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The Illustrated London News 1853

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Events of this year in the Illustrated London News

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Turkish Soilders and the Artillery

' The Royal Dockyard at Pembroke - The Launch of HM Screw Steam Ship of War " James Watt" ..' front page – SS James Watt

' Embarkation of General Santa Anna at Bay of Carthagena ' – info. Columbia then New Granada

' Cockpit at Turbaco New Granada Reive '

' Turbaco - The House of General Santa Anna, His Departure ' damage to edge of engraving

' A Downham Ram '

' Galvanised Iron Church for the Diocese of Melbourne in South Australia '

' The Fosforo River Steamer Coaling at Port Famine ' Patagonia Chile

' Patagonia - Port Gallant '

' Bristol - Redcliffe Infant School '

' Ruins at Crowhurst in Sussex ' damage to edge

' The First of May – A Painting by Winterhalter showing Queen Victoria, Prince Albert and the baby Prince Arthur '

' A Scene from "Colombe's Birthday" at the Haymarket Theatre '

Excavations at Pompeii

' The Roof of a House '

' Excavation near the Gate of Stabia '

' A House at Pompeii Excavated for the Visit of the Imperial Russian Princes '

' Albert Road, Regents Park – The New Church of St Mark '

' Remains of a Mill at Halifax after a Fire, Between Gaol Lane and Ann Street '

' MP For Huddersfield – Viscount Goderich '

' Art – The Shepherd from a Painting by Walter Goodall '

' Moonrise – Painted by E. Duncan '

' The Music Hall Edinburgh – Banquet in Honour of Mrs H. B. Stowe ' the engraving shows the large hall and the guests at the banquet info. author of Uncle Toms Cabin - Harriet Beecher Stowe

' Fashions – Three Dresses and Bonnets etc. ' – again the corner of the page is damaged

The Opposition to the Budget – with mention of Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton

Foreign and Colonial News

Law and Police Intelligence

Metropolitan News includes – Results of Meteorological Observations

National Sports

The Court – Royal Comings and Goings

Latest Intelligence – The House of Lords and The Jewish Disabilities Removal Bill

Thorns of May by Mrs T. K. Hervey - poem

Latest Excavations at Pompeii – "From Our Correspondent" dated 14 April, Naples

Imperial parliament includes:


Income Tax

Banquet in Honour of Mrs H. B. Stowe – withmention of Rev. Dr Alexander – Mister James Ballantine – Mr T. M. Hunter – Rev. J. R. Campbell – Miel – Rev. C. Beecher – etc

Page of Adverts

' The London Gazette – Bankrupts - - - War Office Appointments List (of names) - - - Births Marriages and Deaths

Jan to June 1853, Volume 22



pages from Volume 22

pages from Volume 22

some contents of January to June


Her Majesty and suite visiting the Holyhead quarries -

Wreck of the Larriston screw steamer off turnabout island in the China seas -S

Prees church vicarage and schools

General view of the Holyhead harbour of refuge from the west pier - L

staging for the continuation of the breakwater at holyhead

Reception of her Majesty at Kingstown : The Royal salute - FP view of the harbour

The late Lt Gen Sir Charles J Napier frpm a photograph by Kilburn - S

Lt Gen Sir Charles J Napier as he sat for his bust to Mr Wyon

Amoy - sketched from the signal station - S

St George's hall Bradford, opened with a grand musical festival on wednesday last -

Banquet to Mr Peto and Mr Warner, in st Andrew's hall, Norwich -

3 testimonials to : Mr John Sadlier , Lewis Jacobs , Mr Sheriff Croll -

Viscount Palmerston laying the foundation stone of the Melbourne Athenaeum -

Encampment at Besika bay ( Turkey ) - S

Also articles (no engravings) including:
The Queen in Ireland

News foreign and colonial - from : France, Belgium, Denmark, Austria, Italy, Spain, Morocco, America, India

The Eastern question

Termination of the war with Burmah

The Vienna note and modifications

HRH visit to Ireland : Osborne to Tamworth : Tamworth to Holy head :Visit to the stone Quarry : Holyhead harbour of refuge : Holyhead to Kingston

