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The Illustrated London News 1916

Events of this year in the Illustrated London News

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February 5th


February 26th

Volume 58 number 1503.

full front page photograph of a shell from a French “155”( a long-barrelled field gun) in flight: a snapshot of a gun and its projectile the instant after firing.This is a 32 page

contents include the following:

March 11th

3. full page picture of Mr. Lloyd George - portrait by Augustus John.

4. The camera in three continents: War news by photography. 1 page.

5. On the Most difficult of all battle-grounds: Italy at War. Full page picture of hoisting a "75" on to a mountain-height for use against the enemy.

6. The National Guard. 4 full pages of pictures at a hospital and as a home defence force.

7. Officers on the Roll of Honour.

8. Shelled and Taken by the British: German Trenches.

9. Double page picture of stokers feeding the fires on a warship.

10. A Revelation: The 15-inch Gunned "Queen Elizabeth".

11. With the British Navy at Sea: In the Eastern Mediterranean.

12. The Great German attack at Verdun. With terrific artillery fire and massed infantry: Battlefield scenes. 2 pages.

13. Fighting on Egypt's Western Frontier: After our Third Battle.

14. Fencing for the blind: Instinct and "The feel of the blade".

Much more.

Full page ads for De Reszke Cigarette and Onoto Pen. Many other smaller ads

March 18th

May 20th,

Vol. 148, No. 4022

Hoisting the Union Jack at FUNGURUMEE, base camp to LAKE TANGANYIKA - 1/2 Page
Natives welcome victorious COMMANDER G.B. SPICER-SIMSON, after sinking the GERMAN Flag-ship 'VON WIESSMAN' on LAKE TANGANYIKA - 1/2 page
Motor-boat 'MIMI' on the River LUALABA - 1/2 Page
Native women, after 8 mile walk, filling the Traction Engines with water
Natives bringing back the BELGIAN vessel 'NETTA' after a LAKE TANGANYIKA storm - 1/2 page
Motor boats 'MIMI' and 'TOU-TOU' being equipped with guns - 1/2 page
2 pages full of an article and photos of the RUSSIANS en route from MOSCOW to MARSEILLES;

Assembling in MOSCOW Feb 3, 1916
Convoy train halting at a SIBERIAN Station, Feb 10
Troop-carrying ferry boats on LAKE BAIKAL
Trans-Siberian Railway in MANCHURIA, Feb 20
Before leaving DALNY, with JAPANESE Officers, Feb 26
Welcoming FRENCH Colonials on the quay at SAIGON, Mar 8
BRITISH Commander inspecting RUSSIAN Troops at SINGAPORE, Mar 16
March-past of RUSSIAN Troops in COLOMBO, SINGAPORE, Mar 19
On board a transport near the coast of CORSICA
Arrival in MARSEILLES, with GERMAN prisoners fixing a gangway for the RUSSIAN troops
Full page article and photos of SERBIA'S Reorganised Army;

A Field kitchen at a new SERBIAN camp at SALONIKA
Landing SERBIAN cavalry at SALONIKA
First section of SERBIANS to reach SALONIKA from CORFU
SERBIAN Army landing from Barges
SERBIAN army at rest in SALONIKA

Full page of Officers on the Roll of Honour;


some Adverts

CLINCHER Motor tyres
CARTERS Bath-Chairs and Spinal Carriages
ADAMS'S Polish
BISSELL Carpet sweeper
ENO'S Fruit salts
ROBINSON & CLEAVER Comfort collars
CHARLES PACKER Gold and Silversmiths
PLAYERS Navy cut tobacco
AERTEX Cellular
wrights cOAL TAR SOAP
CALOX Tooth powder
ST.IVEL Cheese
WATSON Barometer
CHAS BAKER Childrens clothes - full page

July 1st

'Resigned: The Earl of Selborne KG., President fo the Board of Agriculture and FIsheries' A Russian Railway War Exploit, The Alexandrovsk Petrograd Line - 'russias New Door to the West, Enabling Munitions to Arrive in Winter: Alexandrovsk Port and Railway Terminus' - - - 'Where, Though Within The Arctic Circle, The Sea Never Freezes: Kola Estuary, A Russian Motor Vessel' - - - 'The Old Style of Winter Transit: The Petrograd Reindeer Sleigh Post' - - - 'British Who Wintered at Alexandrovsk: Filling Casks at an Ice Hole'

mesopotamia: - 'Bound for India With Wounded Indians: Red Cross Steamers Leaving Basra' - - - 'Ready for Hostile Aeroplanes: An Anti Aircraft Gun on an Ammunition Barge' - - - 'In a Hospital at Amara: A Cupboard For Keeping Food Hot or Cold' - - - 'An Adjunct to The Amara Hospital: A Hut Used For Dressing Minor Cases'

'Celebrating Victory in a Russian Village: A Candlelight Procession to a Village Shrine; With Peasants Making Their War Offerings' Full page. "Drawn by H. W. Koekkoek From a Sketch by Our Special Artist H. C. Seppings-Wright' Full page sepia style

'Bukovina: On The Eve of the Great Russian Attack: The Emperor Nicholas's Vuisit to General Brussiloff and His Staff'

'At General Brussiloff's Headquarters: The Emperor in Conversation With The General'

'Leader of the Ever Advancing Army: General Brussiloff'

'In The Picturesque Capital of the Emir Abbas: Kano The Chief Commercial City of Central Soudan'

From Emir Abbas of Kano to the King Emperor Sultan of England: A Translation of The Letter shown on this page

'A Nigerian Potentate Who is Giving £10,000 a Year As a War Contribution: The Emir Abbas of Kano, His Waziri, Council of State and Other High Officers at a Gate of the City'

'A Historic Position in the Great Battlefield of Verdun: The Fort of Vaux, Seen From the South West'

'Where the Germans Have Fired Innumerable Shells: A Corner of Vaux Fort, Showing Hugh Blocks of Concrete Shattered'

'Formerly in the French Front Line, Before The Advance in Champagne: Protected Shelters Now Used for Ambulance Work

'Inside A Steel Vaulted Shelter Used As a Dressing Station: french Surgeons Attending To a Wounded Man'

Naval Air Forces on Land! RNAS Armoured Cars in Egypt- 'Difficulties of Military Motoring in Egypt: A Car Held up By The Sands of the Desert' - - -'The Capture of a Senussi Patrol: An Exploit by The Armoured Car Division of the Royal Naval Air Service'

'With The Armoured Car Division of the Royal Naval Air Service in Egypt: Hauling Out a Motor Lorry Stuck in the Sand' - - - 'A Way for the Cars Prepared by The Engineers: A Five Ton Motor Lorry Crossing a Pontoon Bridge' - - - 'A Disaster Just Averted: A Car Stopped n the Edge Where The Canal Embankment Had Given Way'

'Strafing a German Kite Baloon: an Allied Airmans Fine Feat' Full page."Drawn by F. De Haenen From a Sketch From the Front"

'The Conquest of the Kilimanjaro Country: British Artillery on Trek in the East African Hills - A 13 Pounder out of Repair But Keeping its place in the Column' Wonderful double page in sepia style. "Drawn by F. De Haenen From Material Supplied by an Officer Serving in East Africa"

The British Invasion of German East Africa From Rhodesia: With Brigadier General Northey's Forces - 'xen Drawing A Gun' - - - 'On Lake Nyasa: BSA Police Going on Board The Queen Victoria Transport' - - - 'On The Frontier, South of Lake Tanganyika: A P{atrol Reconnoitring in the Bush' - - - 'On Lake Nyasa: Rhodesians putting Off to The Queen Victoria Transport' - - - 'Lake Nyasa: a Contingent Landing at the Northern port of Karongo' - - - 'Crossing a swamp after Heavy Rain, The Water Getting Deeper at Every Step: BSA Police Followed by Their Baggage Carriers' - - - 'Kit Cariers to the Field Force: Native Boys Who Sometimes Drop Their Loads in the Water' - - - 'BSA Police Resting By The Roadside' - - - 'A Motor Trolley of the RhodesianASC' - - - 'BSA Police Crossing a Zambesi Bridge'

'The Tortois Fish Amphisile' - - - ' A Creatur That May Afford Hints to Submarine Designers: The Sun Fish in Its Normal Pose' - - - 'The Sea Horse Hippacampus' - - - 'Prey Which The Sun Fish Dives Down Two Hundred Fathoms to Capture: Larval Eels'

Officers Killed in Action: The Roll of Honour - 'Lieut. Percy Strickland RN of Purley Downs - -- Capt S. Venn Ellis RN, HMS Defence Killed in The Battle of Jutland, of Woodbridge - - - Lieut E. N. G. Maton, RN HMS Tipperary at the Battle of Jutland - - - Capt. P. M. Clifton Wilde, RMA HMD Indefatigable, Killed in Battle of Jutland - - - Captain Cyril S. Hazeon, RM Light Infantry, Lost on HMS Hampshire, A Member of the Royal Automibile Club - - - Major Beauchamp H. B. Magrath, Lancs Regt, of Camberley - - - Colonel A. E. Shaw, Canadian Expeditionary Force, Killed at Ypres - - - Major A. Young, Canadian Infantry - - - Brigadier General, The Earl of Longford - - - Lieut. Col. H. C. Buller DSO Canadian Light Infantry - - - Major G. C. Rooney RMLI HMS Queen Mary, Kileld in the Battle of Jutland, from Monkstown - - - Lieut Colonel Ernest Codrington, Indian Infantry, Killed in Action at Kut - - - Captain L. E. Atkinson, W. Yorkshire Regt. A Well known athlete of Harrogate - - - 2nd Lieut. E. D. Le Sauvage, RFC - - - Captain W. Lewis Henderson, W. Yorkshire Regt - - - Lieut C. R. Magrath Godwin, Canadian Artillery, born at Lethbridge, Alta - - - Capt. T. Rupert Bowlby, Norfolk Regiment - - - Captain C. J. Hughes, Connaught Rangers'

'Resting in a Trench: A Photograph From the British Front

'Italian Trench Construction in the Alps: A Drawing by L:udovico Pogliaghi at the Leicester Galleries Exhibition of Italian War pictures'

'Italys Mountain War Illustrated in the Leicester Galleries Exhibition: A Drawing By Ludovico Pogliaghi'

Fashion 'An Effective Summer Dress of Foulard Silk' 'An Excellent All Round Car: The "King" Eight Cylinder Car'

'A Handsome Car: a 20-30 hp Peugeot

'BSA Motor Cycles' Advert

'After a Spell IN The Trenches: Belgian Machine Gunners'

Adverts of The Day

Also various articles including:

'Our Note Book by G. K. Chesterton'

'Science Jottings, Sun Fish And Submarines by W. P. Pycraft'

'Ladies Page by Filomena'

'The Chronicle of the Car by W. W.


