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Illustrated London News 1952 - Queen Elizabeth II - Golden Jubilee Year 2002- July to Sept

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(Page by page 12 inches by 10 inches)

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Please Note: QUEEN ELIZABETH II was not crowned in 1952 it was 1953

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July 5

  • outside front cover Bulmer's Pomagne Champagne Cider, Bass beer, Imperial Leather soaps, John Jameson Irish whiskey, McVitie & Price, Grey's cigs, Wilkinson Sword, Tanzaro fruit squash, United British insurance
  • inside front cover FP ad ICI (Iodine - elements series) ---------------- FP ad Humber 8 seater Pullman Limousine 1600 plus purchase tax
  • ads Avon Tyres, Medway Packaging, The East End mission, Mentzendorff Kummel ---------------- ads Spink & Son, Wolseley Cars 450
  • ads Midland Bank, Minton China, Belling visible cooking, Trans-Canada Airlines ----------- frontispiece The kindling of the Olympic flame The early morning rays of the ssun strike a concave mirror in the ancient Olympic stadium 1 pic
  • Our Notebook + a tabular list of the Illustrated London News Archaeological articles during the first half of 1952 -------------- A notorious German prison ship raised after seven years "Donau" 5 pics
  • double page of drawings by GH Davis - Helicopters of today and tomorrow showing cutaway sections
  • double page article Macao: Portugal's foothold in China - A portuguese Colony since 1557 at the Mouth of the Canton 9 pics
  • A Window on the World - Five Months in Malaya 2 pics ---------------- arial photo of the wrecked Suiho power plant at the Korean end of the Suiho Dam 1 FP pic
  • News in pictures from four continents, regimental and topical events : the Paretz canal in East Germany, 250th anniversary of the East Surrey regiment, The Brazilian Island prison of Anchieta where 300 desperate prisoners escaped from etc etc 7 pics --------------- News events and topics from Australia, germany and Britain; The Free German youth movement marching in East Germany, fighting a big fire at Croxteth Hall - Liverpool, Flooded Barwon Heads in Victoria Australia etc etc
  • Keats and Shelley - A Double Portrait : " Two gentlemen of Rome" the story of Keats and Shelley by Ernest Raymond (an appreciation by Sir John Squire) 4 pics ------------------ Occasions Royal, Religious, Academic, Military and Dramatic: Mr Dean Acheson leaving the Sheldonian after receiving an Honorary degree from Oxford, Royal children at Battersea Festival gardens, The Desert Song in Scarborough's Peaseholme Park etc etc 6 pics
  • double page : The Queen's first visit to Edinburgh since her accession 15 pics
  • double page : The Royal Company of Archers - The Reddendo Ceremony in the gardens of Holyroodhouse 1 pic
  • In an English Garden : A few hardy Orchids 2 pics ---------------- Personalities and events of the week : The hero of the second test match "Vinoo" Mankad with his Family, Air Commodore Sir Frank Whittle awarded the Gold Albert Medal for inventing the Jet Engine, etc etc 14 pics
  • double page : Wimbledon Tennis first week play - Shirley Fry, Louise Brough, Jean Walker-Smith, S. Partridge etc Drobny, Rose, Sedgman, Seixas, Sturgess etc 18 pics
  • The World of Science - The decadent Stag Beetle 3 pics --------------- High speed transport of yesterday today and tomorrow by Land sea and air, US United States coming into new York, The original aircraft in which Santos Dumont made a flight of 221 yards in 1906, The Bristol Olympus turbo jet engine, A Rover gas turbine car timed at 157 mph over a km etc etc 7 pics
  • A Page for Collectors - 150 Years of Lithography 3 pics ---------------- uncovered at Hill Hall, Theydon Mount, Essex sixteenth century murals 2 pics
  • double page : uncovered at Hill Hall, Theydon Mount, Essex sixteenth century murals 13 pics
  • double page : The Numbat: A passing relic of the earth's early furred animals 5 pics
  • The World of the Theatre : " There, the murderers" - Dial M for Murder, The Gay dog, The Pink Room 3 pics ----------------- Wilde's wittiest play filmed : "The importance of being earnest" with Edith Evans , Michael Redgrave, Michael Denison, Joan Greenwood and Dorothy Tutin 7 pics
  • Notes for the Novel reader - Fiction of the week, "The Witch's Thorn" by Ruth Park - Chess Notes by Baruch H Wood MSc (Chess in Ireland). -Books of the Day - "Wild enormities of ancient magnanimity" , Ancient Egypt --------------- ads Canadian Pacific railway, Barnett Ensign ross Binoculars 8 x 30 31.5s, The Goldsmiths and Silversmiths company
  • ads BEA Silver Wing service, Salignac cognac, JW Benson watches, Dr. Barnardo's Homes, Bernard Weatherill Tailors, Foyles Bookshop, Export cigs ----------------- ads Pass and Joyce for Armstrong Siddeley cars, Banda duplicators, National Benzole, Tube investments
  • ads Silvifix hair cream, Lembar drink, Mackinlay's scotch whisky, Aertex underwear, Paton's shoelaces ----------------- ads inside back cover Noilly pratt french vermouth, Sportex cloth, Palace Hotel Torquay, Valstar sportswear, John Cotton cigs
  • outside back cover FP ad The Watchmakers of Switzerland

    July 12

  • outside front cover John Jameson Irish whiskey, McVitie & Price, Jacqmar Scarves, Grant's Standfast scotch whisky, Gaymers Cyder, Abdulla cigs, Apollinaris Water, King Six cigars, Motor Union Insurance
  • FP colour Dunlop British cathedrals Series : "Cantebury" painted by Rowland Hilder RI ------------ FP ad The Austin Sheerline
  • ads Frigidaire, Land Rover, Phillips Cycles, AC Oil Filters --------------- Havoline Motor Oil, Rolls Royce Aero engines "The Hawker Hunter" P1067, Cunard to Bermuda, James Young ffor Rolls Royce cars
  • FP ad Reed Paper Group Series 1895 Wireless training on ships --------- frontispiece The SS United States leaving her berth at New York - New holder of the Blue Riband
  • Our Notebook + 1 pic of The Air disaster at Bermeton Heath Housing Estate after an RAF Brigand bomber crashed on it ---------------- The Queen in Hardy country walking on the summit of Maiden Castle, The Queen and the British North Greenland explorers
  • double page of the Stadium of the XV Olympiad at Helsinki, Finland a drawing by Bryan de Grineau
  • A Window on the World - Alliance in Korea 2 pics --------------- The raids on the Korean power station : Aerial photographs of some of the damage 5 pics
  • Royal occasions in England and Holland, and news from London, Finland and Egypt - The Queen at the British food fair at Olympia, The Quatercentenary of the King Edward VI grammar school, East Retford, The very last tram to leave central London the No 40 from Woolwich to the New Vross depot etc etc 7 pics ------------ SS United States steaming up the channel after breaking the Queen mary's transatlantic record by 10 hours 1 pic 1 drawing of comparative routes
  • Some personalities and occasions of the week - The Marriage of Lord Winchester to Miss Bapsy Pavry, Mrs Bau Maung Chein Burmas only woman cabinet minister visiting the salmon ladder at Pitlochry, Marshall Tito saluting in the British cruiser HMS Glasgow etc etc 13 pics --------------- Henley winners and record breakers in the Royal Regarra 10 pics
  • FP drawing when a English fifteen year old won the Ladies singles at Wimbledon : Miss L Dod and other leading Lawn Tennis players of 1887 ---------------- Lawn Tennis Champions and runners up of 1952 Maureen Connolly , F Sedgman etc 5 pics
  • Four Centuries of Sir Philip Sidney's old school - " A history of Shrewsbury school 1552-1952" by J Basil Oldham, an appreciation by Sir John Squire 6 pics --------------- FP colour Old glass paperweights of outstanding workmanship price around 1300
  • double page colour Modern yachts in the Forth and Clyde - One- Designs, Dragons and Flying Fifteens 8 beautiful photos
  • FP co;ourMosaics of 1700 years ago Piazza Armerina , Eastern Sicily ------------- The first formal official portrait of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II
  • double page The Royal Show at Newton Abbot 13 pics of Horses - Shetland Ponies, Suffolk Mares, Hunters etc
  • In an English Garden - A tree Paeony 2 pics --------------- The sacred Lotus blooms from thousand year old seed, found in a dried up Manchurian swamp, in Washington DC 1 pic
  • The World of Science - The Egg and I (with no apologies to a Famous book) 4 pics ---------- The Himalayan Yeti - mysterious footprints in the snow, a London Kestrel at the Savoy and a Novelists coffin of Samuel Richardson 7 pics
  • A page for collectors - An eighteenth century doctors cabinet 3 pics --------------- Chiswick House as it was - eight notable contemporary views 8 paintings
  • double page 10 drawings what makes Mt Everest so difficult Wind, cold, searing dryness and thin air
  • The World of the Cinema - A farce of much importance - Dorothy Tuttin , Joan Greenwood Ivor Barnard and Dame Edith Evans ----------- National amateur drama winners Sutton ADC in "The Heiress" Miss Angela Hayman, Mr Douglas Matthews, Miss Betty Hastie, Mr James Murray 5 pics
  • Notes for the Novel reader - Fiction of the week, "Lobster on the Agenda" by Naomi Mitchison etc - Chess Notes by Baruch H Wood MSc (Chess in Ireland). -Books of the Day - Bat v Ball , "Cricket and the Clock" by EW Swanton etc--------------- FP ad Hawker Siddeley Group series Gloster GA/5
  • ads AEI, Bag Boy golf cart, Sobranie cigs ------------- South Africa Tourist Corporation, White Horse Scotch Whisky
  • ads Imperial Leather soap, British seagull outboard motors, Gieves tailors, Will R Rose film developing, Carters invalid furniture, Suchard Chocolate --------------- inside back coverFP colour ad Kodak series Nevada falls, California and a speeding bullet photos
  • outside back cover FP colour Johnnie Walker Scotch Whisky

