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The Illustrated London News 1879

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1879 king cetawayo

1879 The Zulu War - King Cetawayo -

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Events of this year in the Illustrated London News

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24 5112

' Mister Gladstone Delivering His Address a sLord Rector of the University of Glasgow ' full front page print from engraving

Professor Nordenskiold 's Arctic Boyages -:

' Professor Nordenskiold '

' Reindeer hunting '

' Astronomical Observatory '

' Dragging Boat Over Ice ' .

' Bedtime During a Boat Voyage '

' The Northernmost Point of the World - The Vega Saluting Cape Chelyuskin, Siberia '

' Dredging Under the Ice in Winter '

' Canal in the Inland Ice at Spitzbergen '

' The LAte Mr J. T. Delane - Editor of The Times '

' The Peruvian Monitor Huascar After the Action in Which She Was Captured ' a ship peppered with holes

' The Late Mr J. A. Roebuck MP in The House of Commons ' full pae print from engraving from a picutre by Mr Wyllie

' Colonel W. P. Collingwood 21st Regiment '

' The Late M. Michel Chevalier '

' The Russian Corvettes off Spithead '

This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include :-

Illustrated London News Editorial with ref. to the Attempted Assassination of the Czar of Russia - Czar Alexander II

The Court - Royal Comings and Goings

The Huascar After Fighting - Naval Warfare Between the Rival Spanish South American Republics of Chile and Peru

The Church - Preferments and APpointments

Musical Publications with ref. to Miel - Messrs Novello, Ewer and Co

Many classified adverts of the day



Vol. LXXIV January to June 1879, Printed and Published by George C. Leighton, 198 Strand, London

The Afghan War, The Zulu War in South Africa, The Explosion on the HMS Thunderer, Marriage of HRH the Duke of Connaught, Death of the Prince Imperial Napoleon in the Zulu War.

includes an article "A Sketch of the Rise and Progress of Pictorial Journalism",

Some of the engravings (full page or 2-page size unless noted) are:

January 25th

' The Afghan War: Major Cavagnari Arranging With The Shinwarries Miel for the Protection of the Road From Kakka To Lundi Khana ' a wonderful double page print from engraving - Shinwarry Shinwari Shinwary Tribe

' The Afghan War - Interior of the Fort at Dakka ' Full page print from engraving


The Dutch Arctic Expedition

' Zeeuwsche Uitkyk - North Spitzbergen ' shows the expedition coming ashore in a small boat and taking photographs

' The Willem Barents in the Drift Ice ' the expeditions ship


' Duncombe Hall Yorkshire, THe Seat of the Earl of Feversham, Lately Destroyed by Fire '

' Ruins of Duncombe Hall '

Two sketches relating to the column "A Sketch of the Rise and Progress of Pictorial Journalism" - ' Good Newes to Christendome 1620 '


The Electric Light

' The Rapieff Electric Light Apparatus '

' The Werdermann Electric Light Apparatus '

' The Farmer Wallace Dynamo Electro Machine and Wallace Lamp '

Full page

' Chess Problem by J. Armstrong of Calcutta '

Also articles (no engravings unless listed above) including :-
Illustrated London News Editorial with reference to M. GBambetta - M. Dufaure and others

'The Court at Balmoral etc' with reference to the Queen receiving His Excellency Kuo Sung Tao Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary from The Emperor of China, And Madamy Kuo

'Metropolitan News'

'The Church - Referments and Appointments' includes Daniel Pring Alford of Aspley Guise, Bedfordshire - - - John Lomax Gibbs Vicar of Exwick - - - William Lewis Mills Rector of Redmarley D'Abitot - - - Augustus Neblett Rector of Plumpton - - - and others

' The Afghan War '

'Foreign and Colonial News' includes France - Italy - Belgium - Portugal - Denmark - Sweden - Russia - Austria Hungary - Turkey - America - Canada - Queensland

' Royal Institution Lectures ' includes Mr J. E. H. Gordon BA o Electric Induction - - Professor Tyndall on the Electric Light - - Professor H. G. Seeley FLS on Reptilian Life - - Professor Schafer on Development of Plants and Animals

' working Mens Club and Institute Union '

' Benevolent Institutions ' with reference to The Licensed Victuallers etc

' Music ' includes the Carl Rosa Opera Company - -- Madame Jenny Viard Louis Concerts