August 12th

The High Commissioner for South Africa on the Zambesi;

Taken by the French in action on the Somme: A unique trophy;

The Heavy German Touch in Numismatics: A London Collection of enemy war medals;

Gas and Counter Fires: Germans attacked with their own weapon: and a new methid defence;

Playing their Part in the west: Guns and Shells;

Camera Records of France at War – several pages of photographs taken by the French Army;

‘Cruelty towards the populations of Lille and other Occupied Districts’: The Greman Deportations

August 19th

Maker of History: some vanquishers of Germanism – Big Guns;

Victorious Russian Generals: Brusiloff’s ‘Wing-Leaders’;

On the British Front During the Great Advance: Many forms of Activity on our victorious Army;

The Western Offensive: Work of Our Gunners at Pozieres;

Honouring our fighting men: The Queen in the East End;

Italy’s War in the Alps;

Italy’s Victorious Counter-Strolke to the Austrian Offensive in the Trentino: The fording of the Posina;

The fall of Gorizia;

The Eyes of the Modern ‘Heavy’ Gunner: French ‘Ruperts’; and

August 26th

The Pipers at Longueval;

Indian Cavalry;

The Military value of looping the loop;

September 2nd

‘The Picks have stopped: Clear the Trench!’ – Avoiding th the peril of the Underground Mine;

The French Offensive on the Somme: Infantry Attacking; Guns; Harvesting; Artillery Instruction;

The Tell-tale Oil Patch: A Greman Submarine attacked by a British Airship and Destroyers; Off Dover;

Reorganised and Most Efficient: The Serbian Army in the Field;

On the Somme Front: The business-like French Artillery;

The Russo-Japanes Agreement: Celebrations in Japan;

Russians Who Take Many Prisoners; Cossacks and Captives;

A Picture by the Camera: A First Communion in Alsace; and

September 23rd

Chatting with An Indian Soldier: Mr Lloyd George at the Front '

' Finding a Souvenir, But One Too heavy to Take Home: Mr Lloyd George on a Battlefield '

' With French Soldiers on King George's Hill: Mr Lloyd George and Lord Reading '

'Emerging From a German Dug Out: Mr Lloyd George, Preceded by M. Thomas and Followed By Lord Reading

' Acknowledging Cheers of British Soldiers on Leaving the Dug out: Mr Lloyd George Waves His Hat '

'Duke of Connaught in Canada - watching The Stone Raised From the Spot Where King Edward Laid It: The Duke and Sir Robert Borden '

Canada - 'After 56 Years: The Duke of Connaught Relaying the Stone Showing Princess Patricia Standing Behind '

Canada - 'Paying a Tribute to the Duke's Work as Governor General: Sir Robert Borden Speaking '

Canada - ' The Relaying of the Foundation Stone of the Canadian Parliament Building at Ottawa : A General View of the Scene '

'Canada - ' after The Ceremony: Sir Robert Borden Calling For Cheers for The Duke , The Duchess and Princess patricia at the Back '

Canada - ' Beside The Stone Laid By King Edward in 1860 and Relaid By His Brother In 1916: The Duke and Duchess and Princess Patricia '

' Charity in The Name of the Red Cross - Collecting for the Poilus on a Train Leaving Paris ' Beautiful full page sepia style sketch drawn by L. Sabattier. A Red Cross Nurse on a train with her collection tin

In the Carso and The Dogna Valley - ' Demolished by Italian Shells: The Remains of an Austrian Trench on Monte San Michele near Goriza '

After Being Bombarded More Than Once By Austrian Artillery: Wrecked Houses in the Village of Dogna in Upper Carnia '

'The Italian Advance Along The Carso Plateau Toward's Triest - Italian Infantry at a Position East of Monfalcone '

' IN the Region of the Italian Advance Beyond Gorizia - A Wrecked Bridge Over the Vippacco at Rubbia '

'a Sovereign Travels Under Water - the Queen of the Netherlands, Queen Wilhelmina Aboard The Submarine in Which She Cruised Submerged '

' After French Guns Had Dealt With It: A German Flying Machine Wrecked in the French Lines near Peronne '

' Profiting By a Captured German Ammunition Depot: French Soldiers Taking Cover From Artillery Fire ' Full page Photograph

' A Soldiers Battle During The New British Advance on the Somme - the Capture of Falfemont Farm. Showing Bouleaux Wood ' Wonderful double page drawn by A Forestier

' Admiral Jellicoe's Farewell to Lord Kitchener - The Late Lord Kitchener Starting For the Voyage to Russia During Which He Lost His Life: The Great War Minister Admiral Jellicoe - Colonel Fitgerald and Mr O'Beirne Before The Embarkation on the HMS Hampshire - a Remarkable Photograph Just Released for Publication ' Wonderful double page sepia photograph

' Mounted Action: British Cavalry Get Their Chance After Long Months of Waiting - A Strong Patrol Going Out at Dawn on the British Western Front ' Double page drawn by C. Michael from a Sketch

Woolwich Arsenal ' Women Munitions Makers at Work: Operating Capstan Lathes on the Bodies of Fuses '

' Where The Feminine Touch Tells in Delicate Mechanism: Women Inspecting andGauging The Bodies of Fuses '

' An Example of Womens Skill in Making Munitions: Operating A Drilling Machine ' ' In The Town Decorated by The Allies - A Street in Shell Shattered Verdun '

' Among The Defences Which Have Made Verdun an Inviolate Citadel - Dug Outs Before Verdun '

' Swan Fount Pen ' Advert

' A Walking Dress of Light Green Wool Velours ' not colour

' Waring & Gillow Fine Tableware ' advert

' Italian Troops Marching Through Salonika on their Arrival '

' The Arrival of Italian Troops at Salonika: Marching Through The Streets to Their Quarters '

' Beechams Pills ' Full page advert

A Car ' The Ubiquitous Sunbeam: A Tour in New South Wales ' suspension bridge in the Kangaroo Valley

' Hupp Motor Car Corporation of Detroit Michigan Usa ' Advert showing a sketch of the factory

'Daimler Sleeve Valve Engine ' Advert

' On The Western Front: A Motor Lorry on the Edge of a Shell Hole '

' Urodonal Dissolves Uric Acid ' Advert

And more adverts of The Day

Also various articles including:
Our Note Book by G. K. Chesterton

Women And Munitions: A Visit to Woolwich Arsenal by Claudine Cleve

Ladies Page by Filomena

The Chronicle of the Car by W. W.


October 21st

'Waiting to Welcome The Leaders of The New Greek Provisional Government: On The Pier at Suda Just Before The Arrival of M. Venizelos and Admiral Coundouriotis' - - - 'Turbulent Warriors Devoted to M. Venizelos: A Cretan Chieftain and Peasants' - - - 'Leaving Suda For Canea: M. Venizelos and Admiral Coundouriotis in Their Car' - - -'Returning From Welcoming M. Venizelos to Crete: Bishop of Canea with Another Priest' - - - 'Landing in Crete, where They Were Received With Great Enthusiasm: M. Venizelos and Admiral Coundouriotis Walking Past The Banner Bearerd on the Pier at Suda '

'the Albanian Leader Whom The Turks Have Sentenced To Death: Essad Pasha with General Sarail, At Salonika'

'The Greek Officer Who Defended Seres: Colonel Christodoulos Arriving at Salonika'

'A Result of the New Serbian Victories: Refugees Returning to Villages Captured by The Serbians'

'Rewarded For Being Good, By an Amusing Lecture from an Interpreter: A French School for Young Refugees at Salonika'

'Resting Behind the Line: Some of the Servian Troops Who Have Been Fighting So Well and Successfully'

'Russians at Salonika - 'Russias Fine Contribution to the Allied Force in the Balkans: Russian Troops on the March to The Fighting Line'

'All Provided With The New Steel Helmets - Some Wearing, Others Carrying Them: Russian Troops on the March to the Balkan Front'

Our Fighters in France - 'How Fielld Ambulances Close to The Battle Line Are Supplied: Running Up Medical Stores by Trolley on a Light Railway' - - - Turning to Account the Remains of a German Trench, Screened With Broken Stakes: An Artillery Observation Officers Post' - - -'An Emergency Expedient: Laying a Telephone Line Across No Mans Land' - - -'An NCO at Dinner, seated on the Wreckage of a German Gun' - - - '.."Fritz" Found by The Canadians in Courcelette and Adopted' a dog - - - 'Hauling a Big Gun Forward With a 12 Horse Team and Gunners with Drag Ropes' - - - 'An Ammunition Cart in Difficulties at The Edge of a Former German Trench'