    July 19

  • outside front cover ads McVitie & Price Biscuits, Bass Beer, Bronnley Soap, The White House for Irish Tweeds, Jacqmar, Moet & Chandon, Martell cognac, Cerebos Salt, Tennent's Lager
  • inside front cover ads Fly BOAC, Airwork Ltd, Babcock and Wilcox Ltd ------------ ads Ford Motoring, BP the Anglo Iranian Oil Company
  • ads Cunard, John Laing & Son, Tube investments---------------- ads India Tyres, The Bowater Paper Corporation
  • ads Joblings Glass Pyrex, Vayle Nylons, Barnet Ensign Ross Binoculars (8x40 39 )------------- ads Barker & Dobson confectionery, Highland Queen Scotch Whisky, Austin Reed Worsted flannels 5 guineas
  • FP ad Senior Service cigs -------------- frontispiece The Queen's first garden party at Buckingham Palace 1pic
  • Our Notebook by Arthur Bryant+ a picture of clothes worn bt Queen Elizabeth the First ------------- Where Elizabeth Tudor spent her Youth Hatfield, Lord Salibury's Great Mansion 7 pics
  • double page The record breaking SS "United States" some features and public rooms ---------- entering Southampton dock
  • A Window on the World - Anna Pauker in the Shades by Cyril Falls 2 pics -------------- Radar navagation at a glance - a new device wedding the radar picture to the actual chart 4 drawings by GH Davis
  • Military radio underwater transmission, Infantry and AFV sets demonstrated at Highcliffe ,nr Bournemouth 4 pics ----------------- 3 page special - When the romans ruled England and the Picts Shetland: The houses of the Iron Age in Ultima Thule- Jarlshof excavations, 1 drawing of what life was like neck of Sumburgh Head and 8 photographs of Jarlshof
  • double page The Army's own University at Beckett Hall, Shrivenham where officers study for London Degrees 12 pics
  • In an English Garden - Late June , Early July - Chrysanthemum Alpinum 2 pics -------------- General Eisenhower, The republicans candidate and Richard Nixon for vice president, and some democrat "possibles" etc ..Robert Taft, Avrell Harriman etc 7 pics
  • double page The republican convention at Chicago 1 pic
  • The salesman of Art - "Duveen" by SN Behrman - an appreciation by Sir John Squire 4 pics ----------- Occasions royal, sporting and diplomatic - A quaker tercentenary Swarthmoor Hall, Ulverston and George Fox, members of the British Olympic team on route to Helsinki from Bovingdon Airport, Mr Patrick Ellam at Havana being the smallest to have crossed the atlantic etc etc 7 pics
  • Personalities of the Week - Winners of the Ashburton Shield at Bisley The Glenalmond school team, Mr David Morgan who flew to Brussels from London in 18 mins in a Vickers Supermarine Swift, Bobby Locke winner of the Open Golf Championship for the third time in 4 years etc etc 12 pics ------------- At Home and abroad - at anchor in Portland Harbour the USS battleship Missouri, leaving deptford for the British North Greenland Expedition with commander CJW Simpson, a national shrine for Mahatma Gandhi in Porbunder where he was born etc etc
  • Notable and unusual topical information - Mr Leslie Reynolds with the 4 Greyhound Derby Winners he trained, to be submerged Fremnells Manor when the Hanningfields reservoir (south Essex) fills up, a tiger, Nepti, to be presented to London Zoo was a mascot of 1/7th Gurkhas etc etc -----------a disused railway station holiday at Aberlady, East Lothian turned into holiday cottages, Dry land rowing championships of the British empire The Lords Taverners v Oxford and Cambridge combined with John Mills , Richard Attenborough, Jack Hawkins etc etc 5 pics
  • The World of Science - Slender legged Flies 3 pics -------------- Constable's " Fording the River" transformed cleaning reveals Salisbury Cathedral in place of the Castle - Mr Robert Ashton carried out the work 2 pics
  • The World of the Theatre - Visiting days Flora Robson " The innocents" etc 3 pics ------------- The New York City Ballet in London in Jerome Robbins "The Cage" + " The Princess and the Pea" Toumara Toumanova offering a rose to Madame Auriol at The Chateau de Chambord 5 pics
  • Birds that invented the incubator - Brush Turkeys and their kin 3 pics --------------- Hippopotami at Mzima Springs, Kenya 2 pics
  • A Page for Collectors - Corporation Plate at Goldsmiths' Hall 4 pics ------------------ paintings by Camille Bombois, Louis Vivin, Andre Bauchant, Leon Greffe at Marlborough Fine Art Galleries 6 pics
  • Notes for the Novel reader - Fiction of the week, "The estate of Abruzzi" by Francesco Jovine etc - Chess Notes by Baruch H Wood MSc (Chess in Ireland). -Books of the Day - "Faktur and Fere-Humanistica , "Talks on Book collecting " edited by PH Muir etc --------------- Art of the Netherlands at Worthing Art gallery Goyen, Moreelse, Jan Brueghel the elder etc etc 6 pics
  • ads Frederick Hotels - Sackville Hotel Bexhill on sea, Haig scotch whisky, Export cigs, rowlands macassar oil, The Siesta Chair (5.10s) deck chair, Marques del Real Tesoro sherry ----------- FP ad Monsanto chemicals
  • ads BMK carpets, Burroughs Beefeater Gin, Roses lime Juice ------------- One and a Quarter Litre MG Saloon, Dubonnet, Moss Bros
  • ads Seagers Gin, Eno's Fruit Salts, British Home for incurables, Solignum wood preserve, Conway Stewart pens No 58 31/6 , Egerton Wove notepaper --------------- inside back cover ads Euthymol toothpaste, Three Castles cigs, Vat 69 scotch whisky
  • outside back cover FP ad Humber 8 seater Pullman Limousine

