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The Illustrated London News 1966

Events of this year in the Illustrated London News

Also contains
































PIRATE RADIO - CAROLINE, 270, 390, ...


























January 8th

January 15th


A View of Gibraltar on the front advertising cover "Gibraltar at the Crossroads"

Strike of the National Union of Seamen - A View of strike bound ships stranded in port - front page

' Mister William Hogarth the General Secretary of the National Seamens union ...'

' Union Officials Addressing the STrikers ...'

' Inside Gemini 9 - Lt. Col. Thomas Stafford Checks the Spacecrafts Instrumentation ...' with another astronaut

' The Euston Stranraer Diesel Express Northern Irishman Crash near Warrington ' wreckage of the train

' Herr Franz Jonas Federal President of the Republic of Austria Being Met by The Queen ' Prime minister harold Wilson in the Background with another man in uniform .

' Wreckage from the Crash of the BEA Vanguard at Farnborough - The Inquiry Team Inspecting the Wreckage '

' Princess MArgaret Visiting Burnham Abbey - with The Abbey Warden Hugh Bishop and Two nuns and another lady

' The Guildhall Scheme Submitted to the Corporation of London by the Architects Sir Giles Scott Son and Partner ' - Model showing various buildings bounded by Basinghall Street etc

' Senor Castiella The Spanish Foreign Minister With His Wife Arriving in London '

Boxing - Training for the Big Fight

' Henry Cooper with his Trainer Danny Holland '

' Muhammed Ali Better Known as Cassius Clay '

Personalities of the Week

' Lord Franks Provost of Worcester of The Franks Report on Oxford University '

' The Duke of Norfolk Inspects the Annual parade of the Old Comrades of The London Territorial and Auxiliary Units '

'Lord and Lady Avon ' - Anthony Eden .

' Mr Ray Brown Appointed Government Arms Salesman, and Chairman of Racal The Bracknell Electronics Firm ...'

' Bobby Charlton Of Manchester United and England Voted Footballer of the Year ...' with his trophy

' Miss Mary Stella Fetherstonb-Dilke Appointed New Matron in Chief of the Queen Alexandra's Royal Naval Nursing Service ...'

' Nineteen year Old Peter Townsend Won the Brabazon Trophy English Amateur Stroke Play Golf Championship '

' Mr Frank Cousins Minister of Technology in Moscow and Welcomed at the Airport by Mr Kirillin Vice Chairman of Council of Ministers '

' Maria Atanassova - Arrives in London ' shows the lady piloting the Ilyushin 18 prop Jet fron Varna in Bulgaria ....'

Full page

Royal Visit to Belgium

' King Baudouin of the Belgians with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip With Queen Fabiola - The King Leading Them in At The Royal Banquet '

' TheQueen Visits Bruges an dWatches a Demonstration of Archery by Members of the Saint Sebastian Guild - With The Duke of Edinburgh '

' In tHe Port of Antwerp - The Queen Elizabeth Unveiling a Stone Memorial Which Honours Sir Winston Churchill ...'

' TheQueen and Prince Albert of Liege Drive into Liege ...'

' The Queen at Passchendaele Cemetery Reading eh Inscription on the Grafe of Captain Jeffries VC '

The Royal Party Meeting Theatrical Performers at a Gala '

' Visiting Liege Princess Paola with Prince Philip in an Open Topped Car ...'

' Princess paola and The Queen Enjoying the Occasion ...'

The Weeks Sport - Motor racing photographs by Ray Green

' Jack Brabham Driving a Brabham Repco Winning at Silverstone ....'

' Sir John Whitmore at Silverstone ... '

' John Surtees Driving the Ferrari ...'

' Triumph After The FA Cup Final at Wembley - The Evertpn Players Make Their Lap of Honour with Alex Young and Mike Trebilcokd holding The Cup ' plus other players

' The Daily Mirror Dinghy Races At Brighton ...'

