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The Illustrated London News 1963

Events of this year in the Illustrated London News

January 5th

Glasgow University - Scale Model of the New Library and Art Gallery Complex designed by Mr William Whitfield

The Royal Coat of Arms Designed by Mr James Woodford RA ..

Unveiling of a Tablet to Commemorate the Anniversary of the Royal Hospital School - at The National Maritime Museum Greenwich - Mr N. A. Yorke and others

..The New Liner " Magantic " Which Sailed from the Tyne to New Zealand on Her MAiden Voyage - A Shaw Savill Cargo Liner

The 38th Hastings and St Leonards International Chess Congress Opened by Sir Arthur Bliss (photographed)


The Snowstorms over Britain

' Derriford Hill at Plymouth and Marooned Cars '

' The Poole Dorchester Road - An Abandoned Bus .. '

' British Rail Crews Clearing The Tracks at Clapham Junction '

' Stranded Cars on Pease Pottage Hill on the Brighton - Local Residents Come to the Rescue '

' Piccadilly Circus Affected by the Blizzard '

' Buckingham Palace - A Snowy Scene '

' Snow on the Cricket Ground at Lords '

' Stonehenge '

' Outside a Pub near Shoreham Kent - The Rock And Fountain '

' London Airport '

' Skating on Whitestone Pond '

' Ski-ing on Parliament Hill '

Double page

' Testing The Skybolt Missile froma B52 Bomber ..' two photographs

' Barcelona - Snow Covered Streets and Cars ..'

' A Snowy View of Fontanella Street in Barcelona - Buried Streets and Cars ..'

' The Harbour at Barcelona with The Replica of Columbus " Santa Maria " Covered in Snow '

' The Mouth of the Loire Rivers at Nantes Frozen Over '

' Bargees Clearing a WatThrough Ice on th St Martins Canal at Paris ..'

' Near Riot at A Football Match in Buenos Aires Subdued with Tear Gas '

' Okeechobee In Florida - The Rail Crash Which Killed Three and Injured Forty Others on December 21...'

' Air Crash at Rotterdam Airport in Thick Snow - A Carvair (british version of Douglas DC4) Used to Carry Cars, Overturns Killing the Pilopt...'

' A Viscount Turbo Porp Airliner - The Wreckage at Warsaw ...'

' San Salvador in the Bahamas - The Crew of the Replica Christopher Columbus Ship Nina II Rowing Ashore ...'

' The New Luxury Hotel Just Opened at Gstaad Switzerland - A snowy scene ..'

' Redlands Calafornia - A Lockheed Lunar Escape Rocket Motor Being Inspected Prior to Delivery for the Apollo Programme ..'

' An Armoured Bus Used by Eight East Germans to Burst Through Barriers and Escape to West Berlin ...'

' The Mona Lisa Under Guard by Television at Washington DC 's National Gallery ...'

' Ladakh - Gurkha Troops Moving Forward into Positions Beneath The Hills ..'

' The New Dan Ryan Interchange System on the Expressway at Chicago ..'

' The Sultan of Brunei Giving a Press Conference After The Collapse of the Rebellion - Sir Dennis White British High Commissioner on The Sultans Right ..' with others

' Captives From the Bay of Pigs Invasion Released from Cuba, Arrive at Homestead Base Florida ...'

' Part of the Ransom For The Bay of Pigs Prisoners - Medical Supplies Arrive at Miami on route to Cuba ...'

' President Nassar At Inhass Lower Egypt with Members of the Presidential Council of the United Arab Republic during a Visit to the UAR Atom City - In a Laboratory '

' The Disaster During the Construction of A Rocket Test Cell at Tullahoma Tennesse - Four Men Believed Killed ..'

' Dr Conrad Adenauer Presiding Over The First Meeting of His New Cabinet at the palais Schaumberg In Bonn - With Dr Erhard - Herr Schroeder and others ...'

' The Governor of Southern Rhodesia Sir Humphrey Gibbs with The New Prime Minister Mr Winston Field at Salisbury ..' - Ian Smith is amongst others in this group photograph

' Sir William Stephenson MC DFC '

' General Hill Donovan presenting Sir William Stephenson wwith the US Medal for Merit in 1946 - Colonel Edwin Buxton - Robert Sherwood - Lady Stephenson ..'

' Professor H. Montgomery Hyde '

' Copies of th eCode Books of the Vichy French Navy ...'

' Hampstead Heath Under Snow ..'

' A Polar Bear at the London Zoo at Regents park ..'

' Snow Clearing at London Airport - A Snow Plough and Disposal Unit at Work ...'

' Penguins in the Snow at London Zoo with Keeper J. McCory ..'

The Holiday Rail Disaster at Coppenhall Junction between Winsford and Crewe - 'Two Telescoped Carriages of the Midday Scot and The Liverpool to Birmingham Trains ..'

' The Rear Train Coach into Which the Midday Scot Crashed ... Eighteen Killed '

' Dr Walter W. Heller - President Kennedy 's Economic Adviser ' Full page

' A Herbaceous Phlox '


The Engagement of Princess Alexandra to Mr Angus Ogilvy

' The Princess of Kent and Her Fiance Mr Ogilvy at Airlie Castle The Home of Mr Ogilvys Parents '

' Prince Andrew Waiting for th Arrival of His Cousin Viscount Lindley - Prince Andrew Waiting at the Doorway of the Train at Kings Cross '

' Queen Elixabeth the Queen Mother and Prince Andrew Look Out of the Carriage Window of the Train '

'Kings Cross - Prince Charles Carrying His Own Suitcase and Bags Returns Home From Gordonstoun '

Full page

The Bertram Mills Circus at Olympia London

' The Three Morles Perform a Difficult Juggling Act on Unicycles ..'

' Rolando The Strong Man Acrobatic ..'

' An Indian Elephant Performing a Difficult Balancing Act '

' One of the Bertram Chimpanzees on Stilts ..'

' One of the Krone's Sea Lions Balancing Acts ..Presented by Miss Dorothy '

' The Six Alcaraz Spanish Acrobats Skipping Over a Trampoline ..'

' An Elegant Equestrian Act Featuring the Famous Albert Schumann with His Portuguese Stallions and Yugoslav Bred Arab Horses ..'

' A Horse Jums Through a Paper Hoop - The Horsewoman Riding Side Saddle ..'

Double page

' Ground Plan of the Temple of Aphrodite ..'

Archaeology from the Carian Site - four photographs

' General View of Aphrodisias, Over The Byzantine Trefoil Miel Church Excavated near Kuskale .. '

' The Seating of the Theatre Council House of Aphrodisias ..'

' The Temple Basilica of Aphrodite Showing The Bema etc ..'

' A 1st Century Roman Street ..'

' An Eros Whipping a Dolphin - An Armrest ..'

' Fragment of 4th Century Head Found in the Orchestra Pit of the Chamber Theatre ..'

' Fragment of Female Torso Found in the Scaena of the Theatre ..'

' Archaeologists Working in the Council Chamber Theatre ..'

' Male Statue Found Near a Door of the Scaena ..'

' The Narthex of the Trefoil Byzantine Church ..'

' The Philosopher Statue '

' The Atrium of the Basilica Phase of the Temple ...'

Double page


' Carlo an dUbaldo Embarking in pursuit o fRinaldo - by Claude Lorraine '

' The Embarkation of St Paul - by Claude Lorraine '

' Arabs Travelling - Delacroix '

' The Fanatics of Tangier '

' The Women of Algiers '

And others


' A Four Winged Flying Fish '


Personalities of the Week

' The Late Mr Aubrey De Selincourt ..'

' The Late The Very Rev James Pitt-Watson - Leader of the Church of Scotland ..'

' Mr Tshombe - President of Katanga '

' Garrett Mattingly The American Historian Died at Oxford '

' The Late Professor G. Hargreaves Professor of Psychiatry at Leeds University ..'

' The LAte Dr A. Topchiev - Vice President of the Soviet Academy of Sciences '

' The Late J. Robertson Scott - A Journalist on the pall Mall Gazette and Daily Chronicle etc ..'

' Miss Anita Lonsbrough Winner of the BBC Sportsview Personality of the Year, Receiving her Trophy by Viscount Montgomery '

' The Late Miss Jean Forbes-Robertson The Well Known Actress Who Played Peter Pan ..'

' Mr Manolis Glezos The Prominent Greek Communist '

' Mr Graham Hill - The Winner of the World Driving Championships on the Podium '

' General Sir Rohan Delacombe with his Wife and Daughter at His Home At Shrewton near Salisbury - Appointed Governor of Victoria Australia ..'

' Mr Nikolai Fedorenko - The New Russian Permanent Representative at The United Nations ..'

Full page


' A Scene From " The Rag Trade " - The Boss Mr Fenner ( Peter Jones ) Pints an Accusing finger at the Shop Steward Paddy ( Miriam Karlin ) - Plus others inthe scene '

' A Scene From " Squat Betty " by Keith Waterhouse and Wallis Hall at the Royal Court Theatre - Jill Bennett - Robert Stephens - George Cole '


Some 'Scenes From Christmas Shows

' Amelias African Adventure with Miss Hilary Wood in the Title Role ..At the New Arts Theatre '

' noddy in Toyland at the Scala Theatre ' <0p> ' Puss in Boots at the London palladium - A Scene with Dick Emery - Frankie Vaughan - Jimmy Edwards - Miss Joan Regan - Miss Audrey Jeans'

' Peter Pan on Ice at Wembley ..'

' Emil and The Detectives ...'

' Toad of Toad Hall at The Comedy Theatre '


' Peter O'Toole in the Title Role of the Sam Spiegel and David Lean production of Lawrence of Arabia ...'

' Norman Wisdom in "On TheBeat"..' scene from the film

' .."We Joined the Navy " - Kenneth More and Lloyd Nolan ' with others - scene from the film

' At Olympia - The Worlds Largest Model Railway ' Full page

' Unusual Photographs - Boxing Mr David Watkins of Phoenix Arizona and Mr Paul Gallegos of Chandler Ariz - The Boxers both falling through the ropes '

' The Porsche Super 75 - Car of The Month ..'

Also articles (no pictures unless listed above) including :
Our Note Book by Arthur Bryant

A WIndow on the World - Polaris Ousts Skybolt By Cyril Falls

Cloak and Dagger - "The Quiet Canadian" By H. Montgomery Hyde - An Appreciation by Sir Charles Petrie

Archaeological Section - Further Findings From the Carian Mine of Statuary and the DIscovery of the Unique Cult Statue of Aphrodisias by Kenan T. Erim Associate Professor Classics of New York university and Director of Expedition

In an English Garden - Letter and Phlox by Edward Hyams

A Page for Collectors by Frank Davis - Paintings

The World of Science - Why Do Flying fishes Glide - by Maurice Burton D.Sc

The World of the Cinema - A Year To Remember - Column by Alan Dent Film Critic

The World of the Theatre - Christmas Past column By J. C. Trewin

A Literary Lounger by E. D. O'Brien

The World of Motoring - The Car of the Month - Porsche Super 75 Coupe - Column by Bill Hartley

January 19th

' Bruce Ingram Aged about Fifteen '

' The ILN Editorial Office 2 September 1911- With The Editor - A. Forrestier - Terence Cueneo - R. Caton Woodville ' artist reporters for the ILN

' Captain Ingram at the Front as an Officer of the Royal Barrison Artillery - 1917 '

' The Editor Passing a Note Through to the Pilot of an Airco of Imperial Airways on the First London Paris Service in 1919 - Drawn by Capt. Bryan de Grineau '

' Clement Attlee Speaking of Sir Bruce Ingrams Fifty Years as Editor ' seen with the French Ambassador M. Rene Massigli - Sir Bruce - HRH Duke of Gloucester - Mr Davenport Price Chairman ILN - Prime Minister - H. E. The Egyptian Ambassador - at Claridge's Hotel

' Lady Ingram Examining The Insignia of Officer of the Legion D'Honneur After the Investiture by Teh French Ambassador on 2 Nov 1950 '

' Sir Bruce Admiring the Cigarette Box Presented by the Directors at a Luncheon - For Sixty Years of Service '

' Sir Bruce with the Vice Chancellor Mister A. L. P. Norrington President of His Old College Trinity at Oxford '

The Fire at Kensington Palace

' Firemen Fighting Flames - Damaging the Apartments of Princess Marina and Princess Margaret ' showsfour firemen on an extending ladder approaching the roof, plus fire engine and London Fire Brigade Mini in the foreground

' Watching The Fire in the Forecourt - Prince Michael of Kent - Princess Marina - Princess Alexandra - and others '

' Princess Margaret Comes Out with Her Camera to Record the Fire ...'