'A Modern Horse of Troy - Men Instead of Grain: Roumanian Soldiers Surprising The Enemy at Ghemesh Station' Full page

Killed in Action 'Officers on the Roll of Honour - Lieut Col. William Drysdale DSO, Royal Scots. of Kirlie Fife - - - Major Guy B. Oliver RFA - - - Major B. Walter DSO RFA - - - Major A. C. Williams, Canadian Infantry - - - Lieut Col. William Lyle, Northujmberland Fusiliers of Haslemere, Surrey - - - Capt. C. E. Tufnell, Coldstream Guards - - - Captain R. Vaughan Thompson, R. Fusiliers - - - Captain R. W. P. Bell, R. Irish Regt of Pegsboro Tipperary - - - Major Guy Egerton Kidd, RFA of 60 Brock St, Gorsvenor Square W - - - Lieut Col C. Edward Fishbourne, Northumberland Fusiliers, of Ashfield Hall, Ballickmoyler - - - 2nd Lieut W. H. L. Vesey Fitzgerald, Devonshire Regt - - - Lieut Viscount Clive, Welsh Guards, Heir to the Earl of Powis Fought Gallantly on the Somme - - - Captain T. H. Irving, Liverpool Regt. of Hawkshead Vicarage - - - Major A. Cyril Hudson, R. Fusiliers of Wick House Pershore - - - ieut Col H. Bruges Fisher, Wilts Regt of Ty Mynydd, Cardiff - - - Lieut Robert H. Fletcher, R. Fusiliers of Kew - - - 2nd Lt R. L. Sandell, Lancs Fusiliers of Finchley - - - 2nd Lieut Lionel Philip Nixon, Middx Regt - - - Major A Hugh Benison RAMC of Philbeach Gardens - - - Lt A. S. Richardson, Canadian Infantry of Winnipeg Canada - - - Lieut W. b. Duncan, Black Watch of Graycraig, Dundee - - - 2nd Lieut G. M. Popole, Northumberland Fusiliers of Castlethorpe, Brigg'

Over The Top - The Meaning of a Phrase Now Familiar - 'The Canadians Making One of Their Brilliant Attacks: Men Leaving Their Trenches on The Somme in High Spirits'

'The Last "Over The Top": The Start of a Canadian Battalion on a Bayonet Charge During a Battle on The Somme'

Tanks of Other Days - Old Time Forts on Wheels 'Forerunners of the New Engine of Warfare Which Has Proved So Useful DUring The Great British Advance: Front he Cat to The Locomotive Land Battery'

'Tanks: Penningtons War Car 1900 - - - Simns Fortress Car 1902 - - - The Kaisers Battle Line Breaker 1897 - - - And more

'A Dramatic Prelude to The Italian Carso Victory: An Amazing Enemy Surrender' The Austrians surrendering. Full page from a sketch by Julius M. Price "Our Artist on the Italian Front"

'The Italian Front - Fighting Through The Forest Belt on the Carso: A Battle in a Wood' Full page from a sketch by Julius M. Price "Our Artist on the Italian Front"

'Far Eastern Natives at Work in a French Munition factory: Annamites Smoothing Off and Adjusting The Fuze Orifices of Shells'

'Far Eastern Natives at Work in a French Munition Facoty: cochin China Labourers Hauling A Truck Load of Steel Ingots for Shell Making'

'Sengalese Natives Engaged at a French Ammunition Factory: adjusting SHell Charges with Wooden Mallets and Rammers'

'Senegalese Coolies in France Employed on Arsenal Work: Carrying Loaded Shells to the Sending Off Department'

'Algerian Kabyles From The Atlas District Working in a French High Explosives Factory: Loading Shells with Melinite'

'A Tonkinese Chinaman at His Machine in a French Shell Making Workshop: Turning Shells to Gauge With A Lathe'

Our Munition Makers: Pennell Impressions of War Factories "Building The Big Turret"..' full page by Joseph Pennell The American illustrator

' Muniton Makers of Britain: "Casting Shells - The Presses". A Pennell Impression of a Grat British War Factory' A wonderful double page lithograph

'.."The Gun Dip": The Picturesque Side of a Great British Ordnance Factory' Fullp age by Joseph Pennell

'Americas Fine Contribution to The Work of The Red cross: Picking Up a Wounded Soldier in Lorraine'

'The Splendid War Work of the American Ambulances: A Red cross Car in a Ruined Street of Verdun'

Togoland Under the Union Jack - 'Honour For a west African Native Ruler: The Governor of the Gold Coast Presenting a Sword to the Fia of The Awunas '

'In Durbar at Quittah: Sir Hugh Clifford, Governor of the Gold Coast, Addressing Awuna Chiefs'

'A Native Dance in Honour of Sir Hugh Cliffords Visit to Awuna-Ga: In the Grounds of a Rest House for European Travellers Given By The Fia of the Awunas, With A Fetish Wood in The Background'

'Listening to The Governors Speech: The Fia, Chiefs and Retainers of the Awuna Nation in Durbar'

'The Governor of the Gold Coast at Awunga-ga: Captain Fraser ADC - Mr Furley - Sir Hugh Clifford and The Fia, Sri II'

'Troops on the March Watched By Troops Resting by the Roadside: A Scene of the Western Front During The British Advance'

'A war Time Daughter of the Plough: the First prize Winner at a Demonstration of Womends Farm Work in Gloucestershire, held Recentle at Firs Farm, Poulton won by Miss G. Mitchell of Buckland, Berkshire'

'Dunlop Rubber Company Ltd' Full page advert

'Fashion: A Useful and Cosy travelling Coat'

'Keep on Sending Me Oxo' advert

'A French Canadian Trophy at Courcelette: A Captured German Field Gun'

'On The Western Front: Taking Sand Bags to the Trenches'

'On the WesternFron: One of the Many British Light Railways'

'Hupp Motor Car Corporation, Detroit, Michigan USA' Advert

'MArking The Grave of Austrian Soldiers: A Memorial With Rifle and Bayonet, Shells and Shell Cases'

And more adverts of The Day

Also various articles including:
'Our Note Book by G. K. Chesterton'

'Science Jottings,Our Fisheries After The War by W. P. Pycraft''

'Ladies Page by Filomena'

'The Chronicle of the Car'


'As Seen From a Kite Baloon in Mid Air on the Canadian Front: Its Windlass and Men in Charge on The Ground Below' - - - 'Showing The Motor Mounted Windlass and The Crew Marching Back to Their Station: A Photograph From a Kite Balloon'

"Rupert" as Photographer: Trenches from A Kite Balloon - 'Photographed From a Kite Balloon on the Canadian section of the British Front: an Old Trench on the Somme' - - - 'As Seen From a Kite Balloon in Mid Air: Part of an Old Reserve Trench on the Somme Front'

'Furnaces Making Ingots for Shells: The Picturesque Aspect of Munition Making' a Full page by " Joseph Pennell, The well known artist "

'The Rolling Mill - Making Steel Bars for Shells: Munition Making As Sen By a Famous Artist' Full page lithograph by Joseph Pennell

With The British on the Balkan Front - 'With The oxford and Bucks: Repeating Their Advance at Horsehow Over Ground Taken From The Enemy' - - - 'A Mountain Battery Coming into Action: A Gun Team Heaving Round Their Gun to The Target Line' - - - 'In An Observation ost Concealed Among The Boulder Rocks on the Crest of High Ground: The Observer and His Telephonist' - - - 'During a Bopmbatrdment by High Explosive Shels: Fragments Striking The Ground Along A Line of Trench' .

'Canadian Colours Place on The Wolfe Monument In Westminster Abbey: A Tribute From Dominion Troops Going To The Front' Full page

'The Village of Rancourt Also Fell Into Our Power: French and German Soldiers in a Fierce Hand To Hand Encounter' a wonderful double page drawing by L. Jonas

The Balkan Front: Serbian Cavalry Work in the Field - 'Dismounted work in Skirmishing Order: Servian Dragoons Extending in Line to a Flank'

'Riding into Action: A Serbian Dragoon Regiment in the Battle of Boresnitza '

Balkan Front 'Passing The Chief House of Gornitchevo and Bulgarian Wire Engtanglements: A French Heavy Gun Battery Going Forward'

'Up The Steep Ascent to the Bulgarian Position at Gornitchevo: A Sixteen Horsed Heavy French 155 Advancing' on the Macedonian border

'Aerial Communication New Style: An Allied Radiographer on the Balkan Front Receiving Messages From an Aeroplane'

'Aerial Communication Old Style: A French Regimental Pigeonnier Releasing a Carrier Pigeon'

'Fohnnie Walker Whiskey' Full page advert by Leo Cheney

'Fishing With Rod and Line: Belgian Soldiers on a Sand Bagged Embankment' - - - 'Fishing with a Net: Belgian Soldiers by The Yser '

'A Munition Worker and Bovril ' Full page advertMen Replaced By Machines in Forestry: A Mechanical Tree Feller That Saves Much Manual Labour'

' Horlicks Malted Milk Tablets' advert

'Mazda Electric Lamps' advert .

