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The Illustrated London News 1920

Events of this year in the Illustrated London News

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The Illustrated News 1920

The year of the America's Cup July 1920

Number Vol Cover date Price headline Main advert front Back cover inside front
4230 156 15 May 1920 12d The threatened churches -The Mosley curzon wedding Liberty Harlene The wolseley fifteen
4231 156 22 May 1920 12d A royal swedish funeral-shakespear flowers -Whalin United Kingdom Tea co Glaxo Bonnie babies Goodyear tyres
4232 156 29 May 1920 12d canonization of Joan of Arc -Petit point - neolith Army Club Cigarettes Greys cigaretes Packard motor car company
4233 156 05 June 1920 12d rulers of Russia -Louth floods - the derby -A play State Express cigarettes Chas Baker Glaxo Bonnie babies
4235 156 19 June 1920 12d A play cont.. - The Royal exchange - Coaches Dinnefords Magnesia Glaxo Bonnie babies Sodastream Ltd
4236 156 26 June 1920 12d Wimbledon - Kieff - Salisbury Cathedral - Fashion United Kingdom Tea co Harlene Ensign Roll Film
4237 157 03 July 1920 12d Derry - golf map - Wimbledon - russian ballet Dinnefords Chas baker Goodyear Tyres
4238 157 10 July 1920 12d wimbledon - henley - Air Pageant - fashion Dinnefords Erasmic Michelin
4239 157 17 July 1920 12d Shamrock IV -The Amritsar debate United Kingdom tea Greys cigaretes Glaxo Bonnie babies
4240 157 24 July 1920 12d The America Cup race - porcelain coinage Viyella Harlene McClintic marshall products, pittsburgh
4245 157 28 August 1920 12d Poland and Russia - The Council of action Hollins Viyella Greys cigarettes Glaxo Bonnie babies
4246 157 04 September 1920 12d The coal Strike ballot - Ireland - Poland Dinnefords magnesia chas baker & co Clincher Tyres
4247 157 11 September 1920 12d Coal miner special - Ireland - Heat radiation Liberty Erasmic soap Pyrene Fire Extinguishers
4248 157 18 September 1920 12d quetzalcoatl - poles -reds - the miners - braemar Viyella Glaxo Bengers food
4249 157 25 September 1920 12d eurythmics - vibrations - Pretoria - Frogs United Kingdom Tea co Harlene Glaxo Bonnie babies
4250 157 02 October 1920 12d Old bailey - coal Ireland - Jupiter State express cigarettes Chas baker Burberrys
4251 157 09 October 1920 12d Sinn Feiners - drama in London - Africa etc Ramada Erasmic Glaxo Builds Bonnie babies
4252 157 16 October 1920 12d The Prince of wales Home coming -Bolshevism Liberty Greys cigaretes Turf cigarettes
4253 157 23 October 1920 12d The Strike - WH Smith - A Scottish Broch United Kingdom Tea co Harlene The International Fur Store
4254 157 30 October 1920 12d Cork - Coal mines -HMS Implacable -Brochs &Nuraghi Army Club Cigarettes Glaxo Bonnie babies Buick
4255 157 06 November 1920 12d The 14th International Motor Exhibition Olympia State Express Horrockses Gibbs Dentifrice
4256 157 13 November 1920 12d Armistice day - natural colour photos -poisoner Liberty Mc Clintons "Colleen Toilet cream" Genasprin
4257 157 20 November 1920 24d Memorial number of the great war none Harlene United Kingdom Tea co
4258 157 27 November 1920 12d Michael Collins - New Delhi - naval exercise Ramada Greys cigaretes Michelin
4259 157 04 December 1920 12d Sinn fein murders -women at Oxford - Mycenae Liberty Glaxo Bonnie babies Horrockses
4260 157 11 December 1920 12d The macroom ambush - Spanish art xmas shops United Kingdom Tea co Erasmic soap Manfield shoes
4261 157 18 December 1920 12d Cotton - Ireland - English gold coins etc etc State Express cigarettes Greys cigaretes Turf cigarettes
4262 157 25 December 1920 12d Patent office - Eskimos - Meteora - bells Dinnefords Harlene Peter Dawson Whisky

The British Entry to the America's cup

When RADA was only ADA

A Royal Mail Line advert of the day

January 3rd

January 10th

March 13th

March 27th

May 1st

Full page--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Old City Churches Recommended for Demolition

' St Mary Aldermanbury at the Corner of Love Lane '

' St Nicholas Cole Abbey Near Queen Victoria Street '

St Botolph Aldersgate at the Corner of Little Britain '

' St Alban on Wood Street '

' Sometimes Called The Hidden Church - All Hallows Lombard Street '

' St Clements Eastcheap in Clements Lane '

' St Catherine Coleman, Fenchurch Street '

' St Mary at Hill, Love Lane Between Billingsgate and Eastcheap on the Hill ...'

' St Mary Woolnoth Lombard Street and King William Street '

' St Stephen Coleman Street near Moorgate Street '

' All Hallows London Wall, Near Broad Street '

' St Anne and St Agnes with St John Zachary, Gresham Street '

Full page


Seven Steeples All It Is Proposed to Leave of Some Historic City Churches

' An Existing Example of a City Church Demolished "Except Tower" - St Mary Somerset, Upper Thames Street '

' St Vedast, Foster Lane Rebuilt by Wren After The Great Fire - Where The Poet Herrick was Baptised in 1591 '

' St Botolph in Aldgate Rebuilt in 1741 by the Architect of The Mansion House '

' St Dunstan in the East, Tower Street '

' St Magnus, London Bridge Rebuilt by Wren After the Great Fire '

' St Michael, Paternoster Royal, College Hill - Where the Grave of Dick Whittington Was Destroyed in The Great Fire ...'

' St Dunstan in the West, Fleet Street ...'

Full page


' Lord and Lady Curzons House Party at Hackwood Basingstoke for The Mosley Curzon Wedding - Lord Athlone - Lord Londonderry - Princess Alice, Countess of Athlone - The King of the Belgians - Lady Cynthia Curzon - Mr Oswald Mosley - Queen Elizabeth - Lord and Lady Curzon - Lady Londonderry - and others not named '

Boxing - The Fight For the Heavy Weight Championship Between Joe Beckett HW Champion of Great Britain and Bombadier Billy Wells ex HW Champion of Great Britain - Seven photographs showing seven stages of The Fight - Full page


The Mosely Curzon Wedding

' The King and Queen of the Belgians at Farnborough After Arriving by Aeroplane for the Wedding ..'

' Lady Curzon The Stepmother of the Bride, Greets The King and Queen of the Belgians ...'

' An Interested Sentry! The Bride Leaving the Chapel Royal, St James '

' The King and Queen of the Belgians Leaving Their Hotel on their Way to the Wedding '

' The Father And The Step Mother of the Bride - Earl and Countess Curzon of Kedleston '

' Mr Oswald Mosley MP and Lady Cynthia Mosley - The Bride and Groom '

' The Laughing Bride and Groom After The Wedding '

' Attending the Wedding - The King and Queen Arriving ' George V and Queen Mary

Double page


Personalities of the Week

' President Carranza of Mexico ..'

' Leader of the Revolution in Mexico - General Alvaro Obregon with His Wife '

' The Late Mr Hugh Thomson The Well Known Black and White Artist '

' In Paris to Receive the Allies Terms - The Ottoman Delegation Including Reshid Bey Minister of the Interior - Tewfik Pasha Ex Grand VIzier - Fah-ed-Din Bey - Duemil Pasha - General Mahumud Muktar Pasha amongst others '

' Controller of the London Postal Service - Mr Charles C. Sanderson '

' Sir Hamar Greenwood With Lady Greenwood - The Chief Secretary for Ireland Re-Elected for Sunderland '

' The Late Dr Moule Bishop of Durham, The First Principal of Ridley Hall '


Charting the Sea by Air

' A chart of The Four Channel Showing Where The " Fulminant " Struck an Uncharted Rock'

' An Aerial Photograph of the Four Channel with The Rock Circled

' La Helle Typical of Rocks Which If Submerged Might Be Missed '

' An Aerial Photograph of the Grand Crom - The Channel Shown by a Line '

' An Ordinary Chart of the Grand Crom Passsage and Les Guinimans Near Brest '


The Forerunners of the "Flying Liner" Which Should Come - Types of British Commercial Aeroplanes

' Bat Five Seater Biplane - - Airco 18 Commercial Biplane - Martinsyde Passenger and Mail Carrier - - Bristol Two Seater Coupe - Bristol Pullman Triplane - Vickers Vimy Commercial Miel Biplane - Westland Four Seater Limousine - Grahame WHite Aero Limousine - Handley page Flying Saloon Biplane - Avro Baby Single Seater - Avro Beardmore Passenger Carrying Triplane - Blackburn Kangaroo - Sopwith Wallaby Cargo Carrying Biplane '

A wonderful double page of drawings by C. E. Turner with additional information below regarding speed, engine type and hp, and passenger numbers


Russias Women - A Danish Painters Record

'..."The Women Hostages From Riga" by Edward Saltoft - A Group of Unhappy Victims at Novopiepovoskaja, Monastir in Moskwa in June 1919 '

' ..."A parting Scene in Prison " - Men Bidding Farewell to Their Womenfolk in the Spalernaja Prison ...'

' ..."La Femme Commissaire " - A Cigarette Smoking Woman Bolshevist Official Interrogating a Hostage at Smolny ...'

