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Illustrated London News 1952 - Queen Elizabeth II - Golden Jubilee Year 2002 - October to December

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(Page by page 12 inches by 10 inches)

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Please Note: QUEEN ELIZABETH II was not crowned in 1952 it was 1953

all pics and adverts are Black and White/ Brown and White except where stated - The dotted line ----------- indicates facing pages

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October 4

  • outside front cover ads King six cigars, Mcvitie & Price, Paripan Enamel, Gaymer's cyder, Grant's Standfast scotch whisky, Abdulla cigs, Vapex inhalers, Wilkinson Sword, Motor Union Insurance
  • inside front cover FP colour ad Sanderson wallpapers and fabrics --------------- ads Chanel No. 5, Swissair, The Goldsmiths and Silversmiths company
  • ads The Ind Coope and Allsopp Organisation, Fly BEA, British Seagull Outboard Motors, Oyler the car tailors ------------ ads Cherry Heering series "Huntsmen", Dry Monopole Champagne, Moss Bros
  • ads The Motor Show - Earls Court, British Leather, Hercules Bicycles, Tube Investments --------------- ads Good year "Eagle" tyres, Land Rover, Jack Barclay for Rolls Royce and Bentleys
  • FP ad GKN -------------------- "The Centenaries Express":The special train, packed with Railway enthusiasts, on its non-stop run from London to York, to mark the Centenary of King's Cross and the "Town Line" 1 pic of Sir Nigel Gresley a class A4 streamlined locomotive
  • Our Notebook + 1 pic of The Duchess of Kent and her son The Duke of Kent visiting Malaya ------------- The first WRAC gunners to serve operationally in Gibraltar 3 pics
  • The Northern gateway to the American continent: A new air base completed at Thule, Greenland 5 pics ----------------- A dramatic rescue on the Greenland ice-cap a Hastings transport plane down
  • Topical news: The grand pediment of Cumberland Terrace now restored, The election of the Lord Mayor of London in the Guildhall Sir Rupert de la Bere (MP for Worcester) was elected, The start of a Goodwood motor race in which BRMs finished - 1st, second and third etc 5 pics --------------------- On the verge of Triumph: Mr John Cobb's death in Loch Ness where his jet propelled boat Crusader disintegrated after passing a speed of 206 mph 4 pics
  • Queen Anne's great Lord treasurer - "Godolphin: his life and times" by Sir Tresham Lever, an appreciation by Sir John Squire 3 pics ------------------ Queen elizabeth the Queen Mother's visit to the new Grangemouth oil refinery 4 pics
  • double page- The diversity of a great sculptor seen in a current London exhibition: work by Jacob Epstein at the Tate 17 pics
  • A Window on the World - Ladies whose bright eyes - 5 pics are Personalities of a "Ballet-war" -------------- The birth of an island: an underwater volcano in Eruption about 200 miles south of Tokyo - 2 aerial views showing the great billowing mass of smoke and ashes 2 pics
  • double page - seeking treaty revisions with france: HM Sidi Mohammed, Sultan of Morocco 11 pics
  • double page - The Royal family with their Royal guests at Balmoral: The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, with Prince Charles and Princess Anne, and King Feisal II and the Regent of Iraq
  • A page for collectors - University landmarks 5 pics --------------- sold to America for 74,000: Lord Elgin's "Portrait of the Conde-Duque de Olivares on a white horse" by Velasquez, now purchased by the Metropolitan museum of New York 1 pic
  • visiting London after an absence of 21 years: Charlie Chaplin's return to his native city 6 pics ----------- 3 PAGES - New light on the "Dark age" of Indian history: recent excavations at the Hastinãpura site near Delhi 12 pics
  • The World of Science - The fantastic habit of Anting 3 pics --------------------- some personalities and ocassions of the week : The new heavyweight champion of the world Rocky Marciano of Brockton , Massachusetts when he knocked out Jersey Joe walcott in the 13th round at Philidelphia, Signor Toscanini arriving in London to conduct the Philharmonia Orchestra, Sayed sir Abdel rahman El-Mahdi with his youngest son at a press conference in London etc etc 12 pics
  • a news Miscellany : seen by hundreds of Romans and tourists in the Colosseum - Golgotha Mount one of the scenes in a historical pageant, The British fleet visits Naples, lost during French manouevres the submarine La Sibylle 48 men died etc etc 6 pics ----------------------- the great NATO naval "Exercise Mainbrace" at Skagen, Denmark
  • In an English Garden - Of grafting - 1 engraving ---------------------- "The Nixon affair" A US political sensation a vice presidential candidate vindicated 9 pics
  • The World of the Cinema - A page with a Moral: Joan Crawford and "Sudden Fear" and Anne Baxter in "My wife's best friend" 3 pics --------------------- The commercial Motor Show some notable exhibits at Earls Court 6 pics
  • Notes for the Novel reader - Fiction of the week, "The Island" by Jean Matheson; etc - Chess Notes by Baruch H Wood MSc . - Books of the Day - Greatness and Heredity "Bolivar" by Professor Salvador de Madariaga etc ---------------------- A Scottish welcome home form Korea : Edinburgh's greeting to the 1st Battalion, The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, the ceremonial march along Princess street 1 pic
  • ads John Cotton cigs, Sandeman port, Benedictine Liqueur, Carters invalid furniture, King George IV scotch whisky ---------------------- ads AEI, Vickers Ltd
  • ads Bermuda for the Winter, Embassy Cigars, Braemar underwear for men ------------------ Aquascutum, Chaplins Sherries and ports, Barclays Bank
  • ads Silifix hair cream, Beefeater Gin, Foyles Bookshop, Torquay, Milk of Magnesia, Church of England Childrens Society, Prunier "Hostellerie" cognac 50/- ----------------- inside back cover FP colour ad VAT 69 scotch whisky at all events
  • outside back cover FP colour ad Hawker Siddley Group - The Gloster Javelin "Sapphire" delta fighter

    October 11

  • outside front cover ads Bulmers Pomagne Champagne Cider, The White House - Port Rush for Irish Tweeds, State Express 555 cigs, Bass, McVitie & Price, Royal Exchange Assurance, Courvoisier Cognac, Vapex for head colds, Ronuk Polishes
  • inside front cover FP colour ad Fly BOAC --------------------- FP ad Schweppshire Post (series)critics page
  • ads Black & White scotch whisky, Bowater Organisation --------------------- FP ad The Ford Zephyr- Six 532 + purchase tax of 297.1.1.
  • ads Firestone Tyres, Frigidaire, Dubonnet (does not affect the Liver) ------------------ ads Wolseley cars, Airwork Ltd, Highland Queen scotch whisky
  • ads Spink & Son Ltd, Frank Partridge & Son (fine art dealer), Rolls Royce Aero engines ----------------- frontispiece The first Atomic Gun: A view of the new US 280 mm (11-in, calibre) artillery piece at its maximum elevation of 55°, which gives an approximate range of 20 miles 1 pic
  • double page The first Atomic Gun: details and first photographs in the travelling and firing position 6 pics
  • Our Notebook - 1 pic of Sir Roger Makins (new British Ambassador to US) ----------------- Bitterness at the Labour Party Conference at Morecambe: some Bevanite leaders and their opponents: James Griffiths, Barbara Castle, Arthur Deakin, Herbert Morrison, Jennie lee, Aneurin Bevan etc 6 pics
  • A Window on the World - The wheels and tracks of Detroit 1 pic -------------------- Fission or Fusion? Britains first atomic weapon explodes in "Operation Havoc": The Monte Bello Islands blast which revises Britain's place in the hierarchy of Nations 1 pic
  • double page - The Duches of Kent in the East: Royal welcome at Bahrain and Singapore 11 pics
  • Events grave and gay: The funeral of Mr John Cobb at Esher Parish Church- Surrey, Ceylon Universities new home at Peradeniya, aluminium huts for the Australian bush, etc etc ------------------------ modern marvels: The Royal navy's midget submarine XE 8, the first gas turbine car in France by MM Gregoire and Socema, The interior of Henry VIII ths wine cellar at Whitehall after renovation (before and after shots)
  • double page - Harnessing Scotland's Water Power: The Glen Affric scheme 8 pics
  • In an English Garden - "Geraniums" 1 pic ------------------------- FP colour The closed garden of Spain - or the London Tower House: Musical with fountains and brilliant with flowers and potted plants (Chelsea show exhibit)
  • colour double page - The garden of leisured recreation of 18th century France: from a Gouache drawing of "A garden scene" by Jean-Demosthene Dugourc (1749-1805)
  • FP colour The secluded garden of England: cool with water and green lawns and enlivened with the sudden splendour of flowering shrubs (Chelsea show exhibit) --------------------------- The tale of Tusitala - " A voyage to Windward: The life of Robert Louis Stevenson" by JC Furnas 3 pics
  • some personalities of the week: senator Nixon at home with his family, Sir Frank Brangwyn RA a retrospective exhition at the Diploma Gallery, Lord Astor, with his Grandaughter Frances, who has died at the age of 73, death of Sir Keith Murdoch - October 5th - aged 66 - who was chairman of the Melbourne Herald etc etc 13 pics ------------------- to be used for anti-aircraft gunnery practice and air fighting training: the new pilotless aircraft the Jindivik made in Australia 5 drawings
  • The World of Science - The obscure story of Pangolins - 3 pics --------------------- scientific exhibition and other news: approved by her majesty the coronation hallmark - the Queen's head crowned by Mr GH Paulin, Sir Francis Drakes lodestone, Sir William Ramsay the great chemist whose centenary is celebrated this year, Euston station's new colour light signalling system etc etc 8 pics
  • current commonwealth news: Dogs in Korea trained to sniff out non metallic mines with veteran 16 year old Teddy who once jumped with paratroopers into wartime France, the first ship to enter the dry-dock at Sunderland British Realm, etc etc ---------------------- frome home and abroad: declared persona non grata by the Soviet government Mr Kennan (and family) the US ambassador in Moscow, released from prison as an act of clemency: the former general Von Mackensen, a crowded appeal court in Tokyo as two british ratings appeal Derek Smith and Peter Stenner from HMS Belfast etc etc
  • A page for collectors - Reflections on mirrors and needlework 4 pics ----------------- The last moments of Mr Cobb's Crusader - in a dramatic series of photographs 11 pics
  • The World of the Theatre - Distorting mirrors : " Second Threshold" "The Troublemakers" "Hanging Judge" --------------- refloated with the aid of a barrage balloon: HMS Wave (minesweeper) that had gone on rocks at St Ives 5 pics
  • double page - Brangwyn as an animal artist: Drawings at Burlington House - The Brangwyn RA Exhibition 15 pics
  • Notes for the Novel reader - Fiction of the week, "Count D'Orgel opens the ball" by Raymond Radiguet; etc - Chess Notes by Baruch H Wood MSc . - Books of the Day - Pooh, Burke and Birds "Year in, Year out" by AA Milne etc ---------------------- FP ad The David Brown companies who built the Lagonda
  • ads Burnetts White Satin Gin, KLM airlines, Interflora, Alka Seltzer -------------------- ads Haig scotch whisky, Bonochord hearing aids, Bag Boy golf carts 7.10.0 + 1.17.6 purchase tax + 12/6 surcharge due to increased material costs
  • ads Imperial leather soap, Dry Sack sherry series Seville Cathedral, Solignum wood preserve ------------- Ridgways Tea, Salignac Cognac, Courtaulds Sanderson ancestral fabrics (where to find them e.g. Alnwick Castle)
  • ads La Tropical cigars, French railways, Dr Barnardo's Homes, Export cigs, Pintail Sherry, Eno's fruit salt ----------------------- inside back cover FP colour ad GEC Television 12 in table set 69 guineas (tax paid)
  • outside back cover FP colour ad Walpamur Waterpaint

