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The Illustrated London News - Disraeli becomes prime minister of Gt. Britain - 1874

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1874 disraeli

1874 Disraeli becomes prime minister of Gt. Britain

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The Illustrated London News 1874


Events of this year in the Illustrated London News

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January to June



January 3rd

No 1793 Vol LXIV

January 17th


February 7th

The British Embassy at Saint Petersburg Illuminated for the Duke of Edinburgh's Wedding.

Taking Water from the Neva at Saint Petersburg.

The Funeral of Count Berg at Saint Petersburg

The Royal Marriage - Distribution of Bride-Cake in Edinburgh.

The Royal Marriage at Saint Petersburg The Winter Palace Chapel.

The General Election-Mr Gladstone at the Market Aylesbury

The Royal Marriage at Saint Petersburg The English Ceremony.

February 21st

February 28th

March 7th

Naval Brigade Men Breakfasting in the Courtyard at an Ashantee House.

Counting and Inspecting Ammunitionof the Boony Men.

Interior of the Chief's Palace at Fomannah.

Cutting and Making a Road to Coomassie.

Paying a West Indian Regiment Moinsie t the Bank of Adansi Hills.

Sketches in Saint Petersburg During the Royal Marriage. -Seven engravings


Volume January - June.

This is a folio size volume of ' The London Illustrated News ' comprised of all complete original issues

This most important weekly paper was the British counterpart to America's Harpers Weekly, offering the same fare of remarkably detailed wood engravings to illustrate events of the time.

Before it was possible to mass-reproduce photographs, these illustrated "newspapers" served to report the world to ordinary people at home.

This volume of over 600 pages contains over 500 wood cuts, including 24 that are double page (15" x 20"), and many more .


There are two colour supplements in this volume, pictured below. They are "The Squires Daughter" and "The Cotter's Child".

There are also a couple of illustrations with some brown and white colouring to them, shown below in the picture of the deer head .and the Portrait of Madame Adelina Patti

Subjects within the volume with multiple illustrations include:

June 13th

No 1815 – Vol LXIV

June 20th No 1816 Vol LXIV

June 27th
No 1818 Vol LXIV

July to December includes

July 11th

price sixpence.

It features articles with prints from engravings including:

July 18th

price sixpence.

It features articles with prints from engravings including:

August 15th

“The Americans Playing Base-Ball at Prince’s Ground”

September 5th

price sixpence.

It features articles with prints from engravings including:

September 12th

price sixpence.

It features articles with prints from engravings including:

October 3rd

' Joseph, Overseer of Pharaoh's Granaries by Alma Tadema' a wonderful full page print from engraving with a blank reverse ..... "He is seated in his chair of office, listening to the acount of sales which a kneeling scribe reads over to him, while the money received for the Kings stored up wheat lies ready to be counted on the floor. The face and attitude of Joseph express close attention to the business in which he is engaged. The details of costume and furniture, as usual with this artist, may be relied upon for historic accuracy..."

'Starting for The Pyramids: A Sketch at Cairo' Double page

'Part of The Market at The Donhofs-Platz, Berlin' Full page

'Trowel Presented to The Duke of Edinburgh at Liverpool'

'The Late Mr. Sydney Dobell' a writer and poet

'Great Hall of the Temple Club'

'The Hop Harvest, Drying the Hops - The ast House - Hops for the Kiln - Turning Hops in the Kiln - The Kiln Fire - Filling The Pockets, The Press - Lower Part of Press, with pocket' Full page

'Scene From The Two Orphans at The Olympic Theatre'

'Japanese Escort Officers'

'Vintagers Waiting to Be Hired at Argenteuil' full page
Also articles (no engravings unless listed above) including:
'Foreign and Colonial News'

'Metropolitan News'

'Social Science Congress'

'Law and Police' with references to the problem of wife beating amongst other things

'The civil Service Examinations'

'Scientific Results of the Month'

'The Bishop of Exeter on Self Culture'

'Poisonous Mushrooms'

'Members Out of Parliament'

'Lord Kimberley on Education'

'Wills and Bequests includes The Right Rev. Charles Richard Sumner late of Farnham Castle Surrey - Sir William Fairbairn, Bart late of Manchester who died at Moor Park Farnham '

'The Volunteers, The London Rife Brigade'

'Country News'

'The Court'

'Echoes of The Week'

'New Books'

'Musical Publications'


October 10th

price sixpence.