By An Eye Witness of Russian Agony - Starvation and The Red Army - Paintings By Mr Edward Saltoft

' ..."The Famine Becomes Steadily Worse - Men and Dogs Devouring the Carcass of a Fallen Horse" - The Picture is Called "The Dead Horse"...'

' On The March Through a Driving Blizzard "The Red Army" by the Danish Painter Edward Saltoft '

Double page in sepia style - Edvard Anders Christian Saltoft Head of Danish Red Cross at Petrograd


' A Rare Jacobite Glass '

' An Eighteenth Century Bureau From Viscountess Wolseleys Collection - With an Astronomico Musical Clock by Pinchbeck ...'

' VIscountess Wolsley Collection at Hampton Court - A Clock Case in Marqueterie '

' In The Crater of Kilauea Hawaii - An Explosive Blast of Lava Burst Within Thirty Feet of the Camera '

' Tiger Hunting - A Sportsman Hunting a Man Eater By Torchlight with a Party of Chinese Coast Natives Carrying Long Spears ' a double page, From a drawing by S. Begg

' M. Lucien Guitry as Pasteur - Actor '

' The Original of M. Luciens Guitrys Famous Impersonation - Pasteur The Conqueror of Rabies '

' M. Sacha Guitry (Dramatist Actor and Manager) and His Wife Mlle Yvonne Printemps '


Popular Plays, Grave and Gay

' Smokers in Sam Shew Sings Opium Den "The Man Who Came Back" at the Oxford...'

' Mr Pat Somerset - Miss Edith Day and Mr Hubert Neville in "Irene" at the Empire ...'

' Mr Alfred Lester in "The Shop Girl" at the Gaiety '

' Mr George Relph and Miss Mary Nash in "The Man Who Came Back" ..'

' Mr Robert Hale as "Mme Lucy" Man Milliner in Irene at the Empire '

'..." The Skin Game" at the St Martins '

' Mr George Elton - Miss Helen Haye - Mr Edmund Gwenn in "The Skin Game" at The St Martins ...'

Full page


' Lady Dorothy Mills Author of the Novel "The Laughter of Fools" Has Just Been Published '

' Miss Rene Juta ( rs Luke Hansard ) Whos First Novel "The Tavern" Just Published '

' Dismantling " Bertha " German Guns on Heligoland - Six Photographs on a full page

' Motor Tractors fo rLife Boats - The Worthing Life Boat Drawn Along the Sea Front on its Way to the Water ...'

' A Novel Life Boat LAunching Demonstration at Worthing '

' A Packed Train Arriving At The Gare St Lazare in Paris During The French Railway Strike - Passengers Swarming on Roof and Footboards ...'

' Barnabite Nuns Guided to the Polling Station During Elections in Czecho-slovakia - Faces Covered '

' Clad In 30s Dungarees - Major Pretyman Newman MP at The House of Commons Setting an Example in Economy ' with his wife - Thirty shillings

' Havana Cigars The Classic Brands ' Temple of the Erechteion at Athens - ADvert Full page

' Lord Shaftesbury Presenting the 2nd Battalioins of the Dorset Regiment at Dorchester '

' Wana Ranee The Perfume of Ceylon ' advert

' Chas. Baker & Co Sports Suits ' full page advert

Fashion - Dress design Suitable for Chily Summer Days - sketch

' Mellins Food ' adver

' Manfield Shoes - Six Designs ' advert

Calverts Tooth Powder ' advert

' Harrods Footwear ' advert

' Sessel Pearls ' advert

Padlocks and Chains to Secure overcoats at a Berlin University cloak Room '

' A Box Containing a Queen Bee and Her Twelve Attendants for British Bee Keepers '


Postage Stamps - New Issues

The Sea Gulls Design - Estonia '

' King Ferdinands Head - Roumania ( Rumania )'

' Armenias Interim Issue - A Russian Stamp Overprinted '

' With French Over Printing - Bavarian Stamp for the Saar '

' Pending a Palestine Issue - An Egyptian Expeditionary Force Stamp '

' With French Overprinting - A German Stamp for the Saar '


' Saxone ' advert

' Ranee Pearls ' advert

' Lutetian Cream Shoe Polish ' advert

' Sanatogen Genuine Food Tonic ' advert

' Jubol Clears The Complexion ' advert

' Urodonal for URic Acid ' advert

' Crowned With an Ever Burning Light - The Memorial Just Erected in Honour of Japanese Members of the Canadian Expeditionary Force, at Stanley Park Vancouver '

' Williamson and Cole Upholstery High Street Clapham - The Cumberland Chesterfield Settee £10 15s ...'

' Bordens Eagle Brand Condensed Sweetened Milk Full Cream for Babies ' advert

' Chess Problem by F. W. R. Leistikow '

' The Sketch ' advert

' Meltis Chocolate ' advert

' Record Altitude Flight - Major Schroeder in His Le Pere Plane, Ascending from McCook Field ' aerial view - formerly Kettering Field - - Wright-Patterson Air Force Base - - Dayton Ohio

' A Palmer Tyre from a Bristol Biplane - Three Years in the Sea and Still Inflated '

' Champion Spark Plugs ' advert

' Raleigh Bicycle - The Modern Sportswoman '

May 1st (USA)

The Mandate for Palestine - Jerusalem Under British Protection

' A Moslem Ceremony at Jerusalem: Blessing the Holy Flag for the Pilgrimage to Moses' Tomb '

' British Troops in a Moslem Procession: The Band of the Yorkshire Regiment Preceding the Holy Flag on the Way to the Tomb of Moses '

' An Occasion of Disturbances Between Arabs and Jews in Jerusalem: Moslem Arab Villagers, With Holy Flags, Arriving at the Mosque of Omar During the Procession with "The" Holy Flag to the Tomb of Moses '


Where the Prince at Dolphin - HRH at Barbados

' In His White Naval Dress for Tropical Climates: The Prince of Wales on Board HMS Renown '

' Where the Prince Shook Hands with 700 Guests: Introductions at a Garden Party at Government House Barbados '

' Man Overboard From the Renown: A Boat Searching for the Marine Gunner Drowned Near Barbados '

' A Dip in a Canvas Swimming Bath Stretched Between the Renowns Guns: The Prince and Lord Louis Mountbatten (age about 20) '


' The "Renown" In the Panama Canal

' An Exciting Moment in the Culebra Cut - The Renown passing an Islet Formed by a Landslide Cleardd for Her Passage '

' With Electric Towing Motors on the Side Walls: HMS Calcutta (The Renowns Escort) in the Gatun Locks '


Hidden Old Masters Found by X Rays

' Before Restoration: The Portrait of a Woman Donor Painted Over the Original Monk in Engelbrechtsen's "Crucifixion"..'

' After Resoration and Confirming the X Ray Diagnosis: The Original Monk Revealed When The Superimposed Portrait Had Been Cleaned Off '

' Befor X Ray Discovery: Englebrchtsen's Crucifixion With a Femal Figure in the Right Foreground '

The X Ray Discovery - A Radiograph of th eCrucifixion Revealing a Monk Beneath The Womans Figure '

' Before the X Ray: A Madonna Bby St Jans (X1500) Showing th eStiff and Unnatural Position of the Arms '

' The X Ray Discovery: a Radiograph of St Jans Madonna Showing the Child in Her Arms (Subsequently Painted Out)..'

From Photographs supplied by Major G. W.C. Kay


The Event of the Soccer Year - A Record in the Cup Final

' The Toss - The Captains of the Opposing Teams ( Aston Villa and Huddersfield ) Looking at The Fallen Coin '

' The Aston Villa Goal Keeper Hardy Saving '

' The Huddersfield Goalkeeper Who Put Up a Fine Defence: Mutch Running Out and Clearing '

' A Smaller Crowd Than Usual In Former Days at the Crystalpalace - A General View of the Match and The Spectators (Some 50,000) at Stamford Bridge '

' The Spectator in Chief the Kings Third Son: Prince Henry Shaking Hands with The Aston Villa Team '

? ' Aston Villa's Sixth Victory: Their Captain, Ducat Receiving the Cup From Prince Henry After The Match '

Full page


San Remo - The Allied Leaders and Their Place of Meeting

' At A Council Sitting at San Remo - M. Millerand - Signor Scialoja - Signor Nitti - Mr Lloyd George - Lord Curzon '

' The " Paradise "in Which The Three Premiers Met: The Villa Devachan San Remo on the Italian Riviera '

' Perfect Anglo French Accord on th eMilitary Side: Marshal Foch Arm-in-Arm With Field Marshal Sir Henry Wilson '


' Miss Anne Douglas Sidgwick ( Mrs Basil De Selincourt ) Whose New Novel "The Third Window " Has Just Been Published '

' Mrs Belloc Lowndes Whos New Novel "The Lonely House " Has Just Been Published '

' Mr John Galsworthy Whose New Play " The Skin Game " Was Produced the other Day at the St Martins Theatre '


A City of Magnificent Distances - Washington the Capitol

' Pennsylvania Avenue and the Capitol as Seen From the Air '

' A Closer Air View of the Capitol and Congressional Library At Washington '

' An Air View of Georgetown University one of Several Great Centres of Learmning in Washington '

' At The Seat of Government of The united States: A Photograph Taken from an Aeroplane Looking Down on the State, War and Navy Building In Washinton '

' Where George Washington Lived and Died: His Old Home at Mount Vernon Virginia - Now a National Museum and Place of Pilgrimage - Seen from the Air '

' Commemorating America's Greatest Man in the City Named After Him, of Which He Chose The Site: The Great Monument to George Washington in Potomac Park - Seen From the Air '

A wonderful series of photographs taken from a US Army Aeroplane and Supplied by Topical - Sepia Style