    October 18

  • outside front cover Mcvitie and Price, Grants Standfast scotch whisky, Gaymer's Cyder, Greys cigs, Drambuie, Chianti Ruffino, King Six cigars, Ronuk polishes, Car & General Insurance
  • inside front cover ad FP colour The Lanchester Fourteen ------------------ Hawker Hunter Aircraft Ltd, Trans-Canada Air Lines, Williams and Williams Ltd glass cladding
  • ads J Mandleberg & Co for Valstar, Fiberite packaging, Tube investments, Pass & Joyce for Armstrong - Siddeley cars ---------------------- ads Vickers Ltd, BP Anglo Iranian Oil Company
  • ads Driway raincoats, Pernod, Hennessy cognac, Embassy cigars ----------------- ads Riley Cars, Smiths Radiomobile, Laycock de Normanville Overdrive
  • FP ad State Express 555 cigs World map with shipping lines named -------------------- frontispiece The worst disaster in English Railway History in which 109 persons were killed: part of the 30 foot high pile of wreckage showing the tunnel made to reach some of the victims - just before 8.20 am on Ocober 8th the night express from Perth crashed into a stationary train at Harrow - and - Wealdstone station, then the Euston - Manchester express ploughed into this wreckage
  • Our Notebook + 1 pic The communist party congress in Moscow ------------------ The opening of a Winter campaign: new aspects of the Korean front 6 pics
  • Political questions of the day: President truman in Ohio attacking the policies of General Eisenhower, First world war memorial at Mons unveiled by Field Marshall Lord Alexander, at the Foreign Office delegates of the Sudan United Front etc etc ----------------------- "The Horse of the year show" : some winners at brilliant Harringay - Mr W Hanson on Snowstorm , Miss J Bullen on Royal Show, Miss Pat Smythe on Tosca, Mr Peter Robeson on Craven A etc etc 9 pics
  • personalities and events of the week: wounded in a shooting incident at Knowsley Hall- Lady Derby with Lord derby, Colonel John Hunt has been appointed to lead the British expedition to Everest next year, the death of Sir Hugh Robertson who founded the Glasgow Orpheus Choir etc etc 14 pics --------------------- survey and programme at the Conservative Party Conference at Scarborough: Winston Churchill "There is a general feling in the world that on the whole the danger of World war has receded since we became responsible" 5 pics
  • George II.'s Court through Hervey's eyes - " Lord Hervey's Memoirs" edited by Romney Sedgwick 3 pics ------------------ Masterpieces by anateur craftsmen for the model engineering exhibition 7 pics of trains , tanks, boats etc
  • double page - An engineering achievment which doubles Birmingham's water supply: The Claerwen Dam which the Queen will open 6 pics
  • A Window on the World - The Age of Dictators 10 pics ------------------------ British and American Atomic Explosions: Parallel photgraphs which show remarkable and cryptic differences
  • double page - How the Henry VIII. wine cellar, weighing approximately 800 tons, was moved bodily to a new position: a diagrammatic explanation of an engineering operation requiring great skill 12 pics
  • double page - October morning at Harrow-and-Wealdstone station: seeking the dead and dying, and rescuing the injured in the piled up wreckage of the three crowded trains that collided 1 pic
  • double page - England's worst railway disaster 7 pics
  • The World of the Cinema - Too many directors - "Pat and Mike" Spencer Tracy & Katharine Hepburn, " Full House" Charles Laughton ------------------------ A thrilling story comes to the screen: "A Venetian Bird" with Richard Todd, John Gregson, Sidney James, Eva Bartok 7 pics
  • A Page for Collectors - From hearty massiveness to spindly elegance 3 pics ----------------- Toledo's (Ohio) new Gallery of French art: Treasures of a US Museum 6 pics
  • In an English Garden - more "Geraniums" 2 pics ---------------------- The Royal (the Duke and Duchess of Kent) visit to Malaya, some incidents and ceremonies 7 pics
  • The World of Science - The legend of the Camel's stomach 2 pics --------------- some mechanical and engineering achievements: reading in bed by means of a British made projector which "Throws" the page on to the nearby wall - the pages are turned by an easy switch by toe, tongue or finger, ready for an attempt on the World water speed record Mrs F Hanning Lee with her husband aboard Whitehawk on lake Windermere, the advent of the mono rail train - four tenths size working model being demonstrated on Fuhlinger Heath near Cologne etc etc 6 pics
  • buildings ancient and modern and a London "Pearly service": A Norfolk home for the National trust Oxburgh Hall near Swaffham, Londons first fully comprehensive health centre (to be built under the National Health service) - Woodberry Down Health Centre - Stoke Newington, at the annual coster service in the Old Kent Road - Pearly King Mr fred Tinsley reading the lesson etc etc 6 pics --------------------- The serious unrest and crime in Kenya: Mau Mau outrages and counter measures 7 pics
  • Notes for the Novel reader - Fiction of the week, "Men at Arms" by Evelyn Waugh; etc - Chess Notes by Baruch H Wood MSc . - Books of the Day - From devils to Dry-Fly "Devils of Loudun" by Aldous Huxley etc ---------------------- a woman artist's Jubilee exhibition: oils and water-colours by Anna Airy 6 pics
  • ads Crocket and Jones Health Brand shoes, Bernard Weatherill tailors, Glayva liqueur ---------------- FP ad Rolex series "The professor diving off Capri"
  • ads Harris Tweed, Chilprufe underwear for men, Benedictine Liqueur, The GEC electric cooker ---------------- ads Gordons Gin 33/9 per bottle, Gold Flake cigs, Dry Sack sherry
  • ads Horrockses cottons, Macfarlane Lang biscuits, Chartreuse Liqueur, Belling electric cooker with glass door 34 12. 6 ---------------- is it real leather?, Barbados calls you, British Seagull outboard motors, Martell Cordon Bleu cognac
  • ads Delaforce Racing port, Vykamin "to look younger and live longer", Barling pipes, The Imperial Hotel Torquay, PEL nesting chairs, Gieves all purpose shirt 40/-, Prunier cognac ------------------ inside back cover FP colour ad Reed paper group series "Samuel Fawcett in lancasetr invented the line screen for printing photogravure"
  • outside back cover FP colour ad White Horse scotch whisky "The cocktail bar"

    October 25

    Motor Show Number
  • outside front cover ads Bulmer's Pomagne Champagne cider, McVitie & Price Biscuits, Bronnley Soaps, Hardens Tea, Cointreau Liqueur, Bass beer, United British Insurance

    nearly all the following ads for motor products will have on them the stand number at the Earls Court Motor Show (I will not quote it)

