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The Illustrated London News 1946 - The Week ending January 5th


Price one shilling and sixpence

Life in a Java refugee camp: Internees "At home" in Semarang ("Kendang" Batavia)

Ersatz foods for hungry Germany: British products in Berlin

(top left) In search of a substitute for tea, experimenting with leaves! (middle) The daily ration for a German family of four = 3lbs 4oz bread, 3lbs 8oz potatoes, minute portions of fish, fats, sugar, flour and ersatz drinks (middle right) Pine needles as a substitute for tea (bottom right) sugar beet stalks and other substances mixed with bottled fruits as a substitute for sugar

Preparing food substitutes at the British Laboratory in Berlin

(top right) Horse chestnuts being converted, by removal of their bitter element, into a valuable food (bottom right) stinging nettle soup

Aftermath of War: Record of the first Canadian Division

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