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The Illustrated London News - Burning of Alexandra Palace - 1873

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1873 burning of Alexandra Palace

1873 Burning of Alexandra Palace

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The Illustrated London News 1873

Events of this year in the Illustrated London News

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' Khiva - A Scene at the Palace of Samarcand ' full front page print from engraving from The Picture by Monsieur Basile Wereschagin showing "... the Emir of Samarcand contemplating a heap of heads f his enemies which soldiers have brough fron the battle field in token of their prowess ..." - info.Uzbekistan

The Russian Expedition to Khiva - Sketches on the Line of March

' Tsteshes Station on the Great Post Road '

' Tomb of the Kirghese Chief Tlesches near the River Temir ' - info. Kyrgyz Kirgiz Kirghiz

' Dschilangatsch Station on the Post Road '

Tschulack Kairakty Station ' .

' Where the Sacred Alligators are Kept - Muggur Pier near Kurrachee ' - engraving from a photograph by Mr. E. Leggett of Kurrachee - info. Karachi Pakistan

Sketches on the Way to Vienna :

' On the Danube Between Passau and Venna '

' Ratisbon from the Danube '

' Durrenstein '

' The Rath-haus at Prageue '

' A Study of Danube Steamer '

' Ther Pulver-thurm at Prague '

' Passau at the Junction of thre Ilz with the Danube, with Fort Oberhaus '

' Enns '

Full page

' John Stuart Mill ... Who Died at Avignon of Erysipelas '

' The Carlist Revolt in Spain - Halt of a Mountain Baggage Train Near Pampeluna ' with the town in the background

Illustration by H. Paterson of a Bride - for the continuing story entitled " Innocent: A Tale of Mern Life" by Mrs Oliphant

' Sketches in the Bavarian Alps - The Arrest of a Poacher ' full beautiful full page print from engraving from the work by Hubert von Herkomer

People and Places in Vienna Austria: ' St Charles Church '

' Statue of the Emperor Francis I of Austria '

' Character Sketches of A Slowakien Toy Hawker ' a man selling toys with children and a mother looking on - a door to door salesman .

' Mandoletti Man or Almond Sweetmeat Vendor '

Full page

' St Petersburg - The Emperor and The Czar Passing MIel The Nicholav Place - Visit of the Emperor of Germany ' full page print from engraving

Artistes of the French Plays at the Princess's Theatre :

' Madame Judic '

' Eugene Didier '

' Mlle Aimee Desclee '

' Madame Arnould-Plessy '

' Madame Marie Laurent '

' Pierre Alfred Ravel '

A Scene from Hamlet at the Crystal Palace

This second part of the description features a list of items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include :-

Topics of the Week page includes:

The Tichborne Case - - - The Vagrancy Committee - - - The Pope

Home News - Snippets of News include Terrible Railway Accident near Shrewsbury - - - Fire in Pan Ash Underground At South Shields - - - Mister EManuel Deutsch of the British Museum Dies at Alexandria


American Notes - Dated Boston 30 April 1873 by GMT

The Royal Academy


Rural Notes

Foreign News

The Court - Royal Comings and Goings

Church News includes Father Gavazzi - mr T. Hughes MP - Monsignor Pietro Rota

Music .

Sporting News


Classified Adverts

7571 44

Austria -The Vienna Exhibition and The Emperors Pavilion ' front page

' Sketches on the Road to Vienna – ON Board The Maximilian Steamer - - - Chalets on the Banks of the Danube - - - On The Danube - - - Boar Drawing a Cart on the Banks of the Danube - - - Peasants at Linz - - - At Linz - - - Priests of Linz - - - The Market at Linz ' full page print from engraving

' Dewanis or Begging Dervishes of Khiva ' full page print from engraving – info. Uzbekistan

' Fancy Dress Ball at the Mansion House Given Reive By The Lady Mayoress ' double page print from engraving

' The City Terminus Hotel in Cannon Street – Orphanage Ball Given by The Police ' full page print from engraving showing fashionable men and women at the ball

' The Late Baron Von Liebig - Eminent German Scientist '

' The Double Screw Gun Boat HMS Snap ' .