'Foreign and Colonial News'

'Metropolitan News'

'Country News'

'The Court'

'New Books'

'Scenes In Court'

'The Shah's Diary in England'

'Accidents and Offences includes 'The death of James Hammerton the cause being Hydrphobia after being bitten by his dog'

'Musical Publications'

'Obituay of Eminent Persons iincludes Robert Berkeley Esq of Spetchley Park - Arthur Jacob MD FRCSI'

October 24th

'Her Imperial Majesty The Empress of Russia' Her Imperial Majesty Marie Alexandrovna, wife of His Imperial Majesty Alexander II, Mother of the Duchess of Edinburgh. Full page supplement with a blank reverse

'The Battle Of Trafalgar' from the picture by C. Stanfield RA' Wonderful Double Page

'On The River' by P. Rumpf. A Lady in a rowing boat with a swan and ducks in the background. Full page

'The Recent Rising of the Nile: The Pyramids From The Boulak Road'

'The River at Boulak Bridge, Cairo, With Dahabeahs Passing' (Local boats)

'Double Skulling Match on The Thames: The Finish'

'Aventuriere, Winner Of The Cesarewitch Stakes at Newmarket'

'Sword Presented By The City of London to Sir Garnet Wolseley'

'Hospital Saturday: A Lady's Collecting Box in The City'


October 31st

'A Professional Story Teller at Kashgar'

'The st Osyth, of The Orient Line From London to Australia'

'New Offices of the London School Board, Thames Embankment'

'The Recent Gales: Wreck of The Chusan at Ardrossan' Ayrshire

'The Cawnpore Memorial, near The Site of The Massacre by Nana Sahib in 1857'

'The Well at Cawnpore As It Was in 1860'

'The Suttee Chowrah, or Massacre Ghaut, Cawnpore'

'Blickling Hall, Lately Injured by Fire'

'A Russian Imperial Present to The Secretary of The National Life Boat Insitution'

'Major Sartorius's Dog'

' Chased Silver Gilt Shield Presented to The Right Hon. E. P. Bouverie MP'


This second part of the description features items of news articles etc but have no images associated with the subject matter unless listed above. They include :-

The Court at Balmoral etc'

'Foreign and Colonial News'

'Law and Police'


'Metropolitan News'

Obituary of Eminent Persons includes: The Most Hon. Anne, Marchioness of Thomond - - Sir John Benson, Eminent Architect and Engineer died at Alexander Square, Brompton - - Mr William Hughes Hughes Esq FSA died at Ilkley Wels House, Yorkshire - - Mr Thomas Miller, Author'

'Wills And Bequests inlcudes The Right Hon. Abraham Brewster of 26 Merrion Square Dublin - - Mrs Matilda Field of Balham and Courtnay Terrace, Hove Brighton - - William Landcake Coates of Knockanaly Kildare Ireland - - A Confirmation under the seal of the Commissariat of Lanarkshire, of the Late Dr Livingstone '

'Wills and Bequests'


November 7th

'The New Lord Mayor of London, Mr Alderman Stone'

'Alderman and Sheriff Ellis'

'Mr Sheriff Shaw'

'A Torchlight Dance in The Highlands (of Scotland ) by M. Zichy' Wonderful double page engraving

'Captain Paul Boyton Exhibiting His Swimming Apparatus in Cork Harbour' with the American swimming apparatus of Mr Merriman

'Launch of the Turkish Iron Clad Frigate Mes' Oudiyeh at Blackwall'