' In " Anitra's Dance " To Grieg's Music at Drury Lane: Mlle Brunova A Member of Mme Pavola's Company '

' Seen in Tschaikowsky's Ballet "The Sleeping Beauty" at Drury Lane: Mlle Butsova of Mme Pavola's Company '

' ..."The Soul That Sings ": Mlle Raquel Meller in "Joy Bells" at The Hippodrome '

' The First One Engined Eight Seater: A Safety First Aeroplane. With Emergency Exits and Anti-Fire Petrol Tank: The Airco 18 - A New Type of Cross Channel Aeroplane ' a wonderful diagramatical drawing by S. W.Clatworthy with explanations



' A Parisian Fashion Parade: Madame Decides Upon Her Frocks. In The Show Room: Dresses Displayed by Mannequins, That The parisienne May Make Her Choice - At The Maison Jean Patou ' another wonderful double page - the article also describes the dresses on show - It states mannequins but they are live models I think. Sepia Style

' A Modern Lancret - Mlle Cocea in a Callot Dress '

' A Study in Brown: Mlle Vera Sergine in an Alice Bernard Creation '

' Made of Gold Lace over Green Tulle: The Oriental Crinoline ' by Paul Poiret - could almost be a fashion design of today, beautiful material

' Carried Out in Old Gold Coloured Tinsel: A Lovely Evening Gown ' by Paul Poiret

' Over a White Tulle Skirt: Sivler Brocade Panniers ' by Paul Poiret I think

' A Halo of White Ospreys - The Latest Toque ' by Maison Lewis Paris

' The Demure Charm of Grey Foulard - A Debutante's Dress ' by Lucile ( Lady Duff Gordon )

' Draped Skirt and High Collar - A Black Satin Model ' by Lucile

Photographs in sepia style

' Bought for 750 Guineas at the Laking Sale - A Portrait by Gilbert Stuart '

' By Eduardus East Who Made the Watch Which Charles I Wore on the Way to the Scaffold: 17c Silver Watch - The Face and The Back Engraved with a Calendar '


Another Viceregal Wedding - Lady Dorothy Cavendish and Mr Harold Macmillan

' Leaving St Margaret's Westminster, After The Ceremony: The Bride And Groom '

' With Queen Alexandra: The Duke of Devonshire Father of The Bride '

' The Marriage of Lady Dorothy Cavendish and Mr Harold Macmillan, Late of the Grenadier Guards: The Bride and Bridegroom With The Bridesmaids and Pages - A Wedding Group - Lady Katherine Fitzmaurice - Lady Anne Cavendish - The Bride and Groom - Miss Diana Cavendish - The Hon. Peter Cecil - Master George Mercer-Nairn - Miss Sybil Cavendish - The Earl of Burlington - The Hon. Charles Fitzmaurice '


' Observing Admiralty Instruction as to Shortage of Oil Fuel: Combining Economy With Exercise - destroyers towed by Launches, Pinnaces, Cutters, Gigs and Whalers ' a wonderful double page drawn by Cecil King

' Part of the Colossal Surplus Left By the War: A Huge Collection of Aeroplane Engines at Waddon Aerodrome '

' More Surplus Aeroplane Engines at Waddon ..'

' From Pretoria To St Albans - Dr Furse The New Bishop '

' The Ceremonial Knocking at the Cathedral door: The New Bishop of St Albans, Dr Furse, Demanding Admittance ,,,'

' Related to a Sacred Totem Beast of Ruanda Miel - The Yellow Backed Duiker in the Natural History Museum '

' The Maubeuge Surrender Court Martial: General Fournier, General Ville and Colonel Charlier '

' How the Children Discovered Gibbs Dentifrice ' a full page advert with products, prices and a little girl

' Launched With Full Steam Up: The " War Glory " in the Wye - Launched from Chepstow Shipyard '

' Ranee Pearls ' advert

' Kenilworth Cigarettes ' full page advert with half page drawn by Fred Pegram - man and woman on horseback

Fashion - ' An Original Evening Gown ' <[p> ' Bordens Eagle Brand Condensed Sweetened Milk Full Cream for Babies '! advert

' Harrogate The Nations Famous Spa ' advert

' Pyrene Fire Extinguisher ' a full page advert

' Beater of All British Records: Colton Secret III ' owned by Mr G. Holt Thomas of Hughenden

' Sent to the Rescue of Russians Icebound in the Kara Sea: HM Ice Breaker "Sviatogor"..'

' Ven Yusa The Oxygen Face Cream ' advert

' Dunlop Rubgber Co Ltd - Springtime Golf ' full page advert

' The Growth of the United States Navy -"To Equal th eBritish in 1924": The " Tennessee " Almost Complete ' US Dreadnought

' Harrods - Real Tortoiseshell and African Ivory Toilet Set - £62 10s 0d ' advert

' Halls Distemper ' advert

' Chess Promblem by H. F. L. Meyer '

' Calverts Carbolic Toothpowder ' two children cleaning their teeth

' Wrights Coal Tar Soap ' advert

' A Sunbeam Coatalen Matabele Engine '

' One of the Well Known 30-98 Vauxhall Sporting Cars '

' The Wolseley Fifteen ' car advert

And more adverts of The Day

Also various articles (no pictures unless listed above) including:
Our Note Book by Hilaire Belloc

Hidden Old Masters Found by X Rays - Column by G. W. C. Kaye OBE '

Books of the Day by E. B. Osborn

The World of Theatre by J. T. Grein

Our Friends in France: A Letter from an Englishwoman in Paris

Art in the Sale Rooms by arthur Hayden

Science Jottings - Butter With Your Bread by FL

Ladies News by AEL with reference to the Burberry Matinees

The Playhouses - Sir James Barrie' s Mary Rose at the Haymarket

The Chronicle of the Car - The Inside of the Taxation Proposals

May 8th

Personalities of the Week

' The Late Lord Guthrie ...'

' Maj Gen Sir F. H. Sykes Controller General of Cival Aviation Engaged to Miss Isabel Law ...'

' Mr Richard Jack RA '

' Sir William Llewellyn RA '

' The Rt Rev J. E. Hine Appt. Suffragan Bishop of Grantham ...'

' Mr Julius Olsson RA ...'

' Miss Isabel H. Law Daughter of Mr Bonar Law '

' Mr Derwent Wood RA '

' MR Walter W. Russell RA '

' Mr Oliver Hall RA '

' Brig. General W. T. Horwood New Commissioner of The Metropolitan Police '

' Mr Henry Poole RA '

' Sir Robert Lorimer FRIBA ARA '

Full page


The Crystal Palace War Exhibition

A Giant German Periscope With A Man Ascending '

' The Naval Exhibit '

' Models Of German Soldiers Used for Visual Training '

' MAchine Gun Section '

' Guns and Mines '

' From Togoland - A Mosaic of the Imperial German Arms ..'


The Jerusalem Riots

' Jaffa Gate - A Sepoy Searching an Arab ,,,'

' The Jews Wailing Wall Where Much Bloodshed Took Place '

' A Havildar Examing two Arabs '

' Street Duty During the Riots With Machine Guns '

' The Street Leading to the Jaffa Gate ...'

' A Prisoner Under Guard ...'

' An Indian Soldier Searching a Greek Priest '

' St Stephens Gate - British And Indian Guards '

Full page


' May Day in London: The Labour Procession with Banners on theVictoria Embankment ...'

' May Day in Paris: A Charge by Police ...'

' In Paris - Clearing a Street, Police with Batons ...'

' May Day in Paris - A Demonstrator in the Hands of the Police ...'

' A Volunteer Driven Paris Motor Bus Smashed ..'

Full page


' Mr Ernest H. Rudd a Director of the Illustrated London News and Sketch '

' Lieut General Baron Wrangel - Denikins Successor int he S. Russian Command ...'


' Scenes from the Grain of Mustard Seed, Characters played by Mr John Howell - Mr Edward Benson - Mr Henry Caine - Mr Paul Gill - M. Miel - Miss Grace Lane - Mr Jack Hobbs - Miss Cathleen Nesbitt - Miss mabel Terry-Lewis - Mr Fred Kerr - Mr S. Hilliard - Mr Fewlass Llewellyn - Mr Norman McKinnel '

Full page showing five scenes


' A Bust of the Prince of Wales by Charles L. Hartwell ARA Sir Horace Marshalls Gift to the Mansion House ..'

' The Forerunner by Eleanor Fortescue-Brickdale at the Royal Academy ...'


Feminine Portraiture a the Royal Academy

' Miss Thelma Cazalet by David Jagger '

' H. E. Madame Merry Del Val by Flora Lion '

' Lady Houstoun-Bowswell of Blackadder by J. St Helier Lander '

' The Hon. Grisell Cochrane-Baillie By F. Cadogan Cowper ARA '

Full page


Royal Academy Pictures

' Awaking of Pan by Walter E. Webster '

' Pantaloon by Walter E. Webster '

' Fair Rosamund and Queen Eleanor by F. Cadogan Cowper ARA ..'