Full page

'The United Nations Special Congo Emissary - Dr Bunche Speaking to Reporters at Kipushi, Katanga '

' United Nations Soldiers Purchasing Vegetable fro ma Street Trader in Elisabethville, Katanga - With Passers by Looking On '

' Ethiopian Troops of the United Nations During a Move Towards the Border Town of Sakania Katanga on 8 January ...'

' President Tshombe Smiling as He is Followed by Civilians During His Visit to Satania ...'

' The Queue for Bread in Elisabethville - Europeans and Katangans Side by Side '

' Indian Soldier of the UN Katanga Force at A Road Block - Checking ID Papers of Katangans '

' Groton in Connecticut - US Navys Newest Polaris Submarine - USS Nathan Hale Ready for Launching ...'

' South Vietnam - Vietnamese Troops Landing in the Mekong Delta in the War Against The Communist Vietcong Guerillas ...'

' Flood at Kenitra in Morocco - Airview of the Flood in the Gharb Region ...'

' Sidi Slimane Morocco - Homeless Families, The Victims of the Floods '

' Blantyre in Nyasaland - The Nyasaland African Leader Dr Hastings Banda Addressing Studens at the Opening of a Law School at Mpemba ...'

' The Greek Royal Family After the Service at Athens to Mark the Silver Wedding of King Paul and Queen Frederika of the Hellenes - Princess Andrew (Mother of The Duke of Edinburgh ) - Crown Prince Constantine - Queen Frederika and King paul - Princess Irene - Don Juan Carlos and Princess Sophia of Spain '

' Elisabethville - The UN Katanga Headquarters Building '

' President Kennedy Poaying Homage to the Mona Lisa at the UNveiling Ceremony at The National Gallery of Art Washington DC '

' Valetta Harbour Malta - The Dutch Liner Willem Ruys Steams Past the Fire Crippled British Liner Canberra '

' Charles Prince of Wales Met at Munich Airport by His Aunt and Uncle prince and princess Georg of Hanover and Their Children '

' Empire State Building New York - Firemen Fighting the Fire Inside the Building ' .

' Swearing in of the Members of the House of Representatives at the First Sitting of the 88th Congress at Washington DC ...'

' Eight Tugs Rescueing an Italian Tanker Conca D'Oro off An Elbe Sandbank near Hamburg '

' Lake Michigan Chicago - Broken Ice Sheets Piled Up Along The Shores of the Chicago Lakefront '

' TheEnd of a Toronto Landmark and Sports Centre - Fire Destroying the Palace Pier '

' A Greek Orthodox Priest Blessing the Waters at th ePieaeus at Athens '

' The Europa Bridge Across the Wippthal Valley near Innsbruck Austria - Under Construction '

' Charles John Canning As A Young Man - Portrait by George Richmond ' book review - see articles

' Mister Michael Maclagan - The Author of the Book Being Reviewed ...'

' Engraving of the Rt. Hon Sir Charles Canning Earl of Canning - From the Illustrated London News of 5 July 1862 ...'

' Excavations near Petra - General View of Seyl Aqlat Excavations '

Plus thirteen more photographs of the excavations in the neolithic village near Beidha .

The Cotton District of the Sudan - From a Desert Miel to a Fertile Plain

' Gezira In the Sudan - Two Irrigation Channels in the Cototn District Dividing Old and New Gezira '

' A Fire Watch From a Sheltered platform overlooking the Sacks of Cotton '

' Bales Coming out of a press at The Cotton Factory ...'

' Men Putting the Cotton Harvest into Sacks ...'

' Camels Transporting Cotton '

' Cotton Experts Inspect and Mark the Sacks To Be Taken to the Cotton Board ...'

' Aerial View of a Cotton Farm '

' Young Sudanese Women Gathering the Cotton '

' Inside The Ginning Cotton Mill at Gezira Sudan ' - the working conditions leave a lot to be desired!

' Wetting the Cotton Before It Is pressed for Transport ...'

' Sudanese Workman Lifting the Wet Cotton to Load the Press '

Art Brought to Light in England and America

' Henry VIII Confirming the Privileges of Barber Surgeons ' Belonging to the Royal College of Surgeons

' This Picture was the Result When 84 X-Ray Photographs of The Henry VIII Barber Painting Were Pieced Together ...'

' Hercules Battling with the Hydra by Antoniao Del Pollaiuolo ...'

' Hercules Strangling Antaeus by Antonio Del Pollaiuolo Believed to Have Been Discovered in America ...'

' Men Around President Kennedy - Assistant Secretary of State For Far Eastern Affairs: Mr W. Averell Harriman ' wonderful portrait photograph by Karsh of Ottawa on a full page with description

' Deer in Britain - Two Red Deer Lock Antlers ...'

' A Young Stag ...'

"Carolina Snowball" an Albino Dolphin at Miami in Florida - Photographs by Anita Reece

' The Tank Specially Built for the Dolphin to Protect it from the Florida Sun '

' At The Miami Seaquarium Florida - The White Dolphin Shares the Tank with a Young Dark Dolphin (her calf) - Which was Caught with Her '

' His Excellency Ambassador Oumar Sow of Mali Feeding "Carolina Snowball" the White Dolphin '

' The Dolphin Performing for Children in Her Special Tank '

' The Pink Eyed Albihno Dolphin in Her Tank ...'

Full page

Art - 'The Harpsichord Lesson by Jan Steen '

' Detail of a Corner Cabinet Made for Marie Antoinette By J. H. Riesener in 1783 ...'

New Acquisitions of British Art Galleries

' View of Deventer by Solomon Van Ruysdael '

' Capriccia with Classical Ruins by Charles Louis Clerisseau '

' St Andrew praying Before His Martyrdom by Carlo Dolci ...'

' TheAdoration of The Shepherds by Louis le Nain '

' Portrait of Augustus John by Sir William Orpen '

' STudy of the Figure o fEve by Rosso Fiorentino '

' Portrait of Lord Byron by Richard Westall '

Full page

' Chinese Witch Hazel - H. Mollis Var Pallida'

Personalities and Events of the Week

' Captain Douglas Syverson The New Commanding Officer on Holy Loch Scotland Commanding the New Polaris Submarine Depot Ship USS Hunley '

' TheLate Sir patrick Hannon The Distinguished Industrialist '

' Mister Sylvanus Olympio The Prisident of Togo Assassinated '

' The Late Sir Percy Simner - Senior Master of the Kings Bench Division '

' Dr D. B. HArden Director Designate of the Museum of London '

' Mr C. C. Cremin the New Irish Ambassador to Britain '

' Mr Nigel Warrington Smith - Britains Yachtsman of the Year, Being Presented with His Troph6y By Mr Max Aitken '

' Mr Neville Faulks QC To be a High Court Judge ...'

' DrHewlett Johnson Dean of Canterbury to Retire '

' Sir Roger Stevens The Vice Chancellor o fLeeds University ...'

' Herr Kai-Uwe Von Hassel New West German Defence Minister, Receives His Appointment from President Luebke '

' Lord Hailsham - Chosen to Inquire into Unemployment In the North East......'

Full page

' A Catamaran Being Tested on the Thames at Henley - Two Young Men '

' TheTwin Engined BMC Mini Moke in The Snow .... '

' How To Carry On Building in Severe Weather - Wates Built Homes Ltd Tubular Frame Covered with Polythene Sheeting and Corrugated Roof - "The Cocoon" ...'

'..."The Couple Boat " Shown by Rapidcraft of Poole at the Camping and Outdoor Life Exhibition ...'

' In The " Griddle Car " of British Rail Eastern Regions New 90mph Electric Train From Clacton to Liverpool Street Inaugurated on 7 January '

' The Self Service Counter of The Griddle Car - Oassengers Collecting the Food Ordered '

' The USS Huntley - New United States Submarine Tender Deopt Ship Arriving at Holy Loch ...'

' Royal Navy Helicopter Lowering a Member of The Crew onto the Deck of the Naval Frigate Pheasant off The Isles of Scilly '

' TheControl Room of the Central Electricity Generating Board ( CEGB ) in Which are The Three Men Who Control The Electricity to the Whole of Great Britain ' - to do with the unofficial work to rule by electricity power station staff

' Princess Grace of Monaco Doing Some Window Shopping Whilst on a Trip to England '

' Lord Linley with his Nanny - Son of Princess Margaret and Earl of Snowdon '

' The English Stage companys Presentation of the Oxford playhouse Production of Bernard Shaw's " Misalliance " - Barbara Jefford as The Passenger - Campbell Singer as John Tarleton - robin Hawdon as Joey Percival '

' Scene from Misalliance at the Royal Court Theatre - Christopher Guinee as Bentley Summerhays - Patricia Healey as Hypatia Tarleton - Alison Leggatt as Mrs Tarleton '

' A The Perfomance of Benjamin Britten 's New " War Requiem " at the Royal Albert Hall with David Wilcocks Conducting '

' The Interior of the Fire Damaged 12c Church at Scole In Norfolk '

' Model of the projected BP Head Office Building Which is to Be Taller than Any Existing Building in London - To Be Erected by Laing Construction '

' Mr Sture Lagerwall Playing the Part of Don Juans Attendant in a New Ingmar Bergman Film "The Devils Eye"...'

' Bibi Andersson and Jarl Kulie In a Scene from the New Swedish Comedy "The Devils Eye" directed by Ingmar Bergman '

' ..."Sundays with Cybele - A scene Starring Hardy Kruger and Patricia Gozzi '

" 55 Days at Peking " The Boxer Rebellion Recreate4d on Film

' The Assisination of the German Minister ...'

' In the British Legation Under Siege - Robert Helpmann as Prince Tuan and David Niven as British Minister in peking ' plus others

' Troops Defent the Building Against The Attacks of theBoxers ...'

' An American Major Played by Charlton Heston Leads a Band of Allied Soldiers .....'

' A Sewing Session inside the Legation Compound Interrupted by a Barrage by The Boxer Artillery ...' .

' The Dowager Empress Tsu Hsi Played by Flora Robson, with Her Ladies i nWainting ...'

Full page

Unusual Photographs - A Corridor in the Reconstructed Inca Ruins of Pachacmac near Lima Peru ' full page

' ..." Free Enterprise " - The Recently Inaugurated Car Ferry

' The Holt De Icer - An Aerosol Container '


This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include :-

Our Note Book by Arthur Bryant with reference to Bruce Ingram

A WIndow on the World -The Tragedy of Katanga Countinues By Cyril Falls Sometime Chichele Professor of the History of War, Oxford

The Indian Mutiny - "Clemency Canning " By Michael Maclagan - An Appreciation by Sir Charles Petrie

The World of Science - Deer in Britain - by Maurice Burton D.Sc

The World of the Theatre - Read Shaw - column By J. C. Trewin

Archaeological Section

In an English Garden - Witchhazels by Edward Hyams

A Page for Collectors by Frank Davis .

