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The Illustrated London News 1895

Events of this year in the Illustrated London News

This page
- (c) (copyright) 1995 - 2009 All of the text and images on this page are copyrighted - some of the text and images are copyrighted by a third party and appear here by their kind permission. Please do not reproduce any text or images without express permission.

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' Prince Edward of York ' full front page photograph by Walery of Regent St showing the future Edward VIII in a very ornate cradle

' Scen from " A Leader of Men " a New Play at the Comedy Theatre – Miss Marion Terry – MR Fred Terry – Mr W. Fennis – Mr J. Carne .

' Bishop Designate of Hereford – Rev. Dr John Percival ' engraving from a photograph by Speight

' New MP for South Paddington – Mr Thomas George Fardell ' engraving from a photograph by Fradelle and Young

' Privy Commercial Councillor – The Late Hermann Gruson Founder of The Gruson Works in Magdeburg ' engraving from a photograph by C. A. Voigt

' Former Keeper of the Coins and Medals at The British Museum – The Late Professor Reginald Stuart Poole LL.D ' engraving from a photograph by Elliott and Fry

' The Late Mister Henry Ray Freshfield – Solicitors to the Bank of England ..' engraving from a photograph by Elliott and Fry

Illustrations for a short story drawn by Wal Paget x2

' Constructed for the Madatgascar Expedition – The French Gun Boat " Precieuse " ...' from a drawing by A. Brun of a paddle steamer on a river

' Chess Problem by C. Planck '

' The Arts Applied to Industry – For Le Courrier Francais ' full page advert for Geraudel's Pastilles – with an engraving drawn by A. Willette .

' The goldsmiths and Silversmiths Company of 112 Regent St London W ' advert showing engravings of Electroplated Hash Dish - - Candelabra - - Lamp Fitted for Electric Light - - Revolving Dish

' Bensons Watcfhes – Lady's Keyless Watch - - - Gentlemens Gold Keyless Lever ' advert

' Lohse's Eu de Lys de Lohse by Gustav Lohse of Berlin ' advert for perfume

' Beethams Glycerine Cucumber Reive for the Skin ' advert with engraving of a lady in a hat ..

' Cytos Bread Cures Indigestion – W. Marshall of Victoria Cytos Mills Great Grimsby ' advert

' Telegram from The Empress of Russia – Endorsing Mariana Wine Miel ' advert

' Stathans Waterproofs ' small ad showing army type regulation Cape and Chesterfield Coat

' Halfords Indian Curries ' small adv.

' Cigares de Joy Cuire Asthma ' woman smoking a cigar

' Kropp Razor ' small adv.

' Dicks Patent Driving Belts – R. And J. Dick of Greenhead Works Glasgow ' advert

' Drew and Sons Patent En Route Tea Basket ' advert

' Kodet Camera from Eastman of Oxford St ' small adv.

' Williams Shaving Soaps ' adv.

' Owbridge's Lung Tonic ' adv.

' Carters Little Liver Pills ' adv.

' Boulton and Paul of Norwich – Conservatories, Cold Frames etc ' adv

' Gold Pens from the Swan Fountain Co. – Mabie Todd and Bard of Cheapside ' adv.

' Powells Balsam of Aniseed for Lung Troubles ' adv

Science Column by Andrew Wilson – with mention of the Kinetoscope – Dr Carruthers – Professor Vivian Lewes – Acetylene – Cattle and Fox Tail Grass Hordeum Jubatum of the W. States of America

Ladies Column by Florence Fenwick Miller - - Countess of Warwick and Her Costume Ball - - - Mrs Thornycroft 's Death, referring to Mary Thornycroft ( née Francis ). It also mentions other sculpturs and artists, Miss Harriet Hosmer and others

Art Pages – with mention of Mr Edward R. Hughes - - Mr R. W. Macbeth - - Mr Herbert Schmalz – Mr J. Lochhead the Scottish Artist

Wills and Bequests include:

The Hon. Edward Kenyon JP DL of Maesfen in The Parish of Malpas in Cheshire

Mr Robert Wylie DL JP of Beverley in Yorkshire .

Mr Thomas Evans JP of 63 Grange Mount, Birkenhead

mr Charles Frederick Wassell of 5 Upper Montague Street, Bloomsbury

MrRobert Harding Harding of The Mount, Malton in Yorkshire

Sir Adam Gib Ellis Died at Kingston Jamaica - Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Judicature of Jamaica

Mrs Margaret Matilda Pitcairn of Entglefield Lodge, Englefield Green in Surrey – with ref. to James Colquhoun Colvin and Colvin Brandreth

Major William Fremme Wyndowe of 40 Broadwater Down, Tunbridge Wells

Mrs Georgina Townshend-Wilson of 26 Bryanston Square London

Mr John Richard Ravenhill of Delaford, Iver in Bucks

July 6th

V ol 107
Number 2933

Our Illustrations
- In the Lobby
- The New Cabinet
- Professor Huxleys Homes
- The New roman Catholic Cathedral, Westminster
-Consecration of a Masonic Lodge

Home and Foreign News

Ladies Shooting Competition


Professor Huxley

Battles of the British Army, No. XII-Talavera

Anecdotal Europe

Science Jottings / Dr. Andrew Wilson


The Ladies Column / Mrs. Fenwick-Miller

Summer Heat and Obesity
- A Positive Remedy for Corpulency
- The Cure of Obesity
- Curious Effects in the Treatment of corpulency
- Good News for Stout Persons
- Corpulency - Increasing in Popularity of an Effectual Cure

Wills and Bequests

The Playhouses / Clement Scott

The Opera

A Colonel of the Empire / Emily Lawless

ADVERTISEMENTS (with or without illustrations)
Murray & Lanmans Florida Water
Lazenbys Harveys Sauce
Mappin & Webbs Fitted Dressing Bags
Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Company
Old Calabar Dog Biscuits and Poultry Food
Hovis Bread & Biscuits
The Crown Perfumery Company
Floriline for the Teeth and Breath
Drews New Patented Wood Fibre Trunks
Mappin Brothers
Scrubbs Ammonia
Exshaws Brandy
Vigor & Co
Bishops Citrate of Caffeine
Bishops Citrate of Lithia
Cytos Bread and Biscuits
Lundborgs Perfumes
Benjamin Edgington
Geraudels Pastilles
Peasr Soap
Adamss Furniture Polish
Rowlands Kalydor
Carters Little Liver Pills
Eppss Cocoa
The Nibestos Filter Co.
Kropp Razor
S. Fox & Co.
S. W. Silver & Co.
W.W. Greener
Mellins Food for Infants and Invalids
Beethams Glycerine and Cucumber
Merryweathers Water Supply to mansions
Ojo Nubian Tan Paste
Eastman Kodet
Cockles Antibilious Pills
Robinson & Cleaver
Montserrat Life-Fruit Juice
Mrs. Winslows Soothing Syrup
Hinds Hair Curlers
G.E. Lewiss Rifles
Muller & Co.
Juno Cycles

The Leeflang Archives


November 2nd

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