  • inside front cover FP colour ad Players cigs and tobacco --------------------- FP ad The Jaguar Mark VII saloon
  • ads BP super banishes pinking, Bluecol antifreeze, Thornycroft marine diesels ------------------ FP ad Ford Zephyr Six 532 + PT 297 and Consul 470 + PT 262
  • ads Ferodo, Champion spark plugs, Johnson's Car Plate polish ---------------------- ads The Rover 75, The Alvis 3 Litre
  • ads The Vanden Plas Princess II, Lagonda Mark II saloon & Aston Martin DB 2 -------------------- ads The singer 1500 saloon & SM Roadster, Lucas car batteries
  • ads Rolls Royce, Shell ----------------------- FP colour ad The Standard Vanguard in Australia (with horses) near Melbourne
  • FP colour ad The new Humber Super Snipe ---------------- frontispiece The only institution of its kind in the world: The college of Aeronautics at Cranfield 1 pic drawing of the stuctures Laboratory
  • Our Notebook - + 1 pic of The Persian Prime Minister - Dr Moussadeq ------------------ The first Royal visit to Sarawak: The Duchess of Kent with the Dyaks 6 pics
  • The Queen's return to London and official engagements carried out by the Royal family 6 pics --------------- The Harrow-and-Wealdstone triple rail disaster: Officials and witnesses at the Euston inquiry 8 pics
  • personalities and ocassions of the week: presented to Princess Margaret Mr Charles Chaplin at the Premiere of "Limelight", The new president of Chile and family General Carlos Ibañez etc etc 10 pics --------------- at home and abroad Royal and Military ceremonial events: Chinese troops goose stepping in Taipeh, Formosa, the 80 ton mission ship Centurion entering York, Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia ceremonially severing the border with Eritrea etc etc 7 pics
  • A hitherto untold story " AEW Mason The adventure of a story teller by Roger L Green an appreciation by E D O'brien 3 pics ----------------------- sonic speed in the laboratory: Aerodynamic studies at Cranfield 2 drawings
  • double page drawing a Rocket motor test bed at Cranfield, located in an old bomb storage dump 1 drawing
  • Aircraft flight and design studies and research at Cranfield 2 drawings -------------------- A Window on the World - Impressions of an American Tour 1 pic of a Patton T48 tank being built
  • double page Enshrining 800 years of English history: Gloucester cathedral now requiring repair 100,000 is needed 5 pics
  • The World of Science - Old and new legends of Shrews 3 pics ----------------- AN EIGHT PAGE PULLOUT of the Earlscourt Motor Show 48 pics of cars of the day
  • three pages -An ivory masterpiece and a Mycenaean oil merchant's accounts: unique finds during this year's excavations at Mycenae 15 pics
  • double page - Muirhead Bone at Oxford: masterly drawings of Oxford on view in London at The Old Bond street Galleries of P and D Colnaghi 10 pics
  • A Page for collectors - The beginnings of lustre 4 pics ----------------------- A "new" Leonardo (St. George and the Dragon for the British Museum and other acquistions 3 pics
  • The World of the Theatre - Play of the Book : "love from Judy" "Porgy and Bess" "Letter from Paris" 3 pics --------------------- Highlights of Victorian taste at the V & A a bed, a wardrobe and a Harpsichord 3 pics - Remarkable modern inventions: the AC Pettite 3 wheeler car, the atomic gun and a new prototype automatic train control warning system
  • In an English Garden - Maples and Fuschias 2 pics ---------------------- Sport a photo finish of the Cesarewitch showing Flush Royal winning by a neck from French Design, Topiary in Chipping Sodbury, and natural history a female Sea Elephant in the Rio de Janeiro Zoo, and a proposed perpetual calendar (with 2 extra days)7 pics
  • Notes for the Novel reader - Fiction of the week, "Men like shadows" by Dorothy Charques; etc - Chess Notes by Baruch H Wood MSc . - Books of the Day - Adventure p- Peaceful and warlike "The wind calls the tune" by Stanley Smith and Charles Violet etc ---------------------- The epic fight for "Whitehorse Hill": south Koreans in the front line 5 pics
  • ads Fortnum & Mason (sheepskin boots 6 guineas & coats 27.10), South African Airways, Embassy cigars ------------------------ FP ad ICI series on elements "Boron"
  • ads State Express 555 cigs, Godfrey Davis car Hire, British leather upholstery in cars ------------------ FP colour ad Austin (showing 6 models)
  • FP colour ad Good Year tyres series "Golden eagle" painting ----------------- ads Renault 750, The 1½ litre Jowett Javelin and sister car Jowett Jupiter
  • ads Albright & Wilson, Dry Fly Sherry, Conway Stewart fountain Pens from 14/-, Apry Liqueur --------------- ads Highland Queen scotch whisky, Medway packaging, Asprey fine travel goods
  • ads Booths Gin, Laing, Bell's scotch whisky, Vantella Shirts, Oyler, Ryvita ------------------ ads Austin Reed tailors (full price list), Mappin and Webb
  • ads The Hoover Cleaner, Burberrys clothes, Andy gardening gloves, Export cigs, Mason pearson hair brushes 14/6, Rednutt Sherry ------------------------ ads BMK carpets, Old Bleach fabrics, National Provincial Bank (to women about banking)
  • ads Noilly Pratt, Beefeater Gin, M Hayes jewellery buyer, Torquay tourism, Thor automagic washing machine, donate to the Lord mayors King George VI national memorial Fund, Trilox invalid carriages, Pintail Sherry -------------------- inside back cover FP colour ad Nuffield cars Morris - Wolseley - Riley - MG
  • outside back cover FP colour ad Daimler cars 4 models

    November 1

  • outside front cover ads King Six cigars, McVitie & Price, Paripan Enamel, Cerebos salt, Greys cigs, Imperial Leather soap, Gaymers Cyder, Drambuie Liqueur, Car & General Insurance
  • FP colour ad Capstan cigs "November Fireworks" ----------------- ads AEI, Pyrex glass fro Joblings of Sunderland
  • ads Essolube motor oil, Land Rover, Delaforce racing Port ------------------ Hercules Bicycles, Bonochord hearing aids, The Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Company Ltd
  • FP ad The Raymond gas cooker for 61½ Guineas --------------------- frontispiece A victim of his own people: The funeral of the murdered chief Waruhiu - a great citizen of Kenya 2 pics
  • Mau Mau Terrorism in Kenya, some arrests and a murdered chief 7 pics ---------------------------- An interrupted Mau Mau Oath taking, A ghastly threat, and the grim insignia 6 pics
  • Our Notebook + 1 pic The Royal viit to Shrewsbury school ----------------------- Her Majesty - A figure of beauty, youth and grace: The Queen, wearing black and white with magnificent diamonds , arriving at The Empire. Leicestr Square in London for the Royal film performance "Because your mine" 1 pic
  • personalities and events of the week: preparing to leave Teheran, the staff of the British Embassy after severing of diplomatic relations, the death of Australia's elder statesman : Mr WM Hughes, The conductor Mr John Pritchard who receved an ovation at the Royal Opera House Covent Garden etc etc 14 pics ----------------------------- The Duchess of Kent in Borneo 7 pics
  • The Making of an Admiral "fear god and drear nought. The correspondence of Admiral of the Fleet Lord Fisher of Kilverstone" Vol I edited by Arthur J Marder - an appreciation by Sir John Squire 3 pics -------------------------- The admiral's barge up-to-date: britains first Sea Lord, Admiral Sir Rhoderick McGrigor being assisted by officers of the cruiser Birmingham as he arrived on board from a helicopter during a recent ten-day tour of commonwealth ships in Korean Waters 1 pic
  • 4 PAGES - Mycenaenan Life and death: important and extensive dicoveries which throw new light on the days before Agamemnon 23 pics
  • A Window on the World - How the Dodgers tried again (baseball) 3 pics ---------------------------- A detonation that "Vaporised" a warship: official photographs of Britain's firat Atomic weapon test 5 pics
  • The Republican candidate for the Presidency Dwight D Eisenhower 1 pic ----------------------- The Democratic candidate for the Presidency Adlai Ewing Stevenson 1 pic
  • In an English Garden - Naked ladies 2 pics ---------------------------- HM the Queen opens the Claerwen Dam in Wales
  • double page - Probing the secrets of the sea by television, and other methods of marine research: an explanation of the equipment used during the Discovery II expedition this year 12 drawings
  • double page - additions to the Tower of London armoury collection; jousting and defence armour worn by Princes and Emperors acquired for the nation 9 pics
  • A page for collectors - Four-Fifths early Victorian 5 pics ------------------------------ Centenary stained-glass windows for Wellington College Chapel the work of Mr Hugh Easton 4 pics
  • double page - The war in Korea - A major issue in the US presidential election, some aspects of the recent bitter fighting on the central front 11 pics including map
  • The World of Science - Bats in the hair, 3 pics ----------------------------- news items from far and near: the worlds largest helicopter the USAF's XH 17 a height of 30 ft and 125 ft from tip to tip, a 500 pound mine that drifted against the west pier at brighton, 1 pm - the scene at the Royal observatory Greenwich when the practice of dropping the time ball was resumed etc etc 6 pics
  • The World of the Cinema - Overstatement and understatement -"Kon Tiki" and "Limelight" 3 pics --------------------- from home and abroad : The Queen Mother at a Toc H rally, copy of Magna Catra for Australia, the reservoie dam scheme below the bridge of Donzere Mondragon on Rhone, etc etc 6 pics
  • Notes for the Novel reader - Fiction of the week, "Hear and Forgive" by Emyr Humphries; etc - Chess Notes by Baruch H Wood MSc . - Books of the Day - Anthology; Biography; and Zoology "A book of Beauty" by John Hadfield, etc ---------------------- ads Valstar overcoats, Braemar underwear for men, Moss Bros, Grenfell ski Jackets
  • ads Morris Cars 3 models, Dry Sack sherry - Seville Cathedral, Mayfair Première chocolates --------------------- ads Minton china, Silvifix hair cream, Dewars White label scotch whisky
  • ads Midland bank - November, Eno's "Fruit salt", Suchard ST. Bernard chocolate, Darcuna underwear (is again available), Foyles bookshop, Clubland White Port, Prunier cognac -------------------------- inside back cover FP colour ad DAKS dinner suit from Simpson Piccadilly outside back cover FP colour ad Johnnie Walker scotch whisky