    July 26

  • outside front cover ads - outside front cover King Six cigars, Drambuie, Grant's Standfast scotch whisky, Gaymers Cyder, McVitie & Price, Lillet French Aperitif, Hardens Tea, Tennent's Lager, Car & General Insurance
  • inside front cover FP colour ad - Schweppshire Post series by Stephen Potter and Lewitt-Him ------------ ads Churchman No 1 cigs, Valstar Sportswear, Dewars White Label scotch whisky
  • ads - Esso sign series West country, Bells scotch whisky, Burrough's Beefeater Gin, Barling Pipes, Andy garden gloves series ---------------- ads Morris Minor Car, Good Year Tyres
  • ads - Albright & Wilson, Barclays Bank series Portloe Cornwall, British Seagull engines, Oyler car interiors --------------- frontispiece Mt Everest still unconquered showing the south peak from the top of Eperon de Genevois above the south Col
  • double page Unconquered Everest: The story of the gallant Swiss attempt 6 pics ( 1 drawing)
  • Our Notebook - British Composers 2 pics --------------- Dr Ralph Vaughan Williams, who is eighty next October and accuses us of "Artistic Snobbery" 1 pic
  • German once more, Heligoland 7 pics
  • Three atomic scientists and their betrayals - "The traitors : The double life of Fuchs, Pontecorvo and Nunn May" by Alan Moorhead 4 pics --------------- British and Foreign royalty on recent official Occasions: The Queens visit to Adeyfield, Hemel Hempstead, Queen Mary at a an exhibition of antique dolls, The Queen of the Netherlands at Oudewater, Gouda, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother inspecting a garden in Dornton Road on a Tooting Housing Estate etc etc 7 pics
  • Matters maritime: The new French transatlantic liner SS Flandre, The anti submarine submarine US navy's K1, The laying of the keel of US aircraft carrier Forrestal, ss United States 6 pics ------------ The US navy's new rubber life raft 3 pics , at Ascot : Tulyar sets the seal on his fame 3 pics
  • personalities and events of the week: sir Gerald Templar talking to men of the Suffolk regiment, Mrs Anna M Rosenberg US assistant secretary of defence, The wedding of The Hn Gerald Lascelles and Angela Dowding, opening an exhibition of Prison and Borstal arts Sir David Maxwell Fyfe etc 8 pics ------------- In England and America: A memorial, sport, achievment and an indaba: US jet aircraft D558 Skyrocket a speed of 1238 mph, British winner at Silverstone Stirling Moss, winner of the Queens prize at Bisley Major AB Kinnier Wilson, the first world scout indaba at Gilwell park Essex Lord Rowallen the chief scout
  • A Window on the World - The Royal military academy , Sandhurst 3 pics --------------- the opening of the XV Olympiad : Paavo Nurmi lights the Helsinki beacon 4 pics
  • double page The opening ceremony of the biggest Olympic games ever held on July 19th , 6000 competitors frpm 68 countries
  • The World of Science - The whale's secret 3 pics --------------- International gliding in Spain Britains victory in the championships Mr Philip Wills the champion 4 pics
  • In an English Garden - Agapanthus 3 pics -------------- Truemans record fast bowling 8 wickets for 31 against India, A dolphin leaping record at Florida, A pageant renactment at the King Edward VI grammar school Morpeth for 400th anniversary 2 pics , Swans at Cookham with the Queen's swan master etc 3 pics
  • A Page for collectors - Du Paquiers achievments in Vienna 4 pics -------------- at home and abroad - the largest single engined aircraft in the world: A Grumman Guardian anti submarine US Navy, The new state touring car of Queen of the Netherlands built by Pennock and Zonen on Austin sheerline chassis, the worlds largest log cabin destroyed by fire: Jasper Park lodge on Lac Beauvert in Canada etc etc 7 pics
  • double page : A magnificent addition to the Galleries of London : The new Wellington Museum in Apsley House with treasures and relics of the iron Duke 11 pics
  • The World of Cinema - Olivier and Olivia 3 pics ---------------- undergoing repairs the Bredon Tithebarn near Tewksbury 3 pics Saxon domestic life revealed at Wykeham near Scarborough and Pickering 2 pics
  • double page nearly extinct the sure footed Ibex photgraphed in the Parco Nazionale del Gran Paradiso in the Graain Alps NW Italy 5 pics
  • double page - The legacy of Alexander the Great's invasion of India : superb Buddhist sculptures from Gandhara 8 pics
  • Notes for the Novel reader - Fiction of the week, "The inmates" by John Cowper Powys etc - Chess Notes by Baruch H Wood MSc . -Books of the Day - "Objective light" on our grandfathers , "Those impossible English" by Quentin Bell etc --------------- Drawings by Charles Keene at a London Show 7 pics
  • ads Ridgways Teas, Dry Fly sherry, Belling cookers, Mayfair Toffees- Sunderland --------------- ads Havoline motor oil, Thor washing machines, Interflora, Burnett's White Satin Gin
  • ads Old Angus scotch whisky, Godfrey Davis car Hire, Ryvita, Aertex shirts, Berengaria Hotel Cyprus, Will R Rose - film developing-------------- inside back cover FP colour ad The Lanchester car with air conditioning
  • outside back cover FP colour ad Abdulla No 7 cigs series - sailing

    August 2

  • outside front cover Bulmers Pomagne Champagne Cider, McVitie & Price biscuits, Tennent's lager, Abdulla cigs, Wilkinson Sword, Paripan enamel, Bass beer, Cointreau Liqueur, Motor Union Insurance
  • ads National Provincial Bank Limited, Gordons Gin shaker cocktails, Barnett Ensign Ross Binoculars, Noilly Pratt French Vermouth ----------------- ads The Jowett Javelin one and half litre & Jowett Jupiter, The Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Company
  • ads Spink & Son Ltd, South African Airways, Chanel No 5 --------------- FP ad ICI series - Iron
  • FP ad Sunmeam Talbot wins 3 Coupes Des Alpes ----------- The leader of the Egyptian Military Coup D'etat - Major Negub Mohammed and Aly Maher Pasha
  • double page The coup d'etat in Egypt and the abdication of King Farouk 10 pics
  • Our Notebook + a photo and report of the death of Eva peron " The spiritual chief of the Argentine nation" ---------------- The democrats choice for Presidency, Mr Adlai Stevenson and Vice President Mr John Sparkman 2 pics
  • Personalities and events of the week - The King of Norway celebrates his eightieth birthday, new appointments to the Board of Govenors of the BBC - Lady Rhys Williams, Lord Macdonald, Sir Alexander Cadogan, Sir Henry Mulholland and Sir Philip Morris 13 pics -------------- The Queen at the Windsor Horse show presenting a prize to miss Annabel Sykes on Cadogan pearl 3 pics, The Queen visits the Great ormond street Hospital for sick Children 2 pics
  • The Postwar world as viewed by a US statesman " The Forrestal diaries. The Inner history of the cold war" 1 pic ----------------- The Coronation HM the Queen's processional route through London (next year) ariel photo and drawing
  • double page looking back on Everest, lessons learnt from the Swiss attempt 5 pics
  • A Window on the World - The claims of civil defence (The auxiliary fire service) ----------- Indians of the Matto Grosso in a dance no white man had ever seen 3 pics
  • double page Caiapo Men and Women of Brazil 8 pic portraits
  • double page Britains new guided missile being fired at Aberporth , Cardiganshire 1 pic
  • In an English garden - The marriage of Irises 3 pics --------------------- Wellington College Crowthorne, Berks 3 drawings including Grubby's the school shop
  • an all aluminium 60ft Motor yacht "Tonquin" built at Bideford 7 pics ------------------- Linking the Aeolian islands the culture of Minoan Crete and the Homeric legends - New excavations in the islands of Lipari and Panarea 2 pics
  • double page excavations in the Aeolian islands 24 pics
  • The World of Science - The problematic Chiru 4 pics ----------------- Royal and Official occasions. presenting colours to the 10th Battalion of the parachute regiment, The Duke of Edinburgh talking to Marjorie Jackson and Shirley Strickland of the Australian Olympic team, The King and Queen of Denmark on tour in Greenland etc etc 8 pics
  • double page XV Olympiad in Finland the winners of track and field events in the first week- Mens 100 metres E. Macdonald Bailey (GB) - Javelin -C. Young (USA), 800 metres MG Whitfield (USA) etc etc 18 pics
  • double page Ancient and Modern news for home and abroad - The ancient Alms house at Moreton Hampstead Devon, US Northrop Scorpion F89 plane with 70 people sitting on the wings, The Rams and the Gates playnig football on the Goodwin sands for the Ramsgate Sands Regatta Trophy , Tehachapi in California scene of the most violent earthquake since 1906, Large crowds gather in Buenos Aires for open air Mass for Eva Peron, After Melbounes wettest weekend for 61 years the Yarra river flooding etc etc 13 pics
  • A Page for Collectors - The charm of Italian prints 3 pics ---------------- A fair sample of the taste of an 18th century gentleman The James Cavendish album 8 pics
  • The World of the Theatre - Rare and curious Henry sixth part three by the Birmingham rep with rosalind Roxall and Alan Bridges 3 pics ---------------- Chelseas solution to the housing problem Flats for old people Danvers Street 13/6 per week 5 pics
  • Notes for the Novel reader - Fiction of the week, "The Closed harbour" by James Hanley etc - Chess Notes by Baruch H Wood MSc . -Books of the Day - The essential England , "Lease of Life " by Andrew Milbourne etc --------------- FP ad Jaguar XK120
  • ads Land Rover 52 BHP, Glayva Liqueur, Bermaline Bread, Milk of Magnesia tablets 30 for 1/5, Export cigs, King George IV scotch whisky, Vantella shirts ----------------- inside back cover Medway packaging, Fly BEA London to Nice 25 return, Henley Tyres, Dry Monopole Champagne
  • outside back cover FP ad Cherry Heering, series of drawings by Fab (picnic)

