invested as an Officer of the Order of St John '

' Senor Don Santa Cruz The New Chilean Ambassador Going to Present His Credentials at BUckingham Palace - Leaving 47 Grosvenor Square ...'

' Signor Salvatore QuasimodoThe Italian Poet Awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature '

' Mr C. J. M. Alport The Minister of State, Commonwealthe Relations Office '

' Mr. F. J. Errol MInister of State at theBoard of Trade '

' Mr. J. R. Bevins Postmaster General '

' Lord John Hope Minister of Works ...'

' Mr R. Wood Minister of Power ' Richard Frederick Wood later Baron Holderness

Full page

' A View of Part of the Newly Constructed London Birmingham Motorway Where the A45 Crosses it Near Weedon - Formal Opening on 2 November ' a wonderful full page aerial view of the motorway ( MI I think) at the A45 Junction

The New Face of Britains Modern Collieries

' Seafield Colliery on the East Fife Coast ' .

' Killoch Colliery Ayrshire - the Koepe Towers '

' New Monckton Colliery in Yorkishire - tEh Winding Tower of a New Shaft ...'

' Tower Over a New Shaft at The Rising Sun Colliery at Wallsend ... '

' New Colliery at Bilston Glen in Midlothian Scotland '

' Wolstanton Colliery in Staffordshire - The New Tower '

Double page

Theatre - ' Scene from Ronald Gow 's Adaptation of V. Sackville Wests Novel "The Edwardians" showing Nicholas Hannen - Helen Cherry - Anthony Sharp - Richard Vernon '

Theatre - '..."The Dowager in the Wheelchair... Who Moves Out on the Chevron terrace Like a Conquering Tamburlaine" - Athene Seyler - Erntst Thesiger in another Scene from tEh Edwardians '

' Mister Emiel Hartman With His Strange Man Powered Craft, The Ornithopter - #college of Aeronautics at Cranfield Beds ...'

' A Russian Vulture at the London Zoo - Known as a Lammergeyer ' with its keeper

' A Scene Inside the Still House of Booth's Recently Opened New Red Lion Distillery in Turnmill Stree, London '


' New Faces at Westminster - Mr G. Johnson Smith - Mr Christopher Chataway Both Well Known Television Personalities '

' Exhibition at Guildhall of the Society of Marine Artists ... '

' A View of One of the Testing Tanks at The National Physical LAboratory a t Feltham Middx - The Duke of Edinburgh on the Platform With Viscount Hailsham ' and others


' Two Scenes from " North by Northwest " - With Eve Marie Saint - Cary Grant '

' Scene from " North West Frontier " with Frank Olegario - Govind Ross - Lauren Bacall - Kenneth More '

' Unusual Photographs: A Microscope's Puzzle Picture - A Single Crystal of Aluminium Magnified 28000 Times To Reveal a Mountainous Landscape ' full page photograph

' Sotheby's Sale ' advert

' Christies Auction ' advert

' Black Lacquer Table wit Mother of Pearl Inlay ... From Spink and Son Ltd of King St St James London ' advert

' View of Emmerick at The Leonard Koetser Gallery ' advert

' Yardley for Men About Town ' full page colour advert showing Shampoo, shaving soap, shaving lotion, Deodorant, Talc, shaving foam .

' Norwich Union Insurance Societies ' a kodachrome photograph of the societys boardroom - full page colour

' Craven A Cigarettes ' full page colour advert

' Zephyr From Ford ' full page advert Hongkong and Shanghai Banking corporation ' advert

' du Maurier Cigarettes ' advert

' Shell Made Rubber - Man Shouting His Head Off Made from Cariflex Latex Manufacturers of Foam Rubber ' full page advert

' Vickers Armstrongs ' advert

' Barclays Bank Limited ' full page advert

' Sparklets Syphons ' advert

' Players Navy Cut Cigarettes ' full page advert no. MCC325s

' Ford Anglia Car ' full page advert with pictures of various models and prices


This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They are:-

Our Note Book by Arthur Bryant

Window on the World - France and "The Summit" by Cyril Falls

The Apologia of a Patriot "War Memoirs: Unity 1942-44 " by General De Gaulle - An Appreciation by Sir Charles Petrie

How Scientists Understand the Universe - The Expansion of the Universe by H. Bondi FRS Professor of Mathematics, Kings College, London

In an English Garden - Vineyards in England by Edward Hyams

A Page for Collectors by Frank Davis

The World of Science - A Marmoset's Vocabulary by Maurice Burton D.Sc. .

Theatre and Stage column by J. C. Trewin

Cinema Column by Alan Dent

Literary Lounger by E. D. O'Brien

November 28th

December 5th

Christmas Edition


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