' Morville Hall ( near Tasley Bridgnorth ) Shropshire Given to the Nation ' four photographs of the hall including the Original Elizabethan Plaster Ceiling and other outdoor shots

Gibraltar at The Crossroads - mainlys

' Gibraltar ' a wonderful full page photograph of Gibraltar showing the surrounding spanish area - with the rock and the airbase in the background - aerial view

Samuel Pepys ' image from old print

' 1704 - Mapped by Dutch Cartographers ' image from old map

' Charles The Hapsburg Prewtender Shwon By The Rock ' image from old print

' Admiral Sir George Rooke ' image from old print

Old Print Showing Thh Spanish Attempting to Recapture Gibraltar

' 1713 - Viscount Bolingbroke ' image from old print

' Pages Fro mnthe Treaty of Utrecht Signed by The Bishop of Bristol ..' image from old print

' Earl of Chesterfield Supporter Miel of Returning Gibraltar to Spain ...' image from old print

' Earl of Sandwich ' image from old print

' Duke of Newcastle ' image from old print

' 1782 The Siege of Gibraltar by the French and Spanish During the EWar o fAmerican Independence ...' image from old print

' A View of North Partt of Gibraltar at the Time of the Siege - Soldiers Standing on La inea ...' image from old print

' Admiral Richard Howe ...' image from old print

' Gibraltar in the 19th Century During The Peninsular War ' image from old print

Street scene in Gibraltar 1808-14 - image from old print

' 1903 - When King Edward VII VIsited ' photograph

' 1910 - A Guard on The First Fence Built Along the Frontier to Stop Smuggling '

' 1917 - Lloyd George ' .

' King Alphonso XIII '

' 1936-9 - During the Spanish Civil War Refugees Flowing Through the Border ...'

' 1939-45 - Winston Churchill Reviewing Gibraltars Defences ...'

' Searchlights During The War '

' Tunnels into The Rock Were Expanded ...'

' 1954 - The Queen and Prince Philip Received by the Governor ...'

' Riots Outside the UD Embassy in Madrid protesting Against the Royal Visit ...'

' 1957 - General Franco '

' 1964 - Spain Imposed a Landward Blockade on Gibraltar ...'

' 1965 - Mrs Eirene White Visited The Rock ...'

'1965 - General Sir Gerald Lathbury Became Governor General ...'

' 1966 - Mr Stewart British Foreign Secretary and Senor Castiella Spanish Foreign Minister '

' Sir Joshua Hassan Gibraltars Chief Minister and Mr Peter Isola His Deputy '

' A Rally of the Rocks 25,000 People ...'

Seven photographs of Baby Gorillas Taken in New Yorks Bronx Zoo - taken by Emmy Haas

' Uncommon Rhododendrons ' two photographs by J. E. Downward

Wind Tunnel Tests on the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre

' World Trade Centre Design '

The Wind Tunnel at NPL ( National Physical Laboratory ) for Testing the World Trade Centre Design '

' Small Water Tunnel for Testing World Trade Centre Design '

' Christopher Scruton Heads the NPL Group Doing the Work '

' One Hundred Years Ago - The Great Ship Race from China to London - The Taeping and the Ariel off the Lizard ' from an old engraving - near double page showing two sailing ships

Photograph of a Yorkshire schoolgirl watching fairies - the famous photograph


' The Crowning of the Virgin Hand embroidered by Beryl Dean '

' The Chess Box by Isobel Clover '

' A Wall HAnging by MAry Russell of the National College of Art at Dublin '


' Portrait of Mrs Littler by Louis Valtat '

' Mother and Child by Augustus John '

' Adam And Eve by Eric Forbes-Robertson '

' Portrait of Eric Forbes Robertson by Armand Seguin '

' Heidelberg Sunset by Turner '

Aubrey Beardsley - ' The Yellow Book Illustrated Quarterly 1894 ' book cover by Beardsley

' Messalina Returnig From the Bath '

' Volpone or the Foxe ' .