'#Facsimile of The Build for Dr Livingstone to Die in'

'Tomb of Virginia, Mauritius'

'Opening Victoria Bridge, Queensland'

'Boundary Stone of Gezer, In Palestine, Discovered by M. Clermont- Ganneau'

'Visit of The Prince of Wales to Warwickshire: Sketches in Birmingham and Its Vicinity: The New Post Office - - - Josh Sturge's Monument - - -Birmingham Art Union - - - Exchane Buildings - - - The Townhall etc - - - St Maritns, Bullring - - - Packington Hall'

'Josef Gung'L Composer'

'Count Arnim '

'~Scene From the Geneva Cross, At The Adelphi Theatre'

'The Late Rising of The Nile: Egyptian Soldiers Repairing a Breach' Full page engraving

'Chess, Match Between Messrs Macdonnell and Wiske' Shows the bard laid out
The Court at Balmoral etc'

'Foreign and Colonial News'

'The War in Spain'

'Metropolitan News'

'Law and Police'

'Highland Torch Dance' with reference to the ball at Corriemulzie the residence of Mr Duff and Lady Agnes Duff, 1852, see engraving

'The Late Dr Livingstone ''

'Lifeboat Services'

'Modern Birmingham'

'Guy Fawkes'

'Music with reference to Mr Clinton, Clarinet - Mr W. C. Levey - Mr J. Shaw - Dr Hans von Bulow - etc'

Musical Publications'

'Wills and Bequests includes The Right Hon. Charles, Earl of Romney, late of The Mote, Maidstone Kent who died at 35 #Sandgaate Rd, Folkestone - - - The Rev. Thomas Thurlow, of Baynards park Surrey - - - David Kidd late of Lea Lodge, Leyton, Essex and of 134 Fleet Street, City and of Glentarnie Woodhouse, Peebles'

'Obituary of Eminent Persons includes The Right Hon. Fanny, Baroness Fitzwalter at Goodneston park, Kent - - - Sir Joshua Rowe, Kt CB at his residence in Queen Anne Street, Cavendish Square - - - John Laird Esq MP for Birkenhead JP and DL head of the great ship building firm of Laird and Sons, Birkenhead, died at that place - - - Dr Edwin Lankester MD LL.D FRS died at MArgate - - - Sir Denis Le Marchant, Clerk of the House of Commons, a memoir of Sir Denis will be given next week'

'The Quarterlies'

'A Years Emigration' with numbers

November 14th

Royal Visit to Birmingham: 'Arrival at The Townhall' - - 'the Arch at The Bottom of Bull Street' - - 'The Princess of Wales Gilding a Vase at Elkingtons Factory, Birmingham'

'Nero Amongst the Ruins of Rome from the Picture by Karl Piloty' Beautiful double page engraving with a blank reverse

'Birmingham: The Prince and Princess of Wales Passing up Bull Street' Full page.

'Prince of Wales at Birmingham: resenting An Address in The Townhall'

'Eastwell Park, Kent, The New Residence of the Dukeand Duchess of Edinburgh'

'Siege Operations At Eastbourne, Sussex' Full page

'The 8 inch Howitzer in Action in Battery B of Attack' and 'The Battery of defence' at Siege operations at Eastbourne

'Testimonial Presented to w. J. Ingram #esq MP'

'Bouquet Holder Presented to The Princess of Wales at Birmingham'

'Monument to The Rajah of Kolapore, Erected near Florence'

'A Short Cut Across The Fields' A Family out for a stroll. Full page

'The Fish Market At Berlin' Full page


' 'Chess'

Also articles (no engravings unless listed above) including:
'Mr H. Irving as Hamlet'

'Foreign And Colonial News'

'Metropolitan News'

'The Conquest of the Nile'

'Echoes of The Week includes the theft of the picture The Murillo in the city of Giralda'

'Theatres with reference to Mr W. S. Gilbert - - Mr H. J. Byron - - Mr W. Parr Isaacson'

'Railway Matters'

