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The Illustrated London News 1918

Events of this year in the Illustrated London News

November 11th - Germany signed armistice with Allies at Compiègne the guns fell silent at 11am;

End of 1st World War Ten million people had died, nearly 1 million from Britain and her Empire and "the lost generation" was a familiar phrase

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January 5th

It consists of Images from drawings paintings and photographs
the plate subjects are :


China's army of labourers for the western front:

A big muster on parade "somewhere" in the northern provinces of China

The Labour Corps at work behind the lines on the British front contains units of various races,

European, African and Asiatic, and includes many thousands of Chinamen.

They have proved extremely useful. The coloured units and German prisoners

are not sent into the danger - zone.

January 26th

1918 Jan 26

British troops in Winter camouflage on the front line 1918

February 2nd

February 9th

'Electrified Clothing For Airmen Flying in Cold Weather: RFC Officers of a Night Bombing Squadron

Fixing Connections toTheir Electric Foot Sole and Glove Heating Apparatus' Full front page

heated clothing

'Preparing for A Nocturnal Expedition: A British Scout Aeroplane Being Got Ready for a Flight, A Moonlight Effect'

'A Bombing Squadron of the Royal Flying Corps on the British Western Front: A Pilot Examing a 25 lb Bomb' Full page

'Probably for The Use of Runners: A New German Gas Mask, Without Eye Protection'

'With Leather In Place of Rubber: A New German Gas Mask, Captured at Lens'

With The Airmen of the French Service - 'At Issy Les Moulineaux Aviation Station, Near Paris: The Interior of One of th eFlying Ground Hangars'

'In a Breguet Machine: The Pilots Cockpit - With Gauges, Recording Instruments and plan of the Ground Below'

German Raiders " Earthed " in Belgium and Essex - 'brought Down By BelgianAnti Aircraft Guns on its Return Flight After Attacking Dunkirk: A Gotha Bombing Aeroplane'

Showing The Engines and Propellers on Either Side of the Central Car: A Nearer View of The Same Machine Seen in The Top Photograph'

'With a Camouflage Design painted on its planes: Wreckage of the Gotha Brought Down in Essex After a Raid on London'

British Fliers Who Bomb The Foe by Night - 'Preparing For A Night Bombing Expedition over The Enemys Lines: Pilot and Observer Getting into Their Special Flying Garments'

'The Machine Gun Armament of a British Fighting Plane: The Observers Attitude When Firing on an Enemy Below'

The Machine Guns of Aeroplanes of Various Types - Allied and Enemy Examples - 'Lined up in The Snow: A British Scouting Squadron Ready to Fly on The Western Front'

'With His Mahcine Gun Overhead: A Britidsh Pilot Who Recently Brought Down a Gotha'

'A french Aeroplane and its Pilot: The Return from a Reconnaissance Flight5'

'Showing The Machine Gun Over The Airmans Head: A French Pilot and His Chaser plane'

The Machine Guns of Aeroplanes of Various Types - Allied and Enemy Examples - 'With Three Machine Guns Mounted: a French Chaser plane and Its Armament'

'With One of His Machine Guns Pointing Upward: A French Pilot in Position for Attacking From Below'

'With One Machine Gun Overhead and Another in Front: A French Nieuport Chaser plane'

'At Salonika - A Captured German Aeroplane on View at The White Tower'

'Ammunition for an Aeroplanes Machine Gun; The Cartridge Belt for A French Airmans Chaser Plane'

'German Aeroplane Armament - Another Tyhpe: The Machine Gun of a Rumpler Captured on the Oise Front'

'A seaplane As Torpedo Boat of the Air: a Seaplane Carrying a Torpedo for Use Against Enemy Shipping

A Torpedo Striking the Water Immediately After Its Release'

'The End of a Franco German Air Duel: A Nieuport Machine Sends an LVG Crashing to Earth in Flames'

'German " Sausages " Fall victims to French Aeroplanes: Nieuport Machines Destroying Enemy Kite Balloons'

' War in the Air: A British Machine Picks A German Off The Tail of a Comrade "I Shot The Albatross":

A British Nieuport Saves an Observing Machine From Its German Assailant in the Nick of Time'

Wonderful double page drawn from Material supplied by n Eye Witness On the La Vacquerie Front

'The Giant Italian Caproni Aeroplanes - Two Biplanes and One Triplane in the Air: Three Giant Capronis of Different Types in Flight'

'Dignity and Impudence - A New Version: A Gigantic Caproni Triplane Beside a Diminutive Monoplane'

'A french Overland Machine Victorious in a Duel WIth A German Seaplane: An Exploit Over The Channel' Sketch

'One of the Allied Air Raids on Karlsruhe - A Group of French Double Engined Caudron Aeroplanes Bombing The City Below' Sketch

'The Verdun Front in its Winter Aspect: A Picturesque Photograph of Sunset over THe Snow Taken Recently in the Valley of Belrupt ' Wonderful double page

'Science Militant: A Motor Bacteriological Laboratory With Its Portable Annexe Built Out From The Car'

'War On Germs During War With Germany: The Interior of the Annexe of a Motor Bacteriological Laboratory'

Given to the British Army Medical Dept. by Mr Henry S. Wellcome, Founder of the Wellcome Bureau of Scientific Research

'Gamages Complete Naval & Military Uniforms' Advert

Killed in Action 'Officers on the Roll of Honour - Sub Lieut D. P. Christie RN of Hoddesdon

Lieut Col. P. E. Bent VC DSO Leicester Regt., of Salisbury - Lieut E. M. Sowly, reported drowned while on active service

Lieut S. W. Rowless ASC RFC - Engr Lieut D. Chapman RN - 2nd Lt L. G. colbeck MC RFA of Harrow

Lieut Col. Adrian C. Gordon DSO RFA of Enfield - Major Guy L. Ollivier, RGA of Beaulieu, The Polygon, Southampton

Lieut G. Holman RFC - Flt Observ. W. B. Jones RNAS., Son of late Bishop of St Davids

Capt H. E. Waller Yorks and Lancs Regt., of Ealing - Lieut Col. Hubert Podmores DSO Northants Regt, of Charney Hall, Grange over Sands

Brig. Gen. G. S. Shephard DSO MC, Son of Sir Horatio and Lady Shepard

Major W. C. Kennedy Birch MC Yorks Regt, of Walton on Thames - Lt. Rupert Farquha MC Grenadier Guards, of Eaton Square

Capt G. C. Ransome, Yorkshire Regt - Sub Lt. E. C. De Wet DSC RN -Lieut E. J. Woodhouse MA FLS Indian Horse of Blandford

Lieut C. H. E. Boulton Cameron Highlanders - Lieut W. L. Curwen MC RGA of The Elms, Frome

Sub Lieut. H. A. Shaw, RN' Small portrait photographs of all listed. On one full page

'The London City and Midland Bank Ltd -

Liabilities and Assets, 31 Dec 1917 - Profit & Loss Account'

'On The Western Front: Repairing Shells at a Dump' -

'Troops on their Way to The Battle Area by Barge'

'Cameron Safety Self Filler - Pen' Advert

Fashion - 'A Distinctive Outdoor Costume'

'Oxo Saves Food' Advert

'16-20 hp Wolsley Passing Castle Bromwich'

'A Presentation ortrait: Sir Frank Bowden'

'Napier The Proved Best Motor Carriages' Advert

'The Swan Fountain Pen'

'On The Western Front: Tommies Examining A German Gun, in The Background, The Tank WHich Put it Out of Action'

Also various articles including:

'The Navy and Nature: Camouflage and Smoke Clouds by Archibald Hurd'

'The Songs Our Soldiers Sing by E. B. Osborn'

'The Honey Bee, Sugar Supplier By S. L. Bensusan'

'Our Note Book by G. K. Chesterton'

'The World of Flight - Air Craft versus War Ships by C. G. Grey'

'Science Jottings, Food Hoarding, Its Meaning by W. P. Pycraft'

'Ladies Page by Filomena'

'The Chronicle of the Car'

February 16th

price ninepence

us soldiers buried

'Sir Henry Norman BT MP'

'The Supreme War Council at Versailles: (Left to Right) M. Pichon - M. Clemenceau - Baron Sonnino - Mr Lloyd George -

General Sir W. Robertson - GBeneral Cadorna -General Sir H. H. Wilson - Sir Douglas Haig' Double Page


'The Opening of Parliament by The King: The Procession'

Airmen and Cold steel in Palestine - 'British Airmen Bombing Turkish Infantry Near a Village North of Jerusalem: The Infantry Trying to Fight The Airmen with Musketry as the Column Broke up'

'A Yeomanry Squadron Charging Turkish Infantry Which Attacked with Bayonets owing to Their Ammunition Failing: Riding Down the Enemy with The Sabre'

' A French Official Who Has Lately Ordered Some Sensational Arrests: Captain Bouchardon'

On The Italian Northern Front: 'Near One of the Italian mountain Outposts on Lobbia Alta

: A Relief Detachment of Alpini Clambering up a Steep Ascent With the Aid of a Guide Rope'

'Along A Boulder Strewn, Knife Edge Ridge at the Edge of a Snow Covered Plateau: An Alpini Picket Working Along A Rough and Dangerous Track'

Above The Snow Line on The Northern Italian Mountain Front: Scouting Patrol Service on Skis -

'In The Venerocolo District Above the Snowline: A Ski Reconnoitring Detachment in White Clothing'

'On The Vedretta Del Mandrone, A Reconnaissance in Force Prepared to Brush Past Austrian Patrols, Crssing a Snowfield'

'At A Scout School in The Passo Garibladi: On Parade Wearing Woolen Caps and ?White Dress and Equipped with Skis and Si Sticks'

At a Military Post in The Passo Garibaldi: A Working Party with Ladders, Setting Out for Special Services'


On The Vedretta Del Mandrone: A Reconnoitring Detachment on Skis'

'OnThe Vedretta Del Mandrone: A Scouting Party on Skis and in Open Files'

'On The Vedretta del Mandrone: A Scouting oparty on Skis Crossin the Snow on a Zigzag'

'At Punta Venero: A Reconnoitring Detachment Returning to a fort in The Snow'

'OnTheVedretta Del Mandrone: A Reconnoitring Detachment on Skis'

Vedretta Del Mandrone: A Detachment Lying Down While Crossing the Snow'

'At A Scout School in The Passo Garibaldi: Class Under Training

'Barracks on a Hill Slope Above the Passo Garibaldi: War Time Quarters i Winter and Summer of the Troops on Guard in The Pass'


'RFC Salvage Work on The Western Front: Assembling an Aeroplane'

'RFC Salvage Work on the Western Front: Renovating and Re-Assembling Aeroplanes'


'A Bombardment From The Air of the Port and Mole of Zeebrugge: Seaplanes in Action, The Harbour Under Fire'

'A Bombardment FromThe Air of Dieuze andAdjacent German Trenches: A Squadron of Voisin Biplanes Attacking


Sacked by The Bolsheviks: The Winter Palace of the Tsars 'The Room of the Grand Duchess Tatiana'

Sacked by The Bolsheviks: The Winter Palace of the Tsars - 'Showing a Shell Hole inThe Wall: The Empress Dowagers Work Room in the Winter palace at Petrograd'