' Cover for Pope's The Rape of the Lock '

' Landrover Dormobile ' advert showing two examples

Sir Michael Redgrave Directs at Glyndebourne

' Sir Michael Redgrave '

' Sir Michael Discusses a Point in the Score of Werther with Helia T'Hezan and Francoise Doue ...'

' Sir Michael Rehearses Jean Brazzi in the Organ Room Watched by Glyndebournes Moran Caplat ...' and others


' The Linen Look - Distinctive and Casual Cut Dress in Heavy Linen Texture Rayon by Jaeger ...'

' Dramatic Combination - A Dress in Kalua by Frederick Starke '

' Lined Suit in Linen Look in Moygashel Fabric by Strelitz '

Full page

' Zeiss Umbral Sunglasses ' advert

' Trim Lawn Edges i na Trice - Andrews Battery Powered Spintrim Edge Trimmer ' advert

' Sir Walter Worboys ' - Chairman of the British Printing Corporation

' Sir Brian Mountain - Chairman of the Eagle Star Insurance Company '

' Haig Whisky ' advert

' Hayter Lawnmowers ' two designs


' Scene from " Modesty Blaise " - Monica Vitti - Clive Revill '

' Scene from " A Man Could Get Killed" - Pascuale Fasciano - James Garner '

' Scene from "Woman in White" - Marie Jose Nat '

' Qantas Airlines ' full page advert

' Motoring - experiments in Car Safety Design at MIRA ...'

' Cresta By Vauxhall ' full page advert

' Saqui and Lawrence ' jewellery advert

' Canada Government Travel Bureau ' full page colour advert

' Harveys Bristol Cream Sherry ' full page colour advert

' Wolseley 1100 Car ' full page colour advert sketch designed by HAche

' Sydney Australia - A View of the Harbour and Bridge ' full page colour advert for Norwich Union Insurance Gr

' Benson and Hedges ' full page colour advert

' Minolta Autopak 8 K5 Cine Camera ' full page advert showing other models and cameras with prices

' Cunard ' full page colour advert

' Jaguar Car Advert ' wonderful full page colour showing the jaguar emblem


This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include :-

Window on the World

Our Note Book by Sir Arthur Bryant includes Gibraltar

Gibraltar at the Crossroads - by Sir Charles Petrie and Peter Kirk MP

Gardening Column by Edward Hyams

Reviews by Iain Hamilton

Books of the Week - An Appreciation by Charles Petrie "Churchill: The Struggle for Survival 1940-65"

Aubrey Beardsley - Satanist with a Sense of Humour - Column by Andrew Causey

Theatre column by J. C. Trewin with mention of Wendy Craig - Giles Cooper - Jimmy Tarbuck and others

Cinema column by Alan Dent

Motoring Column by Bill Hartley .

Letters to the Editor from James Mellaart of Institute of Archaeology University of London - - - The Rhodesia Crisis fro E. O. Coleman of Deep Cove Vancouver Island

Bridge Problem by Edward Mayer

Chess by Baruch H. Wood MSc.

May 28th

June 4th

July 2nd

' De Gaulle Addressing the People of Moscow from the Balcony of the City Hall on Gorky Street ...'

' De Gaulle Visits the Piskarevskoye Cemetery in Leningrad ...'

' The President MEeting the Crowds at the Airport '

' President and Mrs De Galle at the Bolshoi Ballet '

' President and Mrs De Galle After Mass in Leningrad '

' Civil Rights March at Canton Mississippi - Crowds Tear Gassed ' with reference to Martin Luther King

' King Faisal in the USA '

' The Bus Crash on The Great St Bernard Pass - Three Britons Killed '

' Wreckage of a Cessna 172 at Warden Airfield Bedfordshire '


' Owen Davidson Helps Roy Emerson Off the Court '

' Tony Roche on Court ...'

' Maria Bueno on Court ' .

' Ken Fletcher and Fellow Australian John Newcombe on Court ...'

' Clark Graebner of the US '

' Miss Trudy Groenman Playing Miss Norma Baylon ...'