' The Late Mr William Charles Macready ' actor

' The Late Dr. Henry Bence Jones '

' The Late Sir William Tite CB ' architect and MP

' Display of Ship Distress Signals in Hyde park '

Sketches In Seville Spain in Holy Week:

' Easter Holiday Bull Fighters '

' Going to Mass '

' Military Dandies '

' The Cardinal Washing Poor mens Feet '

' The Cardinal Returning to His palace '

' Religious Procession inSeville During the Holy Week ' full page print from engraving

Chess Problem

Illustrated London News Editorial

Births Marriages and Deaths

Calendar for the Week

The Court – Royal comings and Goings

Foreign and Colonial News:







The Church – Preferments and Appointments List .

Parliament with mention of Mr Gladstone - - - Mr Jacob Bright - - - etc

Metropolitan News

Wills and Bequests include:

The Will of Emperor Napoleon III

Miss Hannah Brackenbury late of 31 Queen Adelaide Cres, hove Brighton

Sir Frederic Madden of St Stephens Square Paddington

Venerable John Sandford BD of Coventry

Sir Robert Keith Arbuthnot who died at Florence

' Charles Balance of Lower Clapton (short)

Law and Police includes;

The Tichborne Trial

Daring Robbery at the House of Miss Young of Riversdale, Cross Deep, Twickenham

National Sports

Adverts of the Day

Ship Distress Signals

Royal Institution Lectures includes:

Professor Tyndall on Light and Colours

Professor Flower FRS of the Royal College of Surgeons on Gradual Modification of Animal Forms

Professor Odling on Discovery and Properties of Ozone

Mister Edward Dannreuther on Development and Decay of the Opera

Obituary of Eminent Persons includes:

The Right Hon. Charles Richard Sackville West, Earl Delawarr

Sir John fagge of Wiston in Sussex died at his seat Mystole, Near Canterbury

Sir John Sinclair of Dunbeath died miel at Melville Street Edinburgh

Lord John Ludford Chichester at Cambridge House, Twickenham

His Excellency Robert W. Keate Governor in Chief of West African Settlements died at Cape Coast Castle

Professor Hansteen of Norway (short announcement 20 wds)

The Theatres

January to June

Some of the engravings from this volume

Colour Prints - On Guard - From a Painting by the Late H. Tidey, The Inter-University Boat Race - 2 pages of small portraits of young men from Oxford & Cambridge

Fold out View of Vienna Showing the International Exhibition Buildings - 32" wide x 16" high,

January 25th

April 5th

Spain -' Review of Carlist Volunteers in Catalonia by Don Alfonso de Borbon y Austria' full page print from engraving. From the work by Felix Regamey and engraved by W. Palmer .

' Gathering Willows for Palm Sunday ' full page print from engraving showing little girls gathering the willows in a wood - one little girl dressed much like little red riding hood

' Admiral Sir Sydney Dacres GCB '

' HMS Sanspareil After TheAction at Sebastopol on 17 October 1854 '

' The Late Count Bernstorff ' Albrecht Graf von Bernstorff  - Ambassador at London

' The Late Professor Richard Partridge FRS ' Professor of Anatomy at the Royal Academy and sometime President of the College of Surgeons. Instrumental in the detection in London of Bishop and Williams, a Burke and Hare like gang .

' Oxford and Cambridge Chess Match '

' Sketches i nChina - A Pawnbrokers Shop at Shanghai '

 ' China - Manchoo Bowmen at Pekin ' - Peking Beijing toxophily

' Banquet of the Mayors at the Mansion House ' print from engraving by Felix Regamey

' Chess Problem by Mr. J. Scott '

' Effects of Experimental Firing at HMS Trusty ' diagram and explanation

' The Warrior Target, Shoeburyness, After Firing Experiments with Common smooth Bore and With Armstrong Guns ' diagram and explanation


Illustrated London News Editorial with reference to Queen Victoria and Her Visit to the East End of London

The Court - Royal Comings and Goings with a list of Presentations at the Queens Drawingroom including Miss Buller - Hon. Mr Archibald - Lady E. Kennard - Mrs Guy Paget - Lady F. Warburton and many others