'Accident and Offences'

'Law and Police includes Mr Parr Grocer of Trafalgar Rd was Summoned at Greenwich for selling mustard adulterated with starch and was fined 10s, and more'

'Marriage of Mr W. J. Ingram MP'

'Scientific Results of The Month'

'Obituary of eminent Persons includes - The Right Gon charles William Francis Bury Earl of Charleville died in South America age 22 - - Sir Denis le Marchant, art of Chobham Place, Surrey died at 21 Belgrave Road - - Colonel Kane Bunbury of Moyle ' 'Wills and Bequests includes Sameul Beale of warfield Grove, Berks - - George Vaughan of 88 Westbourne Terrace died at 37 Adelaide Crescent, Hove - - - Admiral Sir Robert Smart KCB KH died at Rothbury House, Chiswick - - - Humphrey Miller Bashall of Hastins died at 30 Mayton Street, Hornsey Road'

November 21st

'One Touch of Nature Makes the Whole World Kin' Double page engraving with a blank reverse. A victorious Prussian soldier helping a wounded french soldier during the war

'A Slight Misfortune by P. Korle' Full page engraving. A Maid breaking an ornament whilst leaning

Sketches in Eastern Turkestan: 'Akoe or Extra Tent' - - 'Ploughing' - - 'Guest House at Artysh' - - 'Smelting Iron Ore at Kizzil' - - 'Reeling Silk'

'St Antholins Church, City'

'The Late Sir Denis Le Marchant, Bart'

'Royal Visit To Coventry: Presentation of A Ribbon Bouquet by The Mayoress'

'The Prince and Princess of Wales at Gillott's Pen Manufactory, Birmingham: The Process of Slitting'

'The Late Typhoon at Hong Kong: HM Gun Boat Flamer Amidst The Ruins of The Boat Hose and Swimming Pool'

'The Pacific Mail Steam Ship Companys Steamer Alaska Cast Ashore'

'The Ride From Vienna to Paris: Arrival of Lieutenant Zubowitz at The Barriere du Trone'

'Scene From Sweethearts at The Prince of Wales's Theatre'

'Accidents and Offences

'Law and Plolice'

'Wills and Bequests'

'Blind Mans Holiday'

'New African Expedition with reference to Mr Henry M. Stanley'

Re-Naming of Streets in London'

'Members Out of Parliament'

'Winter Exhibitions '

'Typhoon at Hong Kong'

'The Publishing Trade'

'The Transit of Venus'

'The Lord Mayors Duties'

Wills and Bequests includes Anne, MArchioness of Thomond of Royal Crescent, Bath and late of 39 Grosvenor Place - - - James Blyth of Coombe Lodge, Whitchurch, Oxfordshire and late of Ray Cottage, Maidenhead - - - John Thompson of Albion Terrace Chelsea and of Belmont St Peter, Margate - - - Miss Charlotte Rawlins, of 232 Upper road Islington - - - Sir Henry Webb, Bart of Oldstock, Wilts and died at Esslingen, Wurtemburg'

December 5th

'Pneumatic Tubes, Instrument Gallery'

'Hungarian Gipsies on The Tramp' Full page Engraving

'Civil War in Spain: Sketches From The Battle of San Marcos' Full Page

'The Arrest by Lasch' Wonderful double page engraving with a blank reverse. A paragraph from the article reads 'compulsory military service, A Prussian officer and soldier, with others waiting doubtlessly outside, have entered the cottage of a Saxon peasant family, in order to secure the person who has disregarded his liability to the conscription.....'