' Theatres ' with reference to Miss Rosa Kenney daughter of Charles Lamb Kenney and others

' History in the Rough II - The Bayeux Tapestry '

' Novels ' reviews include The Wish of His Life by Victor Cherbuliez - - - Mrs Cardigan by Annie Thomas ( Mrs Pender Cudlip ) - - - A Hero of the Pen by E. Werner - - - Cressida by Miss Bertha Thomas

' Trial of the City of Glasgow Bank Directors '

' Heirs Wanted '

' The Royal Academy - Italian and Spanish Schools '

' The Dinas Colliery Disaster ' near Pontypridd Wales

' The Distress at Sheffield ' no illustratrion

' The Grosvenor Gallery '

'Echoes of the Week'

'Obituary of Eminent Persons inlcudes Sir William Henry Feilden of Fenniscowles, Lancashire who died at Scarborough

Deaths include Lady Sandys widow of Sir Windsor Boyntun Sandys, at Cambridge Street - - - Lt Gen. Burnaby RA at Regents park Terr - - - Rev Edward Robert Pemberton at North Huish - - William Ostler Esq at Arnold Field Grantham - - - Robert Shipton Orlebar f Crawley House Beds - - - Mr John Graham Deputy. Lieut of Sussex - - - William Branch Pollard at Georgetown, Demerara - - - Ricard Hunter Esq Bengal Civil Service at Ainslie Place Edinburgh - - - William Bruce MD at Dunimarle, Culross - - - Mr THomas SScott a Hebrew Scholar at Norwood - - - Henry Bonnor Maurice of Bodynfoel County Montgomery age 35 - - - Rev John Dixon Hales Hon Canon of Rochester Cathedral at St Johns Vicarage Richmond - - - Thomas Sopwith Esq MA FRS FGS Civil Engineer - - - John Benjamin Heath Esq FRS FSA Previous Director of Bank of England, at 66 Russell Square - - - Mr James Campbel Tait WS at 13 Great Stuart Street Edinburgh brother of the Archbishop of Canterbury - - - Hon. Mrs Naper of Loughcrew County of Meath during childbirth - - - The Hon Mrs George Wentworth Fitzwilliam at Wentworth Woodhouse from inflammation of the lungs - - - Charles Cammell esq of Norton Hall Derbyshire and dItcham Park Hants died at Southwick Cres Hyde Park

'Wills and Bequests includes Mr George Dawson Rowley lat of Chichester House Brighton and of Norcott Hall Uppingham Rutlandshire - - - Major George John Whyte-Melville late of The Bartons Tetbury Gloucestershire and of 22 Onslow Gardens South Kensington - - - Miss Charlotte Louisa Caldwell late of 3 Audley Square in the parish of St George, Hanover Square - - - Mr James Thomas Jones late of Brynhafod near Oswestry Salop, a Banker - - - Mr Stephen Beeching late of Tonbridge Wells, A Banker - - - Miss Mary Ann Booth late of 21 King Edwards Road Hackney - - - Mr Edward Royds Rice late of Dane Court Tilmanstone KEnt - - - Mr Alfred Sidney Wigan the eminent comedian late of 33 Brompton Square


' The War in Afghanistan - An Attack on a Baggage Train Nrear Koruh by MArauders of the Mangal Tribe ' full front page drawn by R. Caton Woodville - "an attack by a mixed party of marauding hill tribes, Mangals, Jajis and Turis

' The Distress in Sheffield - Public Charity, Notices at the Railings of the Parish Church - - - A Woman in the Soup Kitchen - - - "Is He a Bailiff", Our Artist Sketching in a Poor Cour - - - The Empty Cupboard, Two Children Zylo and Their Mother - - - Women Sewing in West Street - - - An Incident During the Snow ' full page of sketches by Harry Furniss

The Afghan War -: .