The World of the Cinema - Dominant Influences - Column by Alan Dent Film Critic

A Literary Lounger by E. D. O'Brien

The World of Motoring - Motoring Prospects for 1963, Holiday Travel and Parking Problems - Column by Bill Hartley

January 26th

February 2nd

March 9th

' The Statue of George Stephenson Being Removed from Euston Station - The Great Hall To Be Demolished '

' Statue of Lord Nelson in Trafalgar Square - A Team of Steeplejacks Cleaning the Statue ...'

' A Model of the Tyne Tees Pullman Train and Mr H. J. H. Nethersole - Mr D. H. Follett - Mr E. B. Banks - Presented to the Science Museum by English Electric Co Ltd '

' Aboard The US NAvys Polaris Submarine Ethan Allen - Journalists Question Captain Lacy and Captain Bell 100ft Under the Surface off Scotland ...'

' The Dan Maskell Wall Net - TheAdjustable Silent Tennis Trainer - Mr George Worthington, coach with Mr Peter Moores '

Queen at Melbourne Australia

' Crowds in Swanston and Bourke Streets Cheering the Car '

' The Royal Barge Taking The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh to the Henley Landing Stage ...'

' At The Flemington Races - The Queen Presenting the Cup to Mrs Peter Thomson Syndicate Owner of Aladdins Lamp (jointly owned by three Australian golfers - Kel Nagel and Norman von Nida) '

' Opening of the Royal Childrens Hospital at Parkville Melbourne ' Queen on the platform with others

' The State Reception - General View '

' Floats in the Moomba Festival - A Huge Merino Ram of Flowers Passes the Queen with The Lord Mayor of Melbourne '

' Queen Elizabeth Watching Children Taking Part in Play Therapy for Injured Limbs at the Royal Childrens Hospital '

' The Sidney Myer Music Bowl - Audience Welcoming the Queen to the Concert '

' Tasmania - Teh Queen Accepting an Address of Welcome from Mr B. Osborne the Lord Mayor of Hobart '

Double page

' The Right Hon. Henry Brooke MP for Hampstead and Secretary of State for the Home Dept. ' drawn by "Our Special Artist Juliet Pannett SGA " - facsimilie signed Henry Brooke

' The US Navys Tartar Surface to Air Guided Missile - To Be used by Australian, Italian, Japanese and French Navys ...'

' A Soviet Reconnaissance Aircraft Which Flew Over the Aircraft Carrier Kitty Hawk - Off Japan ' US Navy photograph

' At The Grave of the Founder of the Scouts Robert Baden Powell at Nyeri in Nairobi - Chief Scout sir Charles Maclean with Field Commissioners and Members of Nyeri Scout Troops '

' British Guiana - The New Georgetown Power Station '

' Albino Kangaroos - Raised by Sir Edward Hallstrom on His private Sanctuary at Mona Vale ' a mother kangaroo and her joey

' Dr LEonard Carmichael and Chirman of the AEC Mr G. T. Seaborg - at the Washington DC Atomic Energy Commission HQ ...'

' Kuala Lumpur in Malaya - General Sir Richard Hull With Sir Rodney Moore Inspecting a Guard of Honour ...'

' Teheran in Persia - TheShah of Persia Waving to a Crowd of Cheering Women from the Balcony of the Marble Palace - To Celebrate that Women Could Vote in Parliamentary Elections ...'

' New York - Mr Peter Wilson Who Will be Auctioning the Fribourg Treasure ...'

' New York Striking Printers - Mrs Dorothy Schiff Publisher of the New York Post ...'

' Amsterda, - Queen Juliana of the Netherlands Being Presented with a Record of the "All Star Festival" - A Girl And Boy in Polish and Hungarian National Costumes ...'

' Vatican City - Mr Alexei Adzhubel editor of the Soviet Newspaper Izvestia and His Wife Nada Sightseeing in St Peters Square ...'

' Kurdistan - Mullah Mustafa Barazani The LEader of the Rebels in One of His Hideouts in Kurdistan Iraq ..'

' The Hague - HRH Princess Beatrix of Netherlands - The Dutch Primne Minister Dr De Quay - Dr P. J. Bouman President of theGeneral Working committee - In The Hague Treveszall ...'

' Girassa in Kenya - Police Inspector Lynn Burt and a Colleague Inspecting Damage Caused by Rioting in teh Northern Frontier Province ...'

' Mount Snow in Vermont - Mr Red Allin wearing a Helmet Mounted Camera While Making a Ski Safety Film '

' Budapest - Mr Istvan Dobi the Hungarian President Voting at the Polls ...'

' The Royal Palace Brussels - King Baudouin of the Belgians - Mister Adoula The Congolese primne Minister - Mister Bomboko The Congolese Foreign Minister Miel - Mister Bamba the Congolese Finance Minister - M. Spaak The Belgian Asst. Prime Minister '

' Zanzibar - Mr Sandys TheCommonwealth and Colonial Secretary With the Sultan and His Son Prince Jamished '

' Marsa el Brega in Libya - A Drawing Showing the New Stationary Bow Mooring Device Built for Esso for Loading Oil Tankers '

' The Esso Tanker " Austria " Being Loaded at a Bow Mooring a Mile off Shor3e ...'

' Western Scheldt - The British Tanker " Abadesa " After A Collison in the Port of Antwerp - A Gaping Hole in Her Bow '

The Panamanian Tanker " Miraflores " After the Collision with Abadesa - Seven Crew Members Dead '

' Bielefeld In Westphalia W. Germany - General Ivan Yakubovsky The Soviet Commander in Chief of East Germany Visiting BAOR ( British Army on the Rhine ) HQ - With General sir James Cassels CinC British Army of the Rhine and Air Marshal Sir John Grandy CinC RAF in Germany '

' Santo Domingo in Dominica - Senor JuanBosch The New President Taking the Oath of Office ...'

' A Portrait by Millais - Lord Rosebery at the Age of Thirty Eight '

' Lord Rosebery in 1912 President of the Liberal League - Seated at His Desk at 38 Bekeley Square - '

' Mister Robert Rhodes James Author of "Rosebery"... '

Sardis - Discoveries of Mosaics and 3c Synagogue

Discovery of Splendid mosaics - ' Sketch Map to Show The Location of Sardis, on the River Hermus Asia Minor '

' Plan of theHarvard-Cornell Excavations on The Salihli Highway ...'

Plus twenty seven photographs of various finds at Sardis including Inscribed Marble Fragment - - Jacobs Shop and Mosaic Colonnade - - Aurelius Eulogius Theosebes - - View of theExcavations of theSynagogue - - The Menorah Relief as Found with Marble platform for the Shrine - - Menorah Relief from the Synagogue - - Tunnels in the Cliffs on TheNorth Side of Acropolis - - Lydian Chamber Tomb - - Lydian Graffito at Pactolus North - - Earthen Storage Jar Found in Jacobs Shop - - Dolphin Mosaic - - The Eagle Mosaic in the Sector Pactolus North as Found - - Entrance to the Marble Chamber in the Mound of Alyattes - - Late Roman Rooms with Mosaic Floors found in the Pactolus North plus Persian And Lydian Structures - - Seven Doric Capitals in the LydianTrench - - Byzantine Church " E " in pactolus North - - A Cremation Burial in the Lydian Trench with archaeologists - - Corinthian Pilaster Capital - - Lydian Pegasus - - TheCarnelian - - Bearded Sphinx - - Detail of the Eagle Mosaic - - Detail of the Dolphin Mosaic - - etc

Colour Photographs from the MEtropolitan Museum of Art in New York

' A Sur-Sanga from South India ' colour photograph showing the decorated motives fo Goddess Sarasvati and Elephant Headed God Ganesa

' A Baroque Harpischord Made in Rome in the 17c ' colour

' A Boat Shaped Harp from Burma Known as a Soung ...' colour

' A Cobra With a Bell from India - for Hindu Religious ceremonies ' colour

' A French 18c Cornemuse - A Form of the Bagpipe ...'

' A Sarangi and Bow from Northern India Carved from Solid Block of Teak with Inlaid Ivory ...' colour

' London - The GPO 's New 620 Ft Radio Tower - Under Construction on the Edge of the West End ' a full page sketch by "Our Special Artist James Neave " - shows the tower and surrounding buildings covered in scaffold with barriers and workmen etc - Now more commonly known as the Post Office Tower or BT Tower

New Designs of British Rail

' Interior View of a Second Class Compartment '

' First Class Compartment '

' Dining Compartment - Utilising Non Skid Chairs ...'

' TheSecond Class Open plan Carriage '

' TheNew Uniforms - Porter - Ticket Inspector - Inspector - Station Master - Senior Station Master ' no womens uniforms!

' Admiral Sir Wilfrid Woods on the Deck of HMS Vicxtory During theCeremony Taking Over from ADmiral Sir Alexander Bingley '

' New Block Gallery at the Science Museum Kensington '

' Mr And Mrs John Diefenbaker with The Lord Mayor Sir Ralph Perring - On The Balcony of the Mansion House ' - Canadian Prime Minister

' The CanadianPrimne Minister Mr JohnDiefenbaker at Guildhall ...'

' Mr Diefenbaker Toasts his Host, Sir Ralph Perring, At theLuncheon At the Mansion House '

' Rhododendron Sinogrande '

Art at Birmingham City Art Gallery

' Ambleside by Francis Towne '

' Oriental scene By George Chinnery '

' Nestor at the Pyre of Achiles by Henry Fuseli '

' Water Willow Portrait of Mrs Morris by Dante Gabriel Rosetti ' wife of William Morris

' The Mission of Virgil by William Blake '

' A Study for Found By Dante Gabriel Rossetti '

Full page

' Lord Brownlow 's Wine Cistern Which is to Be Sold at Christies ...'

' Drawings to be Sold at Sotheby's

' Warwick TheTown AndCastle from thePriory Gardens by Antonio Canaletto - With St Marys Church '

' A Blind Man Leaning on a Stick and Holding a Little Dog on A Lead by Rembrantd Van Rijn '

' Ganymede by Giovanni Francesco Barbieri - Called Il Guercino '

' The Publican and The pharisee By Rembrandt Van Rijn '

' Scene from Roman History By Pietro Berettini Da Cortona '

' From Roman History By Federigo Zuccaro '

' A Black Rhinoceros '

' Black African Rhinoceros - Alert '

Saving the Steinbock or Alpine Ibex

' A Group of Males Descend the Rocky Slopes '

' A Catch Up Pen in a Swiss Reserve to Trap the Ibex '

' Male Alpine Ibex '

' Maintaining A Simulated But Livable Environment for theDeep Sea Diver - And Some Possible Solutions to the Problem ' a wonderful double page diagrammatical drawing by "Our Special Artist G. H. Davis with The Cooperation of Sir Robert Davis FRS" - It shows a Depth measure for the Bathyscaphe Triest of the Mariana Trench off Guam - - - Physiological Problems of Diving - - - Surface Decompression Chambers - - - Ascending and Decompressing Measurements - - - Submersible Decompression Chamber - - - Modern Diving Dress with Modern Four Cylinder Skin Divers Gear and Siebe Gorman Injector Type Suit - - - Some Suggestions for Submarine Homes for Divers - - - submarine observation Chamber designed by M. Cousteau - - - Submersible Working Chambers - - - Professor gunar Thorson Director of Marine Laboratory Elsinore Denmark Envisages Submarine Homes for Divers

' The Play By Brian Gear "The Sky is Green" - Robert Eddison as Fable and Maurice denham as Stone '

' At The4Vudeville "How Are You Johnnie" with Hilda Fenemore - Nigel Stock - Ian McShane '

' IanBannen and Zaikes Mokae in the Intense South African play "The Blood Knot" ...'