Vandalism in Petrograd: The Sacking of the Winter Palace - 'Occupied By Kerensky, Whos Bed Was Behind the Screen: The Study of the Ex Emperor Nicholas Pillaged'

Vandalism in Petrograd: The Sacking of the Winter Palace - 'After The Bolsheviks had Ransacked It: Chaos in the Room Formerly Use As a Study By The Emperor Alexander II'

'An Advance Across "No Mans Land": British Troops Following TheBarrage to Raid The GermanTrenches' Double Page


Dummy Battle Ships: Vessels of the RN "Suicide Squadron".. - 'Kephalo Harbour Aegean: Wreckage of a Dummy Battle Ship, A Survivor in the Background' -

'A Dummy Battle Ship Used as a Breadwater at Mudros off The Dardanelles' - - -

'Kephalo Harbour: Two Dummy Battle Ships' -'Kephalo Harbour: End on Views of Two Dummy Battle Ships Sunk to Deck Level'


The Sole Survivor: An Incident of a British naval Tragedy - 'Saved By Lying on an Anti Aircraft Gun: The Sole Survivor of Two British Destroyers Lost in a Snowstorm Off The Scottish Coast' Full Page

'The Trial of Paul Bolo: Standing His Trial in Paris on a Charge of Receiving German Money to Influence French Opinion, Paul Bolo with his Counsel, Maitre Alber Salle' Fullp age

'Charged With Giving Informatio to the Enemy: M. Malvy, Ex Minister of the iNterior, At the Opening of His Trial Before The Senate Sitting as A High Court of Justice' Full page

'A British Submarine: the Conning Tower During a Surface Spin - - 'A British Submarine: a Bow View of the Craft During a Surface Spin'

Shows a photograph of every officer 'Officers On The Roll of Honour:

Captain W. P. Ness Walker MC RFA of Ainthorpe, Danby -

Captain Allan Gilmour Yeomanry, of Rosenhall, Sutherlandshire

Lieut. E. E. MacColl, Royal Scots, Represented Clifton College (Boxing) in Aldershot Inter public Schools Competition 1914

Captain L. B. Hodge, London Regt, Son of Arthur B. Hodge, The Redlings, Totteridge

Captain J. H. Langdon Yorke, MC, Yeomanry, of Langton, Durbach, Pembrokeshire

Captain A. T. L. Richardson,West Somerset Yeomanry, Son of Rev. Alfred Richarrson, Torquay, late Vicar of Combe Down, Bath

Major James Thomson, Royal Garrison Artillery, Officially reported as having died while on service

Lieut R. W. Hargreaves, Welsh Guards of Ellesmere, Shropshire

Captain and Adjutant T. E. Jennings, Norfolk Regt. of Norwich

Commander C. Skeffington West DSO RNVR RND of Wokingham

Major Arthur Ion Fraser DSO son of Mr Arthur M. Fraer, Winnipeg Canada

Captain Robert S. B. Chambers, Kings Royal Rifle Corps, Officially reported as killed in action

Captain Alastair Bruce Bremner, N. Rhodesian Military Police, Son of Mr William Bremner, of Ballyvolane, Guldown, Gulildford

Lieut Martin Huntley Collier RN Distinguished as an athlete and boxer. Lost at Sea

Captain H. S. Benjamin, Worcestershire Regt. Only child of Mr and Mrs Henry S. Benjamin of Pembridge Cres. W

Captain Anthony D. Clark, Sherwood Foresters, Son of Mrs Clark, THe Manor, Chesterton Cambs

Lieut G. H. Waldron Gough, Cheshire Regt. Son of Dr Gough, Medical Officer of Health to Northwich Urban District Council

Captain and Adjt. A. N. Cousin, York and Lancaster Regt. Son of Mr And Mrs S. Cousin of Dorking

Captain E. H. G. Sharples RFC Son of Rev H. M. and Mrs Sharples, Finghall Rectory, Yorkshire, Killed while flying

Lieut. Roger C. Taylor, S. Staffs Regt Son of Mr and Mrs S. Taylor, Pouchen End, Boxmoor, Herts'


'Heavy Going: A Road Scene on the Western Front

'In a Draughty Billet: On the Western Front'

'On The Western Front: A Canadian Using The Remains of a German Aeroplane as a Clothes Horse

'At A Mobile Workshop on the Western Front: Repairing Motor Cycles in the Mud'

'The Tielocken Burberry Weatherproof - Burberrys of the Haymarket London' Advert

'With The Serbians: At a Headquarters Camp'

'A Centre of Cnstant Work: A Machine Shop of the Swift Motor Car Company'

'A Ladies Football Team: A Group of Players - The Humber Company Ltd Team

>And more adverts of The Day

Also various articles including:

'The Threatened German Offensive by Major W. Whittall'

'War Weariness in the Napoleonic Period by E. B. Osborn'

'The ood Value of Our Rations by F. Legge'

'Our Note Book by G. K. Chesterton'

'The World of Flight: Th Art of Raiding The Enemy by C. Grey editor of The Aeroplane'

'Science Jottings, Rations and Health by F. L.'

'New Novels includes "The Green Mirror" by Mr Hugh Walpole - "The Spy in black" by Mr J.Storer Clouston - "Tales That Are Told" by Mrs Alice Perrin'

'Jenny Wren The Handy Woman of The WRNS'

February 23rd

The Prosecution of Colonel Repington and the Morning Post 'Leaving Bow Street Police Court: Mrs Repington - Lady Bathurst - Colonel Repington - Mr H. A. Gwynne - Mrs Gwynne'

Air Warfare: A Captured Gotha - Brought Down During an Air Raid on Dunkirk: A Camouflaged Gotha on View Before the Statue of Jean Bart'

' 'Preparing an Aeroplane for a Bomb Dropping Expedition: Adjusting Bomb Fuse Mechanism and Fixing Bombs Below the Pilots Seat'

'That Desperate Spring into The Vast Grey Vapoury Nothingness: Parachute descents From Kite Balloons' ten photographs on a double page

'In Command of the London Air Defences: Major General E. B. Ashmore, CMG MVO' From a drawing by Francis Dodd

War on the Innocents, A Little Air Raid Victims Funeral

'A Pathetic Sequel to a German Air Raid on Paris: A Broken Hearted Soldier Following His Dead Child to The Grave' Full page photograph by J. Clair Guvot

'Butchers Meat and other Flesh Food: Diagrams Showing The Weekly Quantities Under The Rations'

Full page showing for example Venison or Horseflesh cooked with the Usual Bone

Rabbit or Hare Uncooked without Skin including Offal, 10 oz each Coupon.

meat rations

'with Authorised Instructions: Articles Rationed Officially or voluntarily or Availabele Without Restriction' Another wonderful full page drawn by "Our Special Artist W. B. Robinson"

rations non meat


'The Science of Rationing: The Meat Card And The Childs Meat Card (Reduced in Size) for Residents in London and The Home Counties

Torpedoing of the Transport " Aragon ": Last Scenes - 'The Aragon Heeling over Before The Final Plunge: A Rescuing Destroyer Alongside; On a Life Raft From the Ship'

'The End, As The Hull Blew Up and Sank: Patrol and Other Craft; Ships Boats and Rafts with Survivors'

The North Sea - 'Pellow and Partridge Engaging The Enemy While The Convoy Scattered Two British Destroyers Put up a Plucky Defence Against Four German Ships' A wonderful double page drawn by Charles Pears From Material supplied by Eye Witness in Sepia style

'Exchanging Machine Gun Fire in Mid Air: A Fight Between A French Voisin Machine and a German Aviatik' Another great double page in sepia style

'With Our Flying Men in Palestine: Testing a German Albatross Scout, Which was Driven Down by Our Men, Brought in and Repaired and is Now Being Flown By Us' - - - 'Remains of Aeroplanes Captured in German Aerodromes'

'British Gun Power on the Western Front: Rail Mounted Giants' Fullp page

'British Troops on The Western Front Attacking in the Dark: An Advance to Storm an Enemy Trench Line (shown by Fire Flashes in the Background) Drawn by R. Caton Woodville' Great double page in sepia style

'On a Par Wit The Desecration of Churches andthe Ransacking of Tombs: a German Observation Platform Built Upon a Crucifix' full page drawn by Frederic de Haenen from material supplied gby an eye witness

'Watching The Enemy: A Look Out Party in a Sap in No Mans land on the Western Front'

'Harrods Bedstead' Advert

'A Well Known Singer Awarded The Military Cross: Mr Topliss Green'

'Author of 'Through Lapland With Skis and Reindeer" Mr Frank Hedges Butler'Oxo Saves Food' advert

'A Record Making Daimler: A Picture from Palestine' - - - 'A Valuable motor Detail: The CAV Electric Engine Starter' - - - 'A great General in Palestine: Sir Edmund Allenby in His Vauxhall Car'

Also various articles including:
'Raid Psychology: Dolls Versus Gothast by E. B. Osborn'

'How to Use Your Meat Card''

'Strafing a Fritz by John S. Margerison'

'Our Note Book by G. K. Chesterton'

'The World of flight: On The Difficulty of Catching Air Raiders by C. G. Grey'

'Science Jottings, - The Development of Empire Resources (Rationing) by W. P. Pycraft'

'Ladies Page by Filomena'

'The Chronicle of the Car by W. W.

March 2nd


'The Prince of Wales With His Own People in South Wales - - 'At The Curran Works, Cardiff: The Prince of Wales Watching Munition Makers' - - - 'With His Host and Hostess: The Prince, Lady and Lord Bute' - - - 'Talking To An Ex Guardsman: The Prince At The Port Talbot Steel Works' - - - 'Nurses Forming a Guard of Honour: The Prince At The Ebbw Vale Red Cross Hosp8ital' - - - At The Curran Works: The Prince Inspects Discharged Soldiers Employed on Munitions' - - - The Prince in The Royal Hamadryad Seamens Hospital: At The Bedside of a Wounded Mam' - - - The Visit to The Dowlais Steel Works and Cardiff Docks: Talking to One of the Crew of a Torpedoed Ship'

'Opening The Roehampton of South Wales, Named After Him: His Royal Highness on The Balcony of The Prince of Wales's Hospital With The Lord Mayor of Cardiff' Full page

'The Fall of Jericho: The Modern Village Entered by Australian Cavalry on February 21'

The US Army in Action: Wounded; and Comrades for the Western Front - - - 'Wounded and Captured by The Germans; Freed by The British: E. W. Darland US Army Engineers' - - - 'Wounded While WIth The British on The Western Front: George Henner One of the US Engineers' - - - One of The First Americans to Be Wounded During Recent Fighting: Smiling and Getting Better' - - - 'US Wounded Soldiers With French Comrades Who are Also in Hospital, A Snapshot Outside One of the Wards' - - - 'Popular Favourites in The French Capital: US Soldiers Marching to Entrain on Returning From Leave'

'Easton Lodge Fire: Ruins of The Earl and Countess of Warwicks Mansion' Dunmow. Four scenes

Men of The Moment - - 'The late Earl Brassey ' - - - 'Viscount Northcliffe, Director of Propaganda' - - - 'Brigadier General E. L. Ellington CMG, DG of Military Aeronautics' - - - 'Sir Roderick Jones KBE' - - - 'General A. D. MacRae CB, Ministry of Propaganda' - - - 'Mr Robert Donald, Director of Propaganda in Neutral Countries' - - - 'Colonel John Buchan, Director of Intelligence in The Ministry of Propaganda' - - - 'Mr Herbert C. Hoover, Food Administrator for The United States' - - - 'General Sir Henry Rawlinson BT, British Military Representative on Allied War Council' All on one full page