' Australian Bob Hewitt and Fred Stolle on Court ..'

' Manuel Santana of Spain Playing Bobby Wilson ...'

' Mrs Ann Haydon Jones on Court ...'

Double page

' Highgate London - Bardic and Druids Holding their Summer Solstice Ceremonies'

Personalities of the Week Includes

' Dr Rolf Dahlgrun W. German Minister of Finance ..'

' Joan Hayter and Jill Wicken - First Women Scientist on Board a Royal Navy Ship, HMS Fife '

' Sir Adeyinka Oyekan The Oba of Lagos at The Commonwealth Relations Office ' with another man

' Beatitude Justinian patriarch of Rht Rumanian Orthodox church with Dr Michael Ramsay at London Airport ...'

' Dame Sybil Thorndike and her Husband Sir Lewis Casson at Oxford to Receive Honorary Degrees ...'

' Athletics World Records by Chris Carter - John Boulter - Michael Varah - Graeme Grant ...'

' Dame Pattie Menzies and Her Husband Sir Robert Menzies Prime Minister of Australia and Warden of the Cinque ports ...'

' Mr Arthur Calwell Leader of Australias Labour Oppoosition Party, Shot at Sydney '

Full pae

' Bught Park Inverness - The Gathering of the Clans

Six photographs over two pages includes Children Highland Dancing - - The Muirhead Pipe Band - - Chiefs The MacKintosh of MacKintosh and Major Shaw of Tordarroch - - Plus two others. The Article makes reference to The Worcester Kiltie pipe Band from Massachusetts and Clan MacFarlane pipe Band and city of Toronto Pipe Band

' The Tower of St Alban - Royds House - New Divisional Headquarters of The Police London '

' Alan Sorrell's Reconstruction of the Cripplegate Fort in Wood Street ' with key

' Inisde the New Headquarters - Roman Stone Used to Face Arches in the Main Entrance ..'

' The New Stable Block - Two Horses Cromwell and Tudor '

' View from the Station Looking Down on the Foundations of St Mary Aldermanbuyry (moved to Fulton Missouri ) ..'

Training Ship HMS Ganges

' Boys Mast Manning '

' Six Boys Climbing the Masts ..'

' A Chief petty officer and the Boys in a Whaler Raising Their Oars ...'

' HMS Ganges - Boys at Gunnery Training '

' OUtward Bound Schemes and Drill '

' A Main Establishment Dormitory '

Double page

Exhibition in the National Museum at Stockholm to Queen Caroline '

Uganda and Buganda

' 1863 - Captai John Hannin gspeke '

1892 - The Kings House ( Kabaka ) at Mengo ...'

' 1893 - Sir Gerald Portal with Colonel Rhodes '

' 1853 - The Kabaka Deposed and E$xiled Talks with Colonial Secretary Oliver Lyttelton ' - info The Kabaka was Edward Mutesa II - Sir Edward Frederick William David Walugembe Mutebi Luwangula Mutesa nicknamed King Freddie

' 1955 - The Kabaka Returning to Uganda ...'

' 1958 - Ugandas First Elections Boycotted By Buganda - African lady voting '

' 1962 - The Kabaka with Prime Minister Dr Milton Obote '

' 1964 - British Troops Rounding Up Troops of the 1ast Battalion Uganda Rifles Who Mutinied ...'

1965 - Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon on a Visit to UGanda with Dr Obote and The Kabaka '

' 1966 - Kabaka Arriving in Britain After Fleeing His Palace ..'

' The Kabaka With His Son Prince Ronald at Kings Mead School Seaford Sussex ' info, later The Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II

Radio City - Pirate Radio Stations

' Cottage in Wendens Ambo Saffron Walden Where Mr Reg Calvert Was Found Dead '

' Police Arriving at Radio city to Interview Crew and Invaders - Shivering Sands Maunsell seafort in the Thames estuary

' Major Oliver Smedley Being Remanded on a Charge of the Murder of Calvert '

Full page

' Excavatios at Tell es Sa'idiyeh The Biblical Zarethan in Persia '

Five photographs of items excavated from the site

The Street of a Block of Twelve Houses

A Copy of a house from the Excavation

' Goats Head Cup of Mogul Miel Jade in the Victoria And Albert Indian Collection ...'