'A Modern Motor Car in a Battered Coity: A Wolseley Near the Ruined Cloth hall of Ypres '

'A Crimean Veteran Dead: Lieut. Colonel Robinson Boustead, Late Indian Medical service'

'Memorials to a National Hero: Medals of Lord Kitchener'

'Lotus' advert for ladies boots

'with The British Forces at SalonikaL: a Lewis Machine Gun Position'

'A Straker Squire Car in the Himalayas' - - - 'A General Motors Companys Buick Motor Char a Banc with Wounded Soldiers from the Duchess of Connaught, Canadian Red Cross Hospital'

'Vauxhall Car' Advert

'Napier Motors' advert

'Chess Problem by A. M. Sparke' '

And more adverts of The Day

Also various articles including:

'Our Note Book by G. K. Chesterton'

'Science Jottings, Trench Fever by F. L. '

'Sir Charles Tupper' .

'The Chronicle of the Car by WW'


Russian Army: ' A Siberian Pony Field Ambulance Litter '

' A Rusisan Regulation Practice Before Every Important Move: An Officers Conference '

Russian Army: ' A Distribution of Gifts of Underwear Sent for General Distribution: Soldiers Casting Lots for the Various Articles '

Russian Army: 'A Company Tug of War Between Representative Teams '

' Deserted By All But The Dead: The Corpse Strewn Summit of Kaymaktchalan: Graves and Dead Awaiting Burial on the Scene of a Serbian Victory ' double page photograph by Servian Artist Vladimir Betzitch

With The British Army During The Somme Advance: Close Behind The Battle Line - 'A Boxing Tournament in the Neighbourhood of the British Front '

British Army During The Somme Advance: Close Behind The Battle Line - ' A Good Pull Up for Thirsty Horsemen: Halting for Water by an Old Style Winch And Bucket Roadside Well '

British Army During The Somme Advance: Close Behind The Battle Line - 'An Ammunition Wagon Train Following The Advance '

British Army During The Somme Advance: Close Behind The Battle Line - ' Ration Tine in a Trench Dug Out: Battle Worn Jocks In Winter Leathers '

British Army During The Somme Advance: Close Behind The Battle Line - ' A Road Barrier on Newly Won Ground, With Its Picket Guard '

British Army During The Somme Advance: Close Behind The Battle Line - ' A Watering Station for Horses on the Line of Advance: Tanks Constructed to Store an Ever Ready Supply '

Officers on the Role of Honour, Small Portrait Photos of Each Man Killed in Action - ' Lieut Col. C. J. W. Hobbs DSO of Kylemore Malvern, Sherwood Foresters - - - Captain B. E. Brown Lincs Regt - - - Capt W. D. P. Mansel Lancashire Fusiliers - - - Major N. G. M. McLeod MC of Aldershot, Winnipeg Rifles - - - Captain J. J. Donnelly MC Newfoundland Regiment - - - Capt Alex Ellice Cameron Highlanders, Son of Major of Ellice (one of three sons killed) - - - Midshipman William Ellice RN Son of Major Ellice - - - 2nd Lt A. R. Ellice Grenadier Guards Son of Major Ellice of Invergarry - - - Captain Francis E. Morkill of Lima Peru, Canadian Infantry - - - Lieut W. G. Edmonstone of Duntreath Castle Stirlinghshire, Coldstream Guards - - - Lt A. W. Macdonald of Toronto Canada, Canadian Infantry - - - Maj R. E. E. Kriekenbeek of Colombo, Indian Army - - - 2nd Lieut G. Elliott of Rishworth, Halifax, Duke of Wellingtons Regt - - - 2nd Lieut J. Bernard MacNamara of Adelaide Rd NW, D. Of Wellingtons Regiment - - - Lieut. Colonel C. J. Wilkie Welsh Regiment - - - 2nd Lieut A. Y. Dick of Maitland Ave Langside Glasgow, Highland LI - - - Lt T. G. Rutherford of Holywood Co Down, Canadian Rifles - - - Lieut G. A. Geddie, Cameron Highlanders Son of John Geddie wellknown Journalist - - - Major W. Kercheval Bayley, R. Berkshire Regt - - - Lt A. F. E. Prescott of Lowton , Newton le Willows, Machine Gun Corps - - - 2nd Lt E. L. H. Bagot Welsh Guards - - - 2nd Lt R. S. Osmaston of Limpsfield - - - Major W. Kercheval Bayley '

' Watching The Enemy Through a Periscope: On the British Front Fifty Yards from the Regina Trench '

' Water Tanks Going up for the Supply of British Troops at The Front: A Convoy on the Road '

' British Soldiers at The Ruins of Mouquet Farm '

'With An Example of Sand Bag Architecture in the Foreground: A British Convoy for The Somme Front '

Western War Front - ' Heavy Artillery During a Bombardment of the Enemy's Lines: Gunners Rushing Up Fresh Supplies of Ammunition to the Guns '

Western War Front - ' Shell Holes as Field Gun Pits '

Western War Front - ' In A Section of the Australian Lines Close Up to The Battle Front: An Every Day Camp Scene '

Western War Front - ' Firing a German Gun at The Germans: Artillery Officers Shelling the Enemy with a Captured Field Piece '

Western War Front - ' Maxims to the Front: Motor Machine Guns of a Battery Being Rushed up the Slope of A Sunken Road '

Western War Front - 'Keeping up the Ammunition Supply: A Horse As A Shell Carrier '

' Our Munition Makers: Pennell Impressions of War Factories - From the Top of the Furnace: The Picturesque Aspect of a Great Munition Works ' a full page sketch by Joseph Pennell in sepia. Pennell was an American artist and writer born in Philadelphia and later moved to London. He did the poster for the fourth Liberty Loans campaign of 1918.

' Our Munition Makers: Pennell Impressions of War Factories - Pig Iron for Shells: Munition Making Pictured by a Famous Artist ' Full page sketch by Joseph Pennell in sepia

' A State Ceremony in Morocco - The Sultan Moulay Youssef, Under The SymbolicGreen Umbrella Entering Fez Escorted By 8000 Horsemen ' Full page

' Following a Battle With map and Telephone - A French Artillery Staff At Work, And a Liaison Officer Entering To Report ' Full page from the Drawing by Georges Scott

' Tending Dumb Victims of Human Conflict: An Ambulance for Wounded Horses on the Battlefield - A Wounded Horse on its Way to An Ambulance Supported With a Blanket: The Canadian Mounted Veterinary Corps at Work with Field Artillery ' Wonderful double page drawn by R. Caton Woodville in sepia style

' In Shell Battered Verdun - A General Vie wof Wrecked Buildings in the City '

' Men of the French Garrison at Verdun: Soldiers Among the Debris of a House '

' A Wrecked Street in Verdun '

' The Historic River on Whose Right Bank the French on Their Smashing Victory: The Meuse at Verdun '

' In The City Where British Prisoners Were interned By Napoleon: On The Bridge at Verdun '

' Battered by German Guns, Verdun Still Crowned By Its Cathedral Towers '

' A City Which the Germans Wreaked Their Hat on But Could Not Capture: In Verdun '

' Defense D'Afficher: A Corner in Battered Verdun, Posted With French Notices '

Whaling ' Showing The Characteristic Pleated Throats: Rudolphi's Rorquals on Slipways Waiting To Be Flensed '

' The Navy That Uses Guns Against Fish: A Modern British Built Steam Whaler off Haringsklip, Cape Colony '

' A Whalers Armament in Action: A Harpoon About to Be Fired From the Gun '

' Of A Race That Needs Protection: The Mouth of A Black Right Whale Taken at The Irish Whaling Station '

' A China Cabinet by Waring & Gillow ' advert

' In What Was Delville Wood! - Digging a Communication Trench ' Longueval

' Fashion - A Delightfully Protective Fur Cape '

' On The Western Front: Moving New Heavy Guns '

' On the Western Front: Men of the MG Corps at Work Just Behind The Front Line '

' Motor Drives For the Wounded: Arrival at Canons '

' Awarded The Military Cross: Capt. Frank Graham Lescher RAMC '

' Gong Soups ' Advert

' Pan Yan Pickle ' Advert

' One of The Dunlop Aids to Motoring - A Foot Pump '

' A Handsome NEw Model of the Sporting Type of Chassis De Luxe Lanchester '

' A Well Known JP in a Favourite Car: Mr T. Forrester Clayton in His Rover Car '

' Bottle Green Velour Coats - Marshall & Snelgrove ' Advert

' Woolen Stockinette Suite - Debenham & Freebody ' Advert

' Western Front: A Motor Machine Gun Battery Leaving Camp in Answer to a Signal '

Also various articles including:
Our Note Book by G. K. Chesterton

Science Jottings, Our Neglected Whale Fisheries by W. P. Pycraft

Ladies Page by Filomena

The Chronicle of the Car by W. W.