'Gardeners of The Womens Army Auxiliary Corps Tending British Soldiers Graves in France' WAAC. Full page

'At The Invalides: Petrol Tanks of A Wrecked Zeppelin on Exhibition' - - - 'At The Invalides: Wreckage of a Zeppelin on Exhitition, The Commanders Car'

'A Curious Incident on The Western Front: A Captured German Airman Fascinated With a Figure of Marshal Joffre Strangling The German Eagle' Full page. Drawn by A. Forestier from Material Supplied by an Eye Witness

'The Kings Red Cross Gifts: Prints From The Royal Collection' Seven prints to be sold by Messrs Christie for THe Red Cross Fund

Forces That Took Jericho: British Troops and Tanks in Palestine - - - 'An Infantry Advance in Palestine: Scottish Troops in Open Order Going into Action, Earlier in The Campaign' - - - 'A Photograph Taken From The Inside of a Tank, Showing Parts of the Loophole: Welsh Troops in Action in Palestine ' - - - 'Monsters Not Indigenous to the Soil of Palestine: A Herd of British Tanks in The Desert'

Cavalry on The Move on The Western Front: Indian Sowars and British Troopers. - 'At 8am On a Grey Day: In The Track of a Battle on The Cambrai Sector of the Front ' Wonderful full page

Heroism That Even Their Annals Can Scarce Surpass: Guardsmen Saving a Gun at Cambrai. - - 'Guards Rescuing a Gun by man Hauling with Traces from a Gun Team, While Other Guardsmen Kept Back The Enemy: A Critical Moment' at Gouzeacourt - Wonderful double page from a drawing by R. Caton Woodville from Material Supplied by an Eye Witness

'A new Suggestion For The Dogs of War: A Canine Ammunition Carriers Equipment Exhibited in Paris'

'Peat As Fuel for The French Army: Work in Progress on a Peat Field in Alsace'

A Subsitute for Coal: Peat Fuel for French Field Kitchens - - 'German Prisoners Employed in a French Peat Field: Working A Pump to Extract Moisture' - - - 'Peat Field Haute Saone : German Prisoners at Work Carrying Loads of Cut Clods' - - - 'German Prisoners Cutting Peat for the French Army: At Haute Saone ' - - - 'Making coal out of Peat: A Peat Stack in France Undergoing a Carbonising Process' - - - 'French Women Employed in Cutting Peat for Fuel: Workers of the French Land Army' - - - 'The Preparation of Peat for Fuel: Covered Stans For Drying The Cut Clods in France' All on one full page

From the Exhibition of Pictures By Christopher R. W. Nevinson One of the Official Artists on The Western Front - - - 'Neither Shadow of Turning - The Straight Road to Victory: " The Road From arras to Bapaume "...' Wonderful full page

War Realism By a Former Futurist: The Nevinson Exhibition - - 'Very Lights at Fampoux'

War Realism By a Former Futurist: The Nevinson Exhibition - - 'Looking Down on The Leave Boat at The Quay'

War Realism By a Former Futurist: The Nevinson Exhibition - - 'Inside Brigade Headquarters'

War Realism By a Former Futurist: The Nevinson Exhibition - - 'Outside Brigade headquarters'

For King and Country: Officers on The Roll of Honour - - 'Capt. W. W. Molrrice, Wilts Regt Son of Canon and Mrs Morrice , Salisbury - - - Capt H. G. Reeves RFC son of MR Reeves, Brackwell - - - Capt Victor G. Hill KRR, Son of Mr George Baillie Hill, beech Lanes, Birmingham - - - Lieut. Leonard MN. Barlow MC RFC Killed in Flying accident aged 19 - - - Capt P. D. Booth DSO MC RFA of Midlothian - - - Capt C. K. Merewether, WIlts Regt of Salisbury - - - Capt Hon. H. A. V. Harmsworth MC, Irish Guards Son of Lord Rothermere - - - commr. David De B. Stocks DSO RN of park Langley, Beckenham - - - Capt R. G. McDonald MC North Fus. of Linthorpe - - - Lt Commr A. A. Fenner RN of Spanish Place Manchester Sq W - - - Lieut G. H. G. Crossfield, Rifle Brigade - - - Lt Commr. H. J. Hearn RN of Church Stretton - - - Rev. W. J. Harding MA MC Chaplain Drake Battalion - - - Major R. Gregory MC RFC of Coole Park, Galway - - - Lieut Ralph E. Snook, RN of Nottingham - - - Capt H. D. Squirl Dawson RHA of Suffolk - - - 2nd Lieut H. P. Walton, Yorks Regt of Cape Town - - - Lieut T. A. Reginald Mills, Overdale Road, Derby - - - Lt Vernon Castle RFC, Killed Flying at Texas. The very popular and famous dancer - - - 2nd Lieut H. H. H. Lister R. Warwick Regt of Clifton Road, Rugby - - - 2nd Lt G. G. Johnstone, RFC, Killed on active service 'Waring & Gillows Fine Bedsteads' Advert

'With The Serbian Boy Scouts: Sword Practice' - - - 'With The Serbian Boy Scouts: Boxing'

'The Expert Typist, (carbon duplicating) Kenric & Jefferson' Advert

'harrods New Bags and Cases. London SW 1' Advert

'Perfection in Service Topcoats, Tielocken Burberry Weatherproof, Burberrys Haymarket SW 1' Advert

'A Clever Adaptation to Circumstances: The Travelling Case of an Aeroplane Converted into A Living Hut by a French Airman in Serbia '

'Delta, Lotus Shoes' Advert

'Scarce and Dear Meat' Recipes for Meatless Sausages and Rock Scones. An advert for Yorkshire Relish and Egg Powder, Goodall, Backhouse & Co Leeds


'At Le Puy in France, Where the Polish Legion has its Headquarters colonel De Raucourt Delivering an Address' - - - 'At Le Puy in France: The Corps Marching Past After Being Addressed'

'The Swan Fount Pen' Advert

'Harrods Military Footwear' advert

'Williamson & Cole, Covers Curtains Carpets' advert

'Cafe Au Lait As Served in Paris' Advert

'Chess Problem by H. F. L. Meyer '

'Perrys Pens'

'Vichy Celestins French Mineral Water' Advert

'Debenham & Freebody, Model Black Pedal Hat ' Advert

'The Ex Premiers Car: Mr Asquiths Wolseley fitted with a Lyon Spencer Container'

'An Interesting Car: A Post War Lanchester Model'

'Bells Three Nuns Tobacco' advert

And more adverts of The Day

Also various articles (no pictures unless mentioned above) including:
' Dover Straits: What The Waters Hide by Archibald Hurd'

'The Russian Anarchy: Origin of Leninism by E. B. Osborn'

'A Word for The Goat by S. L. Bensusan' on goat as a food source

'Our Note Book by G. K. Chesterton'

'The World of Flight: The Fighting Equipment of Aeroplanes by C. Grey editor of The Aeroplane'

'Science Jottings on State Paid Doctors by F. L.'

'New Novels includes "The Bag of Saffron" by Baroness von Hutten

'Prime Ministers Wives '

'the Chronicles of The Car by W.W.'

March 9th

siberia railway map

'Leading Statesmen of Japan: Maker of a Momentous Speech on Japenese Policy: Viscount Motono '

'The Japanese Ambassador in London: Viscount Chinda'

'Japans Ambassador Withdrawn From petrograd: Viscount Uchida'

'The japanese parliament in Session: A Debate in the Lower House, The Prime Minister Speaking' 'A Famous Irish patriot Who Was Loyal To The Empire: The Late Mr John Redmond'

'Where the Udrainian Government Has Been Sitting: The New Republics Headquarters'

'including a Red hat: the Uniform Worn by Troops of the Ukraine Republic'

'A Leader of the Ukrainian Army: General Sursular, A Tartar with Head Shaved'

'Said to Have Commanded Ukrainians in the Kieff Fighting: Gen. Petljura, War Minister'

'Leaving ieff to Fight The Forces of the Bolsheviks: Troops of the ukrainian Army'

'President of the Rada and Called Father of the Ukraine: Professor Grushefski With His Ministers'

'Ensuring Warm Trenches in the British Lines: Charcoal Kilns in a French Forest'

'Charcoal Burners at Work: Indians of a British Labour Corps Removing Charcoal From a Kiln for Despatch to the Trenches'

'camouflage is a Retail as Well As A Wholesale Necessity: An Ingenious American observers Example of the Art on The Western Front' Full page

Tree climbers camouflage - "Cloak of Invisbility" !


'Fallen in the British Lines in france: A Gotha Which Landed Upside Down

'Fallen in the British Lines in France: One of the Engines (side view) of a Gotha Which Landed Upside Down in OUr Lines in France'

'The Food Situation in this Country Compared With That in Germany andAustria: Relative Rations and Supplies or Absence Thereof, Shown in Diagram' Wonderful full page

'At Part of OUr New Lien Near St Quentin: Some of the Neatley Finished French Dug OUts Now Houseing British Officers'

'After The Arrival of the British Troops in the Sector Taken Over From the French near St Quentin: An Irish Battalion padre Having a Talk with Some Men One Evening'

'In Rear of the Former French Front Now Held by The British: A French Transport Column Withdrawing and British Transport Column Moving Up'

'One of Our Battalions With Its Drums and Fifes playing Passing Through a French Reserves Cantonment'

'On Occupying One of the Front Line Trenches Evacuated by The French a SHort Time Before: Setting Details Straight and Clearing Up some Fallen in soil'

'At Night After our Taking Possession: Company Orderlies With Rations From a Limber Driven as Near The Front as Safety Permitted'

Essex men Resolve To Fight to The Death: Onew of the Most Heroic Episodes of the War - '..."This Most Galant Company Held a Council of War...It Was Determined to Have No Surrender": The Last Stand of the Essex Men at Moeuvres' Wonderful double page drawn by R. Caton Woodville. Men of the West Ham Battalion

'The Military Pigeon Post Service Connected With the Great Tank Bank Campaign i Trafalgar Square: Fixing The Application for Bonds to the Bird at a Londoners Front Door' Full page

'Visiting Versailles: The Chief of the Imperial General Staff: General Sir Henry Hughes Wilson' Full page

'Paris Monuments Protected Against Enemy Aircraft Bombs: Rudes Marseillaise on the Arc De Triomphe de L'Etoile' - - - 'Anti Aircraft Protection at Paris: The Sculptured Doors of Notre Dame Sand Bagged'

Paris Sand Bagged - 'Van Cleves Rivers at The Tuileries' - - - 'Marlys Horses in the Place de La Concorde' - - - 'The Carrousel Arch' - - -'At the Base of the Vendome Column' - - -'In Tghe Luxembourg Gardens: The Medici Fountain Under Anti AircraftCover' - - - Safeguarding Carpeaux's Statuart Group, The Dance'

'The British in Italy - Wading in Ice Cold Water: A British Raqiding party Crossing The Piave By Night' Full page sketch by A Forestier from Material supplied by an Eye witness

'How the Cost of Production is Met by The Bovril Co.' Full page advert

'Fashion - Crepe and Silk Spring Dress at Messrs Libertys - - An Artistic Jumper Frock at Messrs Libertys'

'Harrods Settee' Advert

'A Well Known Newspaper Proprietor an dSportsman: The Late mr Alan Lupton Driving a Four in Hand'

'Oxo and Potato Cakes Advert

oxo advert


'A Converted Napier: Doing Useful Work in East Africa' a Lorry

Also various articles including:
'The War Debt: How Shall We Pay It by E. B. Osborn'

'Coarse v. Game: The Fish of Our Inldna Waters by S. L. Bensusan'

'Our Note Book by G. K. Chesterton'

'The World of flight: What is a Battle plane? by C. G. Grey'

'Science Jottings, Rabbits and Whales and our Food Supply by W. P. Pycraft'

'Ladies Page by Filomena'

'The Chronicle of the Car by W. W.