' 15c Cup from Transoxiana ...'

' 17c Grey Jade Terrapin found at Allahabad '


' Sothebys Chairman peter Wilson takes a Bid on a Schwitters Collage ...'

' A Drysdale ..'

' Braque Owned by Lady Penros Makes £34000 ..'

' three Studies of Henrietta Moraes by Bacon ...'

Hairstyles - Three examples of hair pieces by French of London and BAndre Bernard of Old Bond Street

Business News - The Brewery Business

' Mr E. P. Taylor of United Breweries '

' Mr John Charrington of United Breweries '

' Viscount Elveden of Arthur Guinness Son & Co. '

' Colonel W. H. Whitbread '

' Lt. Colonel Edward Thompson of Allied Breweries ...'

'The Illustrated London News 100 Years Ago The Marriage of princess Mary of Cambridge and Prince Teck in The Church at Kew ...' double page

' Scimitar Gt from Reliant Motor Company Ltd ' advert

' Zeiss Binoculars ' advert

Cinema page by Alan Dent ' Sid Field ' two poses - - - A Scene from The Film "The Oscar " with Stephen Boyd and Elke Sommer

' Zeiss Umbral Sunglasses ' advert

' Mexico ' full page travel advert

- © (copyright) - Sleekburn Prints 2004 - 2007

This second part of the description features items of news but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include :-

Our Note Book by Sir Arthur Bryant includes The Power of the Trade Unions and more

Books - Vienna by Ilsa Barea - An Appreciation by Charles Petrie

Books of the Week column by Iain Hamiliton - reviews include ThePendulum by Anthony Rossiter - - The Life of Eric Gill by Robert Speight - - Diary of a Genius by Salvador Dali

Three Ages of Biblical Zarethan by James B. Pritchard University Museum Pennsylvania

Art Column by Frank Davis

Theatre Column by J. C. Trewin

Letters to the Editor from Cyril Falls - - - John prebble of Coulsdon Surrey - - - Anne Coghill of Farm and Food Society 37 Tanza Road NW3 - - - Gwendolen Barter of Broadstairs Kent - - - William H. Fuller of Richmond Surrey

Cinema by Alan Dent - Reviews in clude Papering the Parlour - - - The Photographeer with Sid Field - - - Intimacy directed by Victor Stoloff - - - The Oscar Directed by Russell Rouse

Classified Adverts include St godrics Secretarial College London - - - Swimming Pools Gerhardt Penick Ltd of Croydon - - - Holiday Accommodation - - - And More

Bridge Problem by Edward Mayer

Chess by Baruch H. Wood

July 23rd

An original of this magazine maybe for sale please click the number below to find out


The World Cup - ' England Wins the Cup - Triumph for Ramsey ' a full page photograph ( with article) of Alf Ramsey And Bobby Moore " On Saturday England played its best games ever, but Ramsey said he was still not satisfied ..."

England and W. Germany 's Route to the Final

' England v. Uruguay - Connolly Tackled by Troche ...' plus others in photograph

' England v. Mexico - Hunt Scores ...'

' England v. France - Bobby Charlton leaps to Avoid a French tackle ... '

' England v. Argentina - Alf Ramsay Stops Cohen Exchanging Shirts ...'

' England v. Portugal - Eusebio Scores from a Penalty ...'

' West Germany v. Switzerland - Elsener the Swiss Goalkeeper Saves as Seeler Urshes in ...'

' W. Germany v. Argtentine - Perfumo Clears as Haller Tries for Goal ...'

' W. Germany v. Spain - Seeler Scores with Fernandez Trying to Save ...'

' W. Germany v. Uruguay - Silva Attacks as Tilkowski Scores for Germany ...'

