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The Illustrated London News 1954

Events of this year in the Illustrated London News

July 24th


Car & General Insurance Corporation
Harden’s Tea
Gaymer’s Cyder
Drambuie Liqueur
Gin & Lillet
Trade Mary - Tennent’s Lager - Beer
Grant’s Stand Fast Scotch Whiskey
McVitie & Price - Quality Biscuits
El Trovador Jamaican Cigars Schweppervescence Way of Life - Written by Stephen Potter, designed by Lewitt-Him

Ilford Films
Britvic Pure Fruit Juices
Dry Fly Sherry
Minton - The World’s Most Beautiful China
Fly British by BOAC
Vat 69 Scotch Whisky
Waterman’s Flair - Prince of Ball-Pointers

Anglo-German Rapprochement - Princess Margaret, Acknowledging the Warm Greetings of the German Crowds at Bonn, Walking with Dr. Adenauer, the West German Chancellor

Our Notes Book - Arthur Bryant
The Queen’s Vase

      Princess Margaret’s German Visit: Military and German Civil Occasions - Illustrated with Multiple Photos

      The Havoc of the Central European Floods - Strets as Canals and Scenes of Distress - Illustrated

      The Critical State in Geneva - M. Mendes-France’s Efforts Toward a Solution - Illustrated

      British and Dutch Royal Occasions, and the Visit of Britannia to Dartmouth - Illustrated

      Her Majesty - Leading English Owner: Aureole’s Great Ascot Win - Horse Racing!

      A Novelist’s Flying Life - Nevel Shute and Appreciation by Sir John Squire - With Wonderful Images

      Mukeiras Airport - The Focus of the Aden-Yemen Frontier Dispute - Three Pages With Images

      In an English Garden - A Morning at Mount-Louis - Clarence Elliott - Illustrated

      The First Royal Review of the Police since 1935: The Queen and the Great Parade in Hyde Park

      A Window on the World - Indo-China Once Again - Cyril Falls

Sketches from Life: Portraits in the Coronation Ceremony Picture Presented to the Queen - Drawn Images

Presented to Her Majesty by Her Lieutenants of Countries on a Unique Occasion: Terence Cuneo’s Painting of the Coronation Ceremony, Westminster Abbey - June 2, 1953

The Catlin Exhibition - Redskin Life by a Pioneer American Artist - English Portraiture - Fine Examples from a Current Exhibition with Images of the Art Exhibitions

      The Everyday Home Life of Jericho 3650 Years Ago - Vividly and Accurately Reconstructed from Marvellously Preserved Remains - With Multiple Images

The World of Science - The Majestic Emu - Maurice Burton - With Wonderful Images

EH Wurrpan Mukka - The Emu-Prey and the Pets of the Australian Aborigne

A Page for Collectors - Success to Aerostation - Frank Davis

Personalities and Events of the Week - People in the Public Eye
Mr. Andresej Panufnik with his Wife
Sir John Cameron
Sir Ivo Mallet
Juliet Marion Hulme and Pauline Yvonne Parker
The Imam of the Yeman
Mr. Somerset Maugham
Major G.E. Twine
Mr. Stanley Bate
MG.L. Bruce
Lord Grantley
Mr. Grantland Rice
Senor Jacinto Benavente

      The World of the Theatre - In Various Countries - J.C. Trewin

      Notre Dame Flood-Lit and Notre Dame in the New Esmeralda Ballet - and Circus and Fishing Stories with Images

      The World To-Day - Pictures of Interest from Home and Abroad

      The New Comet an Errand of Mercy, a Stonehedge Experiment

      The World of the Cinema - The Perils of Peace - Alan Dent - With Images

      Chruch State and Politics, A War Memorial and a Relic - Illustrated

      Notes of the Novel Reader - K. John

      Books of the Day - E.D. O’Brien

      Chess Notes - Baruch H. Wood

more adverts

The Times - Printing House Square Ad for The Coronation Ceremony Painting
Anglo-Iranian Oil Company BP
P & O Mediterranean Cruses
Seagers - Dry Gin
Midland Silicones
Ceylon - The Island of Enchantment
Ross Steptron - Binocular
Midland Silicones - Albright & Wilson
Aertex - Free as a Bird
Zenith The Better Watch
Bell’s Old Scotch Whisky
Exide Double Life
Robinson Orange Squash

Shellguide to July Lanes

Firestone Leakproof Tubes - Tyres





Special Edition - An Eighteenth Year Tribute To

Winston Churchill

Statesman, Historian, Sportsman, Soldier And Orator.

Edited By Bruce Ingram

Colour Plates

Plate A: A "Proteus" Of Politics: Sir Winston Churchill In The Many Offices He Has Held
Plate B: Sir Winston Churchill As A Soldier In The 'Nineties: Stationed In India, And On Active Service
Plate C: The First Sir Winston Churchill, And Other Notable Ancestors Of Sir Winston Churchill, K.G. Portraits Of Lady Dorothy Sydney, And Of The First And Second Earls Of Sunderland
Plate D: Sir Winston Churchill's Great Ancestors: The First Duke Of Marlborough And His Duchess

Sir Winston Churchill In Parliament
Sir Winston Churchill In War
Sir Winston Churchill - The Man
Sir Winston Churchill's Place In History

January 16th

February 27th

March 6th

March 13th

April 10th


April 24th

May 15th

May 22nd

July 3rd

July 24th

No. 3509 Vol. 135. It was published out of London, England (United Kingdom).

* Double Page: photo of the Coronation Ceremony Westminster Abbey June 2, 1953.

* Art: "Redskin" life by a pioneer American Artist. + English portraiture

* Illustrated art Page 139 in sepia tone "Sketches From Life: Portraits in the coronation ceremony.

* Review of Nevil Shute "A Novelists Flying Life" with photos of Airships (Zepelin).

* An English garden with photos by Clarence Elliott

* Photos of building of oil facilities in Iran

* Indo-China

* Princess Margaret visit in Germany by ARTHUR BRYANT - illustrated with photos

* Europe Floods

* Geneva

* World Of Science: The Majestic Emu

* Jerecho 3650 years ago (illustrated)



August 7th

September 4th

October 23rd

November 20th

November 27th

December 4th

December 11th

December 18th

December 25th

double page feature with several fine photographs of the maiden voyage to Australia of the new P&O Liner, Iberia. Photograph subjects include life on board, King Neptune's Court, passage through the Suez Canal, and the arrival in Fremantle. With commentary and short historical context.

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