March 16th

Birds in place of wireless: The seaplane pigeon-service

bird wireless


March 23rd

German food substitutes

Meat: The substitute for meat is made of ox blood. The substance used for the manufacture of war sausage consists of coagulated blood albumen bleached with peroxide

of hydrogen. At one time too, there was a vegetable meat on the market, this consisted mainly of wood glucose dyed red

Bread "stretchers" Sawdust, sand, chalk, powdered hay, quartz, icelandic moss, Lupin preparations, Beech kernels, Horse chestnut meal, tree bark and heather

german food substitutes 1

german food subs 2

german food subs text


March 30th

The allotment to the rescue by SL Bensusan


The need of Nitrogen: The air as a source of supply


The Capture of Jericho

' The Hill Road From Jerusalem to Jericho ...'

' Approaching Jericho from The West ...'

' The Hotel at Jericho - Mounting Guard '

' New Zealanders, Quartered in the Village, Riding to HQ ...'

' A New Zealand Mounted Detachment Galloping Through Jericho, Finally Capturing the Village ...'

' The Main street in Jericho ...'

Full page


' At a Medal Distribution By The Viceroy at Delhi ...'

' A German Gotha Brought Down in paris near Chateau Thierry '

' A Gotha on View by Rodins Burghers of Calais '

Italy ' A Coffin on a Cable Way - Alpini on Monte Adamello Saluting the Coffin of an Italian Officer KIlled in Action ...' wonderful full page sketch in sepia style drawn by George Scott

Italy ' An Air Raid in Padua Ital - Paduans Sheltering in teh Cellars of an Ancient Palace ' another wonderful full page drawing by George Scott

' A part of Alpini Resisting Gemans to the Death on Mount Solarolo - A Fight To the Death With Stones ' a double page "Drawn by H. W. Koekkoek from Sketches by Our War Artist in Italy Julius M. Price "

heroic alpini

' A French Merchant Ship Sunk by a Submarine - Six Photographs Illustrating the sinking of the vessel after being torpeod - The last photo showing the crew rescued on board a british patrol boat

' Destroyers on Patrol - An Evening Seascape, Destroyers in Formation ...' Full pae drawing in sepia style

British Army and Navy Leave Club Paris

' The British Army and Navy Leave Club in The Hotel Moderne, Place de la Republique in Paris - A scene of soldiers, One in a kilt, many from Canada Australia New Zealand and South Africa dancing with Nurses ' a happy double page drawn by J. Simont

' The Street Notice Board directing Men to the British Army and Navy Leave Club in Miel Paris - Place de la Republique ' drawn by J. Simont

' A Whist Drive at the Club ' drawn by J. Simont

' A list of Excursions at the Entrance of the Club ' drawn by J. Simont

' Miss Decima Moore One of the Hon. Secretaries of the Club ' a lovely sketch drawn by J. Simont - She was a British actress and singer

' Entertainment in the Club ' drawn by J. Simont

' An Interval During a Dance ...' full page drawn by J. Simont


' A Paris Tube Station as Air Raid Shelter '

' A French Aeroplane at Venice - On the Lido '

' The Sorbonne Meeting on the Anniversary of theBordeaux Protest of 1871 - The Restitution of Alsace and Lorraine ' Full page

' Cameron Safety Self Fillers - Waverley Nib - Hindoo Nib - J Nib - Bankers Nib - Normal Nib ' advert for fountain pens

' The 1918 Burberry - Service Weatherproof ' advert

' Religion at the Front: British Officers and Men Attending a Holy Communion in a Chalk Cave - The British Army Chaplain at The Altar '

' Delta Boots ' shoe advert

' Price List for Gamages Officers Kit for France ' advert

' Harrods Military Kit Bags 72/6d. ' advert

' A Shrine in a Village on the Western Front '

' The British Western Front - Salvaging Steel Girders From a Wrecked Factory For Military Use ...'

' WAAC and WRNS - Recruiting Drive Sponsored by Players Navy Cut Cigarettes John Player and Sons ' recruitment advert

' Harrods Fine Reproduction Cabinet £45 0s 0d ' advet

' Venus Pencils ' advert

' Buick Cars By General Motors ' advert ' Bynogen Brings Health ' advert

' Spinet Cigarettes ' advert

' Mazda Lamps ' advert

' An Indian Sapper Looking for a Break in a Cable - Mesopotamia '

' The Hudson Super SIx Car ' advert

' G. E. Lewis and Sons World Renowned Guns ' advert

' Cavenders Army Club Cigarettes - The American - The Canadian ' a full page red tinted comical sketch by Will Owen

Also articles (no engravings) including
The Allotment to the Rescue by S. L. Bensusan

TheAmerican Soldier: First Class Fighting Man by E. B. Osborn

The Need of Nitrogen: The Air as a Source of Supply by FL

Our Note Book by G. K. Chesterton

The World of Flight - The bombing Offensive Against Germany by C. G. Grey Editor of The Aeroplane

Chronicle of the Car by WW

April 6th

The Tame rabbit for food by SL Bensusan

rabbits for food

April 13th

rescue from shell hole

Battle on the Western front : Rescue from a shell hole

April 20th

Electricity and Allotments

electicity and allotments


April 27th

' The Earl of Derby Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary on a Special Mission to French Government '

' The Exposer of Austrian Duplicity: M. Clemenceau The French Premier on the Canadian Front '

' Viscount Milner Secretary of State for War '

' Mr Austen Chamberlain Member of the War Cabinet '

' Baron Burian Austro Hungarian Foreign Minister '

' Lord Bertie Ambassador to France who Recently Fell Ill '

' On Board One of the Monitors Whose SHells Seach Enemy Coast Batteries: Amidships Before Moving Up to Open Action '

' In Rear of a British Monitors 6 inch Gun Armoured Casemate before Action ' shows the sailors on board

' A German Submarine Standing by to Send a Boarding part to the SHip: The Stopping of a Spanish MAil steamer off Cadiz '


Across The War Area: In Greece, France, Flanders and London

' Before Their own Regimental Standards: American and French officers Being Decorated on parade '

' A Notable Event of theDuke of Connaughts Recent Tour: With King Alexander of Greece at an Athens Review '

' The Great Battle: Sir Douglas Haig Complimenting the Brigadier of a Canadian Force and His Battlaion Commanders ' ' Home Front War Workers: Queen Marys Army Auxiliary Corps WAACS Entering St Pauls for the Special Service '

' Home Front War Workers: Members of the Womens Forestry Section, The Womens Land Army i the Hyde Park Procession '

Curiosities of War: Humour and Ingenuity at the Front

' Overseas Men Adopt a Weird Compound of Welsh Place Names for THeir Camp: Humorous Canadians and Their Cat '

' The Ingenuity of Thomas (tommy) Atkins: A British Soldier Building a Rampart of Biscuit Tins '

' A British Tyre Pressing Depot in France: BRinging in a Motor Tyre to be Renewed '

' Forcing a Tyre on a Lorry Wheel B y Hydraulic Pressure: At A British Military Tyre Press '

' Fixing Detonators of Mills Bombs: A Scene in the Canadian Reserve Lines at the Front '

' Made of Half Inch Krupp Steel - A Heavy German Snipers Mask Captured by the Canadians '

' During The German Offensive: A British Fighting Plane Setting Out to Engage Enemy Planes '

' On The Somme Front About Midway Between Peronne and Amiens - sussex Men Stubbornly Resisting the German Advance Above Morcourt on March 25 ' wonderful full page "Drawn by A. Forestier From Material Supplied by an Eye Witness"

' A Bombay Memorial of the Landing of the King And Queen in 1912 - A Diver off the Apollo Bunder Signalling By Showing a Hand Above Water During The Depositing of Concrete Bags '

' A Bombay Memorial Commemorating The Landing at The Apollo Bunder of the King and Queen for Coronation as Emperor and Empress of Indiain 1912: The Extension works for " The Gateway To India " in Progress Under The Bombay Port Trust Authorities ' Mumbai

' Our Fighting Retreat From Armentieres : The Five Days Defence of Erquinghem - On the Line of THe Lys in the Great Battle, British First Line Trenches Before Erquinghem Showing the Village with a Factory on FIre ' Another wonderful full page "Drawn by H. W. Koekkoek From Material Supplied By an Eye Witness '


The Great Battle: Where Some of the Fiercest Fighting Has Taken Place; and Elsewhere in the Front Line

' Near Messines, Taken By THe Enemy and Retaken By US: R.E. Digging A Communication Trench '

' The Battlefield Round Wytschaete - The Scarred and Shell Ploughted Ground on ht Village Outskirts: Ruins of Houses Beyond '

' Earthed and Capsized in No Mans Land: A German Two Seater Plane Whose Occupants Were Captured in Trying To Escape '

' During A Lull in the Fighting: Australian Soldier Cooks Getting a Hot Meal Ready '

' Nemo Me Impune LAcessit - London Scottish Who Have Done Rough Fighting, a Company Paraded for Roll Call '

' ON Vimy Ridge: Pioneers Felling A Tree Damaged by shells WHich Threatened to Fall on a Canadian Trench '

' The Soldiers Fighting Kit As Worn By Men When In th eFighting Line: Canadian Reserves Entraining For the Battlefield '

' Feeding The Guns by Hand: artillerymen Carrying Up Shells To Their Battery From A Magazine In a Battlefield Village '

' Outside A Field Hospital During Action: Walking Wounded (and one man carried pick a back) With LAbels Stating Their Injuries '

Double page


' The Great Battle: A British Field Artillery Battery in Close Action With Gas Masked Gunners ' atmospheric double page "Drawn by J. Simont "


Aided By Reds and Whites: Our Petrograd Embassy

' British Military Attache: Lieut Col. Thornhill with M. Lekhtimaki, A "Red" Officer '

' Both Reds and Whites Whowed Every Courtsy: A Red Guard Scout on Ski '

' Finns Who HaveServed in the German Army: A White Officer and NCO '

' Fired on By White Guards, By Mistake: Capt. Steveni MC - Prof. Cotter - Lieut Hitching RE of Col. Thornhills Party '

' A British Officer in a Group of Finnish Red Guards: Capt Steveni MC '

' Where The Railway Was Blown up and They Took to Sleighs: capt. Steveni '

' Flying The Union Jack: The Leading WHite Guard Sleigh Which Headed The Convoy '

' Pofessor Cotter, Interpreter in Finnish and M. August Wesley, Red Chief of Staff '


Where Germany Profits by Civil War: Finland And The Aalands

' After Street Figthting: The Telephone Exchange Burnt at Uleaborg in Northern Finland '

' Finnish Conservative Forces Who Called in the Germans: Young Recruits of the White Guards '

' Before The Evacuation of the Aaland Islands By The Swedish Protective Expedition: Swedish Ships in the Ice at Eckeroe '

' The Evacuation of the Aaland Islands by Finnish White Guards: Swedish Troops Saluting THem '

' In One of the Aaland Islands: A Party of White Guards Surrendereing their Arms to swedish Troops '


Killed in Action - ' For King and Country: Officers on the Roll of Honour '

2nd Lt. J. H. Higginson RFA of Buckingham Canada

Capt. Cyril M. Hadden Royal Scots Fusiliers

Lieut Ebenezer Maclay Scots Guards Son of Sir Joseph Maclay the Shipping Controller

Captain A. W. Field RFC

Captain H. Clifford Stroud RFC Son of Professor Stroud Armstrong College, Newcastle

Maj. T. A. Swinburne DSO RE of Pontop Hall Durham

Brig. Major S. J. Paget Son of the Bishop of Stepney

Major Noel W. Freeman RFA of Westbourne Terrace

Maj. De La Cour Corbett Indian Army

Major E. J. Tyson DSI C RFC

Lieut Col. N. B. Elliott-Cooper VC DSO MC Royal Fusiliers of Prince's Gate SW

Major F. M. King Kings R. Rifle Corps

Maj. G. P. Nunneley MC Beds Regt.