' W. Germany v. Russia - Beckenbauer Fails to Beat the Russian Goalkeeper Yashin ...'

' England v. W Germany - Weber Scores for Germany ...' with others in the goal mouth

' England v. W. Germany - Hurst Scoring ... in Extra Time ...'

' England v. W Germany - Hurst Scores Englands Fourth ...'

Double page - with others in most of the photographs but not named

Pleasure Cruise Tragedy off The Coast of Cornwall - ' A Dinghy that the 45 Foot Darlwin was Towing Found 10 Miles SW of Eddystone ... ' boat bing towed into Falmouth harbour - apparently 31 people died inthe tragedy .

' Killer Runs Amok at Austin Texas ' - View of the Tower at Texas University where "Charles Whitman ... killed twelve people ..."

Weapons and other items used By Charles Whitman in the UT Tower in Austin Texas

' London Challenges Clay - Muhammad Ali ( Cassius Clay ) ...'

' Brian London ' challenges Clay

' Bacchus Found in Switzerland ' in Avenches in Canton of Vaud

' President Johnston and Prime Minister Harold Wilson - At The End of their Days Talks in Washington ...'

' Last Rites for the Children of the Belgian Coach Crash ...On the Cologne-Frankfurt Autobahn .. - Limburg Cathedral ' a row of children passing the coffins of some of the twenty eight children that died

' Church Report on Divorce - Bishop of Exeter ' - info Robert Cecil Mortimer and two others

Personalities of the Week

' General Sir John Hackett ' - info. CinC of the British Army of the Rhine or BAOR

' Sir John W. Russell ..New Ambassador to Brazil '

' Mister R. H. Mason ...Appointed Ambassador to the Mongolian Peoples Republic at Ulan Bator ' - info Ulaanbaatar Mongolia

' Dr Sayed Sadik el Mahdi ...Elected Prime Minister of the Sudan ' - info Sadiq al-Mahdi

' Edward Gordon Craig CH RDI ...Dies '

' Miss Luci Johnson Younger Daughter of President Johnson and Mr Pat Nugent ' to be married

' Princess Alexandra ...Gives Birth to a Daughter ..'

' Mrs Florence Nagle Aged 70 ...First Woman in Britain to be Granted a Licence to Train Horse ...'

' Mister Kwesi Armah Former Ghana High Commissioner ... Released fronm Jail ..'

Americans in England - CIS Atlantic Americans

' Bobby Ann Righter - Academic ' photograph by Brian Darby

' Bill Hoey - Traffic Planner ' photograph by Iain Macmillan

' Ned Pryor - Stockbroker ' as above

' Ed Dorn - Poet ' photograph by Harold Mason .

' Fred Zinnemann - Film Director ' phot. by Neil Libbert

' Warren pearl - Businessman ' phot. by Neil Libbert

' Steve Dwoskin - Graphic Designer ' phot. by Neil Libbert

' Mrs Barbara Castle ' - Reading her White Paper on Transport

Fronton on Sea and Clacton on Sea

' Beside the Same Seaside - Relaxing on the Sand at Frinton and Clacton ' two photographs by Frank Herrmann - of a young woman and an old man

' Edwardian Grand Hotel in Frinton '

' Promenaders in Clacton '

' Wireless Set Warnings ' - "transistorised music punctuate the air along the... " two photographs of warning against the use of transistorised radios

' At Butlins in Clacton ' ladies in a competition

Two photographs showing the different attitudes in Clacton and Frinton

' Frintons Greensward is an Uncluttered Miel Sweep down to the Sea ' - - - Whilst .. ' Clactons Jaywick Burgeons in all Directions ...'

' Great Houses of England - Belton House '

Front view of ' Belton House ' near Grantham Lincolnshire .

' Fine Wrought Iron Gates at Belton House '

' ... The Arms are those of Viscount Tyrconnel '

' Greyhound ... in Black Painted Cast Iron at The Entrance on the South Side ...'