' Mrs Peels " Poethlyn " Winner of the Grand National 1918 by A. J. Munnings ARA '

' Tagg's Island By A. J. Munnings ARA '

Full page


' The Private Viewing at The Royal Academy - Burlington House Galleries ' a wonderful double page "Drawn by Our Special Artist Steven Spurrier ROI" in sepia style - a scene of fashionable dressed women and men


More Pictures at The Royal Academy from Walter Bayes - - W. L. Wyllie - - Sir William Orpen - - Frank O. Salisbury - Sir William Orpens Peace Conference Picture ' two pages


' Grand Opera Season at Covent Garden - Some of the Principal Singers - Mr Thomas Burke - Mr Dinh Gilly - Mme Elsa Stralia - Dame Clara Butt - Mme Marie Louise Berat - M. Fernand Ansseau - Mme Marie Louise Edvina '

' Mr Riccardo Martin at Covent Garden '

' Mr Edmund Burke At Covent Garden '

Colour Supplement ' Victorian Days - A Box At The Opera ' a full page with article - some print has transferred from previous page onto the colour area

Supplement ' George V - Princess Mary - Prince Albert and Prince Henry Rides Out From Windsor Castle - A Royal Cavalcade Leaving Through The Castle Gates ' Double page

Colour Supplement ' Onoto Fountain Pen From Thomas De La Rue Co Ltd - "When you See a Pillar Box Remember to Get an Onoto"...' a wonderful full page colour advert showing a boy writing a letter, a fashionable 1920s Lady and a huge red pillar or post box - there is a little transfer of print from the facing page

' An Irish Silver Epergne From the Adam School of Design by John Hamilton of Dublin c1770 ...'

' A Day Bed of the Charles II Period .... Recently Sold for £195 at Sotherby's ... '

' ..." The Lord Riddell of Walton Heath " a Portrait by Sir William Orpen RA .....A Leading Personality of the Newspaper World ...' shows the gentleman sitting on a chair - the manager of News of the World amongst other things

' A New and Economical System of Towing Ships - The Steam Tug Superseded by a Sea Going Electric Power Station Ship ' Diagramatical drawings "By W. B. Robinson After Illustrations in the Scientific American Magazine" with details of the diagrams in an article within and below the drawings


' The Crown Princess of Sweden - The Duke of Connaughts Daughter, Who Died on His Seventieth Birthday '

' King Gustavs Son and Heir Now a Widower - The Crown Prince of Sweden, Princess Margaret of Connaughts Husband ...'

' Only Daughter of the Crown Prince and Princess: Princess Ingrid '

Full page in sepia style photographs, telling of the death of the Princess from blood poisoning after an ear infection - she was 38


' A Smart Walking Costume - A Kilted Skirt in tartan Taffata, and Coat ' a fashion sketch drawn by EC

' Mappin & Webb - A Sterling Silver Service after Paul Lamerie ...' advert

' Zambrene Weatherproofs Raincoats ' a full page advert drawn by Frank Brangwyn RA

' The Hon. Gertrude Butler Massey Daughter of Lord Clarina '

' Miss Mary Lyttleton Daughter of Dame Edith Lyttleton ..'

' Pall Mall Cigarettes by L. Rothman & Co. ' Rothmans advert showing a cigarette tin with design on lid

' Waring and Gillow Ltd - Garden Furniture - The Yarmouth Cane Chair £2 15 0d - - - Circular Glass Top Table £4 12s 0d. - - - The Florence Wickar Cane Chair £4 4s 0d. - - - Plus Garden Shelter £5 0s 0d .....' advert

' Aertex Cellular Undergarments ...' advert


Postage Stamps

' Bavaria's Farewell Issues, New Art Designs ...'

' Wurtemberg Farewell Series - Stag Design ' 15 Pfennigs or Pf

' Wurtembergs Farewell Series Showing Prominent Cities of the Former Kingdom - Four Stamps of 10 15 20 and 30 Pf Pfennigs

' Lovely Lucerne - A Favourite Swiss Holiday Centre ' a view of the lake and town - advert

' Kiwi Quality Boot Polish ' advert showing a kiwi bird with shoes, hat and umbrella

' Aitchisons Prism Binoculars ' advert with prices of various models

' Calverts Carbolic Tooth Powder from F. C. Calvert of Manchester ...'

' Piccadilly Cigarettes ' advert

' Atora Refined Beef Suet ... Happy Well Nourished Children ... For Frying and Cooking ...by Hugon & Co of Manchester ..' advert

' From Peace to War Fox's FIP Puttees 9/- and 11/- a Pair...' Advert

' Mr H. B.l S. Rhodes The Winner of the Stock Exchange London to Brighton Walk - Arriving at Brighton '

' Flying Boat Crash Off Felixstowe - Four Drowned and Sub Lieut Fonesca of Portugal Missing....'

' Hard Drives from Graton & Knight of 6 Farringdon Ave London EC4..' advert

' Formamint Throat Tablets ' advert

' Wolseley Fifteen Car in the Village of Barston in Warwickshire ...' passing a row of cottages

' Six Cylinder 40-50hp Passing Through the village of Leigh or Lyghe in Kent ...' passing a cottage

' Buick From General Motors Limited ,,,'

' Crossley Car - RFC Model ...' showing a family with two greyhound dogs

' Rolls Royce - With a Narrative from Mr John Prioleau of the Daily Mail ...' Full page advert

' Sankey Wheels - Joseph Sankey & Sons of Hadley Castle Works Wellington Shropshire

' G. W. Riley of Herne Hill - Greenhouses and Workshops in Wood Iron and Asbestos ' advert

' Triumph Cycle Co of Coventry ..' advert

' Perry Pens ' advert

And more adverts of The Day

Also various articles (no pictures unless listed above) including:
Our Note Book by Hilaire Belloc

A Cynic at the Royal Academy

The World of Theatre by J. T. Grein

Art in the Sale Rooms by arthur Hayden

Books of the Day by E. B. Osborn - reviews

Ladies News by AEL - with reference to The Seating Capacity of Chapel Royal St James's for the Marriage of Lady Cynthia Curzon and Mr Oswald Moseley - - - The Italian Ball at Covent Garden with references to Lady Ribblesdale, Lady Joan Capel, Lady Cunard, Lady Lois Stuart - - - Women and Overalls

The Postage Stamp Anniversary by fred J. Melville

Our Friends in France: A Letter from an Englishwoman in Paris

The Chronicle of the Car

May 29th (USA)

' The Apse of St Peters Prepared for the Ceremony - The Pontifical Throne ...'

Full page


Poland - National Celebrations at Warsaw

' The Constitution of 1791 Celebrations - On The Citadel at Warsaw ...'

' Polish Troops Marching Through Warsaw '

' Street in Warsaw - Part of a Procession Which Took Three Hours to Pass '

' An Open Air Service ...'

' Polish Troops Leaving Warsaw for the Front to Fight The Bolshevists ...'

' President Marshal Pilsudski with General Szczeptycki and Others ...'

Full page


The Strike in Paris

' A Volunteer Under Instruction On the Nord Sud Tube '

' Pro Strike and Anti Strike Posters Cause Violent Discussions near The Bourse '

' A Blackleg Taxi Driver ans passenger Under Police Protection '

' An Engine Driver and Volunteer Stoker Making for the Buffet '

' An American Rubberneck Joy Ride Party Held Up near the Luxembourc by the Guard Miel of the Gas Works ...'

A Full page of sketches by Artist Bryan de Grineau


Aldershot and Sandhurst

' The Review at Aldershot before The King and Queen - George V and Queen Mary '

' Sandhurst - The Champion Company of Cadets March into College Watched by the King and Queen '

' the King At Blackdown on The Ranges at Pirbright ..'

' A Water Polo Match at the Physical Training School - Watched by Princess Mary - Queen Mary - King George V '

' The King on His Charger at Aldershot ...'

Full page


Cairo - The Newly Proclaimed King

' Detachment of the 11th Hussars in Uniforms of Different Periods - A Military Parade in Honour of the Emir Abdullah ...'

' The Emir Abdullah in The Front Seat of an Aeroplane at Heliopolis - Also the Sherif Faiz And The Mayor of Jeddah ...'

' The Emir Abdullah With His Suite at Cairo - Also Colonel Vickery British Agent at Jeddah ...'

Full page

' The Dockers Refusal to Of Load Munitions in Ireland - Soldiers Guarding the Gangway of a Ship Being Unloaded '

' Soldiers Unloading Munitions and Military Equipment in Ireland - Doing the Work of the Dockers ...'

' The Air Ship R33 Leaving Howden With an Aeroplane Suspended Beneath The Envelope ...Dropped from 1500ft to test a Fireproof Petrol Tank,,,'

' The Funeral Procession of Joselito in Madrid with Matadors Carrying Wreaths - Killed in the Bull Ring ...'

' Joselitos Coffin Who Was Killed in a Bull Fight in the Ring at Talavera '


Lord French and His Visit To Ypres to Bestow the Military Cross on the City

' King Albert and Lord French at Ypres Station ...'

' King Albert and Lord French Inspecting the Guard of Honour in The Grand Place Before the Ruined Cloth Hall ']

' the Burgomaster of Ypres M. Colaert Reading the Address Before Lord French and King Albert '

' M. Colaert shows Ypres MC On a Cushion While Lord French Signs The Visitors Roll '

' Placing a Wreath on One of the Crosses in the British Cemetery - Lord French '

' King Albert and Lord French in the British Cemetery ...'

Full page


' Persian Art - An Illustration from a Manuscript Valued at 2000 Gold Rupees in 1204 of The Hegira '

' St George By Benedetto Montagna From an Engraving from the Collection of Mr J. P. Heseltine '

' ..." The Evening Walk - Sir Christopher and Lady Sykes " By Romney Recently Offered at Auction and Rescued from a Burning House in 1911 ' Full page

' Mr Thomas Hardy Who Will Celebrate His Eightieth Birthday ...'

' Mister Arthur Weigall - Novelist '

' Mrs Catherine Carswell - Novelist ...'