With The Italians on the Carso Front, Battle Day Incidents: ' Holding a Captured Austrian Position Until Reinforcements Arrive, Ready for a Counter Attack '

With The Italians on the Carso Front, Battle Day Incidents: ' A Reguiment Lying Sheltered Under Cover, Behind Rising Ground: Awainting the Order to Go Forward adn Attack '

' In The Court of the Maquina - A Picturesque Occasion During the Id el Kebir Festival at Fez : The Presentation of Givts Including Horses and Carpets to Sultan Moulay Youssef ' Full page

' Picking His Way Over No Mans Land Under a Hail of Shells and Machine Gun Bullets: The Perilous Journey of a British Runner Carrying Despatches During an Advance ' Full page drawn by A. Forestier

' A British Dirigible on Duty - An Airship Leading a Wind Jammer (sailing ship ) to the Examination station: Convoying Extraordinary During The War ' Wonderful double page drawn by Charles Pears


The War in East Africa

' A Rhodesian Mobile Column Starting Out for a Bush Trek: eaving a fortified Post

' Armoured Motor Cars Belonging to Sir John Willoughby's Command: The Cars Heading a Road Advance '

' Rhodesians on Trek Across TheVeldt: Details of a Column Crossing an Open Patch '

' Indian Infantry of a Very Fine Fighting Race: A Bush Bivouac of a Beluchi Battalion '

' On a Railway Line that Has Been Highly useful: Rhodesians Loading Up Baggage and Stores '

' Enemy Prisoners Under Guard: A Batch of Captured German Drilled Askaris '


Archaeology in War: A 2000 Year Old Tomb Near Salonika

' Searching an Ancient Tomb Opened Near Salonika: British Officers Interested in Archaeological Excavation Examing a Bone '

' A Fine Example of Ancient Tomb Building: In a Newly Opened Tumulus Probably 2000 Years Old '

' Finding Buried History While Making New History: Exploring an Ancient Tomb in Macedonia '


' The Red cross on the Battlefield - German Prisoners Collecting Their Wounded and Placing Them In Russian Horse Drawn Ambulance Wagons '

' The Red Cross on the Field with The Russians: Wounded of Both Sides Laid Together During An Early Morning Attack '

' Women Munition Makers - Workers of Whom More are Needed: Training in Shell Making at Battersea ' Full page "Drawn by Our Specisal Artist S. Begg at the Battersea Polytechnic "

' Woman Power Vital to Gunpower: Work for Which Women Are Needed by The Hundred Thousand: Women Learning to Make The Shells for Winning Battles - A Prospective Pupil - Using the Spanner Miel - A Few Hints from the Superintendent - Spading the Base of Shell Requiring Two Workers - Grooving Operation for Copper Band - A Corner of the Engineering Workshop - Using the Hir Pin Gauge ' a wonderful double page sepia style sketch "Drawn By Our Special Artist S. Begg at Battersea Polytechnic "


"Jerks" - Anti U Boat Musketry and Boxing On a Troop Ship

' On the Voyage to Europe From Australia: A Drill Competition The Sporting Element in Which Helps to Make It Popular '

' Physical Jerks: Men of a Royal Marine Artillery Detachment Going Through The Drill Called By The Army Physical Jerks '

' Anti Submarine Musketry on Board a Troop Ship: Soldiers in Lifesaving Jackets Practising to Pepper a Hostile Submarines Gun Crew '

' As Popular With Soldiers on Board a Troop Ship as at The Front: A Dog Watch Boxing Match on the Waist Deck Before a Crowded House '


' Honoured in Canada by The Naming of a New Battalion - Sir Sams own - Lieut General The Hon Sir Sam Hughes KCB ' Wonderful full page from the Painting by R. Caton Woodville FRGS

' With A Transport Section of the Australian Army Medical Corps: On a Troop Ship in the Danger Zone ' a photograph of a group of Nurses and Doctors or Assistants (Probably members Australian Army Nursing Service or Royal Australian Army Medical Corps )

' The Late 2nd Lieut. Eric L. Townsend of The London Regiment Killed in Action '

' At A Ploughting Competition: Two Young Women Working a Motor Tractor and Four Furrow Plough '

' A March Past of te City of London Volunteers - The Lord Mayor Takes The Salute '

' Mellins Food ' Baby food advert

' Lotus ' Shoe advert shows the Lotus boot 125 costing 21/-

' The Russian General Gilinski Decorating Russian Soldiers in France '

' The Freedom of the City of London For the New Zealand Premier: Mr Massey and The Lord Mayor Inspecting the Guard of Honour of New Zealanders '

' Mazda Electric Lamps ' advert for light bulbs

' A Burberry Topcoat of Great Efficiency and Distintion ' Advert showing a fashionable coat and hat

' Disease Germs, This is the Diphtheri and Influenzaa Bacillus Which May Attack You - Evans Pastilles The Effective Precautionary Measure... 1/3d per tin ' Advert

' Jubol Physiological Laxative ' advert

' Urodonal Renews Youth ' Advert

' Bringers Down of Zeppelins: Two Famous Airmen in a Vauxhall Car - Captain Robinson VC and 2nd Lieut. Sowrey DSO '

' A Charming Actress and Her Napier Car: Miss Doris Keane '

' Chess Problem by G. Stillingfleet Johnson '

Devon Fires - Candy & Co Ltd ' advert for fireplaces

Plus more adverts of the day

Also various articles including:
'Our Note Book by G. K. Chesterton'

'Science Jottings -New Treatments for Wounds by F. L.'

New Novels

'The Chronicle of the Car by W. W.


price sixpence (still).

Includes news of the Great War, World War 1, and other stories of the day. It features many sepia photographs, prints and sketches etc (often with descriptive articles) including:

'Revealing The Dire Straits of German Troops at Verdun During The Bombardment Before The Great French Offensive: A Captured Carrier Pigeon Message'

'the King of Montenegro at The Somme Front: His Majesty Watching An Aeroplane Fight'

'Nicholas of The Black Mountain and The British Commander in Chief: Sir Douglas Haig Greets the King of Montenegro

'A Trench Episode in The Storming of Combles - A Fight Between Three French and Six Germans in a Trench Full of The Enemy' Wonderful double page sketch

'The Opening of The Great Fair at Fez by General Lyautey'

'The French Resident General in Morocco Landing At Port Famous - General Lyautey at Agadir '

'Substantial Evidence of The Recent Serbian Victories: A Batch of 800 Bulgarian prisoners Captured on The Monastir Front' 'After Congratulating the Sherif of Mecca on Behalf of Frnace and The Sultan of Morocco: A Moslem Mission in aris'

'The Flag of HMS Chester ( Jack Cornwells Ship ) Hung in Chester Cathedral: The Mayor and Civic Procession Leaving The Cathedral'

'The Flag of HMS Chester Hung in Chester Cathedral: The Cruiserss Jutland Battle Ensign as It Now Hangs'

'The Duke and Duchess of Connaught at The Duchess of Connaught Military Hospital in CBucks: The Duchess and Princess Patricia '

'The Duke and Duchess of Connaught at The Duchess of Connaught Military Hospital in Bucks: The Duke Talking to A Wounded Soldier'

Killed in Action 'Officers on The Roll of Honour: Lieut. J. K. M. Greer of Ballymoney Co ANtrim - - - Lieut. L. A. Whillier of Clapham SW - - - 2nd Lt. Dormer Treffry, Coldstream Guards - - - Lt. Col. J. O'Brien Minogue CMG' - - - Lieut. A. Leslie Platts of The Clock House, Parkside, Wimbledon - - - Lt. M. R. Hood Morley of Worplesdon Hill, Surrey - - - Lt F. Stuart Long Son of Rev. Francis Long, Weaverham Vicarage, Northwich - - - 2nd Lieut. W. Clifford Hales of Wimbledon - - - Lieut. Keith Patrick of Bishops Briggs, Lanark - - - Lt J. F. J. Joicey Cecil of Chute Lodge Andover - - - Captain Christopher Carrignton, New Zealand Artillery, Son of Dean of Christchurch - - - Major Lord Llangattock RFA - - - Capt. E. P. Orr Ewing of Lennoxbank - - - Captain Brian Brooke, Gordon Highlanders - - - Lieut Col. Hugh Hill MVO DSO, Royal Welsh Fusiliers - - - 2nd Lt. W. A. M. Niven RFVC of Johannesburg - - - Lt R. H. Spinney Son of Mr and Mrs Spinney of Honor Oak - - - 2nd Liut Frank Spinney Son of Mr and Mrs Spinney of Honor Oak - - - Lieut E. M. B. Cambie KO Son of Rev S. R. Cambie, Rector of Otley - - - Lt G. C. Hodgkinson of Rotherham - - - 2nd Lt. Bernard Lycett of Wolverley, Worcs - - - Major F. R. Collis RFA and Vice Capt of 2nd North Stafford Rugby Club' The soldiers were always listed as 'Son of'

A Serbian 6 inch Howitzer in Action on The Balkan Front: The Moment of Firing Showing One Gunner Stopping His Ears'

'Religion and Gunnery: A Serbian Padre Blessing The 6 inch Howitzer Before The Commencement of An Offensive'

'Churches in The Battle Area, Half Underground: Our Lady of The Trenches Constructed in a pit at Mesnil Les Hurlus'

''Churches in The Battle Area, In Ruins: Near The Battlefield of Chaulnes, On The Somme Front: The Ruins of The Historic Parish Church of Lihons'

'Showing German Prisoners: At Notre Dame De Verdun, Which The Enemy Have Shelled Without Ceasing, To Revenge Defeat' Full page

'On The Western Front: Ammunition Going Up On Pack Animals'

'On The Western Front: Drawing Shells to The Guns'

'The Great Military Review On the Anniversary of The Establishment of The Chinese Republic: The March Past of Some 15000 Troops on October 10'

'Used by The President of The Chinese Republic at The Review: The State Pavilion'

'On Duty at The Review on The Anniversary of The Chinese Republic; The Presidents Bodyguard'

'At The First Great Military Review Which He has Held as president of China: Li Yuan Hung and His Staff'

'Scenes on The British Front in Wet Weather: A Roadside Coffee Stall Near The British Front' - - - To The Rear A British Gun On Its Way For Repairs' - - - 'Transporting A Hut On A Road Behind The Lines'

'Scenes on The British Front in Wet Weather: Mud Terrace Somewhere on The British Front: Soldiers Returning "Home"..' - - - Man-Hauling a Big Gun Up To The Front' - - - 'Pouring Rain: Middlesex Men on Their Way Back From The Firing Line on The Western Front'