' The Tapestry Room '

' The Staircase '

' Hand Painted Wallper in the Chinese Bedroom ...'

' Painted Floor ...'

' Carvings by Grinling Gibbons ...'

' Reynolds Portrait of Sir John Cust '

' Walnut Bureau Cabinet in the Blue Room ...'

Dutch Art

' Musicians by Pieter de Hoogh '

' View of the Castle of Bentheim by Jacob Ruisdael '

' Landscape by Jan van Goyen '

' Interior of a Church by Emanuel de Witte '

' Portrait of a Woman by Gerbrand van den Eeckhout '

Fine Chairs - ' Seat and Back of Aubusson Tapestry ' - - - ' Chair withy Cane Work ' - - - ' Mahogany Chair Probably Chippendale ' - - - ' French Walnut Chair of the Regence with back of Gobelin Tapestry ' - - - ' A French Fauteuil deCabinet made during the Empire ..'

' AGrarden Party Given for Members of the Womens Institutes - White Staves Walk Ahead Bringing People Forward ...'

' The 105 bhp Lotus Cortina Family Car ...'

' A Game of Tennis By George du Maurier 1880 ' from an old engraving

The Theatre - Two scenes from " Wait Until Dark " showing Honor Blackman Peter Sallis - Brian Murray - Brian Phelan

Theatre - One scene from " Meteor " showing Patrick Magee - Pauline Munro

Film - Scene from "Walk, Dont Run" showing Cary Grant

Britains Tobacco giants .

' Mr E. J. Partridge of Imperial Tobacco ..'

' Mr Mark Norman of Gallaher ...'

' Mr Ronald Plumley of Carreras ...'

' Booths Gin ' full page advert showing a flijntlock musket

Gardening - ' Golden Clarion Hybrid Lilies ' - - - ' Hydrangea H. Acuminata '

Photographs by J. E. Downward

' The Gyromatic by Girard Perregaux ' Watch advert

Fashion - ' Jaeger Coat ' - - - ' Braemar Sweater from Selfridges ' - - - ' Burberry 's Famous Trench Coat for Himn and For Her ... £26 15s 6d ..'

' Bridge Problem '

' Chess Problem '

' Furnished Flats at Whitehall Court London SWI ' advert

' Silver Coffe Service by Asprey ' full page advert


This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include :-

Window on the World

Our Note Book by Sir Arthur Bryant includes

Satellites to Span the Oceans by Timothy Johnson

The CIS Atlantic Americans - Interview with Americans who work in England - Reporting by Andrew Causey - Adam Lynford - Michael Dempsey - James Astor

The Westminster Scene by Robert Blake

Beside the Same Seaside by Corin Hughes-Stanton

Art column by Andrew Causey

Fine Chairs - column by Frank Davis

How Royal Garden parties are Changing by Muriel Bowen

Motoring column by Bill Hartley

Gardening Column by Edward Hyams

Books of the Week - What was Victorianism - an Appreciation by Charles Petrie "The Victorians" by Joan Evans

Mesmering Mixture - Book Reviews by Sean O'Hamil - A Long Way to Shiloh by Lionel Davidson - - - Trouble with Product X by Joan Aiken - - - Death in the Coverts by Roderic Jeffries - - - Kill Him Gently, Nurse by Kevin FitzGerald - - - A Stone for His Head by Belton Cobb - - - Window on the Future by Douglas Hill

Nights of Storm - Theatre and Stage column by J. C. Trewin

Business in the News

Films by Alan Dent .

Theatre Column by J. C. Trewin

Letters to the Editor from Richard Taylor of Vinehall Robertsbridge - - - B. Cooper The Bursar of Clare college - - - Miss W. Phyllis White of St Leonards o nSea - - - James Langham of London - - - Richard Williamson of London - - - D. G. Williams of Gloucester - - - M. Gravenhorst of LEiden Holland

Classified Adverts include Holiday Accommodation - - - And More

Bridge Problem by Edward Mayer

Chess by Baruch H. Wood

September 17th

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