Terrible Shipwreck in The Harbour of Halifax At Nova Scotia - The Screw Steamer Atlantic of the White Star Line 560 lost inc. 350 women and children - info. RMS Atlantic or SS Atlantic

Foreign and Colonial News includes France - Spain - Portugal - Belgium - Germany - Austro Hungary - America - India - Denmark - Roumania - Russia - Persia - Australia etc

Metropolitan News

The Church

Universities and Public Schools - Oxford and Cambridge with a list of Scholarships awarded etc

National Sports with reference to Aintree and the Grand National - A Billaird Match between Oxford and Cambridge

The Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race with a list of the names and weights of both crews

Parliament with reference to Mr Munster - Mr Disraeli - etc 

Wills and Bequests include John Hargreaves Esq JP and DL ate of Broad oak, Accrington in Lancashire and of Hall Barn Park, Beaconsfield, Bucks - - - Sir William Fry Channell, Knight late one of the Barons of the Court of Exchequer late of 2 Clarendon place, Hyde Park - - - Miss Elizabeth Sibley of Hall Place, West Meon in Southhampton - - - Augustus John Smith Esq of Tresco Abbey in the Isles of Scilly and of Ashlyn's Hall, Great Berkhampstead Herts - - - Dame Janet Kay Shuttleworth of Gawthorpe Hall in Lancashire - - - Frances, Dowager Lady Shelley late of Maresfield Lodge, East Cowes Isle of Wight - - - Sir John Hesketh Lethbridge Late of Sandhill park, Somerset .

Gathering "Palms" - Palm Sunday

Labour Questions with reference to the great strike in South wales, Teh Rhymney Iron Company and S. Wales Colliers - - The Amalgamated Association of Miners at Newport and their earnings - - Miners of the Bolton and Farnworth Districts - - etc

Law and Police includes the Court of Probate case concerning the validity of the will of Mr John Knight with land in Shropshire - - - and more

Music - The Royal Italian Opera


Royal Institution Lectures includes Chemistry of Coal Gas by Mr A. Vernon Harcourt - - Force and Energy by professor W. K. Clifford MA - - Man Distinguished from Animals by Language by Professor Max Muller - - Growth and Maintenance of Living Things by professor Rutherford MD

Sketches in China

Obituary of Eminent Persons include TheRight Hon Maria Isabella Countess of Buckinghamshire died at Sidmouth - - - Lady Audrey Ridsdale died at Tillington Rectory, Sussex - - - Jane Anne, Lady Adair of Flexton Hall in Suffolk - - - General Sir William Bell a Waterloo Veteran died at his Residence in Ripon Yorkshire - - - Major General Luke Smyth O'Connor of 1st West India Regiment of Foot - - - Sir Richard Church GCH CB died at Athens - - - Money Wigram Esq  Shipowner died at his residence Moor Place, Much Hadham in Herts - - - Dr William Brydon CB of the Bengal Medical Service - - - The Rev. Richard Gooch died at Peterborough - - - M. Amedee Thierry the French Historian .

Classified Adverts of the Day include Lawn Mowers and Garden Engines - - The Little Wanzer Sewing Machine - - Raobare's Golden Hair - - Hilditch's Silks - - Baker And Crisps Dress Price List - - Algerienne Grenadines  - - The Dulciana Organ Harmonium - - The Digitorium the Dumb Piano - - The Alexandre New Six Guinea Organ Harmonium - - The Cheque Bank Ltd - - The General Credit Company - - Yokohama Silk - - Irish Poplins by Fry and Fielding - - Du Barry's Revalenta Food - -  And much more.

An original of this magazine maybe for sale please click the number below to find out


' Madrid - Buying Arms inthe Rastro ' full front page print from engraving - a kind of market place

' Madrid - Arrival of Specie at the Bank of Spain ' - arrival of a donkey drawn cart outside of Banco de Espana

' Madrid - Demonstration of Women to Demand Release of Prisoners '

' Receiving Visitors on Easter Monday at the Zoological Societys Gardens ' full page print from engraving - the bears climbing up a pole to be fed on buns etc by the public

' A Berlin Night Refuge ' full page print from engraving showing men lining up for accomodation

' The Savoyards Breakfast by Miel Herr Meyerheim ' a beautiful full page print from engraving ..." some district of Rhenish Germany a little girl and boy with a marmet, standing beside the cow and the timber built cottage beyond...sympathy from that comely, good natured milkmaid in the practical form of a breakfast ..."