    November 8

  • outside front cover ads Bulmers pomagne champagne cider, Martell cognac, Bass beer, McVitie & Price biscuits, Wetherall sportclothes, Courvoisier cognac, Vapex inhaler, State Express 555 cigs, Motor Union Insurance
  • inside front cover FP colour ad "English Electric" better living ---------------------- ads Regal Ermaleen 27 guineas, Chanel Bois des Iles, Cortaulds-Sanderson Ancestral Fabrics
  • ads VAT 69 scotch whisky, Thames board Mills, Grand Marnier Liqueur ------------------------ads Euclid tractors and scrapers, Solignum wood preservative, Williams & Williams Ltd Glass cladding Chester
  • ads Seagers dry gin, French Railways, Ridgways, Grants Standfast scotch whisky --------------------- FP colour ad GEC television & radio 12 " table set
  • FP co;our ad South African Tourist Corporation -------------------------- frontispiece The strong man of Egypt a characteristic photograph of General Neguib who has signed an agreement with the Sudanese independence parties 1 pic
  • Our Notebook + 100 years ago in the Illustrated London News an Engraving " Opening of the new Parliament- arrival of her majesty at the Victoria Tower, House of Lords" by JL Williams 1 pic -------------------- Men who are playing a vital part in suppressing the Mau Mau terrorists in Kenya: The King's African Rifles 5 pics
  • double page - Under the shadow of Mau Mau terrorism: The Kenya legislative council, and peaceful scenes in the Kikuyu country, now marred by atrocities committed on Africans and Europeans alike 11 pics
  • A Window on the World - The fall of Nghia Lo and after 2 pics ------------------------ French and Vietnamese parachute troops in a heroic withdrawal action which earned a special citation 5 pics
  • A year on a coral island in the South pacific " The happy island" by Bengt Danielsson, an appreciation by Sir John Squire 4 pics ---------------------------- Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mothers recent engagements : at the Dickens matinee in aid of the Dickens House endowment fund with Mr Emlyn Williams, at Wellington College Crowthorne Berks, at Biggin Hill inspecting (City of London) 600 squadron with Mr churchill 5 pics
  • as the eve of the US presidential poll approached: crowds thronging seventh Avenue on Oct 30 just before General Eisenhower gave one of his New York speeches in front of the Cafeteria 1 pic ---------------------- Governor Stevenson comes to New York: the democratic candidate's motor cavalcade making its way through the densely packed seventh Avenue on Oct 29 to the corner where the candidate addressed a huge crowd 1 pic
  • double page - An aspect of Sudanese development under British tuition and guidance; the Sudan railway, its british Key-men and British trained staff 12 pics
  • personalities and events of the week: The Duke of Edinburgh visiting Lynmouth, Miss Maire O'Neill died one of the original members of the Dublin Abbey Theatre, etc etc 11 pics ----------------------- Happy in the acclamations of her people: our beautiful young Queen, Queen Elizabeth II driving to her palace of Westminster to open Parliament for the first time 1 pic
  • In an English garden - Mid-October 2 pics ----------------------- The state opening of Parliament: her majesty En route to Westminster; and in the House of Lords 2 pics
  • "My father set an example which it will be my constant endeavour to follow": our artist's impression of the scene at Queen Elizabeth's first state opening of Parliament 1 drawing by Bryan de Grineau
  • After the state opening of Parliament; her Majesty and the Royak family 3 pics ------------------------ a current record of events in Germany, Persia, London and the US - a reunion of Waffen SS at Verden - former General Bernhard Ramcke and gormer General Herbert Gille, Persia severes relations with Britain, Mr Vyshinsky expresses the Soviet attitude to the Korean war in the UN, etc etc 5 pics
  • double page = Military and Police action in Kenya: dealing with Mau Mau 10 pics
  • Closing events of the Duchess of Kent's great Tour 8 pics -------------------------- sidelights on the world - Lord Roseberry opened a new scotch whisky blending and bottling dept at South Queensferry, a US Lockheed F-490 Starfire , a steam train running through the streets of Woodford for the making of a film, a new stadium for Rome which will seat 100,000 people 5 pics
  • The World of Sciece - The Spread of the Fulmar 3 pics -------------------- The Hornbill in "Frozen" flight 3 pics, The London-Brighton Veteran car run 3 pics with Mr JM Edwards Soame steam car (1900), Sterling Moss in Mr SF Bennett's 1903 Cadillac, and Mr V Ball's 1903 5HP Oldsmobile
  • Unusual items in the news: arriving at the mothercraft Exhibition in London 3 sets of Quads; The Goods from Bristol, The Taylors of Edmonton London and the Coles of Pimlico, an addition to the "Madurodam" in the Hague the model of the Peace theatre, Miss Wendy Hall with her wire sculpture of "Horse and dog" in Australia House, the US battleships Missouri and Iowa in an eastern port 5 pics --------------------- Bowes museum pictures on view in London- A loan exhibition from Barnard Castle 7 pics
  • A Page for collectors - Faith and subtlety 3 pics ------------------------ London's first Géricault exhibition for 132 years 6 pics
  • The world of the theatre - Without meeting Byron"Caro William" "Sir Arthur Savile's crime" " The square ring" ---------------------- FP ad The Christmas number of the Illustrated London news will appear soon 5 pics
  • Notes for the Novel reader - Fiction of the week, "Museum Pieces" by William Plomer; etc - Chess Notes by Baruch H Wood MSc . - Books of the Day - From Trollope to "Punch" "The Warden" by Trollope, etc ---------------------- ads "Pot de Naz" The Bowater paper Corporation, Vickers Ltd
  • ads Highland Queen scotch whisky, Embassy cigars, Bag Boy golf bag, Pimm's No 1 --------------------- FP colour ad "The secret of Chartreuse"
  • FP colour ad Omega watches ----------------------- ads Lloyds bank Ltd "Burglars", Noilly Pratt, Burnett's White Satin Gin
  • ads Cherry Heering, Bermaline Bread, "Export" cigs, is it Real Leather?, Torquay, Pintail Sherry ---------------- ads The MG Midget, Old Angus scotch whisky, Ferodo Brake linings
  • ads Chaplins Concord Ports, Beefeater Gin, Sharpes Classic Christmas cards, Cointreau, British Seagull outboards, Patons "Classic" shoe laces -------------------------- inside back cover FP colour ad Hawker Siddeley Group "Avro 698 Delta Bomber"
  • outside back cover FP colour ad Senior Service cigs

    November 15

  • outside front cover ads British Seagull "The best outboard motors in the world", Gaymer's Cyder, Drambuie, Harden's Tea, King Six cigars 1/9, McVitie & Price Biscuits, Haliborange, Ronuk Polishes, Greys cigs, Car & General Insurance
  • FP colour Guiness "Mrs Kangaroo" poem ---------------------- FP ad "Polyvinylbenzene" Monsanto chemicals
  • ads 1½ Litre Jowett Javelin, Rolls Royce Aero Engines, Trans-Canada Airlines series"250,000 Sq Miles of Newsprint" --------------------------- FP ad Ford Motoring "Zephyr-six 532 plus purchase tax 297.1.1"
  • ads Shell petrol- will be back Feb 1st, Wolseley four forty four 640 plus Purchase tax 357.1.1 ------------------ ads Spink & Son Ltd "Egyptian scluptures", Robert Hirst "Warmlite" Coats endorsed by Len Hutton, Unicorn leather Briefcases
  • ads A career in the Royal Air Force, Beefeater Gin, Benedictine Liqueur ---------------------- ads Babcock and Wilcox (steam raising plants), Bluecol anti Freeze, Vickers Ltd
  • ads Asprey handbags (start at 9.10s), Vayle Nylons, Barker and Dobson Confectionery ---------------- frontispiece Triumphantly elected to the most reponsible position in the Free World and to be the arbiter of peace for the next four years: General Eisenhower, US President-elect - with mrs Eisenhower 1 pic
  • Our Notebook - 1 pic of Senator RM Nixon who is to be the second youngest vice president of the United States -------------------- The Eisenhower landslide scenes of the Republican victory in New York 6 pics
  • double page - A young Essex Town which HRH the Duke of Edinburgh will visit next week: Homes, shops and factories in the modern manner at Harlow New Town 12 pics
  • Somerset Maugham as Essayist - "The vagrant mood" by W Somerset Maugham an appreciation by Sir John Squire 1 pic ----------------------------- Queen Elizabeth II leads the nation's solemn homage to the dead of two world wars: Her majesty, a youthful and graceful figurein black, laying her wreath at the foot of the Cenotaph 1 pic
  • double page - remembering the dead at the Cenotaph November 9th 3 pics
  • A Window on the World - The Role of land forces in Europe 1 pic ----------------------- "Wife and daughter of a sailor" ; Her majesty at Lloyd's 3 pics
  • in Kenya today ; anti Mau Mau action and the opening of a new national theatre in Nairobi 6 pics ---------------------- The British diplomats leave Persia; some incidents of the 1200-mile drive across the desert to Lebanon 6 pics
  • In an English garden - Howlers 1 pic ---------------------- FP colour - The dazzling glory of the setting sun; "September Evening" by Dame Laura Knight, DBE, RA
  • double page in colour - "The coming together of nature and notions" as achieved by Edward Seago's art: Landscapes by a modern "painter in the English tradition" 4 pics
  • FP colour Lent to the important Exhibition of Dutch art due to open at the Royal Academy on November 22nd: "Landscape with figures by Adriaen Van der Velde" (c1635 - 1672) attributed to Jakob Van Ruisdael (c1630 - 1682) 1 pic
  • The Cit's own pageantry - and a foretaste of the splendours of the Coronation: The Lord Mayor's Show of Sir Rupert de la Bére 2 pics
  • Matters marine etc : steaming through Sydney heads for the last time after 35 years service the Orient-Liner Ormonde, the 3600 ton new relief ship for the night services to ireland the Irish Coast, a model of the new Lloyds building by Terence Heysham, The Queen mother visits an "international Kitchen" cookery exhibition at the Royal Festival Hall etc etc 6 pics -------------------------- some personalities an ocassions of the week - the death of the first president of Israel Dr Chaim Weizmann, Dr AJP Martin awarded the Nobel Prize for chemistry, the death of an American labour leader Mr Philip Murray, The countess of Derby who gave evidence at Prescot of the shooting at Knowsley Hall etc etc 15 pics
  • the Lord Mayor's banquet and other topics ; painting a mural on a building in Japan by long distance control using a walkie talkie and binoculars, Yeoman of the guard searching the vaults before the state opening of Parliament 5 pics ---------------------------- Erope Asia and America; where a police constable (Sydney Miles) was shot dead and a detective (Fairfax) was wounded trying to arrest suspects at a warehouse in Croydon a youth was charged, built at Lynton for the inhabitants of Lynmouth - a Cornish unit house, destined perhaps to be the summer "White House" - the farmhouse and barn of the farm owned by president - elect Eisenhower - near Gettysburg- Adams County- Penn., a building up of the storm which wrecked Lynmouth a painting by Lt Commander Webb - beleived to be the only record of the scene etc etc 7 pics
  • The World of Science - Animal legends: a summing-up 3 drawings ------------------ air views of Kilimanjaro 4 pics
  • Rising once more from the ruins: The famous abbey of Monte Cassino 6 pics -------------------- A page for collectors - More reflections 4 pics
  • double page - Legends based on fact: tricks of animal behaviour observed by readers - a reconstruction of some incidents described in letters received following our "World of Science" series e.g. - a rook bathing in smoke from a chimney, a stoat funeral, rats stealing eggs, fox entering water to get rid of fleas etc etc 15 drawings
  • The World of the Cinema - A dream come true - The new National film theatre 2 pics -------------------- "Porgy and Bess": probably London's most moving and thrilling stage spectacle : with Leontyne Price, William warfield, John McCurry, Howard Roberts, Georgia Burke and Cab Calloway 6 pics
  • Notes for the Novel reader - Fiction of the week, "Donkey Boy" by Henry williamson; etc - Chess Notes by Baruch H Wood MSc . - Books of the Day - Gracious Duchess and kindly King "The Duchess of Kent: An intimate portrait" by Jennifer Ellis, etc ----------------------- FP ad ICI series of elements "Cerium"
  • ads Three Castle cigs 20 for 3/11, Lindt chocolate, Mercier '45 vintage champagne from Jarvis Halliday & Co, Mentzendorff Kummel --------------------- FP ad Rolex series " A letter from Brazil"
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  • ads Tube investments, Hawker aircraft Ltd (Hawker Hunter fighter), Prunier cognac 44/- with 2 glasses, John Cotton cigs, Imperial Hotel Torquay, The Cadet school ship "HMS Conway" -------------------- Canadian Pacific raiways, Driway Raincoats, Martell Cordon bleu cognac
  • ads Salignac cognac, Vykmin vitamin capsules, M Hayes and Son buys your Jewellery, Barling pipes, PEL chairs NEST, Gieves Crombie coat 34 15s, Mackinlays scotch whisky (max price 35/- bottle) ----------------------- inside back cover FP colour ad Dunlop Rubber Co series British Cathedrals "The Ladies of the Vale" Lichfield cathedral by R Myerscough-Walker
  • outside back cover FP colour ad White Horse scotch whisky "The cocktail bar"