'Scenes on The British Front in Wet Weather: Evidence of The Artillery Huge Expenditure, A Few of Our Empties' - - - Moving Up The Guns: Ardjuous Work For THe Artillery Before Action Can Commence' - - - 'A Railway Locomotive in Difficulties: A laborious Task for the Engineers' - - - 'Keeping the Guns Supplied with Ammunition: Loading Up Shells on a Trolley To Be Taken To A Battery'

On The Somme 'Coldstreamers Charging, Followed By Grenadiers and Irish Guards' Double page drawn by R. Caton Woodville

Germany's Revenge For Verdun, Slow Destruction at Rheims - 'Inside Rheims Cathedral: The Rose Window of The South Door' - - - 'The North Door, Also Boarded Up: The Interior of Rheims Cathedral' - - - 'Havoc By German Shells on the West Front: Over The left Door' - - - 'The Central Door: Mutilated Satuary and Shattered Windows'

'Threatened With Collapse Under Shelling, Rheims Cathedral: The Westminster Abbey of France, Which The Germans Are Stealthily destroying in Wanton Spite' Full page

Fashion 'A Beautiful Winter Coat'

'Mappin & Webb Dressing Case Manufacturers' advert

'Waring & Gillow Ltd Christmas Bazaar, 14 180 Oxford Street London' advert

'Keep on Sending Me OXO' Advert

'Greek Volunteers Arriving at Salonika To Join The New Force'

'The Visit of The Belgian Grenadiers Band: Lord French Inspecting the Men'

'Dunlop Rubber Company Ltd, Aston Cross, Birmingham' Full page advert

'The Premier of New Zealand at The Front: Mr W. F. Massey and His Party on The Edge of A Huge Mine Crater'

'Scrubbs Cloudy Ammonia, Try It In Your Bath' Advert

'Colmans Mustard Bath' Advert

'Bovril - The Art of Sapping' Full page advert

'At The Lord Mayors Show: A Distribution of The Greys Cigarettes'

'Comrades at a Well Behind The Salonika Front: A Serbian; A British Soldier; And an Annamite of the French Forces'

'Dubarry's Bath Salts, 81 Brompton Road, London' Advert

'Price's Candles' Advert

'Four Crown Scotch Whisky'

'A Luxurious Arrol Johnston Car'

'Bulmers Champagne Cider 'Advert p> 'Jubol Physiological Laxative for Constipation Haemorrhoids etc' advert

'A Winning Talbot Car'

And more adverts of The Day

Also various articles including:
'Our Note Book by G. K. Chesterton'

'Science Jottings by W. P. Pycraft'

'Ladies page by Filomena'

'New Novels'

'Chronicle of The Car'



' Long Range French Guns on the Macedonian Front ...'

' A Concealed Gun Position - The Smoking Muzzle of a Naval Gun in Woods ...'

' German Gas Shells Exploding and Spreading Along the Ground ' double page photograph taken by Lieutenant Ivor Castle the Canadian Official Photographer


Scenes of Recent Victory at St Pierre Divion - Beaumont Hamel - Beaucourt

' The Wrecked Remains of a Water Mill at St Pierre - On The Battlefield '

' At The Centre of the Battle - The Village of Beaumont Hamel and The Remains of the German Military Cemetery and Where The Church Stood '

' The Scarred Monument to German Military at Beaumont Hamel ...'

' A German Barrier in the St Pierre Divion Area ...'

' Ruins of a Large Mill on The Battlefield at Beaumont Sur Ancre ...'

' Beaumont Hamel - A Communication Trench ...'

Double page

' The First Sea Lord of the Admiralty Admiral Sir Henry Jackson now Governor of Greenwich Hospital '

' The New First Sea Lord of the Admiralty Admiral Sir John Jellicoe '


War Catering

' In The Rain - British Field Kitchens at the Front '

' A Water Refilling Point Organised by Royal Engineers ...'

' Soldiers Taking a Hot Drink On Their Way Out from the Trenches '

' A Dispenser of Hot Drinks at the Front - A Cup of Coffee for the Wounded '

' Preparing Dinner at a Field Kitchen ...'

Full page


Officers on the Roll of Honour - Killed in Action

' Major M. Claud Scarbrough of Teignmouth ' - - - ' 2nd Lieutenant P. L. Patterson of The Ards in Knowle ' - - - ' 2nd Lieutenant C. J. Fowler of Oatlands Chase Weybridge ' - - - ' Lieutenant Colonel Cecil S. Taylor of Moseley Hall Birmingham and Curraghvoe Camberley '

' Lieutenant Donald A. Hankey A Writer in the " Spectator " ..' - - - ' 2nd Lt. G. D. Stephens of the Beeches at Henley on Thames ' - - - ' Lieut. D. C. Kennedy of Kelvinside Glasgow ' - - - ' Lieutenant Sydney Haywood RFC of Greycroft, Accrington ' - - - ' Lieut. F. S. Kelly RNVR The Famour Eton and Oxford Oarsman ..'

' Lt. The Hon. Vere S. T. Harmsworth Son of Lord Rothermere ' - - - ' Lieutenant H. J. L. Harris of The Kensington Rowing Club ' - - - ' Brigadier General D. J. Glasfurd ' - - - ' 2 Lt.l Frank Gun Delamain Royal Field Artillery ' - - - ' Captain W. F. Algeo MC of Studland Rectory Dorsetshire '

' Lieut Col. Arthur Stanley Tetley - Croix de Guerre ' - - - ' Lieutenand William Scott Mathews King Royal Rifles ' - - - ' 2nd Lieut William Kelsey RFA ' - - - ' 2nd Lieutenant A. W. Passmore of Passmore, Wimbledon '

' Lieut W. E. Christie Worcs Regt ' - - -' Lieut R. H. Marriott MC Kings Shropshire LI ' - - - ' 2nd Lt. Gerald Harmer of Dopwning College Cambridge ' - - - ' Lt. Colonel J. C. Stormonth-Darling of the Cameronians '

Full page of photographs of each man


' Vice Admiral sir David Beatty KCB ' full page

German U Boat Mechanism - three photographs of the interior

' The Growth of Our Forces - Navy - Army - Ovrseas Army - Industrial Army ' full page giving numbers of personell

' Stores Captured at St Pierre Divion - Bombs Helmets etc '

' Germans Panic Stridken at the First Sight of a Tank ...' drawing by Frederic De Haenen

' British Troops Back From The Trenches - Rifle Examination '

' A Tank Going through a German Barrage on its Wat to Attack A sugar Factory ...' drawing by Frederic De Haenen

' A Crowd of Germans Surrendering as a Tank Approaches ...' drawing by Frederic De Haenen



' French Troops Occupying a Captured German Trench Ledin to Fort Douaumont ...'

' A Fosse AS Seen From the Bomb Proof Chamber '

' At Douaumont - A Wrecked Gallery in the North West Turret '

' A Wrecked Casemat at Miel Douaumont Fort '

' Entrance to the Bomb Proof Chamer in the NW Fosse at Douaumont '


' The Bomber and the Bayonet Man ' a great double page drawing by Lucien Jonas in Sepia style


' Scottish Red Cross Nurses Tending The Wounded at The Abbaye de Royaumont '

' The Woman Chief Surgeon Operating at Abbaye De Royaumont Hospital - Entirely Staffed By Scottish Women '

' Sacrificing a Buffalo to a Hindu War Goddess - Ghurka Troops ' four photographs

' A Daring Escape by Parachute of A Belgian Observer from a Burning Kite Balloon ' full page

' Full page advert for Mappin and Webb

' The 'Greyhound Tavern for Enfield Munition Workers - The Opening Ceremony - Mr Montagu - Lord and LAdy d'Abernon - Mrs Winston Churchill '

' Boveril ' Full page advert

' On the Balkan Front '

' On the rench Front on the Somme - Heavy Artillery Shell Dump ...'

' Henna Glinta Shampoo Powders ' full page advert

' Christmas Gift Ideas - Lily of the Valley by Zenobia Ltd - - - Regimental Bade by J. W. Benson Ltd '

' Domestic items Made from the Wreckage of a Wrecked Zeppelin '

' Returning to the Front by Richard Jack ARA '

' Mrs J. E. Jewell President of a Stall for Our Dumb Friends League '

' Burberry ' advert

Australians Going to the Trenches on the Western Front '

' Horlicks Malted Milk ' advert

' A Standard 9.5 hp Car near Shillingford Bridge Oxfordshire '

' 16 20 hp Wolseley Touring Crossing Stanford Bridge near Shelsley Walsh ..'

' D. Napier Motors ' advert

' Phillips Military Soles and Heels ' advert

Plus adverts of the Day

Also various articles including:
Our Note Book by G. K. Chesterton

'Science Jottings, The Extyension of Bread by F. L.'

TheGreat Festival of Dasahara or Dasara

Edward Clodd and his Memories

'The Chronicle of the Car by W. W.

December 16th

' Quarters For The Horses in Open Air Stables '

' Highlanders Helping French Peasants To Get in their Vegetable Crops - Men of the Seaforths '

' A Hedge of German Barbed Wire at Beaucourt ..'

' British Troops Engaged In Building Shelters ..'


On The Balkan Front

' In the British Infantry Trenchlines During a Bulgarian Artillery Strafe ..'

' Smiling Faces of A Gun Pit Party Lined Up for the Camera ..'

' Squandering Bulgarian Ammunition - Enemy Shells Searching a Wood ..'

' A British Light Artillery Gun in Action ..'

' A Pleasant Sunday Afternoon in a British Trench Line Dug Out - Soldiers Reading ..'


The Campaign Against "General Mud" On the British Western Front

' A Working Party About to Start off i nthe Rain '

' Transport Wagons Pulled By Horses Reach a Point Where the Road is Completely Under Water ..'