Lieut. Col H. S. C. Peyton MC Rifle Brigade

Major Sydney H. Baker Gloucester Regt

Major R. Guy Purcell RGA

Lieut Col H. W. Festing

Lieut Kenneth F. A. Wallas RN

Miss Edith Barker VAD Died on Active duty in France

2nd Lieut T. H. Trevor Shiel Dorset Regt of Roscommon

Capt. C. E. A. Wilson RAMC son of late Rev A. Wilson of Bedford Park

Full page of photographs of the officers

' During The German Offensive: An Artillery Officer Carrying on Amid Ruins '

' Gamages Officers Kit ' price list

' During thee German Offensive: Canadisns Relieved From the Line Cleaning Clotyhes and Equipment in a Reserve Line '

' During the German Offensive: Barbed Wire Being Taken to Our New Line '

' Harrods Silverware ' Advert

' Freeman Hardy & Willis Shoes ' advert

' The Queen and Princess Mary at Windsor on St George's Day: Welcomed By the Mayor in the Market Place '

' S tGeorge's Day at Windsor: Princess Alice, Countess of Athlone at Her Stall with General Carteret-Carey and Her Little Daughter Lady May Cambridge ' ( later Lady May Abel Smith ) ' Burberry Naval Kit ' advert

' Treloars Floor Coverings ' advert

' The Women of Pervyse: The Baroness T'Serclaes and Miss Mairi Chisholm ' next to a Wolseley Ambulance, later the ladies had been badly gassed

' A Lalbour Saving Device: The Automatic Mono Wheel Stretcher Carrier'

' Greys Cigarettes ' full page advert

' Charles Baker & Co Correct College and School OUtfits ' advert showing two examples

And more adverts of The Day

Also articles (no engravings unless listed above) including
' General Foch The Allied Leader by Charles Dawbarn '

' Ludi Humaniores: a Plea for Cricket by E. B. Osborn '

' Great Guns: Monster Cannon of Days Gone By. by J. W. Hicks FRAS

' Our Note Book by G. K. Chesterton'

' The World of Flight -The Effects of Wind in Air Fighting by C. G. Grey

' Science Jottings - CThe Carriers of Typhoid by FL

' The Chronicle of The Car by W. W. '

May 11th

'A Tank Band at a Camp Helping to Cheer Up Refugees Form The Battle Area'

'The New Belgian Steel Trench Sentry Helmet: The Vizor Up'

'With General Marshalls Toops in Mesopotamia: Meat Rations Following The Army'

The Great Battle - German Sacrilege, Sheer and Wanton: Sldiers off Duty Looking Round In A Descrated Cemetery'

'US War Developments: RedCross Workers Who Have Undertaken to Supply Passing Troops En Route with Coffee and Cigarettes'

'At A Tyne Shipyard - The Mould Loft, An Indespensable Constuctors Department: Shaping Life Size Model Details for The Building Slips'

'A Specialy Effective Device For Destroying U Boats: An Italian Depth Charge Dropping Gear Ready Loaded'

'At The British Headquarter Station in the Far East: Hong Kong Racecourse Fire Disaster When over 600 Lives Were Lost - The Collapsed Stand Burning'

'The New Belgian Steel Trench Sentry: The Vizor Down'

'In The US: Mr Marcus M. Marks, The National Daylight Saving Association President, Telephoning to The Metropolitan Tower at 2 am To Advance Clocks an Hour'

'The Great Battle - Among Refugee Peasants, Fleeing From A Devastated Area: Kindly Encouragment From British Soldiers'

Jordan: Australians at Es Salt, Since Evacuated - 'Built By British To Replace a concrete One Destroyed by The Turks: A Pontoon Bridge over The Jordan At El Ghoraniyeh'

'Where the Turks Were Repulsed on April 11: The Pontoon Bridge at El Ghoraniyeh - Camel Transport Crossing'

'In The Main Street at Es Salt: Australian Mounte Men Resting'

'Twice Entered By The British And Twice Evacuated: Es Salt - London Scottish, Headed by Pipers, Marching Through'

'East And West Meet Over a Cigarette: A Roadside Group as London Troops Were Advancing Through Es Salt at Dawn'

'A british Advnace Through Es Salt at Dawn: Stretcher Bearers With Camel Transport on The Road

'appointed Master of The Rolls: The Right Hon. Lord Justice Sir Charles Swinfen Eady'

'Appointed Chief Secretary for Ireland: Mr Edward Shortt KC MP'

'Appointed Secretary of State For The Royal Air Force: Sir William Weir'

'Earning Their Keep by Healthy Occupation, And Helping to Defeat Their Own Country's Submarine Policy: German Prisoners Employed on Agricultural Work "somewhere" in England, Under Military Guard' Full page

'Allied Artillery Co-operating Before Amiens: With French Batteries on the Right and British on The Left, and British Troops in the Foreground - An Artillery Action Against German Positions' Double page

'The Great Battle: A Day Bombing Squadron in France; Some of the Big Bombing Machines'

'The Great Battle: An RAF Scout Being Tuned up for a Stunt'

'As Caught at Work When Our Leading Ships SIghted Her: A German Armed Trawler Mine Laying and Sweeping in the Cattegat '

German Armed Trawler 'Their Crews Were Saved by The British Ships: One of the Batch of Grman Prisoners Lined Up on Deck After Being Recued'

German Armed Trawler 'Holed Under Water an Beginning to Sink: One of the German Vessels Shortley After Being Dealt With'

German Armed Trawler 'Just Before the Final plunge: Another of the Ten Grman Armed Trawlers Going Down by The Stern

German Armed Trawler 'What a Prisoner Said He Had Not Tasted For Two Years: Hot Tea - Our Way of Treating Enemies After Action'

'Life Saving Work on The Trade Routes: A British Destroyer Coming Into Port with People Rescued From a U Boats Victim'

Earthquake Havoc in Guatemala 'As It Was Before thre Earthquake: The Central Railway Station im Guatemala City'

'After The Earthquake That Destroyede Guatemala City: Ruins of the Central Railway station'

'Before The Earthquake: The Fine Cathedral of Guatemala City'

'The Cathedral After The Earthquake: A Complete Ruin With ts Towers and Dome Fallen'

'Ruins of the BritishConsuls House: Havoc Typical of Thousands of Similar Buildings'

'Worse Than a german Bombardment: The Interior of the Church of Santa Clara'

'Ruins of the British Legation in Guatemala City: A Photograph Taken Shortley After The Great Earthquake'

'The British Legation Carrying On After the Earthquake: Temporary Offices, DIsplaying The Coat of Arms'

'The Royal Academy: 'Nelson at The Council of War Before Copenhagen 1801 by Arthur D. McCormick' - - - 'Afternoon Prayers at Westminster School in War time by Fred Roe' - - - The First Printing Press Set Up in Bristol by T. C. Gotch' - - - The Adoration of the Three Kings by Glyn Philpot ARA' - - - Edward IV Being Entertained By William Canynge, Mayor of Btristol by Ernest Board' - - - Their Majesties King George V and Queen Mary Visiting the Battle Districts of France by Frank O. Salisbury, Panel for the Royal Exchange

War Time Art Including Battle Pictures and Memorial Sculptures: - 'The Battle of Boulon Wood, 30 Nov 1917 by W. L. Wyllie RA' - - - 'Admiral Beatty's Battle Cruisers, Windy Corner, 31 May 1916 by W. L. Wyllie RA' - - - Gren Shutters - Viaticum, Belgium by Frank Spenlove Spenlove' - - - 'The Altar: A Study of Mourning Widowhood by J. Charles Dollman' - - - Memorial to the Hon John Manners, Lieut. 2nd Battalion Grenadier Guards, Killed At Villers Cotterets, france, September 1, 1914 by Bertram Mackennal ARA'

War Time Art Including Battle Pictures and Memorial Sculptures: - '..." Air": Model of a Granite Figure for the Engine Room Heroes Memorial by Sir W. Goscombe John RA' - - - 'Bringing Up The Guns: A Pictorial Tribute to The Work of the Royal Field Artillery byt H. Septimus Power' - - - 'Error in Pay: A Work of Original Conception Illustrating The Relations betwen Master and Man at A Factory on Pay Day by Anna Airy'

'Officers on the Roll of Honour: - 'Major C. F. T. Lindsay RFA Second son of Lt Col Morgan Lindsay, Ystrad Mynach, Glamorganshire and Glasnevin House, Co Dublin' - - - 'Lieut. Archibald T. F. Lindsay, RE Third son of Lieut Col. Morgan Lindsay, Ystrad Mynach, Glamorganshire and Glasnevin House, Co Dublin' - - - Lieut Col John S. Collings-'Wells VC DSO, Bedford Regt of Caddington Hall, Dunstable, Awarded Posthumously the VC' - - - 'Captain W. Lister Read MC, Cheshire Regt, of Moorfield, Heath Rd Stockport. Officially reported as having been killed in Action' - - - 'Major D. C. Stephenson DSO MC, Royal Horse Artillery' - - - 'Major Noel S. Thornton, Rifle Brigade Youngest Son of the Rev John and Mrs Thornton, of Betchworth Surrey' - - - 'Brig. Gen.Robert Gore CB CMG., Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, Mentioned in Despatches' - - - 'Lt. Col. S. R. Sebastian, MC, oxon and Bucks LI of Lexham Gardens, W.' - - - 'Lieut. Col. John E. C. Darley, Hussars of Violet Hill, Bray, Co Wicklow, Irelannd' - - - 'Lieut. Col L. J. Le Fleming, East Surrey Regiment, Youngest son of Mr and Mrs Le Fleming, Eton House, Tonbridge, Kent' - - - Major O. Wakeford, Royal Garrison Artillery, Died of Wounds' - - - 'Lieut Col. Trevor Carus_Wilson DSO D. Of Cornwalls LI of Penmount, Truro, Thrice Mentioned in Despatches' - - - 'Lieut Col. Cecil B. Morgan DSO, Durham Light Infantry, Distinguished service record, South African War' - - - Major Geoffrey Neame MC RFA Son of Mr and Mrs Frederick Neame of Colkins, Faversham' - - - 'Captain W. S. Strachan, RE, Consulting Engineer and a Nephew of the Late W. T. Stead'