'Shooting Wildfowl, on The Upper Thames: The Stalking Horse' Full page engraving

'Biscuit Making at Messrs Peak, Frean, And Co's Factory: Braking The Dough - Mixing Drums - Mixing Tubs - The Cutting Machine - Putting Bidscuit into The Ovens - Biscuits Coming Out of The Ovens - Packing' Full Page

'Portrait of The Supposed Nana Sahib'

'Captain M. S. Bell VC'

'The Ameer of Cabul'

'The imperial Russian Yacht Standardt'

'The Civil War In Spain: The Town Crier of Estella'

'Civil War in Spain: News From The Front'

'War in Spain: A Group of Carlist Cavalry'

'Hereward The Wake, Marble Group by T. Brock' with an article referring to Leofric the Earl of Mercia and his wife Godiva

'The Nuragghi, Prehistoric Monuments, At Noes and St Antine, Sardinia'

'The Royal Christening At Buckingham Palace' Full page engraving. Christening of Prince Alfred, son of the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh

Also articles (no engravings) including:
'The Court at Windsor Castle etc'

'Foreign and Colonial News'

'The Central Telegraph Office'

'The Gale' with reference to Shields, Tynemouth, Fraserburgh, Crail, Pattisons Rock, Mul of Kintyre, Seaham, Padstow and more

'Law and Plolice includes Miss Agnes Fyfe a Lady residing at Starcross, near Dawlish has brought in the curt of Commn Pleas and action against Mr St John Stuckeley Johnson for breach of promise of marriage'

'Biscuit Making'

'Wills and Bequests'

'Obituary of Eminent Persons includes Sir William Jardine, Bart of Applegirth, The famous naturalist - - The Right Hon. Sir Alexander Young Spearman, Bart of Springhill, Hanwell, Middx - - Sir James Ranald Martin CB FRS died at 37 Upper Brook street, London - - Vice Admiral The Hon. J. Denman died at 17 Eaton Terrace, London - - Mr Wauchope Esq of Niddrie, Midlothian JP and DL died at Niddrie House near Edinburgh'

'Wills and Bequests inlcudes William Frederick Lawton of Wyck Hill, CGloucestershire - - Miss Ellin Markland of 18 Landsdowne Rd, Notting Hill - - Jseph Boulton of 12th Foot and late of Bournemouth - - Hon Edward Turner Boyd Twisleton of 3 Rutland Gate, Hyde Park - - Sir William Perry, late Consul General At Venice - - Lieutenant General David Babingron of Bedeford Devon and late of Clifton'

December 12th price sixpence.

It features articles with prints from engravings including:

'The Late Senor Fortuny, Spanish Artist' - 'Funeral of Senor Fortuny at Rome'

The War in Spain: 'A Carlist Vedette on Monte Jurra' - 'Market Near The Church of San Nicolas, Miranda' - 'Post of Carabiniers at Charles III's Bridge, Miranda' - 'Conflict at Astigarraga' -

'Station near Cairo for Observing The Transit of Venus'

'The Transit of Venus: Captian Orde Brown's Party Ascending The Heights near Cairo' Full page

'Le Livre Serieux from The Picture by Toulmouche' ....."the pair of plump and comfortable sisters who have fallen victims to natural somnolence, as they recline upon a cushioned sofa in front of the drawing room fire, were attempting to read a book, which is just now about to fall from the younger lady's hand..." Beautiful double page with a blank reverse

'A Caravanserai at Kashgar' full page

'Poultry Market, Halles Centrales, Paris' Full page

'Count Arnim's Residence on The Pariser Platz, Berlin'

'Gondokoro, on The Upper Nile'

The London Tea Trade 'Sketches at a Tea Warehouse: Refilling The Chests'

'Sketches at a Tea Warehouse: Bulking'

'The City of Tiflis, Georgia'

'Armenian Cathedral Church, Tiflis' ..."this remote and singular city of th East is now the capital of the Transcaucasian provinces of the Russina Empire"

'The Central Telegraph Office: Instrument Gallery' full page
Also articles (no engravings unless listed above) including:
'Loss of The La Plata' an article describing the sinking in the Bay of Biscay, of 'The La Plata, built at Shields, with the loss of sixty men. Two narratives by survivors

'Foreign and Colonial News'

'Metropolitan News'

'Country News'

'The Court'

'The Transit of Venus'

'The SMithfield Club Show'