Queer Foods of Many Lands

' Italian Chestnuts Husked for Milling '

' Italian Chestnut Flour '

' Chain Bread from S. Russia and Balkan '

' Italian Chocolate paste in Sausage Form '

' Matured In Earth - Chinese Ripened Eggs '

' Edible Sea Weed - Irish Dulse ..'

' Small Bread Covered in Poppy Seed '

' Levantine Water Lily Bulbs - A Bag Of Flour to Make Blanc Mange '

Full page by "Courtesy of the Scientific American "


' Neolithic Paintings '

' Neolithic Man As Wrestler - Reconstructed From an Actual Rock Painting in Spain - By The Abbe Breuil north of Miranda del Rey near Jaen ' Full page - A reconstruction Drawing by A. Forestier

' Neolithic Men and Women Leading Horses to A Rock Shelter - Reconstructed From an Actual Rock Painting in Spain - By The Abbe Breuil north of Miranda del Rey near Jaen ' A wonderful double page - A reconstruction Drawing by A. Forestier

' Sir James Barries The Admirable Crichton as a Film Play - Mr Thgomas Meighan and Miss Gloria Swanson '

' Film Version of theAdmiralble Crichton - The Earl of Loam '


Lost Art of the Needle

Stuart Period - ' A Casket Dated 1678 worked By EC ' probably Elizabeth Coombe

' A Squire on the Casket Dated 1678 ...'

' Petit Point or Tent Stitch of the 17c - Wedding of Charles I and Henrietta ...'

' STuart Period - Embroidery showing Charles I and His Children ..'

' Stump Work Nearly Three Hundred Years Old - Probably Queen of Sheba and Her Visit To Solomon ...'

' Bread Work Cushion of the Stuart Period ...'

Full page


' The Royal Tournament - Royal Engineers Reproduce an Actual Event of the War - Running a Tubular Bridge Across The Canal Du Nord ' Double page drawing by Steven Spurrier

' Captain Fryatt 's Ship " Brussels " in the Tyne - A Gift from the Belgian Government to the British Nation ' Capt. Fryatt was executed by the Germans in 1916

' Captain Fryatts Portrait in the " BRussels " - The Mayor of South Shields Mr Robertson and Capt Bryant '

' Devonshire House Piccadilly - A General View of the Courtyard ....Bought by the Vendors for £1,050,000 ...'

' HRH The Prince of Wales Garlanded with Hawaiian Flowers at Honolulu With The Prisident of the Senate ...'

' Uniforms of Lobster Backs The Grenadier Guards in 1793 - Inspected at Olympia by Mr Winston Churchill and General G. D. Jeffreys '

' Pears Shaving Stick ' full page advert

Fashion - ' A Smart Walking Dress ' - fashion sketch

' Mappin and Webb - Ladies 18 ct Gold Travelling Case ..' advert

' Sonora Gramaphone ' full page advert

' The Extinct Moa of New Zealand - A Restoration by Lord Rothschild ...'

' Saxone Shoes - Style 4191 4177 ' advert

J. C. Vickery - Six Long Cigarette Tubes ' cigarette holders with model numbers and prices

' Barker and Dobsons Viking Chocolate '


New Issue Postage Stamps

' German Austrian Republic '

' German Austrian Newspaper Stamp '

' Austrian Postage Due Stamps '

' Plebiscite Stamps for Upper Silesia '

' New Bahamas Stamp '

' A French Half Centime Stamp Now Obsolete ..'

' Urodonal And Gout ' advert

' Sanatogen Food Tonic ' advert

' Harrods Trustworth Footwear - Patent Golosh Boots - - Tennis Boots ' with prices

' A Wolseley Fifteen Climbing Fromes Hill ' Herefordshire

' A 6 Cylinder American " Roamer " Car '

' C. Brandauer Circular Pointed Pens ' advert

' Bulmers Draught Cider ' advert

And more adverts of The Day

This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include :-
Our Note Book by G. K. Chesterton

Art in the Sale Rooms by arthur Hayden

Books of the Day by E. B. Osborn - Adventures in Interviewing by Isaac F. Marcosson - - Gallipoli Diary by General Sir Ian Hamilton

The Neolithic Man as Horse Tamer by A. Forestier with reference to Professor Abbe H. Breuil of the Institute of Human Palaentology of France ( Institut de Paléontologie Humaine )

The World of Theatre by J. T. Grein with reference to Bernard Shaws pygmalion and Mrs patrick Campbell as Eliza Doolittle - - Max Beerbohm the darling of Paris - -

Ladies News by AEL

Science Jottings - Concerning the Moa by W. P. Pycraft

The Cult of the Postage Stamp by Fred J. Melville

The Chronicle of the Car by WW

June 19th (US Edition)

' Captain A. Aaronsohn - Turkish Subject Given The DSO '

' The Albanian Leader Essad pasha Assassinated in Paris By a Compatriot '

' Dr Martin Linton Smith - New Bishop of Hereford '

' Right Rev. H. H. Williams - New Bishop of Carlisle ' .

' Senator Warren G. Harding - The Republican Candidate for the US Presidency '

' Death of a Great French Actress - Mme Rejane - Gabrielle Charlotte Reju '

' The Duke of Sparta Reported to be Engaged to The Princess Elizabeth of Roumania ' - Romania

' Princess Elizabeth of Roumania '

Full page of photographs

' Post War Electioneering in Germany - A Street Procession Carrying Propaganda Placards ' - info Procession by members of the USPD Independent Social Democratic Party of Germany - Unabhängige Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands

' A Woman Voter - Scene at A Polling Station in Berlin ' .

' The Re Burial of " Dr Jim " - The Choir Ascending the Matopo Hills ' info Sir Leander Starr Jameson 1904 to 1908 he was Prime Minister of the Cape Colony

' Where Dr Jim Has Been Buried Beside Cecil Rhodes ...'

' The Coffin Suspended Over the Grave and Guarded by BSA Police '

' The British Labour Commission at Narva Esthonia - Messrs H. Skinner - T. Shaw - R. Williams - R. Wallhead - Mrs Snowden - Mr D. Haden Guest - Mr Clifford Allen - Mr A. A. Purcell - Mr C. R. Buxton - Mr Ben Turner - Mr W. Meakin ' .

' Her Royal Highness Princess Mary Performs Her First Publicv Ceremony Starting the New Motor Fire Engine at Windsor '

' Painted on the Very Wall Within Which Dante Was Originally Buried - A Fresco Discovered During the Restoration of the Church of San Francesco at Ravenna, and Believed to be a Portrait of Him ' near full page

' Ascot - A General View of the Royal Procession Along the Course ' with crowds and grandstands in the background

' King George V and Queen Mary with Princess Mary Driving Down The Course in a State Carriage Drawn by a Team Of Greys (horses) '

London History

' The First Royal Exchange ( Sir Thomas Gresham 's Opened by Queen Elizabeth in 1570 and Destroyed in the Great Fire of 1666 - The South Front '

' The Second Royal Exchange Opened in 1669 Built After the Great Fire - Engraving by Bartolozzi in 1788 '

' Showing the Upper Galleries Where the Royal Exchange Assurance Corporation Had Its Offies: The Interior of the Royal Exchange - Engraving by Bartolozzi '

' Showing the Bank o f~~Ireland Trinity College and TheDublin Branch of the Royal Exchange Assurance Corporation - College Gtreen in Dublin 1808 '

' Portico of the Royal Exchange - The Proclamation of King George IV in 1820 '

' Second Royal Exchange Destroyed by Fire on 10 January 1838 - A Contemporary Lithograph Showing the Fire Engines of the period ' .

' The Fire Mark of the Royal Exchange Assurance Corporation as Used in 1722 '

' A Dividend Warrant of the Mines Royal, The Mineral and Battery Works, Whose Charter The Royal Exchange Assurance Corporation Bought - Issued in 1719 '

' One of th eOld Hand Fire Engines of the Royal Exchange Assurance Corporation - An Early Example of Merryweathers Work '

' First Dressed in Yellow Uniform Lined with Pink: A Fireman of the Royal Exchange Assurance Corporation in 1832 '

' Engines Arriving at the Scene of a London Fire in 1830 - In The Days When Insurance Companies Provided Their Own Fire Brigades ...'

The Richmond Horse Show

' With The prizes - King Manoel - Queen Augusta - Princess Alice - Queen Amelie - The Marquess of Cambridge - Earl of Athlone - Mr Romer Williams '

' Captain Bertram Mills with His Edgware Marvel A Prize Winner - Organiser of the Parade of Old carriages at Olympia '

' Mr C. J. Phillips Team of Bay Browns - Winner of the Coaching Club Four in Hand Competition '

' Presenter of a Mounted Police Challenge Cup - The King Inspecting a Non Skik Shoe '

' Much Altered Since She Arrived in America in 1914: Sir Thomas Liptons Challenger for th America Cup Shamrock IV - The Bow '

' English Ladies Golf Championship - Miss Cecil Leitch - Miss J. Wethered the Champion '

Golf Battle at Muirfield

' Mr Cyril Tolley The New Amateur Golf Champion ... '

' Mr Tolley driving From the Eighth Tee ...'

' Mr Tolley Shouldered at The End of the Match ...' .

' Mr Tolley Getting Out of a Bunker At the Thirteenth ...'

' Started Favourite in the Final - Mr Robert Gardner ( of Chicago ) Driving ...'