' The Headquarters of Sir Samuel Browne, The Mess at Dakka ..' full page from " A Sketch by OUr Special Artist Mr W. Simpson " - info. Dakkah

' Tullochgorum Reel in the Camp of the 72nd Highlanders at Kohat - From a Sketch by lieutenant Martin RE '

' Drilling the 12th Khelat-I-Ghilzies in the Lines at Mooltan '

' Fort of Dakka on the Cabul River ' half double page print from engraving showing a panoramic view - info. Kabul

' Christmas holiday Sketches in London - Uncle George Takes the Boys for a Ride on Hampstead Heath - - - A Blow in Trafalgar Square - -- A t Cleopatra's Needle - - - At The Zoo - -- In the Lowther Arcade (toyshop) ' full page of sketcyhes by Harry Furniss

' Duke of Vittoria MIel The Late Marshal Espartero and Formerly Regent of Spain ' - info. Baldomero Espartero

' The Late Marquis of Tweeddale - The Most Hon. Arthur Hay '

' Burning of the Free Library at Birmingham ' a scene showing crowds of people watching the blazing fire whilst the firemen in precarious conditions fight the blaze

' The Afghan War - Sketch Plan of the Fort at Dakka ' with names mentioned on the plan including Koord Khyber Pass .

Sketches of the Rise and Progress of Pictorial Journalism

' Rescue of Edmond Pet - A Mariner 1613 '

' Murder of the Rev. Mr Storre 1613 '

' News from Penrhyn in Cornwall 1618 ' from old engravings

Chess Problem by Sergeant Major MacArthur

This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include :-

The Court - Royal Comings and Goings

' Political Colomun with ref. to Sir WilliamHarcourt MP - Sir Thomas Bazley - Mr Gloadstone - Sir John Lubbock and Sir Sydney Waterlow - Mr R. N. Philips MP - etc

Metropolitan News

The Distress in Sheffield and Leeds .

Foreign and Colonial News includes:


Spain .





Austria Hungary



America with ref. to Cheyenne Indians imprisoned at Fort Robinson Nebraska



The Church Preferments and Appointments - List

Benevolent Institutions

The Grosvenor Gallery .

Flower Lore by Mrs Patterson of Cupar Fife

Music - Saturday Evening Concerts

The Bank Failures

The Burning of the Birmingham Free Library - at Ratcliff Place, Edmund Street and Paradise Street - with ref. to the burning of various of Shakspeare Memorial Libray and the Staunton Collection of Books etc - it also gives a description of how the fire was started etc

Obituary - Mr M'Carthy Downing MP died at Skibbereen

Deaths include Commaner Augustus Frederick Tracey RN at St James Terr Plymouth - - - Colonel Charels Cooper at Abergavenny - - - Colonel James Jakson at South Hill Park Hampstead - - - John Gore-Jones Esq at Templemore - - - The Rev. Alldersey Dicken Rector of Norton in Suffolk died at Bournemouth - - - Edward Williams Esp at Greenfields, Rhayader, in Radnorshire - - - Francis Brooke Norris at Berkeley Gardens Kensington - - - Rev William Gordon Former Rector of Spaxton Somerset died at Bush Farm Bridgwater in Somerset - - - Gore OUseley Esq died at Umritsir of Sunstroke - -- Robert Copeman Esq JP of Hemsby Hall - - - Lieutenant Colonel William Augustus St Clair of The Beacon at East Grinstead The Rev. James Streynsham Master Rector of Chorley and Hon. Canon of Manchester

Wills and Bequests includes:

Mister John Henderson late of 3 Montague Street, Russell Square London

The Rev. Tullie Cornthwaite formerly of #Hornsey i Middx and of Balsham in Cambridgeshire but late of TheForest, Walthamstow in Essex

Mrs Elizabeth Hudleston late of 21 Gloucester Place in Portman Square London

Mr Edward Boards late of Edmonton in Middx, a farmer

Mrs Elizabeth Abram formerly of 4 Chepstow Villas, West Bayswater but late of Cheshunt

Mr John Barber late of Lower Clapton and of 13 Saint George's Place in Brighton

Mr Benjamin Rawlings late of Nos. 41,42 and 43 Dover Street Hotel Proprietor died at Bensham Manor House in Croydon

Miss Jane Harriet Doxat late of Leyton in Essex

The Will of the Marquis of Tweeddale

Mrs Bennett of Prior House Dudley .