'Echoes of The Week'

'New Books'

'Musical Publications'

'Obituay of Eminent Persons including Sir William Foster, Bart died at his residence St Giles Street - The Hon. JMohn Meredith Read LL.D Chief Justice of Pennsylvania - The Venerable Thomas Johnson Ormerod JP late Archdeacon of Suffolk died at his seat near Chepstow

Colonel Alexander Bagot BSC took place recently in India while out tiger shooting with the Deputy Commissioner of Cooch Behar, the pure pounded arsenic, which had been sent out for curing the skins of animals they shot, was mistaken for baking powder by the native cook, and used by him in preparing chupatties for breakfast...' There must be a moral to the story somewhere!

'Fat Cattle'

December 19th

'The Captives From The Picture by Jarosav Cermak' Wonderful double page engraving with a blank reverse

'Shooting Canvas Back Ducks in Chesapeake Bay, Maryland US' Full page engraving

'Elaine' from the stories of King Arthur, Camelot and Lancelot. A beautiful double page engraving with a blank reverse

'The Forest Glade By Carl Hoff' Full page

'A Quest for A Cousin by J. A. Pasquier' Full page. The binder has trimmed this page and left no top border

'The Late Mr Watts Philips'

'The Gales on The Yorkshire Coast: Wrecks at Coatham, Near Redcar' - - 'Wrecks at West Hartlepool'

'A Flower Messenger to The Hospitals at Hull'

'The Trial of Count Arnim at Berlin' Full page engraving

'Prize Cattle at The Smithfield Club Show: HRH The Prince of Wales, 1st Prize Short Horn, Winner of the £100 Plate - - !st Prize Hereford Ox Class VII Exhibited by B. Hill Esq & 1st Prize Short Horned Steer, Class XII Exhibited by J. S. Bults Esq' All on one full page

'Prize Cattle and Sheep at The Smithfield Club Show: - - 1st Prize Devon Ox Class III Exhibited by Trevor Lee Esq - - 1st prize Scotch Highland Ox, Class XXIII Exhibited by Sir William Gordon Gordon Cumming, Bart., - - 1st Prize Mountain Breed, Class LX Exhibited by The Duke Of Roxburgh (sheep) - - 1st Prize Shropshire Breed, Class LIII, Exhibited by T. Back Esq - - 1st Prize Hampshire Downs Sheep Class L, Exhibited by A Morrison Esq - - 1st Prize South Downs Class XLVI Exhibited by Hugh H. Penfold Esq' All on one full page

Wills and Bequests include Alexander Hall Hall of watergate House, Emsworth, Southampton died at 2 Belgrave Square - - Auguste Gagniere of Golden Square and died at 3 Cambridge Terrace, Regents Park - - William Wemyss Ker of 4 St George Yard, Lombard Street and of Singapore, East Indies - - Miss Agnes Strickland of Southwold, Suffolk'

'Foreign and Colonial News'

'Metropolitan News'

'Musical Publications'

'Law and Police'

'Accident and Offences'

'Obituary of Eminent Persons includes Right Hon. Lady Anna Maria Stirling Maxwell of Pollok - - The Hon. Charlotte, Mrs La Touche of Bellevue Wicklow - - Colonel The Hon John Craven Westenra died at his seat, Sharavogue, Kings County, Ireland - - Wiliam John Napier Esq died at 4 Merrion Square, Dublin age 37 - - Benjamin Bond Cabbell, Esq of Cromer Hall, NOrfolk FRS of The Middle Temple, Barrister JP - - Colonel George Henry Grey, Equewrry to his Royal Highness, Prince of Wales died at Sandringham age 39 - - Mr William Urquhart Arbuthnot Esq of Bridgen Place, Kent - - Peter Frederic O'Malley Esq, Bencher of the Middle Temple died suddenly at his residence, 7 Lowndes Street - - Frederic Arkwrigght Esw of Willersley, Derbyshire Lord of the Manor of Matlock died at His seat'

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