    November 22

  • outside front cover ads Bronnley Soaps "Hearts and Flowers", Gaymer's Cyder, Möet & Chandon Champagne, McVitie & Price, Grants Standfast scotch whisky, Greys cigs, Bass beer, Cerebos Salt, John Jameso Irish whiskey, Motor Union Insurance
  • inside front cover FP colour ad Fly BOAC by Comet ---------------------- ads The Rover Seventy Five, Old Bleach Furnishing Fabrics, Highland Queen scotch whisky
  • ads BP Super (sketch by Ronald Searle), India Tyres -------------------- FP ad Austin A70 Hereford
  • ads Frank Partridge & Sons, La Tropical cigars 3/3 ------------------------ FP ad GKN (plasticine snail)
  • ads Fortnum & Mason Gift Hampers from 5 guineas, State Express 555 cigs ----------------------- Royal childhood: charming studies of Prince Charles (4) and Princess Anne (2) 2 pics
  • Our Notebook - The Road research Laboratory 3 pics ------------------------ Royal childhood:Happy photographs of the Queen with her two children 5 pics
  • The King of Sweden's 70th Birthday 3 pics Japan's crown prince, Prince Akhito, now proclaimed 3 pics ---------------------------- The mother of parliament commemorates her dead in World war II: the dedication of the memorial window (designed by Sir John Ninian Cooper) to sixty-two members and staff of both Houses in Westminster Hall by the Archbishop of Cantebury 1 pic
  • double page -Kenya - Punitive action for the Mau Mau murder of a chief: confiscating a community's cattle and restoring the rule of law, Young Kikuyu men rounded up for questioning 11 pics
  • In an English Garden - First and last Roses 2 pics --------------------- "White Magic" versus Mau Mau: A Witch doctor's "Cleansing" - in unique photographs 6 pics
  • Personalities of the week: King Gustav's 70th birthday celebrations, The murder of Miss Patricia Curran the daughter of a Northern Ireland Judge, presenting the Atlantic speed Hales trophy to the US lines pesident for the SS United States ship crossed in 3 days 10 hours 40 mins, etc etc 10 pics ------------------ The executive power behind the pageantry of the forthcoming Coronation - The RT HON David McAdam Eccles - Minister of Works 1 pic
  • A Window on the World - The River war (Vietnam) 2 pics --------------------------- The war in Indo-China: some scenes and incidents in the Thai country 6 pics
  • royal family activities and political and memorial occasions : The Duke of Edinburgh inspecting Jewish ex service women at the Jewish rememberance parade Nov 16th, The Queen visits Messrs Harrison and Sons at High Wycombe and inspects new 1½d (designed by Miss Enid Marx) and 2½d (designed by Mr Farrar Bell) stamps, Marshall Tito voting at the sixth congress of the league of Communists of Yugoslavia at Zagreb, etc etc 9 pics ----------------------------- More Royal occasions: recent engagements of her majesty, and of the Duke: The Queen laying the foundation stone of the new hall of the Inner Temple which had been destroyed by enemy action in 1941, The Queen at a display by the incorporated society of London fashion designers - the mannequins curtseying to her majesty, The Duke of Edinburgh talking to an employee at Raleigh Industries Nottingham - where they make between 7 and 8 bicycles per minute etc 6 pics
  • double page - An international fleet which keeps a never ceasing watch on the Atlantic weather: the work of weather-ships shown in drawings, and a diagrammatic cutaway view of a British ship 6 pics
  • The World of Science - Solomon speaks to butterfly (ducks) 3 drawings ------------------------ The duke of Edinburgh at Harlow New town: incidents of the royal visit to the now-growing Essex satellite town 5 pics
  • Air Sea and Land happenings: blocking the seaway into Rotterdam: the wreck of the 6397 tons Faustus, 200.000 starlings coming in to roost in Birmingham city centre, the French aircraft which claims to have beaten the world record for horizontal flight Mystère IV , found in Chelsea a Velvet Scoter duck a rare winter visitor, the first two women patrol officers appointed by the RSPCA - Miss Gold and Miss Jones, Prince - London Zoo's baby penguin turning the scale at 28lb etc 8 pics --------------------- News form near and far : The winding entrance to an atomic bombproof HQ for the US forces hollowed out of a mountain in Maryland 60 miles from Washington, The "angled deck" of an aircraft carrier which increases the effective landing area by 40%, answering a charge in the court at Digne: Gustave Dominici whos is the farmer and pricipal witness in the Drummond murder case, etc etc 6 pics
  • The living past of the Royal Navy - "The naval miscellany. Volume IV" edited by Christopher Lloyd MA FR Hist S an appreciation by Sir John Squire 2 pics --------------------------- A reconstructio of a coal mine face at the Science Museum South Kensington, a BOAC York airliner being tested as the "FIDO" system to disperse fog at Blackbushe Airport Surrey (a petrol parafin mixture burns at the rate of 1000 gallons a minute), steming into Portsmouth harbour the Royal navy's latest destroyer HMS Duchess a 2610 ton vessel of the daring class etc 6 pics
  • The World of the Theatre - "Wild horses" "Murder mistaken" "Dead secret" 3 pics ----------------- FIVE PAGES The great exhibition of Dutch art at the Royal Academy - masterpieces from 1450 - 1750 37 pics
  • A page for collectors - Early morning-late evening (cups and saucers) 3 pics ----------------- on Exhibition: some approved British Coronation souvenirs 7 pics
  • Notes for the Novel reader - Fiction of the week, "The mask of a lion" by ATW Simeons; etc - Chess Notes by Baruch H Wood MSc . - Books of the Day - Betjeman to "Silly Billy" "The first and last loves" by John Betjeman, etc ----------------------- ads Mappin and Webb, Givan's Irish linen stores handkerchiefs from 19/9 per dozen
  • ads Gordons Gin 33/9 a bottle, Noilly Prat, The British home and hospital for incurables, Dr Barnardo's Homes, Vichy water, Suchard St Bernard chocolate ---------------------- Albright and Wilson Ltd, Laing civil engineers, Medway packaging
  • ads Phillips cycles, Henley Tyres, National Benzole mixture, Conway stewart Pens "Dinkie" 14/-, Cinzano ---------------- ads Haig scotch whisky, is it real leather?, Embassy cigars, Dry sack sherry
  • ads Pernod, Eno's 'Fruit salt', Bell's scotch whisky, Seagers Gin, PA Wilde (western auctions) stamps wanted, Pintail Sherry ---------------------------- inside back cover FP colour ad Kodak cameras fro 3 11. 8d
  • outside back cover FP colour ad Whitbread light ale