'Lieut. Leslie Charles Gladden, Essex Regiment, Youngest son of MR Frank G. Gladden of 60 Selwyn Ave, Richmond SW. Killed in action aged 19' - - - Capt. E. S. Apin, Worcester Regt, of Clinton Lodge, Budleigh Salterton, South Devon' - - - 'Major Herbert Whitehouse RFA Son of Mr Philip Whitehouse, Moorfields Church Lane Handsworth Wood Birmingham'

'A Modern Version of the Story of Danae and The Shower of Gold: "Danae Daylight and Lamplight" One of Mr Albert H. Collings Pictures in the Royal Academy'

'Cameron Pens, Safety Self Fillers' Advert

'Harrods Service Tailoring - Royal Air Force Uniform' Advert

' Burberry Kit for Tropical Campaigning - Burberrys Haymarket London SW1 & Boulevard Malesherbes Paris' Advert 'Achieving The Unattainable: A Fiat Traction Motor at Work in The Alps'

'Mellins Baby Food, Peckham, London SE 15' Advert

'Lotus Shoes, Delta' Advert

;'Where the Bodies of Many of the Drowned in The Lusitania Rest: One of the Three Laarge Graves at Queenstown'

'Harrods Aviation Boots' Advert

'J. C. Vickery Lovely Hand Bags' advert

'A Work of Mercy: Food For Sufferers in Jerusalem'

'Leaving The Wolseley Works: Transport Lorries and Armoured Cars'

'The Napier Six Cylinder Motor Carriage' Advert

'Pears Soap: Womanhood in War Time Series, On The Allotment' Full page advert

'Linen Coat and Skirt by Robinson & Cleaver' Advert

And more adverts of The Day

Also various articles including:
'The Heroism of the Stokehold by Archibald Hurd'

'Will America Produce a Great General? By E. B. Osborn'

'The Harvest of Hedgerow and Meadow by S. L. Bensusan'

'Our Note Book by G. K. Chesterton'

'The World of Flight: America and The Air Problem by C. G. Grey Editor fo The Aeroplane'

'Science Jottings

'The Stranger Within Our Gates by W. P. Pycraft'

'The Naval Officer & The Little Grey Books - Pelmanism'

'The Nutriment of a War Food' Codensed Milk etc 'The Playhouses, Uncle ANyhow at The HAymarket & Rotch Potch at The Duke of York


May 25th

price ninepence and features prints from engravings (often with descriptive articles) including:

Home Events: 'Brought Down During The Raid on London of Whit Sunday Night, A Destroyed German Aeroplane' - 'One of the Seven Accounted for During the Raid on London, Wreckage of a German Aeroplane'

Home Events: 'Arrested in Ireland: The Countess Markievicz '

'The Sinn Fein Leader Arrested at Greystones: Mr Edmund De Valera MP' - 'A Novelist Sinn Feiner Arrested: Mr Darrel Figgis' - 'A Sinn Feiner Arrested in Ireland: Mr Joseph McGuinness MP' - 'One of The Arrested Sinn Feiners: Mr John McGarry'

Home Events: 'Son in Law of Count Plunkett: Dr Thomas Dillon, Arrested' - 'A Prominent Sinn Feiner Arrested in Dublin: Count Plunkett MP' - 'The Treasurer of The Sinn Fein Movement Arrested: Mr Willliam Cosgrave'

Home Events: 'The Donor of Dryburgh Abbey to The Nation Announcing His Gift, Lord Glenconner, The Duke of Atholl, Lady Glenconner' - 'Containing The Tombn of Scott: Dryburgh Abbeyk Given to The Nation by Lord Glenconner, The Presentation Ceremony'

Bombers of Cologne and Western Germany, At Their Camps 'On the Eve of An Allied Air Offensive, At A French Aviation Camp a Bigt Bombing Plane Preparing to Leave the Gound' - 'Under Orders for an Air Raid into germany: One of Our Very Large RAF Bombing Machines Being Got Ready' - 'Loading up a Big British Bombing Plane for Germany: Assembling Bombs Ready for Stowing on Board' - 'Seeing All in Order for Setting Off: Final details and Filling Up of Petrol Tanks in Readiness for the Airmen to take their Seats' - 'Shortley before the Airmen Go On Board: A Final Checking of Map Routes While the Mechabnics Finish the Tuning Up'

'The Kings Certificate on Discharge: The Design for The Army' - 'Kings Certificate on Discharge: The Design for The Army'

A Famous Artists Work at The Front: Orpen War Pictures 'At Corcelette: The End of A Hero; And a Tank' - 'A Place of Tragic Memories: The Butte de Wallencourt' - 'With Its Crew Stripped to The Waist For Their Arduous Work: A Howitzer in Action'

The World of Flight, Groundlings in the Flying Services 'On The Western Front: Pilots Exchanging Notes on The Work Before Them While a Battle Plane is Got Ready to Start' - 'A Flying Kamerad: A Newly Captured German Machine At A British Air Force Depot near the Front'

A Famous Painter as War Artist: An Orpen Exhibition 'Captain J. B. M'Cudden VC: An Orpen Portrait of a Famous Airman' - 'At Cassel: The Household Brigade Passing To The Ypres Salient' - 'A Portrait of the Artist By Himself: Ready to Start, Major Orpen in War Kit'

'Bombing at Night: A Group During An Enemy Air Raid near the Front'

'How The Distribution of Meat is Governed By The Food Controller: Diagrams Illustrating The System of Food Control Areas and Districts' full page

'From Field To Kitchn: The Channels of Meat Distribution Under The Ministry of Food: Diagrams Showing How Meat Travels From The Farmer to The Consumer' Full page

'A Modern Version of the Sythe Chariot, An Armoured Cars Dash Through the Enemy: Dashing Through a Village Crowded with German Troops, After Expending All Its Machine Gun Ammunition: A Heroic Exploit By a French Armoured Car' Full page drawn by George Scott

'Night at a French Corps Headquarters, A Call During The Great Battle. A Message FRom the Battle Line: The Officer on Night Duty Answering a Ring From the Fighting Zone on the Telephone Set on a Chair by His Bed' Full page drawn by George Scott

'Rolling Over and Over in Mid Air Through Seven Foes: A British Airmans Wonderful aerial Acrobatics. He Rolled Continuously From 12000 ft to 2000 ft with The Whold German Squadron Blazing Away at Him "Tubby's" Escape by Eel Like Tactics' Double page by C. Fleming Williams

Science Jottings: 'Mining A Road: Engineers at Work on the British Front in France' - 'A Tram Car as Communal Kitchen: An Ingenious Municipal Experiment at Halifax'

'The Chapel Royal at Hampton Court and Its Precincts' Full page

Photos of each officer 'For King and Country: Officers on The Roll of Honour - Captain Michael Chapman, Grenadier Guards of Surrey - Lieutenant W. D. Featherstone MC RFA Son of Dr and Mres Featherston, The Grove Erdington, Birmingham - Nurse E. D. Pepper, Nursing Service, Died while on active service' - '2nd Lieutenant Reginald T. Dent of Flars, Westmorland killed at the Somme' - 'Lieutenant Noel Roland Abbey, Grenadier Guards of The Drive, Hove' - 'Lieut. Horation Spencer Walpole Coldstream Guards, of Montpelier Square, SW' - 'Lieut Col. H. F. irkpatrick DSO, The Buffs' - 'Captain R. P. L. Dallas MC, Northuberland Fusiliers of Marlborough Mansions, Hampstead' - ' Kt, Col. Oswyn St Leger Davies of Llanwrda, Carmarthenshire' - 'Lieut W. Sproston - Allen RFA of Penraevon, Newton Park, Leeds' - 'Major J. J. Banham, Royal Sussex Regiment' - 'Captain Charles Inglis Clark B.Sc, ASC of London Road, Edinburgh and Rosslyn, 'With The Amnerican Expeditionary Force in France: US Soldiers with Captured German Flame Throwers, Front View' - 'With The American Expeditionary Force in France: US Soldiers With Captured German Flame Throwers, Back View'

'On The Western Front: Big Briish Guns Shelling the Enemys Back Area

' WAACS v. TOMMIES: A Game of Basket Ball' France

'A Ubiquitous Car: A Wolseley in Batavia'

'The Beneficent Side: A Delicate Operation' a nurse at The BSA Works Birmingham'

June 1st

At The Front and At Home 'Jocks in Action: Scottish Soldiers in a shell Shattered Village'

At The Front and At Home 'A Great Depot for Salvage From Th eFront: Women at A Dump a Train Alongside'

At The Front and At Home 'Allies Indeed: French Troops on their Way to Fight Beside The British'

At The Front and At Home Women Loading Railway Wagons: A Depot for Salvage From The Front'

At The Front and At Home 'A Canal on The British Front: Wiring Fallen Trees, A Party Crossing a footbridge'

At The Front and At Home 'Ready for The Enemy: a Street Barricade in a Town Near The British Front'

At The Front and At Home 'In Action Amid The Ruins of a Shell Shattered Village: Scottish Soldiers'

At The Front and At Home The Acoldade at an Open Air Investiture: His Majesty Knighting Lieut. general Alexander Cobbe VC at Buckingham Palace'

At The Front and At Home Silver Stars for 1914 Special Constables, Shaking Hands with Colonel Sir Edward Ward and Inspector Ernest Wild KC'

At The Front and At Home A Procession of Intercession i Honour of Our Lady of Lourdes on Behalf of all Our Fighting Forces: Cardinal Bourne at Westminster Cathedral'

'Localities of the New German Offensive: A Map of The Scene of a New German Attack'

'And Against The French Troops Between Locre and Voomezelle: A panoramic View Including that District'

'The Arrest of Sinn Fein Leaders in Ireland: A part Under Escort Being Marched to a District Station to Entrain to Dublin'

'A Modern Note in War Illustration: We Are Making a New World by Paul Nash ans Official British War Artist'

'How Paris is Warned of air Raids, The New Alarm Syrens: The largest Size Syren, Six Horns' - - - 'A Type Used in Munition Works, Magazines and Aviation Camps, Worked by a Handle' - - - 'As Used in Factory Yards and Arsenals, A Twin Horn Syren worked by Crompressed Air Cylinders' - - - A Six Horn Worked by a Compressed Air Cylinder'

'RAF Photographic Activity: A Gun To Protect the Photographing Machine'

'Derelict on The Western Front: An Enemy Aeroplane Brought Down'

Kite Balloon Observers Life Belt, Parachutes in War: 'ite Baloon Observers Donning parachute Tackle' - - - An Observer on The Ground' - - - An Observer Watching His Parachute Being Packed' - - - Observers Watch The packing of a Parachute' - - - 'Showing One of their parachutes, observers in The Basket' - - - 'Showing Both Parachutes: A Kite Balloon Ascending' - - - 'Receiving Messages from Aloft, A Lorry Telephone Exchange'