Prees church

Wreck of the Larriston

Important to Emigrants - fire and cooking on water

The diggings and life in Australia

Literature : The story of Mont Blanc by albert smith : Yankee humour and Uncle sam's fun introduced by William Jerdan

Progress of the Chinese rebellion

Her majesty's visit to the Great exhibition of Dublin

Death of Sir Charles Napier

The Melbourne athenaeum

Election dinner at Norwich

The rajah of Sarawak

The earthquake in Cumana

The queen's visit to Mr Dargan

The roman villa at Bignor

Collision on the great Northern Railway ( at Hornsey )

The Bradford Musical festival







'Monument Lately Erected Upon the Battlefield of Chillianwallah'

'Launch of "The Contest" Clipper Ship, at Androssan'

'the Clipper Ship, Guiding Star, Chartered for the Gold Regions of Australia'

'Commencement of Ballymena and Portrush Railway'


'Trajans Gate, Near ichtiman in the Balkan'

'Shumla, The Headquarters of The Turkish Troops'

'Patent Sewing Machine' of The Lancashire Sewing Machine Co.

'Mr Salt's Model M9ill, At Saltaire, Shipley near Bradford, Yorkshire'

'Sketch from The Prncipal Table at The Opening Festival' At Saltaire

'The Saltaire Concert in St Georges's Hall, Bradford'

'Cromwell House, Old Brompton'

'Testimonial Presented to Mr R. K. Rotherham, of Coventry Watch Manufacturer by Workmen in His Employ'

'Paris Fashions for October'

'Rural Fete in Halswell Park, Somerset'

Also articles (no engravings unless listed abovre) including:
Some Effects of The Gold Discoverides'

'Foreign and Colonial News includes California etc'

'The Battle Field of Chillianwallah'

'Strange Vessel, Strange Captain, Strange Crew' Captain Barris of the Euphrosyne, and her owner

'The Cholera and Measures of Counter-Action' with reference to the outbreakes in Newcastle and Gateshead

'The Late Lieut. Colonel James Nisbet Colquhoun'

'Equinoctial Gales'

'The Fall of The House No. 184, Strand'

'Russia and Turkey, M. Kossuth's Letter'

'The Case of Miss Cunninghame ' imprisoned at Lucca

The Court at Balmoral'

'Naval and Military Intelligence'


Prince Paskewitsch addressing the troops


articles include:-


16 pages

some of the items in July to December


'Her majesty's Ships Phoenix and Breadalbane Landing Stores at Cape Riley'

'Loss of The Breadalbane'

'Omer Pacha, Commander in Chief of the Turkish Army of The Danube'

'The Garrison of Alexadria, Morning Drill'

'The Sultans New Palace of Dolmabaghdsche on The Bosphorus ' Full page engraving

'The Right Hon W. E. Gladstone MP chancellor of The Exchequer sketched at a Recent Dejeuner at Manchester'

'..."The Golden Age" American Steam Ship'

'Pony Catching on Exmoor '

'Leading Away Ponies fromn Exmoor '

Precautions Against Cholera 'The Kings Arms Yard, Coal yard, Drury Lane '

Precautions Against Cholera 'Interior of a London Lodging House'

Also articles (no engravings) including 'The Great Revolution in China'

'Foreign and Colonial News'

'The Arctic Exedition'

'Metropolitan News'

'Country News'

'Obituary of Eminent Persons including Charles Baring Wall Esq MP died at his seat Norman Court Hants - - - Sir James Thomson KCB Physician General of Calcutta died of Apoplexy - - - Edgell Wyatt Edgell Esq at his seat Milton place, Surrey'



The camp at Chobham, visit of Prince Lucien Bonaparte

There was a double panorama on the following 2 pages - which has been damaged and repaired - remaining ois : the left half of ( which makes up a half page print) The Turkish fleet at anchor at Buyukdera

The other half of the view has a part missing

a view of the French fleet (half a combined view of the French and English fleets - from which the English fleet is missing

The medical benevolent college, Epsom

The Aztec children

Opening of the new race stand on the Curragh of Kildare - HP

Sale of fancy work in the grounds of Harlesden house for the benefit of the united society for Irish church missions - HP

Ceremony of driving the first pile of the Wellington Pier at Great Yarmouth - HP

The Gavazzi Riot at Montreal - HP

Jassy, The capital of Moldavia - HP

Articles (no engravings unless previously mentioned) including:

The impending war

Russia & Turkey - occupation of the Danubian principalities by Russia

Obituary of eminent persons - including : Francis Wemyss charteris douglas Earl of Wemyss and March - The rev Godfrey Fausset of Christchurch - Edward william Wynne Pendarves esq - M Galanos - William Ramshay

a cold water steam engine



price sixpence.