' Turandot Covent Gardens New Production - Amy Shurard - Bruno Prevedi ' full page showing many other cast members

Personalities of the Week

' The Late Sir Walter Liddall Former MP for Lincoln '

' The Late Sir David Keilin FRS - Important Biologist '

' TheLate Mr William Auchterlonie - Open Golf Champion '

' Teh Late Sir Harry Lindsay - Diretor of the Imperial Institute '

' The Late Rear Admiral Sir Kenelm Creighton - Expert on Navigation '

' The Late Dr Rajendra Prasad - First President of India '

' Mr. R. H. K. Marett - Appointed to Be British Ambassador to peru '

' Mr Arnold Nordmeyer - New Labour Leader in New Zealand '

' Apprentice Seaman Maxwell Fletcher - Hero of the Antwerp Tanker Collision

' Lord Dalhousie - Governor Geneal of Rhodesia and Nyasaland to Retire '

' Ex Colonel Antopine Argoud - French Secret Army Chief captured '

Full page

' Unusual Photographs Taken By Ford Jenkins of Lowestoft - A Cats Eye Stud ' a great full page photograph

Ideal Home Exhibition

' A Garden EXhibit at Olympa by Ralph Hancock and Son '

' I the "Village" - E and L Berg Lts Milton Bungalow - A One LEvel Compact Bungalow Design ...'

' A Second Storey Bungalow - A Cantilever House by Trevor Smith LRIBA ...'

' General View of theExhibition - In the Background The Glitteing Chandelier '

' TheMcLean Split Level House, designed by Stephen Dobson '

' A Contemporary and Formal Designed House by G. T. Crouch Ltd '

Full page

' Long John Scotch Whisky ' Full page Advert

This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include :-

Our Note Book by Arthur Bryant - Religion - Christianity

A WIndow on the World -The Future of British Defence By Cyril Falls - Sometime Chichele Professor of the History of War, Oxford - with ref. to Polaris - TSR 2 bomber etc

A Lost Leader - "Rosebery" By Robert Rhodes James By Michael Maclagan - An Appreciation by Sir Charles Petrie - Book Review

The World of Science - Splitting Rhino Hairs - by Maurice Burton D.Sc

The World of the Theatre - column By J. C. Trewin - reviews of "The Sky is Green" Produceder Brian Grear and Director Hugh Goldie

Archaeological Section - Sardis by George M. Hanfmann of Harvard University Field Director and Henry Detweiler of Cornell University, Asociate Director

Music From India and Rome - Sur-sanga and Golden Harpischord

Musical Instruments of Great Workmanship from Burma, India and North American Continent

In an English Garden - Rhododendrons: Species or Hybrids? by Edward Hyams

A Page for Collectors by Frank Davis - The Brownlow Silver

A Literary Lounger by E. D. O'Brien

Chess Notes by Baruch H. Wood M.Sc.

June 1st

The Superstructure of the Worlds Largest Warship - USS Enterprise ' Full front page showing the tower of the nuclear powered aircraft carrier

' At The Coal Handling Exhibition in the British Railways Freight Depot a tMarylebone - Lord Robens Chairman of the National Coal Board with Dr Richard Beeching Chairman of British Railways Board - and others '

The Queens Visit To Birmingham

' The Queen Greeted by the Chancellor of Brimingham University The Earl of Avon '

' Her Tour of the £5,000,000 Bull Ring Centre - with The Mayor and Councillor Mrs Smith '

Bull RIng ' General View of the Multi Million Pound Laing Development Project - The Queen Viewing the Project with Her Hosts '

' The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh Watch a Rug Shampooing Demonstration by Mrs Isobel Rooney at The Bull Ring Centre ' with others including Mrs Smith

' The Queen Talking with One of the Stall Holders Mr John Hand - A Vegetable Stall '

Full page

' The Duke of Edinburgh Visits the British National Gliding Championships at Lasham in Hants ' sitting in a glider with another man

' Earl Mountbatten of Burma Unveils the Symbolic Gyroscope Outside the Sperry Gyroscope Company of the Great West Road '

' The Queen Meets Fifteen Year Old Peter Hood of Surrey During Her Visit to the Royal School of Church Music at Addington Palace Croydon '

' The Queen Talking to Andrew Fretwell age 16 of Hull, at the Royal Russell School - She Accepted the Hobby Horse He is Holding as a Gift for Prince Andrew '

' The Duke of Edinburgh Ready for Take Off at the British National Gliding Championships at Lasham Hants '

' The Queen Presenting the Football Association Cup to the Captain of Manchester United at Wembley ' Noel Cantwell the captain receiving the cup with another player behind

' Teh Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh follows The Lord Mayor of London Sir Ralph Perring As They Leave St Pauls Cathedral '

Princess Margaret at The Mary Hare Grammar School for the Deaf at Newbury Berks - Watching as One of the Pupils receives Instructions ...'

' Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh visiting the College of Aeronautics at Cranfield ...'

' Duke of Edinburgh WatchesThe Activities of Some ants At the Wild Life Exhibition at TheRoyal Horticultural Hall ' with another man

' The Doyenne of Archaeologists - Dr Margaret Alice Murray Who Will Celebrate Her 100th Birthday on 13 July ' from a drawing by Juliet Pannett

' New York City - The Litter Basket in Times Square Contains A Voice Warning Pedestrians Against Leaving Litter in the Street '

' Italys First Nuclear Power Station Designed by C. Parsons and Co. - At Latina South of Rome '

' The Canada Room at the Universal Esperanto Association at Rotterdam '

' The NATO Meeting at Ottawa Canada '

' The New Governor of the Australian State of Victoria Sir Rohan Delacombe is Sworn in at Parliament House Melbourne '

Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia Walks with President Tubman adn President Houphouet-Boigny Near Addis Ababa '

' Israelis Demonstrating Against the Official Twelve Day Visit of Herr Strauss, The Former West German Defence Minister - At Tel Aviv '

' Funeral Cortege of the Major and Four soldiers Killed in the Abortive Rising in The Turkish Capital Ankara '

' Amsterdam - 2100 Candidates Taking the Examination For the Netherlands Shopkeepers Diploma '

' Astronaut Gordon Cooper Gets an Overwhelming Ticker Tape Reception fro Four Million Citizens as He Is Driven Through New York After his 22 Orbits of the Earth ...'

Monte Carlo - ' Britains Graham Hill Holding the Trophy Awarded for His Victory in The Monaco Grand Prix - Congratulated by Prince Rainier of Monoco ' - I dont know who the lady in the foreground looking straight into the camera is, it could be Bette Hill

'Austin Texas - At the University of Texas - A Four Wheeled Vehicle Which Can Move in any Direction without Turning '

' President Francois Duvalier at The Self Inauguration Ceremony at Port Au Prince Haiti '

' Moving the Radiotherapy Dept of the Danish State Hospital - Two Teams of workmen Move the Building 50 Yards at Copenhagen '

' Macao - £14,285 14s 3d Going Up in Smoke As The Result of an Anti Narcotic Campaign by the Authorities - Morphine, Opium adn Heroin Which Was Impounded '

' Jasper National Park in Alberta - Touring the Ice on a Snowmobile ...'

' TheAircraft Carrier HMS Ark Royal and The Guided Missile Destroyer HMS Devonshire During Royal Navy Exercise in the Mediterranean '

' The Santa Fe Railroad - mNewly Built Narrow Gauge Locomotive Is Given a Life on a Goods Train Sent by Rail From Pennsylvania to Phoenix for An Amusement park '

' Mr Zalman Shazar TheNew Israeli President, Taking the oath of Office in theKnesset (Parliament) ...'

'TheInauguration Ceremony of Dr Adolf Schaerf as Austrian Federal President at Vienna '

' Sir Roy Welensky The Rhodesian Federal Prime Minister Watching TYhe South African Premier Dr Verwoerd Giving an Order to His Bulldog " Punch " ...'

' Tema - ThePresident of Ghana Dr Kwame Nkrumah Settling in the Cockpit of Akroma, a German Glider Presented to Him by Dr Sattler TheWest German Ambassador '

' Roma in Basutoland - Graduation Day at Pope Pius XII University Miss Jane Manyeli One of 31 New Graduates Receives a B.#sc. Degree from Professon Van Der Merwe of the University of South Africa '

' ThePresident of the Kenya African National Union, Jomo Kenyatta Addressing a Party Rally at Nairobi ...'

' A Memo Being Signed at Moscow to Perpetuate For Two Years the Existing Agreement on the exchange of Information About Nuclear Energy - Mr Glenn Seaborg Chairman of US Atomic Energy Commision - Mr Andronik Petrosvantz chairman of the Soviet Union State Committee for Atomic Energy ...'

' Henri Prince De Conde or Henri De Boubon ' drawing

' Catherine De Medici '

TheRoyal Horticultural Societys Fiftieth Chelsea Flower Show

' Gold Medal Winner Rock Garden by Gavin Jones Nurseries ...'

' Fruit Flowers and Vegetables by National Farmers Union - Gold '

' The Exhibit of Thomas Rochford and Sons - House Plants Gold Medal Winner '

' Exhibit of Edward Webb and Sons - Gold Medal Winner '

' Gold Medal Winning Rock Garden - Whitelegg '

' Formal Garens in theChelsea Show SStaged by Popular Gardening '

Double page

' Flowers - Gentiana Acaulis or Gentians '

' Great London Livery Companies - The Haberdashers Hall with a View of the Binding Room from the North End of the Livery Hall - Also Showing the Clock ' full page drawing by Dennis Flanders

' TheLivery Hall of thje Worshipful Company of Haberdashers - The Oak Panelled Room ' double pag sketch by Dennis Flanders

' TheLuncheon Room of the Haberdashers Hall ' drawn by Dennis Flanders

' The Court Room of the Haberdashers Hall ' by Dennis Flanders

' Egypt Exploration Societys Season at Buhen - A Red Quartzite Male Head of Middle Kingdom Date ...'

Queen Hatshepsuts Temple at Buhen in the Sudan

' Buhen in the Sudan - the Temple of Hatshepsut Before Dismantling '

' Thepaved Floor '

' Column Drums Prepared for Moving ...'

' Lifting a Prepared Block on to a Sled ...'

' First Column Drum to be Moved ...'

Plus seven more photographs

' English Pistols of About 1800 ...'

' Complete Suit of Armour Which Originally Belonged to Kunz Schott Von Hellingen Dating From Before 1500 '

Drawings and Paintings on View at the Hallsborough Gallery

' View of the Gfand Canal by Canaletto '

' A River Estuary by jan Van Goyen '

' Village Scene by Pwter Brueghel '

' View of the Nieumarkt in Amsterdam by Jan Ten Compe '

' St Norbert Archibishop of Magdeburg by Giovanni '

' Portrait of a Lady in a Black Dress by Sir Anthony Van Dyck '

' La Poele A Petrole by Edouard Vuillard '

' Frogs and Toads from Europe and America - Characteristic Breeding Habits, Defence Mechanisms and Other Specialised Features ' a sonderful double page of drawings by Peter Parks with the Co-operation of Maurice Burton D.Sc.. this double page of sketches include The Midife Toad - Vaquero or Darwins Toad - Surinam Toad - Arrow Poison Frog and Lucilia - Paradoxical Frog - Common Toad - Hairy Frog - Tadpole of Tailed Frog - Fire Bellied Toad - Natterjack Toad - Cape Short Head - Brazalian horned frog - Marsupial Frog - Marine Toad - S. American Bullfrog - Brazilian Horned Frog Feeding on Another Frog

' Dragon Fly '

' Staring Eyes on a Butterflys Wings ...'