    November 29

  • outside front cover ads King Six cigars, Charles Heidsieck Champagne, Grants Cherry Brandy, Paripan Enamel, McVitie & Price, Gaymer's Cyder, Chianti Ruffino, Drambuie, United British Insurance
  • inside front cover FP colour ad Abdulla Number Seven cigs "Hiking" ---------------------- FP ad Reed Paper Group (saying there is no shortage of paper to-day)
  • ads Tube Investments, Beefeater Gin "The Eaton Wall Game", Sankey of Wellington, Hercules Bicycles ---------------- ads AEI, Williams & Williams Ltd
  • ads Mercier' 45 Vintage Champagne, Oyler the Car Tailors, Bernard Weatherill tailoring, Chaplins Fine Sherries -------------- Austin reeds wool waistcoats 84/- etc, Asprey wrist watches Rolex Oyster 37/10
  • ads Royal Ermaleen (simulated fur), Hoover vacum cleaners from 22, Cyma swiss watches, Mason Pearson Hair Brush ---------------- FP colour ad The de Havilland Dove executive airliner
  • FP colour ad Walpamur Paint ------------------------ frontispiece Her Majesty's first visit to Naval Air Command: Queen Elizabeth examining the Nav's new anti-submarine aircraft, The Fairey Turboprop Gannet, at Lee-on-Solent
  • Our Notebook - + 3 illustrations front "The Field" magazine 100 years ago ------------------------ news items at home and abroad: Canada's gift to the UN one of the seven doors for the new General Assembly building, in memory of the "Desert Fox" Egyptian naval ratings place wreaths on the memorial to Marshall Rommel at Alamein on Remembrance day, a flypast of helicopters during her majesty the Queen's inspection of the Naval Home Air Command at Lee-on-Solent etc etc 6 pics
  • some personalities and occasions of the week: the death of the eminent philospher Dr Benedetto Croce, a thirteen year old british skater who won the Richmond trophy - Miss Yvonne Sugden etc etc etc 12 pics --------------------- The King of Iraq opens the 41 million pound Kirkuk to Banais pipeline 5 pics
  • ancient and contemporary painting, excavation and inundation - recently discovered the Raphael Loggias -The papal palace Vatican city, Roman masonary brought to light beneath St Bride's church Fleet Street, The famous piazza in Venice transformed into a sea of water after serious flooding etc etc 6 pics ---------------------------- The British army's new "submarine" car: an underwater drive in the Austin Champ 5 pics one, two, three, four, five
  • A great figure of the Commonwealth - "Jan Christian Smuts by his son JC Smuts 4 pics -------------------------- The coinage of the reign of HM Queen Elizabeth II: New designs 1 pic (7 coins)
  • The Abbey coronation Annexe: views of the Royal entrance (models) 4 pics ------------------------ Coronation preparations: drawings for the Westminster annexe 2 pics
  • A Window on the World - Will western Germany rearm? 1 pic ----------------------------- now back in Korea for her third tour of operations: HMS Glory 2 pics
  • Weaving the velvet for the Queen's Coronation robe, and silk hangings for the Abbey ceremony - Mrs Hilda Calver and Mrs Lily Lee and Mr JW Beard (who joined the firm in 1896) at Warner and Son -Braintree -Essex 7 pics --------------------- eliminating human error on the footplate: automatic train control devices explained diagrammatically 12 drawings
  • double page - A model of the new Royal Yacht which is under construction to succeed the 52 year old Victoria and Albert 1 pic
  • In an English Garden - Seasonal gambles 2 pics --------------------------- At the national exhibition of cagebirds: Foreign prize exhibits : A hooded Pitta (India) Greater salmon crested moluccan cockatoo, Delaland's Fruit pigeons(Africa) etc etc 7 pics
  • 4 PAGES - Among the ten most ancient human remains yet discovered: early mouseterian jaw bones found at Arcy-sur-Cure on a unique site continuously occupied for 140,000 years 14 pics
  • The World of Science - New observations on a British bird (The Greater spotted Woodpecker) 3 pics ---------------- Lord Tedder at Ibadan: the chancellor of Cambridge University opens the new buildings at Nigeria's University 5 pics
  • Art, Strife and achievement: aspects of the world today - a silent call for help an "SOS" trodden out in the Arizona snow, charged with managing Mau Mau subversives movement Jomo Kenyatta, making her maiden voyage from Londonin the "Round Africa" Service the Braemar Castle etc etc 6 pics --------------------- Australian Orchids (cymbidiums) by air to America: a new intercontinental export 4 pics
  • The World of the Cinema - scenes from "Pickwick" - The Pickwick Papers with Walter Fitzgerald, Kathleen Harrison, Noel Willman, Donald Wolfit etc 3 pics --------------------------- Korean sidelights, the new coinage and famous cricketers as "Film stars" - sapping the communists morale members of the US Psychological warfare team moving loudspeakers to broadcast at the front and preparing leaflet raids, len hutton and Alec Bedser and others being rehearsed by Anthony asquith for the film "The final test", preparing new coinage at the Royal Mint etc 5 pics
  • A page for collectors - rare Sung wares on view in London 4 pics -------------------------- A rocket range town and rockets of today : Woomera 5 pics
  • Notes for the Novel reader - Fiction of the week, "Westward the sun" by Geoffry Cotterell; etc - Chess Notes by Baruch H Wood MSc . - Books of the Day - Saints-Ancient and Modern "Saints for now" by Clare Boothe Luce, etc --------------- FP colour ad Martell Cordon Bleu cognac
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  • ads Bonochord Ltd hearing aids, Dry Monopole Champagne, World Railways 1952 - 1953 edited by Henry Sampson, British Seagull outboard motors, Darcuna underwear is again available, Export cigs, Prunier cognac ---------------------- inside back cover FP colour ad Norwich Union series of pics "Norwich Cathedral"
  • outside back cover FP colour ad Tio Pepe Sherry

    December 6

  • outside front cover (the layout has changed)Bulmers Pomagne Champagne Cider, Wetherall topcoats, McVitie & Price, Lillet, State Express cigs 555, Royal Exchange Assurance, Cointreau, Grant's Standfast Whisky, Bass beer
  • FP colour ad Jacob Water Biscuits ---------------------------- FP ad The Watchmakers of Switzerland
  • ads Tube Investments, Jack Barclay, Smiths watches, Delaforce Racing port ------------------------ Riley cars, Ferodo Brake Linings, Land Rover
  • ads Hennessy cognac, Smiths car heaters from 9, Roamer watches, Sandeman Port or Sherry -------------------- Lloyds Bank, "Golden Arrow" service London to paris daily from Victoria 1pm, Sobranie straight cut cigs 4/- for 20
  • ads Fly BEA, Canadian Pacific Line, The Alvis Three Litre, Airwork Ltd ------------------------ Bowater Organisation, Fortnum & Mason 12 Xmas crackers 4 15 6 etc
  • ads The Goldsmiths and Silversmiths company, Chanel No. 5, Dry Sack Sherry ------------------------ frontispiece incorporating a photograph of our young and beautiful Queen: one of the first postage stamps of the new reign - the 2½d denomination - in the permanent series 1 pic
  • Our Notebook - +pic of the new permanent series 1½d stamp --------------------------- where French and Viet Nam troops face a desperate situation with the air as their only link for supplies and ammunition: collecting parachuted supplies in the Thai country in North-West Indo-China 1 pic
  • double page - Where France faces a critical offensive in Indo-China: vital areas in the Thai country and delta now under large scale attack by the communists 9 pics
  • A Black Watch victory in their first Korean battle; and a Canadian regiment's farewell to Korea 5 pics ------------------------ Where the Black Watch won a famous victory against an all-out chinese onslaught : The4 "Hook Hill" positions 2 pics
  • Reminiscence and reflection - "Dont look round" by Violet trefusis - an appreciation by Sir John Squire 3 pics ----------------------- Outrages in Kenya and their aftermath: the shadow of Mau Mau over the colony 4 pics
  • double page - Personalities of the Week: Miss Enid Marx, Mr Gordon McKinna, Mr Kenneth Spence, the late Sister Elizabeth Kenny, the death of Queen Elena (wife of King Victor Emmanuel III) , Mr Reginald Vowles, Mr Ian Gloag, Mr Malcolm Muggeridge appointed editor of Punch etc etc etc 28 pics
  • A Window on the World - Repairing the flaws in the shield 4 pics ---------------------------- The Duke of Edinburgh in Malta: New colours presented to 3rd commando brigade 5 pics
  • In an English Garden - Bluebells 1 pic ----------------------------- Royal occasions, the coronation Hall-mark, and blizzards in the US : cars marooned in a blizzard near Amarillo Texas, digging out a Santa Fe train a few miles from Dodge City Kansas, a miniature cricket set presented to Prince Charles by the Australian Olympic team etc etc 7 pics
  • double page - designed to pass the sound and "Vision" barriers: The Gloster twin engined all weather Javelin delta- wing jet fighter, now in super-priority production for the Royal Air Force 1 drawing by CE Turner
  • The World of the Theatre - Play of the Film:" The Blue Lamp" "Ring out the Bells" "An Italian straw hat" ---------------------- Novelties and ingenious devices: a miscellany of the unusual - a Mobile pawnbrokers shop "loanmobile" in New York US, The new Mildmay race course in Liverpool Aintree, a makeshift snorkel made by a Czech to escape from behind the Iron Curtain, a highly ingenious "Paper Mosaic" at a technical school at Chiselbury etc etc 7 pics
  • A page for collectors - The life and times of Edward Seago -------------------------- The Centenary of the Pillar-Box, Bligh's London home (100 Lambeth Road) and other pictorial news items: obtainable day and night Nylon stockings sold from a vending machine in Berlin, Brumas the polar bear at London Zoo 3rd birthday 9 pics
  • double page - The tiny Humming-bird as a pet in an American garden and wild humming birds that feed from the hand : amazing photographs 4 pics
  • The World of Science - Man made Pests 3 drawings ---------------------------- Where the commonwealth leaders of Today meet beneath the eyes of the Empire's builders : the former air council room in Whitehall hung with great portraits 9 pics
  • double page - where the Elamite King Untash-gal built a city in the 13th century BC new found shrines of the gods Inusinak, Nabu, Huban and Isniqarab 11 pics
  • double page - French 19th century Art: selections from a London exhibition 14 pics
  • A Christmas hamper of books for Children reviewed by E D O'Brien ------------------------------ "Who's who" in Mosaic: modern additions to the National Gallery 8 pics
  • Notes for the Novel reader - Fiction of the week, "Martha Quest" by Doris Lessing; etc - Chess Notes by Baruch H Wood MSc . - Books of the Day - Of birds and beasts "Shorelands Summer Diary" by Mr CF Tunnicliffe, etc --------------- newly cleaned : Bosses and Corbels in Winchester College chapel 9 pics
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  • ads Britannia & Eve magazine, Sharpes Classic Christmas cards, Milk of Magnesia tablets, Clubland White Port, Andy Garden gloves, Foyles Bookshop ----------------------------- inside back cover FP colour ad Capstan cigs "December"
  • outside back cover FP colour ad White Horse scotch whisky "Bottles"