It features articles with prints from engravings including:

'Interview Between The Burmese Envoy and British Commissioners, At Prome'

'Lowestoft Regatta'

'Scene From The German Comedy of Donna Diana At The St James Theatre'

'The Stamford Race Gold Cup'

'American Ostriches Hatched At The Zoological Gardens, Regents Park'

'Bucharest, Wallachia, The Head Quarters of The Russian Army'

'Kertch, Southern Russia'

'Part of Dresden, from The Right Bank of The Elbe'

'Tower on The Bridge at Prague'

'View onThe Elbe, Between Dresden and Prague'

Fine Arts 'The Lost Path by R. Redgrave RA' from 'Children in the Wood' shows a brother and sister lost, Hansel and Gretel maybe

'Loggion, on The Lake of Lugano by G. Stanfield'

'The Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress Conversazione at The Mansion House'

'The Commercial Travellers Societys New Schools, Founded at Pinner, on Wednesday Last'

'The Cobham Encampment, Pontoons at Virginia Water' Full page

Exhibition of The Royal Agricultural Society of England, Cattle 'Herefords, Class 3 won by Mr H. Smith - Herefords Class, Lord Berners'

Agricultural Society 'Short Horns won by Mr Richard Booth, Class 4 & Short Horns mr Richard Booth, Class 2'

'Welsh Breeds, Class 2, Mr Wl. Powell - Welsh Breeds Class 3, Mr W. Powell'

'Agricultural Show: Ponies, Class 4, Mr W. B. Reed - Ponies Class 6, Mr W. B. Reed'

Agricultural Show 'Automaton or Self Raking Reaper, Invented by J. Atkins, Chichago, United States'
Also articles (no engravings) including: 'The Russian Agression Against Turkey'
'Foreign and Colonial News'

'Metropolitan News'

'Obituary of Eminent Persons includes John Charles, Earl Of Portsmouth died at his seat, Hurstborne Park near Andover - Charles Frederick, Grand Duke of Saxe Weimar Eisenach'

'Tiptree Farm'

'The Court'

'Metropolitan News'

' 'The Aztec Children' ..."before entering upon a disquisition on the heads of these children, it is necessary to premise that the extremely defective condition of their mental constitution does not entail upon them any of the distressing and repulsive states, usually seen in persons of very weak mind....."

'The Cobham Encampment, Pontoon Manoeuvres'


issue was 24 pages


Pages 76 & 77 have 8 engravings relating to 'The Great Cab Strike'

Page 80 has engraving titled "Great show of Pine-apples"

Page 81 has engravings titled " Allington Castle", "Rochester Castle" and "The college gate Maidstone"

Page 84 has 2 engravings " The Unity Fire Insurance House Birmingham " and "Dublin Harbour Regatta"

The Supplement contains engravings as follows:

Page 85 contains engraving of "Redschid Pacha"

Page 88 contains engravings of "Russian infrantry & cavalry."

Page 89 has engravings of "Turkish soldier & Artillery"

Page 92 has engraving of "Abdu-L'Medjid, Sultan of Turkey and Castle forts of Dardanelles"

Page 93 contains "Nicholas Autocrat of all the Russias & Emperor's Palace at St Petersburg

Page 96 has "Chotyn & Varna" forts with 97 showing "Terapia, The Gate of Seraglio at Constantinopl and Bouyouk-Derfe"

Page 100 has a full page engraving of "Constantinople from Sultans Kiosch."


full page engraving titled " Interior of Church of The Invalides at Paris".

full page engraving titled " Fete of The Emperor in The Champs Elysees"

engraving titled "Camp at Chobham "

4 engravings " Nooks and Corners of Old England ", " St Pancras Almshouses ", page 45 " Destruction by fire of Kirkmans Pianoforte Manufactory ".

engravings of "Vice Admiral Deans Dundas, Fishing Houses on the Bosphorus" .