Personalities and Events of theWeek

' TheLate Sir Robert Wood - Vice chancellor of the university of Southampton '

' The Late Mr Orvil Dryfoos President and Publisher of theNew york Times '

' TheLate Mr Walter Warwick Theformer Chairman of the Royal Mail Lines Ltd '

' The Late Mr William Watt - Former Managing Director of The British oxygen Company '

' TheLate Sir Maurice Powicke - One of the Most Distinguished of Mediaeval Historians '

' World Chess Champion Tigran petrosian From Armenia and Mikhail Botvinnik of Russian ' at the chess table

' The Lord Privy Seal Mr Heath Studying the Charlemagne Prize presented to Him n Aachen for His Services to Europe with The Lord mayor of Aachen Herr Heusch ...'

Two United States Teams Successfully Climb Mount Everest; One Team Conquers the Western Ridge - William Unsoeld of Cornvallis, Oregon - - - Thomas Hornbein of San Diego - - - Barry Bishop of Washington - - - Luther Jerstad of Eugene Oregon '

Full page

' Coins We Might Have Had - Decimal Coins Struck About One Hundred Years Ago Which Were Never Used ' nine coins

' At The Cutlers Hall in Sheffield - A General view Before The 327th Annual Cutlers Feast ...'

' TheOpening Day of the 35th Annual conference of conservative Women at Central Hall, Westminster ...'

' ..."Day of ThePrince" by Frank Hilton at the Royal Court Theatre - Starring Bari Jonson - Christopher Sandford - Angela Baddeley - Bernard Bresslaw - at a Family Board Meeting '

' ..."A Shot in the Dark" at the Lyric Theatre - Scene with George Baker and Judi Dench '

' Two Biagpipers playing in HMS Pallister to Her Berth in the Pool of London ...'

' A RNLI High Speed Rubber Rescue Craft Speeds Across the Water On a Trial Trip .....'

' A Centenary Run on The Festiniog Railway - Passengers in Period Dress '

' A Historic Occasion Re-Enacted at Neasdon Wearing Period Costume - Members of the London Transport Musical and Dramatic Society '

' The B.R.M. Rover Gas Turbine Sports Car onthe Rober Test Track at Solihull ...'

' Mechanics Show th eengine at the Back of the New BRM Rover Gas Turbine Car ...'

' Chess Notes by Baruch H. Wood '

' UNusual Photographs - Cacti ' full page photograph under the heading of ' Botanical Sibling Rivalry? - Psychoanalytically Speaking, The Aggression of These Plants is Over Compensation for Feelings of Inferiority '

' The Hillman Imp De Luxe - £532 4s. 4d. inc Tax ...'

' View into the Engine Caompartment of the Imp De Luxe .... '


This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include :-

Our Note Book by Arthur Bryant

A WIndow on the World Aftermath of Two Revolts By Cyril Falls Sometime Chichele Professor of the History of War, Oxford

A Misjudged Queen "Catherine de Medici" By Jean Heritier - An Appreciation by Sir Charles Petrie - Book Review

A Page for Colectors by Frank Davis - On Arms and Armour

The World of Science - Birds Fear The Roving Eye - by Maurice Burton D.Sc

New Coins for Old - Decimanl Coinage by R. J. Martin

The World of the Theatre - Laugingh Matters - column By J. C. Trewin

Archaeological Section - The Ancient Monuments of Nubia -

In an English Garden - Gentians and Cypripediums Again by Edward Hyams

A Literary Lounger by E. D. O'Brien

The World of Motoring - The Car f the Month, The Hillman Imp - Column by Bill Hartley




Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother In the Drawing Room of Clarence House ' Full front page photograph by Anthony Buckley

' President de Gaulle at the Elysee Palace - Commenting on the Moscow Test Ban Treaty ...'

British and USA Artillery at Larkhill Army Garrison Wiltshire:

' The Vickers Hovertruck Military Vehicle ' soldiers operating a hovercraft style vehicle

' A US Howitzer Battery Taking Part in a Demonstration ...'

' A " Corporal " Missile on Parade at Larkhill Army Base ..' the caption makes ref. to a Cadet John Stonor aged 14 bing schosen to fire an American "Honest John" Missile

Lifeboat Models - Exhibition at the National Maritime Museum

' Built By Henry Greathead on Tyneside in 1790 - The "Original " ...'

' Designed by George Palmer MP - The First RNLI Boat in 1826 '

' The "For Those in Peril " Exhibition at the Museum at Greenwich - General View '

The caption mentions Vice Admiral John Hughes Hallett

' RAC at Woodcote Park Epsom - The Golden Jubilee of the Royal Automobile Club ' - old cars lined up and crowds looking on

' A Design for the Royal Navy's New Aircraft Carrier ... Which Will be Ready About 1971 ' - An Admiralty Artists Drawing - the caption maskes ref to Mr thorneycroft of The Commons

' Mr David Tapp Crossing the Channel by Tractor - Nearing the Coast near Deal in Kent ' <0p> ' Emmanuel School - The New Training Tank in Operation at The Tank Under The Schools Boathouse near Barnes Bridge ' built by the Modular Concrete Co. Ltd

' Graham Hill The Racing Driver at the Controls of a Quadricycle Made by Apprenctices at The Ford Works at Dagenham '

' Henry Ford Driving a Quasdricycle in 1904 '

' Spectators on the Pitch st Headingley at the End of the Fourth Test Match - West Indies v. England '

' Mr and Mrs Enoch Powell at The National Heart Hospital - A Nurse Explaining The New Heart Equipment to the Minister opf Health '

' The Subject of a Debate on Preservation and Re-Development - Ely Place off Holborn '

' The Model of Sir Basil Spence's Plan - Plan for the Rebuilding of the Knightsbridge Barracks '

' The Triple Nineteen Storey Block of Government Building for Whitehall - Frontage to Horsferry Road '

' A Model of the New Jewel House - To Be housed Below the Parade Ground of the Tower of London '

' Mr Basil Cameron CBE - Drawn by "Our Special Artist Juliet Pannett" ...'

' Italy - An Aerial View of The Exhibition Area of The First Biennial Fruit Show at Ferrara '

' The Engine of a Wrecked British Lancaster Bomber Lost During the Mohne Dam Raid of 1843 - Found at Ijsellmeer (Zuyder Zee) in the Netherlands '

' The Indian Ocean - Wreckage of a United Arab Airlines Comet Which Crashed on 28 July Being Inspected by a UAR Consul General ' crashed nine miles offshore from Bombay Airport

' Cleveland Ohio USA - HMS Torquay During a Visit to Lake Erie '

' Emperor Hirohito with the Empress and Friends in Rock Pools on a Seaside Holiday ' info. after death known as Emperor Shōwa

' Emperor Hirohito and The Empress ' on the beach inspecting their small marine life finds - info. Empress Nagako aka Empress Kōjun

Dubai of Trucial Oman -:

' The Customs Building and Passenger Embarkation Point '

' The New Bridge Over the Creek Which Divides the Town of Dubai ...'

' Shaikh Rashid Bin Said - The Ruler of Dubai '

' A General View of the Town Showing the Persian Wind Towers of the Houses '

' The Al-Gaz Hotel and New Flats on the Water Front '

' The Old Palace Which is Now a Store House ...'

' New Blocks of Flat on the Waterfront, One of Which is Owned by Shaikh Rashid the Ruler ' .

Full page - info. now the United Arab Emirates

A Window on the World page:

'The Earthquake in Yugoslavia - Soldier Dig the Ruins at Skopje in an Attempt to Rescue Survivors '

' Skopje - Special Listening Equipment Used Miel to Detect Survivors of the Earthquake '

' Segnor Fernando Belaunde Terry - The New President Elect of Peru at Lima '

' Coonabarabran in New South Wales Australia - A Wedge Tailed Eagle About to Land onth Arm of a Young John Ryder '

' Caltaglirone in Sicily - The Bishop of Caltagirone Blesses a Cradle - For The Unborn Child of President Kennedy and Mrs Kennedy of the USA '

' Geneva - The Seventeen Nation Disarmament Conference ' a view of thr conference members

' Moscow - Mister Orville Freeman the US Secretary of Agriculture Gives Mr Khrushchev a Peace Pipe ...'

Full page

' The Disaster at Dieppe - Landing Barges Mass off the Coast Moving in for an Assault ' scene from 19 August 1942 drawn by the Late Captain Bryan de Grineau

News from One Hundred Years Ago from the Illustrated London News 1863:

' Aldershott - Balloon reconnaissance at the Royal Review '

' The Riots in New York - The Burning of the Provost Marshals Office '

' Melbourne Australia - Bourke Street - An Engraving from a Photograph by Mr E. Haigh '

' Worcester - Meeting of the Royal Agricultural Society with a General View of the SHow Ground '

' The Civil War in America - At Jackson Mississippi - The Reoccupation by the Confederates '

' Regents Park London - Improvements to the Gardens in the French Italian Style '

Full page

' The Heat Wave in London - Heliolaters in the Oasis Swimming Pool at Holborn ' a wonderful full page photograph looking down from an adjoining building - the caption makes fun of the "psychosomatic ailments which crop up and make it impossible to go to the office but by early afternoon, one feels suffieciently well to tak a short swim, then forced to lie down ..." - info. Heliolaters refers to sun worshippers


' Portrait of Mlle Claire Pierret by Eugene Delacroix '

' Dante Et Virgile by Delacroix '

' L'Assassinat de L'Eveque de Liege - By Ferdinand Victor Eugene Delacroix '

' Chopin - Half of the Original Canvas .. - by Delacroix '

' Femmes D'Alger Dans Leur Appartement - By Delacroix - Bought by Louis Phillippe for 2400 Francs... '

The Cathedral City of Salibury Before Development:

' The High Street Development Area Looking Towards St Thomas's Church - The Old George Hotel '

' The Poultry Cross May Be Reserved ...'

' One of ther Arms of the River Avon Flowing Through Salisbury ...'

Four sketches drawn by "Our Special Artist Dennis Flanders "

Double page with text - the article referring to the plan of Mr Max Lock to redevelope the city

Excavations in Jordan -:

' Shechem - The Courtyard Temple Excavation in 1960 ...'

' The Fortress Temple of El-Berit ...'

' View from Mount Gerizim Towards Mount Ebal - View of Balatah Village and The Mound of Shechem ...'

' East Gate of Shechem ...'

' The Fortress Temple ...'

' Section Through a Stone Wall - Wall D. '

' On The West Side ...'

' Shechem Temple - The South Wall ... '

' A Typical Israelite House - Large Fire Pit '

' Drain in the Sacred Area Dating From the Hebrew Patriarchs c 1800 bc '

' Cobbled Street of the Courtyard Temples with the Temenos Wall ...'

' One of the Sacred Stones as Restored by the Drew-McCormick Expedition ...'

' The Sacred Pillar in the Temple of The God of the Covenant - El Berit '

' Child Burial in a Jar Beneath the Floor of the Courtyard Temple '

' Silo and Drain ...'