' Watching Mr Gardner Putting on the Home Green: The Crowd That Followed the Match '

Full page

' The " Commodore " of Pickwickian Fame: The Parade of old Carriages at Olympia - Historic Vehicles at The 1st After War International horse Show ' a wonderful double page drawing by S. Begg of the Arena at Olympia showing Vis-a-Vis Coach built for the Hon Mrs Fletcher Noerton - - - A Tandem Cart From Which C. B. Newhouse Painted his Famous Picture "Going to the Moors" - - - A Gig Equipped as Reproduction of "Something Slap By H. Alken ...- - - A George IV Ladys Driving Phaeton (Whip Mrs T. Glencross ) Built in 1820 - - - London and York Mail Coach built in 1820 - - - London to Rochester Stage Coach The "Commodore" built in 1839 - - - A Cabriolet built for Napoleon III

The Deadwood Coach and Others - Old Vehicles at Olympia

' Of The Type Used for Gretna Green Runaway Marriages: A Posting Chariot Built About 1820 '

' A " Dormeuse " Chariot - For Night Travelling and Built About 1820 '

' A " Dress Chariot " With Perch and Salisbury Boot - Built About 1840 for the Late Duke of Sutherland '

' Coach Built in 1869 - Once the Property of Napoleon III and Now of Mme. Tussaud's Exhibition '

' A Russian Troika of the " Calesh " ( Victoria ) Type - Imperial Style '

' The Deadwood Stagecoach - Brought to England by Buffalo Bill and Recently Found in an Old Iron Dealers Yard ...'

' An Airmans View of A Bullfight - Old Roman Miel Amphitheatre Used as a Bull-Ring: An Aerial Photograph of a Corrida in Progress at Nimes ( Ancient Nemausus ) in the South of France ' a superb full page aerial photograph taken by The Compagnie Aerienne Francaise and apart from showing the Amphitheatre, it also shows surrounding houses and streets


' Where The " Fikee " Competes With The Modern Schoolmaster - Pupils Learning The Koran in a Cairo Mosque ' A beautiful double page colour print by Walter Tyndale RI of the Mosque of Salih according to an article on another page

Art .

' Drawing By Sir Peter Lely of The Duchess of Portsmouth Mistress of Charles II '

' Earliest Known Portrait of J. M. W. Turner - Pencil and Water Colour Drawing by George Dance RA dated 9 Aug 1792 ' not colour

' Portrait of Sir Walter Scott - A Drawing in Coloured Chalks by Sir Davie Wilkie RA ' not colour

The Prince of Wales ( later Edward VIII ) Crosses The Line - Crossing The Equator on Board HMS Renown

' Father Neptune Boards The Renown ...'

' With Initiates Being Shaved and Pitched Backward into the Bath: Which Prince Edward Was First to undergo '

' Receiving the "Order of the Old Sea Dog" Admiral Sir Lionel Halsey Being Invested by Father Neptune Aboard The "Renown" ...'

' Wearing His "Order of the Aged Cod" Captain Dudley North Who Was Chief Bear at the Prince's Ducking ' .

'..." Shave Himand Bash Him" - The Prince of Wales Being Lathered Pink, White and Black Before Being Tipped Into the Water '

Full page

"The Grain of Mustard Seed" two scenes with Miss Mabel Terry-Lewis - Miss Cathleen Nesbitt - Mr Norman McKinnel

Sale at Christies

' Old Snuff Boxes and Tablet Cases - Objects of Vertu in the Asher Wertheimer Sale '

' Of The Louis XV and Louis XVI Periods - Snuff Boxes and Tablet Cases in the Asher Wertheimer Sale ' - particulars of the sale are given under the illustrations

' Dresden Porcelain - Pair of Ewers Bearing the Mark of Caffieri Mounted with Louis XV Lips, Handles and Plinths '

' Sevres Porcelain - An Oblong Jardiniere Painted in Grisaille and a Pair of Vases and Covers on Ormolu Plinths '

' As a Portrait of Mlle. Du The by Falconet - A Louis XVI Terracotta Sphinx ' One of a pair originally formed part of balustrade of staircase of a Chateau at I'Ile Adam belonging to the Conde or Conti Family

' A Globe Shaped Louis XVI Clock With Horizontal Revolving Dials '

' Boy with a Birdcage, on Ormolu Plinth - A Bronze by Pigalle '

' An Empire Ink Stand of Bronze and Ormolu - Neptune in Gilt Bronze, and Mermaids '

' Two of Eight Gilt Wood Fauteuils - Upholstered in Gobelins Tapestry Woven with Animals and Birds '

Full page

' The Block Ship " Intrepid " at Zeebrugge - With Steel Girders on Her Bows By Which The Germans Tried to Raise Her '

' A Comic River Police Eight at Cambridge in May Week ' rowing

' A French Tribute to Nurse Cavell - A Memorial in the Tuileries Gardens '

' Memorial to The Late Captain Frederick C. Selous DSO at South Kensington "Hunter Explorer and Naturalist ..."Prince of Wales in Fiji Inspecting a Native Guard of Honour at Suva '

' Lowering Wreaths into the Sea from USS Bagatoose - The US Transport "President Lincoln" Torpedoed in the War, Commemorated ...'

' Revolution in Mexico - General Obregon and His Staff Entering Mexico City '

' French Drawing Room at Harrods ' wonderful full page advert showing the furniture in Harrods Galleries in a room setting


Fashion - ' A Harmony in Black And White ' chic black and white costume "which suggests the Louis XV period in some respects, and the Directoire in others"

' Mappin and Webb Gentlemans Fitted Suit Case £37 - 10 - 0d ' advert

' The New Way to Manicure - Cutex ' advert

' Atora Shredded Suet ' advert .

' Pascall Versailles Chocolates ' advert

' The King Declaring Open the Imperial War Museum and Victory Exhibition at th eCrystal Palace ' with The Queen - Prince Albert Duke of York - Princess Beatrice - Prince and princess Arthur of connaught - Duke of Connaught - plus others

' Sanatogen from Genatosan Ltd ' advert

' Triumph Motor Cycle and Side Car Combination ' motorbike advert

' Motor Mex Spirit ' advert

' Kiwi Quality Boot Polish ' advert

' Idris Lime Juice Cordial ' advert

' Meltis Chocolate ' advert

' Watsons Best British Binoculars - The Sunica prism Glass ' advert

' Bengers Food for Infants and Invalids ' advert .

' Rotax Electric Starting and Lighting System ' car advert

' Design for the Royal Box at the International Horse Show at Olympia '

' At the Zoo -A Baby Bison with Its Mother '

' Savory And Moore's Food ' baby food advert

' Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Company Ltd of Regent Street ' advert

' The Civic Pipe - The Schoolmaster ' advert for smoking pipe

' The British Commercial Gas Association ' advert for a Gas Water Heater

' Burberry Weatherproof Kit - Three Designs ' advert

Colgates Ribbon Dental Cream ' toothpaste advert

' Aitchisons prism Binoculars

' Urodonal and Gout '

A Commer Car in Berlin - A British Motor Transport Lorry in front of the Hindenburg Statue '

' With A BSA Motor Bicycle Use by Dispatch Riders - french Officers and Men Outside the imperial Hotel,Frankfort, The HQ of General Demetz '

' Straker Squire Six ' car Advert

' Gregoire Campbel 17050 hp Sporting Car - Chassis £990 - Malcolm Campbell 27 Albermarle St piccadilly W. ' car advert

' Buick - General motors Ltd ' advert

' Crossley Motors ' car advert

' Paige Sports Model ' american car advert

' the Cosmos Honing and Stropping Device ' razor advert


This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include :-

Our Note Book by G. K. Chesterton

Art in the Sale Rooms by arthur Hayden

Books of the Day include reviews of Frederick Locker lampson A Character Sketch - - - Cricket Edited by Mr P. F. Warner - - - The Glow Worm and Other Beetles by J. Henri Fabre

"The Grain of Mustard Seed" A Play in Three Acts by H. M. Harwood Act III

The World of Theatre by J. T. Grein with reference to "Madame Sand" Play at the Duke of Yorks Theatre by Mr Moeller with Mr Basil Rathbone - Hector Abbas - - - Mister George Robey at the Alyhambra with Miss St Helier - Miss Phyllis Bedells

The Playhouses - "Johnny Jones and His Sister Sue" at TheAlhambra with Mr George Robey - Violet Loraine - Ivy St Helier - Phyllis Bedells - Mr Cuvillier - Mr Vernon - - - The Beggars Opera at the Lyric Hammersmith s

Chess by Wireless Telegraphy

Ladies News by AEL

The Chronicle of the Car by WW


July 3rd (US edition)

' M. Charles Laurent French Ambassador to Berlin '

' Brig. General Lucas Kidnapped By Sinn Feiners in Ireland '

' Rachel The Countess of Dudley Drowned While Bathing in Ireland ' info. a great niece of Elizabeth Fry

' Lord D'Abernon Ambassador to Berlin ..'

Full page


' A Statue of Lord Wolseley Unveiled - Cast fromt the Metal of TGuns Captured During his Campaigns ..'

' A Banquet at the Mansion House for the Royal Exchange Assurance Bi-Centenary - Mr Colin F. Campbell - Lord Richard Cavendish - The Earl of Onslow - Lord Mayor - Mr Vivian Hugh Smith - Mr Stanley Baldwin - Mister G. F. Malcolmson - Mr M. C. Norman - Sir Eric Hambro '

' The Bishop of Salisbury '

' General Wrangel on Board HMS Stuart ' - info. Commander of the White Army in Crimea

' Horse Racing - Winner of the Grand Prix Comrades Victory - Pasisng the Post ' - - - ' Leading in the Winner Ridden by F. Bullock '

' A British Flotilla on the Rhine - Near Cologne '

' The Prince of Wales's Arrival in New Zealand - The Renown Escorted into Aucland ..'