'Zeebrugge Sealed: Block Ships and Bomb Holes Seen From The Air' Full page aerial view

'Bruges Canal Sealed: U Boats and German Craft Imprisoned' Full page arial view

'The Tale of a Stranded Whale'

For King and Country, Officers on The Roll of Honour: wnd Lieut Henry Biorn Homan RAF of St James Palace Glasgow

Capt Alwyn M. Allan Queens R W Surrey Regt North Gate, Regents Park and Whitby

Major Raoul Lufbery famous American Airman

Capt H. E. K. Stranger MC Royal Guernsey Light Infanrty of St Sampsons Guernsey

2nd Lieut james Graham Glendinning, Monmouthshire Regt Atch RAF of Abergavenny

Captain Harold Dunkerley RAMC of Bombay

Capt C. A. Fry Essex Regt., Atch Sussex Regt

Capt Edward budd MC, Irish Guards of tHe Briars Reigate Surrey

Capt Bernard William Arnold, Royal Field Artillery of Milton Hall, Milton Cum Gravesend, Kent

Capt J. O. G. Stuart MC of The Black Watch

2nd Lieut R. A. Mangin MM West Yorkshire Regt. of Bishopton, Ripon, Yorkshire

2nd Lieut John Noble Smith, RFA of Queen Anne Street, W & The Chalet, Heene Road, Worthing

2nd Lieut John Noel Gough, Royal Field Artillery of Northwich

Lt Charles Russell Hastings Ffolliott RAF Dartmouth

Major Charles Leyburn Wilkinson DSO, RFA, of Wylam on Tyne. Awarded the DSO for Gallantry at Arras

Lieut Col H. T. kay Robinson FIA DSO and Bar, Royal Sussex Regt of Walwyns Castle Pembrokeshire

'Major D. Ithel Ellis MC, Royal Field Artillery of Llanrwst

Major David Nelson VC, Royal Field Artillery

'When Tanks Meet Tank: The First Battle Between British and German Tanks, on The Western Front at Villers Bretonneux' Atmospheric double page sketch

'The Charge of the "Whippets": Our New Fast Tanks Disperse A Germam Brigade near Villers Bretonneux' Full page

'The Red Cross in a German Aerodrome! Photographic Evidence at Thionville' Aerial view

The Childrens Jewel Fund Sale: Some Notable Gift Lots To be Sold at Christies in Aid of Infant Welfare Centres: 'Lady Roxburgh, Fleur De lys Brooch - - - Lady Diana MAnners a Bow Brooch - - - The Duchess of Marlborough, 15 ?Row Dog Collar in Pearls - - - Mrs Cecil B aring, Aquamarine Diamone Corsage - - - Miss EllenTerry, A Jewelled Buckle - - - Mr Lloyd George, Pearl and Diamond Tie Pin - - - Mrs Winston Churchill, Jade Ornament - - - Queen Alexandra, A Russian Ash Tray - - - Lady Randolph Churchill, A Jewelled Top Gold Bag - - - Princess Victoria, Enamel Parl Diamond Buckle - - - Lady Bancroft, Bracelet worn by her as Peg Woffinghton - - - The countess of essex Diamongd Tiara' Full page

'Like a Banyan Tree' Advert. A ssketch of the Banyan trees

'On The Western Front in France: Message Bearers Coming Down a Shell Shattered Road'

'On The Western Front in France: French Troops Moving Up, British By The Roadside'

'Harrods Bedsteads' Advert

'A Wolseley Car'

'Economical and Reliable Power Production: the Austin Motor Company Ltd'


'The BuickCar' - - - 'A Vauxhall Car'

'Rolls Royce Engines' Advert

'On The French Front: a Captured German Body Armour'

'Sir Charles Sykes'


June 8th

'The French Army's Magnificent Fight: Cavalry on The Oise Front Doing Duty as Infantry' Full front page

Europe at War: Events in Italy, Portugal, Greece and France: 'The Prince of Wales arriving in Rome, Leaving The Station with The Duke of Genoa'

Europe at War: Events in Italy, Portugal, Greece and France: 'The Proclamation of the New Portugueswe President, Major Sidonio Paes (Saluting) Leaving The Hotel De Ville'

Europe at War: Events in Italy, Portugal, Greece and France: 'The Greek Army's Brilliant Victory in Macedonia: A Greek Regiment on The March to The Front, A Picturesque Scene in a Village Street'

Europe at War: Events in Italy, Portugal, Greece and France: 'A Sequel to The German Air Raids on Hospitals: The Funeral of Sister G. M. M. Wake A Canadian Nurse'

Europe at War: Events in Italy, Portugal, Greece and France: The Funeral of a Nurse Killed By a German Bomb: The Last Post at The Grave Side of Sister Wake' Another Canadian nurse was killed outright in the same raid according to the article. Although the modern day list names two nurses

'The Birthday Honours: Some Notable Recipients: ' A New Privy Councillor, Mr John Robert Clynes MP - - - A New Knight:, Sir Richard David Muir - - - A New Knight of The Garter, The Duke of Rutland - - - A New Baron , Sir William James Tatem BT JP - - - A New Knight, Sir John Merry Le Sage'

The Americans' First Big Thing in France: Cantigny Fight - 'The Opening of The US Infantry Attack on The German Entrenched Positions at Cantigny: The Americans Hopping From Their Trenches and Advancing; With French Tanks in Support'

'In The Ruins of Cantigny After The Enemy Had Been Driven Out: Holding The Place while The Searching Parties Brought up German Prisoners From underground Shelters'

'On The Western Front in France: An Aeroplane Making a Flight Over The German Lines To Observe The Enemys Movements, A Snapst From Another Plane'

British and US Observers Training Together: Aerial Gunnery - 'At An Observers School of Aerial Gunnery, Officers Loading the Lewis Gun Drums'

British and US Observers Training Together: Aerial Gunnery - 'At Their Posts on Board a Plane for a firing Practice Flight, An Officer Pilot and Observer Aloft'

British and US Observers Training Together: Aerial Gunnery - 'Training at Ground Level, A ewis Gun Officers Squad on The Sea Foreshor, Firing Practice at Targets Places Out at Sea'

British and US Observers Training Together: Aerial Gunnery - 'Target Practice Being Carried on From Both Mid Air and The Ground Surface'

British and US Observers Training Together: Aerial Gunnery - 'Instruction in The Manipulation of The Lewis Gun, And Taking Aim'

British and US Observers Training Together: Aerial Gunnery - 'An American Officers' Class Carrying Out Firing Practice Independently: Target Practice Along The Beach at a TTarget at Sea'

The United States Army At The Front - 'A Locomotive Repair Shop Built By The Americans in France'

The United States Army At The Front - 'An American Big Gun On Its Way to The Front'

The United States Army At The Front - 'A Company Leaving For the Front After Months of Training, Field Artillery'

The United States Army At The Front - 'American Infantry Marching to The Trenches'

The United States Army At The Front - 'A Gas Alarm in The Trenches, A Motor Horn Warning and American Soldiers in Gas Masks'

The United States Army At The Front - 'The American Air Service Signalling to US Aviators in Flight by Means of Ground Flags'

The United States Army At The Front - 'Long Range Guns and Men Standing at Attention: a Scene at An American Artillery Camp'

The United States Army At The Front - 'American Soldiers Standing Guard in a Look Out Trench in France'

'The United States Army At The Front - Daylight Practice With " Very " Bombs: American Signallers Communicating With Airmen in Flight at The Front'

The United States Army At The Front - 'Method of Signalling to American Aviators in Flight: " Very " Bombs Exploding High in the Air'

The United States Army At The Front - 'Receiving Wireless Messages From American Airmen in Flight: Operators Taking a Communication Transmitted from The Clouds'

Shelling Paris at 74 Milr Range: Long Bertha Seen From the Air - 'The German Long Range Bombardment of Paris at a Range of Over 70 miles: Three Positions of Super Guns Located By French Aeroplane Scouts'

'Long Bertha in Her Lair: A German Super Gun at Crepy, A French Airmans View of its Position'

'One of The German Long Range Guns That Shelled Paris: An Aproximate Reconstruction of The Crepy Emplacement'

Zeebrugge and Sea Warfare Mementos: War Museum Additions - 'The Original Plasticine Relief Map of The Harbour'

Zeebrugge and Sea Warfare Mementos: War Museum Additions - 'A Relic of The Late Lord Kitchener: A Broken Section of a Carley Float Life Raft From The" Hampshire "...'

Zeebrugge and Sea Warfare Mementos: War Museum Additions - 'A Relic From the Lusitania : A Life Belt from The Torpedoed Liner'

Zeebrugge and Sea Warfare Mementos: War Museum Additions - 'For Mooring U Boats Lying on The Sea Bottom: Mushroom Anchor of UC 5 '

Zeebrugge and Sea Warfare Mementos: War Museum Additions - A Trophy From a Capture off Harwich: Name Plate of UC 5 With Name of Builders and The Vessel's Number' - Vulcan Werke Hamburg und Stettin, Actiengesellschaft 41c UC5 1915

Zeebrugge and Sea Warfare Mementos: War Museum Additions - 'Buoy and Telephone Inscribed " UC 42 Sunk, Please Telephone Submarine Headquarters, Kiel"..'

Zeebrugge and Sea Warfare Mementos: War Museum Additions - 'A Relic of Zeebrugge Attack: Concrete from The Mole, WHich Lodged on a Fender of the " Vindictive " While Alongside'

'..."The Leaning Statue of The Madonna on The Broken Tower of Albert Has Fallen": A Distant View Near The Town a Few Days Before' The illustration show the track to Bouzincourt, in the distance the neighbouring village of Dernancourt, A British 4'5 Howitzer battery in action, a doctor attending to two wounded officers the top of the broken church tower in the distance. A wonderful double page

'On The British Western Front: Newly Captured German prisoners Helped Out of a Van Near The Front'

'On The Western Front: Newly Captured German Prisoners Served With Tea and Bread'

'British Bombs Bursting on and About The Main Railway Station at Metz: An Aerial Photograph Showing Eight Explosions'

'A British Gas Attack on The Western Front: An RAF Aerial Photograph (oblique) Showing The Beginning'

For King and Country: Officers On The Roll of Honour - Surg. Alfred Leslie Pearce Gould RN
Capt. William G. D. G. Rorison, Highland Light Infantry of Perth

Lieutenant Earl M. Hammer US Army, Son of Mr and Mrs W. Hammer of San Francisco California

2nd Lieut Alan Kite RAF, Aged 18

Capt. Tempest Hicks MC, Lancers

Major Charles Clark, MC Royal Field Artillery of Thorley near Bishops Stortford

Captain and Adjt. Charles Allen Hinton MC, Royal Engineers of Ribbesford Lancaster

Lieutaenant Stannus Geoghegan, Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders

Capt. and Adjt R. N. Bion MC, Sherwood Foresters

2nd Lieut. Godfrey L. H. Egremont, Manchester Regt, of Southsea

Acting Captain A. H. Smyth RN

2nd Lieut. L. N. Knott, London Regt., of Lombard Street EC

2nd Lieut. W. A. Fleet, Grenadier Guards, Son of late Col & Mrs A. Fleet, late Superintendent of Culver Military Academy, Indiana USA

