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by Robin S. Hunt and John Weedy

PART FOUR 1951-1989

For over a Century the Illustrated London News has issued special souvenir editions for special events. In this, the fourth and final article we record these publications which make a fascinating catalogue of British and Foreign history.
Reacting against shortage and austerity, one of the largest bombed and derelict sites in the centre of London, the South Bank of the Thames, was filled by a deliberate gesture of faith in a brighter future, the Festival of Britain. Officially a commemoration of the Great Exhibition of 1851, to demonstrate British achievements in arts, sciences and design, Herbert Morrison, the Minister in charge, announced the plan as ‘the people giving themselves a pat on the back. ‘ The Dome of Discovery, the Skylon and the Funfair of Battersea proved an immense success. Over eight million people came to admire this new concept of an environment where everything was intended to lift the spirits.

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