    August 9

  • outside front cover ads McVitie & Price, Apollinaris water, Tennent's Lager, Grant's Standfast scotch whisky, Grey cigs, Gaymers Cyder, Tanzaro fruit Squash, King Six cigars 1/9, Car & General Insurance
  • FP colour ad Imperial Leather Soap series of treasures (Chinese Jade Kwan Yin with child) --------------- FP ad Humber 8 Seater Pullman Limousine 1,600 plus purchase tax
  • ads use British Leather, AC Spark Plugs, Tube investments, KLM Royal Dutch airlines ------------- The Lagonda from David Brown companies
  • ads Royal Mail Lines to South America, Highland Queen scotch whisky, Frigidaire -------------- FP colour ad Huntley & Palmers- Biscuits The Queens Guard of the Horse Guards mounts duty in Whitehall (painting)
  • FP colour ad GEC television a 12 in table set BT 5146 ----------------- frontispiece The Queen at Goodwood Races in the Parade ring before the Molecomb stakes (Gay Time, her horse, was running)
  • Our Notebook + 2 pics The Winsham wooden tympanum ----------------- The ex king of Egypt begins his exile Prince Farouk Fuads first days in italy 6 pics
  • Personalities and accasions of the week - Golden Jubilee of Kings African rifles Ex RSM Saidi shows a Maxim gun he used in 1903, arriving at Victoria station Mr Andrei Gromyko, The schoolboy who drov through a Malayan ambush Terence Endett, at Sandhurst- Senior under officer MFT Griffiths receiving the sword of honour, etc etc 12 pics -------------- behind the scenes and in the limelight at the Olympic games - Miss P Mccormick winner of the womens springboard, Emile Zatopek who won 5000 metres 10000 metres and the marathon with his wife who won the womens javelin, etc etc 7 pics
  • pictorial comment on recent events at home and abroad - war by night " Old Baldy" west of Chorwon Korea, new wooden lamps erected on the pier at Sidmouth, Acquired by the Tate gallery for 9076 a cast of Degas statuette "The little dancer aged fourteen" etc etc 6 pics ------------------------- Argentina mourns Senora Eva Peron - The Lying in state Buenos Aires 6 pics
  • From the Kaisers court to Nuremberg - "Franz Von papen _ Memoirs" translated by Brian Connell an appreciation by Sir John Squire 4 pics ------------------ The Bay of Kotor the inland FJord on the Dalmatian coast 1 pic
  • double page The only communist country where tourists are welcome Coastal scenes in Yugoslavia , Dalmatia and the lake of Bled 8 pics
  • A Window on the World - The training of Commandos at Bickleigh , near Plymouth 2 pics ----------------- "Safety first" in the Swiss alps : The examination of guides equipment at Zermatt 7 pics
  • double page- Lord Pembrokes noble seat Wilton House, Salisbury exterior and interior and paintings therein 12 pics
  • double page -Projected helicopters designed to carry passengers, cars and freight across the channel, an artists impression of giant helicopters with detachable fuselages - with cooperation of Silver City airways
  • In an English garden - Drought 2 pics --------------- wher music lovers and theatrical enthusiasts will gather: Edinburgh, whose festival opens on August 17 th 2 drawings
  • armaments of the past at the Tower of London:including a weapon to end wars! 10 pics --------------- 3 pages of The mysterious rock carvings of the Eritrean Highlands 3 pics
  • The World of Science - The fox and the Fleas 4 pics ---------------- Russian waterways and the open seas and the ships that sail them - The Maasdam sailing from Rotterdam, The P&O Liner The Chusan, The motor vessel Joseph Stalin on the Volga Don canal, The Samuel Pepys the smallest yacht compating in the Bermuda Plymouth race 6 pics
  • A Page for Collectors - Contrasts in Taste, furniture 3 pics -------------------- The Chesapeake bay bridge 4 1/2 miles long in Maryland USA seen from a Canberra and 2 Sikorsky H-19 helicopters making the first atlantic crossing by rotary wing aircraft flying into Prestwick Airport 2 pics
  • The World of the Cinema - Surpassing sound - "The sound barrier" Jack Allen , John Justin and Sir Ralph Richardson and Ann Todd, 3 pics ----------------- items from far and near - New anti riot weapon in west germany which sprays a stinking foam, Battle of Flowers float in Jersey , Measuring the route for the coronation, Puerto Rico celebrates her new constitution at El Morro fortress etc etc 6 pics
  • double page - Magic and medicine: an unusual London exhibition which reveals the secrets of the medicine men of the Aboriginal peoples in the British Commonwealth 13 pics
  • Notes for the Novel reader - Fiction of the week, "The Island of Desire" by Edith Templeton etc - Chess Notes by Baruch H Wood MSc . -Books of the Day - The European Heritage , "A History of Europe " by H A L Fisher 2 vols etc ------------ FP colour ad English Electric
  • FP colour Ad Reed Paper Group series "Commander Henry Bradwardine Jackson was developing wireless telegraphy at sea in 1895" -------------------- The discovery of a "Mona Lisa" of 2000 years ago in Nimrud Iraq Assur-Nasir Pal's capital 4 pics
  • ads AEI , Eno's fruit salts, British Seagull Outboard Motors, Dr Barnardo's Homes ----------------- FP ad GKN
  • ads Vat 69 scotch whisky, Hercules Bicycles, Carters invalid furniture Hand tricycle, Alka Seltzer ----------------- inside back cover FP colour ad Capstan cigs "August"
  • outside back cover FP colour ad Good Year Eagle Tyres series painting of a Golden Eagle in Scotland

    August 16

  • outside front cover McVitie & Price, Bass beer, Wilkinson Sword, Bronnley soaps, Wetherall sportsclothes, Red Hackle scotch whisky, Royal Exchange Assurance, Charles Heidsieck Champagne, State Express 555 cigs
  • inside front cover BMK mothproof carpets and rugs, Vayle nylons, Witch hair pins -------------- Valstar Raincoats, Beefeater Gin, Fly BOAC
  • The Ind Coope and Allsopp Organisation Double Diamond Beer and Allsopps Lager, Rolls Royce Aero engines - Farnborough Sept 1st - 7th, Marques del Real Tesoro Sherry -------------------- frontispiece "A Mona lisa of 2000 years ago - the largest and finest carved ivory head ever found in the ancient near east at Nimrud 1 pic natural size
  • Our Notebook + 2 pics King Talal declared no longer fit to be King of the Hashimite Kingdom Prince Hussein proclaimed King ------------------ Royal Welsh National Eisteddfod: The Gorsedd of Bards at Aberystwyth 1 pic The Royal familys arrival at Ballater station for a holiday at balmoral the Queen shaking hands with Major AW Leslie 1 pic
  • A brutal crime which shocked France: The murder of the Drummond family 6 pics --------------- Cowes week in Pictures ,Cowslip, Thistle, Lothian, Zoraida 4 pics
  • The theory behind the voyage of Kon Tiki - " American indians in the Pacific" by Thor Heyerdahl (died 2002)6 pics ---------------------- viewpoints of Edinburgh 2 drawings
  • double page Opening ceremony of the Edinburgh festival on the Castle Esplanade, beating the retreat a drawing by Bryan de Grineau
  • double page Parliament Square Edinburgh showing Courts of Justice and the South side of St Giles cathedral another drawing by Bryan de Grineau
  • double page Ivories of unsurpassed Magnificence - by Professor M E L Mallowan D Lit FSA - more from the excavations at Nimrud 16 pics
  • double page Ivories - swimming maidens and ivory animmals Of Assyrias King ---------------- FP colour recentl found in Assur - Nasir - Pal II's well at Nimrud Ivory Gold Lapis Lazuli and carnelian in a miniature sculpture of a lioness killing a nubian in a field of Lotuses -natural size
  • double pages 4 colour photographs of Chartwell, Westerham, Kent- residence of the prime minister
  • FP colour photo of a painting by Gaham Sutherland "Somerset Maugham" --------------- In an English garden - August flowers 3 pics
  • A Page for collectors - from Catalan Frescoes to El Greco 3 pics ------------------ Edgar Degas - in Edinburgh Festival Exhibition 7 pics
  • The World of the Theatre - Putting it together - "Albert RN" and "The step forward" ---------------- A new British film "Mandy" a deaf child learns to speak remarkable acting by a child Mandy Miller with Jack Hawkins and Dorothy Alison and Phyllis Calvert 5 pics
  • A Window on the World - Tukachevsky sups in Montmartre 2 pics -------------------- Among the greatest mountains : new british explorations The Himalayas with Eric Shipton Hillary, Evans, Lowe - 4 pics and a drawing
  • The World of Science - The hedgehog and the Apples 2 pics ---------------- News events at home and abroad in pics - British scouts at Lunteren and the Queen of the Netherlands, Koreas first popular ballot for president, exploration underground descent of the Gouffre de la Pierre St-martin in the Pyrenees, 2 naval ratings sent to prison in Korea for 2 years for stealing a taxi and 34 shillings etc etc 7 pics
  • some personalities and events of the week - Captain Franklin Ratsey RN with his crew who won the Britannia cup at Cowes, Admiral Earl Mounbatten at a dinner given by Mr Ben-Gurion in Jerusalem, engaged to be married The Earl of Dalkeith and Miss Jane Mcneill, the famous male impersonator dies Miss Ella Shields etc etc 11 pics --------------- Norway's King Haakon's 80th birthday celebrations 3 pics, Ex king Farouk and his family on Capri 3 pics
  • double page - Sport , modern invention, adventure and exploration and a disaster a miscellany of news in pictures presented to the national trust : Lanyon Quoit, a Megalithic monument between Penzance and St Just - On the North of Clavering island on the east coast of Greenland the camp of the members of the British North Greenland expedition, Commander CJW Simpson , A fatal accident in Alexandra Park on the Lakeside miniature railway, ready to make her maiden flight Britain's largest aircraft the 140 ton Saunders-Roe Princess, London Zoos baby King Penguin and Tubby her dad Mary was the muum, Jaguar HK 120 3 1/2 litre in which they broke records at Montlhery, Leslie Johnson , Jack Fairness and Bert Hadley driving etc etc 11 pics
  • Notes for the Novel reader - Fiction of the week, "The Return Home" by Rachel Trikett etc - Chess Notes by Baruch H Wood MSc . -Books of the Day - From Spain to Scandinavia , "Spain in the modern World " by James Cleugh etc ------------ ads BP Anglo Iranian Oil Company, Dewar's White label scotch whisky
  • ads The Rover Seventy Five, Benedictine liqeueur, Pernod --------------------inside back cover ads Bag Boy golf carts, Pimm's No 1, Gold Flake cigs, Barnett Ensign Ross Binoculars 8 x 40 are 41 .0.7
  • outside back cover ads Firestone Tyres, Pass and Joyce and The Armstrong Siddeley "Hurricane", Ferodo brake linings