The Naval Review Supplement, offers a fabulous view of British naval operations at Spithead. With a number of full page engravings and details of several ships which formed the line for engagement.

Ships mentioned - HMS Amphion, HMS arrogant, HMS Barracouta, HMS Blenheim, HMS Desperate, HMS Driver, HMS The Duke of Wellington, HMS Edinburgh, HMS Encounter, HMS Highflyer, HMS Hogue, HMS Imperieuse, HMS Leopard, HMS London, HMS Magicienne, HMS Odin, HMS Prince Regent, HMS Queen, HMS Sidon, HMS Terrible, HMS Tribune, HMS Valorus. Article on coastal defence, Manning the Royal Navy, and the Late Naval Review as seen from Bembridge Down, Isle of Wight.



The admiralty St Petersburg

Chapel school just erected at wood end Arderley herts

The gauntlet clipper ship -

The late mr Bransby cooper FRS

Monument to capt Colby 98th regiment just erected in manordivy church cardigan

The late admiral sir George Cockburn

Funeral of the late earl of warwick - view of the street leading up to St Mary's church warwick -

Two pages devoted to the marriage of The duke de Brabant with the archduchess Marie of Austria - consisting of : The bridal procession entring the cathedral of St Gudule Brussels - : The bridal cortege proceeding to St Gudule - : Historical procession at briussels in celebration of the marriage of the duke etc - FP

Paris fashions for september -

Break up of the camp at chobham - L

Daylesford house worcestershire, the seat of the right hon Warren Hastings

Cowes regatta featuring The Julia -

The Royal yacht squadron prize vase

The new american clipper Sylvie - S

Fountain of venus at Osborne

Fountain of andromeda at Osborne

Sections of Basin

Ascent of haddington steeple

Norwegian peasant children - painted by Adolphe Tiedmand - S

A peasant's funeral, at the Logne Fjord - Painted by Adolphe Tiedmand and Hans Gude -

The comet

Also articles (no engravings) including:
The parliamentary session

The Submarine cable

The eastern question

The civil war in China

The admiralty St Petersburg

Obituaries to : Alexander george Fraser 16th Lord Saltoun at Auchinroth Elginshire : Lord Suffield of Suffield norfolk : Florentia Lady sale at capetown

The royal italian opera

Literature : The illustrated London astronomy

Wreck chart of the British Isles

Temple bar the city of golgotha by a member of the inner temple

Daylesford House

The camp at Chobham - The finale

The Irish land company

Exhibition of paintings by modern German artists

The refreshment rooms in the house of commons

The Bridgewater property

The comet

The Lancashire and Yorkshire railway company

The loss of the Mahommed Shah

The calamity at the Crystal palace at Sydenham small articles such as : The new cab act, close of more graveyards, battersea and kennington parks, a deputation of poles, Murder and attempted suicide in goodman's yard Minories





'Gateway to The Sultans New palace of Dolmabaghdsche on The Bosphorus' Front page

'Great Ant Eater Just Added to The Zoological Society's Menagerie, Regents Park '

'Wreck of the Royal Mail Steam Ship, "Quito" on a Rock, Mear Huasco, South America'

'New Church of St Seiriol, Holyhead '

'Reception of The Emperor and Empress of The French, at Calais'

'Visit of The Emperor and Empress of The French to Boulogne, The Sous Prefecture from The Ramparts'

'Reception of The Emperor and Empress of The French at Boulogne'

'Fisherwomen of boulogne with Bouquets for The Emperor and Empress of The French'

'Visit of The Emperor and Empress of The French to Boulogne, Grand Ball in The Theatre' Full page engraving

'Refracting Telescope, Presented by Mr Lawson for the Midland Observatory'

'Ancient Civic Tenure Custom on The Morrow of St Michael in The Court of Exchequer at Westminster'

'Rear Admiral Sir W. F. Carrol KCB Laying The Foundation stone of the Victoria Pier, Queenstown'

'Opening of The New Floating Docks at Limerick by The Lord Lieutenant'

'The Lord Lieutenant Commencing Thre Limerick and Foynes Harbour Railway'

' Aborigines of Cape York, Australia'

