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The Illustrated London News

Some of the Special Editions and Events reported in the magazine over the years

There are many more and if you know of them please let me know by email from the Home page and better still if you have a picture of the cover I will include it here. If you want to link to this site please do so and if I you can put a link on for your site please let me know. (the date is the date of the magazine, not the event)

1843 October 14th - The census of England and Wales historical and comparative

1844 November 23rd- The Census of Scotland and Ireland 16 page supplement

1846 January 31st - Imperial Parliament 8 page supplement

1846 June 6th - Historical memoir of Dublin 8 page supplement

1847 November 27th - Imperial Parliament 8 page supplement

1848 March 4th- The French revolution 16 page supplement

1848 December 23rd - First Xmas supplement 16 pages

1849 March 10th - The war in India 8 page supplement

1849 August 11th - Queen Victorias visit to Ireland

1850 May 4th - Rome (with a Panorama) 16 page supplement

1851 The Census of 1851

1851 May 3rd - Inauguration of the Great Exhibition

1852 September 18th - Death of the Duke of Wellington

1852 September 25th - Death of the Duke of Wellington

1852 November 2nd - Life of the Duke of Wellington (supplement)

1852 November 13th - Life of the Duke of Wellington (supplement)

1852 November 20th - Funeral of the Duke of Wellington

1852 November 27th - Funeral of the Duke of Wellington (supplement)

1854 November 11th - Sebastopol

1854 November 18th - Battle of Balaclava

1854 November 25th - Battle of Inkerman

1868 The Abyssian Expedition

1872 Aug 3rd, 10th, 17th - Life and Death of Dr.David Livingstone

1874 April 25th - Funeral of Dr. Livingstone

1877 May 23rd - Russia and Turkey Special war number

1878 Febuary 6th - Stanley in Africa

1879 February 15th - Zulu War and the British reverse at Isandula

1879 February 22nd, March 1st, 8th - Rorke's Drift (Lord Chelmsford)

1879 March 29th - Isanhlwana

1879 May 10th - Attack at the Intombi River

1879 May 24th - Battle of Kambula Hill

1879 September 6th - Battle of Ulundi

1880 January 10th - Tay Bridge Disaster

1882 April 29th - Death of Charles Darwin

1882 June 10th - Death of Garibaldi

1885 February 14th - Death of General Gordon


1887 The Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria

1887 Record number of Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria

1890 March 3rd - Stanley and Emin

1892 October 8th - Death of Alfred Lord Tennyson

1892 October 15th - Funeral of Alfred Lord Tennyson

1896 February 25th - Jameson's dash into the Transvaal

Funeral of Mr Gladstone

1898 June 4th - Funeral of Mr Gladstone - Price 1 shilling

Death of Queen Victoria

1901 January 26th - Double Number Death of Queen Victoria - Price 1 shilling

Coronation of Edward VII

1902 June 26th - Double Number Coronation of Edward VII

1905 January 7th - Port Artur and it's Seige

1905 July 8th - Naval Mutiny at Odessa

1905 July 15th - The Potemkin Mutiny

1906 May 12th - San Fransisco Earthquake

1906 July 28th - The re instatement and decoration of Dreyfus

1909 July 31st - Bleriot flew the English Channel

1909 September 11th - Cook and Peary both claim to have reached the North Pole

Reign of Edward VII

1910 May 1st - Record Number Reign of Edward VII

1910 October 15th - The Portuguese revolution and overthrow of King Manoel

1911 Coronation of George V and Mary

1911 Jan 7th - The Battle of Sidney street

1911 April 1st - Race to the South Pole - Scott v Amundsen

1911 Dec 9th - special Vienna Number

1912 Mar 16th - Roald Amundsen and Robert Falcon Scott South Pole Expeditions

1912 April 20th - Titanic Disaster

1912 April 27th - True meaning of the Titanic Disaster

1912 May 4th - Pictures of the Titanic disaster

1912 May 11th - Titanic inquiry

1912 May 18th - Special South Pole number Amundsen's triumph

1912 May 25th - Titanic inquiry

1913 Feb 15th - Scott and the Antarctic tragedy

1913 Feb 22nd - Scott and the Antarctic memorial service

1913 July 19th - Russian number commemerating the tercentary of the House of Romanoff

1914 June 6th - Sinking of The Empress of Ireland

1914 July 4th - Assasination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand

1914 August 1st - War clouds hang over Europe

1914 August 8th - WAR Double number

1914 October 3rd - Submarine danger

1914 December 26th - Bombardment of the East Coast of England from sea

1915 January 9th - Christmas in the trenches

1915 January 30th - North sea victory and sinking of the Blucher

1915 March 27th - Neuve Chapelle

1915 April 17th - The Dardanelles and the Carpathians

1915 May 15th - Sinking of the Lusitania

1916 May 6th - The Irish Rebellion

1916 September 9th - Zeppelin brought down at Cuffey

1917 March 24th - The Russian Revolution and the overthrow of the Tsar

1917 April 14th - The Revolution in Petrograd

1917 April 21st - Canadians take Vimy Ridge

1918 May 14th - Naval raid on Ostend and Zeebrugge

1918 October 12th - Capture of Damascus

1918 November 9th - The Armistice with Austria and Turkey

1918 November 16th - Armistice with Germany

1918 November 30th - German Naval surrender

1919 May 14th - The homecoming of nurse Edith Cavell

1919 Jun 21st - Peace number and The Atlantic flown by John Alcock and Arthur Whitten Brown

1919 - Dec 6th - Lady astor becomes the first British woman to sit in Parliament

1923 Queen Elizabeth (Queen mother) to HRH Duke of York (King George VI)

1925 May 2nd - Commerce and the Empire Special

1927 Oct 8th - South Africa number

1931 Dec 12th - "Buy British" number

1934 Silver Jubilee of George V and Mary

Silver Jubilee of George V and Mary

Record Number Silver Jubilee of George V and Mary

Wedding of HRH Princess Marina (Duchess of Kent)

1935Wedding of HRH Princess Marina (Duchess of Kent)

1935 Royal Navy and Military review

Wedding of HRH Duke of gloucester

1935 Wedding of HRH Duke of Gloucester

Lying in state and Funeral George V

1935February 1st 1936 Lying in state and Funeral George V , Price 2 shillings and sixpence

Accesion Number

Accesion Number 1936

The RMS Queen Mary

The RMS Queen Mary 1936

1937 Coronation George Vl

George VI Coronation Ceremony

George VI Coronation Ceremony
May 15th 1937
Price 2 shillings and sixpence