    August 23

  • outside front cover ads Bulmer's Pomagne Champagne Cider, Cerebos Salt, Paripan enamel, McVitie & Price, Greys cigs, Moet & Chandon, Vapex for headcolds, Ronuk Polishes, United British Insurance Co
  • inside front cover FP colour ad "The Guinness Pelican poem" ----------------- ads Cunard to Bermuda, John Cotton cigs, Black and White scotch whisky
  • ads Riley cars, Godfrey Davis car hire, Laycock de Normanville overdrive --------------- ads Thames Board Mills, Tube investments, Avon Tyres
  • ads The Bowater Paper Corporation, Laing Builders, Sankey of Wellington ---------------- frontispiece Disaster " In the darkness of a single night part of Lynmouth has disappeared for ever": The main street of the North Devonshire seaside resort after the village had been inundated by the river Lyn , August 15th 31 persons reported missing!!
  • double page The tragedy of the storm which struck North Devon and West Somerset with unprecedented violence: ruined house, battered by floods, and their burden of boulders and debris 4 pics
  • Our Notebook + a pic of Princess Anne aged 2 ------------------- after the night of terror: wrecked houses and hotels in Lynmouth 5 pics
  • double page Nature vies with man in destruction: scenes in devastated Lynmouth some pics before and after the tragedy 12 pics
  • Leaves from the diary of a celebrated art critic - "Rumour and reflection" by Bernard Berenson + a photo of Mr Anthony Eden and Miss Clarissa Spencer Churchill after their marriage leaving the Caxton hall registry office --------------------- Tibet as a province of Metropolitan China: occupation scenes 6 pics
  • double page: The sixth Edinburgh Festival of Music and Drama: some of the personalities who contribute to this programme - mme Lisa del Casa, mme Christine Gorner, mme April Cantelo, mme Irmgard Seefried, miss Claire Bloom, mme Anneliese Rothenberger, mme Ursula Nettling, mme Martha Modl, Sir John Barbarolli, Mr Hans Oppenheim, Mr Georg Solti, Mr Christopher Hassall, Mr Ian Hunter, Mr Charles Morgan, Mr Pierre Founier, Mr Szigeti, Mr David McCallum, Mr Mark Rostal, Mr Walter Susskind, Dr Gunther Rennert, Mr Eduard Van Beinum, Sir Thomas Beecham 26 pics
  • double page - Mediaeval and Augustan Edinburgh 3 drawings
  • Paying Homage to the memory of the late King George VI by the Fijian Council of Chiefs 6 pics -------------- The tragedy in Gouffre Lepineux, The worlds deepest cave 4 pics
  • double page: A picturesque North Devonshire village turned overnight into a picture of desolation : Lynmouth as seen from the air after the river Lyn had burst its banks 1 pic
  • double page: The great frieze of Assur-Nasir-Pal and other important discoveries at Nimrud 10 pics
  • The great gate of Assur-Nasir-Pal II, the source of the polychrome ivories, and huge Tigris Quay 6 pics ---------------- A Window on the World - Idle thoughts on a voyage - on board the United States 3 pics
  • Jumping the queue: a unique photograph of a female ruby throated humming bird flying down to a Gladiolus only to find a Bee just about to go into the flower ahead of her 1 pic ----------------- Leaping to the the Fly: An amazing fishing photograph, showing a rainbow trout caught by the camera in the brief moment that it left the water to seize the lure 1 pic
  • The World of Science - The Stoats funeral procession 2 pics ---------------- The brilliant opening ceremonies of the Sixth Edinburgh festival (including the "Highland Fair" the 18th century scots ballad opera by Joseph Mitchell 6 pics
  • In an English Garden - Exbury revisited 3 pics --------------------personalities and events of the week- Anthony Eden and bride with Mr and Mrs Winston Churchill, etc etc 9 pics
  • The World of the Cinema - The dear Children - "Room for one more" and "Mandy" --------------- Senora Peron's funeral processions 3 pics, Aspects of the English scene, The first floolit cricket match to be played in England at highbury stadium when Middlesex beat Arsenal, The Jacobean Mansion Dieu Housein Dover, Making the Sussex downs safe from old shells and explosives 3 pics
  • A Page for collectors - Portable Timekeepers 5 pics ---------------------- On Land and sea sporting and other ocassions - The 30 minute maiden flight of the Bristol Britannia airliner, The first woman to swim the channel this year Miss Kathleen Mayo of Bolton, 7 day high endurance test of Jaguar XK 120 coupe at Montlhery track near Paris etc 6 pics
  • Notes for the Novel reader - Fiction of the week, "The Sugar House" by Antonia White etc - Chess Notes by Baruch H Wood MSc . -Books of the Day - Americana , "The Pinkerton story " by James D Horan etc ------------ FP ad Scweppshire Post " Happy holidays are Here" part of a series written by Stephen Potter Drawn by Lewitt-Him
  • ads Havoline Motor Oil, Singer 1500 saloon, Bells scotch whisky, Sandeman Apitiv sherry, Conway Stewart Pens, Barling Pipes --------------------- ads Chartreuse Liqueur, Ridgways teas, Interflora, British Seagull outboard motors, Three Castles cigs
  • ads Smiths Radiomobile HMV car radios, Seagers Gin, Aertex underwear, Barbados Calls You an advert by the West india committee, subscribe to the Illustrated London News 12 mths sub 5 16s 6d home or 5 14s (cheaper for Canada) Canada -------------------- inside back cover FP colour ad New Berry fruits 2/3 per half pound box
  • outside back cover FP colour ad "Hooper 4 door Sports saloon design No 8294 Bentley"