' Sketches in China - the Gaiety Theatre at hankow '

' Sketches in China - A Girls School at Pekin ' girls at their lessons - info. Peking - Beijing

Sketches in Lisbon

' A Fish Girl '

' A Water Carrier ' a man carrying a barrel

' Fish Boy ' .

' Ox Cart '

' Milk Sellers ' two milkmaids and a cow and calf

' Belem Castle '

' Cloisters of Belem Monastry '

Full page

' A Match by Heywood Hardy ' a double page print from engraving with a blank reverse - an equestrian scene showing a fashionable man and woman on horseback at the beach - from a painting at the Dudley Gallery

' River Gate, Botanic Garden at Chelsea '

' Chess Problem by Mister R. B. Wormald '

This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include :-

Illustrated London News Editorial includes The Spanish Republic and The Cortes

Births Marriages and Deaths

The Court - Royal Comings and Goings

Metropolitan News includes:

The Company of Fishmongers

Benefit for The Late Mister John Cargill Brough .

Change of Street Names by the Metropolitan Board of Works

Registrar General Gives Statement on the Area of Public Parks - Hyde Park 386 acres etc

By The Way Column - ref. to The Health of the Pope etc

Bears and Buns - Commenting on the over feeding of the animals at the London Zoologicial Societys Gardens in Regents Park - from the animals point of view!

Foreign and Colonial News includes:

France with mention of M. de Remusat - M. Thiers - M. Barodot - The Death of M. Saint-Marc Girardin - M. De Gontaut-Biron





America (USA) with mention of Leader of the Indians Captain Jack and the Massacre - Brigham Young

Persia etc

Berlin Public Charity

The Church .

National Sports with mention of Racing at the Newmarket Craven meeting - - Public Schools Racket Challenge Cup - - Race on the Tyne Between Robert Bagnall and John Bright from High Level Britge to Scotswood Suspension Bridge

Wills and Bequests include:

The Right John Cavendish, Lord Kilmaine of Galston park, Westmeath

General sir John Scott KCB of Cromwell Road South Kensington

pantaleone Constantine Ralli Esq of 81 Westbourne Terrace Hyde park

Miss Laura Charrington of Englefield Green in Surrey

Nathaniel Muggeridge Esq late of 17 Phillimore Gardens, Kensington

Joseph William Thrupp Esq of 50 Upper Brook Street, Grosvenor Square and of Merrow, Surrey

Mr Edward Pugh late of 195 CLapham Road

Old Chelsea - And the New Portion of the Thames Embankment

Adverts of the day

June 7th

June 14th

' Sketches in Vienna - Watering the Streets ' a full age print from engraving - a scene outside the premises of Josef Gedlitzka - The Fotografisch Anstait von J. Hauck - M. Decsey - and Wiener Bau - Info. Wien

' Bolton LAncashire ' full page print from engraving of the Prince and Princess of Wales arriving at The Town Hall - info. probably Victoria Square

' ..." A Lowland Lassie " by Thomas Faed RA ' a beautiful double page print from engraving from this scottish painter, finely engraved by W. B. Gardner - Thomas Faed was born at Gatehouse of Fleet, Kirkcudbrightshire, the brother of John Faed - a scene showing a young lady with a basket of vegatables on her head, a little girl with a puppy and a younger child carrying a jug. Wonderful detail is shown of the clothing worn by all three

' Persian Sketches - Pilgrims with Their Dead Going to the Shrines of Kerbala and Meshid Ali ' - a full page print from engraving from a sketch by Mr George Saltram FRGS - a scene showing "the pilgrims near Bagdad conveying the dead bodies of their friends packed in Mummy Bundles on the Camels back" - info. Karbala now in Iraq - Meshid could be Masjid .

' A Madrid Knife and Dagger Seller '

' Madrid Night Watchman '

' Statue of Sir Robert Peel at Huddersfield '

' The Theatre Royal at Malta '

' The Ruins of the Valetta Theatre Royal At Malta '

' The New Town Hall at Bolton ..... ' full page print from engraving - The Prince and Princess of Wales ( Prince Albert Edward and Princess Alexandra ) with other dignitaries .