' Colun Base from the First Samaritan City ...'

' A Scaraboid with Phoenician Designs ...'

' Pottery Rams head 9-7th c BC '

' Eight Faced Die found ....'

' Impression of a Mesopotamian Seal of Semi Precious Stone ...'

' .... A Palaeolithic Flint Hand Axe ...'

' An Imported Cypro Phoenician Juglet found in a Strtum VII House .....' ' LArge Ghassulian Flint Chisel ...'

' A String of Bead fro mthe Neck of the Child Buried n aJar ...'

' A Cache of Silver Tetradrachms ...' coins

' King Edwards parade In Eastbourne Showing Devonshire park Lawn Tennis Courts .... ' an aerial photograph also showing surrounding areas and the beach - " ...The Grand Hotel with its new £25,000 Swimming Pool ... The Circular Wish Tower ....." etc

' Goodwood Race Course from Trundle Hill ...'

Marabou Storks ' photograph by Jane Burton

Personalities of the Week -:

' The Late Dr Carl Borgward the Founder of Bremen Car Company in Germany '

' LAdy Hudson Widow of Lord Northcliffe and the LAte Vice Patron of London Hospital ...'

' The Late Sir Horace Clarke - Pioneer in Aluminium Manufacturing and lat of the James Booth Co Ltd of Birmingham...'

' The Late Sir Robert Chapman The Former National Unionist MP for Houghton le Spring ...'

' Miss Claudia McPherson Aged 17 - The Younges Channel Swimmer from Canada ...'

' Miss Jane Allday - Lady in Waiting to Princess Margaret '

' Six of the Railwaymen Mayors in South Wales - At the Great Western Raoyal Hotel paddington London with Mr S. E. Raymond General Manager of Western Region British Railways - Councillor R. H. George of Monmouth - Councillor Vaughan of Newport - Councillor Shail of Swansea - Alderman E. J. Powell of Carmarthen - Councillor Wood of Brecknock - Councillor Richards of Port Talbot '

' The Third Man - Mr Harold Philby Given Asylum in Russia ...' - info. " Kim " Philby

' The Jamaican Jazz Singer - Mr Alopysius Gordon is Freed on Appeal - Appealing a Sentence for Assaulting Miss Christine Keeler ...'

' The Former Lord Altrincham - Mr John Grigg '

' Lord Stansgate WHo With His Wife Holding Out His Instrument of Disclaimer is now Mr Anthony Wedgwood Benn - The First to Discalim his Title Under the New Peerage Act ... ' - info. with his wife Caroline Middleton DeCamp Benn

' Mr St. Clair MP for Bristol South East ...'

Full page

' Buddleia Asiatica - Normally Treated as a Greenhouse Plant ..... ' photograph by J. E. Downward

London - The Roman Ship Found in the Blackfriars Mud -:

' Mr Peter Marsden and His Assistant - Hosing Down the Roman Ship near Blackfriars Bridge '

' A General View of the Hulk .... with a Mill Stone in the Background Which May have Served as Ballast ...'

' Mr Marsden in Charge of Excavations - Working Among the Timbers '

Inside a Chinese Communist Commune - Behind the Bamboo Curtain -:

' The Workers Run to the Compond to Receive Instructions for the Days Work ...'

' The Bugler Who Announces to the Commune Work is to Begin ...'

' The Commune Nursery into Which ther Young Children are Crowded and Occupied by Old Women .....'

' Happines Corner - Retired Workers Confined to this Area ... Usually a Brief Prelude to Death ...'

' Workers Jog Trot out to the Fields ...'

' Incorrigible Complainers are Used a Human Horses and Guards Have Inst ructions to Shoot or Bayonet Trouble Makers .....'

' Under the Eyes of the Plimsol Shoed Guards ..... Out in the Fields ..'

' An Assignment Pulling a Plough as Their Are No Horses - There is Little Distinction between The Sexes ...'

' Women Till the Soil and Carry Materials by Pannier ...

' Women Sit in Small Groups and Stare .....'

' Meal Time - The Expressions o nthe Faces of Chinese Commune Workers Say it All ...'

Double page

The Theatre - Scene from "The Provok'd Wife" by Sir John Vanbrugh - Edward Hardwicke - Trevor Martin

Scene from "The Skyvers" by Barry Reckford - Bernard Kay - John Hall - Nicholas Edmett - Philip MArtin - T. Reive - Lane Kaufmann - David Hemmings - Dallas Cavell . <-p >' Unusual Photographs - Cleaning Skylights in Ludwigshafen on a Building Roof which Is Continually under Water ' full page photograph

' Esso Extra ' full page advert with scottish hunting comical drawings by Brockbank

' Remy MArtin ' advert

' Garrard Silver - Coffee Pot - Milk Jug - Tea Pot - Sugar Basin etc '

' Qantas Airline ' advert showing an air stewardess

' Vat 69 - Status Symbolism - On Water - With Water ' advert

' The Bat - The Most Sophisticated Blind Landing Apparatus in the World ' full page advert for Hawker Siddeley showing a Bat as in mammal with an inset of a passenger aircraft

' Birnam Wood Barracks Grampian Volunteers OC Command General Macduff - Marching Orders - Objective Dunsinane Castle ' a wonderful full page entitled " BAttle Order " By Loudon Sainthill the Australian Painter - full page colour advert for BP - there is a scuff to the centre of the advert

This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include :-

Our Note Book by Arthur Bryant

A Window on the World - The New Ministry of Defence by Cyril Falls

Books of the Day by Charles E. Byles

Rehearsal for D-Day - " Dieppe - The Shame and The Glory " by Terence Robertson - An Appreciation by Sir Charles Petrie

A Page for Collectors by Frank Davis

The Delacroix Centennial Exhibition at The Louvre Paris

Archaeological Section - From the Hebrew Patriarchs to Alexander the Great and John Hyrcanus - Shechem - By G. Ernest Wright of Harvard University and Director of the Drew McCormick Expediton since 1956

The Stratigraphical History of Schechem 's Sacred Area - TheNine Temenoi of Schechem - A Table .


Gardening Column - Buddleias by Edward Hyams

The World of Science - Storks by MAurice Burton

The World of the Theatre by J. C. Trewin .

A Literary Lounger by E. D. O'Brien with books reviewed - Amateur Agent by Ewan Butler - - The Civil War i Spain by Robert Payne - - The South of France byArchibald Lyall - - The Greek Islands by Ernle Bradford - - Paris by Vincent Cronin - - Plays of the Year by J. C. Trewin - - Against the Evidence by Leslie Egan - - July 14 Assassination by Ben Abro - - The Last Raider by Douglas Reeman - - Miraclejack by Michael Baldwin - - Striking Terror by Hervert van Thal

Chess Notes by Baruch H. Wood with illustration


report of the Great Train Robbery

Princess Anne Aged Thirteen in The Central Room of Buckingham Palace - Dressed in Her Uniform of the First Buckingham Palace Girl Guides ' Full front page photograph by Anthony Buckley

' The Tower Workshops - The Funeral Armour of General George Monk The Duke of Albemarle Being Put in a Frame for Restoration ...'

' Welsh National Eisteddfod at Llandudno - Mr Tom Parry Jones Age 58 From Anglesey is Acclaimed by the Audience ...'

' The Davis Cup at Wimbledon - M. Sangster and R. Wilson of GB with U. Schmidt and J. Lundquist of Sweden '

' The Menai Straits Regatta - The GP 14 Yachts Leaving the Start at Beaumaris ...'

' The World Record 4 x 110 yards Womens Relay Team at the White City - V. M. cobb - D. Arden - M. D. Rand - D. Hyman '

' The Chairman of the Union Castle Line Sir Nicholas Cayzer With Drawings of Two New Cargo Vessels to be Built ... by Swan, Hunter and Wigham Richardson of Newcastle ...'

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip in North Wales -:

'Trawsfynydd Nuclear Power Station near Ffestiniog - The Queen Inside the Power Station ...'

' The Queen and Prince Philip at Merioneth Storage Power Station ...' with others

' The Queen and Prince in a Motorcade Cheered by Campers a they Drove through Pwllheli - With Billy Butlin Seated Next to the Driver ' - info. Butlins holiday Camp .

' The Queen With Mr Billy Butlin Walks through the Ballroom at the Butlins Camp at Pwllheli ' and others

' Rhowniar - Visit to the OUtward Bound Girls School and Meeting the Girls '

' Queen and Prince PHilip Visiting an Outward Bound School ' talking to a row of young men

' The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh at the National Eisteddfod ...'

' Lord Snowdon Surrendering the Keys of Caernarvon Castle - In His First Offi8cial Duty as Constable of Caernarvon Castle ...'

' Caernarvon Castle and A View from the Balcony - The Queen - Prince Philip - Princess Margaret - Lord Snowdon Looking Down at the Crowds ...' show of crowds of people and media plus a couple looking through an attic window of the "The Gift Shop"

' Caernarvon Castle - The Queen Speaking from the Balcony Over Queen Eleanors Gate as She Proclaims Caernarvon a Royal Borough '

' The Town hall in Llandudno - The Queen Signs a Portrait of Herself ...'

Double page

' Mr Mintoff the Leader of the Malta Labour Party Speaking at A Press Conference in London '

' Dr Borg Olivier The Prime Minister of Malta ...'

Prime Minister Macmillans Visit to Finland -:

' Mr Macmillan with the Finnish Premier Mr Karjalainen on His Arrival by Air at Helsinki '

' The New Town of Valkeakoski - Mr Macmillan with the Key of the City Given to Him by Mr Kaino Dahl '

' Mr Macmillan Being Greeted by Children on a Lakeside Beach at Valkeakoski '

' Mr The Macmillan Repeated in Mirrors as He Enters the Offiial Residence of President Kekkonen in helsinki '

' Around a Table - At Formal Dicussions, Mr Macmillan with President Kekkonen and the Foreign Minister ( Merikoski ) '

' At A Banquet - Mr Macmillan - Lady Dorothy Macmillan - President Kekkonen - Mrs Kekkonen '

A Window on the World pages:

' The United Nations at New York - The Security Council Chamber During Vote on Arms for South Africa ..'

' President Kennedy with His Wifes Mother Mrs H. D.Auchincloss Arriving at Childrens Medical Centre at Boston Mass. USA '

' Fort Richardson In Alaska - A Helicopter Setting Down Troops by Means of a Rope Ladder Wearing Skis and Carryng Snowshoes ...'

' Cape Canaveral Florida - A Polaris Missile Leaving the Storage Tube at Launching from a Ship '

' Fort Peck in Montana - Archaeologists with the Discovered Fossilised Skull of a Triceratops Encasd in a Cast for Listing ...'

' Hiroshima Japan - 15000 People Stand with Bowed heads in Prayer in Commenoration of the Bombing Eighteen Years Ago ...'

' Gagra USSR - Mr Khrushchev and Mr Dean Rusk Playing Badminton After The Signing of the Test Ban Treaty ...'

' Netherlands - The Launching of ALbecaro The Yacht for the Royal Family of Monaco at the Yard of Kersholt, Groningen ..'

' Bonneville Salt Flats UTah - Mr Craig Breedlove of Los Angeles Uses Miel His Parachute Brake in His Jet Engined Three Wheeld Car ...'

' Seoul in Korea - General G. S. Meloy Outgoing Commander in Chief UN Command and US 8th Army and General Hamilton H. Howze Salute The Colours at a Handing Over Ceremony ...'

' General Eisenhower at the Ravaged Cliff Top at Pointe Du Hoc in France - Preserved as A Memorial to the Normandy Landings ...'