Mr Henry Samuel Ellis of Exeter

MR Richard Rundle of Plymouth (small)

Royal Institution LEctures includes Vortex Rings, Cohesion by Professor Dewar ( later Sir James Dewar ) - - - The Colours of the Soap Bubble, Newtons Rings by Professor Dewar - - - Development of Animals and Plants by Mr E. A. Schafer FRS


Adverts of the Day



Officers of the 24th regiment killed in Isandula 1879

February 22nd

The Zulu War: Durban Mounted Volunteers under The Late Captain W. Shepstone - Setting out for the Front ' Full page print from engraving

' Zulu War: Helpmakaar near Rourke's Drift ' - - - ' On The Lower Tugela ' full page print from engravings by Major North Crealock - info. Helpmekaar and Rorkes

' Zulus and Kaffirs of South Africa - Zulu Warriors - Pondo Warriers - A Rain Maker - A Zulu Doctor - And others ' full page Print from engraving showing twelve Zulus and Kaffirs

The Illustrated News: A Sketch of theRise and Progress of Pictorial Journalism - - Emblems of the Distracted Times 1642 - - The Parliament of Ladies 1644 - - Predicted Fate of John Taylor TheWater Poet 1644 - - Mercurius Aulicus in the Pillory 1645 - - Sir Kenelm Digby's Duel Miel 1641 ' five small engravings with the article

' South African Warfare - A Halt of the 24th Regiment ' full page print from engraving by Melton Prior War Artist and Correspondent for the Illutstrated London News

' The Late Colonel Robert Home CB RE '

' The Zulu War - Colonel Pearson's Camp on the Lower Tugela ' print from engraving from a Sketch by Captai H. W. Maclear of the 3rd Regt.

Chess Problem by Mister F. O'N. Hopkins

This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include :-
Illustrated London News Editorial

The Court at Osborne etc - Royal Comings and Goings

The Church - Referments and Appointments - with list of names

National Sports includes The Sculling Contest of England on the Tyne at Newcastle Between William Elliott of Blyth (the holder, he was actually from Pegswood I think but rowed for Blyth) and John Higgins of Shadwell (or Chadwell )- - - And More including horseracing etc

The Zulu War

Foreign and Colonial News includes France - Italy - Germany - Austro Hungary - America - Canada - Egypt - New South Wales Financial Statement by Hon James Watson etc

The Repulse of the Zulus - Telegram from Capetown through Reuters

Metropolitan News

The Pith of Parliament

Our Army

Music - Carl Rosa Opera Company

Mr Bright on Protection - Letter Received by Mr Cyrus W. Field of New York from Mister John Bright

Royal Institution Lectures includes Development of the 'Hydra and Medusa by Professor E. A.Schafer FRS - - - Sount and Its Propagation and Conduction by Professor Tyndall DCL FRS - - The Story of the November Meteors by Mr. G. Johnstone Stoney MA FRS - - Lessings Poems and Dramas by Mr Reginald W. Macan MA

Echoes of the Week

Obituary of Eminent Persons inlcudes General The Right Hon. Jonathan Peel at Marble Hill,Twickenham fifth Son of Sir Rober Peel - - - William Battie Wrightson Esq of Cusworth near Doncaster Formerly MP For Northallerton died at 22 Upper Brook Street aged 90 - - - Sir John Larkins Cheese Richardson Speaker of the Legislative Council of NewZealand died at Dunedin, Otago

Deaths - Major W. J. Bamfield at Fern Bank Ventnor - - Vice Admiral George Augustus Bedford - - - Rev Thomas Langle Rector of Ganarew - - - William Tayler Esq FSA of Park St Grosvenor Square and Mill Hill Lodge Barnes Common - - Nevile Josiah Aylmer Coghill fell in Action with The Zulus - - Dr C.E. Appleton Fellow of St Johns College Oxford died at Luxor in Egypt - - George Frederick John Hodson Lieut 24th Foot Who Fell in the Deplorable Engagement with the Zulus - - Major General John Dwyer late 14th Regt. - - William Battie Wrightson Esq of Cusworth Hall Doncaster - - Bennet Woodcroft Esq FRS - - Daniel Tupper Esq at St George's Terr South Kensington - - Rev. Edmund Hector Shipperdson MA JP DL at Hermitage, Chester le Street

Wills and Bequests includes Mr Henry Gardner late of 1 Westbourne Terr London - - - Mr John Coveney formerly of Swanscombe and late of Chestham, Henfield Kent - - - Mr Abraham Darby JP DL formerly of Stock, Bucks, Ironmaster, late of Treberfydd Brecon - - - Mrs Sarahy Georgiana Milner late of 58 Eaton Square - - - Rev. Arthur Bland Wrightson Rector of hemsworth near Pontefract - - - Mr ~John Johnson lat of 14 Buckingham Street Strand, Architect - - - Miss henrietta Borradaile late of 10 Bedford Row Worthing - - - Miss Harriett Barnett late of 53 Gloucester place Portman Square

The Distress - includes The Mayor of Sheffield has Received a Letter from " Miss Florence Nightingale Inclosing a further £25 ...." - - And more





March 15th


April 19th

April 26th


price 6d.