' The Key Used by the Prince to Open the New Townhall at Bolton '

' Bolton New Townhall ' a wonderful full page print from engraving - The Old Albert Hall showing the magnificent pipe organ at the far end of the hall

' The Burning of the Alexandra palace from the South West '

' The Burning of the Alexandra Palace from the North '

' Chess Problem by Mr F. Healey ' This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include :-

Illustrated London News Editorial with reference to ethe Expected visit of the Shah of Persia

Foreign and Colonial News includes France with ref. to Marshal MacMahon - Italy - Spain - Germany - Austro Hungary - America - India - etc

The Church - Preferments and Appointments - List of names of clergy

National Sports with reference to Royal Ascot

The Malta Theatre

Books on Geology

Burning of The Alexandra palace at Muswell Hill


Wills and Bequests include theHon. Henry Amelius Coventry of Pickwell Manor House Leicestershire - - - Admiral George William Hughes D'Aeth of Knowlton Court, Kent - - - William Charles Macready of Cheltenham - - - Sarah the Countess Waldegrave died at Hastings - - - Sir Thomas George Fermor Hesketh of Rufford Hall, Lancashire .

Obituary of Eminent Persons include TheRight Hon. Henry Charles Cadogan Earl Cadogan died at Woodrising Hall Norfolk - - - Sir Thomas Burch Western of Rivenhall Essex died at Felix Hall, Kelvedon - - -TheRight Hon. Fitzstephen French Esq MP of Roscommon died at 68 Warwick Square - - - Samuel Trehawke Kekewich Esq of Peamore, Devon and MP for Southern Div. Devon

Classified Adverts of the Day include Arthur Sullivans Newest Songs - Robert Schumann - Dr De Jongh's Cod Liver Oil - John Bennetts Watches - Antipelliculaire versus Scurf - Galvanic Chain Bands Belts

June 28th

' The Shah Leaving Charing Cross Station for Buckingham Palace ' a wonderful double page showing the Shah in a Carriage and hundreds of people greeting him in the street - The Bureau de Change Building - The South Eastern Railway and E. Lodge Building shown - engraving by D. H. Friston

' The Shah of Persias Visit to the City - His Majesty Replying to the Address of the Corporation ' full page

' The Shah at the Ball in the Guildhall ' full page

' Shah of Persia at the Duchess of Sutherlands Ball at Stafford House '

' The Shah Inspecting the Woolwich Infants ' - These were 35 ton gun manufactured for The Fury and nicknamed The "Woolwich Infants" - engraved by S. Wain

' Sketches in the Crowd on the Day of the Shah of Persias Arrival in London ' Six comical initialled sketches engraved on a full page

Extra Supplement - ' Queen Victoria Receiving the Sha of Persia at the Sovereigns Entrance at Windsor Castle ...' double page pring from engraving with a blank reverse

The Royal Italian Miel Opera - The Shah in the Floral Hall Meeting Lady Guests ..'

' Chess Problem by Mister Jacob Elson of Philadelphia '

This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include :-
Illustrated London News Editorial

The Weather - Results of Meteorological Observations at the Kew Observatory - Temperatures - Barometer readings etc

The Court at Windsor Castle - Royal Comings and Goings

National Sports includes reference to the pitmans Monster Meeting on the Town Moor Newcastle (small, not much information really ) - -Stockbridge Hampshire Meeting - - And More

Foreign and Colonial News includes France with reference to M. Rane - M. Brousses - M. Beule - The Prefet of the Rhone - and more - - - Italy - - - Spain - - - Germany - - - Austria - - -Russia - - - The Niagara Falls Gazette and the Destruction of the Terrapin Tower

The Church - Referments and Appointments with list of names

Universities and Public Schools - Oxford with a Class List of Names and Colleges in the Final Mathematical School - - - Cambridge with a list of names of scholarships - Special Examination in Law and History of Ordinary BA Degree List of Names - Plus other results of examinations and scholarships