    December 13

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  • inside front cover FP colour ad Standard Triumph cars "The bell ringers" -------------------------- FP ad The Raymond gas cooker 61½ Guineas
  • ads The Ind Coope and Allsopp Organisation Brewers, South African Airways, The AC 2 Litre car, ----------------- Almin Aluminium, Trans Canada Airlines "Shy high Boom in Canada", Vickers Ltd
  • ads Morris Minor, Seagers Gin, Caron Perfume - Fleurs de Rocaille ----------------------------- Simpson of Piccadilly, Mappin and Webb
  • ads Hawker Aircraft Ltd "Hawker Hunter", Firth-Vickers Stainless Steels, Cinzano Vermouth 17/- bottle, PEL Furniture ------------------------ "Elgee" Continental home bars, Benedictine Liqueur, Booths Gin
  • FP ad Rolex "Four years buried" --------------------------- frontispiece The Queen with commonwealth leaders in the throne room at Buckingham Palace 1 pic
  • Our Notebook + 1 pic of the Scottish Court of Chivalry ---------------------- Mt Everest seen 8,000 feet above a party of porters attached to the recent Swiss expedition 1 pic
  • double page - stepping stones to the unconquered summit of Everest : Camps I, II, III and IV established by the recent Swiss expedition 4 pics
  • One of the Pleasures of life - "Clothes" by James Laver - an appreciation by Sir John Squire 3 pics ------------------ The home fleet's Arctic cruise: testing protective clothing in the far north 5 pics
  • double page - 700 years of English Queens: miniatures of Queens yesterday and today , made entirely of stitches, from the Lilian Lunn collection 14 pics
  • A Window on the World - National Service under review 2 pics -------------------------- Royla Occasions - including the Duchess of Kent's return, and first stamps of the reign : The Queen addressing members of the staff of the Bank of England in the Garden Court, Posted on the day of issue 1st day covers of the new stamps etc etc
  • double page - Enmblems of the Royal and sacred office of british sovereignty: part of the splendid regalia to be used at the coronation next year (Crown Jewels)7 pics
  • the oldest state coach to take part in the Coronation Pageantry: The speakers state coach 8 pics ----------------- FP colour to be carried to St Giles' when her majesty attends a national service during her coronation visit to Edinburgh: The Scottish Regalia or "Honours of Scotland" 3 pics
  • double page - including historic gems now in the regalia of British Sovereigns: facsimile reproductions of diamonds whose glittering brilliance is matched by their romantic histories 30 gemstone
  • FP colour A fetishist race of the North Cameroons: The Fali , a mountain people who believe that human beings were first taught knowledge by a toad 4 pics--------------------------- Built amid mountain boulders: Fali villages of the North cameroon 4 pics
  • In an English garden - True Blue 2 pics ----------------------------- How the craftsman reveals the glowing beauty of the diamond: producing alike the world's most popular gem and famous stones such as will be in evidence at the Coronation 1 pic of drawings
  • The World of the Cinema - Masterworks old and new - " Birth of a Nation" (with sound added) and "Miracle of Milan" ----------------------- The newly created Royal malayan navy and matters maritme and nautical: the HMS Sheffield returning to Portsmouth, found buried in the sand near Alkmaar Holland a german 2 man submarine etc etc 5 pics
  • double page - new excavations in the palace of the Byzantine Emperors: fresh masterpieces of mosaic discovered, and futher light on the substructure by D Talbot Rice 7 pics
  • The World of Science - Food, bacteria and farming 3 pics -------------------------- The siege of Na-sam - the fortified airstrip in North-west Indo-China in which 10,000 to 15,000 french Union troops (isolated except by air) faced three communist divisions 2 pics
  • Personalities and events of the week - Mrs Churchill talking to "The best nurse of the year" Miss VR Mulvagh, holding the cup after retaining the British women's figure skating title Miss V Osborn, the death of the journalist Miss Cicely hamilton who was prominent in womes suffrage before WWI etc etc etc 14 pics ----------------------- News from abroad President elect Eisenhower in Korea, members of the Swiss Everest expedition at Camp IV, The trial of Jomo Kenyatta at Kapenguria etc etc 5 pics
  • A page for collectors - English water colours at Sheffield 3 pics ------------------------ The Queen at a Kent village church and items topical and athletic: leaving Mersham parish church after attending morning service with Lord and Lady Brabourne and the rectoe JH Edinger, Oxford university win the University cross country 3 men in a dead heat Mr AJ Weekes-Pearson, Mr CJ Chataway and Mr DC Law, winner of the amateur skating championship of the Fens Mr D Barton of Willingham, the long haired champion of champions Mrs M Crichmore's Chinchilla female cat Thievpal Snowcloud etc
  • Notes for the Novel reader - Fiction of the week, "Jabadao" by Anne de Tourville; etc - Chess Notes by Baruch H Wood MSc . - Books of the Day - An artist and the arts "Auto biography of Sir Alfred Munnings", etc --------------- memories and casualties of peace and water, and a safety device- used by the Wehrmacht during the war a huge subterranen petrol storage tank at Unterhausen which could store 17,600,000 gallons of petrol, a native town ship reduced to rubble in Albertynsville SA by a Tornado 20 killed and 500 injured, the Russians end their spell of guarding Spandau prison , in memory of the 22,500 victims of Nazi brutality who died in Belsen camp: the Obelisk and wall of remembrance on the Lüneburger Heide etc
  • ads Martell Cordon Bleu, The Renault 750, Vivhy celestins water, Oyler the car tailors -------------------- FP ad Reed paper group
  • ads Three castle cigs, Mercier 45 vintage champagne, The Church army, Apry Liqueur, Barling pipes ----------------- ads Spink & son, Dry Sack sherry, Salignac cognac
  • ads Glayva scotch Liqueur, Embassy cigars, Suchard St Bernard chocolate, Gieves, Alka seltzer for headaches, M. Hayes and Son jewellery buyers, Export cigs ------------------------------ ads London and Lancashire Insurance, Imperial Cancer research fund, The East End mission, Dry Fly sherry, Beefeater Gin
  • ads Eno's 'fruit salt', Belling electric cookers from 34 12 6d, Prunier cognac 44/- including 2 glasses, Bertram Mills Circus at Olympia, Dr Barnado's Homes, Mackinlay's scotch whisky ----------------------- inside back cover FP colour ad New Berry Fruits with liqueur centres 4/5 per pound
  • outside back cover FP colour ad Johnnie Walker scotch whisky