    August 30

  • outside front cover King six cigars, Drambuie, Bass, Grants Standfast scotch whisky, Charles Heidseck Champagne, McVitie & Price, Haliborange, John Jameson Irish whiskey, Car & general Insurance
  • inside front cover ads Cherry Heering drawing, Old Angus scotch whisky, Players cigs --------------- FP ad ICI series about chemical elements - ZINC
  • ads Bowater Organization Packaging, Albright & Wilson --------------------- FP ad Humber 8 seater Pullman Limousine
  • FP ad The Reed Paper Group series Prof JJ Thompson at Cambridge Cavendish ----------------- frontispiece The Funeral of thirteen victims of the North Devon floods , a general view of the cemetery in the valley of rocks, Lynton during the sounding of the last post 1 pic
  • double page -First Aid after the North Devon floods, scenes in Lynmouth before and after the disaster, gifts of clothing, and a tragic home coming at Dulverton 12 pics
  • Our Notebook + Harold McMillan walking the disaster area at Lynmouth 1 pic --------------- Past present and future: Events, discoveries and projects of today - The Railton Vosper jet engined boat Crusader which Mr Cobb is to try for a new water speed record, excavations at Cantebury in a 13th century well, The new county cricket champions Surrey , learning how to fly a Canberra jet bomber in a dummy cockpit trainer etc etc 7 pics
  • The first sovereign of the House of Windsor - "King George the fifth, his life and reign" by Harold Nicolson 3 pics ------------------ some personalities and ocassions of the week : winners of Britains first day and night car race P Collins and P Griffiths who drove an Aston Martin DB3, The chinese delegation's visit to Moscow, the president of Liberias visit to Spain etc etc 12 pics
  • The World of the theatre - Bringing it to mind, "The happy marriage" by John Clements 3 pics ----------- Nautical matters by sail, Cadet wek at Burnham on Crouch, steam An Italian warship visits britain and Jet White Hawk trials on Windermere 3 pics US ship breaks in two in the channel a liberty ship the Western Farmer all crew were rescued 3 pics
  • double page A new aid for fishing fleets of Britain: the echo sounder which locates shoals of fish and enables their species to be determined without shooting the nets 18 pic/ drawings
  • A Window on the World - Campaigns of Oceanic warfare 3 pics -------------- new achievments in British aircraft: The supersonic DH110, a new delta wing The Boulton Paul P120 and the worlds largest metal flying boat the Saunders Roe Princess 3 pics
  • double page: in Sarawak; now disturbed by terrorists ; the peaceful and law-abiding land Dyaks, once the victims of Head hunters 9 pics
  • double page : in a colony, now disturbed by communists; a scene in a Long-house at Mentu Tapuh, Sarawak 1 pic
  • In an English Garden - Really sweet peas - 2 pics ------------------ cooking in an emergency: the construction of efficient ranges from salvage and their use by the welfare section of the Civil Defence Corps 5 pics
  • double page photo Portraits which may be recognised; captive british soldiers in Korea stated to be at Pyok-Dong 12 pics of 32 prisoners -1. Walter Whiting, Huddersfield : Corporal Peter Williams, Bradford : Private Bryan Hoyle, Huddersfield : Private Derek Ackroyd, Bingley, Yorks : 2. Private George Marshall, Harrogate : Private Horace D. Barker, Otley : 3. Albert Quinn, Leeds : C. Holland, Castleford : George W. Smith, Rotheram : 4. Corporal Jack Arnall, Heckmondwike : Eric Fawcett, Buttershore, Bradford : 5. Private Peter Huddlestone : Corporal Hugh Aitken : 6. Private Fred Moore, Chorley, Lancs : Joseph Horrobin, Wigan, Lancs : Ronald Cox, West Croydon, Surrey : 7. George Hobson, Liverpool : Edwin Peach, Blakenhall Heath, nr. Walsall : Robert Gore, Liverpool: Edward F. Spencer, Liverpool: 8. Alexander Small, Fife : Private Robert McDonald, Kirriemuir : Private Alex McCleod, Glasgow: 9. Samuel H. Greer, Belfast : Edward English, Lisburn : Corporal James Hannaway, Belfast : 10. Private Roderick Munroe, Perth : Corporal Alexander Ewan, Perth : Edward Digan, Dundee :11. Private Albert Knott, Nottingham : Private Edward Hart, Ilkeston, Derbyshire: 12. Lance Corporal Allan G. McKell, Glasgow: Aad Biever, Wouverman straat 164, The Hague.
  • double page - Three thousand years of occupation of Five-thousand-year-old Mari in North West Mesopotamia - Brilliant miniature sculpture an unknown ziggurat and a unique wooden box uncovered by Professor André Parrot 10 pics
  • The World of Science - A Turkey's ceremonial 2 pics ---------------------- International Horse show winners, and our Olympics Jumping team at the White City 7 pics
  • A page for collectors - The Story of Spoons 4 pics -------------------- News from Home; A centenary of Grasmere sports in the Lake District, Venice in Lancashire the striking illuminations in Happy Mount Park, Morecambe, At work on his prize winning window box Mr CJ Shaw of Stoke Newington, etc etc 6 pics
  • double page - Hunting the rock-pools as a holiday pastime: some of the animals which may be found above low-water mark a drawing by Neave Parker
  • Notes for the Novel reader - Fiction of the week, "The Far Country" by Nevil Shute etc - Chess Notes by Baruch H Wood MSc . -Books of the Day - Lovers of Oxford , "Retrospect " by Viscount Simon etc -------------- Foreign news items: where aircraft taxi over a road at Idlewild Airport New York, The funeral procession of Dr Schumacker the German socialist leader, Open air High mass for 30,000 in West Berlin, Mr Nehru the Indian Prime minister on Indias 5th birthday parade at Delhi 5 pics
  • double page: John Evelyn's own description of the layout of Sayes Court - a detailed explanation and key to the numbered plan dated 1653 2 pics
  • ads Firestone Tyres, Esso petrol in Yorkshire ---------------- ads Medway packaging, Haig scotch whisky, AEI industries
  • ads Ford cars & George Stephenson, Johnson's Car Plate, Macfarlane Lang Granola biscuits -------------- inside back cover ads Dubonnet, Ryvita, Eno's, Thor automatic washing machine, Oylers car upholstery, Mackinlay's scotch whisky
  • outside back cover Shell Mex and BP series Fardel Manor at Ivybridge in Devon - the home of Mr John Ray MD of Sulfuro Fertilizers Ltd

    September 6

  • outside front cover McVitie & Price, Jaeger, State Express 555, John Jameson Irish whiskey, gaymers Cyder, Imperial Leather, Apollinaris water, King Six cigars, Motor Union Insurance
  • inside front cover ad FP colour De Havilland Comet ------------------ ads Bermuda in the Winter how to get there etc, Vickers Ltd
  • ads Midland Bank series September, Banda duplicators, Blackwood Hodge roadmakers, Barnett Ensign Ross Binoculars-------------------------- ads Royal mail Lines to South America, Beefeater Gin, Tube Investments
  • ads Good Year Tyres, Lucas car batteries, Hercules Bicycles ----------------------- ads Wolseley cars, Land Rover, National Benzole Mixture
  • FP ad Hawker Siddeley Group "Hawker Hunter" ----------------- frontispiece "another dramatic leap in the progress of British aviation": the world's first four-engined delta-winged jetBomber, the Avro A698, which made its first flight on August 30th 1 pic
  • double page Highlights of Farnborough Air show of the Society of British aircraft constructors, aircraft civil, Military and Transport which are leading the world in aeronautic design - The Gloster Javelin, Bristol Britannia, Vickers Valiant, Vickers Supermarine Swift, Avro 698 and the Fairey Gannet
  • Our Notebook + a pic of a Canberra Jet Bomber after a record breaking atlantic flight -------------- Souvenirs of the forthcoming Coronation: some selected medals and a plaque 7 pics by different artists
  • double page : Bought by the Queen Mother - Barrogill Castle, in Caithness 4 pics
  • The year before D - Day : "The second world war. Volume V. Closing the Ring" by Winston S Churchill an appreciation by Sir John Squire + a pic of Churchills minute of may 30 1942 ------------------ The Hermes crash off Trapani, Sicily ; survivors and the rescue boat 7 pics
  • double page - An enterprise which relieves old age of its loneliness and combats failinf faculties and the feeling of useleeness: elderly workers busily engaged in paid light work in congenial surroundings - started by Finsbury Counccil in St John Street , 4 drawings
  • A Window on the World - Washington in August 1 pic ----------------------- seductive temple dances and Gamelan music: The first Balinese dancers to visit London 5 pics
  • double page - An aircraft in which everything goes wrong from take-off to touch-down : The Comet flight simulator to be used for training BOAC air crews to meet all emergencies in the air 8 drawings
  • double page - Across the atlantic and back in Eight Hours: the double record-breaking Canberra Jet Bomber, as it flew above the clouds from Belfast to Gander and back at an average 530.2 MPH 1 drawing
  • The World of Science - Relics in animal behaviour 2 pics ----------------- The Radio and Television Exhibition at Earl's Court: some of the outstanding features - the first television telephone demonstrated etc 6 pics
  • In an English Garden - Agapanthus in Excelsis 2 pics --------------------- The Edinburgh Festival : Dramatic and Musical Highlights - Mr emlyn Williams as Charles Dickens reding Bleak House, The festival Piano quartet Pierre Fournier- Clifford Curzon - Josef Szigeti and William Primrose etc etc 7 pics
  • double page : The Rutherston collection at Manchester : initial gifts on view - Eric Gill , Augustus John, Lowry, Piper, Graham, Armstrong, Sickert etc etc 14 pics
  • A Page for Collectors - Seventeen modern english Painters 3 pics -------------- personalities and events winner and runner-up in the boys golf championship MF Bonallack who beat Alec Shepperson, speaking to the American legion in Madison Square Garden General Eisenhower, The Prime minister of India flies in a Comet Mr Nehru with Mrs JJ Garner, discussing their record flight the crew of the Canberra Mr DA Watson Mr RP Beamont (capt) and Mr P Hillwood etc etc 11 pics
  • A miscellany of topical items - Part of a Romano-British Villa at Great Casterton, Near Stamford a recently excavated building, the start of a week of festivities at Preston, Lancashire the final proclamation of the Preston Guild being read out from the steps of the town hall with the Mayor Mr JJ Ward, Summer uniform and "Blues" modelled on the mens dress : New US women marines' uniforms etc etc 7 pics -------------------- resembling a giant Flying boat at her moorings: The US Navy's hospital ship Haven at anchor in Korean waters
  • The World of the Cinema - Notes and Queries in Edinburgh : Walt Disneys "Natures Half acre" a film from Belgium " Bongolo" a French film "Le Plaisir" 3 pics -------------------- The New "Sylvia" Sadler's Wells Ballet in Frederick Ashton's new version of an Old and well loved Classic 2 pics
  • News events at Home and abroad - the international radio controlled model boats contest at Stanley park Blackpool, passers by searching for victims of a US earthquake at Bakersfield , California, King Hussein of Jordan 6 pics ------------------- Round the clock clearance at Lynmouth and caravan homes for the flood victims 5 pics
  • Notes for the Novel reader - Fiction of the week, "The Green Man" by Storm Jameson etc - Chess Notes by Baruch H Wood MSc . -Books of the Day - "Had I but world enough.. " "Down to the Lion , by JC Trewin etc ----------------- ad FP Monsanto Chemicals "How's your Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid doing George"
  • ads The Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Company Ltd, Minton China, Braemar underwear for men ------------- Vayle Nylons, Bois des Iles by Chanel, Courtaulds Sanderson fabrics
  • ads Booths Gin, Lloyds bank Ltd, Bermaline bread, Gieves Tailors, Torquay, British Seagull, Carters invalid furniture --------------------- ads Bonochord Hearing aids, is it Real leather, Vat 69 scotch whisky
  • ads Valstar overcoats, Chaplins fine sherries, Prunier cognac, Silvifix, Foyles Bookshop, Export cigs -------------- inside back cover FP colour ad English Electric "trains"
  • outside back cover FP colour ad Johnnie Walker scotch whisky