'Chart of the Upper Part of The Bosphorus showing the Positions of the Turkish Fleet and Ford August 6th 1853'

The Dardanelles, Asiatic Side: 'Najara Burnu or Pesquies Point Site of the Ancient Abydos' - 'Teket Bay and Village'

The Dardanelles, Asiatic Side: 'Kiossi Battery' - 'Capitan pacha's Bay'

The Dardanelles, Asiatic Side: 'English Consulate - Town of Chanak Kalessi - Turkish pacha - Greek and French Consulates - Austrian Consulate - Castle of Chanak kalessi'

'Chess Problem'

Also articles (no engravings) including 'The War in The East, Turkey and Russia'
'Foreign and Colonial News'

'Foreign and Colonial News'

Trade Russia and Turkey'

'Declaration of War by Turkey'

'The Military Congress of Olmutz'

'Metropolitan News'

'Country News'

'Obituary of Eminent Persons including Francis Dominick Arago - - - Adam, Lord Anderson - - - Mary Anne, Countess of Carwath - - - Mdme Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Madame Mendelssohn aged Thirty five'

Music and M. Julien in The US'

'The Gipsy Slaves of Wallachia' - - - 'The United States in 1953 "The Emperor of America; His Majesty, a jet black, who had shown consummate and unxpected high qualities, and his lovely Empress, a white...."..'

'Cape York Aborigines '

The Cholera numbers in Newcastle, Hexham, Stockton, South Shields, Gateshead, London




'Palace of the Grand Duke of Tuscany'

'The Marlborough Passing an Iceberg off Cape Horn' sailing ship

'The Drug Bazaar in Constantinople '

'Dancing Dervishes of Constantinople'

Imperial Visit to The Camp at Helfaut' Full page engraving'

'Grand Military Mass at Olmutz ' Full page engraving

'Chess Problem by Mr S. Martin of Weymouth '

'The Manchester Monument to Sir Robert Peel, by W. C. Marshall RA'

'The Crypt of St Paul's Cathedral, Professor Donaldson's Proposed Improvement'

'Sham Fight on Roborough Down, Devon, Under the Command of General Sir Harry Smith'

'Funeral of M. Arago in Pere La CHaise'

'Words and Music to "The First Cannon Shot' by Charles Mackasy and Henry Russell'

'Captain Inglefield of HMS Phoenix '

'The Late Lieut. Bellot'

'The Eastern Question, Great Meeting at The London Tavern'

Also articles (no engravings) including 'An Example for Europe, Free Trade '

'Foreign and Colonial News'

The Decimal System - Coinage '

'Literature includes "Defects Civil and Military of The Indian Government by Lieut General Sir Charles James Napier GCB edited by Sir W. F. P. Napier KCB '

'Discovery of The North West Passage' with reference to Captain Inglefield, Sir Edward Belcher, Captain Kellett, Captain M'Clure, M. Bellot, Captain Pullen, etc

'Metropolitan News'

'Country News'

'Obituary of Eminent Persons including Katherine, Dowager Viscountess Guillamore died at Monkstown near Dublin - - - The Hon and Rev. Somerville Hay died at Brighton aged 36 - - - Thomas Robert Wilson Ffrance Esq of Rawcliffe Hal, Lancashire died at Fleetwood'

The Will of Henry Nicholson Esq late of Furnivals Inn'


In the Artic Regions 'The Investigator (sailing ship) Passing Princess Royal Islands, in Prince of Wales Strait'

'The Investigator Nearing Mercy Bay, Baring Island'

'Critical Position of The Investigator at Ballast Beach, Baring Island'

'Officers Commanding in The Freench Squdron of The Levant: Rear Admiral Facquinot - Admiral Hemelin - Captain Bouet Willaumez - Rear Admiral Le Barbier de Einan'

'Widdin on The Danube'

'Kamenietz, The Capital of Podolia, in Russian Poland'

'Turkish Recruits'

'Fair of St Peter, At Giurgevo in Wallachia'

'Proposed Metropolitan Subway for Sewage adn Gas and Water Supply' by mr W. Austin, Holywell Street, Westminster

'HMSS Dasher Towing The Jersey Mail Steam Packet Dispatch off La Frette Point'