' A Field Kitchen In the Mud '

' Rescued From Mud into Which He Sank to The Armpits - A Soldier ..'

' Muddy But cheerful - A British Soldier Who Had Rescuedc a Comrade from The Mud '

' A General View of the Ancre Valley - A Quagmire '


Officers on the Roll of Honour - Killed in Action

' Lieut. Col. C. E. Goff MC of Killiney Co. Dublin - - - Major S. L. Thorne Canadian Infantry - - - Major C. W. J. K. Lendrum of Bundoran - - - Lieut Col. A. P. Mack Suffolk Regiment - - - Lieut Commander Geoffrey N. Biggs RN of Batheaston - - - 2nd Lt. M. V. O'Dowd Northumberland Fusiliers Son of Thomas O'Dowd of Jamalpur - - - 2nd Lt J. C. Salusbury Jones of Haverhill - - - Lieut V. E. Fanning of Oxford - - - Major R. A. Shaw of Harlington Milford on Sea - - - Major Vere D. Loxley RMLI of the Little Cloisters Gloucester - - - 2nd Lt. B. J. Bartholomew Cameron Highlanders of "Grassington" Beckenham - - - Captain H. W. H. Rawson Son of Admiral Sir Harry Rawson - - - Lt. H. C. Whitelegg West Indies Regt. of Manchester - - - Captain C. Armytage Wooler of Wortley Leeds - - - Lieut Col. F. J. Saunders RMLI of Sydenham - - - 2nd Lieut E. Godfrey Worsley Grenadier Guards - - -2nd Lt. Ernest Bailey of Beechfield, Blackpool - - - Captain Geoffrey Y. Heald of Urmston - - - Lt. Miel of Wimbledon - - - Lieut Col. Norman O. Burge Royal Marine Light Infantry - - - 2nd Lt. Douglas Sowerby of Hawerby Hall - - - 2nd Lieut W. H. Gregg of Belfast - - - 2nd Lt. R.H. S. Boult of Silvermere, Princes park Liverpool '

Full page of photographs of the men


Japan's Heir Apparent Installed

' The Crown Prince of Japan, Prince Hirohito: Cavalry With His Flag Leaving the Gate of his Home, The Takanawa palace '

' Prince Hirohito on his Way to the Imperial Palace of The Ceremony on the Day of His Installation '

The Front of the Crown Princes Residence the Takanawa palace '

' Crowds at the Babasaki Gate ..'

' The Front Gate of the Takanawa Palace - Artistically Designed Sentry Boxes '

' Japanese Schoolgirls in a Picturesque Flag procession '

' A Paper Lantern Procession Before Takanawa Palace '

' Night Scene - Illuminations on the Triumphal Arch at Babasaki ..'

' Tokyo Children in Holiday Dress on the Crown Princes Installation Day, Admiring Decorations '

' The Illuminations at Babasaki Gate '

' Flower Decked Tram Cars in the Streets of Tokyo '

' Japanese Boy Scouts in Picturesque Garb and Carrying Rifles, Before the Crown Princes Palace '

' Carrying Their Babies on Their Backs - Japanese Mothers Admiring the Illuminations on the Babaski Arch '

Over Three pages


' A German Idea of Wat At Sea Sinking Fishing Boats: The Brixham Trawler " Diligence " in Port After Being Shelled by a Submarine and Losing Her Mainmast ' shows the boat along side in port with people and a row of shops etc in the background


War Drawings by Muirhead Bone "From The Western Front"

' A Gun Hospital Showing a Few Invalided Heavies of the British Artillery Undergoing Repairs '

' A Small Hamlet of Sand Bagged British Dug Outs Bearing such Names as "Ye Rat Hole" and So On '

A full page of two sepia style drawings by this famous war artist


Bucharest Roumania or Romania

' The Royal Palace Bucharest '

' The interior of the Royal Palace - The Throne Room '

' Part of the Ministry of War '

' The Fine Entrance to th eParliament House '

' The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Building '

' The Bank Of Roumania Buildings '

Full page


The Roumanian Field Army

' A Batch of Turkish Prisoners Taken by the Roumanians '

' A Russian Battery in Roumania Assisting the Roumanians '

' A Bridge in Transylvania Destroyed by the Roumanians '

' Carrying Barbed Wire to The Roumanian Front in the Mountains '

' Roumanian Cavalry Passing Through a Village '

' Defending the Predeal Pass ..'

Full page


' ..."Torn From their Homes and Forced into Cattle Trucks" - Belgians Deported to Germany Like a Gang of Slaves at the Point of the Bayonet ' a wonderful double page from the drawing by Lucien Jonas in sepia style

' A Typical Case of German Submarine Piracy - A British Merchant Ship toprpedoed Without Warning: Sinking by the Head Before the Final Explosion '

' The Fate of a British Ship Torpedoed Without Warning by a German Submarine - An Internal Explosion as She Goes Down ... '

' The Right Hon. David Lloyd George MP Appointed Prime Minister ' Full page portrait

' The Recaptured Key of th eFrench Verdun Defences: Vaux Fort - French Soldiers in a Bunked Sleeping Cabin in One of the Bomb Proof Casemates of Vaux Fort ' Full page sepia style

' Tootal Guaranteed Cotton Fabrics ' a full page advert with a lovely half page sketch signed by L. Hocknell of two children, a girl and boy, stepping stones over a river

' Where the Khaki of Convalescent Officers now Mingles with the Holiday Throng: Monte Carlo Strollers on the Terrace '

' Waring and Gillow - Cushion Quilt and Chair ..' advert

' Johnnie Walker Scotch Whisky ' a full page drawing by Leo Cheney of four jolly men

' A Be;goam 120 mm Gun Battery'

' A belgian Battery of 120mm Guns on the Road '

' Mappin & Webb ' advert

' The Swan Fountain Pen ' Different Designs - advert

' A Picturesque Bride and Bridesmaid ' a sketched design by Robertson for a "bridal dress of white and silver tissue embroidered in silver and crystal beads..." ...The childs frock of lemon yellow velvet with crimson and silver brocade, silver lace ..." not colour

' Birds Custard ' advert C255

' Australians on the Western Front - In the Trenches '

Sanatogen ' full page advert

' Hong Kong University Mace '

' An East Lancashire FUnd: Admiral Jellicoe's Gift for the Disabled ' his reply in writing and signed and a silver match box

' The Onoto Pen ' advert

' Bengers Food ' advert

' Pan Yan Pickle ' advert

' A Sizaire Berwick Car Disguised - In the Firing Line '

' A Sizaire Berwick Car Amidst the Ruins of a Shelled Town ..'

' Duco Spring Gaiters ' car advert

Also various articles including:
'Our Note Book by G. K. Chesterton'

Monte Carlo

Lady Dufferin 's Journals

'Science Jottings by W. P. Pycraft''...'

' Ladies Page by Filomena '

December 23rd

It includes news of the Great War and other stories of the day. Also complete with a christmas supplememt which features engravings and stories of a christmas theme.

It features prints from engravings (often with descriptive articles) including :-


' General Nivelle of Verdun - French Generalissimo ' Full front page

' On the March to Aid Roumania - Russian Troops ' Double page

' Combles - The Village Seen Through a Breach in the Ruined Church '


' Monastir After The Allies Enter - Street Scenes

' A Shop Pillaged by the Bulgarians ...'

' A Small Shopkeepers First Attempt to Attract Custom ...'

' Making Shopkeepers Remove the Bulgarian Signs ... - A Traders Deputation Calling From House To House ...'

' One of the Last Acts of Bulgarian Revenge - The Burned Out Interior of the Former Servian Prefecture of Monastir '

' A Passer By Helping Two Women to Get Their Detested Bulgarian Shop Front Sign Down '

Monastir is now Bitola ( ?????? ) a city in the Republic of Macedonia


' A Gift for Indian Soldiers at the Front: A New Year Card - Gift of Sirdar Daljit Singh CSI - The Card in the Hindi Version ' Full page

Ploughing Through Packed Sea Ice - A British Transport Conveying A British Armoured Car Detachment to Russia - Soldiers of the detachment looking over the side of the ship ' full page photograph


Early Stages of the British Armoured Cars Detachment in Russia

' A British Transport Ship Containing The British Armourd Car Section - The First Boat to Break Through the White Sea After Being Ice Bound '

' British Sentries In Russia Guarding a Cable Station By The White Sea - Snow Scene '

' A Horse Drawn Sleigh Transporting Water for Russian Troops '

' With The British Armourd Car Detachment in Russia - A Hotchkiss Three Pounder Gun Guarding the White Sea, on th eLook Out for German Submarines '

Double page

British Armoured Cars in the Caucasian Wilds

' A parade on Their Departure from a Town - Showing A British Officer in a Group of Russian Officers '

' British Cars ( lorries ) Crossing a Caucasian River '

' British Cars With a Red Cross Wagon Moving Along Winding precipitous and Ill Kept Tracks '

' Armoured Car Section in Action - Bombarding a Turkish Town ...'

Double page


' Refitting a Ship Engaged in Work of Vatal Importance - Transport of Supplies: A New Boiler Hoisted into a Liner by a Floating Crane ' a wonderful double page drawing by Charles pears

The Western Front - ' The Seventh Day ' a double page drawing by Mister A. C. Michael of a Sunday service given by an Army Chaplain in a shell hole, while the shelling goes on around them

Soldiers of Portugal Training To Join the Allies nthe Western Front

' A Pontoon Bridge Over The Tagus, With A Motor Crossing It - Built by Portuguese Miel Engineer ' with a band playing to one side probably to celebrtate the opening ceremony

' A Portuguese Artillery Field Battery Practising ...'