    September 13

  • outside front cover ads Apollinaris water, Gaymers cyder, McVitie & Price, Bronnley Soap, Harden's Tea, Bass, Greys cigs, Vapex for headcolds, Ronuk polishes, United British insurance
  • ads London & Lancashire Insurance, Euthymol toothpaste, Havoline Motor Oil, Vantella Shirts, Cointreau Liqueur --------------------- ads Rolls Royce aero engines, AC oil filters, Fly with BOAC to India and Ceylon
  • ads Joblings Glass "Pyrex", Firth Vickers Stainless Steels, Airwork Ltd ----------------- ads The 1½ Litre Jowett Javelin, India Tyres
  • ads South African Tourist Organisation, Caron parfum "Fleurs de Rocaille", Ridgways Tea ----------------- frontispiece The tragedy tha marked the SABC display at Farnborough: A Dramatic photograph showing a portion of the fuselage of the DH110 falling to the ground after the aircraft had disintegrated. The test pilot Mr John Derry and the observer Mr Anthony Richards and 25 spectators were killed and 63 injured 1 pic
  • Our Notebook + 1 pic -------------------- The Great Farnborough display of British aircraft: general views with exceptionally interesting exhibits shown on the ground 2 pics including Key
  • double page: The strange modern Denizens of our Blue Skies , new british aircraft of astonishing performance 11 pics
  • The Garden of delights - and Delights of the Garden - "Gardens" by Sir William Beach Thomas ------------- The Farnborough airshow with a photo of the DH110 just before disintegration and aphoto of it actually breaking up 2 pics
  • double page A disaster in which 27 were killed and 63 injured ; The scene of devestation showing specttators receiving first aid 1 pic
  • A Window on the World - Historians in shirt sleeves : The american civil war 4 pics --------------- The new Governor general deignate of Australia: Field Marshal Slim with Lady Slim at their Surrey Home 1 pic
  • Personalities and events of the week : The death of Count Carlo Sporza, wearing the national costume of Denmark- Queen Ingrid of Denmark with her daughters, off to make a second attempt on Everest members of the Swiss Expedition, Miss A Phillips from Whitfield ,Manchester becomes the new Girls Golf champion, Miss Gertrude Lawrence died in New York aged 54 etc etc 14 pics ----------------------- at home and abroad - the only international bridge at present in use between Yugoslavia and the outside world which links to Austria, The TUC opening at Margate delegates representing more than 6,000,000 votes, Aboyne Games showing the Highland dancing etc etc 6 pics
  • In an English Garden - Cottage Campanula 1 pic --------------------- FP colour the Bearded Bull of Sumeria , 4700 years old one of the largest copper finds from Mesopotamia 1 pic
  • double page in colour - participants in the Coronation: officers of the College of Arms, headed by the Earl Marshall, in the Tabards which recall the mediaeval origin of their function 6 pics
  • FP colour picture: An early autumn Bouquet "Flower study" by Henri Fantin-Latour (1836-1902)-------------- The Queen at Braemar Games : Mr george Clark who won the "Heavy" events 4 pics
  • curiosities and inventions: Mr Hanger of Wisley gardens with air layered srubs, A micro film reader at the HQ of the Post Office savings bank, A texas record 1090 lb Black Marlin caught by Mr AC Glassell off Cabo Planco Peru, A preston Guild float "a girl in bed" etc etc 8 pics ---------------- Building a house in Eight Hours - A British firms export achievement for the Canadian model town of Ajax near Toronto - the house designed by James Riley and construvted by Messrs H Newsum, Sons & Co at the Lincoln factory 6 pics
  • British and commonwealth ocassions Historic Essex in Pictures an Exhibition at the County Shire Hall Chelmsford the villgae green before and after alterations between 1777 and 1807, An expression of sympathy for the Lynmouth residents from the Jamaican Labour Party a gift of Bananas, Sugar and Coffee at Dulverton, The New Zealand cruiser HMNZS Bellona at Portsmouth etc etc 6 pics --------------- The sequence of an amazing car racing disaster at Daytona Speedway Ohio USA where Mr Rigsby (who was killed) and Mr Force collided photos taken by Mr Carl yeager 4 pics
  • The World of the Theatre - In Festival terms : " The River Line" and Emlyn Williams as Charles Dickens 3 pics -------------- The Lunts return to London: "Quadrille" by Noel Coward a romantic comedy with Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne 9 pics
  • The World of Science - Hornbills, Ivory and Preen-oil 3 pics -------------------- Guard Bees in action at the 97th Annual exhibition of the Royal Photographic Society 5 pics
  • double page at the RPS :A retret chapel in an old Tithebarn in West Malling Abbey Kent 1 pic ---------------- Cave in flood - Lancaster Hole Casterton Fell Westmorland 1 pic
  • A Page for Collectors - An out of Fashion subject Japanese Art 3 pics ---------------- More RPS photos A venetian highway 2 pics
  • Notes for the Novel reader - Fiction of the week, "Hemlock and After" by Angus Wilson etc - Chess Notes by Baruch H Wood MSc . - Books of the Day - The Garden and its inhabitants "Gardenage or the plants of Nin hursaga" , by Geoffery Grigson etc -------------------------- FP ad The specialists who build the Lagonda - The David Brown Companies
  • ads Witch Hair Pins, Frigidaire, British home for incurables, Salignac cognac, Patons classic shoe laces -------------------- ads The Morris Oxford, Firestone Tyres
  • ads Vykmin Mineral capsules, Dr Barnardo's Homes, Barbados Tourism, Rednutt Brown Sherry, Lindt Chocolate, Mentzendorff Kummel, Andy garden gloves, Conway stewart fountain pens --------------- inside back cover ads Gordons Gin 33/9 bottle max price, Embassy cigars, Solignum Wood preserve, Bag Boy golf carts
  • outside back cover FP ad The Raymond Gas cooker 61½ Guineas