This first part of the magazine description features items which have Images i.e. prints from engravings etc (these often have descriptive articles but not always) They include :-

' The Afghan War - Execution of a Ghazi or Mohammedan Fanatic at the Peshawur Gate at Jellalabad ' front page drwn by W. H. Overend - info. Peshawar Jalalabad .

' The New President of the French Republic - M. Francois Paul Jules Grevy '

' Afghan War - Jellalabad from Pipers hill ' a full page print from engraving

' The Goorkhas Marching Through the Bazaar at Jellalabad' double page print from engraving by W. H. Overend

The Distress in Manchester Applying for relief in Windmill Street - full page by H Furniss

' The Principal Librarian of the British Museum - Mister E. A. Bond '

' The Late Mr E. S. Dallas ' .

The War in Afghanistan - An Attack in the Khoorum Valley ' a double page print from engraving with a blank reverse by R. Caton Woodville showing British and Indian troops with guns bayonets and cannon

Afghanistan War - A Christmas present to the 4th Goorkhas (Gurkha) from Rifle Brigade

The Grosvenor Gallery

The Distress in Manchester

Lifeboat Services

Church Preferments and Appointments List

Trial of the Glasgow Bank Directors

The Zulu War in South Africa

Royal Insitution Lectures - Animal Development by Professor Schafer FRS - - - Specific Electric Inductive Capacities by Mr J. E.H. Gordon BA - - - The Logic of Architectural Design by Mr H. H. Stratham - - - Extinct Land Reptilia by Professor H. G. Seeley

Obituary of eminent Persons inlcude Sir Capel Molyneux of Castle Dillon Co. Armagh - - - Colonel Home of The Royal Engineers CB died at 21 Regents park Terrace

Deaths include General George William Young Simpson RA at 54 Lancaster Gate Hyde park - - - Rev. George Pinhorn MA of Brimfield and of Ashford Bowdler Salop died at Carlisle Villa Oxford - - - RevThomas hollway Prebendary of Lincoln, of Partney and of Spilsby died at Melford Leamington - - - William Henry Hardinge Keeper of the Landed Estates died at Clarinda park East at Kingstown - - - Commander George Chaworth Muster - - - General Sir Thomas Simson Pratt KCB died at Bath - - - General Edward Pole - - - General John Whitehead Yaldwyn HM Indian Army - - - William John Renny Esq of Danevale, Castledouglas NB - - - Augustus Foster Esq of Warmwell House, Dorset - - - Samuel Standidge Byron Esq - - - Viscount Maidstone at Lord Winchilseas Residence in Victoria Street - - - Lady Millicent Barber aged 92 daughter of Earl of Gosford .

Wills And Bequests include Admiral of the Fleet the Right Hon. Thomas Maitland Earl of Lauderdale late of 83 Lancaster Gate Hyde Park and of Thirlestone Castle, Lauder Berwickshire - - - Mr John William Allen lat of 17 Carlisle Street Soho and of 9 Cavendi8sh Road St Johns Wood - - - Sir James Buller East late of Bourton House Gloucestershire and of The Albany in Piccadilly - - - Rev. Francis Whichcote formerly of Aswarly, Lincolnshire and late of 35 Montpelier Square Brompton - - - Mr Frederick Thomas Mothersill o fWoodside Bowdon and of 2 Marsden Street Manchester - - - Rev. William Adams Late Rector of Throcking in Herts - - - Mr William Forster Batt late of Cae Kenfy in Abergavenny - - - The Rev John Byron late of Uckington in Gloucestershire, Vicar of Elmstone, Hardwicke etc - - - Mrs Jane Robina Sneyd late of 21 Eaton Terrace in Eaton Square


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