    December 20

  • outside front cover ads British Seagull Outboard Motors, Gaymers Cyder, Bronnley Soaps, Martell Cognac, John Jameson Irish Whiskey, Grants Cherry brandy, King Six cigars, Bass Beer, Ronuk Polishes, Car & General Insurance
  • inside front cover ads The MG 1¼ Litre Saloon, National Benzole Petrol, Lucas Foglamps -------------------- FP ad ICI series of elements "Potassium"
  • ads Haig scotch whisky, Chaplins fine sherries and ports, Churchman's No 1 cigs ------------------------ FP ad Cherry Heering (fishing)
  • ads Fly BOAC, Rolls Royce Aero Engines, British Leather upholstery ------------------------ ads Frank Partridge and Sons (fine art dealers), Tube investments, The Bowater Paper Corporation (the custom house Quay)
  • FP ad The Ford Zephyr-Six 532 + 297 purchase tax -------------------------- frontispiece A welcome sight to all Londoners and indeed to the many thousands of those who love and respect her: Queen Mary, out for a drive in Hyde Park for her first appearance in Public since mid-October 1 pic
  • Our Notebook + 1 pic of Commonwealth economic conference in London -------------------------- A new anti-submarine frigate: views aboard HMS "Relentless" 5 pics
  • a motoring feat, The Smithfield show and Christmas items: test run of the Humber Super Snipe went from Norway to Portugal in Ninety hours (Stirling Moss), Elephants from Bertram Mills circus come to town by train, Judged supreme champion beast at the Smithfield show a cross breed Aberdeen Angus Shorthorn Steer Gregor, a victim of the London fog receiving treatment at Smithfield: A heifer being given first aid with a breathing sack soaked in Whisky! etc etc 6 pics ---------------------- London, Lincoln, America and Berlin : Duke of Edinburgh visiting the kitchens of the new NAAFI club in Lincoln, The interior of the reconstructed great Hall of Gray's Inn with it's new candelabra, In remembrance of the thousands of German prisoners of war stated to be still in Russian hands 5 pics etc etc
  • events in other lands: the reinstallation of sacred relics of the Buddha's chief disciples at Sanchi near Bhopal, The US battleship "Missouri" in port at Norfolk Virginia after returning from Korea with heavy cruisers Albany and Macon, Victim of casablanca riots M. Moreau who was stoned to death by demonstrators 5 pics------------------ some personalities and occasions of the week: elected second president of Israel Mr Ben-Zvi, Flight lieutenant John M Nicholls of Liverpool who shot down a MIG fighter in Korea, Mother and son King Hussein of Jordan greeting Queen Zein at London airport, The Cambridge team that beat Oxford by 6 points to 5 in the University rugby match on December 9 etc etc etc 12 pics
  • The man of five towns - "Arnold Bennett" by Reginald Pound an appreciation by Sir John Squire 3 pics ----------------- The defence of Na-Sam: uniquely vivid photographs of a brilliant counter attack by French paratroops 5 pics
  • A window on the World - The spirit of Christmas 1 pic ------------------------ 4 PAGES Glories of the Barber Institute at the University of Birmingham: Masterpieces of European painting including the clasic and grotesque sculptures 20 pics -------------------------- operational helicopters for Malaya and a new jet fighter : the first operational helicopter squadron No 848 at Gosport, The Hawker Hunter F2 given super priority for the RAF 4 pics
  • double page "The queen of the air" - The De Havilland Comet: the record breaking jet propelled airliner, which has gained for Britain a decisive world lead in civil aviation design 1 pic a drawing by CE Turner
  • In an English garden - Looking back 2 pics --------------------------- paper chains decorations in Strangeways gaol Manchester, the work of prisoners at brixton gaol an exhibition of handicrafts, recording irregularities on the track The British Railways observation coach fitted out with the "Hallade Unit", the "Diehards" home from Korea The 1st battalion the Middlesex regiment marching past Hornsey Town Hall
  • double page The moment when Britain joined the Atomic powers: dramatic shots from the official film of the Monte Bello atomic test 7 pics
  • double page of Press photographs of 1952 " Encyclopaedia Britannica " prize winnersvoted the best feature picture "sprint for sunshine" by Malcolm McNeill, The best news pic of the year "Happy and Glorious" by Charles dawson etc etc etc 12 pics
  • The World of Science - Sense of property in fishes 2 drawings --------------------- general Eisenhower in Korea: The president elect visiting British commonwealth and South Korean troops 5 pics
  • The World of the Theatre - The plot thickens "The Mousetrap" with Richard Attenborough and "Sweet Peril" 3 pics ----------------- A Fairy - Tale teller on the screen: "Hans Christian Andersen" with Danny Kaye 5 pics
  • double page - One of the last of the Sinhalese capitals: The rock citadel and granite portals of the little - known Yapahuwa Ceylon 7 pics
  • A page for collectors - Dragons and things 4 pics ---------------------Indian art in South Kensington: Newly Arranged museum galleries at the V & A 7 pics
  • Notes for the Novel reader - Fiction of the week, "The Adopted" by William McFee; etc - Chess Notes by Baruch H Wood MSc . - Books of the Day - Mountaineering - Hot and Cold "Annapurna", by M Maurice Herzog etc etc --------------- FP ad The New Humber Super Snipe
  • ads Switerland for ski-ing, Grand Marnier Liqueur, Bernese Oberland 10 days all in 3 meals, tips etc 15, Ualais the Swiss ski paradise, Dry sack sherry ------------------------ ads BMK mothproof carpets, Horrockses Cotton, Barrie Knotwear
  • ads Black & White scotch whisky, Pernod, Macfarlane Lang biscuits ------------------ State Express 555 cigs, Albright and Wilson
  • ads Buy Britannia and Eve magazine, Benedictine Liqueur, Whitakers Almanack 15/- ----------------------- inside back cover ads Gordons Gin, Embassy Cigars, Old Angus scotch whisky
  • outside back cover FP ad Hawker Siddeley Group "Gloster Javelin"

    December 27

  • outside front cover ads Wilkinson Sword, Bronnley Soaps, Cerebos salt, Jacqmar scarves, Greys cigs, Grant's Stand Fast scotch whisky, Wetherall sportsclothes, British Seagull outboard motors, Cointreau Liqueur, United British Insurance
  • inside front cover FP colour ad Dunlop Tyres British cathedrals - Iona (painting by Mcintosh Patrick --------------- ads Almin Ltd, Darcuna underwear, The Velocette LE motorcycle, AEI
  • ads The Wolseley six-eighty, The Anglo Iranian Oil Company ----------------------- The first portrait of the moon by the world's largest telescope: The crater Clavius, photographed by means of the 200 inch Hale telescope at Palomar observatory, California 1 pic
  • double page - Looking at the moon and the planeta with the world's largest telescope : Mars , Saturn, Jupiter and the moon (copernicus crater) 5 pics
  • Our Notebook - + 1 pic "The ladies of Waldegrave" by sir Joshua Reynolds ---------------------- appointed commander in chief, Mediterranean, under the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation : Admiral Lord Mountbatten, who in time of war, would be reponsible for all lines of communication through the mediterranean 1 pic
  • double page - The circus at Olympia: highlights of the great show uniquely honoured by the Queen's attendance 7 pics
  • Haig as revealed in his Diaries - "The private papers of Douglas haig, 1914 - 1919" an appreciation by Sir John Squire 2 pics ------------------------ The festiaval of peace celebrated in Berlin, London and Chester 3 pics
  • Desert into Lake now desert again: Lake Eyre's (Australia) transformations 6 pics ------------------------ A canadian fighter wing for NATO No 2 fighter wing of the Royal Canadian Air Force 3 pics, America's latest eight jet the YB B52 Stratofortress 2 pics
  • A Window on the World - The visit to Korea (by president elect Eisenhower) 2 pics --------------------- The US president elect carves the thanksgiving-day turkey with his family 2 pics
  • double page - West Africa's first waterborne "petrol train": The "Adama" and her barges' 1200 mile journey 6 pics
  • double page - Cantebury as it was in Roman times: A reconstruction of Durovernum in the 2nd century AD, based on excavations made possible by the Blitz of 1942 1 pic
  • deciphering the Palimpset of Cantebury: Excavations of the Roman and mediæval city which were made possible by the devastation of the blitz by Sheppard Frere 4 pics ------------------------ The presentation of the Nobel prizes by King Gustaf and the Noble banquet 7 pics
  • The World of Science - Problem prints in snow and mud 3 mysteries 3 pics ------------------------ African cowned cranes at the nest: singular photographs from S. Rhodesia 5 pics
  • double page - On Christmas day in the country: some of the animals whick may be found hibernating or over wintering in the vicinity of farm buildings - a hidden population of winter sleepers 15 pics
  • In an English garden - Looking back II + 1 pic of an engraving of the six Barrows near Stevenage 10 July 1724 ---------------- personalities of the week : The youngest civilian to be awarded the George Cross John Bamford a 15 year-old colliery worker of Newthorpe, Nottinghamshire who saved his family in a fire at home, Mr brian Flowers appointed head of the theoretical physics division at Harwell, The world's master-batsman - John Berry Hobbs who died on 16th dec aged 70 (Surrey) etc etc etc 14 pics/people
  • The world the flesh and the poltergeist a Christmas tide survey of the news: The naming of the first whisky tanker Whisky Galore Sir Compton Mackenzie performing the ceremony, A real life christmas "Ghost" story: canon Harvey exorcising a "Poltergeist" in the home of Mr and Mrs Cecil Wilson (Eagle street, Ipswich) while a police constable holds the evidence (a cribbage board), home for Christmas the famous frigate HMS Amethyst at Devonport with some of the crew and Joe the ships dog, etc 6 pics ------------------------------ Royal ocassions and a royal gift, a clever police dog, and a new emblem: The British standards Institution kite mark, the black labrador Bruce who caught an intruder in Buckingham Palace grounds, The Duke of Edinburgh opening the technical college at Hatfield etc etc 5 pics
  • The World of the Cinema - "Road to Bali" Bob Hope Bing Crosby and Dorothy Lamour" and "Folly to be wise" Alistair Sim etc 3 pics --------------------------- varied happenings in many lands: the wreck of US cargo ship the Grommet Reefer at Leghorn, A beautiful celebration of the feast of St Lucy held by Danish girls in Copehagen, in a courtroom in Naivasha, Kenya showing the twelve Kikuyu tribesmen who have been charged with the murder of Mr Eric Bowyer etc etc 6 pics
  • A page for collectors - Three Angling pictures 3 pics ------------------------ Speeding postal communications: an automatic sorting machine in use in a Belgian post office 6 pics
  • Notes for the Novel reader - Fiction of the week, "The Grass harp" by Trueman Capote; etc - Chess Notes by Baruch H Wood MSc . - Books of the Day - Twentieth-Century man "Arrow in the blue", by Arthur Koestler etc etc --------------- "For your delight" : The brilliant team of our regular contributors to the Illustrated London news 11 pics
  • ads The Rover Seventy Five, Bells scotch whisky, subscribe to the Illustrated London News , Conway stewart fountain Pens, Export cigs ---------------------- inside back cover ads Hercules Bicycles, Laing civil engineers, Beefeater Gin, Godfrey Davis car hire
  • outside back cover FP colour ad Imperial Leather soap "Chinese Jade - Kwan Yin" pic

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