' Chicago - Professor Keith Seele With Some of the Finds Which Reached the Oriental Institute After Being Salvaged from Threatened Nubia ...'

' Dar-es-Salem - The Former Minister of Justice Chief Fundikira Leaving Court After Having Being Cleard of Charges of Corruption ...'

' Conakry in Guinea - The Republic of Guineas First Merchant Ship the Simandau Arrives at Conakry Greeted by Crowds After its Launch from Greenock ...' .

' Bangkok - Three Graduates of Chulalongkorn University Bow to the King and Queen of Thailand ...'

' Minnesota USA - The Split Rock Lighthouse Near Duluth on Lake Superior and St LAwrence Seaway Sytem ...'

' On Holiday in Italy - Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands and His Daughter Princess Beatrice Leave Bar Giulioni at Porto Santo Stafano ...'

' Kansas USA - Old Glory MArks the Certified Centre of The US in Smith County...'

' Marathon in Greece - Crown Prince Constantine of Greece Making the Sppech of Welcome at the Boy Scout International Jamboree ...'

' Kenya - Mr Jomo Kenyatte The Prime Minister Presenting a Prize at The Speech Day at te Aga Khan School ...'

' Professor hugh Trevor-Roper - Regius Professor of Modern History at Oxford ' from a sketch by Juliet Pannett SGA

' M. Paul-Marie de la Gorce Author of "The French Army"..'

Archaeological Section - Excavations in the Ancient City of Kilwa in Tanganyika: .

' Map of Tanganyika Coast - Showing the Position of Kilway and its Relation to Zanzibar, and Mafia, Dar-es-Salaam '

' A Fragment of a Bowl of the Ming Dynasty ...'

' A Spoon Carved in the Form of a Fish From Mother of Pearl ...'

' a Bowl of the 15c Still inthe Masonry in Which it Wa Set a Secoration ...'

' Two Types of Lamps 15-16c '

' Fromthe Palace Husuni Kubwa - A Chinese Porcelain Flast of the Yuan Dynast ...'

' A Portable Pottery Cooking Stove ...'

' Wealed Ware - A Cooking Pot ...'

' Motigfs carved i Coral Stone ...'

' Indian Work of the 15c - Plaqaue from th eCemetery Inscribed with Religious Tex ...'

' A Fleur De Lys Motif in Coral Stone ...'

' The Gereza in Kilwa ...' old palace or fort

' Inside the Ruins of the Mosque of Kilwa ...'

' Part of the Palace Bathing Pool - Abbasid in STyle ...'

' An Aerial View of the Palace at Makutani ...'

' An Aeriel View of The Great Mosque ...'

' TheSE Corner of the Mosque in the Foreground, The Wall of the Musalla is Being Rebuilt...'

' The Husuni Kibwa Palace Seen From the Air ...'

The Train Robbery nr Leighton BUzzard on 8 August - £2,500,000

' An Interior View of One of the Mail Coaches Which was Ransacked by the Thieves ...'

' The Bridge Not Far From Cheddington Station Where the Lorry Was Waintin Into Which the Bags were Loaded ...'

' A Glove STuffed into th eGreen Light and Four Batteries Used to Light up the Red - The Signal Which Was Tampered With ...'

' An Aerial View of the Line and Cheddington Station ...'

' TheMarker Made of White Material Erected by the Robbers to Tell Thier Men on the Train Where to Have it Stop '

' The Assistant Driver Mr David Whitby Aged 26 of Crewe, Who Went to Telephone About the Signal ...'

' Detectives Examine the Coupling Disconnected by the Gang .... Indicatiors that The Robbery Was an Inside Job ...'

' Mister Jack Mills aged 58 The Driver of the Train Who is In Hospital with Head Injuries AFter Being Coshed by the Gang ...'

Full page

Colour Supplement - Royal Carriages from the Past -:

' Queen Adelaides Coach - The Folding Down Bed in the Special Coach ...'

' The Exterior of Queen Adelaide's Coach .....'

' Built at Wolverton in 1903 - The Bedroom of the Carriage Built for King Edwaqrd VII with the Bedstead etc ...'

' The Smoking Room of the Carriage Built by The London and North Wetern Railway for King Edward VII ...'

Full page in colour

' The Steam Locomotive Born on 21 February 1804 - From the Painting By Terence Cuneo Reproduced by Permission of Mr Richard Trevithick ' a wonderful double page colour print showing the villagers (and dog) of Pen-y-darran and Abercynon cheering on Trevithick, holding on to a huge spanner, as he and his colleague run alongside the magnificent engine puffing and hissing its way along the tracks

' Train - Evening Star No. 92220 - The Last Steam Engine To be Built By British Railways ....Came into Use in 1960 ' a half page colour photograph

' Train - Deltic Type Diesel Locomotove No. 9007 One of a Fleet of Similar Engines Ordered by BR in 1958 ... Made by English Electric Co. and Brought into Service in 1961 ...' half page colour photograph

The Chieftain Tank Unveiled at Chertsey -:

' The 50 Ton Chieftain Tank Crossing a Bridge ...'

' The Tank and Its Crew ...'

' The Unique Driving Position - A Soldier in the Specially Designed Seat Combined With Cranked Periscope .....'

Plus two other photographs of the tank on manoeuvres

Full Page

' A Mole Eating an Earth Worm ..'

' Mole Hills ' photograph by Jane Burton

The Queensland Lungfish in the Burnett River nr Wallaville -:

' The Ancient Fish, The Ceratodus, Caught by a Net, On the Shore of The River ' surrounded by men and boys

' Mr D. Watson Holds up the Lungfish ... '

' Mr Watson (cigarette in mouth ) Holds the Lungfish Before Returning it to the Water ...'

' The Fish's Mouth is Extremely Small ...' photograph of the fish on the muddy bank with its mouth pulled open by a mans hands

Full page

The Edinburgh International Festival -:

' Alfredo Kraus - A Principal Singer in the Teatro San Carlo of Naples Production of Donizettis "Don Pasquale" ...'

' Fernando Corena '

' Peter Pears ...'

' Constantin Silvestri Conductor of The Bournemouth Symphony ...'

' Alexander Gibson to Conduct the Scottish National Orchestra ...'

' Heather Harper - Soprano to Appear in The Beggars Opera ...'

' Georg Solti - To Conduct the Covent Garden Orchestra and Chorus .....'

' Norman Del Mar - To Conduct the BBC Scottish Orchestra ....'

' The Dutch Concerthgebouw Orchestra rom Amsterdam ...'

' Scene From the Wooden Prince - A BArtok Ballet ...'

' The Amadeus String Quartet ...'

' Janos Ferencsik Conductor of the Budapest Opera and Ballet ...'

' Colin Davis - Conductor ...'

' John Pritchard - Conductor ...'

' Hans Werner Henze - Conductor ...'

' George Szell - Conductor of the Gebouw Orchestra ...'

' Istvan IKertesz - London Symphony Orchestra ...'

' Lorin Maazel - BBC Symphony Orchestra ...'

' Alberto Erede - To Conduct the Teatro San Carlo ....'

Double page

Collectors Page - Filthy Lucre -:

' Three Forms of African Money - The Kissi Penny from Sierra Leone and Liberia - - - Hoe Money - - - Spear head Money ...'

' An Axe From the Congo - A Form of Currency in the Last Century ...'

' Siamese Hat Money - - - Boird Weight From Ashanti - - - West African Manilla Made of Copper ...'

Art - 19c Scottish Domestic Scenes:

' Brawl Outside an Ale House - By Alexander Carse 1822 '

' A Schule Skailing - By Sir George Harvey 1846 ...'

' Skirling Fair Peeblesshire - by James Howe ...'

' The Farmhouse - By Walter Geikie ...'

' Sir Adam Ferguson Frien of Sir Walter Scott, And His Wife - By David Cooke Gibson ...'

' A Girl Peeling Potatoes - by Walter Geikie ...'

Gardening - " Enchantment " Type of Lily ...' photograph by Herman V. Wall of the Oregon Bulb Farms

Personalities of the Week: .

' Sir Max Page - Specialist in Pediatric Surgery Died on 1 Aug ...'

' Senator Estes Kefauver - A Democratic Nominee for Vice President in 1956 Died age 60 ....'

' Mister S R. Littlewood the Dramatic Critic Died age 88 ...'

' General Sir Leslie Hollis Died age 66 '

' The LAte Mr Philip Graham The American Journalist Died aged 48 ...'

' The Dahomey Ambassador in London - M. Sourou-Migan Apithy ...'

' All Nuclear Tests are Banned, Except Those Underground .... The Scene of the Signing at Moscow - Mr Dean Rusk - Mr Andrea Gromyko - Lord Home - Mr Edward Heath - Mr Khrushchev - U Thant UN Secretary General '

' H.E.M. Andre Minsta - The Gabon Ambassador in London ...'

' Mr Craig Breedlove of Los Angeles - Unofficial Record in a Three Wheeled Jet Car "Spirit of America" ...'

' Mr Michel Darbellay The Swiss Mountain Guide and Solo Record Holder on The North Face of the Eiger ...'

' Mr A. J. Low aGed 21 a Student of St Andrews University - The Victor of the British Youths Golf Championship ...'

' Dr Stephen Ward Who Died After Conviction at the Old Bailey ...'

Sailing - Cowes Week:

' The Duke of Edinburgh and Mr Uffa Fox Sail "Cowslip" the Fifteen Class Racing Yacht ...' with others

' The Start of the 19-24ft Yacht Race ...'

' Marabu Owned by the CinC Portsmouth inthe Sir Walter Reston Challenge Cup ...'

' The Bartlett Challeng Cup - "Sovereign" with " Flica " ...'

' Misty Owned by mr F. Ratsey-Woodroffe, and Diadem Owned by Mr R. S. Clifton, in the Queens Cup ...'

' Sailors From One of the NATO Ships Watch the Race fro mthe Balustrade ...'

' The Near Accident in Which Princ Philip was Involved - Almost Rammed by Miss Melanie Franklin ....'

' A General View of the Competitors - Members of the Public Watching with HMY BRitannia in the Background ...'

' The New 12 metre Yacht Sovereign ...'

' Press Photographers Manoeuvre Behind Prince Philip and mr Uffa Fox ...'

' Aboard Sovereign on His LAst Day at Cowes - Prince Philip with Mr Boyden the Owner ...'

Double page

Theatre - Scene from a Production of " Thark " by the Birmingham Repertory Theatre - Ralph Nossek - Eileen Beldon - William Ingram - Julia Christie - T. Reive - Frank Ellis - Colin Pinney - Monica Stewart

Theatre - Mr Daniel Llords With Some of His Marionettes at the Prince Charles Theatre

' The New W. H. Smith Establishment At the Royal Show - Mobile Shop '

' HMS Kent a Guided Missile Destroyer to Be Commissioned at Stormont Wharf Belfast ...'

' Coins Find at Collin near DEumfries - Hoard of Silver and Gold Coins from the Reign of Henry VIII And James V, Found by Mr Eric Beck '

' Timbers of the Roman Ship Found in the Thames Mud - Being Given Preliminary Treatment at the Guildhall Museum ...'

' General L. L. Lemnitzer Supreme Allied Commander of Europe - Driving Past a Line of Valiants (aircraft) at Scampton in Lincolnshire ...'

' Princess Margarets Wedding Dress and Veil on Permanent Loan to the London Museum in Kensington Palace ...'


Scene from "Cleopatra" - Rex Harrison

' Cleopatra's Barge at Anchor in the Harbour of Anzio ...'