    September 20

  • outside front cover ads Bulmers Pomagne Champagne cider, McVitie & Price, Allenburys diet drink, Bass, Jacqmar, Lillet, Grants Standfast scotch whisky, King six cigars, Motor Union Insurance
  • inside front cover FP colour ad Dunlop Rubber series British cathedrals "York Minster" painting by Felix Kelly -------------------- ads MG Saloon 1¼ Litre, Dry Fly Sherry, British Leather
  • ads Tube investments Ltd, Babcock & Wilcox Ltd, Fiberite packing cases, Barnett Ensign Ross Binoculars ---------------- ads Hawker Hunter Aircraft Ltd, Fly BEA, Vickers Ltd
  • Burnetts White Satin Gin, Roses Lime Juive, Interflora, British Seagull engines --------------- Churchman's No 1 cigs, Moss Bros, Dewars White Label scotch whisky
  • ads Bermuda Tourism, RAF Officer Recruitment ------------------ frontispiece Comrades in honouring the heroes of 1940: Sabre Jet-fighters of the Royal Canadian and the United States Air Force joining with Four Engined Lincoln Bombers of the RAF in the Battle of Britain Fly-Past 1 pic
  • Our NoteBook + 1 pic of the 1st Duke of Wellington ----------------- Tulyar maintains his unbroken record to win odds-on St. Leger by 3 lengths 5 pics
  • News from Home:Finalists in the girls singles of the Junior Lawn tennis Championships, Miss VA Pitt who beat Miss JN Boundy, Finalists in the Boys singles of the Junior Lawn tennis Championships WA Knight who beat RK Wilson, Horsesmens Sunday on Epsom Downs, demonstrating an Electrocardiograph machine etc etc 6 pics ---------------- The Political scene in Egypt 5 pics
  • The great NATO Armada assembles: warships in "Exercise Mainbrace" in the Forth of Clyde - US carrier Midway, Canadian carrier Magnificent British battleship Vanguard etc 6 pics --------------- Personalities and events in the public eye: Princess Margaretha of Sweden in England for 6 months, Dr Henry Bottrell of Pimlico is still practising and celebrates his 100th birthday, Charlie Chaplin and his wife, the former miss Oona O'Neill daughter of the playwright Eugene, in New York en route for England etc etc 13 pics
  • The plight of the inland Eskimos - "People of the Deer" by Farley Mowat + a pic of the brigade of Gurkhas annual conference 1952 at Seremban, Malaya ----------------- The homeland of the Gurkhas: unique photos of West Nepal 8 pics
  • The Gurkhas at home: Their country, Houses and customs 7 pics ---------------- The recruitment of the Gurkhas for the British and Indian Armies 2 pics
  • A Window on the World - Bull Run - 3 pics ---------------- Scenes of battles in the American Civil war in early photographs and as they are today - Bull Run, Antietam and Fredicksburg 8 pics
  • 5 page special - The Wellington School centenary Appeal 7 drawings of Boys and school by bryan de Grineau
  • at the London Salon Show: Photography as an artistic medium 3 pics by HA Murch, Jose Ortiz Echagüe, Stephen Shore
  • double page - At the RPS: striking bird studies in the nature Photography section 6 pics of Birds - Sedge Warbler, Kingfisher, Little Bittern, Capercaillie, Nightjar and Hen harrier
  • In an English garden - A "Cinderella" stock 2 pics ---------------------- The Ciné-Camera as eye-witness - in the Farnborough airshow crash 12 pics
  • The World of Science - The story of 2 rats and an egg - 3 pics --------------------- The Gilling Castle panelling near Helmsley, Yorks 3 pics and Lynmouth lives again 3 pics
  • The World of the Cinema - Quite a day of it - "Meet me tonight " 3 of Noel Cowards one act plays as a film, and "The Planters wife" ----------------------- The restoration and renovation of the war damaged central Criminal court : scenes at the Old Bailey 5 pics
  • double page - Unique dog sculptures of Mediaeval Islam from the city of Harran of the little known Numaird dynasty 9 pics
  • A page for Collectors - A Victoria and Albert circus - 5 pics --------------- Art of the far east - in the V and A's new primary collection 5 pics
  • Notes for the Novel reader - Fiction of the week, "The House of Men" by Marcel Aymé etc - Chess Notes by Baruch H Wood MSc . - Books of the Day - Outward and Visible signs "English Parish Churches" by Graham Hutton etc -------------------------- FP ad State Express cigs - world map of shipping lines
  • ads Martell Cordon Bleu, Trans Canada airlines series "Iron two feet down", Beefeater Gin -------------- ads The Rover Seventy Five, Canadian Pacific, South African Airways
  • ads Harris Tweed, The Hoover Cleaner (from 14 guineas plus 7 guineas tax), Eno's Fruit Salts, Belling visible cooking ---------------------- ads Driway "Rapsun" raincoat, Barker & Dobson confectionery, Imperial Leather soap
  • ads Pernod, Seagers Dry Gin, Prunier Cognac, Imperial Cancer Research, Gieves, Barling pipes, Pintail Sherry ----------- inside back cover FP colour ad The GEC refrigerator
  • outside back cover FP colour ad Abdulla Number seven cigs 20 for 3/11

    September 27

  • outside front cover ads McVitie & Price, Ronuk Polishes, Red Hackle scotch whisky, Bronnley Soap, Greys cigs, Drambuie, Apollinaris "Polly" Water, The White House- Port Rush, Car & General Insurance
  • inside front cover FP colour ad BMK mothproof carpets "goalkeeper" -------------- FP ad The Sunbeam - Talbot 90
  • ads Avon Tyres, Thornycroft chassis, Godfrey Davis Car Hire ---------------- FP ad Jaguar XK 120
  • ads Esso happy motoring series Midlands, Car Plate polish, Henley Tyres --------------- FP ad The Austin Sheerline
  • ads State Express 555 cigs, Highland Queen scotch whisky, Smiths 15 jewel watches 8.15 inc tax ------------- ads Unicorn Leather Co, Bonochord hearing aids, Crockett & Jones shoes
  • FP ad The Watchmakers of Switzerland ----------------- In conversation with Marshall Tito and his (third) wife MME Yovanka Broz Mr anthony Eden, The Foreign secretary in Belgrade 1 pic
  • double page - The Naval might of NATO aspects of "Exercise Mainbrace" in which 8 nations combined to defend Scandinavia 9 pics
  • Our Notebook + 1 pic Schoolchildren of Oosterbeek laying flowers on the graves of airborne soldiers who fell at Arnhem in Sept 1944 ---------------- "Holdfast" and "Equinox" NATO manoeuvres by land and air in North and South Germany 5 pics
  • The beginning of Robot aerial warfare pilotless guided aircraft used for the first time in war in Korea 4 pics ----------- "Packed and delivered" The new US escape capsule for high speed aircraft pilots and how it works 4 drawings
  • From Langland to Yeats - A progress of poets : "Poets of the English Language"; edited by WH Auden and Norman Holmes Pearson an appreciation by Sir John Squire + 2 pics of Dutch paintings --------------- Amendments to Coventry Cathedral's Design: some changed aspects 5 drawings by Basil Spence
  • This mechanical age: Engineering and other devices of Science: A microscope projector, A mercury vapour light trap for collecting moths by Mr FJ Chitty, The " US Jet Jeep" the smallest helicopter constructed the XH 26 etc etc 7 pics -------------- The Federation of Ethiopia and Eritrea : ceremonies in Asmara and Addis Ababa 6 pics
  • A Window on the World - Norfolk Navy shipyard, Portsmouth 1 pic -------------------- Naval ocassions: Marshall Tito with the US and Yugolslav Navies 5 pics
  • double page - The heart and nerve centre of British naval power for more than two centuries. Some aspects of the Admiralty's historic buildings 10 pics
  • engaging an invisible target with radar controlled guns: A system fitted in the "Daring" class destroyers which does everything except load and fire the guns 4 drawings
  • In an English Garden - Good News , The gardeners royal benevolent institution has bought a house in Horton, Bucks 2 pics -------------------- The Cocos air base: An essential link in the new air route from Sydney to Johannesburg 6 pics
  • The first British atomic test: Onslow and the Monte Bello Group 6 pics ----------------- 3 PAGES - The overlords of Mycenae before the days of Agamemnon: Royal burials in a newly discovered grave circle of Helladic Mycenae 14 pics
  • The World of Science - Play with a purpose - Stoats 3 drawings ---------------------- Personalities of the week: The death of Miss Vesta Tilley, The first WRAF volunteer reserve to be awarded RAF wings Pilot Officer JL Bird, The worlds speedway champion for the second time Jack Young, The death of Mr Nat D Dyer a composer who wrote "If you were the only girl in the world" "Oh you beautiful doll" etc etc etc 20 pics
  • double page - "Limelight" and Charlie Chaplin: The latest film triumph of the worlds greatest comedian and " Only genius in motion pictures" 12 pics
  • A page for collectors - Tea-time for the Iron Duke 3 pics ---------------- from home and abroad - The commando memorial at Spean Bridge, Inverness-shire, Wake island airport after being hit by a typhoon, the wooden hut at Panmunjom where the Korean armistice talks are being held, The Soviet-Chinese agreement by Chou en-Lai and Marshall Stalin 6 pics
  • double page - Animals in which the loss or degeneracy of the teeth has necessitated a soft diet: "Anteaters" of many lands which provide interesting examples of convergent evolution 13 drawings by Neave Parker
  • The World of the theatre - Lover's meeting - "Romeo and Juliet" with Claire Bloom and Alan Badel also "Wishing Well" by E Eynon Evans 3 pics ---------------------- FP ad Senior Service cigs
  • Notes for the Novel reader - Fiction of the week, "The Old man and the sea" by Ernest Hemingway; etc - Chess Notes by Baruch H Wood MSc . - Books of the Day - Great writer - great statesman "A choice of Kiplings prose" selected by W Somerset Maugham etc -------------------------- FP ad reed Paper group series prof JJ Thompson at the Cavendish
  • ads Gordons Gin 33/9 per bottle, Is it real leather?, Phillips bicycles -------------------- ICI series elements : Phosphorus
  • ads Dry Sack sherry, Grand Marnier Liqueur, Ryvita, Thor - automagic washing machine, Velocette motor bike, Suchard chocolate --------------------- Albright & Wilson Ltd, Laing, Medway packaging
  • ads Valstar overcoats, Three castles cigs, Bell's scotch whisky, Apry apricot liqueur, PEL tubular steel furniture, Trilox invalid carriages, Export cigs -------------------------- inside back cover FP colour ad Hooper touring limousine - design number 8283 on Rolls Royce Siler Wraith
  • outside back cover FP colour ad Whitbread light ale

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