Hon. Philip G. J. Fitzalan-Howard, Welsh Regiment, Younger Son of Lord Howard of Glossop and Only Son of present Baroness

Lieut Col J. V. P. O'Donahoe, Canadian Forces

Major C. B. Bullough, DSO, Royal Artillery, of Darwen and Woodhall, Sevenoaks

Major H. P. Beresford Poer, Royal Horse Artillery of Ardmore, Co Waterford, Ireland

Lieut Colonel James Hugh Coles DSO E. Yorkshire Regt and of Winterbourne Down, Bristol

'Harrods Special Offer of Tea Sets' Advert
'The Majesty of Motherhood by Andrea C. Lucchesi' - - - 'The First Instance of a Khaki Figure in Stained Glass: A Memorial Window to the Late Major A. t. Saulez, RFA' in the Parish Church of Willingale Doe

'Cameron Safety Self FIller' Fountain Pen advert

'Aertex Cellular Clothing Co Ltd' Advert

The Kings Second Son on Service: HRH Prince Albert, Captain in the Royal Air Force, At An Inspection of His Command'

'The 1918 Burberry, The New Naval Weatherproof: Haymarket London SW1 also 8 & 10 Boulevard Malesherbes Paris' Advert

'Enemy Aircraft Reported Approaching: Men of an Anti Aircraft Automobile Section Tujrning on a Sudden Alarm, To Man their Guns'

'Chess Problem by H. F. L. Meyer '

Chin Chin!! Freemans Glass Lemon' advert

A Crossley Car in Lydford

'A Silver Thimble Ambulance Car for London: A Rolls Royce'

And other Adverts of The Day

Also various articles including:
'Reserves and Their Employment by Major W. Whittall'

The Patron Saint of The Allies by E. b. Osborn' The Maid of Domremy

'Concerning National Kitchens'

The Moral and Material Effect of Bombing Germany by C. G. Grey editor of The Aeroplane'

'The Saving of Clerical Labour' Women Workers

'Condensed Milk' a reply from The Nestle and Anglo Swiss Condensed Milk Company 6 - 8 Cheapside, London EC

'The Chronicle of The Car'


June 15th


price one shilling. A wonderful insight into the news and activities of The Great War. It features articles with prints from engravings, photogravures &c. including:

June 22nd

' Near Where the Foothills Below tHe Asiago Plateau Merge into the River Valley: An Italian Battalions Hillside Shelter Huts '

' Trench Making on a Sector inthe Neighbourhood of the River Front - Buyilding fascine Revetments Along A Trench Parapet '

' Bringing Up BarbedWire Coils for a Front Line Barrier '

' Among The Wooded Hills Near The Edge of the Asiago Plateau - Filing to the Firing Trenches Along A Communication Trenc

Double page

Info .. Asiago Plateau or The Altopiano di Asiago in the Province of Vicenza in the Veneto region of Northeastern Italy


French Military Memories on Italian Soil - The Monument to Napleon's Victory at Rivoli '

' Venice Under War Conditions - The Italian Naval Regiment Reviewed on St Mark's Piazza ' ' Brought Down onthe British Front in France: A Giant German Raiding Aeroplane - Examining The Wrecksage '

' The Acrobatics of Air Warfare: The Immelmann Turn - A British Aeroplane Eluding a Faster German Pursuer ' a full page drawn by Geoffrey Watson


The Supreme War Council - Personalaties at Versailles

' US Representative on the Inter Ally War Committee: General Bliss Arriving '

' British Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary - Lord Derby '

' General Foch Arriving '

' CinC of The United States Troops: General Pershing Arriving '

' The Tiger of France: M. Clemenceau The Premier '

' The British Premier and Foreign Minister: Mr Lloyd George and Mr Balfour at Tea During an Interval '

' The British And French Premiers inthe Tea Room During an Interval: Mr Lloyd George and M. Clemenceau '

Double page


' In a Danger Zone on the Wester Front: Gas Mask Drill for Artillery Horses '

' With The Americans in France: United States Ambulance Men evacuating ounded Soldiers From a Hospital Dressing Station in a Town Under Shell Fire '


British Methods in Mesopotamia

' An inland Water Transport Dockyard, With Vessels Under Construction on the Building Slips '

' For Army6 Transport Service on The Tigris: A Spoon Bow Barge Specially Designed by the I.W.T. For River Traffic and Sand Bank Navigatikon '

' Reclaiming Swampy Marsh Land Alongside The Tigris - British Factory Built Suction Dredger at Work '

' During the Wet Season in Mesopotamia: A Motor Car Bogged in the Mud - A Gang of Coolies Lifting the Car Out Bodily '

' East Meets West in the City of Haroun Al Raschid - A British Motor Fire Engine in a Baghdad Street, With Oriental OxCarts Passing In Background '

' On the Scene of a Turkish Defeat on th eTigris: Divers Belonging to the Indian Army R.E. Recovering Enemy War Material from the River '

Info.. Mesopotamia refers to the region now occupied by Modern Iraq, Eastern Syria, SE Turkey, and SW Iran


' In Loytal and Helpful Comradeship: French, American and British Fighting Shoulder to Shoulder ' a wonderful double page Drawn By R. Caton Woodville - In sepia tint

' The War Effort of The Midlands - The Salvage of Scrap Metal. Where Tradition Says That Boadicea's Chariot Scythes Were Made: Munition Work in a Great Birmingham Factory, Saving Brass Scrap ' a full page "Drawn by Our Special Artist S. begg "

' The War Effort of The Midlands - Shell Bands By The Million. Part of an Output of Nearly 5,000,000: Copper Driving Bands for Shells Being Thrown into an Annealing Furnace in the National Shell Factory at Birmingham ' full page "Drawn by Our Special Artist S. Begg " - Drawn at the Birmingham National Shell Factory

Killed in Action 'For King and Country: Officers on The Roll of Honour' include (photograph of each man)

Captain John Henry E. Dean MC and Bar - Cheshire Regt of Dean Heath House, Nocton Lincs

2nd Lt Noel Freeman - Queens W Surrey Regt of Riversford Northam North Devon

Captain Christopher York Pease - Yeomanry Att. West Yorks Regt of Pinchinthorpe House, Guisborough Yorks

Lieut William S. Mitchell Ruxton MC - Border Regt of Sydenham Terrace Newcastle on Tyne

Rev. Richard A. P. Colborne MA - CF attd. London Regt Son of Rev A. Colborne of Quy Vicarage Cambridge

Lt. Col. Edward Keith Byrne Furze DSO MC - Queens Regiment of Avonmore Road Kensington W

Lt Col. Edward Thesiger Frankland Hood DSO Croix de Guerre - RA of Nettleham Hall Lincoln Son of the Late Mr Sinclair Frankland Hood and MRs Hood of Cumberland Mansions W.

Lieut Col. E. S. Chance Dragoon guards Queens Bays of Morton, Carlisle

Lance Corporal Charles Mott - Artists Rifles, The Well Known Opera Singer

Rev Charles Ivo Sinclair Hood CF son of the late Mr Sinclair Frandland Hood and Mrs Hood

2nd Lt John Alan Harvey Royal Dublin Fusiliers of Charleville, Co Cork Ireland

Lieut Col. Arthur L. Wrenford - Worcs Regt son of Mr William Leonard Wrenford of the Inner Temple of Fleet Hants

Capt. J. Blafour MC Scots Guards attd RE of Balbirnie Fifeshire

Capt. C. B. M. Hodgson - Queens W Surrey Regt

Capt John Sheridan Gregorey RAF of Gunterstone Road, West Kensington W.

Lieut Gilbert S. W. Spencer Smith - Hampshire Regt of Maidenstone Heath, Bursledon Hants

Lieut Harry W. Mann FRA FRIBA - Royal Field Artillery, Asst Architect to the County of Essex Son of Mrs Mann of Witham

2nd Lieut Rupert M. Chamberlain - Scots Guards of Eaton Gardens Hove


' Aertex Cellular ' advert for underwear

In Mesopotamia - A Staff Officer Reading a Message, With Tails Attached, Dropped From An Aeroplane '

' At A French Headquarters: Staff Officer Receiving a Japanese General '

' Harrods Bedsteads - £78 10 0 '

' Burberry Naval Kit '

' Salvage Work n France: Empty Tins Being Placed in a Kiln, To Extract Solder from Them '

' Picking Up Souvenirs: Canadian Nurses Among The RUins of a Gotha Which Was Brought Down in Flames Near Their Hospital on the Western Front '

' Ensign Photography - Houghtons Ltd 88-89 High Holborn W1 '

Kruschen Salts ' full page advert for good complexion

Chess Problem By A. M. Sparke '

' Urodonal Dissolves Uric Acid - The Sign of the Temporal Artery ' advert

' Globeol The Ideal Tonic ' advert

' Treloars Duroleum ' advert for floor covering

' Delta Shoes Lotus Ltd ' shoe advert

' Freeman HArdy and Willis Ltd ' shoe advert

' C. Brandauer & Co Ltd Circular Pointed Pens '

' Woodwards Gripe Water ' advert

' Sanatogen '

' English County Troops Discover A British Tractor in Palestine ' small photogtraph

' Cavanders Army Club Cigarettes ' a colourful red and black full page advert drawn by Will Owne (collectors item)

And more adverts of The Day

Also various articles ( no prints unless listed above) including:
'Our Note Book by G. K. Chesterton'

' The Japanese Fleet in the War by Archibald Hurd

' the New Star of 1895! by An Astronomer

' The Woman, The Boy and The Land by S. L. Bensusan

' The World of Flight - The Acrobatics of Aviation by c. G. Grey Editor of The Aeroplane '

'Science Jottings - Muscles Nerves and Brains by FL '

' The New Star in Aquila by E. B. Osborn '

'The Chronicle of the Car by W. W.'


July 13th


July 20th

Full page of photos of Officers on the Roll of Honour as follows;
B.E. Hoskyns-Abrahall; V.F. Gordon; Charles E.N. Halfhide; William Leonard Dobbin; Thomas Henry Liddon Addis; George Edward Boscawen; Hugh A. Gray-Cheape;R. Amyas Preston; G.N. Bowes Forster; E. Cadman Cadman; Ralph E.D. Kent; James Byford Mccudden; Herbert Philip Gordon Cochran; Napier Guy Sheppey-Greene; Lionel T. Wild; Frank Johnston; Frank Copeland Worster; Llewellyn A. Edwards

July 27th

Frontispiece:- (full page drawing) by Georges Scott

1918 czech troops

Fighting for Freedom: Czecho-slovak western front troops taking the oath.

August 3rd

Frontispiece:- (full page drawing) S. Begg

Last test for machine guns before going to the trenches - firing into a bank.

August 10th

Frontispiece:- (full page drawing) S. Begg

A hospital ceilng as a screen for moving pictures at an American base hospital

in France - A cinema for bed ridden wounded soldiers.

August 17th

Frontispiece:- (full page drawing) S. Begg

Straight from Battle field to Harvest field: German prisoners of the French

set to work almost immediately after capture.

August 24th

Frontispiece:- (full page phoyograph) Canadian war record

Gas masked German prisoners as stretcher bearers: bringing in a wounded man

the great push!



September 18th

September 27th


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