' Men of a Portuguese Battalion Practising a Campaign March ...'

' A Battery of Artillery During the Preparations for Joining in the War '

An Exact Line - Portuguese Aritllery and Horses '

' An Artillery Battery Crossing The Tagus Pontoon Bridge - With a view of the Village or Town in the Background '

' Portuguese Artillery in Preparation for the War ... A Gun Well Screened from Enemy Air Attack '

Double page photographs by Benoliel - possibly Joshua Benoliel who was a photographic journalist


Archaeological Finds in the Balkan Trenches - Four photographs of ancient pottery

' Captured Bulgarians under French Escort Marched Through the Street of Monastir ...'

' Watching an Aeroplane Above Captured Monastir - Alexander The Prince Regent of Serbia with Generals Sarrail and Leblois '

' Monastir on November 19 - A Cavalryman in a Street by the Square Tower '


The Entry into Monastir

' Allied Troops After The Capture of Monastir: General Sarrail with Kepi Raised, The Commander in Chief of the Allies in the Balkans, Saluting the Russian Contingent ...'

' French and Russian Generals Entering Monastir ...'

' Bulgarian Prisoners Lined Up in the Town '

'Monastir - General Sarrail and The Serbian Alexander Prince Regent in Their Car '

Double page


' French Infantry Practice Digging In '

Mellins Baby Food ' advert

' Winter on the Western Front - Tommies (english soldiers) Working in the Snow '

' Osram GEC Lamps ' light bulb advert

Chess Problem

' 15-20hp Straker Squire Car Which Has Been Delivered to Senator the Hon. G. F. Pearce Australian Minister of Defence ' photograph of the car and the chauffeur


Sketch Christmas Number - Supplement

' Daddys Christmas Dinner ' full page from the painting by S. Begg - a mother and children packing a crate with christmas presents for their father

' The Princess of Rosyposia - Story by E. Nesbit ' beautiful drawings around text by the french artist/illustrator Felix Lorioux (tear to one of the pages)

' The Great Offensive ' a wonderful double page from the Painting by S. Begg - a family of children, girls and boys, playing with their model soldiers on the carpet at home in front of the fire

' With Love from Little Girl - A Letter to the Front ' full page from the Drawing by Balliol Salmon - a little girl, with the help of her mother, writing a letter to her father

' From His Little Girl - The Letter from Home ' full page from the drawing by Balliol Salmon - the father receiving a letter

' A Church Service "Fight the Good Fight" ... ' Double page by A. Forestier - a church full of people including wounded soldiers, nurses etc

' The Farm Hands Christmas Dinner ' full page from the Painting by A. Chevallier Tayler

' Christmas in the Ward ' full page by A. Chevallier Tayler - A nurse pinning up a sprig of holly above a wounded soldiers bed

Two drawings by F. Pegram each on a full page - ' Her Christmas Gift to Him ' - a mother holding a small baby - - - ' His Christmas Gift to Her - The Trench Ring ' a soldier making a ring

' Christmas Leave ' double pag fro mthe painting by A. C. Michael - a busy Station scene of soldiers arriving homs and greeted by their loved ones

' A Kiss from the Trenches ' full page from the Painting John E. Sutcliffe - a young lady dosing by the fire in a dream

' Drawing Lots for Christmas Leave ' full page from the painting by S. Begg

' The Ghost That Saved by E. St John Hart with illustrations by A. Forestier ' - short story

' Th ePudding in Danger ' full page from the Drawing by C. M. Padday ' a sailor on the deck of a ship in a stormy sea - carrying a christmas pudding on a tray

' Marshall and Rose Angelus Player piano ' advert

' J. C. Vickery - Jewellery and Gifts ' advert

' Frys Chocolates and Breakfast Cocoa ' advert - a snowman being dressed by a young boy

' Goldsmiths and Silversmiths - Christmas Present Suggestions ' advert showing twenty designs of jewellery including Royal Naval Air Service Badge Brooch - Royal Flying Corps Badge Brooch - Royal Artillery Badge - Keyless Lever Watch - Gold Locket with any Regimental Badge - and more

' Wrights Coal Tar Soap ' advert

' Thermos Flasks ' advertr

' TheBritannic patent Expanding Watch Bracelet ' advert

' Mackintosh's Toffee De Luxe ' advert

' Palmers Cord Tyres ' Advert

' Sizaire Berwick Car ' advert

' Clincher Tyres ' advert

' Goodrich Safety Tread Tyres ' advert

' Vauxhall Cars ' advert

And more adverts of the day

Plus more adverts of the day

This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include :-
Our Note Book by G. K. Chesterton

Science Jottings - Economy in Food by F. L.

A Ton of Coal for 2/6 - Seldonite - advert

New Novels - Reviews include - Count Raven by Mr and Mrs Egerton Castle - - Hungry Stones and Other Stories by Sir Rabindranath Tagore - - - Madame Prince by Mr Pett Ridge etc

The Chronicle of the Car by W. W.

December 30th

'Raised to The Peerage: The Right Hon. Charles Stuart-Wortley MP' - - - 'A Prominent Canadian Raised to The Peerage: Sir Max Aitken MP' (later 1st Baron Beaverbrook )

The French Navy - 'At A French War Port: A Ship in Dry Dock' - - - ''One of The French Navys Larger Units: A Battle Ship in Port' - - - 'A Cruiser to Be docked For Repair: Removing Big Shells' - - - 'Lowering a Big Shell From a Cruiser Before Docking Her For Repair'

'War Havoc in The Great Churches of France: Soissons Cathedral After German Bombardment' Full page

'The Glorious Tricolour: An Allegory of Victorious France - Verdun' Full page from the drawing by Lucien Jonas in sepia style

Enemy Photographs,The Naval Bombardment of Tanga - 'Effects of the British Naval Bombardment of Tanga: A German Store WIth Damaged Roof' - - - 'With Large Portraits of the Kaiser and Kaiserin on The Walls: A Room Wrecked By British Shells'

Enemy Photographs,The Naval Bombardment of Tanga - 'The British Naval Attack on Tanga in the Early Months of The War: Our Transports Entering the Harbour Before The Landing - A Recently Captured Photograph' - - - 'With Dead Men Lying Where They fell: A photographic Reminiscence of Street Fighting in Tanga' - - - 'A Record of the British Bombardment of Tanga: The Damaged Interior of a Billiard Room'

Where German Anti Moslem Documents Werwe Found: Moshi - 'New Moshi Before Its Capture, With German Native Troops Assembled'

'Within Sight of Kilimanjaro, Formerly One of The Kaisers Proudest Possessions: German Officers at Moshi '

'With Heavily Uniformed German Native Troops and Baggage Carriers Ready To Entrain: The Railway At New Moshi'

Somme - 'The Outstanding Feature of the Situation is Simply Mud: A Typical Ancre Landscape on the British Front'

Somme - 'The Result of Successful Shooting By The British Artillery: A Section of German Railway on The Ancre Torn Up By High Explosive' part of the caption underneath reads "The Hon Member (Capt. Shaw MP) calls for an Abraham Lincoln, for a big man...But the biggest man cannot make marsh and mud dry...The campaign on the Somme has not stopped for want of munitions or because outroops cannot beat the Germans. The outstanding feature of the situation is simply mud..."

'German war MAterial Stacked in Rar of the Fench Lines: Artillery; Machine Guns; Flame Projectors '

'Originally Designed and Used By The Enemy: a German Flame Projector, a Flammenwerfe'

'At A French War Port: Sailor Firemen Turning Their Hoses on a Heap of Burning Coal' - - - 'Sailor Firemen FIghting a Fire in a Heap of Coal Accidentally Set Alight'

'With a German Soldier Posted Beside The Pulpit: A Belgian Priest Reading in Church Cardinal Merciers Protest Against The Deportations' Full page, from a drawing by Lucien Jonas

'Storming German Trenches By Moonlight: A Unique Battle Experiaence on The Western Front: And The German Trenches Were Taken A Few MNinutes Later' Wonderful double page by R. Caton Woodville. There are binding witness marks to centre of page

Inside a British Submarine: Official Photographs - 'The Living Space, Looking Aft' - - - 'The Foremost Torpedo Tubes'

Inside a British Submarine: Official Photographs - 'The Eye, Brain and The Hand of The Whole: This Single Figure (The Captain) at The Periscope' Full page

The Commissariat: The Simple Meaning of a Long Word - 'Dinner Time for British Troops on The Ancre: Field Kitchens in Full Blast, With Men Receiving and Consuming Their Rations'

'The British Soldiers Dinner At the Front: Simplification of Meals as Men on Active Service Understand It' three soldiers eating their dinner

'Bengers Food - A Talk to Semi Invalids' Full page advert

'Cooking The Plum Pudding in a German Steel Helmet: A Christmas Scene in a British Dug OUt at the Front' Drawn by S. Begg. Full page

'Bovril' Full page advert

'The Allied AEntry into Monastir: The Brown Coated Russians Marching into The Town'

'The Swan on Active Service - The Swan Fountain Pen' Advert

'Debenham & Freebodys Sale' Advert

Fashion 'An Effective Walking Dress'

'C. Brandauer & Co Circular Pointed Pens' Small advert

'Marshall & Snelgroves Winter Sale' advert

'At A Railhead on the Somme Front: Big Shells'

'For The Canadian House of Commons: To Replace The Mace Destroyed by Fire'
'Our Note Book by G. K. Chesterton'

'Science Jottings, Wartime and "Useless" Dogs by W. P. Pycraft'

'Ladies Page by Filomena'

'Things Seen in The War'


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