'The Upper Great Hartlake Bridge over The medway, The Scene of the Late Accident' Collapse of a bridge killing thirty two men women and children, hop pickers on their way home

'New Church at Grange'

'Scene from The New Drama of Plot and Passion at The Olympic Theatre'

Paris Fashions 'Promenade Dress' - 'Caps and Cazenou, Sleeves and Bracelets' - 'Scotch Poplin Dress and Velvet Pardessus'

'Victotia Bank, Melbourn, Exhibition of Mammoth Nuggets of Gold

'Berdans Gold Quartz Crushing Machine'

'Newly Built Street in Melbourne'

Also articles (no engravings) including:
'The Woes of Scotland'

'Foreign and colonial News includes The War Between Turkey and Russia - California'

'Patent Laws'

'Provincial Intelligence' miele

'Obituary of Eminent Persons include Sir Alexander Mackenzie Bart of Fairburn died at Bath - Rear Admiral Christopher Bell'

'American News and Gossip, New York, Oct 8, 1853'

'Perilous Situation of The Steam Packet Dispatch at Guernsey'

'Metropolitan News includes The Health of London During the week ending October 2, listing all deaths and causes incuding Cholera, Zymotic Diseases, Typhus, Smallpox, Atrophy hanging, drowning, fractures etc



complete issue was 24 pages

dated Saturday November 26, ,

Vol. 23, No. 655 .


Page 444 has engravings titled " Cossacks of the Don", "Turkish Infrantry ."

Page 445 has engravings titled " Virgin & Child and Church of St George, Bucharest"

Page 448 has engravings titled " Donna Maria, Queen of Portugal", "Duke of Beaufort" and " Lismore Bridge""

Page 449 has engravings "Silver Cup ", " J. E. Millais " and "The Cottonian Library".

Page 452 contains engravings of "The Danube at Giurgevo and The Black Sea Battery & lighthouse"

Page 453 has engravings of "Clipper ship 'Tayleur' bound for Australia" and "The new steam ship 'Stag' mailship

Page 457 has engravings of "The yacht 'The Rifleman' and 'The marshes of east London."

Page 460 has engravings "Artificial pearls and Paris fashions for December."


price sixpence.

It features articles with prints from engravings including:

'General Arista from a Pinting by Miss Laird'

'Norwegian Railway Testimonial Presented to Mr Kershaw'

'Testimonial Presented to James Hume Esq of Calcutta'

'The East Indian Railway: Sursuttee Bridge and Viaduct'

Gold in New Zealand: 'Conference of Lieutenant Governor Wynyard and Native chiefs in Coromandel Harbour'

'The New Zealand Gold Field - Discovery of Gold near the Source of the Kapanga Stream, About Forty Miles From Auckland'

'Turkish Coffee House'

'Hirsovea on The Danube'<> 'General in Chief of The Russian Forces in The Danubian Principalities'

'Travelling in Wallachia'

'Town Hall in Course of Erection at Leeds'

'Chalk Farm Tavern Front and Back views' small

'Scenes from a Pretty Piece of Business at the Haymarket Theatre'

'Testimonial Presented to Mrs Thomas Littledale of Liverpool'

'Great Draining Match on The Burtonwood Estate, Near Warrington'

'Funeral of The Duike of Beaufort at Badminton'

'New Church of St John The Baptist at Shenstone, near Lichfield'

'Electric Time Ball Just Erected on The Nelson Monument, Edinburgh'Plan of The Battle of Oltenitza'

'State and Prospects of the War' Turkey and Russia

'Foreign and Colonial News includes The War in Turkey and Russia - India and Burmah - General Arista'

'California from our special correspondemt. Sam Framcoscp. Pct 15th 1853'

'Official Explanations About the New Penny Stamps'

'Ruskin on Architecture'

'Naval and Military Intelligence'

'Obituary of Eminent Persons includes William Legge, Earl of Dartmouth - Mary, Dowager Lady Arundell of Wardour - Sir Thomas John Clavering, Bart of Axwell in the county of Durham - Lady Caroline Anne Sandford - General Sir Thomas Bradford GCB died at Eaton Square - The Rev. Dr Harry Bristow Wilson, rector of the united parishes of St Mary and St Thomas The Apostle'


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