Cleopatra in the Death scene - Elizabeth TAylor

' Unusual Photographs - Alexander and the Pigeon ' full page by Rene Maltete

' Rolleiflex Camera by Rollei ' advert

' Bisquit Brandy ' advert

' Lloyds permanent Building Society ' advert

' Brooke Marine of Lowestoft - Ocean Pirate Express Cruisers ' full page colour advert showing the exterior and interior of the boat - back advertising cover

' Barclays Bank - Its Super once You're In! ' full page advert with a photograph of a baby or toddler in the bath

' Sparklets Syphons ' advert

' King George IV Scotch Whisky ' advert

' The Dornay Factory at Kings Lynn ' full page advert showing an architects style impression of the factory built by Turriff

This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include :-

Our Note Book by Arthur Bryant

A Window on the World - Malta Independent Next Year - by Cyril Falls

Books of the Day by Charles E. Byles

The Soldier in Politics - "The French Army" by Paul-Marie de la Gorce - An Appreciation by Sir Charles Petrie

A Page for Collectors by Frank Davis

Archaeological Section - The Mediaeval Arab Empire onthe Coast of Tanganyika - Kilwa - by Neville Chittick Director of British Institute of History and Archaeology in E. AFrica .

Gardening Column - Lilies in July by Edward Hyams

The World of Science - The Mole and Earthworm paradox - by MAurice Burton

The World of the Theatre by Alan Dent

A Literary Lounger by E. D. O'Brien with books reviewed - A Precocious Autobiography by Yevgeny Yevtushenko - - TheFire Next Time by James Baldwin - - The Vanderbilts and Their Fortunes by Edwin P. Hoyt - - The Dillinger Days by John Toland - - Seaweed for Breakfast by Nina Epton - - Hunter Climb High by Keith Severinsen - - The Boiler Plate War by John foley - - Catch a Falling Spy by Nathaniel Benchley - - The Blue Sapphire by D. e. Stevenson - - Angelique in Love by Sergeanne Golon - - Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves by P. G. Wodehouse - - Jack London by Arthur Calder-Marshall

Chess Notes by Baruch H. Wood

October 19th


November 2nd


The new ROVER 2000
MIDLAND BANK, with colour print painted by JOHN LEIGH PEMBERTON of wild birds
JOHNNIE WALKER full colour page
HOOVER KEYMATIC washing machine - full colour page
MACKESON - full colour page


' War Memorial at Britannia Royal Naval College Dartmouth - Photograph with three naval men in the background

View of the Royal Smithfield Show at Earls Court - Photograph

A General View Inside St Pauls Cathedral During the National Memorial Service for the Late President Kennedy - Full page photograph

President Lyndon Johnson Addressing the United States Congress Washington - Photograph


' Montreal Quebec - A Trans Canada Air Lines Douglas DC 8F Similar To the One Which Crashed on Nov 29 - Photograph

Montreal, Quebec - The Aircraft in a Mud Filled Crater, Many looters having to be chased away - photograph

Port of Spain Trinidad - Two Rebels Who Hijacked a Venezuelan Airliner Flying From Ciudad Bolivar - Photograph

Irbid in Jordan - King Hussein of Jordan Inaugurating a New Water Supply Project to Ten Towns in Irbid 66 Miles North of Amman - Photogtaph

Melbourne Australia - The Australian Prime Minister Sir Rober Menzies and His Wife Dame Pattie - Photograph

Auckland New Zealand - Mr Holyoake Returned to Power in the General Election - Photograph

Hanover West Germany near Leinhausen Station - Train Crash - Photograph

Taranto Italy - Shipwreck in Dry Dock the 450 ton Ferryboat Pola - photogtraph

Caracas - Troops Outside a Polling Booth during General Election - Photograph

Paris - Police Motorecyclist Unseated During Demonstrations by Students in the Latin Quarter - Photograph

Cyrus - The Princess Royal Meets the Leader of the Episkopi Pony Club (a lady ) and Air Chief Marshal SIr Denis Barnett - photograph

Hong Kong - The Duke and Duchess of KEnt with Production Manager of " Iolanthe " - photograph

Florida - Aqualung Diving for Prehistoric Animal Remains - A Diver with the Jawbone of a Columbian Elephant - Photograph

' Florida - Two Divers with Fossilised Bone Fragments Discovered on the Sandy Bottom of a Group of Clear Springs - Photograph

Phnompenh Cambodia - Anti American Banners in the Main Street Outside Ministry of Information - photograph Walensee Switzerland - New Highway around the Shore and under the Kerenzerbeg - photograph

Stuttgart - The New Porsche 904 Grand Touring Model for the 1964 Season - Photograph

Washington DC - The House in Georgetown District Lent to Mrs Kennedy Widow of Late President by the US Under Secretary Mr Averell Harriman - Photograph

Cape Kennedy Florida - A Model of the Interplanetary Monitoring Platfore Satellite at Cape Canaveral - photograph

Cuttack Orissa State in India - Government Inoculators Stop Vehicles at a Road Block to Compulsorily Inoculate Every Entrant to the State Against Cholera - photograph

West Berlin - the Square in Front of the City Hall is Named John F. Kennedy Platz - Photograph

Baghdad Iraq - Government Soldiers in The Wrecked National Guard Headquarters - photograph

Tokyo - Design for the 1964 Olympic Games Medals

The Author (James Laver ) With Madame Schiaparelli - Photograph

The Malvern Festival - The Party includes Mr and Mrs George Bernard Shaw with Professor Allardyce, Sir Barry Jackson and James Lavar - earlier photograph

Aschod Babylonian Expedition - An Ahcaemenian Gold Earring in the form of a Ibex Head - - - Signed Lead Weights Common in Hellenistic Ashdod - - - A Silver Tetradrachm of Antiochus of 114BC - - - three photographs

Ashdod Expedition - Five photographs of digs

Artifacts from the Ashdod Expedition - 12 photographs

An Alpine Centenary - "A Party Climbing the Breithorn About 50 years Ago" plus two older prints of photographs showing Mount Blanc and Crossing a Glacier

The Sultans Palace Zanzibar Visited By The Duke of Edinburgh - photograph

Government House Nairobi - Kenya Becomes Independent on DEc 12 - photograph

Sadler Street Nairobi Main Street Running off Delamere Ave - Photograph

Goya - Paintings from the Winter Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts - eight photographs of paintings


Goya - Three Men Digging - Photograph of painting

Goya - Humility Versus Pride By Francisco Goya

Goya - A Glutton Eating By Himself

Two Men Duelling

Full page four photographs


The Forgotten Foreign Office in Downing Street Being Demolished in 1861 - photograph of engraving from the ILN

Whitehall Building Which Houses the Foreign Office etc to be Demolished announce by Mr Rippon - Photograph of the offices

Messenger in a Room with Firearms and Cutlasses and Lances on the wall - photograph in side the foreign office

Grand Staircase at the New Foreign Office - Engr. from the Illustrated London News of 1868

The Tube Room - A System of Compressed Air Tubes for Communications - photograph in the Foreign Office

The Foreign Secretarys Room at the Foreign Office - photograph

Mahonia Japonica Bealei and M. Lomariifolia Mahonia - photograph of flowers in the Slieve Donard Nursery

Anastas Mikoyan - Soviet Politician - Full page photograph

Christ With Ecclesia as his Bride - 13c Statue in Magdeburg Cathedral - photograph

Bronze Benin Figures of Grotesxque Dwarfs in the Vienna Museum - photograph

Pogonotomy and Spelaeography or Shaving and Cave Frescoes - eight photographs on a full page

Six photographs of engravings from Teh Illustrated London New of 100 years ago - Full page


Personalities of the Week

Colonel Commandant RAMC Major Gen. P. F. Palmer

The Late Soprano Singer Madame Ameltia Galli-Curci

The late Marshal of the Royal Air Force Lord Newell OM

Spanish Minister in London Senor Don Manuel Fraga Iribarne

British High Commissioner in Zanzibar Mr T. L. Crosthwait

Captain of Oxford University Rugby XV Mr Nicholas Silk of Merton College

Captain of Cambridege University Rugby XV Mr J. Richard H. Greenwood

Captain of Cambridge University Soccer XI MR P. J. Jarvis of Christs Coll.

Capt. of Oxford University Soccer XI Mr Brian A. Hardcastle

Winner of The George Medal Lt K. D. Kempsell RN

Author of the HMSO Report Traffic In Towns Professor Colin Buchanan

At Work in Our Art Room - Mr G. H. Davis Our Famous Diagrammatic Artist Who died on the Night of November 30/ Dec 1 in his 83rd year - photograph


West African Scarab Beetle

A Scarabs Dung Balls in the Wankie National Park Southern Rhodesia - Full page of six photographs

World of Cinema includes George Peppard in the Victors - - Eli Wallach and JEanne Moreau in The Victors - - Danny Kay in the Man From the DIners Club

A Fireproof Life Boat Enters Gallons of Blazing Fuel at Pinewood devised by Bristol Aeroplane plastics Ltd

The Plastic Hull Lifeboat of Watercraft Ltd after test at Portsmouth

Luncheon at Skinners Hall London - Sir Denys Lowson - Rt Hon The Lord Mayor C. J. Harmen - Sir David Muir - Rt Hon Geoffrey Rippon - Mr Alderman and Sheriff G. S. Inglefield - group photograph

The Salvation Army - Four Girls Practising at The General Booth Training College London - Photograph

The Annual Wall Game Between the Collegers and the Oppidans at Eton on St ANdrews Day Nov 30 - Photograph

First Okapi Calf to Born in Great Britain - Zanba and His Mother at Bristol Zoo - Photograph

A Boardroom Scene From Differnence of Opinion at the Garrick with Geoffrey Palmer - Photograph

Another Scene

Dame Margot Fonteyn adn Mr Rudolf Nureyev in La Bayadere - Five photographs of the different ballet scenes on a full page

"Unusual Photographs - Flys Eye View " a photograph of a bald head from Dr Strangelove - full page

The Austin Mini Saloon - Range of Cars Which Mr Hartley Thinks May Run For More Than Ten Years - photograph

Remy Martin - Full page advert

Coutts and Co - Our Computer Gives Detailed Statements ' advert

Gifts From Garrard The Crown Jewellers - full page advert showing Sterling Silver Tea and coffee sets - Sterling Silver Candlesticks - Sterling Silver Candelabra - Sterling Silver Mermaid and Dolphin for £650

Martell Cordon Bleu Cognac - Full page colour advert on back dust cover

Pimms - a full page christmas advert

The Morgan Crucible Group - Full page advert

Turriff Construction Corporation Ltd - London Pride - architectural designs of buildings - Full page advert

Rowenta Electronic Gas Lighter - advert

Patek Philippe - The Gyromax Watch - Full page advert showing a gents and ladies watch

Also articles (no pictures unless listed above) including :
Our Note Book by Arthur Bryant

A WIndow on the World - Problems Facing The New P{resident By Cyril Falls

No Quarrel With Fate. Museum Piece by James Laver - An Appreciation by Sir Charles Petrie

Archaeological Section - By Dr M. Dothan Israel Dept of Antiquites Field Director of the Ashdod Expedition

In an Englis Garden - Mahonia and Barberry by Edward Hyams

A Page for Collectors by Frank Davis

The World of Science - Scarabs adn Tumblebugs by Maurice Burton D.Sc

The World of the Cinema - Old Vintages and Thin New Wine by Alan Dent

The World of the Theatre - In the Way of Business By J. C. Trewin

A Christmas Hamper of Books for Children by E. D. O'Brien

The World of Motoring - The Car of the Month - The BMC Mini by Bill Hartley

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