Parliamentary Summary with reference to The Marquis of Lansdowne - Lord Delawarr - Earl of Carnarvon - MR Cawley - Mr Gladstone - Mr Scourfield - Questions on the Martini Henry Rifle - The Canada Loan Guarantee Bill - And more

Metropolitan News

Law and Police includes The Trial of the Tichborne Claimant for Perjury - Mr Vincent Gosford - Lady Radcliffe - Mrs Nangle - Miss Carolin Nangle - and more

Summer Circuits of the Judges

The Royal Humane Society Meeting and a list of medal winners

The Vienna Exhibition

Music - Royal Italian Opera

Obituary of Eminent Persons inlcudes The Right Hon. John James Strutt - Baron Rayleigh at his seat near Witham - - - The Right Hon. David Robertson Lord Marjoribanks of ladykirk Bewickshire died at his residence in Upper Brook Street - - - Sir John Sutton - Baronet of Norwood Park Nottinghamshire died at Bruges in Belgium - - - Captain Henry Kent RN died at Exeter aged 83

The Edinburgh Chess Club

Wills and Bequests includes Major General Earl Delawarr KCB - - - His Excellency Albrecht Count Von Bernstorff - - - Miss Jane Margaret Kirsop late of Redgate Hall Wolsingham in Weardal Co. Durham - - - Nathan Lees of Dukinfield Cheshire, Cotton Spinner - - - Henry Bridgeman-Simpson of Babworth Hall in Notts and 44 Upper Grosvenor Street - - - Peter Cator Esq of Lincolns Inn and Beckenham Kent


Volume 63


.Measures 11 1/2" x 16". 27 issues.

Begins w/July 5, 1873 and ends with Dec.27 , 1873.

Some of the engravings are of the

The Visit of the Queen and Shah of Persia
The East African Slave Trade. Interesting half page with report overleaf. More articles follow later throughout volume.
The Ashantee War
Royal Archaeological Institute of GB and Ireland, At Exeter.
The Coronation in Norway
The Autumn Manouevres on Dartmoor.
The Vienna Exhibition.
Royal Archaeological Institute of GB and Ireland, At Sheffield.
The Civil War in Spain, with some good full page engravings throughout the volume.
The Autumn Manouevres on Dartmoor and Cannock Chase (double page).
The Tichborne Case
The Paray-Le-Monial Pilgrimage
Views of Bradford, several full pages.
The Trial of Marshal Bazaine
The Livingstone Aid Expedition
The Russian Expedition in Khiva
The Castellani Collection in the British Museum.

Some of the numerous full page engravings, as follows.

Double Page of the Naval Review at Spithead.
Sketches in Spain, Granada.
Large fold out map of Germany and Austria. Interesting but with tears.
Sketches in Spain, Madrid.
Types of Viennese Life
The Railway Accident in Wigan.
Half Page of The Old Tabbard Inn, Southwark. Chaucer reference.
The new harbour of refuge at Holyhead.
The Isle of Thanet.
Civil War in Spain
Trial of Bank Forgers at the Old Bailey.
Rob Roy`s Cave, Loch Lomond
The Fisk University College, Tennessee
Sketches in Spain, Barcelona.
Views of Ben Nevis and Inverlochy Castle, Scotland.
Croquet at St Barts
Sir Edwin Landseer modelling the Lions for Trafalgar Square.
Portrait of The Late Sir Edwin Landseer.
Cider making in Normandy
The Bristol Musical Fesival.
Immeritans of the Caucasus
The Surrender of Khiva
Sketches in Japan
"A Leisure Hour" by W M Wyllie. Weekly front page.
Georgian Mountaineers
Life on board a troopship.
Sketches in the Isle of Pines, New Caledonia.

Double Page Extra Supplements - Fine Art.
The Picture by L Alma-Tadema
Le Roi est Mort - Vive Le Roi by Marcus Stone
Our Father which art in Heaven by W Holyoake
Ye shall gather the lambs by J W Bottomley
The Haupt Allee of the Prater, Vienna
Unter Den Linden, Berlin
The Shepherds Chief Mourner by the Late Sir Edwin Landseer
The Trial of Marshal Bazaine
Restoring the Sign by T Green (Single full page)

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