' The Great Airship R38 Purchased by The United States from the British Government - Under Construction at Cardington near Bedford ...'

' An Interior View of the Framework of the Airship R38 - Looking Along the Keel ' also reference in the article to Commander Louis M. Auxfield and Lieut Commander V. N. Bieg of the US Navy

' Centre Court at Wimbledon - Mens Doubles ' Double page view of the court and crowd


War in Asia Minor - Greeks and British v. Turks

' The Ismid Front - A Camp i the Anti Nationalist Front Line ...'

' Turkish Wagons Searched by the British at A Redoubt at Ismid ' kilted scotsman in picture

' Mustapha Kemal With His Staff - Teh Leader of Turkish Nationalist Forces ...'

' General Nider Commanding The Greek Forces ...'

' Greek Infantry '

' Greek Gunners in Action '

Full page


' The Ever Growing Popularity of Golf - A Demonstration By Map: The Golfers Environs of London and Courses Within Reach of the Week Ender ' a full page map showing all of the Golf Clubs around the London Area from Hertford in the North - West Drayton in the West - Barnehurst in the East - Copthorne in the South - and many many more


Art in The Sale Room - The Lord Taunton Heirlooms

' Miniature of Louis XII of France '

' Head of a Young Girl by J. B. Greuze '

' Charles II Receiving From the Royal Gardener the First Pineapple Grown in England - by H. Danckers ...'

' Charles I as a Young Man by Daniel Mytens ...'

' Elizabeth Queen of Bohemia as A Girl with Her Pet Monkey on a rope by Paul Van Somer ...'

The Property of Mr E. A. V. Stanley of Quantock Lodge Bridgwater to be in a Sale at Sotherbys 14 - 15 July


The Remains at Ostia Italy

' Remains of Roman Storehouses Beside the Tiber at Ostia '

' Forum Frumentarium or Corn Exchange '

' Road into Ostia '

' The Houses of Well to Do Ostians 2000 years Ago Still Standing '

' Columns of the palace ..'

' A Roman Tavern ( Caupona ) - The Bar or Stone Counter Still Remaining ..'

' The Theatre After The Latest Excavations '

Double page of photographs supplied by professor Frederico Halbherr


Ireland - the Derry Riots

' Showing the Concrete Walls Behind Which People Sheltered during the Firing - The Diamond at Derry '

' An Armoured Car with a Lewis Gun to Disperse Snipers - Bishops Gate Derry During the Disturbances ..'

' Postmen Distributing Letters Outside Derry Post Office '

' Posted Behind Sandbags wit Lewis Guns Troops ENgaged i Restorin Order in Derry ...'

' Women at A Street Barricade - A Group of Unionists in Derry with the Soldiers ..'

' The GOC Belfast in Derry - Brig. Gen. Cartyer Campbell with Sir John Anderson - Mr MacMahon and Mr Wylie KC '


Ireland ' Showing The Principal Streets Where Fighting Occurred - A General View of Derry ' a wonderful full page drawing by W. B. Robinson - an aerial view showing the river Foyle and either side the streets and buildings named

' Ball-Room Dancing at The Piccadilly Hotel London - Miss Leonora Hughes and Mr Maurice ' a great double page showing the couple dancing in the spotlight wihile fashionable people watch from the sides of the ballroom - Drawn by "Our Special Artist Steven Spurrier ROI "


Paintings by Mrs Laura Knight - The Russian Ballet

' ..." Pavola After The Performance " painted Mrs Laura Knight '

' Pavola Taking a Call '

' The Magic Flute Pavlovas Ballet '

' Peeping Through the Green Curtain ..'

' Dancers in Carnival Before the Rise of the Curtain...'

' The Three Cornered Hat - Waiting to Go On ...'

Full page plus - info. later Dame Laura Knight


'...." The Garden of Allah " at the Drury Lane Theatre ' five scene drawn by Steven Spurrier on a duoble page - actors are Miss Madge Titheradge - Miss Pepita Bobadilla - Mr Gordon Harker - M. Miel - Mr Godfrey Tearle - In Sepia Style


The Kings Garden Party To The Recipients of the Victoria Cross

' A Procession of VC's in Procession Marching into Buckingham Palace

' Private Samuel Harvey VC of the York and Lanc. Regiment Before Their Majesties '

' Sergeant James Smith VC East Kent Regt. Brought to King George V and Queen Mary in a Wheeled Chair '

' Princess Mary With Two VC's of the Royal Scots ...'

' Piper Findlater - of Dargai Fame, A VC of the Tirah Campaign '

' Shaking Hands With the VC's - King and Queen - Duke of Connaught - Princess Mary - Princes Albert and Henry and Others '

Full page


' Zambrene Weatherproofs - The Best Rubberless Raincoats ' full page advert

' King of Denmark i British Uniform at copenhagen - King Christian and Admiral Sheppard at the Inspection of the Sherwood Forester and Crew of HMS Carysfort '

' Pascall Versailles Chocolates ' advert

' Crossley Car ' Full page advert

' Barker And Dobson Chocolate ' full page advert

' Marshall and Snelgroves Summer Sale ' advert showing five fashionable sketches of outfits

' Debenham and Freebody Sale ' advert showing five fashionable sketches of outfits

Aitchison prism Binoculars ' advert

A Georgian Reception at Olympia - A Fine Example of Harrods period Furniture ' an early Ideal Home Exhibition maybe

' Civic Pipes ' smoking pipe advert

' The Burb errySportsmans Weatherproof ' advert

' Motor Union Insurance Co. Ltd ' advert

' Peter Robinsons Summr Sale ' four mens designs

' An Austin Twenty Car At Bangkok Siam '

' Johnson's Prepared Wax for Floors etc ' advert

' Dunlop Magnum Tyre ' full page advert

' Evelyn Princess Blucher '

' Mary Princess Royal and Princess Victoria with Princess MAud of Fife, Outside Messrs Waring and Gillows on Rose Day '

' Carters Bath Chairs ' advert

' Venus Pencils ' advert

' Idris Lime Juice Cordial ' advert

' Triumph Motorbike and sidecar ' advert

And more adverts of The Day


This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include :-
Our Note Book by G. K. Chesterton

Art in the Sale Rooms by arthur Hayden

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Science Jottings - by W. P. Pycraft

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July 10th

' Queen and Princess Mary at The National Gallery of Scotland ...'

' The Knights Procession at The Thistle Chapel '

' The Duke of Montrose's Eight Year Old Grandson as the Kings Train Bearer ...'

' The Pipers of the Royal Company of Archers Returning After the Investiture at Holyrood '

' The Royal Company of Archers at The Investiture ..' The Sovereigns Bodyguard

' The Judges at the Service at The Thistle Chapel ..' Representing the Scottish High Court

' The Lord Provost and his Parade '

Full page Personalities of the Week

' Sugeon General W. C. Gorgas Famous for His Work to Stamp out Maleria and Yellow Fever in Panama During the Construction of the Canal ' - The late Surgeon General William Crawford Gorgas

' Mr P. B. Petrides The Chief Justice of The Seychelles Islands ...'

' Signor Raniero Nicolai of Italy and To Represent them in The Literary Contest of the Olympic Games ...'

' Mr P. J. Hartog the Vice Chancellor of The University of Dacca ...'

' Ex President of the Local Government Board the Late Lord Downham ... ' The Late Colonel Thomas J. Kearns '

' Mr F. W. Gilligan The Oxford Cricket Captain '

' The Royal Agricultural Show at Darlington: Wing Commander Greig - Lord Durham - The Duke of York (future George VI) - Lord Londonderry ...'

' The Late Lady Somerset Dies As The Result of an Accident ..'

' Mr G. E. C. Wood the Cambridge Cricket Club Captain '

' The Late Sir E. Durand A Distinguished Anglo Indian ..'

' Miss Boyden at Hendon Air Pageant After Her parachute Descent ..'

' Admiral Sir W. H. Cowan ' with another man unknown

' Herr Jehrenbach The New Chancellor of Germany '

Full page


' The Royal Clyde Yacht Club Regatta - Mrs E. R. Workman 's Seventy Two Ton Cutter "Nyria" at The Portkil Buoy off Kilcreggan ' a full page photograph

' A Concrete Coning Tower Built by The Germans in the " Iphigenia ".. '

' The Blockship HMS Iphigenia After Being Removed By The Admiralty Salvage Section and Removed from the Waterway ' the ship was sunk during the war at the mouth of the Bruges Canal

' The Ipyhigenia 's Dial for Keeping on an Even Keel '

' Young Girls Carring a Fiogure of the Vigin Mary at a Procession at Ostend During the Ceremony of the Blessing of the Waters ...'

' The War Memorial, at Attock in the Punjab, for the 40th Pathans - A Gigantic Shell ..'

' Brussa Once the Turkish Capital '

' The L71 Over Pulham - Germanys Largest Zeppelin Surrendering on July 1 ...'

' Chief Oluwa of Nigeria To Appeal to the Privy Council Regarding the Ownership of His Lands ..'


The Spa Conference

' The Chateau de Neubois - Occupied by the Kaiser in 1918 and Now by Lloyd Georg and Lord Curzon at the Spa Conference

' The Centre of Spa in Belgium The Famous Watering Place - The Establissement Miel des Bains '

' A General View of the Belgian Waterplace Where the Conference Regarding German Disarmament and Reparation Began on July 5 ...'

' The HQ of the German Army at the Time of its Debacle - The Hotel Britannique ...'

' The Casino at Spa Where a Series of Entertainments was Organised '

' The Chateau De La Fraineuse Where The Conference Took Place ..'

