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The Illustrated London News 1909

Events of this year in the Illustrated London News 1909

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January 2nd

Page size 11 3/10 inches by 16 1/2 inches approx

  • Volume134 no. 3637 Price 6d

  • P.=Photo/s T.=text
    Front Page Numerous Adverts
    inside Front Page Advert 'Players'
    Page1. Turkish ladies unveiled P.
    Page2. Pantomimes.holidays,deaths,books, T.
    page3. The Messina earthquake (7 before P.)
    Page4. GK Chesterton and Roskilde cathedral
    Page5. Messina (full page P. before earthquake)
    Page6. Portraits and world news
    Page7. Photo of a giant iceberg
    Page8. is p6 continued includes golfing in the snow Page9. Full page drawing by A Forestier "Children Floating candles as fortune tellers"
    Page10. and 11 Photos opening of the turkish parliament
    Page12. Science Jottings - a new apparatus for use by a blind author - giant barometer
    Page13. A military funeral in Japan - A German insult to France
    Page 14 'At the sign of St. Pauls'(Andrew Lang on certain matters)
    Page 15. Pantomime Sketches of little red riding Hood(Lyceum) and Cinderella(Adelphi)A Forestier
    Page16. and 17 Art, Music and Drama Elsie Craven & Miss Viola Tree in 'Pinkie and the Fairies' with a full page drawing in blue monochrome by W. Russell Flint
    Page18 and 19 centre spread Dick whittington at Drury lane by S. Begg
    Page20. Snow scenes P.
    Page21. scene from Berlin 'Princes' ice Palace - artificial ice
    Page22. photos of aeroplanes, model of the Flip flap, professional lady chauffeur
    Page23. Chinese pigeon Whistles P.
    Page24. Battersea park as it might be drawn by T Raffles davison
    Page25. Drawing by cc wilmshurst, heroines of modern novels 'Miriam and the Brushwood boy' on horseback
    Page26.Ugandas marathon race from Entebbe
    Page27. The Royal jubilee in siam
    Page28. Can the Taxi lie? testing Taxi meters at Kew (6 P.)
    Page29. Full page advert Sanatogen with testimonial signatures by Walter Crane etc.
    Page30. Ladies half page plus advetrs for Birds custard and Vinolia skin cream
    Page31. adverts Lemco Thermos flask , Wolfes schnappes, Allenburys baby foods
    Page32. The chronicle of the car ' a motor boat laying submarine mines' plus advert scrubbs ammonia
    Page33. adverts numerous
    Page34. Chess and adverts
    Page35. adverts numerous
    Page36. Wills and Bequests and Ecclesiastical notes plus adverts lea & perrins
    Page37. adverts numerous Buchanans whisky
    outside back cover
    blue red and white adverts samuel brothers school outfitters,

    Summer edition

    September 11th

    September 18th
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