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The Illustrated London News 1946 - The Week ending January 5th


Price one shilling and sixpence

Guards Chapel services resumed on the tragic site - The temporary Guards Chapel an exterior view of the nissen-type hut erected among the ruins of the Wellington Barracks Chapel - the first service was held on Christmas day 1945

The Railroad of Death: Drawings by one of the 7000 P.O.W.s of whom 5000 died of their sufferings

(top left) The first stretch of the Bangkok- Moulein Railway (middle) survivors arriving at Tamarkan Hospital (top right) an incident in the virgin jungle to the "Railroad of Death" (middle left) The base hospital Canchanburi (bottom right) Bridging the Salween River at Sonkuri, the pile driver was pulled by 200 men (bottom left) "the best equipped hospital in Siam" (bottom middle) on the death march to Sonkuri

The intimate history of a Cotswold town "Burford Past and Present" by Mary Sturge Gretton

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