Full page


A Gathering of Bishops at Canterbury

' The Archbiship at the Canterbury Garden Party '

' The Bishops Procession ..'

' The Guests at the Garden Party '

' The Bishop of London Chatting to a Young Lady '

' The Bishop of London '

' The Archbishop of Demotica the Head of the Greek Deputation '

Full page showing the opening event in connection with the Lambeth Conference


Henley Regatta

' Mr J. Beresford Junior of the Thames Rowing Club Winner of the Diamond Sculls '

' The Oxford Team Winners of the Ladies Challenge Plate, Christ Church '

' Mr G. O. Nickalls and Mr R. S. C. Lucas the Winners of the Silver Goblets '

' The Magdalen Four Carrying Their Trophies after Winning the Stewards Challenge Cup - S. Earl - A. T. M. Durand - W. E. C. James - E. D. Horsfall '

' The Thames Rowing Club Four Passing The Post - Winners of ther Wyfold Challenge Cup '

' The Thames Rowing Club A Crew Winners of the Thames Challenge Cup - Winning by a Length ...'

' Magdalen College Oxford Eight Winners of the Grand Challenge Cup - H. C. Irvine - The Hon. B. L. Bathurst - S. Earl - A. T. M. >Durand - W. E. C. James - R. S. C. Lucas - G. O. Nickalls - E. D. Horsfall - W. H. Porritt ..'

Full page


The Hendon Air Pageant

' Fighting Aeroplanes Bombing an Infantry Trench Before the Crowds at the Show '

' Mis Boyden Descending from an Aeroplane by Parachute ..'

' A Smoke Bomb Bursting in the Air ..'

The Attack in Mid Air by an Aeroplane on a Kite Balloon ' The Snipe Aeroplane At The Moment of Setting the Balloon on Fire '

' The Snipes Missile Hits the Target '

' Trapped in Mid Air in Burning Wreckage - The Fate of the Balloons Observer Dummy...'

Double page


Small sketches by Permission of Capt F. E. Hodge and Major General Sir Archibald ' The Scene of Hard Fighting at The Bridge at Landrecies ' - - - ' Where the Australians Achieved a Success - The Old Gateway in Poeronne '


Croydon to Rome By Air - The Austraialian Aviator Mr Bert Hinkler

' The Skeleton of an Avro "Baby" A Type of Pigmy Aeroplane Costing £500 '

' The 35 hp Green Engine inside Mr Hinklers Avro "BABy"..'

' A Map Showing Aeroplane and Car Routes From London To Rome with a Comparison Chart '

' Mr Bert Wheeler Wheeling His Baby Avro From Its Hangar in Croydon '

' Mr Hinkler in His Baby Avro ..'

Full page


' Royal Stuart Sword by Clemens Horne of Solingen c1616 '

' A Raeburn Portrait of Mrs John Rutherford '

' The Bust of Lorenzo De Medici Now Believed to Have Been Made from a Death Mask '


France - ' The Marne Memorial - The Winning Design by Mm. Rousselot and Gras '

' The Marne Mamorial - Third Prize Design M. Marcel '

' Marne Memorial - Second Prize Design M. Boutterin '


The Royal Agricultural Show at Darlington

' The Hon E. N. Mostyn 's Welsh Mountain Ram - 1st Prize Winner ' >

' Mrs Jervoise 's Three Hampshire Down Ram Lambs - Champion Prize Winners '

' Mr E. Smiths Lonk Ram - First Prize Winner '

' The Hon. H. Pearsons Jersey Bul - Prize Winner '

' Major H. Coopers Lincolnshire Red Shorthorn Heifer - Champion '

' The Duke of York - Lord Londonderry and others '

' Mr B. Luscombe 's South Devon Bull - Champion '

' A Long Horn Bull Winner of a First Prize '

' Mr W. Graysons Yorkshire Coaching Stallion - Champion '

' His Majestys Cleveland Bay Stallion "Bedlam Brisco" - Champion Prize Winner '

' The King Yorkshire Coach Stallion - First Prize Winner '

' The Bois De Boulogne - Riding ' a full page drawing by J. Simont showing ladies riding Monte a Califouchon (riding astride)

The Wimbledon Tournament

' Mens Doubles Championship Round - The Americans Mr C. S. Garland and Mr R. N. Williams Beating the English Pair ..'

' Winners of the Ladies Doubles - Miss Ryan and Mlle Lenglen ' - Elizabeth Ryan and Suzanne Lenglen on court

' Runners Up in the Mens Doubles: Major A. R. F. Kingscote and Mr J. C. Parke of Britain '

' Attitudes and Expression at Wimbledon - Miss Ryan - Mlle Lenglen - C. S. Garland - R. N. Williams - W. T. Tilden - G. L. Patterson - F. G. Lowe ' a skecth by H. H. Harris '

' Mixed Doublesd Championship Round: Mlle Lenglen adn Mr Patterson Beating Mr Lycett and Mis Ryan '

' Shaking Hands Over The Net - The American Mr W. T. Tilden ( Bill ) The New Champion and The Australian Mr G. L. Patterson '

' Winners of the Mens Doubles: Mr C. S. Garland and Mr R. N. Williams the Americans '

A Wonderful double page showing some rare photographs and a sketch


' Dame Clara Butt in teh Title Role of Orphee '

' A Young Greek Singer Miss Polymnia Glynos '

Fashion in Paris

' An All White Toilet in Organdie ' summer dress

' A Lace Gown in Black And White ' not col.

' A Three Tiered Dress with Hat '

' A Charmeuse Bodice With Lace Skirt ...'

' A Taffetas Dress with Frills ..'

' A Dress With Bow at the Back - The Very Lates Creation ..'

' Slightly Spanish Sesign in Lace etc '

' A Chic Gown of Silk Jersey - Simplicity for Youth ..'

' Three Dress Design - Two with Palm Leaf Design '

' MMe Duflos '

Full page


The Open Golf Championship at the Royal Cinque Ports Club at Deal

' George Duncan Driving '

' George Duncan Approaching '

' Duncan Putting '

Duncan Driving The finish of His Swing '

' The Royal Cinque Ports Golf Links at Deal Showing the New Holes with Inset of Mr George Duncans Grip ...'

Full page


Sales by Auction at Messrs Sothby Wildinson and Hodge

' Portrait of Louis XII By Jean Bourdichon '

' From Froissarts Chronicles - Battle of Crecy ...'

' Mr John Redhead A Portrait by Romney '

' Tapestry by Burne-Jones William-Morris '


' A Study in Brown - a dress design drawn by Winifred Dixon of a beige/brown striped skirt with coat and hat '

' The Milan Railway Strike - Teh Cavalry Ready to Charge Rioters ..'

' Milan Socialists and the Railway Stirke - a Monster Demonstration ..'

' Pears Soap ' Full page advert

' Holyrood From an Aeroplane - Where King George V Held the Investiture ...'

' Urodonal Dissolves Uric Acid ' advert

' Jubol Physiological Laxative ' advert

' Ciro Pearls ' advert

' Fox's FIP Puttees ' advert

' Summer Suits at Burberrys - The Burberry Suit A 1390 ... The Burberry Label '

' Berlin Shop Windows Without Glass: A Well Known Restaurateurs Device for Displaying his Dainties ' the plate glass shortage in Germany

' Kidbally Fishing Lodge - The Scene of the Kidnapping by Sinn Fein ' with reference to Brigadier Lucas - Colonel Tyrrell and Danford

' Barker And Dobsons Chocolate ' full page advert

' Postage Stamps - Soviet Ovrprint A Hungarian Stamp - - Hungarian Stamp with Soviet Overprint Obliterated by Wheatsheaf - - - Francis Joseph Overprinted Bosnia Herzegovina - - - Polish With Head of M. Trompczynski - - - The Tin Hat Belgian Series King Albert At The Front - - - Overprinted Kingdom of the Serbs Croats and Slovenes an Eosnian Issue Surgcharged By Jugo Slavs ...'

' Miss Doris Sloan Whose Marriage to Mr R. Donald Mackay Arranged for July 5th ..'

' Maloja Palace Hotel in the Engadine Switzerland ' advert

Brows and Polsons Corn Flour ' advert

' Chess Problem by H. F. L. Meyer ...'

' The Childrens Den by Browne & Lilly ' garden play structure - advert

' Dryad Furniture ' cane chair advert

' Myers Silver Series - Pen nibs ' advert

' The Jules Richard Verascope Cameras ' advert

' Miltons Cottage at Chalfont St Giles With a Straker Squire Car Outside - Wher eParadise Lost Was Completed ...'

' The Austin Whippet Aeroplane With Its Designer and Pilot ...'

' Rolls Royce ' full page advert for Aero Engines

' Champion Spark Plugs ' advert

' Oldsmobile from General Motors of Thurloe Place London SW& ' advert

' At The Southend and District Automobile Club Hill Climb Trials Won by Mr J. H. Burrows in his "Hot Spot" Chalmers Amnerican Favourite Six .....' advert

' The Kingsbury Junior by London and Midland Motors ' car advert

' Carters Hand Tricycles - The Esego ' advert

And more adverts of The Day

Also various articles (no pictures unless listed above) including:
Our Note Book by G. K> Chesterton

Books of the Day by E. B. Osborn

Art in the Sale Rooms by arthur Hayden

The World of Theatre by J. T. Grein

Ladies News by AEL

Our Friends in France: A Letter from an Englishwoman in Paris

Ladies News by AEL

Science Jottings - A Blazing Forest By W. P. Pycraft

The Cult of the Postage Stamp by Fred J. Melville

The Chronicle of the Car

December 4th


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